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The Girl With A Bicycle 15

Story codes (no sex, slow)

The girl With A Bicycle - Part 15 By Wandering Lanes

We left the girls to play their game, Becky running off to hide, Kylie
waiting 5 minutes before starting off, gazing at the indicator like a
fortune teller with a crystal ball.

Sharon and I walked towards her house - I wanted to go via Becky's home.
We had to talk to her parents. But as we got close to the house, we saw a
police car in front of it, an officer was standing in the doorway, and from
inside we could hear "Mum, don't let them go in there, please mum. You can
stop them!"

Nichols voice could be heard "Sorry son, but the warrant gives us

It was the wrong time to be there, so we quickly left them, and the
slowly forming crowd of neighbours collecting there to eavesdrop on the
families decent.

It left us in a sombre mood, both of us thinking of how Becky's parents would be suffering - bad enough that he was molesting his sister, their
daughter, bad enough that they had notice nothing, but - for them - even
worst, their son the thief . . . . Of course it could be they'll find
nothing! But I doubted it, from the little I saw of Darren I knew he was a
braggart, and the only person he could feel free with was Becky.

We arrived at Sharons house, and found out Kylie's Brownies uniform,
Sharon looked at it.

"Mike, couldn't we get Becky into the Brownies?" I looked at her, "She'd
be able to make friends with the others girls, and all it would take is a
word." I had to shake my head.

"Sharon, her parents would have to agree, she can't just turn up at the
meetings can she."

"But there must be something we can do?"

I held her hands, "And we're doing it, but it has to be one step at a
time. I will admit you skipped a few steps that day with Becky," Sharon
opened her mouth, I continued, "Yes I know she needed it, but please go
more slowly next time, if there is one."

"Okay Mike, I will, now about Kylie, you haven't really been teaching
her anything have you!" it was an accusation, but I had an answer.

"Not practical, but she has been given several talks on theory, she
knows about condoms, the different ways of bringing the male and female
parts together, masturbation, what more is there that she can do? without
harm? To herself or others!"

Sharon looked at me open mouthed, "Where did you find the time to do

I tapped her nose, "We had time, during the night, remember the times we
were joined either by Kylie alone, or Kylie and Becky, remember Becky's
reaction to the condom, how I explained why I was wearing it, and its main
use? - Kylie isn't stupid, she has taken it in, if you ask her I think you
might be surprised - remember to teach sex to children doesn't means having
to force sex onto them, it can also be taught by osmosis," From the look on
her face I could see I'd lost her, "Biology - how sap rises in plants, I
learnt about it at school"

"Okay Mike, I believe you, but where do you go from here?"

"I don't know, I don't want to teach her oral sex, it might scare her
too much, and I'm certainly not going to show her anal sex, for someone
that young it would too much like torture, so I think we'll just going to
have to build on what she already knows, and remember you did leave this up
to me."

"Yes, I did - I must admit I was thinking of getting Kylie more

I smiled at that "I know, but as Becky is fond of saying - I'm a wimp!"

Sharon hit me, "No, you're not really. You're just thinking of the
girls - and I do mean both Kylie and Becky."

I looked at my watch "Talking of which, shouldn't we be heading back?"

"If I'm going to be starting lunch then - yes."

We checked the house to make sure all was well, then started back to my
house. We decided to go past Becky's again, the policeman and car had gone
so had the crowd, I looked at Sharon, she nodded, we walked up to the door,
and rang the bell,

"Go away, haven't you seen enough?" the distraught male voice shouted
through the door.

I let Sharon answer, "Mr. Smith - Its Sharon Williams, Kylie's mother,
can I come in?"

"Oh, er, sorry, we've been a bit. . . Well, hold on." And we heard the
bolts on the door being pulled back, and then the Chubb lock being undone,
and the door finally opened, to reveal a white faced man, he looked at me,
I introduced myself.

"Hello I'm Mike Moore, I'm a friend of Sharon's, can we come in?" He
looked a bit dazed - understandable, really.

We were shown into their front room - Becky's mother was sitting in an
armchair, just looking ahead, I looked at the man. He was virtually in the
same state, I ushered him into another seat, just before he collapsed.

I looked around, there was a bottle of whisky on the sideboard, I found
two glasses, poured the whisky into them, handed one to Sharon and took the
other to Becky's father,

"Come on, you need to drink this," he took the glass and swallowed the
contents down, coughed and looked up.

"Thank you, I'm sorry things have been a bit confused lately," the sound
of his wife crying onto Sharon could be heard

"Oh Rebecca, Rebecca, what have we done?" She was saying, the shock
having overcome her 'normal' feelings, her eyes had been opened - at last.

I looked at Sharon, "Can you stretch the dinner to 6 people?" I
indicated the two people, she nodded, I turned to Becky's father.

"When did you last eat?" He looked at me, frowned

"Well I, I think it was Friday, we didn't want anything yesterday and
what with today's. . . ." I nodded

"I think you should come with me, Sharon's cooking dinner for Kylie and
Becky, we can always extend it for two more, if you want to that is?"

"Well, that's very kind of you, but why? Why do you want to help us?"

I was blunt "It isn't you I'm trying to help, its Becky, she needs her
parents, her mother and father, if you're in no fit state, how could you
help her? So I'm being selfish. If I help you, then you'll be able to
help her"

He looked at me - "Why should you want to help Rebecca, you don't know

I shook my head - "No, I don't know her, but her friend Kylie knows her
and has asked me to help, so here I am, will you let me help both you and
Becky." I held out my hand, he shook it.

" I think we need a lot of help, from those who will help us, but, I
can't go out like this, and neither can the missus."

I thought and said, "I'll tell you what, Sharon and I will go and start
the dinner, I'll come back for you later, does that sound alright." He
nodded and looked to his wife, the colour starting to return to her, she
looked up and nodded, "Good, then I'll be back in an hour."

Sharon and I left their house and continued home, Sharon looked at me,

"It's hit them hard!" I had to agree, it had been hard, but it seemed
that they were realising what had been happening, the event with Nichols
this morning had driven the point home.


Again, we had been so wrapped up in our thoughts that we arrived at my
house before we'd realised it, Sharon went to my freezer and started to get
more vegetables out,

"I'm glad I got more food for you" She said, "Otherwise we'd never have
enough for Becky's folks, should we let her know they'll be here?"

I thought for a moment, then shook my head, "No, I don't think so, she
may not come in if she thinks they're here, let keep it as a surprise, How
long before dinner?"

Sharon looked at the clock, "about two hours."

I nodded, I'd need to pick up Becky's parents in about three quarters of
an hour, then there would be about an hour to draw themselves out, and get
them ready to eat - that didn't sound right - get them into the mood to
eat! It wasn't the fact of getting the food onto the plates, they would
have to want to eat, a difficult thing for them at this time.

I took Kylies uniform upstairs and onto her bed, well nearly, first the
bed had to be straighten out. Even though the girls had only slept in it
for half the night it was still rumpled, I pulled the sheets up and
straightened the pillows, once the bed was back to normal I laid the
uniform on the bed, and walked downstairs.

Sharon had the vegetables cooking, and the meat was starting to roast,
she walked into the living room, I joined her, I sat down and she placed
herself in my lap.

"So now what are you going to do, seduce Becky's mother?" she said this
teasingly, I shivered,

"No thank you, she isn't my type, anyway she's married, were you going
to seduce her father?"

I felt her laughter, "No, I'm afraid you've spoilt me, so, to repeat
myself, what are you going to do?" What indeed? That they needed was to
really talk to Becky, their acceptance of Darrens 'work' seemed to be
almost accomplished. But first I had to get them here, out of their house.

I kissed Sharon, she deepened it, I didn't know how far we would have
gone if it wasn't for . . .

"Hey, Mr. Mike, Aunt Sharon, when will dinner be ready?" - we guiltily
looked around, then realised that the voice came from the radios, we both
sighed with relief.

I answered the call "Hello Becky, about another hour, is that okay?"

She replied, "An hour, why what are you two doing?"

Sharon answered, "We are tidying the house, and getting the cooking
done, or did you want to start dusting here?"

Kylie's voice came over the air "Don't do it Becky, she'll keep us
scrubbing for hours!"

Becky replied, "Well, I'm not going to be a scrubber for anyone! See
you in an hour! Your turn to hide Ky." And the airwaves were quiet, Sharon
and I burst out laughing, the way language changes!


I had to go and pick up Becky's parents, I thought it would be easier by
car than to walk them here. I got the car out of the garage, and drove
away, catching a glimpse of Kylie as she was finding a space to hide. I
hadn't realised they were so close.

As I arrived at their house I could see both of Becky's parents watching
for me, there was a scattering of neighbours talking among themselves. I
parked outside the house so that there was less of a distance to walk. The
two came out of their house and quickly entered my car, we were watched as
I drove off.

"Not even the next door's came round to see if they could help, I don't
understand it!" Mrs. Smith was saying, "If anything was wrong next door
I'd be round in a shot." Her husband patted her hand.

"Yes luv, I know, people just don't care anymore, just don't worry about
it." They sat in the car in silence.

I stopped at my house to let them out, Sharon was waiting by the front
door, I watched them enter, then drove the car back to the garage and
parked it, I saw Kylie standing behind a wall, she put a finger to her
mouth in a shushing gesture, I nodded and walked back to the house.

"Hi there Mr. Mike," Becky was running down the path the light on her
tracker flashing straight ahead,

"Hi Becky, slow down, you don't really have to run, do you?"

"Yes, I've found a great place to hide, Kylie's going to be ages finding
me!" She carried on down the path.

I smiled and shook my head, and continued to my house.

Once inside I found Becky's parents sitting still on the chairs, Sharon
had made a pot of tea, and two cups were placed between the pair. I took
an upright chair and placed it in front of them, I sat on the chair facing

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, my name is Mike Moore, I'm a, a friend of Sharons,
I know you both have had a shock, but you are going to have to get over it,
you have a young frightened daughter who is depending on *your* love and
support." I had to emphasise the 'your' part of that.

Mrs. Smith looked at me "Have you ever brought up a son, who turns
around and stabs you in the back?" I shook my head, "Then how can you tell
us to get over this?"

I gave a sad smile, "Because you have to, your daughter Becky needs you,
both of you, she needs a loving family, her mother and father to look after
her and protect her."

Her father snorted, "Yes, fine words, but how can she trust us?"


"No Mildred, I mean it, we left her! Shut her out of our lives, just
because we trusted Darren to look after her," he turned to me, "You see
Rebecca wasn't really planned, and I suppose we didn't feel as if she was
one of us."

"George, they don't need to know that, it's none of their business.
Anyway I do love Rebecca, I . . I just don't show it, that's all."

I looked at her, "And because you don't - Becky thinks that you hate
her!" Yes it was harsh, and laid on thick, but I wanted to force her to

"I DON'T HATE HER, She's my daughter, I do love her, I really do love
her, it was just easier . . . to leave . . . her . . . to . . .
Darren!" George looked at her, his mouth hanging open.

"You mean, you knew! How could you . . ."

"Of course I knew, you don't think he could have hidden that from me, I
just didn't want to admit it." She looked up at me shocked - or amazed that
she could just say it.

I looked back at her, "And when she tried to tell you?"

She dropped her eyes, "I didn't want to listen to her, it was because of
her I couldn't have any more children, I suppose I blamed her for my
condition." - Bingo! Now she's talking let her bring it all out. She
reached out her hand to her husband, he took it, squeezed it, she
continued, "As George said Rebecca wasn't planned, she took us by surprise,
and by the time we found out it was too late, we'd only wanted one child -
Darren, who was 7 and ready for junior school, so I could get back to work
full time, and everything was going to be nice. But I fell ill while
carrying her, lost too much weight, then there were 'complications' during
the birth, the hospital called it complications anyway, and as I held this
bundle of pain in my hand, they told me I couldn't have any more children,
they had to operate, they told me to 'be happy, I had a fine healthy
daughter'," she started crying, "But I couldn't be happy, every time she
cried she reminded me that she was my last child, the last one I'd ever
have! And I blamed her, she had only just been born, *and I blamed her*!"
Her tears were in full flood, her husband held her, when he had got up? I
can't say.

"Why luv? Why didn't you tell me? I could have helped, you knew I was
there, why didn't you tell me!"

"I couldn't, you were so happy with Rebecca, I couldn't say how I felt
because I thought you'd turn against me! I couldn't risk that! So I
pretended, it was easy, and I thought I was over it, then one night I heard
Darren talking to Rebecca, telling her to be quiet and that it was her
fault, and all I could think was GOOD! God help me, my own daughter and I
just left her with him!"

George was white, but he still held his wife as she cried into his arms,
he looked at me, and gestured for me to leave, I went - they needed time to


I went to the kitchen, where Sharon was busy cooking, she saw my face,
found a chair and steered me to it.

"You got them talking about it then?" She asked,

I replied, "Yes, a bit too much, and a lot too soon. I think it's
almost too much for George to take. Can we delay the dinner for a while?"

She thought for a moment, "Yes, should be able to, but not for too long,
don't forget Kylie has Brownies, and you did promise to be there!"

I groaned, "God yes, all those kids, I can see how Mildred felt!"
visions of screaming seven to nine year olds were flashing though my head,
then I saw Kylie's face and I smiled, "No, I take that back, I don't know
how Mildred felt." And I kissed Sharon,

"What brought that on?" She asked.

"For having a wonderful daughter, don't let her go - you hear, she's too
precious!" Sharon shook her head, she thought I was mad, maybe I was.

The living room door opened, and George came out,

"Err. Mrs. Williams could my wife have a word please?" Sharon said
'certainly' and went into the room, George came into the kitchen, his face
was still white, I found a bottle of brandy, and poured some into a glass,
his hands were shaking as he took it, I let him sit in my chair.

"I never knew, she never told me. Why didn't she tell me? I would have
understood, tried to help her, why?"

I had to reply "I don't know, perhaps she was trying to be strong, to
play down how much she was hurting inside, I believe she was thinking about
you, how would you be able to cope if she gave up to her pain, you've got a
hard job ahead of you, with both your wife and Becky."

He nodded, then looked at me, "Why do you call her Becky, her name is

I looked into his eyes - to drive home the point I suppose, "And Rebecca
is the girl who kept being attacked by her brother, Becky is the child
inside trying to survive! She needs to be Becky for some time, before
becoming Rebecca again, and being able to live with herself." I didn't know
where all this was coming from, but I believed in it anyway!

Then the back door opened and Becky's voice could be heard,

"... I told you it was a good hiding pl ...." Then she saw her father "Dad? Why are you here?"

George went to his daughter wrapped his arms around her, "Oh Becky lass,
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Becky looked at his face and then she burst into


I gestured Kylie to come inside, and took her into the dining room.

"It's started," I said,

Kylie looked at me, "What has?"

"The healing, Becky's parents are realising the type of life she's had
to lead, and it's hitting them both hard," Sounds of crying could now be
heard from the living room along with.

"Oh Rebecca, I really didn't mean to force you through that, can you
forgive me?" - there was no sound from Becky, but the sobbing increased,
and then more softly we heard, "Becky can you try to forgive me?" a muffled
'yes mummy' was barely heard, but the change in the crying showed that we'd
heard correctly.

Sharon came into the dining room, kissed Kylie and collapsed into a
chair, I don't know when we'll have dinner now! I looked at my watch, one
O'clock, we could! Just!

"Sharon, start serving it, Kylie and I'll get the table laid, then Kylie
can get ready for Brownies, and as soon as we've finished I'll take her to
the Church hall, I'm afraid you're stuck with the washing up, but we'll
cover that later, okay?" nods from both and we start on our respective

The table had to be extended to allow for the two extra placements, but
that was quickly done, placemats laid, knives, forks and spoons down - I
had to correct Kylie's placement of the knives and forks, knives on right,
forks on left - mats placed to hold the dishes and other hot items.

Sharon came in with the vegetables, which were placed strategically onto
the table, then back to bring in the plates, this time she came in with
George, who was also carrying plates, Kylie dashed upstairs to change, I
went into the living room to get both Becky and Mildred onto their feet,
into the dining room and onto chairs ready to eat.

The last plate was brought in and Kylie was downstairs - with her
Brownies Pullover back-to-front, which made Becky laugh - which made her
parents look, and they laughed as well. - Normalcy, of a type.


During the meal we were able to talk about things, how work was going
for George - works at the local bakery - okay so I didn't really mean I was
interested, but I had to get them talking normally, every so often Mildred
would look at Becky and start sobbing, to be comforted by either George or
Becky!! That one did surprise me but it boded well for the future of their

After dinner, I announced that Kylie and I had to be at the Church Hall,
I did invite George, Mildred and Becky to stay for as long as they wanted,
I left Sharon doing the washing up - yes I know sexist of me! - George,
Mildred and Becky were left in the living room, I didn't stay to hear what
was said, but left, after straightening Kylie's pullover, and the two girls had hugged before Becky had joined her parents.

We left the house and started walking towards the Church Hall, as we
walked Kylie started to ask me questions,

"Why were Becky's parents at your home?" - I tried to explain to her,

"I thought it would be better if they could talk away from their house
there'd be too many bad memories for Becky, but it turned out there were
more for her mother."

Kylie was puzzled, "Why her mother? It was Becky getting hurt wasn't

"It seems Becky was the tip of a very bad iceberg, as far as her family is concerned. Her mother has major problems, I think its going to need a
therapist to help her, my home-grown version isn't going to do it, but now
she's admitted she has a problem, the cure should be, I was going to say
easy - but it won't be for her, like Becky she's going to need support.
This time the support of her family."

Kylie persisted "But what can WE do to help?"

I patted her shoulder, "We are doing it. Letting them talk to each
other, they know what's been happening, there's nothing to hide from each
other - now they're have to face it together."

She looked at me again, "But we can still help them can't we? We're not
giving up on Becky are we?"

I stopped, "Of course we're not giving up on Becky, don't worry. It's
just got larger, we're including her mother and father now."


We carried on walking, Kylie was deep in thought as we approached the
Church Hall, the mothers of the girls (okay there were a few fathers, but
mainly women) were delivering their charges into the care of the three
women who made up the leaders of the pack (sorry Shangri-Las (old song
'Leader of the Pack')).

I was invited into the Hall, along with the parents, Margaret - the
Brown Owl - introduced me.

"Ladies, oh, and gentlemen too, of course - May I introduce Mr. Mike
Moore, our benefactor in this age of communications," She pointed me out, I
acknowledged their applause with a slight wave, and then tried to dash back
into anonymity, but was stopped by Paula who came up and pulled me up to
the three of them.

"Come on Mike, don't be shy, just say something."

I looked around at the people watching, "Hi there, I'm Mike, I would
like to ask you not to moan about me in a few day's time, when your
daughters start speaking into thin air." There was a smattering of laughter
and quite a few puzzled looks.

Margaret explained - "You see last week young Kylie here arrived with a
wrist radio, it seemed the thing we need when on camp this coming week." -
This coming week, I thought it was some weeks away, I looked at Kylie who
shrugged her shoulders - Margaret continued "As you know each pack at the
camp have to assemble within a certain time to gain points - also there are
other tasks that have to be done as a team effort - many at long distances,
these radio's will give us an edge. However we had a problem with the
price of the radios, which has now been cleared up - thanks to Mr. Moore
here," She turned to the pack of girls "Please remember these are not toys,
they are expensive so please try not to break them. We will be showing you
how to use them today," She turned back to the parents, "Are there any
questions you want to ask?"

A female voice from the back asked "How much are these going to cost us

Margaret looked puzzled, I stepped in and replied "These radio are the
last to be made, it seems that the suppliers cannot sell them, I have given
the pack some spare radios, once they are gone that's it - as we can't buy
any more you can't be made to pay out, I haven't asked for any money from
the pack, and I'm sure they won't ask for more from you, the batteries will
last several months, and if any are needed I'm sure we can sort something
out for them, but they only cost about 3 each"

Another voice asked, "So what do you get out of this?"

I nodded, "Yes I did expect that - Kylie if you can come here please?"
she shyly joined us, I introduced her and then asked her, "Kylie, what were
you doing this morning?"

She smiled, "Becky and I was playing hide and seek, it's fun! We can go
for 3 miles and find each others within 15 minutes - that's if we use our
bikes, but today we only stayed within half a mile."

Questions flew from the parents - 'hide and seek' '3 miles how?' 'How
can radios do that?'

I took the last question first, "Each radio has a tracker unit, there is
a 'find me' button and a 'search' button - to play hide and seek? It's the
same as normal one person hides in a secret place, the other has to find
them - once hidden the hider presses the 'find me' button - the seeker
should have already pressed the 'search' button, and the lights show the
direction. Lastly 3 miles is the range of these radios, so for an area
like this it's ample."

The questions ran out, and following a 'thank you for staying' the
parents started to leave, apart from a few, who wanted to remain. I sat
down on a chair, provided by Kylie who ordered me to 'please stay there!' -
so, like a good doggie, I stayed!

The first order of the day was The Promise - the girls lined up, gave a
salute and recited;

I promise that I will do my best: To love my God, To serve the Queen and
my country, To help other people and to keep the Brownie Guide Law.

Then Brown Owl (yes I know Margaret, but she was acting in her official
mode) asked the girls, "What is the Brownie Guide Law?" and all the girls replied

"A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a Good Turn
every day."

Then Tawny Owl asked, "What is the Motto?"

"Lend A Hand." All the girls shouted the motto, and dropped the salute

Brown Owl said "Okay Brownies - now into your sixes" the pack split up
into three teams, each one behind their respective leaders, who then took
their party into one area of the hall.

Margaret looked at me, "Mr. Moore could you bring those boxes over?"
she pointed to a table where there were three boxes, labelled Pixie, Elves
and Gnomes, remembering Kylies monologue last Sunday I handed Paula the box
marked Gnomes, went to Joyce and offered both boxes, she took the Elves box
and thanked me, I gave Margaret the Pixies box, then I returned to my

There was a general gasp when the boxes were opened and the radios
revealed, one girl in each 'six' was given the newer radios, these girls were the next in command for each six, then the girls are given their
radios, Paula called Kylie who shook her head and raised her arms to show
both radios, Paula laughed and said 'sorry'.

Once all the radios were given out the 'owls' started instruction the
girls on their use, Paula was lucky, Kylie took part of her six and started
telling them how to use them.

Margaret looked over to me, and so I walked up to her.

She said, "Oh Mr. Moore, can you help me out here, I need you to take
some of my sixes, that's if you don't mind of course."

I told her that I didn't mind and was soon surrounded by a group of
smiling eight year olds, luckily for me they were all wearing skirts and
leggings, so I could keep my mind on instructions.

"Okay, you all have your radios?" a group of nodding heads answered me,
"now while the radios are like this they are in listening mode." A few
puzzled looks showed me I wasn't being understood. "Okay, If I could
borrow one of your radios?" A girl shyly handed me her radio, I pressed the
talk button, "when I press this, all radio's tuned to this waveband will
hear me"

A surprised gasp from the other side of the room made me look up,
Margaret was looking at me - a devilish notion swept over me, I raised the
radio again, "Sorry Brown Owl, I was just testing." And released the talk

She smiled pressed a button on her radio, "That's okay Mr. Moore, a
practical demonstration is better than words." I waved to her, then
realised that I had demonstrated with words, oh well - on with the show.

I gave the radio back then started "Okay, that's what happens when the
talk button is pressed, and as you heard everyone else can listen to you,
so be careful when moaning about Brown Owl!" The girls giggled, "Now there
are two other buttons, here and here," I pointed them out, "One is labelled
'find me' the other is marked 'search' when the first is pushed it sends
out a signal, this can be picked up by all the other radios on the same

One girl raised her hand, "My radio has another button, its marked
'broadcast' what does that do?"

I looked at her and smiled, "You must be the second leader of the six?"
the girl nodded, "That button allows you to talk to all the radios within
the three miles radius, but you're only be able to listen to replies on
your waveband." She looked blankly at me, "Think of it as a one way
telephone - if you need everyone to listen to you they will, I suggest you
use it in an emergency only, or when Brown Owl asks you to use it okay?"
She nodded her head.

That reminded me, "Oh, yes emergencies - if you need everyone on your
waveband to listen to you there is a special word - this is 'flamingo' but
the word has to be repeated three times - so if you need everyone to listen
to you what do you say"

The girls responded with "Flamingo, Flamingo, Flamingo" The three owls
looked over at us and I heard 'Oh - yes, now . . .' it seemed I wasn't the
only one to forget.


Now was the time to test the tracker unit, the girls suggested one to
hide, and they would try the tracker units.

It was only in the confines of the Church Hall, but it would show the
girls how to use them. - They all closed their eyes and counted I watched
the girl run down the hall and into a cupboard by the left wall, closing
the doors. The count reached 50, the seekers turned on their trackers,
they were about to run down the hall when I stopped them.

"Hold on, this is a small hall, you should be able to pin-point her
location if you spread out and see what your indicators show." Margaret
looked in amazement as she saw my group range themselves from one side of
the hall to the other, "now which direction is the indicator pointing?
Show with your arms"

The girls pointed, the one nearest the left wall against which the
cupboard was pointed straight ahead, the girl on the right side was
pointing over, with varying degrees from the ones in-between.

"Okay, if you look at each other, which direction should you be going?"
they all pointed towards the wall, "right, now if you," I pointed to the
girl on the right wall, "walk forwards," after a few steps I let the next
one walk, a few more steps then the next could walk, I deliberately let the
girls pass the cupboard before stopping them.

"Now where are the lights pointing?" All arms were pointing to the
cupboard, "So where do you think she is?" and they all dashed and opened
the door revealing their prey.

Margaret looked at me, "That was good, they only took two readings and
found her, how many readings would it take if she was a quarter of a mile
away?" I had to think for a moment.

"Well if you started from a straight line, then let the wings move in,
and take another reading after 2 minutes, then they should be able to
locate the hider after 3 minutes, I think."

She nodded her head, "Well one day we're going to have to find out if
you're right!" But there was a smile on her face.

Soon we had three groups of girls hunting away, half of each six at a
time, the girls were getting proficient in the use of the radios, after
some time Margaret looked at her watch, and started to speak, but the girls could not hear her, then she remembered her radio, she pushed the broadcast

"Flamingo, flamingo, flamingo - all Brownies return to Brown Owl!" It
was amazing, all the girls stopped immediately, turned round and returned
to where we were standing, as if they were attached by string.

Margaret, sorry Brown Owl looked at them all, "What's the Brownies

All the girls repeated the chant, Margaret went to the door and opened
it, the rest of the parents were waiting outside,

She spoke to them "I'm sorry we over-ran, but the girls were enjoying
themselves, please remember we meet here on Wednesday at 10 O'clock, and
please ensure you have the equipment in the pamphlets we gave two weeks
ago." She let the girls meet their parents.

The few who had stayed in the hall came up to me

One said "You were very good with the girls, thank you" another praised
my handling of the searching one more complemented me on my daughter, I had
to correct her,

"Oh, no Kylie's my niece, not my daughter." Okay so I lied again, why
try to explain? Maybe I should accept praise of 'my daughter'.

Kylie and I waited for the hall to empty, Paula, Margaret and Joyce were
still sorting themselves out, I walked upto them,

"Well that went better than I thought." At this Joyce's radio started
chiming out with excited voices, I smiled "You may want to turn the volume
down soon, when the girls get use to these, you may hear some interesting

All three women laughed at this, Margaret said, "Well at least they're
practicing using them, so we shouldn't complain."

I had to say, "Wait until a few more days, then think about it again!
Oh before I forget do you have a copy of the pamphlet, Kylie wasn't here
two weeks ago."

Margaret gave me a small sheet of paper, "Yes, that's right, this is a
list of thing Kylie should bring with her on Wednesday," she looked at
Kylie, "You are looking forward to camp aren't you?"

Kylie nodded "Oh yes, at my last pack we went on a holiday, and stayed
at a hotel. It was lots of fun."

Margaret smiled, "Well this one is under canvas and the weather may be
rainy, you might not like it so much! Anyway, see you on Wednesday."

We left the three women, planning their tactics for the Brownie Camp,
and started on the walk home.


We arrived home after a silent walk, Sharon was standing at the door

"What took you so long, I've been waiting for 10 minutes."

I looked at my watch, "I didn't realise it took so long, the girls were
so excited about the radios that the meeting over-ran, by the way you know
the camp is this Wednesday?"

Sharon looked at me, "So soon, I thought it was the following week, what
do we need?" I handed her the paper, she scanned through it, "Well not as
bad as I thought, I think we've got most of these at home, good!"

I looked into the living room, Becky and her mother were hugging each
other, both crying, I looked around, George wasn't there, I looked at
Sharon, she pointed into the kitchen.

I entered the kitchen to find George sitting there, shaking his head, he
had a glass of whisky in his hand, I looked at Sharon, she held up 2
fingers, I sat down next to him.

He looked at me, "I didn't even know! You live with someone for years,
and you never really know what's going through their heads." He shook his
head, lifted the glass and sipped the liquid, "What am I going to do?"

I looked at him, "You're going to support your wife, but she'll need
proper counselling, we've broken the door down, or rather she has opened
the door, but she'll have to be properly treated - as much as I'd hate to
say this, but Social Services would be the best to suggest someone, and
could get her an appointment much quicker than your doctor could!"

He nodded, "Yes, I think you're right," He looked at the time, and
downed the glass, "Thank you for the meal, and your help, I'd better get
the missus and Re. . Becky home, she's going to need her sleep," I handed
him the bottle of tablets, he looked at them, the three remaining tablets
rattled inside, he questioned - "What are these for?"

I had to answer, "They are for Becky, she has to complete the

His eyes narrowed "Treatment, treatment for what?" I explained what the
tablets were for, "I'll kill the bastard - how could he do this to her!"

I held him, "I don't know, but he can't do this again can he!" George
shook his head. He put the bottle into his pocket and then shook my hand.

"No, he won't not while I'm still alive. Thank you Mike, for

I said "I'm still here to help you, Mildred and Becky, so anytime you
want to talk, I'm here, and here is my phone number - you'll also be able
to contact me on Becky's radio,"

He looked puzzled at me, and then smiled! "That's where the voices came

I nodded, "Yes, sorry the Brownies group needed the broadcast button
tested, I forgot Becky's and Sharon's radios would pick it up as well."

"Sharon has a radio as well?"

"Yes, she wanted to keep an ear on Kylie when she was playing, it also
allowed her to monitor Becky."

He looked at me - "So that's how you were able to phone for the police"

I nodded, "Yes, Kylie contacted me, and I phoned the police on my mobile

He grasped my shoulder, "Thank you, I mean it, you've done more for my
daughter than I ever had!" He went into the living room and got Becky and
Mildred onto their feet and ready to go, I offered to drive them, but he
said 'no, we need the walk' and after all hugging Kylie and Sharon, they

Sharon asked me "Shouldn't you go with them?"

I shook my head, "No, they'll be okay, and they do need the walk. If
Becky needs us she has her radio."

Kylie stood up and said, "What about Becky's tablets, she's going to
need them!"

I managed to placate her, "Her father has them, the only thing remaining
is her suitcase which is still upstairs"

Kylie nodded her head. "Good."


I left Kylie and Sharon in the living room, to allow Kylie to tell
Sharon about the afternoon's events in the Church Hall, I made myself busy
by making tea.

I found that Sharon had supplied me with bread and jam (jelly), so I
made sandwiches for us all - yes I can do something in a kitchen - put the
teapot, milk jug and sugar onto a tray, which I then carried into the
living room, and placed onto a table.

I returned to the kitchen to get side plates and the sandwiches, also
the cups and saucers, which started a juggling act, just to get them safely
onto the table.

By the time Kylie has finished, so had I - and we started to eat.

- 30 ------------------------------------------ To my readers in America
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sorry there was no sex in this chapter (both bits) but the story didn't
have the need for it.

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