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The Girl With A Bicycle 16


The girl With A Bicycle - Part 16 By Wandering Lanes

Codes (no-sex, slow)

I awoke on Monday, to find myself alone in bed - Oh yes, Sharon and
Kylie had returned home yesterday after tea I must admit the events of the
previous day had been a bit too much for the both of us.

I do remember, before getting undressed and going to bed, turning on the
scanner and listening to the young voices talking to each other, hearing
snatches of conversations, until, at half eleven I heard Paula's voice

"Now girls I know these are cool, but you all need your sleep, so turn
down your radios and goodnight."

There were a multitude of 'Yes Tawny' and 'Goodnight Tawny' and the
airwaves started to clear as the girls all said goodnight, I smiled as I
turned off the scanner and went to bed.

But I realised that something had awoken me, a noise. Did I have
burglars, I opened my eyes . . . .

Kylie was at my door, she smiled at me "Good morning Uncle Mike, Mummy
sent me round as she's working today." She opened the curtains - I could
see spots of rain decorating my window and grey clouds in the sky.

I looked at her, the coat she was wearing looked damp, and her hair was
wet "Good morning Kylie, I think you'll find more towels in the bathroom,
what time is it anyway?"

She looked at her watch "Oh, its eight O'clock"

I groaned "Eight O'clock - that's still night-time, let me sleep a few
hours more!"

Kylie sounded shocked, "Well, Uncle Mike! - Mummy's been up for over an
hour, getting ready for work, you're supposed to be looking after me, now
get up, I'll make you a cup of tea, it'll be waiting downstairs for you."

I blinked at her then said, "Yes mother, certainly mother, I'll be right
down," She giggled, I closed my eyes again, heard the door shut, I waited a
few minutes, then got out of bed.

I heard Kylies voice, "Oooh, Uncle Mike, where are your pyjamas!" My
eyes sprang open, standing by the closed door, in my room! Was Kylie with
a wicked smile on her face, I grabbed for the bedcovers to hide the lower
half of me - then I thought 'why bother!' and just stood there.

"Kylie, why are you still here, I thought you'd left!"

Her smile widened, "I know. Mummy said I'd see more of you if I kept
quiet, she was right!"

"Did your mummy also say what I would do if you did that?"

She shook her head, "No, why? What are you going to do?"

I started to walk towards her, "I'm going to tickle you!" She was
watching me advancing, although her eyes were aimed lower down, then my
words registered and she opened the door, ran through it closing it after
herself, I shouted after her, "Be careful with the kettle."

Her receding voice answered, "I will Uncle Mike." I smiled and dressed
in solitude.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I arrived downstairs, shaved and washed, to find Kylie had made a pot of
tea, and was drinking a glass of milk.

She looked at me, and asked "So what are we going to do today Uncle

I looked through the window to the outside view - the rain was lashing
down, and from the look of the clouds seemed to be in for the most of the
day. "Doesn't look like we'd be able to do much outside,"

Kylie looked at me, "Good, then we'll be able to do things inside!"

I poured myself a cup, sipped it, it wasn't too bad at all, then my
brain slipped into gear, I looked at Kylie and asked, "What 'things' are
you on about?"

She affected an air of nonchalance, "Oh, you know, reading, watching
television, cuddling. - Just things!"

"Well, I haven't much of a library, I have got satellite - so there
should be a choice of t.v. , and my arms are still working, so I think
I'll be able to help you!"

She ran over to me and jumped onto my lap, nearly causing an accident
with the cup of tea I was holding, I managed to put it down quickly, she
threw her arms around me, "Thank you Uncle Mike, I didn't think you'd want
to cuddle me, not after what I did to you today."

I hugged her, "You mean after you embarrassed me upstairs?" She nodded,
I laughed, "I know all girls want to be cuddled, and you didn't really
embarrass me, you did surprise me though."

She sighed in my arms and moved her head closer to my chest, "Daddy and
I used to cuddle a lot, I do miss him you know." I couldn't see the tears,
but I heard them in her voice

I kissed the top of her head, "I know Kylie, but all the time you
remember him, he'll always be with you!" I felt her heave with sobs as she
hugged me.

"Mr. Mike, are you up yet?" Becky's voice came from both our radios,

I raised my radio to my mouth and pressed transmit, "Good morning Becky,
Why is it everyone wants me up early today?"

Becky replied "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Mike, you can go back to bed if you
want," Kylie nodded, and I shook my head.

"No, that's okay Becky, as I'm up I might as well stay up, is there a
problem?" I was a bit concerned after yesterday's revelations.

"No, everything's fine, well not everything, mom keeps crying now and
then, Dad didn't go into work today, he and Mom's been up all night
talking, that's something they've never done." There was the sound of
amazement in her voice as she said this.

I answered her unvoiced question, "That's good Becky. The more they
talk the better things will be, trust me."

Her voice came back, "Mr. Mike I'll always trust you, Kylie said you
would try to help me, and you did, so I will always trust you."

I laughed, "Well I hope you remember that in future, now when is your

Becky's voice sighed, "They're sending a car again, I hope its Maria,
she's nice,"

I said "Good, I think your dad will want to talk to her before you go,
can you see that he does?"

Becky's voice showed her amazement "How did you know that Mr. Mike?
Dad only asked me a few minutes ago!"

I laughed, "I'm psychic didn't you know! Now say hello to your mom and
Dad for me, and don't worry you hear me?"

"Okay Mr. Mike, I hear you, byee." And she was gone - I hoped she'd be
okay today, at least with Mildred talking now there was some hope.

Kylie was looking at me again, "Uncle Mike, what's a psychic?"

I answered her, "A psychic is a person who is able to tell the future,
or is able to predict future events."

She thought for a moment, and then said - "Well, are you really a

I laughed and replied, "I don't think so, but I do have ideas that seems
to work, for example, I like the radio's all they need is the right
approach to sell them, the firm has given up on them too soon, if I can
find the right approach they should be good seller. But I don't know what
the approach is yet, but I feel it will come." Kylie was looking a bit
blank at this, so I grabbed her, "but for now I can see tickling for a
young girl" and I proved it was so.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I ate cereals, I did offer Kylie some, but she declined - 'I already had
breakfast with mummy' - I finished the bowl off, drank some more tea, Kylie
had some more milk.

After I did the washing up, yes I do it occasionally, I looked for some
books for Kylie to read, although I have quite a few books, not all of them
are suitable for a nine year old - story of O, no Kylie its not about the
alphabet - The Pearl, no its not the little mermaid Kylie! - Perry Rhodan?
I looked through my list, I only had up to episode 115 they never printed
the rest in England, found a few with Pucky in them and gave them to Kylie
to read.

I had to find out about something, I phoned up Greg,

"Hi, Gregs electrical outlet, we sell things to give you a charge" -
told you it got boring after a time!

"Greg, Its me - how did you get on?"

"Mike, Hi - well they think I'm mad, but they're happy to get rid of the
rights to this white elephant, did you know that they had a newer model made, one that could broadcast all the frequencies?"

I smiled, "Yes Greg, I've got one of them with me."

His voice came back triumphant, "Well did you know that you can also set
off all the trackers on a particular frequency?"

'So?' I was puzzled "If the radio is switched off it won't work!"

As if claiming checkmate Greg came back with "Where's the off switch?"

I looked at the radio, checked the dials, volume, waveband, find me,
seeker, broadcast, time set, but no on/off button "Okay Greg, I'll fall for
it, where is the off switch?"

"There isn't one, you can either turn it right down, or remove the
batteries. It was designed like that, the newer versions use this to set a
remote seek request on a particular waveband - I've got the full details
here, they say if we want the rights, they're practically give it to us, we
just got to agree the price!"

"Greg I'll leave it to you, but we're going to need the rights to these
radios, I have a feeling."

I could virtually feel the smile on Greg's face "Mike when you put it
like that, I know you're onto something, Okay, I do my best, bye." I said
goodbye and hung up.

Psychic? I shook my head, Greg and I go way back, he learnt that my
hunches paid off, but one hunch I had made me lose money, and gave Greg his
shop - don't tell him, but I think I actually won, Greg needed something to
work at and the shop was it! We may bicker but we were close friends.

Kylie was reading away in the living room, I was just puttering away,
and the front door bell rang, I went to the door. Standing in the porch,
soaking wet, was Maria

"Good morning Mr. Moore, do you mind if I come in?" She asked.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I opened the door wide and allowed her to enter, I sent Kylie upstairs
to get some towels, which were gratefully accepted when they arrived.

Once she had dried off Maria asked me, "Mr. Moore, can I ask what
happened yesterday? Mr. and Mrs. Smith have completely reversed their
attitude, and when I asked them why - I was told it was due to you!"

I opened my hands outwards to her, "Now look you can't blame me for
everything! I think having the police searching Darren's room contributed
towards it, I just gave them somewhere neutral, without pressure where they
could relax, think and talk. The main thing I wanted them to do was to
talk to each other, what they said came as a complete surprise to them as
well as me, so all you can blame me for is listening."

She smiled, "It's alright Mr. Moore, I'm not blaming you, I am thanking
you. Do you realise that in cases of denial it normally takes months
before the patient can even think that they have a problem," I kept quiet
on that, "But when I arrived to collect Becky her father spoke to me, asked
if I could suggest a therapist for his wife, I was able to contact a
consultant who's able to see them this afternoon. So thank you."

I replied, "Your welcome."

Then her look faltered, "Now I have to ask you other questions - I'm
sorry but we, I mean by that Social Services, need to know your
relationship with Becky. How did you meet her?"

I asked her to sit down, which she did pen poised ready to take down my
every word, I asked Kylie to join us, when Kylie had seated herself I
started, "I met Becky nearly two weeks ago, Kylie here brought her round
while they were cycling together, from the way she reacted to me I could
see there was a problem, but I made sure that she could always be able to
move away from me if she thought she had to."

Maria looked up from writing, "How could you manage that?"

I pointed to the garden, showing where the table was, where Becky sat
and where I placed myself, showing the table between us, and the gate
nearest Becky. "If I had made any movement towards Becky she had ample
time to run to the gate, also I've very nosy neighbours, a screaming young girl in my garden would have most of the curtains twitching, not to mention
hands reaching for the telephones."

She smiled at that, and then looked at Kylie, "You knew the problems
Becky was having at home didn't you?" Kylie nodded, "Why didn't you tell
anyone about it."

Kylie looked at me, I said, "It's alright Kylie, Maria is trying to help
Becky." Kylie looked at Maria who nodded.

Kylie, still looking at Maria, said, "Becky made me promise that I
wouldn't tell anyone, she was one of my newest friends and I couldn't let
her down, so the night before when Uncle Mike tucked me into bed I asked
him should I tell other people's secrets, he said only if they were being
hurt and by telling it would help them, he then said I had to make up my
mind - I thought if I could make Becky see that sex wasn't bad then she
might talk to him."

Maria stopped writing and looked at Kylie - "What did you mean, Uncle
Mike tucked you into bed, and how would you know about sex?"

Kylie looked from Maria to me, and started to cry, "I'm sorry Uncle
Mike, I shouldn't have said that."

I hugged the crying girl, "It's alright Kylie. You were asked a
question and you answered it honestly, the fact that other people can jump
to the wrong conclusion is not you fault, now tell Maria about that night."

Kylie looked up at me, "You're sure Uncle Mike?" I nodded and handed her
a handkerchief which she used to mop up her tears, she then looked at Maria
and started, "That night mummy invited Uncle Mike around for dinner, then
he stayed the night, when I went to bed I asked mummy if he could tuck me
in, like daddy used to, so he did. Later that night I woke up and went
into mummy's bedroom, Uncle Mike was in her bed asleep, so was mummy, so I
got into the bed and went to sleep, when I woke up I saw mummy making love
to Uncle Mike, and it didn't hurt her like Becky said it did, so I thought
if I asked Uncle Mike about sex, he would tell Becky the truth," she looked
at Maria, "I had trouble getting Becky to believe me, she didn't trust any
adult, and thought all men were going to attack her, she nearly didn't come
with me to Uncle Mike's."

Maria looked at me, "And how did you feel, having sex while a young child is in the same bed?"

I looked into her eyes letting her see the truth as I knew it, "I was
scared that I'd frighten the child if she saw me, but Sharon was the
instigator, I'm not saying it's right but after the trauma that she had
suffered in the previous months, I wasn't going to reject her and send her
out of the bedroom, anyway she was asleep when we started."

Maria looked up, "What trauma? Why weren't we involved?"

Kylie said in a sad voice, "My dad was killed some months ago, I thought
it was my fault, and until I met Uncle Mike I'd decided that I wouldn't let
anyone be killed again."

Maria dropped her pad, and looked at me, I nodded, "Kylie was in her
fathers car when it was hit by a lorry, she saw him die in front of her,
since then she decided not to speak to anyone - until one day when she was
so frightened by girls from her school that she asked me, a stranger, for
help and promised to do anything if I would help her."

Maria came in with, "That could have been dangerous."

I nodded, "Yes, very dangerous, with a promise like that a young child
could get seriously hurt, anyway the girls were no longer waiting for her,
I had seen them leave although Kylie hadn't, and nothing happened as I
walked her home. When Sharon saw us - well I don't know what she thought,
but I could see she was troubled. I told Kylie to go upstairs and to do
any homework while I talked to Sharon. This was when I found out part of
the story.

"Sharon told me that Kylie's school already knew the problem, well the
staff that is, not the other children, and that she was being allowed to
gradually blend in, this was at the advice of the therapist she was

At this Maria shook her head, "But that won't work, all that would
happen is the other children would gang up on her, because she's having
preferential treatment from the teachers."

I nodded, "Which is what was happening, that's why the girls were
waiting for her, anyway I asked Sharon if she would trust me to do
something to shock Kylie. Which after a time she did. I asked Sharon to
follow me and to stay outside Kylie's room," I turned to Kylie, "What was
it I told you to do,"

She giggled (!) at the memory, "Uncle Mike asked me to stand by my bed,
then undress," At Maria's shocked look she continued, "Don't worry Maria,
when I was down to my knickers - I didn't want to take all my clothes off -
he told me to turn round, take off my knickers count to 20 and then turn
again, when I did then Mummy was standing there, it was such a shock that I
had to tell her I was sorry for killing Daddy."

Maria looked at me, open mouthed, I shrugged "I thought being ordered
around by some strange sadistic man would cause a reaction, and having her
mother there would ensure some safety in the situation, I knew Kylie was in
no danger, but I had to impress the danger onto her, build up the tension -
I did hope something would happen when I left and motioned Sharon into the
room, and it did!"

Maria said, "But if it didn't work. . . "

I cut in with, "She would have gone deeper into herself, I knew the risk
was high, but something had to be done, the therapist she was seeing wasn't
doing his job properly, his advice was wrong, at least in this case. I
know I was on shaky ground, but Sharon asked me to help, and this," I
pointed to Kylie, "Was the result. I was lucky."

Maria nodded, "Yes very lucky - Kylie how did you feel at the time?"

Kylie looked at me, I nodded, she looked back at Maria, "I was scared,
frightened of the bullies waiting for me, then I saw this man, something
inside me said 'he's okay, go to him' so I asked him to help me, when he
asked what would I do - well mummy was waiting for me, so I said
'anything', " She looked at me, "and I meant it too, so he walked me home,
told me to do my homework, later he told me to use the toilet - which
scared me even more, then when he came upstairs and told me to undress - I
didn't know what else to do, but I had said I'd do anything, so I started,
when I was down to my knickers I shouted at him, he told me to turn round
undress, count to 20 and turn back - when I did he," she pointed to me,
"had disappeared and Mummy was standing there." She stopped for a moment,
tears in her eyes, then continued, "I didn't see Uncle Mike- I call him
that now! - For a couple of weeks, although I knew I had to find him and
thank him, 'cause he'd spoken to the girls who were bullying me, and the
next day they came up to me, it scared me again, because I thought they
were going to start again, but they didn't - but that's how I met Becky,
she was always on her own, and seemed scared of the teachers, I got her to
talk to me, but she made me promise never to tell anyone, after she told me
I wished she had someone like Uncle Mike to help her, so I started to look
for him all over, I found him two weeks later."

Maria said, "And that night you asked him about secrets."

Kylie shook her head, "Oh no, that night I had been taken to bed by
Uncle Mike, who read to me until I fell asleep," she laughed, "I had a bad
dream, and rushed into mummy's room, I saw a man attacking mummy, so I
started to hit him, but it was Uncle Mike, mummy told me he was making her
feel better - she explained later they were having sex - I did say I'd go
back to bed - but I was still frighten after my dream - She said I could
sleep with her, Uncle Mike said he was going home, but mummy told him to
stay, so he did."

Maria looked at me. "You slept with this girl in the bed, just after
you had sex with her mother!"

I was not bashful, "Yes I did, after I made sure Sharon was between
myself and Kylie, before I got into the bed, remember Kylie still needed -
and does need - reassurance, she told me earlier today that she misses her
father and his cuddles - what I will not do is take advantage of any child.
And that includes Becky - I'm trying to offer support and reassurance. I'm
not here to take them away from their parents."

Maria looked at Kylie - "Kylie has Mr. Moore here ever tried to touch

Kylie looked at me, giggled and said, "Uncle Mike has never tried to
touch me!"

Maria was not convinced. "Kylie. Are you lying to me?"

Kylies face was now serious, "Uncle Mike has told me it's bad to lie, so
I try never to lie to anyone."

Maria was also serious, "Kylie you avoided answering my question, are
you lying to me now?"

Kylie looked at me - I said "Kylie - no matter what the outcome, you
should always tell the truth"

She looked at Maria, "You asked me if Uncle Mike has ever tried to touch
me, the truth is NO he has never TRIED to touch me."

Maria sat back, she heard the truth in Kylies voice, but knew there was
more, she thought for a moment, then asked "Kylie, has Uncle Mike ever
touched you between the legs, and has he ever made you do things that
children shouldn't do with adults?"

Kylie looked at me, I shrugged and said, "Always the truth, remember

She said to me, "Uncle Mike if I do I may never see you again, you don't
know what she might do to you."

I looked at Maria, her face poker straight - no clues, I said to Kylie
"I did say the law is there to protect children, now tell Maria the truth."

Kylie sighed, and answered in a low voice, "_yes, Uncle Mike has touched
me, but he's only rubbed me while drying me after a bath and a shower_, and
he made me feel good, _he has never forced me to do anything either to
myself or to him_."

Maria sighed, "Thank you Kylie, I'm glad you were honest with me, I want
a word with 'Uncle Mike' and I don't want you to hear what I am going to
say. So please can you go into another room and watch television or read a
book." Kylie looked at me, tears starting to form in her eyes.

I said to her, "It's alright Kylie, don't worry, we'll let you know when
Maria's finished with me." And Kylie walked into the dining room, shoulders
hunched and sobbing quietly to herself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As the door closed Maria turned to me. "Now Mr. Moore, tell me why I
shouldn't have you locked up as a child molester, you have encouraged her
to take an interest in sexual matters that are beyond her normal years, you
have engaged in sexual activities with an underage child and could have
traumatised her for years to come."

I nodded my head, "Yes it's true, and I can't deny it. But as you look
at that child, see how happy she is compared to the way she was when I
first saw her, scared of her shadow, scared of other children, frightened
to speak just in case she killed someone else with a word - OH SHIT, we've
got to get her back in here now, before she decides she's done it again."

Maria sounded confused, "Done what again?"

I looked at her, "Didn't you hear her story, she thought she'd killed
her father because she was singing in the back of his car and distracted
him - her voice killed him she thought, and now she's admitted that I have
touched her and she might never see me again, we have to get her in here

Maria looked at me, "Do you really mean that," I nodded, "You care more
for the child, than whatever I'm going to decided to do to you!" I nodded
again, she walked towards the Dining room, and spoke to the sobbing child
inside, I never heard the words, but I saw the result . . . .

Kylie came running out of the Dining room into my arms, "Oh Uncle Mike,
I'm sorry I didn't realise what trouble you could be in, I never tell
anyone again, never!"

I picked her up, cuddled her, then said, "But that's what Darren made
Becky do, I don't want that, remember always tell the truth, if someone
hurts you - let people know, they'll be able to help you."

She sobbed into my arms, "But. You. Helped. Me. I. Don't. Want.
To. Lose. You."

Maria came up to us both, and rubbed Kylie's back, "It's okay Kylie, I
played a mean trick with you, I'm sorry, but I had to know the real truth.
Many people pretend to care for the child they're with, but most are lying,
trying to hide what they are doing, I made Mike think that I was going to
have him arrested, but all he could think of was how you were feeling - he
was more concerned for you, he didn't try to excuse himself as some would
have done." She stopped rubbing Kylie and looked at us both, "My job is to
assess people, how they react with children, are they likely to be a threat
with any child, and - apart from one or two error - I have mainly been
correct with my judgement,"

She looked at me, "You were right, last Thursday I advised the police to
check the girls, the evidence given by Darren seemed damming, I hadn't met
you then, or had a chance to assess you, so I advised them that the girls could be placed on the at-risk register, if, and only if, they could get
evidence against you. When I read the report on your reaction, and the
subsequent examinations of both girls, including Becky's second examination
- yes Mike, I have a full report of your actions - that's when I started to
change my mind about you. Also the talk you had with me last Friday,
showed your concern for Becky.

"When I spoke to Becky after she'd been interviewed, she didn't want to
join her parents, but Kylie!! And when they were out she asked to be
brought here, she was showing more dependency on you, a relative stranger -
someone she hasn't known except for the past week, than her own parents,
even Stockholm syndrome isn't that fast. You are a mystery Mike Moore, but
I'd trust you with Becky and Kylie, and that is what is going into my

Kylie looked at her, "But why did you ask me those questions?"

Maria looked at her, "I had to make sure. If you were encouraged to
lie, you wouldn't have been able to remember what you said earlier, and the
lies would have built up, what Mike told you was the right thing, always
tell the truth, that way you don't have to remember what lies you've told
to what people, I was impressed when you told the truth when asked if Mike
tried to touch you, even the police missed that."

Kylie looked at her, "Yes, Uncle Mike did tell me off for that, but as I
told him, they should ask the right questions!"

Maria laughed, "Oh Kylie, we should let you make up a list of questions,
it would be nice to see what you would ask!" - She looked at her watch,
"Oh, I'm running late, I've got an appointment to meet. Mike, Kylie thank
you, if you were father and daughter I don't think you could get any
closer, if you need me - which I doubt - here's my card," she gave us each
a card with a number on it, "I must go," I showed her to the door the rain
was still coming down with a vengeance, she dashed to her car, bleeping the
doors unlocked as she ran, I watched her get into the car, heard the engine
start, lights on and she drove off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I shut the front door, from the living room door Kylie was looking at
me, "Uncle Mike what was that about?"

I shook my head, "Kylie, I don't really know, but I think we have at
least one ally in the Social Services."

Kylie asked, "But did we need one?"

I laughed and picked her up, "Not really, but it doesn't hurt to have as
many friends as possible." I looked at my watch, half twelve, "I'm hungry -
are you?" she nodded her head, I put her down on the floor "Okay, now what
are you going to cook?"

Kylie put her fists on her hips, "Uncle Mike, I am Nine and a half years
old, I can make tea, pour milk, watch television, play games on computers
and set the video, I do not cook meals for adults, they're suppose to cook
them for me, so what are you going to cook?"

I tried to look embarrassed, "Err. Cold cereal?" she shook her head,
"No? How about a banana?" another shake of the head, and she was trying to
frown, "Ok then, what about, bacon, sausages and eggs, with chips?" she
nodded her head and I walked to the kitchen, turned on the deep fat fryer
and waited for it to heat up.

Kylie was standing in the doorway, "Uncle Mike?" I looked up, she
continued, "If I had said yes to cereal, what would you have eaten,"

I smiled, "Oh bacon, sausages and eggs maybe with chips as well. I need
to keep my strength up you know!" She ran towards me shaking her fists.

"You know Uncle Mike, you can be so annoying sometimes."

I grabbed her and hugged her, "But then other-times?"

She giggled, "Oh other-times you're just bothersome"

I looked down at her face, which was looking up at me with a huge grin
on it, "I see, so you don't want lunch today then?"

Her voice came from my midregion, "Uncle Mike, what if I just started to
bite here? Would that be okay?"

I wondered what had Sharon been telling her? Then I answered, "If you
did I don't think your mother would like it! Tell you what, why don't I
carry on making the lunch?"

She raised her head, "That sounds better Uncle Mike, I'll set the
table." And with that she ran back into the dining room, leaving me intact.

I got some oven chips from the freezer, and put them inside the fryer -
I know why have oven chips if you're going to fry them, well they taste a
bit better, and look better on the outside, I started on the rashers (bacon
strips) and the sausages - when these had finished put them under the
hotplate to keep warm, then started on the eggs, by the time these had
cooked the chips were ready, shared the food out evenly and served, only to
watch Kylie wolf it down - I still don't know where she puts it all!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After lunch, we did the washing up, the rain was weakening and bright
patches were starting to appear in the clouds, then a strange voice came
from Kylie's radio.

"Hello, anyone listening? I'm bored!"

Kylie looked at me, I nodded, she answered her friend, "Hello Rachel is
that you? It's Kylie here"

Rachel's voice brightened up "Kylie! Hi, do you want to come round and

I said to Kylie, "Go on, I don't mind"

So she said to the radio, "Okay Rachel, I'll come round in a moment",
she ran for her coat, I heard another voice on her radio,

"Hello Rachel, Kylie - its Megan, can I come round too"

Rachel's voice answered, "Yes, sure, everyone's welcomed."

Kylie started out of the door, her radio resounding with voices inviting
themselves to Megan's house, sounds like there's going to be a party there

I decided to tidy up again, it seems with children you're always tiding
up after them, the doorbell rang - I went to the door and found DS Nichols
standing there.

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Moore," He said, "Do you mind if I come in?"

I opened the door, "Not at all, come on in"

He entered and looked around, "Is Miss Smith or Miss Williams around?"

I said, "No, Becky's still being interviewed by Social Services, and
Kylie's round a friends place - so I'm afraid you've only got me to talk

He shook his head, "That's a pity, I wanted to thank those two," He
looked at me, I gestured to the armchairs in the living room, we entered
and sat down, he continued "The information that Kylie passed on was good,
that idiot Darren didn't think we'd be able to search his room, Oh we did
get a search warrant, but we could have done so under 'probable cause', I'm
afraid it did hit his parents hard when we found the pension books,"

I interrupted him, "Yes, it did - but the shock may have been needed,
for Becky's sake anyway, if not for her mother's"

He looked at me, but didn't press the point, "There were a few other
odd-and-ends we found in his room, a few car radio's and," his eyes
dropped, "quiet a few photographs, of . . of a disturbing nature,
featuring Miss Smith."

I asked, "Did their parents see the photographs?"

He shook is head, "No, luckily they left the room before we got to
those, it shut Darren up too. Beforehand he was going on about human
rights, how we couldn't just walk in and look, then we found the pictures -
all he could do was to hang his head."

I looked at him and asked, "He couldn't get access to the Internet could
he? There are some user groups that allow pictures like that to be

Nichols looked stunned, I don't think he really knew about computers, I
suggested to him, "Talk to someone on a pornography squad, he may be able
to check for you, or even ask Darren, just suggest that you've found some
on the net, see if he lies about that!"

Nichols looked at me, "You know you would have been a good detective."

I shook my head, "Not me, I couldn't stand the hours, anyway I seem to
be spending too much time with Sharon and Kylie, not to mention Becky -
those two girls seem inseparable at the moment."

Nichols smiled, and then looked at me, "I did say I wouldn't ask, but -
did you give Becky a spare key to this house?"

I thought for a moment, weighing up possibilities, should I/shouldn't I,
why not? "When I knew about Becky's problems I had an extra key cut which
she has, I also made sure she has a radio, which she can use to talk to
Sharon, Kylie and myself, I was trying to give her a 'safe harbour' should
she need it. I haven't taken either away, I feel that she does need the
security they give her, Hell I've even got some of her clothes in a
suitcase upstairs in the spare bedroom, she left them here, I didn't
suggest it."

Nichols straighten up, "As a policeman I should warn you that what you
have said could be tantamount to planning an abduction - but as a human
being I think you've done the right thing. You didn't see the way Becky
was acting when you were away, my officers did, as soon as you returned to
her, her attitude changed, from being a sullen quiet girl to a happy
talkative girl - I don't know what you did, but for her sake I'm glad you

I kept quiet, I remembered what Sharon did for Becky, and what I also
did for/to Becky, Nichols got up, "Well I'd better be going, you've given
me something to think about, I think we're going to throw the book at him,"
he turned to me, "You know it's strange, with attempted rape he could have
got off with a suspended sentence, depending on the judge, but with the
robbery as well, he's looking at 5 to 10 years, sometimes I'm annoyed at
how people get off so lightly with the things they do. I hope the CPS
actually push this for as it should be," He looked slightly guilty as he
said to me, "I'm sorry for blowing my top like this, I hope you won't
mention it to anyone,"

I smiled at him, "Its okay, I'm getting used to being a listening post,
I won't tell a soul."

He shook my hand and grasped my shoulder, "I know you won't, you're one
of the few, the good ones in this world."

I shut the door as he left and said, "Well, I wouldn't put it quite like
that!" But I felt slightly warm for hearing it.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Explanation the Crown Prosecution Service is almost the same as the
District Attorney Office in America - they receive copies of the evidence
and decide whether or not to prosecute cases in England) - WL

- Just over a week since the 11th. And the work still goes on, never
give up hope. The world is with you the time for action is approaching,
may God (or whatever deities you believe in) look after us all!

- Sorry about that, I had to say something, back to the story - yes
again no sex in this chapter, but there was no need to have any during this

- I do hope this does not put my readers off (sorry if I'm starting to
get a swollen head over this :}) - but I've still got a lot to write.

- Any comments, good and bad, please let me know my address is I will try to answer all emails sent.

Wandering Lanes 18th September 2001.


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