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The Girl With A Bicycle 21


The girl With A Bicycle - Part 21 By Wandering Lanes

(story codes - MF, g, slow (okay bondage))

There were three of us at dinner, Richard made his excuses and left us -
it seems Nichols required his help. Well Jones was technically his
prisoner and it required his signature for another policeman to question

I must admit the dinner was very subdued - nobody wanted to talk as the
conversation was bound to come round to Darren, Becky pecked at her food.

The evening progressed into the night, and Becky started to yawn, I
suggested she went to bed, but she shook her head,

"Please Mr. Mike, I don't want to go to bed, can't I stay up,"

I shook my head, "No Becky - you need your sleep, now please wash and
get ready for bed." Tears started to form in her eyes. Sharon went to her
and whispered into her ear. A smile formed on her face, she nodded and
went upstairs.

I looked at Sharon, "Now what are you planning,"

She gave an innocent look, "Me? Nothing. I just told her that you
would be reading to her and tucking her into bed, that's all." I looked at
her, she had a smirk on her face, I tilted my head, she said, "Honest,
you'll be tucking her into bed." she went upstairs to help Becky.

I scanned through the television, but there wasn't anything on, checked
the teletext pages for the news - nothing much happening in the world (note
- this would have been in August!), tried the local pages - page 162 -
Youth escapes from custody. I dialled the page and read the following.

Youth escapes from custody

Earlier today Darren Smith, 16, escaped from custody, by masquerading as
another prisoner he was able to fool guards at the Magistrate's court.

There were reports that a man answering to Mr. Smith's description also
stole a White Fiat car, which contained a baby - the baby was found
abandoned later.

Detective Sergeant Nichols reports that Mr. Smith is classed as
dangerous and should not be approached. The security at the Magistrates
court will be investigated.

The report was short, and concise, but there wasn't much space on the
page. I heard Sharon calling from upstairs, so I turned off the television
and went upstairs, I looked into the girl's bedroom, it was dark and there
was a lump in the bed, so I supposed that Becky got tired of waiting for
me, I entered the main bedroom, Sharon was lying naked on the bed, she
looked at me.

"I didn't think you were ever going to bed." She smiled at me as she
said this,

I smiled and started to undress, "I thought I was going to tuck Becky in
first. But as she seems to be asleep, I suppose I could work things out
with you!" I went to the bedside cabinet to find the little foil packets
that I had place there earlier - Sharon stopped me.

"I forgot to tell you, I saw the doctor yesterday, I had to tell her who
I was, she seemed to be concerned about what I did, but she seemed okay
when I told her the full story, she examined me and did some test - She
said I was lucky, there were no signs of Chlamydial in my system, she did
ask after Becky and you, I forgot to tell Becky she expects to see her next
week, can you remind me tomorrow"

I said I would, but continued to put the condom on, when she looked at
me I shrugged, "It may be better to keep this up until we're really sure,
lets say next week."

She opened her mouth to complain, and then thought about it, "In other
words you want to be as sure as Becky can be."

I nodded, "Well if we show her that we can be responsible then she will
try to be careful herself."

A voice from beside Sharon said, "Of course I would Mr. Mike!"

I looked at Sharon, who blushed, "The cats out of the bag Becky, you'd
better come up here."

From the other side of the bed, Becky's face made an appearance, she
sheepishly said, "Hello Mr. Mike, is it bed time yet?"

I looked at her, "I thought you were in bed young lady!"

She looked down slightly, "I didn't want to sleep on my own, just in
case Darren came after me."

I knew she was seriously frightened - I turned my head to Sharon, and
said, "You know the best contraceptive around?"

She smiled and shook her head, I pointed to Becky, "Seeing the results
of not using them!" At Becky's pout I had to smile, "Sorry Becky, of course
you can sleep with us, but you'll have to sleep on Sharon's side, okay?"

She didn't seem to like the idea, but nodded anyway, Sharon pulled back
the bedcovers and got underneath the sheets, Becky looked at her, "Aren't
you going to wear a nightdress Aunty Sharon?"

Sharon shook her head, "I haven't any here I'm afraid Becky. But I
don't think I need one, do you?"

Becky smiled, "I don't think so." Then she saw me putting on shorts,
"Why are you wearing those Mr. Mike?"

I looked at Sharon, "To remind somebody that they should behave
themselves when others are in the bed!"

Becky climbed up onto the bed, I notice she was also naked and she
quickly got under the sheets next to Sharon, I entered the bed on the
opposite side of Sharon, switched the light off from the bed, and tried to
get to sleep.

I could hear Becky sobbing, Sharon tried to comfort her but didn't seem
to be getting anywhere, I felt like a sod, she wanted to feel safe and I've
made her sleep on one side of the bed, I whispered to Sharon, "Okay, let
her sleep in the middle." I felt movement and then the small form of Becky
was sandwiched between us.

She whispered, "Thank you Aunt Sharon," and I felt her small arms
wrapping themselves around my arm, "Goodnight Mr. Mike" I whispered a
goodnight to her, but it was some time before her breathing told me she had
fallen asleep. It was longer before I did the same.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was woken by a cry beside me, Becky was shaking and saying, "No, no I
won't, No Darren don't, No, No don't", I held her, telling her it was
alright, Darren was gone, she was safe. At some level it registered to
her, she quietened down and was back to a normal sleep, but I noticed her
grip on my arm had tightened.

The next time I woke up was with the feeling of soft skin on my hand -
the feeling of a smooth hairless slit of a vagina, when I realise what I
was touching I tried to move my hand away, but found it was held in a vice
like grip of the young girl.

She started to move her body up and down pressing my hand onto the nub
at the top of her slit, finally she shuddered, sighed and relaxed her hold
my arm. Sharon whispered, "Is she alright?"

I whispered back, "Yes, just dreaming, don't worry" and we settled back
to sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was woken by the weight of Sharon straddling my body, a giggling voice
beside my head said, "Won't that wake him Aunt Sharon?"

I heard Sharon reply, "Yes Becky, but by then I should be firmly . . .,"
our pelvic bones almost seemed to resound with the force of our meeting, I
had raised my hips to meet her, "Ow. Good morning Mike."

I opened my eyes to see Sharon looking down at me, I could feel the
condom separating our bodies as she started to raise and lower herself on
me, I looked beside me, there was Becky, still holding my arm, looking at
Sharon with wide eyes.

"Young lady," I said, "Do you think you should be watching this? We
haven't reached the nine o'clock watershed." - (English television cannot
show sex scenes until after 9 p.m. this is called the watershed - WL)

She looked at me and smiled, "But Aunt Sharon said you wouldn't mind,
'cause I'm just watching, she said I couldn't do anything!"

I smiled and said to Sharon, "So you're starting to realise that young girls shouldn't have an active role in sex?"

She shook her head, "No, just that you wouldn't have let her!" I nodded,
then we concentrated on each other, Sharon was building herself up, and
taking me with her, I heard her as she started to climax, "Oh, yeesss,
yess. Oh, ohh, oooohhh yeeesss. Oh Mike, Mike. Oh yes, Mike, Mike.
Oooohhhhh Mmmmmmiiiiiiikkkkkkkeeeeeee." And she slumped down, Becky looked
at me her mouth was open.

"Does she always do that?" I nodded, "Is she alright." Becky seemed
concerned about Sharon.

Sharon answered the question, "Oh god Mike, I needed that, it seems too
long since we last did that," then she looked at me, her eyes narrowed, she
raised herself off my still stiff, condom covered, cock. "Mike why didn't
you cum?"

I wasn't concerned so I said, "Well you were enjoying yourself so much,
I didn't really have the time to cum, but it's alright really."

Sharon shook her head, "No it isn't I shouldn't just use you, now lie
back." She removed the condom, throwing it into a bin near the bed, then
she took my cock in her hands and started to masturbate me, with Becky
watching opened eyed.

Sharon took the shaft and covered the head with her mouth, I heard Becky
say, "Gross, I never liked having to go that!" I shook my arm, which she
released - I moved it round her shoulders and hugged her.

"Becky, remember you were forced into doing that, so you hate it, but
one day you will find someone you love enough, that you may want to please
them like that!" She shook her head, I smiled.

Sharon was keeping a watch on my penis, when it started to spurt she
took her mouth off the head and sprayed Becky, who went "Ugh, that's really
gross, you guys should learn to grow up!"

She got out of the bed and ran to the bathroom to clean herself off,
Sharon started to laugh, then found she needed to use the loo as well, so
she also went into the bathroom, I looked at the clock, 6:30 - who needed
an alarm clock anyway?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As soon as Becky returned, I got out of bed to clean myself - to get rid
of the sticky residue that was still on me. I heard Becky giggling as I
left the room.

I met up with Sharon in the bathroom, she looked at me and smiled, I
kissed her then held her close to me, making sure we were both smeared with
my mess, I took her hand and started the shower - making sure the curtain
was firmly closed.

Sharon smiled and said, "I did enjoy that!"

I was applying soap to her body, "You enjoyed what? Making love with a
young girl watching? Or just making love?"

She considered - "Well the fact that Becky was watching did add
something to the act! Some sort of forbidden pleasure - or perverse
pleasure I don't know which."

Should I tell her? - Yes she should know, "There was something missing
when you came." She looked at me, it was a 'what do you mean?' look, "You
didn't call Paul's name at all." She looked at me sharply, and started to
cry, I held her, "It doesn't matter - I know you still love him, and I'm
sure he knows as well, so it really doesn't matter."

She dried her eyes, a good trick when you're in a shower, and nodded,
she kissed me, which deepened, and then . . . . . There was a giggle, and
the shower started to get cold, Sharon felt it first, shrieked and jumped
out of the shower, giving me the full benefit of the spray. Well all I can
say is that it was refreshing! . . . . But cold.

The culprit was soon cornered, Becky of course! - We did have a choice
of two, but with Kylie away at camp there was only one suspect! We treated
her without mercy, tickling her until she was forced to say "Teapot, Oh
teapot Aunt Sharon, Mr. Mike" at which we had to stop. She looked at us
both then said, "I only did it 'cause Aunt Sharon said she shouldn't be
late today, and if you two stayed in the shower, well anything could have

We looked at each other, then back at Becky, who shrugged her shoulders
- "Well I had to think of something to say," and then she tied herself up
into a giggling ball as we attacked her again.

Finally though we had to give up, get dried and dressed - Sharon found
she'd left some clothes behind from a previous visit, much to Becky's

I went downstairs to prepare breakfast, scrambled eggs on toast, - easy
to prepare and serve, I shouted up the stairs "Come and get it before it
gets cold!" - The two came down the stairs, I positioned them onto their
chairs and we proceeded to demolish the food.

Sharon kept looking at her watch, I told her not to worry, as I would
take her to work

A few minutes later found both Nick and Karen at the door, to take up
their duty, although I did trust them, I made sure that Becky's radio
volume was at a high enough volume, also that mine and Sharon's were as
well. Nick took me to one side as Karen talked to Sharon and Becky.

He was embarrassed as he said, "I have to apologise for yesterday, you
were right, we shouldn't have done that, Becky should have been our main
concern - to be honest we don't get much chance to meet outside work! And
you don't have to tell DS Nichols, I've already spoken to him." His eyes
went down at this.

I asked, "And he said."

Nick looked up, "To tell you the truth, he told me not to be such a
bloody fool in the future, then assigned us both to look after Becky
again," He shook his head, "I don't know why he did that."

I put my hand on his shoulder, and told him the story of Edison and the
apprentice who broke the first light bulb. (I'm not going to tell it
here!), He nodded and said, "Yes I suppose that's what he wants!"

I told him to cheer up, then to keep an eye on Becky.

Sharon got her coat on and Becky looked at me, "Can't I come Mr. Mike?"

I shook my head, "Sorry Becky, the car can't take five people, and
you'll be safer here with Nick and Karen, why don't you play Monopoly
again? And don't laugh if they land in jail, or I'll tell them to use their
handcuffs on you. Okay?"

She gave a small, "Okay, Mr. Mike! Then looked up, does Karen have
handcuffs with her now?" she looked at Karen, who nodded, "Cool, I wonder
if I could play with them?"

I smiled then said, "If they let you, but they've been told to behave,
so don't do anything to tempt them."

She gave a serious look. "Mr. Mike, as if I would." But the smile that
crossed her face was almost predatory.

I escorted Sharon out of the door and said to the two adults, "Be
careful of her, and I mean be careful, you don't know what she may do!"
Nick and Karen gave an assuring nod - so we left them to Becky's gentle

As I shut the door, Sharon looked at me - "Why did you tell them to be
careful of Becky?"

I smiled, "Well you never know what Darren may have taught her!"

She looked for a moment, blushed and said, "Don't you think you should
warn them?"

I laughed at this, "I have - I just hope they listened to me."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The drive to the Paper's offices was uneventful, although I did start to
worry when cars stayed behind for too long, but then I didn't see a White
Fiat at all. I escorted Sharon up to the Editor's office, Isabel was
behind the desk - she looked up when I knocked.

"Mike, good to see you again, Hello Sharon - you don't have to bring her
into work you know Mike?"

I nodded my head, "I'm afraid I do Isabel, we have a problem - You know
this Darren Smith who escaped yesterday," She nodded her head, "You
remember his original charge."

She thought for a moment, shook her head, then went for a pile of
newspapers, looking back until she found the article, "Attempted breaking
and entering and attempted rape of two girls"

I pointed to Sharon, "Kylie, Sharon's daughter and Becky, you met both
last week, were the girls in question, luckily Kylie's at Brownies Camp,
Becky is currently with me," Isabel's eyebrows raised at this, "Sharon
stayed with me overnight, and Becky is currently with two officers, just in
case. You see Darren knows where Sharon lives, so if he tried to break in
at her house, she wouldn't be there, but the police are keeping a watch on
her place, as well as his parents."

The journalist in Isabel surfaced, "And what about you Mike, aren't you
concerned that Darren knows where you live?"

I shook my head, "No, as far as we know Darren doesn't know so my house
is relatively safe"

She nodded, then said "You don't mind if we interview you about this -
your feelings on how the police could have allowed this Darren to escape!"

I shook my head. "Sorry Isabel, I may need friends with the police at
some time, I don't want to ruffle feathers, anyway I'm not really involved
in the story, Sharon can give you more details than I can, but the case is
'subjudice' so you wouldn't be able to print it until after he's caught and

She nodded, "Sod it, it would have been nice to have had an interview -
Sharon can we do one anyway? - We'll print it when he's behind bars."

Sharon nodded, I motioned to Isabel that I would pick up Sharon when she
finished work, she waved goodbye, then Sharon noticed and waved as well, I
felt a fool for waving back, with the whole of the press office watching,
and I walked off red-faced back to the car.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I arrive at the house and entered - it was strangely quiet I entered the
living room to find both Nick and Karen sitting on two kitchen chairs
back-to-back I wondered why they didn't try to get up, then I saw the glint
of steel on their wrists and socks in their mouths.

I removed the socks first, Karen looked at me, "Don't tell anyone
please, she said she wanted to play cops and robbers, and we were the
robbers, she took the cuffs and asked us to sit here, then she cuffed us up
with our hands through the chairs."

I looked at their predicament, If they had got up they would have two
chairs on their arms, I had to smile, "Where's the key?"

Nick eventually spoke, "S. s. s. she took them with her!"

I shook my head, "And I told you to watch out for her!"

Karen said, "But you didn't tell us she might do this!"

I wanted to give her the reply she deserved, instead I just asked,
"Where did she go?"

Nick nodded to the stairs, "She ran up there, laughing - she's only been
up there for a couple of minutes."

I went upstairs to where Becky was sitting on the bed in the girl's
room. I looked at her, and held out my hand. "Okay Becky, can I have the
keys please?"

She looked up at me and smiled, "What keys Mr. Mike?"

I sighed, "The keys to the handcuffs! - What would have happened if
Darren did know where I lived, he would have found two police officers
unable to help you - you wouldn't have time to unlock them before he was
able to grab you - would you?"

Her hand went to her mouth, "I didn't think of that." She said.

I shook my head. "No, I didn't think so! You just wanted to embarrass
Nick and Karen - didn't you realise trust is a two-edged sword - we're
trusting them to watch over you, they're expecting you to help them! Now
come on down, unlock them and apologise to them!"

She followed me downstairs to where the two were still sitting - they
had little choice really. Becky went to them and released them.

"I'm sorry Karen, Nick - I was only playing. But Mr. Mike told me that
I shouldn't have done this. I'll be good, honest!"

Karen said, "I don't know, it's really false imprisonment so you should
be arrested."

Nick, following her lead, said - "Oh I agree! - She should be arrested
to teach her a lesson"

I almost laughed at her face, but it wouldn't have been kind to Becky if
I had. She looked at me,

"Mr. Mike can't you tell them I was only playing, I didn't mean any
harm, please Mr. Mike," she was crying now, Karen's face dropped, she
hadn't realised Becky would take their playacting seriously.

I relented, "Well Becky. I know you're really sorry, and I'm sure Karen
and Nick don't want to admit how they were handcuffed together by a young girl! - So I suggest we agree to forgive you and pretend it didn't

Karen and Nick agreed to this - well they would have been the laughing
stock of the whole station if word got around.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - -

The rest of the day was rather tedious, as Karen and Nick didn't want to
expose Becky to the outdoors, just in case Darren was out cruising the

So we spent time in the garden, I suggested to Becky that she should
sunbathe, she looked at Nick and then said 'no', as she didn't have her
swimming costume with her. I did get out a reclining chair, which she laid
on still dressed in her dress and a tee shirt.

I started to weed the garden - I haven't got green fingers and can't
really tell a weed from a flower - but if I didn't recognise it, or hadn't
planted it - it was a weed!

I'd managed to work on one border when Karen asked if I wanted anything
to drink, I asked for tea, Becky asked for cola, after a few minutes these
were brought out and placed on the garden table.

I brushed the dirt off my hands and sat at the table, Becky reached up
and pulled the glass to her - I could see it coming, but was unable to move
fast enough - it tipped over and poured the contents over her face and
shoulders, she shrieked with the wetness of the drink, Karen and Nick came
rushing out of the house to see what the problem was, Karen ran over to

"Oh dear, come with me, I'll get you cleaned up," and taking Becky by
her hand took her inside, Nick came up took another chair and spoke to me.

"We've had a report, there's been a crash about 150 miles away, a white
car with a driver ran into a lorry, the report sketchy, but it sounds like
it was a Fiat. The driver's body is still stuck in the wreckage. We think
it could be Darren."

I was relieved - at least Becky should be safe now.

With the report, came also the news that Karen and Nick would have to
return to the station, I did say that it seemed a bit premature, but it
seems that the budget was getting tight - as Nichols had said.

It was a slightly tearful Becky that waved goodbye to the two officers
as they left, "Bye, I'm sorry for what I did, do you forgive me?"

Karen smiled, "Of course we do Becky, it was our fault as well you

Nicky added, "But please, don't tell anyone else, will you?" he had to
phrase it as a question.

Becky crossed a finger over her chest, "I promise, cross my heart." I'm
glad she didn't continue with the saying, she shut the door and returned
with me to the living room, "I'm sorry to see them go, but I'm glad too."

I asked her why, and she sat down in my lap, "'cause I couldn't do
this!" She kissed my face, "and I certainly couldn't have done that!" She
sighed, "Thanks for letting me sleep with you and Aunt Sharon last night, I
didn't want to sleep on my own."

I hugged her, "I know! That's why I finally let you sleep in the
middle, between us, so that you would feel safe."

We sat like that for some time, me rocking Becky on my lap, Becky
snuggling against me. Finally a rumbling sound from her stomach reminded
me that we'd yet to have lunch - I looked at the kitchen, but decided that
we'd have a better meal elsewhere.

I suggested pizza, to which she enthusiastically said "Great!" So I
thought she was happy with that - there was a Pizza House nearby, so we
walked to it

It was an amazing sight to see this young girl demolishing a pizza, but
she didn't want to have much of the salad bar - like most young children -
lettuce should be seen but not consumed, even if it is good for them.

When we left the restaurant feeling a lot fuller Becky wanted to walk to
her home, in the hopes that her parents would be there, as we approached
the house I could see a car with two men inside it watching the house, I
walked up to the car, the passenger opened the window.

"Hi there I'm Mike Moore, this is Becky. I hope you two are part of DS
Nichols team!"

The passenger showed his warrant card, "Yes Mr. Moore, I wish you
hadn't come here, just in case."

I nodded, "Yes I understand, but Becky wanted to know if her parents were in?"

He sighed, "Yes, Mr and Mrs. Smith have entered the house, DS Nichols
wanted us to remain here until we have a positive identification on the
crashed car." I was glad to see that Nichols was thinking ahead.

I asked them, "Is there any risk in leaving Becky home with her

He considered his answer, "I don't think so, the description of the
crashed Fiat did match the stolen car - I think he just lost it trying to
get as far away as possible, so I don't think we'll see him around here,
except as a ghost!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - -

I took Becky up to the front door, she rang the bell - it seems she
never had been given a key to her own house! George answered the door,
once he saw Becky he lifted her up and hugged her, "Becky love, are you

She kissed him, "Yes Dad, Mr. Mike's been very good to me," and then
she added proudly, "We had pizza today."

I added, "And I've got no idea where she put it." George laughed and
invited me in, Mildred was in their living room, I said hello and she
smiled warmly,

"Mike, thank you for what you're doing," she got up and kissed me on the
cheek, Becky watched open mouth.

"Mummy what are you doing?"

Mildred laughed, I could see where Becky got her giggles from, "Oh
Becky, I'm kissing a friend, your Mr. Mike has done more for us than he
realised." She looked at me, "Maria managed to get me to talk to a doctor
friend of hers, she's made me see that Becky wasn't really at fault, I did
know that - but I never wanted to face up to the truth before" She went to
Becky and George, she hugged both and kissed Becky, "Why don't we go out
tonight - we can see a film at the pictures, just us - the family."

Becky whooped with joy, then looked at me, "But what about Mr. Mike,
can't he come as well?" Mildred looked at me, her eyes questioning.

I shook my head, "Becky, thank you, I'd love to go with you. But I
think you three should try to keep together, you're the family - and you do
love each other, but you have to have some time without intruders, I'd just
remind you of what Darren has done! You don't want me to do that. I'll go
home, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

She looked a bit crestfallen, then rallied, "Okay Mr. Mike, I'll see
you" I shook George and Mildred's hands and made my way out, as I was
leaving I heard Becky asking "Okay, what film are we seeing - I want to see
Rush Hour 2 . . . . " I closed the front door, before her parents could
see it was a 15 (only those 15 years old or older).

I went to the car again, the passenger window opened, "They're planning
to go to the pictures, I not sure if you need to supply a bodyguard?"

He replied, "Don't think there's any need - they've had to cut the body
out of the crashed car, they're trying to identify it! We've sent details
of Darren, they're almost certain its him, we expect to be pulled off at
anytime." I thanked him, bided them both good day and went home.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - -

In the darken room down in the railway tunnel, Darren was starting to
eat a bread roll, unaware of his apparent demise. He was working out the
story to tell his parents, how Kylie had convinced Becky that he was
molesting her, the way they got that Mike bloke to plant the evidence
against him - he wasn't sure how to explain the photographs, but didn't
think they knew about it - they weren't at the arraignment, and they didn't
see that bastard Nichols with them, so he could get round that.

No his biggest obstacle was that bitch Becky, maybe that Mike as well,
First thing to convince the parents, second sort out Becky, anything else
will be a bonus.

He had an evil look on his face as he tore into the bread.

- 30

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - -

- Wandering Lanes 10th October 2001 - Well at last the fight back is now
running, on it 4th day, let's hope it's over soon with as little loss of
life as possible. (yes now I'm being naive).

- To those who expect clockwork run of stories (its Tuesday so there
should be a chapter!) - Sorry, but I did manage two chapters last week 8-})

- I do appreciate emails from readers, (I've even been read in Australia
- well at least three people - Thanks to 'Mr. Jelly', 'Lazy 50' and 'das'
you know who you are ;-} ) if you would like to email me - comments,
criticisms etc I can be reached at -

Thanks again for reading. Reposted 20th October to correct some
spelling mistakes, sorry guys


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