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The Girl With A Bicycle 22


The girl With A Bicycle - Part 22 By Wandering Lanes

Codes (MF,slow)

It felt strange walking home on my own, I had got used to having one of
the girls with me, I had the mental image of my being a dog with a lead
attached to their hands except I was the one looking after them. I laughed
out loud, some people on the street looked around, "Sorry," I said, "Just
being happy."

Happy? Why? Lets see, I was, surprisingly for me, in love with Sharon
- it had snuck up from behind, I loved her daughter - no, not physically
but fatherly. I felt a different love for her friend, Becky - who now had
her parents back and her abusive brother no longer with us. All the dark
clouds were now clearing and I could only see the blue of the clear sky
ahead. Now was the time to let Sharon know how I felt. And why I had to
wait. That was the only cloud I could see.

I know! Why should I wait? - I do have a reason. For me it makes
perfect sense, but would Sharon wait? I'll have to find out.

When I got home, I phoned a local restaurant and made a reservation for
two, then I phoned Sharon at work - for some reason I got put through to

"Hello Mike, Sharon's away from her desk at the moment - for research,
can I take a message for you?"

I mulled the question for a moment, "Not really just ask her if she can
phone me when she gets back?"

I heard the smile at the other end, "Still babysitting are you?"

I smiled when I said, "No, Becky's back with her parents now, I'm glad
to say."

There was a pause, then Isabel's puzzled voice asked, "Is that going to
be alright? I mean aren't you worried that Darren might get to her?"

I hesitated to answer, did the police want information given away? - I
didn't think I should, "Isabel - I think you'd better ask DS Nichols, I
just don't know the full story!"

I could almost hear the predator snap, "If there is a story, I'll get it
out of him, thanks for the tip Mike, I'll pass on your message, bye."

I said goodbye and hung up. Looking at the phone for a few seconds,
trying to will it to ring, I could have used the radio, but they felt too
public for me.

I loafed about the house, and found myself tidying up the house, I found
some dirty dresses in the girls bedroom, and decided to do some washing, I
could read the symbols on the labels and the dial on the washing machine
seemed to agree with them, I put in some powder and left the machine it its

The ring of the phone found me rushing to answer it.

"Mr. Moore, Nichols here, why did you let the papers know that the
Darren situation was under control?"

I was puzzled, "I didn't, Isabel asked if I was still looking after
Becky, when I said I wasn't she started to ask me and I said she'd have to
talk to you! I didn't know how much you wanted the press to know and
thought the less I said the better."

He persisted, "You didn't tell her anything?"


He sighed, "I'm sorry Mike, we've been getting garbled reports from all
over, when the press phoned and asked if Darren was secured now, and that
the surveillance was being closed down, the only person who would have
known was you."

I nodded, daft since he couldn't see me, "Yes I suppose you would have,
but no, I was trying to get in touch with Sharon," before he could ask, "I
wanted to invite her out for dinner, but as her desk was empty Isabel
answered the phone, you've heard the rest. Actually is there any further

His reply showed his irritation, "Nope, their FME isn't available yet,
and we can't get positive identification - everything points to it being
Darren, so the top brass is pulling everybody back onto normal shifts, okay
Mike, I'm sorry if I was gruff, but you know how it is."

"I know, its alright, I'll speak to you later. Bye." I hung up the
phone, which started to ring again, this time Sharon was on the other end.

"Hi Mike, Isabel said you'd phoned, what wrong?" She sounded very
concerned - I hadn't really thought how a phone call would affect her.

I spoke quickly to calm her, "Nothing is wrong Sharon, Becky's with her
parents, and I'm going to be twiddling my thumbs for the night, I thought
you might want to go out to dinner tonight."

She sounded relieved, "I don't know, I mean I've got nothing to wear,"
the perpetual cry of a woman (sorry, but that is always the first thing

I laughed, "Well then I won't have to tip the waiter very much tonight!
Don't worry I'm sure they'll accept you no matter what you wear, shall I
pick you up from work?"

"No, its alright," she replied, "I'll have to go home first, I'll come
to you when I'm ready okay?" I told her it was, and then what time the
dinner was set for, we said goodbye and I hung up the phone.

I checked on the washing, the spin cycle had finished, so I loaded the
lot into the tumble dryer to finish them off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The telephone ringing waked me. When I answered it Sharon spoke

"Quick turn on the T.V. to BBC, check the News" and she hung up, I
reached for the remote control, turned to channel 1 - BBC 1 - and on the
news was 'KYLIE', I turned up the sound.

"...And then I called Brown Owl who contacted the Police." The
interviewer came into shot as he asked the next question.

"How did you call your Brown Owl, you'd lost your radio,"

Kylie laughed, "Oh that was a spare one my uncle gave me, I had
another," and she held up her arm to display the radio at her wrist. - The
interviewer came back into full shot,

"Kylie Williams the plucky young girl who was able to place a tracking
device into the abductors car, allowing the police to trace and apprehend
the man after a few minutes. This is William . . . . ." I turn down the
sound and pressed the teletext button, selected page 102 (News headlines)
found the headline - attempted abduction at brownies camp 104.

I entered the number 104 to select the page.


An abduction attempt of a young girl at a Brownies Camp was made by a
man this morning, an estranged husband, who was denied custody of his
daughter, made the attempt while his daughter was on a nature trail.

The attempt was foiled by the quick actions of another Brownie who was
able to place a tracker device into the car. This allowed the police to
quickly trace and arrest the man.

Inspector Wheeler of the Local constabulary said without the quick
thinking of the girl's friend, the abducted girl could have been taken out
of the country within hours.

I just sat back amazed at what I read, the phone rang again Sharon was
bubbling over,

"Did you see it? Wasn't she good? - Isabel wants to have an interview
with her as soon as possible."

"Do you think that's going to be a good idea at this time?"

Her voice showed her uncertainty, "Why are you saying that?"

I tried to explain, "She had to talk to the BBC, how many other news
teams were there? - As she was only talking to one person then she would
have had to talk to each news team separately, not to mention the
newspapers in the area. And then Isabel want her to tell the story again,
don't you think she may be tired of this by now?"

Sharon thought about this, "Wwweeelll yessss, I suppose, but she did do
a wonderful thing."

I laughed, "Sharon, Kylie been doing a wonderful thing with Becky, I
think this is why she's here, to do wonderful things! But she does need a
rest at times. Look give her a couple of days, then get the story. -
Isabel can ask one of their local papers for the story, then when she's
back and relaxed you can get the story. Okay"

Sharon sighed, "Yes, okay Mike, I'll have to get Isabel to back off, you
don't know how she likes to chase a story - but I'll see what I can do.
I'll see you later, bye"

I said goodbye for the second time, I got the paper given out at the
Brownies meeting, yes near the bottom was the phone number of the camp, I
picked up the handset again and dialled the number.

"Eaglestone Brownies Camp, Estelle speaking." She sounded harassed - I
don't think I envied her.

"Hello Estelle, My name is Mike Moore, can I talk to Margaret please?"

She sounded confused, "Margaret, don't you mean Kylie? - I mean we've
had so many people wanting to talk to her . . . ."

I cut in, "Yes I would think so, but you're stopping them I hope?"

"Yes we are, " she now sounded determined, "if you don't mind my asking
why do you want to talk to Margaret? I mean I do recognise your name - you
supplied her pack with the radios didn't you?"

I was surprised, "Yes I did, I thought Kylie would be too wound up to
want to talk anymore, and I wanted to ensure that she wasn't being pestered
too much, I hoped to talk to Margaret to find out how Kylie was?"

Estelle's voice was warmer now, "You're right Mr. Moore, I'll just get
her for you."

There was a slight delay then Margaret's voice was at the other end,
"Hello Mike, how can I help you?"

I thought for a moment, "Hello Margaret, as I said to Estelle - I wanted
to ensure that Kylie wasn't being bothered too much at the moment."

I could picture her face as she replied, "No, I'm glad to say that the
local police took control of that side, she spoke to three television
companies, and a general interview with some papers, but they've been told
to stay away for now, and Kylie's gone back to her tent, I think she's
sleeping, but some of the girls are looking after her."

I nodded, "Good, can you pass on my love to her and tell her we think
she's wonderful, Sharon and I will see you when you're all back home."

Margaret seemed slightly confused with the message, but said she'd pass
it on. I said, "how are the other girls getting on, I hope there's been no
other problems?"

I heard the laugher in her voice, "No, just the other packs being
jealous about the radios - is it true that there are no more being made?"

I answered, "Well yes and no, the original firm has stopped making them,
but I've managed to get the rights to them, so I'm trying to get some more
made, I don't know if I'll ever get them sold."

I heard the surprise in her voice, "Why did you want the rights to them,
I mean if they couldn't sell them how can you?"

I laughed, "Good question, I need an angle to be able to sell them, and
I think Kylie has provided it, but I've got to let the whole lot simmer."

Margaret seriously said, "Well I agree Kylie has certainly started
something, several of the Brown Owls here are calling Headquarters to get
the radios made and distributed to all packs - if enough pressure is made
you may find yourself rich."

"Margaret, money isn't everything -that's something I learned in my
short life, but if I can I'll try to make them available for whoever wants

She seemed taken aback by my statement, "You sound sincere, but time
will tell, I've seen many who talk, but few who actually do!"

I smiled, "I'll let you make up your own mind, when the time comes. Now
please don't forget my message to Kylie, and let the girls know that all is
okay here." She said she would and we bided each other goodbye.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sharon arrived at my house, she was dressed in a simple dress, which
looked perfect on her, I was dressed in a suit, we went to the garage and I
got the car out.

We drove to the restaurant, I managed to park the car near to the
entrance, and we were shown to our table - just set for two with a candle

The meal was a good one, but that is all I can recall of it, the
conversation is etched in my mind, it wasn't the one she was expecting.

"Sharon," I began, "I've know you a few weeks, and I've become
comfortable with your presence and of Kylies, no, not comfortable it's more
than that, when you're with me I feel complete, I feel lost without you.
But I can't ask you to marry me, not yet."

She looked shocked, no! - Devastated, "Bu. but why, is it something
I've said, or done? What's wrong?"

I shook my head, "No, please it isn't you - the problem is me, no,
that's not right, I know I will marry you, but not just yet. Please let me
explain. It started about three years ago.

"You've read the reports in the paper, after that happened I became an
eligible bachelor - not to mention the number of 'friends' who suddenly
appeared. There were quite a few ladies, who I went out with and bedded,
sorry but that's how I was, I realised later that they only had pound signs
in their eyes - trying to see how much they could get out of me. I grew
tried of it

"Then one decided that she could get even more from me if her child
could be shown to be mine. She presented this 18 month old snotty brat
with red hair," I patted my dark hair, "she declared this child to be ours,
she convinced her solicitor who tried to get me to pay for both the child
and her, not to mention his fee.

"So I get this letter, which cited myself as the father of her son, and
demanding paternity fee of, well I forget how much she wanted - it was some
ridiculous figure, and I hadn't even met the woman. I passed the letter to
my solicitor and left it in his capable hands.

"After a week, I meet a shifty looking guy, he asks me if I'm Mike
Moore, I said yes, he hands me a piece of paper, then tells me I've been
served and to appear in court. I spoke to George (he's my solicitor), he
gave me two choices either agree to an out of court settlement - or fight
it. Well I don't like the idea of letting people get one over me - I said
we'd fight!

"The first thing we applied for was a blood test to confirm paternity -
this was refused by the woman. When he heard this George literally rubbed
his hands, 'now we've got a lever' he said. - He employed a private eye
who we instructed to find out more about the woman. While George's staff
did a more standard search of the public records.

"My nemesis was currently married - twice! Without divorcing her first
husband. The child's birth certificate showed the father was named as the
first husband - we managed to get a picture of him, which showed him to
have a mane of red hair! - We showed the evidence to her solicitor, who
later informed us that his client was withdrawing her accusation. So
George gave him his bill (for time wasted by his client) - she skipped
without paying either bill.

"So I decided that wine and song was enough - if women were going to be
like that then I wasn't interested!"

Sharon looked at me with a grin, "So, as Becky asked me. - Are you

I laughed, "No, I was never interested in that side of sex either - but
as the joke goes '40 years ago it was illegal, 20 years ago it was
tolerated, 10 years ago it was accepted, I'm thinking about leaving before
it's compulsory!'"

She smiled at this, then asked "So what about us?" I looked slightly
puzzled, she continued, "Where do we stand, are we lovers, friends or

I thought for a moment, "Well I'd like to think we are lovers, no matter
what, in the first place - because we're lovers I hope this also means we
are friends, as for more - I would first like to see you firmly on your
feet first, so that you're not dependant on any one person. To which I
hope Richard can get this fraud case sorted out soon. After then, if you
still want to, and if you will still have me - I will propose. This I
promise you though, no matter what you may say I will always have a place
for you, Kylie - yes and Becky, in my heart."

Sharon looked at me, "Mike, I understand, you don't want a gold-digger
trying to get her claws into you, I could promise never to do that," I went
to open my mouth, she closed it, "I know you don't want me to make a fool
of myself - I could sign a pre-nuptial agreement?" I shook my head, "No?
Okay - I'll wait for you. Kylie chose you, and who am I to disagree with
my own daughter! But if we are lovers, please can we leave here and prove
it to each other!"

I laughed at this, and gestured to the waiter for the bill - which was
presented, and paid. But I wanted to stay and have a couple of drinks
before leaving so we went to the bar first.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We arrived at my house 'slightly happy' is the term I would use '3
sheets to the wind' is how Sharon described herself, she ran, giggling like
a school girl, upstairs to my room, started to undress and found herself

"Miikkeee! Can you help me? The zip stuck." She cried out.

I went up the stairs into my bedroom to find Sharon, dress half way up
her body with her arms somehow tied into the straps. I found the zip was
now just out of her reach, if she hadn't had so much she would have been
out of the dress without thinking.

It seems that I wasn't thunk as I drought I was, I'm sorry - meant to
say I was drunker than I thought I was - the zip seemed to be beyond me, so
I took the hem of the dress and lifted it above her head, she swayed there
in her panties - I hadn't realised she wasn't wearing a bra, you can see so
much and miss everything!

I started to strip off, found out that shoes should come off before
trousers, but they can be pulled off - I picked myself up off the floor and
made sure this time I sat on the bed first, then pulled off my shoes and

Sharon started to do a sexy strip tease - she had the misfortune of just
wearing panties, so it didn't take long, she fell on top of me on the bed.
We kissed, I touched her breasts, just light touches, she giggled again,
looked me in the eyes and said, "Goodnight Mike" - and fell asleep, the
only night when we didn't have the girls to stop us, and she falls asleep.
Well I wasn't just going to lie there and do nothing, No! - I fell asleep
as well!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Darren looked at his watch - half past two, in the morning - the food
was starting to go off, he should have stolen a fridge as well! - Never
mind, wait for the afternoon and he'd show them.

He looked through the food that was left, he didn't like the idea of
eating more baby food - it gave him diarrhoea, and the corner of the room
smelt awful - but the bread was still okay, so he ate another couple of
slices to appease his stomach, moved further away from the dreaded corner,
and tried to sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I awoke to find Sharon looking at me, "Mike, when did you get here?" she
looked around the room, taking in the furnishings, then back at me,
smiling, "No, I mean when did I get here!"

I looked at the bedside clock, 3 a.m., it was still dark outside, "Well,
you bet me that the policeman couldn't catch us, and I won! Then after you
told him that you'd make his night if he let us off . . . ."

She hit me, "Mike Moore! I did no such thing!"

I shrugged, "No, you didn't, but the WPC took up the offer from me!"

She smiled, "Oh yes and what did you do for her"

I said, "I'll show you, first I undressed her - Oh, I can't do that to
you, you're already undressed, so I'll skip that part, then I kissed her,
here." I kissed her breasts, then moved down to her stomach, hearing her
sigh, I moved back up to her face, "Then I kissed her here." I kissed her
mouth, which opened and then we were kissing each other deeper that before,
I reached back into the bedside cabinet and removed the foil package, which
I opened and was able to put on, I suppose by this time I was sober enough
to do this.

I turned my attention back to Sharon, "And then after exciting her until
she couldn't take any more, I slowly entered her like this," Sharon moaned
as she felt my latex covered cock enter her body. "And then I . . . ."

She grabbed hold of my head, and looked me in the eyes with her
lust-laden glare, "I don't care what you did to her, just remember who you
are with now. And fuck me, goddam it I want you to take me!"

I gazed back into her eyes, "As you want!" and slid myself firmly into
her, watching her eyes widen then she smiled

"Ohh. Mike I needed that, now don't spare the horses, fuck me, please
Mike, I want you to fuck me hard."

I took her at her word, and started slow at first but built up the
speed, making sure that she was enjoying the experience - I don't know what
other word could be used, her mouth was open and her eyes were closed - she
was really panting with each insertion, I managed to lower my head to reach
her tits.

"Oohh ggoooodddd. That feels so goood!" I could tell she was enjoying
the sensations - I pulled her close to me and rolled over so that she was
on top of me, letting gravity help us as she furiously rode me,

"Oohh yesss, yyyeesss, Mike. Oh Yes, yess, Oh Paul. Oh yess, Paul,
Paul. Mmmiiikkeeeeee!"

She slumped down onto me, exhausted - I withdrew myself from her,
removed the condom, and threw it away. Then drifted off, with Sharon still
on top of me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We awoke to the shrill of the alarm, I couldn't remember setting it!
Sharon was lying beside me, she opened her eyes, "Good morning Mike, my
head feels like an elephant's walking all over it."

I smiled, "I'm not surprised, how much of last night do you remember?"

She thought for a moment, then sat up and looked at the clothes strewn
around the room, "Not much, but it looks like we had some fun."

I shook my head, "Not at that time, although we did have some fun

Remembrance showed in her eyes, "Oh yes, that would explain why I feel
so sore."

I smiled, "I'm sorry, but you did insist."

She gave a wry grin, "Yes, I recall I did, err, Mike, err do you think
we could try it again, I think I've got time!"

I groaned, "Sharon I think you'll be the death of me!"

She smiled, "But Mike, just think - what a way to go, and at least
you'll have a smile on your face!" She reached to the bedside cabinet and
removed one of the packets there - there was a wicked look on her face as
she examined my flaccid cock. "I see, so you want to be a challenge do

I felt her warm breath on my cock, then her mouth engulfed it, I could
feel it stiffening, her warm suction raising me up to full length. Once
she was satisfied she quickly unwrapped the foil packet and rolled the
condom down over me.

She smiled, "That wasn't much of a challenge was it!" Then she straddled
me and lowered herself, I raised myself on my arms to watch as her lower
lips engulfed my organ, Feeling her clasping me as I entered her, until our
hips met each other's.

She moaned, "Oh Mike that's soo good," She paused for a moment,
savouring the feeling, "I wish you hadn't made your mind up about the
condoms, I don't really want to wait, but I'll do as you say," She kissed
me, "But I do want you to know, when we finally decide to marry, I'm going
to come off the pill, and I hope we'll produce a brother or sister for

I grabbed hold of her, " Then lets think of this as practising for the
main event." I rolled her onto her back, and still kissing her, started to
pump myself in and out of her, hearing her gasp at each stroke.

I whispered into her ear, "Just think, if you had your way, you wouldn't
be here, but your daughter would be, she would be lying beneath my body
feeling me as I pounded inside her."

She groaned, "Oh Mike, don't say that, you don't know what that does to
me." Her breathing increased as my talk took her over the edge, I stayed
with her as she undulated beneath me, and then without warning she climaxed

I smiled then rolled over again so that she was on top of me, I put my
hand beneath her and started to raise and lower her onto me, this time she
was more vocal.

"Ohh Mike, Mike, oh yes, oh yes, yes, Mike, Mike," I started to raise
myself to meet her, trying to gain my own climax as she reached hers.
"Ooohhhh Mike, god yes Mike, Mike, yes. Yesss Mmiiiikkkkeee!"

She almost fainted but managed to catch herself, I gathered her to
myself and started to kiss her, then we looked at the time, just enough to
grab a shower and dress, before I took her to work.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As she left my car before running into work, Sharon said to me, "Mike, I
do understand why, but I must tell you that you're wrong, not everyone is
like that woman. So when you're ready you'll find me waiting for you!" She
kissed me, "Until then, thanks lover!"

Lover! She still wanted me, even though I had told her I couldn't marry
her, yet she had accepted that, did I deserve her?

I drove home, on automatic, my mind was thinking about Sharon, and the
way I was treating her, was I being fair to her, or Kylie? A part was
asking was I being fair to myself? I decided that should the matter come
to a head, no matter what. I would propose to Sharon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Darren looked at his watch, ten thirty - should he go now or wait a bit
- the longer he delayed the better, lets leave it until later about six
would be better - the cops had a shift change and would all be back at the

He didn't look forward to another few hours in the room, but then if his
plan was to work - and he knew it would, those stupid pricks would believe
him! - The later hour would be the best time, he took another look at the
food remaining, well - baby food was better than nothing!

- 30 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Normal disclaimer applies - all characters in this work are fictitious
- they do not exists in real life - if this life is real perhaps we're just
characters in somebody's work. If so can I have a word with the editor??

- My apologies for delivering this late, I'm afraid I've rediscovered
civilisation II, and have been playing that between writing, I know the
readers come first, but my sanity demanded equal rights!

- I will be reposting chapter 20 onto ASSTR as several readers have
missed the last posting, sorry about this.

- If you have any comments, moans, groans or whatever my email address
is:- I will attempt to reply to all.

Wandering Lanes 18th October 2001.


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