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The Girl With A Bicycle 23


The girl With A Bicycle - Part 23 By Wandering Lanes

Codes (Mg, rp, incest, non-con, slow)

I had put the car in the garage, walked to my house, and entered when I
heard the telephone ringing - I answered it.

A tearful voice was on the other end, "Is that you Uncle Mike?"

It was Kylie, I said, "Yes Kylie, I'm here, and I'm so proud of you!"

Her voice showed her vexation, "That's what every-one's saying, but I
should have done more!"

I tried to console her, "But Kylie, the girl is safe - thanks to you,
what if he had taken you as well? You wouldn't have been able to help her?
Now why don't you tell me the whole story - I missed your news debut."

She laughed at this, and started to tell me everything, I found out the
rest from Margaret when the Brownies returned.


The morning sun had risen over the Brownie's camp, and Kylie's six were
waking up looking forward to the day ahead. First thing, after washing and
dressing, was clearing up the tent, all sleeping bags to be rolled up, to
create more space, Kylie hid her moth-eaten toy (Mr. Barbar). Why she'd
packed it with her she'd never know, then she remembered when she last went
on a Brownie's Holiday - then they had stayed in a hotel type place, they
had proper beds there, but there was something about sleeping bags that was
fun too. Then her radio came to life, also those of the other sixes in the

"This is Brown Owl, all girls to the assembly point." Kylie smiled, with
the radios, and the broadcast ability it gave Brown Owl, their pack was
always on time, giving them a higher score than the others, there was some
word about the radios being banned next camp. But until then the pack was

The girls arrived at the assembly point practically together, and sorted
themselves behind their respective leaders, and then there was a wait while
the other packs sorted themselves out.

"Margaret, you really must let me know where you got those from, I know
my pack could use them as well" - this was from another Brown Owl to
Kylie's Brown Owl, who had to explain that there were no more being made,
and that they were lucky to have them donated to them.

Then the leader of the camp addressed the packs assembled there.

"Good morning Brownies and Guides." She waited for the reply from the
group, "Today we are going to split you up into teams, we are working for
the woodland badge, find as many leaves as you can, then bring them here
and identify the tree where they came from." She turned to Margaret, "I
think that at least one of your girls should be in each group, so that we
can keep track of everyone"

This was agreed and the girls were soon reassigned into groups, Kylie
found herself with 5 other girls, Mandy, Sarah, Grace, Abigail and Cindy.
Abigail was given the position of leader and the six girls ran off into the

"We need to find different leaves - Kylie and Sarah if you go over to
the copse there and see what you can find. Mandy and Grace over to the
right, and Cindy and I will go to the left, meet here is 5 minutes okay?"
Abigail was trying to ensure that her group got the most leaves.

Kylie and Sarah ran together holding hands - Kylie looked at Sarah "Are
you enjoying this?" Sarah nodded her head,

"Yeah, it's a lot better than home!"

Kylie stopped, 'not another one!' she thought. "Why what's wrong at
home? You're not being hurt at home are you?"

Sarah shook her head "Oh no, its nothing like that, Mum and Dad have
just got divorced, and for the past few months they've been arguing, you've
no idea! How are your parents? They're not divorcing are they?"

Kylie dropped her eyes, "No, they're not" and tears started to form,

Sarah stopped "Kylie what's wrong, I didn't mean to make you unhappy,"

Kylie blinked back the tears, "It's okay Sarah, you didn't know, but my
Daddy died a few months ago, and Mummy's been sad since then," her face
brightened up, "Well, until she met Uncle Mike,"

Sarah cried out, "Oh Kylie, I'm sorry. What's this Uncle Mike like? -
He doesn't hurt you does he,"

Kylie laughed, "Oh no, Uncle Mike's not like that, I trust him, he helps
me and tries to help my friends, he's the one that got the radios for the
pack," The snap of a twig caught the girls attention, a man was looking at
them from the roadway.

Sarah said. "Hey, that's my Dad, what's he doing here? According to
Mum I'd never see him again." The man waved to the girls, Sarah ran to him,
"Dad what're you doing here?"

The man made a shushing motion with his arms, "You don't think a stupid
court order would keep me away from you princess? Now if you come with me,
I can get us to grandpa's before anyone can stop us, you want to see
grandpa again don't you?"

Sarah shook her head, "No Dad, he lives too far away, and Mum couldn't
get to visit me, I'll be better off here."

"Princess, princess you don't understand, your mother is holding you
back, you need to be able to spread yourself, now back home with grandpa
you'll have all the space you need, come on princess, get into the car
now," and he reached out and grabbed Sarah's arm

"Kylie help, me" Kylie tried to grab Sarah's other arm, but her father was too quick,

He smiled at Kylie, "Sorry darling, but my daughter's with me now, and
there's nothing you can do about it, say goodbye to your friend, Sarah,"
and he pulled the girl to his car, with Kylie behind him, she took off the
radio she had, turned the volume down, and pressed the 'find me' button.

As the car door was opened, Kylie threw the radio into the car, noticing
that it was hidden on the floor, she took a note of the car number, make
and colour, then she brought her second radio down her arm, and pressed the
broadcast button.

"FLAMINGO, FLAMINGO, FLAMINGO - Brown Owl, I need help!"

"This is Brown Owl, is that you Kylie?"

"Yes Brown Owl, we need to call the police, Sarah's dad has just taken
her away,"

"Okay Kylie, we'll get onto the police, - ALL girls return to the
assembly point." Kylie ran to where the other four girls were waiting,

Abigail was angry "There you are, where's Sarah,"

Kylie was out of breath, "Kidnapped! We've got to return to the
assembly point."

Abigail didn't like being told what to do "Why? Who said we had to?
You're not in charge of this group!"

Kylie held up her radio, where the voice of Brown Owl could be heard,
"All girls return to the assembly point"

Kylie said, "Now do you believe me?" and started to run back to the camp
repeating the car number, all the time.

When she arrived at the camp Kylie searched for Margaret, her Brown Owl,
who was on the phone, she handed it to Kylie with the words, "The police
need more information."

Kylie talked into the handset, "Hello, yes the number of the car is,"
and she rattled off the number, "It's a Ford Estate, and Dark Blue in
colour. Oh I put my radio in the car, it's got something called 'tracker'
running," She listened to the voice on the other end, then added "Uncle
Mike said it was on 47.2 Hz., is that what you mean? Okay, here's Brown

She handed the phone back to her Brown Owl who listened, then said,
"Yes, she is. No she does know what she's on about. Good, please hurry".
She hung up the phone, turned to Kylie and hugged her. "Oh Kylie you were
so good, well done"

Kylie looked up at Margaret, "But Brown Owl, we haven't got Sarah back


A police car came into the campsite, and two women police officers got
out. The woman in charge of the camp went to them, then showed them to
Kylie and Margaret

"Is this the girl who raised the alarm?" asked the first, Margaret
nodded, the officer bent down to talk to Kylie, "Why did . . " She looked
at the other officer who looked puzzled and shrugged

Kylie came in with "You mean Sarah?" the officer nodded.

"Yes, Sarah! - Why did Sarah go with that man?"

Kylie looked at the officer "It was her father, she did say her parents were divorced and something about not seeing her father again, then he was
there, calling to her. He was saying something about taking her to her

The officer looked at her, then asked, "Did she want to go with him?"

"Oh no, he was pulling her into his car, she asked me to help, but he
was too fast, all I could do was put my radio into the car, after turning
on the 'tracker'."

"What is this 'tracker'?" Kylie showed her the radio on her wrist,

"You see this button," pointing out the 'find me' button, "this sends
out a signal so people can track it, by pressing this button" she tuned her
radio into the 'private frequency' and pressed the track button, the
indicator light showed and Kylie pointed in the direction "They're over
there, but I don't know how far away."

The officer looked at the indicator, and then looked in the direction,
she then ran back to her car and picked up the police radio, and spoke
quickly into it, listened to the reply, then came back.

"We've got three cars closing in on the signal, and it seems to be in
the village area, so we should hear something soon. How did you think to
use the radio like that?"

Kylie giggled, "Well, my friend and I had nothing to do one Sunday, so
Uncle Mike gave Becky his radio, and we played hide and seek, all morning."

"And how did you remember the frequency, I know I couldn't"

Kylie's eyes dropped, "Well. . There was a problem, and Uncle Mike had
to give the frequency to our local police, but I think its all sorted out
now, Darrens been arrested." The policewoman wisely decided not to push
that, back in her car the radio crackled, she went to answer it.

"YES!" and her hand was raised in triumph, she listened on, then spoke
into the handset. She finally returned to Kylie, "We've got him, Sarah's
fine, but we're having our doctor to check her out before we bring her back

Kylie was relieved to hear the news, she turned to Margaret and burst
into tears of joy.


The police, brought Sarah back to the camp with some cars following
them, when Sarah came over to the packs she went straight to Kylie,

"I think this is yours," She handed Kylie the radio, with the tracker
button still pressed in, Kylie turned it off, Sarah hugged Kylie, "Thank
you, if it wasn't for you I don't know where I'd be by now, Daddy had
tickets for a plane, and was going to take me away from Mummy, but you
stopped him."

From the other cars came reporters, the police had released a few
details, Sarah couldn't be officially named, but as she'd be the major
help, Kylie found herself the centre of attraction, questions were fired at
her, 'why didn't she run for help first', 'what made her use the radio',
'how could she radio for help', they seemed never ending, then she noticed
the larger video cameras, with their logos on the sides, BBC, ITV, BSKYB, -
she didn't think she'd be able to cope, the policewoman saw her problem and
started to take charge.

"Please, I think Kylie needs a slight rest, you guys are starting to
scare her, come on guys, 10 minutes break please". Grumbling the reporters
agreed. This however allowed the television crews time to fix their
cameras onto tripods, and the interviewers were getting their scripts
sorted out, setting up reaction shots - 'oh that's interesting', 'did you
really', and that type of thing.

When Kylie felt ready, she went out to talk to the T.V. reporters,
going through the same story, for each one. When finished she went back to
her tent, unrolled her sleeping bag held onto Mr. Barbar, and went to

She wasn't aware of the girls in the camp who had decided to watch over
her for the rest of the camp. A group of whom stayed outside her tent,
keeping reporters away.


I wished I was there to hug her, when she finished her story I said,
"Kylie, you did everything correctly - he would have been to rough with you
if you'd tried to stop him, and we'd never have found out about Sarah until
it was too late, I'll say it again, I'm proud of you, and I know you mother is! I'm afraid you'll have reporters following you for a few days, but if
they cause any problems just let Brown Owl know."

Kylie laughed, "I don't have to there's a policewoman with me, keeping
them away, she even has to sleep in our tent, and there's not much room in
there anyway. Thanks Uncle Mike I do love you."

I answered, "And I love you Kylie, now go and have fun, bye!"

And with a shouted "Byeeeee, Uncle Mike." She hung up,

I looked at the phone, thanking who ever was up there watching, for
keeping Kylie safe in a difficult and dangerous time.

The next phone call brought me back down to earth with a definite bump.

"Mike Moore?" It was Nichols, I replied that it was, "There's been an
almighty cock-up, we've finally heard the result - It wasn't Darren in the
car! It wasn't even the same model car! The bastard could be anywhere by
now! "

This time I was worried, "What can I do?"

He replied, "Just keep your eyes open, I've tried to get the
surveillance operation restarted but the brass hats thinks he's going to be
elsewhere after all this time, so the best I can do is to ask the shifts to
keep their eyes peeled for him!"

I asked, "Have you contacted George and Mildred?"

He said that he had, and added, "George we contacted at work and he's
now back home, he's phoned in as I asked, Mildred and Becky were already at
home, I've managed to get a WPC to be there but only until 2 p.m., that's
all I'm allowed to do."

I was annoyed at that but there wasn't anything either he or I was able
to do - all for the sake of money I though ruefully, I then asked about

He thought for a moment, "Well I don't see that Darren would try
anything with her, but I suppose I'd better let her know, just in case." I
wished him luck, reminding him that Isabel would most probably want to know
what was happening, "Blast!" he said, "I'd forgotten about her!" I wished
him good luck and hung up.


In his hideaway Darren looked at his watch 12:30 the time seemed to be
dragging its heels, he wondered if he could try for it now - No stay with
the plan, wait for 6 p.m. before going home. He found a hose and a tap
(faucet), and started washing the corner - he couldn't find any bleach in
the woman's shopping, but hoped that the bottle steriliser tablets would
have some effect, he used a milk bottle of water with two tablets in and
washed over the corner trying to make it clean.

Why the stupid bitch couldn't have brought air freshener as well he
couldn't imagine.


At three o'clock I got another phone call,

"Err, is that Mike Moore?" George's voice was on the other end, I said
it was, "I suppose you've heard from the police," I said I had, he
continued, "I don't suppose you'd mind looking after Becky again tonight, I
can get her to you at seven, if that's okay with you? It's just the missus
doesn't want Becky to worry too much, and thinks she'd be happier with

I assured him that I would look after Becky, I also mentioned that
Sharon would be here as well - No I wasn't certain, but I tried to convince
him, which I seemed to do, and we arranged for him to bring Becky over at 7

I'd just put the phone down when it rang again - what on earth was
happening today?

"Hi Mike, it's Greg here, that was a great ploy of yours!"

I looked at the handset and then said, "What on earth do you mean Greg,
what ploy?"

Greg laughed and said, "What ploy, get the girls to sell our radios by
staging a mock kidnapping, and using the radios and the police to find the
twerp. I wouldn't have thought of that in a million years."

My voice was, I hope icy, "Greg, that was not a ploy, it was real!
Kylie could have got hurt, and you're treating it as something I planned!"

He heard my anger, "Sorry Mike, I thought it was something you came up
with, I heard from the manufacturers, they've been getting queries all day,
they want to get the rights back."

I smiled, "No way Greg, get George Wilby to get a contract arranged, he
should know the right guys to talk to, try to get a 40/60 agreement out of
them, make sure we get the 60 part, don't settle for the 40!"

Greg sounded hurt, "Mike you know me, I'll always go for the profit,
anything else?"

"Yes, make sure that they can produce these cheaply enough," This I
wanted to get straight, "We want to be able to let anyone buy these, I hope
that the scouts and guides associations get first crack at these, then
we'll try the general public."

I could almost hear the heels click, "Yes mien capitain! Today the
corner shop tomorrow the vorld!"

I smiled, "Well at least next week! Look, stop fooling about Greg,
we've got money to make." I knew the buttons to press with him. After a
few more moments we agreed our strategy and I left him to carry on.


Hoping that was the last phone call I'd receive for at least a couple of
hours, I went upstairs to sort out the bedrooms, I did hope to have Sharon
round again, but with Becky I couldn't be sure where she'd want to sleep,
but at least the bed in the girls room would be ready for her - I smiled at
the thought, the girls room, as if they were a part of my family - I shook
my head and started to work.

I quickly finished the two rooms, made sure the stock of condoms were
still handy in the bedside cabinet, emptied the waste bins, and generally
tidied up the house, I sat down in front of the television and watch the
programs waiting for Sharon to phone me when she was ready to come home.


Darren looked at his watch, half-past five, most of the cops would be on
their way back to the station, they'd think he'd left the area, and he
didn't want to stay here - but thinking about it, leave it as a fall back
position, they'd never find him here.

He started off to the car.


A voice woke me from my sleep.

"Mr. Mike, please answer Mr. Mike!" Becky's voice came from the radio

I answered it, "Hello Becky, what's wrong?"

Her voice was shaky, "Its Darren, he's downstairs talking to mum and
dad, He just turned up!", in the background raised voices could be heard.

"Becky, do you remember the hide and seek game you played with Kylie?" I
had forebodings about the situation and thought some insurance could be

"Yes Mr. Mike, why?" Her voice was puzzled, she was worried about
Darren and here I was talking about games?

"Turn on the homing signal, and whatever you do, keep your radio with
you? Do you understand?"

"Not really Mr. Mike, OH!" There was a sound of glass being broken, a
woman sobbing, footsteps on the stairs and then Darren's voice.

"There you are you stupid cow, you've got me in a lot of bother, but I'm
going to sort you out now, come 'ere!" The radio went silent, but the
tracker light started to flash. I got onto the phone to the Police.

When I gave my name, and the reason why I was phoning they quickly
checked every thing, a car was sent to Becky's address. But by then I was
already out of the door.

When I arrived at Becky's house the front window was broken, and glass
was all over the garden, Becky's father was also lying in the garden, a
shard of glass embedded in his chest. I tried to enter the house, but was
stopped by a constable, who looked white, and had flecks of something on
his mouth.

"Sorry sir, you can't enter here."

"Constable there's a young girl in the house, is she okay?"

"Sir, we've searched the house, we've only found Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
there's no-one else here! I looked at the transceiver, the light was
flashing away from the house, I slowly turned until the light was straight

"She's in that direction!" The officer looked open mouthed at me, I
showed him the radio and the tracker indicator on it. "Has your car got
Tracker in it?" He nodded I ran to the police car and opened the door,
there was the tracker receiver. They're normally set up to receive on a
higher frequency, but I had seen a friend re-tuning the unit once. Looking
at the unit I knew it was beyond me.

"Can you get some cars to track on 47.2 MHz?" He nodded, "Can someone
drive me in this?" he called to his colleague over, and after a quick
explanation he jumped into the drivers' seat, I got into the passengers and
we sped off.

On the police radio I could hear instructions being given out, In the
meantime I kept an eye on the direction finder. Giving the driver
directions we followed the light.

"I think he's travelling - must be in a car." This from the driver, I
had to agree, even running they wouldn't have got this far. We were
passing the railway when the light showed we'd passed them, there was a
squeal of brakes from our car as the driver spun the car 180 degrees.

The car was driven through a gate and we were onto the railway, just
where the tracks disappeared into a tunnel there was a Fiat with its doors
open the tracking light pointed towards the tunnel, we stopped the car and
I got out while the driver radioed back to the station, as I ran towards
the tunnel the driver shouted.

"Careful of the live rail!" I waved my hand in acknowledgement and
entered the tunnel.

I heard the sound of sobbing and a rhythmic slapping noise of flesh
meeting flesh. Then Darren's voice,

"See, There's nothing you can do anymore! Unngh! You're mine to play
with! Unngh! My little fuck toy! Unngh!"

A light ahead of me showed a door in the side of the tunnel, it must
have been an old workers 'shed', from when the railways had more to do,
inside the shed I could see Becky, she was kneeling down, her hands tied
behind her back, she was naked and her face was being pushed into some torn
clothing. Darren was behind her, his eyes closed in ecstasy, moving in and
out of her with force. Holding onto her hips to maintain her position.

Becky was sobbing and calling out,


"Go on slut, call for help! No one knows where we are! No one is going
to help you today! All you have to look forward to is this, for the rest
of your short pathetic life!" - I couldn't stop myself I went into the room
and pulled him away from his young victim.

"Hello Darren. Remember me," I hit him in the stomach, then the chin.
"I'm the one who ruined your life, and I'm about to do it again." I went
for the stomach again, but he blocked it.

We circled around young Becky, each watching the other.

"Oh no! old man," I was hurt, I wasn't that old. "You'll never catch
me again, I'm too clever, I'd say you framed me, when I was able to prove
it you took Becky and raped her and murdered her - then I killed you, and
I'll be free to get that other bitch, whatshername? Oh yeah, Kylie."

"The police already know that you've kidnapped Becky, they'll already be
at the mouth of the tunnel, you don't stand a chance." With this news he
narrowed his eyes, opened his mouth, screamed at me and ran, I managed to
kick at his legs, he hit the doorframe hard, shook his head and ran out of
the door into the tunnel.

What to do, I couldn't leave Becky like this, but I couldn't let Darren
get away. SOD IT, Becky had to come first. I approached the young girl,
her eyes were closed and she was saying

"Mr. mike, help me, Mr. mike, help me, help me" as if it was a magic
mantra, she flinched when I touched her shoulder, but opened her eyes when
she heard my voice, I untied her arms, took off my jacket which I wrapped
her in, picked her up and carried her out of that room.

I got to the mouth of the tunnel there were three police cars waiting
there, as I emerged I heard the click of guns! Guns this isn't America,
what the fuck....

mean that's not him! ... oh shit! ALL RIGHT boys WEAPONS DOWN - HE'S ON
OUR SIDE." With relief I carried on walking to the cars, on cue an
ambulance arrived, pulled up and the back doors were opened, I carried
Becky into the back and put her on the stretcher, I tried to pull away, but
she looked at me and said.

"No, please Mr. Mike stay with me, don't leave me alone." I held onto
her arm and called to the officer that had driven me here.

"He's still in the tunnel, be careful, I don't think he knows what he's
doing now." The office nodded and turned back to the group, as a train
entered the tunnel. The ambulance - with Becky and myself - started off.

I tried to comfort Becky as the paramedic started to work, cleaning up
the wounds, Becky's face was bruised and her eyes puffed up, not just from
tears but where her brother had hit her. Her whole body was marked where
Darren had vented his anger on the child.

"Oh Mr. Mike, you stopped him, but I'm still hurting, can't you make
the pain go away, please Mr. Mike, please stop the pain." I looked at the
paramedic who shook his head, he mouthed 'not until the doctors see her' I
turned back to her and squeezed her hand.

"Not yet Becky. The doctors need to know exactly where you hurt, and
you can't tell them if you can't feel them, don't worry Becky, won't be
long now." It wasn't long, but it seemed to take ages, what didn't help
was, when we arrived at the hospital, the fact that Becky wouldn't let go
of me, in the end I was made to wear a gown and mask, these were put on in
front of Becky and we were moved into the examination room.


I stayed with her until they finally sedated her and then I was firmly
ushered out into the waiting area. Waiting for me was DS Nichols. He had
Becky's radio in his hands - he gave it to me.

"How is she?" He asked,

"She's bruised and beaten up outside, bruised and ripped on the inside,
they need to operate to repair the worst, then she'll be resting for
sometime for the rest to heal." - I was drained, physically and
emotionally. He could see it, he gave me the news;

"We found Darren,"

"Good, let me kill him now!" - and I could, I knew it! But it made my
blood go cold with the realisation. "Just 5 minutes, that all I'd need!"

Nichols grabbed hold of my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, he saw
the determination there!

"You don't have to bother!" I looked at him the words filtering through
my head one at a time. 'You. Do. Not. Have. To. Bother.' Why? -
"He's dead already, we've got an arm, a leg the head and assorted amounts
of minced meat."

I sat down, as Nichols explained what had happened.

In his haste to escape Darren had run further into the tunnel, slipped
on the rails and landed on the track, as far as they can tell, he missed
the live rail but must have been dazed, because he didn't try to get out
the way of the train that ran over the body. It would have been quick -
too bloody quick for him was my feelings. I was given more bad new for

Her father was dead, well he had to be with that glass in him, her
mother had been beaten, but was in intensive care, prognosis fair but she
slipped into a coma. How long that would last no one could say. Social
Services were prepared to look after Becky. - I said that I would look
after her, but this was not allowed.

Nichols sat next to me to explain, "Michael, you see. You're a single
mature man, Becky - even with all that has happened to her - is a
vulnerable young girl, the Social Services couldn't in all honesty allow
her to stay with you. God knows with what you've done for her I'd let her
stay with you in an instant,"

I thought about it then said. "What about Sharon? She has a daughter the same age as Becky, and although she's a single parent, I would think a
happy home environment would be better that foster care with strangers?" -
he raised his eyebrows at 'happy home' but said he would have a word with

I sat down in the Waiting room and fell asleep, waiting for Becky.

- 30


- Normal disclaimers apply - the author does not condone or approve of
child sex, should you be tempted then remember what happened to Darren,
this could be you if you're not careful.

- Oh boy, Most of this chapter was written in August, but was waiting
for somewhere to place them, wait for weeks then two turn up at once, must
be an English bus ;}

- The next chapters will be dealing with Becky and her problems, perhaps
I should change the title, but that would confuse me let alone you.

- My normal thanks to all those who take their time to email me, I can
be reached on, and will try to reply to all sent.

Wandering Lanes 20th October 2001


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