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The Girl With A Bicycle 24


The girl With A Bicycle - Part 24 by Wandering Lanes

story code (no-sex, slow)

I was awoken by a scream, "NO DARREN, STAY AWAY!" I jerked myself awake
and fell off the chairs I was using as a bed - behind the ITU doors I could
hear Becky's voice, "NO DARREN DON'T, PLEASE DON'T", I ran into the ward
where nurses were trying to hold Becky's body down so that she didn't
dislodge the drip in her arm.

I'm afraid I roughly pulled them to one side as I held Becky in my arms
and said, "It's alright Becky, Darren isn't here, you're safe, I'm here,
now don't worry I won't let him get you again!" - Easy to do as he was no
longer with us!

I felt her body relaxing, "Mr. Mike thank you" she said before dropping
back to sleep.

I turned to the nurses, who were all looking at me in amazement, "I'm
sorry if I was too rough, but she needed to know she was safe, I didn't
think she would listen to any of you." I started to walk away allowing the
pale blue dressed nurses to administer to Becky, a nurse in a dark blue
uniform came to me.

She pulled me over to the nurses' desk, and made me sit down. "Thank
you for your help," She said, "You were the person who came in with Becky
weren't you?"

I admitted I was and asked, "How's her mother," at her blank look I
said, "Mildred Smith,"

Her jaw dropped, "She's Becky's mother? How did they get into their

I wasn't sure if I should tell her, but then they were trying to help
and any information would be useful, "In a word Darren!" at her quizzical
look I expanded on the subject, "Darren Smith, the son of Mildred and
brother of Becky, who for the past two years has been sexually abusing
Becky while keeping the fact from his parents, he had been arrested by the
police for some muggings that took place, but escaped three, no four days
ago now. Well yesterday he returned home and had a fight with his father,
who he managed to kill, but that may have been accidental - he was pushed
through a window. Mildred, well I don't know what exactly happened to her,
and he kidnapped Becky to continue his use of her, I suppose, I was too
late to stop him from attacking her, but managed to stop him and rescue

The nurse looked around, "He isn't likely to come here is he?"

I shook my head, "No he lost an argument with a train, I think he in the
morgue at the moment, but then that's him all over," I managed a slight
grin when I said that, but the nurse didn't get the joke, I looked at her,
"I'm sorry I didn't get your name, I'm Mike Moore." I held out my hand, she
shook it.

"I'm Angela Ellis, I'm the Ward Sister,"

I smiled, "Do the patients know they have an angel watching over them,"
She smiled, "Its not that I've never heard that before, but it is early in
the morning, talking of which, shouldn't you be at home in your bed, it was
you on those chairs out there wasn't it?"

I nodded, "I didn't want to be too far from Becky, just in case she
needed me", I explained.

She nodded her head, "And from the way you ran into here, I would think
you were ready to defend her against anything! Now Mike much as I applaud
your protectiveness towards Becky I must remind you this is an Intensive
Care Ward, our nurses are well trained to look after the patients here, and
we would have had control over Becky's little problem after a few minutes,
but I will admit that your method was quicker with little or no trauma to
the patient. But the fact remains that you shouldn't really be in here,
what if we were moving a patient when you entered?"

I nodded, "Yes I can see . . ."

A cry from Becky stopped me, "Mr. Mike where are you?" I looked at
Angela, who nodded - I went to Becky's bed.

"I'm here Becky, don't worry, go back to sleep."

She moaned, "But I'm hurting Mr. Mike, make the pain go away."

I held her hand, "Don't worry about the pain it will soon go away." I
could see a nurse approaching with a syringe, which was inserted into the
drip attached to Becky's arm, after a few minutes her breathing slowed and
her troubled eyes closed, she was asleep.

I returned to the nurse's station where Angela was watching me, weighing
up the situation I suppose. She came to a decision, "Mike you are tired
aren't you?" I nodded, "We have a side room which is unoccupied at the
moment, I think you'd better go there, it's more comfortable than those
chairs outside, and it will be closer to Becky." She pointed out the room,
then had a word with the nurses, as I entered the room I noticed that they
were moving Becky's bed closer to the room, but still within sight of the
nurses station.

I removed my shoes laid down on the mattress - the bed itself had no
covering, closed my eyes and fell asleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was awoken by a voice saying, "I wasn't aware that we were running a
hotel here!" I opened my eyes to see a doctor with his head poked into the

I said, "I'm sorry doctor, but the Ward sister did say. . . . "

He smiled, "That's okay Mr. Moore," His use of my name surprised me.
"Angela did tell me - and it has been written up in the ward notes - I'm
afraid I was pulling your leg."

I gathered myself - then asked, "How is Becky today?"

He smiled, "The medication's keeping her quiet at the moment, she needs
to sleep, I'm more concerned with her mother."

I looked at him, "Why? I mean she wasn't really hurt, just shocked I

He nodded, "That was the first opinion, but then when she didn't respond
to treatment we ran some more tests, it seems she's suffered a stroke,
we're not sure how serious it is, but she won't be the same! And the
longer she's unconscious the worst her state may be"

"Is there any way of bringing her out of the coma?" I asked him.

He shook his head, "No, there is nothing we can do, sometimes listening
to a relative does show some results, but our records only show Rebecca, we
can't find any other member of her family, except for her husband and
Darren, both of whom can't help her!"

I pondered the matter, then asked, "Would it hurt if I spoke to her?"

He regarded me, "I think that would be okay, but not for long." I walked
out of the side room and into the ward proper, obviously the shift had
changed as a 'new' sister was at the nurses' station, she looked up as I

I spoke to her, "Hello, I'm Mike Moore, I'm sorry if I'm being a
nuisance to your ward, but can I have a word with Mildred Smith, the Doctor
did say it would be okay."

She frowned, "Well, it is very irregular, we normally only allow
relatives to visit, but from Angela's notes you are connected to the
family, so it should be alright!"

I thanked her and walked to Mildred's bed, she was lying there, eyes
closed with a cluster of tubes and wires, she appeared to be attached to
machines, I sat beside her, "Mildred, It's Mike Moore, I don't know if you
can hear me, but anyway here goes, Becky is safe, She's unharmed," - okay
so I lied but it was in a good cause, "I don't know if they will let her
talk to you like this, so you'd better recover a bit more so that she can
visit you!" I ran out of good things to tell her, I mean I couldn't say
'George is dead' or 'Darren's dead' I had to give her good things to try to
drag her back. "I'm here when you need me, but at the moment Becky needs
her mother back, so please try Mildred, for Becky's sake."

I held onto her hand, it wasn't responding, but her breathing was less
laboured, so I hoped somewhere in her mind she'd heard me, I stayed with
her for a few minutes more, just holding her hand, and repeating my words,
then a nurse came over and started to attend to the tubes, so I left her,
then walked to Becky's bed.

There were fewer leads, a nasal-gastric-tube (which looked worst than it
was), and a drip feed into her arm, which was secured to keep the arm still
- not to keep her in bed.

I stroked her hair, "Becky, it's Mike, I've got to go home to freshen
up, but I'll be back later, I promise."

She opened her eyes, and tried to focus on me, "please Mr. Mike, don't
be too long." She said softly.

I kissed her on the forehead, "Okay, I'll be as quick as I can be, but
I've things to do." But she had closed her eyes again, the medication
taking her back to sleep, I turned round and was face-to-face with Maria.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We went into the side room, Maria looked agitated, "I'm sorry to have to
meet you here Mike, but I have some bad news for you" She sat down on the
bed, I found a chair and sat in that, "I've got my regional head in the
office this week - when Becky's case came up she became interested, and
when DS Nichols gave his report and passed on the suggestion, I take it
that you'd suggested it?" I nodded, she sighed, "I'm sorry Mike but I've
been overridden, when Becky is able to leave the hospital we have to place
her into a foster home. I've checked out the people myself so there's no
problem with them, I can promise you that!"

I looked at her, shocked I must admit, "But what about Becky, how is she
going to feel?"

She looked at me closely, closed her eyes, opened them then said, "Becky
will be the problem I know, she may have to be monitored closely, but the
people - as I said - a good and will look after her, there isn't really any
thing you can do about it." As she said this she nodded her head slightly -
a clue?

I glared at her, "There has to be something I can do, something, can't
you advise me?"

She slightly nodded again, then said. "Officially there is nothing I
can suggest, my hands are tied by the Social Services office, I doubt if
your solicitor could do anything either," a definite nod of her head, "We
are going to be making an application to the magistrates court later
today," she held up a finger, then dropped it again, "So I wouldn't
recommend you taking any legal action at all," again a nod, I realised that
her conversation was for people listening outside, "I'm sorry Mike, but I
have to go by the book on this." Then she got up, she whispered in my ear.
"Do it quickly, but make the attempt!"

I said "So you won't aid me on this! Some help you are!"

She turn to face me, smiling, "No Mr. Moore, I can't help you,
goodbye!" and before she left she mouthed the words 'good luck'. She went
out of the room to two people I'd never seen before, they congratulated her
and studied a file, they looked at Becky, then at Mildred, spoke to the
doctor on the ward, then walked out - Maria didn't look at me as she left,
but a tear on her cheek spoke volumes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I thanked the ward staff, and the doctor, took a last look at Becky and
Mildred, who seemed more relaxed that before - if that was possible? I
dashed out of the hospital and found a taxi, he drove me to George Wilby's
offices in the town, I asked for an appointment immediately and was given
one, I started straight off.

"George, there's a custody hearing today in court 1, I want to make an
application to adopt the child in question, how can we go about it?"

He thought for a moment, then picked up his phone, "Lisa, can you see if
Hugh is available, it's a family case, adoption, straight away if possible,
time's awasting" He looked at me, "Mike the last time you came to me with a
family problem, you didn't want the family on offer, this time you do?
What has changed?"

I relaxed and smiled, "I suppose I have, George I feel responsible for
the child, you see it's like this. . . ." And I started to tell George how
I was introduced to Becky, her life and Darren, how her parents were
starting to change and how that was ruined by Darren, and finally how the
Social Services were dealing with her.

I hadn't notice during my monologue that another man had joined us, he
had sat down behind me and was taking notes, when I finished George
beckoned him over,

"Mike this is Hugh, he's in charge of our family division, I trust him
to be able to work with you. Hugh what's the chances of Mike here winning
a custody case for the girl."

Hugh looked at me then back at George, "To tell you the truth George,
dressed and appearing as he does - then slim to none!"

I looked at him and then at my clothes, they were still marked with the
scuffle I'd had with Darren, I felt my chin - the stubble was pronounced, I
could agree with him, "I'm sorry, I'd stayed at the hospital all night,
making sure Becky was alright."

Hugh looked at me with a light in his eye, "You stayed at the hospital?"
I nodded, "All night?" again I nodded, "It's a pity that we can't prove
that, I suppose you stayed outside the ward."

I started to nod, then said, "No, after Becky called out for me, I went
into the ward, and settled her down, the ward sister finally let me sleep
in a side room, she also moved Becky's bed so that she would be closest to
me should she need me."

He smiled and asked, "Do you know if a note was made of this?"

I remembered the doctor's words, "Yes, the ward sister had made a note
in the ward notes."

He jotted down something on his pad, "Okay, now how close are you to
Becky's family"

I thought, "That may be a problem, I've only known Becky for some weeks,
her parents even less, I would like to think that between Kylie and myself,
we've opened their eyes, I do know that during the Darren episode they
relied on me to look after Becky."

He looked up from his pad, "On your own?"

I shook my head, "Of course not, I made sure that Sharon was present at
all times when the police weren't there!"

He frowned, "Why were the police involved?"

I sighed, "Because of Darren, Becky's brother, didn't you hear what I

He nodded and added, "But I'm going to have to check all this before the
case and I haven't much time, now please repeat for me - why did you have
to look after Becky?"

I went through the story again, how DS Nichols wanted to ensure Becky's
safety and had asked me to look after her, and how her parents agreed. I
went though the second day - glossing over Becky's fun with the two police
officers, and leaving her with her parents, finally going over Darren's
appearance on the scene, and the subsequent rescue of Becky in the tunnel.
He asked for the officer's names, which I told him.

When I'd finally finished he looked at his watch, and then his notes,
"Good, we have a chance, Mike - I can call you Mike can't I?" I nodded, and
he continued, "Stay just like that, don't change don't shave, I've got some
phone calls to make and then we have to go to court - have to check on
who's on the bench today, Mike don't move from this office, I'll pick you
up in a few minutes, George get him a coffee, some biscuits, but don't let
him leave." He dashed out of the office - George flipped the intercom,

When it was answered he said, "Lisa be a dear, two cups of coffee
please," after receiving her reply he looked at me, "Well Mike," he said,
"I've never seen Hugh so happy, I think you've given him a case he likes,
now relax, lets talk about something else, Greg's been talking about a
young lady in your life, er. Sharon I think her name is?"

Sharon! I'd forgotten about her, I'd been so wrapped up with Becky, I
asked George if I could borrow his phone, he passed one to me, I dialled
the Editors office hoping for Sharon to answer.

"Isabel Watkins, Editor speaking."

I spoke into the mouthpiece, "Good morning Isabel, this is Mike."

She replied, "Well, well, well the hero of the hour, we've got the
official police report last night, but couldn't find you - where were you?"

"I was outside the intensive care ward, I'm sorry Isabel, but I'm not
interested in giving an interview at the moment, I need to talk to Sharon,
can you pass me on to her?"

I could hear the hesitation in her voice, "Well, she's with Richard at
the moment, getting some good new about." Then she got very conspiratorial,
and whispered, "you know what!"

I smiled, "That's wonderful, but I've got to hurry, I have to be in
court soon! I need to tell Sharon what's happening."

She spoke again, this time as a human being, not an Editor - "Tell me
Mike, I'll pass it onto Sharon."

I gathered my thought and spoke, "Becky is hurt, but recovering in
hospital, the Social Services are applying for custody as her mother is
also in hospital, I'm applying for custody for Becky. If she can get to
the magistrates court soon I'll meet her there."

Isabel said, "Okay Mike, I'll pass that on, and I'll make sure she get
to the court on time."

I said, "Thanks Isabel, and I will give you an interview, but not just
at the moment, okay?"

She replied, "Okay Mike, I'll get you later, bye." I said goodbye and
hung up, I sat back in the chair and took the cup of coffee handed to me by
Lisa, George's secretary, and started sipping it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hugh poked his head into George's office, "Okay, ready to go, it's all
set, but we have to make an appearance." I got up bid farewell to George
and follow Hugh out to his car. We drove to the Courthouse, and parked in
bays reserved for the solicitors and Barristers.

He pulled me past the main entrance and into the Barristers entrance
with a "Don't worry he's with me!" to the security guards that we passed.
He made me wait outside a changing room, and reappeared in robes and wig,
he beckoned me to follow him.

Before long we were outside court 1, "Now then," he said to me, "Rebecca
Smith's case is no. 5 and should be heard in 15 minutes, I know the judges
on the bench and have informed them that we are also making an application
for custody of this child, these are normally cut and dried, but we're
causing waves. The case will have to go higher, there's no way of stopping
that, but we have to prove that you are better for Rebecca than their
foster parents."

I didn't know what to do, "How do we accomplish that?" I asked

He smiled, "Relax, that's my job, you've given me quite a lot of
information, I will say that as far as I can see there's only one thing
stopping you at the moment . . . ."

I had to ask, "What's that?"

He looked grim, "Its your marital status, it's old fashioned I know, but
the Judges here normally stand for two parent family, but it has been known
for single parents to win as well."

Again I asked the obvious question, "How often do they win."

He was evasive, "Not as often as they should. Now don't think about
that Mike, we are going in to win!"

And on that optimistic note we entered the courtroom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hugh directed me to a row of seats in the front of the courtroom, a case
was underway, it concerned a 4 year-old boy, who's mother was an addict and
who's father couldn't be found, the child was made a ward of the court and
Social Services were given charge of the child, a similar decision was made
for the next case, a new-born baby found abandoned.

Then case 5 - Rebecca Smith was announced, Hugh stood up, "With your
honour's permission I would like to apply for the custody of Rebecca Smith
on behalf of my client Mr. Michael Moore"

There was a hurried conference from the solicitor on the Social Services
side, their attorney rose and addressed the court, "Your honour's I have
not been made aware that there were any relatives of the child's available.
The Social Services have made an extensive search, they feel that it is in
the best interest of the child if she was placed with a family grouping -
rather than a single man, which is the current status of Mr. Moore I

Hugh, who had remained standing, replied, "And it is the same group of
people who gave the police permission to sexually examine the child,
without her parent, or nominated guardian being present, who allowed the
child to be verbally abused in their own offices by a person who is now,
thank goodness, undergoing treatment himself! Mr. Moore has shown more
courage in protecting this child than the Social Services have in trying to
care for the child."

"Your honour's I must object!" this came from the attorney, "The charges
are presented here without any warning and without any means of proof. I
would remind the court that the Social Services have a very good record of
child protection which I can produce whenever needed!"

Hugh responded, "Indeed - I have here transcripts from the police
regarding information provided by the Social Services with regards to
Rebecca Smith and Miss Kylie Williams, I have been in touch with the doctor
who attended to the two girls, Miss Williams being nearly 10, and she is
willing to make an affirmation of events that occurred. I have also
managed to obtain video footage of Miss Smith's traumatic treatment in the
'soft room' I believe it is called in the Services own Offices. As for the
Social Services record - there have been many cases of parents and foster
parents being tried for the abuse and murder of the children in their care,
the only excuse that the Social Services have given is, there is not enough
workers for the children who need it! Here is a man who has risked his
life for this girl, and is being told, you're not good enough to look after

The attorney spluttered, "Your honours I must protest! This is a
custody hearing, not a litany of errors, as you are aware it is the policy
of the Social Services to provide a stable home for the children, with
parents who are able to look after and guide their charges into the world."

Hugh responded, "The majority of whom are more concerned with receiving
the benefits from the government for looking after the child than with the
child itself, I will agree that these are in the minority but they do
reflect on the majority. Mr. Moore is not trying to become a burden to
the state but to help the state, I would ask that you consider these facts
before proceeding"

The three magistrates conferred together then the head magistrate spoke
up, "We would be interested to hear what Mr. Moore has to say, is he

I stood up, "I'm Michael Moore!" I said, the magistrates looked at me,
my dishevelled clothing and unshaved face, "I must apologise to the court
for my appearance, but I didn't learn until earlier today that Becky, sorry
I mean Rebecca, was going to be taken into care."

Hugh spoke, "And where did you learn this fact?"

I turned to him, "In the intensive care unit at the hospital, I'm afraid
I've been there all night, and haven't had time to prepare myself."

The attorney spoke, "And why were you in the hospital all night?" Hugh
smiled; he was hoping that he didn't have to ask the question. He nodded
to me

I turned to the magistrates, "Can I speak freely your honours," at their
nods I turned to the attorney, "Yesterday Becky's brother Darren returned
home, while there he had an argument with his father, resulting in George
Williams death, his attack on his mother has caused Mildred Williams to
have a stroke, he kidnapped, and raped his sister in a cold dark tunnel, he
was going to kill her, but I stopped him, I tried to catch him but Becky
was in a bad condition, I carried her out of the tunnel pass police to an

"In the ambulance Becky kept holding me begging for something to stop
the pain, she kept holding me all the time she was in A and E. I couldn't
leave her side as she would keep looking for me they had to put a gown on
me, in front of her, and I stayed with her as they checked her, finally
they sedated her and I could wait outside the operating theatre while they
started to repair the damage that brute had done to her."

The attorney tried to stop me, but I continued.

"I followed her from the recovery room, to the doors of the Intensive
Care Unit where I waited outside on chairs. I was woken up by Becky
screaming out, I ran into the unit and held her until she was quiet, the
ward sister let me sleep in a side room, they even moved Becky's bed next
to the room, just in case. When I woke up the next time, Maria from Social
Services, with two other people from their regional office. To say that
now after their negligence Becky had no one to turn to they were going to
put her with strangers! I'm sorry, she doesn't deserve that, I can offer
her a home, with friends and people who will show that they love her!" I
staggered back and an usher guided me to a chair.

The attorney started to speak, "Your honours, I must protest at the
words used by this gentleman, where it is obvious that he has been through
a lot, there is little proof of what he is . . . ."

A shout from the doors of the courtroom stopped him, DS Nichols was
standing there, "I'm afraid what Mr. Moore has told you is correct, I have
the statements from the officer who drove him to the railway tunnel, the
ARU who had surrounded the tunnel, the ambulance driver and paramedic, the
Accident and Emergency team who where on last night, the ward sister of the
ITU, by the way Mike, she sends her regards to you.

The attorney was apoplectic now, "Your honours this is a clear breach of
conduct, I move that this court should be cleared and that the child be
taken into care!"

Hugh responded, "On the contrary you honours, there is a clear need for
this court to decide, does the state need to foster Rebecca William, and
have to pay her minders to look after her, or to award custody of the child
to Mr. Michael Moore! With the evidence we are able to present I would
hope you would decide on the latter."

The three magistrates conferred, and kept talking, finally the chief
magistrate came to a decision, "Gentlemen, you have presented us with a
dilemma, While we are in agreement with the sentiments of the Social
Services, there is also the evidence provided by Mr. Wilson, although
where he would get an official social Services video tape I don't know," I
could see Nancy turning red, "And as for you Detective Sergeant Nichols,
you do know the correct procedure to be followed in a court of law, do you

Nichols nodded, "yes your honours, I do apologise, but Mr. Wilson had
informed me that Mr. Moore needed all available evidence, regarding
yesterday's events, and here they are!"

The magistrate smiled, "And a credit to your tenacity Detective
Sergeant, but why are you doing this?"

Nichols walked to the Bench, still holding his papers. "Your honours, I
believe that Mr. Moore here is correct, Becky does need to remain with
him, you've never met the child, I have, under the worst conditions that a
nine-year-old can suffer, no - that's not right, she's suffered worst than
I could ever imagine. She had just been examined sexually, but when Mike
went to her it was like the sun coming out after a downpour. I knew then
that Mike was good for her. I can't explain it, but it's something you

This seemed to amaze the magistrate, "Sense! You can't categorise a
sense! Where is the evidence? The tangible proof?"

Nichols shook his head, "I can't provide that, your honours, all I can
provide is this, the reports on the action and reaction to situations of
Mr. Moore, I suggest you study these and then make up you mind."

The magistrates conferred, then the chief magistrate spoke, "We agree,
this case does deserve further study, we suggest that this be taken upto a
higher court - we are referring this case to the crown court."

The attorney tried to protest, "Your honours, is this a wise course? By
moving this to crown court will incur more expense at the cost of the

The magistrate nodded, "You are correct, however we cannot decide on
this, and we think it needs a clearer head to decide, however if you would
concede the case and allow Mr. Moore to have custody then the matter would
be settled!"

The attorney started to confer with the two who had accompanied Maria to
the ward, he turned back to the magistrates, "I'm afraid I have been
requested to continue with the case to it conclusion," indeed he did look
sorry about that, "But we would ask that Rebecca Smith be made a ward of
court, until the case is proven."

The magistrates looked to Hugh, "Do you wish to continue with the case
as well?"

Hugh looked at me, I nodded, he turned to the magistrate, "I'm afraid so
your honours, but I also agree that Becky should be placed under the
protection of the court."

I looked at Hugh, who nodded back to me. Well this was his area of
expertise so I'll have to leave it up to him.

The magistrates re-conferred, and this time seemed in agreement, the
chief magistrate spoke, "It is agreed, the child Rebecca Smith will be made
a ward of this court, this means that any proceedings by either applicant
must be cleared by this court before they can be carried out. However -
Mr. Moore, although you seen to have the backing of several persons, we
have to consider whether you are best suited to have charge of this young child, we propose that an independent adjudicator be appointed to
investigate and decide on the best course of action. Do both parties

Hugh looked at me, I nodded - the Social Services attorney conferred
with his party, finally he turned to the magistrates, "We have no objection
to that you honours," Hugh also gave an affirmative to the action, then the
attorney asked, "We would like to be allowed to place Rebecca Smith with
foster parents until the outcome has been decided, although we acknowledge
that Mr. Moore may have her interests at heart, we must also think of the
health of the child."

Hugh looked at me and shook his head, "You honours, we concede that
until the matter is finally decided on that the Social Services may have
temporary custody of the child, however we do request that Mr. Moore, or
his representatives, may have visiting rights." I felt slightly betrayed at
this, but realised that Hugh did have good intentions.

The magistrates conferred again, then the chief magistrate spoke again,
"As both parties agree to this, we can see no reason not to allow it," He
turned to the attorney, "You will be aware that Rebecca Smith, will not be
allowed out of the local area, and will be available to appear in her own
right before the adjudicator, Mr. Moore will be allowed visiting access.
Is this agreed?" The attorney bowed to show that it was.

The chief magistrate nodded, "Very well, it is the decision of the court
that in the case of Rebecca Smith, that an adjudicator be created to make a
final decision on the person or persons best able to have custody of the
child Rebecca Smith, until that decision is made, the Social Services to
have temporary custody although Mr. Moore or his representative will be
allowed to visit the child at a mutually agreed time, The case will then be
referred to the Crown Court, but until the outcome is decided this case is

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Outside the courtroom, Hugh was rubbing his hands, "Well that went
better than I expected, Nichols came through at the right time."

I was confused, "What do you mean?"

He smiled, "Well - you see by allowing the Social Services to have Becky
for the short time we are showing that we still trust them - it's
establishing that there is no animosity between us, keeping it friendly.
The adjudicator was a surprise, but as its only been used a few times,
no-body can say what will actually happen, but as you can see you've got
friends who are willing to help you. Now I suggest you go home, and leave
everything to me."

Sharon came across from the hallway, she had Rob with her, he said,
"Well! Mixing it with the tough guys now are you?"

Sharon hit his shoulder, "What's happening Mike, I read that Darren
kidnapped Becky and that you rescued her, but why are you here today,
Isabel gave me a garbled message about a custody battle."

So I sat down on a bench, and explained the situation, I didn't notice
that Rob was taking notes as I only had eyes for Sharon.

When I'd finished she said, "So basically you feel that it's your fault
that Becky is in this situation, and you're trying to make it up to her by
adopting her?"

I nodded, "Well, yes. If I hadn't become involved with her then she'd
still have a family, perhaps it would have been better if I never knew

Sharon slapped me across the face, "Don't you ever say that, what if you
didn't know her, she'd be at the mercy of Darren, with a disease that she
couldn't have corrected, and most probably she'd kill herself due to the
shame and pressure of Darren, you've given her a chance of life, whatever
happens to her now, remember you have helped her."

She turned to Hugh, "What are the chances of Mike getting guardianship
of Becky?"

He scratched his head, "Better than normal, I did say that if he was
married the chances are greatly increased, but as long as we can provide
enough evidence then I think we can make it!"

She glared at him, "Make sure you do, I think you realise how Mike feels
about this girl, and you'll have all the witnesses you need, even Maria and
Nancy from the Social Services offices here."

He smiled, "Oh I know about them, it was Nancy that provided me with
this tape," He showed us a video tape with a label CI125

Sharon smiled, "Then we have nothing to worry about," She turned to me,
"Come on Mike, you need to get changed, and then I'm under orders to take
you to see Isabel, and I'm not allowed to take no for an answer. It seems
she's heard about your exploits yesterday and want to hear your side of the
story." I was pulled to my feet, and taken to Rob's car.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Normal disclaimers apply - if you're not allowed to do it by law, then
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Wandering Lanes - 26th October 2001. Reposted 1st November - Because I
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