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The Girl With A Bicycle 25


The girl With A Bicycle - 25 By Wandering Lanes.

story code (MF, slow)

I sat in the car letting Rob drive Sharon and myself home, I was deep in
thought. Why did Hugh let Social Services have temporary control of Becky?
I had to convince myself that it was only temporary - no way was I going to
let it be a permanent arrangement!

I found myself outside my front door, somehow Sharon had managed to coax
my body out of the car without my mind interfering, I suppose that I was in
a form of shock, I checked inside my pockets for the keys, but Sharon had
beaten me to it.

She looked at me, then waved her hand in front of my face, "Come on
Mike, snap out of it. You've don't all you can, you did the right thing."
My dream came back to me Becky fading away, and a man saying 'you did what
you had to!' I shook my head

"No. No. No I won't lose her," they were the first words I had spoken
since leaving the courthouse.

Sharon looked as if she thought I was crazy, maybe I was. I brushed my
face with my hand, the bristles were rough on my skin, I walked upstairs to
the bathroom to shave.

My reflection had an accusing stare as I pulled the razor over my face,
but I couldn't ask it 'what are you looking at?' Because it was me! I had
to sort myself out first, then start on Becky's problems, then I remembered
what Isabel was saying earlier, Richard had good news for Sharon, my brain
was starting to unfreeze, I moved the razor briskly over the bristles
removing the night's growth, I followed my shave by wiping a hot flannel
over my face, in lieu of aftershave.

I went into my bedroom, and changed clothes, I could smell coffee from
downstairs, I followed the smell into the living room, Rob and Sharon were
talking together, Sharon turned round as I entered the room

"Well, you look a bit neater, how's you mind now, back with us?" she
asked with a laughing list to her voice.

I nodded, "Yes, I think I'm getting there, I'm still puzzling over why
Hugh allowed Social Services to have control of Becky? With the area
bosses buzzing around it's possible that they could try to pull something."

Sharon's face took on a serious look as she thought about it, then she
said, "But they can't do anything, Hugh got the magistrates to agree that
you had visiting rights to Becky, so what can they do?"

Rob came into the conversation, "Well they could appeal to the
children's division, on the grounds that they weren't aware of any
application being made by a third party! "

I objected, "But they don't tell people when they're applying for
custody of children do they?"

He shook his head, "No, but then they're working for the interest of the
children, so there is no reason to advertise." I think he was playing
devils advocate, and quite well I thought!

Sharon then reasoned, "But if they can do that, why go through the
courts at all, why not just take the children into care?"

Rob tapped the side of his nose, "Because they have to do it legally
that's why! There's so many law to protect children that its difficult to
do anything, you can't even pat them on the head without the law screaming

I made a decision, "Okay, Hugh said that allowing them to look after
Becky was a good thing, so I'm going to have to trust him!" I looked at
Sharon, "I believe Richard had some good news for you?"

She looked blank for a moment, then nodded, "Oh yes, although I don't
see how it's going to help me! The insurance company has applied for
administration, whatever that is."

I thought then remembered from some time ago, "That means they're
admitting they've got problems, and asking for help, if they still have
problems then they'd probably declare bankruptcy" at her look I continued,
"Then the insurance association they belong to will have to step in and
take charge, no doubt there will be a lot of red faces when they see
exactly how bad things have got there."

She looked relieved, "So I may get Paul's insurance money after all?" I
nodded, then she smiled, "And when I do - then the answer will be 'I do',
because I still want you." And she kept looking at me with a smile on her

A cough from Rob reminded us that he was still in the room, to be honest
if he hadn't I'm not sure what would have happened next, "Don't want to
rush you two," he said, "but Isabel wants to interview you Mike, I don't
really understand why, she's the editor, I'm the reporter!"

I smiled, "Yes, but Rob she wants to report on the long winded aspects,
you do the dynamic news features, I'm old news now you shouldn't be
interested in me should you"

He puffed himself up with his importance, "Well, yes. That's what I was
trying to tell her! And what does she give me a job chauffeuring you two!
I ask you is that what a top line reporter should be doing?"

I repressed the urge to say 'I don't know, why don't we call one and
find out?' it wouldn't have been kind to him, we left the house and got
into his car, as he started off I asked, "Can we go to the hospital first,
I want to check on Becky and Mildred"

Sharon gasped, "I'd forgotten about Mildred, I was too worried about
Becky, do you mind if I come in as well?" I smiled and hugged her shoulders
- she leaned back against me.


We arrived at the hospital, leaving Rob to park the car, and went to the
ITU (Intensive Treatment Unit). I asked a nurse if it was okay to visit,
she directed me to the nurses' station, the same sister that I met that
morning was writing notes.

She looked up as we approached, I said, "Hello again, is it okay to
visit Becky and Mildred Smith?"

She smiled, "Mr. Moore isn't it, I must say you do look different now,
yes certainly, oh and the doctor asks if you can talk to Mildred again, she
seemed to improve after you left." I said that I would and we went to
Becky's bed.

Sharon looked at the young girl, a tube going into her arm, and another
disappearing up the poor child's nose, she looked at me, I gave, what I
hoped was, a calming smile, "Don't worry, it looks worst than it is." Then
louder I spoke to Becky, "Hello Becky, how are you feeling now?" - I know a
daft question but one that is always asked.

She opened her eyes, "M. Mr. Mike is that you, I thought I wasn't
going to see you again."

I was at the side of the bed in an instant, "But, Becky I did say I was
going to be back, didn't I?"

She gave a faint nod, "Yes, but those people said that I was going to be
placed in a home, I don't want to go into a home, I want to stay with you!"

Sharon asked, "What people? Becky? Who said that?"

Becky weakly said, "That man and woman with Maria, they said I should be
moved away as soon as possible, something about bad memories and something,
they also said that the further away I was from it the better, but I don't
want to leave Mr. Mike or you Aunt Sharon, don't let them, please, promise
you won't let them?"

I said, "Becky, I try not to lie, so do you trust me?" She nodded her
head, "Okay, I have said that you can stay with some people, but I'll be
able to visit you, or Sharon will be able to," As she started to protest I
continued, "It will only be for a short time, I'm working on it, so trust
me, alright?"

She was slightly sullen with her reply, "I suppose so, but you will let
me stay with you?" she asked.

I nodded, "Of course that's what I'm planning on doing, now don't worry,
relax and go to sleep, you need to sleep to get better."

She gave a sleepy, "Okay, Mr. Mike, I trust you." And her eyes closed
in sleep.

As we walked from the bed a nurse, dressed in light blue and a double
band on her cap, said, "Are you sure you're be able to keep her? I've seen
this before, and the Social Services always get their way!"

I smiled at her and said, "There's always an exception to the rule, and
I hope I'm it!" She looked me in the eye, and I hope saw determination
there, then she nodded "Yes, I think you may be, good luck."

I thanked her and we moved onto Mildred's bed, her colour was better,
and she seemed to be breathing easier, I took her hand, "Mildred it me
Mike, Sharon is with me, Becky is well and safe, but she does need you, I
can see you're feeling better, but you need to open your eyes now are start
to recover."

Sharon spoke, "Hello Mildred, Mike is right, Becky needs you now, please
come back to us!"

I felt Mildred's hand squeezed on mine. She heard us! She was
responding! Sharon went to find a nurse - Mildred eyes flickered! She was
looking at me.

"M. Mike, did you call me?" Her voice was weak but audible.

I smiled, "Yes Mildred I did, you have to make an effort to recover,
Becky is depending on you."

Her eyes focused on me, "George did say you were the best thing that
ever happened to Becky," a nurse approached us and started to check the
readings on the bleeping box beside the bed, Mildred continued, "He also
said that you should be the one to look after her - please Mike, look after
my daughter." Her eyes closed, and her breathing grew shallow

The nurse checked the reading again, then said, "Would you mind going
now, I think she's gone back to sleep again." We left the bed and were
leaving when the box gave a high pitched whistle and the whole ward seemed
to focus on Mildred's bed, I turned to go back to the bed, but the Ward
Sister firmly moved us out of the ward.

Sharon turned to me, "Come on Mike, she's in good hands, we've got to

I shook my head, watching the curtain that had been placed around
Mildred's bed, waiting for . . . Something. Anything! Finally the nurses
appeared, their faces showing, not grief - that wouldn't have been
professional - but more dismay, a feeling of failure, the young nurse
looked towards us, and shook her head. We walked to the hospital exit,
back to the car and Rob.


We travelled to the office in a sombre mood - I remembered that the
Social Services hadn't found any relatives to Becky's family, so to all
intents and purposes she was alone now in this world. I was now doubly
sure that I wanted to adopt this poor girl, regardless of what people

Sharon spoke up, "Mike, we have to make sure that you don't lose, I
think you need to talk to Isabel!"

I nodded, "Yes, and I need to talk to Maria and Nancy they're be able to
help me."

Rob snorted, "What! That's like talking to the prison guard about
escaping, they'll never help you!"

I shook my head, "Sorry Rob, I'm afraid you're wrong, Maria and Nancy
wouldn't stop me, they are helping me." At his laugh I continued, "Didn't
you realise that Nancy was the one who gave Hugh the video tape, which she
assured him would show Social Services in a bad light? Or that Maria spoke
to me in the Intensive Trauma Ward and let me know which court to appear

Rob was astounded, "Then why are they allowing the court case to

I said, sarcastically, "Rob, clean out your ears, they've got the area
head snooping around, they've already lost their main psychiatrist and
cannot get a proper one on site yet, they have to show that they are in
control - So they have to apply for Becky's guardianship as it's a
highlighted case - I'm applying for it as I think I can help Becky better
than they can."

Rob shot back, "But they've got clout, what have you got? You're
single. You're having an affair with a widowed mother of a child the same
age as Becky. Why should you have custody of the child?"

Sharon was outraged, "Rob! How can you say that? Mike's done more for
Becky than you realise, he's only known her for some weeks, not even a
month, if you could see how much she looks up to him, why there's been
times when she wakes up that she justs lies there watching him."

Rob jumps in. "Hold on, what did you say?"

Sharon realises her mistake, "What? I didn't say anything?"

Rob shook his head, "No love, you said that when she wakes up she just
watches him! Have you been sleeping with the girl Mike?"

I shook my head. "Rob! That would be illegal. I have had the girls sleeping at my house, when Sharon's been there, there's been sometimes I've
woken them up, Becky's always been the last to rise, something about her
feeling safe at my home!"

Rob smiled, "Oh come on Mike, I know you. You're too straight - I can
always fool you. You step into it all the time! Anyone would think you've
been sleeping with them"

I smiled, "Can't pull one over you can we Rob? - No you know me,
Sharon's the only girl for me"

He laughed, "Yep I can see the lights in your eyes when you look at
her." Luckily we arrived at the offices at that point, and left Rob to park
the car, Sharon gave me a nervous look.

I smiled, "Don't worry, Rob doesn't know. He a reporter trying to get
angles on stories - but he doesn't really know people, sort of a
contradiction in terms I suppose."

Sharon laughed at that and took me to see Isabel.


Isabel shared our sombre mood as we entered her office. "We've just
heard from the hospital, I'm sorry about Mildred. That poor girl - what
she has suffered."

I nodded, "Yes, and now I'm even more determined that I'll be the better
person to adopt her, rather than some strangers who don't know her."

She studied me closely, "But you don't really know her either - are you
sure you're the right person for her wellbeing?"

I nodded again, "Everybody keeps asking me that! I don't know why? I
mean, she sort of adopted me first!"

I noticed that Isabel had turned on a tape recorder, she saw me watching
and asked, "You don't mind me recording this, do you?" I replied 'no', she
continued, "Why don't you tell me how you met Becky?"

I sat down and leant back into the chair, "I first met Becky at Sharon's
house, she was a quiet child, who seemed in awe of me at first, but I
gradually realised that it was fear, fear of me as a man. Kylie had
already mentioned that she was keeping a secret from Sharon and myself, and
would not reveal the secret. Anyway when I came downstairs both girls had
gone out to play, and that was the first I knew of Becky.

"The next time was later that day, when Kylie brought Becky round to my
house, I let them into the garden, because I thought that Becky would feel
safer in the open, even at that time I thought she was having some kind of
problem with men, so I stayed away from her. . . . "

I continued the story - how Becky finally revealed her molestation by
Darren, how her parents didn't listen to her. Her belief that I was trying
to abuse Kylie by sleeping with her mother - this brought a smile from
Sharon. The hide and Seek game the girls played - My meeting with Darren,
and my opinion of him at that time. Kylie's sleepover at Becky's, Darren's
attach and my rescue of the girls - their needing to be out of the house -
I changed the address slightly by saying I took them to Sharon's (Who kept
quiet at that point).

The visit to the police station - including the major points ( I didn't
include the second examination of Becky or my presence there), and also
mentioning the ongoing police complaints investigation - Isabel's ears
pricked up at this and she made a note on her notepad.

The trip to Marwell, and how the girls had helped the missing child and
mother, also her description of 'my daughters'. Then 'THAT AFTERNOON' - I
didn't mention the police watching, and their attachment by Becky, - How
Becky called me, turning on her tracker unit, my finding the police at her
home, the search and my final meeting with Darren, our short fight and my
having to carry Becky out of the tunnel - the waiting armed police - Isabel
smiled when I mentioned the guns - The trip to the hospital, how Becky
wouldn't let go of me in the hospital until she was finally sedated.

The incident in the ITU - how Becky wouldn't calm down until I told her
too, the ward sisters' kindness by letting me sleep on the ward. My
meeting with Maria on the ward - I played this straight, but told Isabel
that Maria had to say the words for the benefit of her superiors outside.

Finally I spoke of Mildred and her final words. Isabel looked up at me,
"Was this witnessed by anyone else?"

I was confused, "I don't kno. . . Wait, there was a nurse with two
stripes on her cap, but whether she heard what was said? I don't know>"

Isabel nodded, "You'd better let your solicitor know what was said, it
could be useful."

I asked if I could borrow a telephone, I called George's office and
asked if I could talk to Hugh. He answered the phone and I spoke to him,
"Hugh, Mike Moore here - I'm afraid Mildred, Becky's mother, has died. Yes
I'm afraid so. But Hugh just before she went, she asked me to take care of
Becky." He asked the same question that Isabel asked and I gave the same
answer - he asked a couple more questions before hanging up.

I hung up the phone and turned to Isabel and Sharon, "He's going to see
if he can get a statement from the nurse, he seemed to think that this has
changed the situation, but he didn't seem too sure about it."

Isabel nodded, "I think he knows what he's doing. So if I were you I'd
leave him to it. Now Mike you've mentioned the radios. How do they work?
Where can people get them from? And how much do they cost?"

I smiled, "Now this is going to sound like advertising - the only place
you can order them from is Greg's Electrical Outlet in the arcade, the
original company gave up on them - they couldn't work out how to sell them.
I'm trying to get parents interested, but as you could see from Kylie's
actions the other day, the police can also use the wavebands to track lost
children - I've learnt that there is a way to remotely start the tracker,
it's something that could come in useful for lost or missing children.
This is how it should be used - to ensure that children are safe, to allow
parents to instantly talk to their children.

At the moment the local Brownies' pack have the only sets available, and
from what I've seen and heard they are proving very useful, each sub-pack
(or six) has their own frequency and can contact their leader, who can in
turn send a broadcast message to all the Brownies in the pack. The only
drawback is that anyone with a receiver can tune into their frequencies,
but that's just a small drawback. Soon I hope that the Guides Association
will get involved, which will open country-wide interest, I mean the more
we can make the lower the price will be, but of course that depends on
whether we can get the backing, and by this I really mean orders, for the

I paused at this point to fine Isabel applauding me, "That's a very nice
speech, do you mind if we use it in out technology section? I t would help
on a special edition we're planning to produce."

I felt slightly annoyed, "I wasn't making a speech, I meant every word!"

She stopped clapping, "I'm sorry Mike, I didn't mean to sound sarcastic,
I meant every word, we could even sponsor the radios in schools, to show
how useful they could be."

I considered this - perhaps schools were the place for the radios, but
then again they might prove to be more of a distraction, "Uh, No, I don't
think so, just think how many students would use the radios to get the
answer to a test question? - No not schools, Scouts, Guides and other
groups like that possibly. Schools when they're on field trips possibly.
With the teacher in charge with a master unit - that would work."

Isabel looked at Sharon, "Does he always think out loud like that?"

Sharon shook her head, "No, sometimes he just keep quiet and loses track
of time, at least this way you know what he's doing!" She smiled at the

I looked at them both, "Hey I'm still here you know. Now Isabel, what
else do you want to know, I have to visit Becky again.

She shook her head, "Nothing more Mike, Sharon I think you'd better stay
with Mike for the rest of the weekend, I think he's going to need watching,
make sure he gets something to eat as well!"

We left the office and walked into the melee of the Saturday shoppers.


It was later in the afternoon, Sharon had taken me to a restaurant for
dinner, and we arrived at the hospital to see Becky.

We went to the ITU ward and asked the sister if it was okay to see
Becky, she looked over at the bed and said, "Yes, but only for a few
minutes, we plan to send her to the children's ward later, she's made a
great improvement over the last few hours."

We approached her bed, passing the empty space where Mildred had been,
Becky was looking better, the nasal tube was now removed and she looked a
lot better that the morning had suggested.

As we spoke her eyes opened and she looked up at us, "Hello Becky," I
said, she gave a murmur in reply, "I hear you're getting better, you'll be
off this ward soon, and with other children."

Tears were welling in her eyes, "I . . I've heard Mum's dead, is she?
why did she die?"

I couldn't see too clearly now, "I don't know why, nobody can say. But
she was thinking of you just before she went."

She was crying now, "It's. Not. Fair. I was just . . . just
beginning to . . . to know her . . . she was almost . . . the mother . .
. I remembered . . . Its . . . Not . . . " I held her as she cried, a
nurse looked over to us, I shook my head to tell her not to worry, I made,
well I hope I made, comforting sounds to Becky as she cried her heart out.

The ward sister approached us as I was holding Becky, "Is everything
alright Mr. Moore?" She asked

I shook my head, "Not really. It seems that Becky overheard that her
mother had died, but no-body thought to tell her outright. She's been
lying in this bed wondering."

She came up to Becky and started to rub her head, "I'm sorry Becky, but
we didn't want to cause you any worries, that's why, it may seem harsh, but
it's for your own good, the nurses you heard it from shouldn't have spoken
out loud like that, I'm sorry."

Becky sniffed, "But it wasn't a nurse I heard talking, it was those two
people who came in earlier."

I looked at the sister, who looked back at me, "We've had no official
visitors since this morning." She went to the nurses' station and checked
their log, then she returned, "No, no-ones been entered in the log either,"
she stopped a nurse and asked her, then she turned back to us, "I'm sorry
it seems that there were two persons allowed in, they were from the Social
Services, they stayed for 10 minutes then left, I don't know why they
weren't logged as being in, it seems that I'll have to go over security
with the nurses again."

She went back to the nurses station and started writing into the log, I
turned my attention back to Becky, who had stopped crying, but was still
sniffling, "Feeling better now?" I asked - I know a daft question but I had
plenty to go round - she nodded, "You're going to be alright, don't worry."

She hugged me closer, "Mr. Mike, I think Dad's dead as well. I mean I
saw someone beside the broken window but Darren wouldn't stop, please tell
me, is Dad dead as well?"

I hesitated, I couldn't lie to Becky, but I didn't want to tell the
truth just in case, it was no use I'd delayed too long, Becky said, "He is
dead!" there was a finality in the way she said it, she accepted the fact,
"What about Darren - you said he wasn't going to hurt me again, Is . . is
he dead too?"

I took a deep breath, "Yes Becky, Darren is dead. He will never be able
to hurt you, or anyone else again." I felt the tears on my face, I couldn't
see them. "Oh Becky I'm sorry, you don't deserve this, you should be
concentrating on getting better."

She sniffed again, "Th . . . thanks Mr. Mike, for telling me, I think
I want to be alone now." She laid back down into the bed and turned away
from us, dismissing us from her presence so to speak.

I took Sharon by the shoulders and walked her to the nurses station, the
Sister looked up, "More problems?" She asked.

I nodded, "Yes and I'm afraid I've done it this time, I let her know
that her father and brother are both dead. I'm sorry but she asked about
her father and when I didn't answer - well, then she knew, when she asked
about her brother I had to tell her, I know this may make your job
difficult . . ."

She nodded, "I understand, and I suppose its better for her to know now,
rather than keep waiting for her parents to arrive. Don't worry, we'll
keep an extra eye on her . . ."

A shout from Becky's bed made us turn, "MR. MIKE - PLEASE DON'T GO." I
ran to her bed and hugged her, "Please don't go away Mr. Mike, I need
you," she said.

I kissed her head as I held her, "Becky, I'll never let you go, I want
you to be a part of me," Sharon and I remained with her, until she fell
asleep again.

I stayed by her bed, until I was finally ushered off the ward by the
Sister, she had my telephone number and said that she would call me if I
was needed, Sharon pulled me out of the hospital and into a cab, gave my
address to the driver, and held me as we were driven away.


When we arrived home, Sharon found the whisky and poured us both a
glass, which I poured down my throat, the burning sensation of the alcohol
running down inside me, seemed to drag me back, I turned to Sharon, "What a
day. I don't want another one like that again!"

She looked at me, "But that's what happens when you have children -
expect the unexpected, talking of which, remember Kylie's going to be
coming home tomorrow, and she's expecting us to meet her, so I think the
best thing is if we go to bed now, and work off some of the aggravations."

As she said the last part, she started to undress herself in front of
me, until she was down to her bra and panties, "What about something to eat
first?" I croaked - it must have been the whiskey affecting my voice.

She started to undress me, "Later! If you still need some!" When the
last article of clothing was removed from me - she led me, like a
sacrificial lamb, upstairs, to the slaughter?

We ended up in my bedroom, thankfully tidy after the previous few
nights, and placed me on the bed, I watched her as first her bra and then
the panties were removed, "You just lay there," She said, "I'll do the
work." - she moved herself along my body, I could feel her hardened nipples
as they ran along my legs, up pass my rapidly hardening cock, along my
hips, following her warm moist mouth as it kissed its way over my torso, to
meet up with my lips. Then she raised herself further, adjusting her
leaking pussy to allow my rampant cock to rest just inside the lower lips
of love, before moving down to impale herself on me.

I heard her say, "Oh, God that feels so good," and I admit I did agree
with her, the tension of the previous day and the stress of the day's
actions were starting to melt away as we intertwined in passion, after
kissing my face she raised herself up, nearly dislodging me from the
penetration, as she managed to move her legs beneath her, then she began
the now familiar up and down motions, I watched her breast as they started
to undulate above me, I raised my hands to press the firm globes, to hold
them, mould them.

I heard her moan in pleasure as she raced to a climax, "Oh. Yessss,
yesss. Goodddd, Oh yes, yes, Oh Mike, Miikkee, Oh. Oh. Miikkeee, Oh.
Ooohhh. OH GOD. GOD. MIKE. OH MMMIIIIKKKEEE.". I felt her body sag as
she was overcome by her orgasm, and just as she fell against my hands it
triggered my own release into her body.

Using my arms I lowered her down to rest on top of me, I hugged her
close to me, rolled onto my side, and fell asleep.


I awoke, the room was dark, I could smell the perfume of Sharon beside
me, her steady breathing telling me that she was sleeping, I looked along
her body. She was beautiful, I kissed her face, she raised a hand as if to
brush away a fly, I brushed her breast, feeling the nipple react against my
fingers, seeing her shiver in reaction, I bent down to kiss the nipple
presented, she rolled onto her back, I reached down her body, rubbing over
her navel, moving down to the rich bush covering her lower charms.

I smiled as she moved against my hand, her hips rotating to move my
fingers onto her clit, I teased her by lifting my hand, making her raise
her hips trying to find pleasure, I lowered my hand to rub her, exciting
her in her dreams.

"Oh yes Paul, please, again Paul, its been sooo long, I've missed you!"
She was dreaming of her husband, I was feeling like a voyeur listening to
Sharon making love to her late husband, I tried to stimulate her to bring
her and her phantom lover to climax. "Paul, please yess, yes, Paul. Paul,
PAUL, where are you going, Paul, paul, don't go, paul, paul? Mike? MIKE,
Oh Mike, Mike, MIKEEE."

She woke up, and looked at me gathering her thoughts, she reached out
and hugged me, "Oh Mike, I had the strangest dream, Paul was with me, we,"
she hesitated, then continued, "We were making love, when he said he had to
go, but that someone else would be taking his place, then your face
appeared, I think Paul wants you to take his place," She kissed me,
passionately, "I love you Mike, lets make love."

She pulled me onto her, and for the next hour we made gentle passionate
love, this time Paul didn't make an appearance, Sharon was now making full
love to me.

After that we fell asleep until the morning arrived.



- The normal disclaimers apply - don't have sex with children, or else
may the fate of Darren be acted on you. No I mean it! Think of it as a
type of curse, to avoid it don't do it! Simple isn't it!

Authors note - sorry for the delay in producing this chapter - sometimes
they write themselves, other times I have to work at it.

I have a special message for, I couldn't
reply to you via your email, your isp refused the answer - if you need an
answer please use an address that allows replies.

My thanks to all those who have written to me, with suggestions and
comments, these are gratefully accepted, if you want to contact me I can be
emailed at I will try to answer any received, if not
you may end up on this footnote :}

Wandering Lanes - 8th November 2001.


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