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The Girl With A Bicycle 26


The girl With A Bicycle - 26 By Wandering Lanes

(story code - no-sex, slow)

The sunlight filtering through my curtains woke me, I gazed into the
eyes of Sharon, who smiled when she found me looking at her, "Good morning
darling," She said

"Good Morning," I said, "and how are you today?"

She considered this question, "I feel better, I mean a lot better than
I've felt in ages, it's as if a great weight has been lifted from me, what
does it mean Mike?"

I smiled, "What do you remember about last night?"

She frowned, "I don't understand? What happened last night?" I
mentioned about her dream, and her face cleared. "That's right! I did
dream that. It was as if Paul was giving me permission to stay with you.
Why would I dream that?"

I cuddled her, "I don't think it was Paul himself! You've been holding
onto his memory, you thought that if you enjoyed yourself too much with me
you'd be betraying Paul."

Again she frowned, "But why? I mean yes I did try to hold back, but I
was attracted to you. Why should this make me feel guilty?" Then she
answered her own question. "Because I still love Paul! Oh mike what a
fool I've been."

I hugged her closer "No you haven't! I knew you still loved Paul. No,
I'm wrong, you still love Paul, but now you've realised that there is room
in your heart to allow me to join him in your love, I feel honoured that
you will let me." I kissed her as she considered what I had said.

She raised herself up onto an arm and looked at me accusingly, "You
knew! You knew and didn't say anything about it! Why didn't you just tell

I kissed her again, "Yes, I knew. But I couldn't tell you - you had to
work it out for yourself. If I told you it wouldn't have helped, it would
have made things a lot worse. I could have lost both you and Kylie, and I
never wanted that to happen. I love you both, and you most of all. Should
I have told you just to lose you?"

Tears came to her eyes as she shook her head, "No Mike, again you did
the right thing, and yes, I do love you and Paul, you won't mind if I still
think of him now and again."

I hugged her, "Of course I won't - He was your first love, they're the
ones you never forget, only please think of me at times as well?"

I heard her laugh, "Okay, but only three times a day."

I smiled, "That's fine. What times will they be, just so that I know"?

She raised her head, eyes glistening, "Morning, Noon and night. When
else would I think of you?"

We hugged each other for some time, just relaxing in each other's eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Before breakfast I phoned the hospital to ask about Becky. I was able
to sit at the table with a smile on my face.

"So. What did they say?" asked Sharon as she served the sausage, egg
and bacon.

I thanked her, appreciating the food provided, "They're so pleased with
her. She's being moved to a children's ward this afternoon. They think
she'll be in for another week before being discharged."

She frowned, "What? After the surgery she had?"

I nodded, "Yes, well she was in the ITU to make sure that there was no
internal bleeding, if there was it should have appeared after some hours,
but they hold onto the patients for a couple of days just in case."

Sharon seemed assured by my explanation, "So will we be able to visit
Becky after we pick up Kylie this afternoon?"

I nodded and we continued with the meal.

The rest of the morning was taken up with cleaning the house, Sharon
decided that as a single man housekeeping wasn't one of my major hobbies, I
think she was right there. We made a concerted effort on the upstairs
rooms, with particular emphasis on the main bedroom, okay we got a bit
sidetracked, and had to remake the bed again, it got rumpled for some

We managed to get ourselves straighten out and had a quick snack, we
were going to have a main meal at dinner time, I phoned the hospital again
and found out that Becky had indeed been moved to one of the children's
wards, I found out which one and when the visiting times were, I also found
out that she was looking forward to seeing me, but that she was asleep at
the moment, I asked the nurse to let Becky know I rang.

We sat together in the living room, listening to CD's playing soft and
low music, Sharon was just looking into my eyes, something she's never
really done before, I saw her eyes widen as something nudged her memory,
"Mike, you know last night?" I nodded, I didn't want to speak, she
continued, "I've just realised, you didn't wear anything, I mean I'm still
taking the pill, but what about . . . ."

I smiled "Don't worry, you said the doctor gave you a clean bill of
health?" She nodded, "and we've given it plenty of time to show itself - if
it was going to infect us, so I think its okay to have unprotected sex."
Then I smiled to myself and said, "When we get married, do you think you
could stop taking the pill."

She gasped, "You want me to have children? After the problems you had?"

I nodded, "Yes, I think Becky and Kylie should learn what a bother
babies can be, especially at night! And the problem I had was with someone
forcing a child onto me, but if you don't want any more, then I happy
enough as I am with Kylie and Becky as my daughters."

She looked at me again this time with concern, "But what if you don't
get custody of Becky what then?"

I shook my head, "Then we do all we can to get custody. Legally of
course! Don't worry everything will be alright in the end."

She remained quiet at this, thinking away, and then she said, "It's a
pity that you can't get Maria to make a stand."

I shook my head at this, "No, Maria has too many problems at the moment,
and I think that her supervisors wouldn't want her to work against them."

Sharon persisted, "But it wouldn't hurt to let her know about Becky's
condition would it? And you would be obeying the courts by keeping Social
Services involved wouldn't you?"

I thought about it then laughed, "You know you're correct, as the head
of the local office she should be informed of any changes, I could kiss
you, in fact . . ." Well, in fact I did, several times, I then went to the

I checked in my wallet for the card Maria had given me, I dialled the
number on the card after a few rings I heard Maria's voice, "Hello, who's

I replied, "Hello Maria, it's me your protagonist here," I said it in a
light voice just to let her know I was joking.

I heard the laughter in her voice, "Hello Mike, I'm glad to hear from
you, I thought you wouldn't be speaking to me again."

I reassured her, "Of course I'll speak to you, you were the one who
warned me, why wouldn't I want to talk to you? Oh by the way can you thank
Nancy for me, she certainly helped with the tape, or so Hugh was telling

Her reply seemed rather guarded, "When I see her I'll let her know, but
you know she's been suspended for a couple of weeks."

I was surprised, "Why?"

Her voice had a resigned tone to it, "Negligence! - She mislaid a child
interview video, which has been found in the hands of a third party."

I was flabbergasted, "Maria, I'm sorry. Hold on! Can they prove she
was the one who lost it?"

"Well, there is no record of the tape being removed, the last person who
booked the tape out was Nancy, but that was several days ago." Maria said.

I thought for a few moments, making Maria ask if I was still on the
line, "Sorry Maria, just wrapped up in my thoughts. Try this - The tape
was taken by persons unknown who works in the office, a technician or
someone like that, I suggest you run an internal investigation which draws
a blank due to lack of evidence, but reports that security on the interview
tapes should be increased, say a double locked cabinet, requiring two keys,
it will be a nuisance and may go back to normal after a while, how does
that sound?"

She considered the idea, "That might work, if we can't find out who took
the tape then we would need to increase the security - I'll try that Mike,
thank you." I heard a muffled voice echoing the sentiment, but I didn't
comment on it, Maria asked, "Why did you phone anyway?"

Why did I phone? Why? Oh yes, Becky. "You've heard about Mildred,
Becky's mother," There was a puzzled 'No?' from Maria, so I told her, then
thought, "But the nurses on the ward said that two people from Social
Services had been visiting Becky just after Mildred died."

There was a gasp from Maria, who spoke to some-one else and I though I
heard Nancy say 'No!' then Maria said, "Mike you may have to talk to your
solicitor again, there could be fun-and-games in the pipeline, I've
officially been told that Becky is no longer my concern, it seems I'm
considered too close to the case. I'll try to help as much as I can, but
my hands are being tied, leave you answer-phone on, I'll try to leave
messages, okay?"

Now I was worried, "Yes, okay - anyway Becky's been moved from the ITU
to a ward, I thought you should know."

Maria was solemn as she answered, "Thank you Mike, I'm glad that at
least you're playing by the rules, don't forget I will be in touch, bye."

I bidded her goodbye, I almost asked her to say goodbye to Nancy, but
thought better of it, she didn't seem to want me to know that Nancy was
there. Sharon picked up my mood when I returned to her. "So what's

I shook my head, "I'm not sure, Maria thinks there may be problems
brewing, but she doesn't know anything more that we do, they've taken her
out of the loop, and apparently Nancy's been suspended because of that
video tape, but I've given Maria an idea of the way out for that, Maria did
say I should get in touch with Hugh, to appraise him of the situation." I
reached for the phone again, and dialled George's office

This confused Sharon, "You don't think you'd catch him at work today do

I laughed, "George? No I was lucky he was in yesterday! No what I'm
doing is leaving a message for Hugh for tomorrow" At that point the answer
phone cut in and gave its monotone bleep, "This is Mike Moore, urgent
message for Hugh, Mildred Smith passed away on Saturday. Believe Social
Services may try something with Becky Smith, please be aware of this."

I hung up the phone, sat with Sharon again and we just cuddled until it
was time to meet Kylie.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At the Church Hall, there were the usual number of parents, mainly
women, although a few men were also there, and I noticed that there were a
few photographers waiting around I walked up to one of them, "What's the
occasion?" I asked cheerfully.

He looked me up and down, decided I wasn't being a threat then answered,
"Oh it's that kid, the one who saved another kid at camp, she's arriving
back today, the rag wants pictures and an interview with her."

I give a small smile, "And what if she doesn't want to be interviewed
just yet?"

He shrugged, "No skin off my nose, I'm just here to take pictures, it's
the hacks over there that'll have the problem." I looked in the direction
he indicated and saw a group of Sam Spade rejects talking between
themselves, I walked back to Sharon and then started to talk to my radio.

"Flamingo, flamingo, flamingo - this is Mike Moore, can you hear me
Brown Owl"

I waited a few minutes, but there was no reply, they might be out of
range, I tried the radio again but this time on 'our private' frequency,
"Kylie, this is Uncle Mike, can you hear me?"

There was a faint "I can barely hear you Uncle Mike, what's wrong?"

I ducked into the Church Hall for privacy then spoke again, "I need to
talk to Brown Owl. Can you pass your radio to her please?"

I heard a faint, "Okay Uncle Mike, hold on." Then I heard Margaret's
voice, "Hello Mike, can you hear me?"

I smiled, not that she could see it, "Yes, you're very faint, I should
think you're about 3 miles away, we have a problem here, there are
reporters waiting for Kylie, can you find some way to keep her away from

There was a brief delay, then (much clearer) I heard her say, "Hello
Mike, can do, we'll keep Kylie on the bus until almost last, if you can get
on then and we'll drive off to somewhere else, the driver has agreed. Does
that sound okay?"

I smiled, "Perfect, Sharon is here, we'll act like concerned parents looking for our lost little girl."

I could hear laughter from the bus and a 'awl, Uncle Mike!' from Kylie,
I went into the crowd and pulled Sharon close to me, explained the plan,
she laughed and nodded, I went round some of the parents and told them what
was going to happen, they said they'd help.

The bus arrived and the Brownies were all waiting near the door as the
bus stopped. Once the door opened they all streamed off running into the
crowd, with the parents also bustling about trying to find their daughters
in the mix, the photographers were flashing their bulbs trying to get a
good shot of the heroine of the story, and the reporters were just trying
to find their target.

Sharon and I managed to climb aboard the bus, Margaret, Paula and Joyce
each said a grateful 'Thanks', as they left to join the melee outside, the
driver closed the doors and started the bus off, when we were under way
Kylie came out from behind one of the seats, ran up to us both and hugged

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The driver of the bus was kind enough to drop us at the hospital, we had
explained to Kylie what had happened, the new brought tears to her eyes,
she looked at me, "You are trying to help Becky aren't you Uncle Mike?"

I held her close and answered, "I'm doing everything that I can,
remember I promised both you and Becky that I'd do my best, and you're both
going to have to trust me, okay?" She nodded - we entered the hospital and
followed the signs to the children's ward.

Becky's bed was now near the nurses' station, probably to ensure quick
treatment if needed, and she was watching the door for our arrival, when we
appeared she saw Kylie and she started to hide under the bedclothes.

A nurse approached us and asked us who we were visiting, when I mention
Becky, she smiled, "Ah you must be Mr. Mike! Becky's been talking about
you, my name is Tina I've been assigned as Becky's nurse," she continued in
a conspiratorial tone, "We keep an eye on all the children, but each nurse
is assigned to look after at least 2 of the patients.

I shook her hand, "How do you do Tina, Yes, I'm Mike Moore, this is
Sharon Williams and that's Kylie, is it okay to see Becky?"

Tina looked back at the covered form under the sheets, "I was going to
say yes, but I don't know why she's trying to hide, I should go and check
on her."

She started to move towards Becky when I stopped her, "Do you mind if I
went to check what's wrong," she hesitated for a moment, then nodded. I
walked to the bed and touched the shape beneath, "Becky, what's wrong?"
there was no reply, I tried to pull the covers down, but she held onto
them, "Come on Becky, Kylie's here to see you."

I felt her body stiffen and a quiet voice saying "I don't want Kyle to
see me, not like this!"

I sat on the edge of the bed, "Why is that Becky, it's not your fault
that you're here, Kylie knows that you've been hurt, she understands."

Becky was sniffing under the covers, "But, I'm a mess, she shouldn't see
me like this, please Mr. Mike, don't let her see me." But while she was
saying this, Kylie walked up to the bed.

She looked at the shape, then placed her hand beneath the sheet, there
was a sharp intake of breath from Becky, "Please don't Ky, I don't want you
to see me, " but Kylie was moving her hand further along.

Kylie spoke to her, "I don't care what you look like, you're my friend,
and friends don't give up on each other, no matter what happens, because
they're friends forever!" She removed her hand, which was now clutching
Becky's - I started to pull the covers off of her, which she now allowed.

When Becky's her face was uncovered, Kylie looked closely at her, "Two
eyes, a nose, a mouth, freckles, two ears, and hair! Sorry Becky, where's
this monster that you were hiding - I can't see it anywhere."

Tears were in Becky's face, "B. . . But I'm bruised all over - you
don't know what Darren did. To. Me! I don't deserve to be your friend,
you're the hero, not me."

Kylie was shocked, "Me! I'm not a hero, I'm not brave enough, not like
you - you were the one who was brave, if you hadn't used the radio Uncle
Mike couldn't have found you, and Darren wouldn't have been caught. I'm
glad you're my friend." And she hugged Becky who was astounded at this
outburst - she looked at me

I nodded, "Yes. That is how she really feels about you! Shall I leave
you two alone for a while?"

She nodded, "Please Mr. Mike, I'm sorry I made such a fuss, do you
forgive me?"

I smiled at her, "There's nothing to forgive, remember friends don't
have to say sorry, now I'll be back soon." And I walked to where Sharon and
Tina were talking.

Sharon smiled, "Problem solved?

I nodded, "Yes, it seems Becky didn't want Kylie to see how she looked,
she was ashamed."

Tina looked concerned, "But she seemed so well balanced when I spoke to
her, there was no sign of any problems"

I looked at her, "But you didn't really know Becky before, I mean you're
a stranger - she didn't have to worry about how she looks like."

Tina nodded, "Yes, I see. I didn't have a picture of her to compare
with, so she wouldn't mind me seeing her. I need to learn more about her I
think." And she asked us to go with her to an empty side room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tina pulled three chairs together and arrange them in a circle
(triangle?) and asked us to sit down, she had a folder with her, which had
Becky's name on it, which she opened.

She looked at the notes and started to speak, "I see from these notes
that Becky is recently orphaned, can I ask if you are her nearest

The was an awkward pause, then I said, "Not really, we are friends of
her family, I mean the family she had, she's actually the friend of Kylie,
that's Sharon's daughter, who came in with us."

Tina suddenly looked up, "Kylie - Kylie Williams, the girl who helped
save another Brownie?"

Sharon nodded, "Yes that was my Kylie, but she doesn't want a fuss made
of her, we even had to smuggle her into the hospital because of the
reporters at the Church Hall."

Tina had a look of wonderment on her face, "We have a celebrity on the
ward, fancy that," then she concentrated on the folder in front of her,
"Back to Becky, I shouldn't really be asking you this, since you're not
really related to her."

I interrupted her, "But there is no-one else to ask is there? Anyway
I'm trying to adopt Becky - I've started the ball rolling at least, so ask

Tina considered this, and checked her notes again, "You're Mike Moore,"
I nodded, "You were the person who arrive with Becky when she was
admitted," again I nodded, "You were able to calm her on the ITU, and
stayed overnight. Well I don't care what the regulations say - you've done
more than most parents have done.

"Alright then, do you know how Becky came by her injuries and how can
you be sure that this will not happen again?"

I countered with another question, "That sounds as if it's an abuse type
of question, is that how her injuries are considered?" At an embarrassed
nod from Tina I continued, "Good." Which got me a surprised look from Tina,
"She has suffered two years of abuse from her brother - he was about 14 she
was 7, anything you can think of I think he did, I can't say for sure as
Becky is still keeping some things quiet. Her parents only really became
aware of this about 2 - 3 weeks ago and were coming to terms with this.
The last thing that happened was when her brother kidnapped her from her
home, at the same time that he caused the death of their father, and
injuring her mother - which caused a stroke. I was able to catch Darren,
that was her brother, but not until he had cause the injuries that she is
being treated for, he escaped from me, I was going to chase him but Becky
was injured and needed help, so I carried her to the ambulance, and left
Darren to the police."

I saw Tina was looking round fearfully and I asked her what was wrong,
"There's no chance he'll come here to look for her?"

I gave a slight smile, "No, I'm afraid that Darren is beyond that now,
your notes did say no surviving relatives didn't it?"

She checked them again and then blushed when she realised that the main
information was available, "Oh yes, I'm sorry. Would you know of her
medical history, anything recent?"

I though for a moment, should I mention the Chlamydial that she'd just
got over, at first I thought not, then considering that Darren may not have
any treatment while in custody, "Yes, but I don't think Becky would want it
known by everyone on the ward. Her brother had infected her with
Chlamydial she's only just finished a course of tablets for it, but it may
be best to see if she can be re-treated just in case."

Tina made a note in the form, and then looked at us, "That poor child.
She doesn't deserve any of this!" a sentiment that both Sharon and I agreed

I then reconsidered, "Tina, don't treat Becky any differently from the
others, she won't respond to that, she's just a normal young girl, and
they're resilient enough as they are."

She looked at me as if I was asking her to commit murder, then she
reconsidered my statement, "Yes, you're right, if I started to fuss over
her it might be worse, I'll just have to remember, she's just another

I laughed, "Oh no, she's not just another patient! She's Becky, and I
don't think she'd want it any other way!"

Tina nodded, "Okay, so she's Becky, but you said she had treatment for
this, how did she get the tablets, I would have thought the pharmacist
would have made some comment."

Sharon spoke up for me, "Well, the tablets weren't in her name," then
she looked at me.

I nodded and said dryly "I was told to be more careful the next time!"

Tina looked between myself and Sharon, then the penny dropped, she
looked at me, "You mean you let them think . . . . "

I nodded, "Why should I let Becky be the source of ridicule and scorn,
when I've got broad shoulders, anyway it didn't hurt me."

Tina laughed, "I take back what I said, you're a lot better than most
parents are, not just a bit better, shall we see if the girls are okay?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As we re-entered the ward proper we could see Becky and Kylie talking
together, as we got closer Becky noticed us and nudged Kylie who looked up,
both girls were silent,

I smiled, "So do you want us to stay away longer, or have you told each
other enough for the moment?"

Kylie spoke up, "Did you really rescue Becky, Uncle Mike?" I nodded, and
then remembered something, I reached into my pocket and handed Becky her
radio - she turned the volume up to normal and put it on her wrist.

She smiled at me, "Thank you Mr. Mike, for everything." I bent down to
her and she raised her arms to hug me.

We stayed with Becky for another half an hour, when she started to yawn
and her eyes were drooping, we said goodbye and walked to the exit, I said
goodbye to Tina and the other nurses, Kylie looking behind all the time and
waving to Becky as she left.

We walked to the hospital exit, Kylie was very quiet walking between us
as we held her hands, she seemed to be thinking. We managed to get a taxi,
I suggested we went to Sharon's house but she said no, "Most of my stuff is
at your house, and I think Kylie's too tired out after the trip back"

At the mention of her name, Kylie seemed to wake up, "Please Uncle Mike,
can we stay with you tonight?" I gave up and nodded, which made the young girl shout with joy, "Can I have a bath too, please Mum?" she asked, "All
we had at the camp was a shower, and we had to share it!" she confided to
us both.

Sharon looked at me, and I nodded, "Yes okay, but after dinner," Sharon
told her, which left Kylie smiling at the thought.

The taxi arrived outside my door, I paid the driver, and Kylie led the
way to the front door, I went to open it with my key, to find that Sharon
had already got hers out, but was beaten by Kylie. Beside the door I found
Kylie's backpack, with a letter attached to it with my name, I carried the
bag indoors, Kylie noticed it and rummaged through it until she came up
with the old moth-eaten teddy bear.

Sharon saw it and said, "Kylie wherever did you dig that up from, I
thought we threw it away long ago!"

Kylie hugged the bear close to her, "But it's my favourite toy, I never
wanted to lose him, and I found him up in the attic when we were looking
for sleeping bags, I'd nearly forgotten about him!"

Sharon gave a wry grin, "I'd hoped you had, you've had that thing since
you were 3, and I could never keep it away from you, I suppose its too late
now to stop you."

Kylie grinned and nodded, "Mr. Barbar is mine, and I'm going to keep
him! Anyway I felt happier knowing he was with me past week, he's almost
as good as Uncle Mike."

I smiled, "So, you rate me a bit higher than your stuffed toy? Well
it's nice to know that I'm appreciated in this house!"

She ran to me, and for a moment I thought she was going to hit me with
the toy, instead she wrapped her arms around my waist, "Don't say that
Uncle Mike, I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for you, I
love you Uncle Mike."

I held her close and kissed the top of her head, "I know Kylie, and I
love you too, but don't tell your mother, she'll be jealous you know."
Sharon, who had been preparing the dinner, was listening to this and was
struggling not to laugh.

Kylie turned her head to look at Sharon, "She wouldn't be, would you

Sharon smiled, "Yes I would, and you would be sent to bed without supper
young lady! Stealing my boyfriend, I don't know!"

I whispered to Kylie, "Don't worry, I'd bring your supper to you."

She giggled, "Thanks Uncle Mike, don't let mummy know!" she gave me a
last hug and then went to the living room clutching Mr. Barbar, leaving
Sharon to sort though the back-pack for dirty washing.

She held up two yellow jerseys, well they'd started off as yellow, but
was nearly a mud brown colour, Sharon brought them closer, they weren't mud
coloured, they were just covered in mud, she shook her head, "I'm not even
going to ask her how this happened!" She put the garments to one side, "I'm
going to have to brush them off before I wash them!" She said, putting the
rest of the clothes into my washing machine.

As the washing progressed, and the dinner was cooking I pulled Sharon
onto my lap and we started kissing, losing ourselves as the kissing went
deeper, we were dragged back to the mundane world with the hissing of the
vegetables boiling up, but they soon stopped bubbling, we both looked at
the stove to find Kylie, wearing an apron, checking the saucepans on the

She looked at us and shook her head. "You know it's lucky for you that
I'm here to do the work! What would have happened if I weren't here? Some
adults just can't behave!"

Sharon smiled, "Yes mummy, I'm sorry mummy, do you need a hand mummy?"

Kylie laughed, "No darling, I can manage for a while, you stay there
with Uncle Mike, I won't be jealous!" This started us all laughing, but
Sharon got the message and with further kisses for me went to monitor the
cooking, I went to lay the table.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The dinner was produce between the two of them, and devoured by us all,
we cleared the plate and did the washing up between us, then we retired to
the living room to see the programmes, or lack on them, on the television.
I asked the two what their plans were for the next week?

Kylie was first to answer, "I want to visit Becky every day for as long
as I can!" I could understand why she wanted to, but Sharon had to cut in

"I'm sorry Kylie, but Isabel wants to see you tomorrow, she wants to get
the full story about your rescue of that girl, you can visit Becky

"Oh mummy, do I have to, I tired of repeating myself, anyway I didn't do
anything, it was the police that caught the man, not me!" Said Kylie

I hugged the young girl, "Yes, but as I told you on the phone - you did
exactly the right thing, if you hadn't put your radio into the car the
police wouldn't have known where to find him, and if you had fought him, he
may have kidnapped you - or even hurt you - being a hero is not being the
strongest or quickest, it's the ability to do the right thing at the right
time, using your brain for a safe solution and knowing what to do in an
emergency, and that is why you are a hero, regardless of what you may

She was quiet for a moment, thinking about my words, then she said, "But
I only did what I thought I should do. I didn't mean to be a hero"

I kept hold of her, "Kylie! No one ever means to be a hero, but it
happens, you can't stop people calling you a hero, just because you don't
think you are. I'm afraid you're going to have to put up with this."

She looked up at me, "Can't I just tell people that I didn't do

Sharon answered, "Darling, people know exactly what you did, and that's
what makes you hero in their eyes. Don't worry, they're soon forget about

Kylie looked at us both, seeing that we were telling her the truth, she
moved herself out of my arms, sat back on the settee, folded her arms and
said, "Well I don't think I'm a hero, but I'll have to put up with it I

Sharon hugged and kissed her, "That's very mature of you darling, I'm
proud of you, just keep on being yourself." Kylie allowed herself to be
handled and 'insulted' by her mother, I pulled them both to me and we
remained like that for sometime.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The events of the day, travelling home from camp, dodging reporters,
visiting Becky took their toll on Kylie, she showed this by yawning, Sharon
noticed this and shook her, "Kylie, if you're going to have a bath before
bed you'd better go up now!"

Kylie nodded and started to get up, she looked at us, "Would you come up
and wash my back? Please Uncle Mike?"

I looked at Sharon, who nodded, I groaned, "Okay Kylie, but you're not
to try to soak me again, promise?"

I noticed that Kylie's fingers were crossed as she said, "Of course
Uncle Mike, I promise." and with that the young girl got up and went

Sharon looked at me, "Do you think she'd behave herself this time?"

I shook my head, "No, she and Becky were very quiet when we went back to
them on the ward, so I think I'll change into swimming trunks."

Sharon pouted, "That's being mean, she wants to have fun, and you're
stopping her!"

I laughed, "Sharon, why don't you take her to see the Chippendales?
She'd see more flesh than she's used to, and have fun as well!"

She was considering this then said, "But she's too young, they'd never
let her in."

I smiled, "Exactly - she is too young! You know what I said, I'll teach
her, but only what I think she should learn, don't push her to grow up too
fast, you've seen what's happened to Becky, I wouldn't like the same to
happen to Kylie!"

She nodded, "I know what you're saying, and I'm now contented to let you
teach her as you see fit, just let me know what you do teach her, okay?"

I smiled, "There's that Carte blanch again. If anything happens I'll
try to ensure that you are there to watch and protect Kylie if necessary."

She shook her head, "Mike - you still don't realise, I do trust you with
Kylie, you'd never do anything to hurt her, you love her too much, its
almost as if she was your daughter. I'm glad she found you, and happy that
you love me. Now you're wanted upstairs, wear swimming trunks if you want.
I'd trust you even if you were naked, now go!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I managed to get to my bedroom, and quickly undressed, then dressed with
swimming trunks under my trousers and a tee shirt on top, I knocked on the
bathroom door,

"Who's there?" said Kylie

I replied, "Yo! da lady"

There was a puzzled silence then she said, "Yo da lady who?"

I came back with "I didn't know you could yodel!"

She groaned, "Uncle Mike, that's awful."

I laughed, "Yes it was, is it okay to come in?"

There was a sound of water being swirled around, then Kylie said, "Yes
Uncle Mike, you can come in."

I entered the bathroom to find a naked Kylie standing in the bath facing
me, although her head and shoulders had bubbles on them the rest of her
torso was uncovered.

I ignored the view (or tried to show her that I ignored the view), and
said, "I though I was going to wash your back?"

She giggled, "Oh Uncle Mike, I thought it was only fair, I mean I did
see you naked some days ago, and Bec.. I thought I'd return the favour."

I nodded, "Thank you Kylie, it was a nice thought, but lets not push it
okay, you know what happened when a young girl is forced into sexual
situations, I'll give you a hint. How's Becky?"

Kylie protested, "But Uncle Mike, you're nothing like Darren, I trust

I smiled, "I know, I also know that I have better control than Darren,
but that comes from age and experience, when you're older you'll
understand. Now turn round and let me wash your back."

I saw her smile as she turned, and then watched her as she spun round
holding the shower, which she managed to turn on and aimed at my body,
luckily the water was warm. She giggled and said, "Sorry Uncle Mike.
You'd better get out of those wet things before you catch a cold."

She watched me as I regarded her, then her eyes widened as I said,
"You're absolutely right." and pulled off the tee shirt, she watched me
closely as I unzipped my trousers and lowered them down, her face showed
disappointment as my trunks were revealed.

"What are you wearing?" She said frowning.

I smiled, "Oh these, just swimming trunks. You see I have a young girl staying over, and I can't trust her not to try to get me wet!"

She stamped her foot, nearly slipping in the bath, "You don't trust me!
I don't think that's fair!"

I laughed, "I'm sorry Kylie, I don't know why I didn't trust you." I
then pointedly looked at my wet clothes.

She followed my gaze, and gulped, "Yes, well, you see. Hum. I mean.
Oh you're not being fair at all!" She sat down in the bath with her back to
me - I picked up the soap and a flannel, I started to wash her back which
she wriggled as the flannel touched her skin, she giggled as I reached her
lower back, "How did you know what I was going to do?"

I smiled as I dipped the flannel into the water to start rinsing off the
soap, "I've had too much experience with 'playful' people before, also when
you cross your fingers, don't let people see you!"

From the doorway Sharon's voice came drifting over, "And never try to
fool 'Uncle Mike' because he seems to know all the tricks! Have you
finished your bath?" Kylie looked at her mother and nodded, Sharon
approached holding a large towel, I lifted the squirming girl out of the
bath and into the towel, I grabbed another towel and started to dry myself

Sharon looked at me, "You know Mike you're suppose to be in the bath to
wash, not standing outside it!" I decided not to answer that, you never
know what might have happened.

Sharon put Kylie's nightdress on and, making sure I was dry, handed her
to me to carry to her bedroom, I found the book she was reading and found
the paper acting as a page marker, I started to read.

By the time the Dawn Treader had reached the ocean of sweet water, Kylie
was asleep - I pulled the bedcovers over her, kissed the top of her head
and then went downstairs to Sharon.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Normal disclaimers apply, I suppose I should add that if you are too
young to read this story then please don't - why I've placed this at the
end of the story escapes me for the moment! - The curse of Darren is still
available for those who wish to follow his example - you have been warned.

- I have now started to plan the last few chapters (about 4 more to go I
think) and they seem to concentrate on Becky's problems, it funny how the
title seemed correct when I started this story - but doesn't seem to be
right this far into the tale!

- My normal request for comments, complaints whatever, I've been told
there are errors in chapter 25 I'll have to re-read this and may re-post it
later. Sorry I'm digressing - I can be contacted at
- and will try to answer any emails sent.

- Once again thanks for reading this story.

Wandering Lanes, 14th November 2001.


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