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The Girl With A Bicycle 27


The girl With A Bicycle - 27 By Wandering lanes

story code (MF, slow)

I returned to the living room to find Sharon holding an envelope, I
looked at it quizzically, "What's that?" I asked, she held it out to me, I
saw my name on it, then remembered, "Oh yes, it was on Kylie's bag, I
didn't have a chance to read it".

I took the envelope from Sharon and opened it, "It's from Margaret,
listen Dear Mike,

I would like to thank you for your generosity to our pack this last
week. We were expecting to turn back some of the children as they hadn't
paid, you allowed them to join us - this was the very first time that the
full pack have been together on an outing.

We were able to supply our girls with the necessary clothing and
utensils - we even had some money left over, please find it enclosed.

There are also two badges which will have to be attached to Kylie's
uniform, one is a special tracker badge - the other is a permanent badge,
this means that while she remains a Brownie or Guide she should wear it, it
is an award from the Guides Association for meritorious actions, it isn't
given out often and when it is only the exceptional girls receive it. I'm
happy to say that Kylie is definitely one of those exceptional ones.

We are having a special award ceremony next Sunday, we want Kylie to
attend, and would also like to invite you and Sharon to be present, I do
hope you will be available.

Thanking you for all your help,

Margaret, Joyce and Paula."

Sharon sat back, tears in her eyes, "Wow, special rewards from the
Brownies, should we tell her?"

I thought about it, then shook my head, "Not just now, lets gradually
bring it up during the week, let her get used to the idea first, at the
moment she just wants to be a normal young girl, not this hero title that
people are placing on her."

Sharon made a face, "Isabel want to see her tomorrow to talk about it.
I'm not sure if she should."

I thought about it, "Well if she makes the story available to other
papers then I can't see that there would be a major problem, but see how
Kylie reacts while she's there, okay?"

She nodded, "I guess so, could you bring her to the office later
tomorrow?" she asked. I nodded, "Yes, but I'll want to contact George's
office again to make sure Hugh got the message I left"

Sharon nodded, "So you can drop Kylie off and then go to George's office
after, then when you've finished you can pick up Kylie again! Now that
you've got tomorrow planned, what's going to happen tonight?" she said with
a mischievous smile on her face.

I made an act of considering, "Well, I can't put the cat out - it's not
on fire. I haven't got a dog so I can't walk that, the milk bottles are
out on the doorstep, there's nothing good on television. So I suppose I'm
going to have to go to bed, do you have any plans for the night?" I
finished up by asking.

She smiled, "Well, it funny you should ask, because I can think of a few
things we can do!" She got up and started to walk to the stairs, and I

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the bedroom, I started to undress Sharon, removing her dress, leaving
her in a bra and panties. She took the hint and took down my swimming

She stood back and smiled, "You know that's the fastest I've ever
undressed a man before, you should wear them more often."

I tried to act shocked, "What! And what would the neighbours say, not
to mention Isabel when I'd turn up with Kylie wearing just swimming

She giggled, "I don't know it might make their day."

I pointed to her clothing, "Okay, I'll turn up like that - if you only
wear those!"

She looked at herself, then bit her lower lip, "I'd never dare to do

I picked her up into my arms, "Oh I see double standards is that it?" I
took her to the bed and lowered her onto it, enveloping her closer to me as
I removed her bra, "Okay then what if you were dressed like this?" and I
kept my attention on her breasts.

She almost purred with satisfaction.

She removed her panties and I gazed at her body, she moved to me, I
kissed her lips and then started to move down her body, paying homage to
her breasts, raising her nipples to turgid peaks.

Her hands were not idle, I could feel her reaching down to my now
rampant sex, grasping it in her hands, exciting me to higher pleasures,
then she released me as she laid back below me - remembering our
conversation of earlier I didn't reach for the condoms, now it was just us.
I lowered myself down onto her, entering her softly, gently. Watching
her face as I seated myself within her, we now seemed to fit each other
exactly, the ecstasy that was visible on her face as she felt me moving
within her, the familiar motions exciting her.

I heard her calling out as she started to climax, "yesssss, oh yess,
Mike, yess, yeeesss, Mike Oh Mike, yess, oh yes, yes, Miikkeee,
MIIIKKKEEE!" as she went over the edge I felt myself cumming inside her at
the same time.

I kissed her, "Thank you," I said.

She gave a contented sign and fell asleep, and after a few more minutes
I surrendered to the arms of Morpheus beside her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I awoke to feel an arm draped over my shoulders, which wasn't so bad,
then I realised that another arm was over my waist and going in the
opposite direction, I opened my eyes to see that Kylie was now in the bed
with us, sleeping soundly, her arm was the one resting on my shoulder,
looking past her head I could see the clock, almost seven

I gently moved the young girls' arm from its perch, receiving a mutter
from the child, I then removed her mothers arm from my waist, which
immediately moved itself back to the same position, I slowly turned myself
to look into Sharon's smiling face.

She kissed my mouth, then said, "Good morning, you're a difficult person
to wake you know!"

I kissed her back and replied, "I can always manage it, I tell myself to
get up and I do! There's nothing to it. When did Kylie join us?"

Sharon looked behind me at her sleeping daughter, "about an hour ago. I
suppose I should try to stop her from doing this in future."

I smiled, "Or get a bigger bed, just think what'll happen when Becky
decides to join us!"

"Oh don't, what would the neighbours think?" she giggled

"Well we're not going to invite them, or were you planning having a
kinky party? I must warn you Mrs. Higgins at number 47 was known to be a
'fast lady' but her lumbago lets her down nowadays" I said this, trying to
keep a straight face.

Sharon hit my arm, "You beast, that wasn't what I meant at all," then
she looked at me coyly and asked, "Unless you want to?"

I shook my head, "No, I'm happy just to be here with you." A reply that
had me rewarded with a kiss.

We both got quietly out of the bed, not disturbing the sleeping child,
dressed and went downstairs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We ate a leisurely breakfast, and then Sharon left to go to work, she
reminded me to take Kylie to the offices for the interview with Isabel
before she left.

It was half-past eight before Kylie made an appearance, still dressed in
her nightdress, and rubbing her eyes.

I smiled at her, "Good morning Kylie, did you sleep alright?"

She yawned and nodded, "Yes, except you didn't wake up when I came in,
mummy told me to get into the bed. When I woke up you'd both gone." The
last was said accusingly.

I pointed to the clock, "Well, we thought you needed your sleep, and
Sharon had to go to work, now if you'll get washed and dressed, we have to
go out later, afterwards we're going to visit Becky." She nodded and went
back upstairs, to re-appear some minutes later, wearing the yellow dress
brought some weeks ago.

I provided her with breakfast, bacon and eggs, which she demolished in
the way all kids eat, as if inhaling the food not eating it. I finished
off the washing up, loaded the washing from yesterday into the tumble dryer
and switched it on.

I turned to Kylie, "We're going into town, I've got to take you to the
paper's office so that Isabel can ask about your Brownie adventure, if you
don't want to talk to her just say so." She thought for a moment then
nodded, I smiled, "Good, if we can get this done then perhaps no other
paper will keep pestering you, Okay, now I'm going to drive us to town will
you be alright?"

She considered this then nodded, "I'll try Uncle Mike." I rubbed her
head in encouragement, we walked to my garage and I reversed (backed) the
car out of the garage and opened the passenger door, Kylie looked at me.

I gestured to the seat, "You can sit in front with me." She smiled at me
and jumped into the seat before I could change my mind, pulling the seat
belt over her, and clicking it tight.

She beamed at me, "I've never been allowed to sit in the front before."
Then she turned her attention to the windscreen and the road ahead. "I've
always only seen where we've been, but here I can see where we're going, I
like this." Her enthusiasm was growing, maybe the fact she could see what
was ahead of us could help her, I made a mental note to tell Sharon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After, what seemed to be, a short time we were parking the car, I got
out and opened Kylie's door and helped her out, hugging her, "You did it
Kylie, all the way here, I'm proud of you!"

She seemed happy, but said, "But that's only a short trip, how do I know
if I can stand a long one?"

I started to walk with her to the exit and said, "There is only one way,
but remember if you start to worry you still have a long trip back! But
then you'll know where you're going so it shouldn't be as bad."

She giggled, "That sounded wrong! Are you sure you meant that?"

I nodded, "It may sound wrong but that's how it turns out, don't worry
about it until the time you have to do it." We carried on walking, we
passed Greg's shop, he was looking out of the window and gestured to me to
enter, I pointed to Kylie and tried to convey that I would come back to
him, he nodded and waved, I think he got the message.

We carried on walking to the paper's building and went up to the press
room, Sharon was waiting for us and took Kylie on into Isabel's office,
after a few minutes Sharon came back to me.

"She seems comfortable at the moment, she's telling Isabel the story,"
she said, she continued, "Richard's been on the phone to me, it seems that
the police have made some arrests this morning, and the insurance office is
now closed."

I didn't know how to take this news, "So what happens about your claim?"
I asked

Sharon frowned, "I don't know, Richard did suggest that I contact the
Insurance association to see what they can do, but I don't know how to do
that properly."

I asked her, "Do you have a solicitor, or was anyone representing you?"

She looked embarrassed at the question, "Well, no I thought that the
insurance company would be dealing with this, and Paul never seemed to
worry about it!"

I nodded, like many people you never know what you need until it's too
late, "Okay, why don't you call George Wilby and see if he'll help you?"

She seemed slightly abashed at this, "I couldn't, I mean how can I
afford him?"

I smiled, "Don't you know that some solicitors work on a no-win no-fee
set-up?" she shook her head, "Shall I phone his office and see if he'll see
you?" She nodded and indicated a phone with an outside line.

I dialled George's number a receptionist answered the line, I let her
know who I was, she was about to pass me to Hugh's office when I managed to
stop her, when I outlined the problem she passed me directly to George.

"Mike my boy, what's the problem now? Have you committed murder, or
just shot somebody?" You could tell that George was relaxed, although I
think that a murder was something he could sink his teeth into.

I laughed "Sorry George, nothing like that at all. A friend of mine has
a problem and needs some advice." I gave him some brief details and
Sharon's name

He was quiet for a moment, then was all business like, "Mike, the case
interest me, can you ask Sharon to come round to my office at two o'clock,
it's a pity she didn't ask for help earlier, we could have got this sorted
out sooner, anyway I'll get my people to get the ball rolling, okay?" I
checked with Sharon who nodded, and I passed this on, George continued,
"I've got Hugh in with me at the moment, he'd like to talk to you."

I heard the handset being moved, then Hugh's voice could be heard "Hello
Mike, thanks for the message, I'm keeping an eye on the courts just in case
anything is tried, do you have any further information?"

I had to say no, but then thought of Nancy's problem "Hugh, it seems
that Nancy's been suspended for losing a certain video tape, is it possible
to copy it and return the original to Social Services, with a note saying
that it was left by an unknown person, that way we're not pointing the

He thought about this, "Well the courts do prefer originals not copies,
that way there's little chance of tampering, I'll have to have a witness
that this is all above board." I suggested DS Nichols - to which Hugh
agreed. On that note I said goodbye to Hugh and hung up the phone.

After checking that Kylie was still okay talking to Isabel I said a
quick goodbye to Sharon, telling her I'd be at Greg's for a while, but
assuring her that I'd be back to pick up Kylie. I left the offices and
walked back to the shopping centre, and entered Greg's shop.

He looked relieved to see me, "Mike, boy am I glad you're here, the
phone's been going mad. I've had something called the Guides Association
asking about those blasted radios, how much are they going to be? And how
many can we get made? Mike they're after thousands of the buggers."

I tried to make a calming motion, "It's okay Greg, ask them to try the
radios at a couple of packs," at his blank look I explained about the
Brownie packs, I continued "See if they're of use to them before they
commit themselves to the radios. Look, its going to be more that you're be
able to cope with, why not have a word with George ask him to check with
the college see if any of their business studies students are interested in
hands-on experience of trade, you never know it could be a spin-off of this
place. Failing that you could ask the original manufacturers if they could
handle sales and distribution, they'll want a higher return, but then the
more we sell the lower the price will be - supply and demand remember?"

He snorted, "Remember? I'm the one that was telling you that, and look
where it got me!"

I smiled, "Yes, it got you this shop when you proved you could sell
thing better than I could, the better salesman won, now prove you're better
and get those radios sold, we've got more things to sort out."

He groaned, "Now what are you going to get me into? Selling shares in
RailTrack? Try to take over from Richard Branson? What now?"

I laughed at the look on his face, "Nothing like that, I was thinking of
a similar type of tracker to the radios - but more like a matched pair, for
mothers and toddlers, so that if any children go missing then they can be
traced, like having the toddlers on a long leash, maybe with a bleep on the
mother's unit so that anyone finding the child can let the mother know!"

He was serious now, "I don't know Mike, I mean it sounds a good idea,
but this would need the original planners to design. I could approach them
and see if they'd do it I suppose. You know Mike this could bring in more
money than you thought, that's if it takes off."

I smiled, "Well we could always plough some of the profits back in to
reduce the price of the things. As I said before, they could have sold
hundreds of the radios, they just didn't know what they had!"

I left Greg, trying to plan what to do - I wasn't worried, but did
decide to go to George to ask him to provide more help for Greg, I know a
solicitor isn't meant to do this, but we had an arrangement, which George
was perfectly willing to follow and act as a silent partner but sometimes
be loud enough to provide support and in some cases staff.

I went back to the editors office to meet Kylie, who I found posing for
photographs, I saw Isabel standing back from the photographer and I
approached her, "How did it go?"

She smiled, "Very well, she was nervous at first, but when she calmed
down she was a natural, she still doesn't realise how much she did for that
girl, but she's accepting the spotlight now, how are things with you?"

I smiled, "So far, so good. It seems that people are becoming
interested in the radios, Greg's getting slightly snowed under with the
attention, but hopefully I'll be able to get help for him, I suggested
another line to him which he's going to look into."

"So, you're going to be a busy little bee are you?" She asked,

I shook my head, "Not me, I just suggests the thing, and Greg ensures
that they get done, he's the one for the work, I'm the brains, that suits
us both. Changing the subject though can you spare Sharon this afternoon,
she's seeing a solicitor about the insurance claim at 2 p.m."

She nodded, "I can't see that there'll be a problem with that, although
I think that when she gets the money I'm going to lose a secretary,
probably the shortest time for employment, I don't think we're getting our
moneys worth with Sharon." She said that with a grin on her face to take
the sting out of her words.

I smiled, "Well at least she's here at the moment, make the most of

Isabel laughed at that, "Oh I intend to, don't you worry about that!"

At that point Kylie was finished with the photographer, and came up to
us, "Can we go please Uncle Mike?" she asked.

I held her hand, "Bored with this already?" I said, she nodded, I said
to Isabel, "Is there anything else you need from Kylie," she shook her
head, I said to Kylie, "Okay then, we're go for something to eat and then
we'll visit Becky."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We arrived on the ward to find curtains around Becky's bed, so we waited
by the nurses station, Tina came out from the curtain, when she saw us she
frowned, "I don't know what those people said to her, but I've been having
problems with her ever since."

I was puzzled, "What people."

She looked at me, "You didn't know? Oh sorry, we had a couple of people
from Social Service in, they seemed to have upset her, I wish they'll let
us know when they're going to do that!"

I was worried, "It was Maria or Nancy was it?"

Tina shook her head, "No, I've never seen these two before, I don't
think they're from the local office at all."

I nodded, "No they're not, they've been trying some sort of cloak and
dagger routine to get custody of Becky, what the bloo. . I'm sorry. Can I
see Becky?"

She nodded her head, "I think that would be the best thing, she needs
comforting but won't let us help."

I nodded as well, "Yes, Becky is a stubborn girl, I think that's what's
helped her over the past two years." We walked into the curtained area,
Becky was lying on her side, she turned to shout at the intrusion into her
privacy, but when she saw us she raised herself up and held out her arms to

"Oh Mr. Mike, those people came again, they said I'd be taken away from
you, you won't let them will you Mr. Mike? Please don't let them."
Silently I cursed those people and, I'm sorry to say, Hugh for allowing
them access to her.

I hugged her, Kylie joined us to make a three way hug, "Oh Becky, you've
got to hold out for a few weeks more, please trust me."

She pulled away from use, tears streaming down her face, "What do you
mean Mr. Mike? Have I done something wrong? Is that why you're sending
me away?"

I was having problems seeing her, "No Becky, you haven't done anything
wrong, I promise you that we'll only be parted for a short time, but it has
to be done this way, otherwise I might lose you forever, and I don't want
that, not ever! Please trust me, please Becky."

She was gulping back her tears, "But. I. Want. To. Stay. With.
You. Mr. Mike, I don't want. To. To. To stay anywh. Anywhere else."
She allowed me to hold her again, and she sobbed into my chest.

I rubbed her back, "I know Becky, but we have to convince others that
I'm able to look after you, please be strong and brave," I pulled back and
looked into her eyes, "Will you do that for me?"

She nodded and tried to wipe her eyes with the sleeve of her pyjamas,
"Yes Mr. Mike, I'll try." I handed her a handkerchief, which she used.

Kylie looked at Becky and then myself, "Now if you've got that sorted
out can I talk to my friend."

I looked at Becky and winked, then looked at Kylie, "Well excuuuuseee
me! I know when I'm not wanted. I'll leave you two to plan more mischief."
I got up from the bed and went to leave.

Kylie said, "Oh Uncle Mike I didn't mean it like that, it's just I want
to tell Becky something private."

I smiled at her, "I know Kylie, you just want to tell Becky how your
plan yesterday worked out." I watched the blush creep up her face, and then
noticed that Becky's was also a nice shade of red, I continued, "Do you
need these around you still? Or can I draw them back?"

Becky looked at the curtains and shook her head, "Can you leave them for
a few more minutes please Mr. Mike, I don't really feel like seeing the
ward at the moment." I nodded and left the two girls to their solitude.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As I emerged from the curtains I saw Tina and the Ward sister talking to
each other, when she noticed me she beckoned me over to join them, "Mike
Moore this is sister Jenkins," we said hello to each other, then Tina
continued, "I've mentioned the problem we've been having with Becky, is
there anything else you'd like to mention?" we walked to the nurses station
and sat there talking.

I mentioned that Maria was looking after Becky but had been removed from
the case, and now these two people were doing their best to keep hold of
Becky, when I was asked who should they complain to I said either the
Social Services offices, then I thought again and said that since Becky was
a ward of the courts they should complain there first.

The Ward sister agreed and picked up a telephone, she spoke to the
registrar, complaining of the Social Services disruption of Becky's
treatment, she mentioned Becky's status, smiled and said goodbye.

She turned to us both, "The registrar has agreed that their conduct was
deplorable and is going to make an official complaint to the courts, I
don't know what they'll do about it, but at least we've made the effort,"
She looked at me, "I know you're trying to adopt Rebecca, and going from
Tina's report I think you're doing the right thing, good luck! The way
those people are behaving I don't think they're interested in Rebecca's
well being, just in trying to show something. In this case bad manners!"

I had to agree with that sentiment. Just then the rasp of curtains
being drawn back caught out attention, and Kylie pulling the drapes away
from Becky's area, I excused myself from the pair saying, "It seems that
their private talk is over now, I'd better join them, if they'll let me!"
smiling as I said that. I walked to Becky's bed.

Becky was looking better now, there was a smile on her face, "That
wasn't nice of you Mr. Mike, I think Kylie was looking forward to seeing
you last night."

I decided to play ignorant, "But she did see me last night, all the way
up to when she went to sleep!"

She grinned, "I didn't mean like that, Kylie wanted to see your. .
Your. . ."

I cut in with, "Body?" she hesitated then nodded, I said, "You should
have learnt that I don't go out of my way to show myself off. And you
shouldn't encourage Kylie to push herself "

She considered this, "But, you let me watch you and Sharon, and you've
never said I couldn't!"

I nodded, "Yes, but with you there was a difference, you needed to be
shown that making love is a pleasurable experience - not one that is
painful, it was something you deserved after those years. But it's not
something that adults should be allowing children to do, do you

She nodded and said quietly, "Yes Mr. Mike, I understand, I won't push
Kylie again."

I rubbed her hair, "Good, now you've got some recovering still to do,
and if anyone bothers you call out for Tina or one of the other nurses,
remember your health is more important than anything else at the moment.

She smiled at me, "Okay Mr. Mike."

We stayed with Becky for some hours, before having to go home, again I
let Kylie sit in the front, this time she was allowed to play with the
radio, she surprised me by tuning into a classical station, but after a few
minutes of listening switched to a pop station and started to nod along
with the 'music' playing.

We stopped at Sharon's house first, Kylie needed to pick up some more
clothes, and I asked her to select some of Sharon's as well, we made sure
everything was alright in the house and I picked up the mail that was lying
on the mat - no I wasn't nosey enough to read any of the mail, it wasn't
for me anyway.

Kylie called to me from upstairs, "Uncle Mike can you help me with
this." I went up to find her struggling with a suitcase, she smiled at me,
"I think I've got enough for the next few days at least."

I smiled at the sight, "You didn't forget anything, toys, books, kitchen
sink?" I asked her.

She giggled, "Oh no Uncle Mike, your sink is good enough at the moment,
but if we're going to stay any longer we may need it! How does it come
apart anyway."

I'm going to give up with this child, I shook my head, "That is one
secret I'm going to keep for now, pass me the suitcase, I've got to get
started on dinner as soon as we get home."

Kylie looked at me with a grin, "But I am home, I mean I do live here

I smiled at this, "Yes I do, and if you want to stay here then that's
okay, but I think you mother is expecting you to be with me at the moment,
but if you want to come back after dinner you can."

She ran up to me, "No Uncle Mike, I want to be with you, I don't want to
stay here without you."

I hugged her and then said, "And I don't want to be without you, or your
mother or Becky, now lets go to MY home." She seemed contented with my
answer, held onto my arm, we left the house and returned to my car.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When we arrived home, my home that is, I took the suitcase upstairs and
let Kylie unpack it, I returned downstairs to see that my answer phone was
flashing away, with a message, I pressed the play button.

"Mike its Maria, I don't know what you did, but head office phoned this
afternoon and they've recalled the supervisors, I've been told that Nancy
is no longer suspended, but I'm still carrying on with the internal
investigation. There's only one bad thing I'm still not allowed on Becky's
case, that's being handled by Head Office. I have been allowed to suggest
that the McGruders be allowed to foster Becky for the short time. I've
sent many children to them and they have an excellent record. So there
should be no problems there. I'll talk to you later, bye."

So it was a mixture of bad and good news, perhaps Becky would have an
easier time in hospital now.

I started on the dinner, nothing too lavish, and played a card game with
Kylie. The dinner was ready as Sharon opened the front door, Kylie kissed
her mother and pulled her to the table, talking about the visit to the
hospital and how Becky was frighten by then visitors, Sharon looked at me
when she heard this, I gave a reassuring nod to let her know it was
alright, Kylie continued her monologue, upto the point of our picking up
more clothes for them both, I handed Sharon the letters I found.

Sharon then told us of her visit to George's office, she had been told
that there was a very good chance that she'd receive the insurance - it
seems the Association had already been approached by other claimants and
was now trying to find out the details, it seems that Richard was correct,
the association did underwrite the claims and was liable for any
shortcomings, so the future looks bright for Sharon and Kylie.

Kylie was sent up to wash and get ready for bed, while she was doing
that I let Sharon know Maria's news, she was happy for Nancy, but was
disturbed with the fact that Maria wasn't in charge of Becky's case.

"But Mike," she said, "What happens if they try something else, I mean
Maria won't be able to warn us will she?"

I shook my head, "I don't think so, but for Becky's sake I hope they
don't try anything else. But we're just going to have to pray for the

She wasn't happy with that, I must admit I wasn't either. Then Kylie
shouted down that she was ready to go to bed, so I went up to the girls bedroom tucked Kylie into the bed and read from her story book until she
went to sleep.

- 30

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Normal disclaimer apply - If you're not old enough, wise enough or
mature to know that this is only a story then please, PLEASE do not read
(now you've got to the end of the story!)

- The characters in this story are fictitious - any resemblance to any
person alive or like Darren (dead) is coincidental - so if you meet any of
them you can tell them they don't exist!

- After messing up Nancy's name a couple of chapters ago I had to
introduce Tina, just to keep things straight, for those who missed it
chapter 25 was reposted with the correct names included.

- My estimate of how many chapters left was wrong, this chapter didn't
go as far as I thought it should - sorry. I still think that I might
finish this by Christmas, unless the story thinks otherwise.

- My normal thanks to all those who have emailed me with comment,
concerns and suggestions - as always I will try to reply to all emails
sent, my address is - please note any viruses sent
will be reported to the ISP of the sender and the email address blocked
from my user - I'm afraid that list is growing. Anyway, thanks again, and
I'll try to get the next chapter out next week.

Wandering lanes - 21st November 2001.


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