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The Girl With A Bicycle 28

The girl With A Bicycle - Chapter 28 By Wandering Lanes

Codes - MF slow

The rest of the week followed the same pattern, on some days we would
wake up to find Kylie in the bed with us, it was a rare morning when she
wasn't, the mornings would be spend either at my home or Sharon's.

Greg got extra staff in to deal with the radio enquiries - we managed to
send some units off to the Guides Association, and then had enquiries from
Boy Scouts, Army Cadets and Sea Scouts organisations - we never did hear
from the Air Cadets? It seems that Kylie's adventure had spurred the
imagination of people.

Greg told me that based on projected sales we were able to drop the
price of the standard units to about 15 each, but I mentioned that the
master units should only be sold to authorised leaders of any organisations
- where Kylie was wise enough to use her radio in the emergency I doubted
if others would be so good!

George got the ball well underway with the insurance association, thanks
to Richard he was also able to represent the other people who didn't have a
solicitor to represent them, he worked out a repayment scale depending on
the amounts awarded.

On Friday there was a letter on Sharon's mat addressed to 'Miss K.
Williams' with a crest on the back of the envelope, Kylie was wide-eyed as
she read the contents.

'*Dear Miss Williams,

The Police Complaints Commission has investigated your complaint, and
have agreed that the procedures used on yourself and Miss Smith, were
humiliating and contrary to correct police procedure, for which we

However we do understand the discomfort and distress you have suffered
with this and therefore we have authorised a compensation payment of 5,000
each for yourself and Miss Smith, which the commission feel is adequate
payment, we enclose a cheque for the amount with this letter.

If you disagree with this please inform us within 7 days, otherwise we
will regard the complaint as settled.

Yours sincerely,* '

(The signature was just at squiggle)

I looked at Kylie who had removed the second piece of paper, the cheque
(check) was signed and dated and had the full amount made out, she was
reading it to make sure that it wasn't going to fade to nothing.

She then looked at me, "What do I do with this?"

I smiled, "Well the first thing to ask is - does this make up for the
fuss at the police station?"

She thought for a moment "well it was so long ago." I suppose to a child
three weeks can be a long time, "And they didn't really hurt me, I was just
scared, so I suppose so."

I nodded, "Good! Now the first thing to do is to bank that cheque, you
do have a deposit account?" She shook her head, "Okay then where does your
mother bank?" She named the bank, I continued, "Right, we'll go there this

After a few moments Kylie had another thought, "I wonder if Becky's got
one as well? We couldn't go to her house and find out?" I wasn't sure
about that, but Kylie insisted that we tried. I thought for a few minutes
then picked up the phone.

I dialled the police station number, the duty officer answered the
phone, and I asked to be passed to D.S. Nichols.

He was his normal gruff self. "Nichols. Who's calling?"

I identified myself and then said, "Kylie's just received a rather
interesting letter, it seems that she's been given some compensation."

Nichols sounded rather happy for the girls, "So it's arrived, I did
mention that Kylie and Becky had been through a lot, plus the incident at
the Brownies camp also helped, the Chief Constable down there contacted
ours and found out about the problem, they called the commission who bumped
the case up, I hope they're satisfied with the amount?"

I nodded (its daft what you do when on the phone!) and then said.
"Well, Kylie is, but of course we don't know about Becky, she's still in
hospital, so hasn't received her letter, we were going to go to her home to
see if she has a letter, but we don't have a front door key, do you have
any suggestions?"

Nichols considered this. "Yes, I think the uniforms will have a set -
crime scene and all that. Look if you and Kylie go there I'll ensure that
someone will meet you with the keys? Do you know if you'll need anything

I asked Kylie who nodded and said. "Clothes - she hasn't any with her,
and I think she wants her own pyjama's, the ones she has are from the
hospital." I relayed the gist of the message to Nichols who said that we
should be able to do that, I thanked him and hung up, Kylie was at the door
waiting for us to start off, I had to stop her as I looked for a suitcase
for Becky's clothes, I found Becky's case still in the girls room, Kylie
took the clothes out and packed them into a chest of drawers.

I asked her. "Why couldn't we have taken those?" she looked at me as if
I was daft.

"Becky told me to keep the clothes here," she said in a matter of fact
voice, "I think she plans on staying here no matter what happens."

I decided not to press that issue, we'd cross that bridge when we got to
it. I picked up the now empty suitcase, and chased Kylie down the stairs
to the front door, as we left the house she held onto my hand, as we walked
down the road to Becky's house she changed her hold to hug my arm and we
carried on like that until we came to the gate.

The officer at the door was the same driver who helped me with the
chase, he recognised me, "That was good work you did last week, how is the
girl?" I gave him the abbreviated version, which seemed to satisfy him.
"Good, so she'll be up and about soon, I'll pass the word."

This surprised me and at my questioning look he said. "Well the word
got out about the girl, she was the one who that blasted (sorry Miss) Jones
was victimising wasn't she?" I nodded, "Well when we knew that we were all
rooting for her, let her know if she needs anything that we can help her
with, we'll be there for her."

I thanked him on Becky's behalf, he handed me a set of keys, which Kylie
took control of, finding the front door key and opened the door, the
constable said. "Technically I'm not supposed to leave you alone, but I
don't think you'd do anything you shouldn't, I'll be out here when you're
ready to leave." Again I thanked him and entered the house.

Kylie was already looking though the letters, sorting them out Mr.
Smith, Mrs. Smith, Mr. D. Smith, Becky (yes! Miss. R. Smith), and
circulars (junk), as expected there was one letter for Becky, and a rather
bulky letter for Darren, I sent Kylie upstairs to sort out clothing for
Becky and went outside with Darren's letter and handed it to the constable,
saying "I'm not sure what's in this, but from what I know of Darren I don't
think it anything healthy."

He took it as if it was a time bomb, which in a way it probably was! I
quickly went back inside to find Kylie, I heard noises from upstairs and
followed my ears, arriving at the broken door, after these weeks and the
door still wasn't fixed, I remembered the first time I was here, dodging a
wild punch from Darren, then being mobbed by the two girls, so much had
happened since that time! I entered Becky's room for the first and
probably the last time since I knew her.

The room was tidy, not young girl tidy - if there was such a thing - but
meticulously tidy, Kylie saw me looking then said, "It was her parents idea, they thought if there was nothing breakable out then Becky couldn't
cause a mess, then they made her tidy up before she went to bed, Darren was
told to make sure she did!" Kylie started to cry I held her as she cried
for her friend.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We left the house, Kylie was holding the letter for Becky, the constable
took the keys, and bid us goodbye, he was still holding Darren's letter,
this time in a plastic bag.

We walked to the garage and, after I got the car out, Kylie sat in the
front of the car again, and although the radio was on it was, in its own
way, a quiet trip, neither of us wanted to talk, I suppose too scared of
what we might say after that disturbing glimpse into Becky's home life.

After I parked the car we went to the Bank, passing Greg's shop - he was
looking more relax than previously - I waved to him as we went past. When
we arrived at the bank I went to the reception desk, and waited in the
queue (In Britain what else!).

The young lady behind the counter smiled at us as we approached, "Good
morning, can I help you?" She said to me, I pointed to Kylie and her gaze
moved down to the girl.

Kylie held the cheque out, "I've received this and I need help." The
assistant behind the desk, her name badge said Debbie, took the cheque
thinking that Kylie was trying to bank her pocket money, and then she saw
the amount, looked at Kylie then back to the cheque.

"Yes," she said, "I see, if I may ask how old are you?"

Kylie smiled, "I'll be ten in two months time."

Debbie smiled back, "So it's not a birthday gift, I'll have to get an
advisor to talk to you, I can't give you the advice you'll need, if you can
wait for a few minutes please." She gave the cheque back to Kylie, and
picked up a phone. We sat on the upholstered seats - Kylie was swinging
her legs while we waited.

After a few minutes a man approached, he smiled at Kylie, "Miss
Williams, I'm Arthur Maxwell, I understand you would like to open an
account with us, if you would come with me." He led us to a small office,
motioned us to two chairs and then sat behind a desk, removing forms from
some drawers.

Arthur looked up at Kylie, "First of all, I want to say how happy I am
to meet you, Miss Williams," At Kylies surprised look he continued, "My
daughter is in the pack, she told me how you helped that girl, she was one
of the lookouts that day. She said you did a great deal to help the other
girl." He noticed Kylie was starting to get red, "I'm sorry I didn't mean
to embarrass you, shall I change the subject?" She nodded.

Arthur looked at the forms and then started again. "Miss Williams, I
understand you have an amount of money to deposit with us," Kylie handed
over the cheque, Arthur studied it, "Yes, that's all in order, now the
question is what do you want to do with the money?"

Kylie was confused, "W.. What do you mean, I want to bank it!" She
looked at me in puzzlement.

Arthur nodded, "I'm sorry, that was badly worded, what I meant to ask
was how do you want your money to work for you," he received a blank look
from Kylie, who then looked at me. Arthur turned his attention to me.
"Mr. Williams aren't you going to help your daughter?"

Kylies laughter interrupted his question, "Uncle Mike isn't my dad, I
mean I wish he was but he's a friend." I quickly added "Of the family."

Arthur seemed a bit abashed at that, "Oh, well I really think you should
have a member of your family with you, to advise you."

I was going to answer when Kylie jumped in, "Mummy said I was to trust
Uncle Mike, and I do, so Uncle Mike what do you think I should do?"

I looked at Kylie and then Arthur, "Well, I think that you should invest
the money for when you go to college, but opening a current account when
you're fourteen or fifteen," she opened her mouth.

"But..." she started, "but that's years away!"

I nodded. "Yes, it is years away, but it's going to give you a sound
financial base to help you when you're going to need it."

She looked at Arthur, who was also nodding "I'm afraid your uncle is
right, and some of our accounts will earn you more money to longer you keep
it with us, the current account would allow you access to a percentage of
the interest that you had accrued over the first four years." He looked at
me, "That's a very good investment program, where did you learn about

I smiled. "That's how I'm working at the moment, it all depends on the
amount you start with."

Arthur nodded, then turned back to Kylie. "Well, I can only say that we
can give you one of the best interest rates around, we'll need your
signature on here to allow us to open the account, and the signature of
your parents or a guardian."

Kylie read the form, which was a surprise to me but I was happy to see
that she was taking this seriously, then she took the proffered pen and
carefully signed her name on the form, she then looked at me, "Uncle Mike
could you sign this please." I looked at Kylie who nodded - I then took the
pen and signed the document, handing the pen back to Arthur.

Arthur looked through the documents again, signed for the bank. He
excused himself and disappeared for a few minutes. When he returned he had
a pack, which he handed to Kylie. "This is a welcome pack, it outlines
what the bank will be doing with your money, How you can change your
account types and other aspects, I have arranged for a current account to
be opened when you are fourteen, as outlined by your uncle. Should you
need any more information you can contact us. But is there anything else
you want to know?"

I looked at Kylie who shook her head, I said. "Thank you Arthur, I
think that's all for the moment, by the way I might have another customer
after the same arrangement, when I can will you be able to accept her?"

Arthur smiled, "Certainly, just bring her in and we'll go through the
paperwork with her."

I shook my head. "I don't think I'll be able to do that for some time,
she's in hospital at the moment, is it possible to have a set of the
application forms?"

Arthur thought for a moment, "Well we normally need the customer to sign
in the bank, but if you can provide a witness to sign then it should be
acceptable." He rooted through the drawer and surfaced with some more
papers, which he handed to me. I thanked him, shook his hand, Kylie also
shook his hand, he smiled at her adult approach, and so we left the Bank.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While we were eating Kylie was reading the documents from the bank, I
smiled. "Don't tell me you understand all that!" - Most of the documents
from banks are normally so convoluted they seem to be talking a different
language, at least to me they do.

She nodded, "I think I do, but then I think they know what they're

I smiled. "But then they're out to make money for themselves, they're
using your money to help earn their profits."

She looked annoyed. "But that's disgusting, why can't they let me earn
the money instead of them?"

I laughed at that. "That's their job they earn a lot of money from your
cash and give you a part of that back as interest - remember they've got to
make a living too!"

She frowned, "And that Arthur seemed such a nice man!" I decided not to
continue the subject.

We finished our dinner (sounds posh, but we spent it at Burger King!)
and went to visit Becky, when we got to the ward Kylie handed Becky her
letter, she looked at it mystified.

Kylie said, "It's a letter, you open it and read the contents!"

Becky poked her tongue out at Kylie. "I know what it is Ky. I just
don't know if I should open it! What do you think Mr. Mike?"

I made an act of considering the question. "I'm not sure Becky, what
does it say?"

She started to read the address, then gave up and opened the letter in
exasperation, then started to read it out loud, the only difference was the
amount awarded, Becky had received 7,500 .

Kylie looked at me in amazement, "Why did she get more than me?"

I explained to Kylie that where her examination had stopped when the
doctor found out she was still a virgin, they were more thorough when they
examined Becky, which made the examination worse for her, and more
embarrassing for her, so her compensation should be greater.

Kylie finally accepted this fact and hugged Becky, who was still
confused. "But why do they want to give me this? I mean they weren't as
bad as Darren was."

I told her, "It doesn't matter how bad it was or wasn't. The fact that
they did what they did without your permission or that of your parents meant they broke the law, and as they were the police what they did was
worse than Darren had ever done. They have to pay for their mistake, no
matter what they say - they still have to obey the law."

She looked at the cheque. "So this is mine, if I want it?" I nodded,
she started to cry, I went to her and held her until the tears subsided,
"I. I just thought, Mum and Dad would have taken it away from me, and then
I remembered . . . " she started crying again.

I was holding her again until she settled. "Well, I know I'm not your
parent, but I can take that away from you and put it in a bank, would you
let me do that?" She looked confused.

"But." She started, "I thought it was my money?"

I nodded. "Yes, it is your money, all I'm suggesting is that you put it
in a bank as Kylie has done, then when you are older it will be there for

She considered that, then looked at Kylie, "Ky, how much did you have?"
when Kylie told her she said, "Mr. Mike could I put the same amount into
the bank, but share the other 2,500 with Kylie now. That way we can still
save the money, but enjoy it as well."

I countered with, "How about if you and Kylie have a savers account, one
that you both have access to, you'll still get some interest back, but be
able to draw out cash when you need to." Becky looked at Kylie who looked

Becky then said, "Could you do that Mr. Mike?"

I nodded then said, "All you have to do is write it down, have a witness
to sign it and I'll take it to the bank for they to work on."

Becky started to look around for paper and a pen, I went to the nurses
position and asked for some headed paper, Tina was there and found what I
needed, I also asked her to come to Becky's bed.

I handed Becky the paper and the forms that Arthur had given me, she
started to sign the form when Kylie said, "Aren't you going to read it

Becky shook her head. "Nope! Did you read yours," Kylie nodded, Becky
continued, "Was it the same as this?" another nod, "So why should I read it
if yours was okay?"

I explained to Tina what was happening, she grasped the importance of
this, but asked Becky if she agreed to this. When Becky said yes, Tina
signed and filled in the witness box. Becky then wrote out on the headed
paper that 5,000 was to be held in the deposit account, then requested
that the 2,500 be placed into a savers account in her and Kylie's name,
Tina also witnessed this letter. Becky handed the forms and cheque to me.

Kylie then told Becky that we had brought some clothes from her house,
she couldn't wait to change, I said that I'd take the papers to the bank
and return later to pick up Kylie.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Arthur was surprised to see me back so soon, I handed him the forms
which he went through and agreed were okay, he read the letter, noted the
witness signature, he asked me where Tina was working at that time, I
pointed out the hospital paper and told him which ward, he excused himself
and went away for a moment.

When he returned he apologised, but said that he had to contact the
witness, just to ensure that all was as I had said, he expected me to be
annoyed at that, but I pointed out that I was a stranger to him and it was
better to be safe than sorry. Actually I was glad that he didn't take me a
face value, it showed he was doing his job correctly.

Using Kylie's signature from earlier and Becky's from her letter a joint
savers account was opened, I asked that only both girls signatures could be
used, and not mine or Kylie's mother. He asked me why, I said that it was
the girls money, no one else's. The proviso was agreed and a saving book
was made up and handed to me, showing the sum of 2,500 in the credit

I took note of the girls account numbers and asked Arthur for the bank's
sort code (the way a bank is identified by other banks), I made a trip to
my bank before starting off for the hospital.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I returned to the ward and presented the saving's book which Becky
looked at in awe, she showed it to Kylie, "That's more than I've ever seen
before!" she exclaimed. I explained that to get any money out both girls had to be present, Becky looked at me, "I suppose you can get what you want
from it, for when we break anything." When I explained that I had blocked
such access she jumped up in the bed and hugged me.

Kylie and I stayed with Becky until we had to go back home to get dinner
ready for Sharon - Becky gave the savings book to Kylie saying, "Please
look after this for me." And Kylie promising that she would.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We left the hospital and drove back home, as I entered the house I
noticed the answer phone light flashing - I pressed the play button.

"Uh! Hello, this is DS Nichols, I hate these things, now, um, that
letter you gave Collins, opened another can of worms, um. Look I can't
talk about this over the phone, I'll come round later tonight and tell you,
um, Bye."

Kylie looked at me. "What letter?"

I remembered the one for Darren which I gave the officer, "It was one I
found at Becky's, it was addressed to Darren but I thought the police would
find it interesting." Kylie left it at that.

I started the dinner while Kylie set the table, while it was cooking we
sat together on the sofa in the living room and watched television until
Sharon arrived.

I served the meal as Kylie was explaining the day's events, she showed
her letter to Sharon who read it through, then looked at me - "What's she
going to do with 5,000?" she asked me.

I smiled. "Well I convinced her to put it into the bank for when she's
older, and she managed to convince Becky to do the same." I told her about
the bank account that Becky insisted on opening and why.

Sharon shook her head. "I don't know, after all she's been through and
she still treats Kylie as a sister." She looked at me, "And what are you
doing about her?"

The abrupt change surprised me, I answered. "At the moment I'm leaving
things to Hugh - that's what I'm paying him for. He tells me that there is
nothing to worry about."

She snorted, "He's a solicitor, do you always believe them?" - there was
a slight chuckle in her voice at the end.

I was slightly amused, "Why not, he tells me that he's good - so I
believe him!"

She shook her head, her shoulders heaving, I became concerned until I
realised that she was laughing but trying not to show it, "Oh! You. You.
. ." She couldn't complete whatever it was she was going to say.

I got up and went to her, going down on one knee in front of her,
"Sharon, no I'm not proposing, yet! - What I want to say is - I trust
Hugh, I have to, he knows his business, I don't! But I do know that he is
aware of how WE feel about Becky, so we are in good hands."

She looked at me and smiled, "Yes, I know we are. But the next time
you're in that position you'd better be prepared to say the right thing,

I smiled and stood up. "Yes mistress, as you command."

She laughed and said, "Better, but you've more to learn!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The rest of the day passed in, what was now, a normal routine - Kylie
had a bath, and then I read to her until she fell asleep. Sharon and I
would then wait for an hour, watching the news on television, before

On Saturday we slept in until 9 o'clock, the surprise was that Kylie
wasn't with us! I got up and dressed, I checked in the girls' bedroom,
Kylie was fast asleep, sucking her thumb - I smiled and moved onto the

When I left, shaved and washed, I passed Sharon who said, "She's still
asleep." I nodded and went downstairs to the kitchen, turned on the
hotplates on the cooker and started to heat up a frying pan, to start

By the time Kylie was awake, the breakfast was ready, she came
downstairs in her nightgown rubbing her eyes, "Why's everyone up so early?"
she asked, we looked at the clock, quarter to ten, and burst out laughing.
This set the mood for the rest of the morning, which we filled by doing the
weekly shopping, Sharon was determined to stock up my house as well as
hers, as she said "We can't keep on staying at your house, you never know
we might get squatters in!"

The afternoon we spent with Becky in the hospital, she was well enough
to sit outside in the grounds enjoying the sun, we had a picnic set up for
her which raised her spirits after spending a week in bed.

After a couple of hours she started to yawn, so we took her back to the
ward, Tina wasn't on duty that day but her replacement, Tracy, said that
the sun had agreed with Becky, who was then ushered into her bed, which was
now moved away from the nurses' station - we were told that since she was
recovering so well there was no need to keep a close eye on her - she
settled down, and closed her eyes, we waited until she was asleep and
quietly left the ward.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We returned to Sharon's house, unloaded the picnic residue, washed the
plastic plates and cups, and played a quiet game of Cluedo (Which Sharon
won) . Kylie was sent up to bed, again I read to her until she fell

I returned to Sharon downstairs and we remained on her settee until she
led me upstairs to bed.

Once in the bedroom, we undressed and relaxed on the bed, just kissing
at first then deepening, our hands exploring each other's body. I felt
Sharon's hands on my chest, rubbing my nipples before moving down to my

My hands were also busy - rubbing her back, moving down to the small of
her back, making her arch with pleasure, "Ohh Mike, that's so good." She
was almost purring like a kitten.

I rolled her onto her back, she smiled up at me as I entered her
slipping into her velvet sheath, she moaned in ecstasy, "Yyeeesssss,
Miiikke." I lowered myself down onto her, to find her rising up to meet me,
after a few moments of this she lowered herself down onto the bed, allowing
me to work away on her.

Her voice was the thermometer of her pleasure, crying out in the midst
of her climax "Oh yes, Mike, OH MIKE, MIKE, OH Yesss, OH MMIIIKKEE,
MIIIIKKEEEE!" as she climaxed she triggered my release, pouring my essences
into her.

We relaxed in the euphoric bliss for a few moments, then Sharon turned
me onto my back and mounted me in the now familiar position that she seemed
to prefer, riding me to another mutual climax, after which we fell asleep.

Sunday again we slept late, I awoke to find Sharon was already up, but
Kylie was in the bed again resting against my chest, I opened my eyes to
look at her head, "Good morning Kylie," I said,

She giggled, "That sounded odd, I could hear your voice in your chest."

I laughed which started her off again - I stroked her back. "Now why
are you resting like that?"

She sighed, "Well, daddy used to let me, I liked to listen to his
heartbeat, I wanted to just make believe he was here again." There were
tears in her eyes as she said that.

I kept holding her, "That's okay pumpkin, don't cry, if it helps you
then just stay there, you don't have to worry, I know I'm not your father and I know you want to remember him."

She sniffled, "I do miss him, but I don't want to make mummy unhappy,
don't tell her please." And she snuggled closer to me.

I hugged her shoulders, "I won't, do you want to stay here any longer?"

She looked at me and wrapped her arms around, or as far as she could
get, "Just a bit longer please Uncle Mike." So we remained like that until
Sharon came upstairs to check on us.

She looked into the doorway, smiled at the two of us, "When you're both
ready breakfast will be waiting downstairs, if you're not down in 10
minutes I'm feeding it to the dogs!"

Kylie lifted her head up, "We don't have any dogs!" she said.

Sharon smiled and replied, "Okay then. After I get some dogs, then I'll
feed your breakfast to them, happy?"

Kylie nodded, "Yes mummy," she kissed me, "Thanks daddy." She jumped out
of the bed and ran to her bedroom before I could say anything.

Sharon looked at me quizzically "What did she say?" All I could do was
to shake my head

"I think she called me daddy! Look I think we'd better keep quiet about
this, if we pester her she'll only be embarrassed, don't forget she's got
to go to Brownies today, have you told her yet?"

Sharon shook her head, "No, I'm afraid she wouldn't want to go I thought
it might be better to spring it onto her as a surprise." I nodded, it might
be for the best, I know if I was going to be presented with anything it was
better that I didn't know, otherwise they'd never find me!

I got washed, shaved and dressed and went downstairs to find Kylie
sitting at the table eating away, I sat down and joined her and Sharon at
the breakfast, Sharon looked at Kylie, "Don't forget you've got Brownies
this afternoon, so we'd better visit Becky before then okay?"

Kylie nodded then added, "Why don't I miss Brownies today, I can go next
week." Sharon almost choked on the piece of toast.

I came in with, "Don't you think your friends would miss you? Anyway
I've got to go as Margaret wants some advice, so you'd better come with

She shrugged, "Okay Uncle Mike, is mummy coming with us?"

Sharon smiled, "Well I will if you want to, I could do with a walk this
afternoon." And so the plan was started.

We started off for the hospital at 10, Kylie was dressed in her
Brownie's uniform, Sharon and I were dressed in what could be called
casually formal clothes, if there is such a thing, there were fewer
children in the ward, as they liked to release as many as possible over the

Becky was allowed more time out of her bed and was now mixing with the
remaining children, when we arrived she ran up to us.

"You're early," She said, "we haven't even had lunch yet"

We explained that Kylie had to be at Brownies, but we wanted to visit
beforehand. We stayed with the children until they were engrossed in their
game, then we had a word with the nurses, again Tina wasn't on duty, but
the remaining nurses were able to tell us that Becky had made a great
improvement and should be released within a few days, Ah the resilience of

When the lunch trolley arrived we left Becky, promising to return after
Brownies. Kylie waving to Becky, and some new friends, as we left. We
went to a Pizza Hut for lunch sharing an extra large pizza, most of which
was demolished by Kylie.

The time approached for the Brownies meeting, we had just started off
for the Church Hall when my radio crackled into life. "This is Brown Owl
to Mike Moore," I answered the call which continued, "Would you mind
remaining outside the hall until we send for you all?" Kylie looked at me
quizzically as I said we would.

"What's happening Uncle Mike?" She asked me.

I looked at Sharon who shrugged, so I bit the bullet, "There is going to
be a presentation ceremony today, it seems that there is a special badge
that is only given to a few people in the Guides Association." Kylie was
shaking her head, I continued, "I'm afraid you have to be there, now don't
worry we'll be here with you." I grasped her hand, Sharon took the other.

She looked at us both then nodded. "Okay, I'll go in, but I won't like

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We were still holding Kylie's hands when our radios chimed out, "This is
Brown Owl to all Brownies - we are ready for the ceremony, Kylie Williams,
Sharon Williams and Mr. Michael Moore would you please enter."

The doors to the Church Hall opened before us and we started to walk in.
The route was lined with Brownies, and then Guides (who normally met on a
different day). Paula came up to us and said "Please follow me".

She led the way to staging that had been added to the Hall, where
Margaret and Joyce were already standing along with 3 other uniformed
people. When we arrived we were shown to seats off to one side, Margaret
smiled at us, then waited for the Brownies and parents to be seated before

"*Welcome to you all, I'm glad you could make this, our special meeting.
Special in that we are honouring one of our Brownies, a young girl who has
had problems, but thought of others. A girl who, when others would have
stood by, acted - using intelligence and wit when others would have tried
force. she then memorised a details of a car, its number plate and was
able to repeat it. When I told her everything was okay she said to me,
'But we haven't got Sarah back yet' She was still worried about her

I could see tears in Margaret's eyes as she was saying this, I felt
Kylie's hand still in mine shaking. Margaret carried on speaking.

"*I know she doesn't realise what she has done, she keeps saying that
she only did what anyone else could have done - but she was the one who did
it. In this young girl the spirit of the Brownies is encapsulated. She is
always cheerful, she tries her best, and she is always there to lend a
hand. It for this that Kylie Williams is being honoured.*

*I would like to present to you all Mrs. Fawkes, she is the Brownies'
organiser for this region, you could say she is my Brown Owl*." Margaret
sat down and one of the newcomers stood up.

She smiled at Kylie, turned to the audience and started. "*Well, what
can I say? As Brown Owl has said Kylie has acted in the best traditions of
the Brownies. She helped in the rescue of another Brownie by acting wisely
enough, we heard from the police in that region, who commended Kylie for
her actions. She did everything she could to help Sarah without coming to
any harm herself, I think this is why she thinks she isn't a hero.*" She
looked at Kylie again, shook her head and said, "*My dear, a hero is not
only measured in strength or fitness, a hero is someone who does their best
at the right time. You did! You knew you couldn't fight Sarah's father,
so you made it possible for him to be tracked down and arrested - this is
what makes you a hero.*" She turned to the audience again, "*And it is for
this reason that the Guides Association have decided to award Kylie with
their highest honour, if the badge can be brought out please!*"

From out of a doorway a young Brownie carried a red cushion, with her
was an older woman, I heard Kylie gasp, "Sarah!" and she released our hands
and started to get up, Sarah smiled when she saw Kylie, then remembered her
duty and carried the cushion to Mrs. Fawkes.

Kylie was beckoned up to the front, Mrs. Fawkes started to speak again,
"*For those of you who are not aware, this is Sarah, the girl Kylie helped.
She asked to be here and we agreed. It is only fitting that she should
present Kylie with the award*."

Mrs. Fawkes took the cushion from Sarah, who picked up a golden badge
and said, "*This is the highest award a Guide or Brownie can receive, it is
only awarded to those who perform a meri. . meritorious action as a
Brownie or Guide, I present this to Kylie Williams the Brownie who saved
me*." And as she handed the badge to Kylie the audience bust into cheers
and applause, Sarah then kissed Kylie and said, "Thank you, for being there
when I needed you." Kylie was in full flood, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Mrs Fawkes waited for the cheers to subside then said. "*We also have
another badge for Kylie to receive, this is the tracker badge, normally
awarded for following a track laid down by wildlife, but as the Brownies
are living in the 21st century it was decided that electronic tracking
should also be included. And so Kylie Williams I present you with your
tracking badge*." Again the applause started as Mrs. Fawkes handed Kylie a
fabric badge, she said to Kylie, "Well done, don't worry the worst is over
now!" Kylie thanked her and returned to us bringing Sarah and the older woman with her.

The woman introduced herself. "Hello, I 'm Samantha Villiers, Sarah's
mother. I wanted to say thank you to Kylie, I don't know what would have
happened to Sarah if she hadn't helped her." She noticed Kylie blushing.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you, but I am grateful for your

The two sat down beside us, then I heard Margaret speaking my name, I
looked up to see her watching me, she beckoned me upto the front.

When I was standing with her she smiled at me, "your turn." She said,
then addressed the audience.

"*I first met Mr. Moore some weeks ago when we were thinking about a
major purchase," she held up her radio. "These little things have proven
their weight in gold, as Kylie has shown. When we found out how much they
cost we were disappointed. Then a guardian angel showed up, not only did
he give us these radios, he also made it possible for all our pack to
attend the camp - the first time this has happened since I was Brown Owl*,"
She turned to me, "*On behalf of the Brownie pack I want to thank you Mike
Moore, anytime we can help you just call and we will do our best*." She
picked up a piece of paper which was on the cushion that had held Kylie's
badges, and handed it to me, "*This was made by our junior members and has
been signed by all, it is a simple document it reads*;

*To Mr. Moore, benefactor of this Pack*.

*We the undersigned want to thank you for your aid to the Pack. You
have allowed us to win the most points at Brownies Camp, enabled our Pack
to be together and provided us with the things we needed. Your generosity
helped to bring us closer together and bring new friends to those who were

*We pledge our friendship to you and name you as an honorary member of
our pack*.

The paper was signed by all the pack in sixes order, looking down the
list I saw Kylie's name, she had known about this, and hadn't let on. Even
the words she spoke at breakfast was part of her game, I shook my head at
her and she grinned.

I looked at the girls seated in the audience and spoke, "Thank you,
thank you all. I'm afraid I was being selfish when I offered to sponsor
the Camping trip, I was trying to make sure that Kylie had all her friends
with her, like Kylie I don't think I deserve this, but as you all have
taken so much time and effort in creating this why should I deprive you of
the pleasure of allowing me to accept it. So being selfish again I do
accept it as it will make you all happy. Thank you once again." It wasn't
coherent, but it was from the heart. I stumbled back to my seat, for some
reason I couldn't see properly.

When I was firmly seated Margaret stood up again, "Because this is a
celebration ceremony I am please to announce that we have some more badges
to distribute, these were won by the girls at the Brownie's Camp, please
come up to the stage when I read your name."

As their names were read out the girls picked up their badges, Kylie
also had her badges to pick up which she did by moving round to the back of
the stage and then walking around to the front, taking her badges from Mrs.
Fawkes. Then to everyone's surprise Sarah's name was called, she was
puzzled but went to the front, Mrs. Fawkes smiled at her.

"Sarah," she began, "This is a special badge, friendship, it is
presented to you as you wanted to be the one to give Kylie her award. You
are now a friend of this pack as well as your own I hope you will cherish
this badge there are only a few of these around." Sarah nodded her head and
slowly returned to her seat, as she sat down she showed the badge to her
mother and then Kylie, the two girls hugged each other.

The rest of the meeting was a blur, at the end a buffet was revealed and
a party mood was established with the girls enjoying themselves, looking at
their new badges, several of the parents came over to talk, many were
interested in the radios, and a few also thanked me for sponsoring their
children, it was called that as nobody would admit to accepting charity but
would allow their child to be sponsored - it didn't matter to me as all the
Brownies were happy.

Mrs. Fawkes spoke to me about the radios, I told her that the Guides
Association was being provided with enough to test in other packs, I also
mentioned that the more radios we could sell the lower the price could be,
a simple case of supply and demand. She seemed happy with this knowledge.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally the party was over and we left the Church Hall to walk home,
Kylie had arranged to meet some of the other girls on Monday Morning, she
was still looking at the special badge, she had been told that it would
have to be added to her Brownie uniform and then onto her Guides uniform
when she progressed up to that level. Sharon looked at the other badges
supplied in a plastic bag, "I suppose I'll have to sew these onto your
sash!" she jokingly complained.

Kylie looked at her smiling eyes and said, "Well, I could try I suppose,
or we could glue them onto it!"

Sharon shook her head, "After the last time you glued something, you
nearly stuck your finger together. No I'll sew them on, better to be safe
than sorry."

They laughed at the memory, then Kylie said, "We've got to go back to
Becky, we did promise her." She was right, I'd almost forgotten so when we
got back to Sharon's house we went straight into the car and drove to the

On the ward Kylie showed Becky her badge, and they spent time talking to
each other, until they ran out of things to say. I went up to Becky who
hugged me, "Thanks for coming Mr. Mike, I don't want you to ever forget

I ruffled her hair, "Becky, I'll never forget you, you know that, now
don't worry you'll be out of here soon, now remember although the Social
Services will be looking after you things will turn out alright."

She looked up at me, "But I want to stay with you, can't I Mr. Mike."

I shook my head, "Not yet, now don't worry things are under control,

She gave a quiet "Okay Mr. Mike, if you say so." I replied with 'Good'
and we stayed with her until she got sleepy, at which point we left her.

We returned to Sharon's home, Kylie went straight upstairs to have a
bath, while Sharon and I busied ourselves by tidying the place.

Kylie called out that she was finished in the bath and I went upstairs
to dry her off and put her into her nightgown, I was going to read to her
when she asked me, "Uncle Mike, did you like your present?"

I nodded, "Yes Kylie, how long did you know about it?"

She giggled. "All week, Brown Owl swore me to secrecy, but she didn't
tell me about anything else, that was a surprise."

I asked her, "A pleasant surprise?" She nodded, "and you're happy with
it now?" again she nodded, I said, "Good!" She settled down into the bed
and I started to read until she fell asleep.

For once Sharon and I were too tired to do anything else but go to bed
to sleep.

During the night I felt the bed dip slightly as Kylie joined us again,
but I soon fell asleep again, waking up with the alarm and joining Sharon
for breakfast, after Sharon went to work Kylie came downstairs to eat her
cereals. While eating her radio crackled into life, "Kylie are you ready
yet?" the voice said she answered, "Nearly, be there in 10 minutes!" She
wolfed down the breakfast then looked at me. "Is it okay for me to go
Uncle Mike?" she asked.

I nodded. "Yes Kylie that's fine, I'll do the washing up, don't forget
to meet me at my house later and we'll visit Becky." She kissed me goodbye
and went to the garden shed to pull out her bicycle, she mounted it and
rode off to play.

The rest of the day followed the same routine as the previous week, we
visited Becky in the afternoon, Tina was back on duty, "She's had a female
visitor this morning, I think her name was Nancy - she seemed to have a
good effect on Becky."

I nodded, "Yes, Nancy and Maria from Social Services, I think of them as
the good guys, the head office one are the bad hats as far as I'm
concerned, but Nancy knows Becky and seems to get on with her, I'm glad
she's visited."

I talked with Tina for some more minutes before staying with Becky and

The rest of the day fell into the familiar pattern, cooking dinner for
Sharon and Kylie, then bed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On Tuesday I had a phone call from the hospital, it was Tina. "Is that
Mike, listen we've had to release Becky, the doctors said that she could be
released, but the Social Services people, the bad hats, have already taken
her, I don't know where, but I thought you'd better know."

Shakily I thanked her then phoned George's office, once the receptionist
answered I asked to talk to Hugh, when I was passed through to him I
repeated what Tina had said. He said, "Hold on for a moment." I heard him
calling on another telephone, then he returned to me, "Mike meet me at the
High Court, family Division, it seems Social Services are pulling a fast

I dashed for the front door, with Kylie following me, she didn't say a
word but could tell something was wrong, I got the car out and she sat in
the front passenger seat, doing up the belt as I drove off, she raised her
radio and started speaking into it then turned to me, "Uncle Mike where are
we going."

I quickly told her and she repeated this into her microphone and I heard
Sharon's voice saying, "Okay, I'll meet you there.".

We arrived at the courthouse and after quickly parking the car I ran
into the High court building, with Kylie running behind me, looking for the
Family division courts, we were given directions and I arrived at the doors
of the courtroom in time to meet up with Hugh and Sharon, we entered the

I recognized the solicitor talking, it was the same one acting for the
Social Services in the magistrates court, he was saying ". . .with the
death of her parents and with no surviving relative it is imperative that
the child, Rebecca Smith be taken into immediate care, there being no
impediment as to why this should not take place. . ."

At this point he was interrupted by Hugh. "If it pleases the court I
would like to apologize for my late arrival in this case."

The judge on the bench looked at Hugh. "I was not aware that there was
another claimant to these proceedings."

Hugh managed to look astonished, "I must apologise again m'lord, this is
the case of Rebecca Smith, a female minor of nine years of age, recently
orphaned?" The judge nodded, "currently a ward of the magistrates court."

There was a rustle of papers then the Judge looked at the Social
Services counsel, "Mr. Morgan this fact is not present. Why?"

Morgan, the solicitor, tried to cover his tracks, "But m'lord it was
explained that the circumstances of the child have changed. She is now an
orphan it is the duty of the Social Services to provide aid for her."

The judge was starting to get annoyed. "Mr. Morgan, why was I not
informed of this fact, you were lucky I allowed this case to be added to my
list at short notice, and now I find that you have not provided all the
necessary information, may I ask what exactly is happening here?"

Hugh remove some papers from his briefcase he handed them to a usher who
took them to the Judge. He read through the casenotes, occasionally
looking at Morgan, who was starting to look white. Finally the judge
looked up. "Mr. Morgan it would appear that there is already an
outstanding investigation into this particular child," He looked around the
court, "Is Mr. Moore present?" I identified myself, "You are applying for
custody of the child?"

I nodded, "Yes, your honour."

The judge considered his response. "Mr. Morgan can you explain why you
were trying to circumnavigate a magistrates court decision, this is not a
court of appeal you know!"

Morgan was trying to placate the judge. "Yes m'lord, but it was felt
that the child was at risk and needed urgent attention, so it was decided
to obtain a higher ruling." He bowed to the judge.

The judge was not mellowed by this. "If your clients felt it was so
important then they should have provided proper information, now what is
the source of your clients fears, from whom is the child at risk. I cannot
see that it would be Mr. Moore, in fact the documentation here details how
he has acted toward the child, also how the child has been treated by the
authorities, if anything it would appear that the child has been better
treated while in the protection of Mr. Moore. However I do see that there
is an agreement for Social Services to have temporary custody of Rebecca
Smith, is the child present."

There was no response, Hugh spoke up. "The child in question was in
hospital until earlier this morning when the Social Services decided to
remove her from their care."

The judge looked stern. "I see, Mr. Morgan where is the child at this

Morgan looked flustered. "This is news to me m'lord." He turned to the
two people behind him and an animated conversation ensued, after a while
Morgan turned to the judge. "It would appear m'lord that it was deemed
necessary to remove the child as she was being placed under pressure by Mr.
Moore. He has removed a substantial amount of money from the child. We do
not know where the money is now, and will be taking steps to retrieve the
amount on behalf of the child."

The Judge turned his eyes to me again. "Is this true Mr. Moore, have
you removed money from Rebecca Smith?"

I was about to answer when Kylie spoke up. "That's rubbish, Uncle Mike
put the money into a bank account, just as he did with mine!"

The usher was about to order quiet but the judge spoke first. "Who was
that who spoke just then. Come here"

Kylie walked up to the bench. The judge took in her height and age.
"Who are you my child? And why does this case interest one as young as

Kylie blushed then spoke. "I'm Kylie Williams, Becky is my best friend.
If it wasn't for Uncle Mike she wouldn't be alive today. What that man was
saying about Uncle Mike stealing Becky's money wasn't true, he put it into
a bank for when we're older, but Becky did ask him to put some into a
savers account so that we, I mean Becky and I, could take some out when we
wanted it, here's the book, see." She handed the savings book to the judge.

He looked at the total in the book. "That's quite a lot of money, and
who is able to access the money apart from yourself and Rebecca?" Kylie
looked a bit lost, so the judge looked at me.

I stepped up to the bench and held Kylie by the shoulders. "No-one else
has access to the account. Not even myself. It's the girls money after
all, also both girls have to be present to withdraw any money."

The judge looked at the book again, "That's a lot of money for two young girls to have."

I nodded. "Yes but it was compensation payment from the Police
Complaints Commission following certain actions made against both girls at
the insistence of the Social Services, so the girls have earned that

The judge looked at Kylie, "Thank you, Kylie." Then he looked at me.
"Mr. Moore, I don't think I can go against the magistrates findings - I
can and will order that the process is started immediately but be warned
that it can take several weeks, are you prepared to wait for that length of

I nodded, "Yes your honor, but I do have a request to make." He looked
at me encouraging me to continue, "Becky's, I mean Rebecca's, case has been
taken from the local office, the Head office believes that they are too
close to the case, is it possible that Maria or Nancy could be assigned as
the official caseworker for Rebecca."

The judge nodded then raised his voice. "Mr. Morgan, who is the
official case worker for Miss Smith?"

There was a hurried conversation by Morgan and his crew then he turned
to the judge, "It would appear that there is no actual casework yet
assigned to Miss. Smith, the case has been taken over by the main office."

The judge started to rumble. "You mean to say that no-body is assigned
to this young child, this is unacceptable. I suggest you let the local
officer take control of this case immediately, the courts must have a
person who can be held responsible. I believe Maria Clarkeson is available
and she would be acceptable to the courts!"

There was another hurried conversation, and several times Morgan could
be heard saying 'No that not acceptable' to the people, after a request to
phone out, which was given, they returned to continue the conversation,
then Morgan turned back. "It has been agreed that, although the local
office has appeared to be too close to the case, Maria Clarkeson will be
given the responsibility of Miss Smith."

I turned to the judge, "Thank you, I think Rebecca would prefer Maria to
some stranger."

He shook his head, and said in a low voice. "Don't thank me too soon
Mr. Moore, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you." He raised his voice
back to normal. "So it has been agreed that Mrs. Clarkeson will be
responsible for the child Rebecca Smith, until such time that official
guardianship has been awarded. However the Social Services have cited that
Mr. Moore has been exerting pressure on Miss Smith. Although the evidence
here shows that he has been very protective to Miss Smith, I have to
rescind the magistrates direction, Mr. Moore will not be allowed visiting
privileges for Miss Smith any communications must be place through her
social worker, Mrs. Clarkeson."

He looked back at me shaking his head, "I'm sorry Mr. Moore, but I must
be sure that the child is not placed under undue pressure. Case closed
pending the investigation requested by the magistrates court. If I can see
all parties in my rooms." He banged the gavel, rose up and left the court,
followed by Hugh and Morgan. Sharon and Kylie was holding onto each other,
crying away.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Normal disclaimer apply, all persons here are trained actors, no child
was hurt in producing this story. If you are not of an appropriate age or
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so long to appear, I got side-tracked, but will be continuing the story. -
Not much further to go now - My normal thanks to all those who have emailed
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