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The Girl With A Bicycle 32


The girl With A Bicycle - 32 By Wandering Lanes

Codes (MF, slow)

All to soon Thursday arrived. I said to Kylie, "You don't have to go to
this you know!"

She nodded. "I know, but if Becky's going to be there I want to be with
her." We were in her room at Sharon's house, looking for a black dress or
skirt and top, finally we found a navy blue skirt, and a plain black
blouse, which was completed with white socks and black shoes, I was dressed
in a dark suit ready for the funeral.

I took her by the shoulders, and held her close to me, she looked up at
me, and tears were glistening in her eyes. "I'm sorry Uncle Mike," She
said, "but I don't feel happy like this".

I just hugged her, I didn't really want her to go, as Paul said
'children should be having fun, not being shown death at their age', but
when I mentioned that Becky may be going she couldn't be stopped.

I pressed the talk button on my radio. "Becky this is Mike, are you

There was a pause and Joan's voice answered. "Hello Mike, Becky's
crying at the moment, Paul told her of the funeral yesterday and she said
she had to go, but today she's having second thoughts"

Kylie spoke into her radio. "Hello Joan, this is Kylie, can Becky hear

There was a slight pause, and then Becky's voice was heard on the
speakers. "Hu. . Hello Ky. I'm here"

Kylie answered her in mock anger. "Becky Smith, I'm all dressed up and
pestering Uncle Mike to take me so that you'll have a friend with you. I
don't want to be there and find out you didn't come, we're friends and
friends will always be there for each other, so I want you to be dressed
and waiting for me at the church, I'll sit with you, okay?"

Becky's voice sounded as if it was catching in her mouth, "O. . Okay,
Ky. If. You're. G. . Going. To. B-be. There," Then a rush of words,
"I'llbetheretoo" and then a short silence.

Joan's voice then spoke up. "Hello Mike and Kylie, Becky will be there,
Kylie, I'll make sure Becky won't let you down, I'd better go now."

I looked at my watch, there was enough time to pick up Sharon from work
and then to go onto the Church, we hurried off to the car, Kylie sat in the
front (it did seem to help her) and we drove off to the paper's offices.

Sharon was waiting for us as we arrived and got into the back, once she
was belted in we started off for the Church.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The funeral was a quiet affair, two coffins side by side in the aisle of
the church - between the coffins was an urn, which contained the ashes of

Becky dressed in black sat in the front pulpit with Kylie beside her;
they were both holding hands comforting each other softly, beside them sat
Paul and Joan.

Behind them I sat with Sharon, with us was DS Nichols the remainder of
the people were friends of George and Mildred from their respective
workplaces, when Becky had turned up several people could be hear to mummer
'poor child, no one now to look after her', and many an eyebrow was raised
when she hugged Sharon and myself.

I'll gloss over the service, the priest gave an eulogy on the life of
George, Mildred and Darren, I notice that he didn't have much to say about
Darren but concentrated on George and Mildred, he mentioned that they left
a gap in the life of their daughter Rebecca, who I noticed was crying at
that point.

I went to her and offered to take her outside until she could compose
herself, but she shook her head, saying that they were her parents and she
had to remain with them for as long as she could - I was proud of her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The pall bearers took the weight of the coffins and started their slow
trek to the churchyard, the girls were behind the head undertaker who was
carrying the urn, and the rest of the congregation followed the girls.

Becky clung to me as her parents were lowered into the ground, crying
into my arm as they descended, I said to her "The worst part is over now,
we can move away from here if you want", again she shook her head remaining
at the graveside until all the guests had moved off, some throwing handfuls
of dirt into the grave.

The head undertaker asked us what we wanted to do with Darren's ashes,
Becky's first response was to have them thrown on the compost heap, I
suggested that the urn was placed at the feet of the coffins, that way he
would always be a support to them in death as he tried to pretend to them
in life. Becky smiled at this and agreed, which was a relief to the
undertaker - if not the churchwarden, who had to maintain the churchyard
and didn't want ashes on his compost.

She thanked DS Nichols for coming - he said that he felt it was only
right that he should make an appearance on behalf of the police. He added
"Don't worry, things will turn out for the best!" - He nodded to Sharon and
myself and left, this left the priest, Joan, Paul, Kylie, Becky, Sharon and
myself in the churchyard along with the verger who was waiting with shovel
in hand ready to fill in the grave.

We walked back to the church, with the priest talking to Becky, at one
point she looked up at him and said, "Well God may have forgiven Darren,
but I haven't" and she walked away from the shocked man to hold onto my
hand, "Mr. Mike," she said, "Can we go now?"

I nodded, and we went to our cars, I arranged with Paul that we'd go to
a restaurant for lunch, to make a change from the normal fast foods that
the girls were used to. When we arrived at the restaurant we were shown to
a table set out for six, the girls were amazed when they were handed their
own menu and were able to order their meals.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While we were waiting for the food, Paul confided in me, "You know, I've
never been out to eat with prospective foster parents before, there's
normally a policy of non-fraternisation from the Social Services, but I
spoke to Maria first and she said that she couldn't see any problems. In
fact she seems to want us to get to know each others, I wonder if she's
trying to prepare you for disappointment."

I nodded, "Yes, I agree, but as I said to Joan - I am making plans about
that, but I must admit I hadn't thought of how Social Services would feel
about us meeting so often, I think its against some regulation or another."

He laughed, "Well I think Maria's trying to make up new regulations for
us, I'm surprised that the head office staff haven't tried to re-assign
Becky, she's been having too much fun with us. Did you know that Stacy has
been round a couple of times since Monday?"

I shook my head, "Is that causing a problem? I mean I could get Kylie
to ask her not to go round to you, that is if you want?"

Paul looked at me slightly shocked, "Not at all, quite the reverse in
fact. Do you know how many kids from the neighbourhood we've had round in
all the years of fostering children?" at the shake of my head he continued,
"None! Do you realise how difficult that makes things - trying to get a
'normal' lifestyle without friends is tough for children, they need others
kids who won't be in a pecking order, which is how foster children seem to
react, the kids who'd be with us the longer would pick on the newer ones."
I went to interrupt but he continued, "I know that families will always
argue, but somehow it's different in foster homes, they're never at ease,
knowing they could be moved to another family, this causes resentment and
arguments. Now we're just a short term stopover for some, the longest
length of time we ever looked after kids was 4 years." He smiled, "That was
Maria, she was one of the lucky ones, her next foster parent were able to
continue what we started, and we were allowed to offer her help when she
needed it as well. No what I am trying to say is that Becky is the type of
daughter we would want to keep, it would have helped if she wanted to stay
with us, but her heart is set on staying with you and Sharon, I hope your
plan does work, if not I might apply for permanent fostering myself."

I tried to keep my face still, although I trusted and liked Paul, I
still wanted to adopt Becky, but I had to confront the idea that I might
fail, in which case Paul and Joan would be the type of parents that Becky
would need. "I like that idea Paul, but I'm afraid I'm still hoping that
I'll succeed. I hope you won't mind?"

He shook his head, "Hell no, as I said you're the one that she wants to
stay with, I just think she needs to know that whatever happens she'll be
safe." I looked at Becky who was talking to Joan, she noticed my gaze
smiled and carried on. I turned my attention back to Paul.

"You know Paul," I said, "I think she already knows," He had followed my
eyes and nodded, I continued "I think the main turning point was when Maria
let her know that she was once in her position, its showing her that
although things are bad, they're better than she thought. That sounds
confused I know, I can't really can't say the words I need to explain it."

Paul laughed, "I know what you mean though, she needs to know that we'll
all support her when she needs us, which is what we're both trying to do."
I nodded, he carried on, "I think we don't need to try too hard - if she
can't talk to you or Sharon she now knows Joan and I are available, or even
Maria and Nancy. So I think she's going to be fine if we all pull

I had to agree with that, and we settled down to eating the meal, which
was being served by the waitresses.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I offered to take Becky with Kylie, Sharon and myself following the
meal, but she said she was tired out and only wanted to rest, so Paul and
Joan took her back with them.

As we were travelling back Kylie, who was sitting in the front, said.
"Thanks for letting me come, I felt that I had to be there for Becky."

Sharon, who was sitting in the back said, "I thought that was nice of
you to stay with her during the service."

Kylie shook her head. "She needed me there, I know she still needs me."

I said to her, "She needs all of us, but at the moment Paul and Joan are
with her, they understand what she's feeling and will look after her."

Kylie wouldn't be pacified, "But they don't really know her, I do! I
should be with her." I had a thought; I pulled the car over to the side of
the road and looked at Kylie.

"Do you really feel that?" I said - Kylie nodded. "Then how do you feel
about staying in a strange house overnight?" She looked at me, her eye wide
- then she nodded, I lifted the radio to my mouth and pressed the talk
button. "Becky, can I talk to either Joan or Paul please."

There was a small pause then Joan's voice replied, "Hello Mike, is there
a problem?"

I smiled as I replied, "Not really, but how do you feel about having a
sleepover at your house, I've a rather lonely Kylie who wants to stay with
Becky tonight."

After a few seconds Joan replied, "We can't see any problems with that,
will you bring her over later?"

I looked at Kylie who nodded; a smile was on her face. "Thank you Joan,
yes I'll be over later okay?"

Joan's voice was happy, "That's fine Mike, we'll see you and Kylie later
then, bye."

Kylie said to me, "Thanks Uncle Mike, you don't mind me staying there do

I smiled and shook my head. "No pumpkin, it gives me a full night with
your mother, without any disturbances, so I should be thanking you!"

She laughed, "Uncle Mike! I haven't disturbed you that much! Have I?"

I ruffled the top of her head. "No, you've been very good, now let's
take your mum back to work."

As I was driving Sharon back into town I was thinking of the McGruder's
and wondering if they could benefit from the radios, I decided to pay a
visit to Greg's and see if he had any available.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We entered the store - Greg looked up and smiled. "Hi there Mike, glad
to see you. Well it's taken off, we've got orders from all over the
country, the supplier's working flat out and moaning about luck." His smile
grew larger, "We've been able to reduce the price even more, and we're
still making a profit - you know you're a marvel."

Modesty stopped me from answering, instead I said. "I've got another
idea, how about tracker's for children." At his blank look I expanded the
idea, "Simple trackers able to be sewn into clothing, and the mothers would
have the finder unit, keep them to one frequency only, and to automatically
react when they're, I don't know, say 200 yards away from each others
unless the parent presses the find button. Sell them as a passive
watchdog. Include a panic button that will activate all finders within
range, that way all those in the area will be able to help find any lost

Greg seemed to get the idea, as he wrote down what I was saying, and
then he added. "Well, we'd need to make the trackers waterproof and
heatproof, just in case they get washed by mistake, but we wouldn't need
the radio part so there's less outlay on that, I suppose you mean for
toddlers and younger children, so they should be colourful as well but
that's all part of the packaging. If we could get the police to agree to
keep a monitor watch as well . . . Hell Mike this could be a best selling
range, how did you think of it?"

I shrugged. "I just thought how simpler it would be should children go
missing, we wouldn't have to rely on the Brownies to search, and all
parents would be involved. And the search time would be greatly reduced."

Greg smiled, "And we'd get the credit for producing the dammed gadget!
You're really a marvel Mike, we'd clean up in the market!"

I nodded then added, "We will do, if the others don't realise the
potential of the trackers - get the idea fleshed out and patent it, then
see if the manufacturers are interested in another deal, Oh and don't
forget that other idea about shopping centres, try selling it as an
invisible tether."

"The invisible tether?" He repeated, "well its one thing to call it, or
The Remote Nanny - Hey! That's not bad you know." He saw the look on my
face, "Okay Mike I'll get on to it. Now was there anything else?"

I had to think, I know I came into the shop for something. Then I
remembered. "Yes, do we have any spare master units?"

He reached behind the counter and removed two radios, he checked that
they were the right type, and then handed them over, "Here you are, on the
house." I looked at him with suspicion; he amended his statement, "Well, it
seems I overcharged you when you brought the original batch, so this makes
up for it!"

His face held an honest charm as if daring me to disbelieve him, I
nodded and accepted them, and then I said, "You know if we changed the
strap on these units then we'll be able to identify them easier."

He smacked his hand on his forehead, "You know you're right, I suppose
that's why you're the brains and I'm the s... shoveller," his eyes had
remembered Kylie was with me, and managed to stop his mouth in time, but by
the grin on her face she'd already placed the missing word.

I checked that the batteries were at full charge and tuned the radios to
a currently unused frequency, but with their status as master units they
had the broadcast facility. I gave the radios to Kylie to pass onto the
McGruder's with a sheet of instructions from Greg on how to use them.

She smiled as she studied them, then looked at me, "Why are you giving
them these?" she asked.

I tried to be honest with her, "I really don't know, I think I want them
to be able to talk to us if they need to, Paul did say that they didn't
have many visitors while they're looking after children, in fact he was
happy that Stacy was visiting Becky, it gives them the feeling that they
are a real family, with friends visiting, I'm told it made an improvement
in their lives."

Kylie nodded, "Yes, Stacy was feeling lonely, she doesn't have many
friends where she lives, and when she found out where Becky was she was so
happy." Her manner changed and she was serious again, "Uncle Mike, do you
think Becky would be allowed to join the Brownie pack? I mean she did mix
in with us so well, and she'll meet new friends as well."

I smiled, "If Paul and Joan say okay then I can't see why not, I'll pay
out for the uniform so that they don't have to splash out for them." I

Kylie giggled, "You don't have to you know, we can afford them
ourselves", which of course was true. I wasn't used to not having to pay
out, it came as a bit of a shock!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I drove Kylie to Sharon's house, where she ran upstairs to pack a bag
for the sleepover she was planning, I noticed she'd even packed a book to
read, but when I asked her she said, "No, its for Uncle Paul to read to
us." When I tried to point out that he probably wasn't used to reading
bedtime stories to children, she added, "Well then, if he's going to look
after Becky, he'd better get used to it!" Which made me laugh.

As I was driving Kylie to Paul's we went pass Becky's house to see a
large removal van outside, I stopped the car and asked the driver what was
happening, "Well yous see gov'ner. It's the council, they've decided that
since the Smiths are no longer with us, they'd taken the house back."

Kylie asked, "What about Becky's stuff, what's going to happen to it?"

The driver sucked on his teeth for a moment thinking, "Well, miss, we
takes it into storage and if its not claimed within six months then its
disposed of, ain't got that much space y'see, but its safe and dry while
we've got it stored."

I asked. "How can a family member claim back some of the property?"

He thought about this for a moment, then said, "Well, we've got papers
here that tells how to do it, don't think they's too complicated, a child
of 5 could do it," He laughed at this and added, "But we ain't got one here
to help us."

Kylie looked at him and said, "Well, Becky's 9 which is almost two 5
year olds put together so she should be able to do it in half the time!"

The driver was slightly taken aback by her quickness. "Err. Yes, I's
suppose so!" He handed over some forms which had the address of the storage
depot on them, he wrote down a number on the top of the form, "This 'ere's
the job number - the whole lot will be stored under that, as I's says all
you haveta do is fill out the forms and turn up, don't forget we'd need
proof of identity before we's let you walk away with anyfing. Okay?"

I said it was, just then two men walked out with a wardrobe, Kylie saw a
dolls head sticking out of a drawer, "That's Becky's favourite dolly, can
we take it to her please?"

The driver sucked on his teeth again, "Well's I's don't know, shouldn't
really 'cause it's not yours y'sees. And it's more than my job's worth to
lets yous just take it, how do I know yous won't just keep it."

I could see Kylie was starting to get annoyed, but then noticed a
policeman arriving in a patrol car, when he saw me he said, "Oh its you Mr.
Moore, How is Becky?"

It was the same officer that Nichols had assigned when we picked up
clothing for Becky, I replied, "Well, she's okay but it was her parents funeral this morning, so she's not really herself at the moment . . . "

Just then Kylie broke in, "Officer can you help us? I want to get
Becky's favourite dolly but these men won't let me!"

He smiled at her, "Just hold on for a moment," he said and walked to the
van, after a few minutes he returned carrying the doll in question, "Here
you are, Kylie isn't it?"

She nodded and accepted the doll, "Thank you, I think Becky's been
missing her, it was the only one Darren hadn't touched, I don't know what
she would have done if I hadn't rescued her."

I said to the officer, "Thank you, Kylie's going to be sleeping at the
McGruder's overnight with Becky so she'll be able to pass the doll over

He smiled, "That's okay Mr. Moore, we know how much you feel for Becky,
so I wasn't worried, can you pass on our best wishes to her please."

I said I would, then Kylie piped up with, "If Becky's allowed to come
with the Brownies we'll see you on Sunday."

"Well if Becky is going to be with you then I'll let the others know,
I'll probably see you there then," he said, "Take care." He added as he
went back to his car.

We returned to my car, Kylie looked at me, "You know, " she started,
"Ever since Becky ran away that second time, the police have been

I turned to her, "In what way?"

She shrugged, "I don't know, well, yes I do, they're less frightening,
they seem more, more. . . "

"Human?" I said, she nodded - I smiled. "Well of course they're human,
it's just the job they have to do means that they normally see the worst of
people, but when they're helped they appreciate it just as anyone else
does, that means they'll react differently to you, do you see?"

Again she nodded, and then she asked, "Will you be going to the police
station with us?"

I shook my head, "I don't think so, it's suppose to be a Brownies
outing, and I'm not a Brownie am I."

She thought for a moment then said, "As a friend of the Brownies you
are!" which stumped me for an answer, I had to resort to the normal adult
response of 'we'll just have to see!' which seemed to mollify her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I arrived at the McGruder's with Kylie, Joan was at the door waiting for
us to leave the car, Kylie ran up to her, "Hello Aunt Joan, can I go up to
Becky please."

Joan smiled at the words, "Of course you can Kylie, and I'll have a word
with Mike for a few minutes." Kylie handed her the radio and carried on
into the house, Joan looked at them and then at me. "What's this Mike, did
you want Becky to have a spare?"

I laughed and shook my head, "No Joan, it's my gift to you and there's
another one for Paul, this is a master unit, its like Becky's radio but
will allow you to talk to everyone within range."

She examined it closely, I showed her how to tune it to different
frequencies, and how to start the tracker, she looked up at me while I was
telling her this, "Is this how you found Becky the second time?" I nodded
and explained the remote tracker to her, adding that the other radios
shouldn't be on the same frequency.

She smiled, "I don't think I'll remember all that at one time," she
said, and then added, "But why are you giving us these?"

I had to stop and think for a moment, why did I want Joan and Paul to
have them? "I suppose its just in case my plan isn't so cunning after all!
I want to be able to talk directly to you both and to Becky, I hope you
don't mind?"

She shook her head, "Of course not Mike. I know Maria trusts you, which
means a lot to us, plus the way Becky response to you - I don't know how
she'll react if you do lose, all I can say is you bloody well better not!"
this last was with a less than serious grin on her face.

I smiled at her words, "I can only say I'll try, now. What was the word
you wanted - I've got a dictionary if you need it?"

She groaned at the pun, I'm glad to say, and invited me into the
kitchen. She invited me to sit down while she made a pot of tea, as we were
drinking the brew she started to talk,

"I know how you feel about Becky, she's grown on us as well, which I
think Paul told you at lunch?" I nodded, "I'd better let you know that we
have asked Maria if we could adopt Becky to look after until she's of age,
that is if your application fails of course. We had thought about this
with a couple of the children we've looked after, Maria was one - and you
can see how she turned out, the second one," she looked down at the floor,
"Well, lets just say we failed with him, we still place flowers on his
grave on his birthday, he was passed onto another couple before he was
ready. We don't want this to happen to Becky - you're right she does
deserve better than she's had, and it isn't fair that her happiness is
disrupted because of bureaucrats." She spat out the last as if it left a
foul taste in her mouth.

I nodded, "Yes Becky does that to people, she can be very direct, but
there are untapped levels to her that needs encouragement to develop, and
to be honest I couldn't think of any one I would be happy to lose her to
than you and Paul."

Joan smiled at my words, "Thank you Mike, but you know what Maria said?"
I shook my head, she laughed and said, "She said 'don't worry about that,
Mike is bound to adopt Becky.' Almost as if she knew something we don't,
you haven't told her your plan have you?"

I shook my head, "No, I've just told Sharon, Kylie, you and Paul - I
don't think I've even told Becky."

A voice from behind us said, "No, Mr. Mike you haven't, why do you need

We both turned round to see Becky and Kylie standing in the doorway,
Kylie was just behind her shaking her head.

I said in a calm voice, "Hello Becky, I may need a plan for later on, to
convince John that its okay to let me adopt you, I didn't want you to know
in case you started to worry over nothing. But how long have you been

She ran to me, "Since Joan started to talk about Maria - I was going to
ask you if I could join the Brownies?"

I smiled, "Of course you can, that's if Brown Owl will let you, and if
Paul and Joan agree."

Joan was smiling too, now that she could see Becky wasn't worried, "I'm
sure we have no complaints, and I think Stacy would be happy as well,
she'll have a friend nearby."

Becky grabbed hold of my arm, "But Aunt Joan, I'm not going to be here
for much longer, I'm going to be living with Mr. Mike and Aunt Sharon and
Kylie! But I'm sure we'll be visiting you."

I hugged the young girl, "Yes Becky we will be, but what if I lose?
Then what will you do?"

She looked at me earnestly and said, "But Mr. Mike you won't, I've got
faith in you." Landing me with the woes of the world on my shoulders with
her words! Now I had to win.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I left the confident Becky and the understanding Kylie and Joan and
drove back to my house, I had a dinner to prepare, although I must admit
that the lunch had filled me up so completely that I didn't really need
one, but there was something I had to do.

I re-tuned my radio to one of the Brownies frequencies and pressed the
talk button, "This is Mike Moore to Brown Owl, are you able to respond?"

After a few seconds Margaret's voice came back to me, "Hello Mike, I
take it this is a Brownie related call?"

"Yes Brown Owl," I replied, "I have an applicant for your pack, if she's
allowed to join. She's nine years old and is quite a handful, you may need
a responsible Brownie to be with her most of the time."

I heard the laughter in her voice, "I take it Mike, that you mean
Becky?" At my affirmation she replied, "We thought she might apply and have
already discussed this . . ." At this point our conversation was broken in
with several voices saying, 'Please Brown Owl, let her join - Brown Owl,
Becky's so much fun - We wouldn't mind her being in the pack' Margaret's
voice then broke through "Now girls, serendipity" and the chorus was
quietened. "Thank you girls, this is a private Brownie conversation
between Mr. Moore and myself, when we have finished then you can carry on,
okay? Now Mike, I'm sorry about that, where was I, Oh yes, we've already
discussed this and have agreed that should she want to join then she can,
all she'll need is her guardians permission and a uniform, but Kylie will
know what she needs to wear, if you can bring her to the Church Hall on
Sunday she will be allowed to join."

I smiled and replied, "Thank you Brown Owl, I'll make sure she's there,
and thank you as well Margaret."

"You're quite welcome Mike," she answered warmly, then her tone changed,
"This is Brown Owl, our conversation has finished you are able to talk
now." This time there was a chorus of 'Thank you Brown Owl' and the
airwaves started to hum with the excited talk of the girls.

I tuned my radio into Paul and Joan's frequency, "Hello Paul or Joan,
this is Mike."

Immediately Joan's voice answered, "Hello Mike - did you forget

I filled her in on the Brownies situation and she agreed that Becky
could go, and then she asked about the uniform, "That's okay, Kylie knows
what she needs, if they go into town tomorrow they'll be able to buy it."

I heard her doubtful reply, "I don't know Mike, I mean Paul and I don't
really have that much to spare."

I said, "That's okay, I was offering to pay, but Kylie reminded me that
they have enough money themselves, so don't worry."

I heard her puzzled reply, "They have enough money, how? From where?"

I understood her tone and replied, "The girls can tell you, if they want
to, but it was embarrassing to them both so they may not want to, just
trust me when I say don't worry about the money, okay?"

She gave a dubious answer and we both signed off, I then continued the
preparation for dinner.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When Sharon arrived home, I offered her a choice, "You can have roast
beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and
gravy. Or fried egg, a lamb steak and chips! Which would you prefer?"

I didn't let her near the kitchen, and she was sniffing the air for a
clue, then she said. "Well the roast dinner sounds nice . . . . . but I'm
still too full up from lunch, can I have the egg, steak and chips!"

I smiled, "You don't know how glad that makes me, I wouldn't be able to
get the roast dinner done until midnight!" I showed her to the dining room
table where I had already served the dinner (yes the eggs and steak).

After dinner, and the washing up, Sharon walked up to me and said,
"Quiet, listen." I strained my ears to hear whatever it was she heard, I
shook my head, she smiled, "No noise, no children - we're on our own," and
she melted into my arms, raising her head and looking very kissable, it was
pure temptation, which I couldn't refuse.

I had deepened the kiss and we were slowly dropping down to the floor
when my radio sounded. "Uncle Mike are you there?"

We quickly broke and looked at each other laughing, I said to Sharon
"I'll answer this, you look for the video camera - she must have set one
up!" Sharon's laughter rang even higher - I answered the radio, "Hello
Kylie, what's up"

There was a smug answer, "Oh, nothing really, Becky wanted to say thanks
for talking to Brown Owl, and Joan's arranging for us to go into town in
the morning, Stacy wants to join us as well, Uncle Paul has said he'd read
to us, but he said that his voice might not stand up to the pressure? I
don't know what he means by that! Is mummy okay? 'Cause I thought I heard
her laughing in the background."

I smiled, "Yes Kylie your mother is fine, I thought you weren't going to
disturb us tonight?"

I heard her laugh, "Sorry Uncle Mike, but I didn't think you'd be
starting so early, you normally wait until I'm in bed before you and mummy
. . . uh, have fun?"

"But Kylie," I said, "haven't you heard the expression ' while the cats
away the mice will play'?"

She giggled and I could hear Becky laughing in the background, then
Kylie replied, "No Uncle Mike, who is the cat?"

Sharon was laughing as well as making squeaking noises behind me, I
said, "You are! Now can we poor mice get back to playing, or does the cat want to know anything more?"

"Meow!" Came the reply followed by, "Goodnight mummy, Uncle Mike, don't
play too long."

"Goodnight Kylie, Becky. And behave yourselves, good people like Joan
and Paul are hard to find!"

I turned to Sharon who was still giggling away, "Awl, did the big
pussycat frighten the poor little mouse?" She laughingly said.

I smiled and approached her, "No, but the mouse isn't a mouse, do you
know what he is?" She shook her head, "He is a big rat who eats little mice
for breakfast, dinner and tea," she backed away in mock terror, I
continued, "and do you know what time it is?" She shook her head again, I
went to pounce on her and said, "ITS DINNER TIME!"

She screamed and ran up the stairs, I followed her laughing all the way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sharon cowered in the corner of the room, "You don't want to eat me, and
a small mouse like me wouldn't even be a mouthful."

I smiled, "No, but you would be a mouseful, but then perhaps I don't
want a mouse, just a little pussy." I widened my grin at that atrocious pun

She laughed, "Mike you are incorrigible, do you know that!"

I nodded and said, "Well then encourage me, woman, encourage me!"

She licked her lips and approached me, the cat and mouse game now over,
she started to undo the buttons on her blouse, which she started to remove
showing me her lacy bra which was supporting her breasts.

I caught hold of her hips and pulled her to me, kissing her mouth while
moving my arms around her back fumbling for the catch of her bra, which I
managed to remove, then moved my hands to her skirt, this time finding the
zip and buttons holding the garment on her body.

I manoeuvred her back to the bed, and standing back from her to allow
the brassier and skirt to fall to the ground, she allowed the skirt to pool
around her legs, she stood before me wearing just her panties and tights
and shoes. She sat back on the bed and allowed me to remove her shoes - I
reached around her waist and grasped hold of the top of her tights, with
her panties attached, and pulled them down, she leaned back onto the bed,
watching me.

"Well," she said, "I'm ready, what's holding you up?"

I smiled, "My belt, without it I'd just be falling over."

She laughed, "How do you make that out?"

I tried to look serious, but failing, and said, "Well if they didn't
hold my trousers up, I'd be tripping over them wouldn't I!"

She raised herself onto her elbows, "If you weren't wearing the trousers
in the first place then you wouldn't fall over."

I pointed my finger at her, "You know, that's a good idea, hold on let
me test it", I bent down and took off my shoes then I removed my trousers
leaving them on the floor next to her skirt, I quickly removed my shirt and
was standing in front of her with boxers only, "What do you know, it
works!" and I launched myself onto the bed beside her.

"Now little mouse, what shall I do with you?" I said smiling

Sharon laughed, "Well if you don't know by now, I don't know what you've
been doing before?" I reached over and brushed her breast, then I lifted
myself up and started to kiss her face, I then licked her mouth.

"You know you taste nice for a mouse," I said, she giggled, I started to
move down her throat kissing all the way, kissing the nape of the neck and
making fluttering movements, then lightly biting them, not enough to mark
her. Then I moved further down to her breasts, kissing one while kneading
the other, then switching over, raising her nipples to points like
goose-bumps, I blew on them causing Sharon to shiver, then she started

I looked at her, "What's up?"

She kept on giggling, "I just thought, it would be at this point that
Kylie or Becky would have disturbed us."

I shook my head, "You sound as if you want them to be here. Why, the
thrill of the illicit?"

She kept quiet, but I could feel her body shaking with laughter, I said
"you know there's a kink in you, I think I should look after you before you
go too far one day."

This time she raised herself up on her elbows and looked at me, "Don't
worry Mike, I'd never do anything stupid!"

I raised an eyebrow, and said. "Oh yes, then what about Becky? And
what about your request to me to teach Kylie? Wasn't that being stupid?"

She squirmed under me, "Well, yes, I suppose so. I'm sorry Mike, but
since Paul's death I wasn't really thinking straight, I needed to . . .
to, I don't know, I think I was trying to keep you."

I stayed where I was, looking up at her, "How by bribing me? Getting
your daughter to be sexually interested in me? Didn't you realise when we
first met, I'm not like that."

She fell back, sobbing, "Oh Mike, I'm sorry, I tried to convince Kylie
that you'd teach her everything she'd need to know, I didn't think that you
would be interested in me for myself, and I would have done anything to
keep you, the way you helped Kylie, when others would have done, done,

I moved back up to her and held her in my arms, hugging her as she
cried. When she had calmed down I said, "Do you know what Becky asked me
the first time we were alone?" Sharon shook her head, I gathered the
memory, "She said - 'this thing with Mrs. Williams, you're just trying to
get into Kylie's knickers aren't you?'"

Sharon burst out laughing, "She didn't. No I take that back, it's the
type of thing she would say. So are you going to get into her knickers?"

I shook my head, "Are you kidding? I'd never get them onto one leg let
alone over my hips! No I stand by what I said, I'll teach her what I can,
but I'm not going to force myself onto her, whether she wants me to or not,
our main problem is going to be Becky." At her look I carried on, "Yes,
Becky! She is going to need family loving, and I don't mean sexual, she
should be weaned off the need for sex and back in to the normal world of a
young girl, she'll find someone when she's older, but we're going to have
to look after her. I'm sure that Maria would be able to advise us if we
need it, so what I want to know is - can you control your urges? And rely
on me to keep you satisfied?" I kissed her lips.

She kissed me back, "Yes Mike, I'll try, now can we get back to what we
were doing just before I interrupted us?"

I smiled and moved back down her body saying, "Now, where was I, I know
I'd raised a couple of points, and I was going for the exclamation mark." I
returned to her breasts, which had relaxed, but I soon had them back into
their pointed state, once satisfied with them I started to move further

Sharon stopped me by saying, "Mike could you turn your body round
please, I want to be able to please you while you're eating me." I couldn't
refuse her request I pulled my body over her, and felt her hands removing
my boxers.

I tried to ignore her movements on me as I concentrated on bringing her
to a climax, teasing the clitoris, using my tongue and nibbling her
slightly with my teeth, then found her doing the same to me, sending
shivers up and down my spine, she really was good at that.

I decided that I'd had enough, I attacked her quim and clit with renewed
vigour, until she couldn't take any more taking her mouth away from my cock
and announcing to the world, "Ohhh Goodddd Mike, I'm Cummminnnggg."

I quickly reversed myself and positioned myself waiting for her to catch
her breath, before entering her swiftly, she had almost brought me to
climax, I could only pump myself inside her before spurting.

I started to apologise to Sharon, she just looked at me, "I'm sorry
Sharon I'd hoped to bring you off again before I came."

She laughed, "but you did, didn't you feel me as you entered me, you
didn't even let me finish the first one, but I hope you're prepared for a
long night!"

I groaned, "You know, I wish you were a mouse, I might be able to look
forward to a good night's sleep!"

She giggled, "But sleep is for dormice, we have the whole night ahead."
She then moved allowing my body to lie back; she then amused herself with
the lower part of my body, until she had brought life back to a certain
part of me.

She then straddled my body, sliding down over my cock, with a satisfied
moan, "You see Mike, it's still working," She then began the rhythmic
movement, rubbing her body as she did so, I just laid back allowing her to
do all the work (yes I know - it does take two), as she started to bring
herself off on me, she said, "You know Mike, (oh yes, yes) I've decided
that (that feels good), I don't want to wait, (oh yes, god yes!), so I
haven't been taking (oh god mike) taking the pill for the past few days,
(oh, yes, yes) I, I hope, hope you don't, don't, don't mind? (Yes, yes,
god, yes)"

I must admit her words didn't register, at least until after I came with
her, then I realised what she had said, between moans, then it struck me, I
reached up to her and asked her, "Are you sure?"

She nodded and said, "Of course I sure, I've still got them in my

I shook my head, and laughed (laughed?), "No, silly. I mean are you
sure you want to have another child? You realise it could look like me? -
Can you picture a poor girl with my face?"

She started to laugh, "Yes I'm sure, anyway just picture a boy with my
face! Oh Mike, you don't mind me doing that?"

I hugged her, "Of course not Sharon, I think the two of use creating a
new life is a wonderful idea, now do you want to try again?"

She carried on laughing, "Oh Mike, it's going to be some weeks before my
body's ready, but that's no reason why we can't practise until I'm ready."

Which is what we did, we finally collapsed at about three a.m. - having
to get up at seven! I don't know about practice making perfect, we
certainly tried to make babies!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On Friday I received a letter from the courts informing me that Becky's
case was going to be considered on the next Wednesday, I got in touch with
Hugh and he assured me that he'd been informed as well, and would be
waiting for me at the court house, I got in touch with Joan and she also
knew about the case and would see us in the court as well.

Then Maria called, "Hello Mike, I've just received word - you do know
about Wednesday don't you? The case I mean."

I smiled, "Yes Maria, I've made sure that Hugh knows and also I've
checked with Joan and she's going to be prepared, by the way Becky's
joining the Brownies, if that's okay?"

Maria laughed, "Oh yes Mike, Joan did let us know, I think that's a
marvellous idea, it was good of you to consider it."

Now it was my turn to laugh, "I didn't, it was Kylie who made the
suggestion, Becky agreed to it, in fact I think they're getting ready to go
shopping for the uniform now."

"That's good," Maria said seriously, "I'm glad Kylie is still looking
after Becky, she is still vulnerable, and all the time this case is in the
air, she's still on tenterhooks, to be honest Mike I wish the case was
today, then it would be over and done with."

I had to ask, "Maria, if I do lose the case, will you let Paul and Joan
adopt Becky, as they want to?"

She sounded surprised at that, "Oh! You know of that?" There was a
slight pause, and then she continued, "To be honest Mike, I would, I know
I'm too close to all of them to really have a cool head, but I don't think
any other foster parents would really help her." Then after another short
pause she added, "But Mike, I really do hope that you do succeed, it would
be the best thing for Becky."

I thanked Maria for her kind words, and then, after saying goodbye, we
hung up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On Sunday afternoon I pulled up outside the McGruder's where Becky was
waiting with Joan, Becky was wearing her new Brownie uniform, and was
holding a manual in her hand, I looked at Joan, "Good afternoon Joan, do
you want to come with us?"

She looked at her clothing, then back at me, Becky tugged on her hand,
"Please Aunt Joan, do come, please." Just then Paul showed up at the door
Joan turned to him, he nodded, Joan stepped down with Becky, I gave her the
choice of seating, but she chose the back seat with Becky, I made sure they
were both belted in before driving off.

We arrived at the Church Hall, Margaret was waiting by the doors of a
bus, with more Brownies arriving, I took Becky and Joan up to her. "Hello
Brown Owl, This is Joan who is currently looking after Becky, and this, of
course, is the troublemaker herself," This got me a rude look from Becky
and a laugh from both Joan and Margaret.

"Hello Joan, I glad to meet you, my husband's said such nice things
about you," This surprised me, but I kept quiet, then Margaret looked at
Becky, "And hello again Becky, I understand you enjoyed yourself last
week," Becky nodded her head, "And you want to become a Brownie?" She
nodded her head again - she seemed to be dumbstruck. "You do know that you
could be a Guide when you're 10 years old? So you could just wait until
you're ten and join them instead."

This time Becky found her voice, "I'm sorry Brown Owl, but since I
caused so much bother to everyone last week I owe it to them, so I want to
join now . . ." Then she looked scared and added, "t. .t.. that's if its
okay with you Brown Owl?"

Margaret hugged her, "Don't worry dear, we're pleased to accept you, but
I had to ask, now let see, you have your handbook, you're wearing the
correct uniform, I suppose I have Kylie to thank for that, I'll assign you
to gnomes - that's Tawny Owl's sixes and its Kylie's group as well." With
that happy news she ushered Becky onto the bus, she then looked at Joan and
myself with an apologetic smile, "I wonder if I could impose on you both,
we have all the pack going to the police station, and, quite honestly they
can be too much for the three of us to cope with, I wonder, " she
hesitated, then continued, "I wonder if you could help us out?"

Joan looked worried, "But I don't know, I mean Paul may get worried
about me, " she looked at me, I smiled and held up my wrist showing the
radio, she smiled, "Of course, how stupid of me." And she pressed the talk

I turned to Margaret, "She's new at this radio lark," I said with a
smile, then added, "Well, Sharon's not expecting me, and I've got nothing
else to do, so I'll be happy to help out."

Joan turned back to us, "Paul says its okay - I say isn't this fun." Her
enthusiasm was contagious, we both smiled, Margaret showed us onto the bus,
I saw Kylie and Becky sitting together, when they saw us board they started
cheering, which started the other Brownies off, with Paula and Joyce trying
to quieten them, without success.

I went to sit down near the driver, but was dragged to a seat further
up, when I found another seat I was allowed to settle myself, the girls were still cheering, I stood up and held up my arm, when all the girls were
looking at me I said, "Serendipity" it was like magic, the girls closest to
me went quiet, then, like a ripple effect, the whole bus became silent,
then I spoke again, "Thank you, now we have to start this trip before it
too late and your parents come to pick you up, so let's keep the noise down
to reasonable, okay." The girls remained silent, I looked at Margaret who
was grinning away, she mouthed 'give permission', I nodded, "I'm sorry
Brownies, you may now talk."

The whole bus responded with "Thank you Mr. Moore." And the normal
chatter of excited young girls was resumed, Margaret came up and sat in the
seat beside me, I asked her,

"What just happened?"

She smiled, then told me, "When the word serendipity is used the pack
must remain silent until they are given permission to speak, I don't know
how you knew the word, but that was the right time to use it, and you gave
the permission quite gracefully, did you ever consider to be a Brownie

I laughed, "No, I didn't think men could, I mean isn't it dangerous to
have a man in charge of a group of girls?"

She shook her head, "Not at all, there are several packs with male Brown
Owls, and they are doing quite well."

I shook my head, "I think I have enough to be going on with, but coming
back to the word, you used it when I was talking to you, and it was strange
enough at the time, but the way the girls reacted I assumed it was a
special word in the pack."

She smiled and said, "And now you know, we try to use it only when we
have to, it's either that or a strong, hard cane - but that leaves too many
marks and the girls don't want to come to the next meeting." The twinkle in
her eyes belayed that massive lie.

I laughed, "Well I don't see the cane here, so the word must be
working." She just smiled, and remained quiet during the journey.

When we arrived at the police station Margaret stood up and motioned
Joan and myself to join her, Paula and Joyce on the pavement outside, then
the girls were allowed to leave the bus, lining up in a 'crocodile'
formation in pairs.

Margaret addressed the girls, like a field marshal talking to his
troops, "Okay Brownies, as there as so many of you we are going to split you into smaller groups, those of you tired of listening to Tawny, Snowy or
myself can be looked after by either Mr. Moore or Mrs. McGruder, however
should you start to make a nuisance of yourselves you will be reassigned
back to your six-leader, now who want to stay with Mr. Moore?" All the
hands were raised she shook her head, I'm sorry girls only 4 of you can
stay with him, Becky and Kylie do you want to be two of them?"

Kylie looked at Becky then shook her head, "No thank you Brown Owl, I
think we'll have a chance later, we'll stay with Aunt Joan. If she doesn't
mind that is?"

Joan said, "Thank you Kylie, I think I'll need all the help I can get."
Stacy also asked if she could stay with Joan and another girl also
volunteered to stay with them. With the pack reduced Margaret assigned 4
girls to my care - or was I in their care, I couldn't make up my mind about
that - the other girls resigned themselves to their normal leaders, in
these grouping we entered the police station.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When we entered we were welcomed by the Chief Constable, he seemed
slightly put out by my presence, and stumbled over his words when he saw
Kylie and Becky again, but managed to put on a brave face.

"On behalf of the station staff I welcome you all, I read the reports of
last weeks search and how you all helped towards it, and would add that you
made a major contribution in coming forward and offering aid.

I've been told, by experts I might add, that such a search would have
taken several days and even then we might never have found the targ . . ,
err person. In fact they were quite surprised when I informed them that
the total time, that is from reported missing to finding was under one
hour, and that the actual search took 15 minutes.

So to thank you all, we've invited you to see how the police actually
work, we have several area's for you to look through, and please ask as
many questions as you want, I do hope you'll find the whole picture very
interesting, and thank you once again."

There were 5 officers standing in the room, each one was assigned to a
group, my group was being led by a WPC, but she asked the girls to call her
Ann, I did notice DS Nichols joining Joan's group much to the joy of Becky
and Kylie.

Ann led us to the communications room, we were shown where all the phone
calls first arrive and how they get processed depending on type, we watched
as a 999 (911) call was received and a police car was despatched, then we
were handed over to the Sergeant in charge of the room.

"Hello girls, err sir," he said, "this is the main communications room,
as you can see we have a map of the area, and these pins shows where our
officers are responding to a call," He stopped for a moment while the girls took in the map, then continued, "But last week we used the map for
something different, in fact it was so different that we even took a
picture of the map, and here it is." The photograph showed the map before
us but with pins at points attached to which were elastic bands also
attached to pins just off the map, these converged onto a square, and
looking closely I could see the road name, and yes it was where Becky had

The Sergeant continued, "I must say this was the first time we'd ever
done this, and as you know it was successful, How many of you girls were
involved in this?" all four hands were raised, he smiled, "Thank you all
for your help." A sentiment which I echoed, he looked at me, "What was your
involvement with this?" when I told him he said, "Ah, so you're Mike Moore,
I must say sir that by giving the girls the radios you've made our lives a
lot easier, thank you." Now I was the one being embarrassed.

"That's okay Sergeant," I said, "but it was the girls who actually did
the work, all I did was to provide the radios." He nodded, and thankfully
didn't say anything more.

Ann next took us to the cells, and the girls were shown what the inside
of a cell looked like, I noticed that the paint in that cell was still
damp, and some of the deep etched graffiti could just be made out, but I
kept silent about that, as long as the girls hadn't noticed, but as we were
leaving I noticed one girl whispering to the others, who burst out
laughing, I looked at Ann who smiled back and shrugged, I said, "Don't
worry you did your best." Which made her laugh.

We were then shown an interview room, which took me back to when DS
Nichols and DC Jones were interrogating me. Ann explained the use of the
cassettes and how they're used in evidence.

The next stop was the charge room, but before we entered I noticed that
two officers were dealing with a drunk, so I held the group back, Ann
noticed and then saw why I had stopped, she returned to us, "Sorry," she
said, "I hadn't noticed, I'm afraid that is one aspect of this job, you do
tend to tune out the bad things that happen." Then she looked at me, "Thank
you Mr. Moore, I'm glad you're here with the girls."

I gave a mumbled 'don't mention it' and we waited for the singing drunk
to be removed, the song was a 'rugby' song, which meant it was very ribald,
and not suitable for the girls to really hear. - Although again they did
laugh at some of the words, I asked them not to repeat any of them to their
parents, this they promised.

In the charge room, there was another Sergeant who talked the girls through how an accused would be booked into the station, have personal
property checked and securely locked away, and then held in the cells that
they visited earlier. They were then shown the photography and fingerprint
room, each girl got their hands covered with ink, and a piece of paper with
their prints on them, they were allowed to wash their hands off before we
went to the canteen to meet some more policemen/women and to end the visit.

The canteen was full of policemen and women all talking to the Brownies
who were there, the chief constable was also present and as all the girls assembled he started to speak again.

"Well, now you've all seen how the police operate and I hope have come
to see that we're not always as shown on television, I would like to
introduce our community liaison officer WPC Pembroke, she will be, I hope,
a first line contact with, the schools and children of the area, at some
stage we hope to furnish her with a radio such as the ones you have to
allow her to talk to anyone, we'll arrange a special frequency on which you
can contact her." He looked at me, "It would be nice if..." He noticed
Kylie walking up to the WPC, and broke off speaking.

Kylie was saying, "If you do need a radio you can have mine," She took
off her 'master' radio and handed it to the policewoman, "I've made a note
of all the Brownie frequencies, and some others that we sometimes use, I
think that if we need to contact you we should have a special word. When
we need to talk to Brown Owl or the others urgently we use the word
Flamingo that we repeat three times, I suppose a word like Bullfrog could
be used? If nobody minds that is?"

Pembroke smiled as she received the radio, "Thank you Kylie, that's very
kind of you, but won't you need your radio?"

Kylie looked at me, I smiled and mouthed 'okay', she looked back at
Pembroke and said, "No, I've got a normal radio, and I'm sure that Uncle
Mike will take care of anything else."

All eyes were on me then, I nodded and said, "Yes, Kylie don't worry
about that, but I have to caution you that these radios are not secure, so
if you want to say anything secret then I'd alert WPC Pembroke first by
radio, then arrange to either phone her or to meet her, unless it is
vitally urgent of course, also now that the police have a list of your
wavebands I'm sure they'll keep a watch on them now and again," I looked at
the girls, "so any secrets you may share on the air might not be secrets
anymore." I said this grinning so that they knew I wasn't really serious.

The Chief Constable came in at this point, "Well that's not really true,
anything we did hear would be kept in strictest confidence, except when
there may be a problem, I can instruct our officers to mention when they're
on so that you will know, and I'll only allow the WPC's to listen so that
you don't embarrass the men here."

The girls gave a nervous laugh, they didn't realise that their radios
would be monitored and that men would be listening, I stepped in and said,
"Girls, I did warn you when you first received your radios that they
weren't secure, but nothing bad has happened since you've had them, and I'm
sure that you know the people here, aren't the type to blab your secrets,"
I turned to the policemen, and women, standing around, "Isn't that true?"
they all said yes, I turned back to the girls, "Now don't worry about that,
and don't let it put you off using your radios"

Margaret then spoke, "Thank you Mr. Moore. Girls, what do you say to
the chief constable and his team?" All the girls said 'Thank you sir', then
Margaret said, "Form up behind your leader, and we'll return to the bus."

Again I was surrounded by my four charges who then lined up behind me, I
saw Becky, Kylie, Stacy and another girl behind Joan who gave me an
embarrassed smile, Joyce led the way, followed by Joan, myself, Paula then
finally Margaret, we left the station and boarded the bus, I thanked the
four girls who had been assigned to me, both for being well behaved and for
not making a nuisance of themselves.

We returned to the Church Hall, the Brownies all excitedly talking about
the visit, and how they'd been treated by the police there, Kylie and Becky
making notes between themselves as to how that visit differed from their
last encounter of the station and the people within.

At the hall, the parents were waiting for the bus to arrive, so Margaret
asked the girls to repeat the Brownies oath, and I watched as Becky spoke
out with the others, although she had to read the words from her handbook.

Margaret then spoke to the pack, "Girls, thank you for your conduct this
afternoon, I can tell that the Chief Constable was most impressed, I hope
you've all learnt that the police are our friends, and what is the name of
the WPC who we can contact?"

A wave of hands went up into the air, Margaret chose one girl at random
who spoke up, "WPC Pembroke, Brown Owl, like the coastline."

Margaret smiled, "Very good Cynthia, now girls remember if you need to
talk to a policeman, then use your radio's to contact WPC Pembroke, I think
that the word Kylie suggested, 'Bullfrog' should be used, because then
we'll all be able to hop to it!"

The girls groaned at the joke, then Margaret said, "Thank you all, and
we'll see you next week for a normal meeting, Brownies dismissed." And the
girls disembarked from the bus to join their parents. Becky and Kylie
remained with Joan and myself.

We could see Stacy looking around outside the bus, and then she returned
to us, "Brown Owl, Mummy's not here, I don't know how I'm going to get
home, 'cause she's working this afternoon."

Margaret started to get flustered, when I spoke, "That's okay Brown Owl,
Stacy lives near Joan, I can take her home, if she wants."

Margaret looked at Stacy, "Do you want to go with Mr. Moore, or do you
want to stay with us until your mother arrives?"

Stacy looked down at the ground and said, "Well, mummy doesn't really
know I'm here today Brown Owl, she was too busy getting ready for work, I
mean it doesn't matter as long as I'm home before she is."

Margaret was shaking her head, "Stacy you know that your mother should
give permission for you to come to Brownies," Stacy nodded, "Have you done
this before?"

Stacy looked up and said, "Oh no Brown Owl, it was just that I didn't
want to miss the trip - I haven't lied to mummy before honest!"

Margaret watched the girl weighing her words, then she nodded, "Very
well, but you are to tell your mother what you have done today, remember a
Brownie is honest at all times." Margaret then looked at me, "Mr. Moore,
do you mind taking Stacy with you."

I smiled and shook my head, "Of course not Brown Owl, She can sit in the
back with Becky and Kylie, and Joan will be the chaperone and ensure
nothing bad happens."

Margaret smiled, "Thank you Mike, I do hope that you'll be able to come
next Sunday, we'll still need to see you after the fun on Wednesday,

She quickly left the bus with Paula and Joyce, leaving me to wonder how
many people knew of the impending court appearance.

We returned to the car, this time Kylie sat in the back with Becky in
the middle and Stacy behind Joan, who sat in the front, the girls were
talking away and at one point Stacy said "No! They didn't, but why?" which
was quickly shushed by the girls and the whispered conversation continued.

When we got to Stacy's house she got out of the car, and said, "Thank
you Mr. Moore, I'm sorry I've cause you any problems"

I smiled, "That's okay Stacy, but don't forget you do have to tell your
mother what you did."

Her face dropped slightly, as she said, "I will Mr. Moore, Aunt Joan do
you mind if I come round tomorrow?"

Joan smiled, "Of course Stacy, Becky and I will be please to see you,"
then she added, "As long as your mother doesn't mind of course."

Stacy smiled, "Oh no Aunt Joan, mummy says I can go round to your house
any time."

She said goodbye to us and I watched her enter her house, to ensure that
she was safely home, and then we went onto Joan's house. I smiled at Joan,
"So even Stacy calls you Aunt Joan."

Joan nodded, "Yes, well Becky seemed comfortable with that and Stacy did
ask me, I couldn't see any reason why not. I don't know what she'll do
next week, but I wouldn't mind if she kept coming round."

Becky spoke up from the back, "That's okay Aunt Joan, I'm sure Mr. Mike
will bring me here if you need me." Reminding me that I was expected to win
the case.

Paul was waiting at the door when we arrived, and I'm glad to say Becky
ran up to him and started to talk about the visit and how the police were
so different from the last time they were there.

He thanked me for taking Joan with us, joking that she never gets out of
the house, and he can never watch the television programs he likes! For
which he received an elbow in the ribs, but both were smiling as this
happened. We were invited in for a cup of tea, but I had to refuse, saying
that Sharon would be getting worried.

And so we left Becky behind with Paul and Joan, but promising that I'd
take some of the Brownies round on Tuesday, which was something Kylie had
already arranged at the meeting.

We arrived at my house where Sharon had already prepared a tea for us,
pre-warned by Kylie that we were on our way - "By the way Uncle Mike," she
said, "You won't forget I need a new radio, I seem to have lost mine!" I
smiled and said I would get one on Monday.

- 30

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As this is being posted on Christmas Week, may I wish everyone a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year (or if preferred Happy Holidays) - I hope
the coming year brings peace to us all - WL.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- All normal disclaimers apply, basically if you're too young to read
this type of story, then why are you here, you should know better than
that! - No actors were injured in the writing of this piece of fiction -
please note this is all it is FICTION - i.e. not true.

- Sorry about this, I had hoped to finish the work before Christmas, but
that's how it goes, the best-laid plans of mice and men - are buried
somewhere out of the way!

- I would like to thank my regular contributors for their suggestions, I
was given a nice twist about Margaret's husband, and I liked it so much I
stole it, sorry! ;} - I also have to thank jvilnis - for asking about
Becky's house (yeah thanks!) so I made them council tenants - then I
thought so what about their property - enter the van driver (makes the
piece even longer!!)

- Please note my revised email address, the
old address has been closed down, any mail sent there since the 10th of
December should be considered lost!!

Once again Merry Christmas, and I hope to finish this story next time,
or the time after that - it getting like that again.

Wandering Lanes, 23rd December 2001.


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