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The Girl With A Bicycle 34

The girl With A Bicycle - 34/34 (Final) Wandering Lanes

story codes (no-sex, slow)

I sat back in the seat listening to the music, beside me sat Greg,
nervously patting his pockets, making sure everything was present, I looked
around, there was only our friends present, which was expected, I thought
back over the last month's events.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sharon had arrived back from her house holding a letter, it had the
insurance association's crest on the back, and she didn't want to open it
without me being there.

The girls crowded around us as she undid the envelope, her hands were
shaking, and then she read out;

Dear Mrs. Williams,

May we first of all offer our condolences on your loss, we do appreciate
that the actions of our member society has been less than satisfactory and
we offer our apologises for their conduct, which is now under

With regards to your late husbands policy, we have studied all aspects
of the case and agree that full payment is authorised, due to the
conditions of your husbands policy we note that clause 21(b) subsection
iii, indicates that the age of your husband was below 30, which means that
the hardship clause is invoked.

This take into account your current status at time of your husbands
death, you have one dependant, below the age of fourteen, and you yourself
have no occupation, also due to the inconvenience caused by our associate
member - we are authorised to double the payment, which was originally

This means that we are please to grant you the enclosed cheque of
500,000 which we hope will help you in this time of need.

Assuring you of our constant attention at all times.

Justin Rhodes (Secretary to the board)


Sharon looked inside the envelope again and found a cheque. She read
the amount on it, and fainted. The girls started to panic, but I was able
to calm them,

"Don't worry girls," I said, "It just everything has overwhelmed your
mother," (yes I was including Becky as Sharon's daughter), "she'll be
alright in a few minutes.

Becky looked at the cheque and whistled, "Wow Daddy Mike, that's a lot
of money."

I smiled, "Yes it is, but don't you think she deserves it, both her and

Becky nodded, and then said, "But it makes things a lot better for you
doesn't it?"

I frowned and said, "How does it make thing better?

She smiled, "Now you can live off mummy Sharon's money, you don't have
to work, she can keep you, all you have to do is to marry her and it's
yours!" Her mercenary side was surfacing.

I tried to look as if realisation was taking its time arriving, "I don't
understand Becky! Why should I need to marry Sharon for money? Why can't
I live off my own?"

She looked at me as if I was daft, "Daddy Mike, its simple, when you
marry mummy Sharon then all her money is yours, I mean that is how it works
isn't it?" Then she thought again, "What do you mean your own money? What

This time I smiled, but Sharon's recovery prevented me from answering
her at that time.

"Mike? Is it time to get . . . " Then she remembered what had
happened, "Oh, yes. I'm sorry girls did I worry you?"

Both girls hugged her, and Kylie said. "We were worried mummy, but
Daddy said you'd be okay, but why did you do that?"

Sharon looked at her daughter and held her, "You know Kylie, even with
Mike's attention I still thought that we'd lose everything, Isabel has been
good to me, but I'm not really the type of secretary she needs and I think
she would be firing me soon."

Kylie's eyes were watering up, she said to Sharon, "But what were you
going to do if she did?"

I hugged Kylie and Sharon, "I wouldn't worry," I said, and then turned
to Becky again pulling her into the group, and said to her, "Do you want to
hear the story of a decadent past?"

She didn't know what I meant; I smiled at her confusion, "Come listen
children to a cautionary tale, one of misery, pain, betrayal and hope." I
thought about the last bit and decided to keep it in.

Kylie looked at me, "What's the story about then, you haven't got a book
with you!"

I smiled at her, "Kylie," I said, "for this I don't need a book, and it
will tell you what Isabel almost told you and Becky some weeks ago, it
doesn't involve bank robberies, or anything bad like that, but does show a
touch of human nature - greed."

I gathered my thoughts and started to speak.

"About 3 years ago there was a lottery roll-over, well two of them one
after the other, the prize money for six numbers was 25 Million, there was
only one winner, and he took two weeks to claim his money."

Becky spoke up, she would! "Why did he take so long? I would have
picked it up the next day!"

I smile and answered her, "He knew that people would be watching the
lottery company for the first few days, plus he didn't really want to have
the money."

Becky looked scandalised, "He must have been stupid, just think of what
he could buy!"

I nodded, "Yes, he did think, he had a few close friends, his real
friends, they convinced him that it would be better for him to claim the
money, spend some on what he wanted or needed, and then live off the
remainder for the rest of his life, and so he did.

But a few months later a national newspaper found out his name, and
printed it with his picture, the local paper - finding it had a millionaire
on its back door hunted for him. An obnoxious reported started to camp on
the poor man's doorstep demanding interviews, then others turned up and
were once found to be sorting through his rubbish, a call to the police
helped but in the end an interview had to be given."

Kylie asked, "Why didn't he just move?"

I nodded, "Good question! But he'd been living in his house since he
was young, it was his home and he decided that no-one would ever drive him

Becky said, "Good for him, why should he be driven out by people!"

I continued with the story, "Well the interview was as hard as he
thought it would be, but he hoped that would be the end of the affair. But
he was wrong. When he went out shopping people would come upto him most
saying. 'You won't remember me but . . . ' And giving a sob story in the
hope that their 'old friend' would try to help them, then getting annoyed
when he didn't. Then there were the 'old girlfriends' who wanted to renew
their acquaintances with him, I'm sorry to say that he had a different girl nearly every night, and they all expected expensive gifts."

Becky, again, said, "But that's what every one wants, expensive stuff!"

I had to nod at that, "Then one day, one of these 'girlfriends' said he
was the father of her child, from an earlier affair, now he didn't know the
woman, but she insisted that he was the man she met.

She got a private detective to dig into the man's private past, and
convinced her solicitor that she should try to get support for 'their'
child. So the 'poor' man had to go to his solicitor to see what should be

His first piece of advice was to pay up"

"No way," said Kylie, "She shouldn't get away with it!"

I smiled at the ferociousness of her response, "That was what he said,
he told his solicitor to fight, so they got a private detective of their
own, they found out that the 'son' was almost identical to the man that the
woman was living with, so his solicitor suggested that a blood test be done
to check on paternity (who the child was related to, that means Kylie!),
strange to say she didn't want that."

Becky giggled, "Because then they'd find out she's lying."

"Quite right, Becky, " I said, "So then our hero's solicitor passes his
information onto the villain's solicitor, letting them know that should the
case go to court then she would be counter sued for defamation of character
and demanding money under false pretences, he also passed his bill for her
to pay. Her solicitor passed on our comments to the lady in question - who
mysteriously disappeared without paying either her solicitor or his!"

Kylie said, "That wasn't nice of her, did he ever find her?"

I shook my head, "No, he never wanted to see her again, he paid his
solicitors bill, and decided that his wayward life would then stop, he'd
have nothing to do with women again. And he decided to live the life of a
solitary bachelor."

Kylie said, "But he didn't stay that way did he? I mean it does have a
happy ending doesn't it?"

I went to shake my head, but decided to finish the story, "Well he
almost did, until one day, when he was out for a walk he met a crying girl . . .. "

Kylie's head came up and she looked at me, "Daddy Mike!" she said, "that
man was you wasn't it?"

I smiled, "Yes Kylie," I said, "He was, he, or rather I, had almost
given up in the world, when I met you, in a way you saved my life, so how
better for me to ensure that your life is happier than it was."

Becky was thinking, "But Daddy Mike, if he, I mean you, won all that
money, then why are you still living here, I would have moved to a much
better place!"

I smiled, "But as I said, I grew up here, I was comfortable living in
this house, why should I move? You don't need to show off if you have
money you know."

She thought for some time, then said, "But then why didn't you tell
mummy Sharon about yourself when you first met her?"

I turned to Sharon and asked her, "What would you have done if I had
said straight away that I was a millionaire, and wanted to help you out?"

She shook her head, "I would have told you to get out and never bother
my daughter again, I could have accused you of trying to buy my daughter and called the police to arrest the pervert."

Becky looked at Sharon, "Daddy Mike? A pervert! No mummy, he isn't"

Kylie smiled and said, "Well, he might have been."

Sharon smiled in memory and said, "He could have been, but he wasn't.
But Becky remember I didn't know him then, he was just a stranger, worse he
was a stranger with my daughter, he could have done anything with her
because she wouldn't speak to anyone."

Kylie said, "But mummy you know that Daddy Mike didn't do anything."

Sharon said, "Yes Kylie I know that now, but then he was just another
man, and some men are dangerous," at Becky's look Sharon said, "I'm sorry
Becky, I had forgotten, you've been so happy since being with us that I did

Becky hugged Sharon, "That's okay mummy, I'm a lot happier here."

I had to speak, "But what we're trying to say Becky is that sometimes
money can cause more problems than solutions, before I met any of you I
didn't need to spend the money, just enough for living, I've spent more
since and have been happy doing so, I've taken more money out of the bank
in the past few months than I have in years. Didn't you ever wonder how I
was able to buy what I thought you needed, or to be able to supply the
Brownies with cash to help them?"

Becky shook her head, "I didn't think, I mean adults always have enough
money don't they."

Sharon said wryly "Oh no Becky, there are times when adults don't know
where the next meal is coming from. Then we despair, but when you have
children you have to hide your worries, that was why I had to have a job,
the bills were starting to mount up," she then hugged me, "Mike was a
godsend, he helped, not by giving me money, but by being able to look after
Kylie when I couldn't. Sometimes that is all you need"

I spoke to Sharon, "Have you changed your mind about marrying me?"

She shook her head, "No, you are what I need in a husband, I'm just
sorry that I had to lose Paul to find you." She then hugged Becky, "but I
wouldn't have had the chance to have you here with us, so I say again, No I
love you and want to be your wife."

Which was all that could be said, the girls were happy and so were we, I
managed to convince Sharon to put the money into her bank under her name, I
didn't need any more money, but I still wanted Sharon to have her own
should she need it. She managed to get a good rate of interest, which
ensured that her money would earn more just by staying in the bank.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We spoke to the local vicar, who, although he did mention that he hadn't
seen me in the church for some time, did agree to marry us after 4 weeks -
we decided to publish the banns mainly to allow us time to arrange the
wedding correctly and also the reception.

The vicar did say that he hoped to see us in church at least once before
the wedding, not to mention the rehearsal for the event during the week
before, he did mention that he hoped my best man would be a church goer -
they like to ensure a good audience I suppose.

Then I though - Best man? Who could I get to do that? I would need a
friend, one of long standing . . .

"Hello Greg." I said as I entered the shop, "I need a favour," at his
look I said, "Are you doing anything on " and I gave him the date.

He looked at me, after checking his diary, "That's a Friday isn't it?" I
nodded, "Well we're normally open on Friday's you know, I mean it would
have to be something important to keep me away from the shop!"

I smiled, "Well, I don't know if its important enough, I need a best
man, and I thought . . ." I paused at that point.

He jumped in and said, "Of course Mike I would."

I said, "Oh good, so you know some-one do you?"

He looked puzzled, "What do you mean?"

I smiled and said, "I was going to ask you if you would suggest anyone
who would be my best man, and you said you would, so who is it?"

He looked at me, "Mike, don't do that to me! Now if you want a best man then I'll accept, do you want one?"

I laughed, "Of course I'm asking you Greg, I couldn't think of anyone
else I'd have to do the job, you know you could let one of those trainees
George got you look after the place, that's what they're suppose to be able
to do you know."

He nodded, "Okay, Mike I'll think about it."

So that was arranged, I knew that he'd let the trainees look after the
shop, when he thought about something he'd finally let it happen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Which is why he's sitting next to me, getting agitated, I'd already made
sure he had both rings, one for each of us, safely in his waistcoat pocket,
but that wasn't why he was worried, it was the thought of some-one else
looking after his shop!

The music was still being played on the organ, with the occasional
fluffed note, but then I wasn't expecting perfection, the day itself was
going to be that, or should be.

I took another look around, I could see Margaret and her husband, John
the judge, they both smiled at me encouragingly, I remembered that Sunday,
when I took both girls to Brownies and handed the Owl's their invitations,
I also had to invite the Brownie pack, but was persuaded by Kylie and Becky
to allow Stacy to be another Bridesmaid.

Stacy! - She was almost another project of Kylie's, but I managed to
allow Joan and Paul to be the recipient of the work, her mother was working
too hard and had collapsed at work, rushed to hospital, Stacy was found at
the McGruder's that night, no-one had thought about her in the emergency,
knocking on their door, they contacted Maria who checked around and found
out what had happened, since she was with authorised foster parents she
decided to allow Stacy to stay with them until her mother was better. And
she'd been with her ever since then (three weeks so far - her mother is
back from hospital but still requires attention, so she's decided to allow
Stacy to be with Joan and Paul.)

How did she become a Kylie project? - Simple, some person (no names
mentioned - but it begins with K) told Stacy that should she need somebody
then Joan and Paul would be the ones to talk to!

Not that they've regretted it, they've seen so much of Stacy that it was
almost second nature to accept her, and they were most happy when Sharon
asked her if she'd be a bridesmaid.

Now the rest of the pack is angry, they didn't have the chance to be
asked! You just can't win sometimes! But I think they've forgiven me, the
back pew's are filled with the pack and their parents, well those who were
able to get the day off at least.

I kept scanning the people in the church, DS Nichols was there and
beside him were Nick and Sharon, I notice they were not in uniform and both
were holding hands (I smiled at the memory of their being handcuffed
together when they should have been watching Becky). Seeing Nichols
reminded me of when he showed up a couple of weeks ago.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We had settled down for the evening, the girls were watching television,
Sharon and myself were, well, I suppose you could call it making out, in
the dining room when the front door bell rang.

Kylie jumped up and ran to answer it, when she saw DS Nichols standing
there she invited him in, Sharon and I had untangled ourselves and welcomed
him in, he looked around and said to me, "Can I talk to Becky please, and I
think you'd better be with her Mike."

Sharon looked at Nichols, "Is it about the pictures?" she asked, when he
nodded she said, "Then it concerns all of us, not just Mike and Becky." He
looked at Kylie who nodded.

"Then okay, I'll talk to you all." We showed him into the living room
where I directed him into an armchair, I sat next to Becky, Kylie beside
her and Sharon beside Kylie. It was a tight fit, but we managed.

Nichols looked at us all, then concentrated on Becky, "We've managed to
search all the furniture in the storage depot today, I'm sorry to say that
we found another set of photographs," At Becky's shocked look her
continued, "The officer that found them only looked at the first one, he
put them all into a closed evidence bag, no-one else could see them. He
checked the other pieces of furniture making sure that there were no other
pictures and then brought the bag back to me." he swallowed, and then
continued, "I'm sorry Becky, I had to look through them, to ensure that
they were all, all," He couldn't bring himself to say the words, "well
anyway, I made sure that they were destroyed, you don't have anything to
worry about anymore."

Becky was crying onto my chest at this time, "You said that you wouldn't
tell me!"

He nodded, then said, "But if I didn't then you'd always be wondering, I
had to tell you so that there was no confusion, I know its causing you
distress, but I couldn't just leave you in suspense."

I was hugging her, with Kylie holding her hands, she looked at Nichols,
and then straighten up, "No," she said with a maturity that belied her
years, "I would have worried that someone might find them on a rubbish tip,
I'm glad you told me." she wriggled her way out of the settee, and walked
over to Nichols, he bent forward and accepted the kiss she gave him, "Thank
you, for looking after me!"

She walked back to us and kissed each one of us, "And thank you all for
being here with me."

Kylie held her, "But Becky, we said we would be, remember we're friends
and friends never let you down!"

Nichols shook his head, "I hope you always have that attitude! How I
could have let that idiot Jones talk me into checking up on you I don't
know! I'm sorry Mike, I should have trusted you."

I shook my head, "No, you did the right thing, regardless of how I
appeared, he could have been right!"

He nodded, "Yeah. But not Jones! If he ever was right I'd grow wings
and take to the air!"

I sniggered at the picture and then added, "Yes, and pigs might fly!"

I'm glad to say he got the joke, even though it was directed at his
profession, and laughed as well, we chatted a bit longer, and then Sharon
invited him to the wedding, he smiled and asked, do you mind if I invite
two others? At our look he explained, PC Knapp and WPC Douglas, although I
think that we're going to lose Douglas, love and the force don't really go
on together," He looked at me slightly reproachfully, "And I did hope you
would have told me of any, shall we say, improprieties while any of my
officers are on duty."

I kept a straight face, but Becky was giggling, she remembered what the
two officers were doing when we arrived back home, I said, "But I didn't
know for sure that anything was going on, when I spoke to them there was no

He looked at me in the eye, then looked at Becky who was still giggling,
"Okay Mike, if you say you didn't see anything I trust you," he then spoke
to Becky, "And what about you miss? Did you see anything?" Becky shook her
head - he looked at her giggling form, "Are you sure?"

Becky looked into his eyes and answered, "No, I didn't see anything, I
heard them, but that wasn't what you asked. Was it?"

He shook his head, "One day young lady, you may get into trouble," he
smiled, then added, "Or one day I'll learn to ask the right questions." He
looked at Kylie, who just looked back at him.

We chatted for some more minutes, before he had to leave, we went with
him to the door and waved goodbye, the girls said that they would see him
at the wedding if not before.

I asked Kylie why she didn't react at what Nichols had said, she smiled,
"But daddy, if I did he would have thought something was wrong, which it
isn't." Well I suppose that was right!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I smiled at the memory, Kylie always seems to know about some things -
some understanding of human nature, she'd work well with Maria and Nancy,
if they were still working when Kylie was of age.

Thinking about them, I kept scanning, saw Joan and Paul who smiled back
at me, and beside them was Maria and Nancy. I waved to them and they waved
back. Maria has been busy at work, and so Nancy has been working harder,
doubling up with Maria's home visits as well as her own.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nancy came round earlier this week, she looked slightly frazzled, I
invited her in to check on Becky, while I made a pot of tea, I walked into
the living room to find the two of them laughing away, Nancy looked at her
watch, "You know Becky, I'm suppose to spend an hour with you, checking
that everything is okay, but I could go right now," she looked at me and
continued, "because its obvious that Becky's doing well here", she got up
to go, but I stopped her.

I was watching the way she got up, her shoulder seemed a bit stiff, "Are
you alright Nancy?" I asked her.

She saw where my gaze was aimed and moved her arm, she grimaced while
raising it, "No, I've been having some problems with it lately."

I went behind her, "Do you mind if I touch you?" I asked her, when she
didn't answer I took it as a 'no I don't', I gently rubbed her shoulder,
feeling the knotted muscles just below the skin.

I shook my head, "I don't know," I said, "this looks like it needs
professional attention."

Nancy looked up at me, "I don't have the time at the moment - there's
too many people I have to see."

I didn't understand this, "Why don't you advertise for more workers?" I
started rubbing her arm again,

She leant back allowing me to work on her, "It doesn't always work like
that! The people we need to employ need to be able to communicate with
children and adults; you'd be surprised how many can't. Either they try to
hard - or not hard enough "

By this time I had started to rub harder into the shoulder, feeling the
relaxation spreading along the shoulder and into the arm, when I finished
she was so relaxed that she'd fallen asleep, even with my manipulations.

We let her sleep for half an hour before waking her, "Oh Maria, let me
sleep for a bit longer", she said, then she opened her eyes and looked
around in confusion, I offered her a cup of tea, from a new batch I had
just brewed, which she accepted and drank, I didn't ask her about her
waking words, which I think she was grateful for.

Whilst drinking her tea she found her shoulder was moving much easier,
"Thank you Mike, it feels a lot better, but why did you let me sleep so

I smiled, "Well you did say that you had to spend an hour checking on
Becky, so I thought you could do with the rest, you still have 20 minutes
to go."

She smiled and settled back to drink the rest of her tea, "You know
Mike," she said, "There are some families that are anxious to get rid of
me, but there are a few - and I'm glad to say yours is one of them - who
treat us as friends."

Becky went to her and hugged her, "But Nancy, you are a friend, both you
and Maria, you've tried to help us when we needed you, you've done so much
for us."

Nancy looked at me and said, "But Becky, to do that we need help from
others, Mike here has provided that help, at least in your case he did, we
can't always be there in time, but Mike was, that's why we wanted you to
stay with him. It was a pity that head office interfered with that, but it
all came out right in the end".

I looked at Nancy, "Is there going to be any comeback on that?" I asked

She nodded, "Yes, we've already been told that they're trying to get a
replacement for Dave, a trained psychologist, but at the moment there isn't
one available, and I don't think Dave will be returning to us either."

Becky said, "Good, I didn't like him at all."

Nancy shook her head, "No he wasn't nice to you, or to some others
either. But don't worry, we've got new procedures to monitor the
interviews, so that what happened to you and the others can't happen

She looked at her watch, "I'd better get going, thanks for the tea and
everything," she picked up her folders and smiled as she found her arms
working normally again, "yes thanks indeed, if I want further treatment I
know where to come."

I smiled and said, "Anytime, just pop in."

Becky and I waved to her as she drove off in her car.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I've never mention the slight slips-up that Maria and Nancy have made,
they are happy in their lives so why should I cause them any problems? As
I said to Kylie some time ago, we need all the friends we can have.

My scanning of the congregation was almost complete, Hugh and George
were sitting away from me, but were smiling, I could see that Hugh's junior
Knapp - I wonder if he's related to PC Knapp, Oh well, never mind - was
also with them, Sharon decided that they deserved to be here, if only to
show that we were keeping our side of the bargain to keep Becky.

Which reminded me of the rehearsal we had earlier this week, the vicar
was going through the routine, where I should stand, Sharon's placement,
how the bridesmaids should seat themselves during the service. The vicar
then ran through the service.

". . . And then I'll ask the normal question - you know 'If there is
anyone who knows of any reason why you two should not be joined in
matrimony let him speak out.'"

When Becky asked, "What would happen if any one did?"

The vicar looked at her, "Well, err, yes, good question - I mean it's
never happened in any of my weddings before, but the answer is that we
would have to listen to the reason, and if it was good enough the whole
thing would have to be cancelled. Why did you ask?"

She kept a smile on her face, "Oh no reason, just wondering, that's
all." The rest of the rehearsal went off without any more interruptions,
but I did notice Kylie and Becky talking with each other with Stacy
giggling with them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The strains of 'The Wedding March' echoed throughout the church as
Sharon arrived, the vicar stood before the altar and I moved to my place in
front of him, after an age - well it seemed so to me - Sharon was standing
beside me, with Richard standing in for her father (Sharon's father had
died some years ago, and Richard seemed the logical choice for us, after
the help he'd given Sharon).

The girls, dressed in identical peach coloured dresses and with baskets
holding a mixture of white and peach coloured flowers, moved to the front
pew to sit down, Sharon handed her bouquet to Kylie to hold for the

The vicar held up his hands and motioned for the congregation to sit, he
began to speak.

"Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here, in the sight of God, to witness
the marriage of Sharon Sandra Williams and Michael Andrew Moore . . ." and
so the service continued, when the words "... 'If there is anyone who
knows of any reason . . ." we all looked at Becky - who sat in her seat
smiling away, and the vicar continued with the words "... Or let him
forever keep his piece."

Then the promises were given, we had both decided that the Love, Honour
and Obey parts were too old fashioned for our way of living, and the
alternative version of Love, Honour and Cherish was used instead.

The rings were placed on fingers; even after practising I still almost
snagged the wrong one! But Sharon soon corrected me.

Finally after hours of the service, well it seemed so to me, the vicar
said, "I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." Which we
did, then the vicar said to the congregation, "Ladies and Gentlemen - may I
introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore."

We started the long trip down the aisle passing the congregation, and
then the Brownies, who were all smiling, we waited at the church door for
the congregation to walk past us and to ready their cameras, jostling with
the official photographer who was now waiting patiently. As John and
Margaret passed us I said, "I hope this satisfies the court your honour,"

He smiled and added, "Well it does me, but remember you have to live
happily ever after as well you know."

Sharon smiled and said, "Oh we plan to do that as well."

Isabel walked past us and kissed Sharon, "I'm so happy for you, but I
don't know how to say this . . ."

Sharon smiled at her, "I'm sorry Isabel but I think I'm going to have of
offer my resignation, I know it will be a nuisance but can you forgive me?"

Isabel smiled, "That's okay Sharon, I'm glad we could help you when you
needed it, but I will admit that we were going to have to let you go soon

I spoke to Sharon, "You know you don't have to resign, you could still
work for them."

She looked into my eyes, "I could, but then I'd have to be away from
you, and I don't want to do that, at least not just yet anyway." She said
with a smile.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'll gloss over the photograph session, and the reception - it was well
documented in the papers anyway - the speeches were done by Richard (in the
role of 'father of the bride'), Greg (as best man) and myself, I'm glad to
say they were mainly short speeches.

Sharon made sure I danced with the bridesmaids, and then they insisted
that I had a dance with the Brownies, although some of them were too shy to
dance with me, so I sat those ones out and spoke to their parents during
the time, just to be fair to them.

I found out that Sharon had arranged with Joan and Paul to look after
the girls for the night, she wanted to have her first night as Mrs. Mike
Moore, alone with her husband, I have to say I was looking forward to that
myself, there had been nights when we were woken by one or the other of the
girls complaining of bad dreams, but luckily these were now beginning to be
few and far between.

We slipped away from the reception and drove back home - neither of us
wanted a honeymoon as such, and we planned to have a proper holiday, with
Becky and Kylie later on - we entered the house and went upstairs, where I
found that Sharon had kept the tradition of 'something old, something new,
something borrowed and something blue'

She was wearing a locket of her mother's which in turn had been handed
down from her mother, she had kept her radio on her wrist (so it wasn't
exactly new but good enough), she was wearing a bracelet from Kylie, and
also blue garters - I won't tell you when I found that last one out!

I'm afraid I'm also going to gloss over our evening (and night) of bliss
- lets just say that we were both exhausted by midnight, and even though we
didn't need it, we practised at baby making for most of the time.

I will say we were both tired out when we collected the girls from Joan
and Paul's, and by the grins on their faces they knew why.



"What are you doing Daddy Mike?" Asked Becky as she watched me typing
away on the computer keyboard.

"Just writing a story, cabbage." I answered - I've found out she doesn't
like the vegetable so I try to wind her up when I can.

"Can I read it?" She said, and then added, "What's it about?" I kept
silent as she scanned through the early pages, "Hey it's about us, but
you've got the names wrong."

I laughed, "Of course I have, do you know what would happen if people
actually knew who we were and read this?" she shook her head, "Well I would
be thrown in prison as would Mummy Sharon. Maria and Nancy would lose
their jobs, and you and Kylie would be placed with foster parents -
probably not as nice as Joan and Paul."

"Oh." She said, "But if they don't know our real names then you won't
be?" I nodded, she frowned, "That's stupid, I mean you didn't really do
anything wrong did you, I mean you helped Kylie and me didn't you?"

I nodded, "Yes I did, but there are those people who think that what I
did was bad, and should be punished for it, they're the ones who think
their opinions are the only thing that matters, regardless of the outcome,
so I have to be careful when writing this."

She giggled, "They must be mad." She said

I shook my head, "No, they're not mad, its just the way society has made
them, they inherited their reactions from their parents and so they believe
it's how thing must be. In a way they've never had to live in the real
world, only in their version, and they won't change."

"Oh," she said, "then maybe we should pity them?"

I nodded, "Yes maybe we should." I said, then added, "but never forget
them, as they are everywhere."

Just then Sharon entered the room, I looked at her, the weeks of
practising had paid off, she was just showing, the scans had shown that we
were producing a new brother for Becky and Kylie, something they were happy
to be able to help with, Sharon often scolds me for not continuing out
lessons with the girls, but as I pointed out, Becky already knew so much
that she was telling Kylie but not us, so it was pointless.

Greg got hitched, to one of the assistants George had sorted out; I
secretly think George planned that! But don't tell Greg.

We manage to get 'The Remote Nanny' working, I kept Greg's suggestion as
it seemed better than 'Invisible Tether' and I'm glad to say a few of the
shopping centres took advantage of them and did allow people to hire them,
at first they were regarded as a gimmick, but when they prevented some
abductions, one centre had the idea of placing a detector at the first of a
set of double doors - when set off the first door would open allowing the
person in to the exit, but the second set of doors remained closed, then
the first set of doors closed leaving the person trapped until their
security or the police could arrive and arrest them, soon all shopping
centres wanted them.

There were similar results with the home version, in one town the police
was aided by boy scouts and guides to pinpoint and help arrest a particular
violent paedophile within minutes of the child being abducted. After that
the radio's sold like hot cakes. Although there was an incident of the
radios being used during a school exam, after which they were confiscated,
and not allowed back until after the school time.

We've sold the original copyrights to the radio's back to the
manufacturers, but kept the rights to the tracking system, which earns us
all a tidy sum, if fact I haven't had to use my original money for some

The girls savings accounts have been getting boosts every so often, so
when they're ready to leave home they will be rich in their own right, and
not dependant on anybody, but Kylie has said she wants to work in the
social services - Maria and Nancy have been trying their hardest to talk
her out of it!

Becky hasn't yet said what she wants to do when she grows up, but I'm
sure that she'll do a good job whatever it is.

I have stayed a friend to the Brownies, and now the Guides since Kylie
(and Becky) have now applied, we even have Margaret and John round to lunch
on occasions, although John says that he's just trying to ensure that we're
still together.

I remember once when he came round, just after Kylie's birthday, she was
now 10 and had received a special present, they were playing outside in the
garden with their friends, when John remarked that he hadn't seen Kylie for
some time and asked me to point her out.

I must admit it took me a few moments before I could see her, she was
holding her present and showing it to a group of girls.

I pointed to her "That's her, that's Kylie!" I said, "She's The girl With The Bicycle"

- 30


- That's it finished! the last chapter is done.

- I would like to give the normal disclaimers to this story, all the
persons involved are fictitious, and no actual children, and adults,
animals or insects were harmed in the writing of this work.

- If you are not allow to read such material - due to age, religion or
legal requirement, you shouldn't have reached this far. If you have then
you've been very bad and don't do it again! (That should teach them!)

- If you have persevered with reading this work then I thank you, I hope
this has entertained you, if you have any criticism, comments or other
words then you can email me at wanderinglanes@hotmail.com I will try to
answer all emails sent. - I'm afraid that this is the last story for a few
months (or weeks at least) I want to have a brief rest but I will try my
hand at writing after that - I have plans for a piece I started but never
finished called 'Tesh and War' but no doubt will have changed it by then!

Again thank you for taking the time to read this, until the next time,

Wandering Lanes - 1st January 2002.

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