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The Girl With a Bicycle 10


The girl With a Bicycle - Part 10 By Wandering Lanes

story codes (MF, MFgg, slow)

We were getting ready for dinner, well, I say we, Kylie and Becky were
working on the table, Sharon was in the kitchen, moaning about my lack of
fresh vegetables, I'm a single man - if it doesn't come out of the freezer
I don't cook it.

I was sitting in an armchair relaxing.

The doorbell rang, I went to answer it, standing on the doorstep were
two men, DC Nichols and Richard? - Nichols started the ball rolling by

"Mr. Moore, I trying to locate Rebecca Smith," I opened the door wider
and beckoned them in.

"Well she's in here, if you'll go through to the dining room." The two
entered, as Richard passed me I looked at him and mouthed 'what's all this
about?' he raised a placating hand and quickly shook his head, while
smiling - I wasn't sure what was about to happen, I followed them into the
Dining room.

Both girls stopped their playing and Becky started to look apprehensive,
Sharon came in from the kitchen wiping her hands, I made the introductions.

"Girls you know Mr. Nichols and Richard, Detective Sergeant Nichols
this is Sharon Williams, Kylies mother, as I was looking after the girls today she decided to make dinner for us here," Nichols nodded to Sharon

"Mrs. William, I suppose you've been told what when on at the station
today." - with all the fuss of getting Becky dressed in a skirt, taking the
first tablet - which tasted bitter according to her - and getting ready for
dinner, we'd had no time to really tell Sharon the 'fun' we'd had.

DS Nichols started the story - halfway through Sharon had to sit down,
as she was laughing so much,

"You really thought that Mike would? That he could. . ?" She looked at
me and burst into more laughter - I didn't know whether to be happy or feel
insulted. Then he had to explain about the doctor's examination, as she
heard about that she looked at both girls and held out her arms to them.

"I should have been with you two," and she hugged them close to her,
then she realised something, "Becky? Was this the same doctor who. . ?"
Becky nodded her head.

"Yes Aunt Sharon, she was very sorry. I liked her, when she wasn't
hurting me!" Sharon turned to Nichols,

"Now Detective Sergeant Nichols, why have you come here?"

"To apologise on behalf of the Police to Mr. Moore and Miss Williams
and Miss Smith, it appears that an injustice was committed against you all.
Pending further investigations by the Police Complaints Authority you will
be in line for compensation, which will have to be worked out by others, so
I can't say how much that will be." He turned to Becky, "Rebecca..." She
cut him short with

"My name is Becky, only Darren called me Rebecca, I hate that name!" the
venom was almost visible, Nichols nodded,

"Becky, we questioned Darren about last night, and his statement was
completely different," Becky opened her mouth about to start when Nichols
held up his hand, "But from the report of the officers who were at the
scene, Kylies statement, and yours, it was obvious that he wasn't telling
the truth. Then following the medical examination, and the proof it gave
us, he finally gave us the version we expected, not quite the truth I'm
sure. He's going up against the bench tomorrow, you and Kylie will not be
expected to attend, its only an arraignment, to set the date for the court
case, he shouldn't get bail, but if he does it will be with strict
conditions. Don't worry we will ensure that he won't get anywhere near
you. If he does then contact the police straight away, do you understand?"
Becky nodded her head, then looked up at Nichols and said.

"I'll call Mr. Mike first, I know he'll always help me!" She walked
over to me sat on my lap, and hugged me, Sharon looked at Nichols and said,

"Do you still think Mike could hurt these girls?" Nichols shook his

"When they came back from lunch today, you could see how much they loved
him, and he cared for them, that decided me." Sharon then pestered him,

"Then why did you carry on with the examination?" Nichols looked

"My colleague had convinced our superiors that there was a chance that
Mr. Moore was a good actor. We since learnt that my colleague was a buddy
of Darren's, that's why he's currently suspended, pending the investigation
I mentioned," He stood up, shook my hand, "Goodbye Mr. Moore, I hope we
can meet again, in more pleasant situations." I agreed with that, and
showed Nichols out of the house.

Richard was still in the dining room, shaking his head,

"Frank's got a lot of problems now, it seems that Jones is involved in
more that fabricating evidence against you, Mike, he's also involved in the
fraud case." He looked at us all. "I shouldn't be telling you this, so
please don't repeat it." He leaned back in his seat and started to speak.

"The insurance company that's involved in this appears to be a front for
a local crime syndicate. But where they are able to cope with small
payments, the larger ones are becoming an embarrassment to them. They
don't have the internal backing to pay up. On checking them with Company's
House, they belong to the Federation of Insurance Brokers, although their
fees are behind they are still, at this time classed as members." He looked
at Sharon, "This is good news for you and the others, Sharon, as the
Federation underwrites any policies issued by their members, and when this
breaks, and it will, they will have to step in.

"In order to delay payments, they 'convinced' several police officers to
take statements, and use these to confuse matters. The 'witness', is the
same person, the addresses used are non-existent, and so we can't follow
them up, so the case is left open. That is until the witness can be
located and re-questioned.

"Thanks to DC Jones, that's Frank's colleague, we now know who the woman
is, but we've yet to catch her. We know they're worried, that firebomb
incident shows how careless they are. But we are very close." A question
was puzzling me.

"How did you know DC Jones was involved?" Richard laughed.

"Well, it was indirectly due to you!" Seeing my face he continued.
"When DC Jones picked up the file on Paul Williams he went directly to my
desk and picked it up! I had about ten files there, all the same, but he
knew exactly where it was! After they put Darren back into the cells, we
had a word with Jones, he admitted his involvement and he started naming

"Well, at least we have something to thank Darren for." I said, and
found myself receiving a punch on my arm from Becky, who said.

"Well I'm not going to thank him, not after what he gave me!" Richard
looked at her, and asked.

"What did he give you?" As Becky was opening her mouth, I said,

"Two years of hell..." Becky closed her mouth, realising what she WAS
going to say, and nodded. Richard's face fell,

"So I hear, don't worry Becky. I think you're in good hands here." This
time Becky was hugging my arm and said.

"Yes, I know!"

Richard got up, looked around and said.

"This looks like a good old fashioned family group, the way a family should be." I laughed and added,

"Except here you have three different groups of people, just getting
ready for dinner." He smiled,

"You should consider yourself lucky." As he left I though 'I do, I do
indeed' and returned to the dining room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the two visitors the dinner was a quiet affair, we were all
wrapped up in our thoughts. Reflecting on the day, I was concentrating on
what could have happened, visions of spending the night in a prison cell,
all due to Darren, yet here I was eating dinner, with a wonderful woman and
two delightful children, but none of them mine.

I was starting to get maudlin when I realised there was an expectant
silence, I looked up and all eyes were on me, now what had I missed?

"Okay, I give up, what was said? Because I wasn't listening." They all
laughed at me, Sharon took pity on me.

"The girls were asking if they could have a bath?" I had to shake my

"Sorry girls, but I don't think it's a good idea for both of you to
share a bath, I'm afraid Darren has ruined that for a couple of weeks."
They started to drop their eyes, so I added, "But there's nothing stopping
you from having a shower." Both sets of eyes were looking at me, then they
switched to Sharon who looked at me, I nodded, and then added,

"But not just yet, I'm an old man and need to let the food settle first,
why don't you watch tv for a bit." With replies of 'Yes, Uncle Mike' and
'Okay Mr. Mike' both girls left the table and made for the living room, I
helped Sharon with the washing up.

"Mike, why couldn't they have a bath?" I shook my head,

"I'm just being careful, I don't know if this chyma-whatever is
transferable in a bath. But I don't want to take a risk, a least this way
the water won't have chance to enter too far into their bodies, and unless
they touch each other sexually, they should be safe." Understanding showed
in her eyes, then she remembered Monday.

"Mike, I touched Becky, brought her to several climax's, does this mean
I could have . . ." I held her, and answered honestly.

"I don't know! Did you lick her, or your fingers after you touched
her?" She shook her head,

"I . . . I . . . I can't remember, Oh Mike, this means that we can't,
can't. ." I held her shoulders,

"Yes. We. Can!" She looked at me, shaking her head, I continued "If
there is anything wrong then we'll face it together," still shaking her
head, she smiled,

"That almost sounded like a proposal. But I'll take it without
obligation, and without pressure." I had to think at that. - Yes it did,
but why propose to a person I've known for nearly a week, no it was a week.
One whole week since I met Kylie for the second time, I smiled, kissed
Sharon on the cheek, and carried on with the washing up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We entered the living room to find the two girls in full flow,
chattering away, Kylie turned to us and said,

"Mummy, I've told Becky about Brownies. Her mum and dad wouldn't let
her join, they didn't think she would behave herself." - Translation,
Darren had convinced them - "But I think she would have fun, can't we get
her to join?" Sharon looked interested, then frowned.

"I don't think we can do anything, Becky's parents have to agree, she
can't just turn up, there are lots of things she'll need." I came in with,

"But there'll be no harm in asking her parents if they'll agree to Becky
joining the Brownies, or Guides." Becky shook her head.

"They'd never agree, the last time I asked I was told it was a waste of
money. Darren told them it was expensive, anything I wanted to do I
couldn't!" I went to her and hugged her - I'm getting used to this - Sharon
joined us then Kylie.

"Becky, remember, Darren was trying to protect himself, the more places
you went to, the more likely you'd say something that would give him away.
Eventually your parents will realise this, but you'll have to put up with
them, I know that will be hard, they'll blame you at first," she looked up
at me, and frowned, "I know, it isn't fair, but you do know you can come
either to Aunt Sharon or myself don't you?" She nodded her head,

"But I don't think they'd want me to talk to you on the phone!" I
tweaked her nose,

"Who said anything about the phone," I raised her arm, and pointed to
the wrist radio. "Just talk into this, and we'll be listening," I took a
deep breath through my nose, and said, "I think somebody needs washing!
Upstairs both of you, you need a shower!"

Becky and Kylie disentangled themselves from Sharon and myself and
rushed to the stairs, Becky was undoing buttons as she ran.

Sharon started laughing at the sight, as the two girls disappeared
through the door,

"I've never seen kids wanting to get washed so badly before," I
whispered into her ear, her eyes widened. "You really think so . . ." I
nodded. "But, Becky?"

"Just rub her, there no real need to go further is there?" She thought,
and then said.

"But what about . . ." I stopped her,

"If your that worried I've got some antiseptic soap you can use
afterwards, now come on I think they're waiting for us."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As we left the room, we found a trail of clothing, Becky's dress,
Kylie's Skirt, a shoe, then on the stairs a different shoe, halfway up the
stairs the remaining shoes and two pairs of socks - we decided they must
have stopped here for a moment - at the top of the stairs Kylies' tee-shirt
was lying forlornly on the carpet, near the door to the bathroom were two
pairs of knickers along with two radios and lastly just by the door itself
was a sanitary pad. Sharon held it by a wing and looked at me. I looked

"It was so she didn't get her underwear stained." She opened her mouth
to say 'Oh', and then kissed me on the cheek, throwing the pad into a bin,
we then entered the bathroom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We walked into a room that was thoroughly sodden.

The shower was in full flow, however the shower curtain - which should
have held the water in the bath - was undrawn, and the loaded weapon, the
shower, was firing water at any target, including myself and Sharon.

We were soaked, and the two giggling girls trying to control the spray
were having fun, then they saw us. The showerhead was dropped to the bath
Sharon and I looked at each other, water dripping off us, I winked at
Sharon, she nodded, we both put scowls on our faces, and turned to the

"You naughty children, making all this mess! What are we going to do to
you? This from Sharon

"Look at this mess, it's going to take some time for you to clean it up!
No there's nothing for it we're going to have to punish you!" and we
approached the two cowering girls,

"I'm sorry mummy, we were just having fun" from Kylie and,

"Oh Mr. Mike, we didn't mean to make a mess, please don't be angry"

"Angry! I'll show you angry, I'm so angry that. I. Am. Going.
To...." I couldn't help myself - I burst into laughter. "Tickle the life
out of the both of you," Sharon added,

"No you're not, I'm going to help you." The girls started to cry out as
our hands approached then and started to dig between their ribs, starting
them giggling, then laughing, after some time Becky said,

"Please, please, no more, please stop, or I'm going to, to, OH no." as a
stream of urine started to flow, "Ow, that hurts" We stopped immediately
and hugged the young girl,

"Oh Becky, I'm sorry, I should have stopped" And I was sorry, I'd
forgotten her problem and its side effect.

"Don't worry Mr. Mike - I was enjoying it - but I just couldn't stop
myself, anyway if I really wanted you to stop I would have said teapot,
wouldn't I?" The Kylie added,

"Yes, we were having fun you know," she looked down into the bath, her
hand moved, "Oh, and err. Uncle Mike," I looked at her, she raised her
hand with the showerhead, still spouting water, and pointed it at me

What could I do? Really turn angry? Rant and Rave at the young girl?
True I could have done, but then I realised what was happening here. They
are children! Both of them have suffered to some degree, forced into
trying to be something else, why spoil it for them?

I grabbed hold of Kylie and turned her slightly, she was still holding
the showerhead, and the water went all over Sharon, turned her again, and
now Becky was the recipient of a drenching, then back to me, this time I
raised her up so that the water sprayed into my face.

"There," I said, "now we're all wet, and you know whose fault that is?"
They shook their heads, and like some novel detective I said, "The culprit
is KYLIE, lets get her." I held her as Sharon and Becky both started their
tickle attack.

After a short time Kylie was overcome by the tickling, she had to submit
by saying,

"Dinosaur, Please DINOSAUR," both Sharon and myself stopped, but Becky
continued, "Becky, please dinosaur, please stop." I put my arms around
Becky holding her so that she couldn't continue,

"Oh please Mr. Mike, let me carry on." I whispered in her ear,

"Why? Do you want to be like Darren?" This stopped her, "He didn't want
to stop when you begged him to did he?" She shook her head, yes that was
how Darren was,

"Oh Kylie, I'm sorry, I didn't think, I just wanted to keep on tickling
you, I didn't think of how you were feeling, will you forgive me?" Kylie
reached out to Becky and hugged her,

"Of course I forgive you Becky. You're my bestest friend, besides Uncle
Mike, of course!"

"Well now that's all settled, why don't you both get washed", I let
Sharon know where there were dry towels - all the ones in here were wet for
some reason - I got a damp flannel and started to soap it up.

Grabbing Kylie first I rubbed the flannel over her face down to her
neck, dampen the flannel more, add soap, rub to a lather, then apply to
arms, back, legs. Dampen again, round to the front, up the legs, around
the torso - missing the junction of her legs, rinsing her off. Now for the
main part - for Kylie that is.

Ensuring the flannel had a lot of soap I started to aim for her slit,
cleaning it, then teasing the small nub at the top, exciting her, pleasing

"Oohhh! Uncle Mike, that's nice, oh yes, more please, yes, yes,
yesssss, " she closed her eyes, and started to fall back, Sharon grabbed
hold of her, just as Kylie started to cum, I rinsed her off using the
shower, the water hitting her slit and clit sending her over the edge into
ecstasy. Then I let Sharon take her and start drying her off.

I then approached Becky, and did the same to her, but as I started to
clean her vagina she backed away,

"No Mr. Mike, I don't want you to get it. I'll do it, please pass the
soap," and she held out her hand, I shook my head.

"Its alright Becky, I'll wash my hands later with some special soap, but
you need this..." I moved the flannel closer then, using it, soaped up her
slit, cleaning it, and then concentrated on her pleasure spot, Sharon and
Kylie watched as Becky responded.

"No, please Mr. Mike, you really don't, don't... have to . . . to . .
. yyyeeeessss, yyeess. Oh, Mr. Mike. Mister . . . Mister. . .
Miikkeeeee." She was overwhelmed by the emotion, her legs buckled, I held
her and then applied the shower to rinse her off, lifted her up, and
wrapped her in a towel.

Sharon and I concentrated on drying the two limp girls, as well as
ourselves, carrying them into 'their' bedroom, dressing them in their
nightclothes - again a nightdress for Kylie and pyjamas for Becky - and
then depositing them into the bed, where they fell asleep.

"Mike, I know what you said to Becky about the soap, I may be daft, but
please could you wash your hands." I shook my head, and led Sharon from the
bedroom into the bathroom again, I took the bottled soap from a cupboard,
pumped the solution into my palms, and thoroughly scrubbed my hands.

"Sharon, you're not daft - you're right! This is a case of what you
can't see may hurt you. Becky's going to be constantly worried that she's
going to infect us all, we have to show her that we can take precautions,
and still have fun." Sharon smiled,

"Well if we make sure we're dry, can we go to bed and have some of our
own fun?" This time she took my hand and let me to my bedroom, where we
stripped off our sodden clothing, and laid together on the bed.

"Darling, can you make love to me?" Sharon was looking at me as she
asked this question. I nodded, my hands moving to caress her face, my lips
following the path of my hands, from the top of her breasts I move around
the outside of both, to underneath, and raised them both up kissing the
very tips of her nipples, feeling them hardening at each touch.

I stopped at these peaks of arousal, trying to make them harder than
ever before, Sharon started to gasp in pleasure. My hands start their
journey further down her body, leaving my lips behind.

I found her clit, and started to agitate it, ramping up her enjoyment,
building her up, and up until

"OH GOD, Paul, PAU-IKE, PAUL! MIKE! OH GGOOODDDDDD!!!" At least this
time I had equal billing, She really was in love with Paul. I let her
relax, and we both fell asleep - the happening of the past day had really
been too much.

I came too, feeling a pair of lips on me, well low down on me in fact,
as I 'stirred' and looked down I saw Sharon's eyes looking up at me, she
took me out of her mouth,

"Do you have any idea how long I been working at this?" I smiled,

"Oh. Several years I would think, to get that good!" She gave a nasty

"Do you want to consider that statement, remembering where I am, and
what I could do?" I glanced further down at where her hands were, gave an
audible 'gulp' then sad

"Did I say anything wrong? I'm always disorientated when I wake." She
smiled again, this time a laughing smile, and said.

"Quite a good answer, almost gets you off, but I need to get on!" She
started to position herself, then stopped.

"Oh God Mike, I nearly forgot, If I didn't remember in time I could have
. . .." She looked at me, "Mike have you got any condoms?" So that was it,
I thought for a moment and reached into a bedside cabinet and produced a
foil packet. Sharon took it from me, opened it and started to unroll it
over my cock.

Then she looked down at me, smiled again, impaled herself with a small

"It doesn't feel the same," I agreed with that, although she was so
close to me, I couldn't feel her, she started to move up and down, then

"Mike, I can't do this, but I want you soo much, could you please take
me," she laid down on my body, I rolled over, took most of my weight on my
arms and legs,

"Ready?" I said, she nodded and I started to move, trying to give her as
much pleasure as I could. She moaned and shivered underneath me.

I was getting close, and I think Sharon was even closer, when I heard
whispering from the door,

"He's over her this time, the last time I saw them she was on top!" I
recognised Becky's voice, then Kylie's answering

"They've done it several ways, I think he even licked her down there,"

"yuck!" I looked up and said,

"If you're going to watch, please don't make comments - it annoys the
actors on stage! Now either come in and be quiet or go to bed and sleep."
Another whispered conversation from the doorway, then the two girls entered
both undressed except for Becky who was wearing navy blue knickers with
white showing at the legs. I looked at her, she pointed at Sharon,

"Mr. Mike, don't you think you should finish first?" I laughed out
loud, I was being given instructions by a nine-year-old.

"Thank you teacher, I'll get you an apple later." To be honest I had
gone off the boil so to speak, and was starting again from scratch. I
heard a gasp from Becky as I withdrew and re-entered Sharon, and a loud

"There's something wrong with his . . . his cock. I think I've done
something to it." As I started to get into the rhythm I heard

"Teapot, Mr. Mike, TEAPOT!" I stopped and looked at Becky,

"What's up Becky, I'm not hurting you?"

"No, but Mr. Mike, I think your cock may be infected, look it's all
wrong!" For a moment I panicked, then realised WHAT was wrong. I laughed
out loud, then I heard Sharon laughing as well, Becky looked at both of us
in shock, I stopped laughing and withdrew from Sharon.

"You see Mr. Mike it's not right, it's all . . . Hey that's not you,
it's something else!" She took a closer look, "It's a bag, and it's all
round your cock. Why?" The heat of passion was cleared, and I was starting
to feel tired out.

"That Becky is called a condom, its to prevent my semen from entering
Sharon, it also stops any other fluid from touching Sharon, and also stops
any fluid from Sharon from touching me, so apart from preventing
pregnancies it also helps to stop diseases from being passed from one
person to another." She nodded at my explanation, and then said.

"Oh well, that's okay then, you can carry on." Sharon and I looked at
each other, and then Sharon said.

"Becky, I been hyped up twice, without relief, and I'm worn out?" at
Becky's snigger. She laughed and said, "I didn't mean like that!" Kylie
still looked puzzled, so I whispered to her.

"What happens to something that is rubbed a lot?" She shrugged her
shoulders, I continued "It wears away" her mouth opened in a 'O' then she
started to laugh.

"You mean mummy been worn away by you?" I nodded, "Well she seems to
enjoy it!" this set us all off.

When we finally calmed down I looked at the two girls,

"I thought we put you two to bed, why are you up?" Becky looked down at
the floor and said.

"I heard a noise, I thought Darren was in the house, I got scared." Then
Kylie piped up with,

"She woke me, and I started to get scared, so we"

"Both got up and"

"Came to find you!" I'm starting to hear them both - 'stereo'. I said,

"Okay, I get the message, do you want to say the night?" both heads
nodded, Sharon and I moved the covers and both girls jumped in, "Nothing's
going to happen tonight, except sleep, so goodnight."

With three voices saying goodnight we all settled down to sleep.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A Note from the author - This story is one of complete fiction, this
means that the people, places and everything else IS NOT REAL! Also Sex
with children is wrong, and is rightly against the law, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS

- General words - Oh boy, this chapter has been difficult to write, not
the action, but finding the time to complete it. Further posts may be slow
in appearing, but rest assured I will be carrying on with this.

- I must thank all those who have written to me at I will try to answer all emails sent. I, like the
other authors at asstr, rely on your comments and encouragements, so please
write, or make a donation to asstr.

Wandering Lanes

21st August 2001.


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