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The Girl With a Bicycle 11


The girl With a Bicycle - Part 11 (revised) by Wandering Lanes

story codes (MF, g, slow NO SEX)

I woke up, to my left was Kylie, her eyes closed, sleeping away. On my
right was Becky, her eyes were open and she was looking at me,

"Good morning Becky, did you sleep well?" She smiled, yawned, stretched
and said,

"Yes Mr. Mike, I seem to sleep better here than at home, I think its
because Darren isn't here, and because I feel safe with you. I'm sorry I
stopped you last night, I've never seen one of those before and I really
thought . . ." I kissed her on her head,

"I know, you were worried, I'm not sorry that you stopped me because you
thought I had a problem. You did the right thing. I'd never be angry at
you for doing that, now are you getting up?" She nodded her head, got out
of bed, I watched her as she left the room.

"Morning Uncle Mike," Kylie was awake, I turned to look at her, the
young body lying in the bed. So inviting, but so out of reach - for me!

"Morning Kylie, one of these days you're going to have to sleep in your
own bed. You're not safe in mine!"

she giggled, "Don't be daft Uncle Mike, I know you'd never do anything
like that." Another voice passing by my door to the stairs piped up with,

"Yeah, too much of a wimp!" Kylie started to laugh out loud, I shouted.

"Becky! Just watch out when I get up!"

"Ooohh I'm so scared, I'm shaking!" came the derisory reply, as Becky
ran down the stairs.

"She's happier here you know Uncle Mike." I smiled and replied,

"Yes, I know, but she'll have to go back with her parents soon."

"Can't you just keep her here?" I shook my head.

"No, its not as if she's a cat, able to roam about. Her parents will be
worried about her," Kylie shook her head, I continued "Yes. After they've
thought about it, they will try to compensate for what has happened.
Anyway, if I kept her I could be arrested for abduction. No this way she
has you to play with, and me to visit. She knows we'll never desert her."
Kylie nodded her head at this,

"I'd never stop seeing her, she needs me!" There was conviction in her
voice, a strange thing to hear in one so young.

"At the moment, she needs you, but remember this. There will come some
times when she will say things that she doesn't mean, things that will make
you angry at her, when - not if, but when - this happens, just remember
times like this, and forgive her." Kylie looked at me as if I was mad, you
never know?

I suddenly felt a need for the toilet so entered the bathroom to utilise
it, someone had been busy the room was clean and the damp towels had been
removed? Did we have fairies in the place cleaning up? Oh well, I
finished on the loo, and started to wash and shave, Kylie entered and
placed herself on the loo, no words were exchanged.

I finished shaving and left Kylie to finish, I went back to the bedroom
and dressed, came out to find Kylie, fully dressed waiting for me holding
up her arms,

"Piggy-back please, Uncle Mike." What could I do? I raised her up, onto
my back, and carried her downstairs, and into the dining room.

Becky was laying the table, she was wearing a dress! Should I comment,
say how nice it was? Or leave it alone? I decided to keep quiet, for the
time being.

"Now little girl, you were saying something about shaking with fear?"
She shot back with,

"Me? No sir. You must be confusing me with some-one else! Look my
hands are steady!" She was smiling at this.

"Uhm, then it must have been Sharon, please wait here girls while I talk
to her." I lowered Kylie from my shoulders, twisting her round to face me,
as her face passed mine I winked at her, set her down onto her feet, and
walked into the kitchen.

Sharon was busy cooking breakfast, the washing machine was also busy,
towels could be seen mingling into each other in the intimate way washing
has. I walked up to her and kissed her.

"Good morning, you've been a busy bee today. The bathroom never looked

"Well, when I woke up I found I had some excess energy from somewhere,
so I decided to help out." We kissed again, heard giggles from the doorway,

"Remember Mr. Mike, be careful next time!" - the chemists words being
thrown at me, we disengaged and I looked at the two heads watching us.

"Well I wasn't going to have sex with Sharon here in the kitchen, I'm a
hungry man!" More laugher from all three, but for different reasons.

Breakfast was quick and messy, we all helped with the washing up, I
never realised what I'd been missing, it seems family life can be pleasant
- where were these thoughts coming from? Did I want a family? I'd never
thought about one before, and it always seemed to be the wrong time, or the
wrong person, or something, but with these three with me they seemed right!
I started to compare my life with then without them. With won hands down,
but the time wasn't right, for me that is, I had to wait. For what? I
wasn't sure, but I was certain it would be soon.

I returned to myself to find I was sitting at the table, with Sharon
watching me, a cup of tea steaming beside me.

"Mike why do you do that?" I looked at her, smiled.

"I don't know, I seem to start thinking and lose my way in my thoughts."
She nodded, not really understanding but accepting.

"What are you planning for today?" She asked, only to be interrupted by
the ring of the phone, I picked it up to hear the voice of Greg on the

"Mike? Those radio's are in, can you collect them?" Radios? Then I
remembered the Brownies and the disappointment of Paula.

"Thanks Greg, I'll be in later to pick them up" Sharon looked at me, I
filled her in about Paula, the radio and the Brownies - I also mention the
talk of the girls, she smiled.

"Is she very pretty?" (Hold on trap approaching),

"I can't say I noticed, but Kylie did say she was a school teacher, so I
couldn't kiss her! Maybe you should ask the girls." She accepted this -
(trap avoided, phew, why was I worried)?

"Sharon, when is the next Brownies meeting?" She thought for a moment
then said,

"Of course, this Sunday at 2:30 in the Church Hall." I thought - the
leaders should be able to use the radios so that they can teach the girls how to operate them. First things first - Lets get the radio then move
from there.

"What about a trip to town today, take some bread and feed the ducks?"
Sharon smiled.

"Got any bread?" We searched the kitchen for scraps, but couldn't find
them, then Sharon said "I know, I've got some at home, I'll just pop off
and get it."

She announced her intention to the two girls, Becky jumped up and asked,

"Can I come with you Aunt Sharon?" Sharon smiled and said yes, Kylie
said she wanted to remain here with me until they came back.

The front door closed behind Sharon and Becky, Kylie came upto me.

"Uncle Mike, can I sit in your lap?" I moved my seat back and she
climbed up and sat down. She looked up at me, "Uncle Mike can I ask you a
question?" I nodded my head,

"Kylie, you can ask whatever you wish, I hope I can answer them, or at
least try to answer them. She thought for a moment, framing the question
then asked.

"Why were you wearing that thing last night, you've never bothered
before!" The hard questions first I thought!

"Your mother was worried, she had touched Becky last Monday, just as I
touched you both last night. She was scared that she might have the same
as Becky, she wanted to have sex with me, but didn't want me to catch the
disease from her. So she asked me to wear the condom, for my protection."
She looked puzzled.

"Why for your protection? Mummy is on the pill, whatever that is?"

"The pill is a contraceptive, it prevents babies from being conceived
when people don't want to be parents, a condom does the same, but it stops
the man's sperm from reaching the woman's egg," she nodded and then
frowned, so I continued. "The condom also covers the whole of the man's
penis so that no juices from the woman or the man can mix, some sexual
diseases spread by mixing together and re-entering the bodies or absorbed
into the bodies, when there is no actual connection there can be no mixing.
So both the man and the woman should be safe."

"You say man and woman, but what about Darren and Becky? He's not a
man, and she just a girl!" I shook my head.

"That is the bad part about sex, You see once you get to a certain age,
your body will change, with girls its about the ages of 10 to 11, with boys its about 11 to 12 years old, Most children experiment with sex, normally
by playing doctor, some decide to go further, and force themselves onto
others, it could be the boy attacking the girl, sometimes it is the girl on
the boy. Why Darren started on Becky I can't say, perhaps he found that it
was simpler than trying to find his own girlfriend, or maybe he was
rebuffed by a girl, some boys take it hard, so they have to 'prove'
themselves, never thinking of the girl herself." Kylie thought for a moment
then said

"So Darren could have stopped doing it to Becky?" I nodded,

"Yes, I'm not saying that he would have stopped after the first time, I
suppose he enjoyed the feeling, and of course the power of control - I
think he started to break things and blaming it on Becky - that way if she
told her parents he could say that she was lying again. And this would
have built up over the two years." She looked puzzled at this and asked,

"What power of control?" good question, did I have a good answer?

"Control over Becky, he could order her to do thing when their parents weren't at home - You'll notice that they were absent when he had sex with

"So they'd still think Becky's lying?"

"It's possible, Becky could have to face the worst time of her life, and
she is going to need our support, that's why we're going to have to pretend
this talk didn't happen, forget about it when we're with Becky, okay?" She
nodded but said,

"How can I do that? " I sighed and replied

"I honestly don't know, lets just have fun when she's with us. Okay?"
it was no answer, but there wasn't really one I could give, Kylie seemed to
accept it.

"Uncle Mike, what do dreams mean?" This was an abrupt change of subject,
and caught me off guard.

"How do you mean - do they hold a message or are they just fantasies
created by the mind?" This made her think,

"Yes, err. No. Oh I don't know, you remember last Saturday!" I thought
back, it was the second time with Sharon in her bed, Kylie was asleep
behind me, Sharon was on top of me, Kylie fell off the bed - Oh yes 'Dad -
we're sinking'!

"I remember, you fell off the bed!" she laughed and nodded her head,
"Why were you sinking do you remember?" Her eyes widened.

"You heard me! I thought I dreamed that last bit." She blushed and
closed her eyes, she opened them again and started "I was dreaming that my
D. . Dad was sailing with me, it was a small boat, with a single sail, and
it was white, my dad was sitting down steering the boat, but I was lying
down, and I was happy, very happy. Anyway we were sailing along, then the
sea got rough, and the water started to enter the boat, then I woke up.
And saw mummy, then I fell off the bed." She smiled at that. "So what does
that mean?" I didn't know, I mean I'm no Joseph - able to translate dreams
- how about breaking it down.

"In your dream you were happy?" she nodded, "and relaxed," again she
nodded. "Your father was steering and the boat was steady?" another nod.
"Did you ever go sailing with your dad?" A shake of her head. - Hmm.
"Okay, lets try this, you were asleep in your mothers bed, with your mother and myself in it. But you felt safe, You father was there as a reassurance
- when the bed started to rock you interpreted it as rough seas, when seas
are heavy they can swell over and sink the boat, you woke up before that
really happened."

"Well, I suppose so, but why was Dad sitting in the back of the boat
steering?" I thought then came up with,

"So . . . That you subconsciously want your father to still be in
control of you life, I know you're young so you need a direction, you feel
that your father is still with you giving you the direction, he's steering
you life down a particular path - you don't know what's ahead of you, so
the heavy seas." Then switching it to mundane things I added, "Or it was
the way the bed was moving, that influenced your dream at that point, and
woke you up, sometimes it's the simplest things that have to most effect!".
She thought for a moment, and then said.

"I think, I like to think that daddy is helping me with my life!" I
didn't answer, just smiled and we sat like that relaxed, and happy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Which was how Sharon and Becky found us when they returned.

"Mike we need to be back by 3!" were the first words Sharon said to me
when they entered the room, at my quizzical look she added, "Becky's family have an interview with a social worker this afternoon at their house, and
she wants all three of them there. I had a message on my answer phone,
Also good news, I'm back in employment from next Monday, the local office
is reopening, and I've brought the bread!"

"That's it, leave the important part 'till last. Okay, if we're back by
2 O'clock there should be no problems, everybody ready?"

"Do we have to go in your car Uncle Mike? Can't we go by bus?" - Kylie
was getting used to travelling by car again, but still didn't like it, I

"I'm sorry Kylie, but I've got to pick up the radio's from the
electrical shop, and I don't want to carry them around the town, or on the
bus, the car is easiest." She nodded, and Becky hugged her,

"Don't worry Kylie, I'll be with you," Kylie returned the hug, tears in
her eyes.

We left my house and walked to the garage, Sharon had shown the bag of
bread to the girls and they started to talk about the ducks in the park. I
managed to get the car out, and they all jumped in, Sharon ensuring the two
girls were securely belted in to the seat, then getting in and belting
herself in, we started off.

I kept looking in the mirror at Kylie she wasn't singing with Becky, and
her eyes were darting about, looking everywhere - checking that there was
nothing in the way, or getting close to us, there was one point - when we
were waiting at some traffic lights - a bus came up close behind us, I
could see Kylie starting to panic, so I said.

"Kylie?" Her head turned to look at the back of my head "It's alright,
I'm watching as well, okay?" I felt the nod, as well as saw it in the

I parked in the car park, and unloaded the kids from the back. I
thought that the first stop should be Greg's shop and pick up the radios,
we could then look around the town after, this was agreed on and so we made
our way into the shopping centre.

"Mike, great to see you," Greg took in the four of us, "You haven't been
keeping a secret life? Have you?" I laughed and shook my head.

"No, just being adopted is all!" - he laughed at that then beckoned me
into the back of the shop where a medium sized box was waiting for me.

"Well, there they are Mike, and between you and me, these might just be
the last available, anywhere." I looked at him,

"But I thought they were a good idea!" He nodded,

"I agree, but the manufactures can't seem to sell them, so they're
stopping production, looks like you're lucky again doesn't it, they've sent
the last of their stock, 30 of them," at my look he shrugged "Don't worry
man, they've only charged me for 15 of them, so it's no skin off my nose,
you can have the lot, I can be generous."

"Yeah sure, I paid for 20, you're charged for 15, so you give me 10.
But you're still up by 5", he opened his arms and said,

"What can I say Mike, I wasn't any good at maths!" I had to shake my
head at that, sure he'd been paid twice over for the radios, but then money
wasn't everything, friendship was, and I did count Greg as a friend.

I took the box, thanked Greg with a 'I'll do better next time', and
gathered up Sharon and the girls, and we left the shop.

The girls wanted to look at dresses - Becky seemed to want to change her
appearance - and Sharon and Kylie wanted to encourage her, I gave Sharon
some money, she looked at me, I shrugged and looked at the two girls who
were window shopping at the time, we arranged to meet up by a fountain
centrepiece in the middle of the complex. I took the box and placed it
into the boot (trunk) of the car. h I arrived at the fountain, no sign of
the girls, so I sat on a seat and waited, and waited, and waited - how is
it that women, of all ages, can spend hours in a shop without noticing?
Finally they arrived, Sharon carrying two bags, Kylie and Becky with one

"Sorry we took so long Mike, but I had to get something for Becky." I
looked at her, she said, "Not for when she's at home! But when she's
visiting Kylie." I took the bags, and made the trip back to the car, asking
the three of them to stay by the fountain.

I returned to find them still there, chattering and laughing between
themselves, I almost decided to leave them for a few more minutes, but
Kylie spotted me and ran over to me.

"Can we go and feed the ducks now Uncle Mike?" I nodded yes, she took my
hand and we walked to the others.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We arrived at the duck pond in the park, it seems that the ducks are
conditioned, once they see a person with a bag in their hand the birds
migrate to them. The girls each grabbed a handful of bread, and went to
one side of the pond, a few wiser ducks followed them, in order to get
ahead of the queue.

While the girls were throwing the bread to the birds, I spotted a
newsvendor, picking up a new stack of papers, a headline caught my eye.


I went over and brought a copy, it seemed that Darren's case was early
enough to appear in the papers. I read the following;

'A local youth, who cannot be named at present, due to age, was remanded
in custody on a charge of attempted rape, the youth was arrested while
trying to break into a room where two children were sleeping. Although a
request for bail was entered by the youth's solicitor, it was opposed by
the police on the grounds that further investigations were ongoing and it
would be detrimental to the case should the youth be allowed bail, the case
is scheduled for two weeks time, with a review in one weeks time.'

Short, sweet, and keeps Darren away from Becky for at least a week, but
I was perturbed by the further investigations piece, but at present there
was nothing to do.

When the bread was gone, and the last unrelenting ducks having finally
realising and left search for another victim to feed them, we left the
pond, and went to the playground, for the swings and see-saws and slides.
At one point Becky and Kylie were on one side of the see-saw, with myself
on the other, they still needed Sharon on their side to push down for them,
but they didn't mind.

Mid-day arrived and we went to McDonalds again, the girls destroying
their happy meals, and playing with the toys, Sharon and I taking our time
over eating our meals

The time was now approaching 1 O'clock and, although the trip was a
short one, I thought that it was time we started back

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We got back to the car, I had another talk with Kylie, to help boost her
confidence, then we all got in, and I started on the trip back home. Kylie
was still glancing around, but then looked into the mirror to see my eyes
watching her, she smiled at me, and I winked.

We arrived home, with the minimum of fuss, I opened the boot of the car
and the girls took their bags, I picked up the box and placed it out of
harms way - rather out of my way for when I put the car in the garage -
Sharon had her bags out. I put the car away, closed the garage door,
picked up the box and we all made our way to my house.

When we arrived at my house, Becky ran upstairs, followed by Kylie,
Sharon turned to face me, then kissed me,

"I did enjoy myself, and thanks for the cash, but you didn't need to,
you know!" I nodded,

"I didn't need to, but wasn't it better that I did, it cheered the girls up." We could hear both girls upstairs as they played, then the noise of
them as they ran down the stairs.

I was faced with both girls dressed in identical dresses, sunbright
yellow, with large crayon style lines covering the bodice of the dress, and
a large daisy on the skirt, I won't say it was high fashion, but the girls liked them. I looked at my watch 1:30, The girls went into the garden and
started to play tag, I couldn't work out who was it, but then I didn't
think it mattered to anyone at this time.

At 2 O'clock I called the girls in, and asked them to get ready to go,
this time they walked up the stairs, when playtime is over there's no more

Becky came down first, dressed in jeans again, I looked at her, she
looked back,

"I didn't want to wear a dress, not back there." I understood, for her
home wasn't safe, the spectre of Darren was still there.

"Where's your suitcase?" she looked towards the stairs.

"I want it to stay here, where it'll be safe." Tears were showing in her
eyes, 'A part of me will be here, and will be safe' this was what she was
saying, but didn't realise it. I gave her a hug, she threw her arms around
me, "Mr. Mike, I don't want to go home!" then she looked up at me, "But I
have to don't I?" I nodded.

"I'm afraid so Becky, I can't just keep you here, your parents will
worry, and then there's the social services people, they'd never understand
if you're not there to tell them what has been happening to you, and they
will need to know, you do understand that don't you?" she nodded her head,
then said.

"But my parents will tell them I'm lying, they don't listen to me."

"These people will listen, they're on your side. Tell your story, they
may ask very personal questions, but they will need to know these things,
your parents will have their say, but you have the proof of your words -

"But what if they ask about you, what should I tell them?" I smiled,
looked into her eyes,

"What do you always say about me?" - she thought, and then smiled.

"Nothing much, just that you're a wimp." She stopped and frowned, adding
"But I like you - you don't push me when I think you should, but then you
stop when I want, you think about me - not about you - you care about me -
you look after me. I . . . I wish you. . Were . . . my . . . father!"
she burst into tears at this, I could do nothing but hold her tight to me,
waiting for the flood to subside.

Sharon and Kylie came into the room to find us like that, Sharon started
to speak, but a brief shake of my head stopped her, Kylie approached us and
put her arms around Becky.

"I'm here Becky, don't be sad, please." Becky looked at her and smiled
through her tears.

"I'm not really sad Ky. It's just wishful thinking." That was the first
time I'd ever heard Becky's name for Kylie, the things you miss! I dried
her tears with my handkerchief and held her hand, Sharon held Kylie's, and
we left my house on our way to Becky's house.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We approached her house to find a car outside it, two people were
sitting in the car, I didn't think anything about it, I did remember the
tablets for Becky, I had picked them up at home, I took the bottle out of
my pocket and handed them to her,

"Just a moment, what is that!" the voice came from a authoritarian
figure of a woman, who had just got out of the car, and was striding
towards us. She held out her hand for the bottle.

"And you are?" I questioned.

"Maria Thomkins, social services, and I repeat, what is that." I showed
her the bottle with its six tablets inside.

"It a course of tablets for Becky." She looked at the label on the
bottle and consulted her filofax, then looked closely at the name of the
drug again, then at my name on the bottle.

"This is your prescription, why are you giving these to this young girl." Her tone was accusing.

"Because I thought it was better that I should be thought of having the
problem, not a nine-year-old girl, that is a list of drugs you were
consulting wasn't it," she nodded, "It tells you what the drugs are for?"
again she nodded, "So what is safer for the child." She answered in an
easier voice.

"You're right, it is better for you to take the blame, not the child,"
She looked at the name, and then again at the filofax, her face dropped
"Oh. I didn't realise, but how did you get the prescription?"

"The police doctor, once she'd properly examined Becky, was going to
fill it out in her name, but I asked for it in mine." Maria nodded, she had
thought I was one of the 'bad guys', but was changing her mind.

"Mr. Moore, what is you relationship with Rebecca?" I felt rather than
saw the frown on Becky's face.

"Miss(?) Thomkins," I made the first a question, she nodded, "first of
all, please call Rebecca, Becky. It's the name she prefers. Secondly I'm
a friend of Sharon," I pointed her out, "Who is the mother of Kylie, who is
a friend of Becky, one of the few friends she has I believe."

At the name of Kylie, Maria dropped her eyes for a moment - I pounced on

"I believe you already have a report on these girls?" Maria looked up in

"How did you know? Becky was only put on the at-risk register this
morning, and Kylie was mentioned following an incident in the police
station yesterday."

"An incident caused by the police being misinformed by people?" Her face
was starting to blush

"We have to ensure the safety of the children, it's a paramount
concern." Now she was trying to prove a point.

"But what about the children themselves, don't they need to know why
this is being done?" I could also try to point out things

"But in most cases they're not mature enough to cope with the truth,
they have to be protected."

"Yes, I agree, but to harm them while protecting them? Does this seem
reasonable to you?" She shook her head,

"No, it doesn't, I. I mean, we didn't give the police the correct
information at the time, if it's of any comfort to you or the girls, there
is an internal review being carried out at the moment." The slip gave it to

"But you're still here to question Becky and her family?" she looked at

"Yes, the section is very short staffed, and so we have to carry on the
best we can."

"One word, if I may," Maria nodded, I motioned Becky to move away back
to Sharon, I took Maria away from them further still. "Becky believes that
no-one will listen to her, they will think that she is lying them, please
keep an open mind when she speaks, I think she's been through a lot," she
started to speak, I held up my hand, "I'm not trying to tell you your job,
just asking that you'll listen to her, that's all." Maria made a note in
her filofax - she then spoke to me.

"Mr. Moore, you're right this is my job, I am here to listen to all
parties, ascertain the situation, and make a report with recommendations.
This is just a preliminary meeting, and now if you'll excuse me, I'll have
to get started." We went back to Sharon and the girls, Maria gave Becky the
bottle of pills, I reminded Becky,

"Don't forget take one before bedtime each night." Becky nodded. Just
before they went in Maria asked.

"If I could have your address please Mr. Moore, I may need to ask you
more questions." - I replied certainly and gave it, she made another note
in her filofax, and then entered the house with Becky.

Kylie looked at me.

"Do you think Becky will be alright in there with them, Uncle Mike?" I
looked her in the eyes,

"Kylie I honestly don't know, I do think that Maria was the one who
advised the police, the way she reacted when your name was mentioned shows
that there's been a shake-up, but how she'll react with Becky and her
parents I just can't say, We're going to have to wait and see."

Which was all we could do.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Characters in this story are fictious, this means they do not exist.
(Well after saying that, they're starting to feel real to me), The Author
(that's me) does not condone any sexual acts against children, THIS IS A
FANTASY, please remember this. Read for your enjoyment, but do not act out
any parts herein. (how plain do I need to make this?)

- Okay chapter 12 is being written, but I'm getting more work done for a
later chapter, I must thank Hopeless Romantic, John Smith and others for
their inputs and thoughts - I do really mean THANK YOU!

- I do rely on feedback from readers, if you want to contact me I can be
emailed at, I will try to reply to all emails, good
and bad reviews accepted.

Wandering Lanes.

this was amended thanks to, I'm sorry
you didn't give your name, but thanks - file amended 29th August 2001.


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