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The Girl With a Bicycle 14

The girl With A Bicycle - chapter 14 By Wandering Lanes

story codes (MF, g, slow)

Sharon came down stairs to find myself sitting on a chair with a crying,
nearly naked Becky, seated in my lap - having just recounted the events of
the previous afternoon. (See last chapter).

"Mike? Now what have you done to the poor child?"

I looked at her, "Me? I was just sitting here listening to Becky! Any
chance of breakfast?"

She leaned her head out of the kitchen door, "Why couldn't you cook your
own? I'm not your wife am I! You want something to eat, you cook it
okay!" I could see the smile on her face, Becky looked at me, puzzled - why
was Sharon acting so mean?

I whispered to Becky to get up, which she did - I walked to the kitchen,
Sharon was already cooking away, I looked back at Becky and suggested she'd
get washed and dressed, also to get Kylie up and ready, she ran upstairs, I
entered the kitchen.

Sharon was busy cooking the breakfast, I looked at her, and she said
"Well I had to cook a breakfast for the girls - I might just have enough
for you!" I kissed her

"You know Becky thought we were arguing,"

"I didn't think about her, I'd better apologise to her,"

"Don't worry, you can do that over breakfast, now do you have any plans
for today?"

Sharon shook her head, "Nothing that really comes to mind, why do you."

I nodded, "How about going out somewhere special."

"But where? There's nothing local,"

I shook my head "I was thinking of a bit further afield, down south, a
place called Marwell Zoo"

Sharon smiled then frowned "I don't think Kylie would be able to travel
that far by car. So I suppose its out of the question!"

"Never say die, we can get there by train, then bus - Kylie can travel
by bus can't she?"

Sharon thought for a moment, "I think so, at least she'll have to be
able to because of the Brownies camp, so I suppose we'll have to find out.
But, what about Becky? Would her parents allow her to go?"

I shook my head in thought "All we can do is ask them, I think her
father will be okay, but I'm not sure about her mother, she might kick up a

Sharon smiled, "I'll phone them and ask, it can't do any harm." She left
to go towards the phone, I carried on cooking the Bacon and Eggs

While she was on the phone, I heard two voices behind me

Becky's voice said "You see, she told him to cook his own, and there he

Kylie's answered, "I didn't think mommy would do that to Uncle Mike, I
thought she liked him!" I just had to smile. Sharon returned from the

"Will you two lay the table please?"

Kylie asked Sharon, "Why did you make Uncle Mike cook the breakfast

Sharon looked at Becky, smiled and then answered "But he wanted his
breakfast, he didn't think about us, so I thought it was better to make him
do it, just so he'll get use to it" Kylie screwed up her face,

Sharon relented "It's okay, I was just kidding, I had to make a phone
call, and I left Mike to finish off cooking, I'm sorry Becky, but I
couldn't resist teasing Mike after finding you two together."

The look on Becky's face, finding out she'd been fooled, was a picture "That's okay Aunt Sharon. But please don't do it too often." Sharon hugged

"I might do it now and again, Becky, but not all the time, he'll have to
guess when I've started!"

I managed to get the food onto plates, and the plates onto the table,
after that it was every one for themselves, with the food coming in last!
(Or vanishing first). The plates were washed and dried, and put away.

I checked with Sharon, she had spoken to Becky father, her mother couldn't bring herself to answer the phone, he thought that it couldn't
hurt if Becky could enjoy herself, she needed to have fun.

I broke the news of the outing to the girls, they were both happy, then
Kylie realised that she was facing a long car journey, and started to cry -
she wanted to go, but didn't want to face the car trip.

I hugged Kylie and held onto her, "Kylie, I know your problem, don't
worry, we're not going all the way by car, just to the train station, okay?
We are going by train." The relief was visible on her face

She hugged me tighter "Thank you Uncle Mike, I sorry I'm causing you
trouble, I don't mean to"

"I know, it'll take time, and courage, but don't worry, you've got
plenty of both." I pulled her up into my arms, "Now what are you two going
to wear?" The girls looked at each other, nodded and ran upstairs.

After a few minutes both girls came down in their yellow dresses,
"Ready!" they both said, and we were!

I'm glad to say Kylie took the trip to the train station very well
considering - Traffic on a Saturday is always bad, and I didn't think the
drivers behind would like it if I stopped to calm Kylie, but we made it.

The station car park was nearly full, but we managed to find a space, I
started feeding the pay-and-display meter 2.50 to park all day, well I
suppose it wasn't that bad. I took the ticket and placed it behind the
windscreen, and locked the car, I then joined the girls (including Sharon)
at the station.

I got the tickets to Eastleigh, and told the girls to look for the
platform for Southampton, I knew we had 10 minutes before the train was
due, so Sharon and I slowly followed the sound of the girls voices to the

The Southampton train arrived and the girls clambered into the carriage,
with Sharon and myself following, we sat down, and waited for the train to
depart. I would like to tell you how the trip went, how the girls played
running from one side to the other of the train watching the scenery go by,
but I'm afraid I fell asleep in the seat and didn't wake until we stopped
in Eastleigh.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Outside the station we hunted around for a bus, and found the stop for
Marwell Zoo, the timetable showed that we only had minutes to wait. The
bus (an X49 service) arrived slightly late, but with plenty of room, the
girls sat together with Sharon and myself behind them.

We stopped in the Marwell Zoo complex, with a short walk to the entrance
to the Zoo itself, there was a new addition to the entrance - a damp
carpeting, with disinfectant against the current foot and mouth disease
outbreak. After paying for a 'family ticket' - the benefit of two
children. We walked into the Zoo itself.

Becky asked, "Where are the cages? What's a zoo without cages?"

I smiled, "This zoo has open fields, the dangerous animals are caged,
but in large cages." I've always thought that a good zoo had cages for the
visitors so that the animals could view them!

We walked past a large duckpond - fenced off to keep people away, apart
from the Ducks and geese, there were crows, hopping around keeping an eye
out for easy food, but a large sign was forbidding the public from feeding
the animals.

Looking at the time, I suggested we went for food, before looking around
the zoo, although they were hungry the girls wanted to see some animals first, so we did,

While looking at the penguins the girls noticed a young woman - about 20
- with two children, one in a pushchair, the other, a three year old boy,
on reigns - the boy wanted to grab at the penguins, but the plastic wall
stopped his hands. The mother scolded him, but then the crying baby
demanded attention. The penguins soon lost their attraction, so we went
back to the path and followed it.

We came up to another pond, and I pointed out to Kylie the pink birds,
many standing on one leg, "And what are those Kylie?"

She looked at them for a moment, taking in the colour, she smiled "Are
those Flamingo's Uncle Mike?"

I nodded "Full marks, now you know what the bird looks like"

She nodded then said, "But I already knew, I saw the Disney video - the
Queen used one as a mallet, and Alice's didn't let her win!" Ah! The power
of television.

We let the girls run ahead to see the animals, until they decided that
they were hungry, we walked back to the treetops restaurant, and ate in
comfort there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the meal Sharon and I decided to take a walk to Marwell House,
letting the girls use the miniature railway to go to the Encounters Village
- an open area where small animals like rabbits, goats are housed for
children to pet and play with - We were being very lucky with the weather
and the whole atmosphere was relaxed, which made a change from the previous

But it seemed that fate was at work again, I notice the young mother searching frantically around, pushing the pushchair and its occupant
inside, but her son was missing, and she was trying to attract the
attention of - well, anyone she could. I managed to get an attendant, he
was dressed in the Marwell uniform anyway, and we went up to the woman, who
was frantic.

"I only left him for a minute, turned back and he was gone, I don't know
where he is, can't you do anything?"

The man tried to placate her - he asked her where she last saw the

"We were at the tropical house, he was looking back at the ducks, but
when I went there he wasn't there, I know he's fallen into the pond, I just
know it." The man went with her towards the pond, I left them to their

"Mr. Mike," the voice came from my radio, I answered it, "We can't get
into the Encounters Village, its closed!" the foot and mouth scare may be
over but some things were still affected it seemed.

"Okay Becky, follow the path back to the shop, you know where you got on
the train,"

"Alright Mr. Mike, we'll start off. . . Mr. Mike, there someone in
the village area, a young boy."

"The one we saw at the penguins area?"

"Yes, yes it is, he's crying."

"Becky, his mother is looking for him, can you get him? Or find someone
who works there, and let them get him."

"Its okay, I'll be able to get him," I started running back to the
distraught mother and harassed worker.

"Excuse me." I said puffing away, "But I think you'll find your son at
the Encounters village."

"But how could he get there so quickly? I only left him for a minute!"
the mother said being quite confused.

"Mr. Mike," Becky's voice came from my wrist, "I've got him, and he's
calling for his mother."

"Hold on Becky, we'll be with you in a few minutes, just a moment can he
hear me?"

"He should be able to Mr. Mike, why?" - showed the young mother the
radio and said "Just speak into here"

She looked puzzled "Matthew, can you hear me?"

"Mumma where you?" the boy's voice showed its puzzlement, she smiled,
very relieved to hear his voice.

"I'm coming darling, just stay with the girl and I'll be there," I
thanked the worker and said I'd look after the woman, and we walked up the
hill to the Encounters Village.

The yellow dresses could be seen from some distance, I waved to the
girls and they started to walk to us, young Matthew being held by Becky,
but as soon as he saw his mother he started to wriggle out of her arms.

Becky allowed him to get to the ground, but held onto his reigns as he
started to run towards us, I held onto the pushchair to allow his mother to
run towards him and pick him up, wiping her tears on his tee shirt in

I spoke to Becky and Kylie "Thank you girls, you've both been very
helpful," the mother looked at them both,

"Oh yes, thank you, I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't
found him," she looked at me, "You must be very proud of your daughters."
Both girls went to explain, but I shook my head - no need to confuse the
poor woman, not now anyway.

"Yes I am, they're the best daughters a man could have," Both girls blushed as I said this, but I meant every word.

I offered to push the baby to allow the mother time to recover, but she
said that she would be able to cope, thanked us again and slowly walked her
children towards the exit.

"Well, would my daughters like an ice cream before we go?" they both
laughed and accepted. We walked back to Sharon, who had listened to the
event on her radio, when she was told of my two daughters she laughed as

We waited for the bus, at the end of an unexpectedly eventful day, and
started the trip back home.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The girls were so tired when we got to the car, that I didn't have to
talk to Kylie first, she just got in, tied the seatbelt up and closed her
eyes, Becky was almost as bad, we drove home in silence. I put the car in
the garage, opened the back door to find both girls asleep, Sharon attended
to Becky, I unbelted Kylie, manoeuvred her out of the car and onto my hip,
as I closed the car door, then the garage door, Kylie's arms around my
neck, Becky was awake enough to walk with Sharon, back to my house.

We got the girls indoors, managed to get Becky to take her tablet, this
time she had to be carried upstairs, we undressed them both, put on their
night-clothes and tucked them into bed.

As we left their bedroom, I looked back at the two sleeping forms, yes,
I thought, my daughters, until tomorrow when they go back to being friends
just visiting, with a sad shake of my head, I left them to their dreams.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I returned downstairs to find Sharon sitting down, she was tired as

"What a day!" She said, I had to agree - it had certainly been an
eventful one.

"At least the girls enjoyed themselves."

She looked at me "And did daddy's daughters do good?"

I smiled "Yes, both daddy's daughters were very good,"

She smiled, "And am I very good,"

"Darling you're so good, you're bad"

"Well, if you follow me, I'll get better." and with that she got up and
went upstairs, I, feeling like a yo-yo followed.

I found her in my bedroom, lying on my bed, her clothes strewn over the
floor, I bent down to pick them up,

"Don't tidy up, just get yourself here, now!" there was a hunger in her
voice, I hadn't heard that in her before.

"As my mistress commands." I deadpanned, and bowed. I undressed and
climbed onto the bed, our lips met and her arms went round my neck.

"Oh Mike, kiss me, kiss me like I've never been kissed before!" I moved
my mouth to cover an eye, I kissed it, she gave a shocked "Why did you do

I asked, "Ever been kissed on the eye before?"

She said, "No!"

"Mission accomplished!" I said with a smile.

"Oooh Mike sometimes you are so infuriating! Now make love to me."

I returned to her mouth, and started kissing it, I touched her breast and started to caress them. Her body reacted, her nipples rising to my
touch, becoming more sensitised with each movements of my hands. Causing
her to gasp in arousal.

The time was right, I was ready, I reached into the bedside cabinet for
the foiled container, which was, which should be, I had some in there I
knew it, there should be one. . . found it, note to self, must buy some
more, tomorrow! Otherwise I'll be disappointed. - Not to mention Sharon
being annoyed.

After finally finding the errant package, I opened it and rolled the
condom over my cock, then entered my paramour

"Oooh! Yeeess Mike, Yesss, I needed this," She needed it, I must admit
the running around I did earlier in the day had tired myself out, but
Sharon was more than happy to suggest a solution, "Please Mike, can I be on
top?" and we turned over on the bed.

Sharon started to move herself and soon got into the rhythm that she
liked, it excited her, as she was in control of the action, I tried to help
her by raising my hips to meet her as she came down.

I reached up and grabbed her breasts pushing her over the edge,

"Yes Mike, oh Mike, Mike, Oh Mika, Oh Maula, Oh Paul, Paul Ppaauulll."
and she collapsed onto me, I still hadn't come, then I remembered the Woody
Allen film - then thought of a new line to add - 'Look out lads, it's a
dead end - go back, go back!' I couldn't help it I bust out in laughter.

Sharon came to and asked what I was laughing about, I had to explain the
joke, she hit me and said.

"That's not funny, well I suppose it is, but since you are still
covered, and you haven't yet enjoyed yourself, do you want to try for round
2? Or are you too tired?"

I took that as a challenge, rolled her beneath me, and entered her. She
was still wet from our previous coupling so there were no problems there.

"I think I'm awake enough to go the distance." I said as I moved within

I listened to her building crescendo and managed to cum at the same time
with her, again she called out the name of her husband, and I still didn't

We disengaged, and I pulled the condom off from me, and managed to hit
the wastebasket with it, and I won't say we gradually went to sleep, but we
fell unconscious in each other's arms.

When we came to - that's the only word to describe it - we found the two
girls were in the bed both asleep, I checked my watch, half-past five, I
kissed Sharon good morning, then went back to sleep, this time a normal
relaxing sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The smell of bacon frying woke me up, apart from myself the bed was
empty, which made a change I mused, I walked to the bathroom to shave and
the normal bodily functions, I opened the door,

"Don't come in," Becky's voice came from behind the door. I waited,
heard the toilet flush, and Becky emerged.

"Sorry Mr. Mike, I thought you were Kylie." I was puzzled.

"Why wouldn't you want Kylie to be in there with you?"

She bit her lip. "Well I was putting a pad into my knickers and I
didn't want Kylie to see me do it."

Nope, still puzzled. "Why wouldn't you want Kylie to see that?" She
replied. "I was ashamed that Kylie would see me, I'm sorry Mr. Mike, but
I don't want to lose Kylie as a friend." I could see it was worrying her. I
hugged her

"Becky, Kylie understands about this," I hope she did anyway, "and she
should accept that you need to wear this, anyway in a few more years you'll
both have to wear them, so perhaps you should get into the practice of
wearing them."

I kissed her cheek, she pushed me away "You scratched me," she rubbed my
face, "you need a shave!"

I nodded towards the bathroom door, "I was just about to start, but the
door was locked, now go downstairs I think that breakfast is just about

She smiled and ran towards the stairs, "Slow down, how am I suppose to
explain things if you break your neck here, you're suppose to be at
Sharon's aren't you?"

She slowed down - "Yes Mr. Mike, worrywart."

I responded with "That's Wimp worrywart, isn't it?" but she was already
halfway down the stairs.

I washed and shaved, and was downstairs by the time Sharon was going to
shout, I bid all 'good morning' and sat down - I was beginning to like
married life, I must start to think about it sometime - The breakfast was
delicious and was the start to the day that I needed, now for the rest of
the day . . . . .

"So, what's happening today?" I opened the floodgates of answers.

Kylie began with "I've got Brownies today, don't forget you promised to
be there as well!"

Sharon said, "I think it'll be better if we had lunch here, I think
you've got all we need! And it will be dinner for four, Becky will have to
go back this afternoon!"

Becky immediately came in with - "Do I have to, can't I stay here

I shook my head "Sorry Becky, but you have to be at home, so that social
services can pick you up, they do want to talk to you again don't they?"
She nodded, "And if you're still here tomorrow they might get the wrong

Becky smiled at this - "Or they might get the right idea." I'd better
try to stop that I thought.

"What is the right idea Becky?" She thought through her answers, then
came back with;

"That you're protecting me from people like Darren." It was a good
answer, but I had to push it.

"But if they don't think that, what would they think?" She looked at me
"But, but you're not abusing me, you haven't been at all!"

I shook my head "Wrong Becky, I think you have been abused at least
three times while you've been with me."

"But I enjoyed those times, it wasn't abuse, at least not like Darren
treats me, I like you and Aunt Sharon, you don't hurt me!" she was in tears

Sharon sat down by Becky and said, "But Mike is right Becky, If they
have to pick you up from here they will think we're doing things with you,
things that are against the law."

Becky cried out "But the law is wrong - people like you are good, not

I had to say "But the law is there to protect children, from both the
good and the bad, it can't discriminate, by that I mean it can't say 'you
did wrong but for the right reasons, case dismissed' It has to work the
child comes first!"

Becky smiled at that, I looked at her "Well if the child cums first then
she's happy" Sharon and I both groaned at that, Kylie was just puzzled,
Becky looked at her, "Don't worry Kylie, I'll explain later."

I added, "Much later, when she's several years older I hope"

Becky said, "You're a spoilsport Mr. Mike, Kylie will need to know
earlier that that, at least in some schools."

Sharon replied, "Not in schools I'm sending her to, I hope!"

I had to say, "But we are getting off the point, which is Becky has to
be at home, her parents will be getting worried if nothing else."

Sharon said "And your father sounds as if he's starting to understand
what's happened, your mother will eventually come round to the fact."

Becky relented, "Okay, I'll go home," she looked at her skirt, "But I'll
have to change first, can I keep my suitcase here still Mr. Mike?" I
nodded, "Good!"

Kylie then said, "Mummy, my Brownie clothes are at home, can I go and
get them."

I said, "No, we'll collect them, on our way back, why don't you and
Becky play hide and seek until lunch time." Sharon looked at me 'on our way
back? - From where'.

I looked at her, "I think we need to have a word with Becky's parents,

She looked at me and nodded.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I have to apologise to the owners of
Marwell Zoological Park for using their property for this part of the story without their permission, If you require details about Marwell - their web
site is www.marwell.org.uk and the Park is a very nice place indeed. End
of plug.

- Normal disclaimers apply - Adult sex good, Child sex bad. Do not mix
this up, as results could be very unpleasant to all concerned. - The
characters in this work are fictitious, and they never existed in real life

I must apologise to those who were expecting any bestiality - what type
of person do you think I am! - It could have been worst, I could have
described the animals at Marwell - yes the place is real, as is Eastleigh
and Southampton.

Sorry for the short chapter, but it was all I could type in at this

My normal thanks for all those who are sending ideas - I hope to include
some more of them later. By the way I do like to hear from readers, my
address is wanderinglanes@aol.com I will try to reply to all sent, thank

Wandering Lanes 8th September 2001.

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