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The Girl With a Bicycle 17


The girl With A Bicycle - Chapter 17 By Wandering Lanes

story codes (MF, Mg, Slow)

I was sitting, naked, in my chair, in front of me, with her back to me
but also naked, was Sharon, she was moaning in pleasure as my cock entered
and pulsed inside her pussy. Feeling her body surrounding this point of
pleasure, raising and lowering onto me, around me, over me, I closed my
eyes, relying on tactile sensations, not visual.

My hands touching the junction of our bodies - rising up her torso, past
the stomach, tracing her ribs. I pulled her back against me, by holding
onto her breasts, teasing them into points, listening to her moans,
bringing her closer and closer to climax, raising and lowering her onto my

Feeling her breasts - the mass covered by my hands the weight of them
both, but then felt them growing smaller? And smaller, almost disappearing
into her flat chest? What! What was happening?

Listening to her voice moaning, calling out my name - getting higher -
changing pitch I could hear her calling.

"Oh Mike, Mike, Oh yeesss, Oh Mike, Oh, Oh, Oh Mike, Mike Uncle Mike, ,
Uncle Mike, Dinosaur, DINOSAUR" I opened my eyes, her hair was getting
longer, and Sharon was changing shape, her body getting younger, her face
turning to me, Kylie's face! What the Hell!

I started to enjoy the feel of her young body, the hair, the flat chest
and stomach, the hairless mound, I felt my face tightening into a rictus
grin I looked at her face.

There were tears in her eyes, begging me, shaking her head - mouthing
Dinosaur, Uncle Mike - Dinosaur. But she was soo tight it felt so
wonderful that I couldn't, couldn't. . . .

I awoke, sweating, I was in my chair, my heart was pounding - at the
door looking concerned was Kylie.

"Are you okay Uncle Mike? You were shouting so much I thought you were
in pain!" - I held out my arms to her, she ran into them,

I held her close, "Oh Kylie, Kylie - I'm sorry I dreamed that I was
hurting you and couldn't stop myself, no matter what I tried, I'm so

Kylie looked up at me, "But Uncle Mike, it was only a dream - you
wouldn't really hurt me, I know that!" She threw her arms around me and
hugged me closer to her, I couldn't help it the dream was still too close,
tears came to my eyes and rolled down my face.

I couldn't explain to this young girl that I dreamt of raping her,
hurting her, enjoying her pain. Some twisted, perverted side of me had
taken over the dream - A part deep inside, normally caged within. But now
I knew it was there, I could cage it again - I hoped.

I let go of Kylie and, using a handkerchief, dried my tears. I looked
at my watch, six o'clock, Sharon would be home soon, time to start dinner,
I started to rise out of the chair letting Kylie stand on the floor, I
headed into the Kitchen, turned on the cooker, getting the pre-frozen food
from the freezer, this done I returned to the living room.

I spoke to Kylie, "So how was Rachel and the others?"

She smiled, "Oh Uncle Mike it was fun. We've never really got together
before, except at Brownies, and Rachel's mother doesn't like her using the
telephone, so the radio's her only way of talking to us, its given her more
contact with the rest of us. We've been making plans for camp this
Wednesday, 'cause we'll all be in one tent so we've all have to be friends
- so we got to talking about each other." I went cold and looked at her,
she smiled, "Oh don't worry I've only mentioned you as Mummy's friend, some
of the others giggled at that, but I ignored them, let them think I'm
stupid about some things."

I had to say, "No, not stupid, you mean naive about some things - there
is a difference, a large difference."

She looked at me, thinking, and then nodded, "Yes, I suppose that is
what I meant - anyway after we talked the rain had stopped so we played
hide and seek - it was great, and with more of us playing we found each
other quickly."

I smiled, the demonstration in the Church Hall paid off, in two ways -
the girls enjoyed a game together, and learning how to use the trackers to
pinpoint the hider, I wasn't sure if they would ever need them 'in cold
blood' as it were, but the idea was there.

Kylie kept on talking about the games the girls played until they
decided it was time to go home, when she returned to my house, she let
herself in with her key, to find me sleeping, and moaning, in my chair,
which was when she called to me, and woke me up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sharon arrived to find the table ready, and the dinner cooked - she
looked at me, I looked back, "Well all I had to do was heat the oven and
put the meal into it!"

She smiled, "So you can do something right?"

I nodded, and then added, "Oh, did the plastic have to be removed? I
don't think it looks right melted onto the meat." She looked at me, I
smiled "Don't worry I didn't, but it did get you going for a moment."

She pouted at me, "Oh Mike, I don't need that after the day I've had."

We sat down and started to eat, Sharon was talking away, telling me of
the days' events - It seems the paper's offices had been restoring its
archives over the past week, and Sharon was seconded to help put some of
the data into chronological order.

"And," She was saying, "one of the fascinating facts I found out was
that 3 years ago, your name came up with. . ."

I interrupted her "Sharon, I'm trying to keep my past a secret, I didn't
want you to find out about this until later." I looked at Kylie who was
looked between Sharon and myself, I looked at her, "Kylie, don't worry - as
I said last week, its just a stupid thing that doesn't really affect anyone
except myself, so I don't bother with it," then I looked at Sharon, "Okay?"

Sharon nodded, and Kylie said, "Okay Uncle Mike, but will you tell us
when it does affect all of us?"

I nodded at this and smiled, "Kylie when it does - then I will tell you,

She smiled, "Deal!"

Sharon continued, "I also met Richard again, it seems they've got the
woman, the one giving the witness details to the police, and the net is
closing - so he says, but he doesn't know how long they're going to take"

I commented, "Well at least they're getting on with the case."

Kylie asked, "What's happened with Becky?"

I had to answer, "No idea, try calling her after dinner."

We continued the meal, which wasn't really too bad to tell the truth. I
let Sharon relax in the living room, while I did the washing up, Kylie
stayed in the dining room, I turned my radio down - I was still worried
about my dream.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I went to Sharon in the living room, I sat with her and held her hands,
she smiled, and then saw the look on my face,

She said, "What's wrong Mike, you look as if you've seen a ghost!"

I replied, "If I did it was wearing my face," She tilted her head,
questioning. So I went through my dream, how I was enjoying the feel of
her body on mine, the shock of the transformation, the way I didn't want to
release Kylie, how I was scared that I might attack Kylie at some stage.

She took my hands, "Mike, as Kylie said it was only a dream, you
wouldn't hurt Kylie or Becky, you know that and so does the girls.
Everybody dreams, and some dreams seem to show forbidden fruits, I mean
point out one man who hasn't thought of young flesh, if you want to call it
that. Knowing that - yes it's there, but that's where its going to stay.
Out of reach. It only the very few who succumb to those feeling, the
majority have the sense, or morality to resist."

I just stared, and then said, "Where did that come from?"

She smiled, "Actually from the television, they were talking about
Japanese Society, how they accepted sex was just a normal way of life,
without obligations, they had a thing called compensated dating, and how
many of the dates involved young girls -well 15 years and up, but I think
they're clamping down on that." She said the last with a smile, "Anyway I
wouldn't worry about it, but talking about beds, I'll need to get home, I
haven't a change of clothes here, and Kylie will need to get everything
ready for camp on Wednesday, so I'll have to take her as well, unless you
want her to stay here, alone, with you?"

I shook my head, "No way, I don't want that dream to come true, Kylie
will be safer at home away from me."

Sharon nodded her head, "Okay, but how about you joining Kylie and me
for a walk home." I nodded yes, then she added, "Oh by the way, bring your
shaver and a toothbrush and clothes for tomorrow."

I looked at her, "You forgot my pyjamas!"

She lowered her eyes, peeking at me though her eyelashes, "Oh no I
didn't!" then she laughed, "Oh Mike, I want you to join me tonight, maybe
we can act out part of your dream."

I kissed her, "Okay," I said, "but only the first part, and that's

I then told Sharon about the two visitors, and what happened, she was
concerned about Maria at first, but then relaxed as I continued with the

When I'd finished about Maria, Sharon asked, "So you think she trusts
you with the girls?" I nodded, she continued with, "So why are you worried
about a stupid dream?"

I spluttered "I. I never said it was a stupid dream, just unnerving
that's all!" Yes I was starting to lower the stress level of the dream, I

It didn't get past Sharon, "So, something that made you call out in
fear, is now unnerving? I'd like to see you on a theme-park ride!" I
didn't! I then told her of Nichols visit, after making sure Kylie couldn't
hear, when I mentioned the photographs Sharon gasped,

"Oh, Mike - how could he? It was bad enough to molest her, but photos?
I mean how could he?" I couldn't answer, Sharon moved closer to me, resting
her head on my chest, which was how Kylie found us some time later.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kylie came in and sat down on my lap, she looked rather distressed,
"Uncle Mike, I talked to Becky, that Dave man started shouting at her, she
thinks he's calling her a liar."

Now even this didn't sound right, the Social Services people may try to
coax the child into giving dubious statements, but to call a child a liar
outright was even beyond what I'd expect.

I hugged Kylie, "I'll have a word with Becky tomorrow, see what was
said, then I'll have a word with Maria - see what can be done."

Sharon looked at Kylie, "But before then, we've got to go home, you need
to sort out what you'll need for Brownies on Wednesday,"

Kylie hugged me, "Good night Uncle Mike, I'll see you in the morning
won't I?"

I stood up, carefully lowering her to the ground, "Oh I think so." I
left the living room and went upstairs to pack a small bag with things I'd
need the next day - yes I left the pyjamas behind. I arrived at the front
door just as Kylie was putting her coat on - she saw the bag.

"Why are you carrying that, Uncle Mike?" she enquired.

I looked at the bag, then back to Kylie, "Well it won't travel on its
own, so I have to take it with me."

She tried to understand what I had said, and then she giggled, "Does
that mean you're coming home with us?" I nodded, "Goody, you'll be able to
give me a bath!"

I didn't like the idea and started to say so when Sharon said, "Of
course he will, won't you Mike!" No it wasn't a question, I gave in.

"That's right, I will, then I'll read to you again, okay?"

She nodded, "That's fine Uncle Mike." And we started on our way to their

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We passed Becky's home, Kylie looked at the front door, then at me, I
shook my head, "They need time to themselves." - Kylie sighed understanding
my words, if not really understanding the reason behind them.

When we arrived at Sharon's house, Kylie ran upstairs, I cornered Sharon
and we started kissing,

Kylie's voice came from upstairs, "Uncle Mikkkeee, The bubble monster is
waiting for me."

Sharon looked at me, "Bubble monster? Where did that come from?"

I smiled and took off my shirt, "Just something I said the last time, be
down soon."

She spoke to my back, "Take your time with her." As I walked up the
stairs to Kylie -who was waiting in the bath.

I could make out her face surrounded by the bubbles, Sharon did say she
always uses too much mixture, Her voice came from the mass, "I am the
Bubble monster, I'mmmm hungry."

I looked at the foam, "You can't be hungry, you've just eaten a little
girl," I picked up her skirt, "Look here's her clothes," I moved onto the
mass in the bath, "And I think I'll be able to get her out of you,"
Reaching into the bubbles I felt her skin and pulled her up.

She put her arms around my neck, "Oh Uncle Mike, you saved me from that
dreadful monster."

I kissed her shoulder, "But that's what I'm here for! To scare monsters
away from frightened young girls." I picked up a tin of talcum powder, and
started to sprinkle it on the bubbles, which started to collapse on
themselves, "There! No more monster, do you want to carry on with your
bath?" She nodded yes, and I lowered her into the water.

I let her play in the water, the result of lifting her out of the bath
was that my trousers were wet again, I found a towel and wrapped it around
my waist and removed my trousers, I put the seat cover down onto the
toilet, and sat on it, and watched her play.

Kylie looked at me, seeing my naked legs, but still with my socks on,
she laughed, "What's wrong Uncle Mike, did you get your trousers wet?"

I smiled, "Yes Kylie, I forgot about them when I lifted you up."

She said, "So why don't you leave the towel off, I've seen you before,
in fact I saw you this morning!"

I looked at the towel, Yes she had seen me before, but why should I go
out of my way to expose myself to her, I shook my head, "Sorry Kylie,
accidental glimpses are okay, but not to do it deliberately, that would be

She pouted, "Oh pooh, you and what's right and wrong. How do you know
its wrong anyway?"

I resorted to the 'Adult' response to that question, "Because I say it's
wrong, so I don't do it"

She looked at me, "Isn't that what Becky would call a wimp's answer?"

I nodded, smiling, "Yes it is. And I'm sticking to it, now do you want
me to wash you?"

She reached around and found the soap and flannel, handing both to me,
standing up so that I could soap up the flannel and start rubbing it over
her body, after I had done her legs and torso, she looked at me and mouthed
'please Uncle Mike', so I took the flannel and started to rub her slit,
concentrating on the small bump at the top.

After a few minutes she shuddered, and closed her eyes, I let her slump
slowly into the tub, the water washing the suds of soap off her body, I
made sure she was safe, and reached for the shower head and looked for the

Once her eyes were open I turned on the shower and dampened her hair, I
washed her hair, and rinsed it, once all the shampoo was out I grabbed hold
of another towel, and started to dry her hair, once it was just damp, I
lifted Kylie out of the bath again, this time holding her on my lap, and,
using the second towel, started to dry her off.

When she was dry I looked round for her night-dress, not under her day
clothes, not on the towel rail, "Uh, Kylie - foolish question. Where's
your night-gown?"

She giggled, "On my bed of course, where else would it be?" Where else!
I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom, and sure enough there on
her bed was the night-dress, but in short time it was on her. Just as I
was about to get her into the bed she grabbed onto the towel I was wearing
and pulled.

Her triumphant face fell as my boxer shorts were revealed, I smiled
"Sorry Kylie, but I've more years experience than you. Now where is that
book . . ." and I continued the story 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'.

I got to the part where Eustace had fallen asleep on the dragons hoard
when I notice that Kylie had done likewise, fallen asleep that is.

I went downstairs to Sharon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She took in my appearance, naked except for boxer shorts and socks, then
said, "Interesting session?"

I looked at her, "For you information, I was weak enough to bring her
off once, but I did get wet enough to have to take off my trousers, then
she tried to strip me by removing the towel I was wearing, she didn't know
about these." I pointed to the boxers.

Sharon smiled, "I bet she was disappointed, couldn't you have left them

I shook my head, "You know that Kylie caught me this morning, it seems
you and her have been having words,"

She blushed and dropped her eyes, "Well, I told Kylie that you should be
teaching her more about sex."

I sat next to her, and held her hand, "And you suggested that she
pretend to leave my bedroom just to see what happens."

"And what did happen?" she enquired,

I said, "Nothing, well, . . . she got an eyeful anyway," and I told her
of my morning call.

She laughed, "I don't think it hurt her, did it?" I had to think, no
Kylie didn't seem to be affected by it, so I shook my head - "Mike trust
yourself! Now, you've put Kylie to bed, so she shouldn't bother us, how
about you taking me up to bed, and we'll act out your dream from this
morning." I stood up and held her hand

It was a short time later that I found myself seated on Sharon's bed,
this time I knew how I got there, watching Sharon undress in front of me -
she did really have a nice body.

She looked at me, and saw I was aroused, she handed me the foil package,
"I contacted the doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow, so until
we're sure. . ." I nodded and opened the package, and donned the condom,
Sharon made sure it was on then asked, "So how do you want me?"

She climbed onto the bed and started to straddle me, I had to stop her,
"No, turn round," she faced away from me, I positioned her over my latex
covered cock, "Now lower yourself onto me." This she did, feeling me as I
entered her

When we were as close together as we could be, she started to raise
herself and then back down, remembering my dream I moved my hands to her
front, starting on her coiled legs as they pushed her body up and down,
following them to where we were joined, feeling rubber entering flesh - so
like my dream, but so different - my hands moved to her clit, rubbing it,
exciting her.

"Oh God Mike, where did you learn this? Oh yeesss, Mike." Much to her
displeasure I removed my hands from that spot of pleasure to raise them to,
what I considered, her peaks of perfection. Okay I'm biased.

Grasping each tit in my hands, I began kneading them, pulling them out
to a conical shape before releasing them to bounce back to normal, again
exciting Sharon in this way, pulling her back to rest on my chest, her head
turned slightly allowing our lips to meet.

She gasped out, "Oh Mike, this is nice but I'm not really comfortable
like this, can we change?"

I smiled, "Of course, how do you want me?"

She said, "Stay there," and pulling herself up she disengaged from me,
turned round to face me then impaled herself on me once again. "That's
better, now I can see you, " Then she started the slow movements, bringing
us both to a climax, Sharon was still vocal, "Oh Goodddd, Yeeesss, Mike,
Mike, oh god Paul, Paul, PAAAUUULLL."

She still needed her husband, it wasn't time yet, but I could feel it
would be soon.

I felt myself shrinking out of her body, I found some tissues on the
bedside cabinet, removed the condom from by cock, cleaned it off with a
tissue, found that Sharon was sleeping, I saw a bin by the bed and disposed
the tissue and the condom it now contained into it.

I laid back beside Sharon and closed my eyes, relaxing with the warmth
of her body.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was on a street, Becky was standing in front of me, her fist was
raised against me, "How could you do this to me Mr. Mike, you're suppose
to protect me against monsters," I was confused, I tried to ask what had
happened, I couldn't speak, "You let them do this to me Mr. Mike. You let
them take me!" with this last piece she vanished! She didn't run away, she
just disappeared into thin air.

Now I could speak, I shouted into the street - "BECKY - BECKY, WHAT DID

A man stood in the street, his back to me, "You did what you had to, you
couldn't do anything else! Now she's gone, and gone for good." I tried to
run towards him, but a crowd stopped me, in the background I could see
Darren, he was laughing at me, he held Kylie by one arm.

"Nnnoooooo." I woke up, Sharon was awake, Kylie was standing in the
doorway - "Oh God! It was just a dream,"

Sharon said, "Well for a dream you certainly were loud, what happened."

I got out of the bed and reached for Kylie, I didn't care how I was
dressed, or wasn't, Kylie was safe, I gathered her into my arms and kissed
her. She looked at me trying to make out my face in the gloom of the early

"Uncle Mike, are you alright?" the concern evident in her voice,

I kissed her again, "No Kylie, I dreamt that I lost Becky, because of
something I should have done, and I was losing you," No need to mention
Darren, I didn't want to frighten her. "Now don't worry, shall I tuck you
into bed again."

She looked at her mother, "Can I stay with you two for the rest of the

Sharon spoke from the bed, "Of course you can, come over here." She
pulled the bedcovers back for Kylie to enter the bed, I got into the other
side, again making sure Sharon was between Kylie and myself, and tried to
sleep again, but it was a long time coming.

I did dream again, this time I knew I was dreaming - the girls were
playing together, happy and laughing, I was sitting at a table with Sharon,
we were holding hands, she looked at me smiling and said, "Aren't you glad
you said what you did?"

I looked at her, "What did I say?"

She opened her mouth, and said . . . .

"Wake up Uncle Mike, Uncle Mike - its time to get up"

I opened my eyes to find Kylie's smiling face looking at me, she said,
"Good morning Uncle Mike, Moms making breakfast, and says for you to hurry
up." She ran out of the bedroom, leaving me to ponder - What the Hell did I

I managed to get dressed and shaved and downstairs within ten minutes,
Sharon was rushing around, seemingly throwing toast onto plates and
scrambled eggs on top of the toast, I was motioned to an empty seat, which
I soon filled.

She finally was able to sit down, "I'm sorry Mike, but I'm running late,
Kylie has a list of the things needed for Camp tomorrow. I should have
most of it, you might find some packed away in the loft." She finished
eating, looked at her watch, kissed Kylie goodbye and was out of the door,
almost before I'd started eating.

I looked at my watch, half past seven! What did I do to deserve this,
Oh well might as well get started, I finished my breakfast, took Kylies
plate and we washed up. When we were finished I said to Kylie,

"Okay, where's that list?" And the next hour was spent scavenger
hunting, the loft was accessed through a hatch in the upstairs passageway
and had a ladder that slid down to allow easy access, an electrical cable,
with a plug attached, turned out to supply the lights in the roof space.

Duckboards resting on the roofing beams gave a safe footpath. Kylie
followed me into the roof, discovering toys that she had forgotten, so as I
left the roof with things she'd need, Kylie was returning to collect more
toys to place in her bedroom. One toy she hugged with glee - it was a
moth-eaten teddy bear, with one eye missing, she called it Mr. Barbar. It
seems she'd had it since she was a baby - she never needed a blanket for
security, for she had Mr. Barbar.

The only thing on the list still needed was a frying pan, I couldn't see
Sharon letting her frying pan be used at a camp, so I offered Kylie the
next best thing - a roll of tin foil, but telling her to be very careful
with hot surfaces so I also gave her a pair of oven gloves.

I left Kylie packing the items into a large rucksack, which was almost
as big as she was, I found a card in my wallet, picked up the phone and
called Maria.

She answered the call, I identified myself, she sounded puzzled, "Mr.
Moore, what is wrong?"

I replied, "I'm not sure, Kylie spoke to Becky last night, Becky was
annoyed at your 'Dave' he called her a liar, or, well that's how Becky

"Oh no!" Came Maria's answer, "I'll review the recording and see what I
can do, thanks for telling me this." She felt my hesitation and asked, "Was
there anything else?"

I had to think. Should I tell her about my dreams - why what could she
do about them, "No, nothing really, I let you get on with things, okay,
bye." She said goodbye and hung up, I looked at the phone, Becky's voice
echoing in my head - 'you let them do this to me Mr. Mike. You let them
take me!' What did I do, then Sharon's words, ' Aren't you glad you said
what you did?' If it made Becky and Kylie happy then yes, but what the Hell
did I say?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Maria looked at the phone. 'That blasted Dave, now what did he do to
the girl, she was promising - bright, quick to notice things, a little too
streetwise. Whatever this Mr. Moore had done was what she needed and just
in time too'.

She quickly dialled another number. Nancy's voice could be heard,

"Nancy, what happened with Rebecca's Smiths interview yesterday"

Nancy could be heard getting herself up to date, she wasn't really a
morning person, "Becky, yes I spoke to her, got some good results, went for
some drink, came back, Oh yes, Dave was just leaving the room, Becky seemed
to clam up, the session went slowly after that."

Maria took a deep breath, "Nancy, Mr. Moore has been told that Dave
called Becky a liar - I want you to check the tapes for me, and arrange for
a department meeting."

Nancy read back, she had jotted the requests down," Check tapes for
Becky's session, arrange meeting, but Maria what if Dave disagrees to the

Maria's voice was icy, "If he does then I'm taking this higher, it's
what - the forth time he's done this? I'll see you at work, bye" and Maria
hung up, Nancy looked at the printed report she'd been writing and sighed,
things were starting to look black for Dr. David 'Dave' Chase, a small
smile was starting to cross her lips, she packed her things and started off
for work, still early by her timing.

Nancy arrived at the offices, she went straight to the video room, all
the tape are numbered, Becky's interview for yesterday was CI125, she ran
her fingers along the row of tapes, CI123, CI124, CI126 - 126 where was
125?, she quickly checked the shelves, no the tape was not there, she
checked the camera. . . . Empty.

She thought for a moment, the cleaners were just about to start work,
maybe . . . .? She dashed to Dave's office, and looked in his bin, just
hidden beneath some papers was videotape - she checked the label CI125.
Now why would Dave try to dispose of this, and in such a daft manner -
Nancy knew where the eraser was, it was a much simpler thing to do, she
returned to her office and played the tape.

The video screen showed Becky laughing with Nancy, the time index showed
10 O'clock, Nancy was sure she left Becky at 10:30, so she rolled the tape
forward. As the index came closer to 10:30 she slowed the tape so that the
images could be made out, the Nancy on the screen quickly got up, went to
Becky who shook her head, the Nancy exited the room at high speed. Nancy
slowed the tape to normal, Dave entered the room and walked up to Becky.
Nancy turned the sound up.

On the screen the Dave was saying, "You really think you have us going
don't you. Well Rebecca you're wrong, you see we've been working with
children like you, we know when you're just telling us things that you
think we want to know, so don't try to pull the wool over our eyes, because
it won't wash. Now when Nancy gets back, I suggest you think carefully
about what you say." Nancy was aghast, even if you thought the child was
lying you didn't come out and say it, Dave had really gone too far, and he
tried to hide the evidence in such a stupid way. She hid the tape in her

She picked up her telephone, and dialled a number, a voice answered at
the other end, Nancy said "Hello Gloria, It Nancy. Yes I'm fine, it about
that matter you mention a couple of weeks ago. Yes, yes I'm sure. We need
to get it sorted out urgently, I've been asked to schedule a meeting, I'm
making it for 10, we'll be quiet by then, I'm making sure of that. Please,
if you could, Thanks, bye."

As she put the phone down she thought 'and so the curtain falls on David
Chase and his brilliant career' and a smile passed her lips.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Normal disclaimers apply - this is a work of fiction, the persons
involve in this do not exist the places in which they inhabit also does not
exist. Am I getting my point across? - I hope so.

- My normal thanks to all those who have written to me, I do try to
answer all emails sent to me at and will listen to
any complaints and accept all compliments.

- The main complaint I'm receiving is that the chapters are appearing
too slowly, I'm sorry about this, but I do have to work you know - ;}


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