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The Girl With a Bicycle 18


The girl With A Bicycle - Part 18 By Wandering Lanes

story codes (M, g, no-sex, slow)

I hung up the phone on Maria - Kylie was sitting in a chair watching me.

"Uncle Mike, what did you mean last night, when you said you'd lost
Becky, isn't she a bit large to just lose?"

I gave a small smile, and motioned Kylie to come to me, which she did,
placing herself in my lap, I said - "There are many ways to lose someone, a
careless word, a simple gesture and they take umbrage and walk out of your
life forever, but in my dream Becky said I didn't stop them from taking
her. But then later in another dream you and Becky were happily playing
together, and I was being asked if I was happy with what I said?"

Kylie looked at me, "So what did you say?"

"That's what I asked - but I never found out"

"Why not?" Kylie asked.

I looked at her, "Because a young girl woke me up for breakfast."

She looked down, "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

I hugged her, "Of course you didn't, I'm not angry, it just these dreams
are pointing to something, it could be on one hand Becky is taken away
somehow, but on the other I do something that brings her into this family"
- THIS FAMILY! There I go again, forgetting that I'm just a visitor to
Kylie's family. I have to remember that. But I had a warm feeling just
thinking about the family.

Just then a voice came from Kylie's radio, "Kylie, Mr. Mike are you

I remembered that I'd turned down my radio, I turned up the volume and
answered Becky, "Good morning Becky, we're both here."

Her voice came back, "Well where is here? I'm at your house trying to
find you!"

I replied, "I'm sorry Becky, We're at Sharon's house, do you want to
come round?"

"If I can please Mr. Mike, Mum's gone out and Dad's at work and after
yesterday I don't want to be alone."

I felt for her, "Of course you can, Becky. You know we'll always be
here for you."

I heard relief in her voice, "I know Mr. Mike - I'll be round soon."

I hugged Kylie again, "Please don't tell Becky - I don't want to cause
her any more pain."

Kylie nodded her head, "Okay Uncle Mike. I'll keep quiet, but isn't
this what Darren did to Becky?"

She was sharp, I nodded, "Yes, you're right it is the same, but for
different reasons - Darren told her to say nothing to protect himself, but
he didn't give a reason, but I gave a reason and I'm really leaving the
decision to you - it's unfair of me, but I don't want to order you to keep
quiet, I'm trusting you to do the correct thing." - Was I trying to put too
much on her? Only time would tell.

Becky soon turned up, I could tell she was in a mood, I said "You need
to talk about it, do you want to talk to me?"

She looked at me - and tears started, "Oh Mr. Mike - I was getting on
so well with Nancy, then that Dave came in and said I was lying! How could
he do that?"

I pulled her onto my lap, and stroked her hair, "Tell me what happened
yesterday, from the beginning." She told me her story, which, later, I
managed to find out the full details, which I include here.

Maria arrived at the Smiths house ready to take Becky back to Social
Services to continue the interview, when she knocked on the door George
Smith answered it.

"I'm glad you're here, we need your advice, well, Mildred and me, need
your professional advice"

Maria gave her best 'don't worry I'm here to help' smiles, "Certainly
Mr. Smith, what can I do?"

George showed her into the living room where Mildred was sitting, then
said, "Well we had a bit of a shock yesterday, and the police searched
Darren's room, knocked us both for six, if you know what I mean." Maria
nodded, George continued, "Well, we were just sitting here, numb like, and
then Sharon Williams comes round with 'er boyfriend and the next thing we
knows they've got us all geared up for dinner round his house.

"I mean after all the bad, this comes out of the blue, I asks him why
he's doing this, and he says because he wants to help Becky - Not me, not
the missus, but Becky! - Which got us both thinking, anyhow he comes back
with his car to pick us up, drives us to his house, Sharon's there cooking
dinner, Well 'cause of the problems we've been having eating was the last
thing we thought of, but it smelt good.

"Then that Mike bloke shows up with tea, then tries to tell us to snap
out of it, well, not like that, he said how's Becky needed us to help her,
but it got the missus talking, seems she knew about Becky and Darren, but
kept quiet - seems it went all the way back to when Becky was born, I'm out
of my depth here, the missus needs help, is there anything you can

Maria looked at Mrs. Smith, "Do you want me to arrange something for
you," the woman looked up and nodded. Maria smiled, "Good I know just the
person." She took out her portable phone and dialled a number, "Hello Mac?
- Its Maria, I'm fine, but I didn't call you to talk shop," she laughed,
"Mac, now listen do you have a space this morning? No! Oh, how about this
afternoon? Yes it is quite urgent. Thanks, I'll give her your address,
and I'll pass on some info to you. Thanks Mac, bye."

Maria looked at Mildred, "Okay, now Mac is one of the best councillors I
know, she'll soon have you sorted out."

Mildred looked confused, "Mac? She? I'm sorry I thought you were
talking to a man?"

Maria shook her head, "No Patricia MacMasters is certainly no man, and I
didn't think you'd be comfortable talking to a man would you?"

Mildred was relieved, although she knew she needed help, it was true she
could never tell a man of her worries, she shook her head, "No I couldn't,
thank you." She reached out her hand to Maria.

Maria took it in both of hers, "No - you're the one who realised you
needed help, I'm just giving you the step on the path, well the second step
actually, you took the first on your own, now you've got friends to help,
remember that."

Mildred looked at Maria, "That's what Mike said, didn't he George? He
said he would help us."

George nodded, "Yes love, he did. But he also said you," he looked at
Maria, "would be the best person to ask."

Mildred added, "And he was right, again."

Maria gave the address to Mildred, and wrote down the time, and then
glancing at her watch gasped and said, "I've got to hurry if I'm going to
get Becky in on time." And with a hurried 'bye' she and Becky left the
house and dashed for the car, with the clouds threatening above.

When they were safely in the car and driving to the Social Services
centre, Maria asked Becky "When did Mr. Moore see your parents Becky?"

Becky replied, "Donno, the first I knew was when I got in to Mr. Mike's
kitchen and Dad was sitting there, He was different, he didn't call be
Rebecca, he hasn't been like that to me for a long time. I think Mr. Mike
had a word with him. Kylie did say he'd help me - like he did for her"

Maria was puzzled - Kylie Williams had never crossed her path until
Becky had been brought to their attention, "Becky, what was wrong with

Becky smiled, "There's nothing wrong with Kylie, not now, but before at
school, she was silent, kept to herself, some of the girls started to bully
her, thought she was a teachers pet, kept reading books, then one day some
of the girls suddenly stopped picking on her, and she had changed too,
became happier. I was annoyed because I wasn't happy but she was."

Becky paused, thinking, "I suppose I was jealous of her."

Maria slowed the car down, "Why were you jealous of Kylie?" she switched
on the portable recorder she normally carried.

Becky hadn't noticed and carried on talking, "Well, it didn't seem fair,
Kylie was in a worst state than me, and yet she started to have friends,
and I didn't - I couldn't talk to anyone, in case Darren found out, then a
couple of days later she came to me. Wanted to talk, she said, I shouted
at her to leave me alone, but she wouldn't. She kept asking me stupid
questions. Pestering me, I wanted to hit her."

Maria asked, "So why didn't you?" she was driving slower, keeping an eye
on the road, and another on Becky.

Becky started to cry, "I. I. Couldn't, 'cos that's what Darren would
have done. So I tried to run away, but I tripped on something and hurt my
ankle. She took me to see the nurse, and stayed with me, just hugging me."
The tears were flowing with the memory, "She accepted me even though I
tried to push her away, helped me, then I told her."

Maria stopped the car, not caring of the horns behind her, or the jeers
from the other drivers as they passed her, just concentrating on holding
Becky whilst she cried.

After a while, Becky continued with her story, "After the nurse had left
us, we started to talk - she had problems, but was sorting them out, Mr.
Mike had helped her, he also spoke to some of the girls bullying Kylie.
She thought that if she could find him, he could help me - it took her two
weeks and me another day, when I first saw him I was too scared to talk."

She looked at Maria, "I know it was stupid of me, but all I could do was
to look up at him. But he didn't do anything, just smiled at me and walked
on upstairs, and that was my first look at Mr. Mike."

Maria asked, "Did 'Mr. Mike' do anything to you? Try to touch you or
hurt you in anyway at all?"

Becky laughed, "He didn't even try to cop a feel, when I called him a
wimp! All he did was laugh. But he isn't a wimp. He was there when I
needed him. Try to touch me? I don't think I'd put up a fight even if he
wanted to do 'it' to me."

Maria looked at the girl, she was serious, but it could only be the
transference of dependency from her parents to Mike Moore. Such a thing
did happen, but normally at a cost. She decided that she'd have to check
out this Mike Moore. But after she'd made an updated report to Nancy and

When they arrived at the office she took Becky to the video room, and
asked her to make herself comfortable, then she went to see Dave and Nancy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

During the meeting Dave, who seemed to be in a worst mood than normal,
said, "No, I don't buy it - The girl's obviously playing us for fools,
she's seen enough television to be aware of the video routine - she thinks
she knows what to tell us. . ."

Nancy interrupted him, "No you're wrong, such emotion is hard to keep
up, she isn't faking this, and I'm surprised that she didn't fall apart
some time ago."

Maria spoke up, "She almost did, then found some-one to help, listen to
this." And she played back the recording - 'Well it didn't seem. . . . . '

They listened to the recording, at the end Nancy said, "Well she didn't
seem to be faking that!"

Maria said, "She wasn't - that was straight from the heart, I don't know
what this Mike Moore has done, but the police report and the doctors
reports all give his conduct as remarkably correct, even the examination
was, well, clinical - Becky was the one who made the moves, this Mike Moore
tried to persuade her otherwise, but allowed her to dictate the pace - If
it had been any other man, well I don't think she'd even go to the

Dave snorted, "So find out about this Mike Moore, see what type of hold
he has over the girl - he's obviously out for his own gain. Nancy talk to
Rebecca," Nancy tried to correct his use of the name, he waved her off,
"Her name is Rebecca, Becky is a nickname remember that, get the truth from
her, don't let her fob you off with lies, remember your training. Now get

The two women left his office, Maria turned to Nancy, "What's got into

Nancy looked back at the closed door and said, "He's having problems at
home, apparently, but he's been going downhill for the past few months, I
think we're going to have to do something soon."

Maria looked slightly shocked, "But we can't just call for help,"

Nancy said, "When you know the right people, and when you know that
they're also keeping an eye out," she looked round conspiratorially, "Don't
mention this to anyone, but I've been keeping a diary - no, not off my own
bat, I was asked to by Head Office."

Maria was now rocking with the shocks, "On who? I mean is it on
everyone or just Dave?"

Nancy nodded, "Just Dave - his reports to them seem to be getting
erratic, and they're not happy with some of his results, I think things may
be coming to a head! Look I can't say anymore, I've got Becky to talk to.
Rebecca indeed, he's really losing it!"

They went their separate ways, as she had some time spare Maria decided
to talk to Mike Moore, from their brief talk on Friday he seemed to be on
the level, was it an act? Or did he really want the best for the girl?
Well drastic action might be needed to prove this! (see chapter 16).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nancy found Becky playing with the Samantha doll, looking around she
found the Sam doll in the corner of the room - she sat down in the
interviewer's chair.

"Hello Becky, why's Sam over in the corner?"

Becky looked at her, "I don't like that doll!" there was venom in her

Nancy replied, "But its just a doll, it hasn't done you any harm."

Becky was stubborn, "But last week you called it Darren, and I had to
treat it as if it was Darren, I don't like Darren and so I don't like the

Nancy sighed, "But sometimes a doll is just a doll, it's just the labels
we attach to them that gives them form, It could be another name like Paul,
William or Mike" she added the last name to see the results

Becky looked up, "Mike? As in Mr. Mike?" Nancy nodded, Becky ran to
the doll, "I'm sorry Mr. Mike," she picked up the doll and walked back to
her chair, talking all the time to the doll. "I'm sorry Mr. Mike, I
didn't mean to leave you there, only Darren deserves to be left out like
that, you don't." she sat down.

Nancy was making notes, she checked her watch, the tape was about to run
out, time for the next one, this was normally done by a technician but
their one was on a tea break, "Becky, can you excuse me for a moment?" the
girl nodded, still talking to the doll.

Nancy left the room and entered the video control room, sure enough the
attention light was flashing on the camera, Nancy got the next time in
line, checked the label, Child Interview 125 - or CI125 she unloaded the
tape from the camera, checked the label CI124, placed it in the re-wind
machine and loaded CI125 into the camera, logged the time and the child's
name onto the sheet of paper provided and went back to the room, in her
haste to return she didn't notice the monitor light was on.

"Sorry about that Becky, now if we can get started, do you want to put
Mike down?" Becky sat the doll with the Samantha doll on the chair beside
her, "Thank you. Now on Friday you told me how your brother Darren started
to abuse you, by making you suck him, what happened later, did he do
anything else to you?"

Becky thought back "Well in the first few weeks that was all, but later
he started to undress me and look at me while I sucked him. Then he
started to push his fingers into me." When asked by Nancy 'where?' and
'show me with Samantha' Becky pointed to the doll's Virginia and anus.

Becky continued, "Then one night, our parents were out, he made me
undress in the living room and lie down on the carpet, he said he wanted
more, he pulled my legs up until they were touching my chest, I told him it
hurt, all he said was 'good', then he went down on me, pushing his cock
inside me, when I started to scream, he hit me and told me to shut up, but
it was hurting me, then he laid on top of me! I couldn't move and he was
squashing me, then he started to move up and down, pushing and pulling his
cock inside me. When he finished he tired to make me suck him clean, his
cock had red streaks on it, and my cunt (that's what he called it) was sore
and had his spunk and blood, coming out of it. I thought I was dying, that
his using me had ruined my insides, he told me I was a stupid cunt, that I
should know better, and stuck his cock into my face to clean it."

Becky looked into the sadden eyes of Nancy, "The next day at school I
found a book in the library 'How my body grows' or something daft like
that, I found out what he had done, broken my hymen - I don't think he
really knew how that had hurt me!"

Becky continued, "The next night, I was still sore, but when he came
into my bedroom he did it again, but as Mum and Dad were home he gagged me,
so they wouldn't hear and he kept on doing that every night."

"I don't know how long that lasted, it would be wake up, suck cock, go
to school, get home, if Darren was alone it would be undress and fuck, if
Mum and Dad were home, it would be suck. And fuck after they went to bed.
I think that one night I heard someone at the door, but nobody said

Becky was crying at this point, Nancy put down her pad and hugged the
girl saying, "Don't worry, you're safe now, let it out, let go of your pain
and fear."

This was straight out of the text book, tears were a sign of release,
Becky obviously needed this cathartic release, Nancy carried on hugging the
girl, "Oh Becky, I know that was difficult for you, do you want to stop for
a few moments, to recover yourself?" the young girl nodded.

Nancy looked at Becky and asked, "So why is Mr. Mike a wimp?"

Becky smiled through her tears, "Well, he looks so large, at least to me
he does, but he's so gentle as well - He's never moaned at me. I thought
all men were the same, you know just want the one thing from girls, but he
didn't! So I thought either he was gay or there was something else - When
Kylie told me how he carried on with her mother I knew he wasn't queer, so
I decided he had to be a wimp, afraid to show his true side."

Nancy laughed, "And after last week, now how would you describe him?"

Becky was decisive, "Oh he's still a wimp, but he's the type of wimp
that helps people, I like him, and trust him." She seemed to get lost in
her thoughts

Nancy decided to push, "And if he wanted to have sex with you, how would
you feel?"

Becky got dreamy eyed at the thought, alarm bells started to clang in
Nancy's head, Becky answered "I would let him, I know he'd never hurt me as
Darren did, I mean he's already shown me how sex should feel." Nancy sat up

"Becky how do you mean? Has he touched you - sexually I mean?"

Becky now realised what she had said, "Oh please don't lock him up, it
wasn't him really, he was just there when it happened."

Nancy was confused, her senses told her to call the police, her heart
heard the pleading of the young girl, the heart won, for now. "Alright
Becky, please tell me the truth, what happened."

So Becky told Nancy how she'd watched Mike and Sharon having sex, she
wouldn't say making love, and how they found out she was watching (see
chapter 7) then to Nancy's amazement how Sharon had brought Becky to
climax. "But the thing was, when she first started I called out my
safeword, and Mr. Mike stopped her."

Nancy looked up again, "Safe word? Why would you need a safe word?" the
only place she'd heard of such was in bondage stories - was Becky 'tied'
into someone like that?

Becky smiled at the memory, "Well Mr. Mike didn't want to alarm me, so
if he does something that scares me I just have to shout out teapot and
he'll stop. And he did then! Aunt Sharon didn't want to stop but he held
her, and told her, then she apologised."

Nancy, despite her feelings, laughed at this, "Teapot? Why that word?"

Becky shrugged, "I donno, just the first thing he thought of I suppose,"
then she added, "Kylies got a good one, dinosaur - I mean how comes she had
a good one like that, and I've got a teapot?"

Nancy asked, "And does she ever have to use it?"

Becky started to shake her head, the said, "Wait, yes when we were in
the car, she shouted it out!"

Nancy looked at her, in the car - what the hell was he doing? "Why did
she shout out? What was Mike doing to her?"

Becky snorted in laugher at Nancy's tone, "He was driving, but it was
Kylie who was freaking out, Mr. Mike stopped the car, undid her belt and
took her out before I knew anything! Kylie told me later that she'd been
in a road accident, and that was the first time she'd been back in a car
since then."

Nancy was amazed, "And he stopped the car there and then, what about the
other traffic?"

Becky though, " Well there wasn't much, but Mr. Mike just indicated and
pulled in, he was that worried."

Nancy considered the words - He'd given both girls safe words, which was
ominous, but when used he acted immediately - which was reassuring. Becky
had admitted that she'd been molested, but by Sharon Williams not Mike
Moore, although he'd been present, and had stopped Sharon when Becky had
said her safe word. Finally Becky was showing dependency on Mike - trusted
him, even to the extent of allowing him to hold her whilst undergoing an
embarrassing examination. She came to a decision.

"Becky, I shouldn't do this, by rights I should report both Mrs.
Williams and Mr. Moore for child molestation, " Becky started to speak,
but Nancy stopped her, "Please Becky, let me finish. At Social Services
the child must come first, for their protection from those who would prey
on them - But I can't say that Mrs. Williams or Mr. Moore has molested
you, after your life with Darren, I would say they were giving you
therapy." She looked at Becky, "You see Becky - Children such as yourself
feel that sex is normal and try to have sex with anybody, they need to be
weaned off that interest until they're at an age when they can appreciate
normal sexual attraction, from your description Darren didn't show you any
real affection during the sexual act, you were just a toy to him, but what
Mrs. Williams and Mr. Moore are doing is showing you that sex can be
pleasant, with the added safety net so that they will stop when you want

Becky came in with, "Yes like when I kept tickling Kylie in the
bathroom, she said her safe word, but I wouldn't listen to it, Mr. Mike
stopped me and said that Darren would have treated me like that, and he was
right, so I apologised to Kylie, because I didn't want to listen."

Nancy nodded, "Yes that is the thing with safe words - you have to trust
the person you're speaking to, trust that they will stop."

Becky replied, "I trust Mr. Mike and Aunt Sharon, they were the first
adults to listen to me," Becky kept the rest of her words to herself ('and
I think I love them')

Nancy looked at her watch, 10:30 - she spoke to Becky. "I'm just
getting a drink. Do you want anything?" Becky shook her head, "Okay then
if you just play with the dolls, I'll be back shortly." And she left the

As soon as she had started for the drinks machine, Dave was on the move,
he entered the interview room and walked up to Becky.

He spoke at Becky, "You really think you have us going don't you. Well
Rebecca you're wrong, you see we've been working with children like you, we
know when you're just telling us things that you think we want to know, so
don't try to pull the wool over our eyes, because it won't wash. Now when
Nancy gets back, I suggest you think carefully about what you say." He
turned round and left the room.

Nancy saw him walking from the room, 'I wonder what he's been doing?'
She thought to herself.

She entered the room, the atmosphere had changed - Becky had withdrawn
into herself, Nancy tried for half an hour, but only got monosyllabic
answers. She managed to get Becky to eat something, but when Maria turned
up to take her home progress had stopped. She was going to check on the
tape, but found she had another client to interview, and was late leaving.

When she got a phone call the next day from Maria about Becky's
complaint she was still in bed, but was quickly up and rushing to work.

After Becky had told her story, and cried herself out again, I hugged
her, "Don't worry Becky, I'm certain it will all turn out okay!"

Becky sniffled, "B. but Mr. Mike, Nancy knows about you and Aunt
Sharon, she'll have to tell other people, I might be responsible for
getting you both locked up."

I stroked her hair to calm her, "No you're not responsible, you told the
truth - what ever happens never be afraid of the truth."

Kylie piped up with, "He is right you know Becky. When Maria asked me
the same question yesterday, Uncle Mike made me tell the truth, it was
awful, I thought she was going to take him to the police."

I spoke to Becky again, "So you see, they've had 2 chances to have me
arrested, so don't worry - the Spanish have a saying 'que sera, sera'
'Whatever will be, will be' - now what are we going to do for the rest of
the day?"

Kylie spoke up, "Well we've got all my stuff packed away for tomorrow.
So can we go to the pond and feed the ducks?"

I was amazed - Kylie asking to go into the town centre, "You know we'll
have to go by car?"

She looked me in the eyes, "Uncle Mike, I've got to get use to this, I
can't stay out of cars all my life, can I?" She was pleading with me to let
her go, in a way it was being 'too adult' of her.

I was glad she wanted to take the step, but I still wasn't sure, "Kylie,
are you really sure you want to do this?"

She took at deep breath, "Not really Uncle Mike, and if it gets too bad,
I will let you know, honest!"

I looked at the sky, the rain of yesterday had gone, the sun was just
hanging in the blue sky, I look to the kitchen, I'd need to buy some more
bread on the way back, "Okay then, are you ready to go now?"

She looked at her dress, Becky's jeans, then she shook her head, "Not
quite ready Uncle Mike," She looked at Becky, "We both need to change, come
on Becky, I've got yours upstairs."

Becky looked blank for a moment - then realising what Kylie meant,
smiled and followed Kylie upstairs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A few minutes later, both girls came down wearing the yellow dresses -
laughing and giggling between themselves, I picked up Sharons last crusts
of bread, and escorted the two out of the house.

We got to my garage, I let the two get into the car before I took it
out, made sure their belts were on correctly, carefully drove out of the
garage, closed the door behind us and started, again slowly - I still
wasn't sure how well Kylie would take this, to drive into town.

Actually she did quite well, I turned on the radio, it was some strange
pop song, which Becky knew and started to sing to, Kylie gulped a bit, then
softly joined in, picking up the volume and singing along with Becky -
which took her mind off the journey, I hoped she didn't think about what
she was doing, and panic again.

We parked in the multi-story and I let both girls out, Kylie was
ecstatic, "I did it Uncle Mike, I did it!"

I hugged her - "You sure did, but remember this is a trip you're now
used to doing. Soon we'll have to try further afield."

She went slightly white at the thought, but nodded, "Yes, but after camp
please! I don't think we have time today."

We had, but I didn't think I should push her too hard, one victory at a

Just to check we went into Greg's shop, he looked up, "Mike, I've been
trying to get hold of you, your mobiles switched off," I got it out and
looked at it, I hadn't turned it on, Greg continued, "They've agreed to the
price, I've sent them the bank details, so we have the rights to those
radios, what the he . ." He remembered the two girls, " . . ck are we
going to do with them?" Becky giggled and whispered into Kylies ear, she

I told the girls to look around the shop, while I had words with Greg,
"I don't know Greg. What would you suggest?"

He looked at me as if I was mad, "Mike do you think you want to lie
down? Are you running a temperature? Or have you just gone off your

I smiled, "No, no and possibly. - Look Greg, the radios are too good an
idea to give up on, and I want to see more made - I don't know try selling
them as child alarms - to let mothers have a quick contact with their
children, or as toys - you know play hunt and seek - a multiple game of
hide and seek."

He could see the possibilities, then came up with the main question,
"That's all well and good Mike, but who could we get to make them?"

I patted him on his shoulder, "Well I think the original firm would
still have the patterns and parts in stock, ask them to make a batch up for
us. Say 50 of the simple type and 10 of the masters."

He countered with - "They wouldn't make so few I would think they'd do
150 of the simple and 20 of the others."

I nodded, "Okay then lets go with that, but try my way first, if they
balk then try your way, and we'll work from there." He agreed, we bided
each other goodbye, I gathered the two girls up with me and we left the

Kylie looked at me, "Uncle Mike - how can you do that?" I just tapped
the side of my nose,

"Because I can, and because Greg trusts me."

Becky then asked, "But what if your idea goes wrong?"

I laughed, "Then I'll be out some money, and Greg won't be so quick to
trust me again, I could live with the former - but wouldn't like the
latter!" We carried onto the park.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The ducks were glad to see us, or rather the bread we brought - quacking
for attention then fighting for the scraps flung by the girls. When the
bread was finished and the last inquiring duck finally convinced - the
girls went to play on the swings.

An elderly voice said, "It's so nice to see children enjoying
themselves, I hope you're looking after your daughters well." - Why did
everyone think they were mine? Oh well,

I spoke to the lady beside me, "I hope I am, at least they're happy with
me!" She smiled and walked on, leaving me to sit on a park bench, watching
the two girls as they were playing together - If I could only find out what
I'd said in my dream!


At the Police station, DS Nichols had some bad news for Darren, he spoke
to him in the cells, "Now then Darren, you'll be happy to hear that the CPS
have decided not to try you for attempted rape. However the 2 counts of
mugging, and paedophilic pictures found in your room will be held against
you, you're going for another arraignment tomorrow at 11 O'clock. - Sleep

Darren swore at the policeman, and then started to think. He had to get
out of the jail, he remembered what his friend Jones used to say, how the
screws in the courthouse didn't really keep an eye on the prisoners, and
the shift change was at mid-day, he had heard of prisoners changing names,
and getting out - so if he had a chance, then YES. And those BITCHES would
pay, and pay big time!

- 30


My apologies for the Spanish - I'm afraid English is the only language I
speak, and my American readers would question my spelling in many cases.
Please bear with me. WL

- Normal disclaimers apply - Ducks do need feeding, but not always with
bread, sorry I meant to say - Adults and Children should be allowed to mix,
but never for sexual release of the first party, and the second party
shouldn't even be aware of such thing in the first place.

- So Darren has plans, but luckily Kylie should be at Brownie Camp.
This is given as a warning to those of a nervous disposition.

I would like to thank all those who have written to me with comments
about this story and the way of the world in general, thank you, and you,
and you, and you - this could go on for ages, if you want to send comments,
criticism and brick-bats I can be contacted on, as
always I will try to answer those that I can.

Wandering Lanes 30th September 2001.


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