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The Girl With a Bicycle 19

The girl With A Bicycle - part 19 By Wandering Lanes

story codes (M, F, g - no-sex, slow)

Wednesday arrived, as all days do, quietly - I awoke to find Sharon,
Kylie and Becky in the bed, I looked at my watch 6:30, I got up trying not
to disturb the girls and made my way to the toilet. I was finishing off my
shave when Becky arrived, smiled hello to me and placed herself on the loo.

She quickly finished, wiped herself off and was about to wash her hands
when I asked, "Was everything okay today?"

She seemed puzzled, "How do you mean Mr. Mike, I've just got up." I
pointed to the toilet, she then realised what I meant, "You're right it
didn't hurt - does that mean I'm better?"

I smiled, "Well you shouldn't try to do anything for another week, it
just means the antibiotics have done their part, now you have to let your
body do its part."

She hugged me, "Oh thank you Mr. Mike, I think you're wonderful,"

I laughed, "But I didn't do that, you did! You had to take the tablets
not me."

Her muffled voice said, "But you were the one to hold me when I needed
it, don't let me go."

I replied, "I'll always be here for you, you know that don't you."

She looked up at me, "I know Mr. Mike, but please promise."

I went down on my haunches so that my face was level with hers, "Becky,
I promise to always try to do my best for you. But you must know that
sometimes things may be out of my hands. You never know what may happen.
But I will always try my best. Remember that."

She kissed me, "I'll try Mr. Mike, honest.", I smiled and left her to
wash, I went back into the bedroom and got dressed, Kylie was still asleep,
Sharon was awake and looking at me.

"Good morning," I said.

She smiled and replied, "Good morning, what time is it, I looked at my
watch and told her the time, 6:45, "I'm going to be late!" She started to
get up,

I said, "Don't rush, I'll get breakfast, I think I should have help in a
few minutes." Sharon looked in the bed, saw Kylie and opened her mouth to

Becky was passing the door, she looked in and said, "Morning Aunt
Sharon," then went downstairs, I finished dressing and followed her.


When Sharon arrived in the kitchen, there was a cooked breakfast waiting
for her, I asked her, "Did you want buttered slices of bread or toast?"

She replied, "Uhmm. Toast please, I didn't know we had so much bread,"
I gave a guilty look, Becky giggled, Sharon just looked at us, "Well?" was
her only question.

Becky smiled and said, "Mr. Mike brought some yesterday!"

Sharon looked at me, I shrugged, "Well we did use the last of it
yesterday - the Ducks were very appreciative." I put two slices into the
toaster, and gave Sharon my pieces, which she gobbled down along with her
bacon and eggs, she drank down a cup of coffee, and with a hurried bye, she
ran off to work.

I started the washing up, Becky went to watch television, I cleaned up
the kitchen, and was wiping off the table when Kylie shuffled in, her
nightdress hanging loosely on her.

She looked at me, "Where is everyone?"

I said, "Well you slept through the day, we had plenty of fun, just
going to bed now!"

She put her hands on her hips, and stamped on the floor, "That's not
funny Uncle Mike, I was alone in bed, anything could have happened!"

I looked at her, "And what did happen?"

She looked down, then back up with a slight smile, "Nothing - but that's
not the point is it!"

I had to laugh, I picked her up, "I thought you'd want plenty of sleep,
what with the coach trip you're taking today."

She squeaked with joy as she remembered what I was on about, "I've got
to get ready the Pack meets at 10 o'clock." I looked at the clock, 7:15.

"Hold on young lady, there's plenty of time to go yet. You have to have
a proper breakfast inside you first, now sit." I made her sit down at the
table, put the frying pan back onto the stove - no I hadn't washed that yet
- and started to cook her breakfast, I asked her, "How do you want your
eggs, runny yolk or hard yolk?"

She thought for a moment, then said, "Runny please." I started to cook
the eggs, left them splattering in the frying pan with the rashers, took a
couple of slices of bread, buttered them, cut them in half. Turned the
rashers before putting the food onto a plate and placing it in front of

I couldn't work out whether she had eaten the food or just breathed it
in, but the plate was empty, and the seat she had been in was empty, I
could hear her feet on the stairs.

10 minutes later she re-appeared, dressed in her brownie uniform, yellow
top, brown skirt and brown leggings. And carrying her backpack. I felt
self conciseness checking the clothing inside, change of brownie uniform,
several pairs of knickers, a couple of vests, and two pairs of shoes -
shoes! But no polish, found a spare tin and brushes in the kitchen
cupboard, and put them in the pack, lastly I checked the cutlery, Billy-tin
and tin-foil with oven gloves.

I made Kylie, unroll and re-roll the sleeping bag, to make sure she knew
how to pack it tightly, then tied it to the top of the pack, checking that
when she put it on it didn't hurt her, after all that it was still slightly
shy of 8:30. What was I going to do until 10:00?

At a quarter to nine the answer was partly given, the telephone rang, I
answered it, the female voice at the other end wasn't known to me.

"Err. Hello, I'm trying to trace Miss Becky Smith," From the use of her
name it had to be some one who knew Becky.

"This is Mike Moore, I take it you're Nancy."

The voice on the phone sounded relieved, "Oh! Mr. Moore, yes this is
Nancy, is Becky there with you?"

I said, "Yes, she stayed at Sharon's overnight with Kylie, she's
currently watching television at the moment, I'll just get her."

I was about to put the phone down, when Nancy's voice could be heard,
"NO, No please hold on," I picked up the handset and said 'yes?', she said
"It's okay Mr. Moore, I'll speak to you - we've had a few changes here,
and have to re-interview several people, I'd like to see Becky this
afternoon, at about half-one? I have already spoken to her parents, and
they're happy for this to be done, but I didn't know if you had any plans
for Becky today."

I smiled at her phrasing, "No, Nancy - I've no fiendish plans for the
girls, actually Kylie is going to Brownies Camp this morning and I was at a
loose end as to how to keep Becky entertained. I'll be happy to bring her,
but there is something you should find out first!"

Her words were cautious, "And what would that be - Mr. Moore?"

"After the way she was treated by your Dr. Dave - does she want to

I could hear her concern in her voice, "You're right Mr. Moore, I'd
better speak to her, but if she won't listen to me can you tell her that
Dave is no longer here, we have a new chief of operations, and this is why
we need to talk to her."

I said, "Okay Nancy - and my name is Mike, I'll ask Becky if she'll talk
to you, please hold on."

I went to where Becky, and now Kylie, were watching the television,
"Becky?" she looked at me, "Nancy is on the phone, she want to talk to you,
they need you to go for another interview," Becky started to shake her
head, I continued, "Dave is no longer there, they have some-one else."

She looked at me, "Could you come with me please Mr. Mike?" I nodded,
"Okay then." She walked out of the room to the telephone. "Hello Nancy,
uh-hum, uh-hum, only if Mr. Mike can come with me, uh-hum, uh-hum, okay, I
will, yes Nancy, bye." And she hung up the phone.

When she returned she said, "I'll go, they want us to be there at half
past one, you will be able to come won't you Mr. Mike, please."

I went to her and hugged her, "Of course I will Becky, remember?"

She nodded her head, Kylie joined us, and said, "I'm sorry Becky, but I
won't be with you,"

Becky pulled her into the hug, and said, "That's okay Ky. I get to stay
with Mr. Mike."

Kylie looked at me, "That's not fair! Why do I have to go to camp? Why
can't I stay here with you, Uncle Mike?"

I looked at her, "But Kylie I thought you wanted to go to camp?"

She replied, "I do, but I want to say with you too!"

Becky held onto her, "I want you with me as well, but you need time with
your other friends - so go with them, I'll be okay with Mr. Mike." - I
could see a problem developing.

Kylie answered grinning, "That's it you want Uncle Mike to yourself
don't you."

Becky matched her grin, "Awl. You found me out!" and the two girls started laughing together - but now the problem had solved it self in the
two girls friendship for each other.

A voice from all our radios surprised us. "This is Brown Owl to all
girls, don't forget the coach will be at the Church Hall at 10, please be
ready by 9:45"

Kylie looked at me, "But I'm ready already!"

I looked at her, "Yes, but some of the others might not be!"

A voice came over Kylie's radio, "Tawny, can you hear me?"

Paula's voice returned "This is Tawny, is that you Rachael?"

I listened in, "Yes Tawny, I've got a problem - mum says I can't go, she
can't get the money from dad. I don't know what to do?"

Kylie said to me, "Rachael's parents are getting divorced, they keep
shouting at each other, she keeps being told one thing and then another -
she should be able to come but her dad doesn't want her to."

I took Kylie's wrist and pressed the talk button on her radio, "Tawny,
this is Mike Moore."

Paula's voice, sounded relieved as she replied, "Hello Mike, how can I

I smiled, "Well its more on how I can help you, or rather Rachael."

Paula responded, "I don't know, would Rachael like your help?"

A meek voice answered, "yes please Tawny."

I said, "If I can have Rachael's telephone number I could talk privately
to her mother."

Paula started to say "I don't. . . ." and Rachael interrupted by giving
the number.

I said, "Thank you Rachael, and Tawny if you have any other problem
people just tell them to turn up at the Church Hall, ready to go. Okay?"

She sounded relieved, "Thank you Mike, but you know my name don't you?"

I laughingly replied "Yes, Paula I do, but this was Brownie business,
not personal."

The radio responded with several voices going "Oooooohhhh!" which made
me laugh again.

After saying goodbye to Paula and the listening girls, I picked up the
telephone and dialed the number Rachael gave me.

She answered the phone, "H. hello? Is that you Mr. Moore?"

I said, "Yes Rachael, can I talk to your mother please."

I heard her put the phone down, and talking to somebody, who came to the
phone, "Hello, who is that?"

I answered, "My name is Mike Moore, I understand that Rachael's unable
to go the Brownies camp, Mrs.?"

She replied, "Chase, Sonia Chase, yes Mr. Moore, I'm afraid that I just
can't afford to let her go this year, it is a pity but that how it is."

"I see Sonia, I may call you Sonia? - Good. I don't know how to phrase
this Sonia, but will you let Rachael go - no there's no catch, and no

She laughed despite herself, "You're starting to sound like a
double-glazing salesman, why are you doing this?"

I looked at Kylie, "Because I have a young girl here, who is Rachael's
friend and would be sad if Rachael couldn't be there, so I being selfish -
is that okay?"

I could her the smile in her voice, "If that's being selfish then yes,
I'll let Rachael go, and thank you Mr. Moore, goodbye."

Kylie kissed me, "That's from Rachael, 'cos she won't be able to do it."

I accepted it and said, "Thank you Rachael, you're welcome." Kylie

Then Rachael's voice came from her radio, "Hello Kylie, can you thank
Mr. Moore for me please, I'll see you at the coach."

Kylie replied, "Hello Rachael, I will. See you." Then she kissed me
again, "That's from Rachael again, I think she liked it the last time!" and
she giggled.

We walked to the Church Hall, there was a coach outside it, Margaret,
Joyce and Paula were waiting by the doors of the Hall.

Paula waved to me, "Hi there Mike, Kylie and Becky, isn't it?"

Becky nodded her head, I said "Hello, I hope you didn't mind my butting
in like that?"

Paula shook her head, "No, I was relieved, Rachael's been having a
difficult time at the moment, I'm glad you were able to get her mother to
agree, how did you?"

I laughingly replied, "Blackmail, I told her that she'd make Rachael's
friends sad if she couldn't come."

Paula looked serious at that point, "It wasn't blackmail, that would
have been the truth, anyway thank you." I went to Margaret and we spoke for
a few minutes, there were a few girls who couldn't really afford to go, I
agreed to sponsor them and paid their fees I then pressed the broadcast
button on my radio.

"This is Mike Moore. Flamingo, flamingo, flamingo - all Brownies
attention - All Brownies will report to the Church Hall, be prepared to
leave for Camp - I repeat ALL BROWNIES no exceptions." I looked at
Margaret, "I hope you didn't mind"

She smiled, "No Mr. Moore, I didn't - but if they all turn up it will
be the first time we've had a full pack to the camp!"

The girls and their mothers - for the most part - turned up, ready for
the coach trip, a couple went to Margaret, their packs seemingly depleted,
a few looked towards me, one seemed to say 'why?' I pointed to the laughing
and happy girls - she nodded and spoke to Margaret.

Margaret waved me over, I approached the group, "Mr. Moore, these
people would like to thank you for sponsoring their girls,"

One spoke up, "I'm not so sure, I don't want charity." - this was true,
mention charity to anyone and they may take offence.

I replied, "Who said anything about charity? I'm sponsoring a group of
girls to attend a camp. I've paid Margaret already so if you don't want
your daughter to go then another girl goes for nothing. But as you can see
all the girls are happy do you want to disappoint them?"

I'm glad to say they all seemed to agree and left their children to the
charge of Margaret, Joyce and Paula. They started to check the packs of
the girls, with some there was the barest minimum of clothing, some had
only the uniform they were wearing.

I overheard their comments - 'How can they expect the girls to stay at a
camp for over a week without a change of clothing?', 'Not even cooking
utensils', 'Was it really a good idea?'

I spoke up, "Is there a problem ladies?" They turned to me, Paula
nodded, Joyce just turned red.

Margaret spoke up, "Mr. Moore, although you have paid for the girls to
go to camp, they haven't prepared their packs for the trip - some err.
Essentials are missing. And I don't want to have to send them back home to
get them."

I asked, "I take it uniforms can be brought at the camp?" She nodded,
"Ah so it's the more basic items of clothing you're on about." She blushed
and nodded, "I take it you're be passing some clothing stores on the trip -
ones that would have these?" she nodded again, I reached for my wallet,
took out some notes - about 500, "Would that be enough to help anyway,

She seemed amazed that I would offer to pay, but I assured her, "Its
okay, the girls wouldn't be going if it wasn't for me, so I might as well
ensure that they are suitably provided for." She thanked me, and, with the
help of Paula and Joyce, herded their charges aboard the coach, but I think
they were heading for the local ASDA, before starting off to camp.

Becky looked at me, "Why did you do that Mr. Mike, they could have gone
to camp as they were."

I looked at Becky, "But when all their friends have a change of
underwear, and they don't, or if their uniform gets dirty, and they can't
change it, how are they going to feel?"

Becky hugged me, "That's what I like about you Mr. Mike - You think

I said, "Well I do try!"

We walked back to my house hand in hand. When we arrived we drank
orange squash, and relaxed, there wasn't anything to really do. At half
eleven I drove into town with her sitting in the front seat - a rare treat
for her.

We stopped at MacDonalds for something to eat, then went to the park,
just to watch the ducks and to waste time.

At one o'clock we started to walk to the offices, Becky was slowing down
with each step, I stopped at a bench and sat down, she sat next to me.

I spoke to her, "Okay Becky, what's wrong?" she looked down and didn't
want to answer, I did think I knew what was up, but needed her to voice it,
"Why don't you want to see Nancy again?"

She looked at me, "I do want to see Nancy, but I keep thinking that
Dave's going to be there." I hugged her - she needed it.

I kissed the top of her head, "Becky you know Nancy said that Dave
wasn't there anymore, so you don't have to worry about him!"

I heard her sobbing, "But what if this new man's the same, what if he
thinks I'm lying?"

I held her, "It doesn't matter what they think. You know the truth, and
you've told me, I will always believe you."

She kept sobbing and said, "But there's one thing I've never told you -
he's got pictures of me, he said that he would show everyone at school if I
ever told anyone about him. I. I was too scared to tell you, he's got
them hidden in his room."

I kept holding her, should I let her know the police knew? - what did I
say, no lies, what about half truths or silence, both would hurt her in the
long run. "I know about them Becky." She stiffened, I continued, "DS
Nichols found them." She started to cry

"But that means", she started to say, "That everybody knows about. . ."

I had to stop her, "They know that Darren is a filthy perverted scum,
who not only raped his sister, but made her pose for him. Which is even
worst for him, NOT YOU, You have nothing to fear - the pictures will be
destroyed, don't worry, all the time he's locked up he can't hurt you
anymore." - Nice words, I might regret them later.

We got up and continued onto the offices again, Becky keeping up with me
this time. Several police cars, their blue light flashing and sirens
blaring away passed us.

When we entered the offices and followed the signs to the Social
Services section a youngish lady met us, she was about 23 years old, and
hugged Becky - I decided that she must have been Nancy, and was proved
correct by Becky who introduced us.

I shook her hand, "Hello Nancy, I'm Mike."

She looked at me, "Well, you're not like the person I expected to see,
Maria didn't do you justice! Thank you for helping Becky, you came at the
right time for her!"

I smiled and shook my head, "No, Kylie brought her to me in time, I
think Kylie deserves the praise more than me." I looked at Becky, "Do you
want to tell Nancy about what you said outside, or do you want me to tell

She looked at me, eyes slightly widened, and shook her head, "Please Mr.
Mike, I'll tell her," then she looked away and added, "Later perhaps."

Nancy looked at me, I shook my head, "I'm sorry Nancy, Becky is still
expecting 'Dave' to appear and start calling her a liar again."

Nancy knelt down in front of Becky, "Oh Becky," she hugged the girl who
had started crying again, "I saw the tape, and heard what Dave said to you,
he was wrong, I knew you were telling the truth. That's why he's no longer
here, I've got to introduce you to our new boss, your find out the truth
then. Okay?"

Becky Nodded, Nancy took her hand then said to me, "Oh would you come as
well, Mike, I think you'd be interested in this as well." She walked us to
a door, the sign said Social Services Local Directorate, the nameplate
below was blank. Nancy knocked on the door and opened it, behind the desk
we were greeted by . . . .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Slightly earlier that day, Darren was transported to the courts, he was
shown down to the cells under the courthouse to await his arraignment - as
normal the cells were crowded. A brief description of the cells would
help, these were built at the turn of the century, that is about 1905,
brick wall on three side and the door on the forth, the cells were built to
house 8 people at a time - things used to be busy back then.

One or two drunks were slumped onto the bunks, Darren waited his chance
to check their pockets, although personal items were normally held until
their release, sometimes the drunks would hide little things away.

A search of the pockets produced nothing, but in the sock of one was
some cash, 250 in 20's and 10's - might be useful, the other had
nothing. Both started to stir so he left them.

At 11 o'clock - an hour late, but for Darren it amounted to an hours
reprieve, he was called up to answer the charges. Although the
court-appointed solicitor had tried to get Darren to plead guilty to the
mugging he didn't know what to do about the photographs - Darren told him
to work on the fact that Nichols had planted them.

So he was brought up before the bench again, the same judge was present
and listened to the charges being brought against Darren, he turned to the
prosecution, "This gentleman was before me last week I believe?"

The councilor nodded, "Indeed your honor, He was remanded pending
further investigations, the Crown wishes to change the charge due to new

The Judge nodded, "I see, proceed with the evidence."

The bailiff of the court rose and said, "Your name is Darren Smith, of
21 Purses Green." Darren agreed that the name and address was correct, the
bailiff continued, "You are accused that on the 15th June this year you did
assault and rob Mr. Joseph Green, 69, taking a quantity of money and a
pension book - How do you plead?"

Darren looked at the Judge, "Not Guilty"

The bailiff continued. "You are also accused that - on the 22nd of June
this year that you did assault and rob Mrs. Cassandra Monks, 72, also
taking some money and a pension book - How do you plead?"

Keeping his eyes on the Judge, Darren replied, "Not Guilty"

The bailiff finished with, "You are also accused of possession of a
number of photographs in contravention of the child pornography act of 1984
- How do you plead?"

Keeping his face straight and still looking at the Judge, He replied,
"Not Guilty"

Darren sat down in the dock as the prosecution called DS Nichols. He
started to speak, "On information received, it was decided to search the
defendants premises, particularly his bedroom, as he still lives with his
parents. In the bedroom we found the evidence to whit, 2 pension books,
hidden under a drawer in the bedside cabinet, when asked why he had them
the defendant replied 'I was looking after them for a friend' when asked
the friends name the defendant refused to answer.

We then searched the defendants wardrobe where a number of items were
found, amongst which was a wooden box containing 50 Polaroid pictures,
depicting a young girl in a variety of poses, many of them of a disturbing
and pornographic nature, the defendants face was visible in several of the

The prosecution asked if the pictures were of several girls or of one
particular, Nichols looked at the Judge, "Your honor, I would prefer not to
divulge that information"

The judge, who had been show a sample of the photographs (Prosecution
evidence no. 455877) answered - "I can not see what bearing such
information would have in this case - you do not have to answer that

To which Nichols replied, "Thank you, your honor." The prosecution sat,
his job done, the defending council then rose.

"D.S. Nichols - you had previous arrested my client on a different
matter, why now do you bring this set of charges instead."

Nichols looked at Darren, "The original matter has been deemed to be
secondary, the actions of the accused against two elderly persons, both of
whom ended up in hospital, demanded that this takes precedence."

The defense asked, "Now come on Detective Sargent isn't it true that the
police have been under a lot of pressure to bring the attacker of the two
to book, and isn't just my clients bad luck that he was in custody when you
needed to produce somebody!"

Nichols grew red at the accusation, but managed to keep his cool, "Not
at all, we had reason to believe that Mr. Smith was the person involved
and that the proof was located at his premises.

The Defense remarked, "How convenient for you wasn't it that you should
be able to find the books - rather quickly wasn't it."

Nichols replied, "I had no need to doubt the information, nor the source
from where it came!"

"But from where did your information come from?" the question Nichols
didn't want to answer, the defense asked again, "Where did the information
come from?"

Nichols looked at the judge again, "Your honor, I would rather not
reveal my source, due to the nature of the crime it would be better if that
information was not revealed."

The judge looked at him, "Detective Sergeant Nichols, Although I
understand the need for informants to be secretive, the question does
remain, how did you know where to find the pension books."

Nichols looked down, he had to answer, "The major source of the
information was from the accuses sister."

Darren jumped up, "The bloody lying cow, she's set me up"

The judge's gavel bounced off the block, "Order, Order - if there is
another outburst like that I'll have you removed, do you understand?"

Darren nodded, 'this might work out after all', "Yes your honor, but
she'd be able to hid the books there herself, just to frame me!".

The judge looked at Darren, "You'll have your chance to prove this when
the case is properly tried" Then the judge looked at the pictures again,
then at Nichols, "Detective Sergeant, you mentioned the accuses sister, how
old is she,"

Nichols gulped, the judge was quite smart sometimes they just sat there
sleeping, "She is nine years old your honor."

The judge looked at the picture of Becky, mouth open in pain - in the
background a mirror showed Darren's face ecstasy etched on his features.
He looked at Nichols, who nodded. The judge closed his eyes.

When he'd composed himself, he looked up - "I have seen and heard the
evidence presented here, and agree there is a case to be brought. Due to
the nature of the crimes brought here I will have to bring it to the Crown
Court, the next available date is September 12th. - Detective Sergeant you
may be required to produce your informant, please make sure she is
available for that date. Due to the attitude of the defendant bail is
refused, defendant to be remanded in custody until trial"

Darren was moved back to the cells, placed into a different cell from
his last one, by a different guard. There was only one other occupant in
the cell, Darren looked at him, "Hi there, how'd you get on?" the man looked bleary eyed at him, Darren held out his hand, "Paul Wilson, How do
you do." The man shook it.

"Oh, I'm Michael White, glad to meet you Paul", Michael was still on the
back end of a drinking bout, "Not too bad, community service - got to
report at the station on Friday."

Darren considered this, "So you'll be out of here soon then?" He asked.

Michael nodded, holding a piece of paper up, "Yep, hand this in and get

Darren smiled, "Okay Michael White. Oh what's that over there!" A
childish prank, which still worked when Michael looked Darren hit him, the
walls and door hiding his actions - he quickly changed clothes with
Michael, they smelt a bit, but Darren thought he could cope with this. He
placed Michael onto the bunk, with his face away from the door. Then

The guard wasn't too long in arriving, he held a clipboard in his hand
as he opened the door.

"Michael White, if you'll come with me," Darren stood up - the guard
didn't react, so far so good. Darren followed the guard to the table. Yes
the guard change had happened, none of these were here when he arrived.

He answered to the name of Michael White, showed the paper from the
case, which was checked and stamped, he was handed 'his' property, wallet,
car keys, 120 in notes, 5.50 in loose change, fountain pen, house keys.
He signed the pad for 'his' property, told to report to the police station
on Friday for assignment, and shown out of the court house, he ducked down
as Nichols passed him on the stairs to the cells.

He walked to the doors, and out onto the street, he'd done it - remember
to walk, don't run, he passed by a bank, watched a youngish woman run from
her car to the bank ATM, she'd left the engine running, stupid bitch,
anyone could just get in - like this, and drive off, yes just like this.

As he drove off he saw the woman running behind waving, so he put his
arm out of the window and waved back. A gurgling noise from the back
caught his attention, shit a kid - well a baby he pulled over went to the
back door, took the baby out and left it on the pavement, went back into
the drivers seat and drove off, as he drove he noticed a shopkeeper come
out of his shop and pick up the baby.

Where to go, Not home, not yet, then he remembered a place he found when
younger - inside a railway tunnel was a room, he'd never worked out why the
room was there, but it was a great place to hide things, well now it would
hide him.

He found the gate near the tunnel, and drove the car through it, making
sure he shut the gate behind him, he drove the car down the works ramp and
parked it near the tunnel, he looked in the back of the car, jackpot, the
woman had done some shopping, tins of fruit, baby-food, other staple foods,
enough for a few days anyway. All he'd have to do is lay low for a bit,
and then . . . . Well, we'll see won't we, thought Darren.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sorry about the double cliffhanger - Just in case you're wondering what
happened on Tuesday, the answer was not a lot, it was simpler to jump to
Wednesday morning. The next chapter will reveal who's in charge of the
Social Services office, and will show the Tuesday meeting.

- normal disclaimer apply - sex with children is not a good thing, it
can lead to all sorts of persons admiring your body, normally behind bars.

- Sorry for the delay in posting to ASSTR (and subsequently to ASS)
believe it or not it was writing this part that was taking the time.

- I do appreciate people who take the time to send me comments,
complaints and compliments ( I prefer the latter, but hey!) If you do want
to let me know if you're enjoying or hating this story I can be reached on
wanderinglanes@aol.com . and will try to reply to all those sent.

Wandering Lanes 4th October 2001

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