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The Girl With a Bicycle 20


The girl With A Bicycle - part 20 By Wandering Lanes

Codes (M, g, no-sex, slow)

Maria looked at us from behind her desk, she smiled, "Hello Becky, I'm
glad you decided to come - I'm sorry for what Dave said to you, I promise
no one will ever be doing that to our charges again"

Becky heard what was said and rushed around the desk to Maria's chair
and hugged her, "Oh Maria, I was so worried that it would be some one who
wouldn't listen. I almost didn't come, but Mr. Mike said it would be
alright, and he was right wasn't he?"

Maria hugged Becky, "Yes Becky he was, now do you feel up to talking
with Nancy again, I want to have a word with Mr. Moore here, while you're
with her."

Becky beamed, "Okay Maria, I will," and she took Nancy's hand, as they
left I motioned to Becky to turn down her radio, which she did, Maria
looked at me.

"Sorry, I wanted to talk to Sharon later and didn't want Becky to hear,"
I explained, "Kylie's gone to Brownies Camp so Becky's going to feel on her
own for a few days."

Maria smiled, "You feel slightly responsible for Becky." I thought for a

"Yes, if Kylie hadn't introduced us I don't know where she'd be by now."
Maria considered her next question, "I know you've been sexually
touching Becky, you've told me this yourself, but do you expect this to go

I had to think for a lot longer, "No, I'd be lying if I didn't think
about such a thing, but the answer is no."

Maria smiled, "Not too many people would even admit that they thought of
it. But it is a natural thing to fantastise over." I thought about telling
her the dreams I had, but was interrupted by a voice from my radio.

"This is Detective Sergeant Nichols trying to contact Mike Moore, can
you respond, over."

I pressed the transmit button, "This is Mike Moore, over."

Nichols answered, "Do you know where Becky Smith is at this time?" I
told him that she was with me, he said, "Thank god, can you phone the
station urgently, I'm on extension 456, over."

Maria passed over the telephone handset, there was someone answering it,
I asked for extension 456.

"Nichols here." I gave him my name, "Mr. Moore, where are you?", I told
him then he gave the bad news, "Darren Smith escaped this morning, we've
been searching the streets for him, but no luck, We've got officers at his
house, and we're watching Mrs. Williams house just in case. Do you know
if he knows where you live?"

I tried to think, but couldn't remember ever seeing Darren around my
neighborhood, "I don't think he does, how did he get out?"

Nichols snorted, "Tricked the security team at the courthouse, dressed
up in someone else's clothes and just walked out. We had a report of a
stolen car, with a baby in the back, and later a baby was found outside a
shop a few streets away, but we've lost him for the moment."

I asked Nichols to pause for a moment, and spoke to Maria, "Darren's
escaped from prison, and they've no idea where he's got to, can we ask
Becky if she knows of anywhere?" she nodded and started pressing on a

I spoke to Nichols, "We're going to ask Becky if she knows of any where
Darren may go, hold on please."

The intercom phone on Maria's desk rang, she answered it "Hello Nancy,
we have a slight problem. Without trying to alarm Becky, ask her if she
may know where Darren would have hidden anything else - away from home?

She beckoned me over to her side of the desk and showed a monitor, "We
didn't know Dave had this installed, this is how he knew when Becky was on
her own on Monday." We watched the screen as Nancy walked back to Becky, we
saw Nancy ask Becky the question, Becky shaking her head, then looking up
at Nancy, asking Nancy a question, Maria said, "I don't like the look of
this." I had to agree, Becky was shouting at Nancy and crying, Nancy was
trying to placate the young girl.

I asked, "Where's the interview room," was given the directions and I
was out of the door, dashing around corners, saw the sign 'Interview Room'
with a red light on, looking through a small window in the door I could see
Becky, holding a doll to her face crying, I knocked on the door, Nancy,
seeing me, waved me in, I opened the door.

Becky was saying"... He'll come and get me, I know he will, he will,
he'll come and get me." I ran to her.

Holding her arms I said "And I'll be here to save you." She heard my
voice and grabbed hold of me.

"Oh Mr. Mike, what am I going to do? - I know Darren will find me.
What am I going to do?"

I held her, rocking her in my arms, "Don't worry, he's not here, but we
are, we'll protect you." Nancy came up to us both and started talking to
Becky, claming her down even further, then she looked at me, questioning. I
spoke to her, but confirming Becky's fears, "Darren escaped today, the
Police are looking for him, but they don't know where he is, Nichols
thought that Becky might know of. . ." I then remembered, "Ah. I left him
hanging on the phone, I suppose I'd better get back to him."

I carried Becky back to Maria's office - to find DS Nichols and two
uniformed officers, one female, talking to Maria, He looked at me, holding
a tearful Becky, "I'm sorry about this Mr. Moore, How those idiots allowed
him to get out like that I don't know, but it make us all look fools!" He
concentrated on Becky, "Becky, I know this is hard, but did Darren ever
talk about other hiding places, or areas where he might hide?"

Becky sniffled a bit, and thought, but eventually shook her head, "No,
he always thought he was safe at home. I know he was with some gang of
boys once, but he never told me where they went."

Nichols shoulders dropped slightly, "Well it was a long shot, I did
hope. . . Well, we'll have to keep looking," He looked at me, "You said
that Darren doesn't know where you live."

I nodded, "At least not as far as I know."

Becky quietly said, "He doesn't - he tried asking me, go annoyed when I
didn't tell him, and a few days later he was arrested!"

Nichols said, "Good, then you have a safe place for Becky to say for the
night, if not two!"

I turned to Maria, "But it is a good idea to have Becky with me?" before
she could answer Becky said,

"Mr. Mike don't send me away, I want to stay with you."

Maria said, "I think it would make matters worse if she wasn't allowed
to go with you, and she needs to feel safe at this time."

Nichols added, "And you'll have PC Knapp and WPC Douglas with you at
least until this evening," The two in uniform nodded hello I put Becky down
onto the floor.

I held onto her as I said, "I have to talk with Maria and DS Nichols,
can you talk to Nancy and these two outside, get to know them, okay?"

She sniffed, "Are you sure you're not trying to get rid of me?"

I hugged her, "Of course not. I've promised that I'll always be here
for you!" She nodded, "and I will be just in this office, it just I want to
ask them difficult questions and I don't want to upset you, okay?" She gave
a subdued 'okay Mr. Mike' and went with Nancy and the officers.

Once they had left, I asked, "So how long is this to go on for? Hours?
Days? Weeks?"

Nichols shrugged, "Normally surveillance is stopped after a couple of
days, we reckon that the person is out of the area by then. Unlikely to

I looked at him, "But Darren isn't a normal person is he, just think -
how did he work out how to escape? - How much more does he know?"

He nodded, "I know what you're asking, but I have other considerations,
monetary being the main subject. I can only have so many people working
overtime for so long, if the budget goes then they'll be pulled out, and
back onto normal shift, all I can say is we'll do our best, and keep our
eyes open when we have to. That's all I can promise to do"

I turned to Maria, "And how does Social Services feel about my having
Becky for a short time?"

She looked at me. "To be honest Mr. Moore, Becky should be taken to a
place of safety with foster parents until we were sure that she was safe.
This would be the normal approach with a child at risk," Then her eyes
soften slightly, "But in Becky's case that would be wrong, she needs to
feel safe - with strangers she would always be frightened, in short she
needs you!"

I had to ask, "Maria if you weren't the person in charge, what would

She was honest, "I don't know, I would suppose the answer would depend
on the person who was in charge, but I would think the first action would
be taken."

I nodded, "I thought so, I had a dream some nights ago that Becky was
taken away from me because I did what I had to, and that scared me, more
than I realised. I've only known the girl for what 2 weeks, and I feel
protective towards her, I wouldn't want to lose her, I know it sounds

Maria interrupted me, "Not at all, you just never realised the type of
person you are, Becky and Kylie have brought out the prospective parent
inside you - you have to nurture that feeling, it's the true you," she
looked at her watch, "I have a meeting to attend soon, and I think you both
have things to do, we'll reschedule Becky's session for Friday, if that's

Nichols nodded, although it wasn't his place, "We should have had a
result by then, so Becky should be safe."

And I added, "And I'll make sure she's here."

Maria stood and thanked us both, we went into the corridor where Becky
was getting on fine with the two police officers, Nichols shook my hand and
told me to 'take care of Becky' I responded with 'What else would I do!'
and then Becky, myself and the two officers returned to my car.

Back in the office Maria was thinking back to the previous day's
meeting, which ended with her in temporary control.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nancy had been proficient in re-arranging the appointments for the day
and by the time Dave had arrived the meeting notification was waiting for
him in his in tray, he looked at it and picked up the intercom to speak to

"What the fuck is this, we've got to make space for a sodding meeting -
I've got 3 sessions this morning, we'll have to put the meeting off until
later, I can't be bother with this now."

Nancy replied, "No you haven't Dave, all the sessions have been
postponed, your afternoon sessions are still active, Maria wants to run
through a full review of clients."

Dave grumbled, "As if we haven't got enough on our plates, now she wants
a review, she might be the second in command, but she should have cleared
this we me. Alright, so be it, I wouldn't want to ruffle her feathers."
And he clicked off

Dave looked around his room, the desk was tidy and the bins were empty,
although he couldn't remember the reason why he was concerned about them,
he was getting worried - a number of times he'd woken up, without realising
he'd been asleep. And a number of the staff were keeping out of his way,
he was sure of it, as if they were planning to - No, get a grip on
yourself, deep breaths - calm and relax. That was the secret keep calm and

His hand went to a locked drawer, he reached inside a produced a bottle,
the pills inside weren't really necessary, but gave a bit of comfort. He
took two and started to work on the first file.

There was a knock on the door, disturbing him, he looked at the clutter
on his desk, then at the clock 10:05. What, he looked again, five past 10,
but he'd just opened the first file!

Nancy's voice came from behind his door, "Dave? Are you ready for the

He mumbled an answer which seemed to satisfy, and looked at the file in
front of him, the childish scrawl on some of the pages, which he knew was
in his handwriting, should he say something? And be the laughing stock of
everyone? No. better to keep quiet, they'd never notice anyway. He got
up from his chair, absentmindedly putting the bottle into his trouser

The meeting was in full swing, they'd gone through a few cases, young girls who had said that they'd been molested, then admitted their stories were lies, quite a high number in fact, and many of them under Dave's
direct and sometimes hard questioning.

Maria asked Dave, "Was it necessary to ask them those questions?"

He replied, "Well yes Maria, I thought it was, I think to many of these
kids are trying to get one over us, you know if they tell us what we want
to hear, then we reward them. That type of thing, I was just showing them
that I was onto them."

Maria asked, "So what about Becky Smith."

Dave almost snarled, "Her name is Rebecca Smith, God why won't anyone
call kids by their proper names anymore, and what do you mean, I've had no
contact with the brat since last Friday."

Nancy spoke up, "Are you sure Dave, I thought you came out of the room
when I went for coffee."

He looked at her, "You must be mistaken, I passed the room, but I didn't
go in!"

She tried to look puzzled, "But I saw you leave. . . "

He was almost triumphant in his answer, "If you want proof then run the
video, it will show that I didn't enter the room!"

She picked up the intercom phone and dialed the techinictions number, a
voice answered, she said, "Paul, could you get the tape for Becky William
on Monday, The tape number, oh its, its erm. . ."

Dave called out "Its CI125"

Nancy said "Thanks Dave, yes tape CI125," a slight pause, "It isn't?
Oh. Have you looked at the others in case it's misfiled? You did!, Okay
Paul, No. Don't worry, we'll sort it out." And she put the phone down.

Dave looked at her, "Is there a problem?"

Nancy shook her head, "No, not really, just the tape is missing," she
looked at Maria and winked, Maria's eyes widened slightly.

Dave tried to get control of the meeting, "Look I admit the question I
asked were not the normal range of questions, I was trying to get the brats
to see the real reasons behind the assaults"

Maria said, "But Dave, many of them were obviously traumatized by what
had happened to them. The last thing they needed were questions like," She
looked at her notes, "When your father was entering you did you enjoy it?
Or - You invited your uncle to touch you, you asked for it? - I mean Dave
what were you thinking of?"

Dave decided it was time to prove himself, "I was trying to show them
that they were at fault - they were the ones who started the whole thing,
and when they couldn't control it they called out for help!" He took the
bottle out from his pocket.

Maria couldn't believe her ears, "They asked for it?" she picked up a
file, "An eight year old girl, force to suck her father and brothers, for
swearing at them?" another file, "A twelve year old boy - given to his
fathers friends to sodomise, all because he wanted to play football instead
of working in his fathers workshop." How did they ask for that? Come on
Dave live in the real world."

He opened the bottle, 'How dare she talk to him like that' - he took two
tablets - 'I need to calm down, I mean who does she think she is, I'm the
one in charge here, must calm down' - he took two tablets - then spoke,

"If the bloody brats had behaved themselves, or had done what they were
told then it wouldn't have happened, they disobeyed and had to be

Maria could hardly speak, "Since when is it normal punishment to be
raped, or choked or whipped - this isn't the Victorian age. And what are
those tablets you're taking." She reached over and grabbed the bottle, no
label, she looked at Dave, "What are these?" she repeated.

He shrugged, "I asked a friend if he had any mild tranquilliser's, he
manage to get me these, they seem to be helping"

Maria looked into his eyes the pupils were wrong, she repeated her
question, "Dave, what are these?"

He gave a childish grim, "Why so you can get some? There're very good
you know. Just take a couple when you stressed out, and then you find
yourself as calm as can be."

Maria just shook her head, "Oh Dave, how daft could you be?"

Nancy held up a tape, "Daft enough to think the cleaners would throw out
an official video cassette, just because its put into a rubbish bin, under
some papers. The label CI125 visible on the spine of the tape, Dave tried
to grab for it, but for some reason couldn't get it, then he found he was
on the floor, and didn't even know how he got there.

He looked up at Maria and Nancy, "Hi, What times the meeting then?"

The door to the meeting room opened, and Gloria Cooper, the area
co-ordinator walked in, she had two men with her, she went to where Dave
was lying on the floor, and shook her head.

"Oh Dave, why didn't you come to us if you were having problems?" She

He looked at her bleary eyed, "But I was controlling it, there wasn't a
problem, I had it under control, I did"

The two men helped him up, Gloria spoke softly to him, "Dave you need a
rest, you've overworked yourself. Now I know a nice little retreat, where
you can get the rest you need."

The two men gently helped Dave out of the room, Gloria turned to Nancy
and Maria, "We should have caught that quicker that we did, now how much
damage has he done?"

The rest of the meeting was taken up with discussion on which cases
should be re-opened, who should be seen and in what order, finally Gloria
spoke up, "We will need to replace Dave with another psychiatrist, but we
don't have anyone available yet, I know its an imposition but would you
mind taking the reigns for the time being Maria? - It will mean tying
yourself to the desk for a few weeks. But it will help us all in the long

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Which was how Maria came to be in the office, even after one day it was
tiring, worst than she expected, but someone had to do it.

She looked at her watch, She had to go to a meeting, to show how Social
Services was helping the community, she thought of Darren out there
somewhere, and shivered.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Darren was in the tunnel room, he'd finished eating some of the baby
food - it wasn't too bad, but he didn't want to live on it. He'd hidden the car so he'd be able to use it again, he sat down on the floor and

From what Jones had said, the cops would search for the first day, just
scout for the second, and do sod all for the third, so if he kept his head
down until Friday he'd be well away, what to do? Well first convince his
bloody parents that he'd been framed, shouldn't be too difficult, he'd been
twisting them round his fingers for years, then teach that bitch Rebecca to
never cross him again.

He looked at his watch, shit - hours to go, he pulled up some rags laid
down on them and tried to get some sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I let Becky sit in the front, with Nick and Karen sitting in the back,
Becky had introduced us, she had managed to get Karen's hat and was wearing
it, much to the amusement of the two officers.

Becky looked at me and asked, "Mr. Mike, why did you ask me to turn
down my radio?"

I must admit, I had forgotten that I had, then my memory kicked in, "I
wanted to call Sharon to invite her to my house, and I didn't want to
disturb you and Nancy, in all the excitement I didn't get around to it."

She turned up the volume on her radio, then pressed the talk button,
"Aunt Sharon are you there?"

Sharon's voice could be heard from both of our radio's "Hello Becky, I'm
here, has Mike given up on you yet?"

Becky giggled, "Not yet Aunt Sharon, but he does need help. He wants to
know if you could go to his house tonight?"

Sharon's voice was slightly cagey, "Becky why are you asking me and not

I found a place to park for a moment and pressed my talk button, "Hello
Sharon, Mike here - I have a problem, I need a chaperone tonight and
possibly tomorrow, and since Kylie isn't home I thought you'd be available,
because the two police officers I have in the car won't be able to work 24

Sharon started to laugh, but caught the tone of my voice, "Mike, you're
serious about this aren't you?"

I looked in the back seat, two impassive faces were looking back, "Yes
Sharon I'm am, have you seen the paper you're working for?"

There was a lilt in her voice as she said, "I'm just reaching for the
latest copy, got it and looking on the. . .Oh God! Mike have they found
him yet."

Karen shook her head, I could see she was wearing a ear piece connected
to her police radio, "No, not yet Sharon, but they're watching his house,
and I'm sorry to say yours as well."

Sharons voice showed her surprise, "Mine, but why, I mean. . . . .Oh yes
he does. God, Err Mike, do you mind if I stay over tonight? I don't think
I want to be home alone tonight."

I had to answer her, "Sharon I would be honoured if you did." From the
corner of my eye I could see Karen smiling at my words.

I started the car again and resumed the drive home, which was
uneventful, although I did find myself looking into the mirror to check on
Kylie, to find myself looking at Nick's face. To be honest the view wasn't

We arrived at my garage and Becky started to take the two officers to my
house as I parked the car, although I didn't think Darren would try
anything around here, I didn't want to take the risk of anything happening
to her.

By the time I had caught up with them they were at my door, Becky opened
it with her key Nick went in first with Karen holding onto Becky, until
Nick was able to report 'all clear' when we all went in.

I went into the kitchen, found that Sharon had brought some cola, which
Becky, who had followed me grabbed, I manage to pull it back and pour her a
glass, I asked her to find out if Nick and Karen wanted anything to drink,
she ran off to quickly return, giggling.

When I looked at her she just said, "Oh they're busy at the moment Mr.

I went to investigate, through the slightly ajar door I could see them
kissing, I knocked on the door, waited a moment and then entered, they were
sitting on separate chairs - with some distance between them.

I said, "Did you want anything to drink, tea, coffee?" They both shook
their heads, I said, "I don't mind what you do within this house, but I
will insist that Becky's protection is paramount. If you feel that you're
unable to provide this protection I would prefer that you tell me now,
rather than I find out later!"

Karen went red, Nick just looked down then he said, "I'm sorry sir,
you're right we should be looking after the child, we won't do that again"

I thought I heard a hiss of disappointment from the door, from the look
she gave Karen certainly did. I hid my smile, "Thank you, I accept your
word." I raised my voice, "Becky where are you."

There was a sound of movement from the door and the footsteps could be
heard on the stairs, Becky replied, "Just going upstairs to change"

Karen looked at me, frowning, I said nonchalantly, "Oh Becky left a
suitcase of clothes the last time Kylie, Sharon and her stayed" - okay so I
added Sharon to the list. Karen's fears were allayed.

Nick looked at me, "Mr. Moore, I've looked at Darren's record, I know
what he did with Becky, but she doesn't act like any victim I've seen
before, most are withdrawn with strangers, some are virtually catatonic -
but Becky is, well, alive and active. How were you able to do that."

I shook my head, "I didn't, I've only known Becky for nearly 2 weeks,
its Sharon's daughter who has helped her more that I have, I just tried to
provide a safety net. When Becky first saw me, this was at Sharons house,
she couldn't even look at me, the next time was when Kylie brought her
round to here, she was like a frightened colt, ready to bolt at the wrong
word. Ever since I stopped Darren from attacking her and Kylie she has
accepted me. But there are times when she is moody, I just try to be there
for her when she is."

Karen looked at me, "So what you're saying is that all she needs is love
and affection?"

I shook my head, "Love and affection are only part, you have to show her
that you are there whenever she needs you, a stable point in a shifting
world, let me tell you, she's been through a lot, maybe even worst that you
think, I'm glad she's now able to be happy."

Becky came back down, she had changed out of the jeans and into a blue
skirt, with a white top, she dropped herself down into an armchair, she
looked at me, "Okay Mr. Mike, now you've stopped them enjoying themselves,
what are we going to do now?"

Ignoring the blushes on the two faces in front of me I hunted around, I
did wonder if we should play Cluedo (Clue) but thought I'd better get the
Monopoly. Which we started to play, I had to tell Becky off when either
Karen or Nick landed on 'Go to Jail' as she started to laugh at them. But
they took it in good grace.

We were in full flow when Sharon arrived, escorted by Richard, which
brought the game to a close, Karen actually won, thanks to having Park Lane
and all the stations, Richard identified himself and thanked Karen and Nick
for watching Becky.

As they left, with a slightly worried look on their faces, I said,
"Thanks for being so attentive, don't worry I'll give DS Nichols a glowing
report, should he ask for one." Which didn't really reassure them, but I
did mean it.

I re-entered the house, Becky was on the telephone talking to her
parents, letting them know she was alright, she asked them if she could
stay with me and then passed the phone to me,

I took the handset from her and said, "Hello, Mike Moore here."

George's voice replied, "Hello Mike. Is it okay for Becky to stay with
you?" I was glad he was still calling her Becky.

I replied, "Yes George, its okay by me, I've got Sharon here as well, so
I've made sure I'm not alone with Becky, so please don't worry on that

His reply shook me, "Mike, after what you've done - I've never had a
worry about you, although the missus will be please to hear Sharons there
as well. So if you don't mind having Becky under you feet?"

I laughed, "George if she gets too much I'll tie her up, and probably
keep her like that all night, but seriously don't worry she'll be fine
here," He laughed and asked to speak to Becky again, I handed her the
phone, and went in search of Sharon.

I found her in the kitchen, with Richard helping her to prepare dinner,
he looked up and started to talk when I entered.

"I was just telling Mrs. Williams, the case is getting better, what
with DC Jones's confession and now the witness being in custody, we getting
more names to add to our list, we should be able to swoop in about a weeks

I had a thought "Didn't DC Jones have a friendship with Darren," Richard
looked blank, "Could he have told Darren about the court house and its set
up, he might know where Darren could be hiding?"

Richard gave a silent 'O' of realisation, "I'll get onto Frank now and
see if he can question Jones about that, I'd forgotten about their

He left the kitchen to go to the telephone, I went behind Sharon, and
kissed her neck, "You don't mind having to look after a scaredy-cat and his
visiting girl friend," I said into her back.

"So Becky is staying tonight is she?" Sharon asked.

I turned her around, "Yes, I was worried about her staying at her home,
but didn't want her to be here alone with me, and since we don't think
Darren knows where I live, it was. . . ."

She stopped me with a kiss, "I don't mind, I completely agree. Now can
you get the table laid for dinner please,"

I kissed her and picked up the cutlery.

- 30

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- The next chapter will carry on from this one, I've been having some
problems posting chapter 19 on ASSTR, I hope that's sorted out now, if you
do find chapters missing I do have a directory on authors where the
chapters can be downloaded.

- These last two chapters have almost written themselves, sometimes it
works like that :@ - I hope the next ones are almost as quick.

- As always should you need to contact me - my email address is I do read all that I receive, and will also try to
answer them, My thanks to regular 'mailers Troubadour, Hopeless Romantic,
and others without their encouragement I might have given up long ago.

Wandering Lanes 5th October 2001. reposted by request 18th october 2001


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