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The Girl With a Bicycle 8


The girl With a Bicycle - Part 8

"Uncle Mike, I need you, Help!" - Kylie voice came over the radio,
waking me up; I looked at my watch 11p.m.? What was happening, I picked up
the handset.

"Kylie, what's wrong? Over."

"Uncle Mike, he's trying to break into my room, Oh please help me"

"Kylie, where are you? Over."

"I'm at Becky's, her brother's been drinking and he's been trying to
touch me" Becky's? Oh yes it was Wednesday, that was why the radio was
switched on, I got up and found my shoes.

"Okay Kylie, I'm on my way, is Becky with you?"

"Yes, she's here, she's scared," There was a muffled thump, "and I'm
scared too"

"Kylie, Where's Becky's parents?"

"They've gone out, it's just Becky, Darren and me here"

"Kylie I'm going to have to call the Police, does Becky agree to this?"

"She's scared Uncle Mike, but she doesn't want Darren to touch her

"Okay Kylie, I'm out of the house and running down the street, I'll keep
the radio on, but I'm calling the Police now," I took out my mobile phone
and while running tapped out 9 9 9 on the keypad, after getting the mobile
emergency crew they passed me to the Police line.

The questions they asked only made me madder. How do I know the girls are in trouble? - I've spoken to them on radio. The waveband? -
Certainly its 47.2Htz. Could they be playing a joke, they are kids you
know? - I know one of the girls personally and she would not play a trick
like this!

"Uncle Mike are you there?"

"Hold on Officer - Hello Kylie I'm here,"

"He's almost broken in, the door is cracking please hurry (Thump,
Thump)" and an echo on the phone, the police must have tuned into the

"I'm almost there Kylie. I can see the door. There's a Police car I
can see its blue lights, hold on"

Back to talking with the Police, Yes that was them. No it doesn't seem
like a trick now that you've heard them. Yes I do see the car, Okay

The officers were knocking on the door and getting no reply, I dashed
past them and ran at the door, knocking it open, then I was running up the
stairs, there was the sound of cracking wood, children screaming, and just
as the man, no. Youth, was about to enter the room I grabbed hold of his

"Sorry Darren, playtimes over!"

He turned waving a fist, but in his drunken state missed me and hit the
face of the policeman right behind me, before he could get a second swing
in the other copper grabbed hold of him, and the handcuffs were soon

"Wassa thing your doing, I wass justh about to have fun with me sister and 'er little friend, just cosy like, then he comes in and 'ttacks me.
Why doncha get him, not me, I'm doing nothink wrong."

At this point two guided missiles arrive and wrap their arms around me,
the force of them, plus my breathlessness dragged me down onto the floor.

"Oh Uncle Mike you saved us, thank you, thank you!"

"Sir, we'll need to take a statement from yourself and the girls, you
know that technically you can be accused of breaking and entering, as well
as assault," He saw the puzzled look on my face, "You did grab hold of that
person didn't you?"

"But he was about to do, god knows what to these two children, do you
think I could just stop for him to answer the door?"

"Anyway I asked Kylies Uncle Mike to help me, so I must have told him to
break in, didn't I?" This was from Becky who was still holding me tightly.

It was at this time Becky's parents arrived home, to find a broken front
door, their son handcuffed, two policemen - one holding his bleeding nose,
and a strange man being hugged by their daughter and her friend.

After some explanations, none of which were believed by the parents -
'our son wouldn't do that - he's a good boy - never hurt a fly' when the
officer with the broken nose responded to the last we were told - 'you must
have frighten him!' Kylie tugged on my arm.

"Uncle Mike, I don't want to stay here tonight, can you take me home?"
At which Becky replied,

"Me too, Mr. Mike - my bedroom door's broken and I don't want to sleep
in there tonight!" I opened my mouth to reply when Becky's mother said.

"Well its your fault, you shouldn't have locked it!" Kylie came out with

"I locked it, and put a chair in front of it, I didn't want to be raped
by your drunken son like Becky was!"

There was a shocked silence, both parents looked first at Darren, then
at Becky,

"Wha... What. Did. You. Say?" Kylie was in full flow.

"Your precious son, your Darren has been raping your daughter, your
young nine year old daughter, for the past two years. And you didn't even
care, didn't even notice how she acted." Becky mother's mouth was open -
her father was white. I spoke to the police officer.

"Officer, is it okay if I take these two girls away from here?" He took
in the situation, nodded and said.

"I think that may be for the best, if you can come round to the station
with the two girls tomorrow, so that we can get proper statements" We
agreed to 10 o'clock and I found Kylie and Becky dressed and with small
suitcases standing beside me.

We left the house, with the protesting parents, incoherent Darren and
the two policemen, for the silence of the night. I turned to head towards
Kylies home and heard.

"Wrong way Uncle Mike" I turned round and saw both girls heading towards
my house, I hurried to catch up with them,

"Kylie, aren't you heading the wrong way?" She looked up at me and said.

"Uncle Mike, what did I say?" I re-ran the conversation through my head.

"You asked me to take you home." Yes, I could now see what was coming.

"So you're taking me home aren't you?"

"But we're not going to your home, are we?" she laughed,

"But I didn't say my home, I asked if 'you'd take me home' - your home.
So that's where we're going." Both girls handed me their suitcases and
skipped their way to my house.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once we got 'home' I phoned up Sharon to let her know what had happened,

"So you have both girls with you, don't let them play you up." I took a
look at the phone then replied.

"Sharon, you don't think they'd be better off with you?"

"I don't think they'd be happy here, you've just rescued them, they'll
feel safer with you, but don't be surprised at anything." I was starting to
get suspicious.

"What do you mean?" Her laugh rang down the line,

"You'll see, don't forget to take them to the station tomorrow,
goodnight" I bid her goodnight and hung the phone up.

"Mr. Mike, where are we going to sleep" I looked at Becky, she was
'dressed' in her nightclothes - pyjamas, and looking up at me.

"Well I do have a spare bedroom, and the bed is plenty big enough for
you both, I'll show you where it is." She reached out her hand, I took it,
and led her upstairs, where Kylie was already waiting.

I pulled back the covers, and the girls jumped into the bed. Both girls asked for a story, this had me stumped - I had no storybooks in the house,
well not the type for two nine-year-old girls, so I raked my memory and
told them some Aesop fables - the boy who cried wolf was the main one -
unconscious prodding? I didn't think about it then - finally the two were
asleep, I headed for my bed - I really don't like heavy exercise before
bed, and that run certainly was! I was asleep before my head hit the

I was awaken by a small voice,

"Mr. Mike, I'm scared, can I get in with you," I raised my head, the
curtains showed no daylight yet, and so I answered

"That okay Becky, get in" then another voice said,

"Me too, Uncle Mike?" Oh well, why not?

"Yes, you too Kylie" and the two girls pulled the bedding off me, then
re-covered us all, one girl on either side of me, their naked arms going
around my neck. Hold on, naked arms?

"What happened to your night clothes?" giggles from both sides,

"We thought it was too hot for them, Uncle Mike, goodnight" - Goodnight?
I didn't think I would be able to sleep after that bombshell, and then was
amazed when I did!

I woke up to find the bedclothes in a jumble all over the bed and two
naked girls, one sucking her thumb, lying beside me. I manoeuvred my way
off the bed and made my way to the bathroom.

I had finished with the loo, shaved, washed my face and hand, and was
just brushing my teeth when Becky walked into the bathroom, still
undressed, and sat down on the toilet.

While she was using it I notice her grimace once or twice,

"Are you okay Becky?" She nodded and replied.

"Yes Mr. Mike, its just that recently it been starting to hurt me when
I pee." Strange, the only reason I knew of was the onset of kidney stones,
but not normally in a child, I thought that I'd better mention it to her
parents when I took her home, but how could I bring it up?

'You know your daughter has problems passing water, she told me when she
was on my loo...' No I think another approach would have to be found.

I finished my teeth, and returned to the bedroom, to dress. Kylie was
still sleeping and sucking her thumb, 'an angel in repose' I thought, 'or
at least a cherub'.

While I was watching her, she stopped sucking, yawned, stretched and
looked up at me.

"Good morning Uncle Mike, did you sleep well?"

"Good morning Kylie, yes very well surprisingly" I continued to dress
while she watched me. Becky returned to the room and knelt onto the bed.

"Mr. Mike?"

"Yes, Becky" She seemed to think about her next question, should she or
shouldn't she ask it? Then she nodded to herself and asked.

"Why didn't you do anything to us last night?"

"Like attacking you as Darren would have?"

"Yes!" Becky was looking for an answer - Kylie was puzzled,

"But, Uncle Mike wouldn't do that, would you?" I shook my head,

"No Kylie I wouldn't, but you can't trust everyone, it doesn't hurt to
be pessimistic about people, but don't let it cloud your judgement, Becky
has to question everything, as it goes against, what is for her, normality.
She has to relearn trust as a child, so I don't mind her asking me.

"Now Becky, why didn't I attack you - because I was trying to protect
you, I was trying to show you that not all men attack girls, but mainly - I
was trying to get some sleep!" both girls giggled at this, "now hurry up
and get dressed, I have breakfast to make."

I went downstairs and started cooking bacon and eggs, with toast.
Listening to the giggling of the two girls upstairs.

Later, I took both the girls to the Police Station to make their
statements, Woman Police officers took them away, this struck me as odd,
then two men approached me.

"Mr. Michael Moore?"

"Yes?" I acknowledge my name.

"Would you mind accompanying us please!" It wasn't a request they meant

They took me to an interview room. Shut the door. I was motioned to
sit on one side of the table, there were two chairs on the other side, one
of the two men sat in one, the other produced two tapes and put both into a
recorder, then switched it on.

"Interview started at 10:30, Officers present Detective Sergeant
Nichols," His colleague turned his head to the microphone.

"Detective Constable Jones", DS Nichols took up the commentary again.

"Also present is - If you will say you name for the tape please sir!" I

"Michael Moore." Nichols sat down in the other chair. He looked at me,

"Do you know why you are here?"

"I believe I'm being interview about the happenings of last night...
But from the way you're acting I don't think so anymore." Nicholas shook
his head.

"No! From information received I would like to question you regarding
the young girl who accompanied you to the Station today. I believe her
name is Kylie Williams."

"Kylie? Yes I met her about three weeks ago, I've learnt her father died in a road accident several months ago, she was withdrawn, and mainly
unresponsive to therapy at that time, but due to some trouble she'd been
having at school with bullies she spoke to me, I accompanied her back to
her home, and after discussions with her mother suggested a means to help
cure her, this appears to have worked as you should have seen when she
walked in with myself and her friend Becky." When I mentioned the accident
the expression changed on the constable's face, there was a quick
conference between the two and then the constable got up and left the room.

"For the tape, Detective Constable Jones has left the room!"

We sat there until the Constable re-entered the room, this was commented
on the tape. He was carrying three folders; I could read the name on the
top file 'Mr. Paul Williams'! - DS Nichols scanned the file, turned to
the Constable and asked, "Why wasn't this pulled when the name was used?"

"There was no connection at the time, only when Mr. Moore mention it
just now. Also it's been with another section"

"Any harm?" this question confused me and the Constable replied.

"Well the FME, got a badly bruised knee, and a couple of the WPC's are
also limping! But the two girls are okay for now"

"What should be wrong with the girls? They were here to give
statements, what else did you do to them?"

DS Nichols sighed - "From information received, we believe that two
juveniles by the names of Rebecca Smith and Kylie Williams have been
molested by yourself over a period of years!" He saw the look on my face he
quickly carried on, "From the information in this file it cannot be the
truth for Kylie Williams, as she only recently arrived in this particular
area, this would also place doubt with regards to Rebecca Smith."

"That does not answer my question. Where are the two girls?"

"Due to the nature of the accusation the FME has examined both
girls...." I interrupted him

"Without their parents permission, and without their parents or a
guardian present? You are aware that this is illegal! Do you have a court
order?" Nichols tried to placate me.

"You see Mr. Moore in cases like this we have to move fast, the social
services advised us that such procedures take time."

"So you went ahead without any evidence. On the word of Darren, the
brother of Becky?" He nodded his head "The person who was trying to break
into the bedroom of both girls last night?" He nodded his head again.
"Where are the girls now?"

"We have them in another interview room just down the hall."

"Fine", I looked at my watch and said, "Interview terminated at 11:05!"
Both officers looked at the tape recorder, which was still displaying it
red record light. I went round to the recorder, stopped the tapes and
ejected them, I held onto one tape and gave Nichols the second, and then I
said, "I want to make a complaint!"


I was shown to where the two girls were sitting sobbing together, when
they saw me they both got up and ran to me.

"Uncle Mike" - "Mr. Mike" "Oh Uncle Mike - a strange woman started
touching me, and when I said no, she kept on - so I kicked her, then she
got two other women in to hold me, then she started to touch me again, and
I couldn't do anything, then she started to hurt me down there, then she
started to touch me on my bum - sorry bottom - and also started to hurt me
then she stopped" then they did the same to Becky. It was horrid. And all
the time they didn't even speak to us."

While this tirade was still being spoken a man in a uniform entered and

"Miss Williams, Miss Smith, I'm the Chief Inspector. I must apologise
to you both for the action that we took, but please be assured that I was
in your best interest." At this I interrupted.

"I can understand why you did what you did, but can I ask? Why didn't
you let the girls know what you were doing and why? And would you please
explain to them now the reason for their examinations. And then I will
talk to you in private!"

He looked embarrassed at this, and spluttered a bit then started.

"We were led to believe that Mr. Moore had been molesting you both for
the past two years.. ." At this both girls started to laugh, with Kylie

"Uncle Mike, never! " and Becky coming out with.

"No! The guy's a wimp!" The Inspector carried on

"In order to check on this it was ordered for a gynecological
examination to be carried out, however in regards to Miss Williams it was
self evident that the statement was incorrect and this is placing doubt
with regards to the accusation of Miss Smith, however the FME was also
injured while carrying out the examination!"

At this point I interrupted

"Hold on there. What exactly were the girls told about this before they
were seen by your doctor?"

"They told us nothing Uncle Mile - Just took us into a room and told us
to strip, when I asked for you or mummy I was told you wouldn't be allowed
to see us again! Then that rude woman started, so I kicked her!"

I looked at the Chief Inspector and repeated the words I said in the
interview room, his face turned white. Then I added.

"I also have your two Detectives admitting on tape that they had no
evidence except for that of Becky's brother, the bas...." I stopped at this
point, as I realised that Becky hadn't yet given her statement. "Girls I
think the policewomen want to take your statements now, don't worry I will
be with you when you do, but I have to stay here for a moment." The girls both looked afraid when the WPC's approached and held back, "Don't worry,
they'll only be talking to you, they won't touch you or hurt you." At this
both girls allowed themselves to be taken away.

The Chief Inspector turned to me - I was shaking my head.

"If you only realised what you could have done to those two girls, is it
normal practice to molest children in this Station? Kylie has recently
lost her father. Rebecca has suffered two years of her brother raping her.
And what do you do? Assault them without even telling them why?"

At this the man in front of me started to splutter and shaking his head.
I continued "No, that isn't what you wanted, but that is how those two
girls have been treated. I hope something more is going to be done for
them, beyond saying sorry!"

"I'll definitely be looking into this, and rest assured steps will be
taken. This won't happen again

"Too right it won't - do you know where Kylies mother is now working?"

"Well, No, but I don't think...."

"I'd notice that, she is a secretary, to the Editor of the local paper,"
If his face could have got any whiter the Inspector would have looked like
a snowman. "And if they got to learn about this they'd have a field day
wouldn't they?" With that I left the room and walked to where Kylie and
Becky were waiting by an interview room door

A woman approached me, she didn't seem to be part of the police force,
and she identified herself as the forensic medical examiner.

"Mr. Smith, can I talk to you about your daughter Rebecca?" I stopped

"No, I'm not Becky's father, my name is Mike Moore." She paused,
agitated and confused.

"Oh, err, well. I shouldn't really be talking to you about this."

"Is there a problem with Becky that her parents should know about?
Remembering that I was the person who accompanied Becky and Kylie in this
morning." She blushed as she remembered the events of the day so far.

"I'm so sorry about what happened, but with the information I was given,
I believed the girls to be at risk from you. But when I found that Kylie
was Virgo intact..." again I interrupted her.

"What about Becky?" this jogged her from her memory,

"What, oh yes, I think there may be a problem with Becky, I'd need to
run a urine sample to make sure."

"Serious?" She nodded, and then shook her head.

"Not permanently, if we can start the treatment soon, it all depends on
how long she's suffered from it. If I could see her again?"

"After the treatment she suffered earlier? I'd doubt if she'd ever go
to a doctors office again!"

"I know, but if you could convince her that I won't hurt her again, all
I need is a sample, and a chance to find out some details..." again I
interrupted her.

"You expect me to convince her to see you again?" She nodded her head,
"I'll ask her, but I can't promise she do it!"

"If she doesn't, please get her to go either to her doctor, or the
hospital, but there would be a delay in the results, I could get them a lot

"I'll see what I can do, if necessary do you mind if I'm with Becky?"

"If it will make her more relaxed then I don't mind, although it may be
slightly personal for Rebecca."

"She prefers to be called Becky, I've been told off twice for calling
her Rebecca,"

"Thanks for the information, but please try to convince her to see me

"I'll do my best, now if you'll excuse me, I have two girls to hold
hands with." She gave me a very strange look as I carried on to the girls.


"What did she want, Mr. Mike. You know that's the one that hurt Kylie
and me, don'tcha."

"Yes I do Becky, She's the medical doctor for the police." Becky seemed

"She's a Doctor here? No wonder they have those signs at the
Hospitals." I fell for it,

"What signs?" she grinned

"The ones saying thieves operate in this car park!" Both Kylie and I
groaned at the pun. I looked at the WPC's

"Who do you want to interview first?" both women looked flustered then
one said,

"We're waiting for the detectives involved in the case to arrive, sir"
At this point DS Nichols and DC Jones approached.

"If you're ready Mr. Moore, We'll talk to, erm," DS Nichols looked
between the two girls, I chimed in with.

"If we talk with Kylie first, she should have less to say, then Becky
afterwards, is that okay?" Nichols nodded his head; he seemed to have
deflated slightly.

"If the young ladies don't mind that is?" Kylie shook her head, but
Becky was squirming in her seat.

"Mr. Mike, I need to use the toilet."

"One of these police women will show you where it is, but if you need to
go could you do something for me?"

"What's that Mr. Mike.", I blushed as I said,

"Could you pee into a pot for the doctor. Please Becky, it may help you
later!" she looked a bit shocked, but nodded, I asked one of the WPC's if
she could get a sample jar from the FME's office, she nodded and was soon
back with a small jar and a label, I found a pen and wrote on the label
'Rebecca Smith' and dated it, handed both to Becky who went with the WPC to
find the toilet. I entered the interview room with Kylie.

We sat on one side, and DS Nichols and DC Jones sat on the other, DS
Nichols started the tape recorder, we followed the routine of identifying
ourselves, and the interview started.

"Now Kylie, I'd like to apologise for the treatment you received when
you arrived, but we were led to believe that you were in danger from Mr.
Moore here," As Kylie started to laugh, he held up his hand, "Well, yes
after seeing your reaction it's obvious that we were misled, so that will
be dealt with later. Now, in you own words, tell me what happened last

"Well Becky had invited me round to her house for a sleepover, I knew
she'd been having problems with her brother, Darren, for some years." At
this point DC Jones interrupted,

"Miss Williams, Kylie, do you know what problems Rebecca Smith had been
having?" Kylie nodded her head, "Please answer for the tape Kylie."

"Yes, she's been telling me for weeks, how her brother keeps putting
his..." she lowered her head, "cock into her, and hurting her, how he keeps
making people think that she's a troublemaker, turning her parents against
her so that they'd never believe her, that's why I asked her to talk to
Uncle Mike, 'cause I knew he could help her."

Both men looked at me, then back at Kylie - as if they were attached by
string. Then DS Nichols continued,

"Kylie, why did you think Mr. Moore could help Rebecca?" I could sense
a trap here,

"Well Uncle Mike has been helping mummy and me, he's been babysitting me
until mummy comes back from work, although that was only Monday, she's been
off work since the bomb at the office." DS Nichols looked at me as he asked
his next question.

"Kylie, has Mr. Moore ever tried to touch you, in a private place on
your body." Kylie's face was quizzical as she answered,

"No Officer, Uncle Mike has never tried to touch me like that, the only
person who has, apart from Darren, was that woman in the other office." Her
voice was full of indignation at the FME and the two officers seemed to
cringe slightly, most probably at what they had been told by the inspector,
I gently spoke.

"Now that Kylie has spoken up for me, shouldn't we get on with the
statement?" I knew that they still harboured suspicions against me, so it
wasn't worthwhile shouting at them, although I felt like it.

DS Nichols nodded, this was starting to feel like a dead horse, and
there was no sense in flogging it!

"Right Kylie, now you were in Rebecca's house, what happened..."

To be continued....


Sorry about the break, but I needed one there.

A quick word about this chapter - No I'm not saying all police are like
this, remember THIS IS ONLY A STORY! - In real life the police obey the
law, do not jump in, and children are not molested by doctors just because
they think they have a right (ok I don't really know what I'm saying but
trust me! : -} ) the use of the tape recorder I have taken from an English
Police series call 'The Bill', I have no personal knowledge of this, and I
don't wish to.

Also please remember this is a work of fiction, the characters exist
only in my head. As does the town in which they live - it must be getting
crowded in there!!

The next chapter will continue with Kylie's statement.

Thank you for reading this.

Wandering Lanes

14th August 2001

(Hey where's the '- 30' gone to? - - I'd heard that in newspapers (back
in days gone by) they indicated where the end of the story was by adding
the number 30 - no 30 means more to come!)


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