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The Girl With a Bicycle 9


The girl With a Bicycle - Part 9

"Right Kylie, now you were in Rebecca's house, what happened..." Kylie
closed her eyes, remembering and then started to recite.

"Becky had invited me round her house for a sleepover yesterday - Yes
Wednesday - mommy didn't really want me to go there as she didn't really
trust Becky's brother, Sorry? Oh yes. Darren his name is. Becky had said
her parents would be home, so there should be no problems.

After I got to Becky's, we had tea, then her mother said that they were
going out, but that Darren would be at home to look after us. . . ."

- - - - - - - -

After the door had closed behind Becky's parents, Darren waited for some

'Don't want them to find they've forgotten something and return to pick
it up' was the thought going through his head, finally enough time had
passed, time to get comfortable he decided.

"Rebecca move your arse, get me a beer from the fridge." Becky shook her

"Darren no! Not when Kylie's here, can't you leave it until tomorrow"
Darren snorted.

"Tomorrow! Fuck it! I'm thirsty now, anyway Kylie can have some too.
You never know she might like it!" and he eyed Kylie hungrily, Becky tried
to reason with him.

"Darren, please, Mum and Dad could get back at anytime," this time
Darren played his trump card.

"Nope, they've gone to the pictures, I got them the tickets, wasn't that
good of me! Now bugger off and get me the beer!" Becky reluctantly went.

"Hey, whatsyourname, Kylie. Com'ere." Kylie shook her head.

"No Darren, I'm happy enough here." Darren went to where Kylie was
sitting and pulled her arm, he dragged her to the settee and made her sit
down next to him,

"There you are, and you can see the tv from here, its more comfy as
well, we can get to know each other." Becky returned with the beer, which
Darren took from her hands, then grabbed hold of her and pulled her onto
his lap.

"Darren, please no, not with Kylie here." He grabbed hold of her face,

"Listen cunt, you never say no to me, and you'll do whatever I say, when
I say it, now you and your friend is going to be comfy here, understand."
She tried to nod her head, "Good, now sit next to your little friend and be
quiet". Becky sat beside Kylie, tears showing in her eyes.

Darren took a swig from the bottle, the cold beer slid down into his
stomach, feeling good, he looked at Kylie, the dress she was in, the bare
legs, white socks, then at Rebecca, dressed in jeans as normal - it was
strange, she'd started wearing them in the last year, before that she wore
dresses and skirts, he laughed to himself, that had made things so much
easier for him.

Yes Rebecca was a lot easier at first, and making sure she got blamed
for thing, broken mirrors, cracked cups, 'the sodding stupid pricks didn't
even question when I said she'd done it, just took my word. Well now its
time to take some more fun'.

"Hey, Rebecca, get me another beer. WELL MOVE IT you stupid little cow,
I'm thirsty, and I'm gonna need more, bring in two bottles this time." The
single beer had just started to warm him up.

"Hey, Kylie, nice dress. It shows off your legs nicely, and you have
pretty legs." Darren's hand started to move onto Kylie's knee, then started
to rub it.

"Please Darren, don't touch me there. Mummy says boys shouldn't touch
girls on their legs." Darren left his hand on her leg, and gave it a

"Well, don't tell mummy then." Becky then returned with the two bottles,
Darren took them, opened one, and offered it to Kylie, who shook her head,
"Oh well, more for me then!"

By the time Darren was onto his third beer, he had a good buzz going,
Kylie found that his hand was wandering further than she wanted, and every
time she said no, he didn't listen.

"How fah up dosth your legs goesh, as fah as your nic-nics?" he raised
her skirt to show her knickers, Kylie stood up looked at Becky and said,

"I'm tired Becky, can we go to bed now." Becky looked at Kylie, then at
Darren, who was trying to focus his eyes. She shook her head, Kylie
emphatically nodded hers, then moved her hand to show the radio wrapped
onto her wrist, Becky caught on.

Both girls left the room and headed upstairs, 'good' thought Darren,
'let them get undressed then I'll have fun', and he continued to drink his

When the girls arrived at Becky's room Kylie shut the door,

"Where's the key?" Becky shook her head,

"Mum said I shouldn't lock my door, in case of accidents." Kylie looked
at her,

"I suppose that's what Darren suggested," Becky nodded her head, Kylie
thought for a few minutes, she found out that her bedroom door could be
locked by the key from the bathroom, so...

Kylie ran to the bathroom, took the key from out of the door, and ran
back to the bedroom, put the key in the lock, turned it, and the door
locked! She then moved a chair so that the back was wedged under the door
handle, then she and Becky huddled together.

After half an hour they heard the door handle being turned, then the
door being pushed against, a few moments later there was a knock at the

"Come on girlsh, open up, I's just wan to tuck you in." The girls gave
no response. "OPEN UP REBECCA, YOU COW, Jush you wait until I's gets in,
I's teacha to lock me out!" Then he started to pound on the door, Kylie
moved the radio to her mouth . . ..

- - - - - - - -

"...And I called Uncle Mike to help us," she hugged my arm "Which he
did." She beamed up at me." DS Nichols drew in a deep breath,

"It was lucky you had that radio with you." Kylie shook her head.

"It wasn't luck, Uncle Mike told me never to leave it behind, look if I
press this button," she showed both men the 'find me' button on the radio,
"Uncle Mike can use his to find me, Becky's got one as well, we played hide
and seek with them, they're marvellous" DS Nichols looked at me.

"You gave one of these to Rebecca Smith? Why was that?" I remained

"Kylie and Becky came round to my house on Sunday, they were both bored,
since I'd already given Kylie a radio, so I could keep in contact with her
while her mother was at work, I lent Becky mine, and told the girls to play
hide and seek, the range of these tracker units is 3 - 5 miles. I never
got round to asking Becky for it back." The answer seemed to work, as Kylie
was asked if there was anything else she had to say, she shook her head,
and then said 'no' for the tape.

"Interview terminated at 12:45." Was it that late! I checked my watch,
yes it was.

"Detective Sergeant, it is possible that we could have a break for
lunch? I think both girls are hungry by now." Kylie nodded, the two men talked with each other, I overheard 'sod him, he's already given us the
run-around, let him stew for a bit longer', then Nichols turned to me.

"That should be perfectly okay sir, shall we say 2 o'clock?" I agreed
with that, and we left the interview room, to find Becky sitting on a
chair, holding something wrapped in toilet paper.

I handed the jar to a WPC and asked her to hand it to the FME, as she
needed it urgently, I took both girls by the hand, and we went to find
something for dinner.

When we were out of the station, and on our way to a restaurant, I spoke
to Kylie,

"You know you lied in that room!" She shook her head.

"No, Uncle Mike, its wrong to lie you know that!" I did, but I had to

"So when you were asked if I tried to touch you on your privates?" She

"But Uncle Mike, you didn't try - you did touch me! So I didn't lie to
them, did I?" I had to shake my head, and then I thought.

"But Kylie they meant to ask if I had touched you, they didn't put the
question correctly."

"It a pity they don't know how to ask the right questions isn't it Uncle
Mike?" I gave up.

- - - - - - - -

We ate at a Burger King, the girls insisted. Becky asked.

"What did you tell them, then Kylie, " I came in with

"I don't think she should tell you that until after they've spoken to
you first Becky." She nodded her head.

"If you say so Mr. Mike, but I thought we should get the story straight." I shook my head,

"No Becky, you just tell DS Nichols and DC Jones what happened, and in
your words, remember you were in a different position, what you saw
wouldn't match exactly with Kylies, but it would be close enough."

"Okay Mr. Mike, but what did that woman want?"

"The doctor, she was worried about you and needed to examine you again,"
Becky shook her head, "You don't trust her if you're alone with her?" Becky
now nodded her head. "What if I was with you?"

"Would you please, Mr. Mike, she wouldn't hurt me if you were there!" I
looked at Becky,

"You know she's going to be looking in some strange places, you may not
want me to be there!" - she shook her head.

"If you're not there then I'm not letting her!" I nodded, at least I'm
getting her some medical attention, now if only the doctor will agree...

- - - - - - - -

We arrived back at the police station, the FME was standing with DS
Nichols and DC Jones,

"Mr. Moore, I've been requested to ask you if you would agree to giving
me a urine sample".

"Certainly, I assume that these gentlemen need the result urgently?" She
nodded, "do you two need a witness that it is mine?" DC Jones started to
look angrily at me.

"Are you trying to take the...."

"No but you seem to be." Both the FME and Nichols smiled at that,
Nichols spoke up.

"I'm sorry Mr. Moore, but according to the FME this will give us
absolute proof, one way or another." I looked at the doctor,

"I take it there was a result with Becky's sample," she nodded her head,
"Yes, I really need to examine her, or let a hospital examine her, if
its what I think then it's easy to treat, at least in the early stages."

"Okay, I did get her to agree to seeing you again, but she wants me to
be there," she looked up, "can you give me the sample jar?" She handed it
to me, I left the girls and went into the men's room.

Have you ever noticed that it's impossible to pee to order, I tried
everything, running taps, imagining waterfalls, flushing the loos, finally
I was able to leave after filling the jar. I wiped it over with toilet paper, found the label, signed it and dated it, took it outside and handed
it to the doctor.

Taking Becky by the hand we walked to the interview room.

The interview took longer with Becky, the story was basically the same
with minor differences, and then DS Nichols asked,

"Rebecca, why didn't you tell anyone?" Becky replied with eyes blazing

"'Cause Darren said no-one would listen, everyone knew I was a liar,
Darren saw to that, he'd break things at home and I'd get the blame, he
even got the school believing him, it was only because of Mr. Mike here
that I agreed to invite Kylie over, Kylie convinced me that Mr. Mike would
help." DC Jones asked me.

"Why didn't you inform Social Services about this, they would have
helped." I replied,

"I gave my word to Becky that I wouldn't tell, I knew that at some stage
Darren would go too far, and hoped I'd be able to help her then, but when
Kylie radioed what was happening, I asked if Becky wanted extra help, which
she did. At that point I contacted the police, and you know the rest."

"Yes, but you could have told somebody!"

"True, I could have lied to Becky, told people, that way Becky would
lose all trust in me and others, I couldn't allow that to happen, could

"Well yes, the child comes first!" I gave a half smile,

"Quite, and look what happen today, two children assaulted, and you
still believe me to be a rapist!" DS Nichols shook his head,

"No, Mr. Moore, from the way both Rebecca and Kylie have been with you,
I no longer think that" I looked at DC Jones, who wouldn't meet my eyes.

There was a knock on the door, it was the FME, again her presence was
commented on the tape.

"I have the results of Mr. Moore's sample here, they're negative."

I said, "But, I've only known Becky since Saturday, surely there'd be no
reaction in that time?" was I playing devils advocate here?

"There would have been some signs, but if the DS here requires it I
could examine you?" was that a smile on her lips? Yes a brief smile had

DS Nichols said, "There's no need for that, although we may need you to
examine a person we have for questioning later." Good luck Darren, I

"If you are through questioning Becky - can I call you Becky? Please?"
Becky grudgingly nodded, "I need to examine her," DS Nichols agreed that
all the statements were over and thanked us both. He did add,

"Due to the nature of the assaults, we have to pass the details onto
Social Services, so you may have to talk to them later." He started to
appear apologetic, he almost started to seem human.

- - - - - - - -

We walked to the FME's office, entered and closed the door, she turned
on a light to show that she didn't want to be disturbed, I sat down on a
chair away from the desk, leaving the two together.

"Becky, I can't apologise enough for what I had to do to you," she took
a deep breath, "So I'm going to have to act as if you've forgiven me.
Becky do you know what Chlamydial is?" Becky shook her head.

"It's a type of disease that is passed through the sexual act, and it's
starting to get prevalent in the country. I think you may have contracted
it, tell me do you have a problem passing water?" Becky just looked at me,

"Becky, the doctor wants to know if you have any pain when peeing?" this
she understood.

"Yes, it feels as if it's burning me." The doctor nodded,

"That's one of the signs, Becky I'd need to check you, and will you
trust me?" Becky shook her head, "I understand Becky, would it help if Mr.
Moore held you hand?" Becky looked around,

"She means me Becky, I'm Mr. Moore." Becky replied

"No, you're Mr. Mike, I don't know a Mr. Moore." The doctor laughed,

"Okay, how about if Mr. Mike, held you hand?" Becky gave a definite nod
of her head, I moved forward and held her. The doctor looked around
searching for something.

"Oh I should have a gown somewhere, no, I used the last one, I'm sorry
Becky, I can't examine you here, you're have to go to the hospital
instead." Becky looked puzzled,

"Why do you need a gown, you didn't use one the last time," the doctor
looked embarrassed,

"Well, Becky, the last time there were only women present, but now Mr.
Moore is here, is wouldn't be right to undress you in front of him." The
doctor looked up at me, "I'm sure you understand it wouldn't be right" I
started to nod, but Becky looked first at the doctor then at me, then she
started to remove her jeans, saying.

"I trust Mr. Mike, he would never hurt me, no matter what I'd do." I

"No Becky, the doctor's right, you've only known me a few days, you
don't really know me, and so you should wait for a hospital to examine
you." Becky was pulling her jeans down over her legs,

"Look if I wait for the hospital then it might be too late, I'm here and
ready so lets get on with it!" and at that her knickers were being pulled
off, I looked away, but re-grabbed her hand, as the doctor put on the
examining gloves and adjusted her mirror.

"As you want Becky, now I've just got to pull these lips apart," Becky
laughed at that,

"Lips! How daft," I shook her hand,

"The doctor is trying to calm you down, she's telling you what she's
doing as she does it, okay?" she nodded her head.

"Yes Mr. Mike." The doctor raised her head,

"Becky, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to go to the hospital,
they have the proper equipment there, I need your legs raised and open, I
don't have the right stuff here." Becky looked into my eyes,

"Mr. Mike could hold them for you," the doctor was confused,

"Well.. er.. its very irregular, I mean I don't think that..." Becky
raised her legs,

"Mr. Mike please hold my legs." I looked at the doctor who shrugged her
shoulders, and then nodded, I held Becky's legs under the knee, then pulled
them apart, watching the doctor until she signalled stop.

"Oh, that feels odd, " said Becky, "but it doesn't hurt." The doctor
started to spread Becky's labia apart, then picked up a swab,

"Yes, there's something here, Becky have you noticed any problems down
here before?" Becky shook her head then said,

"No, but in the past few days it's been feeling strange." The doctor
nodded, then picked up Becky's knickers and examined the crotch.

"Uhmm. Yes, Becky I need you to take a series of tablets, only for 7
days," The doctor signalled me to release Becky's legs, which I did. "I'm
afraid you will need to see me in two weeks time, or your own doctor - I'll
have to make a report about this though." Becky burst into tears, the
doctor held her and continued, "Becky don't worry, this is easy to clear
up, and remember IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT, you were forced into this, you're
not responsible for this being done to you!" and she continued to rock the
child until the tears stopped.

Once Becky was calm, she dressed and waited with me while the doctor
wrote out a prescription, she started to explain,

"Becky, this is for a drug called doxycycline, its designed to fight
Chlamydial, there is another drug available, but I don't want to overload
your system at your age." Becky looked at her,

"But how can I get the tablets? My mum and dad wouldn't get them." I
patted her shoulder,

"Don't worry Becky, I can get them for you," I said to the doctor, "If
you can make it out to me I'll have less trouble than Becky would."

The doctor smiled and nodded, "You do know that the pharmacist is going
to think it's your problem,"

I nodded and said, "As long as they don't tell others, I should be
pretty safe." The doctor laughed and handed me the prescription.

"Well your secret is safe with me - Now Becky here is my address and
phone number, if you need to see me please phone first, as you can see I
spend quite a lot of time here, but I will need to see you in 2 weeks time,
to make sure everything is fine, and I will see you whenever you need." She
went to the door and opened it, "And Becky I do mean anytime, if you need
Mr. Moore to be with you then bring him."

We thanked the doctor and joined Kylie who was still waiting, she jumped
up and took my hand, as we walked out we heard.

"REBECCA! What lies have you been telling them, 'ere mate you can't
trust her word, everyone knows she lies..." Kylie turned round and said.

"You're a bad man Darren, and they know it!" with that we left the
station, with Darren's voice shouting in the background.

- - - - - - - -

We were walking back when Kylie and I heard,

"Mike, am I using this right? Mike are you there?" It was Sharon, I
move my wrist and spoke into the mike.

"Hello Sharon, we've just left the police station, what's wrong?"

"Nothing really Mike, I've just had Becky's father on the phone, they
want to know if Becky could stay with me for a few days? It seems some
people want Becky's door repaired before she can go back." At this Becky
was looking at me,

"Do you have the room for Becky as well as Kylie?" now Kylie was looking
at me,

"Not really, I was wondering . . .? Would you mind putting up with 3
women for a couple of nights?" Hold on, what did she say. . .

"Sharon, I don't think I heard you correctly, can you repeat it?" there
was a giggle over the airwaves,

"You heard me correctly, can I come and stay with you for a couple of
nights, I can't fit Becky here, there's not enough room for two girls, and
you have plenty of room, if you scrunch up that is!"

"Okay, you've convinced me, did I give you a spare key?"

"No, so you'll have to let me know when you get home."

"Alright, but I've got a few things to do in town first, so I may be
longer than you think."

"Thanks Mike, bye." Kylie looked at me,

"What's there to do Uncle Mike?"

"Well, first I have to get some keys cut, then I've got to go to a
pharmacy, after that we can go home, okay?" she nodded then questioned

"Why the chemist's? Are you sick." Becky stopped my answer by saying,

"No, I'm sick - Mr. Mike is getting me some tablets." Kylie looked at
her friend

"You look okay, why're you sick?"

"It's Darren's fault, he's given me something, and its making me hurt at
times." I hugged Becky, then said to Kylie,

"When I get the tablets, don't tell them who they're for. Let them
think it's for me, okay."

"But why's that Uncle Mike?"

"Because if they think it for me there be no questions, if we tell them
its for Becky, they'll start to ask awkward questions, something we want to

We approached a local branch of Boots, walked through the perfumery, and
onto the dispensary and handed in the prescription, we were told '10
minutes', so we went to find a locksmiths shop.

I got three extra keys cut, and gave one each to Kylie and Becky,

"Now if you need to get into my house and I'm not there, you can still
get in." from their faces you'd thought I'd given them the keys to the
crown jewels, we returned to Boots.

The Pharmacist was waiting for me when we arrived,

"Mr. Moore, we were able to fill this prescription, but you do realise
that you have to complete the course, otherwise their actions will not be
effective!" I nodded, "Good, you also know that you'll need another
examination after two weeks."

"Yes, the doctor did explain that," the pharmacist nodded his head,

"Good, I would advise you to be more careful in future!"

"I certainly will! Thank you", we left the shop, and the two girls laughed,

Becky said. "Yes, you'd better be more careful in future Mr. Mike!"

Kylie came out with - "Oh Uncle Mike, how could you?"

We made another stop, again at another chemist, this time for sanitary
towels, I thought Becky could use them.

The trip home was uneventful, after I put the car away - yes Kylie was
slowly getting use to travelling by car again - and went to my house. We
spent a few minutes while both girls used their keys in my front door,
almost wearing out the lock. We finally managed to get in, and I phoned

Ten minutes later Sharon turned up with two suitcases, one containing
clothes for herself and Kylie, the other was for Becky from her parents,
the girls took the cases upto 'their' room.

After a few minutes Becky's laughter could be heard, we walked upstairs.

"Look at this Mr. Mike, they know I don't wear dresses, so what do they
send - three of them." I looked at the dresses, I couldn't see anything
wrong with them.

"Why don't you try them?" she gave me a scornful look.

"I don't wear dresses, it makes it easy for Darren to. . . ." I was
beside her in an instant.

"But Darren isn't here, he can't hurt you here. Can he." She shook her
head then looked at me,

"You won't let Darren hurt me will you Mr. Mike?" I looked into her

"Becky, if Darren even tries I'll kill him!" and inside I knew that it
was true.

- 30 --------------------------------------------------------------

The normal disclaimers apply to this story - it is fiction, and all
characters are fictitious.

BUT the disease Chlamydial IS real and IS fast spreading not only in
England, but also in the United States, the drug mention is one of four
that can be used, the disease does NOT respond to Penicillin - further
details are available over the web at - remember never take chances with


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