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The Girl with A Bicycle 7


Codes (MF, Fg, slow)

The girl With a Bicycle - Part 7 By Wandering Lanes

Sharon was straddling my body, raising and lowering herself rhymically,
the girls were out playing, and we were upstairs in my bed, riding on me to
a climax.

"Oh Mike, Mike, yes, yes," I waited for the change, which came
eventually, "Mike, Oh Paul, Yes Paul Yeesss." and she lowered her body onto

Then we heard a voice from the doorway,

"So that's what 'it' looks like, I'm never allowed to watch it from this
angle before, I'm normally looking up at Darren while he's going down on

Sharon starts, then pulls up the bedclothes - and then hears the words
that Becky is saying.

"Becky, are you saying that Darren is, is.." Becky finishes the sentence
for her,

"Fucking me? Yep!" Then realisation. "You. Mean. That. Mr. Mike.
Didn't. Tell. You?" I sat up,

"No Becky, you did say you didn't want anyone to know." As the full
impact set in Becky started to cry,

"Bu.. bu.. But if Mrs. Williams tells anyone I, I don't know what
Darren will do to.. to me." And then she started to bawl, Sharon, without
regard to what she was wearing, or rather wasn't, jumped out of the bed and
went to Becky, wrapped her arms around her and said,

"Don't worry Becky, if you don't want anyone to know, then I won't

"But I don't understand, you two looked like you were having fun, and
that it wasn't hurting you, I suppose its because you're older and bigger."
Sharon turned to me and mouthed 'OH GOD', I nodded, oh god indeed.

"Becky, there are times when it does hurt, but it's a good hurting feel,
I can't explain it. But it shouldn't hurt all the time, doesn't Darren try
to make you feel good?"

"Him, naw, when he wants to do it, he just does, normally when he's been
drinking, then its just 'bang' do it, finish, apologise and goes to bed,
that's all he needs."

"But what about you, your needs."

"Darren doesn't care about me that much." Sharon hugged Becky closer,

"Oh Becky! Can't you see? Darren is only using you. If he cared for
you he'd try to make you feel good as well. You should be telling others
about him." Becky tried to pull away.

"No, no you don't understand, he does feel for me, he tells me he does,
anyway he's told lots of people that I make things up, so.. Even.. If..
I.. did.. Say.. Anything.. no-one'll.. Believe.. Me." And her tears
started flowing again. Sharon looked at me, I got out of the bed, I was
aware of my nakedness, and went to the two of them, we made a group hug, a
very strange experience for me.

Sharon pulled us over to the bed, then we all laid back still hugging
each other, I heard the sound of a zip being unfastened and looked down,
Sharon was undoing Becky's jeans, pulling them down along with her white

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked her.

"Becky needs to be shown that sex isn't about hurting." Sharon said,
while undoing Becky's shoes, once these were off and the jeans and knickers
removed, Sharon started to unbutton Becky's blouse, and then Becky was as
nude as we were.

Once Becky stopped crying she notice her state,

"Mrs. Williams, what are you doing?"

"About to teach you sex isn't always bad, or hurtful!" and she started
to run Becky's chest with one hand, trying to tease the nipples up. The
other hand was moving down Becky's front to her prominent slit, once there
she started to rub Becky's clit.

"Oh. No Mrs. William," Becky started to say, "Please don't, don't, oh!
No! Don't, I feel, feel, Oh TEAPOT, Mrs. Williams TEAPOT." At this point
I reached over and held onto Sharon's hands. She looked at me.

"Why did you stop me?" I said

"You didn't hear her say teapot?"

"Well, yes I did, but I didn't think anything of it."

"That was her safeword, I know I didn't tell you, but I would have
thought a strange word like that would have delayed you at least."

"You're right. It should have, I'm sorry Becky, and I will remember to
stop next time." Becky looked at us both

"But you did stop her when I said teapot! Why? Couldn't you have
pretended not to hear me?" I looked her in the eyes.

"But that is your safeword, if we didn't honor it, there be no point in
having one! If we did ignore it how could you trust us? That's another
aspect of love, or any relationship, Trust." She reached out and hugged me.

"But I do trust you Mr. Mike, honestly I do," then she stopped hugging
me, giggled and added "Even if you are a wimp."

"A wimp am I? Well take that." At which point I started to tickle her,
then Sharon joined in, after a few seconds of this Becky started shouting.

"No more, please, no more, teapot, teapot, TEAPOT." So we both stopped
our attack.

"Never call me wimp again" I said haughtily, picked up my clothes and
marched out of the room, unfortunately I tripped over some of the discarded
bedclothes, and fell flat on my face, I picked myself up and left, to the
laughter of the two 'persons' in the bed.

Outside the bedroom I smiled and got dressed, then I went downstairs to
see Kylie.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I found her watching the television, as I entered she looked up,

"Oh hi Uncle Mike, did Becky catch.. I mean, see you?"

"Yes Becky caught us, as you wanted!"

"Well I thought it would show her."

"Oh it showed her, but your mother didn't know about Darren!" Kylie's
hand went to her mouth,

"Oh no, I didn't know, I thought you'd told her!"

"No I hadn't, but she knows now" Kylie hung her head,

"I suppose she's going to blab to others now?" I put my hand under her
chin, and raised her head.

"No. Your mother has agreed to keep Becky's secret. But she doesn't
agree with the way Darren's treating Becky." At this there was a screech

"Oh Aunt Sharon!" from upstairs, Kylie yelled

"Mum's hurting her", and she ran from the room and headed upstairs, I
followed her, at a slower pace, the name told me something different.

I entered the room to find an open mouthed Kylie looking at her best
friend, lying naked on the bed with Kylies equally naked mother, Becky was
asleep with her arms wrapped around Sharon's neck.

Sharon looked up and put her finger over her mouth in a shushing

"Please be quiet, I've just got her to sleep." Whispered Sharon, as if
Becky was a baby in her arms.

"Why is Becky naked? And why were you hurting her?" both questions were
whispered by Kylie.

"She is naked because I undressed her, and I wasn't hurting her! You
remember what Mike did to you in the bathroom?" Kylie nodded her head; "I
just did the same for Becky, to show her that sex is not painful, but it
was too much for her."

During this explanation Becky started to stir,

"Oh Aunt Sharon, what was that?" Then she noticed Kylie and myself
watching her, Sharon pulled the bedcover over her as she was starting to
turn red in shame. "Why are you guys up here?" I answered the second

"Well, Kylie was coming up her to stop AUNT SHARON from hurting her
friend, then arrived to find her friend fast asleep" Becky looked at Kylie
and was about to answer when Kylie came out with

"AUNT SHARON? Since when was my mother your Aunt?" Becky smiled

"Since your mother said I could call her that?" I had to smile and
reminded Kylie,

"Well, I'm a complete stranger and you call me Uncle!"

"Yes, but that's different!"

"How is it different?" This was from Sharon, who had a smirk on her
face, Kylie thought.

"Because you already knew Becky, and Uncle Mike WAS a stranger, and...
and... And I don't know why it's different, either!" After she had thought
about her statement Kylie was laughing as well.

Sharon looked at Becky

"Well Becky? Does sex have to hurt?" Becky beamed and said

"NO Aunt Sharon, that felt great, but then you're a girl, you haven't
got a cock to put in me" and then she looked at me, I shook my head.

"No Becky, I won't, like Kylie you're too young for me, in fact I'm
surprised Sharon did what she did to you." At this Sharon looked at me.

"Mike! Couldn't you see Becky was hurting! The only sex she knew was
one sided, forced sex. Darren was taking and not giving. Becky needed
someone to give, to show her pleasure not pain."

"But in order to do that, you attacked Becky, " Sharon shook her head,
but I continued, "You stripped her, and then sexually assaulted her, did
you ask if she wanted you to do that?" Sharon dropped her head and shook
it, "when she gave her safeword did you stop immediately?" Another shake of
her head. "And I didn't stop you so we're both guilty of attacking this
poor defenseless child"

Sharon looked at me in shock.

"What do you mean? You're also guilty! I'm the one that did it, so I'm
the guilty one, only me!" Becky was looking at each of us while this was
carrying on, and then shouted out.

"Stop it both of you, why are you arguing? Yes I was frightened at
first, but then I realised that you weren't hurting me. I liked it, I
wanted it to continue, so no-one is guilty of anything" I looked at Becky,
gave a small smile, and shook my head.

"But Becky, this is how the law would see this, and how it would react.
Even touching you as you are is illegal, we are just as bad as Darren." At
this Becky shook her head and bust into tears.

"But you're nothing like Darren, you're kind all the time, not just some
of the time, you're worried about me, ME, and I'm. Not. Worth. It!"
Kylie rushed in and hugged Becky, tears flowing from her eyes and she said.

"Yes you are worth it! Never say that again, never!" We all started to
hug Becky who was still crying, we stayed like that for some time..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Later that afternoon we were in the garden, all dressed correctly for
the neighbors, enjoying the sunlight

"Aunt Sharon?"

"Yes Becky."

"Was Mr. Mike correct?" - I was still Mr. Mike, Becky couldn't get to
calling me Uncle, Sharon answered.

"I'm afraid so Becky, yes I did assault you, even if I had your best
intentions at heart, and yes I could get into serious trouble should anyone
else find out."

"But that's daft" Sharon nodded,

"Yes, but its also the law, but you won't be blamed as you are below the
legal age of consent. Anyone older than you are the ones legally to blame,
there is no excuse! Mike was right about that, and also that he was
equally to blame, so if anyone got to hear of this he could be arrested as
well as me."

"Well I'd never tell anyone!!" This was said with such force that Sharon
reached over and hugged Becky again.

"Only if you're forced again by me, then tell Mike, he'll protect you"
Becky nodded,

"I know - is he normal?" at the raised eyebrows she added, "I mean, is
everyone like him?" Sharon shook her head

"No, there are a few like him, but there are many who are almost like
him, and some that are better!"

"Better in bed? Or just a better person?" this was said with a smile,
and Kylie started to take more interest in the conversation, I decided that
discretion was the better part of valour and went into the kitchen to make
some orange squash.

While I was there, Becky ran in and wrapped her arms around me,

"Thank you Mr. Mike." I looked down at her,

"For what?" She looked up at me, smiled and said

"For being you" and as far as she was concerned that said everything.
We returned to the garden with the drinks.

"So now that you've got some days off, what are you planning to do?"
Sharon looked wistfully up at the 1st floor of my house. I shook my head.

"Apart from that I mean, you have got Kylie to look after!" Then another
voice piped up

"And me - if you don't mind Aunt Sharon."

"I'll never mind about you Becky, you can come round whenever you want.
But don't forget Kyle will be coming round to sleepover on Wednesday -
although after hearing about Darren I'm not sure about that!"

"Oh mummy, I'll be okay, there will be Becky with me you know!" I
interrupted with

"And you both have those radios, haven't you?" Kylie nodded,

"Oh yes Uncle Mike, I'd never leave that behind." and both girls held up
their wrists to show the radios firmly strapped on.

"So if you have any problems?" Kylie smiled,

"We get in touch with you?" I nodded

"That's right. And I'll get there as quickly as I can." Sharon cut in,

"But Mike, you may be too late, then what." I looked at Becky,

"Yes, Sharon may be right, I could be too late! I may have to call the
police, would that be alright Becky?"

"I don't know, if Darren hasn't been drinking, then there be no
problems, anyway Mum and Dad will be home, so he won't be able to do a
thing, so there should be no problems." - with great will-power I kept
quiet, but thought 'famous last words'

"Well then, that's okay," said Sharon brightly, then she added, "But
Mike doesn't know where you live, does he?" I had to shake my head,

"No, I know that she lives closer than you and Kylie, but I don't really
know where!" I looked at my watch, "And since I think its time for Becky to
go home, why don't we walk you home." Becky looked up,

"Oh must I go home just now? Can't I stay a bit longer?" again I had to
shake my head,

"I'm sorry Becky, but it is getting late, you're mother will be getting
worried." Becky snorted

"Not her, if I didn't turn up she'd just think of the money she'd save
on food." I held Becky in my arms for a moment,

"I'm sorry Becky, but you must go home, come on, lets go" and holding
hands we left my house and started to walk.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Approaching Becky's house the form of Darren was standing by the gate,

"There you are sis, mum's getting worried, she heard about the fire at
the Paper, I told her that you were visiting Kylies mom at the time,
instead of staying here with me, you'd better get in" He looked at us and
added "Thanks for finally getting her home, she should have been back some
time ago." I replied,

"Oh I'm so sorry Darren, Becky and Kylie's been playing and we lost all
track of time, you know how young girls play." A sneer appeared on his

"Yeah, I know, well goodbye, and I'll see you on Wednesday Kylie." I
still didn't like the way he was looking at her, but now wasn't the time.

"Yes, well, goodnight Darren, Goodnight Becky, don't forget you can
visit Kylie tomorrow, Sharon will be home." We started to walk, Becky said,

"Thanks I'll be there." and Darren replied.

"Only if you behave yourself. Come-on lets go in." and the door closed
behind them. I certainly made sure I remembered the address, and how to
get there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We arrived at Sharon's house and she invited me in, I sat in a chair,
and Kylie sat in my lap.

"Uncle Mike, you don't mind me staying at Becky's overnight do you?" I
thought for a few moments and Sharon also sat down awaiting my answer.

"Kylie, you are trying to help Becky, that's why you set-up your mother and myself this afternoon." Sharon's jaw dropped, and she looked at her
daughter, I continued "I don't trust Darren, and as long as Becky's parents are there then there should be no trouble, but as I said, if anything
happens then contact me, I'll leave my radio on overnight, so don't worry
about the time."

Kylie nodded and looked at her radio to ensure that it was still
working, this reminded me and I handed a similar transceiver to Sharon,

"I've got this one for you Sharon," She looked at me, then at the
transceiver, then back to me. "You did say you needed one to call Kylie
when she was playing" Remembrance of the events flooded back,

"Mike I was only joking, I'd never be able to work it" I laughed and

"If you have any problems talk to Kylie, she'd worked out most of the
operations while I was handing it to her" At this point Kylie yawned, it
wasn't that late, but she wanted to go to bed.

"Can you tuck me in again Uncle Mike?" I nodded,

"Yes I will Kylie, call when you're ready." At this she scampered up the

"Thanks Mike, I think we'll need to have a talk when you get back down,"
I looked at Sharon as she said this, "It's something Becky asked me, and
its bothered me a lot." I said,

"Well if its important we could talk now!" She shook her head, smiled
and answered

"If we did Kylie would never forgive me," there was a call from
upstairs, "Go on, she's waiting for you." and I walked up the stairs to
Kylies room.

I stopped at Kylie's bedroom door. Standing by her bed was Kylie, on
her bed was her nightdress, on Kylie was nothing, she had her hands behind
her back and was looking at me smiling,

"Well young lady, what's this, forgot to wear something did you?" She
shook her head,

"No uncle Mike, I wanted you to put on my nightdress." I frowned at her,
picked up the garment, placed it over my head, and said.

"I'm sorry Kylie, it doesn't fit me!" She giggled,

"No silly! I meant that you should put it on me!"

"Oh, why didn't you say" and I hung it over her shoulders. She looked
up at me and started to scowl

"Do you want to try again!" she said, this time she raised her arms and
I lowered the nightdress onto her body, she locked her hands behind my
neck, pulled my head down and kissed me.

"Thank you Uncle Mike, I'm sorry if I upset you earlier with Becky, I
forgot you promised not to tell anyone, I thought you had told mummy."

"That's okay Kylie, it means that Becky can talk to someone else,
besides me, without worries, now into bed with you." she climbed into the
bed and I continued to read to her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After she was asleep I went downstairs to Sharon.

"Is everything okay?" I nodded,

"Yes, she wanted to say sorry about Becky, I've told her not to worry.
Now what was your problem?" She blushed,

"Well, Becky did ask why I called out your name while we were making
love, then she asked me why I called that other name?" She looked at me and
grabbed hold of my hands.

"Mike, do I say Paul's name?" I nodded. "Oh Mike, I'm sorry, I should
be thinking of you, not Paul." She started to cry, I hugged her - I seem to
be doing this a lot nowadays - I waited for her tears to dry, then I said.

"Sharon, I've already said that you loved Paul, I know that, and I know
I can't replace him, but if anything I do can help you, I don't care who's
name you call - as long as its not Darren!" she laughed,

"I'll try to remember who I'm with next time." She looked at me and
smiled, "talking about the next time...."

She took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom.

- 30


All normal disclaimers apply, this is a fictious story, the persons
involved do not exist in real life.

- as normal I'd like to thank those people who have sent me email, I do
like receiving them, and will try to answer them. Feedback is always

- I'm trying to help Becky with Darren, but be warned dark days are
approaching. but remember every cloud has a sliver lining :-}

There is more to come. Wandering Lanes 12th August 2001.


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