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The Girl with a Bicycle 1


Girl with a Bicycle (M, g, F no sex, humli)

The girl with a Bicycle By Wandering Lanes

"Mister, can you help me?"

She was sitting on a bicycle, behind a hedge and had been crying, She
looked about 10 years old and was very worried.

"What's the problem?"

"There's some girls further on who don't like me, they keep stopping me
from getting home."

"Do you want me to walk you home?"

"Sniff, yes please."

I started to feel a slight stirring, and thought I'll have a little fun.

"But I'm not walking that way am I, what's in it for me?"

"I'll make it up to you!"

"Sorry, I didn't hear that, can you repeat it?"

"I said I'd make it up to you"


"I don't know, I'll do anything you say."

"That can cover a lot of things, do you mean it?" I know this was being
mean, but I thought I could get something out of this


"I'm sorry my hearing must be going, what did you say?"

"I said... I, I said 'Yes', I mean it - Mister, I've just gotta get
home, Mum will be worried about me"

At this time the floodgates were beginning to open and tears were
starting to roll down her cheeks, I began to feel like a heel and smiled at

"O.K. don't start, I'll walk you home"

As we walked, well, I walked she rode on her bicycle, I asked her for
her name 'Kylie' how old was she? '9 1/2 years', did she like school?
'No' why not?

"'Cause I've only been in the class for 2 months, the others won't let
me alone, I don't want to join in the stupid games they play, just to read
my books!"

"What about the teachers, don't they tell the others to leave you

"No! I'm told to play with the others."

"Haven't you told the teachers why you don't want to?"

"Don't wanna talk to them"

I'm going deaf again - there was something more here than I knew, not
that I really knew anything about this kid, time to use a different tack.

"What do your parents think about this?"

The floodgates were open again - full open tears were streaming down her
face and she started bawling. As we were stopped I reached over and
started to hug her, I can't remember what I said, but she started to calm
down, I handed her a handkerchief and she wiped her eyes, set her face
straight and started cycling again.

While I walked with her I noticed three girls about her age start
cycling towards a house and go into it, I made a mental note of the number,
I couldn't say why I did this, but it seemed a good idea at the time.

Finally we arrived at he house, as she had said her mother was at the
door looking for her. She started when she saw me, a stranger, walking
with her little girl and opened her mouth to say something, but stopped
when Kylie looked at me and said,

"This is where I live", I looked at her mother, who had turned pale and
started to shake.

"Kylie, you remember your promise to me?" She looked down at the ground
and nodded, "Good, now go on in and do your homework, I'll see you later.

Again the girl nodded her head and walked pass her mother.

"How do you do, my name is Michael, I think we need to talk about

Her mother, still pale, looked at me and said

"How do you know her name?"

"She told me, how else."

"No, she wouldn't, she hasn't said anything since the accident, now how
the hell do you know her name, tell me you bastard, tell me now!"

"Hold on, she told me herself, her name is Kylie, she's been at her
school for a couple of months, she doesn't like the other kids, and bursts
into tears when asked about her family, and that is all I know, except she
is being bullied at school"

More waterworks and Kylies mother was sliding to her knees

"She talked to you, she actually talked to you"

"Yes and that is what I want to talk to you about, She wanted someone to
take her past some girls that have been bullying her. In fact she promised
to do anything and stressed ANYTHING, if I would help her."

Another sharp look.

"And what have you asked her to do?"

"At the moment to do her homework, but she needs to be shown that such
promises shouldn't be given easily, look can we go inside and talk, I mean
it's a nice day, but I don't think we should talk out in the street like
this, do you? By the way, I've given you my name what is yours"

"It's Sharon, Sharon Williams, yes please come inside" she entered the
house and I followed. The house was a three up two down (that is two
bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and a Kitchen and Living room downstairs),
there were pictures on the wall, a family group - Sharon, a man and a
younger Kylie, smiling into the camera. Several of Kylie growing up to her
ninth year, and one picture in a black frame of the man with Kylie.

"That's Paul, my husband, it was taken a few days before the accident,
ever since then Kylie has been so traumatised that she hasn't spoken to
anyone since. That is until today, what the hell did you do to her?"

"Nothing - She came upto me and asked me to walk her home as she was
scared of some bullies that were waiting for her, I jokingly said what was
in it for me, and she said that she would do anything, that is why she is
upstairs doing her homework."

What is it with women and crying - Sharon was sobbing into a tissue.

"Look I didn't mean for her to do anything at all, I only thought that
her parents should know what was happening, I didn't know anything about
her or anything, but if she was going upto total strangers then something
should be done."

"But she never goes to strangers, she normally comes straight back here
after school, in fact I was getting worried when she didn't turn up at the
normal time - then she arrives in your company, I could see she had been
crying, and thought you had done something"

"Yes, I asked what her parents would say - and she burst into tears"

"What we would say? And then she started to cry - that's wonderful!"
she saw the look on my face - Wonderful? for the poor kid to start crying?
- "You don't understand... no you wouldn't! I'll have to tell you the

"Paul and I had an argument that day, what it was about I can't remember
- or rather I don't want to remember, its no longer important.. He had to
take Kylie to school, we didn't live here, I've moved here since the
accident, but I'm digressing.

"Paul had to take Kylie to school - he always drove her, she would sit
in the back with a seat belt on, Paul always says that she should - I mean
always said that she should. I don't really know what happened, the police
came round at 10 o'clock to say that there had been an accident, Kylie was
safe, but Paul... Paul.. Paul was badly injured and had d.. d. died at
the scene.

"It was later that I found out what had actually happened. An
articulated lorry pulled out from a road and ran straight into the side of
the car, the steering wheel was pushed into Paul's body. Kylie wasn't
touched at all, but she saw everything that happened, she couldn't release
the seatbelt, and she watched her father, P.. Paul died in front of her.

"The hospital checked her over, but she wouldn't say a word to them -
they arranged for a therapist to try to help her, but nothing seemed to
work. Without Paul's money we had to move into this house, Kylie has had
to be placed into another school, they know what has happened, and are
trying to get her to mingle, but so far without success, so you can see
Kylie talking to you is a miracle which is why I wanted to know what had

I sat back, yes that would be the reason for her reactions, I looked at
Sharon who was still crying, I looked though the door to the kitchen, I got
up and entered the kitchen, found the kettle, filled it with water and
switched it on, looking around I saw the teapot. Tea-caddie (teabags, but
you can't have everything), sugar bowl and milk in the fridge - Yes I made
a pot of tea, poured two cups - one weak with two sugars, for Sharon and a
stronger cup for me.

When I returned with the two cups, Sharon hadn't moved, I had to coax
her into drinking the tea, she looked up at me with at slight smile after
tasting it.

"You don't make a very good cup of tea, do you?"

"I thought weak, sweet tea was good for shock, and you certainly needed
something." She nodded.

"Yes, thank you, now what is going to happen?"

"Well, what I wanted to do was to make her think that I was going to
molest her, and then give her a reprieve at the last moment, but from what
you have told me I think that I'd better leave her alone, and go home"

"NO. I don't think you'd be able to leave her now, remember you are the
first person that she has willingly spoken to, she must feel that you can
be trusted."

"You want me to actually molest your daughter? I'm sorry but I can't,
she has too many problems of her own without me - find someone else"

"THERE IS NO_ONE ELSE - she's opened to you", I gave Sharon a dirty
look, " I mean she has opened herself up to you, She obeyed you when you
told her to do her homework - she barely acknowledges me when I tell her
to, you can help her, please help her"

This shook me, and I had to think.

And think

There had to be something else here, why wouldn't she talk to others,
why me? Why not a teacher at the school? Why not the other kids at the
school? - Too many questions and the only one able to answer, was
upstairs. Would shock treatment work, or force her back into her shell?

Should I take the risk - should she be forced to take the risk? I
looked at Sharon.

"This school she goes to, the teachers know her problem don't they."

"Yes, I had to go to a special meeting with all the teachers and her
therapist, he was the one who explained what had happened and how they
should treat her"

"And that was, how?"

"To try to coax her to relax and join with the others, they shouldn't
shout at her, they were to gradually ease her into the work."

"Real kid gloves, talking about kids, what were the pupils told?"

"Oh, they weren't to be told anything, Kylie was just to be another

"Another pupil, with special privileges, allowed to do whatever she
wants, not treated like a normal pupil." At least this was giving me an
idea about the school problem, and from the look on her face it appeared
that Sharon was also seeing the light.

"No wonder the others are picking on her, and when the teachers help her
more so the other kids pick on her more."

"Yes it becomes a vicious circle, the more the teachers help, the worst
she is treated, and if they can't hurt her at school, they'll try after,
until something cracks"

"I have to help her"

"You are, you have asked me to do something, and I will, BUT I will need
your promise to trust me, no matter what I may say or do? Do you give it?"

"What will you do?"

"I need your promise, do you give it? YES or NO?"

"Well, if I say yes, you could do anything"

"That is true, now what do you say?"

"Yes, yes go ahead do anything, I don't care as long as she gets

"That is the problem, what I do may cause more harm, but it may also
help her, I can't say"

"Kylie spoke to you, that was a start, I'll have to trust you".

"O.K. then, here is the start." I went to the bottom of the stairs and
shouted up them "KYLIE,"

"Yes sir"

"Have you finished your homework?"

"Yes sir."

"Right then, I want you to go to the toilet, I mean you to fully use the
toilet, you understand."

"Y.. Yes sir, "

"And Kylie. Don't forget to wipe yourself completely, I will be

I looked back at Sharon, who had a shocked look on her face, and was
starting to shake her head, I mouthed 'don't worry, I'm not going to hurt her or anything', after a while the noise of the toilet flushing could be


"Yes Kylie?"

"I have finished what should I do now?"

"Go into your bedroom and wait for me." I looked at Sharon "Follow me
upstairs, stay outside her room until I give you the signal, then enter and
just stand facing her"

I walked up the stairs with Sharon behind me, the door to Kylies room
was open, and she was standing just inside with her head down and hands by
her side, her school blazer was hanging up by the cupboard, she was wearing
a blouse and skirt with white socks and shoes.

"Kylie." She flinched. "Stand by the bed, facing me and look at me",
she quickly moved to where I had directed her and looked up, tears were on
her face.

"Kylie, you remember what you said to me?"

"But I did my homework as you said" I heard a slight gasp from behind
the door but ignored it.

"Yes, you have started to obey me, but there was no time limit given was

Kylie shook her head "No sir"

"And do you know when the time limit will end?"

"No sir"

"When I say it has ended, and not before, do you understand this?"

"But that's not fair. You didn't even have to do anything! There
wasn't anyone there, so I don't owe you anything!"

"But you asked me to walk you home, you said you would do anything as
long as I walked you home, and I did, so you do owe me! Do you agree?"

"I suppose so!"

"What was that?"

"Yes, okay yes I owe you."

"Good, now as you remember that, lets see you take off your blouse"

Her eyes widened in surprise, I gestured at her to show I meant it and
her hands reluctantly started on the first button.

I watched impassively as she undid the last button and stood with the
front open, I motioned to her again and with a sigh she slipped the blouse
off her shoulders and onto the floor, she didn't wear a bra, as there was
no need for one, she was flat chested with small nubbins just appearing to
mark her as a woman.

"Good, now turn slowly round until you're facing me again", she put a
straight expression on her face as she started to turn, when she had
completed the turn I was ready with the next command.

"Now remove your skirt"

"No, I won't."

"Why not?"

"'Cause you're a nasty man! You want to hurt me don't you?"

"It doesn't matter what I am, you made a promise and you should keep it
no matter what, now remove your skirt, or do you want me to do it?"

"No, I'll do it. Just don't come near me"

"I'll be standing here, but you may have to ask me to come closer

She looked hard at me when I said this, but started to unbutton, and
unzip her skirt, which fell down onto the floor. She was left standing in
navy blue knickers, white socks and shoes, there was a small damp patch at
the front of her knickers - was she frightened of me, or excited? Oh well,
on to other things.

"Pick up your skirt and blouse and put them neatly away, then get back
to there"

She almost seemed too happy to do this, just as long as I didn't want to
continue with her, however this was short lived as the clothes were quickly
hidden, she returned to her position.

"Well done, now I want you to take off your knickers for me."

Her eyes widened and she started to shake her head no.

"No, oh no, No I won't, I won't do that for you. I WILL NOT DO THAT"

"So you won't do as you promised. Or are you scared of what I'm going
to do to you"

She nodded her head

"What if I was to ask you to turn around so that your back's to me,
would that be better?"

She dropped her eyes and nodded, tears were starting to flow down her

"O.K, turn round and face the wall, take your knickers down and count
slowly to 20, then you WILL turn round and face me, does that sound

"Not much, you'll still see me"

"But you will be keeping your promise won't you", she nodded then turned
round, her hands reaching for the sides of her knickers, as they started to
lower I quietly left the room and motioned Sharon into the room.

"1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.." The count went on as I quietly
walked downstairs to my cup of tea, "17.. 18.. 19.. 20" There was a
moment of silence followed by

MEAN TO KILL DADDY" after this I heard Kylies door shut and quiet talking
and sobbing coming from the room.

After a long time Sharon came downstairs, I had another cup of tea ready
for her as well as a box of tissues, she then told me the whole story.

While Kylie was being driven to school by her father she was singing a
pop song, because of his mood, following the argument with Sharon, Paul
started to tell Kylie to be quiet, he started shouting at Kylie and turned
round to check that she was belted in correctly, when he turned back the
lorry was already in the way and the car hit it. Because of this Kylie
thought that she had caused the accident, the last words her father said
was, 'Don't worry darling, It wasn't you', but she thought he was just
trying to placate her.

This was the final piece of the puzzle; Kylie blamed herself because she
was talking too much, so she decided never to talk again. Until she was
forced to, now that she was talking about this things should get better for
her, I said goodbye to Sharon and asked her to say goodbye to Kylie for me,
and then I let myself out of the house.

As I was walking back home, I remembered the door that the group of
girls had entered, without thinking about it I went upto the door and
knocked on it.

A young girl, about 10, answered the door,

"Good afternoon, is your mother or father in?"

"No, they don't get in until later today,"

"Oh dear, that's a pity, I wanted to say something to some girls but I
can't if your parents aren't here, I can call back later - I don't like
bullies, do you?"

"No I don't like bullies either - what do you want to say, do you want
to come in?"

"I would but then I could be in trouble, entering a house without adults
in it, I can talk out here if you prefer."

"That should be OK, we can stay at the window and you can talk to us
from there."

The door closed, leaving me outside, then I was faced with a group of 4
girls looking out through the window.

"Do you know a girl called Kylie, just started at school?"

"Yes, she's a teachers pet, too proud to talk to us, won't play with us.
She really gets up our noses"

"That sounds like her, but it's only to be expected when you see your
father die in front of you"

A few faces went red and the girls started to look at one another.

"It seems that the doctors and teachers decided to keep an eye on Kylie,
but not to force her too much, until she starts to mingle, but since she
was so wrapped up in herself, it the children at the school are starting to
bully her, if fact it got so bad that she went upto a total stranger, and
you never know what may happen to young girls that do that - all because of

"We didn't mean... I mean"

"All I'm saying is that Kylie has had serious problems, which she is
just starting to get over, all she need is some good friends, friends who
are able to just be there when she needs them, who are going to try to
understand what she needs, where can she find such friends? Anyway, I've
finished talking, I'll leave you now, goodbye."

This time I did go home.

Some weeks later, I was working in my garden when I heard a voice say

"Mister, can you help me?" I looked up and there was a smiling Kylie
with her new friends on bicycles

-30This is purely fictitious, children should been seen but not touched,
this is against most countries law. Its okay to think about this but
never, NEVER try to do anything, although in some religions it isn't even
ok to think, see you in Hell.

This was a first story; yes I am British (No I don't really like tea,
but you know stereotypes).

For those of you wanting a bit more, sorry but this story would not go
that way. Perhaps I'm too tight arsed (anal retentive ;-0 ) well possibly,
I will try to write other stories and lets see what happens.

Wandering lanes 20 July 2001.


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