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The Girl with a Bicycle 2


The girl with a Bicycle 2 - (MF, g, slow) by Wandering Lanes

The girl with a Bicycle - Part 2

"Mister, Can you help me?" I looked up to see a smiling Kylie with her
new friends.

"Hello, Kylie, girls, how are you today?"

"We're all fine, Mum said when I find you to ask you home for dinner,
you will come won't you?"

"Are you sure I'll fit into the oven? I'm quite large you know"

"That's okay, we'll get you in somehow, I think Mum has a stick big
enough." Said Kylie with a laugh.

"Touché, Yes Kylie I'd be pleased to come, do you think your mother should talk to me first, I mean I can't just turn up you know, hold on I'll
give you my number", I went into the house and jotted my number on a piece
of paper, I then return to the waiting girls, "Here you are Kylie."

"Thanks, I'll take it to Mum now", as the girls started to cycle off, I
stopped one of them and asked,

"How is Kylie getting on?"

"Well, she was a bit shy at first, but she soon started to join in,
she's fun really, sorry gotta go, bye" she started off and waved to me as
she caught up with the other girls, all of whom disappeared down the road.

- - - - - - -

Half an hour later the phone rang.

"Michael is that you? " I recognised Sharons voice,

"Hello Sharon, how are you"

"I'm fine.... Almost. But I'm still getting over it, I'm glad Kylie
found you, she's been looking for several days, anyway can you come round
tonight for dinner, it's the least we can do for you."

"Sharon I'd be honoured to have dinner with you and Kylie, but you don't
have to you know!"

"Yes, I do - after what you've done for Kylie I'd insist that we repay
you somehow, Dinner will be at seven, don't worry to dress"

"Sounds like a very strange dinner, and what would your neighbours say
when I turn up naked?"

"Oh you know what I mean, and sod the neighbours anyway, perhaps you
should arrive naked it would give them something else to talk about!"

"Sounds like you are having problems, okay, I'll be there at seven but
don't put yourself out on my behalf, I'll eat anything, bye"

"Thanks Michael, see you, bye."

- - - - -

I turned up at Sharons house early, but Kylie was waiting at the door
for me and ran out to meet me as I entered the gate.

"You've arrived, thank you, thank you, I told mummy you would"

"Well I did say so on the phone",

"Yes, but mummy said that you'd say anything and then fail to come", she
lowered her voice and whispered "but, I wasn't suppose to say that, but I
knew you wouldn't let us down".

Kylie was starting to sound a lot older than her 9 (almost 10) years, I
felt that she was preparing herself for some great ordeal, or maybe I was
starting to get paranoid about this young girl. Kylie looked at me and
then said.

"I know Mummy knows your name, but what can I call you?"

"Well, my name is Michael..."

"Goody you can be Uncle Mike!"

"But Kylie. I'm not related to you, so I'm not really your uncle am I?"

"Pleeease Uncle Mike, let me."

"Well if your mother doesn't mind..."

"Yippeee I told Mummy it would be alright, 'cause she said it was okay
if you didn't mind, thank you Uncle Mike"

And taking me by the hand Kylie led her new Uncle Mike in to meet her

- - - - - - - -

Kylie directed me to a seat in the living/dining room, then ran into the
kitchen where Sharon was busy preparing the meal,

"Mummy, Uncle Mike is here",

"Kylie you know you should ask Michael if you can call him that!"

"But Mummy he said it was okay as long as you didn't mind, and you said
you didn't so I can!"

Yes, logical but convoluted, but as we both knew what she meant that was
okay, Sharon turned round and smiled at me,

"Hello Michael, I'm glad you came, Kylies been looking for you!"

"So you said, why? I mean I treated Kylie pretty roughly that day and I
didn't think she'd ever want to see me again?"

"Well she did, do you remember what else you did that day?"

"I walked home, watered the garden and went to bed."

"Before that?"

"Oh yes, I brought Kylie home, scared her so much that she cried a lot!"

"After that, oh Mike you are so exasperating I'm trying to thank you and
all you do is jump around."

"Okay, I had a little word with some girls, only took a few minutes,
then I went home, I didn't do anything much, In fact I think I saw a couple
of the girls with Kylie earlier today, didn't I?"

"Yes that was it - when Kylie went to school the next day those girls stayed with her and helped her with the others, it was just the thing she
needed at the time. If you hadn't said anything I don't know what would
have happened. Kylie learnt that you had spoken to them and decided to
find you to thank you properly"

At this point Kylie came upto me and looked into my eyes, I nearly
drowned, she smiled at me and said

"Yes, thank you Uncle Mike, and I do think you're my uncle even if you
don't, an uncle is someone who looks after his nieces and nephews, you
looked after me so you must be my uncle" - there goes that screwy logic
again, but I couldn't fault it.

The diner was nice, but I couldn't say what it was, Sharon and Kylie
kept talking during the meal, Kylie was now settling down at the school,
being treated as a normal kid, not one covered in cotton wool, her
schoolwork was improving and she was making friends. Sharon was sorting
out the insurance on the accident, but since Kylie was there she glossed
over the main points.

After the dinner, Kylie was told to get ready for bed; she looked at me
with a coy look and said,

"Uncle Mike, will you tuck me in, and tell me a stooory" she extended
the word and pouted her lips at me, I looked at Sharon who nodded her head,

"Okay Kylie, you go to bed and I'll be up later, " The young girl ran
upstairs in her haste to get ready, I turned to Sharon. "Are you sure of
this, I mean it doesn't really make sense!"

Sharon looked at me

"Since the accident, nothing has made sense, the only thing I do know is
that Kylie is now back to being a normal child, thanks to you, and she
believes you are the cause of this, I think you are too,"

"UNCLE MIKE - I'M READY" the excited voice from upstairs called,

"Okay, okay Uncle Mike will tuck her in and read a story to her, then
Michael will be back downstairs and will listen to your problems".

I left Sharon sitting in the room and walked up the stairs where Kylie
was standing by her bed wearing a proper - well to my way of thinking -

"Well, Kylie, aren't you getting into bed?"

"I thought you would want to tell me to, Uncle Mike, remember - 'no time
limit'" I had to blush, this was something I brought up the last time I was
in this room, then I smiled.

"Yes that was quite correct. Now Kylie I want you to get into your

"Do I have tooo?" she was smiling at this, enjoying the game.

"Don't make me get angry young lady, or I won't read anything and I'd
tan your backside, now into the bed!"

"Yes Uncle Mike, I don't want you to be angry with me, I want to be a
good girl for you!"

Kylie then hopped into the bed and pulled the covers up and smiled up at

"Am I a good girl Uncle Mike?" I nodded, "Good, can you read a story to
me please?" she pointed to her bookshelf "Mummy is reading Lion, Witch and
Wardrobe", I found the book and the bookmark - I was glad since I can't
stand people who fold the edge of the pages - and started reading.

I got as far as Edmund meeting the Ice Queen before Kylie was fast

- - - - - - -

I went downstairs, to find Sharon dozing in a chair, I patted her

"Paul, sorry I must have been ... Oh Michael, I'm sorry I must have
dropped off there, how's Kylie?"

"Asleep, which is what you should be doing!" I didn't mention her use of
her husbands' name.

"I wish I could sleep, but what with everything I just get nightmares,
and then Kylie comes into my bed as she still has trouble sleeping, I'm
just at the end of my tether."

"Oh Sharon, what's the main problem?"

"The insurance company won't pay out, something to do with a witness to
the accident, saying that Paul wasn't in full control of the car, but she's
disappeared, and until they can see her again that's it. Without the money
I don't know what to do? I'd have to get a job, then what would happen to
Kylie during the holidays? I can't leave her alone I've no family near
enough to speak of. And it all starts to build up"

"It okay, don't worry, I sure something will turn up. What's the name
of the company?"

She told me, and I made a mental note to talk to a friend of mine, I
looked at her sitting in the chair and asked her if she wanted me to stay
the night, she looked up at me, and nodded,

"If you would, I mean if you want to?"

"Sharon, it's up to you, do you want me to stay the night? Just for
company, no commitments, no demands!"

Sharon dropped her eyes and said

"Yes, I want you to say, not just for company, its been several months
since I've had a man in the house, let alone my bed, but yes, yes I want

What more could I say, I raised Sharon up from the chair and kissed her,
then kissed her again, then a thought occurred,

"Sharon, I've got no protection, are you sure you want to . . ."

"Shush, I'm on the pill, and I don't think you've got any STDs, also I
trust you, so please stop talking and start taking me to bed!"

A wise man knows when its time to stop talking and start taking action,
we kissed again and again, while kissing we started to undress, leaving the
clothes lying on the floor, I picked up Sharon and carried her upto her
bedroom, trying to be quiet I leant Sharon's head into Kylies bedroom so
that she could see the sleeping beauty, after a quick nod to me I carried
on into her bedroom.

I laid Sharon onto her bed and started to move down her body.

I let my mouth explore the valley and peaks of her breasts. Raising the
nipples to hard points, once satisfied with this I moved further down her
body, pushing my tongue into her belly-button, causing her to gasp and
wriggle about, then down to her pubic mound, where she lifted my head up,

"You don't have to do that, I mean Paul never did anything like that,"

"Shush, relax and let me have fun first. You just lie back for a few

I returned to her bush, and then followed the hairs down to the slit,
then under and returning to the slit upwards to find her clit, which was
now straining for attention, at least that was how I imagined it to be.

While sucking on her clit my right hand reached up for a breast while my
left hand came down to join my mouth, then entering her cunt, first one
finger then another, as I tried to find her 'g spot', all the time
listening to her voice above"

"Oh God, Mike, Mike, Oh God, God, God, Yes, Yes, Oh Paul, Paul, Yes,
Yes, Yessess, Aaahhhhhaaa", the orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks - I
suppose after several months she was also like a tinder-box, ready to burst
into flames.

After a few minutes she had composed herself,

"Thank you, Mike. Nobody's ever done that for me, Paul never got the
nerve to do it, but he did like me doing this", and with that Sharon
disappeared beneath the bedclothes, I felt her breath on my penis and then
a warmth engulfed it, her ministrations to it went on for some minutes,
when I couldn't hold on any longer, well yes it had been some time for me

When she surfaced, she licked her lips and smiled at me,

"Now we're even, are you ready for round 3?"

She tossed the bedclothes off the bed, then straddled me, wincing
slightly as I entered her,

"Oh God, your sooo big," - I can see where Kylie learnt to talk

"Not so big, you're just not use to this, wait for a bit until you're
use to it."

"I don't want to wait, I need it too much, can you do it for me?"

"Certainly," pulling her body down onto me I rolled over, she hooked her
legs onto my ass and I started to rock gently on top of her,

"Harder, please Mike, Harder"

"If you insist." I started to pound away on top of her hearing her grunt
at each push, and then she started to shout.

"Uh... Uh... Mike... Oh Mike.... Yes... Yes... Paul... Harder
Paul... Yes... Yes"

At this point just as I was starting to leak into her I felt small hands
hitting my back, I looked around and saw a scared Kylie hitting me and

"Stop hurting my Mummy!" The young girl, who was using all of her 72
pounds, was pounding me on my back.

"Michael why have you.... Kylie what do you think you are doing?"

"But Mummy he was hurting you, I heard you cry out", Sharon looked at me
with a 'what the hell do we do now?' question in her eyes - I looked back
at her. "Kylie, Michael wasn't hurting me, "

"Well it looked like it from here, he was pushing himself down onto you
and hurting you"

"Kylie - what have you been taught about sex education?" I asked

"We don't start that class until next term, why?"

"What has your mother told you about sex?"

"That I should never talk about it, I'll learn about it in time she
said" I looked at Sharon, Sharon looked at me, Kylie looked at us both
"You. Mean. You. And. Mummy were doing it? That's gross!"

"Why? Your mother liked it, and I liked it, so why is it gross?"

"Well, you got your thingy inside Mummy's poochie, and its all slimy" -
instant reactions? Shrinkage on my part, laughter on Sharon's.

"Kylie, we were having some fun, I'm sorry that we woke you with our
noise, we'll try to keep quiet, now go back to bed."

"But Mummy I've been having bad dreams again, can't I sleep with you"- I
looked at Sharon and said

"It's alright, I'll go home and I'll see you both tomorrow." I started
to get out of the bed, but just in time remembered where my clothes were,
"Uh, Kylie would you mind looking away for a few minutes?"


"Well, I'm kinda undressed at the moment, and it's not right for
children to see naked men and women."

"But you were naked when you were in Mummy" - sprong I was at full mast
again - "That's funny, does it always do that?"

"KYLIE you shouldn't be looking at Michael like that."

"But it did look funny Mummy, I mean it was just hanging there and then
it started to get stiff, why?" Sharon looked at me - I just shrugged my
shoulders, and said,

"It's a normal reaction that all men and boys have, it's caused by blood
inflating the spongy matter in the penis allowing the penis to become
erect." Nice to leave it clinical for the girl I thought,

"But why did it get stiff then?" - Damn there goes the clinical side -
try the erotic

"It's the sight, or idea of beautiful women and girls and that excites
men" - (should I have said that? Oh well, in for a penny) -

"But you were looking at me when it started to get erirdect, why?" - (in
for a pound)

"Because dressed in that nightdress you looked very sexy, and I started
to get some very erotic thoughts and that is also why I should go home

"You don't have to go home, I'll go back to bed and leave you and Mummy"
"Kylie, if your dreams are disturbing you I will always let you sleep
with me."

"Do you mean that Mummy, but what about... " Kylie looked at me, then
down at me.

"Kylie, I may think things, but that doesn't mean that I do everything I
think about - that could get me into a lot of trouble"

"Michael, come back to bed, and Kylie you come this side." With a shout
of glee the young girl jumped into the bed with her mother, and I made sure
I was in the other side - away from Kylie.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I awoke to the next day, the sun was shining, birds singing... and two
small hands were moving my penis back and forth, I opened one a to see
Kylie examining me (or rather it) and rubbing it, she suddenly found her
problem growing and raised her eyes to mine.

"Hello, Uncle Mike, did ya have a nice sleep?" What to do? Can't deny
it? - didn't want to deny it anyway -

"Good morning Kylie, yes thank you I did, and I like the alarm clock
your mother has in this room!" Kylie frowned slightly

"I didn't hear an alarm!" I looked at her, then down at her hands still
wrapped around my penis, she had the grace to look back at me and smile
slightly as she realised what I meant.

"Mummy said it would be alright for me to stay here if I wanted," she
looked around "and I did!"

"Why was that?"

"I wanted to be near you, "

"What? After I was hurting your mother last night?"

"I knew what you were doing! The other girls have been talking about
'it' for weeks"

"What? They knew about me and you mother?"

"No silly, just 'it' in general, I don't think any of them have done

"Well at nine or ten years old I should hope not, it isn't right for
young girls to have sex, that is what you're talking about isn't it?" She
dropped her eyes

"Yes, but why is it wrong, Mummy said she was having fun, even though it
sounded as if you were hurting her, and why did she call out Daddy's name?
It seems strange 'cause she knows Daddy isn't here anymore"

"Sex isn't wrong, if it was we wouldn't be here today, but its wrong for
force young children into having sex, even if the kid thinks its okay the
law doesn't allow it and states that the legal age is 16"

"But that's years away, I don't want to wait..."

"It doesn't matter it's the law, anyway when two people have sex..."

"You mean fuck, oops I shouldn't say that word"

"Your mother wouldn't like to hear you say it, but yes, I meant when two
people fuck they get so excited that they say things that they would
normally keep quiet about, when your mummy shouted your daddy's name it was
just that she was thinking of him at the time, it doesn't have to make
sense, love never does, and your mother really did love your daddy"

"So did I!"

"Yes pumpkin, I know, but without their love for each other you wouldn't
be here"

"(Sniff) I know"

"Well let's change the subject, why did you want to stay here in bed
with me?"

"'Cause I felt safe with you!"

"That's obvious, but why, I mean I made you do things you didn't want to
do the last time I was here" She started squirming, she didn't want to tell
me, but thought she should

"Well... when you told me to use the loo, and that you would be
checking me I felt scared, and when you were looking at me after telling me
to undress, I was still scared, but I felt something else, a tingling
feeling in, you know, 'down there'"

"In your stomach, is that where you mean?"

"Yes, well no not just my tummy, but lower down." She paused and looked
at me "It was a strange feeling, it was weird, but I liked it" she smiled
at the memory "Then when you told me to take off my knickers (giggles at
this) I wanted to but couldn't let you know, that's why I shouted at you -
I mean I know your not a bad man, I could tell" I looked at her "I don't
know how, but I knew you wouldn't really hurt me, but then you just stood
there and asked me to turn round and take them off - then you had vanished
and mummy was there standing in front of me looking at me and I had to tell
her, I couldn't stop myself"

She stopped talking as the memory washed over her, then she started to
cry again, I felt like such a fool, for pushing her back to that day, I
picked her up and held her, rocking her back and forth just murmuring words
into her ears until she quietened down.

As I realised what I was doing, a naked man holding a nine-year-old girl in her mothers' bed, I began to react again. My hands, which had been
rubbing on her nightdress covered back started to go lower down her back,
lower, lower to the hem of the nightdress, when my hands felt bare flesh,
Kylie stiffened and let out a gasp, I returned to my senses

"I'm sorry Kylie, I shouldn't have done that"

"I don't mind uncle Mike, I like you touching me"

"But I've already said that it's against the law, what if you mother saw
what I had done? She may like me touching her, but you are her young daughter, some things I may do to her I shouldn't even think about doing
them with you!"

"Uncle Mike, where are we?"

"In your mothers bed."

"What are you wearing?"

"A smile, and nothing else" That made Kylie giggle again, and then she
carried on

"What were you wearing when I got into the bed?"

"A frown and nothing else"

"Did mummy know what were wearing?"

"I should hope so, she was wearing the same!"

"When she got up this morning mummy told me I could 'stay here and enjoy
myself' but I need you to help me."

"Kylie, I don't think she really meant for me to do anything sexually to

"MUMMY, I NEED YOU" Oh shit, was I in trouble now...

"Kylie, what's wrong?"

"Its Uncle Mike, he won't touch me, 'cause he's scared of the law"

"Mike, what's Kylie on about?" So I sat there, naked, talking to Sharon,
who was wearing a nightdress, with her daughter sitting on my lap,
explaining why I wouldn't touch Kylie because of her age.

"Thank you Mike, I'm pleased you stopped where you did, I now know Kylie
is safe with you, Kylie get dressed and be downstairs for breakfast, Mike
your clothes are by the bed, and your breakfast will be downstairs in ten
minutes, see you both at the table."

Kylie ran into her bedroom and I started to get dressed, while dressing
nature made its early morning call, so I went into the bathroom, only to
find Kylie sitting on the loo smiling up at me

"Hi there Uncle Mike, will you want to check I've wiped myself?"

"No, you depraved child, just hurry up so I can use it." I turned away
from her and, using my finger as a toothbrush attended to my teeth, a
laughing voice pronounced

"Finished," I turned round to the sight of Kylie wiping her young slit
with some toilet paper, she jumped off the loo and flushed it. Due to my
state I was forced to sit on the loo and point the spray into the bowl, in
the meantime Kylie brushed her teeth, I waited for her to finish, got off
the loo, zipped up my trousers and said, smiling to show I wasn't serious.

"Kylie, what you did was wrong, and to punish you I'm going to tickle
you to death!" I chased after the giggling girl.

So a few minutes later we are sitting around the dining table, eating
breakfast, I won't bore you with the meal, just the conversation, Sharon
started the ball rolling by saying

"Mike, I'm sorry to have dropped you into this without asking you."

"Asking me what?"

"Well after last night I decided that Kylie should learn the facts of
life, but I can't do this on my own, I need your help, and what you did
upstairs shows that you are the right person to do this."

"To do what, I mean I can tell her..."

"No Mike, I want her to fully know about sex, and I know you are the
right person to do this"

"Sharon - can we talk about this away from Kylie"

"Mike if you're not going to do this then you should explain to Kylie
why, and since she is here you can do this now"

"Hold on Sharon, I haven't said I won't, I just need to clear with you
exactly what Kylie should be learning, the parameters if you like, I don't
want to go too far and cause you problems."

"Mike what do you think the word ANYTHING means, you have carte blanche
to teach my little girl exactly what love is all about. Do you understand
what I'm saying?"

I did, but what I was going to do? I hadn't yet made up my mind...

End of part 2 - working on part 3.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Normal disclaimer - This is a totally fictitious story, none of the
persons involved exists in real life, only in my head. Its okay to think
of things, but never attempt to try these at home they can damage you

I didn't expect to return to Kylie and Sharon I thought the first story was enough, but it seems my unconscious thought otherwise, and now I have
outlines for at least two chapters running through my head, but lets see
where they go,

Thank you for reading this story.

Wandering Lanes, 27th July 2001.


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