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The Girl with a Bicycle 3


The girl With a Bicycle - (MF, slow) By Wandering Lanes

The girl With a Bicycle - part 3

It was later that day, I phoned Rob, a guy I knew who worked on the
local paper, I asked him what he knew about the insurance firm Sharon had
told me about, there was a long pause then Rob said,

"Mike, can I call you back on this, tell you what I'll come round and
see you"

A few minutes later the phone rang and Sharon was on it

"Mike, I've found a job, I start on Monday." I smiled and said

"That's wonderful, where are you working?" she named the same local
paper as Rob worked on then she dropped the bombshell,

"Of course, I won't be home when Kylie not in school, and I don't want
her to be on her own, so I don't suppose you'd mind looking after her,
that's only until I get home, which I'm told will be about seven o'clock in
the evening, otherwise I won't be able to take the job."

A slight case of emotional blackmail, of course Kylie wouldn't mind
staying with Uncle Mike for a few hours after school, I was still trying to
make up my mind about her proposition,

"That's no problem, I'm sure Kylie can do her homework here."

"Thanks Mike, I owe you again. Will you come round for dinner again
tonight, there's more we need to sort out."

"That's a bit of an understatement, but yes I will, bye Sharon, see you
tonight." Monday, well today is Friday, I should be able to clean up the
house a bit and make room for Kylie to work, if I get on with the cleaning

Its amazing how much debris gathers when you live on your own, I was
sorting out papers from several years ago when the doorbell rang, It was
Rob, with him was another man,

"Mike this is Richard, he's looking into the insurance company you were
telling me about. You don't mind him being here do you?"

"Not at all, come in both of you, I'm sorry about the mess, decided to
do some late spring cleaning."

Rob gave me a 'what you?' look but didn't say anything, Richard started
the ball rolling.

"Mike, you don't mind if I call you Mike do you?", I gestured to show it
was okay and he continued, "Well we've been following some complaints about
this firm, why are you interested in it?"

I gave a sanitised version of how I met with Sharon and her daughter Kylie - I mention them in that order, and how she was having problems with
the firm not paying out, due to an eye-witness, at the mention of that
Richard nodded his head,

"Yes that is how they working, after several months they send a letter
saying that as the witness is not available at the time the payment will be
deferred until the witness can be found, they've done this 4 times already!
What's the surname of Sharon, and her husbands name?"

I told them and Rob said,

"Sharon Williams, that names familiar, where have I heard it before?"

"Today in your office I suppose, that's the way this seems to be
happening, she's just got a job at your paper, starts Monday!"

"That's it, but not with me. She's going to be the editors secretary."

"Is that going to be a problem?"

"No it shouldn't be, anyway I'll have to let her know!"


"The Editor, didn't you know? We're moving on in this world," I had to
stop him from continuing on, or else we'd be there for weeks, that's the
problem with Rob.

"Okay, what can you do?" Richard answered,

"Well, we'll need to know when the accident occurred, and which police
station took the witnesses statement, particularly the officer who took the
statement, try to get a description of the woman, and if we can get her

"Do you want to talk to Sharon?"

"Well, yes if she can officially ask us to follow this up it will help
us no end." I got up and walked to the phone.

"If she says no, will you promise not to try to influence her? She's
already been through a lot!"

"If she says no, fine, we have the other cases that we can use, but this
is a new case, with her permission we can have access to more area that
you'd realise."

I dialled Sharon's number, on the third ring she answered,

"Sharon? Mike here, I want to know something, but you are free to say
no, okay?"

"Mike, why, oh never mind, ask away"

"If I knew some friends who may be able to help you, but who need to
know more about Paul's accident, could you talk to them?"

"Well, I suppose so, what can they do?"

"If you come round here, you can meet them now, and they'll tell you."

"Okay Mike, but there is one problem. I don't know where you live!"
This was true, Kylie found me, and I already knew where they lived, but I'd
never actually told Sharon the address, this was soon rectified and some
minute's later Sharon arrived.

"Sharon, this is Rob and Richard, I'd better let you know that Rob works
at the same paper you'll be working for, so you may get to see him more
often than you'd like, " Rob grinned at this then realised exactly what I
said and stopped grinning, "and this is Richard, I'm sorry Richard, but you
didn't say which office you worked in."

"Actually I work for the Police, Fraud Squad," Sharon looked at me with
a questioning look, "It's alright Mrs. Williams, I didn't tell Mike and I
still need your help, if you want me to help you"

"Well, yes of course I want you to help me, I don't know how I can help
you, I would have thought you'd be able to do anything."

"You'd be surprised, how about if you first tell me everything you can
about the accident", as Sharon stated to talk I pulled Rob into another

"Why the hell didn't you tell me?"

"Mike, it's an official police case, the paper got involved in it and
the cops thought it'd be better if people thought the paper was doing the
checking, not so much hidden away, you know how it is!"

"I thought I did! Why are you with him?"

"Well you know, human interest side, the problems on grieving relatives
when the big businesses won't pay up! How the big shots are fucking up the
small person, that's why! - Plus the fact that they threatened to arrest
the lot of us for withholding evidence."

"Have you got any?"

"Yes, we managed to get the name of the last two eye-witnesses, both
women, both with the same basic description, then the sky fell in and the
Fraud Squad arrived and started to ask us questions, finally it was decided
that we'd continue to work on the story, while they worked in the
background. Look Mike it all off the record, you don't know anything about
this, and I never told you!" I gave him a long hard look at the 'off the
record' bit, first time I'd heard a reporter say that!

"Alright Rob, but should this turn sour, I'd hate to be in your shoes,
Sharon will be working in the same office and will be able to kick your
shins every time you pass her, I'd even pay out for studs so that it really
hurts, I do hope you understand!"

"Christ Mike, you do know how to hurt a person don't you? Don't worry,
nothing's going to go wrong!"

"As if I'd never heard that one before, help me find some tissues will
you, I think Sharon's going to need them!"

I continued to clean the place, until I heard the living room door open
and Richards voice saying,

"That's okay Mrs. Williams, I think I have enough to be going on, I
have your number if I need to contact you again, " as he left the room he
glanced up at me, "I can't deal with women and tears, never know what to
say or do." He took at closer look at me, "Mike, can I trust you not to
mention who I am, or that I came here?"

"Richard as long as you are sure you can help her, I'll keep quiet, now
if you'll excuse me I've got some tissues to take into Sharon, if you've
got nothing else that needs to be done that is?"

"No, anything else we may need from Mrs. Williams I should be able to
ask at the paper, goodbye."

Richard and Rob left the house, and I went to comfort Sharon.

- - - - - - - -

It was some time later that Sharon was finally able calm down, I didn't
ask any questions, I didn't think I should, if Sharon wanted to talk to me
she would, but in her own time, time! One o'clock! Well I was peckish and
I thought Sharon would be too.

I fried some bacon and eggs, brought them to Sharon and we ate them in

When we'd finished I sat down in front of Sharon,

"We need to talk, mainly about Kylie and your suggestion." Sharon looked
slightly blank, then her mind caught up with me and she nodded.

"I'll teach her, " she started to speak, I held up my hand, "But. I
will not do anything to hurt her, if she is a virgin then she is going to
remain one until she is old enough, that age will be the legal one as far
as I am concerned."

"But how will she learn....."

"She will learn all she needs to know, possibly a bit more that you
think, but I will not go further. Do you agree to this?"

"We'll its not what I wanted, but I suppose so. But you may disappoint
Kylie you know!"

"How can I disappoint Kylie? I didn't promise anything."

"No but I did tell you...."

"You told me I had carte blanche, well that's as far as I'm going, It
wouldn't be fair on her to force her to learn things beyond her control,
that's another thing. She will have control. When she wants to stop, I'll
stop!" Brave words weren't they, but how can I tell when she wants me to
stop, and then I remembered numerous stories I'd read.

"She will have to have a safeword, " Sharon looked at me quizzically.
"A word that means 'stop I've had enough' it should be unusual enough that
it doesn't occur in normal language, but simple enough to remember" I
thought for an idea - table, chair, fireplace, dinosaur, why dinosaur? Why

"Tell Kylie that if I ever move too fast for her, or if she ever thinks
I'm forcing her to say 'dinosaur', that will tell me to stop. Okay?"

"Well if that is what you say, then it will have to be, but I think
Kylie wants more that you realise."

"She may want more, but I'll only give her as much as I think she can
handle, " this made me smile as I thought of what she was handling earlier.
The memory also caused something else to rise,

"Sharon, what time do you have to be home?"

"Kylie doesn't get home until after 3, although she is getting later
nowadays, staying behind to play with her friends, you know I didn't think
she'd be able to do that some weeks ago, now look at her, almost back to
normal, "

"Yes, its good, it also means that you have just over an hour before you
should thing about getting home, what do you want to do in that time?"
Sharon smiled at me, got up, took my hand and said,

"Which way to your bedroom?"

- - - - - - - - - - - -

We arrived in my bedroom and quickly divested ourselves of the suddenly
constricting clothing.

"Oh Mike, until last night I never realised I was missing this! Paul
was always playing with me before Kylie arrived, and seemed to lose
interest afterwards. We still had sex, but it seemed never enough? Oh god
that sounds so... So... Callus of me! God why did he have to die?"

"I don't know, no one does. We never know what is going to happen in
life, but things do happen, and we have to put up with it." The words were
daft, but she didn't really listen to me.

"Oh Mike, hold me for a bit, just hold me." So I did, there we laid on
top of the bed, naked but hugging each other, me whispering soothing words
into her ears as Sharon quietly sobbed to herself.

After a few minutes she stopped, then looked up at me.

"I'm okay now Mike, do you want me now?"

"Sharon, ever since I met you I've wanted you! The question is... Do
you want me to make love to you?"

"Please Mike, I want you now!"

She manoeuvred herself onto her back, still holding me. It didn't take
me long before I entered her. She was still tight although we seems to fit
each other nicely, I took my time slowly moving within her whilst our
tongues were starting to duel in our mouths.

Soon Sharon stopped kissing and started to softly moan beneath me.

"Oh, yes, good, oh good, yes, yes. Oh Mike, yes." At this point I
speeded my motions and felt Sharon meeting me with every thrust.

"Mike, yes, MIKE, OH MIKE, OH PAUL, PAUL, YES, YES, YEESS!" and her
orgasm hit her, and I felt myself emptying myself inside her at the same
time. With all the emotion and the trials of the day so far we both fell

I awoke to see Sharon's face in deep repose, a slight smile passing her
lips. I looked at my watch, Four thirty.

"Sharon, wake up. Its late."

"Few more minutes Paul, please." I shook her shoulders until she looked
at me, "Sorry Mike, I must have drifted off."

"I'd say. We both did, it half past four!" Her eyes opened in shock.

"Kylie! She'll be so worried." We quickly got dressed and hurried
downstairs, to hear the sound of the television in the front room. I
looked in to find.. Kylie? How did she..? The young girl turned round
and smiled.

"Oh, you're awake now, did you know you left your back door open? That
can be very dangerous, I mean anyone could just walk in!"

"Sharon! I don't think you need to rush." Sharon walked into the room
at the sound of my voice.

"Kylie? How did you get here?"

"Well, you weren't at home, and I didn't know where you were. So I
thought that Uncle Mike could look after me until you came back. When I
got here I couldn't find Uncle Mike, although the back door was open, so I
came in and looked around. And after I found you both up in the bedroom I
decided to watch TV, "She looked at me and asked, "That was okay? Wasn't
it Uncle Mike?"

I laughed and nodded.

"Yes, Kylie it was. But I think your mother should be taking you home

"I agree Mike, come on Kylie we've got to go."

"Can't I stay with Uncle Mike for a while?" To be honest I couldn't say
no, but Sharon said,

"Not now Kylie, I don't think Mike could cope with you at the moment.
You'll see him at dinner tonight, 'Bye Mike, come on Kylie!"

"Okay mum, goodbye Uncle Mike, see you at dinner" and they both went out
of the room and started to walk home.

- - - - - - - - - -

So for the second night I found myself with Sharon and Kylie eating

"So, Kylie how was your day at school?"

"Fun, with the holidays coming we didn't do much, just messing about." -
Holidays, shit and this was the summer term, now if this was America then
the kids would be sent to camp, but this wasn't - hold on there may be an

"Uh, Kylie do you belong to the brownies or guides"

"Well I used to, back at the other home, but I haven't joined any here",
dashed again and I noticed Sharon looking at me and smiling,

"Oh don't worry Kylie, I've spoken to the local Brown Owl, and she is
happy to let you attend Brownies, and you'll also be able to go to the
summer camp, next month," she looked at me again and said, "But we still
have to work out what to do until then!"

Well, four weeks isn't that bad, I should be able to cope. I hope!

"..Ike?" I looked up,

"Sorry, I'm afraid I was miles away, what did you say?"

"Kylie asked if you'd tuck her in again tonight, she got worried when
you didn't answer."

"I'm sorry Kylie, yes certainly I'll tuck you in, I take it you want me
to read again?"

"Yes please Uncle Mike." There were lights shining in her eyes.

I looked at Sharon and mouthed 'what about the job? Have you told her
yet?' She started and shook her head, I gave, what I hoped was a meaningful
look at Kylie, at which Sharon spoke.

"Kylie, I have, that is I. Sorry Mike I can't say it."

"What is it Mum, has Uncle Mike said no?" And she looked so dejected I
decided to speak up.

"No Kylie, I haven't said no." At this the young girl jumped up and
started kissing me, I looked at Sharon who just shrugged her shoulders -
very helpful, I just had to wait for the clockwork to run down, I suppose?

Eventually Kylie slowed down to a level where I could hold her down and
talk to her.

"Kylie, the news your mother wanted to say was that she has had to get a
job, which she starts on Monday", Kylie looked at her mother,

"But, I'll be home on Monday, what am I going to do?" Then she looked at
me and smiled, "But, I think Uncle Mike will be able to help me, won't you
Uncle Mike?"

"We'll have to see, but you're right it isn't proper for a child to be
in a house alone," There was an indignant 'Humph!' from beside me so I
continued, "I'm sorry Kylie, but that is how others see you, and all
children your age."

"I could go round to Becky's and play with her!"

"Yes, but I don't think her mother would want you there all day for 4
weeks, do you?" a small angelic face beamed at us.

"Oh but she won't mind at all," then Kylie started to laugh "'Cos she's
working as well!"

"Well you'd need to have an adult close by, what about her brothers,
can't they keep an eye on you"

"No, er.. er.. She only has one and he's normally out all day," her
eyes clouded over at this, then they cleared and went back to brightness
"But Uncle Mike is very close to where Becky lives, so he could keep an eye
on us." Sharon blinked at this and said,

"But what happens when Mike goes to work," I had to stop her at this

"That's okay, I don't work as such anymore,"

"What do you do, Uncle Mike, you've never said"

"I do as little as I want. Whenever I want. Don't worry I'll be at
home if Kylie needs me," I had a thought which I decided to act on later,
it would be easier if Kylie could call me whenever she wanted, but I didn't
like the idea of kids with mobile phones, but we were in radio range, and
small transceivers are available. Yes it could work that way I'd be able
to contact Kylie, and ......

"..Ike you've gone again!" Sharon was nudging my shoulder, I looked at

"Sorry Sharon, just thinking about how to keep tabs on Kylie, what's up"

"Kylie is! And she's waiting for you to tuck her in".

"I didn't know I'd been thinking for so long," she started to gently

"You weren't really, it just Kylie is so excited at having someone to be
a 'father' for her. Paul is, no Paul. Was. Very. Close to her, so your
doing this is making her happy." This was starting to affect her again, as
tears started to weep from her eyes, I wiped them away with my

"I do what I can to make her happy, tonight its tucking her into bed and
reading - We'll see what happens later okay?" She smiled again and nodded,
I walked upstairs back into Kylie's room.

I looked around at the mess, there were toys scattered everywhere, and
her school clothes were lying draped over a chair, Kylie was in her
nightdress and standing by her bed again, I looked at her sternly.

"Isn't this a bit untidy young lady?"

"Well mummy didn't have time today to clean it!" she looked at me

"So? You should have cleaned it after yourself."

"I'm a kid, I'm supposed to make a mess!" Yes, I'd heard that one
before. I kept my face straight.

"Alright Kylie, the Monster is now in! Now I'm telling you to clean up
this room,"

"But that's not fair!"

"No it isn't, your mother has been hit very hard, she's trying to make a
home for you, and is having to give up being able to take full care of you
by working, don't you think you should try to help her when you can?" - yes
it was a harsh way of putting it, but I didn't think Kylie would want me to
soften it, damn this kid is getting under my skin.

"i ..................," - now my hearing is going again,

"Sorry young lady, what was that?"

"I suppose so!"

"Good, now lets get started", I surprised her by picking up some of the
toys and placing them in the cupboard where they lived, she started to run
around clearing the mess up, soon the room was tidy.

"Good, now tomorrow you can start downstairs with the Hoover." She
looked up at me with an angry expression on her face, I couldn't help it I
burst into laughter, "I'm only joking, well done. Now if you'll get into
bed I start the story". I reached for the book, but before starting said,

"Kylie, is there a problem with Becky's brother?"

"Uncle Mike, is it wrong to break a promise?" The sudden question seemed
strange coming at this time, but I decided to answer.

"Normally yes, unless you're being pressured into something you don't
like, say bullies threatening you, or strange adults making you do things
you don't want to do. Then tell someone you trust."

"What if you promised someone else never to tell a secret?"

"That's a tough question, I would say you would have to think about it
and decide which would cause the more trouble, telling or not telling?
Talk it over with the person you've promised then decide."

"Thank you Uncle Mike." Thinking on how busy Sharon had been today I
asked Kylie,

"Did you mother mention anything about Dinosaurs?"

"No, nothing why? Are you taking me to the pictures?"

"Uh, no Kylie I wasn't, " Should I talk about this so late at night, for
the young girl it was anyway, better to do it now than forget, "Kylie, you
know I have said I will teach you about some parts of sex?"

"Yes, Uncle Mike thanks!"

"Well there may be some things I will start to do that might frighten

"You'd never really frighten me Uncle Mike, I know you too well."

"Okay then, there may be times when you want me to stop, but I won't
listen for the word stop," Kylie looked quizzical at this.

"Why not? Stop means stop doesn't it?"

"Yes it does, but sometimes people get so excited that small words
aren't listened to." She still looked confused at this, so I continued, "I
want you to remember the word Dinosaur."

"That's silly!"

"Yes. It's so silly that I'd stop whatever I was doing to find out why!
If you just said stop I might ignore you, do you understand now?"

"Yes Uncle Mike, can you read to me now?"

"Certainly, snuggle down now." And I started to read the book to her.

Edmund had just admitted being in Narnia before, when Kylie fell fast

- - - - - - - - -

I returned to Sharon who was looking nervous.

"Is everything okay? You seemed to be so long up there?"

"Everything is fine, Just a small case of cleaning before going to bed,
why does she leave everything on the floor?"

"So that she knows where it is! Did you ask her anything else?"

"Only for her safeword, " Sharon looked down

"Oh yes, I forgot to tell her, sorry"

"That's all right, no harm done, she also asked if it was wrong to break
a promise, " Now Sharon was completely mystified.

"Break a promise? But who did she promise? What about? Did you ask


"No? But why is she promising things to others? She should be able to
tell me."

"I think this is about someone else's problem she's' been made a party
to, let her think it over, I mean she's going to have to keep secrets from
her friends at some times." Sharon blushed at this, then looked up again at

"Mike, even after what we did this afternoon, would you mind sleeping
here with me tonight?"

"Sharon, I even brought my own toothbrush."

- 30 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Normal notice, the persons in this story are fictitious, and only reside
in my head, any resemblance to persons living or dead must be a coincidence
and should be treated as such. Also the normal disclaimers will apply.

At this point I must thank those people who were kind enough to write to
let me know how much they liked my stories, I hope I haven't disappointed
them with this ;-}

Parts 4 and 5 are in the pipeline, introducing more characters and plot
twists; I'm dying to know what's going to happen as well!

- Wandering lanes.

31st July 2001.


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