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The Girl with a Bicycle 4


The girl With A Bicycle - Part 4 (MF Slow) By Wandering Lanes.

The next day I awoke in Sharon's bed, for the second time. But this
time there was an extra weight behind me, I opened my eyes to see Sharon's
face in repose, calm, peaceful and lovely, I looked over my shoulder to see
Kylie, also asleep but sucking her thumb.

"Good morning," this was from Sharon who had also woken up

"Good morning, you do know there's someone else in this bed with us?"

"When did she get in?"

"No idea, but at least she didn't attack me this time!" Sharon blushed,

"Well, we weren't doing much last night. How about doing something

"What! With Kylie here?" I must admit to being slightly shocked, and
yet the thought of having Sharon while her daughter was asleep in the same
bed was highly erotic.

"I do want her to learn you know, and if you won't force her, you'll
have to do me."

"Okay you minx, how do you want it?"

"Can I be on top this time, I want to do all the work", I nodded my head
and soon Sharon was deeply impaled on me.

"Oh, that feels sooo good." She said pausing for a moment, to allow her
body to get use to the intrusion, then she started to gently raise herself,
then down again, enjoying the friction the motion caused, this soon started
her getting wet, and allowing her to bob up and down faster, making the bed

All too soon Sharon was starting to climax,

"Mike, yes, yes, Mike, oh yes, god, yes, Paul, Paul, PAUL, Oh God, PAUL,
GOD." At this point a small voice said,

"Dad, We're sinking! Help" and Kylie shook herself awake, saw Sharon,
gasping and sweating, straddled across my body, she started back and fell
off the bed with an "Ouch".

"Kylie? Are you alright?" This from me as Sharon hadn't realised what
had happened.

"Yes, I'm fine, I had a strange dream though." Her head slowly raised
itself from beside the bed to look at her mother, now lying over my body,
"You guys were doing it again weren't you?"

"Sorry Kylie, I'm afraid we were." I tried to look sheepish at her, then
she started asking questions.

"Why ain't you over mummy? Why is she on top of you? And she's still
calling Daddy's name." This time Sharon started to stir.

"Oh Mike, I'm sorry, I should have waited for you, why didn't you cum?"

"I was about to, but then Kylie fell off the bed, and I sort of forgot
about it."

"Kylie, Oh is she hurt?"

"No mummy, I landed on my bum, I'm okay."

"That's bottom darling, not bum, Well now you're up you can get

"But there's no school today, its Saturday."

"I know what day it is, now please get dressed."

"Oh mum, I wanted to stay in bed with Uncle Mike!" a reaction on my part
caused Sharon to groan.

"And I think Uncle Mike would like you to as well, but I have things to
do today, so please do as I say." Kylie made an appeal.

"Uncle Mike, can't I stay here with you, pleeaase." It was a good appeal
and an umpire could have upheld it, but Sharon looked into my eyes with an
'if you dare cross me in this!' look, I knew where my best interest lie.

"Sorry Kylie, but if your mother says to get dressed, then you should do
as she says". Kylie looked at me then thought, and smiled.

"DINOSAUR, Uncle Mike, DINOSAUR!" I shook my head,

"Sorry Kylie, that only helps if I'm frightening or hurting you. - I'm
not even touching you!" she smiled

"That's why I said it Uncle Mike, 'cause you're not touching me and
that's scaring me!" I had to smile at that.

"Go and get dressed Kylie, and don't hog the loo today, I'll need to use
it as well soon." At this she laughed and left the room. Sharon put on a
housecoat and got up,

"Talking of which, I need to get there first, " with that she also left
the bedroom, As I started to get dressed, a whining voice said,

"Mummy please hurry up, I have to get there", the door unlocked and I
saw Kylie scampering into the bathroom.

I went downstairs and got breakfast ready, mainly cereals for all, with
tea for Sharon and myself, some juice for Kylie, I looked at the time 9:30,
I hadn't realised it was so late, I'd have to get home to shave before I
could do any work at home.

Sharon came downstairs and looked at the food already laid out,

"Thanks Mike, I've got to do some shopping today, I think Kylie has a
friend coming over to play soon, the girl she mention last night, Rebecca
is her name, but she prefers Becky", On cue the front door bell rang, as I
was closest I went and answered it.

"Hello Mrs. Willi... " The girl's voice went silent as she looked at

"Hello, you must be Rebecca, I'm Mike, Kylie will be down in a moment.
Do you want to come in?" She nodded yes, and sidled in as I opened the door
wide. Her whole manner had altered in the few seconds that she had met me.

"Hello Becky," Said Sharon, who then called up the stairs "Kylie,
Becky's here."

"I'll be down in a minute, " then the sound of the toilet flushing which
let us all know where she was, then "Uncle Mike? The bathrooms free!"

I said, "Would you excuse me" and started to climb the stairs for some

When I came back down, a half glass of juice and almost empty bowl of
cereal was all that remained of Kylie and an empty glass used by Becky,
Sharon was still eating and my bowl awaited my attention.

"Mike, as I was saying, I need to go shopping, I've told Kylie that she
can go to your house when she's finished playing, that should be around
mid-day, I hope that's okay?"

"Yes Sharon, that's fine," I quickly finished eating and helped Sharon
with the washing up, we both left the house at the same time, Sharon to
catch the bus into town, and myself to walk home.

- - - - - - - - - -

I managed to finish the cleaning when the front door bell rang. I
opened it to find Kylie standing there with Rebecca hanging behind her.

"Hi there Uncle Mike, Is it okay if we come in?" there was a pleading
look in her eyes so I said,

"Yes Kylie, do you want to take your bikes round to the back, I've got a
table and chairs out there so you can sit out there, do you want a drink?"

"Uncle Mike! You know we're too young for alcohol!" a smile and
sparkling eyes covered the shocked voice.

"I did mean a soft drink you young reprobate, the word drink covers a
lot of liquid refreshments you know!"

"Oh I'm sorry, Uncle Mike, I don't know where I got the idea from." And
neither did I, I didn't think Sharon was the type to drink, but Rebecca was
starting to look nervous,

"Good, now go round the back, I'll bring out the drinks." While the two
girls manoeuvred their bikes through the back gate I went into the kitchen
and made a pitcher of orange squash and took it with three glasses out to
the back garden.

When I got there, both girls were sitting by the table, Kylie in a
recliner chair and Rebecca in a straight backed chair, her eyes followed me
as I put the tray of drink onto the table, I thought it best to take the
other chair which was on Kylies side.

"So girls, what do you have planned for the rest of the day?"

"Nothing much, we were going to watch TV, then Darren came home and
started to watch sports. And that booorrriiinng"

"Well you can watch tv here, I've got satellite. You can watch Fox Kids
or cartoon Network?" Kylie looked at Rebecca who shook her head slightly.

"Not just now Uncle Mike, can't we just stay here in the garden?"

"Of course you can, anything else?"

"Can I ask you questions?"

"Only if I know the answers?" Kylie's face blanked for a moment, then
she glanced at Rebecca and said,

"When you and mummy was doing 'it', why did she make those noises, were
you hurting her?" There was a gasp from Rebecca when she heard this. So I
decided to evade the question until later.

"Kylie, that is not the type of question I think you should ask, I'm
sure you've embarrass Rebecca here. Why don't you ask a nice question?"

"Uncle Mike her name is Becky, she doesn't like Rebecca, that's what her
brother always calls her, and he's..."

"KYLIE, you promised!"

"Kylie is this what you were asking me about last night?" She nodded her

"Yes Uncle Mike, Becky I've kept my promise I haven't said anything"

"Becky I can tell you, Kylie asked me if she should keep a promise, I
said that she should talk to the person she promised, Kylie hasn't told me
anything." There was a hurt look in Rebecca's (No Becky's) eyes as she
looked at Kylie.

"Becky, You're one of the few friends I have, I would never break a
promise." Becky looked close to tears, but, from the way she treated me,
she wouldn't want me near her, I had to leave this to Kylie,

"Uncle Mike, pleease answer my question, it is important, and I'd like
Becky to hear what you have to say, she won't tell anyone about it honest!"

"Okay Kylie, I'll trust you and you both know I could be in trouble for
telling you both this. Okay, why did your mother make noises? - When
making love both partners are involved in coming together, this is to
create friction on the man's penis and also the woman's virgina the speed
and force involved will push the diaphragm of the woman up and this forces
air out of her lungs, making a grunting noise. Was this the noise you were
on about?"

"Well, that was one of the noises, but why did she start making that
moaning noise and then she started shouting out daddy's name?"

"When a woman approaches a climax she gets so excited, some will gently
moan and shake, others, like your mother, are very vocal, they get so
excited that they will shout out anything, Your mother is still in love
with your daddy so she believes he is making love to her."

"Don't call it making love, you were fucking her weren't you!" This was
said very vociferously from Becky.

"No Becky. When sex is good, or very good - its making love, its soft,
warm and afterwards very relaxing, when sex is bad it's hard, fast, and
hurtful and that's fucking. When people are in really in love they want to
make to feelings last."

"Yeah, but you've just met Kylies mom, so you can't be in love with her,
so you must be fucking her!"

"I agree! I have just met Sharon, but you don't have to know a person
for a long time before you can love her. Plus she needed relaxing sex,
which is what I was doing."

"Before I came in and started to hit you!" This was from Kylie, "but I
thought you were hurting mummy".

"Oh I bet he tanned your hide for you"

"No he didn't, but he did look funny", Kylie was smiling at the memory.

"How do you mean, funny?"

Well, he got out of the bed, and he didn't have any clothes on, and his
thing was hanging down, " - this time she was starting to laugh, I had to
smile at the words used, but decided to carry on with the lesson at this

"Uh, Kylie I think it's time to use proper words, it isn't a thing, it's
a penis, or dick or cock- there are other words, but I'm not telling you
what they are just yet."

"Okay Uncle Mike. His 'dick' was hanging down, then he looked at me and
it began to get stiff"

"I thought they were stiff all the time, Darren's cock is always stiff."
After saying that she covered her mouth with her hands. I looked at Becky
and asked.

"Was that the secret you told Kylie?" She lowered her head and nodded,
"Is there anything you want me to do?" She shook her head and then said

"I've got to go! Sorry Kylie I'll see you later" and she got up from
the chair ran to her bike and was out of the gate. Kylie watched her open

"Oh shiit, I thought listening to you would help her. I'll have to try
again later."

"Is that why you wanted to talk?" She nodded, "and why you were going on
about alcohol?" Another nod,

"Every time Darren drinks he starts attacking Becky. She says he's be
doing it for two years"

"Why doesn't she tell her parents?"

"She's tried, but they never believe her, they think she's just trying
to get him into trouble"

"How much older is he?"

"'Bout 6 years, he's 16 ya know. That's why she didn't wanna come round
'cause you're here"

"Because she thinks I'd attack her?"

"Yes, she even has problems with the teachers at school, won't go near
some of the men, she's even afraid of some of the women!"

"Why, I can't see that she would have anything to worry about? At least
not with the female staff?"

"Well her brother said that he'd already had sex with most of them, and
they'd stop Becky from saying anything to people, so she couldn't even talk
to them!"

"Do you believe him?"

"No, I think he's frighten that Becky would tell on him. So he's
telling her lies isn't he?"

"Yes I think he is, would Becky talk to me about it?"

"No, I've asked her, but she doesn't think anyone can help her."

"Well in this case don't force her, but don't trust her brother!"

"I don't! And I don't like him! But Uncle Mike, Becky's invited me
round for a sleep over on Wednesday, and I can't say no, can I."

"No you can't. Kylie I want to go to town and buy some stuff."

"Can I stay and watch TV? We haven't got satellite or cable yet." I
smiled and said,

"Yes you can, don't open the door to strangers, and are you sure you'll
be able to use the remote?" On cue she came back with the line from a film.

"I'm a kid, televisions a way of life!"

- - - - - - - - - - -

Its amazing what you can buy, if you know the right people and can pay
out for it. Looking in the back of an electrical shop, I managed to find
wrist sized two-way radios, with watches in them. Real Dick Tracy stuff,
they could be tuned to any normal frequency, plus they could put out a
homing signal at the press of a switch, a bit like that tracker system for
cars. On a whim I brought two of them and a base receiver, at least I
could keep an ear on Kylie, if not an eye.

When I got the radios home Sharon was there, with a carrier bag. Kylie
was glued to the television and didn't even notice us. I showed Sharon the
transceivers and the base unit she said something like 'boys and their
toys' - She showed me the contents of the bag, it held two yellow jerseys,
a brown skirt and brown trousers, on the jerseys was written Brownies. I
looked into her eyes and said,

"You'd never fit in those!" She laughed and punched me in the arm,

"They're for Kylie you idiot. I've managed to get her into the local
Brownies, and she's expected to be at the church hall tomorrow afternoon.
Mike? Do you mind if I don't invite you back with me tonight?"

"Not at all Sharon, I think you need time to think things out, don't
you?" She gave a sad smile and nodded.

"Yes, I do. Tell you what, if you meet Kylie from Brownies tomorrow,
you can have tea with us in the afternoon".

"That's sounds fine, what time should I pick Kylie up?"

"About half four. You won't forget will you?"

"I'll engrave it on my arm if you want?"

"No need to go that far, see you tomorrow". She managed to pull Kylie
away from the television, I showed her the radio, how to set the time on
the watch part, and how to use the transceiver, which she practised until
she was sure how it worked - all of 5 minutes! Kids! I promised her that
I'd keep the base station on all night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Late that night the radio came on.

"Uncle Mike, are you there?"

"I'm here Kylie, what's up?"

"Nothing really, I just wanted to say thanks"

"You're welcome Kylie, now get some sleep, I'll see you tomorrow

"So, mummy said. Goodnight Uncle Mike."

"Goodnight Kylie."

"I love you Uncle Mike......."

With that voice echoing in my ears I went to sleep.

- 30 _____________________________________________________________

I'm sorry this chapter is a little shorter than the other 3, I find
myself on a time limit. I will be unable to post any more for about a
week, sorry commitments force this on me. However whenever I am able to I
will be writing more chapters, so may be able to post them in two weeks

As with all stories, remember - This is a work of fiction, the people
involved here (with the exception of the author) do not exist. (or maybe
they exist but I don't ;-) ). All normal disclaimers apply.

Again Thanks to The Troubador, Hopeless Romantic, Deb and Ken.

Oh by the way I notice that the second chapter was called girl with at
bicycle - sorry finger trouble, my fault not ASSTR's - Wandering Lanes


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