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The Girl with a Bicycle 6


Codes ( M, F, g, no sex, slow)

The girl With a Bicycle - Part 6 by Wandering Lanes

Monday morning found me eating breakfast, after having washed, shaved
and dressed, I knew Sharon would be off to work at nine o'clock, and I
would be expected to baby-sit Kylie.

I didn't have anything planned, although I did want to go into town to
get two more radio/receivers, one for myself and one for Sharon.

Plus I didn't trust myself alone with Kylie in the house - that was the
whole of the problem. Now if it were Sharon herself? No problem! But
Kylie was too young.

"Uncle Mike?" Kylie's voice came from the base station, I picked up the

"Good morning Kylie, what's up?" Well I really knew, Sharon was leaving,
and Kylie didn't know what to do?

"Mummy say's goodbye, shall I come round to you?"

"Yes please Kylie, I've got some things to do up town, but I'm sure you
can join me." A different voice came over the airwaves,

"Cool! Can I come as well, Mr. Mike?"

"Yes Becky, as long as you're mother doesn't mind?"

"She's gone to work already, I was left alone here for today."

"In that case, then yes Becky, I'd be pleased if you come too." -
pleased! Relieved was my main feeling. With two of them I'd have no time
alone with Kylie.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Becky was the first to arrive I was going suggest she waits in the
garden when she pushed into the hallway.

"Okay if I wait here Mr. Mike? Kylie should be here soon, she lives
further away."

"As long as you want to Becky, you don't have to force yourself, you do
know that."

"Mr. Mike if I thought you would do anything, I wouldn't have come
round would I?" again the convoluted logic of children in action. As if I
would do anything to hurt either Becky or Kylie, this jogged a memory.

"Becky, if I should do anything that you don't like, even if I look at
you in a odd way, say the word..." I hunted around for a word that Becky
could use, my eyes landed on... "Teapot." She looked at me as if I was
daft! Perhaps I was?

"Becky, it's a word you wouldn't normally use is it?" She shook her
head, "So if you start saying it, people would look to see why? - Wouldn't
they?" understanding appeared on her face.

"Does Kylie have a word?" I nodded, "What is it?" I shook my head.

"Its Kylie's own word, for her to use against me, understand?" She
nodded then added

"Bet she doesn't use it though. You do know she has a crush on you

"Yes I did know, but don't tell her okay?"

"Okay Mr. Mike, I'll keep quiet." Luckily there was the ring of the
doorbell announcing the arrival of Kylie.

I opened the door to the beaming face that was looking up at me.

"Hiya Uncle Mike, Becky, what're we going to do today?"

"Well first I have to go to town, then the rest of the day is yours,
okay?" Both girls nodded, I turned to Becky, "What time's your lunch?"

"We don't eat much at midday, its normally left 'till mum and dad gets

"Doesn't Darren get you anything." She looked wide-eyed and answered.

"What him, I don't think he knows where the kitchen is! Let alone how
to make a sandwich!"

"Okay, okay I get the message, well we'll go into town and see what we
can find there, come on, I'll drive you there." - Kylie's face fell - why?
But both girls followed me to my garage.

I opened the garage door and, after ensuring the girls were out of the
way, drove the car out into the light. I got out of the car, closed the
garage door and opened the back doors for the girls to enter. Becky jumped
in immediately, Kylie hung back looking at me and shaking her head. -
DAMMN, I'd forgotten.

"Hey, why ain't you getting in? Its comfy here." I turned to Becky,

"Slight problem for the moment, can you just stay there while I talk to
Kylie." Becky nodded her head, I turned back to Kylie.

"Kylie, I'm sorry. I did forget. Can you try to get into the car?" she
waited for a moment, screwing up her courage, she took a deep breath, then

After she'd entered the car I put the seat belt around her, I didn't
speak - she was acting like the sacrifice about to be put to the knife. I
kissed the top of her head, looked at Becky, I mouthed 'bad memories' she
nodded. Yes, she's had plenty of those and understood.

I started to drive, carefully, into town. Kylie lasted longer than I'd
thought. Just as we got into the outskirts of the town she began to cry,
then she said.

"Dinosaur, Oh Uncle Mike, DINOSAUR." I pulled over, made sure there was
nothing coming, opened the back door and lifted Kylie out of the seat and
onto the pavement, shutting the door afterwards. I held Kylie close to me
as she cried herself out.

"I'm sorry Uncle Mike, I didn't mean to be a bother." I tried to be as
reassuring as I could.

"That's okay Kylie, you did very well. Look." I showed her where we
were, pointed out the multi-storey car park I was heading to, "Do you think
you can last out until there?"

"I'll try Uncle Mike, honestly I will."

"Don't worry if you can't. Just let me know, okay?" she gulped and
nodded, then SHE climbed into the car and did the belt up, I closed the
door and got into the drivers seat, to be greeted with.

"How come she got a dinosaur and I'm stuck with a stupid teapot?" Kylie
and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.


After managing to park the car, get the girls out - not forgetting to
hug Kylie, we went down the lift to the shopping levels.

The first stop was at Greg's electrical outlet, there was a woman
already ahead of me, looking at a radio/transceiver set, then looking at
the price!

"Oh, I didn't realise they were that much!" she was saying to my friend,
and handed it back to him saying, "looks as if I'm going to disappoint them
then." She turned round, it was Paula - the Tawny Owl of Kylie's group
(okay sixes - daft name I think!). She saw Kylie,

"Hello Kylie." Kylie answered her and introduced me as her Uncle Mike -
this got me a sideways look and so I explained.

"I'm a friend of the family, and it looks like a child minder now!" She
laughed at that, "What's the problem?" she looked awkwardly at me and
pointed to Kylies radio.

"The girls at Brownies were so enthusiastic about Kylie's radio that We
had a discussion about them, and thought it would be useful, but with the
price they are I don't think we'd be able to afford it!"

"How many did you need?"

"Well there are 24 girls in the group, and the three of us- so 27 in
all, as I said at the prices they are, we'd never be able to raise that
much." My friend behind the counter gave a 'what can I do' look.

27? I knew he didn't have that many in stock, and it was true this
model was expensive, I asked Paula if she could look after Kylie and Becky
while I had a word with Greg.

"Mike what can I do, I've only got 12 in stock, and how do I know they
won't return them after a couple of days? I've been burned like that

"Greg, what if I guaranteed that they won't be coming back, what
discount could you give?"

"For 12 I suppose 7%." I looked at him,

"Oh come on only 7% we are talking about your last 12 here, you can do
better than that, how about 20%?" He looked at me as if I'd insulted his

"20 you've got to be kidding, I could go to 10%, if pushed." We both
knew the rules of this game,

"10% that's peanuts to you, what about 17?"

Finally we agreed on 15% discount for the 12 units, then I said,

"Now to work out the discount on the other 20 we need!". We haggled
with each other, then I produced my plastic which he swiped, charged and,
after I signed the slip, smiled at me and said.

"You could have got them cheaper, you give up too soon."

We left Gary's small office, he retrieved the 12 units, of which I took
2 and handed the other 10 to Paula.

"But we can't afford them." She was saying in a flustered manner, "How
can I explain this to Brown Owl?"

"Just say a family friend wanted to help."

"Thank you, if you ever need a favour just call." She wrote her name and
telephone number on some paper and handed it to me, I placed it in my
wallet, then I suggested.

"Paula, since there are 3 groups in your pack - is that the term?" she
smiled and nodded her head.

"Yes, we have three sixes, they are Elves, Pixies and Gnomes - Kylie is
in my sixes the Gnomes." I nodded remembering Kylies monologue last night.

"Right, well these can be tuned to any minor frequencies," she frowned
at the term, I carried on. "what if you assign a different frequency to
each 'sixes', that way they can stay in the same group, without interfering
with the others," Then Becky piped up with,

"Yeah, and they're good for 'hide 'n' seek' as well!" At Paula's puzzled
face, I showed her the tracker feature with the explanation of

"That's the real cause of the price, the tracker part is still being
developed, no-ones yet really worked out a selling point for it, but hide
and seek is still fun, even over a couple of miles." - I was sounding like
a salesman with a winning pitch, but Paula didn't seem to mind.

"Yes that does seem a good idea, Thank you again."

"That's okay, when the others are ready I'll bring them to the church

"Thanks, well goodbye, see you at Brownies, Kylie, see you again Becky",
and with that Paula left the shop.

"I like her, she's nice," this was from Becky, "Why didn't you kiss her
Mr. Mike!"

"Becky, you know she's a teacher!"

"So, she's also human you know!"

"And I'm not really interested in her at this time, come on lets look
around, okay?" and with a cry of 'Yeah!' and 'Cool', and after saying
goodbye to Greg, we carried on out of the shop and into the town centre.


While we were looking round the town there was a cry of,

"Hey, Rebecca, watcher think you doing?", and a groan of 'oh shit' from
Becky beside me.

A youth, came up to us, he was about my height, slightly heavier, and
had an attitude of 'I'm in this world and it owes me!' I took an instant
dislike to him.

"I thought it was you Rebecca, why ain't you at home? How did you get
into town anyway?"

"Kylie's uncle brought us in, Darren." - So this was the infamous
Darren, no wonder I didn't like him, Becky continued, "It boring staying at
home, and when Kylie invited me along I thought I'd might as well," Darren
looked at Kylie, I almost felt like pulling her behind me, out of his gaze.

"Oh well that's okay then, You'll keep an eye on my baby sister won't
you?" I nodded,

"Of course I will Darren, " he blinked at my use of his name, "I'll look
after her as if she was mine." The battle lines were drawn, although he
didn't realise it.

"Fine then, Oh Rebecca don't forget you know what." She nodded her head,
Darren left, but kept looking back now and again at Becky? His eyes seemed
to be directed more at Kylie! We walked on.

"What did he mean? 'don't forget you know what'" Kylie asked Becky,

"He was reminding me to keep my mouth shut." Said Becky angrily, I
hugged her,

"But you have nothing to keep you silent, we both know what's happening.
- I could still talk to people about it you know?" She thought for a bit,
then shook her head.

"No just yet Mr. Mike, I don't think it's the right time." After seeing
Darren I wasn't sure.

We arrived at the newspaper office at lunch time, I asked if Sharon
Williams was available, and we were shown up to the Editors office. Isabel
Crabb was a no-nonsense person, she seemed able to size people up within a
few minutes, she gave me a firm handshake.

"So you're Mike. Well Sharon was right!" I cocked my head at her, at
which she smiled, "You look like one of the good guys, and after I found
out you name I looked you up in our files, I didn't realise that you...." I
cut her off at this point.

"No, and I don't want Sharon to know, let me tell her in my own time.
Please?", she nodded her head,

"Okay Mike, I'll pass the word round, and I'll make sure Rob is told
twice." Yes she certainly did know people, I smiled and said thanks, both
the girls were looking up at me.

"Uncle Mike, what wrong?"

"Yeah, Mr. Mike -did you rob a bank or kill someone?"

"Nothing is wrong, and Becky I haven't killed anyone, or robbed a bank,
its just another stupid secret, which doesn't hurt anyone, but I don't want
Kylies mother to know about, at least not just yet, Okay?", both girls nodded, I turned back to Isabel,

"You don't know where Sharon is?"

"She's talking to an colleague at the moment, I think you know him, its
Richard." I nodded my head,

"Ah yes, Richard, he's working on a story with Rob I believe." If Isabel
wanted to keep the fiction alive then I should, relief showed in her eyes.

"Er.. Yes that's right" I leaned in close and whispered

"If you're going to lie, make sure you know what the lie is about first,
that's the main rule" She nodded.

"Yes, I know, but I didn't know how much you knew."

"Richard spoke to Sharon at my house, He introduced himself to us both
at the same time." She nodded.

"Well they're talking in room.... Oh no, here they come now" and sure
enough Richard was walking towards us with Sharon, who was dabbing at her
eyes, Kylie ran up to her and held onto her hand. They both looked to me.

"Hello Mike, I hope everything's okay," this was from Richard in a
slightly guarded voice.

"Hello again Richard, everything is fine, I hope the story is coming
along?" - in other words, 'don't worry, I'm not here to rock any boats'

"Oh fine, I think we'll soon be able to get it into print. Been able to
get more background from Sharon here. Well got to dash. Bye", and with
that Richard vanished down the hall. Isabel took at look at Sharon, then

"Mike why don't you take Sharon off for a long lunch break, I think she
could do with one. First day nerves and all that!" Now I was being told -
calm her down and get her to relax.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We ended up in the park, Kylie and Becky ran off to play with the
swings, and Sharon and myself ended up on a bench, my arm round her
shoulder her head pressed against my neck.

We watched the two girls as they played, normal excited children,
swinging back and forth trying to beat each other in height.

After the swings we walked along the path to the pond. The ducks were
fighting for the food against the pigeons, Kylie said that the next time we
came here we'd have to bring food, to which Becky agreed.

Sharon was more relaxed now. We went to MacDonalds - yes I was
splashing out! - The girls had happy meals, I had a Chicken Sandwich,
Sharon had Quarter Burger. While we were eating there was the sound of
sirens moving around the town.

When we finished the meals, and the girls were finished playing with the
dolls, from the happy meals, we started to walk back to the Paper.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We arrived back at the Paper's offices to find fire engines outside and
police cars blocking off the road. Smoke was coming out of the second
floor window and also from the ground floor.

Sharon dragged us round to where all the office staff were gathered, she
gave her name to a young lady who was holding a ledger, her finger was
running down a list of names, found Sharons' and ticked it off.

"Sharon, Mike, ain't we got fun."

"Rob, what's happened?"

"Firebug hits local paper, well that would be the headline, if we had a
paper to print it on."

"Much damage?"

"Can't say yet, Firemen are still damping down, they hit the records and
our offices."

"Anyone hurt?" - Why am I asking the questions? He's the journalist!

"No, maintenance found the first and everyone cleared out before it went
off. We didn't know about the other until after we left." I was starting
to get a bad feeling about this.

"Lucky they found the first wasn't it", Rob started to look sheepish at
this, Damn I knew it!. "They were looking for it weren't they?"

"Weeell, yes. It was suggested that something like this may happen, so
they've taken to doing spot checks. And this time they found something.
We get cleared out, bomb disposal gets called, and before they arrive -

"And if they hadn't have found it?"

"Relax Mike, everyone's safe." Then Isabel arrived she turned to Sharon,

"Well, I'm glad I sent you off early, this must be the shortest first
day on record, Until we can get sorted out would you mind if we postpone
your contract, at least for a few days? We'd still pay you, don't worry
about that." I whispered to Sharon,

"Take it, paid holiday after one morning, what could be better?" Sharon

"Yes thank you Isabel, that's if its okay?"

"That's fine, look we're too busy telling the cops where we were, if you
can give your statement then you should be free to leave".

Which was the case, apart from awkward question of why did you leave
early, which Isabel, who was standing with Sharon, was able to answer. I
held the two girls tightly to myself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We got back to the car, I opened the doors to allow Kylie and Becky into
the back seats, I tied the belt around Kylie and whispered into her ear.

"Will you be okay for the trip back?" She nodded, but I carried on,
"Don't forget if it gets too much, just tell me." This time the nod would
have taken her head off.

I closed the doors and got into the drivers seat, we left the
multi-storey car park and drove home, passing the street where the police
cars still had the road blocked, I turned on the radio, tuned to a pop
station. Becky was soon singing away to the song, Kylie was just quiet.

We got to my garage,

"All ashore who's going ashore, " I said as the girls and Sharon got
out, I opened the door and drove the car into the garage.

I closed the door to the garage, and went to Kylie.

"Well done, Kylie. You were very good, I'm proud of you." Becky was
puzzled, as was Sharon, I turned to Sharon and said.

"Didn't you realise this is the first time Kylie has been in a car,
seated in the back, since..." She was by Kylie in an instant.

"Oh Baby, I had forgotten, you were very brave." Becky pulled at my arm.

"What's the fuss, Its only a car ride?",

"I know Becky, but for Kylie it was more - she had to fight a personal
daemon and she'll be fighting it for some time before she's okay with it."
She still didn't understand, I can't say I blame her, I looked at Kylie.

"Can I tell her, or do want to?" Kylie shook her head,

"I'll tell her at home, later. Please Uncle Mike." I nodded my head,

"Ok, Kylie. It's up to you who you tell, and how much you tell, but
friends will always share, both the good and the bad."

We started to walk back to Sharon's home, but Kylie suggested we went to

Once we got in, Kylie asked if Becky and her could watch the television,
I let them and Sharon and I sat on the settee, snuggled up to each other,
after half an hour Becky appeared to ask if they could go out to play,
after they had gone, Sharon said.

"Mike, since the girls will be away for some time, could we..?" I
sighed, got up and lifted her up the stairs into my bedroom,

"Sometimes Sharon you are insatiable." She smiled,

"Only sometimes?" And with that she started to undress.

- 30

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My apologies to those who were expecting a bit more sex in this story, I
had to have a point to finish on, and this seemed to be it.

The normal disclaimers apply. the story is fiction, the people involved
do noe exist, the radio's don't exist either. Do I exist? Possibly.

any comments? please send them, if you don't
like this? let me know! comments can be good or bad!

Wandering Lanes 9th August 2001.


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