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The Girl with a bicycle 5


The girl With A Bicycle - 5

I woke up disorientated, everything looked normal, so what was wrong?
Then I realised. Sharon wasn't there! I'd only been with her for two
night and missing her already! This couldn't be right. As Becky said 'You
can't love her'. But I seen to be falling, both for her and Kylie.

I found that I'd dressed without knowing it, working on autopilot! I
finished shaving and went downstairs to get breakfast, I looked at my
watch. Half eight, and eight more hours before meeting Kylie at the church
hall. Somehow I knew the time would drag...

Now on a Sunday most people would go to church at Half Ten, but not me,
we had a sort of nodding association, but I reckond that if I did anything
'He or She' didn't agree with I would soon find out. I wasn't agnostic -
just lazy I suppose - all this is to explain why I didn't attend Church.

So at Ten o'clock I was sitting in my garden when I heard the front door
bell ring. When I went to answer it I found... Becky?

"Hello Becky, can I help you, I'm afraid Kylie isn't here, she should be
at home." Becky looked at me - a first - then said,

"Mister, Kylie said you would try to help me?" this was sounding like an
accusation more that a question, but I answered it anyway.

"Becky, If I can help you I will, but don't expect miracles. I will do
everything I can, You just have to say the word.", she considered this.

"Can I come in Mister," Although I didn't mind, from the way she reacted
yesterday I didn't think she really wanted to.

"Becky. My name is Mike, I leave Mr. for my father. Would you feel
better if we went into the garden, That way the neighbours will be able to
keep an eye on us, without needing to make up stories about me and young,
beautiful girls." She blushed at this, and then amazingly, actually smiled.
- a look and a smile - I must be doing something right.

She walked to the back gate, I watched her as she entered, then I closed
the front door and made my way through the house to the garden, I made some
orange squash in two glasses as I went through the kitchen, and took them
to the table, Becky was sitting in a chair, I moved one to the opposite
side of the table and sat down, we both drank the orange.

"Look" said Becky, "This thing with Kylie's mom? All you're trying to
do is to get into Kylie's knickers ain't it?" This was said in a matter of
fact type of voice, no accusations, no anger.

"Why do you say that?" I felt that two could play at that game. She
looked into my face.

"That what all the guys want, a touch, a grope, a shag! Wham bang
thanks for nothing!" Her voice showed that she know all about this, I shook
my head.

"Oh Becky, I feel sorry for you. Not everyone is like that, I will say
- Yes I love Kylie, but rape her! forget it," Becky said, in a very low

"Kylie would want it!" I just made out the words, but kept quiet. She
continued "But she still didn't tell me what happened that night, just that
she went into the same bed as you, I suppose you managed to cop a feel?"

"Nope, just went to sleep. I had been making love to Sharon and had
tired myself out. I didn't wake up until the next morning." She looked
suspiciouly at me,

"That's almost what she said, I thought you'd threatened her and made
her keep to that story,"

"Well you've heard the same story from me, what do you think?" She
thought for a moment.

"You seem to be on the level, what are you? A WIMP?" I smiled at this,

"Yes, Becky I am. I don't believe in forcing young girls to do what I
want. It's a quick way to get into trouble." She sipped her orange,
thinking. At that time Kylie's voice came over the radio.

"Uncle Mike, are you there?" Becky rolled her eyes at the 'Uncle Mike'
part, I moved the microphone to my mouth.

"Hello Kylie, I'm here, over"

"Uncle Mike, I'm bored, and I can't find Becky," I quickly looked up at
Becky and mouthed 'can I?', she nodded her head.

"Becky is here with me, do you want to come round? Don't forget you've
got Brownies later today."

"If I can Uncle Mike, Mum's busy and says I'm under her feet."

"That's okay Kylie, I'm not busy, and I could do with a footrest just
now." Becky giggled at this.

"See you soon, Uncle Mike, bye" and with that she signed off. Becky
looked at me.

"Where did you get that, Mist..., I mean Mi. No I can't just call you
that! why can't I call you Mr. Mike?"

"No reason in the world, If you're comfortable with that, use it. don't
call me wimp too often though!"

She laughed and said,

"Okay Mr. Mike, now where did you get that radio from, I've never seen
them before, how do they work." - So for the next few minutes, I explained
how they work, how to use the radio, set the watch and to use the tracker.
I then thought and said

"Why not play hide and seek with Kylie?"

"How?" I explained if one person set the 'find me' button, the other
could use the tracker.

"But I ain't got one, Mr. Mike!" I took the radio off my wrist and,
after adjusting the strap, placed it onto Becky's wrist, "Cool!"

Kylie had not arrived so I asked Becky the question I had to ask.

"Becky, is your brother forcing you to have sex with him?"

"If I say yes what are you going to do?"

"I could tell your parents," She shook her head.

"They'd never listen, I tried to tell them, but they believe him more
than me."

"Okay I could report him to the police, but that would mean people would
find out, your brother could be taken away, and the social services would
be checking on you until you're sixteen."

"I don't want that, I still like Darren, when he's not been drinking.
No don't tell them!"

"If I don't he could hurt you more, I really think you should let me?" I
made it a question, I tried to put a pleading tone in my voice, She shook
her head, "Okay Becky - I'll leave it for now, but I don't think I should!
if you change your mind let me know, okay?"

"Y.. Yes Mr. Mike. Darren doesn't really want to hurt me, It's just
when he gets drunk, he doesn't know what he's doing, he's always nice to me
in the morning."

I kept quiet, I knew that Darren wouldn't stop, and eventually something
would have to be done, but if I betrayed a trust? No! As much as I would
have liked to report him, the repercussions could be more than Becky and
her family could suffer. When Becky made up her mind, then...

"Mr. Mike, how will you be able to talk to us, I mean I've got your
radio?", I smiled and said,

"I've a base station here, tuned to the same frequency, so I can listen
in, Oh yes, remember when you use the radio others can hear you as well, so
be careful what you say to Kylie or me, okay?"

"Duh! I'm not dumb you know! I'm only nine, but still I know a lot!"
said with all the force of a young girl. Luckly I was saved by Kylie
walking into the garden.

"Hi Uncle Mike, Hi Becky - Watcha doing?" I showed Kylie Becky's wrist,
on which the radio hung and said,

"Arranging your game, Hide and seek, range 3 miles. Be careful where
you go. Private gardens are out of bounds, Time limit - Upto Lunch time,
then return to home. Understood?"

"Yes Uncle Mike." - "Yes, Mr. Mike." Kylie turned to Becky at this,

"MR. MIKE?, What all this."

"Well he ain't my uncle, and I can't call him Mike. He won't answer to
Wimp! so I'm stuck with Mr. Mike? - isn't that right Mr. Mike?", I was
almost laughing at this explaination,

"Quite correct Becky. Now who's going to hide first, remember don't say
where you are, let the other use the tracker to find you," both girls looked at each other then back to me, I took a coin out of my pocket.

"Heads or tails?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

For the next hour I was listening to the radio, the girls took to the
game with glee, at 10 to 12 my phone rang.

"Hello Mike? Sharon here, I'm looking for Kylie - do you know where she
is?", I smiled and told her,

"About 2 miles away, in a North-East direction from me," (I had a
tracker on the base unit), Sharon's voice seemed mystified.

"What have you done, fitted her with a chip?", I explained what I'd done
and also what she was doing. "Well, if you have a radio, can you tell her
it lunch time, and could you get me one of those things as well, it will
save me shouting for her at times."

I quickly got onto the radio, and following the normal groans of
children when told to do something they don't want to do, manage to report
that they were on their way home, I then added that I'd need to get another
unit as well, as I couldn't see taking Becky's radio away.

The rest of the afternoon went by slowly. I tried to watch T.V., Even
on Satellite the programs on Sunday were rubbish. Finally it was four, I
started out to meet Kylie.

When I arrived at the church hall there was already a group of parents waiting, I got a couple of strange looks from some neighbours of mine, but
I ignored the looks, and said hello, when I explained that I was picking up
my 'neice', a lie but I couldn't tell them the truth, their manner changed
and accepted my presence there.

At last the herd of yellow topped monsters, okay kids, were surrounding
the poor persons they called Brown, Tawny and Snowy Owls - first,second and
third in command, and they all started to recite;

"I pomise that I will do my best,

To love my God,

To serve the Queen, and my country,

To help other people,

and to keep the Brownie Guild Law"

Now I began to understand why Kylie was trying to help Becky 'To help
other people' when Kylie ran up to me I hugged her. She looked up at me,
her eyes questioning - why did you do that?

"To say thank you, and for the times I don't say thank you, okay?", she
still didn't understand, but accepted it.

We walked to Sharon's and I listened to Kylie, running through the
Brownies meeting. Her sixes group was Gnomes, there were seven people in
her sixes? The terminology was strange, but she seemed to know what she
was on about, she carried on. The Tawny Owl was in charge of her sixes.
Her name was Paula Bryant, she was also a pupil teacher at Kylie's school.
The list went on all the way home.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kylie was still in full flow when we arrived at Sharon's, the table was
ready for tea, a quaint British custom, consisting of Sandwiches, cakes and
-you guessed it - Tea! Most of the food was comsumed by Kylie - where did
she put it? - but there was enough for Sharon and myself.

Kylie went through the same speil, without repeating herself once, to
Sharon, who seemed to understand the terminology better than I. More good
news, Camp was two weeks away, not four. Bad news, many of the Brownies
had noticed Kylies watch/radio and all were raving about it, looked like
I'd need to buy early before they were sold out.

I was invited to stay after tea, Kylie got out a board game, Monopoly!
Well I hadn't played for sometime, I concentrated on getting the railways
and Utilities, with a smattering of other colours, Kylie managed to get
Mayfair and Park Lane (Purple) with Regent Street (Dark Green). Sharon
managed to get the red and Yellow's , with the exception of Picadily. In
short I lost! Surrendering everything to a Hotel on Park lane.

Sharon was soon out leaving Kylie as the triumphant winner, who's
celebration was short lived as she was told to have a bath,

"Oh mum do I have to?" when told yes! She gave a pouting "Can Uncle
Mike dry me off?"

"Well I don't know..." I started to say only to be cut off by Sharon's
reply of,

"Yes he will." I looked at Sharon - who looked back at me and mouthed
'carte blance', I shook my head slightly, she nodded hers, "You carry on
with the bath and call when you're ready. Uncle Mike will be up then."

She was almost a blur in her haste to the bathroom, as if it was
Christmas and her present was hidden up there.

The sounds of the bath water could be heard gushing into the bath,
Sharon looked up,

"She always puts too much bubble bath in there, but she enjoys it so
much." I looked at her,

"Sharon, you know that she expects me to go upstairs and dry her off, I
mean she won't have any clothes on!"

"I should hope not! How can she have a bath fully dressed?"

"You know what I mean! How can you let me?" She laughed and pointed

"Because Kylie asked you to, that's why! A girl who a month ago
wouldn't say two words to anyone, and she's asked you to dry her off,
that's all, now go up there!" I went.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The bathroom was full of steam, the bath full of bubbles,

"Kylie are you in there?" A giggle from one end of the bath told me she
was, "Are you sure? I mean you're not a bubble monster that's eaten a
little girl are you?"

"Don't be daft Uncle Mike, you'd never let one do that!"

I lowered the seat cover on the loo and sat down, watching the bubbles
move around as Kylie washed herself. Finally her head emerged from its
cocoon of soap.

"Uncle Mike, Becky asked me what happened that night you were in bed
with mummy. I'm afraid I told her."

"So? No harm was done was it?"

"Nooo. But she kept on saying that you must have done something when I
was asleep, that all men want to attack girls and hurt them, she says it
was lucky you weren't drunk or else you'd have taken me there and then,"
She looked puzzled for a moment then continued "I don't really know what
she meant by that, I mean you were in bed with mummy, how could you take me
anywhere?", I almost smiled at this, but realised in time that Kylie really
didn't know the phrase.

"Kylie? You know what Darren is doing to Becky when he's drunk?"

"Yes he's having sex with her!"

"No, not really, he is raping her - forcing her to have sex without her
permission, He is taking his pleasure from her without regards to what she
wants. He could end up seriously hurting her, all because he, no one else
but him, want to have fun!"

"So she thought you were having sex with me?"

"With the life she's force to live, she believes everyone is living the
same! You are showing her that there is a 'normal' world beyond her home.,
so she has to question it" Kylie seemed to think for some time

"Do you mind me being friends with Becky?" Now I was puzzled, why should
I mind?

"Kylie, I'm as old, if not older than your mother, you have to have
friends your own age - Are you asking me if I mind you involving Becky in
'our lives'? The answer is NO! You're doing something you think is right,
and you're trying to help someone, in a way I'm proud of you."

At this Kylie got up in the bath, threw her arms around me and said.

"Thanks, Uncle Mike, oops!" My shirt was soaked, as was my trousers - we
both started laughing., what else could we do.

"Have you finished your bath now?"

"No, I've still got my hair to do, can you wash it for me?" I held out
my hands,

"Okay, you just pass it here and I'll wash it while you dry." She looked
at me and grinned.

"I can't do that, it's attached to my head."

"I could get some scissors and cut it off." Her hands flew up to cover
her head, throwing more water around at the same time (well this time it
was my fault!)

"Nooo. I like it where it is!"

"So you'll have to stay in the bath while I wash it, where the shampoo?"
She pointed to a plastic bottle in the form of a fish, it said 'no more
tears' formula - If only we could use it on real life!

I dampened my hand, poured some of the shampoo into my hands, and
applied it to the top of Kylie's head, rubbing in and creating a lather,
then moving it down to the bottom of her hair.

I left it for a few minutes, then rinsed it off, at which Kylie informed
me that it had to be done again. Once she was satisfied she said,

"Thanks Uncle Mike. Can you dry me off now?"

"Kylie to do that I'd have to touch you, you realise that!" her eyes
shone, or was that the light reflecting off them?

"That's okay Uncle Mike, I know you're not like Darren," and she raised
her hands to coax me into lifting her out of the bath, well I already was
wet, so a little more didn't matter. I did manage to grab a towel before
reaching her, and I lifted her up then down onto the floor.

I tried to rub her in a clinical manner along the arms, legs and head,
making sure her hair was damp, not dry, then onto her back, patting it dry.
Then she turned round, presenting her front to me. I started to pat her
chest, I couldn't say breasts at her age, or was I trying to convince
myself? Keep control, she's just a child.

I moved the towel lower to between her legs, drying her off, just drying
her body, Concentrate. But my body was starting to betray itself, finish
this quickly!

"Kylie are you dry enough?"

"Ooohh, sorrry Uncle Mike, what did you say?" I looked at her, her eyes
were half closed, and her face flush - her face was damp, but I'm sure I
dried... Yes I'm stupid! And as soon as I realised this my hand stopped

"Nnnooo Uncle Mike, please keep doing it, I like it!" I was weak. I
started lightly rubbing her at the top of her immature vagina, finding the
nub, her gasp told me I'd got there, so I kept stimulating it, until....

"Wwwhats happening, Uuncle Miiike.. Ooohhh yesssss!" her body spasmed
and she would have collapsed if I hadn't been there to hold her. When she
opened her eyes again she said.

"Oh, Wow Uncle Mike, what was that? Can you do it again?" I hugged her,
then had to dry her off again, I forgot about my wet shirt, I took it off
and dried myself again.

"What you've just had is call an orgasm, it's caused by rubbing your
clitoris, that's a small 'bump' just at the top of the vagina, it's like my
penis, when you stimulate it the nerves react and causes sensations in the
brain related to sexual matters which brings you, or any woman, to a
climax, or orgasm."

"Uncle Mike! don't tell me what it was, can you do it again?" I smiled,
"I could, but I don't think I'd better, " she whined in protest,

"That's not fair Uncle Mike!"

"No, it's not fair, but its also sexual molestation, and I have to stop,
and you have to go to bed now." I looked for her nightdress, couldn't see
it, "Where's your nightdress?"

"In my bedroom, where else would it be?" Where else indeed? I picked
the giggling child up and carried her, head down, into her bedroom, found
her nightdress, dropped her, feet first, onto the floor."

"Hands up," and I dropped the gown over her head, patted her on her
bottom, she climbed into the bed, made a 'come here' gesture, when I went
closer, she grabbed hold of my head, pulled it down and kissed my face,

"Thank you, Uncle Mike, I really do love you, you know!" I said to her

"I do know Kylie, now snuggle down and I'll read to you." I picked up
the book, found the page marker, and started to read.

The ice queen had just turn the christmas party to stone by the time she
was asleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I went downstairs to find Sharon smiling at me.

"Why Mike, no shirt - what have you been doing?"

"I really didn't mean to do it, honestly Sharon!"

"You mean you actually.... " I cut her off

"No! I didn't rape her. I did make her climax though!" she looked at

"Did you force her?"

"NO! I didn't, when I realised what I was doing I was going to stop,
but she asked me to carry on, I'm sorry Sharon I was too weak to stop

"She asked you, and you're sorry you did it? Mike I don't know what I'm
going to do with you!" - She was smiling at this, I was getting confused!

"Mike, I have to talk to you." Her tone of voice had changed, but I
didn't notice it.

"Yes, I'll leave her alone next time." A shocked reply

"No you bloody well won't!" I looked up about to answer when she carried
on, "Mike, we need to talk about US! I woke up today and felt alone!
Something was missing! - You! I don't know what's happened to me, us, but
I don't think I like the feeling again, it was bad when I lost Paul, but it
felt worst when you weren't there!"

I reached over to her and hugged her, the hug developed into a embrace,
then we kissed, she broke off.

"I can't... Not today. I've got to get to work early tomorrow, and
even with the pain, if you stay tonight, I'd be late tomorrow," I
understood the reason, although I didn't agree with it.

"We don't have to do anything!" She smiled,

"But we would anyway! No Mike, perhaps in a couple of day's time, once
I get settled in the job, okay?" I thought about it,

"Not really. But alright, I just wring out my shirt and then go home,
or should I walk out of here, with wet trousers and without my shirt?"
Sharon laughed and looked up to me.

"I've got some clothing of Paul's that should fit you." She ran upstairs
and came back a few minutes later with a shirt and trousers and gave them
to me.

They were slightly tight, but fitted. I kised Sharon again, then
smiled, she looked at me quizzicaly, I responded,

"You know Kylie is going to be disappointed with us!"


"Because for the second night, you'll be on your own!" She laughed at

"Well she was used to me being alone for the past few months, another
couple of days won't hurt her." I had to agree.

And so I left their house and made my way to my own.

- - - - - - - - - - -

While I was getting ready for bed the radio came to life.

"Uncle Mike?" - I picked up the microphone.

"Yes Kylie."

"You could have stayed here with us you know!" I smiled at the veiled

"I know Kylie, but your mother has to get to work tomorrow, and needs
her sleep." - a different voice came over the airwaves,

"yeah, and if he'd stayed she'd have no sleep at all!"

"Becky! How dare you say that about Uncle Mike!"

"Well, it would have been so, wouldn't it Mr. Mike."

"Girls, I refuse to answer the question, espeically over the air like
this, now you two go to sleep, I'll probably see you tomorrow, Goodnight"

"Goodnight wimp!" - "Goodnight Uncle Mike." And the airwaves went silent
for the night.


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