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The Haunting of Heather 2


The Haunting of Heather Ch.2
by pussy Kat

(F/Ghost, MMF)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

I opened my eyes to the harsh light of the morning.
'Oh god, I'm in the chair. This means I'm either
crazy or being haunted by Bill's dead wife. I looked
down to see the damage done to my body. The burns
from the wax had faded, and except for my hairless sex
and the neck of the gourd sticking obscenely out of my
opening, I was fine. I reached my hand down and tried
to pull out the ridged fruit, but I was no longer wet
and the lining of my uterus threatened to tear.
'Well, no help for it, if I'm going to get it out,' I
thought as I licked my fingers and began to gently
stroke my clit. I brought my left hand down and began
to gently push and pull on the neck of the gourd to
cover it in my secretions.

"Oh fuck! The window!" I moaned. I forgot the blinds
were open on the window I sat in front of
masturbating. It was soon forgotten, as I felt the
waves of pleasure that signaled an orgasm, begin to

"Aiiiiiiieeeeee" I cried, as suddenly my body was
doused with ice cold water. The shock sent my orgasm
fleeing away into the harsh light of the sun.

"The pussy will not touch her Mistress's cunt, without

I broke down crying like a baby. Olivia had remained
through the night. Secretly, I had hoped I was crazy.
Crazy can be treated with drugs. Haunted . . . what
can you do to a ghost?

I watched in horror as the gourd twisted in my cunt,
until the neck pointed down. "Pussy, look in the
window at the reflection of your cunt. Who's the
witch now?" she asked.

I looked at my reflection in silent revulsion. The
gourd looked like a wart-covered witch's nose sticking
out of my cunt, which was complete with ears. "The
Pussy, looks like a witch, Mistress," I cried, as
tears of humiliation filled my eyes.

"The pussy will remove her little witch's nose and
clean it."

I wrapped my fingers around the neck of the gourd and
pulled. "Ughh . . . " I groaned as it stretched me
wide. Each tiny knot, sent shock waves of pleasure
through my body as it slowly slid out. Finally, I
reached the widest part of the gourd, and it came out
with a pop.

I looked around for something to clean my juices off
the gourd.

"Pussies clean with their mouths."

I looked stared and my wet juices covering the gourd
and watched as my tears dropped and splattered off the
surface. Tentatively, I began licking my juices off
the yellow- green fruit. I wrinkled my face with

"Does the pussy like the taste of her cunt?"

"No (sob) Mistress, the (sniff) pussy hates it."

"Don't worry. The pussy will come to love it . . . in
time." Olivia said, as I finished licking off my
juices. "The pussy will put the gourd in her mouth."

Suddenly, I felt my nipples pinched painfully again
and I dragged over the dining room table.

"The pussy will return her little friend," she said.

I opened my mouth and dropped the gourd back in the

"Here, we must set it in right," she said, as the neck
of the gourd was erected in the bowl like an erect
penis. "I'll bet you never look at this bowl of
autumn gourds the same way again," she laughed

Then my nipples were grabbed cruelly again, and I was
led into the kitchen, where she had me kneel on the

I felt her stroking my hair. "Is the pussy thirsty?"
she asked.

"Yes Mistress, the pussy is thirsty." I replied,
licking my chapped lips.

A bowl floated down to the floor, then it was filled
by a milk carton that did the same. Oh God! She
can't expect me to . . .

"The pussy knows what to do."

I can't believe I'm doing this, I thought as I felt a
warm flush travel from my face to my chest. I bent
down and began slurping from the bowl. Smack! My ass
stung from the sharp blow to my bottom.

"Pussies lap!" Olivia demanded.
I tried to lap from the bowl and I can tell you this
much, cats make it look easy. My long dark hair fell
into the bowl and then got in my mouth as I tried to
lap up the milk. Soon my whole face was covered in
the white liquid, as I noisily scooped the liquid with
my tongue.
I felt her icy hands travel down my back and begin
caressing my bottom and the folds of my sex. My hips
began to gyrate, in search of her touch. What a slut
I've become in just one night, I thought as my body
betrayed me once again.

I finished the last of the milk, as I snaked my tongue
out to lick up the last remaining drops.

"The pussy will crawl to the bathroom and get ready
for work. She has a busy day in store."

Dear God, what does she intend with me! Is there
nothing she won't do?

I began the journey to the bathroom on my hands and
knees, but she stopped me. With great deliberation,
she taught me how I was to move. Soon, I sauntered to
the bathroom, my ass held in the air, rotated my
shoulders with each step of my arms. I was the Pussy.

I was allowed to shower and then the Mistress made my
face up for me. She had applied a lot of eyeshadow
and mascara, emphasized my cheekbones. I looked
almost elvin in appearance. She also applied blush to
my nipples and the lips of my sex. This sexy creature
in the mirror couldn't be me, could it?

My Mistress to my full mirror in the bedroom and
instructed me. "The pussy will stand in front of the
mirror, with her arms at her sides and fingers

I stood as instructed, yet yearning to cover my very
aroused sex from her gaze.

"The pussy will throw all her underclothes except for
stay-ups and stockings in the incinerator. All pants
and shorts will be burned. Every dress that goes
below her fingertips, will be destroyed as well. The
Pussy will pick something to wear from what's left."

I cried, as I gathered up my belonging and dumped them
into the incinerator. Not only did I cry for the
money that I had spent, but the knowledge that I only
had two skirts that would meet her requirements. One
was a party dress, and the other a skirt that I
received as a gift, that was much to short for my

I followed her instructions, and stood looking at
myself in the mirror. I would have to be careful, but
unless I bent over I would be okay. But, when I sat
down, the top of my stay-ups would be visible. Anyone
who watched me move would know that I wasn't wearing a
bra either. People were very conservative at work,
and I would stick out like a sore thumb.

"The pussy looks very nice. However, the Mistress
requires one more thing. On her way to work, the
Pussy will ask someone she doesn't know, to give her a
lesson on how to give a proper blowjob. Mistress will
be satisfied, when the pussy follows all her lessons."

"Please Mistress," I begged. "Please don't make me do

"If the pussy isn't going to choose, then the Mistress
will choose for her." A button popped off the top of
my blouse. "Decide now, while you still have some
buttons left."

I panicked, but thinking quickly I picked up my
address book. It was flung from my hands.

"Someone she doesn't know," she reminded me, popping
off another button.

I grabbed my purse and fled into the hall. I
remembered there were two fairly attractive college
boys, who lived down the hall. I knocked on the door.
What will I tell him? I thought as I tried to think up
a plausible lie.
I knocked again. Please be home, please be home.

The door opened, from the tussled hair and puffy eyes
of the boy standing at the door, I must have just
woken him. "What do you want?" he mummered.

"Hi, my name is Heather. I don't know if you have
seen me, but I live down the hall." I said sticking
out my hand.

"Keith," he replied, yawning and rubbing the sleep
from his eyes. He blinked, as he saw my hand, then
shook it.

"Keith, I have something to ask you and it is ah-
terribly embarrassing. See I think my er-boyfriend is
seeing someone else. One of the things he told me was
that ah-well-he er-said," by now I was blushing
furiously and my eyes had started to wiggle back and
forth involuntarily. "He said, that I didn't know how
to give a . . . proper blow-job."

Oh god! I said it. There was no taking it back now.
I felt my nipples harden as he looked me up and down.
"I was wondering if . . . if er-you would show me how,
before I ah . . . surprise him today at work. Maybe
he will stop seeing that other girl then."

He stuck his head out the door and looked both
directions. I guess he thought it was some sort of
set-up. "Let me get this straight Heather. You want
to give me a blow-job for free, while I tell you how
to do it."

"Yes," I said shyly, dropping my gaze to his boxers,
which had started to tent.

He grinned broadly, "Sure baby, come on in!"

He took off his boxers and sat down on the sofa.
"Kneel down between my legs Heather, and let's get
those pretty breasts out of there," he said, as he
guided me down between his thighs and unbuttoned my
blouse so that my breasts spilled out.

"Okay, now first start slowly and begin licking and
kissing my cock. Oh yeah! That's real nice, make
sure you lick every part of it."

I began bathing his organ with my lips and tongue. He
was slightly musky, since he hadn't had a shower, but
it was a nice manly scent.

"Don't forget my balls, most women always forget the

I licked his hairy sack, eliciting groans of pleasure
from him. I could feel my own secretions running down
my thighs.

"Mmmmm, that's real good Heather. You are going to
make a damn fine cock-sucker yet. Now make your mouth
into a little O and place it over the head of my dick.
Stick it in your mouth, just below the head. Ahhh,
good girl, go up and down a few times then lick it
like a lollipop."

I did as he instructed and he moaned, while he pulled
my hair out of the way. "That's my girl Heather.
Now, you are going to learn how to really please a

I thought I already knew how to please a man, but
before whenever I had sucked on a man's cock, it was
for foreplay. To get him ready for the sex that
followed. This was so much different than that. Now,
I was pleasing this boy, just for the sake of his
pleasure, not my own.

"Okay Heather, take one hand and grip the base of my
cock and hold my balls with the other. Easy there
girl, don't hold my balls so hard! Now take as much
of my shaft into your mouth as you can. When you do,
turn your head as you do so, then twist your hand on
my shaft in the opposite direction."

I began to go down on his shaft, as far as I could
take it. I sucked him and began the twisting motion
with my hands. He thrust up into my mouth in
apprecitation. "Don't suck so hard Heather, that's a
girl. Play with my balls now."

"Gently, gently. I want you to make some noise now,
moan into my dick, so that I can feel your mouth
vibrate. Go ahead and be messy, I want your slobber
all over my dick."

Ewww, I thought as I began to allow my slobber to leak
from my mouth down his shaft. I moaned into his
crotch, which was easy considering how turned on I

"Oh goddamn, you are a quick learner. Your boyfriend
is going to bust a nut, when you go down on him!"

I was diligently pleasuring him, when I heard another
voice in the room. "Where the fuck did she come from,
Keith!" said the female voice.

I tried to pull up, but he held me firmly to his
crotch, by the back of my head. I tried, to say let
me up, but all that came out was, "Hmmmphhff-

"You are not going to believe this Ashely, but this
lady from down the hall came over here this morning
and asked if I would teach her how to give a blowjob."

"Come on Heather, you are falling down on the job
there," he said, turning his attention back to me, as
he pulled my head up and down on his crotch by my

"Evidently, her boyfriend said she sucked, and I don't
mean the good way, so she wanted a free lesson. Hah,

"You're kidding me," said Ashley. It sounded like she
was right behind me.

"Does it look like it?"

I fell back into the motion of sucking his cock.
Having an audience, while I was instructed on how to
suck cock, wasn't in my plans. However, it appeared
my only way out of this fix, was the make Keith cum.

"Her cunt looks like it is shaved, I think the slut
already knows how to suck dick. Wait, wait, it does
look like she has some hair." I felt her raising my
skirt over my hips.

Oh god! Please don't let her find out.

"She seems to have trimmed it in the shape of a . . ."

<Smack Smack Smack> Ashely began slapping my thighs.
"Come on girl let me see what you are hiding." <Smack
Smack Smack>

Her spanks hurt, and were beginning to hurt badly. To
satisfy her, I spread my legs and rotated my hips so
she could see my sex.

"Awwww, it's a pussy cat. Why Heather has a widdle
pussy on her pussy, how sweet." I was so embarrassed,
I could have died. I could tell Ashely thought I was
some kind of slut.

Then the young girl sat right beside of me, her face
only a foot from mine, staring at me, while I
performed oral sex on Keith. I tried to turn away
from her, because she was making me nervous. This
only served to make her more determined, as she
grabbed chin and forced me to face her while I
continued to suck Keith.

Keith began to plunge my head rapidly up and down his
rock hard shaft. I felt his cock begin to twitch as
his ball tightened up. He pulled my mouth off his
cock, yet a stream of my saliva still connected it to
my lips.

"Have you ever deep-throated anyone Heather?" He

"No." I didn't know what to expect, but I found out
quickly. He said "Time to learn!" and then stood up
and pushed his cock in my mouth, until it hit the back
of my throat. My eyes bulged and I felt like gagging.
I looked at Ashely and she looked back at my distress
with genuine sympathy.

"Guys are all the same Pussy, you can give the best
blowjob in the world, but to them all they are really
interested in, is fucking your mouth."

"Poor little *Pussy*," she said wiping a tear from my
eye. "Just relax, pretend like you are swallowing a
hotdog and be sure not to bite." She said as she
tilted my head back and began rubbing her hand down my
neck, with strokes from my chin to my adam's apple.
"Just relax. That's it, that's my Pussy," she cooed.

She just called me Pussy, only Olivia had called me by
that name. Could it be? "Urr?" I tried to voice my
question around the flesh, stretching my lips.

Suddenly, I felt something give and then his cock was
in my throat. Oh fuck! The hard flesh was now
lodged deeply in my throat. I began to panic, from
lack of oxygen. Thankfully, he pulled out and I
gasped a ragged breath before he plunged back in

"What the fuck is going on in here?" Someone else
shouted. Damn, just what I need, a bigger audience!

"Your neighbor came over to learn how to suck dick!"
Ashely said. "Your roommate is tickling her tonsils
right now."

Then she bent down and whispered in my ear. "It looks
like he's about to cum, Pussy. Be sure to squeeze his
balls, when he does. Stick your finger up his ass,
he'll like that, but he won't admit it."

Keith was oblivious to everyone. He was fucking my
mouth with long strokes, while slobber hung in long
strands from my lips.

"Ugh . . . Ugh . . . cumming!" he cried. I felt his
balls tighten and I began to squeeze them. I felt his
hot cum shooting into my throat, as I snuck a finger
in his ass. I could feel his cum squirting into the
back of my throat, then filling my mouth. "Keep
swallowing slut, suck it all down."

I didn't enjoy the alkaline taste that somehow seemed
to overwhelm my taste buds from my nose to my throat.

Finally, I felt his member soften in my mouth. "Clean
him," Ashely said as Keith pulled it out of my mouth
with a soft pop.

"Damn, I can't believe she's doing that!" said Keith's
roommate, sitting next to Ashely and watching me clean
the stray bits of cum out of Keith's pubic hair with
my tongue.

"She's so hot isn't she?" Ashely asked Paul, while she
stroked his cock through his shorts.

"Yeah, let's go back to the bedroom baby, this slut
has turned me on," Paul said, tugging Ashely's hand
towards the bedroom.

"Come on Paul, it would be a real shame for the pussy
to miss out on another lesson."

Paul's eyes grew wide with shock. "You wouldn't be
jealous?" Paul asked incredulously, while Ashely
freed his swollen organ from his shorts.

"Not as long as we share her. Lay down on the floor
Paul, while I help the pussy get more comfortable."
Ashely came around behind me and pressed herself
tightly against me and began running her hands all
over my body.

I was so turned on from all the teasing and the
blowjob, I responded to her touch and pressed back
against her, while she stripped me of my clothes.
Then she walked me over to Paul's prone naked body and
sat down on his pelvis. His penis stood out from her
crotch and Paul wasn't even visible. I was a bizarre

Then, Ashely pulled me down until I was level with the
cock. "God, I've always wanted to know how it feels,
to get my cock sucked," she said, running her fingers
through my hair and between my lips.

"Come on Pussy, show me how well you learned to suck
cock." Ashely lewdly wangled the penis in front of my
face as if it were hers.

I moved forward to begin licking the hard organ, as I
had been instructed earlier. <Slap! Slap!> She
slapped my face with his cock! I looked up at her in
anger, but she sat there smiling at my. "Go on Pussy,
what are you waiting for? Don't forget, I know how
much you like a good dickin," she taunted me.

"Come and get it slut," she said while she wiggled it
in my face. This time I tried to capture the head in
my mouth, while staying far enough away not to get
dick whipped. Then, at the last minute, she snatched
it away from my questing mouth. "Whoops! Too slow.
It's over here now." She humiliated me further, by
making me chase the head of her Paul's dick.

I looked up at her helplessly, my eyes begging her to
stop this endless teasing. She was a very pretty
girl, her blonde mussed hair only served to make her
sexier and her body had the supple tightness only
youth can provide. Tears of frustration began to
build up in my eyes, when I thought of how this young
college girl, was making me, a woman ten years her
senior, chase a cock with my mouth.

"Oh, don't cry Heather. I'm sorry for teasing you.
Here, I won't move it this time, I promise."

As I moved to suck the cock once again, she suddenly
raised her hips and sat down on his cock, right as I
moved my face forward to kiss it. Instead, I ended
up with my mouth buried in her light brown hair of her
moist sex. I jerked back and looked up at her in

"Oh, don't look so mad. I said I wouldn't move it and
I didn't. He is *my* boyfriend after all, but I know
that doesn't matter to you. *Does it Pussy*?" she
said, rocking her hips on her lover.

Dear god! Somehow . . . someway, that isn't Ashely
anymore. The voice sounds too cultured and she was
calling me by my new name, *Pussy*. Then there was
the veiled reference to Bill. Yes, it does matter
Olivia, I'll never do it again!

"I'm sorry, I'm not *sharing* very well, am I? Okay
Pussy, it's all yours now." Ashely got off the cock,
then sat back on his pelvis again and pointed the now
soaked cock at my face.

Dear god! It was covered in her juices. Does she
expect me to suck it now? I looked up in horror.

"Don't look so shocked. You've done this before, just
not as openly," Ashely said, as she looked at me

I looked up and saw that everyone was looking at me
intently, waiting for me to perform. Well, she is
right. I've already shared Bill with her, what is the
difference. I reasoned, as I began cleaning the
musky juices from the swollen organ. Yuck! I can't
believe I'm doing something as disgusting as cleaning
her juices from a cock.

She pressed the top of his cock against her belly,
causing the shaft to sink halfway into the cleft of
her sex. "Come on baby, lick that cock real good,"
she said, as she ground her pussy against her lover's
hard shaft. I began to lick at the underside of
Paul's cock, however my attention was focused on
something else. I tried to only look at the bulging
organ, but the scent of Ashely's arousal, the sound of
her lips wetly smacking, and the mere fact that I was
only a fraction away from a woman's sex . . . from sin
captured my mind.

I could imagine how I must look to everyone. I must
seem like such a slut to them. I couldn't blame
Olivia, she was giving the slut who stole her husband
her just desserts.

"Don't forget the sides," she said looking down at me.

That was what she said, but I knew what she meant.
There was no way to lick the sides of his cock without
also licking her sex. It won't kill me if I touch her
pussy, I reasoned. I have probably tasted her on Bill
anyway, I thought as I began to lick at the sides of
his cock, allowing my tongue to touch her lips. "Mmmm
Pussy, your tongue is so soft," she moaned.

I closed my eyes and began vigorously licking up and
down. Licking him, licking her, licking and
pleasuring them both. Suddenly, I noticed my tongue
no longer touched hardness, there remained only silky
softness. I kept my eyes closed, I couldn't bear the
thought of consciously licking another woman, much
less that witch Olivia. No, no, it's not Olivia, it's
Ashely, I tried to tell myself.

"Oh baby, the clit. Suck my clit, Pussy. You've got
me so hot baby, I'm going to cum and cum," Ashely
moaned as she spread her labia wide for me.

I'm doing it, I'm licking another girl. I'm servicing
the wife of my lover, I thought as I began to kiss her
tiny nubbin. Ashely raised up and then sat down on
Paul's cock, riding him, as I pleasured her. I heard
screaming and moaning, I sucked at Ashely's clit, as
if it were a real cock. I sucked it into my mouth and
pretended to deep-thoat it. I stuck my finger in
Paul's ass, causing him to buck his hips and spread
his legs for me. I was the Pussy, the pleasure giver.
I knew my role and I enjoyed it. I noticed that
Ashely's pussy had taken on a new bitter flavor. Paul
must have cum.

I opened my eyes and noticed a motion beside of me, it
was Keith masturbating. Suddenly, his penis erupted
and ropes of creamy cum began to cover my face. I
opened my mouth to take his organ, but it was too
late. I was disappointed, I was as hot as a
firecracker, I desperately needed to cum.

Ashely, looked down at my cum covered face and smiled.
She tugged at my hip, motioning me to lie down on my
back. I knew where this was leading, but I didn't
care. Please Mistress, just let the pussy cum!

As I laid down on my back, she lay down on top of me.
I hungrily licked both her and Paul's juices from her
leaking quim. She licked me, pleasing me as no other.
She touched every part, just right. "Lick me . . . oh
please, let the pussy cum. Ahhh, the pussy needs to
cum so bad!" I cried as she drove me delirious with
her soft tongue.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! The pussy is cumming!" I
shouted, as fell under the onslaught of a massive
orgasm. I sucked at her pussy to drink the remainder
of her precious nectar.

"I told you, you would come to love it!" Ashely said

Suddenly I felt another wave crest. "Aie! Aie!" I
cried as, my tight nether hole was penetrated by
Ashely's questing finger.

"Mmmm. Glorious pleasure. Oh, my little pussy has
pleased me so much. You've given me more pleasure in
one day, than the Coward did in 10 years."

"Oh Fuck, here it comes Mistress . . . another!" I
cried, as Ashely drove me to another climax. All I
can remember were more wonderful climaxes and then
everything fading to black.

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