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The Haunting of Heather 3


The Haunting of Heather Ch.3
by pussy Kat

(c) Couture 2001

(F/Ghost, MF)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

"Come on pet, it's time to get up. Remember, you have
a busy day today. You don't have time to spend it all
on your back."

While everyone else laid about the room in a state of
post-coital bliss, I went to the bathroom and washed
the dried juices from my face and sex. Then I dressed
in my clothes once again.

The cold morning air felt brutally cold on my wet sex
and gave me chill bumps as I walked to the subway.

The subway was a much different experience than it
typically was. I had always been a little ill-at-ease
when riding in the small metal car, but sitting there
trying to keep my short skirt pulled down and my legs
tightly crossed to avoid exposure, combined with
feeling my swollen unfettered breasts jiggling with
every bounce of the car left me feeling helpless and

Thankfully, no one said anything, but it felt like
everyone was staring at me and looking away when I met
their eyes. The woman across from me was trying very
hard to 'not see me' at all.

"Show her your cunt," demanded Olivia in my ear.

I turned to see if anyone else had heard the voice,
but no one had so much as even blinked. Could I be
losing my mind? I felt something pulling on my shirt
and looked down in terror to see one of my remaining
buttons, pulling away from my chest.

Dear lord, I can't afford to lose anymore buttons!
I spread my legs quickly to show myself to this
business woman sitting across from me. However, she
wouldn't look at me at all. As a matter of fact, she
seemed intent to look at anything but me. Look at me,
please, before anyone else sees, I wanted to scream.

I could feel myself getting wet again, as I tilted my
pelvis up, so that my whole sex would be visible to
her, but I still couldn't get a reaction! I formed a
plan and purposefully looked away from her eyes, just
in case she was scared I would catch her.

I saw a brief movement in my peripheral vision and I
darted my eyes back, just in time to see her look
away. Is that a blush I see? Yes, I think it is.
Don't worry, I have one too. I can just make out her
nipples starting to peek out from her bra, even though
she appears disinterested.

The show is over now though, so I closed my legs.
However, I still feel a little wicked and randy for
some reason. I reach into my purse and pull out a pen
and address book. I feel her eyes on me again as if
I'm a piece of property - a piece of meat. I can't
believe I'm going to do this! I pretend to write in
my little book, closing and opening my legs at the
same time. My Mistress didn't even tell me to do
this, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm giving a complete
stranger a show of my body, and I'm enjoying it. I
peek at my little voyeur and I can see she's enjoying
it to. Hee-hee, she's practically squirming in her

I hear Olivia's voice again. "I see what you are doing
Pussy. It turns you on, to show off that cunt doesn't
it?" I feel Olivia's tongue in my ear and her hand on
my thigh. "Ahhh" . . . oh no! Did I say that aloud?
I put away my little book and crossed my legs, before
I lost control of my body once again.

The subway ride was over much too soon. It wasn't
that I wanted to ride the subway any longer, but that
I was desperately afraid of what Olivia might have in
store for me at work.

I walked as slow as I felt I could, without angering
Olivia. However, soon -- much too soon, the office
building loomed over me, like a giant beast striking
fear in my heart.

There was no hope for me, I was totally dependent on
Olivia's mercy, which seemed to be in short supply.
The sliding glass doors opened. I took a deep breath
to gather my strength, and entered the mouth of the

My legs turned to lead, as they drug me to the
elevator and the doors closed behind me. I glanced at
the other people riding with me. Luckily, I didn't
recognize any of them. However, I knew that where I
was going, everyone I saw would know me.

I felt a cold hand touch my knee and began to move up
my thigh, there in the elevator, surrounded by people.
I almost screamed in shock, but I had been able to
suppress it just in time. Then I heard Olivia's voice

"I wonder if any of these people know what you are
Pussy Kat? I wonder how surprised they would be if
you pushed the stop button and fucked them all?"
Olivia said, as she cupped my sex with her frigid
hand. I knew what was next, so I steeled myself; my
face wincing in concentration, as her cold finger
penetrated my hot tunnel. "You'd like that wouldn't
you Pussy?"

I slight moan escaped my throat, causing the man next
to me to look queerly at me. When he turned back, I
nodded my head. Yes, I thought, I will do whatever
you say Olivia.

The elevator approached my floor slowly and my sense
of dread deepened. I felt smothered and trapped,
wondering what perverted plans Olivia had in store for

Much to my surprise, I walked out of the elevator and
straight to my office without any interference from my
ghostly Mistress.

"Okay, Pussy, I've got some things to talk to you
about and I want you to play with yourself as I do so,
but, no cumming unless I say so." Olivia ordered.

Timidly, I looked out my door to see if anyone was
looking. Then I slid to the edge of my chair and
leaned my upper body forward and spread my legs. I
snuck my hand under my skirt and began to tease my
nether lips and clitoris with my index finger.

"No, Pussy, push your finger all the way in. Pussies
are meant to be fucked. I'm sure you remember how to
*fuck* don't you? Push it all the way to the hilt
then take it all the way out. In and out, in and out,
I want to hear the wet sounds of you fucking yourself,
while I talk."

Blushing, I looked back out the door again and
proceeded to fuck myself with my finger. I couldn't
believe how dangerous and strangely erotic this felt.
My body was reacting strongly. No, it wouldn't be
long until I would have to stop for fear of climaxing.

"Pussy, how would you like for me to leave you alone
forever?" she asked and my heart leapt with sudden
hope! "No, don't stop what you are doing Pussy, as a
matter of fact, do it faster!" she said, and I obeyed
willingly. I wondered if she playing a cruel trick on
me? Would she really leave me alone?

"Now, I would always be with you, as it seems I can't
leave even if I wanted to. But, I would never say or
do anything to you again, my Pussy. Add another
finger for me slut!"

I stuck a second finger in my sex. I could feel
myself begin to sweat and flush with arousal, but I
kept up the pace to perfection. Anything, to free me
from this vengeful witch!

"Would you like that Pussy? Would you like for me to
leave you alone?" Olivia said, "If you would, add
another finger."

I took three fingers this time and began to slowly
open myself up with them. "I'm afraid it doesn't look
like you want it very badly, Pussy!" she taunted.

"Ugh!" I cried, as I shoved the three fingers in,
stretching my poor sex, painfully. I began to thrust
them in and out, as she had ordered. Please God,
please free me from this evil spirit, I prayed.

"Awww . . . I guess my feelings should be hurt, but I
don't break my promises. All you have to do to be rid
of me is to get Bill to fuck you. I have one small
condition, but if you are willing to hear more, then
add that little pinkie finger," Olivia said, but then
she noticed that I was beginning to tremble with the
effects of an orgasm. "Stop it bitch! The deal is
off if you cum!" she ordered.

My head fell to my desk, and I willed myself to pull
my fingers from my throbbing sex. I straightened back
up and tried to plaster a presentable expression on my
face. Just in time too, because Sandy walked by my
office and waved at me. I almost waved at her with my
wet right hand, but caught myself just in time and
waved awkwardly with my left. As much as the three
fingers stretched me, I was worried if I could
accommodate four.

"Okay, Pussy, let's try that again. Put all four
fingers at the mouth of your greedy little cunt,"
Olivia said, while I slid forward again and bunched my
fingers together, placing them at the opening of my

"If you want to be free of me, then all you have to
do, is go to Bill's office and get him to fuck you.
What you say and what you do is up to you. My only
condition, is that the door has to be open, just like
yours is now. Then you must bend over, exposing the
cunt you gave my husband to the door, and get him to
fuck you like a dog," she said and then laughed dryly.
"Remember how willing you two were to flaunt your
little relationship, well let's see how much you enjoy
it now."

Think about it for a minute and if you are willing to
go through with it, shove you hand in your cunt and
fuck yourself with it, but don't you dare cum bitch!"

Dear God! How evil and cruel can she be? She was
going to make me act like a depraved slut to Bill and
the whole office. My reputation would be ruined
forever. My next job would be a copy girl if I was

What made it worse was that she was so diabolical. I
realized the reason she had me fucking myself with my
fingers in the manner she was; her goal was for me to
inflame and stretch my cunt, so that when I displayed
my red swollen gaping sex, everyone would see me as
the worst sort of slut.

I steeled myself as much as anyone could for what I
was about to do. I looked down to make sure I had my
hand lined up with the opening of my cunt and then
drove my fingers deeply into my sex with a groan. I
felt each bump of my knuckles until I could no longer
push them in any further.

Yes, I will do it, I will do it gladly, I thought as I
relaxed and pushed my fingers in to the hilt. Fuck!
My poor pussy was stretched in a tight painful ring
around my fingers, but through the pain, I felt myself
tap the well of pleasure deep in my cunt. This was
the worse part. This was why I would do anything to
get her to leave me alone.

You see, I was beginning to like it and I feared I may
never stop.

"Ugh - ugh - ugh!" I cried, with each plunge of my
fingers, drove me closer to orgasm. I could have
cared less about someone seeing me. I just knew my
pussy needed to be fucked.

"Stop! Stop it right now, Pussy!" Olivia said. I
ignored her, but she pulled my hair backwards, until I
was brought back to reality. "Save it for the
*coward* Pussy. Since you are so eager, why don't you
go see him right now," she said with her voice reeking
of malice.

I was a mess and I knew it. I was sweaty, flushed,
horny and frayed at the edges. I summoned whatever
will I had left, removed my hand from my wet sex,
stood up and smoothed my skirt down. What good it
would do, I don't know.

I began the fearsome journey to Bill's office. My
legs trembled both from terror and the harsh fingering
I had given my sex earlier. I could feel everyone's
eyes burning into my soul, as I walked down the aisle
to Bill's office.

Sandy, Bill's receptionist, jumped in front of me,
before I could enter. "Bill's on a c-conference call,
Heather," she said, obviously a little flustered.

"He'll see me," I replied, as I dodged around her and
opened the door, while she continued to beg me not to.
Nothing could stop me from what I had to do.

Sonofabitch! Bill sat there leaning over Becky's
shoulder with his arm around her, while she read from
some papers on his desk. I remembered him doing the
same thing to me, not terribly long ago. Some guilt .
. . the bastard was already on the prowl again. I
could feel the rage burn my face and my tears rush to
my eyes.

Bill quickly took his arm off of Becky as soon as he
saw me, then turned to her and said, "Becky, let's
resume this later, I've got something to discuss with
Heather, right now."

Becky gathered her folders, looked at me smugly, then
intentionally bumped into me, as she walked out the
door. This was going to be terrible! Not only was I
did I have to humiliate myself by getting Bill to fuck
me but, everyone would think I was competing with
Becky, for this useless piece of shit! However, I
knew I would do it. I would do anything to get my
sanity - my life back.

"Bill," I said, as I blinked the tears from my eyes
and plastering on a fake smile. I eased down next to
him in the seat vacated by Becky and began to lie
profusely, "I've missed you so much lately. I've
missed . . ." I wrapped my hand around his organ and
started massaging it, "the things we used to do."
God, I hate this sonofabitch, I would have loved
nothing more than to squeeze his little dick off.
Instead, it hardened and I stroked it up and down.

Bill noticed my freely swinging breasts and pulled
open my blouse. "You are a naughty girl today,
Heather. I didn't think you had it in you," he said,
as he began teasing my nipples. I wish I wasn't
responding, but my nipples hardened and my pussy was
already primed and dripping. His hand slid up to my
neck and he pushed me down toward his cock.

I shook my head violently and pulled away from him.
"Fucking tease!" he accused me.

I stood up and leaned over his desk, "No, Bill, I'm
not a tease. I'm all ready for you baby! All you
have to do is open the office door and then fuck me!
Fuck me anyway you want, fuck me as hard as you want,
just fuck me!" I pleaded, as I pulled my skirt over my

"What are you, crazy?" Bill asked incredulously.
Apparently he thought he was too 'superior' for that.
However, his superiority didn't seem to stop him from
standing behind me and enjoying the view.

I collapsed on his desk and began to sob hysterically,
"Please Bill, Olivia has been haunting me. She has
been doing very bad things to me. She told me the
only way I can be free of her, is to get you to fuck
me like a dog, against your desk, with the door open!"

"Damn Heather, I always knew you were a little tightly
wound, but you have completely lost your mind! Get
yourself together girl and get out of my office. Then
I would suggest you get some mental help," he said,
patronizing me.

"Please Olivia," I begged through the tears pouring
down my face, "please help me convince him I'm telling
the truth."

I heard Olivia's voice whispering in my ear, "I'm
disappointed in you Pussy. I thought you two were in
love. Heh-Heh-heh, well, you do make a good slut
though, so reach back there and spread yourself wide,
while I help you out."

I reached back and indecently spread myself for Bill,
while Olivia proceeded to tell me things only the two
of them would know, like where they met and things
that were said. I repeated this all to Bill and felt
a huge satisfaction as I watched his face turn to
ashen white in fear. However, the faint glimmer of
hope I felt was dashed, when I saw his look change to
the cold steel of hatred.

"If you ever cared about me Bill, please have mercy on
me now," I begged, spreading my legs and ass widely.

"If want you say is true bitch, I wouldn't fuck you
with a ten foot pole and the door closed. Regardless
of what kind of game you are playing Olivia . . .
Heather, whoever the hell you are, I want you out of
my office, right now."

I broke down and sobbed like a baby, right there on
his desk. I was oblivious to Bill, as he called me
names and accused me of trying to sleep my way into a
promotion. All I knew was that my heart had been
ripped out of my chest and my last chance of freedom
had disappeared.

"Heather, get up! Get up right now!" I heard Olivia
hiss in my ear, "That bastard is making a show of you
to the office. Don't you dare give him the pleasure!"

I looked behind me in horror, to see the leering eyes
of my co-workers. Sure enough, Bill was using this
opportunity to set me up. I got off the desk and ran
to my office as fast as I could, holding my arm over
my breasts as I ran. I shut the door behind me and
collapsed face first my office floor, watching my
tears fall into the carpet.

I heard a light tapping on my door. "Go away," I
pleaded. However, the door cracked open anyway.

"Heather, it's me," said Sandy, as she walked in
carrying a box of tissues and locked the door behind
her. "I am so sorry, so sorry Heather."

She sat down next to me and rolled me over onto my
side. She took a few tissues out and began to wipe
the tears from my eyes. "I tried to warn you, I
really did," she said. Your friend Bill is a real
bastard. You aren't the only one to get hurt by
either him or Douglas. I know you are not going to
want to hear this Heather, but I'm going to tell you
anyway, just so you don't have any illusions that Bill
cares for you," Sandy said, while she helped button my
blouse up to cover my chest.

She proceeded to tell me all the gory details of how
Bill and Douglas, who were always very competitive
with one another, had games to see who could get a
girl from the office in the sack, and then dump her
shortly afterward. I remembered at the beginning of
October that Douglas had also pursued me, but I was
put off by his overconfident playboy attitude. Well,
at least he was honest about it, not a complete fraud
and coward like Bill was. Apparently, the other
girls, well all except Sandy, had quit or transferred
after they had been used.

As Sandy talked my hurt and helplessness gave way to
thoughts of rage and revenge. I got up and sat at my
desk and assured Sandy I would be alright. She was a
sweet girl, she even left me her home phone number in
case I needed someone to talk to. However, I didn't
need to talk to a person right now. I needed to talk
to a ghost.

I didn't even have to speak her name.

"I'm sorry Heather, I wanted revenge on you, but never
to give the likes of him pleasure! But, I *need* you
for this Heather. Does *vengeance* burn in your heart
and soul, Heather? Do you want to make him pay for
what he did to me . . . to *us*?

I smiled an evil grin in answer.

I felt her cold arms hug me, causing me to shiver, but
matching the coldness I felt in my heart. "Good, here
is what we are going to do, my Pussy. . ."

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