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The Haunting of Heather 4


The Haunting of Heather Ch.4
by pussy Kat

(c) Couture 2001

(F/Ghost, MF, MM)
I cleaned myself up a bit, then walked down to
Douglas's office and closed the door behind me. He
looked up from his computer and said, "Hello, Heather,
what can I do for you?" However, his face spoke
volumes, laughing at my humiliation earlier this

"Well Douglas, I heard that you and Bill had a contest
to see who could lay me first," I said calmly.

"You know we would *never* do anything like that
Heather. Besides, someone could get fired for sexual
harassment. Just like someone could for exhibiting
her body to the staff," he warned me.

"Oh, Douglas, what a piss-ass threat. You have no idea
that I have nothing to lose."

"I'm not saying you *did* Douglas, I'm just saying
that *theoretically*, if there was such a contest,
then Bill didn't win," I said, as I walked over and
sat down on the edge of his desk, exposing my long
legs to his leering gaze.

"Let me be direct with you Douglas, since you were so
direct with me earlier. Whew, is it hot in here or is
it just me." I undid another button on my blouse, so
that he could see not only my cleavage but my freely
swinging breasts.

"The way I see it, Bill played me for a fool and I
want to make him see what he missed out and also to
make sure he loses the bet. And he did lose the bet,
because he wasn't my first. By the way Dougie, how
much was the bet for? How much was I worth?"

Douglas swallowed hard, while staring at my breasts,
"One hundred dollars," he said.

"Oh Dougie, I'm worth much more than one hundred
dollars, don't you think," I said, as I got down on my
knees in front of him and unzipped his pants. After I
freed his cock, I began to lick it all over until it
pointed straight up, obscenely from his fly. I made a
small 'O' with my mouth and began to make short fast
strokes just to the bottom of his bulbous helmet and
then back up again. He really had quite a large cock.
It was actually quite a difficult fit into my mouth,
which made Olivia's plan for revenge even better.

"Ahh! Goddamn, you can suck cock Heather. I bet
you've never had one this size, have you?" Douglas
said, as he pulled my hair back into a ponytail so
that he could watch me attempt to accommodate his
monstrous prick.

The misogynist roughly yanked my hair as he tried to
force the large bulbous head of his cock down my
throat. "Oh yeah, I'm going to throat fuck you now
whore," he moaned, thrusting his pelvis and gagging

Yes, I had learned to deep throat earlier, but there
was no way my throat could possibly accept his large
girth. Besides, that wasn't in the plan. So, I
decided to introduce Mr. Pee-pee to Ms. Teeth.

"Ow fuck! Easy . . . easy!" he exclaimed, instantly
stopping his thrusts.

I pulled my mouth from his prick and held it tightly
in my hand to keep him in check. "I sorry Dougie, I
would love to have swallowed all your creamie cum, but
that wouldn't help me get my revenge over Bill. You
see Dougie, Bill wasn't the first to have me, because
I wasn't a virgin. You are not the first to be in my
mouth either. I'm afraid the only place I'm still a
virgin is my ass. Would you be interested in taking
someone's virginity Dougie?"

Douglas gulped and I felt his dick throb in my hand.
"Oh yes! Oh hell yes!" he said.

"Good, I'm going to need you to go out and pick me up
a couple of things," I said, as I picked up a pen and
began to write a list of items. I handed the list to
Douglas and his eyes looked startled.

"I can't get this stuff," he said, frowning slightly.

I buttoned my shirt back up and walked over to the
door. I propped my foot up on the chair beside the
door, raised my skirt, and showed him exactly what he
wanted to see. "I wonder who else is going to let you
stick that monster in a virgin ass?" I said, as I
spread the cheeks of my bottom and showed him my
little crinkled pucker. "I guess I'll just have to
find someone else."

As I began to open the door, Douglas said, "No, don't
do that. I'll get everything you need."

"Good, that's what I like, a guy who knows what he
wants. Don't take too long, I might get impatient."
I opened the door and left, without even looking back
at him.

Thirty minutes later, I sat in my office playing
solitaire and rubbing my sex. Frankly, being in
control with Douglas had awakened something sexually
within me that I had never imagined. Douglas entered
my office carrying a large paper bag.

"Did you get everything?" I asked.

"Ah, yes, except I couldn't find a pink dress, so I
got you a purple one instead," he said, looking at me

"I'm not going to get ready while you stand there with
the door open Dougie. Let me get ready for you and
I'll call you in around thirty minutes. When you come
in, the lights will be off, because I don't want
anyone to get curious, while we are otherwise

"Don't worry," I reassured him, "I will be lubed up
and ready to go. I'll be wearing the ball gag you
bought, so don't worry about me screaming while you
fuck me."

The second the door closed behind Douglas, I was
already dialing Bill's extension.

"Hello, Bill, please just hear me out before you hang
up okay?"

There was a moment of silence on the other line, Bill
sighed, then muttered, "Okay."

"I'm sorry about what I did this morning Bill. It's
just that the strain of things . . . you know, with
us becoming so distant and blaming myself for Olivia's
death, well it has gotten to me. So, I'm going to
take some time off to try to get my head back
together. Since, this is my last day here, I was
hoping you would come to my office and see me one
final time before I left."

"Okay, I'll be right over," Bill said and hung the
phone up.

He'll want me to hurry up and get out of here, so it
won't be long now. I picked up the acrylic globe from
my desk that I was awarded last year for my work on
the Jarmen account. I turned my chair around so that
the back faced the door and stood behind the closed

The door opened and Bill entered. "Heather, Heather?"
he asked to my empty chair. As soon as he stepped
clear of the door, I heard Olivia whisper, "Now." I
pushed it closed with my hip and brought the acrylic
globe down on the back of his head with a hollow thud.

Olivia giggled and joked, "He's got the whole world on
his head." I was a poor joke, but something about the
seriousness of what I had done made it hysterically
funny. With tears of laughter coursing down my cheeks
and my bladder threatening to release, I locked the
door, then bent down and dragged Bill over to the

I was trying to strip him, but his weight made it
impossible. "Whew, he's a heavy bastard," I said
aloud. Fuck it, I picked up a pair of scissors and cut
his clothes from him. Grabbing him from under his
arms, I succeeded in lifting him up, but that was all
I could do.

"Help!" I croaked to Olivia. Suddenly, I felt weight
disappear and Bill's limp body flopped onto my desk.
Quickly, I grabbed a roll of wide shipping tape and
ran it around Bill's wrist and secured it to the leg
of my desk. I secured his left arm in the same manner
to the other leg. I reached into the bag of items
that Douglas bought and took out the ball gag and
after pushing it into Bill's mouth, secured it tightly
around his head.

Next I took out the bright purple lycra dress from the
bag; 'a whore's dress' was what I asked Douglas for
and he had delivered in spades. I pulled it up over
his legs until it came up to his chest. I smoothed it
down and looked at my handiwork. It was getting here,
but not quite.

I picked up the stockings and pulled them over his
legs, you would have to look really careful to see his
leg hair. Next, I spread his feet apart and secured
his ankles to the desk legs with the tape. Finally, I
added the platinum blonde wig.

Almost there Billy boy. There were only two little
things that would alert someone in the dark that Bill
was more than he seemed. It was time for Bill to wake
up anyway.

I took a wide strip of the tape and pressed it firmly
to the hair growing from his ass. "Wake up sleepy
head!" I jerked the tape off along with a lot of
Bill's pubes.

"Mmmmmmppphh," came his muffled cries. It was
positively glorious watching him struggle helplessly
against his bonds.

Once again, I applied another strip of tape to his
ass, loving every moment as Bill shook his head
violently. I jerked the tape off again, reveling in
the sound of the hairs being torn out and Bill's neck
arch from the pain. He openly cried and sobbed
through his gag while I repeated the operation until
his ass would pass muster. Poor Bill didn't look like
much of a man after I was finished with his ass.

Ah yes, Bill, it's time for you to get a little taste
of how I feel. The hair had been removed from Bill's
ass, but he didn't know that. "Billy-boy, lift your
hips up for me or I'll do it again. You know I will!"

Bill raised his hips and I quickly wrapped the tape
around the base of his cock. Once he felt what I was
doing he tried to force his pelvis back on the desk,
but it was too late for that, since I had him by the
balls, so to speak. "Up-Up-Up Billy-boy!" I said, as
I pulled him up by the tape that I had wrapped around
his balls until he stood on his tippy-toes.

Finally, I rolled his cock and balls up nice and
tight, then pulled it underneath his belly and secured
it to the handle of my desk drawer. No, it didn't
look like the coward would be going anywhere for quite

I squatted on my knees, so that I could see the look
of his crying eyes. God, revenge is sweet and I found
it was a helluva turn on as well. I felt my juices
run down my thighs, as I pondered what would happen

"Let me in now, my Pussy," Olivia whispered in my ear.
I don't know how to describe what being possessed was
like, except it was a lot like a cold breeze that
doesn't stop at your skin, but goes all the way
through you. Afterwards, you can feel your body, but
it is doing things on its own and there are thoughts
in your head that don't come from 'you'.

I can tell you this, I was as angry and vengeful as at
any time in my life, but my feelings were a mere
candle to be engulfed by the sheer force of the hurt
and rage that poured from Olivia's spirit. I
struggled not to get absorbed by the rushing feelings
and to concentrate on what Olivia was saying to Bill
while she controlled my body.

Olivia tilted his head up so that his frightened eyes
looked directly in my own. "Yes, Bill it is *me*,
your *wife*, Olivia. I bet you thought you would
never see me again. Ha-ha, well I got news for you,
coward, even death can't stop me from getting my

"First things first, coward," she said as she picked
up his car keys and put them in my purse. "After I'm
done with you, I'm going to *my* home and taking *my*
stuff. If something should happen to this body, then
I'm afraid I will just have to possess another girl
and do this *all over again*. Trust me when I tell
you this, you cowardly *fuck*! YOU DO NOT WANT TO DEAL

She stood up and opened my pocketbook and pulled out a
mirror. "I'm sure you are just *dying* to know what
has happened to you. Well, here have a look." Olivia
showed Bill his reflection and he started struggling
against his bonds with renewed vigor. I imagine he
couldn't see *everything*, but it was enough to give
him some idea of his precarious situation.

Olivia left the open compact on the desk and took a
tube of KY out of the bag. She walked around the desk
while trailing my fingers down his wig and over his
skirt covered body, until she came to his ass. Olivia
coated my finger in the jelly and began to work it up
his tightly clenched ass. "Bill, this is all the
lubrication you are going to get, so I suggest you
relax, so I can apply it!" I was surprised to see him
stop struggling and relax his sphincter and accept
Olivia's probing.

"Now, in just a few minutes, Douglas is going to come
in here expecting to fuck Heather up the ass. You
see, he wants to win the bet you made about fucking
Heather - yes, Billy-boy I know all about the bet and
the rest your dirty little secrets."

When I leave, I'm going to break the light switch and
turn up the radio, so he will have no idea that it is
you and not me. Now, if you move around or make a lot
of noise, he will probably fuck you anyway . . . after
all, you two do have this competition thing going.
Then, I'm sure he will make a big deal about it and
humiliate you just like you did poor Heather this
morning," Olivia said, as she buried my finger to the
hilt in his virgin ass, causing Bill to grunt into his
gag. Then she reached over and cut the radio on.

Olivia picked up my handbag and walked to the door.
She bent down to retrieve the fallen acrylic award and
said, "My suggestion is you take it like a man and
then after he leaves, I'll come in and untie you
afterwards. But, either way you look at it, you're
*fucked*!" She brought down the globe on the light
switch, cutting it off, and breaking the knob at the
same time.

Olivia left my body like a sigh and I was once again
in control of myself. I calmly walked out of our
suite of offices, until I was safely outside the glass
front. I took my cellular phone out of my purse and
dialed Douglas's extension.

"Douglas speaking," he answered.

In my sexiest voice, I breathed huskily into the
receiver, "Ewwww . . . Dougie, I'm just *dying* for
you to fuck the hell out of my virgin ass with that
big - hard - cock of yours. Mmmmmm . . . so are you
gonna be a man or a mouse?"

I hung the phone up and watched from the corner as
Douglas walked briskly from his office with his hands
in his pockets, to camouflage the erection he was

Oh, Bill, I wonder what is happening to you right now?
I waited a few minutes, before I dialed Sandy's

"You've reached Douglas Tin's office. This is Sandy,
how may I help you?"

"Hi, Sandy, it's me, Heather. I need a huge favor."

"Sure, anything," she eagerly answered.

"I need you to get as many people as you can together
and tell them to hurry to my office, because you heard
some very weird noises. You think I may be trying to
kill myself. You tell them *that* Sandy. You tell
them that for all the women those two assholes have
fucked over since they've been here. Good-bye Sandy,"
I said, as I pressed end on the cellular.

I walked to the elevator and got in and as the doors
of the elevator closed, so closed a chapter of my life
and I've never looked back. I drove Bill's car over
to his house and picked up the valuables that Olivia
asked me to get, then caught a cab and left New York
for L.A.

I began a new life in the city of angels, with my
angel, Olivia. Dear reader, I know you can never
experience this, but when you are possessed and you
know that person knows every little dark recess of
your soul, yet they are still with you . . . they
still *want* you, then you can begin to fathom my love
for Olivia.

So began our honeymoon, the happiest time of my life.
I also realized my dreams and became an author . . .
an author of erotica, to be exact. Well, you know
what they say, 'Write what you know,' and I did know
sex thanks to Olivia. In the short time we had
together, I made love to the ghostly Olivia, to women
she possessed, sharing men while she possessed me. I
can not count the lovers I had during that blissful
six months.

I know you are dying to know dear reader, so I will
answer your question. Yes, you would call me her
slave, but I probably wouldn't. You see, *I* wanted
to exhibit myself, to orgasm in public places, to get
punished, and pierced. *I* wanted everything that
would make my lover, my Olivia happy and she never
made me do anything, I didn't ultimately take pleasure

However, as they also say, 'All good things must come
to an end." Well, in time Olivia's anger and hurt was
replaced by . . . love for *me*. You cannot know how
much it breaks my heart to know that it was *love*
that took my Olivia away from me, but it is the truth.
You see, it was her anger and need for revenge that
held her in this world. As it faded, so did the
tenuous thread that held her to me.

Ah, but we did love during the time we had. I loved
my witch, my wonderful wicked Olivia and she loved me,
her sweet pussy Kat. pussy Kat . . . Ha-ha, it's
funny to think that my readers probably thought pussy
Kat was a pen name. Well, it's my real name and I
wouldn't change it for the world, because Olivia gave
it to me.

So reader, after reading all my make believe fiction,
now you know my 'real' story and I guess it is the
strangest one of all. Anyway, this story is more than
just a story. You see, reader, it has been exactly
one year since Halloween. Which is why, I'm typing
this right now, wearing the cute little pussy costume,
I wore last Halloween. You see, I'm hoping to spark
just a little anger from my Mistress . . . my Olivia,
just enough to bring her into this world for a sweet
kiss to chill my warm lips.

I had hoped to have time to pen a beautiful poem to my
lover, my life, but I can feel her presence now. I
hope you have enjoyed this story . . . my last story.

As for me, my bath has been drawn and I've got
everything I need laying in a soap dish beside the
tub. I won't lie to you and tell you I'm not afraid.
I take strength in how scared and alone Olivia must
have felt last Halloween. Late at night, when I am
all alone, I imagine myself with her . . . holding
her. After tonight I will never be alone again. I
will have my love with me, now and forever.

. . . I can't wait.

Pussy Kat
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