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The House Guest 1 10


The House Guest

Chapter One - American Cousin

["Oh Gerald, I know I shouldn't write this but I really want you o know
how good you make me feel. I'll send this to you at work but you already
know that if you've just got it. Silly me. That's your fault isn't it.
What did you say you'd do? Ride me silly? Oh boy I think you did that for
sure. And you know it too don't you.

I hope you're looking forward to this Saturday as much as I am. We
might even make it to the bed this time. So you liked my black stockings then. I might wear them again. But only if you promise to control
yourself. Is reading this making you as horny as writing it is making me?
I'd love to think you were sitting there at work with your prick all hard
and you feeling so horny you want to pull it. Save it for Saturday. I
want all your lovely hot spunk.

I wasn't lying when I told you I'd never seen so much spunk before.
You're a right horny one. They say its always the quiet ones you should
look out for. You weren't quiet yesterday were you. I loved it when you
were saying such dirty things to me. You have a dirty tongue on you. You
were right. I did need a good hard riding. And you gave it to me too. Oh
Gerald I miss you. I miss your lovely prick up me. Are you hard now?
Poor baby. If I was there I'd be under your desk giving you a good hard
sucking. I'd probably choke on all that spunk. Don't worry. I'd drink
every drop. I wouldn't want to ruin your suit. Or maybe you'd have me
over the desk . A good hard ride right now would give us both an appetite
for lunch. Another ruined pair of stockings would be a small price to pay
for such a good time. You and your spunk!! Spunky Ger I think I'll call
you from now on. Well you save it all up for Saturday. I wish it would
hurry up and get here. Just think. A whole day? What will we do to pass
all that time? I'm sure we'll come up with something. Kisses and miss you
and your lovely hard prick.


Valerie folded the letter and put it once more into a small compartment
in her bag. She didn't know why she'd kept it. It was a painful reminder
of an affair her husband had had some years ago. An affair that was long
over. It had been a rocky time, but now their marriage was strong again.
Still she found herself reading the letter sometimes when she was alone.
It no longer roused strong feelings in her but she could never bring
herself to throw it away. She got up and made coffee. It was after 5 PM.
Her husband would be home soon.

Almost on cue he turned the key and entered. He started talking -
immediately -- a long outpouring.

"Val, I should have called, but it happened so suddenly. Mister
Williams called me into the office to meet a chap from our US parent

"Relax and tell me" she said as she handed him his coffee. She bristled
inwardly to hear him refer to his boss as Mister but she let it pass.

"Anyway he's over here for two weeks and they asked me to recommend a
good hotel and as I was telling them Mister Williams just said to me
"didn't you used to take in guests?" and I said 'yes, but not in some
time/' and the damn Yank started saying he hated the formality of hotels
and would be much more comfortable in a guesthouse and well, before I knew
what I was doing I was inviting him to stay here"

"What?" Valerie was stunned. "You can un-invite him. Let him go
somewhere else"

"You know how yanks are. He was fucking impossible to put off and
before I knew it he was getting in the car." Her husband explained.

"You mean he's here? NOW? " Valerie said, alarmed.

"Yes" her husband bowed his head. "Waiting outside."

"Well you better invite him in then" she said, angry, but resigned.

James was aware of the burden this was placing on Gerald's wife. To
have a stranger descend on you completely by surprise, uninvited, probably
unwanted, really. He had suggested that he wait a minute in the car, while
Gerald prepared his wife. "Not that she can have much choice with me
standing out here with my luggage," he thought wryly. But he was
accustomed to occasional discomfort as he traveled the world. It is such a
pleasure to live in a home instead of a dumpy little hotel in some of these
small towns. It was too inviting to resist, so sometimes he accepted.

To be fair, he had seen Gerald's wife from afar at lunch, earlier in the
day. Gerald's boss, Gordon Williams, had pointed across his pint of bitter
and his plate of Plaice, peas and chips at the pub. She looked well put
together and pretty, sitting there, knees tight together, on the stool by
the low round table in the corner. He had to admit that was part of his
reason for agreeing so eagerly to accept Gerald's rather forced invitation.

She looked quite inviting, sitting there listening to her three friend's
comments. He judged that she was rather quiet, letting others babble on
while she thought things through before speaking. James thought also, that
her thoughts might be surprisingly intuitive, probably taking the
conversation in surprising directions compared to outward appearances. The
possibility of that was irresistible as he so enjoyed women who had a mind
of their own without being so boorishly intent on appearing assertive as
was the popular tendency these days.

He judged her to be in her mid-thirties, liked the softness a few extra
ounces gave her figure, liked the way her smile came quickly when it came,
the way her teeth showed when she smiled. "Pretty, isn't she" he said to
his host.

"Yes, yes, ........... I suppose she is, .......... hadn't paid that
much attention, I guess," the older man commented idly. James suspected he
was lying in the bullshit way the Brit business men have about them.
Still, Williams was a decent sort and he was very hospitable and determined
that James' stay should be as comfortable as possible.

James found himself distracted from Williams's business talk, by
watching Valerie, as he found her name to be. She had crossed one knee
over the other now and was leaning on it; her hand cupping her chin as she
listened intently to the attractive blond speaking animatedly across the
table from her. He could just see the translucent, warm natural color of
the nylon over her knee, the white spot caused where her crossed leg rested
against the other one. Her breasts, under her big fluffy sweater, seemed
medium sized, not overwhelming the rest of her; you were just aware of
them, of their potential for discovered beauty. He could see from her
profile the loveliness of their curve, so subtle and restrained as her bra
supported their weight, helping, enhancing their natural opulence and

"Yes," he said aloud to himself "I noticed Valerie!" The cool evening
air stimulated his thoughts.

'Oh, James, can you come through now?" Gerald was calling from the door.
"It's all right, she is not going to bite! He laughed, then muttered to
himself, "Either of us!"

He dropped his bag at the door and followed toward the large
country-style kitchen where Valerie met him at the door, her smile perhaps
slightly forced, but a smile anyway.

She had an apron over the sweater and skirt she had worn today in the
pub. I saw now that it had grayish flecks in it and was of soft luxurious
looking lambs wool that draped down the upper slopes of her breasts,
rounding the prominence of her nipples hidden someplace there at the
summit. The neck cuddled her neck in a wide roll. The effect over all was
of quiet quality.

Her reddish brown flannel skirt, buttoned down the side, hung just above
her rather nice knees. Her tights are charcoal in this light, whereas I
had thought much lighter from across the pub. Still, he hadn't been so far
off, he thought, ........... pretty.

"Val, this is Mister Carmody" her husband introduced him

He took her hand, warm and firm.

"Call me James, please, he smiled. Mister makes me sound like a
Grandfather." Already he could see her softening toward him. He could feel
a warmth toward her already, he thought.

"Come sit down, then, ....... James, is it?" she had a natural warmth
and genuine-ness that was appealing. It probably surprised her husband how
this seemed to come through to strangers. How she was so much more quickly
a friend with others than he was.

James noticed that she had changed from low heels at noon to her flat
shoes tonight, making a slight but perceptible difference in the look of
her breasts against the lambs wool. Less prominent - no less promising
than before - he smiled at using the words together rather cleverly. James
was fond of entertaining himself in this way.

He followed her slightly swaying hips under the flannel skirt, gazing at
the hollows at the back of her knees as she lead him to the dining room.
The table was set with two candles, his place was at the side and she and
Gerald sat on the ends. Her smile was easier now.

James realized that he was being seductive. He really liked her. She
was being seductive in her own way, too. "Seductive" in the way they were
trying to draw each other into and through the joy of conversation, not so
much the way the word is usually used in trying to get some one into bed as
quickly as possible. Though, looking at her through the candlelight,
watching the candles dance in her eyes, he realized that he might mean that
as well. Her cheeks were rosy now in the candleglow. Perhaps it was the
hot oven she had taken the chafing dish from. Or .....................
something else.

Chapter Two - After Dinner Drinks

Valerie was serving coffee now. The conversation over dinner had warmed
to something close to a budding friendship. Gerald had become expansive
and talked easily as if to an old school friend now, now that they had
shared a number of lubricating drinks. They were on brandy with the coffee
now and James found himself staring at Valerie's breast so close to him as
she stood close warming his coffee with a dollop of the brandy. He thought
sardonically, that it was not only the coffee she was warming.

"Ah, fair maiden, you warm the cockles of my heart!" he said, perhaps a
little too theatrically. Valerie smiled back, so he knew it was all right.

"I think you're warming more than his cockles, sweetie. Eh, James?"
Gerald said it with a show of the camaraderie of men, winking broadly to
James and swatting her lightly on her ample bottom, hugging her to him with
the next wave of his arm.

James was too cautious to fall in the trap of going completely on the
side of "all men are swine" with Gerald, but he chuckled quietly to show
that he did indeed appreciate Gerald's wife and that he appreciated
Gerald's humor. It was a bit stronger than appreciation, he thought, but
no need to let that out!

She let him press her close, laughed as he nuzzled the side of her
breast, not too obviously, but a bit too much in front of this stranger in
their home. Valerie suggested going off to bed. "Morning will be here
before we know it"

""Yes, me for an early bed!" James responded "I'm all screwed up on the
time since I got off the flight. I'll keep you up to all hours if you let

"Too late for an Early bed, James! It's after midnight and Gerald will
be expected in on time, though you should have special consideration and
not have to be there at the crack of dawn." She looked up into his eyes
with a warm "good night" sort of smile as he stood up, offering to take his
cup to the Kitchen.

"Never mind, James, I'll take care of all that in the morning!"

James protested, but Gerald was on his feet, if a bit on the wobbly
side, they both were, he and James. "Off we go, James, it's no good
arguing with her, has her own way of doing things does my Val!"

He watched as Valerie stretched toward the ceiling with a show of
weariness. Her breasts were pulled up and cradled by the gesture, sort of
centering themselves in a lovely curve like a large necklace or south sea
island hammock around her lovely neck. He was having trouble keeping his
eyes off her. He decided to make his way upstairs before he made some
blundering mistake and spoiled it.

Gerald had his arm slung low around her hips now as she stood next his
chair, where Gerald had sat down again.

"Yes, well, I'm afraid I will need to turn up pretty early, as well," he
assured her, watching as she encouraged her husband toward his bed.

They had put his luggage in the small bedroom next to their own, the
other bedroom being under alteration. James unpacked, stripped off his tie
and shirt, and examined his diary for tomorrow, thinking he would give them
a little time to settle down with their preparation for bed. He found his
shaving kit and strolled down the hall for the bathroom, toothbrush in
hand. He always felt a bit awkward in an unfamiliar private home.

He quickly realized that the bathroom was occupied, the door open just
by a few inches, the light shinning through the opening. He started to
retreat, then halted as his eyes adapted to the bright and the dark of the
hallway. Through the opening, he could see the mirror on the wall. And in
it, his reason for pausing rather than beating a hasty retreat to his room.

Valerie was there, her image clear in the large mirror. She was leaning
to remove her tights, or just finishing. His heart beat heavily as he
gazed transfixed at the view down the front of her bra, her breasts falling
away from her chest as she bent from the waist. The brilliance of her
white bra was slightly dazzling in his eyes, the darkness between her
breasts an inviting abyss to fall into. As she stood erect, she dropped
the tights and panties in a fluffy pile on the top surrounding the sink.
She turned, giving him a sidelong view of her hip, smooth and round, the
prominent curve of her mound and the dark curls proudly bristling out,
softening the line of her body, emphasizing the curve, tantalizing his

He snapped back from his reverie as she raised her arms over her head
and dropped a clinging cream-colored full slip down over her head, settling
on the high points of her breasts and her hips, delightfully falling in
place. Quickly, he stepped back to his room and slipped quietly inside.
He could almost feel her scent as she strode past toward her room.

When he heard the door close quietly, he stepped into the hall again and
returned to the bathroom. It was getting on toward being a matter of
urgency, given the quantity of liquids he had drunk without making a stop.
He snapped the door closed, then realized that the lock was not easy to
make secure. You had to lift it a bit to make it close properly. So that
was why it had been open and gave him such a richly rewarding view of
lovely Valerie and her opulent curves.

Unzipping, he fished out his cock, noticing that his admiration of
Valerie had left him with indelicately referred to in "man talk" as
"Lovers' Balls." He had been so aroused for so long, gazing at Valerie more
or less steadily or as often as he could safely turn her direction, that
his balls indeed ached with the pent-up tension which had gone unrelieved.
That, plus the fact that thinking of her had given him a partial erection
again made it impossible for him to piss. He stood laughing quietly to
himself, waiting for one or both problems to subside enough to permit his
water to flow and at least relieve that part of his problem.

He was still smiling to himself, leaning an elbow against the wall, the
other hand holding his cock to direct the stream, when things cleared and
his stream of water splashed loudly into the pool of water. "Loud enough
to raise the devil" passed through his mind and he aimed for the side of
the bowl away from the water. "That's better." He muttered.
"Ahhhhhhhhh!!! It lasted quite awhile, so full was his bladder. His cock
was still half at attention. "Wow, he thought, not sure .... can live
this close to someone .... soft and attractive." He had begun to slur a
bit, leaving out the shorter words in his drunkenness, but it felt good to
be so loose.

He brushed his teeth after a fashion. Staring at his image in the
mirror, he imagined her image in the mirror alongside his image. Noticing
how the overhead light was so bright that it made the scattered gray stand
out among his dark hair. He was aware that it was not really that
unattractive, though he was always surprised when he noticed it under such
a light as this. "Bloody prematurely gray," he muttered, grinning at his

He took an aspirin and packed up his kit, turning off the light before
opening the door to avoid waking his host and hostess. He slipped silently
down the hall. He thought he heard something and stood still in the hall
like a wild animal in the forest, his ears straining. The noise was coming
from their room, not far away from his. James started into his room, then
stopped again and listened. He could not resist it.

" I hope it's warm for me" he heard Gerald's voice. Not too loud, but
delivered with a certain quiet forceful fullness which made it carry


James smiled at the husband and wife dialog, he a little drunk, she
wanting it too, but not as a public spectacle, she was quieting him. He
imagined the man's hand on Valerie's breast, the nipple now coming to
prominence, hardening, stiffening under the rolling touch of his fingers.
"You want this do you? Want my big cock up your cunt? Got you a bit
randy, didn't he?"

Shhhhhhhh, ..... please! Here, let me! ........"

Then a masculine laugh carried through the house. "yes he did, that
Yank son of a bitch was charming your pants off, wa'n't he? Well!!!
Wa'n't he?" His voice was teasing, urging her excitement higher as his
hands would have found her wetness by now and that she had taken off her
panties, her ass soft under the wonderful feel of her slip.

He heard their laughter now, muffled.

Now that his eyes had become accustomed to the dark, he could see a
little bit in spite of the dark and he slipped closer. First the bed
noises came to his ear, bodies rolling over. Kisses, slightly too noisy in
their enthusiasm and his drunkenness. James moved just too close and
touched the door, which gave way slightly, making a loud clicking sound in
the night silence. He froze. Would he be caught?

The noises resumed, though. He imagined the eager scene beyond the
door. His hands on her round ass cheeks, her hands finding his cock and
trying to keep him under control and still hard. She would have to work
hard to keep his cock hard enough to help her to her release, as drunk as
he was. James smiled there in the dark.

"Oh, that's it dear, that's it, kiss them, kiss my nipples! Yes, more,
more, .............. ohhhhhh .......yes, you're so good with my breasts ...... ....ahhhhhhh, yes,......but not so hard, dear .....better...." her
soothing voice was musical to James standing so lonely there in the
darkened hall.

"Want this? Sure you do! Bring that over here for me .... Yes!!!"

"Shhhhhhh ...........shhhhhhhhhhh!" Her hand would be on him now, James
thought, guiding his clumsiness to her center. Urging him to make the most
of her excitement; to help her reach that glorious release.

James came closer still peering in at the little crack in the door. He
could see a shape in the darkness. With a shock that took him aback, he
realized that he was actually seeing Valerie, the whiteness of her bra now
standing out in the darkness.

She was upright, straddling Gerald, his hands on her breasts, her back
ramrod straight as she lowered herself over him. James could see her hand
disappear between their bodies, and knew that he was right, she was guiding
him to her now. It was excruciating to see this little bit of their sex,
filling in the details in his mind.

Her wet, wet, wet pussy lips had been parted with his hardness, she
would have forced his semi hard member up along the slit of her pussy lips
to kiss her clitoris, let the wetness of her lubricate his cock, making it
slip easily as possible into the snugness which was her cunt, past the
tight little muscle at the entry, into the deep and warm tunnel of her

She had turned her face toward the door as she began riding up and down
on her now lifeless lover. "Does she see me??????." James wondered,
slightly alarmed. "no!" he reassured himself, it was too dark.. Besides
she would not be one to be so brazen as to look at him while he watched her
in this most intimate of moments.

Still, it was discomfiting enough to make him wish she would look away
so he was more comfortable backing away and slipping back into his own
room. But she did not. she was rocking up and down on his shaft now,
taking her pleasure in spite of her drink-spoiled husband. Again and again
she rose and slipped back down his shaft. James could hear the quiet slap
of her bottom hitting his loins.

Then he heard her sigh of release. A quick intake of breath, more
stroking up and down,, the unmistakable twitching of her legs against the
sheets as she thrashed in her tight orgasm. "ohhhhhhh .........ohhhhhhhh.
Ooooohhhhhhh. Yyyyyyessss! In a strange way it was almost a release for
James, so much empathy had he developed so quickly with this pretty
stranger with the ready smile.

Then there was silence. Followed by the sound of her moving to her side
of the bed. James backed silently down the hall, slipped into his room.
Slowly and quietly he got into bed. Then coughed to cover the sound of
swinging his legs up under the cover. It would be a long lonely night
after what he had listened to. "Wowowo!" he muttered in spite of himself.

"Valerie. Valerie. ..... Valerie. He muttered silently to the ceiling
there in the darkness.

End Chapter Two {To be continued.}

Chapter Three - I Spy

James was wakened by a knock on the door, rousing him from a brief
troubled sleep, tossing and turning. "Mr. Carmody, ...... Good morning!
6:30" It was Valerie waking him for breakfast.

"Yes, thank you!" He lay there thinking of his, what should he call it,
spying seemed too harsh. Yet what else could one call it. It still
bothered him that she had been looking into his eyes in the dark as she
assertively rode her husband's maleness in the middle of the night. She
had ridden up and down his hardness, while he lay a bit under the weather,
not helping or participating much. Still she rode on until at last
reaching her climax. He remembered exactly what she had said, how she said
it, loved the sound of her soft intense sigh. . "ohhhhhhh
.........ohhhhhhhh. Ooooohhhhhhh. Yyyyyyessss! It had been soft but
firm, full of pleasure, soul, and meaning, almost enough to include him in
its universal release.

"Will we be embarrassed looking into each other's eyes this morning?" he
wondered. He shook his head, "don't be ridiculous, she isn't even aware of
how our paths have crossed."

He could smell bacon frying as he came down the stairs. "Good morning!"
he smiled at her across the large kitchen, picking up a cup from the table
and crossing toward her, trying hard not to show any discomfort at her

'Good morning," she smiled. Her eyes held his perhaps a moment too
long, examining him carefully. Perhaps she had been looking at him. He
couldn't take his eyes away from her breasts, perky under a crisp floral
blouse. The pleasure his host had had, ......they both had had so noisily
during the night was burned into his mind and sprang back easily.

"Not sure "His Lordship" is not feeling too lord-like this morning!" she
said rolling her eyes skyward.

James enjoyed her smile as well as her ready, somewhat sharp wit. "Yes,
I saw him in the hall, he looks, as the cowboys say, like he has been rode
hard and put away wet!" His last word was clipped as he remembered just
what double meaning that might conjure in her mind. He thought lamely and
unsuccessfully for a subject to take the conversation in another direction.
She smiled in his direction, that warm toothy smile. "Very apt!" she said,
leaving it open to trouble his mind.

Gerald arrived looking sad eyed and tired. "James says in America they
would say you had been 'rode hard and put away wet!' what do you think
dear? I said it was an apt expression."

Which of us was she mocking, James wondered, having trouble keeping his
thoughts together.

"I feel like something was done to me." He leered at James, "you can't
trust birds, can you, get you drunk and think they can have their way with
you. Do anything they bloody want! It's a crime, that's what it is!"
Well, he was awake and full of the devil, that was clear. James wondered
again: 'Who is being mocked here?' Not sure that it was not him on both
counts. He just couldn't be sure.

He went to his room to pick up his coat, briefcase and other things.
James readied himself to go to the office in a very unsettled, tense frame
of mind. On the other hand he had thoroughly enjoyed his participation, or
at least his intrusion on their sex life. Thoroughly. It had already
sprung back into his mind several times. Valerie's breasts hanging down
away from her body into the slings of her bra cups as she bent from the
waist before him in the mirror. The almost tangible feel of her riding up
and down on Gerald's cock there in the intense darkness. It was
breathtaking, except for the uneasy sense that he may have been caught
spying. "Well, if I was, she seems to have enjoyed my spying," he decided,
at last. Returning downstairs, he found plans had changed.

"Hope you don't mind, James, I need to go a different direction this
morning, so Valerie will take you to the office on her way to her
jumble-sale job."

"Oh, sure, sure, no problem." He smiled as she bounced down the stairs
pulling on her gloves.

"Ready?" she smiled up at James.

James opened the car door for her and waited as she sat into the car and
swung her legs into her car. He noticed that she rolled her eyes up to
catch him staring at her legs as she swung her legs in. Did she open them
just a little wider than necessary? Did she pause just an instant with one
in the car and the other still on the ground? He wasn't sure. He closed
the door firmly. She was still smiling. It occurred to him that he had to
get over the tension of worrying about what she was thinking and go back to
just taking things as they come. Still, it wasn't as easy as it usually
was. Her thighs looked so invitingly creamy in her tights, her skirt
fluffed up to about mid-thigh. James decided to relax and enjoy it,
........... whatever the hell was going on.

"We're off!" he intoned, trying to sound his usual bouncy self.

"Right you are. How did you sleep, Mr. Carmody?"

There it was again. His tension level soared.

"James, .......... Please, you make me feel old!"

"Oh, sorry James," she gazed over at him, that angelic smile on her

"How did you sleep, James."

He decided to give as good as he got. "Well, fine, once I got to sleep,
that is! And you?"

"A leading question, sir," she bit her lip, suppressing her smile for
the moment.

Somehow, he thought that she had been probing for something, and had
gotten it out of him, or so she thought. James was so confused, he wasn't
sure whether he had answered her or not. He stared as she spread her legs
wider, touching the clutch and downshifting the little stick shift.

They arrived and she turned toward him to wish him a good day, with some
little joke. Without meaning to do it, he touched her nyloned thigh as he
laughed at her joke. An electric charge, literally leapt between them.

"Oh, I am sorry," he muttered. The static electric charge was an
accident, but after exchanging a long glance, they both burst into laughter
at the same time. He really hadn't meant to touch her thigh, had he? He
wasn't sure anymore. He was confused.

She turned more toward him, her knee elevated slightly and bent over to
look up at him through the opposite side window, giving him a good look up
her skirt along the taut nylon of her thigh. He thought he caught a
glimpse of lemon colored knickers at the end of the tunnel.

She roared away, leaving a bewildered American standing on the wrong
side of the street, thoroughly confused and quite tense. Quite different
from his usual cocky certainty.

That evening ..............

Gerald and James arrived home to find the aroma of dinner strong in the
air. "Wow, this is a bit of all right!" Gerald said, beginning a string of
jokes about not getting anything to eat when the Americans went home again.
Valerie didn't seem to see the humor of it.

After dinner, they were invited to the local pub for a drink with
friends. James tried to beg off, but they insisted that he was probably
the guest of honor as far as their friends were concerned. It made a nice
evening. Gerald spent a lot of time playing darts and chatting with his
mates, leaving James alone with the two girls. James found himself
concentrating on Valerie. They found a lot to talk about, nothing terribly
deep, just movies and books they had both seen and then the funny
coincidences of life and so forth.

Midway through the evening, Valerie began touching his wrist when she
wanted to emphasize a point, and James was doing the same. It was clear
that they had established a bond.

"Come on James, I'll give you a game of darts!" There was a lot of
laughter in their game and a lot of reason to touch each other as they
reclaimed darts from the board. James became quite accustomed to the feel
of his arm around her waist as she explained the rules and guiding her to
her turn, any excuse seemed to be a good one to touch her firm full curves.
The touches were light, not meant to attract too much attention, but each
one was warm and sealed their friendship a little bit more. He found her
finding reasons to press her breasts against him, guiding his unpracticed
tosses of the darts. Laughing at his jokes, then pulling his arm against
her. All in good fun.

Back at home they were all ready for an early night. It had been a nice
evening; each having had had a good time in his own way. "You're sure
lucky, love, having two of us blokes taking you out, you know!" Gerald had
said in his joking banter. "Gerald bought all the beer, you know, and I
told all the jokes! We should both get a goodnight kiss, you know!"

"Oh, stop, Gerald." She smiled. "you two could turn a girls head,
though! But, James was a good date while you were off with your mates all
night, so, why not?" She tipped her head up and James bent for a quick
thank you kiss. "There's for being my white Knight!"

"Thank you fair princess!" he grinned.

"There she goes, James, give her an inch and she takes a yard! You be
careful, mate! she'll have her way with you!"

Gerald stopped in the bathroom and Valerie patted him on the arm as she
slipped past to her room "'Night James, it was lovely talking with you

"Yeah, me too!" James slipped into the little guestroom. He bit his
lip, tasting the little lipstick left there by her kiss. He liked the
sweet taste of it, and he found himself rolling it round in his mouth. He
waited until he heard Gerald go past, knocking and saying "Good night
James, see you in the morning." Then waited a while longer with the door
ajar. Hearing Valerie sweep by, he opened the door and walked down through
the cloud of a lovely feminine scent that brought a smile to his face.

He found Valerie's panties and tights piled in a puffy pile on the
vanity, and fondled them lightly, enjoying the way they made a colorful
little mountain that seemed to be full of her warmth and her essence.
Before turning off the light, he picked them up and touched them to his
cheek then tested them against his nose. Lovely.

He undressed, hanging up his clothes, turned out the night, and picked
up the panties to put them back in the bathroom. He was accustomed to
sleeping nude and so he wore nothing, now that he was feeling comfortable
in the house. In the hall he again heard noises from the adjoining room.
He paused, listened, then moved close to their door again.

Gerald sounded a little drunk but mostly just amorous. James realized
by the sounds that someone was standing against the wall or against the
door itself.

"Oh, dear, you are soooo good, Ahhhhhhhhh , that's it sweetheart, suck
me, suck me, suck me harder. Yes, yes, that' is ......ooooooohhhhhhhh you
are so fucking goood..............sweet Jesus, take it, take it suck it
suck me. There was scraping noise against the door creaking from someone
leaving heavily against it. James imagined Valerie there on her knees,
hands on his thighs, Gerald's cock deep in her mouth. One hand slipping up
to grip his balls, her cheeks sucked in by the amount she was sucking on

James found himself holding his own cock, listening at the other side of
the door. He realized suddenly that his grip included Valerie's soft
panties and tights he intended to leave where he had found them. He
continued stroking himself with her soft panties.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, suck harder dear, it is great! Ahhhhhrrrrgggg! YES!


"Oh Fuck, ............ never mind Shhhhh! Give us your tits love.
Give us your sweet tits. Let me fuck your big tits!" A move away from the
door and it quieted down.

"Here, love, on the edge of the bed. Give us your big fucking titties,
Come on, hurry up now dear. Give us those big tits "Ohhhhhhhh,
Yes......ohhhhhh You've got a lovely pair of Bristols. Great for fucking
me! Fuck .......Fuck ........Fuuck! Unnhhhhhhhh unhhhhhh , unhhhhhhhh.
That's it. Squeeze those things together........ make me a titty-pussy
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss! There you are my girl .......... Hot enough
for you????????? Love my spunk , eh? Love my spunk???"

"Yes, ......yes .....shhhhhh!"

James realized he had come in the excitement of listening to them making
love on the other side of the door. His cum was in her panties! Now what?
,,,,,,, what to do with the evidence?

He hurried down the hall and dropped them back in the pile as he had
found them. "Just have to trust she won't find them until they have
dried," he thought, a little sheepishly. He made it back into his room
just before the light lengthened down the hall and he heard Valerie pad
down the hall to the bathroom.

"Oh, my gawd!" he thought. He slipped into bed, pulling up the cover
over his pounding heart.

Valerie rinsed her mouth, brushed her teeth and took an aspirin from the
medicine cabinet. As she drank the water, she noticed in the mirror that
she had forgotten and left her panties and tights. She started to rinse
them out, first the tights, then ........"what?" ............ she felt the
panties. They had a large spot on them, but .......... Examining them
closely, she realized ........... ........could it be? ...She looked at her
strange expression in the mirror. Suddenly it came to her. It is James's
spunk! "Had he been listening then?" "yesssssssss!" she heard herself
answer. Her eyes were wide open in the mirror. In spite of herself, she
sniffed it a little. 'No doubt what it is.'

With a quiet little smile, she slipped the wet panties up over her hips
into place. She touched the spot he had left, patted it into the curls at
her Venus mound. When she had washed the tights, all the time with a smile
on her face she was slightly ashamed of her brazen act. Slipping another
man's spunk against her body, just for the sensation! She smiled impishly
into the mirror and stared at the dark spot on the front of her panties.
She hung the tights to dry, turned out the light and slipped down the hall.
She dragged her nails lightly on his door, a final affectionate farewell.

She slipped into bed beside her now relaxed and sleepy husband,
devilishly grinning, she moved up close behind him and pressed the wet spot
against his behind. Gerald squirmed a little, and she pressed even closer.
She grinned in the dark. "Serves him right!" she said to herself.

End Chapter Three

Chapter Four - Discovered

Wednesday dawned in a quiet Grey blanket. James awoke slowly, longing
for a little more sleep. He hugged the pillow to him and closed his eyes
against the light. His hand on the plump pillow reminded him of his
hostess, the lovely, round, soft, firm bosomy Valerie.

Suddenly he was wide-awake. The events of the previous night sprang
into his consciousness, her panties, left crumpled and loaded with his cum on the sink. The sound of her husband's moans as she pleasured him,
pressed him between the enfolding softness of her breasts until he came
with a loud moan, spurting his sperm hot and thick and heavy on the flat
above her round perfect breasts. His mind came back to how it had made him
feel separated from this pleasure just by the thickness of the door, driven
to a huge wave of envy. Driven also to bring himself to orgasm with her
panties clutched around his cock.

He thought ruefully of whether he would be able to face her without
letting her know all this, or would it be immediately obvious at Breakfast?
Guilt written over his face in huge red letters? Or would it just slip by
unnoticed? One way to find out he thought, springing bolt upright in bed,
ready to face the world. Again this morning he could smell breakfast on
the stove.

As he shaved before the mirror, it came to him. Her tights were hung
freshly washed in the bathroom, but the panties were missing. He turned
slowly, looking carefully around the bathroom, in the widow sill , not in
the tub, on the floor, in the hamper. NO .......... No, they were simply
not there. What could be the explanation? He searched for a logical
reason, hoping to avoid the obvious that he had been caught! But, no, in
the end it was the only conclusion. He thought about that rather
embarrassing aspect of it.

After thinking about it, he decided, 'forget it, you've certainly
survived a hell of a lot worse problems than, this, been in more
embarrassing situations, done dumber things. What the hell. Let's go face
the music.'

He bounded down the steps with enthusiasm and came into the kitchen as
if he hadn't a care in the world. "Valerie, the lovely Valerie, how are
you this fine morning, my British beauty? Fine day again, eh? British
sunshine, again, though, in a steady drizzle?"

"Good morning, JAMES! I'm fine and how is my American cousin, then!
Fit? Sleep as well, again did you?"

"Hmmmmm," he thought, "does she suspect him of listening? Hard to

"You'll have to forgive my leaving things in the bathroom, I keep
forgetting my undies. Hope they're not in you way" she smiled archly. It
was the first time he realized what they meant in the books when they
referred to "smiling archly."

Well, he thought, I've surely been caught. Still, she seemed to be
amused, perhaps even slightly titillated about him and his discomfort.
"Oh, not at all, Valerie. I can't pretend not to notice, can I?" He
smiled. "So pretty and colorful. Kind of decorative, I thought!!" He
stared boldly back at her.

Valerie looked steadily into his eyes, her smile never wavering. She
decided she liked this amusing Yank. Enjoyed his blithe overconfidence.
Charmed by his easy going and open admiration of her. Pleased that he
seemed to care about her and what she thought, in spite of knowing her only
a few days. She thought of what must have lead up to his depositing such a
lot of sperm on her panties. Thought of how her knickers had probably felt
so pleasureful against his hardness. Her scent against his cheek,
probably. Finally the sound of them making love just the other side of the
door. She had enjoyed it so much she had not yet changed, wanting to be
wearing them with this memento of his passion there against her mound for
this moment of shared confrontation -- and now she saw it was good. He
couldn't know, of course, .......... but she did! It made her feel
powerful and loved and sexy and slightly naughty.

"Yes, ......colorful ........that would be right! Yellow weren't they?"
She laughed.

"Well, not to put too fine a point on it, ........... no, ...... they
were red, actually!"

"Oh, nice of you to notice," she laughed gaily. "Now what will it be
for breakfast? Eggs and ham? Nice fried tomato? I brought some of our
fine Devon Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam for your scones. How's that?"

"Wonderful, perfect, all those things, thanks."

Gerald joined them for just a cup of coffee, seemed to notice an air of
tension, but didn't comment on it. They were soon off for the office,
leaving Valerie staring out the window after them. She turned slowly and
went up the stairs, down the hall into her bedroom. Quickly, she slipped
her soiled panties down her legs and selected a fresh pair -- pretty lemon
colored, with a little see through lace at the sides --- from her drawer,
pulling them up her legs and snapping them over her hips.

She stared at the soiled panties, full of James' cum, smiled and
retraced her steps down the hall and into the little guestroom.

Curious, she lifted the top of his suitcase. What secrets does a man carry around with him, she wondered. A book, couple magazines, extra ties,
nice colors, a box of twelve condoms - "ribbed for her pleasure, thin as
gossamer for extra sensitivity" Valerie pondered the promise of the
advertising on the box a moment, thinking what James might feel like in

She sank upon the bed, lying in the hollow of the bed that had so
recently held his body. "He must have lain here thinking of me!" she
suddenly thought. The penny dropped. She touched herself between her
legs, finding her own moistness brought so quickly by her flirtation in the
kitchen and her thoughts of what must have been here last night. The
masculine, musky scent of him, the remainder of his after-shave lotion,
............. ......Valerie buried her head in his scent, drinking it in,
fondling her mound. She realized she had the soiled panties still with her
and pushed them between her legs, rubbing her pussy furiously, wildly,
pressing as if to represent his weight on her mound. She rolled onto her
hand with the panties rolled into a ball and soon found a wonderful
release. She lay spent, and feeling luxurious there in his bed, She slept
so peacefully ... for an hour or so ...... before rousing herself,
stretching like a large satisfied cat and got on with her day. Happy.

Later that night, James again made his way to the bathroom to brush and
get ready for bed. He was disappointed this night, no beautiful curves in
the mirror, no pile of undies left on the sink, things are back to normal,
he thought ruefully.

He was soon in his bed staring up at the ceiling. He tried reading
awhile, but it was no good, his mind was preoccupied.

Then, suddenly, he thought he heard sounds from the master bedroom yet
again. He listened tensely. Yes, he was sure of it. He sat up to hear
better. Turned of the light so the light would not distract his hearing.
Their bed creaked, like it was being battered by the enthusiasm of driving
thrusting sex! He stepped across the room, unable to contain his

There was a different sound to the conversation. Valerie said "Shhhh"
less often he noticed. He heard her comments a little more clearly. Heard
her moan her pleasure, he thought. The bed groaned under their fucking.
"Oh, darling .......Oh, yes, goooooooood. More.......shove it in
me. More." Her words were clipped, not quite loud, but he had hardly heard
her at all the previous night.

"Tell me about it then, my girl!!" the male voice commanded." Tell me
what you want. Want more ..... Want this? Want my big cock? ........Tell
me, then...." The words punctuated by the sound of his grunting in time
with his thrusts.

"OH, YES yes yes. Good, so good." Valerie again, a loud whisper "More,
...please ....more" Valerie said urgently

"Ohhhhh, There, that was good." The male voice again, obviously spent.

Silence. And then masculine snoring.

James listened. Nothing more/ No feminine muffled scream of pleasure.
No sound of feminine orgasm. Or perhaps she was just quiet. Nice quite
orgasm. He lay back on his pillow and thought how it exhausted him
listening to them fuck. Sure, he felt slightly guilty to be spying, but
not a lot. He thought of how it would be to lie with Valerie's head on his
arm, his hand holding her breast as they went to sleep. He hugged the
pillow into his face ............... "what's this?" His hand touched
something under the pillow, something silky and unlike the sheets and
pillowcases. Something soft. He turned on the light to examine what was
in his hand.

They were -- pretty lemon colored, with a little see through lace at the

His head reeled slightly. They were Valerie's , but not the ones he had
cum in last night. They were hers. Left here by her -- for HIM! James
realized his heart was pounding. Finding her panties was one thing.
Exciting, but having her intentionally leave them under his pillow was
something else again. Something wild, something wonderfully erotic,
something so sexy, he could hardly believe it. A treat, a joy, A pleasure,
a delight, wonderful!

He lay back and stared at the gift. There was a little stain where her
pussy lips had been, a formed hollow where her finger had been rubbing the
panty into her pussy lips, fondling herself, bringing herself to
completion. Dare he think it? Thinking of HIM? "Yes" he answered.

He thought of her here in his bed,. quietly slipping her hand between
her legs, feeling our wetness there as she brought herself to orgasm.

x Chapter Five

James had taken them out to dinner tonight. It had been a happy meal,
lots of wine and lots of laughter. Now that they knew each other so well,
the conversation came easily. James had felt Valerie's foot touch his
several times during dinner and returned her tentative touch with a firm
and knowing pressure. They had slipped their shoes off and as the wine
took its toll, their toes became more active, fondling each other. He
liked the feel of her toes turned under in her tights and smoothly rubbing
his ankle as she smiled across the table at his jokes.

Gerald needed two guiding hands, getting to the car and then again as he
rollicked along into his own home. He insisted on pouring them a nightcap
and turned on some music. Valerie lighted two candles, casting the room
into a warm glow. Gerald lay on the floor, talking with some difficulty on
the sense of it all, James on one end of a small couch, Valerie at the
other. James had trouble keeping his eyes off her and she returned his
glance with warmth in her eyes. Gerald's breathing soon became very
steady, then turned to snoring lightly.

"I better get him upstairs, ........ I guess." Valerie said.

"Yes ................ I guess" He couldn't think of anything
else to say. " But we should finish our nightcap, ......don't you think?"

"Mmmmnnn hmmm."

James reached for his drink and placed his hand on the couch reaching
out toward her.

As she did the same, their hands touched. The feeling was electric and
they both pulled back briefly, then relaxed. Their hands were just
touching, there on the seat of the couch, but the warmth exchanged was
intense. They both sat and stared at Gerald on the floor, sleeping soundly
as the tension built between them. They sat like that for a time, then
James covered her hand with his, raising the level of tension still more.

Valerie could feel the wetness beginning again between the lips of her
pussy. His hand over hers was the longest contact that they had had, yet
she felt that they had an intimacy that was extraordinary. She turned to
look into his eyes, which seemed to be fastened on her constantly. She
enjoyed smiling at him, then seeing the warmth with which he returned it,
they were kissing with their eyes, it seemed.

Taking another casual look at Gerald on the floor, James leaned toward
her in the gloom of the candlelight. She paused a moment, unsure, glanced
at her sleeping husband, then leaned to offer her lips. Their lips touched
gently, then opened and pressed closer. James' lips pulled at hers,
pulling her into him gently. Her tongue found his, and the effect was
immediate and electric. She was shocked at the special shudder she felt,
like her first kiss when she was young, she felt that she was on a roller
coaster that streaked down over her breasts, leaping off the nipples down
her tummy and zooming into the split between her legs.

The kiss lasted a long time, their tongues tasting each other for the
first time. At last, James broke away and stared over at Gerald for a
moment, then turned again to renew the taste of her sweet lips, squeezing
her hand as he did so.

"Well, ......... I guess we should ........ get him up to bed."
Valerie said at last, not really wanting to end it.

Gerald was soon roused, rubbing his eyes and fumbling with the hi-fi.
"Well, had to wake me up, did you? Wanting some of my John Thomas are
you?" Winking at James. "Always gets randy in candlelight, you know!" He
was still sitting on the floor and now was running his hands up her legs
and under her skirt. "You want to help me with this horny little bunny,
James, or do you have to get up early!!!!"

"Now, Gerald, off you go," his wife urged.

His hands continued to fondle her ass as she preceded him up the stairs
and down the hall.

"Night James," he slurred over his shoulder, bumping from one wall to
the other down the hall.

The door closed behind them and he heard their talk continue. She was
bawling him out for suggesting that James join them in bed. "Gerald, what
are you thinking of, saying such a thing in front of a guest, for heaven's
sake. I've never been so embarrassed!"

"Thought you liked him, sweetie! ...... Might be ah ..... ah bit of
fun, you know. Come on, admit it hahahahahaha ......... you'd love having
the both of us. Eh? What'll you have then, love, me in the back and old James in the front?

"Gerald, for heaven's sake, not a chance!" he heard her trying to shush

"Oh, come, on love, let's see that big sweet ass of yours!!"

"Eeeeek! Geraldddddddd!"

"Ohhhh, feels like you are ready for my .......... Big old John
Thomas!!! Let's see that big round wonderful ass under these knickers
.............oooooops hahaha .......... .......... .........Ooops, they
tore!!!! Hahahahahaha ........ Oh, it is wet and wiggly hot pussy pussy ......ready for this, love ..........
....... Bend over there, let me have it you slut! ..........there
........ you like it deep ............I'll give you deep .lllllllll
........there!!! deep!!!!! And again!!!!!! And again!!!!!!

"Oh, yes, yes, shove it in....... GIVE it to me .........yesyesyes
....... Mmooooooore, harder ........harder shove it in, my love. Give me
all of that big thing......... I love itttttttttttttt. No, no no, don't
stop........... don't stop ..................... put it in more, again,
again....... Ohhhhhhhhh.

The sounds stopped. It left James hanging, seemed incomplete....... He
thought he heard snoring.

James went to his door, listened. It was snoring. Gerald, being a
little worse for wear, had obviously fallen into a deep drunken sleep,
having satisfied himself. He felt rather than saw Valerie slip down the
hall, heard the light click on as she closed the door, heard water running.
He thought he heard her stop briefly in the hall, listening at his door,
then move to her room. He waited for the sound of the door latching, but
it didn't come.

He opened his door, could smell Valerie's perfume or lotion in the hall,
pleasantly deep in his nostrils. He stood for a long time, tensely
imagining the scene he had just heard take place. He wonder just how
daring he should be. Gerald's snoring was loud and deep.

Suddenly he was in the hall. Listening. Straining to hear, to feel
Valerie there ten feet away. She had not closed the door completely. His
decision was made.

James slowly pressed the door. It creaked, sounding loud in the night
tension. He pressed again, another squeak. But Gerald continued his
snoring.. It was a dark night again and he could see nothing except the
outline of the white sheets on the bed. Slowly he felt his way across the
room, invading the mating room of his host and hostess.

Standing beside the bed, he stopped to listen again. He felt that you
could have cut the tension with a knife. His breathing, when he dared to
take a breath was labored and stuck in his chest. His heart was pounding.

Valerie lay staring into the darkness, too. She heard the door open
with a squeak. She knew that he was there. What was he doing, though.
Surely he won't come in, she thought. 'Should I get up and go to him? No,
I don't think so,' her mind raced excitedly.

She could see his bulk now close beside her. Her heart was pounding
with excitement. Half of her wanted him to touch her, half was scared,
frightened that her husband would wake. She listened, realized that he was
drunk satisfied, and probably could sleep through an earthquake. But you
never know.

The danger was a presence like a wall there in the room. James stood a
long time there beside her bed. Finally, she felt the presence lean over
her. His lips touched her ear. She turned to meet his lips with hers,
felt his tongue touch her. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, savoring
its wet roughness.

James felt her tongue, felt the excitement of her touch shoot through
his body from his tongue to the tips of his toes. He felt disoriented, not
sure if he was standing or on his head in the darkness. He felt her hand
on his cheek, now, ,gently encouraging him. Just touching. Fondling his
face.. His hand found her breast under the silky slip.

She wore no bra and her nipple leapt against his palm. He fondled and
pinched it lightly, feeling the round hardness of it, felt it get harder,
more rigid, more defined in his touch. He loved the way it formed an
almost separate part of her breast, a distinctly separate little mound on
top of the rich mountain of her breast. He slipped his kiss down her chin,
along her neck to the swell of her left breast, nearest him, and up to the
nub at the very tip of her breast. Her hand guided his head now, asking
him unspoken to suckle her, to take her womanhood and let her nurture him.

Valerie felt the curly hair of his sideburns, musing that he needed a
haircut, pressed his head to drink her breasts. She wanted him to suckle
there, to taste her nipples, wanted him to have her roundness, wanted to
feel his hands fondle her big breasts, hold them, lift them, smooth them
with his rough hands, nibble on her. She wanted to feel his breathy desire
spill over her breasts, feel him nuzzle the valley between them.

She felt his lips slipping down her neck, along the slope of the top of
her breast. She listened for any change in her husband's snoring. It was
steady. She pulled James to her ample bosom. His cheek felt so
wonderfully masculine against her. Valerie loved having her breasts fondled. James held them in his hands, started with the very base of the
now swollen orbs, moving along them, squeezing them as he worked his hands
toward the peaks. He pulled slightly on her nipples as he reached the

Gerald's left hand slipped down to rest on her belly. The band of her
panties was under his thumb as he rubbed lightly on her tummy feeling the
soft silkiness of the full cut panties.

Valerie's hand caught his hand, slipped it under the band of her
panties, pressed it down into the curls protecting her mound, letting him
play there for a moment, enjoying the feel of his fingers combing her
little patch of dark brown hair. His finger just touched the top of the
crease made by the lips of her cunt. 'What had her husband said about
having them both?' she thought to herself. Well, she liked it, he was
right, though not quite the way he had phrased it.

James felt the coarse short curls of her pussy thatch. Fondled it in
his fingers, scratched her mound gently, teasingly with his fingernails.
Her scent was warm in his nostrils, his heart beat wildly in his chest. He
knelt beside her, touching her lips with his again. Then, slipping
downward, he kissed her other lips, just at the beginning of the place
where they split her body, inviting him. His lips explored them, felt that
they were nicely swollen with excitement, pouting at him. James slipped
his fingers in the band of her panties, pausing to see if she wanted this,
then slipped them down her thighs and off her leg.

Valerie took her knickers off the other leg, moving as quietly as
possible. She stuffed them into James' briefs, feeling his hard cock
against her hand. She paused there, examining his length. Her touch was
light as a feather. It seemed large, swollen, excitedly hard and erect.
Her hand touched his balls, lifted them in their sack between his legs.
They were large and heavy in her hand. He left her panties there stuffed
next to his cock and balls, as she felt him parting her legs. Valerie was
terrified of waking Gerald. She put her hand to his head cautioning him.
He paused a moment and continued his journey up her thigh toward her open

Her lips were swollen, her hair soft to his lips as he planted a kiss on
her closed pussy lips. Her scent was delicious to his nostrils, perfume
and natural scent mixing together excitedly. His tongue touched her now,
he realized she was moist for him, waiting for him to taste her. 'The tip
of his tongue slipped easily between her lips, traced a path down one side,
crossed over to the other lip. - Valerie spread her thighs wider for him.
His tongue widened and spread over the width of her large luxurious pussy lips. James was enjoying making her squirm slightly under his tongue. He
found her clitoris, circled it with the tip of his tongue, then sucked it
between his lips. He let the wetness of his mouth make a warm slippery
sheath for her clitoris, now firmly protruding in the flower pedals that
were her pussy. She was so wet. So Warm. So Sweet tasting. The wet
heavy cream of her juices spread on his cheeks as he opened his mouth so
that it was covering her clitoris, her lips so wide apart now, and down to
the opening to her vagina. He lingered that way, his tongue fondling her
entire channel. His nose rested now on her Venus mound, its curls tickling
his nose and her scent intoxicating him.

Valerie felt James surround her with his open mouth. It was hot and
exciting, everything was so wet and warm, and held, and fondled -- all
those things at once. It was truly wonderful. His tongue had her clit
standing so rigidly that it felt like she was pointing toward him --
reaching for him. It actually felt like it was straining to get closer.
Silly -- but that is how it felt to her at that moment. She had never felt
more completely fondled. His hands crept up her sides and held her breasts firmly but still gently.

James was being as aggressive as he could while trying not to move the
bed for fear of waking Gerald. He sucked her pussy, slipped his tongue
into her cunt, circled it, pressed deep into her, tasting the slight bitter
sweetness there. His tongue went lower on her body, then circled the
little rose of her anus. He felt her squirm with pleasure under his
tongue. Her breasts were large and swollen in his hands.

Valerie was engulfed in a luxurious bath of pleasure and feelings. Her
heart was beating firmly, her juices were flowing. Her clitoris felt so
lovely as James loved it, swirling it around and around. At last she felt
his finger slip into her cunt, another just touched her anus, fondling it.
She felt her pelvis involuntarily squirm closer to get more of him. She
felt her orgasm begin to build in her groin. His finger continued slipping
in and out, then found the round little mound just behind her clitoris.

He was sucking her clit now and rubbing the swollen bit inside her
pussy, just under the root of her little man. The sensation was
unimaginable, it spread through her loins, suffusing them with warmth, her
tummy cramped slightly as if he were drawing on her in this way. She felt
his tongue flicking her clit back and forth, her body shuddered under his

How long had she been engulfed in these sensations? How long could it
go on. She was shivering now with pleasure. Trying desperately not to
make too much noise or jiggle the bed too much. But James kept pulling on
her clit, rubbing behind it, kissing her pussy lips now so sensitive and
leaping out to him.

She squeezed her thighs around his face, her orgasm rattling through
her; she clamped onto him, trapping his head, shuddering against him,
loving the feel of him there between her legs, there fondling and sucking her sex, lingering in the bath of all her juices, devouring her , devouring
her juices, fucking her with his tongue and mouth and nose. She exploded
with as controlled an orgasm as she could manage, driving her vibrations
into his head as she held him clamped in the vice of her excited thighs.
She felt the bed move with her tremors, but there was nothing she could do.
Finally it subsided. She lay completely happy and completely satisfied,
relaxed, feeling ........ well .........just ........Wonderful
was the only word.

James silently covered her bare, wet mound with the covers, kissed her
one last lingering good night and slipped silently out of her room, her
panties still tucked into his shorts.

x Chapter Six

James awoke with the scent of Valerie in his nostrils, her panties silky
under his ear and cheek. Slowly waking up, he passed his hand under the
panties, smiling at his memories of last night, the excitement of sneaking
into her room, bringing her to a ringing orgasm, then slipping away
silently without waking her husband, asleep by her side.

He wondered what she had done after he left. Sleep well? Anguished
night tossing and turning?

He finished shaving, but couldn't get her out of his mind. The events
of the evening still played like a movie through his mind, the feel of her
breasts, soft and heavy, her round bottom squirming on his hands, the
petal-like lips of her pussy, her hand as it slipped her panties down the
front of his shorts. He turned with a raging hard-on brought on by his
daydreaming. He was deciding where to leave her panties. Then, an
inspiration came over him, thinking about the feel of her pussy against his
lips and how hard he had been as he fingered the inside of her pussy and
kissed her clitoris.

Slowly, he began stroking his cock into her sleek white panties. In
moments, his balls tensed and shot a long heavy stream of his sperm onto
her pretty panties, again and again he spewed those juices stored all night
under the great pressure of his excitement. He looked down to find a large
collection on her panties. He laid it carefully for her to find.

When he arrived in the kitchen, Gerald had beaten him to the table. He
examined Valerie's eyes as she poured his coffee. As she finished, her
eyes found his and James found himself drowning in them as she gave him a
self-confident smile, full and warm.

When they had left, Valerie hurried upstairs to the guestroom where she
found the panties, loaded with his fresh spunk. Most of it had landed in a
huge dark streak in the gusset. She was pleased. She slipped the soiled
garment into place over her hips, feeling the now cool pool of sperm next
to her pussy lips. In her mind, she could still feel the strength of his
suction on her nipples as well as on the sensitive lips of her pussy. She
sighed with remembered pleasure, and slowly pressed his cum to her pussy,
matting the copse of her hair once again.

She lay there fondling herself, spreading her legs wide, teasing her
clitoris firmly in the wetness he had left for her pleasure. Her finger
circled round and round then a steady back and forth motion across the firm
erect bud protruding from her lips, back and forth, back and forth, then
pressing harder and intensifying the movement with pressure.

Valerie realized she was beginning to feel a need for the American
visitor, a need for his cock inside her. She came quickly, it was a
bright, tingly feeling like champagne, a lovely sweet warm feeling with its
own charm in the shade of the monumental orgasm he had given her with his
eager and inventive mouth in the dark of the night.

Valerie fell into a luxurious sleep, her hand pinned under the mound of
her pussy as she lay on her stomach enjoying the man-scent of warmth he had
left in the bedclothes. Sleep came like a comfortable glow.

Gerald had had a bit of a blow-up with his boss and was in a
rambunctious mood. When he had finished reading him off to James he was a
bit calmer. But he was still in one of those "kick the dog' moods where
you come home and pick on people you like because of what someone else has
done to make you angry. This made him argumentative through dinner, and as
he got himself round three or four beers, began to get openly randy in his

"I told her James, that what she needed was you and me both to get up
her. Finally make a real woman out of her. That'd be all right with you,
eh, James?!!!"

"GERALD! STOP! What will James think?" She tried to turn the subject
away. Her face was crimson with embarrassment, ---- perhaps mixed with

"Uh, I think I'd better not answer that one!" James laughed lightly, " I
don't think I can do anything but get on the wrong side of one or both of

"Ah, c'mon, James boy, you're among friends. I see you looking her over
pretty good all throughout dinner. Cor' she's a bit of a sweet, isn't
she?" he laughed uproariously at James' discomfort and at his own bawdy

"Now that, I shamelessly admit, Gerald, I have absolutely been admiring
your lovely wife. And yes, I agree completely with you, she is not only 'a
bit of a sweet,' but gorgeous and sexy in the bargain. " James smiled
warmly at Valerie, playing that it was all a game. Then turning to Gerald,
"I humbly apologize m'lord!!!"

"No bloody need, mate, you're alright by me and I am willing to share
ol' Val with you. Might turn her really wild, you know, having a yanks'
charm and my good solid British 'longbow" to entertain her."

He laughed heartily again. But it was becoming clear that his joking
about the subject was meant to be taken seriously or at least that he would
really like to find a way to have both of them in bed with Valerie! James
continued to steer out of harm's way and Valerie, dodged with her face
still crimson. She decided to counterattack.

"You'd better be careful, my man, I may just take you up on that. Our
James is a bit of a dish, you know. I might just fancy him." She smiled at
her sudden assertive ploy, her eyes lingering a bit longer on James' eyes
than necessary. Lingering and communicating with him privately. Gerald
could not know that she had already had him in her mind's eye. Nor could
he guess that she was still wearing the panties which James had left for
her with the silent reminder of him still close to the lips of her pussy.

"Oh, getting frisky are we, well, we'll just see about that when I get
you upstairs!! She loves it, James, just loves it! Can't get enough of a
good seeing to, can Valerie!! Am I not right, Valerie?"

"Yes , always right, " she replied sardonically.

"Right, are we off then?" Gerald rolled his eyes toward the bedroom.

"Yes, I'm tired out. You, James?"

"With James, ........... or will you just have the big one tonight,
Val?" Gerald roared with laughter as he headed up stairs.

Valerie followed James up the stairs, her hand touched his back as they
walked slowly. When he came to the door, he turned to her and looked into
her eyes. Valerie placed her hand on his chest lightly, affectionately.
She leaned close "Good Night James."

James brushed his lips against the top of her head. She paused, patted
his chest, and moved on to her own door.

As the door closed, he heard "Come on lass, bring it over here!! You
know you won't be able to sleep until you've had a good seeing to! I'm
your man."

James couldn't hear her comment.

"Sure you don't want me to call old James and we'll give you two up you
at one time? Hahahahahahaha I think old James is going to sleep with a
"stiffy" from looking at you every night! Sure we should waste it?"

"Oh, Gerald, give it a rest, you know I would never do that. What are
you playing at? Still, I think you really would like that, wouldn't you?"

"Well, I wouldn't mind. It'd make a change from the old push pull, you
have to admit. Might put some excitement into the evening!"

"Well, It isn't on, now is it?"

"I do not know why you can never just admit what you want and ask for
it! Pisses me off!"

The door opened and Valerie went down the hall to the bathroom. James
stood next the door and listened as the sounds of running water drifted
back to him. He could hear Gerald settle into the bed, the spring groaning
under his weight. The light went out in the room.

James opened his door and stood in the opening, silently in the dark.
The bathroom light went out and the door opened silently. He could smell
her perfume preceding her toward him. She touched his chest in the dark
and his arms were immediately around her. Valerie pulled him to her bosom,
her head buried in the hair of his chest. He felt her lips on his chest,
then turned her face upward and they kissed a long, lustful, wet,
tongue-tangling, mouth-exploring kiss. Electric shocks ran up and down his
spine as his hands slipped downward to find her bottom.

Quickly, James knelt in front of her and slipped under her slip. His
mouth found the softness of her mound and he kissed her through her
panties. The cushiony froth of her patch of hair felt delicate under the
nylon. He pulled the gusset aside and kissed her again, his finger again
finding its way into her wetness. James found her clitoris with his tongue
and his finger inside her cunt found the mound just back of the clitoris.
Finger and tongue worked together to tease her to a higher stage of

Valerie felt her juices begin to flow, felt the warmth of his tongue on
her clitoris. She languished in a pool of pleasure. James gently worked
his wonder on her poor defenseless clitoris, surrounded by his attack - not
that she had any thought of pulling away! It was wonderful, truly
wonderful. She opened her legs to him, felt his excitement as his tongue
sprang forward, deeper along the track made by her pussy lips. She felt a
little tidal wave building down there and pulled him up by tugging at his
head, fondling his hair and body as they stood face to face, nipples to
nipples once again.

She kissed him and reached for his cock, now prodding her in the tummy.
She slipped her panties down in the front and led him by his cock head into
the slit where his tongue had been preparing her for him. James felt her
lips part, accepting the broad head of his cock. He loved the heat of her
as his cock slipped along the lovely valley between her pussy lips. He
took pleasure in the copious amount of pussy juices he found there. He had
made her very excited and her lubricated channel was a delight as he felt
her wetness bathe him. She had pulled the front of her panties down to let
him enter, leaving them in place so that his cock was pressed up against
her waiting lips by the elastic.

James slipped it further along her crease, loving every inch of it. She
moved up on her toes and pressed the head of his cock into the entry of her
cunt. "Her little sigh of pleasure thrilled him. He only had an inch of
her, but that inch was delightful, hot, and tight.

"Val, where the hell are you, then." They heard from her bedroom.

She jumped away and silently slipped down to the bathroom and turned on
the light, then off again. "Coming"

James had stepped back a few inches, but felt her reach for him,
touching him through the darkness as she went past, on the way to her
"being taken care of."

"Sorry .........." The closing of the door cut off her words.

James' heart was still a bit in his throat, but he managed to start
breathing again. He leaned against the wall to listen again.

"I thot you'd changed your mind! Come on love, bring it over here to
me. Ohhhh, I cannnnnnnn see by the condition of this that you are needing a
good takin' care of! ............ "I'll have no trouble slipping up you
tonight!! Hahahaha. Been thinking about it haven't you, girl?

Valerie, was indeed ready for him. James' tongue on her clitoris had
been a lovely sensual awakening. The excitement of him taking her there in
the darkness only feet away from her marital bed was exhilarating on one
level, but the fondling and caressing, were still another. What was there
about the way that his tongue found her most sensitive spots, her tongue,
her clitoris, the lips of her pussy, her nipples, whereever his tongue and
lips found her, she felt loved and completely fondled and folded inside
something warm and delightful and wonderful.

Her wet tightness was pulling on Gerald's cock now, holding onto it,
squeezing it and milking it. She thought, "please, please don't die on me
yet! Please stay hard, ..........just a little longer,......... a little
more ........a little harder, ;;;;;;;there, that's again,
again,, again, again, fuck me, oh fuck me. Please......... oh,
yesYESssssssssss.YES. ohhhhhhhhh, yeeeeeeesssssssssssss! His cock was
deep in her and she opened wider to get every last inch of it and angled to
press its top against her surging clitoris. James had brought out its
sensitivity with his tongue and his finger deep in her cunt.. Now it was
about to fulfil its purpose. The center of the storm that was her orgasm.
It rumbled up from this lightning rod of hers between her lips down there,
rolled along her tummy, hugged her breasts, ringed her nipples and burst
into her throat, forcing a guttural
down on the bed, thrust her hips onto him one last lunge and felt his cock
pull out of her and then him slamming down on top of her as his juices
spurted out on her tummy. Yessss, it felt good, complete. Full.

Valerie lay there thinking ruefully, that it had taken both of them to
satisfy her fully. Gerald's arm went over her and he muttered "I always
know how to please you, don't I, lass!"

"Yes, you do.' But she smiled there in the darkness a smile that he
would not have understood. The smile lasted a long, long time that night
as Valerie fell into a deep, deep sleep.

All this time James had stood watch, waiting for her orgasm on the other
side of the wall. The bed creaked, banged against the wall a bit -- on the
harder strokes of their love making. He heard two groans as the thrashing,
pounding, fucking noises reached a loud crescendo in the next room. He
heard at last, Valerie moaning loudly:


James, knew that it was meant for him, too.


Chapter Seven

James awoke with a strong erection and heaviness in his scrotum. His
mind reeled back to the previous night. The scent of Valerie was still
ripe in his nostrils. She had smelled so delightful there in the hall.
The scent of the perfume freshly dabbed on her body, her hair with the
scent of apple blossom shampoo. His hands had filled with her breasts for
the first time. They were warm and heavy, her small nipples hard as
diamonds stabbing into his palms through the thin silkiness of her slip.
He had relished their softness, rolling them in his hands, toying with her
rigid nipples.

He remembered, as his hand comforted his cock, that he had knelt before
her, lifted her slip and found the freshness of her pussy in her silky
panties. He had kissed her mound, lingering to feel the cushion of the
dark brown curly thatch under her knickers. His cock had slipped so easily
along the crease at the center of her body as her hand guided him to her --
more than guided him! Valerie's hand had grabbed him and pulled him into
her waiting wetness. She had forced him to spear her lips apart with the
big head of his cock! Valerie wanted him as badly as he now wanted her!
That was clear. An occasional touch on the arm, a nudge of her round hips
as he passed her, that was one thing, but she had urgently grabbed him and
forced his cock into the pretty little slit. She had wanted him to feel
her heat; wanted to get him so hot with the need to see what her hotness
could be like as it bathed him with passionate juices. She wanted him,
too. She wanted his cock to spear her deep and thoroughly as he wanted to
see her pussy pink with satisfaction, her breasts rolling under the grip of
his hands while his cock filled her cunt; making her feel complete. She
wanted him to fill her with his strength and to have him feel the strength
of her vice-like grip as she milked his cock, to feel the strain in his
cock as she milked all the sperm out of his hardness.

"Oh, James, what do you think you're doing? Sleeping in?" Valerie's
call from the hallway brought him sheepishly back to reality. He was sure
she was standing there with a smile on her face as if she had caught him,
but of course that was his imagination.

"Ahhh, ..........No, .......... no, Valerie, I'll be right down."

"Do you want me to start without you? " She sounded teasing. Was it an
intentional double intendre, or was his imagination over-working since his
cock had tasted just the first inch of her magic pussy?

" I am definitely going mad," he concluded and finished dressing and
went down stairs. Valerie was smiling from the stove where she was fixing
bacon and eggs and fried bread - a particularly potent cholesterol sandwich
unique to Britain and deadly delicious.

"Did you sleep, then?" she smiled at him.

"Not bad, and you? The first part was a bit difficult, but later I
settled down alright." He looked deeply into her eyes to find some
encouragement or acknowledgement of what they had shared the night before.
She smiled again, but averted her eyes. She was feeling some guilt.
Natural enough, he thought. But his eyes were on her charcoal colored
nylons as they stretched over her knees and thighs just visible below her
short skirt. His eyes wandered to her prominent mound where her skirt
played with her and teased his madness by tenting across tightly from the
outcurve of her thighs across to the soft broad peak of mount Venus! His
cock had split her volcano. It still burned with memory of how hot and how
very wet she was. She had splashed her burning lava onto his sensitive
cock head and burned the memory into his mind. He would never forget that
first touch they had shared, slipping her panties away to make it possible,
just for that moment.

"James, James, ........ I said More Coffee?"

"Oh, sorry, my mind was ............"

"Yes, where had you gotten to?" she wanted to know.

""Hmmm, I think you may know the answer to that already?"

"Oh, ............... do I? Yes, ........... I thought I might. Mine
too!" she whispered, just before Gerald came through the door.

You two, whispering again, I see. More advice for my girl is it James?
Well no harm done as long as you don't take her mind off her main interest,
eh lass?" He slapped her on the ass, making it clear what he was thinking.

"Ouch, Gerald, stop that."

"You know what it is you love, now, don't deny it. Loves me to take
care of her, does she, James, perfectly randy housewife, right out of the

"What movies are you watching?" Valerie mock chased him with a broom.

"Oh, by the way, love, I'm afraid I have to work late tonight. I won't
be able to go to that concert tonight. How will it be if James fills in
for me? Alright, James? I know you've looked forward to it."

"Oh, we don't have to ......James, probably wants a quiet night."

"No, that's fine, I'm sure I'd love to go.. Be honored, m'lady!"

"Well if you're quite sure! It's the dance troop of Irish Step dancers,
you may have heard of them, Riverdance? So It will be quite lively."

"Yes, I'd like that."

James drove the longish trip to the concert and they found a little pub
nearby for a quick bite and a drink or two before the concert. Their seats
were a bit distant, actually in the back row and in a remote corner of the
theater, but it wasn't a large theatre. They had to lean forward to see
the very front of the stage, though.

Their knees touched and stayed comfortably against each other. James
was pleased that she did not pull away. It had not been wholly accidental.
He realized he was pushing it a little. The lively dance scene was really
a bit erotic, the sound of their tapped heels and toes and the fast, fast
music were exciting. Valerie's hand found James' and they smiled at each
other, there in their rather secluded part of the theatre, all eyes were
away from them, so no one was likely to recognize them as they held hands.

Now their thighs were in contact steadily along the whole length. James
put his hand on his own knee and touched Valerie's knee in the process.
Her tights made for a delightful feel, and he let his hand stroke both of
them, feeling the warmth of her under the nylon. She placed her hand over
his and pulled it more onto her knee, slipping her skirt a bit higher in
the process. She held his hand that way for quite a long time, fondling
him as he fondled her knee.

Their tension was rising with the pleasure of these stolen caresses in
the secluded but public place. He leaned closer and kissed her ear,
whispering that he was loving being here with her.

Valerie smiled, looking toward the stage. Eventually she turned and
looked into his eyes, deep into his eyes and nodded "Yes."

They enjoyed the concert, but much of their attention was absorbed in
each other. Shared little touches, hands caressing each other at each
opportunity. They sat back in their seats and James' hand reached under
her arm so that his fingers were against the side of her breast, she held
him tightly there, holding is hand with hers and pressing him to the
softness of her breast.

On the drive back, James slipped his hand under her thigh on the seat,
letting the back of his hand fondle her leg. Valerie squirmed in her seat,
then touched his arm, confirming his caress.

"Gerald will be home by now, I think." She said.

"Yes." James agreed.

They were holding hands now, clinging tightly to each other.

His hand squeezed hers between his thumb and his fingers, rolling his
thumb deep into her palm, passing an erotic feeling from him to her. He
trailed his handling of her hand into a light caress rather than gripping
her tightly.

Every touch exchanged was an erotic tease. The sexual tension between
them built and built.

"I need to stop a minute in this lay-by, OK?"

"Oh, ........." she began to reply but stopped. Feeling an urgency to
get back home since Gerald would certainly be coming home by now.

They both used the toilet facilities and James was standing leaning
against the car when she returned. "Nice Night, James, .... " She stared
up at the starry sky, felt the breath of a breeze on her cheek. "Almost a
shame to see it ending."

"Yes, I'm having a bit of trouble with that, too, hating to see our
evening out together end, is what I mean. I've really enjoyed being with
you. And .....the concert wasn't bad either!" He smiled down into her
brown eyes.

"Oh, how nice you feel the same way!" Valerie was really pleased with
that and showed it by quickly pressing close to him and hugging him, laying
her head against his sold, broad chest.

His arms were around her immediately, his lips in her hair , on the top
of her head. "Yes ....." his voice trailed off. He could feel the
softness of her pressed close along the length of her body, felt his cock
stir at that feminine feel of her skirt slipping against the silkiness of
her slip, tights and panties. That was a unique feel and it was one of the
most erotic things he knew of. His hands were at the small of her back,
only inches from the loveliness of her round bottom. Testing, he slipped
his hands a bit lower, then took the moment and pulled her closer pressing
his hands on her bottom.

Valerie felt her body responding to his hands. She was fond of having
her bum fondled. It was one of her erogenous zones and she relished James'
hands as they teased her sensitive flesh. "Ummm, I like that James.
MMMMM. My bum is one of my erogenous zones , so be careful how big a fire
you light!" she giggled into his chest. "It's the only thing I like about
the loosing battle I have with the size of it! There's more for you to
play with and drive me mad!"

"Valerie, why do you keep bringing that up? You look very attractive.
You should be happy with that. But, of course, we are always our own worst
critic aren't we?' he laughed and squeezed her bottom, the skirt slipping
over its roundness under his hands. "Gee, I love the feel of you! Is that
a bad thing, you think! Not easy to keep under control living so close.
................... Still, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so enjoying
staying with you, getting to know you, well ....... well to speak the
truth, loving being close to you, now that we've got to know each other. I
do hope it is not being too big an inconvenience to you."

"James, did I seem to be feeling an inconvenience in the hall last
night? Don't be silly, I'm mad about having you here, now, as you say, that
I've gotten used to having you around! ................. And by the way,
............ well, er ......thanks for last night. It was lovely. You do
so build my ........ uh ..Self-confidence, ....... you know???"

James leaned and kissed her offered lips, the taste of her lipstick
charming his mouth as he felt the tip of her tongue seek his. They stood
pressed together, he leaning against the car, her leaning tightly pressed
against him. She spread her stance and straddled his leg, feeling his
hardness, now against the juncture of her thigh and her body. That tender
area of her body could feel his heat and it was a lovely sensual feeling to
have the length of his cock, now pressed against his pants, its head
pointing upward. She insinuated her hips against him trapping his cock
against her, felt him pressing back, his pleasure obvious to her. They
stood enjoying each other's body, still locked in the wet, tongues engaged
kiss. Her knees felt like giving way for a moment. She tightened his leg
in a grip between her legs. Valerie's hands found his bum, slipping a
finger into each of his back pockets for the added erotic feel of fondling
the tightness of his bum.

James felt her move closer, slide over to let his leg slip between hers.
His cock was upright against his stomach now, the underside feeling the
heat of her crotch and mound. She felt very smooth and soft and tender
there, as his sensitive underside explored her, helped by his hips
squirming with the pleasure of her body.

His hands came up to the underside of her breasts. They were so lovely
to lift, even under the light jumper she wore. He lifted them slightly,
feeling the pleasure of her tits in his hands. They were lovely, round and
full, shaped by and separated by the persuasion of her bra so snug and
tight around her body. He felt for her nipples, found them already eager
and hard. He trapped them between his thumb and finger, slipping from the
base of her breasts until her nipples were there at the crotch of thumb and
hand. He squeezed gently, a loving feeling transmitted by the way he held
her breasts, so protectively and so sensually in the upsweep of his hand
from the base of her to the fresh hardness of her nipple nubs.

Valerie was very happy to be standing here like this, but knew they must
be getting along. She resented the need to leave this loveliness. "James,
we ........ ......"

"Yes, I know, we must go, musn't we?"

"Yes," her reluctance hung in the air.

So their bodies slid and slipped away from each other, the kiss on their
lips the last to part. "I'm afraid there may be lipstick, James, .... On

He swiped at his lips with his handkerchief as he strode around to the
car door and got in. Valerie turned on the light and took it from him.
"here let me, " she giggled, "I remember where I've been!!!"

"Hmmmf! So do I," he replied, sardonically.

She handed back the handkerchief. "Wait a moment James. Shouldn't I
return the favor I owe from last night?"

He frowned and looked into her eyes, puzzled. What was she referring

"I mean, shouldn't I help you with this?" she touched his cock, still
firmly upright from the touch of her body. She paused. "I don't mind,
............ well, actually, I'd like to ............ if you'd like it?
........ shall I?" she was unzipping him already.

"Uh,.. ....... A bit cramped ....... I'd love it, of course .......
But........ It's likely to be a bit of a mess. Don't you think

Valerie closed his protests with a kiss. "Leave it to me. I don't
intend to lose a drop." She smiled at him. She felt a little bit
aggressive, but comfortable now in their shared closeness, a sort of
intimacy had grown between them that overcame embarrassment.

He felt her little hand slipping through the Y of his shorts, tugging
his cock, overcoming its resistance against being dragged in its erect
condition through the small opening. Then the cool air against its warmth.
His hands went to her Jumper, trying to get under it to her breasts.

Valerie slipped off the jumper for him, preening slightly, sticking out
her breasts for his hands like the maiden on the prow of a ship. It felt
so good to be offering them to him like this and she saw by his eyes how he
loved looking at them in their lacy bra cups. She looked down to see how
much of her cleavage he could see. She adjusted the cups down a little to
let the upper curves look a little more prominent bathed in his attention.
Her hand was busy on his cock.

She looked at him for the first time. She was pleased to see how long
and straight his cock stood up toward her. She kissed the head of it.
Felt its raging firmness. Here hand examined the girth of it, slightly
more oval than round, a certain wideness to it which she thought would
stretch her cunt if it came to that some day. The thought brought a new
flush to her cheeks and a new freshness to the wetness between her legs.

Slowly, she slipped his foreskin down over it to expose the slit at the
end, saw the pre-cum of his excitement glistening in the lights of the
instrument panel. She pulled it down, again, against its slight tightness
resisting her eagerness to expose the entire girth of his cockhead. It
looked to be a deep pink, now so engorged with the blood rushing to its
excitement. As it slipped back, letting her look at the fullness of his
head, her breath came short in her throat, a slight gasp. The sudden
exposure of the glistening wetness of it, proudly standing up to her
inspection excited her. She looked into James' eyes for a moment. Her
hand fondled and squeezed lightly against the wetness of the head of his
cock, holding him, feeling his strength, feeling how large the knob was,
how it adorned the firmly erect shaft. She smiled into his eyes, as he
closed his eyes slightly at the pleasure of her light touch.

He was breathing very heavily, enjoying the tickling, fondling of his
cock. It felt again as if it would split the skin of his shaft; it was so
hard with the excitement she made him feel. Now he opened his eyes and
looked again at the broad expanse of her breasts, the laciness of the
supporting cups separating her large lovely, gloriously soft, wonderfully
welcoming breasts. The pleasure of the sight of her in her bra was
incredibly satisfying and exciting to him. It was a vision fit for a
painting. He loved the way she had shaped her back into a bit of a curve,
enhancing the out-thrust of these beautiful breasts so proudly basking in
his admiring gaze.

His mind reeled at the first touch of her lips on the tip of his cock.
His heart was pounding, his breathing shallow, his face flushed with

Valerie covered the thatch of unruly curly hair at the base of his shaft
with her fingers, combing it, playing with it. Her fingers circled the
base of his cock, her knuckles pressing his balls so full in their sac.
Her lips opened to his shaft, her tongue tasted the initial bitterness - a
hint of urine, but quickly gone, overcome by the rich bittersweet flavour
of his pre-cum juices. Had he carefully cleaned himself before leaving the
toilet. Had he anticipated this, she almost thought so, there was so
little of the sour taste. She lifted back to look at it once again, her
moisture now glistening on the smooth head of it, looking purple in the dim
light, bulging from her hand, shivering at the excitement of her lips. She
felt rather than saw him urge himself up toward her lips. She moved down
to a kiss on the very tip, slipped her tongue once around the rim of its
big head. She thought how that might feel slipping past the tight ring at
the entry to her cunt, held her lips in a circle to imitate that feel. She
felt it "plop" past the restraint of her lips, moved up and down a few
times, savoring the feeling, memorizing it.

James rolled his head back against the seat in ecstasy as she repeatedly
teased the head of his cock, slipping it in and out of her pursed lips.
His hand was inside her bra where he enjoyed the pressure of the nylon of
the bra on one side of his hand and her softness on the other, his finger
just touching her nipple. He scratched it slightly with his fingernail,
and just enjoyed the sensuality of all the various feelings and textures of
fondling her like this and being fondled by the warmth of her mouth on his

Valerie let the ring of her lips hold him just behind the head of his
cock, her tongue circling the tip protruding into her mouth. She settled
her lips around the lip of the crown of his cock, pulling a little bit on
it, then sucking gently. She moved her head to drink in the texture of his
cock head; fondle it with her mouth, let him feel all the differing
elements of her mouth, the roughness of her tongue, the smoothness along
the sides of her mouth, the wetness. The smooth delicacy at the underside
of her tongue where it rooted in the floor of her mouth, now a cavernous
"faux" cunt for his raging erection, waiting to be ravaged by his hugeness
- 'was that a word?' she mused. If not, it should be, and she had the
definition for it. She held it in her mouth as a matter of fact, tasting
it, sensing it teasing it, playing with it for herself as well as for him.
"HUGENESS", yes, she was satisfied with , ready for the Oxford dictionary!

His hugeness pleased her, really, just a good sized, manly penis,
really, but it felt quite large as she rolled it around in her mouth, now
pulling on him, sucking him, taking more of his length into her mouth. She
felt the veined substance of his shaft, now slipping between her lips. She
bobbed her head up and down on him. His pre-cum forming a lovely taste in
her mouth now as his excitement continued. She felt his hand on her
breast, now, slipping to surround it completely. She preened again against
his hand like a large cat, letting him feel all of her, wanting every inch
of bosom she had to contact his hand and be fondled by it. It was lovely
stretching for him. James was good with her breasts, she decided, it felt
like he was really enjoying her, taking his time, fondling, rolling, at
last squeezing her tightly.

She realized that he was near cumming and she prepared. She held his
balls in her hand now, playing with them, squeezing, sensing the bristling
hair of his scrotum. She thought it was lovely the way this was built for
her pleasure.

She was moving up and down his shaft deliberately, a little faster now,
sucking, pulling on him tasting him, swirling it around in her mouth. She
felt that glorious head touch the back of her throat, gagged just a little,
then continued her oral fondling of his lovely cock. It felt so like it
was covered in velvet in her mouth.

James knew he was going to come soon, her mouth felt so delightful on
the complex, sensitive shaft and head of his cock, accepting her plunging
head as it sucked him deep into her. He was a little self-conscious about
the sperm that was building in his balls to be driven up the shaft and into
her mouth. Self-conscious with concern for her comfort. Was it all right
with her? Could she cope with the volume of it? These little concerns
were becoming inconsequential though, as nothing could stop nature now.
His eyes opened wide as her mouth wrung his cock in a small circle,
touching all the various sensual values within her mouth and his balls
started to contract. He tensed his body.

Valerie felt his body tense under her. She eagerly doubled her efforts,
sucking on his lovely cock, waiting for him to cum, remembering to breath
through her nose so she wouldn't choke as his hot stream poured into her.

As she held him tightly, feeling his thrust into her, she felt the first
spurt splash against the back of her mouth, its heat a shock, but a lovely
one. She quickly gulped it down, felt its stickiness and hotness slide
down her throat, readied herself to the next inevitable flood. The second
spurt was about the same, or so it felt, hot against her; it filled her
mouth, she loved its warmth; let it slide down her throat, pumping on his
shaft again, squeezing his balls now, helping them with their job of
delivering his warm cum to her.

His third spurt was more manageable, she could take a moment to let it
roll into her mouth, felt his cock start to tense again for yet another
thrust as his fourth smaller spurt filled her mouth joined with the third.
One little one left, dribbled onto her tongue, she lovingly swirled his
waning cock in her mouth bathing it in its own juices now, enjoying the
flavor and the feel of him. She looked up at him our of the corner of her
eyes, watched as his head lolled back in total pleasure, total relaxation.
She sucked on him more, taking all of the sticky liquid into her, gave him
one last suck on the crown of his penis. She let her lips slowly, slowly
slip over the shape of him as his erection subsided slightly. Her hands
pressed him back inside his shorts, then fondled his length through his

She moved up to him, fondling his chest with both hands, kissed his
chin, kissed his cheek, kissed his ear, whispered in his ear. "Oh, James,
I enjoyed doing that for you!"

"Mmmmnnnhhhh! You have no idea. ............... no idea ......lovely!"
James muttered quietly. He looked into her eyes, kissed her lips. They
drove home now each touching the other's thigh.

Gerald wasn't home as it turned out. but arrived as they were hanging
their coats in the hall and sharing each other's breath in a light kiss.
They sprang apart and welcomed a slightly drunk Gerald home.

Chapter Eight

"How was the concert, then?" Gerald asked as he came into the house with
a smile. He was slightly loose from the dinner and drinks of the business
meeting he had had. It had agreed with him apparently.

James replied that it was terrific. Valerie had slipped up to the
bathroom to rinse her mouth and brush her teeth when she heard his car come
into the drive. She had quickly inspected James for traces of lipstick
before going.

Now she bounded down the steps, with a welcoming smile, "It was
brilliant, Gerald, I wish you could have been there, you'd have so enjoyed
it. Wouldn't he James?" She bubbled on at length about the show.

"If I know you, lass, knowing how these things affect you, you'll need a
good seeing to tonight!" he smacked her bottom and grinned at James, who
looked away, trying to think of something to say.

Valerie nudged him hard in the ribs. "Stop that, Gerald, you're
naughty! What on earth will James think of you?"

"What should he think, then, just two married people, ------------ one
of them a randy wife!!" he roared at his joke, then pushed her toward the
stairs "get along with you, and your big bum!" he followed her up the
stairs, his hands following the swiveling of her hips.

"You're incorrigible, you are." She muttered.

James watched as Gerald's hand disappeared under her skirt slipping up
to the space between her legs.

In his room, James lay back on the bed still in his clothes. Staring at
the ceiling, feeling completely relaxed, warm and comfortable, he recalled
the feel of her body against him, the way her lips had teased him, pleased
him. A long sigh escaped his lips, but it was replaced with a satisfied

But then he heard them in the next room and knew they would soon be
fucking; He was sorely jealous of the joy and pleasure Gerald was able to
have while he lay there only dreaming of how it might be if they, Valerie
and he, were allowed a little time alone. How they would make it into a
wonderfully expressive thing , this fucking, this loving, this deep
probing, long and deep,

He heard Gerald's voice "here's what you've been wanting , Isn't it,


"Come and have it then, always ready, satisfaction guaranteed," he

"Come and suck it my girl, suck it for me, suck me off, give it your
mouth, then. Come on now, That's it, pull away, Lot's more to have, there
now, that's better, Got it all then? You randy little tart, randy little
slut, always wanting this then, aren't you, Love to suck, don't you? Say
it. Say it, say you love to suck my big old John Henry. Tell me, I say!"

"Yes, I do, dear."

"Tell me or I'll not give you more, my lass!"

'OK, OK be quiet now dear, what do you want? I WANT YOUR BIG COCK, I

"Ahhhhhhhh ......right you are, love. Right you are. You're hot
tonight, aren't you? Got randy off to a concert did we. Ohhhhhh gooood
more,.....SUCK IT!"

Silence. James knew he had come and would have nothing left to help her
come, neither the spunk nor the sensitivity to find another way, all spent
as he would be now. He would be asleep in minutes. James longed to go to
her, but knew he could not. "Gerald is not that drunk, he thought.

His cock was hard with wanting her though. He thought of how he would
have pleased her now. How his cock would have found all the little hills
and valleys of the inside of her cunt, how he would have lifted against
her, pressing the top of his cock against the top rim of her cunt, his
mound pressing her clit, his cock finally reaching her clit. Her pretty
little clit, waiting to be rubbed and fondled until her orgasm radiated out
from it, calling all the other sensuous parts of her body to the
celebration, while he worshipped each one of them. It was a wild thought
for another private time he hoped would come soon. Soon. Soon, he hoped.

Valerie, disappointed that he had turned away and fallen asleep so soon,
slipped out of bed and padded down the hall, not bothering even to put her
slip on. She thought it safe enough.

James heard her close the door of the bathroom and rose to stand
expectantly in the hall just to smell her perfume as she came back. He
listened at Gerald's door and heard the now familiar snoring. Too
dangerous to risk waking him he thought, but he continued his dangerous
course. He stood nude waiting in the hall as the bathroom door opened and
Valerie was standing there nude. His eyes drank her in. Her nipples stood
out in their crowning place high on her breasts that he now saw in their
fullness and their naturalness. The curve of their underside being lovely
in his view, their slight sag under their weight giving her body an opulent
loveliness. Topped by the slope of the top of her breasts slipping down to
the alert nipples his mouth longed for. She looked startled, her hand on
the light switch. She didn't switch off, but stood, letting him look at
her, loving the way his eyes swept over her, pausing for a long lust-filled
look at the thatch covering her mound.

They stood suspended in silence, listening for Gerald's snoring;
........... it continued. Valerie continued letting him look at her. She
felt wonderfully adored in his gaze. She relaxed a little bit, watching
his eyes as they looked into hers, then were torn from hers by his need to
look at her body, to openly and simply admire her round body. James
reached out for her, she took her hand from the switch and gave it to him.
They stood like that for a time, him continuing mesmerized at seeing her at
last. Her loving the attention, but concerned not to wake Gerald either.
She knew this was madness. And so dangerous. They really could not do
this, she thought. She turned out the light and they were plunged into

Gerald could still see the afterimage of her there in the doorway,
painted on the retinas of his eyes. She dimmed after a moment, he took
back her hand, lead her past her door. She resisted slightly. He tugged
gently, reassuring her.

Valerie panicked, ...... 'no, I can't go to his room,' she thought, and
came back to her senses, pulling James to stop him. He came close and they
stood, barely breathing, barely touching. It was chilly in the hall and
her nipples puckered in spite of herself. Otherwise she didn't feel the
cold, just his hand on her breast, his breath on her lips, now his tongue
in her mouth, hers in his. How was she going to stop this, short of
fucking him here and now, and that was too impossibly dangerous to even
thinking of. Still it was what she wanted to do. She wanted his cock so
much right now her mind was spinning. She touched it, held it gently.

James, turned her round, pressed close to her from behind and fondled
her breasts in a lovely rolling motion, she swooned against him, felt his
cock prodding her bottom. James knew it was too dangerous, too, really.
His heart was in his mouth, his breathing uncertain. He bent her over so
she could touch the little bench in the hall. He spread her legs. She
willingly let him position her. Then he did a surprising thing.

He knelt behind her, reached through her legs to pinch her nipples
dangling there from her bent-over position, head down, hands resting on the
low bench. She was all exposed to him and thought that her legs would not
hold her much longer. She felt his tongue touch her. A shiver ran through
her. He searched her now, his tongue devilishly perverse in its seeking
little way. James encouraged her legs a bit further apart with his arms as
he continued to fondle her breasts, marveling at the way they hung down
into his waiting, lusting hands.

They were so nice and heavy. He loved them, glorified them, hefted them
in his hands, warmed them, pinched their long nipples, now so distended.

The blood was rushing to her head and Valerie was dying from suspense,
though enjoying his lovely hands, they seem to know what her breasts wanted. So soothing, so loving, so wonderful. She thought, "I think I can
orgasm just from his fondling, from this lovely man kneeling between my
legs fondling and playing madly with my tits! I love this. God help me, I
love it. It's mad, being here like this, naked, exposed, my fanny in the
air -- exposed to this strange, weird, randy, but wonderful American who
was a stranger a week ago!!"

"Ah, she couldn't resist dabbing a little stopper of perfume on the peak
of her mound," he thought. What a delight. Husbands are a mad lot, not
knowing what can be theirs for the asking. But they can't bring themselves
to simply enjoy the preciousness offered them. The scent of her pretty
pussy and its juices flooded to him, blended with the perfume.

He pressed his tongue a little further with its exploration. Starting
at the top of her crease, the lovely buns on either side, he tested the
little bone at the base of her spine, then hurried on following the
centerline of her body.

Valerie spread wider, sensing what he wanted. "oh, dear, I'll
collapse," she thought, grateful for the support of the little bench, and
pressing her head to it now, her body bent practically double before him.
She had to bite her tongue to keep quiet as she felt his tongue travel
down, down, down along the wide split of her bum. She thought "Is he going
to kiss me there, as well................ Mmmmmmm. ........hope so.
.................... mmmnnnngg ........hope so......... YES." She nearly
jumped from her skin as his tongue circled her rose bud of an anus!

James, wanted to tease her to an hysterical peak, just short of
screaming out loud. Could he do it? He thought perhaps so. Her juices
were already on his chin as his tongue toyed with the little rosebud,
circling it. He heard her sharp intake of breath as he teased more. She
was shuddering under the terror of his tongue driving shivers from her
little anus up along her body. He held her thighs, thinking she might
collapse, but kept his tongue tingling along her crease. For some reason,
it was lovely doing this for and to her. Just lovely. He wanted to give
her such a record breaking sort of orgasm that it hurt, so great was his
striving to find just the delights which would make her cum for him in a
wild, torrential, rainforest style release.

His tongue paused to press just the center of the rosebud, bidding it a
fond farewell, as his tongue traced its treasure path along her waiting
creaming slit. He had to spread her cheeks more with his hands as his
tongue sought the first hint of her pussy lips rising gently from the path
before him, He kissed them, then let his tongue taste again.

He felt her shudder again as his tongue tasted the lips of her pussy.
It was a different tingling from that she felt as he tongued her anus, yet
similar, just more familiar. She relished both. He was upon her cunt now,
open to him, gaping open to him, her juices spilling down the sides of the
lovely spot. His tongue ran around the rim now, lustily teasing her to a
wildness that made her hips buck in spite of her position, nearly standing
on her head.

She bit her lip again to keep from crying out with the sensations
coursing through her wildly aroused body. She could not believe how
aroused she was getting. She thought it must be the blood running to her

"OHMIGOD." She felt James tongue going deep into her open cunt, having
made love to the lips and rim surrounding it he had slipped his clever
tongue right into her, felling the tightness of the sphincter muscle meant
for his cock! She squeezed his tongue, pressing it back out like a little
cock. He pressed into her again, she played with his tongue, using the
muscle training she had worked on so often over the years so that her cunt could grip Gerald's cock and give him a "seeing to", give him a "good
riding". Now here it was letting her enjoy herself with James' tongue. It
was truly lovely. She lingered in her mind with his wet little tongue
pretending to substitute for his cock. "Lovely" she whispered. "oh god,
so lovely" she mouthed the words, hoping he would understand.

James savored the taste of Valerie's sopping cunt. Again and again, he
slipped his tongue into her waiting tunnel. He felt her return his
pressure with the firmness of her muscle, They played together, him
slipping it into her, her squeezing down on it until it was expelled, then
repeating his thrusting. "OHMIGOD." He thought to himself, 'what this
little muscle trick must do to your cock as it slides in and out!' His mind
went mad for her. Longing for the fucking they would surely do some time
soon ......... when the time was right. He continued until he felt her
legs trembling so much he feared she might give way.

He moved on up the path, along her thick full pussy lips, now so swollen
with her excitement and slick with her juices. Her wetness now actually
running down her legs and completely covering his mouth, nose and cheeks.
It felt lovely, he thought.

Now he was right under her legs, head turned up sucking on her clit the
way she had sucked his cock earlier. He pulled on it with his tightly
clenched lips, letting it slip out at last, and he was sure that it
trembled as it snapped back from his lips. His tongue found it, his teeth
very gently nibbled it, very gently and she moaned slightly. James was
seated on the floor now face fully upturned, sucking her clitoris, his nose
pressed into the tight wetness of her cunt. He sucked hard, pulled on her,
she moved her hips to help him reach her and he heard her whimper slightly.

Suddenly, she could hold it no longer, James grasped her breasts,
squeezing them, rolling them in his hands, supporting her as her knees gave
a little, sitting right down on his face, as if on a typing seat. His
mouth sucked hard on her clitoris, though he was nearly afraid of
suffocating with the pressure of her surrounding his cheeks, mouth and
nose. Still he held on to her, determined to see her through to a massive,
earth-shattering orgasm.

Valerie felt her knees going. She could do nothing but rest part of her
weight on poor James there with his upturned face deep into the crease of
her body, sucking on her clitoris as if there would be no tomorrow. It was
mind-blowing. She shuddered, she gripped the little bench, she pressed
against James' wonderful tongue. She thought how nice it would be to just
let his whole head slip up into her waiting cunt, still licking her even
inside. It was wild, almost psychedelic, she guessed.

Her body simply took over, her orgasm rolled back and forth through her
torso, through her legs, her tits tingled wildly in his hands,. She hated
to do it but she simple collapsed onto James. She had to be helped up by
James standing up, supporting her, still squeezing her massive swollen

She turned in his arms and kissed him, her arms around his neck as if
she could not be pried loose. Coming to her senses, she took one last kiss
from his lips and moved back to her own room, uncertain if her legs would
support her. Gerald was still snoring, so, she must have managed to keep
quiet enough. She lifted her slip over her head, letting its sensual
softness slip down over her hips and catch over her bra-less breasts. She
thought she would go braless tomorrow as well. Her nipples were that

x Chapter Nine

"James should see Torquay while he's here, don't you think, Dear?"
Gerald said. "Why don't you take him down for a Cotton Candy on the Pier
on Saturday? Then I won't feel so guilty going to my away match." He
grinned at this bit of intrigue.

"By God, you never let her take me to Torquay! And me one of your
oldest and dearest friends! What 's this Yank got on you, then Gerald"
Have you been into the till, again?!!" They had all laughed. Good fun
amongst friends. Colin and janet were indeed two of their best friends and
were over for drinks along with another couple from down the street. They
had all loosened up considerably with the drinks and laughter.

"Oh, he's a charmer is James, and I should be worried, but when you keep
your wife happy and seen to like I do, you don't have any trouble sleeping
at night. No worry about my lass looking for a bit of spare, is their
love! It's all in knowing how and I know how to keep her happy!" His open
discussion of their sex life brought a blush to her face and they turned to
teasing her. Valerie nudged Gerald hard in his ribs for a first payment.

James stood silent, smiling but not really joining in the laughter. But
the thought of a day alone with Valerie brought a flush of hope, and his
heart beat a little faster. He glanced quickly at her to see her response.
"Would you care to do that, James? I haven't been for some time and
you'd be lovely for a walk on the seaside. Not like my husband who talks
too much!" They all laughed at Gerald being sent up. "I fancy you on the
beach, really." Now they really laughed at her giving as good as she got in
the exchange with Gerald. Gerald smiled but his laughter was a little

"Never mind lads", she may be a bit feisty now, but she'll be after
having another treatment from the expert when you've gone! Right, love?"
He had given her bottom a pat as he said it. She squirmed away on the
pretext of getting drinks.

"Oh, Gerald you are so full of yourself, I really don't know what I'm to
do with you."

Valerie probably wouldn't have fought back at him if she hadn't, a few
minutes earlier, watched as Gerald's hand had strayed two inches too low on
Janet's hip and turned into fondling her bum. janet was a looker, she
thought. Gerald had even mentioned her in their bedroom a few nights ago
and actually played out a fantasy with the vision of Jan's bum fresh in his
mind. Valerie had felt a bit hurt by his fucking her so excitedly when she
knew he was fantasizing about their buxom friend.

Later, James had waited in the dark of the hall for Valerie to pad past
on her way to bed. She had closed the bathroom door quietly so that Gerald
would not know when she started down the hall. Their hands met. They
stood leaning against the wall, very close to each other. James could feel
the heat of her body very close, now touching. His hand went to her hip
and he gently fondled her through the silk of her slip. He could feel her
tremble slightly as his hand slipped to her breast and their lips met
simultaneously in a kiss. They stood silently, relishing the touching.
Her hand found him in the darkness and she gently stroked his hardness.

They stood that way for as long as Valerie thought safe and she made a
slight move to go. Then she stood on tip-toes, to rest her cheek against
his. Slowly she nodded her head against his cheek. James squeezed her
hand tightly in reply.

So, .........they would go to Torquay together!! James heart raced at
the thought. He wanted it to be perfect. Suddenly his head was making
plans ahead, his body tingling with excitement, above the sheer level of
excitement her body here in the hallway had provided. "Torquay,.........
with Valerie .........on their own!"

Valerie had at last made her decision, and her heart, too, was racing,
her mind spinning ahead to what it would be like. She wanted him, wanted
James to have her completely and openly, wanted him to make love to her,
wanted him to fuck her and her to fuck him. A warm glow seemed to engulf

They parted silently, trailing hands away from each other until only the
tips were in contact.

Saturday dawned bright. Gerald was getting ready to leave for the away
game trip with his mates. James and Valerie were talking over their outing
to Torquay. "Gerald, the last time you went off with these rowdies, you
didn't make it home all night. Are you planning on staying over in

"No, nooooo, I wouldn't think so." He winked and grinned broadly at
Gerald. "Well, I suppose an emergency could arise, of course!" He laughed

"If that is what you have in mind, old dear, James and I may just stay
over in Torquay, it will be a lot easier, anyway. So, are you declaring
now? Or not?" She smiled a little smile with a suspicious frown.

"Well, that might not be such a bad idea. Well if you are going to do
that, I won't feel the urgency to bang up the highway in the middle of the
night! Is that better for you?" He was trying to turn this around to being
her idea. "Shall I look up a couple of rooms in a bed and breakfast for

"Yes, I think you had better," she had her hands on her hips.

"Right, then, ...........right, I can do that." Gerald went to the

Valerie's eyes met James' eyes with a "So there!" look of assertion,
then turned into a deep warm fondling look. James smiled at her with
pleasure. After bidding her husband goodbye with a kiss at his car door,
she laughed and teased about something James couldn't hear and came inside.
"Now we won't be so pressed for time, James, but we should be getting on
the road. James got us into an Inn right along the seafront, so we'll be
close to everything. Shall we get going?" She walked right up close to him
and into his arms, her lips open for a kiss.

James looked down into her lovely light brown eyes, counting the flecks
of other colors in them, and smiling his happiness at her. "Wonderful!"
His kiss was light on her lips and their mouths opened to taste each other
gently. He nibbled her pouty lower lip gently with his lips.

"Better not do that too much or we won't make good time on the road,
James!" she laughed. "I am so happy right now. Do you know?"

"Yes, me too."

"I think I've got past most of the guilty feeling. After all, no
telling what my dear husband will get up to tonight. Still, we have to be
aware we could run into someone we know down there. It is a popular spot."
She looked a little pensive.

"Yes, of course, not to worry, I'll be a perfect gentleman being taken
on a wheelchair turn on the Pier, You'll see!"

"Yes, but it's not you I'm worried about, is it. It's me!" They laughed
together and then went off to pack a bag.

James packed quickly, then as a last moment inspiration, slipped his
hand under his pillow and packed the nylon tights Valerie had slipped into
his hand the night before. "She seems to like the feel of them" he
thought, "And so do I, so ......."

Valerie had already thought her packing through carefully. The sheer
lemon colored panties and matching bra, cream colored garterbelt and dark
brown nylons for starters, her warm lambs wool sweater with the cowl collar
against the evening chill by the sea, Extra tights, a pair of white French
knickers she had bought a week ago and not yet worn, and a pretty bra of
the same color. She was sure that James was likely to prefer the full
fashioned French knickers to the wispy bits of nothing she wore to please
Gerald. She brought the lemon colored sheer panties for a change of pace ,
just in case. She brought a light cream colored dress which she knew
emphasized her breasts and left a lot of cleavage bare.

Valerie gazed into the mirror. "It's going to be alright," she nodded
her head firmly. She turned on her heel and went downstairs where James
was waiting anxiously.

"Ready?" she said brightly.

They were off and soon driving through the countryside, happily on their
own at last. Gerald reached for her hand and placed his hand on her thigh,
feeling the skirt slip over the sheer nylon of her taupe tights. She
pressed his hand to her thigh and turned slightly toward him, watching his
face as he drove rather intently, trying to remember the left side rule of
the road.

Valerie lead his hand along her thigh, slipping it under her short skirt
along the top of her thigh. "Can you drive like this?"

"Yes, .......... I think so. It is distracting, but I am willing to
overcome it with my superb willpower," he smiled at her, then glanced down
to look at her thighs, the skirt now halfway up over the gleaming
nylon-clad voluptuous loveliness he had developed such a keen desire for.

"Eyes on the road, my good man, if you please!" she chided him.
"They'll be taking you into custody! And I'll have lost my dinner

With difficulty James took his eyes away except for quick little peaks
the rest of the drive. By the time they arrived and were driving along the
oceanfront, his hand was fully between her thighs and had slipped higher
until it was against her mound.

They took a walk along the pier, bought spun sugar, had a bag of chips
and observed the tourists enjoying themselves in all shapes sizes and
colors. James wanted to kiss her, but there was always the chance of
someone who knew her, so, he held back, satisfying himself with trailing
his hand across the small of her back, or occasionally lower on her hip or

They soon found that they had had enough amusement and wanted to have
what they really longed for, each other. "Why don't we see if we can find
that Inn you spoke of? Is that alright."

Valerie had been ready for sometime, now, and wondered why he didn't
suggest it. "Yes, that's fine, let's! It's been a lovely day so far,
hasn't it James? Nice drive and now a nice walkabout here on the shore?"

He agreed, but his mind was now distracted by the thought of having her,
and he scanned the line of buildings looking for the Inn. Valerie smiled a
little smile of pleasure that he wanted her so much.

They soon managed to find the place and Valerie busied herself looking
at cruise brochures in the lobby to cover her nervousness.

"There we are, one for you and one for me," he smiled wryly. "Come
along Valerie, it will be alright, I promise."

They found their way upstairs and along the hall to her room first.
James opened the door for her and then followed her in. They were in each
other's arms immediately, as if starving for days and finally being brought
before a feast table. His hands found her bottom and Valerie felt the
electricity of his touch course through her. Her bum was very sensitive,
and she liked to have it caressed.

She cuddled herself inside his arms, tight against his big chest,
feeling small and protected by his embrace. She could feel his hardness
already pressing against her tummy and she knew that being together,
touching and caressing in quiet moments had her juices flowing, too. She
slipped out of her shoes and stood on tiptoes to kiss him. That was
symbolic of becoming comfortable with the situation, she had taken the
first move, she realized, even if it was just removing her shoes.

"It has been so long," she began.

"Yes," he said, "so long!"

His hands came to her breasts, lifting them, feeling them through the
thin blouse she wore. His hands made slow circles around them, then
slipped down to hold just her nipples. His mouth sought hers and he felt
Valerie begin unbuttoning his shirt. His hands struggled with her blouse
and soon her breasts were visible to his eyes. He gasped slightly with the
pleasure of them encased in the twin lacy cups of her bra. They were
beautiful and round. His hands had explored them in the dark, but he
realized he hadn't really seen them before. He thought of the several
times he had angled for a look down her blouse, but this was something
different. The beginning of intimacy, to be able to take his time and
stare at her lovely soft breasts, to put his hand inside, pressed into her
by the tightness of her bra, playing with one bare nipple, the other
through the joyous silkiness of her bra, so brilliantly white before him.
Her skin shone through the nylon, enhancing the effect.

While he still stared at her, Valerie unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned
his trousers. Then she looked up to see him still staring at the breasts now cupped by his big hands. Valerie smiled and reached up to taste his
lips, which he now gladly gave, his tongue meeting hers and then toying
with it.

Valerie waited for him to take off her skirt. She wanted him to undress
her completely, part of the unveiling of her to him, a part of her opening
herself to him at last. He knelt before her, now slipping her skirt down,
sat back on his heels a moment and looked at her standing in her white lacy
bra and half slip. He held his hand to let her step out of the skirt and
he moved it aside to a chair. Slowly, his thumbs slipped under the elastic
of her slip and began sliding it over her hips, as she watched his pleasure
in his task.

Her tights were a medium dark shade, sheer to the waist, the center seam
pointing toward and then diving into the crease which divided her body. He
pressed his lips to her tummy and then kissed his way lower. She wore no
panties today and his lips brushed the curls protecting her pussy, feeling
them spring back under his touch. His lips had come to the very tip of her
body and she felt his tongue dart out to touch the top of the little valley
leading to her pussy. James' hands were caressing her thighs at the back,
running up to enjoy her full bottom, teasing her there, suspecting she was
sensitive there - and besides he enjoyed the feel of her under his fingers.

Valerie pressed his head against her mound and ground it against him
with eagerness that was now building very strongly in her. She parted her
legs for him now, just a little, and his hand came up her thighs between
her legs.

James was surprised and excited to find that she wore crotch-less
tights. His hand parted her moist lips and he felt her body jump slightly.
She smiled down at him, and his surprised look changed to a big smile.
Somehow it seemed that her choosing crotch-less was a huge vote of love or
confidence in him, a shared intimacy that made him feel loved and warm.
His hand was vertical between her legs, the edge of his palm spreading her
lips. Her moistness felt warm on his hand, thick and creamy.

Valerie felt him against her clitoris and along her wetness, aware that
he was pressing to get closer, to get more contact along her wet slit.

James explored the wetness his mouth had found last night in the hallway
where he had brought her to a satisfying orgasm that made her knees buckle.

He stood and held her in his arms while she loosened his pants and
dropped them to the floor, urging him to kick them aside by holding his
cock that had immediately sprung loose into her hand. He had worn no
shorts. He thought she would find it sexy and he wanted to please her in
every way today. Her hand circled him, slipping back and forth on the
length of his shaft. It felt so very good to her, and she heard him gasp
with pleasure. She slipped his foreskin back over the crown of his cock
and realized that he already had copious amounts of pre-cum there beneath
it. It felt sticky, creamy, she remembered its taste and knelt
immediately, breaking away from his kiss, and kissed his cockhead instead.
She gently licked the pre-cum from his cock, letting her mouth enjoy its
taste, rolling it over and over on her tongue.

James reached for her, signaling her to stand again by lifting her
breasts gently. His hands were again on her silky bottom, which he seemed
unable to get enough of. She finally pulled his hands to her breasts, a
difficult choice, but her breasts were soon singing with the feel of his
caressing hands and his eager lips suckling on her nipples. Slowly they
were moving toward the bed as they continued to kiss and fondle each other.
Valerie felt the bed behind her knees and sat down, pressing her cheek
against his belly and feeling his cock reach toward her chin.

She lay back on the bed before him and watched as he stared and admired
her, lying there in her lacy bra, breasts thrust out toward him, creamy
thighs gleaming in the taut, sheer nylon. Valerie did a very assertive and
sexy thing. She raised her nyloned leg slowly and deliberately along his
inner thigh, bringing her foot up between his legs to fondle his balls and
then his cock, now standing straight and rock hard in front of him. She
rolled her foot in its soft nylon covering over his cock.

James rolled his eyes toward the ceiling, letting the pleasure slide
over his body. Then he knelt before her between her thighs and began to
open the flower of her woman-ness. Valerie slipped back on the bed,
spreading her legs and raising her knees slightly.

James stared at her pussy, watched it open as she spread her legs.
Watched her fingers come to her pussy and open the lips for him, letting
him sit and watch the beauty of it -- looking like a pair of lips,
glistening now with wetness. She spread her lips a little wider, showing
herself to him, wanting him to enjoy her.

His lips moved to kiss her fingers, first one and then the other.
Slowly, she opened a little wider, still spreading her lips with her
fingers. He kissed and licked her fingers more, then slipped to the
pinkness, the bright pinkness of her inner lips. They had a similar shape,
but smaller and more brightly colored. He tasted her, licked her clitoris,
licked along the crease of her body, making it glow with even more wetness.
His lips found her clitoris and he heard her sharp intake of breath. He
nibbled on the little nub. His tongue found the entry of her cunt. His
tongue went inside, as Valerie shrieked quietly with pleasure, pulling his
head deeper into her.

"Oh, James, I don't think I can stand much more." Her voice was tense.

James moved between her legs now, laying on top of her his belly against
the warm comforting firmness of her mound, his tongue finding her nipples
once again. She reached between them and guided his cock to her entry.

"Oh, James, this is ................................

"Yes, beautiful, ............." His lips sealed hers, their tongues
dancing and playing with each other. she pulled him again, urging him to
take her.

She moved the head of his cock along her crease and then against her
clitoris, then back to where she needed him to thrust into her, to thrust
his nice big cock into her, to satisfy her , to sanctify their deep

He entered the tightness of her entry. She felt his cock-head snap past
the initial tightness, and into her cunt.

James paused and looked into her eyes, his own eyes half closed with
pleasure. "Oh, Valerie, you feel wonderful!!"

She felt his cock slip slowly into her, touching the sheath of her cunt , finding warmth, fondling her cunt, pressing its way all the way in,
filling her, filling her, touching her, filling her, filling her, she
thought. She felt his balls against the cheeks of her bottom now. She
slipped her hand between them to see if she had all of him inside her now.
Then their mounds were together, pressed tightly together.

Valerie opened still wider, raising her legs around him then crossing
them over his back pulling him to her. His lips were kissing her ears and
he whispered to her. "Oh, Valerie, this feels so , so, so good. You are
so tight and you feel just perfect, like we were meant to be together like
this. Your pussy is hugging me and fondling me incredibly."

"Yes, dear James, ....... Your cock is .............. so ............
hot, so big,, yes, that's it, move in me, feel ........... alll
......all ....of .........feel all of my pussy. Yes,
James, yes , James, yes, give me all of your lovely cock, come in me, come
in me, make me come, James. Ohhhhh yes, that's it. Yes, give me your
.......... Big knob, your ....long cock."

She was all open to him and James slowly stoked in and out of her in
steady, deep strokes, feeling her cunt sucking on him, feeling how his cock
pushed its way back into her as each withdrawal ended. He was fucking into
her faster now, feeling her taking up his rhythm, rocking her hips to meet
him as his cock slashed deep into her darling cunt. She held him, not
letting him go with the muscles of her cunt, he lingered, feeling every
fold of her as he slipped in and out of her.

She felt wonderfully wet, deliciously hot, almost scalding hot on the
sensitive skin of his cock heard.

Valerie was beginning to pant slightly, her breath coming short on the
end of her clenching and thrusting against the lovely cock with its bare
crown feeling her up inside her cunt. Her eyes were closed and she was
thrusting hard against him with her hips first one side and then the other.
James pressed his feet against they bed and pried upward, trying to get the
upper surface of his cock to touch her clitoris as he slipped in and out of

James heard her slam her arms against the bed, then slash them along the
sheets of the bed, thrusting onto him again, he redoubled his effort,
slamming his cock into her again and again, holding himself to wait until
she came.

Valerie felt a huge warmth start in her loins, rumbling through her
mound and tummy and then her whole body seemed to join in the celebration
of his thrusting cock and her clenching cunt and then a wonderful release
consumed her body. With one last shudder, coming from her shoulders and
rolling down her torso, she clasped her arms around his neck and pulled
herself up to him, kissing him and biting his lips.

"Oh............Great, .........great, ..........Come, my dear James,
come now in me, Come on, my sweet, give me your cream now." Her cunt again
pulled on him, milking him, trying to draw his release along with all the
sperm eager to be ejected out of his big balls. She was still excited.
And wanting the feel of him spreading her apart. She was determined to
have all of him now.

James felt the pressure building in his balls, then the sperm shooting
up his penis as Valerie's wonderful warmth and clenching of her cunt around
him gave him another sensation along the outer sensitive skin of his shaft.
He could suddenly feel both sensations, Valerie pulling on him with her
lovely tight cunt, his own juices now fighting to flood up his shaft. His
body tensed as his balls ejected the sperm deep into her cunt.

Valerie felt his hot juicy cum splash into her, filling her cunt, again
and again he shot into her, until she was full, full of him and his juices.
She felt the pleasureful feeling of his sperm slipping out of her, down
onto his cock, still feeling nice inside her, though not as rock hard now
that she had given him release!

Valerie relaxed against his arm now encircling her and pulling her
close. It was going to be alright, she thought. She also knew that they
were going to have a long leisurely lovemaking later tonight, now that they
had satisfied their urgent need to truly share each other's bodies. She
smiled into his eyes and sighed as their lips locked together. His hand
was protectively holding the mound of her pussy, keeping it nice and warm
and cozy. He slowly pulled the cover over their heads and kissed her

x Chapter Ten

They had dozed for an hour or so and the sunlight was waning now, the
deep golden last rays splashing through the window onto the lovers' bodies
tangled on the bed.

Valerie turned to lay her head on his chest, reaching for the cock that
had given her such pleasure. It was still swollen, though not its rigid
hardness she had felt slipping so lovingly into her, touching all of her,
teasing her sensitive lips, touching her farthest reaches. She recalled
the way she had felt James touch her cervix. She wondered how it had felt
to him, touching her there. His cock had a comforting weight and fullness
in her hand now, spent, but full of promise for the future -- and not too
long in the future, she thought with a smile.

Valerie slipped lower on his body, feeling some of the stickiness of her
juices clinging to him still. She idly fondled his cock and then felt the
size of his balls in her hand. Slipping back his foreskin, she enjoyed he
sight of his shiny cockhead slipping out of its sheath, glistening now,
having done its work of finding her narrowest little crevices and spreading
her before his shaft. She measured with the first knuckle of her finger
and decided that it was about two inches long and a little bit broader than
that. She like looking at him this way, it was such an erotic sight. It
looked like a large smooth head of a large candle now melted by being left
in the sun by the window. First having burned at its wick and then melting
over on itself in the heat of the day. It wasn't really purple as they
sometimes described them, just a deep rosy color along the edges as you
looked at it and then in the center a rich pink. There were little
irregularities if you looked closely, not the glistening complete
smoothness often described. "Tiny microscopic flavour buds," she thought
to herself.

She thought of how it must have looked inside her, at the moment when
his sperm had come spurting up on its journey up his shaft and into her
waiting cunt. What did it look like then, covered with her juices and then
its own combined with hers, there in the darkness at her center, pressed so
tightly by her own clenching and clutching muscles making love to this
delightful organ.

She took it in her mouth to give it a little gentle pleasure in the
wetness of her mouth. She tasted his cum; she tasted her own pungent
flavour. All of this she took in her mouth and gently swayed back and
forth letting her wetness find all of him, feeling him stir now, her kisses
pulling him rigid again.

"Ahhhhh .........ohhhh Valerie, my sweet.......... Mmmnnnnnnnnhhhhh,"

She felt his hands reach for her, trailing along her back. She moved to
let him reach her. His hand found the roundness of her bottom and he
happily let his hands glide across her. She knew he was pleasing himself
with the softness of her tights. His hand felt good through the softness
of the nylon and she felt pleased that she had worn the crotch-less ones,
leaving her still wrapped in the softness for his pleasure and for the
feeling that his hands had through the erotic sensuality of the taut

Valerie turned to him. "You like my tush, do you?" she smiled at him.

"Yes, Love it." He grinned back. "Getting prideful are we, then?"

"Oh, I just wish there weren't quite so much of it for you to enjoy,"
she pouted.

"Mmmmmnnnnnhhhhhhh ......... Just right!" He smacked her bottom

"ouch! You're getting cheeky, you know that? When did I say you could
do that?"

They laughed as she curled up into his arms again, her head on his
shoulder, lips into his neck just under his jaw. Her leg rolled over his
and slipped between his thighs, giving him the softness of her nylon clad
softness. Her hand found his cock and covered as much as she could with
her palm. She slipped his foreskin back into place covering his spearhead.
They lay there fondling each other for a time.

"Shall we have a bath and think about dinner? I'll let you scrub my
back!" Valerie was feeling playful and a little bit hungry, as well.

"Yes, I accept! Sounds like fun. In fact, I came prepared -- just in

"Whatever do you mean by that? You brought your own soap?" she joked.

"Never mind, you get ready and I'll run a bath for you."

As she slipped off her tights, she heard the water running, sounding
inviting. Reaching behind, she unhooked her bra and let it slip away from
her breasts. She rubbed her breasts now that they were free of the
supporting cups - it felt good to have them free.

The bath had lots of bubbles as she slipped a toe in to test it. It was
a little hot, but she could adapt to it , she decided. "Perfect, James!
You'd make a great butler, are you available?" she called out to him. She
was in the water up to her breasts when he returned brazenly naked in front
of her. She saw his eyes go immediately to her nipples and the little buds
sprang up with the attention. Valerie arched her back slightly lifting her
breasts to look their best for him.

He was carrying a large candle that he placed on a table at the end of
the tub, and a bottle of champagne with two tall stemmed glasses.

"Oh, James, ............... wonderful, I'm just in the mood for a
glass, too. You are terrific........... maybe you won't do as a butler
after all! But are you available for what ever it is you are doing now?"
He turned off the light and slipped in behind her. She felt his hardness
slipping all down her back as she squirmed to give him room. She held the
two glasses for him to pour. They toasted and she turned to kiss his lips
and then they took long drafts of the bubbly wine.

"Smashing! Wouldn't you say?" James said, pleased with himself.

"More than smashing, I'd say, what are you, the pied piper?" she smiled
at how good it felt how wickedly wonderful it was to be here squeaking
against each other in the bubbles and drinking the other bubbles. "It's
nearly enough to turn a girl's head." She told him.

His hand began to soap one of her breasts as they drank. Valerie purred
in contentment. "Say, I thought you promised a 'back' rub! - No don't
stop, I'm joking!!!!"

She did get her back rub in time though. And then she turned and
scrubbed his hairy chest, giggling and making jokes at how he resembled a
bear. While she sudsed his chest, he was swirling soapy curves on her
breasts, circling the roundness of her bosom.

She was kneeling between his legs and he could now see the dark copse of
curls at her mound. He took a moment to scud the bubbles away so he could
see more clearly the erotic side of her body divided there by the half-seen
slit of her pussy. He looked transfixed. Valerie, raised herself erect on
her knees, helping his view. The water was just at the level of the point
of her crease now, letting him enjoy this sexy view of her, dripping with
suds and water as it was. She watched his eyes drink her in.

'What have you done with my modesty!" She jabbed his chest gently, then
reached for his lounging but firm cock under the water. He knelt upright
now, facing her as she pretended to pull him upright by his cock. She
soaped it and fondled it at the same time. Slipped his foreskin back and
soaped the gleaming head of him with tight little swirls of her hand. Her
soapy hand slipped under his balls as his found the tight crease between
her legs. She felt him slipping all along the length of her, washing and
fondling her. The soap served as a delightfully sensuous lubricant and she
slipped her own hand deep under him so that her hand reached along his
length as he was fondling hers. She felt her fingers trail past his anus
and teased it a moment, feeling him gasp slightly.

They kissed, their tongues dueling. Her breasts were now full in his
hands his cock full in hers. They stayed like that fondling each other in
the warmth of the bath until it began to coo., took the last of their
champagne, and rinsed each other off. She found herself enraptured using
the spray hose to rinse the soap from the head and shaft of his cock, it
looked so proud, jutting through the spray.

James dried her back and then reached around to her breasts and down to
her pussy. He knelt in front of her and dried between her legs as she
spread herself for him. He carefully and tenderly blotted the towel along
the softness of her pussy lips, kissed her mound, and enjoyed the tickling
sensation of her pussy curls against his lips.

"You're a wonderful lover, Valerie, really lovely!"

"Mnnnhhhh, what a nice thing to hear, James, what a treat you are as
well. How on earth we will ever top this afternoon, I do not know. It was
perfect, in all respects!"

James lay on the bed and watched Valerie dress for dinner. It was a
sensual pleasure he allowed himself, not even making a pretense of reading
the book before him, he stared at her loveliness.

He watched as she dabbed a little perfume between her breasts, a touch
at the peak of her mound, a dab behind each knee. He loved the way she
looked, her side toward him, letting him watch the complicated curves
formed by her breasts as she moved, her nipples still bright and pointed
from his kisses.

Valerie glanced at him, standing facing him and seeing his eyes going
over her body, stopping and looking longingly at her mound with its patch
of curly hair. She watched as his cock came to life from its semi-erect
state, looking very full, soft, and velvety, as she remembered it feeling
her cunt. She shivered with the thought of his fullness spreading her
pussy lips and sinking happily into her depths.

She slipped into her bra, leaning forward and letting him see her smooth
her breasts into the cups, then standing erect and pulling her shoulders
back to emphasize their proud height. Her bra was white, nearly
transparent and covered with lace except at the tips of her breasts, where
her nipples shown though in dark promise of ecstasy.

Valerie noticed James fondling his hardness as he watched her intently,
an occasional smile crossing his lips.

She carefully let the stockings stream from her hand in a long graceful
curve. She had chosen them carefully, a rich gleaming nutty brown to
contrast with her cream colored suit. She rolled the first one up around
her fingers and slipped her toes into the reinforced section of the
stocking and began rolling it up her leg in a very sensual manner. She
took a side-long look at James, stretching on the bed before her. She
stood and pulled the dark top band to the snap dangling from a
cream-colored garter belt, then fastened two more. She looked in the
mirror and was satisfied.

When she had finished the other stocking, she reached for the fresh
white French knickers and bent to hold them so she could step into the
diaphragmous garment. Slowly, she pulled the knickers up her legs. They
were really pretty and the legs were not elasticized, but hung loosely at
her thighs. James' eyes were large with his surprise. He had stopped
chewing on the stick of gum in his mouth,-- in fact, nearly swallowed it.

"Oh, wow, Valerie, you look ......... lovely," he muttered, a catch in
his throat.

She was just pulling up her slip. "Hadn't you better get dressed James,
or are you planning on going as you are?" She smiled as he stood up, his
cock at full attention. She loved the effect she had on him. She noticed
the redness of the tip of his cock extending beyond the foreskin with his
excitement. Valerie liked the way it stood straight out from his body.

They took a taxi to a very nice restaurant. Because they were early,
they missed the dinner crowd and had the restaurant nearly to themselves.
Gerald chose a table in the back, where they could sit on the same side of
the table on a soft bench seat against the wall.

The waiter, he noticed, stared long and hard at the cleavage between
Valerie's breasts. They looked beautiful against the light creaminess of
her jacket. James put his hand on her thigh, slipping her skirt upward
along her nylon until he could see the darker band above the lustrous dark
caramel of her stockings. His hand fondled her leg and her hand found his
thigh. He wasn't sure how long he could sit here without carrying her off
to have her again.

After the first course, Valerie' looked around to see if anyone seemed
to be watching and her hand found his zipper, slipping it down. She paused
as the waiter brought the second course, then returned to slip her hand
into his pants.

"Oh! She exclaimed with a little shock and then continued her
exploration with a new ardor. She smiled at him and reached to bite his

'You devil!" she whispered with a swallowed laugh. " Thank you, dear
for wearing your 'pajamas'! I love the feel of you!"

James smiled at her and reached for her kiss. They paused quietly, lips
together, tongues just touching.

"How do you feel about this, Valerie? It has been so lovely, I hate to
take the chance of asking, but, I do need to know that it is OK and won't
drive you crazy."

"Well, James, I've thought about it a lot."

"And .........?" he said quietly.

"I ........... think that we have ............. Become close, close
friends in just a few days. .............."

"Uh, ........... yes, that's certain."

"And, I think that when you have such a friendship ................ It
is natural to want to have the next step of intimacy. It is just as
natural for us to have sex as it is to talk so intimately. ...............
That's what I think ....... Er ....... That's what I know, James.
Talking came easy to us,................. and now, so has this, ..........
No shyness, no phoniness, ............ nothing ugly , and ......... at
least for me ......... nothing done just for the sex. ............ just
an extension of a lovely friendship. Nothing I could explain to just
anyone, but that's what I feel. It was just lovely having you today,

"That's beautiful, just what I would say." James said.

Valerie's hand caressed his hardness through the warmth and silkiness of
the tights he wore for her. She squeezed his cock to emphasize her point
as she talked.

"Now, tell me how do you feel sleeping so close to Gerald and me? Does
that bother you/"

'Well, a little, I suppose." He paused.

" I thought that one night I could see you at the door ...........?"
Valerie looked down and then up quickly into his eyes.

"............... Yessss, I confess ...... I thought ..... that you
saw me .......... I was afraid to move ........... You looked so
beautiful ......nice! But, isn't easy, ........ knowing you
are there so close ......... and hearing you........."

'HEARING? Sorry, .......hearing me ..........?

"Mnn huh!" He replied.

They looked into each other's eyes. She looked like she was replaying
the week ........looking for what had happened. What she had said. She
leaned close at last, "James, " she whispered hoarsely into his ear, "take
me back to the hotel and make love to me now ............please? ..........
I want you,"

The taxi ride seemed too short, his hand having found her warmth above
the stocking tops, slipped easily past the loose legs of her French
knickers, fondled the lips of her waiting pussy, the natural juices

They hurried through the lobby, James stopping for the key, then
hurrying after her, trying to pick out the panty line where her skirt
tightened seductively across the cheeks of her bottom.

The burst through the door, turning into each other's arms before the
door closed.

"Oh, my darling,..........." James's voice was strained, his heart
strangely pounding in his chest as he clasped Valerie more closely to his

James unbuttoned her jacket, slipped it off her shoulders and hung I on
a chair, watching as her breasts held so beautifully by the cups of her bra
strained toward him below her smile.

Valerie leaned against him to let him unclasp her bra, smiling again as
she watched how he drank her in as her breasts, already swollen with
excitement, tumbled out of the cups.

He slipped to his knees and stripped her panties down off her legs and
she spread to kick them off.

With both of them wearing nylon on their legs, they lingered to enjoy
the sensation. Valerie clamped her legs around his thighs, loving the feel
of his hard legs through the warmth of the nylon. She fondled his cock
through the softness of the nylon. "I have to get you out of these, James!
I want your cock free. I want you hard and deep inside me." She knelt
before him and stripped her tights off his legs, kissing his cock as she
did it, then taking his cock entirely into her mouth.

James lifted her to her feet and pulled her into his arms.

The softness of her belly caressed the underside of his cock. His penis
was so engorged with the excitement of fondling her all the way over in the
cab and now the delight of seeing her loveliness disrobed before him, that
its skin felt strangely tight and stretched over his hardness. It made him
ultra sensitive, and he moaned slightly as he lifted her, one hand on her
taut ass and the other around her waist.

James felt his erection slip along the curls of her mound and then slide
into the crease of her pussy. Valerie's legs wrapped naturally around him,
and James lowered her onto his waiting cock. He could feel the sweet
moistness of her waiting for him and welcoming him into the center of her

"OOhhh!" Valerie exclaimed sharply as his firm thick cock head forced
its way past the first tightness of her hot and excited pussy. James felt
with pleasure the warmth of her, engulfing him as his length was free to
slide into the perfect fit that they had enjoyed earlier.

He lifted her slightly and her legs went around him, climbing to his

Valerie felt the luxurious length of him filling her...... ....... it
was wonderfully hot-feeling and felt like it was proudly rampant. For the
moment, it was for her the only thing in the room, perhaps in the universe.
It seemed like a perfect singularity in space, there for her moistness to
hold and fondle and squeeze and to thighbone herself around, endlessly.
She could feel the pleasure her cunt felt as it admired and explored it as
she moved her body to improve the position and feel of it. It was as if
she were able to concentrate every single nerve ending and that her entire
consciousness was focused there where their two bodies were so intent upon
each other. She tightened her legs around him, in spite of their
single-minded thoughts about collapsing. She had found new strength and
wanted it to last and last.

"Oh darling, this is really, ......... exquisite ....... lovely!'
James murmured as he began to walk. Her breasts moved against his chest,
her pussy clasped him tightly, it was heavenly.

"Oh, F uhuh in nnnn uhuh ch,.....oh, I wan nn nnn t you, so much.
.......", Valerie started, bumping slightly as he took strides across the
room, then, grinning into his eyes, she found words to say ".........but
then, I already have you, haven't I???!!!11 She squirmed happily as she
clung precariously to his torso, her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling
his face into her neck and breasts. Her nipples had a life of their own,
tingling, touching, being caressed, happily swinging back and forth across
James's hairy chest.

James had a mission. Off went one light, then another, and then he
opened the small refrigerator door.

"Can you reach the rose, sweetheart," he grinned. Valerie, grimaced
slightly with apprehension, but then managed a backward grab to fish it off
the shelf and return to her lover's embrace.

"ohmmigod! how did I do that" she whispered hoarsely.

A candle was next, he needed Valerie's help again. "Oh, darling, I'm
not sure how much more I can take, ............. easy, easy, your lovely
.... big .... dick feels so goodd. I'm so ......... filled up .... oh
dear, dear ....." she left her sentence unfinished.

James kissed her deeply once more and slowly lowered her onto the smooth
waxed surface of the harvest table there before the windows. Valerie,
surprised, but feeling deliciously loved, laid back and submitted to
whatever this surprise would bring. She felt James slipping from her,
gently and slowly, and then felt the resistance and then release as the
head of his cock slipped past the tightness of her pussy resisting his
departure. "Ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmm. come back," she murmured.

James gently slipped back into her moist welcome and ran his hands along
her stomach down her waist and then up over the twin delights of her

" My Love!," he murmured, and gazed at her loveliness in the half light.
Moving away again, he paused to kiss each nipple and press his hand to her
mound, cupping it protectively, his fingertips touching her wetness. He
brought his fingers to his lips and then brought them to a position between
his lips and hers, so they could kiss and their tongues could touch in her

"mmmmmm are you ready, my darling?"

"Ohhh yeesssss, please!" Valerie moaned.

She could see him in the light of the last small light as he walked to
extinguish it. He lit a small candle and placed it on the table above her
head. James stood between her parted legs at the foot of the table.

"Now, my love, Put the bud in your mouth for a moment, please."

Valerie obeyed, tasting the moistness of the chilled pink rose bud. the
room disappeared around her and she looked lovingly at James again staring
admiringly at her breasts. She notice that her nipples were standing very,
very erect and pointed. James sat on the chair, and smiling at her placed
his lips on the curls on her mound.

"Valerie, I love you," he managed to get out. "Now take the rose out
and hold it there between your breasts. Stare at it as it opens, now, and
concentrate, while I open you in the same way."

He was right, the bud slowly began to open. Valerie concentrated,
mesmerized by the dark surrounding her, and her lovers tongue now touching
the lips of her pussy so very lightly and tenderly. She felt James's hands
touching her thighs, slipping along the nyloned sleekness of her legs,
pressing them briefly against his cheeks.

Now he was opening her legs, she spread them to welcome his continuous
kisses. James's tongue and lips were worshiping the beauty of her pussy as
it opened like the petals of the rose to his kisses, moistening his lips
and cheeks. His tongue trailed along her inner lips, sharper in shape,
more like the petals of the rose, again. He tasted them along their entire
length, then captured her clitoris between his lips, his tongue
concentrated on twirling the erect little bud, like the center of the
flower around the warm wetness of his lips.

Valerie was deep in the depths of space as she felt James's gentle
finger enter her. "Ahhhhh, ......ohhh, she sighed. Her clitoris was
aflame with his tongue. The rose bud was nearly open, and still she
maintained her intent gaze on it, seeming to focus her mind and senses.
She knew she was terribly close to orgasm, but continued her concentration
as his lips and his finger fondled her. She clamped her thighs on his
head, her only way to hug him as she wanted to.

She felt James's finger find the point just behind her clitoris and
pause there. "OHHhhh ... ... ... ...YES!.. her exclamation was sharp, her
breath short. something strange. It felt as if she were suspended there
in space, poised on her lover's touch, there inside her in the moistness,
in the heat of her body, there on a point strangely central. His tongue
still touched her clitoris and between the two co-ordinated caresses, her
body was suspended and now wracked with a slowly building series of
orgasmic tightening.

"Oh, ...myyyyyyy yyyy daarrling, ..... OHHHH11,
yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesYES!!!!1111. Oh, my sweet." It
was at least one of the best ever, she thought as the rose fell from her
grip, fully open. She caught the rose then urgently grabbed for James,
longing for his embrace, she crushed him in her arms.

"mmmm nice, " James muttered with a smile.

...."Oh, James, that was wonderful," Valerie moaned, as she hugged James
to her. Her arms were wrapped around the strong column of his throat,
squeezing tightly in an effort to communicate her joy; her fingers touched
the hair at the nape of his neck. She gave a long moaning sigh. Valerie
loved to look at James, as he stood before in his glorious nakedness. She
enjoyed the firmness of his flesh, the roundness of his buttocks and his
arms, his shoulders and thighs, the strength and muscles of his body, as
her eyes caressed him. And his phallus, the weight of it, and his testes.
His body was perfect, Valerie's hands began to caress running them over his
torso. Her body tight against him, she kissed him. Her tongue circling
his lips, slowly probing to gain entrance to his mouth.

James's mouth opened to her gentle pressure. Their tongues met in a
sensual dance until Valerie pulled her mouth from his. Her mouth moved
first to an earlobe, lightly, softly as the whisper of a butterfly's wing.
She caressed with her lips the other earlobe, dipping her pointed tongue
into the shell of his ear. James heard her uneven breathing as his hands
grasped her hips. Valerie placed a more seductive kiss on his chin.

She began to kiss his neck, licking his salty skin, her mouth leaving a
moist trail down it, only to move just below his ear and kissing him there.
Her wet, sensuous tongue passed across his shoulder to mouth him in the
crack where his arm met the side of his body. When she lifted his arm and
kissed him in its pit, she felt a spasm vibrate in his chest and his
erection twitch against her stomach.

" Oh god, James, I love the feel and taste of you!" Valerie groaned as
she slowly sank to her knees in front of him.

"Oh Hmmmm! darling", he moaned.

As she slid down his body, her mouth found his nipple. Her lips
surrounded it as her tongue licked it, around and around, lightly, scarcely
touching it before sucking the small tip into her wet mouth. Continuing
her downward movement she licked and kissed her way to his navel. She run
her tongue around the inside of it, moistening it with her saliva. Next
her lips tracked a dewy trail down to the mass of pubic hair. Valerie
sighed and rubbed her lips and the snub of her nose in his crisp fluff.
She smiled at the wonderful, tang of him. His cock rested across her
cheek, moving near her ear and tangling in her hair.

James felt her laugh of enjoyment as she wrapped one hand around his
stiff member. Her other arm circling his thigh, lightly stoking the back
of his thigh and buttocks with finger tips. James touched the top of her
head as he looked down at her, nestled between his parted legs. He felt a
shiver go through his body when he felt her tongue playfully lick the tip
of his now throbbing rod. Her lips found the base of his penis, as her
hand held him in her warm palm. Valerie lifted it to kiss the under part
of it. James had a fine scrotum she thought. She took one ball in her
mouth and rolled it around, sucking on it. Valerie released him and cupped
them in her hands ,and licked them carefully, making them shiny from her
wet mouth and tongue.

James thought of the divine pleasure she was giving him and found
himself swaying his hips. He placed his hands on the back of her head and
pressed it gently forward against his cock.

"James, I'm so hungry for you!" Valerie mumbled as her mouth opened and
drew his cock into its depth. James shook as he felt her hot mouth close
around his hard, velvety penis. Her lips held him firmly as her tongue
swirled around the head. Her tongue caressed the length, sucking softly at
first, stroking the vein running its length. Valerie began sucking harder,
feeling him pressing against her inner cheek. Her eyes closed as she found
herself lost in the erotic feel and taste of him. Soon her lips were
almost brushing the dark curls at his belly. James was swollen and hard as
her mouth continued to love him. Valerie's body started to rock with the
same motion as her sucking, her hands digging into James's buttocks as he
thrust his pelvis forward to meet her mouth.

"Ohmigod, Valerie! " James groaned, his body tightening in pleasure.
His cock hard and throbbing, knowing she could feel his desire for her.
His breathing and hers was coming in fast pants, their hearts pounding,
loving the other in their shared pleasure of this intimate act.

Valerie felt the bite of James' fingers as they tangled in her hair. He
was urging her for release of his orgasm, their rhythm increased as the
first drop of sperm found its way onto her loving tongue. Refusing to
release him, Valerie sucked harder, faster, and waited for him to climax.
Opening her throat to accept him, she felt the first spurt of his orgasm
filling her mouth, as she swallowed it, as finally he burst forth, his
spasm coming in waves, exploding into her hungry mouth, flowing down her
throat. He throbbed repeatedly in her warm loving mouth, rocked to the
bottom of his feet, knees weak by the powerful release. Valerie's lips
locked around him swallowing every last drop.

Allowing him to slip from her mouth, licking her lips in pleasure,
running her tongue over her teeth, she crouched on the floor breathing
deeply and smiling softly. When their breathing slowed, James reached down
helping Valerie to stand and hugging her to him. His hands roaming over
her back and ass in a soothing motion. Their lips meeting in a sweet
intimate kiss. James could taste himself on her lips, finding it sensual
and stirring.

"Thank you, my love," James whispered against her smiling lips.

End Chapter Ten.



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