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The House Guest Ch 10


The House Guest By James Bellamy Chapter Ten

They had dozed for an hour or so and the sunlight was waning now, the
deep golden last rays splashing through the window onto the lovers' bodies
tangled on the bed.

Valerie turned to lay her head on his chest, reaching for the cock that
had given her such pleasure. It was still swollen, though not its rigid
hardness she had felt slipping so lovingly into her, touching all of her,
teasing her sensitive lips, touching her farthest reaches. She recalled
the way she had felt James touch her cervix. She wondered how it had felt
to him, touching her there. His cock had a comforting weight and fullness
in her hand now, spent, but full of promise for the future -- and not too
long in the future, she thought with a smile.

Valerie slipped lower on his body, feeling some of the stickiness of her
juices clinging to him still. She idly fondled his cock and then felt the
size of his balls in her hand. Slipping back his foreskin, she enjoyed he
sight of his shiny cockhead slipping out of its sheath, glistening now,
having done its work of finding her narrowest little crevices and spreading
her before his shaft. She measured with the first knuckle of her finger
and decided that it was about two inches long and a little bit broader than
that. She like looking at him this way, it was such an erotic sight. It
looked like a large smooth head of a large candle now melted by being left
in the sun by the window. First having burned at its wick and then melting
over on itself in the heat of the day. It wasn't really purple as they
sometimes described them, just a deep rosy color along the edges as you
looked at it and then in the center a rich pink. There were little
irregularities if you looked closely, not the glistening complete
smoothness often described. "Tiny microscopic flavour buds," she thought
to herself.

She thought of how it must have looked inside her, at the moment when
his sperm had come spurting up on its journey up his shaft and into her
waiting cunt. What did it look like then, covered with her juices and then
its own combined with hers, there in the darkness at her center, pressed so
tightly by her own clenching and clutching muscles making love to this
delightful organ.

She took it in her mouth to give it a little gentle pleasure in the
wetness of her mouth. She tasted his cum; she tasted her own pungent
flavour. All of this she took in her mouth and gently swayed back and
forth letting her wetness find all of him, feeling him stir now, her kisses
pulling him rigid again.

"Ahhhhh .........ohhhh Valerie, my sweet.......... Mmmnnnnnnnnhhhhh,"

She felt his hands reach for her, trailing along her back. She moved to
let him reach her. His hand found the roundness of her bottom and he
happily let his hands glide across her. She knew he was pleasing himself
with the softness of her tights. His hand felt good through the softness
of the nylon and she felt pleased that she had worn the crotch-less ones,
leaving her still wrapped in the softness for his pleasure and for the
feeling that his hands had through the erotic sensuality of the taut

Valerie turned to him. "You like my tush, do you?" she smiled at him.

"Yes, Love it." He grinned back. "Getting prideful are we, then?"

"Oh, I just wish there weren't quite so much of it for you to enjoy,"
she pouted.

"Mmmmmnnnnnhhhhhhh ......... Just right!" He smacked her bottom

"ouch! You're getting cheeky, you know that? When did I say you could
do that?"

They laughed as she curled up into his arms again, her head on his
shoulder, lips into his neck just under his jaw. Her leg rolled over his
and slipped between his thighs, giving him the softness of her nylon clad
softness. Her hand found his cock and covered as much as she could with
her palm. She slipped his foreskin back into place covering his spearhead.
They lay there fondling each other for a time.

"Shall we have a bath and think about dinner? I'll let you scrub my
back!" Valerie was feeling playful and a little bit hungry, as well.

"Yes, I accept! Sounds like fun. In fact, I came prepared -- just in

"Whatever do you mean by that? You brought your own soap?" she joked.

"Never mind, you get ready and I'll run a bath for you."

As she slipped off her tights, she heard the water running, sounding
inviting. Reaching behind, she unhooked her bra and let it slip away from
her breasts. She rubbed her breasts now that they were free of the
supporting cups - it felt good to have them free.

The bath had lots of bubbles as she slipped a toe in to test it. It was
a little hot, but she could adapt to it , she decided. "Perfect, James!
You'd make a great butler, are you available?" she called out to him. She
was in the water up to her breasts when he returned brazenly naked in front
of her. She saw his eyes go immediately to her nipples and the little buds
sprang up with the attention. Valerie arched her back slightly lifting her
breasts to look their best for him.

He was carrying a large candle that he placed on a table at the end of
the tub, and a bottle of champagne with two tall stemmed glasses.

"Oh, James, ............... wonderful, I'm just in the mood for a
glass, too. You are terrific........... maybe you won't do as a butler
after all! But are you available for what ever it is you are doing now?"
He turned off the light and slipped in behind her. She felt his hardness
slipping all down her back as she squirmed to give him room. She held the
two glasses for him to pour. They toasted and she turned to kiss his lips
and then they took long drafts of the bubbly wine.

"Smashing! Wouldn't you say?" James said, pleased with himself.

"More than smashing, I'd say, what are you, the pied piper?" she smiled
at how good it felt how wickedly wonderful it was to be here squeaking
against each other in the bubbles and drinking the other bubbles. "It's
nearly enough to turn a girl's head." She told him.

His hand began to soap one of her breasts as they drank. Valerie purred
in contentment. "Say, I thought you promised a 'back' rub! - No don't
stop, I'm joking!!!!"

She did get her back rub in time though. And then she turned and
scrubbed his hairy chest, giggling and making jokes at how he resembled a
bear. While she sudsed his chest, he was swirling soapy curves on her
breasts, circling the roundness of her bosom.

She was kneeling between his legs and he could now see the dark copse of
curls at her mound. He took a moment to scud the bubbles away so he could
see more clearly the erotic side of her body divided there by the half-seen
slit of her pussy. He looked transfixed. Valerie, raised herself erect on
her knees, helping his view. The water was just at the level of the point
of her crease now, letting him enjoy this sexy view of her, dripping with
suds and water as it was. She watched his eyes drink her in.

'What have you done with my modesty!" She jabbed his chest gently, then
reached for his lounging but firm cock under the water. He knelt upright
now, facing her as she pretended to pull him upright by his cock. She
soaped it and fondled it at the same time. Slipped his foreskin back and
soaped the gleaming head of him with tight little swirls of her hand. Her
soapy hand slipped under his balls as his found the tight crease between
her legs. She felt him slipping all along the length of her, washing and
fondling her. The soap served as a delightfully sensuous lubricant and she
slipped her own hand deep under him so that her hand reached along his
length as he was fondling hers. She felt her fingers trail past his anus
and teased it a moment, feeling him gasp slightly.

They kissed, their tongues dueling. Her breasts were now full in his
hands his cock full in hers. They stayed like that fondling each other in
the warmth of the bath until it began to coo., took the last of their
champagne, and rinsed each other off. She found herself enraptured using
the spray hose to rinse the soap from the head and shaft of his cock, it
looked so proud, jutting through the spray.

James dried her back and then reached around to her breasts and down to
her pussy. He knelt in front of her and dried between her legs as she
spread herself for him. He carefully and tenderly blotted the towel along
the softness of her pussy lips, kissed her mound, and enjoyed the tickling
sensation of her pussy curls against his lips.

"You're a wonderful lover, Valerie, really lovely!"

"Mnnnhhhh, what a nice thing to hear, James, what a treat you are as
well. How on earth we will ever top this afternoon, I do not know. It was
perfect, in all respects!"

James lay on the bed and watched Valerie dress for dinner. It was a
sensual pleasure he allowed himself, not even making a pretense of reading
the book before him, he stared at her loveliness.

He watched as she dabbed a little perfume between her breasts, a touch
at the peak of her mound, a dab behind each knee. He loved the way she
looked, her side toward him, letting him watch the complicated curves
formed by her breasts as she moved, her nipples still bright and pointed
from his kisses.

Valerie glanced at him, standing facing him and seeing his eyes going
over her body, stopping and looking longingly at her mound with its patch
of curly hair. She watched as his cock came to life from its semi-erect
state, looking very full, soft, and velvety, as she remembered it feeling
her cunt. She shivered with the thought of his fullness spreading her
pussy lips and sinking happily into her depths.

She slipped into her bra, leaning forward and letting him see her smooth
her breasts into the cups, then standing erect and pulling her shoulders
back to emphasize their proud height. Her bra was white, nearly
transparent and covered with lace except at the tips of her breasts, where
her nipples shown though in dark promise of ecstasy.

Valerie noticed James fondling his hardness as he watched her intently,
an occasional smile crossing his lips.

She carefully let the stockings stream from her hand in a long graceful
curve. She had chosen them carefully, a rich gleaming nutty brown to
contrast with her cream colored suit. She rolled the first one up around
her fingers and slipped her toes into the reinforced section of the
stocking and began rolling it up her leg in a very sensual manner. She
took a side-long look at James, stretching on the bed before her. She
stood and pulled the dark top band to the snap dangling from a
cream-colored garter belt, then fastened two more. She looked in the
mirror and was satisfied.

When she had finished the other stocking, she reached for the fresh
white French knickers and bent to hold them so she could step into the
diaphragmous garment. Slowly, she pulled the knickers up her legs. They
were really pretty and the legs were not elasticized, but hung loosely at
her thighs. James' eyes were large with his surprise. He had stopped
chewing on the stick of gum in his mouth,-- in fact, nearly swallowed it.

"Oh, wow, Valerie, you look ......... lovely," he muttered, a catch in
his throat.

She was just pulling up her slip. "Hadn't you better get dressed James,
or are you planning on going as you are?" She smiled as he stood up, his
cock at full attention. She loved the effect she had on him. She noticed
the redness of the tip of his cock extending beyond the foreskin with his
excitement. Valerie liked the way it stood straight out from his body.

They took a taxi to a very nice restaurant. Because they were early,
they missed the dinner crowd and had the restaurant nearly to themselves.
Gerald chose a table in the back, where they could sit on the same side of
the table on a soft bench seat against the wall.

The waiter, he noticed, stared long and hard at the cleavage between
Valerie's breasts. They looked beautiful against the light creaminess of
her jacket. James put his hand on her thigh, slipping her skirt upward
along her nylon until he could see the darker band above the lustrous dark
caramel of her stockings. His hand fondled her leg and her hand found his
thigh. He wasn't sure how long he could sit here without carrying her off
to have her again.

After the first course, Valerie' looked around to see if anyone seemed
to be watching and her hand found his zipper, slipping it down. She paused
as the waiter brought the second course, then returned to slip her hand
into his pants.

"Oh! She exclaimed with a little shock and then continued her
exploration with a new ardor. She smiled at him and reached to bite his

'You devil!" she whispered with a swallowed laugh. " Thank you, dear
for wearing your 'pajamas'! I love the feel of you!"

James smiled at her and reached for her kiss. They paused quietly, lips
together, tongues just touching.

"How do you feel about this, Valerie? It has been so lovely, I hate to
take the chance of asking, but, I do need to know that it is OK and won't
drive you crazy."

"Well, James, I've thought about it a lot."

"And .........?" he said quietly.

"I ........... think that we have ............. Become close, close
friends in just a few days. .............."

"Uh, ........... yes, that's certain."

"And, I think that when you have such a friendship ................ It
is natural to want to have the next step of intimacy. It is just as
natural for us to have sex as it is to talk so intimately. ...............
That's what I think ....... Er ....... That's what I know, James.
Talking came easy to us,................. and now, so has this, ..........
No shyness, no phoniness, ............ nothing ugly , and ......... at
least for me ......... nothing done just for the sex. ............ just
an extension of a lovely friendship. Nothing I could explain to just
anyone, but that's what I feel. It was just lovely having you today,

"That's beautiful, just what I would say." James said.

Valerie's hand caressed his hardness through the warmth and silkiness of
the tights he wore for her. She squeezed his cock to emphasize her point
as she talked.

"Now, tell me how do you feel sleeping so close to Gerald and me? Does
that bother you/"

'Well, a little, I suppose." He paused.

" I thought that one night I could see you at the door ...........?"
Valerie looked down and then up quickly into his eyes.

"............... Yessss, I confess ...... I thought ..... that you
saw me .......... I was afraid to move ........... You looked so
beautiful ......nice! But, isn't easy, ........ knowing you
are there so close ......... and hearing you........."

'HEARING? Sorry, .......hearing me ..........?

"Mnn huh!" He replied.

They looked into each other's eyes. She looked like she was replaying
the week ........looking for what had happened. What she had said. She
leaned close at last, "James, " she whispered hoarsely into his ear, "take
me back to the hotel and make love to me now ............please? ..........
I want you,"

The taxi ride seemed too short, his hand having found her warmth above
the stocking tops, slipped easily past the loose legs of her French
knickers, fondled the lips of her waiting pussy, the natural juices

They hurried through the lobby, James stopping for the key, then
hurrying after her, trying to pick out the panty line where her skirt
tightened seductively across the cheeks of her bottom.

The burst through the door, turning into each other's arms before the
door closed.

"Oh, my darling,..........." James's voice was strained, his heart
strangely pounding in his chest as he clasped Valerie more closely to his

James unbuttoned her jacket, slipped it off her shoulders and hung I on
a chair, watching as her breasts held so beautifully by the cups of her bra
strained toward him below her smile.

Valerie leaned against him to let him unclasp her bra, smiling again as
she watched how he drank her in as her breasts, already swollen with
excitement, tumbled out of the cups.

He slipped to his knees and stripped her panties down off her legs and
she spread to kick them off.

With both of them wearing nylon on their legs, they lingered to enjoy
the sensation. Valerie clamped her legs around his thighs, loving the feel
of his hard legs through the warmth of the nylon. She fondled his cock
through the softness of the nylon. "I have to get you out of these, James!
I want your cock free. I want you hard and deep inside me." She knelt
before him and stripped her tights off his legs, kissing his cock as she
did it, then taking his cock entirely into her mouth.

James lifted her to her feet and pulled her into his arms.

The softness of her belly caressed the underside of his cock. His penis
was so engorged with the excitement of fondling her all the way over in the
cab and now the delight of seeing her loveliness disrobed before him, that
its skin felt strangely tight and stretched over his hardness. It made him
ultra sensitive, and he moaned slightly as he lifted her, one hand on her
taut ass and the other around her waist.

James felt his erection slip along the curls of her mound and then slide
into the crease of her pussy. Valerie's legs wrapped naturally around him,
and James lowered her onto his waiting cock. He could feel the sweet
moistness of her waiting for him and welcoming him into the center of her

"OOhhh!" Valerie exclaimed sharply as his firm thick cock head forced
its way past the first tightness of her hot and excited pussy. James felt
with pleasure the warmth of her, engulfing him as his length was free to
slide into the perfect fit that they had enjoyed earlier.

He lifted her slightly and her legs went around him, climbing to his

Valerie felt the luxurious length of him filling her...... ....... it
was wonderfully hot-feeling and felt like it was proudly rampant. For the
moment, it was for her the only thing in the room, perhaps in the universe.
It seemed like a perfect singularity in space, there for her moistness to
hold and fondle and squeeze and to thighbone herself around, endlessly.
She could feel the pleasure her cunt felt as it admired and explored it as
she moved her body to improve the position and feel of it. It was as if
she were able to concentrate every single nerve ending and that her entire
consciousness was focused there where their two bodies were so intent upon
each other. She tightened her legs around him, in spite of their
single-minded thoughts about collapsing. She had found new strength and
wanted it to last and last.

"Oh darling, this is really, ......... exquisite ....... lovely!'
James murmured as he began to walk. Her breasts moved against his chest,
her pussy clasped him tightly, it was heavenly.

"Oh, F uhuh in nnnn uhuh ch,.....oh, I wan nn nnn t you, so much.
.......", Valerie started, bumping slightly as he took strides across the
room, then, grinning into his eyes, she found words to say ".........but
then, I already have you, haven't I???!!!11 She squirmed happily as she
clung precariously to his torso, her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling
his face into her neck and breasts. Her nipples had a life of their own,
tingling, touching, being caressed, happily swinging back and forth across
James's hairy chest.

James had a mission. Off went one light, then another, and then he
opened the small refrigerator door.

"Can you reach the rose, sweetheart," he grinned. Valerie, grimaced
slightly with apprehension, but then managed a backward grab to fish it off
the shelf and return to her lover's embrace.

"ohmmigod! how did I do that" she whispered hoarsely.

A candle was next, he needed Valerie's help again. "Oh, darling, I'm
not sure how much more I can take, ............. easy, easy, your lovely
.... big .... dick feels so goodd. I'm so ......... filled up .... oh
dear, dear ....." she left her sentence unfinished.

James kissed her deeply once more and slowly lowered her onto the smooth
waxed surface of the harvest table there before the windows. Valerie,
surprised, but feeling deliciously loved, laid back and submitted to
whatever this surprise would bring. She felt James slipping from her,
gently and slowly, and then felt the resistance and then release as the
head of his cock slipped past the tightness of her pussy resisting his
departure. "Ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmm. come back," she murmured.

James gently slipped back into her moist welcome and ran his hands along
her stomach down her waist and then up over the twin delights of her

" My Love!," he murmured, and gazed at her loveliness in the half light.
Moving away again, he paused to kiss each nipple and press his hand to her
mound, cupping it protectively, his fingertips touching her wetness. He
brought his fingers to his lips and then brought them to a position between
his lips and hers, so they could kiss and their tongues could touch in her

"mmmmmm are you ready, my darling?"

"Ohhh yeesssss, please!" Valerie moaned.

She could see him in the light of the last small light as he walked to
extinguish it. He lit a small candle and placed it on the table above her
head. James stood between her parted legs at the foot of the table.

"Now, my love, Put the bud in your mouth for a moment, please."

Valerie obeyed, tasting the moistness of the chilled pink rose bud. the
room disappeared around her and she looked lovingly at James again staring
admiringly at her breasts. She notice that her nipples were standing very,
very erect and pointed. James sat on the chair, and smiling at her placed
his lips on the curls on her mound.

"Valerie, I love you," he managed to get out. "Now take the rose out
and hold it there between your breasts. Stare at it as it opens, now, and
concentrate, while I open you in the same way."

He was right, the bud slowly began to open. Valerie concentrated,
mesmerized by the dark surrounding her, and her lovers tongue now touching
the lips of her pussy so very lightly and tenderly. She felt James's hands
touching her thighs, slipping along the nyloned sleekness of her legs,
pressing them briefly against his cheeks.

Now he was opening her legs, she spread them to welcome his continuous
kisses. James's tongue and lips were worshiping the beauty of her pussy as
it opened like the petals of the rose to his kisses, moistening his lips
and cheeks. His tongue trailed along her inner lips, sharper in shape,
more like the petals of the rose, again. He tasted them along their entire
length, then captured her clitoris between his lips, his tongue
concentrated on twirling the erect little bud, like the center of the
flower around the warm wetness of his lips.

Valerie was deep in the depths of space as she felt James's gentle
finger enter her. "Ahhhhh, ......ohhh, she sighed. Her clitoris was
aflame with his tongue. The rose bud was nearly open, and still she
maintained her intent gaze on it, seeming to focus her mind and senses.
She knew she was terribly close to orgasm, but continued her concentration
as his lips and his finger fondled her. She clamped her thighs on his
head, her only way to hug him as she wanted to.

She felt James's finger find the point just behind her clitoris and
pause there. "OHHhhh ... ... ... ...YES!.. her exclamation was sharp, her
breath short. something strange. It felt as if she were suspended there
in space, poised on her lover's touch, there inside her in the moistness,
in the heat of her body, there on a point strangely central. His tongue
still touched her clitoris and between the two co-ordinated caresses, her
body was suspended and now wracked with a slowly building series of
orgasmic tightening.

"Oh, ...myyyyyyy yyyy daarrling, ..... OHHHH11,
yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesYES!!!!1111. Oh, my sweet." It
was at least one of the best ever, she thought as the rose fell from her
grip, fully open. She caught the rose then urgently grabbed for James,
longing for his embrace, she crushed him in her arms.

"mmmm nice, " James muttered with a smile.

...."Oh, James, that was wonderful," Valerie moaned, as she hugged James
to her. Her arms were wrapped around the strong column of his throat,
squeezing tightly in an effort to communicate her joy; her fingers touched
the hair at the nape of his neck. She gave a long moaning sigh. Valerie
loved to look at James, as he stood before in his glorious nakedness. She
enjoyed the firmness of his flesh, the roundness of his buttocks and his
arms, his shoulders and thighs, the strength and muscles of his body, as
her eyes caressed him. And his phallus, the weight of it, and his testes.
His body was perfect, Valerie's hands began to caress running them over his
torso. Her body tight against him, she kissed him. Her tongue circling
his lips, slowly probing to gain entrance to his mouth.

James's mouth opened to her gentle pressure. Their tongues met in a
sensual dance until Valerie pulled her mouth from his. Her mouth moved
first to an earlobe, lightly, softly as the whisper of a butterfly's wing.
She caressed with her lips the other earlobe, dipping her pointed tongue
into the shell of his ear. James heard her uneven breathing as his hands
grasped her hips. Valerie placed a more seductive kiss on his chin.

She began to kiss his neck, licking his salty skin, her mouth leaving a
moist trail down it, only to move just below his ear and kissing him there.
Her wet, sensuous tongue passed across his shoulder to mouth him in the
crack where his arm met the side of his body. When she lifted his arm and
kissed him in its pit, she felt a spasm vibrate in his chest and his
erection twitch against her stomach.

" Oh god, James, I love the feel and taste of you!" Valerie groaned as
she slowly sank to her knees in front of him.

"Oh Hmmmm! darling", he moaned.

As she slid down his body, her mouth found his nipple. Her lips
surrounded it as her tongue licked it, around and around, lightly, scarcely
touching it before sucking the small tip into her wet mouth. Continuing
her downward movement she licked and kissed her way to his navel. She run
her tongue around the inside of it, moistening it with her saliva. Next
her lips tracked a dewy trail down to the mass of pubic hair. Valerie
sighed and rubbed her lips and the snub of her nose in his crisp fluff.
She smiled at the wonderful, tang of him. His cock rested across her
cheek, moving near her ear and tangling in her hair.

James felt her laugh of enjoyment as she wrapped one hand around his
stiff member. Her other arm circling his thigh, lightly stoking the back
of his thigh and buttocks with finger tips. James touched the top of her
head as he looked down at her, nestled between his parted legs. He felt a
shiver go through his body when he felt her tongue playfully lick the tip
of his now throbbing rod. Her lips found the base of his penis, as her
hand held him in her warm palm. Valerie lifted it to kiss the under part
of it. James had a fine scrotum she thought. She took one ball in her
mouth and rolled it around, sucking on it. Valerie released him and cupped
them in her hands ,and licked them carefully, making them shiny from her
wet mouth and tongue.

James thought of the divine pleasure she was giving him and found
himself swaying his hips. He placed his hands on the back of her head and
pressed it gently forward against his cock.

"James, I'm so hungry for you!" Valerie mumbled as her mouth opened and
drew his cock into its depth. James shook as he felt her hot mouth close
around his hard, velvety penis. Her lips held him firmly as her tongue
swirled around the head. Her tongue caressed the length, sucking softly at
first, stroking the vein running its length. Valerie began sucking harder,
feeling him pressing against her inner cheek. Her eyes closed as she found
herself lost in the erotic feel and taste of him. Soon her lips were
almost brushing the dark curls at his belly. James was swollen and hard as
her mouth continued to love him. Valerie's body started to rock with the
same motion as her sucking, her hands digging into James's buttocks as he
thrust his pelvis forward to meet her mouth.

"Ohmigod, Valerie! " James groaned, his body tightening in pleasure.
His cock hard and throbbing, knowing she could feel his desire for her.
His breathing and hers was coming in fast pants, their hearts pounding,
loving the other in their shared pleasure of this intimate act.

Valerie felt the bite of James' fingers as they tangled in her hair. He
was urging her for release of his orgasm, their rhythm increased as the
first drop of sperm found its way onto her loving tongue. Refusing to
release him, Valerie sucked harder, faster, and waited for him to climax.
Opening her throat to accept him, she felt the first spurt of his orgasm
filling her mouth, as she swallowed it, as finally he burst forth, his
spasm coming in waves, exploding into her hungry mouth, flowing down her
throat. He throbbed repeatedly in her warm loving mouth, rocked to the
bottom of his feet, knees weak by the powerful release. Valerie's lips
locked around him swallowing every last drop.

Allowing him to slip from her mouth, licking her lips in pleasure,
running her tongue over her teeth, she crouched on the floor breathing
deeply and smiling softly. When their breathing slowed, James reached down
helping Valerie to stand and hugging her to him. His hands roaming over
her back and ass in a soothing motion. Their lips meeting in a sweet
intimate kiss. James could taste himself on her lips, finding it sensual
and stirring.

"Thank you, my love," James whispered against her smiling lips.

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