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The House Guest Ch 3tl


The House Guest
By James Bellamy
Chapter Three - I Spy
James was wakened by a knock on the door, rousing him
from a brief troubled sleep, tossing and turning.
"Mr. Carmody, ...... Good morning! 6:30" It was
Valerie waking him for breakfast.

"Yes, thank you!" He lay there thinking of his, what
should he call it, spying seemed too harsh. Yet what
else could one call it. It still bothered him that
she had been looking into his eyes in the dark as she
assertively rode her husband's maleness in the middle
of the night. She had ridden up and down his
hardness, while he lay a bit under the weather, not
helping or participating much. Still she rode on
until at last reaching her climax. He remembered
exactly what she had said, how she said it, loved the
sound of her soft intense sigh. . "ohhhhhhh
.........ohhhhhhhh. Ooooohhhhhhh. Yyyyyyessss! It had
been soft but firm, full of pleasure, soul, and
meaning, almost enough to include him in its universal

"Will we be embarrassed looking into each other's eyes
this morning?" he wondered. He shook his head, "don't
be ridiculous, she isn't even aware of how our paths
have crossed."

He could smell bacon frying as he came down the
stairs. "Good morning!" he smiled at her across the
large kitchen, picking up a cup from the table and
crossing toward her, trying hard not to show any
discomfort at her gaze.

'Good morning," she smiled. Her eyes held his
perhaps a moment too long, examining him carefully.
Perhaps she had been looking at him. He couldn't take
his eyes away from her breasts, perky under a crisp
floral blouse. The pleasure his host had had,
......they both had had so noisily during the night
was burned into his mind and sprang back easily.

"Not sure "His Lordship" is not feeling too lord-like
this morning!" she said rolling her eyes skyward.

James enjoyed her smile as well as her ready, somewhat
sharp wit. "Yes, I saw him in the hall, he looks, as
the cowboys say, like he has been rode hard and put
away wet!" His last word was clipped as he remembered
just what double meaning that might conjure in her
mind. He thought lamely and unsuccessfully for a
subject to take the conversation in another direction.
She smiled in his direction, that warm toothy smile.
"Very apt!" she said, leaving it open to trouble his

Gerald arrived looking sad eyed and tired. "James
says in America they would say you had been 'rode hard
and put away wet!' what do you think dear? I said it
was an apt expression."

Which of us was she mocking, James wondered, having
trouble keeping his thoughts together.

"I feel like something was done to me." He leered at
James, "you can't trust birds, can you, get you drunk
and think they can have their way with you. Do
anything they bloody want! It's a crime, that's what
it is!" Well, he was awake and full of the devil,
that was clear. James wondered again: 'Who is being
mocked here?' Not sure that it was not him on both
counts. He just couldn't be sure.

He went to his room to pick up his coat, briefcase and
other things. James readied himself to go to the
office in a very unsettled, tense frame of mind. On
the other hand he had thoroughly enjoyed his
participation, or at least his intrusion on their sex
life. Thoroughly. It had already sprung back into
his mind several times. Valerie's breasts hanging
down away from her body into the slings of her bra
cups as she bent from the waist before him in the
mirror. The almost tangible feel of her riding up and
down on Gerald's cock there in the intense darkness.
It was breathtaking, except for the uneasy sense that
he may have been caught spying. "Well, if I was, she
seems to have enjoyed my spying," he decided, at last.
Returning downstairs, he found plans had changed.

"Hope you don't mind, James, I need to go a different
direction this morning, so Valerie will take you to
the office on her way to her jumble-sale job."

"Oh, sure, sure, no problem." He smiled as she bounced
down the stairs pulling on her gloves.

"Ready?" she smiled up at James.

James opened the car door for her and waited as she
sat into the car and swung her legs into her car. He
noticed that she rolled her eyes up to catch him
staring at her legs as she swung her legs in. Did she
open them just a little wider than necessary? Did she
pause just an instant with one in the car and the
other still on the ground? He wasn't sure. He closed
the door firmly. She was still smiling. It occurred
to him that he had to get over the tension of worrying
about what she was thinking and go back to just taking
things as they come. Still, it wasn't as easy as it
usually was. Her thighs looked so invitingly creamy
in her tights, her skirt fluffed up to about mid-
thigh. James decided to relax and enjoy it,
........... whatever the hell was going on.

"We're off!" he intoned, trying to sound his usual
bouncy self.

"Right you are. How did you sleep, Mr. Carmody?"

There it was again. His tension level soared.

"James, .......... Please, you make me feel old!"

"Oh, sorry James," she gazed over at him, that angelic
smile on her face.

"How did you sleep, James."

He decided to give as good as he got. "Well, fine,
once I got to sleep, that is! And you?"

"A leading question, sir," she bit her lip,
suppressing her smile for the moment.

Somehow, he thought that she had been probing for
something, and had gotten it out of him, or so she
thought. James was so confused, he wasn't sure
whether he had answered her or not. He stared as she
spread her legs wider, touching the clutch and
downshifting the little stick shift.

They arrived and she turned toward him to wish him a
good day, with some little joke. Without meaning to
do it, he touched her nyloned thigh as he laughed at
her joke. An electric charge, literally leapt between

"Oh, I am sorry," he muttered. The static electric
charge was an accident, but after exchanging a long
glance, they both burst into laughter at the same
time. He really hadn't meant to touch her thigh, had
he? He wasn't sure anymore. He was confused.

She turned more toward him, her knee elevated slightly
and bent over to look up at him through the opposite
side window, giving him a good look up her skirt along
the taut nylon of her thigh. He thought he caught a
glimpse of lemon colored knickers at the end of the

She roared away, leaving a bewildered American
standing on the wrong side of the street, thoroughly
confused and quite tense. Quite different from his
usual cocky certainty.

That evening ..............

Gerald and James arrived home to find the aroma of
dinner strong in the air. "Wow, this is a bit of all
right!" Gerald said, beginning a string of jokes about
not getting anything to eat when the Americans went
home again. Valerie didn't seem to see the humor of

After dinner, they were invited to the local pub for a
drink with friends. James tried to beg off, but they
insisted that he was probably the guest of honor as
far as their friends were concerned. It made a nice
evening. Gerald spent a lot of time playing darts and
chatting with his mates, leaving James alone with the
two girls. James found himself concentrating on
Valerie. They found a lot to talk about, nothing
terribly deep, just movies and books they had both
seen and then the funny coincidences of life and so

Midway through the evening, Valerie began touching his
wrist when she wanted to emphasize a point, and James
was doing the same. It was clear that they had
established a bond.

"Come on James, I'll give you a game of darts!" There
was a lot of laughter in their game and a lot of
reason to touch each other as they reclaimed darts
from the board. James became quite accustomed to the
feel of his arm around her waist as she explained the
rules and guiding her to her turn, any excuse seemed
to be a good one to touch her firm full curves. The
touches were light, not meant to attract too much
attention, but each one was warm and sealed their
friendship a little bit more. He found her finding
reasons to press her breasts against him, guiding his
unpracticed tosses of the darts. Laughing at his
jokes, then pulling his arm against her. All in good

Back at home they were all ready for an early night.
It had been a nice evening; each having had had a good
time in his own way. "You're sure lucky, love, having
two of us blokes taking you out, you know!" Gerald had
said in his joking banter. "Gerald bought all the
beer, you know, and I told all the jokes! We should
both get a goodnight kiss, you know!"

"Oh, stop, Gerald." She smiled. "you two could turn
a girls head, though! But, James was a good date
while you were off with your mates all night, so, why
not?" She tipped her head up and James bent for a
quick thank you kiss. "There's for being my white

"Thank you fair princess!" he grinned.

"There she goes, James, give her an inch and she takes
a yard! You be careful, mate! she'll have her way
with you!"

Gerald stopped in the bathroom and Valerie patted him
on the arm as she slipped past to her room "'Night
James, it was lovely talking with you tonight."

"Yeah, me too!" James slipped into the little
guestroom. He bit his lip, tasting the little
lipstick left there by her kiss. He liked the sweet
taste of it, and he found himself rolling it round in
his mouth. He waited until he heard Gerald go past,
knocking and saying "Good night James, see you in the
morning." Then waited a while longer with the door
ajar. Hearing Valerie sweep by, he opened the door
and walked down through the cloud of a lovely feminine
scent that brought a smile to his face.

He found Valerie's panties and tights piled in a puffy
pile on the vanity, and fondled them lightly, enjoying
the way they made a colorful little mountain that
seemed to be full of her warmth and her essence.
Before turning off the light, he picked them up and
touched them to his cheek then tested them against his
nose. Lovely.

He undressed, hanging up his clothes, turned out the
night, and picked up the panties to put them back in
the bathroom. He was accustomed to sleeping nude and
so he wore nothing, now that he was feeling
comfortable in the house. In the hall he again heard
noises from the adjoining room. He paused, listened,
then moved close to their door again.

Gerald sounded a little drunk but mostly just
amorous. James realized by the sounds that someone
was standing against the wall or against the door

"Oh, dear, you are soooo good, Ahhhhhhhhh , that's it
sweetheart, suck me, suck me, suck me harder. Yes,
yes, that' is ......ooooooohhhhhhhh you are so fucking
goood..............sweet Jesus, take it, take it suck
it suck me. There was scraping noise against the
door creaking from someone leaving heavily against it.
James imagined Valerie there on her knees, hands on
his thighs, Gerald's cock deep in her mouth. One hand
slipping up to grip his balls, her cheeks sucked in by
the amount she was sucking on him.

James found himself holding his own cock, listening at
the other side of the door. He realized suddenly that
his grip included Valerie's soft panties and tights he
intended to leave where he had found them. He
continued stroking himself with her soft panties.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, suck harder dear, it is great!
Ahhhhhrrrrgggg! YES! Wonderful.


"Oh Fuck, ............ never mind Shhhhh! Give us
your tits love. Give us your sweet tits. Let me fuck
your big tits!" A move away from the door and it
quieted down.

"Here, love, on the edge of the bed. Give us your big
fucking titties, Come on, hurry up now dear. Give us
those big tits "Ohhhhhhhh, Yes......ohhhhhh You've
got a lovely pair of Bristols. Great for fucking me!
Fuck .......Fuck ........Fuuck! Unnhhhhhhhh unhhhhhh
, unhhhhhhhh. That's it. Squeeze those things
together........ make me a titty-pussy ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
yessssssssss! There you are my girl .......... Hot
enough for you????????? Love my spunk , eh? Love my

"Yes, ......yes .....shhhhhh!"

James realized he had come in the excitement of
listening to them making love on the other side of the
door. His cum was in her panties! Now what?
,,,,,,, what to do with the evidence?

He hurried down the hall and dropped them back in the
pile as he had found them. "Just have to trust she
won't find them until they have dried," he thought, a
little sheepishly. He made it back into his room just
before the light lengthened down the hall and he heard
Valerie pad down the hall to the bathroom.

"Oh, my gawd!" he thought. He slipped into bed,
pulling up the cover over his pounding heart.

Valerie rinsed her mouth, brushed her teeth and took
an aspirin from the medicine cabinet. As she drank
the water, she noticed in the mirror that she had
forgotten and left her panties and tights. She
started to rinse them out, first the tights, then
........"what?" ............ she felt the panties.
They had a large spot on them, but ..........
Examining them closely, she realized ...........
........could it be? ...She looked at her strange
expression in the mirror. Suddenly it came to her.
It is James's spunk! "Had he been listening then?"
"yesssssssss!" she heard herself answer. Her eyes
were wide open in the mirror. In spite of herself,
she sniffed it a little. 'No doubt what it is.'

With a quiet little smile, she slipped the wet panties
up over her hips into place. She touched the spot he
had left, patted it into the curls at her Venus mound.
When she had washed the tights, all the time with a
smile on her face she was slightly ashamed of her
brazen act. Slipping another man's spunk against her
body, just for the sensation! She smiled impishly
into the mirror and stared at the dark spot on the
front of her panties. She hung the tights to dry,
turned out the light and slipped down the hall. She
dragged her nails lightly on his door, a final
affectionate farewell.

She slipped into bed beside her now relaxed and sleepy
husband, devilishly grinning, she moved up close
behind him and pressed the wet spot against his
behind. Gerald squirmed a little, and she pressed
even closer. She grinned in the dark. "Serves him
right!" she said to herself.

End Chapter Three
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