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The House Guest Ch 4tl


The House Gurest
By James Bellamy

Chapter Four - Discovered

Wednesday dawned in a quiet Grey blanket. James awoke
slowly, longing for a little more sleep. He hugged
the pillow to him and closed his eyes against the
light. His hand on the plump pillow reminded him of
his hostess, the lovely, round, soft, firm bosomy

Suddenly he was wide-awake. The events of the
previous night sprang into his consciousness, her
panties, left crumpled and loaded with his cum on the
sink. The sound of her husband's moans as she
pleasured him, pressed him between the enfolding
softness of her breasts until he came with a loud
moan, spurting his sperm hot and thick and heavy on
the flat above her round perfect breasts. His mind
came back to how it had made him feel separated from
this pleasure just by the thickness of the door,
driven to a huge wave of envy. Driven also to bring
himself to orgasm with her panties clutched around his

He thought ruefully of whether he would be able to
face her without letting her know all this, or would
it be immediately obvious at Breakfast? Guilt written
over his face in huge red letters? Or would it just
slip by unnoticed? One way to find out he thought,
springing bolt upright in bed, ready to face the
world. Again this morning he could smell breakfast on
the stove.

As he shaved before the mirror, it came to him. Her
tights were hung freshly washed in the bathroom, but
the panties were missing. He turned slowly, looking
carefully around the bathroom, in the widow sill ,
not in the tub, on the floor, in the hamper. NO
.......... No, they were simply not there. What could
be the explanation? He searched for a logical reason,
hoping to avoid the obvious that he had been caught!
But, no, in the end it was the only conclusion. He
thought about that rather embarrassing aspect of it.

After thinking about it, he decided, 'forget it,
you've certainly survived a hell of a lot worse
problems than, this, been in more embarrassing
situations, done dumber things. What the hell. Let's
go face the music.'

He bounded down the steps with enthusiasm and came
into the kitchen as if he hadn't a care in the world.
"Valerie, the lovely Valerie, how are you this fine
morning, my British beauty? Fine day again, eh?
British sunshine, again, though, in a steady drizzle?"

"Good morning, JAMES! I'm fine and how is my
American cousin, then! Fit? Sleep as well, again did

"Hmmmmm," he thought, "does she suspect him of
listening? Hard to tell."

"You'll have to forgive my leaving things in the
bathroom, I keep forgetting my undies. Hope they're
not in you way" she smiled archly. It was the first
time he realized what they meant in the books when
they referred to "smiling archly."

Well, he thought, I've surely been caught. Still, she
seemed to be amused, perhaps even slightly titillated
about him and his discomfort. "Oh, not at all,
Valerie. I can't pretend not to notice, can I?" He
smiled. "So pretty and colorful. Kind of
decorative, I thought!!" He stared boldly back at

Valerie looked steadily into his eyes, her smile never
wavering. She decided she liked this amusing Yank.
Enjoyed his blithe overconfidence. Charmed by his
easy going and open admiration of her. Pleased that
he seemed to care about her and what she thought, in
spite of knowing her only a few days. She thought of
what must have lead up to his depositing such a lot of
sperm on her panties. Thought of how her knickers had
probably felt so pleasureful against his hardness.
Her scent against his cheek, probably. Finally the
sound of them making love just the other side of the
door. She had enjoyed it so much she had not yet
changed, wanting to be wearing them with this memento
of his passion there against her mound for this moment
of shared confrontation -- and now she saw it was
good. He couldn't know, of course, .......... but
she did! It made her feel powerful and loved and sexy
and slightly naughty.

"Yes, ......colorful ........that would be right!
Yellow weren't they?" She laughed.

"Well, not to put too fine a point on it, ...........
no, ...... they were red, actually!"

"Oh, nice of you to notice," she laughed gaily. "Now
what will it be for breakfast? Eggs and ham? Nice
fried tomato? I brought some of our fine Devon
Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam for your scones.
How's that?"

"Wonderful, perfect, all those things, thanks."

Gerald joined them for just a cup of coffee, seemed to
notice an air of tension, but didn't comment on it.
They were soon off for the office, leaving Valerie
staring out the window after them. She turned slowly
and went up the stairs, down the hall into her
bedroom. Quickly, she slipped her soiled panties down
her legs and selected a fresh pair -- pretty lemon
colored, with a little see through lace at the sides -
-- from her drawer, pulling them up her legs and
snapping them over her hips.

She stared at the soiled panties, full of James' cum,
smiled and retraced her steps down the hall and into
the little guestroom.

Curious, she lifted the top of his suitcase. What
secrets does a man carry around with him, she
wondered. A book, couple magazines, extra ties, nice
colors, a box of twelve condoms - "ribbed for her
pleasure, thin as gossamer for extra sensitivity"
Valerie pondered the promise of the advertising on the
box a moment, thinking what James might feel like in

She sank upon the bed, lying in the hollow of the bed
that had so recently held his body. "He must have
lain here thinking of me!" she suddenly thought. The
penny dropped. She touched herself between her legs,
finding her own moistness brought so quickly by her
flirtation in the kitchen and her thoughts of what
must have been here last night. The masculine, musky
scent of him, the remainder of his after-shave lotion,
............. ......Valerie buried her head in his
scent, drinking it in, fondling her mound. She
realized she had the soiled panties still with her and
pushed them between her legs, rubbing her pussy
furiously, wildly, pressing as if to represent his
weight on her mound. She rolled onto her hand with
the panties rolled into a ball and soon found a
wonderful release. She lay spent, and feeling
luxurious there in his bed, She slept so peacefully
... for an hour or so ...... before rousing herself,
stretching like a large satisfied cat and got on with
her day. Happy.

Later that night, James again made his way to the
bathroom to brush and get ready for bed. He was
disappointed this night, no beautiful curves in the
mirror, no pile of undies left on the sink, things are
back to normal, he thought ruefully.

He was soon in his bed staring up at the ceiling. He
tried reading awhile, but it was no good, his mind was

Then, suddenly, he thought he heard sounds from the
master bedroom yet again. He listened tensely. Yes,
he was sure of it. He sat up to hear better. Turned
of the light so the light would not distract his
hearing. Their bed creaked, like it was being
battered by the enthusiasm of driving thrusting sex!
He stepped across the room, unable to contain his

There was a different sound to the conversation.
Valerie said "Shhhh" less often he noticed. He heard
her comments a little more clearly. Heard her moan
her pleasure, he thought. The bed groaned under their
fucking. "Oh, darling .......Oh, yes,
goooooooood. More.......shove it in me. More." Her
words were clipped, not quite loud, but he had hardly
heard her at all the previous night.

"Tell me about it then, my girl!!" the male voice
commanded." Tell me what you want. Want more .....
Want this? Want my big cock? ........Tell me,
then...." The words punctuated by the sound of his
grunting in time with his thrusts.

"OH, YES yes yes. Good, so good." Valerie again, a
loud whisper "More, ...please ....more" Valerie said

"Ohhhhh, There, that was good." The male voice again,
obviously spent.

Silence. And then masculine snoring.

James listened. Nothing more/ No feminine muffled
scream of pleasure. No sound of feminine orgasm. Or
perhaps she was just quiet. Nice quite orgasm. He
lay back on his pillow and thought how it exhausted
him listening to them fuck. Sure, he felt slightly
guilty to be spying, but not a lot. He thought of how
it would be to lie with Valerie's head on his arm, his
hand holding her breast as they went to sleep. He
hugged the pillow into his face ...............
"what's this?" His hand touched something under the
pillow, something silky and unlike the sheets and
pillowcases. Something soft. He turned on the light
to examine what was in his hand.

They were -- pretty lemon colored, with a little see
through lace at the sides!

His head reeled slightly. They were Valerie's , but
not the ones he had cum in last night. They were
hers. Left here by her -- for HIM! James realized
his heart was pounding. Finding her panties was one
thing. Exciting, but having her intentionally leave
them under his pillow was something else again.
Something wild, something wonderfully erotic,
something so sexy, he could hardly believe it. A
treat, a joy, A pleasure, a delight, wonderful!

He lay back and stared at the gift. There was a
little stain where her pussy lips had been, a formed
hollow where her finger had been rubbing the panty
into her pussy lips, fondling herself, bringing
herself to completion. Dare he think it? Thinking of
HIM? "Yes" he answered.

He thought of her here in his bed,. quietly slipping
her hand between her legs, feeling our wetness there
as she brought herself to orgasm.

Chapter Five

James had taken them out to dinner tonight. It had
been a happy meal, lots of wine and lots of laughter.
Now that they knew each other so well, the
conversation came easily. James had felt Valerie's
foot touch his several times during dinner and
returned her tentative touch with a firm and knowing
pressure. They had slipped their shoes off and as the
wine took its toll, their toes became more active,
fondling each other. He liked the feel of her toes
turned under in her tights and smoothly rubbing his
ankle as she smiled across the table at his jokes.

Gerald needed two guiding hands, getting to the car
and then again as he rollicked along into his own
home. He insisted on pouring them a nightcap and
turned on some music. Valerie lighted two candles,
casting the room into a warm glow. Gerald lay on the
floor, talking with some difficulty on the sense of it
all, James on one end of a small couch, Valerie at the
other. James had trouble keeping his eyes off her and
she returned his glance with warmth in her eyes.
Gerald's breathing soon became very steady, then
turned to snoring lightly.

"I better get him upstairs, ........ I guess."
Valerie said.

"Yes ................ I guess" He couldn't
think of anything else to say. " But we should finish
our nightcap, ......don't you think?"

"Mmmmnnn hmmm."

James reached for his drink and placed his hand on the
couch reaching out toward her.

As she did the same, their hands touched. The feeling
was electric and they both pulled back briefly, then
relaxed. Their hands were just touching, there on the
seat of the couch, but the warmth exchanged was
intense. They both sat and stared at Gerald on the
floor, sleeping soundly as the tension built between
them. They sat like that for a time, then James
covered her hand with his, raising the level of
tension still more.

Valerie could feel the wetness beginning again between
the lips of her pussy. His hand over hers was the
longest contact that they had had, yet she felt that
they had an intimacy that was extraordinary. She
turned to look into his eyes, which seemed to be
fastened on her constantly. She enjoyed smiling at
him, then seeing the warmth with which he returned it,
they were kissing with their eyes, it seemed.

Taking another casual look at Gerald on the floor,
James leaned toward her in the gloom of the
candlelight. She paused a moment, unsure, glanced at
her sleeping husband, then leaned to offer her lips.
Their lips touched gently, then opened and pressed
closer. James' lips pulled at hers, pulling her into
him gently. Her tongue found his, and the effect was
immediate and electric. She was shocked at the
special shudder she felt, like her first kiss when she
was young, she felt that she was on a roller coaster
that streaked down over her breasts, leaping off the
nipples down her tummy and zooming into the split
between her legs.

The kiss lasted a long time, their tongues tasting
each other for the first time. At last, James broke
away and stared over at Gerald for a moment, then
turned again to renew the taste of her sweet lips,
squeezing her hand as he did so.

"Well, ......... I guess we should ........ get him
up to bed." Valerie said at last, not really wanting
to end it.

Gerald was soon roused, rubbing his eyes and fumbling
with the hi-fi. "Well, had to wake me up, did you?
Wanting some of my John Thomas are you?" Winking at
James. "Always gets randy in candlelight, you know!"
He was still sitting on the floor and now was running
his hands up her legs and under her skirt. "You want
to help me with this horny little bunny, James, or do
you have to get up early!!!!"

"Now, Gerald, off you go," his wife urged.

His hands continued to fondle her ass as she preceded
him up the stairs and down the hall.

"Night James," he slurred over his shoulder, bumping
from one wall to the other down the hall.

The door closed behind them and he heard their talk
continue. She was bawling him out for suggesting that
James join them in bed. "Gerald, what are you
thinking of, saying such a thing in front of a guest,
for heaven's sake. I've never been so embarrassed!"

"Thought you liked him, sweetie! ...... Might be ah
..... ah bit of fun, you know. Come on, admit it
hahahahahaha ......... you'd love having the both of
us. Eh? What'll you have then, love, me in the back
and old James in the front?

"Gerald, for heaven's sake, not a chance!" he heard
her trying to shush him.

"Oh, come, on love, let's see that big sweet ass of

"Eeeeek! Geraldddddddd!"

"Ohhhh, feels like you are ready for my .......... Big
old John Thomas!!! Let's see that big round wonderful
ass under these knickers .............oooooops hahaha
.......... .......... .........Ooops, they tore!!!!
Hahahahahaha ........ Oh, it is wet and wiggly hot
pussy pussy ......ready
for this, love .......... ....... Bend over there, let
me have it you slut! ..........there ........ you
like it deep ............I'll give you deep .lllllllll
........there!!! deep!!!!! And again!!!!!! And

"Oh, yes, yes, shove it in....... GIVE it to me
.........yesyesyes ....... Mmooooooore, harder
........harder shove it in, my love. Give me all of
that big thing......... I love itttttttttttttt. No,
no no, don't stop........... don't stop
..................... put it in more, again,
again....... Ohhhhhhhhh.

The sounds stopped. It left James hanging, seemed
incomplete....... He thought he heard snoring.

James went to his door, listened. It was snoring.
Gerald, being a little worse for wear, had obviously
fallen into a deep drunken sleep, having satisfied
himself. He felt rather than saw Valerie slip down
the hall, heard the light click on as she closed the
door, heard water running. He thought he heard her
stop briefly in the hall, listening at his door, then
move to her room. He waited for the sound of the door
latching, but it didn't come.

He opened his door, could smell Valerie's perfume or
lotion in the hall, pleasantly deep in his nostrils.
He stood for a long time, tensely imagining the scene
he had just heard take place. He wonder just how
daring he should be. Gerald's snoring was loud and

Suddenly he was in the hall. Listening. Straining
to hear, to feel Valerie there ten feet away. She had
not closed the door completely. His decision was

James slowly pressed the door. It creaked, sounding
loud in the night tension. He pressed again, another
squeak. But Gerald continued his snoring.. It was a
dark night again and he could see nothing except the
outline of the white sheets on the bed. Slowly he
felt his way across the room, invading the mating room
of his host and hostess.

Standing beside the bed, he stopped to listen again.
He felt that you could have cut the tension with a
knife. His breathing, when he dared to take a breath
was labored and stuck in his chest. His heart was

Valerie lay staring into the darkness, too. She heard
the door open with a squeak. She knew that he was
there. What was he doing, though. Surely he won't
come in, she thought. 'Should I get up and go to him?
No, I don't think so,' her mind raced excitedly.

She could see his bulk now close beside her. Her
heart was pounding with excitement. Half of her
wanted him to touch her, half was scared, frightened
that her husband would wake. She listened, realized
that he was drunk satisfied, and probably could sleep
through an earthquake. But you never know.

The danger was a presence like a wall there in the
room. James stood a long time there beside her bed.
Finally, she felt the presence lean over her. His
lips touched her ear. She turned to meet his lips
with hers, felt his tongue touch her. She sucked his
tongue into her mouth, savoring its wet roughness.

James felt her tongue, felt the excitement of her
touch shoot through his body from his tongue to the
tips of his toes. He felt disoriented, not sure if he
was standing or on his head in the darkness. He felt
her hand on his cheek, now, ,gently encouraging him.
Just touching. Fondling his face.. His hand found
her breast under the silky slip.

She wore no bra and her nipple leapt against his palm.
He fondled and pinched it lightly, feeling the round
hardness of it, felt it get harder, more rigid, more
defined in his touch. He loved the way it formed an
almost separate part of her breast, a distinctly
separate little mound on top of the rich mountain of
her breast. He slipped his kiss down her chin, along
her neck to the swell of her left breast, nearest him,
and up to the nub at the very tip of her breast. Her
hand guided his head now, asking him unspoken to
suckle her, to take her womanhood and let her nurture

Valerie felt the curly hair of his sideburns, musing
that he needed a haircut, pressed his head to drink
her breasts. She wanted him to suckle there, to taste
her nipples, wanted him to have her roundness, wanted
to feel his hands fondle her big breasts, hold them,
lift them, smooth them with his rough hands, nibble on
her. She wanted to feel his breathy desire spill over
her breasts, feel him nuzzle the valley between them.

She felt his lips slipping down her neck, along the
slope of the top of her breast. She listened for any
change in her husband's snoring. It was steady. She
pulled James to her ample bosom. His cheek felt so
wonderfully masculine against her. Valerie loved
having her breasts fondled. James held them in his
hands, started with the very base of the now swollen
orbs, moving along them, squeezing them as he worked
his hands toward the peaks. He pulled slightly on her
nipples as he reached the summits.

Gerald's left hand slipped down to rest on her belly.
The band of her panties was under his thumb as he
rubbed lightly on her tummy feeling the soft silkiness
of the full cut panties.

Valerie's hand caught his hand, slipped it under the
band of her panties, pressed it down into the curls
protecting her mound, letting him play there for a
moment, enjoying the feel of his fingers combing her
little patch of dark brown hair. His finger just
touched the top of the crease made by the lips of her
cunt. 'What had her husband said about having them
both?' she thought to herself. Well, she liked it, he
was right, though not quite the way he had phrased it.

James felt the coarse short curls of her pussy thatch.
Fondled it in his fingers, scratched her mound gently,
teasingly with his fingernails. Her scent was warm in
his nostrils, his heart beat wildly in his chest. He
knelt beside her, touching her lips with his again.
Then, slipping downward, he kissed her other lips,
just at the beginning of the place where they split
her body, inviting him. His lips explored them, felt
that they were nicely swollen with excitement, pouting
at him. James slipped his fingers in the band of her
panties, pausing to see if she wanted this, then
slipped them down her thighs and off her leg.

Valerie took her knickers off the other leg, moving as
quietly as possible. She stuffed them into James'
briefs, feeling his hard cock against her hand. She
paused there, examining his length. Her touch was
light as a feather. It seemed large, swollen,
excitedly hard and erect. Her hand touched his balls,
lifted them in their sack between his legs. They were
large and heavy in her hand. He left her panties
there stuffed next to his cock and balls, as she felt
him parting her legs. Valerie was terrified of waking
Gerald. She put her hand to his head cautioning him.
He paused a moment and continued his journey up her
thigh toward her open pussy.

Her lips were swollen, her hair soft to his lips as he
planted a kiss on her closed pussy lips. Her scent
was delicious to his nostrils, perfume and natural
scent mixing together excitedly. His tongue touched
her now, he realized she was moist for him, waiting
for him to taste her. 'The tip of his tongue slipped
easily between her lips, traced a path down one side,
crossed over to the other lip. - Valerie spread her
thighs wider for him. His tongue widened and spread
over the width of her large luxurious pussy lips.
James was enjoying making her squirm slightly under
his tongue. He found her clitoris, circled it with
the tip of his tongue, then sucked it between his
lips. He let the wetness of his mouth make a warm
slippery sheath for her clitoris, now firmly
protruding in the flower pedals that were her pussy.
She was so wet. So Warm. So Sweet tasting. The wet
heavy cream of her juices spread on his cheeks as he
opened his mouth so that it was covering her clitoris,
her lips so wide apart now, and down to the opening to
her vagina. He lingered that way, his tongue fondling
her entire channel. His nose rested now on her Venus
mound, its curls tickling his nose and her scent
intoxicating him.

Valerie felt James surround her with his open mouth.
It was hot and exciting, everything was so wet and
warm, and held, and fondled -- all those things at
once. It was truly wonderful. His tongue had her
clit standing so rigidly that it felt like she was
pointing toward him -- reaching for him. It actually
felt like it was straining to get closer. Silly --
but that is how it felt to her at that moment. She
had never felt more completely fondled. His hands
crept up her sides and held her breasts firmly but
still gently.

James was being as aggressive as he could while trying
not to move the bed for fear of waking Gerald. He
sucked her pussy, slipped his tongue into her cunt,
circled it, pressed deep into her, tasting the slight
bitter sweetness there. His tongue went lower on her
body, then circled the little rose of her anus. He
felt her squirm with pleasure under his tongue. Her
breasts were large and swollen in his hands.

Valerie was engulfed in a luxurious bath of pleasure
and feelings. Her heart was beating firmly, her
juices were flowing. Her clitoris felt so lovely as
James loved it, swirling it around and around. At
last she felt his finger slip into her cunt, another
just touched her anus, fondling it. She felt her
pelvis involuntarily squirm closer to get more of him.
She felt her orgasm begin to build in her groin. His
finger continued slipping in and out, then found the
round little mound just behind her clitoris.

He was sucking her clit now and rubbing the swollen
bit inside her pussy, just under the root of her
little man. The sensation was unimaginable, it spread
through her loins, suffusing them with warmth, her
tummy cramped slightly as if he were drawing on her in
this way. She felt his tongue flicking her clit back
and forth, her body shuddered under his attention.

How long had she been engulfed in these sensations?
How long could it go on. She was shivering now with
pleasure. Trying desperately not to make too much
noise or jiggle the bed too much. But James kept
pulling on her clit, rubbing behind it, kissing her
pussy lips now so sensitive and leaping out to him.

She squeezed her thighs around his face, her orgasm
rattling through her; she clamped onto him, trapping
his head, shuddering against him, loving the feel of
him there between her legs, there fondling and sucking
her sex, lingering in the bath of all her juices,
devouring her , devouring her juices, fucking her with
his tongue and mouth and nose. She exploded with as
controlled an orgasm as she could manage, driving her
vibrations into his head as she held him clamped in
the vice of her excited thighs. She felt the bed move
with her tremors, but there was nothing she could do.
Finally it subsided. She lay completely happy and
completely satisfied, relaxed, feeling ........ well
.........just ........Wonderful was the
only word.

James silently covered her bare, wet mound with the
covers, kissed her one last lingering good night and
slipped silently out of her room, her panties still
tucked into his shorts.

End Of Chapter Four
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