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The House Guest Ch 6tl


The House Guest
By James Bellamy
Chapter Six

James awoke with the scent of Valerie in his nostrils,
her panties silky under his ear and cheek. Slowly
waking up, he passed his hand under the panties,
smiling at his memories of last night, the excitement
of sneaking into her room, bringing her to a ringing
orgasm, then slipping away silently without waking her
husband, asleep by her side.

He wondered what she had done after he left. Sleep
well? Anguished night tossing and turning?

He finished shaving, but couldn't get her out of his
mind. The events of the evening still played like a
movie through his mind, the feel of her breasts, soft
and heavy, her round bottom squirming on his hands,
the petal-like lips of her pussy, her hand as it
slipped her panties down the front of his shorts. He
turned with a raging hard-on brought on by his
daydreaming. He was deciding where to leave her
panties. Then, an inspiration came over him, thinking
about the feel of her pussy against his lips and how
hard he had been as he fingered the inside of her
pussy and kissed her clitoris.

Slowly, he began stroking his cock into her sleek
white panties. In moments, his balls tensed and shot
a long heavy stream of his sperm onto her pretty
panties, again and again he spewed those juices stored
all night under the great pressure of his excitement.
He looked down to find a large collection on her
panties. He laid it carefully for her to find.

When he arrived in the kitchen, Gerald had beaten him
to the table. He examined Valerie's eyes as she
poured his coffee. As she finished, her eyes found
his and James found himself drowning in them as she
gave him a self-confident smile, full and warm.

When they had left, Valerie hurried upstairs to the
guestroom where she found the panties, loaded with his
fresh spunk. Most of it had landed in a huge dark
streak in the gusset. She was pleased. She slipped
the soiled garment into place over her hips, feeling
the now cool pool of sperm next to her pussy lips. In
her mind, she could still feel the strength of his
suction on her nipples as well as on the sensitive
lips of her pussy. She sighed with remembered
pleasure, and slowly pressed his cum to her pussy,
matting the copse of her hair once again.

She lay there fondling herself, spreading her legs
wide, teasing her clitoris firmly in the wetness he
had left for her pleasure. Her finger circled round
and round then a steady back and forth motion across
the firm erect bud protruding from her lips, back and
forth, back and forth, then pressing harder and
intensifying the movement with pressure.

Valerie realized she was beginning to feel a need for
the American visitor, a need for his cock inside her.
She came quickly, it was a bright, tingly feeling like
champagne, a lovely sweet warm feeling with its own
charm in the shade of the monumental orgasm he had
given her with his eager and inventive mouth in the
dark of the night.

Valerie fell into a luxurious sleep, her hand pinned
under the mound of her pussy as she lay on her stomach
enjoying the man-scent of warmth he had left in the
bedclothes. Sleep came like a comfortable glow.

Gerald had had a bit of a blow-up with his boss and
was in a rambunctious mood. When he had finished
reading him off to James he was a bit calmer. But he
was still in one of those "kick the dog' moods where
you come home and pick on people you like because of
what someone else has done to make you angry. This
made him argumentative through dinner, and as he got
himself round three or four beers, began to get openly
randy in his comments.

"I told her James, that what she needed was you and me
both to get up her. Finally make a real woman out of
her. That'd be all right with you, eh, James?!!!"

"GERALD! STOP! What will James think?" She tried to
turn the subject away. Her face was crimson with
embarrassment, ---- perhaps mixed with excitement.

"Uh, I think I'd better not answer that one!" James
laughed lightly, " I don't think I can do anything but
get on the wrong side of one or both of you!!

"Ah, c'mon, James boy, you're among friends. I see
you looking her over pretty good all throughout
dinner. Cor' she's a bit of a sweet, isn't she?" he
laughed uproariously at James' discomfort and at his
own bawdy humor.

"Now that, I shamelessly admit, Gerald, I have
absolutely been admiring your lovely wife. And yes, I
agree completely with you, she is not only 'a bit of a
sweet,' but gorgeous and sexy in the bargain. " James
smiled warmly at Valerie, playing that it was all a
game. Then turning to Gerald, "I humbly apologize

"No bloody need, mate, you're alright by me and I am
willing to share ol' Val with you. Might turn her
really wild, you know, having a yanks' charm and my
good solid British 'longbow" to entertain her."

He laughed heartily again. But it was becoming clear
that his joking about the subject was meant to be
taken seriously or at least that he would really like
to find a way to have both of them in bed with
Valerie! James continued to steer out of harm's way
and Valerie, dodged with her face still crimson. She
decided to counterattack.

"You'd better be careful, my man, I may just take
you up on that. Our James is a bit of a dish, you
know. I might just fancy him." She smiled at her
sudden assertive ploy, her eyes lingering a bit longer
on James' eyes than necessary. Lingering and
communicating with him privately. Gerald could not
know that she had already had him in her mind's eye.
Nor could he guess that she was still wearing the
panties which James had left for her with the silent
reminder of him still close to the lips of her pussy.

"Oh, getting frisky are we, well, we'll just see about
that when I get you upstairs!! She loves it, James,
just loves it! Can't get enough of a good seeing to,
can Valerie!! Am I not right, Valerie?"

"Yes , always right, " she replied sardonically.

"Right, are we off then?" Gerald rolled his eyes
toward the bedroom.

"Yes, I'm tired out. You, James?"

"With James, ........... or will you just have the
big one tonight, Val?" Gerald roared with laughter as
he headed up stairs.

Valerie followed James up the stairs, her hand
touched his back as they walked slowly. When he came
to the door, he turned to her and looked into her
eyes. Valerie placed her hand on his chest lightly,
affectionately. She leaned close "Good Night James."

James brushed his lips against the top of her head.
She paused, patted his chest, and moved on to her own

As the door closed, he heard "Come on lass, bring it
over here!! You know you won't be able to sleep until
you've had a good seeing to! I'm your man."

James couldn't hear her comment.

"Sure you don't want me to call old James and we'll
give you two up you at one time? Hahahahahahaha I
think old James is going to sleep with a "stiffy"
from looking at you every night! Sure we should waste

"Oh, Gerald, give it a rest, you know I would never do
that. What are you playing at? Still, I think you
really would like that, wouldn't you?"

"Well, I wouldn't mind. It'd make a change from the
old push pull, you have to admit. Might put some
excitement into the evening!"

"Well, It isn't on, now is it?"

"I do not know why you can never just admit what you
want and ask for it! Pisses me off!"

The door opened and Valerie went down the hall to the
bathroom. James stood next the door and listened as
the sounds of running water drifted back to him. He
could hear Gerald settle into the bed, the spring
groaning under his weight. The light went out in the

James opened his door and stood in the opening,
silently in the dark. The bathroom light went out and
the door opened silently. He could smell her perfume
preceding her toward him. She touched his chest in
the dark and his arms were immediately around her.
Valerie pulled him to her bosom, her head buried in
the hair of his chest. He felt her lips on his chest,
then turned her face upward and they kissed a long,
lustful, wet, tongue-tangling, mouth-exploring kiss.
Electric shocks ran up and down his spine as his hands
slipped downward to find her bottom.

Quickly, James knelt in front of her and slipped under
her slip. His mouth found the softness of her mound
and he kissed her through her panties. The cushiony
froth of her patch of hair felt delicate under the
nylon. He pulled the gusset aside and kissed her
again, his finger again finding its way into her
wetness. James found her clitoris with his tongue and
his finger inside her cunt found the mound just back
of the clitoris. Finger and tongue worked together to
tease her to a higher stage of excitement.

Valerie felt her juices begin to flow, felt the warmth
of his tongue on her clitoris. She languished in a
pool of pleasure. James gently worked his wonder on
her poor defenseless clitoris, surrounded by his
attack - not that she had any thought of pulling
away! It was wonderful, truly wonderful. She opened
her legs to him, felt his excitement as his tongue
sprang forward, deeper along the track made by her
pussy lips. She felt a little tidal wave building
down there and pulled him up by tugging at his head,
fondling his hair and body as they stood face to face,
nipples to nipples once again.

She kissed him and reached for his cock, now prodding
her in the tummy. She slipped her panties down in
the front and led him by his cock head into the slit
where his tongue had been preparing her for him.
James felt her lips part, accepting the broad head of
his cock. He loved the heat of her as his cock
slipped along the lovely valley between her pussy
lips. He took pleasure in the copious amount of pussy
juices he found there. He had made her very excited
and her lubricated channel was a delight as he felt
her wetness bathe him. She had pulled the front of
her panties down to let him enter, leaving them in
place so that his cock was pressed up against her
waiting lips by the elastic.

James slipped it further along her crease, loving
every inch of it. She moved up on her toes and
pressed the head of his cock into the entry of her
cunt. "Her little sigh of pleasure thrilled him. He
only had an inch of her, but that inch was delightful,
hot, and tight.

"Val, where the hell are you, then." They heard from
her bedroom.

She jumped away and silently slipped down to the
bathroom and turned on the light, then off again.

James had stepped back a few inches, but felt her
reach for him, touching him through the darkness as
she went past, on the way to her "being taken care

"Sorry .........." The closing of the door cut off her

James' heart was still a bit in his throat, but he
managed to start breathing again. He leaned against
the wall to listen again.

"I thot you'd changed your mind! Come on love, bring
it over here to me. Ohhhh, I cannnnnnnn see by the
condition of this that you are needing a good takin'
care of! ............ "I'll have no trouble
slipping up you tonight!! Hahahaha. Been thinking
about it haven't you, girl?

Valerie, was indeed ready for him. James' tongue on
her clitoris had been a lovely sensual awakening. The
excitement of him taking her there in the darkness
only feet away from her marital bed was exhilarating
on one level, but the fondling and caressing, were
still another. What was there about the way that his
tongue found her most sensitive spots, her tongue, her
clitoris, the lips of her pussy, her nipples,
whereever his tongue and lips found her, she felt
loved and completely fondled and folded inside
something warm and delightful and wonderful.

Her wet tightness was pulling on Gerald's cock now,
holding onto it, squeezing it and milking it. She
thought, "please, please don't die on me yet! Please
stay hard, ..........just a little longer,......... a
little more ........a little harder, ;;;;;;;there,
that's again, again,, again, again, fuck
me, oh fuck me. Please......... oh,
yesYESssssssssss.YES. ohhhhhhhhh,
yeeeeeeesssssssssssss! His cock was deep in her and
she opened wider to get every last inch of it and
angled to press its top against her surging clitoris.
James had brought out its sensitivity with his tongue
and his finger deep in her cunt.. Now it was about to
fulfil its purpose. The center of the storm that was
her orgasm. It rumbled up from this lightning rod of
hers between her lips down there, rolled along her
tummy, hugged her breasts, ringed her nipples and
burst into her throat, forcing a guttural
slammed her arms down on the bed, thrust her hips onto
him one last lunge and felt his cock pull out of her
and then him slamming down on top of her as his juices
spurted out on her tummy. Yessss, it felt good,
complete. Full.

Valerie lay there thinking ruefully, that it had taken
both of them to satisfy her fully. Gerald's arm went
over her and he muttered "I always know how to please
you, don't I, lass!"

"Yes, you do.' But she smiled there in the darkness
a smile that he would not have understood. The smile
lasted a long, long time that night as Valerie fell
into a deep, deep sleep.

All this time James had stood watch, waiting for her
orgasm on the other side of the wall. The bed
creaked, banged against the wall a bit -- on the
harder strokes of their love making. He heard two
groans as the thrashing, pounding, fucking noises
reached a loud crescendo in the next room. He heard
at last, Valerie moaning loudly:


James, knew that it was meant for him, too.

End of Chapter Six
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