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The House Guest Ch 8tl


The House Guest
By James Bellamy
Chapter Eight

"How was the concert, then?" Gerald asked as he came
into the house with a smile. He was slightly loose
from the dinner and drinks of the business meeting he
had had. It had agreed with him apparently.

James replied that it was terrific. Valerie had
slipped up to the bathroom to rinse her mouth and
brush her teeth when she heard his car come into the
drive. She had quickly inspected James for traces of
lipstick before going.

Now she bounded down the steps, with a welcoming
smile, "It was brilliant, Gerald, I wish you could
have been there, you'd have so enjoyed it. Wouldn't
he James?" She bubbled on at length about the show.

"If I know you, lass, knowing how these things affect
you, you'll need a good seeing to tonight!" he
smacked her bottom and grinned at James, who looked
away, trying to think of something to say.

Valerie nudged him hard in the ribs. "Stop that,
Gerald, you're naughty! What on earth will James
think of you?"

"What should he think, then, just two married people,
------------ one of them a randy wife!!" he roared at
his joke, then pushed her toward the stairs "get
along with you, and your big bum!" he followed her up
the stairs, his hands following the swiveling of her

"You're incorrigible, you are." She muttered.

James watched as Gerald's hand disappeared under her
skirt slipping up to the space between her legs.

In his room, James lay back on the bed still in his
clothes. Staring at the ceiling, feeling completely
relaxed, warm and comfortable, he recalled the feel of
her body against him, the way her lips had teased him,
pleased him. A long sigh escaped his lips, but it was
replaced with a satisfied smile.

But then he heard them in the next room and knew they
would soon be fucking; He was sorely jealous of the
joy and pleasure Gerald was able to have while he lay
there only dreaming of how it might be if they,
Valerie and he, were allowed a little time alone. How
they would make it into a wonderfully expressive thing
, this fucking, this loving, this deep probing, long
and deep,

He heard Gerald's voice "here's what you've been
wanting , Isn't it, love?"


"Come and have it then, always ready, satisfaction
guaranteed," he laughed.

"Come and suck it my girl, suck it for me, suck me
off, give it your mouth, then. Come on now, That's
it, pull away, Lot's more to have, there now, that's
better, Got it all then? You randy little tart, randy
little slut, always wanting this then, aren't you,
Love to suck, don't you? Say it. Say it, say you love
to suck my big old John Henry. Tell me, I say!"

"Yes, I do, dear."

"Tell me or I'll not give you more, my lass!"

'OK, OK be quiet now dear, what do you want? I WANT
THIS COCK. How's that!"

"Ahhhhhhhh ......right you are, love. Right you are.
You're hot tonight, aren't you? Got randy off to a
concert did we. Ohhhhhh gooood more,.....SUCK IT!"

Silence. James knew he had come and would have
nothing left to help her come, neither the spunk nor
the sensitivity to find another way, all spent as he
would be now. He would be asleep in minutes. James
longed to go to her, but knew he could not. "Gerald
is not that drunk, he thought.

His cock was hard with wanting her though. He thought
of how he would have pleased her now. How his cock
would have found all the little hills and valleys of
the inside of her cunt, how he would have lifted
against her, pressing the top of his cock against the
top rim of her cunt, his mound pressing her clit, his
cock finally reaching her clit. Her pretty little
clit, waiting to be rubbed and fondled until her
orgasm radiated out from it, calling all the other
sensuous parts of her body to the celebration, while
he worshipped each one of them. It was a wild thought
for another private time he hoped would come soon.
Soon. Soon, he hoped.

Valerie, disappointed that he had turned away and
fallen asleep so soon, slipped out of bed and padded
down the hall, not bothering even to put her slip on.
She thought it safe enough.

James heard her close the door of the bathroom and
rose to stand expectantly in the hall just to smell
her perfume as she came back. He listened at Gerald's
door and heard the now familiar snoring. Too
dangerous to risk waking him he thought, but he
continued his dangerous course. He stood nude waiting
in the hall as the bathroom door opened and Valerie
was standing there nude. His eyes drank her in. Her
nipples stood out in their crowning place high on her
breasts that he now saw in their fullness and their
naturalness. The curve of their underside being
lovely in his view, their slight sag under their
weight giving her body an opulent loveliness. Topped
by the slope of the top of her breasts slipping down
to the alert nipples his mouth longed for. She looked
startled, her hand on the light switch. She didn't
switch off, but stood, letting him look at her, loving
the way his eyes swept over her, pausing for a long
lust-filled look at the thatch covering her mound.

They stood suspended in silence, listening for
Gerald's snoring; ........... it continued. Valerie
continued letting him look at her. She felt
wonderfully adored in his gaze. She relaxed a little
bit, watching his eyes as they looked into hers, then
were torn from hers by his need to look at her body,
to openly and simply admire her round body. James
reached out for her, she took her hand from the switch
and gave it to him. They stood like that for a time,
him continuing mesmerized at seeing her at last. Her
loving the attention, but concerned not to wake Gerald
either. She knew this was madness. And so dangerous.
They really could not do this, she thought. She
turned out the light and they were plunged into

Gerald could still see the afterimage of her there in
the doorway, painted on the retinas of his eyes. She
dimmed after a moment, he took back her hand, lead her
past her door. She resisted slightly. He tugged
gently, reassuring her.

Valerie panicked, ...... 'no, I can't go to his room,'
she thought, and came back to her senses, pulling
James to stop him. He came close and they stood,
barely breathing, barely touching. It was chilly in
the hall and her nipples puckered in spite of herself.
Otherwise she didn't feel the cold, just his hand on
her breast, his breath on her lips, now his tongue in
her mouth, hers in his. How was she going to stop
this, short of fucking him here and now, and that was
too impossibly dangerous to even thinking of. Still
it was what she wanted to do. She wanted his cock so
much right now her mind was spinning. She touched it,
held it gently.

James, turned her round, pressed close to her from
behind and fondled her breasts in a lovely rolling
motion, she swooned against him, felt his cock
prodding her bottom. James knew it was too dangerous,
too, really. His heart was in his mouth, his
breathing uncertain. He bent her over so she could
touch the little bench in the hall. He spread her
legs. She willingly let him position her. Then he
did a surprising thing.

He knelt behind her, reached through her legs to pinch
her nipples dangling there from her bent-over
position, head down, hands resting on the low bench.
She was all exposed to him and thought that her legs
would not hold her much longer. She felt his tongue
touch her. A shiver ran through her. He searched her
now, his tongue devilishly perverse in its seeking
little way. James encouraged her legs a bit further
apart with his arms as he continued to fondle her
breasts, marveling at the way they hung down into his
waiting, lusting hands.

They were so nice and heavy. He loved them, glorified
them, hefted them in his hands, warmed them, pinched
their long nipples, now so distended.

The blood was rushing to her head and Valerie was
dying from suspense, though enjoying his lovely hands,
they seem to know what her breasts wanted. So
soothing, so loving, so wonderful. She thought, "I
think I can orgasm just from his fondling, from this
lovely man kneeling between my legs fondling and
playing madly with my tits! I love this. God help
me, I love it. It's mad, being here like this, naked,
exposed, my fanny in the air -- exposed to this
strange, weird, randy, but wonderful American who was
a stranger a week ago!!"

"Ah, she couldn't resist dabbing a little stopper of
perfume on the peak of her mound," he thought. What a
delight. Husbands are a mad lot, not knowing what can
be theirs for the asking. But they can't bring
themselves to simply enjoy the preciousness offered
them. The scent of her pretty pussy and its juices
flooded to him, blended with the perfume.

He pressed his tongue a little further with its
exploration. Starting at the top of her crease, the
lovely buns on either side, he tested the little bone
at the base of her spine, then hurried on following
the centerline of her body.

Valerie spread wider, sensing what he wanted. "oh,
dear, I'll collapse," she thought, grateful for the
support of the little bench, and pressing her head to
it now, her body bent practically double before him.
She had to bite her tongue to keep quiet as she felt
his tongue travel down, down, down along the wide
split of her bum. She thought "Is he going to kiss
me there, as well................ Mmmmmmm.
........hope so. .................... mmmnnnngg
........hope so......... YES." She nearly jumped from
her skin as his tongue circled her rose bud of an

James, wanted to tease her to an hysterical peak, just
short of screaming out loud. Could he do it? He
thought perhaps so. Her juices were already on his
chin as his tongue toyed with the little rosebud,
circling it. He heard her sharp intake of breath as
he teased more. She was shuddering under the terror
of his tongue driving shivers from her little anus up
along her body. He held her thighs, thinking she
might collapse, but kept his tongue tingling along her
crease. For some reason, it was lovely doing this for
and to her. Just lovely. He wanted to give her such
a record breaking sort of orgasm that it hurt, so
great was his striving to find just the delights which
would make her cum for him in a wild, torrential,
rainforest style release.

His tongue paused to press just the center of the
rosebud, bidding it a fond farewell, as his tongue
traced its treasure path along her waiting creaming
slit. He had to spread her cheeks more with his hands
as his tongue sought the first hint of her pussy lips
rising gently from the path before him, He kissed
them, then let his tongue taste again.

He felt her shudder again as his tongue tasted the
lips of her pussy. It was a different tingling from
that she felt as he tongued her anus, yet similar,
just more familiar. She relished both. He was upon
her cunt now, open to him, gaping open to him, her
juices spilling down the sides of the lovely spot.
His tongue ran around the rim now, lustily teasing her
to a wildness that made her hips buck in spite of her
position, nearly standing on her head.

She bit her lip again to keep from crying out with the
sensations coursing through her wildly aroused body.
She could not believe how aroused she was getting. She
thought it must be the blood running to her head.

"OHMIGOD." She felt James tongue going deep into her
open cunt, having made love to the lips and rim
surrounding it he had slipped his clever tongue right
into her, felling the tightness of the sphincter
muscle meant for his cock! She squeezed his tongue,
pressing it back out like a little cock. He pressed
into her again, she played with his tongue, using the
muscle training she had worked on so often over the
years so that her cunt could grip Gerald's cock and
give him a "seeing to", give him a "good riding". Now
here it was letting her enjoy herself with James'
tongue. It was truly lovely. She lingered in her mind
with his wet little tongue pretending to substitute
for his cock. "Lovely" she whispered. "oh god, so
lovely" she mouthed the words, hoping he would

James savored the taste of Valerie's sopping cunt.
Again and again, he slipped his tongue into her
waiting tunnel. He felt her return his pressure with
the firmness of her muscle, They played together, him
slipping it into her, her squeezing down on it until
it was expelled, then repeating his thrusting.
"OHMIGOD." He thought to himself, 'what this little
muscle trick must do to your cock as it slides in and
out!' His mind went mad for her. Longing for the
fucking they would surely do some time soon .........
when the time was right. He continued until he felt
her legs trembling so much he feared she might give

He moved on up the path, along her thick full pussy
lips, now so swollen with her excitement and slick
with her juices. Her wetness now actually running
down her legs and completely covering his mouth, nose
and cheeks. It felt lovely, he thought.

Now he was right under her legs, head turned up
sucking on her clit the way she had sucked his cock
earlier. He pulled on it with his tightly clenched
lips, letting it slip out at last, and he was sure
that it trembled as it snapped back from his lips.
His tongue found it, his teeth very gently nibbled it,
very gently and she moaned slightly. James was seated
on the floor now face fully upturned, sucking her
clitoris, his nose pressed into the tight wetness of
her cunt. He sucked hard, pulled on her, she moved
her hips to help him reach her and he heard her
whimper slightly.

Suddenly, she could hold it no longer, James grasped
her breasts, squeezing them, rolling them in his
hands, supporting her as her knees gave a little,
sitting right down on his face, as if on a typing
seat. His mouth sucked hard on her clitoris, though
he was nearly afraid of suffocating with the pressure
of her surrounding his cheeks, mouth and nose. Still
he held on to her, determined to see her through to a
massive, earth-shattering orgasm.

Valerie felt her knees going. She could do nothing
but rest part of her weight on poor James there with
his upturned face deep into the crease of her body,
sucking on her clitoris as if there would be no
tomorrow. It was mind-blowing. She shuddered, she
gripped the little bench, she pressed against James'
wonderful tongue. She thought how nice it would be to
just let his whole head slip up into her waiting cunt,
still licking her even inside. It was wild, almost
psychedelic, she guessed.

Her body simply took over, her orgasm rolled back and
forth through her torso, through her legs, her tits
tingled wildly in his hands,. She hated to do it but
she simple collapsed onto James. She had to be helped
up by James standing up, supporting her, still
squeezing her massive swollen breasts.

She turned in his arms and kissed him, her arms around
his neck as if she could not be pried loose. Coming
to her senses, she took one last kiss from his lips
and moved back to her own room, uncertain if her legs
would support her. Gerald was still snoring, so, she
must have managed to keep quiet enough. She lifted
her slip over her head, letting its sensual softness
slip down over her hips and catch over her bra-less
breasts. She thought she would go braless tomorrow as
well. Her nipples were that sensitive.

The End of Chapter 8
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