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The House Guest Ch 9tl


The House Guest
By James Bellamy
Chapter Nine

"James should see Torquay while he's here, don't you
think, Dear?" Gerald said. "Why don't you take him
down for a Cotton Candy on the Pier on Saturday? Then
I won't feel so guilty going to my away match." He
grinned at this bit of intrigue.

"By God, you never let her take me to Torquay! And me
one of your oldest and dearest friends! What 's this
Yank got on you, then Gerald" Have you been into the
till, again?!!" They had all laughed. Good fun
amongst friends. Colin and janet were indeed two of
their best friends and were over for drinks along with
another couple from down the street. They had all
loosened up considerably with the drinks and laughter.

"Oh, he's a charmer is James, and I should be worried,
but when you keep your wife happy and seen to like I
do, you don't have any trouble sleeping at night. No
worry about my lass looking for a bit of spare, is
their love! It's all in knowing how and I know how to
keep her happy!" His open discussion of their sex
life brought a blush to her face and they turned to
teasing her. Valerie nudged Gerald hard in his ribs
for a first payment.

James stood silent, smiling but not really joining in
the laughter. But the thought of a day alone with
Valerie brought a flush of hope, and his heart beat a
little faster. He glanced quickly at her to see her

"Would you care to do that, James? I haven't been for
some time and you'd be lovely for a walk on the
seaside. Not like my husband who talks too much!"
They all laughed at Gerald being sent up. "I fancy
you on the beach, really." Now they really laughed at
her giving as good as she got in the exchange with
Gerald. Gerald smiled but his laughter was a little

"Never mind lads", she may be a bit feisty now, but
she'll be after having another treatment from the
expert when you've gone! Right, love?" He had given
her bottom a pat as he said it. She squirmed away on
the pretext of getting drinks.

"Oh, Gerald you are so full of yourself, I really
don't know what I'm to do with you."

Valerie probably wouldn't have fought back at him if
she hadn't, a few minutes earlier, watched as Gerald's
hand had strayed two inches too low on Janet's hip and
turned into fondling her bum. janet was a looker,
she thought. Gerald had even mentioned her in their
bedroom a few nights ago and actually played out a
fantasy with the vision of Jan's bum fresh in his
mind. Valerie had felt a bit hurt by his fucking her
so excitedly when she knew he was fantasizing about
their buxom friend.

Later, James had waited in the dark of the hall for
Valerie to pad past on her way to bed. She had closed
the bathroom door quietly so that Gerald would not
know when she started down the hall. Their hands met.
They stood leaning against the wall, very close to
each other. James could feel the heat of her body
very close, now touching. His hand went to her hip
and he gently fondled her through the silk of her
slip. He could feel her tremble slightly as his hand
slipped to her breast and their lips met
simultaneously in a kiss. They stood silently,
relishing the touching. Her hand found him in the
darkness and she gently stroked his hardness.

They stood that way for as long as Valerie thought
safe and she made a slight move to go. Then she stood
on tip-toes, to rest her cheek against his. Slowly
she nodded her head against his cheek. James squeezed
her hand tightly in reply.

So, .........they would go to Torquay together!!
James heart raced at the thought. He wanted it to be
perfect. Suddenly his head was making plans ahead, his
body tingling with excitement, above the sheer level
of excitement her body here in the hallway had
provided. "Torquay,......... with Valerie .........on
their own!"

Valerie had at last made her decision, and her heart,
too, was racing, her mind spinning ahead to what it
would be like. She wanted him, wanted James to have
her completely and openly, wanted him to make love to
her, wanted him to fuck her and her to fuck him. A
warm glow seemed to engulf her.

They parted silently, trailing hands away from each
other until only the tips were in contact.

Saturday dawned bright. Gerald was getting ready to
leave for the away game trip with his mates. James
and Valerie were talking over their outing to Torquay.
"Gerald, the last time you went off with these
rowdies, you didn't make it home all night. Are you
planning on staying over in Exeter?"

"No, nooooo, I wouldn't think so." He winked and
grinned broadly at Gerald. "Well, I suppose an
emergency could arise, of course!" He laughed loudly.

"If that is what you have in mind, old dear, James and
I may just stay over in Torquay, it will be a lot
easier, anyway. So, are you declaring now? Or not?"
She smiled a little smile with a suspicious frown.

"Well, that might not be such a bad idea. Well if you
are going to do that, I won't feel the urgency to bang
up the highway in the middle of the night! Is that
better for you?" He was trying to turn this around to
being her idea. "Shall I look up a couple of rooms in
a bed and breakfast for you?"

"Yes, I think you had better," she had her hands on
her hips.

"Right, then, ...........right, I can do that."
Gerald went to the phone.

Valerie's eyes met James' eyes with a "So there!" look
of assertion, then turned into a deep warm fondling
look. James smiled at her with pleasure. After
bidding her husband goodbye with a kiss at his car
door, she laughed and teased about something James
couldn't hear and came inside.

"Now we won't be so pressed for time, James, but we
should be getting on the road. James got us into an
Inn right along the seafront, so we'll be close to
everything. Shall we get going?" She walked right up
close to him and into his arms, her lips open for a

James looked down into her lovely light brown eyes,
counting the flecks of other colors in them, and
smiling his happiness at her. "Wonderful!" His kiss
was light on her lips and their mouths opened to taste
each other gently. He nibbled her pouty lower lip
gently with his lips.

"Better not do that too much or we won't make good
time on the road, James!" she laughed. "I am so
happy right now. Do you know?"

"Yes, me too."

"I think I've got past most of the guilty feeling.
After all, no telling what my dear husband will get up
to tonight. Still, we have to be aware we could run
into someone we know down there. It is a popular
spot." She looked a little pensive.

"Yes, of course, not to worry, I'll be a perfect
gentleman being taken on a wheelchair turn on the
Pier, You'll see!"

"Yes, but it's not you I'm worried about, is it. It's
me!" They laughed together and then went off to pack
a bag.

James packed quickly, then as a last moment
inspiration, slipped his hand under his pillow and
packed the nylon tights Valerie had slipped into his
hand the night before. "She seems to like the feel of
them" he thought, "And so do I, so ......."

Valerie had already thought her packing through
carefully. The sheer lemon colored panties and
matching bra, cream colored garterbelt and dark brown
nylons for starters, her warm lambs wool sweater with
the cowl collar against the evening chill by the sea,
Extra tights, a pair of white French knickers she had
bought a week ago and not yet worn, and a pretty bra
of the same color. She was sure that James was likely
to prefer the full fashioned French knickers to the
wispy bits of nothing she wore to please Gerald. She
brought the lemon colored sheer panties for a change
of pace , just in case. She brought a light cream
colored dress which she knew emphasized her breasts
and left a lot of cleavage bare.

Valerie gazed into the mirror. "It's going to be
alright," she nodded her head firmly. She turned on
her heel and went downstairs where James was waiting

"Ready?" she said brightly.

They were off and soon driving through the
countryside, happily on their own at last. Gerald
reached for her hand and placed his hand on her thigh,
feeling the skirt slip over the sheer nylon of her
taupe tights. She pressed his hand to her thigh and
turned slightly toward him, watching his face as he
drove rather intently, trying to remember the left
side rule of the road.

Valerie lead his hand along her thigh, slipping it
under her short skirt along the top of her thigh.
"Can you drive like this?"

"Yes, .......... I think so. It is distracting, but I
am willing to overcome it with my superb willpower,"
he smiled at her, then glanced down to look at her
thighs, the skirt now halfway up over the gleaming
nylon-clad voluptuous loveliness he had developed such
a keen desire for.

"Eyes on the road, my good man, if you please!" she
chided him. "They'll be taking you into custody! And
I'll have lost my dinner partner!"

With difficulty James took his eyes away except for
quick little peaks the rest of the drive. By the time
they arrived and were driving along the oceanfront,
his hand was fully between her thighs and had slipped
higher until it was against her mound.

They took a walk along the pier, bought spun sugar,
had a bag of chips and observed the tourists enjoying
themselves in all shapes sizes and colors. James
wanted to kiss her, but there was always the chance of
someone who knew her, so, he held back, satisfying
himself with trailing his hand across the small of her
back, or occasionally lower on her hip or bottom.

They soon found that they had had enough amusement and
wanted to have what they really longed for, each
other. "Why don't we see if we can find that Inn you
spoke of? Is that alright."

Valerie had been ready for sometime, now, and wondered
why he didn't suggest it. "Yes, that's fine, let's!
It's been a lovely day so far, hasn't it James? Nice
drive and now a nice walkabout here on the shore?"

He agreed, but his mind was now distracted by the
thought of having her, and he scanned the line of
buildings looking for the Inn. Valerie smiled a
little smile of pleasure that he wanted her so much.

They soon managed to find the place and Valerie busied
herself looking at cruise brochures in the lobby to
cover her nervousness.

"There we are, one for you and one for me," he smiled
wryly. "Come along Valerie, it will be alright, I

They found their way upstairs and along the hall to
her room first. James opened the door for her and
then followed her in. They were in each other's arms
immediately, as if starving for days and finally being
brought before a feast table. His hands found her
bottom and Valerie felt the electricity of his touch
course through her. Her bum was very sensitive, and
she liked to have it caressed.

She cuddled herself inside his arms, tight against his
big chest, feeling small and protected by his embrace.
She could feel his hardness already pressing against
her tummy and she knew that being together, touching
and caressing in quiet moments had her juices flowing,
too. She slipped out of her shoes and stood on
tiptoes to kiss him. That was symbolic of becoming
comfortable with the situation, she had taken the
first move, she realized, even if it was just removing
her shoes.

"It has been so long," she began.

"Yes," he said, "so long!"

His hands came to her breasts, lifting them, feeling
them through the thin blouse she wore. His hands made
slow circles around them, then slipped down to hold
just her nipples. His mouth sought hers and he felt
Valerie begin unbuttoning his shirt. His hands
struggled with her blouse and soon her breasts were
visible to his eyes. He gasped slightly with the
pleasure of them encased in the twin lacy cups of her
bra. They were beautiful and round. His hands had
explored them in the dark, but he realized he hadn't
really seen them before. He thought of the several
times he had angled for a look down her blouse, but
this was something different. The beginning of
intimacy, to be able to take his time and stare at her
lovely soft breasts, to put his hand inside, pressed
into her by the tightness of her bra, playing with one
bare nipple, the other through the joyous silkiness of
her bra, so brilliantly white before him. Her skin
shone through the nylon, enhancing the effect.

While he still stared at her, Valerie unbuckled his
belt and unbuttoned his trousers. Then she looked up
to see him still staring at the breasts now cupped by
his big hands. Valerie smiled and reached up to taste
his lips, which he now gladly gave, his tongue meeting
hers and then toying with it.

Valerie waited for him to take off her skirt. She
wanted him to undress her completely, part of the
unveiling of her to him, a part of her opening herself
to him at last. He knelt before her, now slipping her
skirt down, sat back on his heels a moment and looked
at her standing in her white lacy bra and half slip.
He held his hand to let her step out of the skirt and
he moved it aside to a chair. Slowly, his thumbs
slipped under the elastic of her slip and began
sliding it over her hips, as she watched his pleasure
in his task.

Her tights were a medium dark shade, sheer to the
waist, the center seam pointing toward and then diving
into the crease which divided her body. He pressed
his lips to her tummy and then kissed his way lower.
She wore no panties today and his lips brushed the
curls protecting her pussy, feeling them spring back
under his touch. His lips had come to the very tip of
her body and she felt his tongue dart out to touch the
top of the little valley leading to her pussy.
James' hands were caressing her thighs at the back,
running up to enjoy her full bottom, teasing her
there, suspecting she was sensitive there - and
besides he enjoyed the feel of her under his fingers.

Valerie pressed his head against her mound and ground
it against him with eagerness that was now building
very strongly in her. She parted her legs for him
now, just a little, and his hand came up her thighs
between her legs.

James was surprised and excited to find that she wore
crotch-less tights. His hand parted her moist lips
and he felt her body jump slightly. She smiled down
at him, and his surprised look changed to a big smile.
Somehow it seemed that her choosing crotch-less was a
huge vote of love or confidence in him, a shared
intimacy that made him feel loved and warm. His hand
was vertical between her legs, the edge of his palm
spreading her lips. Her moistness felt warm on his
hand, thick and creamy.

Valerie felt him against her clitoris and along her
wetness, aware that he was pressing to get closer, to
get more contact along her wet slit.

James explored the wetness his mouth had found last
night in the hallway where he had brought her to a
satisfying orgasm that made her knees buckle.

He stood and held her in his arms while she loosened
his pants and dropped them to the floor, urging him to
kick them aside by holding his cock that had
immediately sprung loose into her hand. He had worn
no shorts. He thought she would find it sexy and he
wanted to please her in every way today. Her hand
circled him, slipping back and forth on the length of
his shaft. It felt so very good to her, and she heard
him gasp with pleasure. She slipped his foreskin back
over the crown of his cock and realized that he
already had copious amounts of pre-cum there beneath
it. It felt sticky, creamy, she remembered its taste
and knelt immediately, breaking away from his kiss,
and kissed his cockhead instead. She gently licked
the pre-cum from his cock, letting her mouth enjoy its
taste, rolling it over and over on her tongue.

James reached for her, signaling her to stand again by
lifting her breasts gently. His hands were again on
her silky bottom, which he seemed unable to get enough
of. She finally pulled his hands to her breasts, a
difficult choice, but her breasts were soon singing
with the feel of his caressing hands and his eager
lips suckling on her nipples. Slowly they were moving
toward the bed as they continued to kiss and fondle
each other. Valerie felt the bed behind her knees and
sat down, pressing her cheek against his belly and
feeling his cock reach toward her chin.

She lay back on the bed before him and watched as he
stared and admired her, lying there in her lacy bra,
breasts thrust out toward him, creamy thighs gleaming
in the taut, sheer nylon. Valerie did a very
assertive and sexy thing. She raised her nyloned leg
slowly and deliberately along his inner thigh,
bringing her foot up between his legs to fondle his
balls and then his cock, now standing straight and
rock hard in front of him. She rolled her foot in its
soft nylon covering over his cock.

James rolled his eyes toward the ceiling, letting the
pleasure slide over his body. Then he knelt before
her between her thighs and began to open the flower
of her woman-ness. Valerie slipped back on the bed,
spreading her legs and raising her knees slightly.

James stared at her pussy, watched it open as she
spread her legs. Watched her fingers come to her
pussy and open the lips for him, letting him sit and
watch the beauty of it -- looking like a pair of lips,
glistening now with wetness. She spread her lips a
little wider, showing herself to him, wanting him to
enjoy her.

His lips moved to kiss her fingers, first one and then
the other. Slowly, she opened a little wider, still
spreading her lips with her fingers. He kissed and
licked her fingers more, then slipped to the pinkness,
the bright pinkness of her inner lips. They had a
similar shape, but smaller and more brightly colored.
He tasted her, licked her clitoris, licked along the
crease of her body, making it glow with even more
wetness. His lips found her clitoris and he heard her
sharp intake of breath. He nibbled on the little nub.
His tongue found the entry of her cunt. His tongue
went inside, as Valerie shrieked quietly with
pleasure, pulling his head deeper into her.

"Oh, James, I don't think I can stand much more." Her
voice was tense.

James moved between her legs now, laying on top of her
his belly against the warm comforting firmness of her
mound, his tongue finding her nipples once again. She
reached between them and guided his cock to her entry.

"Oh, James, this is ................................

"Yes, beautiful, ............." His lips sealed hers,
their tongues dancing and playing with each other.
she pulled him again, urging him to take her.

She moved the head of his cock along her crease and
then against her clitoris, then back to where she
needed him to thrust into her, to thrust his nice big
cock into her, to satisfy her , to sanctify their
deep friendship.

He entered the tightness of her entry. She felt his
cock-head snap past the initial tightness, and into
her cunt.

James paused and looked into her eyes, his own eyes
half closed with pleasure. "Oh, Valerie, you feel

She felt his cock slip slowly into her, touching the
sheath of her cunt , finding warmth, fondling her
cunt, pressing its way all the way in, filling her,
filling her, touching her, filling her, filling her,
she thought. She felt his balls against the cheeks of
her bottom now. She slipped her hand between them to
see if she had all of him inside her now. Then their
mounds were together, pressed tightly together.

Valerie opened still wider, raising her legs around
him then crossing them over his back pulling him to
her. His lips were kissing her ears and he whispered
to her. "Oh, Valerie, this feels so , so, so good.
You are so tight and you feel just perfect, like we
were meant to be together like this. Your pussy is
hugging me and fondling me incredibly."

"Yes, dear James, ....... Your cock is ..............
so ............ hot, so big,, yes, that's
it, move in me, feel ........... alll ......all
....of .........feel all of my
pussy. Yes, James, yes , James, yes, give me all of
your lovely cock, come in me, come in me, make me
come, James. Ohhhhh yes, that's it. Yes, give me your
.......... Big knob, your ....long cock."

She was all open to him and James slowly stoked in and
out of her in steady, deep strokes, feeling her cunt
sucking on him, feeling how his cock pushed its way
back into her as each withdrawal ended. He was
fucking into her faster now, feeling her taking up his
rhythm, rocking her hips to meet him as his cock
slashed deep into her darling cunt. She held him, not
letting him go with the muscles of her cunt, he
lingered, feeling every fold of her as he slipped in
and out of her.

She felt wonderfully wet, deliciously hot, almost
scalding hot on the sensitive skin of his cock heard.

Valerie was beginning to pant slightly, her breath
coming short on the end of her clenching and thrusting
against the lovely cock with its bare crown feeling
her up inside her cunt. Her eyes were closed and she
was thrusting hard against him with her hips first one
side and then the other. James pressed his feet
against they bed and pried upward, trying to get the
upper surface of his cock to touch her clitoris as he
slipped in and out of her.

James heard her slam her arms against the bed, then
slash them along the sheets of the bed, thrusting onto
him again, he redoubled his effort, slamming his cock
into her again and again, holding himself to wait
until she came.

Valerie felt a huge warmth start in her loins,
rumbling through her mound and tummy and then her
whole body seemed to join in the celebration of his
thrusting cock and her clenching cunt and then a
wonderful release consumed her body. With one last
shudder, coming from her shoulders and rolling down
her torso, she clasped her arms around his neck and
pulled herself up to him, kissing him and biting his

"Oh............Great, .........great, ..........Come,
my dear James, come now in me, Come on, my sweet,
give me your cream now." Her cunt again pulled on
him, milking him, trying to draw his release along
with all the sperm eager to be ejected out of his big
balls. She was still excited. And wanting the feel of
him spreading her apart. She was determined to have
all of him now.

James felt the pressure building in his balls, then
the sperm shooting up his penis as Valerie's wonderful
warmth and clenching of her cunt around him gave him
another sensation along the outer sensitive skin of
his shaft. He could suddenly feel both sensations,
Valerie pulling on him with her lovely tight cunt, his
own juices now fighting to flood up his shaft. His
body tensed as his balls ejected the sperm deep into
her cunt.

Valerie felt his hot juicy cum splash into her,
filling her cunt, again and again he shot into her,
until she was full, full of him and his juices. She
felt the pleasureful feeling of his sperm slipping out
of her, down onto his cock, still feeling nice inside
her, though not as rock hard now that she had given
him release!

Valerie relaxed against his arm now encircling her and
pulling her close. It was going to be alright, she
thought. She also knew that they were going to have a
long leisurely lovemaking later tonight, now that they
had satisfied their urgent need to truly share each
other's bodies. She smiled into his eyes and sighed
as their lips locked together. His hand was
protectively holding the mound of her pussy, keeping
it nice and warm and cozy. He slowly pulled the cover
over their heads and kissed her deeply.

The End of Chapter 9
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