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The Houseguest Ch 7tl


The House Guest
By James Bellamy
Chapter Seven

James awoke with a strong erection and heaviness in
his scrotum. His mind reeled back to the previous
night. The scent of Valerie was still ripe in his
nostrils. She had smelled so delightful there in the
hall. The scent of the perfume freshly dabbed on her
body, her hair with the scent of apple blossom
shampoo. His hands had filled with her breasts for
the first time. They were warm and heavy, her small
nipples hard as diamonds stabbing into his palms
through the thin silkiness of her slip. He had
relished their softness, rolling them in his hands,
toying with her rigid nipples.

He remembered, as his hand comforted his cock, that he
had knelt before her, lifted her slip and found the
freshness of her pussy in her silky panties. He had
kissed her mound, lingering to feel the cushion of the
dark brown curly thatch under her knickers. His cock
had slipped so easily along the crease at the center
of her body as her hand guided him to her -- more than
guided him! Valerie's hand had grabbed him and pulled
him into her waiting wetness. She had forced him to
spear her lips apart with the big head of his cock!
Valerie wanted him as badly as he now wanted her!
That was clear. An occasional touch on the arm, a
nudge of her round hips as he passed her, that was one
thing, but she had urgently grabbed him and forced his
cock into the pretty little slit. She had wanted him
to feel her heat; wanted to get him so hot with the
need to see what her hotness could be like as it
bathed him with passionate juices. She wanted him,
too. She wanted his cock to spear her deep and
thoroughly as he wanted to see her pussy pink with
satisfaction, her breasts rolling under the grip of
his hands while his cock filled her cunt; making her
feel complete. She wanted him to fill her with his
strength and to have him feel the strength of her
vice-like grip as she milked his cock, to feel the
strain in his cock as she milked all the sperm out of
his hardness.

"Oh, James, what do you think you're doing? Sleeping
in?" Valerie's call from the hallway brought him
sheepishly back to reality. He was sure she was
standing there with a smile on her face as if she had
caught him, but of course that was his imagination.

"Ahhh, ..........No, .......... no, Valerie, I'll be
right down."

"Do you want me to start without you? " She sounded
teasing. Was it an intentional double intendre, or
was his imagination over-working since his cock had
tasted just the first inch of her magic pussy?

" I am definitely going mad," he concluded and
finished dressing and went down stairs. Valerie was
smiling from the stove where she was fixing bacon and
eggs and fried bread - a particularly potent
cholesterol sandwich unique to Britain and deadly

"Did you sleep, then?" she smiled at him.

"Not bad, and you? The first part was a bit
difficult, but later I settled down alright." He
looked deeply into her eyes to find some encouragement
or acknowledgement of what they had shared the night
before. She smiled again, but averted her eyes. She
was feeling some guilt. Natural enough, he thought.
But his eyes were on her charcoal colored nylons as
they stretched over her knees and thighs just visible
below her short skirt. His eyes wandered to her
prominent mound where her skirt played with her and
teased his madness by tenting across tightly from the
outcurve of her thighs across to the soft broad peak
of mount Venus! His cock had split her volcano. It
still burned with memory of how hot and how very wet
she was. She had splashed her burning lava onto his
sensitive cock head and burned the memory into his
mind. He would never forget that first touch they
had shared, slipping her panties away to make it
possible, just for that moment.

"James, James, ........ I said More Coffee?"

"Oh, sorry, my mind was

"Yes, where had you gotten to?" she wanted to know.

""Hmmm, I think you may know the answer to that

"Oh, ............... do I? Yes, ........... I thought
I might. Mine too!" she whispered, just before
Gerald came through the door.

You two, whispering again, I see. More advice for my
girl is it James? Well no harm done as long as you
don't take her mind off her main interest, eh lass?"
He slapped her on the ass, making it clear what he was

"Ouch, Gerald, stop that."

"You know what it is you love, now, don't deny it.
Loves me to take care of her, does she, James,
perfectly randy housewife, right out of the movies!"

"What movies are you watching?" Valerie mock chased
him with a broom.

"Oh, by the way, love, I'm afraid I have to work late
tonight. I won't be able to go to that concert
tonight. How will it be if James fills in for me?
Alright, James? I know you've looked forward to it."

"Oh, we don't have to ......James, probably wants a
quiet night."

"No, that's fine, I'm sure I'd love to go.. Be
honored, m'lady!"

"Well if you're quite sure! It's the dance troop of
Irish Step dancers, you may have heard of them,
Riverdance? So It will be quite lively."

"Yes, I'd like that."

James drove the longish trip to the concert and they
found a little pub nearby for a quick bite and a drink
or two before the concert. Their seats were a bit
distant, actually in the back row and in a remote
corner of the theater, but it wasn't a large theatre.
They had to lean forward to see the very front of the
stage, though.

Their knees touched and stayed comfortably against
each other. James was pleased that she did not pull
away. It had not been wholly accidental. He realized
he was pushing it a little. The lively dance scene
was really a bit erotic, the sound of their tapped
heels and toes and the fast, fast music were exciting.
Valerie's hand found James' and they smiled at each
other, there in their rather secluded part of the
theatre, all eyes were away from them, so no one was
likely to recognize them as they held hands.

Now their thighs were in contact steadily along the
whole length. James put his hand on his own knee and
touched Valerie's knee in the process. Her tights
made for a delightful feel, and he let his hand stroke
both of them, feeling the warmth of her under the
nylon. She placed her hand over his and pulled it
more onto her knee, slipping her skirt a bit higher in
the process. She held his hand that way for quite a
long time, fondling him as he fondled her knee.

Their tension was rising with the pleasure of these
stolen caresses in the secluded but public place. He
leaned closer and kissed her ear, whispering that he
was loving being here with her.

Valerie smiled, looking toward the stage. Eventually
she turned and looked into his eyes, deep into his
eyes and nodded "Yes."

They enjoyed the concert, but much of their attention
was absorbed in each other. Shared little touches,
hands caressing each other at each opportunity. They
sat back in their seats and James' hand reached under
her arm so that his fingers were against the side of
her breast, she held him tightly there, holding is
hand with hers and pressing him to the softness of her

On the drive back, James slipped his hand under her
thigh on the seat, letting the back of his hand fondle
her leg. Valerie squirmed in her seat, then touched
his arm, confirming his caress.

"Gerald will be home by now, I think." She said.

"Yes." James agreed.

They were holding hands now, clinging tightly to each

His hand squeezed hers between his thumb and his
fingers, rolling his thumb deep into her palm, passing
an erotic feeling from him to her. He trailed his
handling of her hand into a light caress rather than
gripping her tightly.

Every touch exchanged was an erotic tease. The sexual
tension between them built and built.

"I need to stop a minute in this lay-by, OK?"

"Oh, ........." she began to reply but stopped.
Feeling an urgency to get back home since Gerald would
certainly be coming home by now.

They both used the toilet facilities and James was
standing leaning against the car when she returned.
"Nice Night, James, .... " She stared up at the
starry sky, felt the breath of a breeze on her cheek.
"Almost a shame to see it ending."

"Yes, I'm having a bit of trouble with that, too,
hating to see our evening out together end, is what I
mean. I've really enjoyed being with you. And
.....the concert wasn't bad either!" He smiled down
into her brown eyes.

"Oh, how nice you feel the same way!" Valerie was
really pleased with that and showed it by quickly
pressing close to him and hugging him, laying her head
against his sold, broad chest.

His arms were around her immediately, his lips in her
hair , on the top of her head. "Yes ....." his voice
trailed off. He could feel the softness of her
pressed close along the length of her body, felt his
cock stir at that feminine feel of her skirt slipping
against the silkiness of her slip, tights and panties.
That was a unique feel and it was one of the most
erotic things he knew of. His hands were at the small
of her back, only inches from the loveliness of her
round bottom. Testing, he slipped his hands a bit
lower, then took the moment and pulled her closer
pressing his hands on her bottom.

Valerie felt her body responding to his hands. She
was fond of having her bum fondled. It was one of her
erogenous zones and she relished James' hands as they
teased her sensitive flesh. "Ummm, I like that James.
MMMMM. My bum is one of my erogenous zones , so be
careful how big a fire you light!" she giggled into
his chest. "It's the only thing I like about the
loosing battle I have with the size of it! There's
more for you to play with and drive me mad!"

"Valerie, why do you keep bringing that up? You look
very attractive. You should be happy with that.
But, of course, we are always our own worst critic
aren't we?' he laughed and squeezed her bottom, the
skirt slipping over its roundness under his hands.
"Gee, I love the feel of you! Is that a bad thing,
you think! Not easy to keep under control living so
close. ................... Still, I wouldn't change a
thing. I'm so enjoying staying with you, getting to
know you, well ....... well to speak the truth,
loving being close to you, now that we've got to know
each other. I do hope it is not being too big an
inconvenience to you."

"James, did I seem to be feeling an inconvenience in
the hall last night? Don't be silly, I'm mad about
having you here, now, as you say, that I've gotten
used to having you around! ................. And by
the way, ............ well, er ......thanks for last
night. It was lovely. You do so build my ........ uh
..Self-confidence, ....... you know???"

James leaned and kissed her offered lips, the taste of
her lipstick charming his mouth as he felt the tip of
her tongue seek his. They stood pressed together, he
leaning against the car, her leaning tightly pressed
against him. She spread her stance and straddled his
leg, feeling his hardness, now against the juncture of
her thigh and her body. That tender area of her body
could feel his heat and it was a lovely sensual
feeling to have the length of his cock, now pressed
against his pants, its head pointing upward. She
insinuated her hips against him trapping his cock
against her, felt him pressing back, his pleasure
obvious to her. They stood enjoying each other's
body, still locked in the wet, tongues engaged kiss.
Her knees felt like giving way for a moment. She
tightened his leg in a grip between her legs.
Valerie's hands found his bum, slipping a finger into
each of his back pockets for the added erotic feel of
fondling the tightness of his bum.

James felt her move closer, slide over to let his leg
slip between hers. His cock was upright against his
stomach now, the underside feeling the heat of her
crotch and mound. She felt very smooth and soft and
tender there, as his sensitive underside explored her,
helped by his hips squirming with the pleasure of her

His hands came up to the underside of her breasts.
They were so lovely to lift, even under the light
jumper she wore. He lifted them slightly, feeling the
pleasure of her tits in his hands. They were lovely,
round and full, shaped by and separated by the
persuasion of her bra so snug and tight around her
body. He felt for her nipples, found them already
eager and hard. He trapped them between his thumb and
finger, slipping from the base of her breasts until
her nipples were there at the crotch of thumb and
hand. He squeezed gently, a loving feeling
transmitted by the way he held her breasts, so
protectively and so sensually in the upsweep of his
hand from the base of her to the fresh hardness of her
nipple nubs.

Valerie was very happy to be standing here like this,
but knew they must be getting along. She resented
the need to leave this loveliness. "James, we
........ ......"

"Yes, I know, we must go, musn't we?"

"Yes," her reluctance hung in the air.

So their bodies slid and slipped away from each other,
the kiss on their lips the last to part. "I'm afraid
there may be lipstick, James, .... On you."

He swiped at his lips with his handkerchief as he
strode around to the car door and got in. Valerie
turned on the light and took it from him. "here let
me, " she giggled, "I remember where I've been!!!"

"Hmmmf! So do I," he replied, sardonically.

She handed back the handkerchief. "Wait a moment
James. Shouldn't I return the favor I owe from last

He frowned and looked into her eyes, puzzled. What
was she referring to?

"I mean, shouldn't I help you with this?" she touched
his cock, still firmly upright from the touch of her
body. She paused. "I don't mind, ............ well,
actually, I'd like to ............ if you'd like it?
........ shall I?" she was unzipping him already.

"Uh,.. ....... A bit cramped ....... I'd love it, of
course ....... But........ It's likely to be a bit of
a mess. Don't you think ?..............."

Valerie closed his protests with a kiss. "Leave it to
me. I don't intend to lose a drop." She smiled at
him. She felt a little bit aggressive, but
comfortable now in their shared closeness, a sort of
intimacy had grown between them that overcame

He felt her little hand slipping through the Y of his
shorts, tugging his cock, overcoming its resistance
against being dragged in its erect condition through
the small opening. Then the cool air against its
warmth. His hands went to her Jumper, trying to get
under it to her breasts.

Valerie slipped off the jumper for him, preening
slightly, sticking out her breasts for his hands like
the maiden on the prow of a ship. It felt so good to
be offering them to him like this and she saw by his
eyes how he loved looking at them in their lacy bra
cups. She looked down to see how much of her cleavage
he could see. She adjusted the cups down a little to
let the upper curves look a little more prominent
bathed in his attention. Her hand was busy on his

She looked at him for the first time. She was pleased
to see how long and straight his cock stood up toward
her. She kissed the head of it. Felt its raging
firmness. Here hand examined the girth of it,
slightly more oval than round, a certain wideness to
it which she thought would stretch her cunt if it came
to that some day. The thought brought a new flush to
her cheeks and a new freshness to the wetness between
her legs.

Slowly, she slipped his foreskin down over it to
expose the slit at the end, saw the pre-cum of his
excitement glistening in the lights of the instrument
panel. She pulled it down, again, against its slight
tightness resisting her eagerness to expose the entire
girth of his cockhead. It looked to be a deep pink,
now so engorged with the blood rushing to its
excitement. As it slipped back, letting her look at
the fullness of his head, her breath came short in her
throat, a slight gasp. The sudden exposure of the
glistening wetness of it, proudly standing up to her
inspection excited her. She looked into James' eyes
for a moment. Her hand fondled and squeezed lightly
against the wetness of the head of his cock, holding
him, feeling his strength, feeling how large the knob
was, how it adorned the firmly erect shaft. She
smiled into his eyes, as he closed his eyes slightly
at the pleasure of her light touch.

He was breathing very heavily, enjoying the tickling,
fondling of his cock. It felt again as if it would
split the skin of his shaft; it was so hard with the
excitement she made him feel. Now he opened his eyes
and looked again at the broad expanse of her breasts,
the laciness of the supporting cups separating her
large lovely, gloriously soft, wonderfully welcoming
breasts. The pleasure of the sight of her in her bra
was incredibly satisfying and exciting to him. It was
a vision fit for a painting. He loved the way she had
shaped her back into a bit of a curve, enhancing the
out-thrust of these beautiful breasts so proudly
basking in his admiring gaze.

His mind reeled at the first touch of her lips on the
tip of his cock. His heart was pounding, his
breathing shallow, his face flushed with pleasure.

Valerie covered the thatch of unruly curly hair at the
base of his shaft with her fingers, combing it,
playing with it. Her fingers circled the base of his
cock, her knuckles pressing his balls so full in their
sac. Her lips opened to his shaft, her tongue tasted
the initial bitterness - a hint of urine, but quickly
gone, overcome by the rich bittersweet flavour of his
pre-cum juices. Had he carefully cleaned himself
before leaving the toilet. Had he anticipated this,
she almost thought so, there was so little of the sour
taste. She lifted back to look at it once again, her
moisture now glistening on the smooth head of it,
looking purple in the dim light, bulging from her
hand, shivering at the excitement of her lips. She
felt rather than saw him urge himself up toward her
lips. She moved down to a kiss on the very tip,
slipped her tongue once around the rim of its big
head. She thought how that might feel slipping past
the tight ring at the entry to her cunt, held her lips
in a circle to imitate that feel. She felt it "plop"
past the restraint of her lips, moved up and down a
few times, savoring the feeling, memorizing it.

James rolled his head back against the seat in ecstasy
as she repeatedly teased the head of his cock,
slipping it in and out of her pursed lips. His hand
was inside her bra where he enjoyed the pressure of
the nylon of the bra on one side of his hand and her
softness on the other, his finger just touching her
nipple. He scratched it slightly with his fingernail,
and just enjoyed the sensuality of all the various
feelings and textures of fondling her like this and
being fondled by the warmth of her mouth on his cock.

Valerie let the ring of her lips hold him just behind
the head of his cock, her tongue circling the tip
protruding into her mouth. She settled her lips
around the lip of the crown of his cock, pulling a
little bit on it, then sucking gently. She moved her
head to drink in the texture of his cock head; fondle
it with her mouth, let him feel all the differing
elements of her mouth, the roughness of her tongue,
the smoothness along the sides of her mouth, the
wetness. The smooth delicacy at the underside of her
tongue where it rooted in the floor of her mouth, now
a cavernous "faux" cunt for his raging erection,
waiting to be ravaged by his hugeness - 'was that a
word?' she mused. If not, it should be, and she had
the definition for it. She held it in her mouth as a
matter of fact, tasting it, sensing it teasing it,
playing with it for herself as well as for him.
"HUGENESS", yes, she was satisfied with , ready for
the Oxford dictionary!

His hugeness pleased her, really, just a good sized,
manly penis, really, but it felt quite large as she
rolled it around in her mouth, now pulling on him,
sucking him, taking more of his length into her mouth.
She felt the veined substance of his shaft, now
slipping between her lips. She bobbed her head up and
down on him. His pre-cum forming a lovely taste in
her mouth now as his excitement continued. She felt
his hand on her breast, now, slipping to surround it
completely. She preened again against his hand like a
large cat, letting him feel all of her, wanting every
inch of bosom she had to contact his hand and be
fondled by it. It was lovely stretching for him.
James was good with her breasts, she decided, it felt
like he was really enjoying her, taking his time,
fondling, rolling, at last squeezing her tightly.

She realized that he was near cumming and she
prepared. She held his balls in her hand now, playing
with them, squeezing, sensing the bristling hair of
his scrotum. She thought it was lovely the way this
was built for her pleasure.

She was moving up and down his shaft deliberately, a
little faster now, sucking, pulling on him tasting
him, swirling it around in her mouth. She felt that
glorious head touch the back of her throat, gagged
just a little, then continued her oral fondling of his
lovely cock. It felt so like it was covered in velvet
in her mouth.

James knew he was going to come soon, her mouth felt
so delightful on the complex, sensitive shaft and head
of his cock, accepting her plunging head as it sucked
him deep into her. He was a little self-conscious
about the sperm that was building in his balls to be
driven up the shaft and into her mouth. Self-
conscious with concern for her comfort. Was it all
right with her? Could she cope with the volume of
it? These little concerns were becoming
inconsequential though, as nothing could stop nature
now. His eyes opened wide as her mouth wrung his cock
in a small circle, touching all the various sensual
values within her mouth and his balls started to
contract. He tensed his body.

Valerie felt his body tense under her. She eagerly
doubled her efforts, sucking on his lovely cock,
waiting for him to cum, remembering to breath through
her nose so she wouldn't choke as his hot stream
poured into her.

As she held him tightly, feeling his thrust into her,
she felt the first spurt splash against the back of
her mouth, its heat a shock, but a lovely one. She
quickly gulped it down, felt its stickiness and
hotness slide down her throat, readied herself to the
next inevitable flood. The second spurt was about the
same, or so it felt, hot against her; it filled her
mouth, she loved its warmth; let it slide down her
throat, pumping on his shaft again, squeezing his
balls now, helping them with their job of delivering
his warm cum to her.

His third spurt was more manageable, she could take a
moment to let it roll into her mouth, felt his cock
start to tense again for yet another thrust as his
fourth smaller spurt filled her mouth joined with the
third. One little one left, dribbled onto her tongue,
she lovingly swirled his waning cock in her mouth
bathing it in its own juices now, enjoying the flavor
and the feel of him. She looked up at him our of the
corner of her eyes, watched as his head lolled back in
total pleasure, total relaxation. She sucked on him
more, taking all of the sticky liquid into her, gave
him one last suck on the crown of his penis. She let
her lips slowly, slowly slip over the shape of him as
his erection subsided slightly. Her hands pressed him
back inside his shorts, then fondled his length
through his shorts.

She moved up to him, fondling his chest with both
hands, kissed his chin, kissed his cheek, kissed his
ear, whispered in his ear. "Oh, James, I enjoyed doing
that for you!"

"Mmmmnnnhhhh! You have no idea. ............... no
idea ......lovely!" James muttered quietly. He
looked into her eyes, kissed her lips. They drove
home now each touching the other's thigh.

Gerald wasn't home as it turned out. but arrived as
they were hanging their coats in the hall and sharing
each other's breath in a light kiss. They sprang
apart and welcomed a slightly drunk Gerald home.

End of Chapter 7
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