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The Incident

The Incident (incest, m/t)

Hi, my name is James Jr. but Junior will do. Iím a sophomore in
college and have known I was gay since I was in high school. Iíve had a
few encounters at school but nothing will compare to the encounter I had
with my dad. Let me tell you about my dad, James Sr. Heís my best friend
in the world. Itís not that we hang out together or anything. Itís that I
can tell him anything; like the time, I told him I was gay. All through
high school I knew I was gay. I didnít advertise it yet I didnít deny it.
I kept to myself but if invited I would hang out with the ďguyĒ. My real
friends were a few girls who somehow knew my secret without having to tell
them. When my mom got on my case about dating, I would bring one of my
female friends home to meet her and the issue would go away for awhile. At
the same time, if my female friend needed a date, I could always be counted
on to fill in.

Anyway, it was the fall of my senior year and I was starting to think
about college, I felt a need to tell the folks that I was gay. For weeks,
I mustered up the courage to tell them and finally at thanksgiving, I felt
ready. My dad and I were watching the football games, mom was off doing
something and I blurted out that I was gay. Dad just turned the tv off and
told me he had the feeling I was. We talked for hours about gays and the
gay lifestyle. He was so understanding and supportive yet at the same time
expressed his concerns about the present attitudes toward gays. mom popped
in and out of the room and I could tell she was crushed. After that, I
knew I could tell my dad anything and he would respond treating me like an

But what I really want to tell you about was the time my dad and I had
sex. I was home for Christmas vacation and mom was at a weekend seminar of
some sort. My dad decided that was time for some male bonding. He had
gotten some non-gay porn and beer. As we watched the movies and drank our
beer, we made snide comments about what was happening on the screen. As we
got more and more drunk, the comments got more and more perverted. We were
have a great time!

After almost 3 hours of beer and porn, Dad passed out on the couch.
Having drank Ĺ a beer to his two I was high but not stumble down drunk. I
let Dad stay where he was while I cleaned up and then dragged him to bed.
Heís not a big man but it was all dead weight. I dumped him on his back
and started removing his clothes.

As I got his shirt off, I felt my cock stir. I never thought of my dad
sexually and this was a new feeling. At first, I felt guilty about having
thoughts about my dad but my imagination took over and I wondered how he
tasted. Looking at his hairy chest, I imagined sucking his nipples. They
were hard and peeking out of his chest hair. I couldnít resist and leaned
down and kissed his nipple. He didnít respond and I sucked his tit into my
mouth. My dick was hard and I could feel myself leaking. I was so turned
on that I was caressing my dad and he didnít even know it. Tearing myself
away from his chest, I pulled off his pants and underwear. My breathing
got faster as I exposed his cock. It was limp and beautiful, nestled
between his hairy ball sack. By now I was in lust. I had to touch him, to
feel him in my hand and hopefully in my mouth. I got even more excited
thinking about drinking his man seed.

Cupping the limp flesh, I gently rubbed my thumb around the mushroom
head pay special attention to the pisshole. There was still no response
from dad. He was out cold. Wrapping my fingers around his meat, I stroked
him. My dick was as hard as concrete and my mouth was watering. Dad
finally responded with a moan and a hard on. A drop of liquid appeared out
of his pisshole. That pushed me over the edge. I had to, no needed to,
taste him and I did. Bathing the head of his now rigid cock, I took him in
my mouth. I almost came then and there. Using my mouth I made love to his
cock. I eased him down my throat and back again. Each time my lips
touched his belly, I paused, savoring the taste and feel of him in my mouth
and throat. I was aware that his breath was quicker and every time, I
engulfed him, I heard a moan.

It was time to suck the juices out of him and into my belly. I sucked on him faster each time using more and more suction trying to draw his seed
from his balls into my mouth. His cock expanded and I was ready. sucking him as fast and as hard as I could, he spewed his seed. I moved so that
only the head of his cock was in my mouth and I could taste his juices as
they went down my throat to my belly. His hips bucked a little as he shot
his load. I was in heaven. His seed tasted like nothing Iíve tasted
before. Itís hard to describe but it didnít taste like any come I had ever
had. It was like nector. I nursed on him until he was soft and let him
fall out my mouth. Before covering him up, I took his cock in my mouth
once more and give his deflated cock a tongue bath. I didnít want to let
him go but I tore myself away.

I had gotten away with sucking my dad off. He hadnít stirred and
probably wouldnít remember much of this night. I rushed to my bed where I
jerked off to images of Dad fucking me.

In the morning, I woke to the feeling of being penetrated. I was on my
stomach and my immediate thought was that I was being raped. But the
fucking wasnít violent. It was more like lovemaking. Then I realized that
my dad was fucking me. This got me hard and filled me with desire. I
lifted my hips so that he could penetrate me deeper. He didnít say a word
but his cock was making love to my asshole. Still laying flat, I raised my
hips with each of his thrusts. I was hot. My dad was fucking me! Like
the night before, I wanted him to fill my belly with his seed.

I began to moan and his fucking got faster. He was still making love to
my ass but was more assertive.

ďFuck me, Dad, Fill me with your hard cock. Fill me with your seedĒ I

His response was to pull me up on all fours and let me have it.
Spreading my cheeks farther apart, he pounded and out of me.

ďThatís it, fuck me harder.Ē I screamed.

He grabbed my hips and rammed me with all his might. I felt so full.
He continued to ram me until I couldnít take it anymore and shot my load
into the bed sheets. But he was still hard and so was I. Holding me, he
fell on his side. Lifting my leg, he fucked me. I felt like a bitch dog in heat and he fucked in and out of me. With his free hand, he pinched my
nipples which drove me even crazier.

Forcing him on his back, I impaled myself on his cock and rode his for
all I was worth. I tightened my asshole wanting to suck the juices out of
him. I fucked up and down on him, my own hard cock, slapping against my
belly. As I thrust down, he thrust up. I really could feel him in my
belly. His hands grabbed my hips and help me fuck myself. I was insane
with lust. I needed to feel his seed in me. My whole being was focused on
making him cum in me. Slamming myself on his cock over and over, I felt
him tense. He moaned and shot his man juice, coating my guts. I was
estatic. Grabbing my cock, I jerked myself to the most intense orgasm of
my life. I continued to fuck myself but I was loosing steam. He, at this
point was letting me do what I wanted. All too soon, he fell out of me and
I rolled off. I felt him get off the bed and turned towards him. His limp
dick was right there and I kissed it one more time. He smiled at me and
left the room.

I just lay there, basking in the daddy fuck I just got. It felt like I
had died and gone to heaven. I never wanted to let go of the feeling. My
dad had fucked me and it was the best fucking I had ever! I didnít think
that anything would top it. And to this day, I was right.

We never had sex again and never talked about it. Sometimes when he
looks at me I caught him with a twinkle in his eye and I know he is
remembering. I love you dad, for always and forever.

Tyler Thane tylerthane@yahoo.com www.asstr.org/~tylerthane

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