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The Intruder


The Intruder (Complete)

Deeply buried beneath the hazy shroud of sleep she was perhaps
dreaming of her upcoming wedding with all the minute details still to be
planned; or possibly her reliable; albeit dull and predictable fiancee,
Harold. In the land of enchanted dreams however, Harold wasn't an
ultra-conservative young accountant trying to make partnership at his firm;
he was a charming and sophisticated man who masterfully made love to
her every night and knew her mind and body better than she knew herself.
Regardless of the idealized lover in her gossamer fantasies, Harold was
neither spontaneous nor had they consummated their love at all.
At times she romanticized that his traditional desire to wait until
they were married before accepting her "most precious gift" was simply a sign
of his gentlemanly respect for her but deep down she knew it was actually
because he was preoccupied with his career and uninterested in 'sins of the
flesh'. He had been strictly raised to believe that sex was just for creating
children and that it was only meant to happen after Marriage. On more than
one occasion Harold had confessed that he had proposed to her because he
knew she was "chaste, pure and uncorrupted by the hands of man". It hurt
her feelings to realize that his love for her was conditional and depended on
her intact maidenhood. If she wasn't a virgin he would have never wanted
to marry her.
Regardless of his compassionate shortcomings and judgmental nature, his
numerous good qualities ensured he would be a good provider and loyal to her
forever which was what she was raised to believe was most important. There
were times when that was of little consolation since she sought an emotional
soulmate and exciting confidante who desired her madly. Being the practical
planner that he was, Harold had probably already mapped out their financial
future and purchased cemetery plots for them, she presumed sadly.
Her mother had repeatedly chased away the schoolgirl notions she entertained
(of being spontaneously swept off her feet by a handsome stranger) and that
strong encouragement to seek stability over excitement had taken root in
reality but her well intentioned advice couldn't reach into her dreams to
destroy that. There she was free to fantasize about a very different life
than what she knew the future held for her.
In the twilight world between reality and the "land of nod" she
awakened with a shudder; initially unsure of her surroundings or what had
just happened. Out of the darkness a powerful hand forcefully covered her
mouth and prevented her from being able to scream. Her eyes flew wide open
with panic when she realized that she was at home in bed but obviously not
alone! The overwhelming fear caused adrenaline to flood her veins and made
her heart beat fiercely. A gruff voice in the darkness told her that if she
cried out or tried to escape she would die. A sharp knife in her side
convinced her that she was absolutely AWAKE and that the intruder meant
everything he said. She knew she had no choice but to do as he demanded..
Her first innocent and semi-conscious instinct was to tell him to take
whatever he wanted in the house (possessions) and then she begged "the thief"
to not hurt her... The intruder laughed sadistically at her mistaken
interpretation of why he was there. She finally understood his dark motivation
and what he actually meant to "steal"! With wide open eyes she realized he
intended to violate HER instead of taking any of the houses material
possessions..... Tears filled her eyes and she began to sob when the
realization came that there was no way to reason with an aroused and desperate
rapist in the confines of her bed; or to appeal to his sense of decency. He
obviously possessed no such virtue considering the dire situation she found
herself in and her desperate plea to keep her virginity intact to save for her
future husband fell on deaf ears. The evil smile on his otherwise masked face
told her that he didn't care about the importance of her virginity to her
fiancee. Her next desperate ploy was to try to convince him that her family was there in the house and would be awakened by the noise.
"Nice try bitch! I've had this house under observation all week and I know
they left this morning for their vacation with a carload of suitcases! Looks
like they'll be gone for several days at least. I can't believe they left such
a juicy cherry like you here all alone for me to play with. That was mighty
generous of them and it's the least I can do to bring a little excitement to
your boring and previously uneventful life!" The intruder's malicious words
and sadistic grin sent a shiver of revulsion throughout her shaking body. "You
must think I'm pretty stupid if you thought I would just break in here without
first making sure I wouldn't be interrupted during our fun! It's just you and
me slut, and I'm going to FUCK you eight ways from Sunday!" The sheer
magnitude and intensity of his threatening words reminded her again of what
was about to occur and she begin to cry; feeling powerless and frightened
beyond words.
"No, no; plea-se don't! I beg you... ANYTHING but that!"
"I'm going to make you my sweet little FUCKtoy and ASSwhore.
Before it's all over you're going to love my cock in all your nasty holes,
"No, never... I'll never like what you do to me, you bastard!" ;
Anger and resentment rose in her quavering voice.
"Suit yourself...... There's nothing sweeter than 'forbidden fruit' like
yours!..... I can't wait to hear you cry out when I split your cherry wide
open with this! Here, I want you to feel me, now!" The intruder grabbed her
shaking hand and placed it against his throbbing erection despite all her
efforts to resist.
Her eyes widened in terror when she made contact with his enormous, blood
engorged manhood. It was the first time in her life she had ever touched a man and the tactile shock was a physical reminder of what she was about to have
forced inside her against her will. More tears rolled down her cheeks. She
felt so "dirty" touching another man's cock and wondered if Harold would ever
be able to forgive her for what she was being made to do. His powerful wrists
held her delicate hand around his foreign member and guided her in masterfully
stroking him. Each repetitive stroke seemed to incense him into even greater
levels of lustful excitement and she wondered if her forced "cooperation" was
helping or hurting her chances of avoiding his intended sexual assault.
Her vision by then had completely adjusted to the darkness and she
could see that his masked face was contorted in pleasure which frightened
her even more. He was dressed completely in black and his looming form
seemed to dominate the entire room. After reaching climax she hoped his all
consuming desire to deflower her would be satiated so he wouldn't rob her
of her innocence, but instead he immediately ripped open her nightgown and
savagely exposed her nakedness to him.
She protested weakly and tried to cover herself..... His shimmering knife
reminded her of how little choice she had in the situation.
"PLEASE don't make me do this! I love my fiancee and he would never
be able to accept me if you..."

Instantly she noticed a peculiar and startling shift in her attacker's
countenance. Her last desperate plea for mercy seemed to change his entire
temperament from a hardened 'monster' interested in brutally assaulting her
and serving his own selfish desires; to an almost sympathetic and caring
individual. For the first time in the nightmarish ordeal she was able to see
him as a human being with sincere compassion for her worries and disgust
for anyone who would hold what he was doing against her. His voice and
tone changed so drastically from being forcefully sadistic to apologetic
and remorseful for his actions, that she almost forgot why he was there.
"What kind of man would hold something like this against YOU?"; He
asked in a gentle whisper. "It's completely out of your control! You didn't
ask for me to break in here and do this, did you? He'll probably love you
even more than before and do all he can to help you forget it and heal. That's
what I would do if you were mine."
She started to tearfully protest again that Harold was extremely old fashioned and expected her to be an "uncontaminated and pure" virgin until
their wedding night.
He sensed what she was about to say and interrupted. "No; If anything,
he should be relieved that he wasn't the one who had to deflower you and bring
you pain... If he really loves you he won't care about any of that since it is
him that you love, right?"
She hesitated only a brief moment before responding that she did in fact
love him despite his conditional expectations for her and lack of spontaneity.
"Actually, I probably did ask for something like this to happen."; She
reluctantly added in response to his earlier question. "All my life I've
wanted more 'excitement' and this is probably my punishment for
dreaming and fantasizing of a 'fairy tale' instead of accepting reality."
"It doesn't have to be a 'punishment'"; He offered suggestively with
a sly smile. Using a surprisingly tender touch he delicately caressed her
cheek and the nape of her neck in a way that made her melt and forget his
earlier malicious treatment. She TRIED to lay completely still and in no way
participate in what he was doing (since she had no choice but to allow him
to have his way with her) but a responsive moan escaped her lips and
betrayed the hidden truth despite her best efforts. A thousand thoughts
flooded her mind as his hands masterfully touched her in ways that she
knew Harold would never be able to. Initially she felt guilty for enjoying
his touch and attempted to resist his charms and gentle ministrations but
eventually pleasure won out over logic and she surrendered to the moment.
He was touching her most intimate places and she didn't even know who
he was! Every nerve ending on her body was tingling and stimulated. First
her nipples silently admitted her arousal and then soon after she felt her sex
swell and moisten dramatically. His hands felt so pleasurable on her skin that
she didn't even realize when her thighs parted involuntarily in anticipation.
She could no longer pretend that she wasn't enjoying his touch and when
he began licking her all over she cried out for release. His passionate kisses
on her breasts, belly and thighs made her swoon and gyrate her hips to steer
him to her throbbing pleasure button. Naturally he teased her until she
actually begged him to make her come. For the first time in her life she felt
a man's warm tongue caress her flower petals and sweet bud. Almost
instantly his fluttering tongue and gentle sucking drew out of her an
explosive climax that sent her over the edge into spasmodic convulsions.
He continued to hold onto her shaking hips and pleasure her until the
sensations were so intense that she begged him to stop.
When her breathing returned to normal and the climactic euphoria faded
away it was replaced with overwhelming confusion and guilt which she felt
from immensely enjoying what had just happened. She realized that she had
become somewhat of a willing participant in her own assault; therefore
redefining it as consensual seduction which she had to accept partial
responsibility for.
While she certainly hadn't arranged for him to invade her privacy in the
middle of the night and forcefully demand sexual gratification, there was no
denying that she was excited beyond words by the dramatic turn of events
which her life had just taken and she craved more desperately. He put his
hand on her cheek and wiped away the falling tears; as if to silently confirm
that he understood what was on her mind and the reason for her sadness.
Despite the bizarreness of the circumstances, she was deeply touched by his
considerate and astute gesture and began to feel a unique bond with him
which she had never managed to achieve with Harold; the man she had
known for years and was destined to spend the rest of her life with.
Ironically, the intruder in her bed who came to sexually assault her knew
her better than her own fiancee did!
The Stranger placed his hand on her heart and whispered: "I want you to
know that if you don't want this to go any farther then I will stop. it's up
to you. Tell me what you are thinking... I really do care."
All of the conflicting emotions whirling about in her mind troubled her.
If there ever was any excuse for not having any choice in what happened that
point had passed. If she permitted him to continue on and take her virginity
then she had no one to blame but herself. It was then when she realized
what would happen next if she agreed. Worrying that he might not be
concerned about the consequences of his actions, she nervously asked if he
had a condom to protect her from unwanted pregnancy and disease. The
Intruder grinned and slowly removed his mask....
"I think you know all too well that I ALWAYS prepare meticulously
for every event or situation WE might encounter!"
"OH MY GOD; HAROLD! I can't... believe.... it's YOU!!! WHY?"
That was the only question she could manage to get out as she attempted to
comprehend the startling fact that it had been her "mild mannered" fiancee
who had terrified her in the dark and pretended to be a vicious rapist. As
a mysterious and desperate stranger he had eventually won her heart and
sympathy with his earnest sincerity and compassion for her plight. Now she
was gazing straight in the eyes of the very man who she had been accusing
of being too predictable. The irony was not lost in her... "In one night I
have gotten to know you better than in the last 3 years! Why have you hidden
these feelings and this side of your personality from me?"
"In the last year I have become more and more aware of your growing
restlessness and dissatisfaction with our relationship! I know you dream of
being with a wild and spontaneous man who acts swiftly without thinking
and analyzing every detail and aspect like I do. Part of me wanted to see if
you were still loyal to me in your heart despite your yearning desire to have
a spontaneous lover, and the other side wanted to prove to myself that I
could surprise you and change your prudish and conservative perspective
of me. I guess I doubted you still loved me."
A seductive gleam filled her dewy eyes. "Come here baby and let me
show you right now how much I love you! I've saved this present all my
life just to give you." Her upcoming marriage would be very good indeed
with Harold the "predictable" CPA after all!


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