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The King and I


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If it's against the law
for you to read it, go away. If you are of legal age,
and you like this sort of thing, and even learn stuff
from it... keep on reading...

This story was written by me for a "Fantasy Train"
ride concocted by Shon Richards and Maria Gonzales.
They have a whole site dedicated to it, so check
it out...
It is inspired by Malinov's orgies... which is sort of
when a whole bunch of writers wrote anecdotes using
each other, and other people, as characters. I didn't
use a whole bunch of writers as main characters,
mostly because I wanted to have my own little
adventure. :) I hope you enjoy it.. and if you do,
drop me an email, ok?

And without further ado...
The King and I by Pami (

The conductor's voice cut through the clamor of the

"LONDON..... 1461" the leprechaun's reedy voice echoed
in my ears.

I smiled at John A. He grinned back, "Lemme guess...
medieval England... from the grin on your face, and
the clothes that you are wearing, Pami, I guess this
is your stop."

"But of course, John," I laughed, "I always read about
how Edward IV of England was such an incredibly
handsome blond... I HAVE to see for myself. Plus...
he was SUCH a womaniser...he needs a lesson." I had a
feeling that I was going to enjoy dominating this
younger man. I wanted him to remember me, Pami, for
all time. Besides, how many women in the middle ages
actually were sexual dominatrixes? Not many, I was
guessing. Edward would be the first on his block to
have the privilege, I smirked to myself. Shon shook
his head and smiled, "Pami, Pami, Pami... I thought
the Spanish Inquisition was more your style. I can
just picture you putting some hapless man on the rack
until he begs for forgiveness."

"I am HURT, Shon," I replied in a shocked tone, "I
don't like to ACTUALLY hurt people, just tie them up
and play with them a bit." I privately figured that
Shon had forgotten about all of those female
submissive stories that I had written.

The conductor's voice came over the intercom again.
"Pami, are you getting off or not?" was heard in an
exasperated tone.

I think the whole train laughed at that one. "Not
yet, but give me a LITTLE time," I responded, rising
out of my seat and alighting from the train.

I landed in a gutter, awash with fresh sewage.
"Yuck," I commented to myself as gingerly picked my
way into the middle of the brick-paved street.

A large cathedral was about 500 yards in front of me
and I gazed in awe. It was gray stone, and I thought
about exactly how long it would have taken to build
without modern machinery. As I glanced at the
buildings surrounding me, I was taken a bit aback to
see just how many were made of wood, rather than
stone. Of course, the Great Fire in the next century
would take care of that. I wanted to remember what
everything looked like for when I had to return to my
mundane life in the now distant future. There were
people everywhere, running everywhere, and they
SMELLED. I never really appreciated modern plumbing
sufficiently, I decided.

I glanced down at my clothes, glad that I had the
forethought to change before we left on this little
whirlwind tour of history. I was clad in a forest
green linen gown. One that clung to my rather
generous curves, had a low neckline, exposing my
shoulders and the creamy top curves of my rather large
tits, and it kindly flared out when it got to my hips.
My gold belt slung low, cinching in the yards of
fabric, and I carried a matching green bag. I was
rather proud of this outfit. I had sewn it myself,
and it was light enough that I could wear it in the
summer heat, and I didn't have to bother with a
chemise. Yes, I was pretty racy by 15th century
standards, but I figured I had to catch Edward's eye
SOMEHOW! My long golden brown hair was loose and
flowing down my back. Usually that was the first
thing that caught a gentleman's eye from a distance

A group of well-dressed men galloped horses down the
center of the street, directly at me. I jumped back,
just in time to avoid being run down, and slipped and
fell. I yelled a bit as I struck the ground.
"DAMMIT!" Bricks hurt, especially when they hit your
funny bone.

I writhed on the ground for a minute or two in pain,
before I noticed the trio of gentlemen standing before

"Mistress, please allow me to beg your pardon. My
companions and I were riding too quickly."

The speaker was a gentleman of about 35. Tall and
good-looking, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He
was splendidly dressed in a silk tunic, and carried a
sword at his side. While I felt a small twinge in my
nether regions, my conscious mind reminded me that
this man was too old to be my quarry.

"It is quite all right, my lord," I answered,
beginning to get up from the ground. A strong hand
reached out and helped lift me to my feet. As I
glanced up at the owner of the hand... Pay dirt!

He was young, looked to be about 20, with dark blond
thick hair, and he was tall. About 6'3", with
piercing blue eyes. His skin was tanned, but not the
tanning bed tan of the 1990's, it was the weather
beaten tan of the 1460's. The leprechaun had promised
I would meet Edward without delay, and he certainly
appeared to be correct.

"Edward Rex, at your service, Mistress," he commented
as he bowed over my hand. His eyes lingered on my
bosom, which was exactly what was supposed to happen.
Shivers ran up my spine upon listening to his husky
voice with a glorious accent call me Mistress. I only
hoped he would have occasion to repeat it.

"Are you chilled, Mistress?" he asked as he smiled
down at me. His blue eyes warmed me inside as I fully
appreciated why he would have so many mistresses in
his life. His charm was apparent just from the few
glances I had received.

"Actually, your Grace, I AM a bit shaken. Would you
mind if I sat down for a moment?" I asked, fluttering
my eyelashes at him. I knew I was behaving
shamelessly by medieval standards, but I was only
going to be there for a short time, and I had to work
fast. Especially since, at age 30, I was practically
an old woman... I needed to do something to capture
his attention NOW.

Edward tucked my hand into the crook of his elbow and
he turned and looked at his companions. "The lady and
I will be adjourning to the tavern across the highway.
Go make arrangements," he commanded.

I thrilled to the tone of command in his voice. My
goodness, I thought. So young, and already so sure of
himself. But this was a man who had won the crown of
England away from his predecessor by right of arms.
He had personally led the Yorkist army to victory
against the Lancastrians. Of course, I knew that it
was but a temporary moment of peace. One that I was
going to cash in on.

He smiled down at me, and whispered for my ears alone,
"I am most flattered, Mistress, that you know who I
am. Dare I hope you have been pining away after me?"

"Your Grace!" I playfully tapped his hand with my
free one. "Surely all of England knows of your
glorious victories. I, however, would like to know
more about the man who has brought peace to our land.
Would you be honest with a loyal subject?"

"Of course, Mistress... I am afraid I do not have the
honor of knowing YOUR name," he flirted back at me
with those incredible eyes.

"Kathryn. Just Kathryn, my lord."

We strolled up to a wooden building that would never
have passed a single building code, even in the slums
of New York City. A well-dressed man opened the door
for us, and Edward and I entered the dimly lit room.

It was a regular tavern room, with a few roughly hewn
tables and a somewhat seedy looking man and woman
stood off to one side.

"Your Grace..." the man started to speak.

The woman shoved him aside and rushed forward. She
was no fool, I could tell from a single look. She
fell to her knees before the king, and gushed forth
about how honored they were that he stopped into their
tavern, and if there were any way at all that they
could serve him, he had but to ask. All the while, I
noticed, she was thrusting her tits forward at the
king, as if offering them to him. Slut, I thought. I
smiled inwardly, knowing that I was doing the exact
same thing, if in a somewhat more refined manner.

Edward raised his hands. "Thank you. Thank you. It
is indeed an honor for me to stop in a place with such
loyal subjects. Now, if you would step aside, the
lady has suffered a fall and needs to be seated."

I swore, as he pulled me forward to sit in one of the
rickety chairs by the fire, that this was the voice of
a much older man. I had come to this time and place
to give Edward a lesson in submission, but I was
starting to doubt whether I would be able to command

The woman rushed up to us with two mugs of ale. I
shuddered as I tasted mine, and Edward was quick to
pick up on it. "Are you still ill, my lady Kathryn?"
he asked with concern.

"Oh no, your Grace, I am simply unused to this ale. I
generally drink only water," and I mentally kicked
myself for that faux pas. No one in the middle ages
drank much water. The water table was contaminated,
and most water was drawn from the rivers that were the
same ones people threw sewage in.

"Water? Not wine? I cannot imagine such rosy lips
touching anything other than the finest wines," Edward
said as he leaned closer to me. Oh yes, he was
turning on the charm now, I thought.

I reached up and touched my lips. I tried to blush,
really, I did, but I didn't think I had much success.
It really was a pretty tame comment considering what I
usually heard back in my own time period. Still, I
played along. "Oh, THESE lips? Do you like them,
your Grace?" I asked with what I hoped was a
coquettish expression on my face.

"I wonder if they are as soft as they look," he mused
with an equally teasing look at me.

"Let me see," I countered. I ran my finger over my
lips and then daringly reached out and ran it over his
full lips. He opened his mouth and lightly bit the
fingertip as it caressed him.

He looked at me, as if to ask me a silent question,
and then, probably seeing how my brown eyes melted
under his gaze, he stood up abruptly. He looked over
at the two gentlemen that had been escorting him, who
now stood off to one side of the room. "Leave us.
Now. And tell the tavern-keeper and his wife to stay
out of here until I call."

The brown-haired man that had addressed me earlier
opened his mouth to protest, but Edward cut him off.
"I said leave us. Do it. Now."

And with that, the two men bowed. One exited out the
front door to the street, presumably to stand guard,
and the other through the hallway, towards the

Edward fell to his knees in front of my chair. "I
will perish if I do not touch your lips, sweet Kate,"
he told me. After I got over my initial surprise that
they actually DID talk like that back then, I found my

"Give me your hand, your Grace," I told him huskily,
extending my own towards him.

He placed his hand in mine and I folded back his
fingers until only his forefinger was pointing out.
This I took and lightly ran over my lips. I traced the
curve of my mouth with the king's finger around and
around. I finally opened my mouth slightly and
allowed the finger to touch my tongue. As I slowly
sucked his finger into the warm wetness of my mouth,
the King of England let out a low groan. He sounded
like a tiger purring low in his throat.

I ran my tongue over and around his finger, letting
him feel the roughness of the pad of my tongue. And
darting the tip of it around and around the tip. I
wanted him to imagine where else my mouth would feel
good. He seemed mesmerized by my actions, and I
started to wonder if perhaps they didn't do this back
in the middle ages. But I thrust that thought right
out of my mind. Indeed, it was becoming difficult to
think rationally when I had such a gorgeous young man
in such proximity. My head was turning the thinking
process over to my pussy. And my pussy told me that I
wanted this man badly, king or not.

He pulled his finger out of my mouth and wrapped my
long hair around and around his fist. He held me
still as he leaned closer. I couldn't pull my eyes
away from his well-shaped lips, and I couldn't wait to
taste him. He stopped abruptly mere inches from
touching my mouth with his and I whimpered. I didn't
mean to, but I couldn't help myself. His blue eyes
twinkled into mine, and he told me, "Ask me, Kate.
Ask your king to take command of you. Ask me to make
you mine. Ask me, Kate."

"Please, your grace. Please kiss me. I want to taste
you," I mewled at him. I was kind of despising myself
at this point, and I wondered what Shon and John and
even Maria would think of the in-control Pami when
they heard about THIS!
Then Edward's lips brushed against mine, and I stopped
thinking again, and started feeling.

His mouth was full and soft, but as our kiss
lengthened, his lips seemed to harden a bit, and I
could feel his tongue brush against my closed mouth.
I opened my mouth to his questing tongue, and I felt
like I was struck by a thousand small electric shocks
all over my body as his tongue met mine. Part of me
marvelled that kissing, at least, hadn't seemed to
have changed over the past 500 years. As his tongue
swished over my teeth, I shivered with lust. I spread
my legs as wide as my full skirt would allow, and
leaned forward, into the kneeling Edward's firm body.
I twined my own hands through his thick wavy hair and
gently pulled on it at his nape, enjoying the small
moan I heard and felt as a result.

Edward broke the kiss. He used his grasp on my long
hair to tilt my head backwards and he licked down the
paleness of my throat. "You are a witch, Mistress,"
he groaned as he licked quickly back and forth across
the pulse points at the base of my neck. "What spell
did you cast over me in the street?"

I thought quickly. I needed to be careful. If, as I
suspected, his men-at-arms were listening, or even
watching us, it was important that they not think I
was truly a witch. In the middle ages, they burnt
witches. Well, at least they killed them in SOME
unsavory fashion. I couldn't think exactly what
way was in fashion at this time. "Your Grace," I
panted, "Edward, I am not a witch, merely a woman who
is overcome by your presence." Truthfully, I wanted
to tell him that I didn't care what he called me as
long as we got naked pretty quickly, but I didn't
think that would go over very well.

He stopped nuzzling my neck long enough to look into
my eyes. "Ahhh, Kate, I can tell by the look in your
pretty brown eyes that you are telling me the truth.
And tell me, when you look into my eyes, what do you

I looked. His eyes were dilated, the black pupil
covered all but a small ring of blue fire that shone
out at me. "Edward, what I see is a man who needs me.
Who needs to be with me. Who needs to feel what only
I can give him." I knew I sounded kind of stupid, but
what the hell. It wasn't like I was ever going
to SEE the man again.

And with that I pulled his face to mine for another
long and deep kiss. I felt his left hand come up and
cup my right breast. His hands were very large, and
I couldn't believe that he almost fit the entire globe
in his hand. As his hand massaged and kneaded, I
moaned into his mouth. He pulled slightly back from
me, and we both watched as he tugged my already low
neckline down, so that my tits popped right over the

"Kate, your titties are beautiful. I can't wait," the
king moaned as he bent his head slightly and took a
nipple into his mouth.

I arched my back let out a long, low purr. His teeth
were pulling on my nipple, almost biting it, and I
loved the feeling. When he flicked his tongue back
and forth, I thought I would melt. His hand reached
up and began caressing the neglected breast. Every
time he pulled on my nipples, I groaned, and I guess
he got the idea, because he stopped sucking my tit and
looked up at me. He smiled, a slow sexy smile that
was bordering on a smirk, and took both nipples in his
hands. He pulled and twisted at the same time, and as
the slight pain registered, I groaned more loudly.
"So, My lady Kathryn likes a little pain?" Edward
asked me with a lazy grin on his handsome face. I had
a tough time remembering that this was a 19 year old
teenager who was so commanding. I could only imagine
what this man would be like in 10 or 15 years.

Both of our eyes were glued to my tits, and as Edward
pulled and twisted, my normally rose-pink nipples
became a darker, dusky color, and grew. The areola
around them even grew hard and somewhat ripply, and I
could feel every tug and pinch echo in my clit. "My
bag, my bag," I gasped out, and gestured at the small
scrap of green linen that I had been carrying. It was
now lying just out of reach on the floor. Edward
looked at me quizzically, but didn't question, and
just reached out one of his paws and picked it up. A
slightly metallic-sounding jingle came from out of the
bag, and he pulled it open and reached inside. As he
pulled out the contents, he looked at the item and
then silently handed it over. I placed one end of the
nipple clamps on my left nipple, and the other end on
my right, with Edward's face breaking out into a grin
as I did so. "Kathryn, where did you get such an
interesting device?" he enthused. He picked up the
center of the connecting chain and pulled on it, and I
felt the tug on my tits grow. He pulled them hard,
and then let go and watched my tits bounce back into
shape. I had brought them to use on HIM, but the
circumstances seemed to warrant using them myself.
And I had to admit, nothing keeps me hornier and
hotter than the constant pressure on my nipples. "I
shall have to have a silversmith make some." Edward
smiled at me.

I couldn't stand the small talk and pulled him close
for another kiss. Our tongues dueled, and the
pressure from his chest kept the chain on my clamps
taut. And then I felt his hand slide up my skirt. He
paused at my knee, and caressed that sensitive area
right behind it, and then continued up. My pussy was
gushing, and I could feel my juices puddling up
underneath me. I had completely soaked through my
dress, and I tried not to think about what would
happen when I had to get up and walk somewhere in

The king's fingers brushed lightly over my bare pussy
lips. I had shaved well before embarking on Shon's
little trip, and I was glad that I had. It just
seemed that being naked down there makes things more
sensitive. I scooched forward to the edge of the
chair to help Edward gain access to my cunt. His
fingers spread my lips and he found my clit right
away. (So, they DID know about those things back
then!) I know I let out an incredibly loud noise at
that moment. I was trying to be quiet, but if its
done right, I have a tough time. And this man
definitely knew how to do it right. He rubbed his
finger up one side of it, and his thumb up the other,
and I thought I would just fall apart from the
pleasure. "Oh. Yes. Edward... there. More.
Please..." I started directing him. Well, maybe it
was begging, but I really couldn't think properly with
the guy rubbing my clit like that. I was practically
bouncing up and down in the chair at that point. When
he took one of his other fingers and slid it deep
inside my wetness I couldn't take anymore and
thundered into a mind-blowing orgasm. Good God... the
King of England just made me come, I dazedly thought.

I slumped back into the chair, and watched as Edward
took his hands out from under my long skirt. He
brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them. I
shuddered. I have always been half horrified and half
mesmerized by that sight. "Mmmmm," he moaned. "I
need more. You have the sweetest cunt I have ever
tasted." And with that, he threw my skirt up and
thrust his head between my thighs.

I was coming alive again, and helped out by taking my
legs and throwing them over the wooden arms of the
chair. It was an uncomfortable position, but I didn't
feel that. I only felt the tongue that ran up and
down my wetness. His fingers pulled my lips far
apart, and Edward thrust his tongue into my passage.
I could feel it wiggling inside me, as he tried to
lick up all of my freely flowing juices. He tongue
fucked me for long minutes and I loved every second of
it. But it was when he moved his mouth over my clit
and sucked it into his mouth that I went berserk. The
suction on that little nodule of feeling was enough to
make me see stars, and I vaguely heard myself almost
screaming as the orgasm overtook me. He stayed there,
his hands holding me still, and kept the suction up.
When I started to come down, he lightly bit my clit
and I was off again.

Finally, he pulled his face away and I looked into his
eyes. He was shiny with my wetness and I thought he
looked a little out of breath. I guess I tried to
smother him when I closed my legs around his head.
Oops. I thought that I might get in trouble if I
killed the King of England and messed up the timeline.
Even if it was an accident.

Still, he grinned at me. "My lady, that was
incredible. Every time I thought I licked it all up,
you produced more. You ARE a witch."

I smirked at him and replied, "The only part of you
that I want to cast a spell on is this, your Grace,"
as I reached down and felt his hard cock in his
tights. (Tights of the middle ages weren't for women,
they were made of rather sturdy material, usually
cotton, and functioned as leg coverings underneath a
short tunic.)

I told the king to stand before me, and I pulled up
his tunic, and down his tights, and there was one of
the largest and thickest penises I had ever had the
good fortune to behold. In real life, anyway. It was
pale white with a reddish head, uncut, about 9 or 10
inches long, and thick enough that I couldn't get my
hand around it. God, I couldn't wait to feel this
inside of me! Still... there were other things I
wanted to do first. And Edward WAS 19. Practically
at his sexual peak. I grinned at the thought.

I pulled the foreskin back and gently licked the head.
I looked up at Edward as I did so, and was rewarded by
seeing his eyes close and his head fall back. I
licked around and around and then I found the pulsing
vein running up the underside. I traced it with my
tongue, and watched Edward watch me as I did. His
hands were in my hair, not forcing me to suck him, but
more or less because it was a convenient place for him
to rest them, I suppose. I licked back and forth over
that spot right at the base of his cock, nestled in
the blond fleece there, and his hands tightened
convulsively. I smiled, as much as it was possible to
do without taking my mouth off of him, and then sucked
one of his large balls into my mouth. I very gently
rolled it around and took my hands and placed them on
his tight ass. I then took my tongue and retraced my
path, back up the vein, to the now angrily-red
mushroom head of that gorgeous cock. I opened my
mouth to suck his magnificent manhood, and the hands
in my hair pulled me away.

I looked up at Edward quickly. I thought I was doing
pretty good so far, and I opened my mouth to ask what
was wrong, when he told me. "Ask me. Beg me, Kate.
Ask to suck your king's cock." His normally husky
voice had deepened, and I was thrilled by the tone it.

"Please, your Grace," I started, "Please let me suck
you. I want to taste all of you. Let me, Edward."

He reached one hand around and started waving his
hard-on in front of my eyes. "Put out your tongue,
Kate." I complied. "Farther. No, farther." I stuck
my tongue out as far as I could, and he slapped my
tongue with his erection. I whimpered, and tried to
lick it. "No. Stay still. You will get it when I
want, not when you want. Remember who is king, my
lady," Edward admonished me. So I stayed like that,
tongue extended, and endured the feeling of that piece
of flesh that I craved so much slapping against my
tongue time after time. Finally, it must have gotten
to be too much, even for him, and he commanded me,
"Open all the way up, Kathryn," and as I did so, he
slid his cock as far into me as I could easily take.

I gagged slightly as his hardness touched the back of
my throat, but I closed my mouth around him and
started sucking him as I craved. I could taste the
slight saltiness of his pre-come, and I savored it.
Some things don't change too much, even over a span of
500 or so years. I bobbed my head back and forth,
enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I
swirled my tongue around him as much as I could with
his thickness in my rather small mouth. I felt his
ass tighten under my hand, and I guessed that a man
probably didn't get too many blow jobs in the middle
ages. If lots of women in the 1990's didn't do it, I
supposed even fewer in the 1460's did. Heck, for all
I knew, I was giving the first EVER blow job. His
moans grew in volume, and I looked up and saw him
grimacing, in what I hoped was an effort not to come
too soon. Still, after about ten minutes of
alternating light suction with my best imitation of a
vacuum cleaner, I saw his eyes close and he yelled.
This was it, I guessed. I withdrew until only the
head was in my mouth and was rewarded by about ten
spurts of creamy fluid jetting onto my taste buds.
Mmmm... brie... I thought to myself. I sucked him
gently through his orgasm and then pulled away.

Edward pulled me to my feet, and kissed me long and
deeply. His tongue caressed the roof of my mouth,
causing me to twitch in his arms. I was slightly
surprised that he didn't mind kissing me after I had
gone down on him, but I certainly wasn't arguing. He
tugged on the chain of the clamps I still had on, and
I moaned. Yes, I was hot again. Actually, going down
on him had kept my libido on simmer, but his kisses
and his touch were sending my blood (and other body
parts) to full boil again.

He gently pushed away from me, and then removed the
clip attached to my left tit. I moaned as the blood
began to flow into the nipple again. This was always
the hardest part. But after they were off, my nips
were always ultra-sensitive. He massaged the free
one, and then unclamped the other breast. A small
tear ran down my cheek from the pain, and he leaned
down and kissed it.

"My lady Kathryn," the king started, "I have learned
so much about you in such a short time. You have a
most delicious mouth." He kissed me. "You have a
most delicious cunt." He pulled my skirt up and
patted it. "And you have the most delicious tits."
He tweaked my nipple. "I think, what this means, is
that you, my dear Kate, are the most delicious slut in
all of Christendom."

I smirked. Ok. It was corny, and later on I would no
doubt think it was hokey, but at the time, it sounded
pretty wonderful. After all, this was arguably the
most powerful man in the world telling me this. I was
as enthralled by him as I had intended for him to be
by me.

"However," he continued, "I am not quite finished with
you yet, Kate." And he turned me around. He reached
around and cupped my tits from behind and kneaded
them. He whispered in my ear, "Don't you think, sweet
mistress, that you have been a bit forward with your
king?" He bit my earlobe. "I think, as would any
reasonable man, that your training in deportment has
been sorely lacking. And I think that it is my
responsibility, as your liege, to remedy that
situation." Edward's tongue flicked in my ear as he
spoke and I shivered uncontrollably.

He pulled my skirt up again, and bent me over the
chair that I had so recently been sitting in. My pale
bottom faced him, and I had a feeling I knew what was
next. How had things gotten so out of my control? I
was supposed to be teaching HIM a lesson, not the
other way around. And then I stopped thinking.
CRACK... Edward's strong hand fell across my ass
cheeks, fairly hard, and I yelped.

"No," he reprimanded me, "You will have to be quiet,
Kate. You need this. You need the discipline. And
you need to know who is in charge here." Once again,
I was startled to remember that this man was only 19
years old. Almost 12 years my junior, and here I was,
bare-assed, letting him spank me. CRACK... I bit my
lip to stop from making noise.

"Good girl," he told me in that husky voice, and I
felt my pussy moistening still more.

He spanked me quite a few times. I lost track. But
he would stop between each one and if I was quiet, he
would tell me what a good girl I was, and if I made
noise, he told me how disappointed he was. And I
wanted to please him. He caressed my bottom every few
smacks, and his hands felt cool against the burning
warmth of my ass. Occasionally he would reach between
my legs and feel the wetness of my pussy. His fingers
felt so good there, and I didn't want him to take them
away. But he did, and my spanking continued.

Finally, there was a long pause. I wondered if he was
done disciplining me when I felt something hot and
hard against my wet cunt. I looked around and there
Edward was, tunic pulled up, his large cock against
me. I moaned and wiggled my ass. I was so hot that I
just wanted him inside me. I didn't know if it was
the spanking, or the caressing, or the words, but I
wanted to be fucked.

I spread my legs a little bit further, and Edward
thrust home in one motion. I felt his balls slap
against my clit as he reached maximum penetration. He
held his cock there, and I could feel him stretching
me. I could feel him throbbing inside and I tightened
and relaxed my inner muscles to massage him. He
groaned and began thrusting back and forth inside my
passage. His hips felt cool against my burning
bottom, and I reveled in the sensations.

Edward would vary between hard and deep thrusts, and
then he would slow down the pace and feed me one inch
of his prick at a time. Once, when he was embedded
all the way inside me, he slapped my ass, and told me
how good I felt when I tightened around him as a
result. After that, he would spank me from time to
time as we fucked.

I lost track of time. I had no idea how long we had
been actually going at it, but I started to feel the
pressure building up. The combination of the friction
of his balls against my clit, plus he was hitting my
g-spot with his thrusts, started to push me closer to
a climax. I wanted to feel him come inside me, so I
reached between my legs and cupped his balls, gently
massaging them. We weren't talking at all, but the
grunts and groans probably made it clear to the nearby
men-at-arms what was going on. I knew my vocal volume
had long since passed a discreet level, and Edward's
wasn't far behind.

Finally, with a flurry of hard and deep thrusts, I
felt my body freeze. One more thrust and I orgasmed
as hard as I have ever done in my entire life. I
really thought I was seeing stars. I felt Edward ram
into me, and hold it there. He roared, almost like a
lion, and I felt the pulsing that signified his own
climax. Every throb of his cock ran over my clit and
kept me coming in waves.

I collapsed over the chair, and Edward leaned on me,
still half hard inside me. We were both panting like
we had sprinted an entire marathon, and I remembered
that I was 12 years older than him, and I needed to

Just then I heard a long low whistle. A train
whistle. Edward looked at me as I groaned.
"Kathryn... what is THAT?" he asked me incredulously.

I pushed him away from me and turned and looked into
those vivid blue eyes. "That is my ride, you Grace.
And it is time for me to go." I smiled at him as
I tried to push my breasts back into my dress, and
smooth my hair as much as possible.

"You... are ... a witch..." Edward said, haltingly.
"Will! Thomas!" he called out to his men-at arms and
they burst through the door.

I saw the light that was the doorway to the train, and
ran the few steps needed to reach it. "Something like
that, Edward. But YOU cast the spell on ME," I cried
as I jumped on the platform and the train whisked

I stumbled to my seat, and Shon looked at me. "You
look like you have been thoroughly fucked, Pami" he
said with a smirk.

"And what is that big wet spot on the back of your
dress?" Maria chimed in with her usual perky tone.

John spread a blanket out on the seat for me, and I
sat down. "Did you bring him to his knees?" he asked

I smiled tiredly. "Something like that, John,
Something like that." And then I realized I had
forgotten my bag and the nipple clamps. I laughed out
loud as I thought that the royal silversmiths would at
least have a model to base their designs on.

"Who's up next? I need a nap," I told the compartment
as I closed my eyes.


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