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The Kissing Game


The Kissing Game

Felix Phile Dec. 1999 (

One summer, when I was 15, my sister and I spent a week at an art school out in
the country. I took some classes in sketching and pottery during the day, but
what is more interesting is what happened at night.

The school was located on a farm in some countryside formed of gently rolling
hills. Some of the students would commute daily from the city and others found
accommodation nearby. One of the choices was a ski lodge that also functioned as
a resort/campground in the summer. My sister, who is a couple of years older
than me, stayed at the lodge but I had chosen to stay in a tent and eat in the
lodge. There was a van from the school that would take us back and forth to the

On the Sunday before school started my parents drove my sister and me to the
lodge where they made the proper arrangements. I found a nice spot about in a
field across from the lodge and pitched my tent. After checking everything was
satisfactory my parents left for home. That first evening went smoothly. We ate
supper and I went to my tent to read by the light of my gas lamp and later to

Monday went as expected. We ate breakfast at the lodge, took the van to the
farm, checked in, and had our first classes. At the end of the day I prepared to
head back to the lodge and met my sister at the van. She had apparently
attracted the interest of a friend of one of the instructors and would be
staying for the evening at the farm. I rarely saw her in the evenings after that
and it turned out that she had a pretty interesting week at camp too.


I took the van back to the lodge expecting an eventless evening. I walked around
the campground exploring until suppertime when I went to the lodge. There wasn't
much to do after so I went to my tent to read.

After an hour or so there was a sudden thump on my tent. It surprised me and I
stuck my head outside to look for the source. It had grown dark enough that I
couldn't make out much except the lodge in the distance.

I went back to reading but another thump soon came, followed by a third. This
time I left the tent and started walking around. Suddenly two figures jumped up
from the tall grass and took off for a bunch of trees. I chased after them but
didn't go far as I didn't have my shoes on.

I decided to go looking for the culprits, as this was more interesting than my
book. I put my shoes on and turned out my lamp. Then I started walking quietly
in the direction of the woods. After wandering around for about 15 minutes I
came across a picnic table with four kids sitting on it. One of them called out
to me and I walked over.

As I got close I could see there were two boys and two girls. I sat down and
started talking to them. I found out that they were children of people who
worked at the lodge and stayed on the grounds during the summer. I can't
remember their names so I'll call them Billy, Bobby, Joanne, and Terry. I don't
remember much about Billy and Bobby except that they looked like typical 12 or
13 year-old boys. Joanne was a fairly ordinary looking 14 year-old with
shoulder-length brown hair who looked like the country life suited her. Terry
was a cute 13 year-old with long black hair.

It turned out that it had been the two boys throwing rocks at my tent.
Apparently my orange cotton tent stood out like a beacon when I had the bright
lantern on inside. They knew that there was another teenager in the tent and had
decided to pull a prank. The boys had been the ones to move close to the tent
while the girls had stayed near the woods. When I chased them they all took off
to meet back at the picnic table, their usual hangout.

After we talked for a while Billy (or was it Bobby) said they were planning to
play the "kissing game" and said I could join in. I didn't know what it was so
Terry told me that they would take turns kissing for a while then switch
partners. There were normally only the four of them so I'd have to sit out the
first round. Terry looked pretty cute so I figured it was worth waiting to see
what would happen.

The couples sat side by side on one side of the picnic table while I sat on the
other. I didn't stare but I still saw enough to understand what was expected.
Each couple would turn enough that they could lightly peck lips and then after a
while sit there with their lips pressed together. This didn't seem too exciting
but at 15 I would have walked a mile for a glimpse of a cute girl. (I still
will, exercise is good for the heart.)

At some signal I didn't recognize it was time to switch. I sat down beside Terry
and while her partner moved to Joanne. Terry was rather petite and just
beginning to develop her secondary sexual characteristics. I moved in tight
beside her and made a few light brushes of her lips. It was nice but didn't seem
to have any feeling to it. We moved to longer pressing of the lips but she kept
hers pursed tightly and it was about as interesting as kissing my aunt.

I put an arm around Terry and tried putting a little more feeling into it but
Terry put her hand on my chest and gently pushed me away. I was starting to lose
interest in the game. Soon enough this turn was up.

I moved over next to Joanne and she shifted slightly to move right against me.
Joanne was bigger than Terry and had certainly hit puberty earlier. She may not
have had Terry's looks but she already had an interesting set of curves. We
started with the gentle kisses and I found that hers were much softer and more
interesting than Terry's. Soon we move to prolonged contact and I put an arm
around her. Joanne moved in closer so that I could feel her breasts pressing
against my chest. We started more serious kissing at that point and I had just
started trying to put my tongue between her lips when time ran out.

Joanne seemed as disappointed as I was when we had to break. I sat still for a
moment as I didn't want to stand up and make my newly developed erection
obvious. I kind of slid around the bench to the other side of the table while
the boys moved to their new partners. I pretended to look at the sky while
keeping as many senses as I could focused on the couples behind me.

It seemed to go much the same way as the first round with only some simple
kissing. Eventually that round ended and I moved over to join Terry. Again she
would kiss me but only in the way children would. I tried to make it more
interesting but she wouldn't join in. She was interested in boys but not yet in
any form of real contact.

Finally I moved back to Joanne. This time my arm went around her right away and
we pulled close. The kisses were real smooches and I tried to move my tongue
between her lips. She opened her mouth and let it, starting a little dance with
her tongue. She'd done this before. My next step was to slide my free hand up
and down her side with the intention of moving it on to her breast. As soon as I
got it up to the point where I could feel the softness of the side of her breast
her arm clamped down trapping it there. I couldn't tell if she was trying to
stop me from going further or preventing me from sliding away again.

I held my hand there and started moving my thumb back and forth over the part it
could reach. I couldn't find her nipple but I still thought I was doing pretty
well. Before I could do much more it was time to break the clinch.

Terry declared that it was time to go back to the lodge and look for their
parents. Regretfully, I headed back to my tent. I stripped down, lay on my
sleeping bag, and beat off like crazy.


Tuesday went much as had Monday - a little sketching, a little pottery. When I
got back to the lodge in the afternoon I saw Bobby and asked him what they were
up to that night. He said they never planned anything, they just met at the
picnic table. I went to my tent, grabbed a change of clothes and headed off to
lodge for a shower. Coming out I ran into my sister who said she was off with
some "friends" that evening. We met for supper and she took off later leaving me
on my own once again.

Once the sky started to darken I set off for the picnic table hoping for some
more of the previous night's activities. I found the two boys and Joanne at the
table but no Terry. Joanne looked happy and a little relieved to see me show up.
I asked about Terry. Her mother was off to town to do some shopping and Terry
had gone along.

It was pretty obvious to me that we weren't going to play the kissing game with
three guys and one girl. I was disappointed but decided to hang around anyway. I
sat next to Joanne on the table and she kind of leaned back so there was a
little contact between us. I leaned into her just a bit so she would know I
liked it too.

We sat there talking about the kind of things that young teens talk about. Bull
shitting each other about what we'd seen and done. Who was the best ball player,
how mosquitoes would explode if you trapped them by pulling your skin tight
after they had stung, if you could really ride your bike down a hill fast enough
to burst the tires.

At one point a couple walking through the woods came up to us and started making
conversation. I'd guess they were in their early twenties but it was so long ago
I don't know for sure. We swapped some dumb-ass jokes for a while when Billy
made his mouth into an 'O' with pursed lips and pointed at it grunting for
attention. Then he asked the woman if she knew what it was. I knew the joke and
tried to stop him.

"Ya know what this is?" he asked.

"No, what is it?" she answered.

"Cock-sucker's cramp! Do you get it?"

"Yeah, I get it," she said going along with him.

"How often?" he asked.

She laughed but I felt kind of embarrassed. I didn't know at that age that cock-
sucking was a pretty common occurrence and adults could joke about it too.

Not long after this the others headed off to the lodge and I went back to my
tent. We hadn't done any kissing that night but being 15 I still had to relieve
my frustration into a tissue.


On Wednesday, as usual, I went to the farm. I found out that there would be a
campfire that night with music and marshmallows. After class I took the van back
to the lodge for supper and to get my jacket in case it got cooler. I saw Joanne
and she asked if I'd be at the picnic table that night. I told her I would be at
the farm and probably not back until late. She asked when I was going back to
the city. I told her that my parents were coming up late Friday after class to
take us home. She seemed disappointed but didn't say anything.

I had a good time at the campfire and even smoked a little weed. Hey, these were
artsies and it was not long after Woodstock.


Thursday was a little different at the farm because we had a nude model for
sketching. She lay out on a blanket in one of the fields and we sketched. I did
a pretty good job I think, trying to concentrate on the task rather then just
ogling her. I don't know what happened to that sketch, it disappeared like so
many other memories over the years.

As usual I ate supper in the lodge and just walked around killing time until I
could go to the picnic table. Once dusk came I headed there to look for the
others. This time I was the first. I sat there peeling twigs and flicking stones
at trees until I heard someone coming. I looked up to see Joanne. She was a
little out of breath like she'd being rushing to get there.

"Hi," I said as she came towards me. She was wearing her usual cutoff jeans and
a checkered blouse.

"Hi," she said back. "The others will be here soon."

"Oh, okay," I said in brilliant repartee.

"This is your last night isn't it?"

"Yeah, my folks are picking me up tomorrow."

"Yeah, you told me yesterday."

"Oh, yeah, I did."

What? You were expecting scintillating dialogue from a couple of kids?

About then the others showed up in a group, this time with Terry. Great, maybe
we'd play the kissing game again. We started talking about the usual stuff and I
tried to press them details about what we were going to do. Nobody was very
committal, then Joanne said, "What about the kissing game?"

Terri said, "I don't know, maybe later."

I didn't want to push it so I left it alone. We kept up the meaningless
conversation for a while as we sat and slapped mosquitoes. Not too much later
Terry spoke up, "Hey, it's getting really buggy tonight, let's go in."

The boys agreed and neither Joanne or I said anything, we just followed them
back to the lodge. We went in to the game room and sat down. We played cards for
a while, every now and then a guest would walk through the room or stick a head
in looking for a friend. It became pretty obvious to me that my last night was
going to be a bust. I got bored with the card game and announced that I was
going back to my tent.

I trudged back and climbed inside. I took off my clothes and put on the sweat
shorts I had been wearing to sleep in. I lit the lamp and pulled out my book. I
hadn't done nearly as much reading as I'd expected that week. After about half
an hour my tent thudded. I knew that sound, it was a rock bouncing off it.

I put out the lamp, grabbed my jacket, and crawled out of the tent. I could see
a silhouette about twenty feet away.

"Who is it?" I called.

"Joanne," came back the hushed reply.

"Hi, why are you here?"

"I wanted to say good-bye."

I walked over to her and said, "Yeah, I guess I should've said something."

"Well, the others don't care too much."

At this point I realized that the mosquitoes were still plentiful and we were

"Let's go somewhere," I said.

She said, "How about your tent?"

"Yeah, let's go."

I crawled inside and moved to the back to let her in. She came in and sat cross-
legged facing me.

"So it's your last night."

"Yeah, I guess we won't see each other again."

"We didn't get to play the kissing game tonight."

"Yeah, I wish did."

"Me too, maybe we could do it now."

"Sure," I said and leaned forward to kiss her. She leaned forward too. I put my
arms out and tried to pull her to me but it was too clumsy sitting as we were.
"Umm, maybe we should lie down," I said.

"Okay," she said and we both unwound ourselves in the cramped tent and lay on
our sides.

We started kissing and I realize that we had too many arms lying around. I slid
my bottom arm out and under her head. She folded hers up and put her hand under
my cheek. We started kissing again. I pulled her tight to me and tried to slip
my tongue in her mouth. She let me and the lingual wrestling began.

As we got more excited by this action I half rolled on top of her with one leg
between hers. I started to slide my free hand up her side as I had the other
night. Once again her arm clamped down, but this time I was in a superior
position. I slid my hand out from under her arm and right onto her breast. She
just moaned into my mouth and kissed even harder. This was a good sign I

I squeezed her breast feeling the hard nipple in my palm. She ran her hand over
my bare chest exposed by the open jacket. Thinking turnabout is fair play I slid
my hand down to her waist and tried to pull her blouse out of her shorts but it
wouldn't come. She pushed me away and I figured it was back to square one.
Instead, she sat up and pulled her blouse out of her shorts. Then she reached
down to me and started to push off my jacket. I get the idea and pulled it off.

Joanne lay down on her back and I lay on my side propped up on one elbow. I slid
my hand down her stomach and up under her shirt until it was on top of her bra.
I leaned down and started kissing her again. I moved my hand up onto the exposed
top of her breast and sort of turned it so my fingers could reach her nipple. I
played with it as she tried to suck my tongue right out of my mouth.

By this time her blouse was getting pretty bunched up and I was loosing blood to
my hand. I pulled it out and started undoing buttons. She lay there and watched
as I fumbled with them. When I was finished I brushed the sides away from her
chest, then pushed her bra up off her breasts.

I'd gotten a little further with a girl before, after a high school dance where
we'd both sneaked some booze and got a little drunk. I'd got my hand into her
pants and actually got a sticky finger, but that was on a cool fall night on a
park bench. This was a whole lot more comfortable.

I leaned down again but this time started sucking on her nipple. She reached up
and put her fingers in my hair and closed her eyes. This was obviously doing as
much for her as for me. Since things were going really well and Joanne wasn't
resisting at all I decided to go for it. I ran my hand down over the front of
her shorts and down to her thigh. I started stroking. Not knowing how far she
would let me go I gradually worked my hand up her beautiful smooth inner thigh
until the side of my finger was resting against her crotch.

I was surprised that there were still no signs of resistance. At that age I
didn't know girls got just as horny as guys. Looking back I realized that this
was the perfect opportunity for her too. Some guy she'd never see again and who
couldn't go telling everyone she knew.

I started sliding my hand in and out between her legs, rubbing along the valley
of mystery. I pulled my hand back slightly and tried to sneak a finger up the
leg of her cutoffs. The best I could do was a fingertip between her panties and
the seam. It couldn't get it further but I could feel that her panties were
soaked. This was enough encouragement.

Still licking her nipples, moving from one to the other, I moved my hand to the
button at the top of her shorts. I fumbled but managed to open it. I pulled the
fly down, the shorts pulling open from the tension on them. I slid my hand into
the top of her panties, down over the hair, and managed to get a finger into the
hot, slimy crack. I could rub a little, playing with the tiny knob at the top.
Her hips started moving up and down.

I rolled onto her as much as I could and started rubbing my crotch against her
hip. My boner was sticking straight out inside the sweat shorts. I rolled back
and pulled her hand onto it. She pulled it away with a jerk. I grabbed it and
pulled it back. This time she held on and started squeezing. At this point I was
about to lose it in my pants. That would be my best adventure to date but I
wanted more.

I pulled away and started to pull down her shorts. At this point she grabbed
them and said, "No, I can't."

I kept pulling and said, "I just want to touch you." She held on so I slid a
hand back into her shorts and started playing with her button. I lay my head on
her tummy and kept playing. Every now and then I push one side or the other of
her shorts down just a bit until there was a gap big enough to get my whole hand
in her crotch. I reached in and put a finger up her, playing in the copious

Moving it in and out, using my thumb to rub her clit, I kept working away until
her hips started bucking and her hands reached out to grab my arm. She held it
there while she rubbed herself off against my hand.

As she calmed I lay beside her, stroking her breasts and gently kissing her. I
was still desperate to get off and I wasn't sure how. Then I got an idea. I
pulled my shorts off and swung a leg over her so that I was kneeling over her
stomach. I pulled her hand up to my cock and started it stroking up and down.
She stared at it, slowly moving her hand and occasionally rubbing her thumb in
the seepage coming out of the tip. I reached down and started squeezing her
breasts. I leaned forward pressing my cock down on her chest with my stomach and
barely whispering said, "Put it between your tits."

She pulled her hands to the side and squished her breasts up to form a valley
for my cock to slide in. There was enough lubrication dripping out of it to make
everything slippery. I could see her looking down trying to watch with her chin
jammed to her chest. I started rocking more up than down so that I gradually
slid my cock up to the point where it was bumping her lips. It was leaving
little bits of slime everywhere and she licked a drop off her lips.

I reached a hand back into her crotch and started play with her button again.
Soon her hips were moving up and down as mine moved towards her mouth. "Lick
it," I said.

She reached her tongue out to catch the drop on the tip. Her eyes closed and her
mouth opened slightly as her pelvis started moving harder. I moved further and
bumped the tip between her lips. Her eyes shot open and then closed again. I
pushed and she opened her mouth more. I slid the head inside just as she began
to reach her climax. I bumped against the roof of her mouth and it was just too

I shot spray after spray like it was never going to end. The first shot went
into her mouth which she swallowed reflexively, gagging a bit. She was too lost
in her own orgasm to deal with the foreign object in her mouth. I pumped until I
was done and softening a bit when she spit me out.

Joanne looked up at me rather confused. I don't think either of us really
understood what had just happened or how to react. The drives had been stronger
than we knew what to deal with. I got off her chest and lay down beside her,
pulling her to me. She put her head against my chest and held me.

Soon we started to get cold and realized that we were lying there mostly naked
with bits of come here and there. We were too confused to talk. I pulled on my
shorts. Joanne fixed her shorts, pulled her bra back down and did up her blouse.
We kissed again for a while then Joanne said, "I think I have to get home now."

"I guess so," I replied not knowing what to say.

She crawled out of the tent and stood up. I followed her and stood facing her.

"I'm glad I came here," I said.

"Me too," was her answer. Then, "I've got to go."

I kissed her again and said, "Bye."

"Bye," she said and ran up to the lodge.


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