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The Law Firm


Summary: I'm not going to lie to you. This is just fuck and suck.
Keywords: MF
Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: The Law Firm

The Law Firm

(MF cons)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

February 2000

Note From Chrys:

This is the first story I wrote after a long hiatus from the erotica
writing business. I had just registered at another site (one that
actually frowned upon this sort of thing), and I was eager to get
something posted. I wrote this is about fifteen minutes, so it's not
exactly wonderful. But I keep it for posterity.

I will admit that it is a piece of crap is nothing but a story to jerk
off to. However, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here is the description I had from the original website:

"Because I don't have a lot of time left to write an entire story
leading up to the sex scene, I will plunge right into the middle of
one. Devon and Raven are in their twenties, working at a law firm.
Devon is Raven's secretary, hired for his muscular physique. Raven, an
upstanding citizen in the community and the head lawyer of the firm,
has admitted that she wants to sleep with Devon. It's after hours, and
they're the only ones in the office."


The Story:

Devon stared at her for a second, then looked to the ground.

Raven's stomach dropped. Maybe she should have waited, maybe she should
have given it time. It had only been a week, but going home wet
everyday to masturbate in her lonely bed had been messing with her

Then Devon's steel blue eyes lifted to hers, and her stomach dropped
again, only this time in a different way.

"When I first met you, I imagined you completely naked, sprawled across
the desk. I was on top of you, fucking you and fucking you ... You were
moaning my name. That was the desperation you heard in my voice when I
said, 'I need this job.' Sure, I need to pay my bills, but ..."

That was the end of his speech. Raven was across the room in seconds.
She tore at his clothes and he helped her. They were both desperate,
both wanting. She grabbed his head, and they looked at each other for a
moment. The kiss was rough, needy, wanting, searching. Devon's hands
moved up and down her back, then around to the front, squeezing her
breasts. He unbuttoned her shirt quickly, every couple buttons his
hands roved back up.

Raven ripped at the button on his pants and pulled the zipper down. She
pulled his pants down, grasping at his ass. It was so hard, so firm, so
muscled. She could feel his tongue flicking in and out of her mouth,
his hands all over her body.

They broke apart suddenly, pushing away, pulling at their own clothes.

Raven's pants, bra, and panties were off in seconds. Devon ripped a
button off his shirt in his rush to undress. They watched each other
frantically tearing at their own clothes.

They were naked.

Devon stared at Raven's breasts, the nipples erect in the cool office
air. Nothing in the office moved as they each took stock of the other
one. Raven looked up and down Devon's chest, then down at his bulging

"Oh, God, take me, take me NOW," she said, and Devon rushed towards
here, pushing her onto the desk.

Her legs splayed, knees bent, back pressed on the papers of the client
she would have to represent in court tomorrow, she pulled at Devon's
manhood, pushing him into her.

"Wait, no ..." he said, taking his hands away.

She moaned, but let go, and his hands began to rove her body.

He moved over her breasts, over her stomach, then began to lick her
neck softly.

"Hard ..." she moaned, but he didn't comply.

Gently, gently, all over her body, her hands tightened around his back.
"Please," she said, "please, now, please ..."

He sucked on her breast for a moment, then his hands moved down to her

He found her clitoris and started to stroke it, once again gently.

"Uhhh ..." she moaned, "h ... ha ... hard ..."

His finger made little circles around and around, playing with her,
teasing her. Devon could see she was absolutely wild with desire, yet
he loved playing games. All he wanted to do was push his entire manhood
inside of her and fuck her blindly, but he knew she would like this in
the long run. She was just that kind of woman.

Harder and tighter the circles became, until finally his other hand
crept around to find her pussy. He shoved it inside of her and began
squeezing her clitoris.

"Yes!" she said, arching up towards him. "Oh, yes, that's right," her
hands grasped the back of his head, which made it difficult to see what
he was doing, yet he persevered.

She writhed beneath him as he squeezed and thrust his fingers inside of
her. She was pushing harder, getting higher, then suddenly, he pulled
it all away.

He stepped back and looked at her, desire burning in his eyes.

"Wha ... ?" she said, her eyes open, consumed by a want of release.

His blue eyes just stared at her for a second and she felt a warmth
spread throughout her body. He creeped toward her, staring, staring,
always staring, then slowly, deliberately, climbed on top of her.

He slid inside, watching her watch him, his eyes never leaving hers. He
began to pump into her, and she grasped at him as he used his entire
body to please her.

"Ohh, shiiiit ..." she said, her body moving in time with his. They
stared, not speaking after that, stared and stared, as both of them
moved in rhythm.

She could see it in his eyes, he didn't have much time left, but he
wanted her to come first. That was what he was planning on, and that
was what he would stick to. His penis, warm and hard inside of her,
filling her up, his staring eyes, the complete and total want of her
burning behind the eyes, all those pushed her over the edge.

She came, shouting his name over and over, "Devon ... Devon ... Devon
..." and still he stared. The strong orgasm inside Raven's body pulled
Devon over the edge with her, and he never stopped staring. They came
together, both yelling the other's name ... "Raven ... oh, God ...
Raven ..." strong waves pulling the two of them under.

They collapsed finally, completely satiated.

"That was delicious," said Raven.

"Oh, God," gulped Devon.


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