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The Lazy Days of Summer


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like this
sort of thing, go away. If you think it is not
normal, go away. IF... on the other hand, you are of
legal age, and you like it, and you think it's fairly
normal... keep on reading!

The title sucks. I couldn't think of one. But I hope
you like the story anyway. If you do, drop me a line,
ok? There isn't much plot or character development.
Just plain old sex! :)
The Lazy Days of Summer by Pami (
(M/F/F, bond)
"Jesus", Kate thought to herself, "I am so fucking
horny!" She quickly ran down the options to herself.
She could watch a porno flick and masturbate, she
could read a dirty novel and masturbate, she could hop
online and indulge in cybersex and masturbate, she
could call a "personals" telephone line, have phone
sex and masturbate. The option were just not
appealing. She had reached the point where her own
touch was not going to be enough to send her over the
edge this time around. She picked up the phone.

"Hi Bradley," she chirped into the phone when he

She could hear the smile in his voice as he answered
her. "Hey babe. Whatcha up to?" he asked in his deep
mellow tones.

They had a friendship, mostly. Oh, there were some
warmer feelings there, but basically it was the kind
of friendship based on physical attraction and mutual
release. In short, they were fuck buddies. If he was
in need of relief he gave her a jingle. If she was
the one with the primal urges, she could give him a
call. They could talk about current events, his life,
her boyfriends, work, and all the other good stuff,
but when you got right down to it, they dealt best
together when they were naked and doing the horizontal

"Nothin' much," she responded to him. "What are you
doing this afternoon, anyway?" she decided to be

He laughed. He could tell by the tone in her voice,
she wanted to be fucked. And Kate wanted it now. It
wasn't a problem with him. He genuinely liked her,
and cared about her feelings, but what he adored most
about her was her body and what he could do with it.

He decided to tease her. "Well..." he drew out the
word and followed it by a pause.

"Well, what?" she rose to the bait like he knew she

"Well, I really have some work to do. And I am kind
of tired. I may take a nap. It has been a rough
week," he told her with a serious tone in his voice.

"I can think of the perfect way to relax you," she
interjected with a suggestive tone in her voice.

Bradley laughed again. "And how is that, my darling
slut?" he asked her as he lowered his voice.

"Invite me over, and I'll show you," Kate answered as
she felt a thrill run through her lower regions.
Damn, he was turning her on already!

He felt a twitch in his cock at the thought of her
naked before him, and he assented. "Come over now,
then, I have things to do." He sighed, for show of
course, "I can't spend all day taking care of your
cunt." He knew how much she loved to be talked dirty
to, and he loved to oblige her.
"I'll be there in five minutes," she said, and hung up
the phone before he could say anything else.

She quickly ran into her bedroom, slipped out of her
nightgown and threw on a sundress. It was black with
flowers all over it, and had spaghetti straps over her
shoulders. It was tight around her breasts and since
she couldn't wear a bra with it, so she decided to
leave her panties off too. As she skipped down the
stairs of her apartment, she giggled to herself. Her
tits were bouncing to beat the band, and she laughed
at the thought of actually getting a black eye from
hitting herself in the face with them.

Kate hopped in the car and away she went. She was
going to get laid!

After making the ten block trip to Bradley's
apartment, she found a parking spot on the street
right in front. She got out of the car and looked
around. It was a nice old Victorian house that had
been turned into apartments. There was a huge old oak
tree in the front yard, casting its shadows over the
front porch that ran the length of the house.
Bradley's apartment was on the first floor, and she
bounded up the two steps and rang the bell.

"Come in!" she heard him holler from somewhere inside,
and she opened the heavy door and let herself in. The
apartment was cool, even for the heat of the summer,
and he had no need of air conditioning. There were
ceiling fans in each room, however, wafting the cool
air and making goose-pimples erupt along her arms.

"Where are you?" she asked.

"Back here," he called and she followed his voice in
the direction of the bedroom. He had a huge bedroom,
with a king sized bed as the centerpiece. The
hardwood floors creaked beneath her as she made her
way through the hallway, and as she walked through the
doorway, she stopped suddenly.

"Oh MY!" she breathed as she surveyed the scene before

Bradley was nude and he was standing in the center of
the room. His cock was half hard, and he was smiling
at her. The bed was stripped of its coverings except
for a purple sheet and two pillows. But what really
caused the sharp twinge of excitement to run through
her entire body was what was on the bed. Lying on the
bed was an exquisite blonde female. She looked like
she was in her early twenties. Her tits were medium
sized, probably about a B cup. She was slim and fair
complected, and her pussy was completely shaven. She
was in bondage. Her arms were tied to the headboard
and her legs were spread wide and somehow tied to the
bed posts at the foot of the bed. She was blindfolded
and gagged, with headphones on her ears. Kate could
just make out the sounds of classical music coming
from the phones.

Bradley chuckled to himself as he watched Kate's
thoughts cross her face. She would be so disappointed
to know how transparent she was, but he loved it. He
could always tell what she was thinking, even when she
tried to hide it. Right now, confusion and
embarrassment were dueling with curiosity and more
than a bit of lust.
"I. Um. I... Well," she stammered, taken aback. She
didn't even give a thought to the idea that Bradley
might be entertaining someone else when she called.
And good Lord... he could have just told her he was
busy! But she couldn't take her eyes off of the

Bradley approached Kate slowly, not taking his eyes
from her face. He so enjoyed taking her places she
had never been before. This was something they had
talked about. He wanted to see her with another
woman, but she had always said that it didn't turn her
on. By the looks of her erect nipples, she had been
lying to him, and maybe to herself.

"Kate, meet Tawny. She is ours to play with," he
spoke softly as he reached out to touch Kate's tits.
"I want you to try this." He smiled as her eyes flew
to his, and he saw the chaos inside of her reflected
there. He flicked the nearest strap off of her
shoulder, and watched the front of her sundress peel
down, exposing her breast.

Kate was much more generously endowed than the blonde
in bondage. Her tits measured a magnificent 42DDD,
with dark pink nipples that he loved to tease. One
time, he had bound them and sucked and licked and bit
them until they both could see that her nips had grown
to the size of grapes. That was when he had taken out
the digital camera and snapped a few pics for them
both to enjoy at a later time.

Right now, though, he walked behind her and pulled the
other half of her dress down. Without her tits to
cling to, it slid all the way to the floor, puddling
beneath her. "Such a slut," he teased her. "No
panties either? You DO need to be fucked, don't you
sweetheart?" And he slapped her across her ass. Her
breath drew in sharply, but she didn't say anything.

Kate's mind was whirling. What did he expect from
her, she wondered to herself. Bradley was so kinky
that he always kept her on her toes, but this was a
little too much. But the sexy slut inside her told
her not to leave. The smack on her bottom was nothing
- they had played with much more serious S & M than
that. When Bradley reached around her and pulled her
against him, she felt his semi-erect cock against the
warmth of her ass and she wiggled a bit. He cupped
her tits and pulled on her nipples while he rubbed his
cock up and down the cleft of her bottom. And the
things he was saying. Good God, he was making her so

"Look at her tits, Kate. See how hard her nipples
are? They are like little pebbles. Wouldn't you like
to taste them? And you can just make out how wet her
cunt is from here. Tawny has the sweetest pussy
juice, Kate. Almost as sweet as yours. She doesn't
get QUITE as wet as you do, but can you see it? There
is a wet spot right underneath her where she is
leaking all over the bed."

Kate squinted and trained her eyes right between the
blonde's spread legs. Sure enough, there was a dark
stain where she was dripping her pussy lube.
"Ohhh..." Kate sighed as she looked. She was
speechless. Not many people in the world could render
Kate mute, but Bradley could, and did. It was what
made their fuck friendship so incredible.

Bradley pushed Kate closer and closer to the bed. He
was going to do it, he decided. He wanted to see what
she would do. He knew Kate was excited. He could
feel the heat from between her legs and could smell
her arousal. Kate got wetter than any woman he had
ever met. Whether she was tied up and teased
mercilessly, or just pounded hard by his relentless
fucking, he always had to wash the sheets when they
were finished.

They were standing next to the blonde now. Bradley
continued to tell Kate how aroused she was. It was
part of the humiliation factor that got her excited.
"You know why I let you come over, Kate?" And he
continued without giving her a chance to say anything.
"I let you come over here because I knew that a slut
like you would get off on this. I knew that someone
who needs it as bad as you do would let me... no...
would WANT me to share her with you. I know you said
you weren't attracted to other women, but come ON,
Kate..." he ran a finger through Kate's dripping
gash. "Taste yourself. See how hot you are at the
thought of this." He held his finger up to her mouth.

Kate opened her mouth and let him insert his finger.
She tasted her juices and she knew that he was right.
She WAS a slut. She WAS turned on by this whole
situation. She sucked instinctively on the finger,
and allowed him to insert another.

Bradley's cock was fully erect now, and with Kate
sucking away at his fingers, he felt little pulses
running up and down it. He knew what she could do
when she sucked his cock, and he had every intention
of allowing her to give him head today. But not

Kate froze as he took his fingers out of her mouth.
She looked on in amazement as he climbed on the bed
between Tawny's bound legs and positioned his hard
cock at the small pink opening to her pussy. He
looked over at Kate and smiled. "Don't you wish you
were her, sweet Kate?" And he plunged the entire
length of his cock into the blonde.

Tawny's reaction was as extreme as it could be for a
woman bound and gagged. Kate could just make out
small moans from around the gag, and she grew jealous.
She knew what it felt like to have Bradley's thick
prick buried deep inside her cunt, and that was the
feeling that she craved. Kate slowly knelt on the
floor beside the bed and glued her eyes on the
junction of the two bodies. Bradley's cock had the
vein on the bottom pulsing. She could see it. And
his entire manhood was slick with pussy juice. Kate
was amazed as she watched the woman's tiny hole
stretch around the turgid cock. In and out. In and
out. In and out. Bradley had a rhythm to his
thrusts. He didn't fuck the blonde hard or fast, but
in a steady motion that had Kate reaching down to her
own pussy to tease her clit. It was the most arousing
thing she had ever seen. The fucking right before her
eyes was driving her crazy.

Bradley was enjoying the feeling of Tawny's pussy
around his cock. She was hot and wet and the walls of
her cunt clung to him. He was struggling with his
instinct to pound into her with all of his might, but
that wasn't part of his plan. He looked down at Kate
and smiled when he saw where her hand was. She was
hot alright, he thought to himself. He wanted to see
what she would do next.

"Kate. Kate? Kate!" he called her name quietly but
commandingly, finally getting her attention. Her
dilated brown eyes rose to his and she looked at him
questioningly, never stopping the caressing of her

Her eyes clung to his. "What?" she asked. She ran
her forefinger over the top of her clit and her eyes
started to slide shut with the feeling.

"Kate! Look at me now!" he compelled her to look at
him again. "Stop playing with your cunt." He watched
as she slowly took her hand away from her pussy and
she moaned. He reached out, while still embedded in
Tawny's grasping walls, and twined his hand around the
long length of Kate's brown hair. He pulled her
toward him onto the bed.

As she climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees,
Kate saw Tawny's body freeze. With a moment of
clarity, Kate realized that the blonde had no idea
that there was a third person in the room. Kate's
cunt twinged at the thought. She wondered what Tawny
was thinking, but then Kate's rational side
disappeared as Bradley pulled his cock completely out
of Tawny. It pointed skyward, it was so hard, and
Kate could see his balls pulled up tight behind the
length of his prick.

Bradley pulled Kate closer so that her face was in
front of his cock. "Now, Kate. Suck me. I want you
to taste how sweet Tawny is. Lick her wetness from my
cock." He stopped smiling as Kate's eyes flew to his.
Her head jerked in his grasp, and he knew that she
would have moved away if she could. She needed some
more convincing, he thought to himself. He reached
underneath her to her dangling tits. He pulled
harshly on one of her nipples, almost as if milking
her. "Kate! You know that you want this. Your mouth
is watering for a taste of my cock, isn't it, my slut?
You know how much you like to drink down my juices. I
want you to suck me off. Now!"

He smiled as he watched Kate's mouth open and her pink
tongue came out. She tentatively licked at the head
of his cock. And as she realized that it wasn't so
bad, she became more enthusiastic at the blow job. He
rewarded her by easing his grip on her breast,
pinching but more gently, to keep her aroused as she
sucked him off.

Kate was horrified at what she was doing. She was
licking another woman's pussy juice off of Bradley's
cock. This had to be the farthest she has sunk in her
pursuit of sexual pleasure, part of her brain told
her. But the slutty part of her mind told her that it
really wasn't bad tasting at all. In fact, it really
wasn't that much different from when she sucked him
off after he fucked her own cunt. In fact, Slut
Kate's mind told her, it kind of tasted good. The
mixture of Tawny's juices when Bradley oozed a little
pre-cum was absolutely delicious, in fact. Kate
stopped thinking again.

Bradley groaned as he felt Kate swallow the head of
his cock. Jesus... she had never deep throated him
before! It was all he could do to maintain his
control as he felt the narrowness of her gullet around
him. And her tongue was just darting all over the
shaft, driving him insane with lust. He needed to
concentrate on something else.

He reached his free hand out to Tawny's pussy. He had
one hand teasing Kate's nipple, and the other was now
doing the same to Tawny's clit. He set up a similar
rhythm with each, enjoying the way the two women were
wriggling around. Kate's mouth suddenly redoubled its
suction, and Bradley moaned and pulled out before he
shot his wad. He had one more thing he wanted before
he allowed himself the bliss of climax.

Kate looked up Bradley's face. Dammit, she thought,
she wanted to drink him down. Now! She followed his
gaze to where his left hand was pulling on Tawny's
clit. The wet spot underneath the bound woman had
grown, and Kate could see more clear fluid oozing from
the pink slit that was spread open before her eyes.

Bradley took his hand from Tawny and held his shiny
fingers up before Kate's lips. "Do it, Kate. Taste
her again. You know you want to. Lick her from my
fingers." And he watched as Kate's pink lips opened
and her pink tongue began to clean his hand. With his
other hand, Bradley finally touched Kate's wet cunt.
Her moan was from the soul, and he felt her shudder as
he thrust two fingers inside of her. She was hot as
an oven, and as slippery as silk.

He fingerfucked her slowly as she sucked his hand
clean. He knew she would get off on this, he thought
to himself. She was as sexual as he was, and he loved
pushing the envelope with her. She hadn't
disappointed him yet.

Finally, he pulled his fingers from her mouth and from
her pussy. She looked up at him again.

"You know, sweet Kate. You have already tasted her.
What is the difference if you lick it from the
source?" he remarked in a conversational tone,
although at the thought his cock jerked.

Kate's rational mind reared up again. What did he
think of her to think that she would do THAT? Hadn't
she told him that she didn't want to be with another
woman? They played some wonderful games together, but
wasn't this going TOO far?

But then Bradley spoke again. His words cut right
through Kate's common sense and went straight for her
pussy. "You know... I have always wanted to fuck you
while you eat out another woman. What do you say,
slut Kate? If you lick Tawny's pussy, I will fuck the
hell out of your needy cunt. Wouldn't you like that?
Don't you want to feel my nice hard cock deep inside
you, splitting you open? Mmm... come on Kate... do
it..." and he began turning her body around so that
her head was directly in front of the bound blonde's

Kate looked up at the wet pinkness before her eyes.
She felt Bradley behind her, stroking his cock up and
down her own dripping slot, and she shuddered. When
he put just the head of his manhood at the opening to
her body, she drew a deep breath. Tawny's arousal
filled her nostrils. After all, she had already done
it, more or less. And getting fucked would at least
take her mind off of what she was doing, she thought.

Kate dropped her head, stuck her tongue out
and ran it up the length of the blonde's
gash. It didn't taste bad, she thought.
Bradley's cock penetrated her a couple of
inches. Kate stopped to concentrate on the
flesh penetrating her, and the cock
withdrew. "I said eat her, Kate. You lick
her good and I will fuck you good. Tit for
tat," Bradley's voice chuckled over her

Kate inhaled again. And then she began to
lick the Tawny's cunt the best she could.
Her tongue ran up one side of the blonde's
swollen inner lips and down the other, and
then she zeroed in on the small pink hole.
Her tongue thrust inside Tawny's passage,
and she felt the other woman freeze and then
began shuddering. The blonde was wriggling
as much as she could in her bondage, and it
felt to Kate like she was trying to force
Kate's tongue deeper into her. Her hips
bucked and Kate felt the other woman's
juices increase.

Bradley was good as his word. He could see
Tawny's body squirming, and he could hear
the slurps from Kate's face as she pressed
it into the blonde's pussy. He drove his
cock all the way into Kate's buttery cunt
and began to fuck her the way she liked
best. He withdrew slowly, till the head of
his cock was just touching her hole, and
then quickly slammed the entire length of
himself back into her willing wetness. He
could hear her muffled moans as he bottomed
out time and time again. Slowly, he picked
up the pace as they both liked, till he was
driving in and out of her as quickly as he

Kate wasn't thinking anymore. She was just
feeling and tasting. As she licked Tawny's
cunt, she reveled in the thick cock that was
plundering her tight channel. The friction
of Bradley's balls slapping against her clit
with every thrust was pushing her closer to
orgasm. She wailed into the blonde's pussy
as she felt Bradley reach down and pinch her
tiny kernel of nerves between his thumb and
forefinger. Tawny's pussy walls were
snapping and clenching every time Kate
licked inside of her. Kate wanted the bound
woman to feel the pleasure she herself was
feeling, so she licked up to Tawny's erect
pearl of flesh. She quickly passed her
tongue over it, enjoying the feeling of
Tawny's back arching up towards her and then
covered it with her entire mouth and sucked.
Kate used the same suction she used when she
brought ecstasy to her male lovers, and it
had the same results.

Bradley watched Tawny's back arch so hard he
thought she might break. She froze in that
position and then he heard her scream, even
through the gag. She fluttered like a fish
gasping for air as she climaxed harder than
he had ever seen her do before. He knew it
was only a matter of time until he exploded
from the excitement of the entire afternoon,
so he pulled extra hard on Kate's clit. He
watched her back arch too, and then he felt
her cunt clench and convulse around his
cock. Kate wasn't gagged, and he heard her
scream, muffled though it was by the
blonde's pussy, as she orgasmed just seconds
after Tawny. Not one to lag behind, Bradley
rammed his cock as deep into Kate's channel
as he could and felt his balls melt as he
spurted his essence deep inside her warmth.

As they slowly regained their breath,
Bradley slowly slipped his softening cock
from Kate's pussy. He collapsed on the bed
next to her and she just looked at him and

"MUCH better than masturbation," she smirked
at him.


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