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Archived Sex Stories

The Learning of Gemma Book 1


FROM THE AUTHOR: Firstly the important… WARNING This novel covers a wide
range of explicit sexual practices, many of which may be illegal in the
reader's country of residence. If this is so OR if you are offended in any
way by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent
were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the
whole file. If you are aged under 18, you have no right to read any further
and MUST delete the file NOW! The author cannot state the case more clear
than that, surely? LEGAL STUFF This story is Copyright by the author who
retains all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It must not be
published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit without the
author's written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups but must
not be changed in any way, must be posted in it's entirety and must contain
this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full. GENERAL All names are fictitious and
do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. Neither
the author nor any acquaintance of the author, has ever indulged in
situations described in this story; they are solely based on fantasy of the
mind. Most stories written by the author are of book-length size and the
first chapter or two are usually taken up "setting the scene" so to speak.
If they are not read or given just cursory glance, the atmosphere that is
intended for the story may well be lost on the reader. Anticipation of
what is to come can give as much joy as "getting there". There are many
more stories in progress but because of the size, completion and
publication is naturally slow. I would appreciate constructive comments on
any aspect of this or any of my other novels - flamers should NOT have
passed beyond this preamble as they have been warned about content, so
their comments are a waste of time and will be dealt with in a fitting
manner. I shall endeavour to respond to all constructive suggestions and
may be contacted at


Sexual Fantasy Fiction by Writer'sCramp (MFF, MFf, Ff, Rom, forced,
coerced, nc, 1st.time, spk, menst, ws, bdsm, etc)

Brief story Line young girl living sheltered life seeks Aunt's
assistance to help her understand about sex and relationships. Over a
six-week period both Uncle and Aunt convince her to perform many sexual
acts and they eventually form a close life-long ménage-a-tois.

The Characters: Gemma Thurlow, Our heroine, age 16. Eunice & Geoff
Thurlow, her parents. Rob & Milla Deleany, Aunt & Uncle of Gemma.

Chapter One

Gemma had led a sheltered and protected life and this protection,
although very comfortable for the most part, caused many sorrows and doubts
in other ways, especially when it came to relationships with her school
friends. As she thought more about her parents, she could not describe her
father as wimpish but he certainly was not a forceful man in any way.
Sweet and loving, funny sometimes, certainly a good provider for his
family, obviously a good husband, for her parents lived a seemingly happy
lifestyle. But, for Gemma there was something missing…

She realised her parents never involved themselves in controversy. When
anything difficult arose, there was always a reason not to be involved.
They were alike in that respect. Never would they get into discussion with
others on the subjects of politics or religion, even though they were
regular churchgoers. If the subject of sex raised it's ugly head, even in
the most innocent of ways, Gemma could expect to see her parents heading
for the door. It was something deep-seated in their nature. She was sure
they understood the topics, even sex, for how else had she been created?
But they just could not bring themselves to air their views, especially so
when the topic of sex arose. Even when they were on the outer of a
conversation of that nature, both blushed deeply and crept away.

She remembered once when a young girl had been sexually murdered in the
city, everyone wanted to talk about it. It was in all the newspapers and
on every television channel, but for her parents, the discussions were just
too much and they literally shut themselves and Gemma inside, cancelling
the papers and banning the tv until they were sure the story had faded

When her first period arrived, her mother showed her how to fit a
sanitary napkin in her panties, but never even broached the reasons why she
bled from 'that place' every month. She was brought up to know her pussy as her "front" and her bottom as her "back". Not even the most basic
clinical information was given, putting her at great disadvantage when she
was with the few school friends she had.

When her friends got into a huddle in the schoolyard, sniggering at some
suggestive story, or when one of the girls decided to brag about her
experiences with a boyfriend, Gemma remained quiet and unobtrusive, scared
that if she said something, she would probably have misunderstood and look
stupid in front of them all.

She never wanted to mix with boys at all, probably for the same reasons.
She felt distinctly uneasy when in their presence, never knowing what to
say, never able to make conversation even in basic terms. Certainly her
parents had never encouraged friendship with any boy, scared themselves
that she would 'get into trouble'. They had told her this several times
and she never quite knew what they had meant but it didn't help in her
quest to mix with others.

Sex education in school was non-existent and she had learned the little
she did know from those huddles of girlfriends and the giggling stories they sometimes told.

Despite all that, she was satisfied with her life and achievements. Her
love of reading the classics especially, had helped her invaluably when it
came to study and she was in the top three of every class she took. This
and the knowledge that her parents really did love her and even in their
quietness, they had fun together.

Her father was a researcher for several professors at the state college and he could mould a story together over the dinner table that would catch
her imagination every time, leaving her enthralled as she listened. They
were always fiction but it was as though he was reading from a book, so
real was his tale, so believable. Several times she had urged her father to write a book.

'Do it, Dad. You can tell such wonderful stories. It would be a best
seller and you could dedicate it to your darling daughter.'

He always agreed he would do so, but over the years nothing had

Her mother was just as quiet, never a harsh word coming from her mouth.
If she was upset with something or somebody, she would just throw her hands
in the air and say, 'The Lord will fix it in His own time.' That was the
answer to most of her worries. She loved her husband and Gemma had often
seen them holding hands or taking a furtive kiss when they thought she
wasn't looking.

But in this air of unconcerned lifestyle, Gemma had simply grown up more
and more in the likeness of her parents.

Her parents major achievement however, was the creation of a daughter who, now in her seventeenth year had grown into an attractive and beautiful
young woman; quiet and at peace with herself under her parents protection.
But now beginning to wonder why she wasn't able to mix with others, why she
couldn't speak out clearly as nearly all of her peers could, and certainly
all those who like her were near the top of their class. Of those, she was
by far the most reticent, the timid one of the class despite her high

What she had read in her books told her that the lifestyle her parents led, and of course herself, was not necessarily the same as most of her
friends. The belief that she should be able to communicate better dwelled
within her, but try as she might, the ability to overcome this shyness, to
be able to speak about those subjects her parents viewed as taboo, was
beyond her. It was as though her family had lived within their own iron
curtain and she was just unable to outgrow the years of virtual isolation.

She cried sometimes, especially in bed, from the frustrations that dwelt
within her head, frustrations that grew stronger and more difficult to cope
with as she matured into young womanhood. But despite these growing doubts
she never stoped to accuse her parents of neglect for her maturity, not
even in her own mind. This was one of the truly wonderful things her
parents were responsible for, instilling in her such a sense of fairness
and lack of spite, and as she grew older. She would remember them most for
this gift.

Chapter Two

Gemma couldn't remember what prompted her to think of Aunt Milla that
night. She was laying on her pillow with the same thoughts of frustration
wandering around in her mind when for what seemed no reason, she thought of
her aunt and it just wouldn't leave her.

She loved Aunt Milla, her mother's half sister, but saw little of her.
They lived on the other side of the city but Milla and her husband Rob
struggled with the austere visits to Gemma's parents. Rob especially found
it almost impossible not to show his boredom once dinner was over and on
the rare occasions the two families sat down together, Milla and Rob left
early every time.

Gemma always found Milla fun to be with. She was bright, well educated
and could talk on any subject. Gemma smiled to herself every time Milla
brought up the subject of politics, for she did it on purpose to make her
sister and brother-in-law squirm. Milla had to do all the talking on those
occasions, with just a little prompting from Rob.

It was Milla who tried so hard to bring Gemma into her conversations,
asking a simple question or making a statement about something Gemma, as a
student, should have been able to add to. But every time Gemma tried, she
mumbled a few words, blushed red with embarrassment and looked anywhere as
long as it she didn't catch her aunt's eye. She knew Milla was trying to
help for, and Milla never showed any disappointment when Gemma failed to
answer. Milla always smiled back at the stricken girl with genuine
friendship, and both she and Rob went to those boring dinners primarily to
encourage this delightful but overly shy teenager.

Milla never missed Gemma's birthday. A card and a small gift arrived
every year on the exact day and the young girl cherished these gifts. They
were different from those she expected from her parents, never useful but
always a joy to receive. A little basket of dried flowers with a small
bottle of perfume hidden in the bottom or a simple puzzle that when it was
put together, bore a little poem or verse that Milla had written especially
for her. Gemma still had every one she had received, hidden in the back of
one of her drawers, the perfume or the like unused 'because no self
respecting girl would use such worldly frivolities on her person', her
mother would say. Gemma never wanted her parents to know these little
secrets she had with Aunt Milla.

With Milla still clear in her mind the next day, during lunchtime recess
Gemma took the bold step of telephoning her Aunt.


'Aunt Milla, it's Gemma.'

'Gemma, dear, this is a wonderful surprise. I was only thinking of you
last night in bed and here you are talking to me.'

'You thought of me last night?' She asked in a surprised voice.

'Yes isn't it a coincidence? Anyway, how are you darling? Everything

'Um, I suppose so but... but I just needed to talk to you. Is that
O.K?' Milla heard the tremble in her voice.

'Of course it is, silly. Always love to talk to my favourite niece.
But you sound a little upset. What is it, dear?' Her voice sounded gentle
and soothing over the phone and gave Gemma courage to go on with the

'Aunt Milla, do you think you could come and have a talk with me?'

'You mean now? Well I suppose...'

'No, I don't mean straight away but sometime soon if you could. Could
you please?'

'Yes, I'd love to, dear. How about if I came over tonight? Perhaps
after dinner?'

'No. Oh, not at home. Could you come to college at lunchtime one day?'

'Ah ha, so it's something you don't want your folks to know about.
You're not in trouble, are you? I mean with a boy?' Then realising what
she had asked would probably have upset the timid girl rather than helping,
she added, 'No of course not, I'm being silly. Look, why don't I come
tomorrow? I'll meet you at the main gate and bring a picnic lunch. We
could go to the park and find a nice quiet corner.'

'Oh, that would be great, Aunt Milla,' she agreed, happy for the first
time since the conversation started.

'But there's one condition,' Milla said.

'Oh, what?'

'It has to be strictly between us, just you and me, and you've got to be
completely honest with me. No beating about the bush. O.K.?'

'Oh yes, that would be great. Thanks, Aunt Milla.'

'Well if something's worrying you there's nothing like a good talk to
help straighten it out. How long do you have for lunch.'

'Just an hour.'

'That will give us at least three quarters of an hour to talk. We girls should be able to solve the problems of the world in that time.'

Milla heard a joyous laugh from the other end of the phone; a laugh of
relief. 'See you tomorrow, darling. Don't be late. Bye now.'

'Bye,' Gemma whispered as she replaced the receiver, excited at the
prospect of tomorrow. She had no idea what she wanted to say but she just
knew any discussion with Aunt Milla would be worthwhile. Tonight she would
try and make a list of all the things she wanted to tell her aunt but had
great misgivings of her ability to put them into words when they met.

Gemma had skipped the last morning class to make sure she wasn't late,
something she just never did. But as soon as she saw her aunt pull into
the curb, her smile was instantaneous. She hurriedly jumped in but
hesitated when Milla leaned over to kiss her niece. Gemma turned her
cheek. She always had difficulty kissing anyone on the lips because it was
something that just wasn't done at home.

'Oh, dear,' Milla said with a disappointed pout, 'I so looked forward to
a kiss from my favourite niece, but all I get is a cheek. We'll have to
fix that,' she smiled widely at the young girl in mock reproach.

Gemma held her eyes downwards in embarrassment.

'Come on, silly. Be happy, I was only kidding. Sorry.'

'No, I'm sorry, Aunt Milla. It's just that we don't kiss much at home.
In fact hardly ever.'

'And is that part of what we're going to talk about today?' She asked,
keeping her eyes on the road.

'I suppose it is, but there's lots more and I don't know how to tell you
everything that's going on in my head.'

'Don't talk now. Wait until we have something to eat, it's always
easier then,' Milla encouraged the girl.

'I hope so,' Gemma said softly, still not convinced she could make her
aunt understand all the things she wanted to say.

It was a warm sunny day, just a light breeze, and almost no people
because it was a workday. 'Looks like we've got the whole park to
ourselves,' Milla said, happy to find a place away from the pathways, and
almost hidden from anyone's view.

She set out the picnic and both women sat together on one side of the
rug. Gemma in her nervousness, found it impossible to look at her aunt, to
even find the words she had practiced so much last night.

Milla watched her niece for several moments and seeing the timid girl sitting so quietly, made her own move to start things going.

'What we need to do first is say, "Hi," to each other properly, not just
a peck on the cheek. After all, I am your Aunt you know.' She took Gemma's
face between her hands and placed a chaste warm kiss on her niece's lips.
'Hi, Gemma dear, Now let's eat, then we'll talk.'

Milla talked as she ate, about simple things; the wren that flitted from
leaf to leaf, the warmth of the day, blue skies, butterflies. She saw the
young girl had touched little of her food and was fearfully silent.

'Come on now, little one,' she prompted. 'What's on your mind?'

Gemma struggled to answer and Milla saw tears running down her cheeks.
She cuddled Gemma to her bosom, holding her tight, kissing her forehead.

'I'm sorry, Aunt Milla. It's just so hard for me to talk. I want to
tell you everything but I just can't find the words.' She sobbed deeply,
from the heart, wetting Milla's blouse.

'Then why don't you say whatever comes into your head. Just let it all
flow, darling. I'll listen, I promise. I'll be patient.' She kissed her
forehead again, resting her cheek against the sobbing girl. Gemma's arms
went around her waist and clung tightly.

'I'm so silly,' the crying girl said between sobs.

'Nonsense. You're just upset, that's all. Try to calm yourself, it'll
be all right. You find it hard to talk to your Mom, don't you?'

'Yes,' she agreed. 'We don't talk about much at all, probably because I
get like this, I suppose.'

'No, dear, I don't think it's you at all,' Milla comforted her.

'You see, Aunt Milla. I just don't know anything. And I'm just stupid
when it comes to talking to anybody. I can't say anything, I'm just too
frightened to.'

'But you are one of the schools best students,' Milla encouraged.

'It's not that, not my schoolwork. When I'm with my friends, they're
always having fun, laughing and joking. Telling stories and everything but
I can't do anything like that. I just feel so stupid because I hardly say
anything.' She was sobbing again as her emotions rose to the surface. 'I
don't even understand what they're talking about a lot of the time. You
know, about... um, about personal things,' she almost whispered, shivering
with nervousness.

'So that's what it is, sex. Does talking about sex frighten you,

'Yes and embarrasses me. I don't know what they mean when they start
telling some of their stories. You know, when girls get together
sometimes,' she tried to explain.

'And what about boys, do you have a boyfriend?'

'Oh, no, Aunt Milla. I've never had one. It's even worse when a boy comes up to talk to me. I can't say anything then. Anyway, Mum says I'm
not to go near boys, they're dangerous.'

'Oh, my darling girl,' Milla whispered, cuddling her. 'You haven't even
been allowed to have a boy over to dinner? Your parents have kept you away
from them all this time? Is that what's happened? You're what, nearly
seventeen? And never been allowed to develop a relationship with anyone,
boys or girls it seems. No wonder you feel this way, sweetheart.'

Milla held her tightly, wondering what she could say to help.
Sixteen-years-old and she has never been allowed to develop her personal or
social skills at all. How does one overcome that kind of deprivation?
Milla remembered back to her college days. At sixteen, boys were knocking
each other over to be with her.

'Tell me dear, what do you and your mom talk about? Do you have
meaningful conversations, talk about things that you are doing at school,
about your friends, things like that?'

'Hardly ever; I'm usually studying, and mom and Dad don't talk much

'What about sex, Gemma? Haven't they told you about sex, how it works,
how your body works, what makes you feel so different when you dream about
those special boys sometimes? Have they told you about the facts of life,

She gave a nervous giggle. 'I don't think they would ever do that,' she
said. 'They just go red and walk away whenever that subject comes up. I
was only thinking about how they reacted to that subject a few days ago.
No, they would never talk about that, even to me.'

'Do you know what it means to have sex with someone?' Milla asked
cautiously, hoping the young girl would not clam up at the thought of

'No, that's what I mean, Aunt Milla. I don't know what any of it means.
When some of my friends get into a corner and start whispering about
something dirty, most of the time I don't even understand. When they start
sniggering, I just get embarrassed. I guess that's what I wanted to talk
to you about. I just don't know anything about myself, the private things,
I mean.'

'Now I'm beginning to understand, darling. You've been so deprived and
there's so much you should know at your age. It's just so wicked that you
haven't been allowed to grow up like a normal young woman.' She hugged her
niece all the tighter, trying to comfort, but realising much more than that
was needed.

'I promise you, sweetheart; you will get the chance to learn about all
these things. By the way, Gemma, never think of sex as dirty. It's the
most beautiful thing two young people can share and I know you will find
that out in time. What we have to do now is work out how to teach you, and
do it quickly. You've got so much to learn and understand to catch up with
your own age group and so little time. I agree it would be useless trying
to confront my sister, your mom that is, for the way they've neglected

She held the young girl tightly, thinking hard.

'Tell me, when does college break up?'

'In about a week's time; we've finished all our classes for the year.'

'Right. Good,' Milla acknowledged absentmindedly, continuing to think.

'What are you thinking?'

'Well, I've just thought of something that might work, but I've first
got to talk to Rob... Uncle Rob. You're not going away for the holidays,
are you?'

'No, we never go anywhere.'

'O.K. Then if we do what I'm thinking about there's one thing you'll
have to promise.'

'Yes, what's that? What are you thinking, Aunt Milla?' Gemma's interest
brightened considerably. 'Please tell me.'

'No, I can't tell you anything yet, but if it is possible, you'd have to
trust us completely no matter what we wanted you to do or say. You might
find your learning experience even more embarrassing than now because you
may become involved with very personal things. Do you think you could
agree to that, dear? Trust Rob and I completely?'

She was already blushing, not knowing really why, but the thought of
having this lovely woman to learn from was enough for the youngster.

'Of course I could, Aunt Milla. I'd trust you and Uncle Rob with

'Well, we'll see. Let me have a day to talk with Rob. If he thinks my
idea is good, then I'll tell you all about it. If he doesn't, then we'll
think it through again, but I won't let you down, I promise.'

Tears rose again and fell down her cheeks. 'Oh, thank you, Aunt Milla.
I knew you'd be able to help. But I'm so silly, I won't be able to learn
anything, I know. I'm just too dull and boring.'

Milla held her closely again. 'That's not true, Gemma. You're not dull
and boring, you're beautiful, and you will learn. Look, just to prove my
point there's something I want you to do. When you get home tonight, after
your shower, I want you to stand in front of your big mirror without any
clothes on at all and look at yourself.'

Gemma giggled shyly. 'I couldn't do that.'

'I haven't finished yet and besides, you promised to do everything I
tell you, remember? Now, after you get out of the shower, I want you to
stand in front of the mirror and study yourself. Look up and down at
yourself for a long time. Study your naked body just like you study your
books and when you've done that long enough to remember, look straight into
your own eyes and say these words, "I am a beautiful woman". Say them ten
times slowly and smile as you're talking to yourself. Promise?'

'Well. O.K. I suppose,' she blushed. 'But I don't think it'll help.'

'And when we talk tomorrow night, I want you to describe how you felt.'

'Oh no, I'd feel silly. I couldn't talk to you about it, Aunt Milla,'
she looked up at her aunt in shock.

'Yes you could because I want you to do it. Alright?'

'I'll try.'

'Good. I'll think of you tonight, try and picture you standing there in
the raw. Remember, I'll know if you don't.'

'I'll feel stupid.'

'But there'll be no one to see you, just you on your own. I think
you'll be surprised to see just how beautiful you really are, dear. And
naked at that.' Milla giggled and shook the young girl in fun.

Chapter Three

The phone rang for some time before Milla heard her sister answer.
'Hello, Eunice, it's Milla, How are you dear?'

'Hello, Millicent.' Her sister always called everybody by their full
name. 'Oh, we're all fine. What made you ring us up? It's been so long
since we talked.' Milla heard the hint of reproach in her sister's voice.

'It certainly has. It's just that we're so busy, you know with the
business and all. Besides, you could have phoned me.'

They talked for some time about things in general. Boring stuff,
thought Milla, waiting for the right moment to broach the subject she had
rung for. At last it came during a moments lull after her sister had
finished complaining of her husband's docility.

'Anyway, Eunice, what I rang about was Gemma.'

'Oh, yes,' she answered hesitantly. 'What's she done wrong now?'

'No, nothing; at least I don't think so. No, it's just that we haven't
seen much of her over these last two years with all her study and
everything. Now that she's finished, we would like to take her up to the
lake with us for the holidays. It'll give us the chance to get to know her
better and it's something she really deserves after two hard years of
study. I don't think she's been away during the whole time, has she? She
can do whatever she likes, just rest and read or go for long walks. I'm
sure she'd like it.'

'Oh, Millicent, that's exactly what she needs,' her sister agreed.
'We've talked about it, Frederick and I, but didn't know what to do. It's
such a terrible world out there and we couldn't let her go away with her
friends, you never know what kind of trouble she'd get into. We couldn't
afford to take her away ourselves, it's so expensive you know, and
Frederick has his commitments at the Assembly. I'm sure she'd love to go.
I'll just go and ask.'

'No, Eunice, don't say anything just yet,' Milla interrupted quickly.
'Would you let me ask her myself. I'd just like it to be a surprise.
Please don't say anything until I ring her tomorrow.'

'Oh, alright, I can understand that. What will she have to bring? Will
it cost much? What about Robert? Does he mind you having someone else up
there with you? When are you going?'

Milla let her sister ramble on for some time and finally broke in to
stop her.

'Eunice. Eunice, enough already,' she cried out. 'Just have her bring
a few clothes, not many, a small suitcase, and it won't cost a thing, don't
worry about that. We leave tomorrow week and will call to pick her up the
night before. She can stay at our place overnight. Rob's fine. He's
happy to have her along. Says she can be the anchorman, anchorgirl I
should say, when we take the boat out fishing.'

'It all sound's wonderful, Millicent. Thank Robert for us won't you?
Did you say you'd ring her tomorrow night?'

'That's right, at seven o'clock sharp so make sure she's the one to
answer the phone then. And, Eunice, please don't hint at anything before
then, O.K?'

'I promise, Millicent. And thank you.'

Milla hated being called that, but Eunice never noticed. The fact that
Milla was almost ten years younger seemed to give Eunice the feeling of
elder superiority when she talked with Milla. Actually Millicent, as she
was named, was one of those surprises some families have where an
unexpected pregnancy well after the last child is born, occurs.

Not that Milla wasn't loved, she was. Indeed pampered by her doting
parents, and growing up in a different world to the ten year older Eunice.
When Rob came along and soon won her hand at the age of eighteen, Milla's
life took a totally different course to her staid older sister. Rob ran a
successful pharmacy in town and soon Milla was working side by side her new
husband in the shop. They were a good team at work and when at home,
worked tirelessly every moment at growing their relationship more deeply
and taking their passions to greater heights.

Because of her background, Milla knew little of what being a wife really
meant. She knew the value of being able to offer her loving and lovable
new husband the beauty of her virginity. On their wedding night he had
taken that gift with a reverence and awe that brought tears of joy to her
eyes, not from the pain, for he had caused her little, but from the love
and tenderness he had shown in this first act of intercourse each had

After she hung up, Milla sat back in her chair and reminisced in her
mind of the wonderful life she and Rob had shared for these seven years.

From their first fuck, for they both described lovemaking in this term
as it represented the excitement both she and Rob felt as they shared their
sex life. Rarely was either partner left unsatisfied and never once could
she remember Rob denying her the pleasure of his cock when she asked, no
matter how tired or out of sorts he may have been. For herself, she had
never once objected to his demands, and such demands some of them were,
especially in the first years when they seemed to be continually indulging
in some form of sexual activity. She had never even dreamed of some of the
things he did with her, the positions they found themselves fucking in, the
things they did that she had never imagined, the places they went to have
sex. She smiled remembering the time in the city mall where they
masturbated each other all the way to climaxes underneath a blanket in a
snowstorm, with hundreds of people scurrying about in front of them. When
they finally stood up, he bent down and picked up his frozen sperm off the
snow and slipped it between her lips. 'This is real iced cream,' he had
said as she sucked the gooey substance back to liquid with people passing
by on both sides.

They worked hard at finding new things and ways to do them. She haunted
the library and avidly read books on sexuality. Pornographic books, rather
than disgusting, excited her, teaching her so many new ideas, opening her
mind to man's lusts, to their most base thoughts, and over the years, she
was proud to arouse him with new ways that even he had not thought of.
Unbeknown to Rob she ordered sexy things by mail order from time to time
and had quite a collection tucked away in her secret cupboard. She was
also proud that now she, rather that Rob, was the originator of the most
diverse and occasionally perverse sex acts in their marriage. She loved
every moment, all the diversity, everything about sex with her husband.

Neither had ever cheated on the other and both were confident that this
was so. Except for her secret cache of naughty books and toys, they kept
no secrets from each other. If Milla had felt an urge to look at some guys butt and have secret dreams of a sexual thrill, she would tell Rob about
her feelings at the next mealtime. Rob would describe in detail some of
the sexual daydreams he had about their female customers and in bed that
night they would act out their fantasies with the inevitable sexual
fulfilment for both.

When Milla first broached the subject of Gemma staying with them at the
lake earlier that night, Rob had objected, which didn't surprise her at
all. The month's holiday at the lake was their only break each year and
both used the time for an annual debauchery together, completely free from
the outside world. No papers, no T.V., no radio. They permitted
themselves the availability of the cellular telephone in case of
emergencies but not once over the last five years did they needed to use

The lake was theirs and theirs alone. They owned the only road to it's
shores and theirs was the only cabin built before the government had
stopped further development when the lake had become part of a larger
National Park. They had constructed a bridge some miles along their road
that was literally a drawbridge, in fact it swung sideways rather that
lifted up but they called it their drawbridge, to stop anyone from
accessing their cabin. The forest was so dense no one could reach them but
by helicopter once the bridge was closed off.

'But Milla, she'll be in the way. Remember how we fucked whenever we
wanted to, wherever we wanted to. We couldn't do that with her there. And
what about swimming starkers? That's one of the wonders of the lake, she'd
take all that away.'

'And what if you got to see this young girl just that way, husband
dear,' Milla teased. 'Would that change your mind?'

'What? You'd let me look? I don't believe it. Anyway, you're just

'No I'm not, Rob dear. I'm serious. You might even get to touch.'

'You bitch. You're a teasing little bitch. I ought take you across my
knee and give you a good spanking. Not only would you kill me if I did
play with such forbidden fruit, there's no way that prudish young lady
would allow it anyway. God, I should lay into that little pink backside of

'You simply underestimate your sexy wife's powers of persuasion,
darling. Why don't you fuck me while I tell you what I'm thinking? When
I've told you my plan, you'll spurt before you make me come. Now that's a
punishable offence if I'm not mistaken and I'll get to redden your backside
instead. For shooting your load before you satisfy your partner,

Milla would remember that fuck particularly well and it was very clear
in her mind still, having happened only a couple of hours ago. Not only
did he join her in two climaxes before she finished explaining what she had
in mind, he then fucked her mouth for his own ejaculation. Not since their
first year had he produced such virility.

'I'm only doing it for you, darling,' she had simpered, batting her
eyelids at him. 'It'll add a little extra spice to your wonderful fucking.
I can see it worked,' she added giving purposefully at the bulge in his

'You're just saying it to arouse me again, aren't you? That's what it
is, you are teasing me.' Having decided he was correct, he had bundled her
over his shoulder and marched into the bedroom.

'Strip, you bitch,' he hissed.

She lifted her frock over her head and stood in just panties and bra,
almost daring him to take the next step.

'Push your panties down to your knees, bitch.'

She exposed her dark haired pussy, and stood up, slowly gyrating her
hips, staring directly into his eyes with a sulky smirk.

Before she knew it, he had jerked her off her feet and over his knees.
She could still feel the hurt, and her burning bottom tingled when she
moved. It was still bright red and bloody sore.

But having come three times earlier he struggled to raise an erection
despite being highly aroused at the beating he had given her bottom. Her
hands raised a half hard cock that dribbled a small discharge after nearly
thirty minutes of frantic stroking on her part.

'You're trying to give me a heart attack. That's it isn't it?' he had
accused feebly.

'No, my darling, doubting husband, I'm trying to convince you that two
pussies are better than one. I think you're just too scared to take on two
girls at the same time.'

He finally realised she was serious, but in his worn out state was
unable to do anything except slump onto the bed and go to sleep, once he
had agreed she could invite the girl.

Chapter Four

Gemma was unaware her aunt had already spoken to her mother earlier in
the evening. The whole afternoon and all through dinner, the young girl kept remembering what her aunt had said. She felt light-headed thinking
about what she was going to do after her shower tonight. It was silly but
she had convinced herself that she would do everything she had been told to
do, because she had promised. Anyway, she was hopeless at telling a lie
and Aunt Milla would surely know if she didn't do it all.

'You look a little lost tonight, dear,' he mother said. 'Is something
wrong? Are you unwell?'

The question startled her but she answered quickly, 'No, I'm alright,
Mom, just a bit tired. I think I'll have a shower and go to bed early.'

'That's a good idea, dear.'

The shower was hot, very hot and her body still tingled even after she
had dried herself off. She locked her door when she returned to her
bedroom, something she had never thought of doing before, but the
possibility of her mother or worse, her dad walking in as they usually did
without knocking, was just too terrible to think about.

She looked at herself, draped in a large bath towel, her hair still wet
from the shower. Looking deeply into her own eyes was a new experience,
something she had never felt the need to do before, and yet this first
time, she saw herself quite differently. Almost as though it was somebody
else and she was here spying, watching this somebody as she slowly
unwrapped the towel and let it fall to the floor.

Gemma looked in awe, taking notice for the first time of her nakedness,
looking and realising that before her stood a grown woman, with breasts and
hips and hair, crinkly black hair covering her private parts.

The face looking back at her showed no emotion, as though it too was
studying itself in it's own mirror, taking in all the detail of the female
shape before it. Gemma first concentrated on the lines of her face, the
wide brown eyes, shaded by dark long lashes, sparkling in the night light.

Although she tried to look on objectively, her eyes seemed to be smiling
back at her, hinting at laughter, warm and inviting. Her nose was small,
almost a button, she thought, but matching the rest of her face
beautifully. Although she wore no make-up her lips were prominently pink,
curving upwards as if smiling even though she was trying not to do so. Her
hair was nearly black from the dampness of her shower but she knew it would
dry a dark shining brown, long and straight, falling well below her
shoulders. She swept it forward over one shoulder and it just covered the
breast on that side. For the first time Gemma realised her face was oval,
gently so but nevertheless oval. She had never thought of it one way or
the other and was pleasantly pleased about the way her image smiled back at
her. Then her eyes drifted lower.

Her skin was as pale as milk, and she reached up to touch her shoulder,
stroking softly, feeling the smoothness. Soon she reached her breasts and
saw that they stood up firmly and taut as anyone except her own innocence
would expect in a girl of such tender years. Well centred, not too far
apart, and definitely not small, but then not too large either. Just a
handful, she smiled as she dared to cup one mound. She looked at the
nipples closely, inspecting them for imperfections but happily finding
nothing that caused her concern. The dark pink aureole sat above the
whiteness of her breast and in her excitement the nipple firmed hard at her
touch, pointing proudly forward.

Her hand glided over the breast, brushing against the sensitive nipple,
sending a shiver up her back. It felt nice.

She looked further down to the narrow waist centring on her flat stomach
with its deep belly button. Her body then widened out to prominent hips
and her dark crinkly haired pubic mound. At sixteen, her pubic hair was so
dense and dark that she could not see the sex slit beneath and she had
never parted the hairs to look until now. She had taken so little interest
in her sexuality and, except for going to the toilet and carrying out her
ablutions, she had not taken any particular notice of her secret grotto.
The rare sexual feelings she had experienced were never centred on her
crotch, rather just something deep within herself. So she looked at the
dark triangle, feeling satisfied because it was fluffy and symmetrical.
Then her gaze moved downwards to her legs. Long, sleek and formed to
classic proportions, she had never realised the sensuous beauty she exuded
just from this one part of her body.

All in all Gemma was pleased with her inspection, a new experience, the
first time she had really taken notice of herself in detail. Then,
remembering her aunt's instruction, she looked back into the face of her
mirror image and said quietly, 'you are beautiful. You are beautiful.'

By the time she had spoken the words ten times her speech was unheard,
just the movement of her lips speaking silently, convincing the innocent
young woman of this one true fact. Gemma had developed into a beautiful
woman, and in telling herself, she now realised this was fact. 'I am a
beautiful woman,' she said aloud finally, awe struck at the realisation.

She pulled back the bedclothes and slipped between the sheets, still
quite naked. She never even thought of putting on her nightdress, feeling
sensuous, beautiful and happy just as she was. Never before had she known
such feelings, such wonderful sensations circling around inside her body,
like bubbles in lemonade, she thought. She went to sleep aware for the
first time she was truly beautiful and she liked herself. She hoped
tomorrow would go quickly, for her aunt had promised to call her with the
promised surprise and while thinking of this, she drifted into a sound

She reached the phone quickly, wanting to be the one that answered it,
not realising her parents made no attempt to do so themselves.


'Gemma, darling, I promised I would call you this evening. How are

'Oh, fine, Aunt Milla, thank you,' she spoke quietly.

'Now tell me, are your parents in the room?'


'Then I'm going to speak so all you have to do is answer with a yes or
no. They won't know what we were really talking about. We'll be
conspirators together, O.K.?'

She sneaked a look towards her parents who didn't seem to be listening
in at all. 'Yes, Aunt Milla, I understand.'

'Well, first of all let's talk about what I promised. Rob and I have
had a long talk and we would like you to come with us to the lake for the
holidays. For a whole six weeks.'

Milla didn't have to encourage her at all because the excitement in her
voice said everything. The conspiracy of answering yes or no had been long
forgotten. 'Oh, that would be great, Aunt Milla. I've never been on a
holiday like that and when you talked about your holidays before, I just
dreamed of being able to do that sometime. Oh, thank you. When do we go?'
And then a note of hesitancy crept in. 'Oh, but what about mom and Dad,
they'd never let me go?' She looked around and while they were not watching
her, both parents were smiling knowingly.

'It's alright, silly,' Milla said. 'I've already talked to them and
they are happy for you to go. Sort of a present for doing so well with
your studies.'

'Oh, then that's great,' her voice picked up again.

'I hoped you would like it, dear. It's going to be more than a holiday
for you, I hope you realise.'

'I don't understand.'

'We're going to be away for six weeks, just the three of us and in that
time I'm going to teach you everything about life and loving that your
parents never have. I'm sure there is so much you want to know, isn't

'Oh.' She looked around and saw her parents still taking no notice.
'Oh, yes, there is.'

'I knew there was, and with you being such a good scholar, you'll learn
quickly. Now you're not to tell your parents any of this, but we've
decided to call your studies "Relationships". We're going to talk about
anything and everything you need and want to know, no holds barred. In
fact, Rob and I have decided that for the whole six weeks, there will be no
secrets whatsoever between the three of us. Absolutely nothing, for we
want you to know everything we can possibly teach you about relationships
between people. And that includes sex. I think that's what you need more
than anything, isn't it dear?'

'Yes. Oh, yes, Aunt Milla.' She was very excited at the prospect of
learning all the things her friends knew so much about and yet she knew

'There's just one condition, dear. You've got to promise me here and
now, that no matter what we ask, you will do everything we want you to,
without hesitation. You might be embarrassed and even humiliated at first,
but if we are going to help you grow out of the cocoon your parents have
kept you in all these years, you will have to learn to do things you have
not even dreamed of. But I promise you darling, it will be fun and it will
all be enjoyable in the end. Now, do you promise?'

'I think so. But what will you want me to do?'

'That's why you have to trust us, dear. There's just too much you need
to learn to even begin to tell you here over the telephone. Just say you
promise to agree with everything we ask of you.

'Yes, I do promise, Aunt Milla,' she almost whispered.

'And another thing, young lady, from the time we leave, you must call us
just plain Rob and Milla. If we're to have no secrets, Aunt Milla and
Uncle Rob just doesn't sound right. O.K?'

'Ha, ha, yes, alright. I'd like that,' She said happily

'Good. Now let's talk about last night. Did you do what I asked?'

'Yes,' she whispered.

'And were you surprised?'


'Do you still think of yourself as ugly?'

'No, not now.'

'I told you that you were beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful,
you just have to be shown how beautiful, and that's what we're going to do
in "Relationships". Tell me, did you touch yourself?'


'Where? On your pussy?'

'No, I don't think so. Just my...'

'Don't say it. They might hear. Was it your breasts then?'

'Yes, there.' She was blushing.

'Are you blushing, Gemma?'

'I think so.'

'I thought you might be. It's exciting talking about such private
things when someone else is nearby but they don't know what you're really
talking about, isn't it?'

'Yes, I think so.'

'And did it feel nice, dear? When you touched your breasts.'

'Oh, it was just one. But it did.'

'I'm happy for you and look forward to you describing in detail what
happened.' She heard Gemma gasp in surprise. 'I think you'd better tell
your parents the good news. I'll talk to you later about the details. Bye
for now, my darling.'

'Goodbye, Aunt Milla, and thank you; please thank Uncle Rob too.'

'Of course I will. Bye.' Milla hung up, leaving the young girl holding
the dead receiver for some time before she laid it down.

'Mom, why didn't you tell me Aunt Milla was going to invite me up to the
lake for the holidays. I didn't know.'

'Well, she wanted to surprise you herself. Do you really want to go?'

'Oh, yes, I do. She said you've already agreed I could. Oh, thank you,
Mom.' She laid a hand on her mother's shoulder in acknowledgment, a kiss
almost never passing between them.

Her parents didn't realise the holiday was to be for six weeks, but when
they learned of this, having already agreed, they couldn't withdraw their

Chapter Five

Both Milla and Rob called for Gemma a week later, and there was much
excitement, especially from her mother, who packed almost everything the
girl owned. 'Just in case you need it, dear,' she would say when something
else was brought out. Gemma agreed to everything, hardly knowing herself,
what she should bring.

Milla didn't object when two large suitcases awaited them. She glanced
at Rob with raised eyebrows, but said nothing. Gemma gave her parents a
farewell hug and her mother kissed her on the forehead. 'Now you be good
and do everything you're told,' she reproached her daughter.

'I will, Mom. Goodbye,' she called back as the car took off.

'Well, are you excited, Gemma?'

'Oh, yes, Aun..., yes I am, Milla,' she corrected herself

'So are we too, darling. Aren't we, Rob.'

'Certainly are,' he agreed, concentrating on his driving.

'We'll sleep at our place tonight and get an early start in the
morning,' Milla told her.

When they arrived, Milla drew her aside and pointing to the two large
suitcases said, 'Gemma dear. We didn't want to embarrass your parents but
they've packed far too much for you. It's a holiday, not a world tour.'

Gemma was embarrassed, blushed red and apologised. 'Oh, I'm sorry
Milla. I didn't realise. What should I do?'

'There's nothing to be ashamed of, dear. But we have done something I
hope you will like. It's really a present for passing your degree so
brilliantly. Rob and I have purchased for you, a whole new wardrobe for
the holidays. We suspected your parents would foist a lot of stuff on you
for the trip that would be entirely inappropriate so we got what we thought
would suit you better.'

'You shouldn't have, Milla. It must have cost you a lot of money.'

'Well, Rob wanted you to enjoy yourself as much as we will and did most
of the choosing himself, even your lingerie. He buys for me most of the
time too and it's his money so you don't have a thing to worry about.'

Gemma blushed deeply, thinking of the intimate things her uncle had
purchased and even touched. 'Oh, did he see...?'

'Well he sees all of mine, dear, and mostly with me in them so don't be
worried about that. Actually, between you and me, I think ladies lingerie
arouses him,' she whispered confidentially.

The young girl blushed all the deeper, well aware Milla was watching
her. 'There's a lot of embarrassment you have to get out of your system,
isn't there?' Milla said.

'Yes. I'm sorry, I just can't help it.'

'Don't worry, darling,' she smiled encouragingly, holding Gemma in her
arms. 'By the time you get back, nothing like this will worry you again.'

'Can I see what you've bought?'

'Let it be a surprise until we get there. When you get up though, I'll
lay out a set of clothes to wear for the journey. Then we'll decide what
to wear each day after that. O.K.?'

'Yes, all right, and thank you, Milla. You're wonderful.'

'I hope you will say that by the time you return. Now, did you by any
chance pack any school clothes at all?'

'Yes, I think mom put one set in. Don't know what for though, I've
finished school for the time being.'

'Ah, but maybe not for long; remember you've got a lot to learn in these
six weeks. I think you should bring one set of school clothes and the
school underwear to go with them. Might as well be authentic I suppose,'
Milla said innocently.

Gemma slept well and woke early to find a set of clothes laid out on her
dressing table. Despite her sixteen years, she had never worn underwear
like this but was secretly delighted. She showered and returned to her
room to dress.

The bra and panties were much smaller than the underclothes her mother bought for her, small and almost see-through. Looking in the mirror she
could see her dark pubic hair through the thin panties. Never had she worn
stockings and a suspender belt and it took her considerable time to fix
them in place, keeping the seam of her stockings straight. She felt grown
up just looking at herself in the mirror. As well as her pubic hair, her
nipples were visible through a bra that moved with every step she took,
despite the firmness of her breasts and she felt very aware of this.

The frock was firm around her upper torso, moulding her breasts and
waist then flaring out over her hips to give the effect that she may not be
wearing any underwear at all. She felt just wonderful in her new clothes,
naughty because she was displaying her body as she had never before done.
Mom would have a fit she sniggered to herself.

It was difficult deciding when to leave her room and join her uncle and
aunt for breakfast. Her new clothes were rather daunting even though she
loved them, because Rob probably knew exactly what she was wearing under
her frock. She would also have to respond to their praises when she walked
into the room and so sat for a long while trying to decide what to say and
how to react. The clatter of breakfast being laid out finally stirred her
and she tentatively walked into the kitchen.

'Good morning, Gemma dear,' Milla smiled happily, kissing her on the
cheek. 'Do you like them?'

She saw Rob sitting at the breakfast table looking at her, a cheerful
smile on his face also. He knows everything she thought smiling back
self-consciously. 'They are beautiful, Milla. Thank you for them.'

'You'd better thank Rob. He's the one who chose them.'

She looked at her uncle, more embarrassed than ever.

'Well, don't I even get a kiss,' he almost laughed at her uneasiness.

'I'm sorry, Unc... I mean, Rob. Thank you, they are very nice.' She
stepped to his side to kiss his cheek but he put his arm around her waist
and moved his face at the same time so that her lips met with his at the
precise moment she made her kissing sound.

Gemma stepped backwards with embarrassment, almost falling over a chair
as she did so. 'Oh, I'm sorry, Rob. I didn't mean to...'

'You didn't mean to kiss me, little one? Oh, I'm devastated,' he
replied with smile behind the sad look on his face.

'No, I didn't mean that. It was just, oh I don't know what I want to
say.' Tears welled up and she cried silently until Milla came to her side,
holding her face against her chest.

'There's nothing to cry about, darling. We're all friends here, very
good friends and no one wants to see you crying. Come on now dry those
tears. I can see one of our first lessons is going to be about touching.
Once you learn how, it becomes something you just love to do, wait and
see.' She kissed the unhappy girl on the forehead and asked for a smile.
It seemed to brighten them all up.

As they were finishing breakfast Milla looked up and said, 'Oh. I've
just thought of something.' Then looking at Gemma she asked, 'Darling,
when's your next period?'

The girl couldn't help blushing. 'My per...? Aunt Milla, I couldn't
tell you in front of...' She glanced quickly at Rob and away again, looking
for understanding from her aunt.

'Oh, nonsense young lady, he's a married man, knows all about women's
periods, don't you dear?'

'Of course I do, Gemma. Wouldn't be much of a pharmacist if I didn't.
Good heavens I've got girls coming in every day buying sanitary wear and
condoms for that matter. That's nothing to worry about. All you women
have periods it's natural. Just like sex.'

Gemma wished she could crawl under the table away from their gaze. She
almost whispered her reply. 'It's due in two weeks, Aunt Milla,' she
answered, reverting to the relational name of Aunt in the moment of

'Just Milla will do, dear. Remember? Anyway all I wanted to know for
was to have enough sanitary pads for you. Rob, I've only bought enough for
one cycle but she'll probably have two while we're away. Can we call into
the shop on our way?'

'No problems; what kind do you wear, Gemma?'

'Mod... Modess,' she whispered in embarrassment.

'Oh, dear,' Milla said. 'I've bought the thin ones. I think you'll
like them better, Gemma. Make it those, Rob.'

'Sure. Now all we've got to do is get this young lady to understand it
is alright to talk about women's periods an d any other taboo subject too,
I guess. Gemma, come and stand in front of me.' She hesitantly stood up
and he cupped her face gently in his hands. 'Good. Now I want you to look
into my eyes and repeat after me, 'All girls...'

'All girls.'

'Have menstrual periods...'

'Have menstrual periods.' (blush)

'Every month...'

'Every month.' (blush)

'Not just me.'

'Not just me.' blush)

'All right now give me a kiss and make up.'

She leaned forward with the most tentative of kisses but he accepted it
as sufficient, then put both arms around her waist and hugged her to him
for just a moment.

'Good girl now let's have a smile and we'll get on with our holiday.' He
rose, smiling encouragement at her and began to take their cases out to the

'Rob,' Gemma called to him. As he looked around she smiled and said
simply, 'Thank you.'

Milla decided she and Gemma would sit together in the back seat, not
wanting to leave their guest on her own. They chatted for a time, both
excited about their destination but the trip took over three hours and
Gemma soon began to drift off to sleep.

'Car trips always make me sleepy too,' she told Gemma. 'Here, lay your
head on my lap, it'll be more comfortable.' Gemma lay down and felt her
aunt's hand rest against her cheek, the other on her stomach. She was cosy
and sleep soon took over.

Sometime later, rough road disturbed her and she opened her eyes to
realise the hand that laid on her stomach when she went to sleep now cupped
her breast, firmly, not just resting there. She looked up to see Milla was
asleep herself and apparently unaware of what her hand was doing. Gemma
tried to concentrate on what she should do. If she tried to lift the hand
away it would surely waken her aunt, and twisting herself out of the grasp
would do the same thing. Finally she decided to remain still, hoping Milla
would soon move herself. It was not as though the sensation was
unpleasant, just a little scary.

Milla soon stretched and woke up, her hand sliding off the mound it
held. 'Oh, you woke up before me, dear. I had the strangest dream. I was
a knight in shining armour and had just rescued a young maiden from the
clutches of the evil baron. It was so real, I can still feel her heaving
breast. I think she was about to reward me.'

'Reward you, my eye,' Rob called from the front seat. 'You were
clinging to Gemma's bosom, that's what you were doing. Tight as hell too,
it's a wonder she didn't wake up earlier.'

'What?' She cried out in dismay. 'Was I doing that, dear?'

'Ha. It doesn't matter, Milla.' She was happy to let the matter rest.

'Sorry, dear, I didn't realise. Are you alright.'

'Sure. It was nothing.'

Chapter Six

They had turned onto a gravel road by now and Rob stopped the car when
they came to a large sign across the road saying "Road End - No entry to
Private Property". He got out saying, 'Won't be long. Have to raise the
drawbridge.' They watched as he unlocked a heavy padlock and simply lifted
the "road end" sign up just like a railway boom gate. Rob drove under the
sign and across a small bridge built over a deep-sided stream. He stopped
again, walked back and pulled down the sign, locking it securely from his
side. Then he went to the side of the bridge, spun a large wheel and the
bridge slowly turned sideways, along the bank on their side of the stream.
'That should stop anyone bothering us. Now we're on our own,' he informed
Gemma. 'We'll be there in a little while.'

The road was surrounded in thick forest, natural and beautiful. They
had climbed considerably since leaving the highway and mountains were all
around them, snow still on the highest peaks. Everyone was silent as the
car travelled slowly over the gravel road, taking in the wonder of this new
environment, almost untouched by human habitation. Several colourful birds
flew across the car's path and a small animal sat up and sniffed at the
intruders, finally scurrying into the undergrowth before the car reached

It was a beautiful day, blue sky with the gentlest of breezes fluttering
the leaves on the silver-trunked birches. The lake came into view and
Gemma saw the beauty of the place as the car swept around the edge of the
water. Water birds were everywhere, swimming and flying, the lake almost
silhouetting the mountains on the other side.

'It's a place of peace, Gemma,' Milla said, trying not to break the
young girl's thoughts.

'It's beautiful, Milla. Oh, I'm going to love it here, I just know it,'
she responded excitedly, still looking out over the lake.

The car turned a sharp bend and Gemma saw the cabin she was going to
share with her aunt and uncle for the next six weeks. It was made of logs
and an iron roof, set on a slight incline with a veranda overlooking the

Rob stopped the car to give the young girl her first view of the beauty.
She saw the veranda, with rough sawn planks and balustrade. Two rocking
chairs stood near the door, and overlooked the lake and what looked like a
jetty edging out over the water.

The area in between was grassed with natural pasture with a little worn
track that led from the two or three stairs up to the cabin, back to the
water's edge and jetty.

'It's so peaceful here, Gemma. We sit for hours just looking out over
the lake, so peaceful and calming. It's a pity we can't get here more
often, but we're looking forward to having you with us this time. You'll
be wonderful company for Rob and me. When it rains, the raindrops make a
soothing sound on the roof, makes you want to race into bed and make love,'
she whispered, sniggering in Gemma's ear so Rob could not hear.

'Oh, Milla, you're awful,' she giggled back, turning red at the tone of
the conversation.

Suddenly Rob let out a wail. 'Water,' he cried. 'Here I am, I've been
waiting for you for so long. Have you missed me?' With that he jumped out
of the car, peeling his shirt off and turning to Milla said, 'You tell her
the rules, I can't wait.' With that he began to run towards the jetty,
abandoning his clothes as he went.

'No, Rob, not yet. We've got so much to do,' Milla called out after him
without getting any response.

He dropped shoes and socks along the way, hopping as he jettisoned his
trousers and then displayed his white behind as he slid his underpants off
just before he jumped into the water with a loud, 'Yahoo.'

Gemma wasn't sure whether the dark patch she saw as he left the jetty
was hair between his legs or just a shadow, but the sight both excited and
amazed her.

'Now there's a sight you haven't seen before. Oh, he's such a wicked
man,' Milla laughed.

'Yes,' Gemma agreed, not knowing what else to say. 'Milla, what did he
mean about telling me the rules?'

'I wondered if you heard that. Well, we have lots of rules here that we
obey implicitly and you've got to obey them all, just as much as we do.
The one he meant was that when we go swimming in the lake, there's only one
way and that's skinny dipping. Do you know what that means?'

'Oh, no I couldn't. Isn't that swimming without any bathers? Milla, I
couldn't do that,' she shrieked. "Not with Rob here anyway."

'You not only could but you will. It's part of the little games we play
while we're up here. Don't worry about Rob. He won't look until you've
got so used to it that being naked won't be a problem for you any more.
Anyway, just wait until you do it, it feels sensational. So free; you'll
love it.'

'But Milla, if I went swimming he'd see me, naked. I couldn't do that,'
she almost wailed.

'Just wait, darling; you'll get used to everything before long. We'll
just go in ourselves for a few times, then we'll see. Anyway there's so
much to do, we probably won't be able to have a dip today.'

Rob soon returned, wearing his trousers but nothing else. Gemma saw his
underclothes under his arm with the other discarded garments.

'Gemma, that was great,' he chirped, shivering from the cold. 'Nothing
like cold water to get the system going. Want to come in?'

'Oh, no I couldn't,' she shrieked.

'Leave her alone, you monster,' Milla rescued her. 'Besides you've got
a lot to do. If you don't get on with it, we won't be finished before

She took Gemma inside and showed her the room she would sleep in. It
was small with two single beds and a small dressing table between them. An
oval rug covered the timber floor and a wardrobe was placed in one corner.
The room was on one corner of the cabin, and a large window opened onto the
veranda at that end. She realised now that the veranda ran right along the
front of the cabin, overlooking the lake, and then around this end where
the two bedrooms were. Gemma's room had no door onto the veranda. There
was a smaller window between the two beds facing towards the lake, but the
larger one, which was almost room high, overlooked the birch forest at that
end of the cabin.

'This is where you'll sleep, dear. It's a bit sparse but that's what
cabin life is all about.'

Gemma saw that neither window had curtains, nor was there a door between
her room and the living area. She said nothing but followed Milla into the
bedroom next door, their room.

'At least we have a double bed,' Milla giggled. 'But it's not much
different to your's.'

The two bedrooms were side by side and made up about one third of the
cabin's size. Instead of a wall between the two rooms, a length of heavy
blanket-like material was stretched from floor to ceiling; heavy, but
certainly not soundproof in any way. Neither room had a door, instead the
two bedrooms were separated from the living area by a log wall with an
opening where a door could have gone. Access to both bedrooms was through
this one opening.

'We decided to make two bedrooms instead of the one that was originally
planned, so we could have visitors,' she explained. 'But, ha, ha, you're
the first visitor we've ever had up here so you should feel privileged.'

The separating blanket wall finished about a metre short of the entrance
to the bedrooms and Gemma realised she could see right into their room when
she left hers to go into the living area. But they also, could look right
in at her without any trouble, especially when they walked back into their
room from the living room.

'You look a little daunted, dear. Is something wrong?'

'There's no door, Milla. And I haven't got any curtains.'

'Oh silly, there's no one around to look in anyway. And as for doors,
well there's only the three of us. Besides, remember, no secrets. You'll
get used to it.'

They moved into the living area. 'We call this the play room,' she
said. 'Confidentially, it's where Rob and I usually make love, but we'll
try not to embarrass you too much.'

'Oh, Milla, I'm intruding, aren't I? It's different when there's three
people isn't it?'

'Absolute nonsense; we've brought you here to learn about life, and you
can't do that if it were just two women. I want you to get used to being
comfortable around men and women, me and Rob. You couldn't do that with
just me now, could you?'

'No, but... Oh, Milla, I'm so confused.'

'Of course you are, darling. But it will all fall into place. Soon
you'll just be one of three people, three of the closest friends possible.
Just trust me, dear.' She kissed the uncomfortable girl on the cheek.

'Here's the last, but most important room; the loo and bathroom. Oops,
you've seen there's no door either. We've never had need for one. Sorry,
but it'll be alright.'

The bathroom consisted of an open shower cubicle with a toilet beside
it, the entrance wide enough for anyone in the living room to easily see
anyone using the bathroom.

The kitchen, or rather the stove and a small bench-top, was in the
corner nearest the bathroom door, with a table with four wooden chairs.
The rest of the Play Room comprised a sofa and two large comfortable
armchairs placed around one side of a large round rug. On the other side
was a large open fireplace and hearth. It looked comfortable, cosy and
inviting Gemma thought. Several cushions and pillows were strewn over the
rug and on the sofa.

On either side of the fireplace, large picture windows looked across the
front veranda and over the lake, now shimmering in the noonday sun.

'It really is beautiful, Milla,' she admitted, despite her concern about
lack of privacy. Well, maybe Milla is right, it will be alright in time. I
just hope so, she thought.

Milla made a light snack for lunch then they all worked feverishly for
most of the afternoon, getting things settled, cleaned up, and finally
stored away. Rob spent much of the afternoon chopping wood and setting up
the generator that Gemma could now hear as a dull throbbing sound somewhere
behind the cabin. 'We don't use much electricity here but it's useful
sometimes and for the refrigerator of course. We usually use pressure
lamps at night, it makes the atmosphere so beautiful then, something
special,' Milla told her. She was indeed eager to begin experiencing life
in the wild.

They all worked hard and by evening as the sun was fading, Milla
suggested Gemma should shower and prepare herself for dinner. 'We treat
dinner and the time afterwards, as our special time of the day, Gemma.
Almost as a ritual, I think you'll find. It's when we can sit down and
relax together, talk intimately, learn to love each other more deeply.'

'That sounds nice, Milla, but if I take a shower will you make sure Rob
can't look in and see me. There's no door...' She tried to hide her
anguish but Milla knew.

'He won't, I promise. I've left two nightdresses on your bed. You
choose which one to wear. We all wear nightclothes for dinner and
afterwards, every night. Another of our rules'

'Oh, Milla, you've bought more clothes for me?' She asked excitedly.
'Oh, thank you. I bet they're nice, just like the clothes I wore here. I
really loved them Milla. mom and Dad wouldn't have agreed, but it felt so

Gemma showered, watching the doorway regularly but Rob came nowhere
near. She cautiously wore the large bath towel back to her room but was
then in the dilemma of having to divest herself of it to get dressed again.
Rob was in his bedroom, separated only by the blanket wall. Soon though,
she saw Rob walk out wearing only a towel around his waist, obviously going
to take his shower too.

She quickly dropped her towel and then realised she hadn't chosen which
nightdress to wear. One was white, the other pink. She lifted the pink
one up and found it was short, only just covering her pubic mound, but
there were a pair of matching panties, very brief but at least a covering,
that laid on her dressing table nearby. The top was held up with
shoelace-thin straps, the low-cut bodice would show the swell of her
breasts but at least not too much. She liked the silky texture, the
softness, which would fold around her body comfortably if not a little

The white garment was much more revealing. It had wide shoulder straps
of soft lace merging into the bodice of the same material, exposing her
breasts and her nipples to any onlooker. Gemma sucked in her breath,
realising just what she would be showing to Rob if he ever saw her in it.
At least her dressing gown would cover the exposure she told herself.

Beneath the bodice downwards to her waist, the silken material had been
smocked with elastic, which would press the gown tightly around her,
moulding her curves most conspicuously. From her waist, the soft material
fell down over her hips to near ankle length. It was beautiful, daring and
so unlike anything Gemma had ever worn. It sent shivers of anticipation
through her just looking at it.

After some time she decided to wear the white full-length gown. It
fitted her so well that when she looked at herself in the mirror she
blushed at the outline of her breasts she saw through the lace. But she
had to admit to herself that it was indeed beautiful. I feel so naughty
but nice she thought, running her hands down the sides of her body, feeling
the tightness of the garment as it clung to her.

Chapter Seven

'Dinner's nearly on, Gemma,' Milla called.

She quickly put her dressing gown over the nightdress, combed her hair
and shyly walked to the dinner table.

'Oh, you're wearing your robe,' Milla said with some disappointment.
'Oh, Gemma, we don't wear anything over our nightclothes. It takes away
the feeling of freedom.'

'But Milla, my nightdress shows off my... my bust,' she stammered in

'Rubbish, it's all in your mind, darling,' she said walking up to the
unhappy girl. 'Let's take this off now. Come on don't be shy. There's no
need. Rob has seen breasts before. It won't be any more of a surprise
than when he looks at mine. Besides you can see mine through my nightgown,

Milla's nightgown was completely see through, a pale green setting off
her red hair to advantage but Gemma saw not only her aunt's breasts; her
pubic hair too, showed clearly through the thin fabric.

'Milla. Please don't make me. I feel awful. I don't want him to see
me like this.'

'Remember what you promised. Anything we asked, you promised to do.
It's all part of learning, baby,' her aunt reminded her with a scowl. Then
in a sharper voice, 'Now do as you're told. Off with it immediately.'

'Oh,' she whimpered through silent tears.

She felt as though she were totally naked, when the outer garment
finally fell to the floor. 'You look beautiful, Gemma,' she heard Rob say
as he walked into the room. 'I'm very fortunate to have two such lovely
women to accompany me to dinner.' He made no reference to her
semi-nakedness, just putting an arm around her waist as he led her to her
place at the table.

Milla had laid out a fine meal and Gemma soon found herself
concentrating on their lively conversation and gaiety rather than about the
body she was displaying. After a time she realised she had stopped
covering her breasts with her hand as she had done when Rob first walked
in. Nothing had been said about either woman's clothing and Rob had not
commented on the fact that both were showing him their feminine charms
across the table.

With supper over though, came her next test as Milla rose and motioned
the others to join her around the fireplace for coffee. Gemma watched
Milla's every move, enthralled at the sight of this beautiful woman moving
in her transparent nightgown.

'You look good enough to eat,' Rob said appreciatively. 'Doesn't she,
Gemma? God what a woman I married. I've got to tell you, Gemma, I just
love breasts. They turn me on, especially Milla's. Look at them will you.
Not a sign of bouncing up and down, firm as a football and almost as big
too. Don't you think so?'

Gemma couldn't say a word, as her voice gagged up inside and she turned
deep red, her face burning with shame, not from what he had said, but that
she wasn't able to respond. All she could do was nod her assent.

'Rob, you've embarrassed her,' Milla accused him. 'Come over her dear,
don't think anything of what he says, he's just a randy old man. Thinks of
nothing but sex.'

When Gemma had sat beside Milla, her aunt went on. 'Anyway, Mr. Smarty
Pants, what about Gemma here? Don't you think she looks beautiful in her
new nightdress? And her breasts are beautiful too. Just look, now.
Surely you didn't miss seeing them over supper?'

'Oh, I saw them alright. Yes, Gemma, beautiful young breasts, I agree.
You're really a beautiful young woman all over. It was remiss of me for
not saying so earlier. I think your nightdress suits you and it does show
off your feminine attributes so well.'

'He means your tits, dear.' She stopped still for a moment. 'Oh, I say,
Gemma. Are you wearing panties under your gown?'

The deep red remained and she wanted to cringe away. Finally she
managed to whisper, 'Yes, Milla. Please don't speak so loudly, I'm

'Well, that may be so, but I must tell you that you can't wear panties after you come to supper. It's just not allowed. Another of our silly
rules, but you'll get used to them. Come on now, off with them. Give Rob
a thrill and hand them to him as soon as they come off. He loves to smell
of female odours that warm panties gives off. Rob, come and sit beside
Gemma. You're the lucky one tonight.'

'Milla, I can't do that. It's not right,' the stricken girl cried.

'Nonsense. Now stand up, come on. Don't turn around, face us; we're
friends, not enemies. Now take your panties off, and do it quickly so your
warmth doesn't vanish.'

Gemma stood up, paralysed, unable to move, her eyes pleading with her
aunt but finding no sympathy at all.

'Gemma, it may be just your first night with us but if you can't do such
a simple task, I'll have Rob take them off and you can expect to be
punished for disobeying. Now what's it going to be?'

The innocence of the young girl was tested to the full but realising she
had no choice but to do as she was told, she slipped her hands under the
silken garment and tugged the underwear down her legs. With one hand she
handed her panties to her uncle who was right beside her.

'Thank you, Gemma, I am honoured,' her smiled at her.

Intrigued, Gemma watched as he cupped the soft panty in both hands and
pressed it to his face, covering his nose and mouth. He breathed deeply,
drawing her body scents through his nose, savouring the young girl's warmth
from the intimate apparel as his eyes closed in concentration. The room
swirled around Gemma as she watched fascinated; her Aunt reaching out to
gently take her hand in support.

He exhaled through his mouth and then opened the garment only to place
the crotch piece to his nose as he breathed heavily inward again.

'You have a wonderful essence, Gemma dear,' he smiled up at her. 'It's
very arousing, your pussy smell, I mean. Very arousing indeed.' He reached
out and took her other hand as she stood between them, quivering with
emotions that she didn't understand.

'From the bulge in his pants, I can see you have indeed aroused the
beast in him, Gemma dear. I think I'm in for some trouble tonight,' her
Aunt said matter of factly. 'Anyway, Gemma, thank you for doing as you
were told. I didn't want to have to punish you on your first night.'

The girl's legs simply gave way and she slid to the floor at their feet,
still watching Rob as he continued to take delight with her discarded
panties. Then she saw what Milla had meant by the bulge in his pants. She
could see the outline of his very erect penis under the thin pyjamas he
wore. She knew in general what lay between a man's legs but had never seen
such detail before.

With a gasp she sat up straight, turned a vivid shade of red again and
looked away quickly.

'You've embarrassed her again, Rob,' her Aunt chided. 'Here let me
cover up your man thing for the time being.'

Milla moved around and sat between Rob's outstretched legs, using his
knees as arm rests.

'When men get worked like that, there's only one thing that will calm
them down,' she confided to the flustered girl. 'Isn't that so, lover

'He wants to play hanky panky,' She whispered to Gemma with a wink.
That only made the girl turn even deeper red because while she wasn't
exactly sure what her Aunt meant, she was sure it was about sex.

'Well if we're going to play that,' Rob cut in, 'at least I got a good
set of tits to play with first. Thank you darling.' With that, his hands
came around her body and cupped his wife's breasts firmly, directly in
front of Gemma.

She looked away immediately, realising the sexual actions were being
played out for her benefit.

'Don't be embarrassed, Gemma,' Milla turned back to face her. 'It's
nothing you shouldn't look at. They're my breasts and he has every right
to caress them. It's beautiful, not dirty and besides it feels very nice.'

'I'll say it does,' Rob cut in.

A tear of embarrassment fell down the young girl's cheek and Milla
realised she had taken all she was capable of in this first night.

'I think it's been a long day for you, hasn't it? You must be so tired.
Would you rather go off to bed?'

'I think so,' she agreed, relieved to be given the chance to leave.

'I can understand that, dear. We'll have a long talk tomorrow, just the
two of us. And a good night's sleep will make you feel a lot better, I'm
sure. Give us a kiss good night then off you go.'

Milla kissed her lovingly on the lips and as she half stood up to reach
Rob sitting on the chair, he held her waist firmly and kissed her long and
lovingly on the lips too. She flinched when he patted her bottom lightly
as she straightened.

'Oh,' she murmured and hurried out of the room.

Chapter Eight

The silk sheets were cold on her body but the duvet soon warmed and she
nestled down comfortably, her mind recalling all that had happened during
the evening. Deep down, she had to admit it had been exciting, and she
chided herself for being so self- conscious yet realised that she did
become uneasy when anything personal arose. She couldn't understand why
some people could talk about sex things without any embarrassment and yet
she simply went to water.

She didn't know how long she lay awake, but heard her Aunt and Uncle
packing up and obviously coming to bed. She stayed snuggled up and closed
her eyes pretending to be asleep when she heard them tip toeing into her

'Is she asleep?'

'Yes, dead to the world. An atom bomb wouldn't wake her,' she heard
Milla say.

'Good, then we can fuck without holding back the noise,' her Uncle

'God, do you want to do it again? You've only just filled me with one
load,' Milla wailed.

'You know the second one's always better.'

She heard scuffling just beside her bed but continued her pretence of

'Stop that Rob. Wait until we get into bed. And leave that hole alone.
I don't want you to stick it up there. Just be nice to me tonight, love my
pussy, O.K.?'

'Ouch,' Rob protested and Gemma heard Milla stifle a squeal and giggled
as she ran into their bedroom.

Gemma turned onto her back to listen more clearly as they obviously had
got into bed quickly. Their voices were very distinct; the blanket between
the two rooms having little effect as far as sound was concerned.

'How can you want more so soon, you naughty man?' Her aunt protested

'It's the devil in my cock that makes me,' came the reply.

'Well you've got to make me happy too. I'm not just a repository for
your spunk.' Gemma reddened, not quite knowing what her aunt meant but sure
that it was very sexual and very personal.

'I didn't notice you being unhappy after we finished before. I think I
heard you mention something about it being the best yet if I'm not
mistaken,' Rob reminded her.

'Yes it was good, lover. I just can't get enough of your cock when it
ploughs inside me. I came more than once.'

'Three times to be exact,' Rob corrected her.

'If I come just once more like those I'll be happy. Do you think you
can do that?'

'Piece of cake,' he replied. 'Or rather, a nice piece of cunt.'

Gemma found her hand nestling between her legs, a strange feeling
creeping through her body.

'No. Please, Rob. Not in there. Just fuck me nicely. I feel so
wonderful tonight. Please. You can have the other whenever you want to,
but tonight, make love to my pussy, there's a good boy.'

'As long as you keep your promise; whenever I want the other place, is
that right?'

'Whenever and however but tonight, just love me passionately.'

'God, you've got great tits, baby. I just love squeezing and sucking them. Makes me stiff as a board.'

'And it feels nice for me too. Did you get a look at Gemma's little
mounds? I'll bet you'd like to play with those too.'

'You bet, just a nice handful each. Nice dark nipples too, did you
notice? She's a nice kid. I hope it won't be too long before she agrees
to join in our little frolics.'

Gemma's eyes opened widely at the intimacy of his talk. She was sure he
had been looking at her breasts through the fine lace of her nightgown and
this just confirmed it. But to join in their little frolics...? That was
something she had not thought of. Was that how Milla was going to teach
her? She wasn't frightened at what might happen for she trusted both her
aunt and uncle, but the thought of such intimate acts made her nervous and

'I'm taking her for a walk tomorrow,' Gemma heard her aunt speak again.
'I think I can help her get over her shyness with you and with sex in
general fairly quickly. But we'll have to wait until she's ready, after
all this is just day one of six weeks here. Let's be patient. My, you are
a big boy again. Do you want me to suck you for a while or do you think
you can do your duty just as it is?'

'You know how I like to feel your mouth over my cock, but just this
once, I think I can manage to please.'

Gemma heard her aunt sigh with pleasure as the mattress creaked. Her
hand cupped her virginal pussy and slowly stroked the crease. It felt
nice. She listened, trying to work out just what they were doing in the
next room.

She heard their soft giggling grow louder, Milla gasping from time to
time as though she was in pain. Moans grew louder and she was sure Uncle
Rob was purposefully hurting her aunt. She didn't know what to do. Should
she go and tell him to stop hurting Milla? She just couldn't bring herself
to do that and yet as the woman's gasps grew ever stronger she became more
scared. Was Uncle Rob trying to kill his wife? If he was then he might do
the same to her as well.

His deep groans wafted clearly through the blanket separating them,
grunting as though he was using considerable force to hurt his wife. What
should she do to stop him? Milla's heaving breath could be heard clearly
too, coming in jerking cries, sucking in breath and releasing it in high
pitched whimpers, growing ever louder.

'Oh, God, I'm coming, Rob. Don't stop. It's wonderful. Keep pushing
harder. Oh. Oh. Ooohhh.' Her uncle groaned a long continuous sound and
then there was silence.

Many minutes went by while Gemma breathed as lightly as she could, not
wanting to let them know she was still awake. And then she heard her aunt
speak lovingly to her husband.

'Thank you, darling, you are a great lover. I feel so relaxed. It was

Gemma heard them kissing. She had been sure Milla was being mistreated
but when that was all over, the woman did nothing but praise the man who
had hurt her.

'Do you want a towel to clean up the mess?' Gemma heard her uncle ask.

'No, just leave it. It will be dry by morning. I want to keep your
juices all to myself. I feel so deliciously filled. Come and lay back in
my arms darling. Come to mama and sleep.'

Gemma's hand had stopped caressing her sex as she pondered what had
taken place in the next room, still unsure of what had really happened.
She finally drifted off to sleep and was awoken next morning by Milla and
Rob moving around the house.

Chapter Nine

'Well, hello sleepyhead,' Rob smiled as she walked into the kitchen.

'Good morning, dear,' Milla responded happily. 'It's a lovely morning.'

Gemma found it difficult to respond. Milla looked positively radiant
and there was no sign of any injury as she had suspected last night.

'My, you're very quiet this morning. Didn't you sleep well?' Milla

'Yes, I think so, Milla. I guess I'm still tired from our trip up

'Nonsense,' Rob responded. 'You're probably still embarrassed about
last night. Perhaps you're still shy about me smelling your private
perfume. You shouldn't be, little one. It was just a beginning. By the
way I still have them. It's amazing how long a woman's odour clings to
their panties. It was still very distinct this morning.'

Gemma lowered her head in shame again.

'Rob stop being mean. Don't think another thing about it, dear. It was
nothing.' Milla came to her side and gave her a cuddle. 'It's such a
lovely day, I think we'll go for a walk in the woods this morning, just you
and me. We can talk then. Don't worry about Rob, he's acting like a
naughty little boy.' She kissed the girl lightly on the lips and glared at
her husband's crudity. 'I'm going to show you something special this
morning. I think you'll like it. Come on, lets get some breakfast then we
can be off.'

They both wore similar clothes for their walk. Loose fitting shorts
with high cut legs from which their bottom cheeks peeked out, and loose
shirt tops that had no buttons but tied in a knot under their breasts.
Milla decided that underwear wasn't needed and the open fronted shirts gave
Rob a good view of deep cleavages as they walked down the veranda steps.

'Are you sure I can't come?' He called out after them with a wolf

'Play with yourself, Robert Deleany,' Milla called back sarcastically.

'You know, he's never any different, Gemma. When he sees tits or bums
or naked females he can't restrain himself. Actually all men are like
that. Once they get the sex urge they're like a bear at the honey pot.'

Gemma smiled shyly and gave a little giggle.

'Now, young lady, I suspect something is upsetting you this morning.
What's the problem? Was it about last night?'

She looked straight at her niece.

'Oh, I'm sorry Milla. It's just me. I get so embarrassed about
personal things and sex and all that.'

'So...?' Milla pressed for an answer.

'Well, Milla, it's just that when you made me take my panties off in
front of Rob and then he made a big thing of smelling them, I didn't know
what to do or say.'

'Were you scared then?

'No, not scared, not scared of Rob. I think I love him. Oh. I'm
sorry.' She suddenly realised what she had said.

'What for? You're just being honest with yourself and with me. Then it
did excite you just a little? The way you had to exhibit something so
intimate, I mean.'

'Yes, I was excited, but I couldn't show it.'

'Do you know he could see the whole of your breasts through your
nightdress? They looked so beautiful, you know. It made his cock hard
just looking.'

'Oh, you're awful, Milla,' she giggled self-consciously.

'After you left, we made love. We had sex right on the floor in front
of the fire. It was beautiful.'

Gemma could only blush. What could she say in response to that? No one
had ever discussed sex with her like Milla was doing.

'Now that embarrassed you, I can see it in your face. It shouldn't you
know. Remember what we promised each other. No secrets and we would talk
about everything in front of each other; that includes Rob too. There's
something else. We had sex again when we got into bed.'

'I know, I heard... Oh. I'm sorry.'

'So, you weren't asleep after all. Or maybe we woke you with all our

'No, I was awake all the time. I just pretended to be asleep when you
came in. Are you cross?'

'Not cross. Just disappointed. You could have joined us, you know.'

'Wha...? When you were... Oh, no. I wouldn't have.'

'Do you know what two people do when they fuck, Gemma? Could you hear
what we did?'

'I heard but didn't understand what it was. He was hurting you so much,
I heard you crying out and I didn't know what to do. Should I have come in
and stopped him, Milla?'

'Ha. Ha, No silly, he wasn't hurting me. It was so wonderful I just
couldn't get enough of the pleasure so I cried out for more. Did you hear
my cries getting louder? Is that when you thought he was torturing me?'

'Yes. I was scared then.'

'Well in some way he was torturing me, with pleasure. Darling, you
can't begin to know what lovemaking is like until a man lays over you and
pushes his cock into your cunt. It's an incredible feeling. Do those
words scare you, cock and cunt?'

'I always thought of them as crude when the girls at school used them,
but when you say it like that, it sounds so… well, so different.'

'It's a lot more descriptive than saying he pushes his penis into your
vagina, don't you think? Yes, cock and cunt are much better. Cock and
cunt, cock and cunt,' she began to shout out as loud as she could.

Gemma was caught up in the excitement and began to shout just as loudly.
'Cock and cunt, cock and cunt.'

Then Milla went further. 'Cock and cunt make a wonderful fuck,' she
stated loudly, bursting into laughter at the shocked look on Gemma's face.
'Well darling that's what we were doing. When Rob pushed his cock into my
cunt we were fucking. You look so shocked. Do you want me to say penis
and vagina make wonderful sexual intercourse? Now that does sound silly.'

Gemma looked seriously into her aunt's eyes and then burst into loud
laughter herself. 'It sure does, Milla, but you see, I still don't know
what he does when he um... fucks you,' she added more seriously.

'Stand very still. Not a movement, O.K.?'


Milla stood directly in front of the young girl and without touching her
anywhere else, kissed her softly on the lips. Gemma felt the older woman's
tongue push between her lips, licking the edges as she pressed deeper
inside. Gemma had no alternative but to open her mouth until their tongues
met, Milla's pressing hard against the youngster's. In the silence of the
forest track the two women pressed their mouths passionately together,
never once breaking apart, thrilling to the sensual contact. Gemma began
breathing heavily, not from exhaustion for there was little physical effort
expended, but from pure arousal. She had never received such a show of
affection in her life, never felt arousal to the extent that Milla had now
brought her.

She felt the older woman's fingertips touch her cheek and then both
hands cup her face as the lingering kiss continued. Gemma couldn't help
but lift herself up on tip toe as her arousal became stronger, as though an
electrical force was lifting her bodily upwards. She could felt her legs
becoming unsteady and while she never wanted the moment to stop, was glad
that Milla finally broke the connection.

Gemma opened her eyes to see Milla's face just inches from hers, looking
lovingly into her eyes.

'We have gone far enough, my darling. It's time to make love.'

Gemma allowed herself to be lowered onto the mossy floor of the forest,
neither woman speaking. Milla stood over the youngster and slowly untied
the knot holding her shirt together. She slipped the garment off her
shoulder and let Gemma watch as her hands caressed her breasts for but a
short moment. Milla then eased the shorts over her hips and allowed the
loose garment to fall around her ankles. As she removed her sandals, she
stepped out of the shorts and stood completely naked in front of her niece.

'There are no secrets between us now, Gemma darling. Does this shock

Gemma could only shake her head, staring in wonder at the beauty of this
woman called Milla. Milla's hands roamed over her own nakedness, touching
everywhere, never taking her eyes off the youngster's, cupping breasts,
sliding over her waist and around her buttocks, bending to run her fingers
down her thighs and upwards until they stroked crease of her sex. One hand
with a single finger manipulated the opening as her knees continually
pulsated open and closed, pointing straight in front of the awe struck

'Woman's body is beautiful, Gemma, don't you think? Do I excite you
doing this to my body?' She looked straight into the youngster's eyes, a
strange soft smile on her lips.

Gemma found it impossible to answer and could only nod in agreement,
enthralled at what she saw her aunt doing.

'Stand up, darling. Come and let my naked body cuddle you.' She reached
out and helped the almost limp girl stand, then took her firmly in her
arms, kissing her on the cheek and then holding the back of the youngster's
head as they swayed together.

Gemma knew instinctively that she was aroused. The feelings inside her
were more intense than ever before, the strange itching tickle between her
legs, no, inside her pussy had never felt like that before and she was sure
she could feel a moistness trickling down her inner thigh. She resisted
the urge to reach down and wipe the wetness away and was happy to remain
tightly held by her own Milla. She didn't want this special moment to end.
The feelings that were growing more intense by the minute, the thumping of
her heart, the electricity passing between their two bodies; these feelings
she wanted to keep forever. Her eyes closed and she held the older woman
just as tightly.

Milla finally pulled back a little and kissed the girl hungrily, both
mouths wide open with tongues fighting for supremacy. Gemma had never
kissed like this with anyone but with the lead from Milla it seemed second
nature to her. A need of fulfilment, almost as though a second brain was
leading her on into paths she had never before trodden.

Milla stood back, still looking directly at her pupil and whispered,
'You learn fast, little one. It is beautiful.' After kissing her quickly
again she said, 'Come let me undress you.'

There was little to dispose of. Gemma looked down as Milla undid the
knot of her blouse and then exposed the tender young breasts to the
forest's coolness. Milla knelt and slid the girl's shorts down her legs,
placing a soft kiss onto the crinkly curls of her pubic hair.

'My, you are a beauty,' she said standing up and pressing their breasts together. They stood silently, pressed against one another, holding the
other's face gently between their hands. Their lips just touched and
Milla's tongue moistened the dryness of the younger girl's but she never
pressed further. It was a special memory for each woman, something neither
would ever forget.

They didn't remember sitting down, but as Milla laid her niece down onto
the soft moss, Gemma felt the coolness against her back. She was perfectly
comfortable and was happy to be led by her tutor in whichever direction the
older woman wanted to take her.

Milla leaned over her niece and in a deep whisper told her, 'I am going
to show you what my husband does when he fucks me.'

She began to hum a melodic tune as her hands wafted over Gemma's naked
flesh, cupping the small newly formed breasts, tweaking each nipple,
squeezing one hard enough to make the young girl flinch. Down her flanks
and back up and over the flat taut stomach, ruffling the black fuzz that
covered her secret grotto.

'Close you eyes and enjoy, little one,' Milla whispered and continued

Gemma felt a warm breeze in her ear and realised that Milla was doing
it, blowing a light breath in her ear, then her lips kissed the lobe,
lightly then wetly until the whole protrusion of gristle was held between
the older woman's lips. Her tongue flicked inside just once as she moved
on, kissing every part of her face, deeply onto each closed eyelid, a
tongue probing just the edge of her nose, rising back to lick her way
across the young girls brow.

As Milla's lips pressed over Gemma's mouth the younger girl opened her
own lips and reciprocated, tentatively raising her tongue to meet the more
insistent one that was now insinuating itself inside her mouth. She
couldn't stifle the moan that came from deep within.

She then felt soft lips press around her nipple, and as it was sucked deeper inside the teacher's mouth, wet tongue lathed the tender flesh,
sucking and licking more intensely as the globe of her breast could not
travel any further. As the mouth left that mound and passed to the other
side, Gemma felt Milla's fingers began to play with the wet nipple that had
just been released, so much cooler in the open breeze.

Milla's tongue traced a wet line of saliva downwards and pressed firmly
into her belly button, where the tongue twirled around washing the
depression cleanly. Soft lips continued downwards until the tickle of her
pubic hair caused the young girl to swivel her hips in ecstasy. Fingers
from both hands smoothed through the crinkly hair and then pressed thighs
apart. As soon as Gemma felt the pressure of Milla's hands on her thighs
she instinctively parted her knees, feeling the coolness of the day on her
wet inner lips. She knew that from somewhere inside, juices were flowing,
wetting her pussy lips as they had never been moistened before.

She felt Milla move so that she was kneeling between her open legs.
Fingers unravelled the matt of sticky hair over the opening and she felt
warm breath directed on to her pussy, immediately followed by a wet firm

Milla gently pressed her mouth to the open vulva and trailed her pointed
tongue along the lines of Gemma's labia, up one side and back down the
other. Within moments the girl's hips began to quiver and then rotate as
arousal began. Arousal she could never have believed possible. Moans
filtered through the air combining with the soft humming that Milla had
maintained throughout her seduction of the innocent sixteen year old beneath her.

Gemma stroked her own breasts with each hand, toying with her nipples
yet unaware that she was doing so. The feelings inside were like froth,
soft but ever growing and seemingly overflowing from her sex hole.

Milla began the final onslaught, her tongue working deeply in and out of
Gemma's vagina, while one finger found the swollen nub above and was
insistently rubbing it back and forth with increasing pressure. Gemma was
shrieking from unbelievable pleasures, sure there was greater to come and
yet not knowing what to expect.

Her body quivered unceasingly, knees like jelly, open and closing
against her aunt's naked body kneeling between, feet jerking upwards as
spasms overtook her nervous system, from time to time, pressing her body
upwards as her leg muscles became taut. She was out of control. Nothing
she did made sense, only that she wanted more, that's all that mattered
now. Loudly her voice called for more between involuntary thrusts of her
pelvis against her aunt's finger and tongue.

Finally as though her insides had erupted she achieved her first orgasm
brought on by another human being. Great shuddering jerks took over,
pulling her body away from her aunt's pressures, as the most beautiful
feelings she had ever experienced sliced through her body like lightening.
Milla withdrew her mouth but kept her finger on the sensitive bud of the
young girl's clitoris, maintaining the level of feeling as long as

Sweat broke out over most of Gemma's body as the throes of her climax
slowly drained away. Milla moved back to her side and cradled the
youngster's upper body in her arms. Kissing the damp forehead she urged
the girl to sleep. 'Just lay still darling. Enjoy the feelings for they
will stay with you for some time yet. Close your eyes. I'll be with you.
That is just one way Rob fucks me but there are better ways.'

'There couldn't be,' she replied in a whisper, her eyes still closed in

Milla kissed her lips softly. 'I have a book that you are to read. It
will help you.'

Chapter Ten

Rob was sitting on the veranda, when he heard rhythmic strains somewhere
down the walking track. Through the trees he could see the two girls coming back, singing happily in unison. As they broke into the clearing he
was stunned to see them marching arm in arm, singing "We Belong to a Mutual
Admiration Society" at the top of their voices and completely topless, with
their breasts exposed, and walking directly toward him.

Their song began to break up as giggling overtook them and they rushed
up the steps and into the house with cheeky grins, Milla calling back as
they passed, 'Hi, Rob.'

They were both in the shower and still giggling by the time he stepped

At dinner that night, they had returned to covering their bosoms, to
some extent at least as Milla wore another completely see through
nightdress, while Gemma put on her pink baby doll pyjamas.

At Milla's direction, Rob didn't mention their return to the house at
all, and to his question about their walk, Gemma had said that it was nice,
nothing more.

Dinner was rather silent as each pondered the day's events. Milla made
no reference to the fact that Gemma was wearing the baby-doll panties.
Despite the fact that the set comprised bikini panties with the very short
nightie, and that if she had not worn them her pubis would have been quite
exposed, she had been instructed last night that to wear panties to dinner
and that would demand a punishment.

Milla was pleased the opportunity had arisen so early in their stay and
looked forward to the time when dinner was over.

Coffee was brought to the hearth around the fireplace and the three
holiday makers settled themselves down on the rugs and cushions. Their
chatter was sparse and simple, each one still remembering the happenings
earlier in the day, Gemma also wondering what the evening would bring.

Finally Milla spoke.

'Gemma asked me to show her what we did when we fucked, Rob.'

'Did you now, young lady?'

Embarrassed eyes looked downwards and she couldn't answer.

'Yes, she did,' Milla confirmed.


'Well, I showed her.'

'And what did you use for my cock then?'

'Just my finger and tongue, the way you make me come sometimes.'

'And did she?'

Gemma's face turned scarlet. She couldn't believe Milla would discuss
what they had done together with anyone, especially with her husband. She
gasped involuntarily but neither of the adults seemed to notice her

'Oh, very much, I'm sure as good as any of mine when you do it the same

'Was it nice, Gemma? Enjoyable?' Rob asked, turning her face with his
hand so that she looked straight at him.

'Yes,' she gulped, her chest tight with tension.

'Would you like to do it again?'

'No, not here,' she looked up shocked.

'You mean you don't want to have another orgasm, ever?' He asked her
with an incredulous voice.

'Oh, I suppose so,' she whispered.

'I could help you if you like, especially now that you've shown your
tits so readily to me. You wouldn't mind would you, Milla? I mean it
seems like we're closer than friends already.'

'Well, now that Gemma and I are lovers, we mightn't want anyone else.
Maybe you and I shouldn't have sex any more,' she added sarcastically for
the young girl's sake.

'Gemma, it seems you and I might have to fight for the right to Milla's
pussy. Maybe we could wrestle?'

Gemma sniggered at the thought, but kept her head lowered, unable to
forget that Rob knew what she and his wife had done together.'

'I'm just kidding. I'm glad that Milla made you happy today. And there
are lots more days to go. Don't feel bad, cheer up and smile. What would
life be without pleasing ourselves with the pleasures of sex from time to

She gave him a wan smile and felt a little better now it was out in the
open and he was not furious with her for doing such an illicit thing with
his wife.

'Gemma darling,' Milla said. 'Remember the book I told you about. It's
on your dressing table. Bring it here, there's a dear.'

On her way back she saw the cover picture showed a naked man and woman
in a passionate embrace, his hand cupping her bottom cheek. The title read
"Encyclopaedia of Sex". There was little doubt what the topic was.

She held it out to Milla but was told, 'No, it's for you; to learn from.
We can talk about sex and lovemaking all we want but you will remember much
more by studying it carefully. What we are going to do is that each night,
both Rob and I will pick a subject and you will read out what the book has
to say about it. Then we can all discuss it together.'

'You mean in front of Ro...?'

'Of course, why not?'

'I couldn't, Milla. Please.' Her eyes pleaded to no avail.

'Stop whimpering and look up the word Cunnilingus.'

She had never heard the word before and began to look under K before
Milla corrected her. When she found it she read the description silently
and turned red then paled as she looked up to her aunt.

'Read it out, dear'

'But it's...'

'Read it out, Gemma. Now,' Her aunt cut in fiercely.

With a sigh she began to read. 'Cunni… Cunnili… Oh," she wailed.
Cunnilingus is the act of kissing or licking the female genital area with
one's mouth to provide sexual pleasure and ultimately orgasm. Practiced by
both men and women or by women together, the latter common in the act of

'Again, dear so we can all understand it clearly.'

It was not as hard the second time but she dared not look in Rob's
direction as she put the book down.

'To provide sexual pleasure and ultimately orgasm,' Rob reiterated. 'Is
that what you received today, little one? Did you participate in this kind
of act?'

'Yes, I think so,' she answered almost silently.

'You weren't as silent as that this afternoon though. I'm surprised Rob
didn't hear you way back here.'

'Screeched a bit did she?'

'Nearly brought the forest down. A noisy one, this young lady.'

'Of course, it may have been the teacher. Was Milla very good, Gemma?'

'I've never felt anything like that before. It felt like I was

'And darling,' Milla added, 'it's ten times better when a man fucks you
properly, when he pushes himself inside your pussy. I promise it is.'

Gemma just smiled at her.

'That's what Milla tells me too. Anyway, it's my turn to pick a word.
What about Lesbian? Do you know what that means, Gemma?'

'I don't think so.'

'Then look it up and read it out.'

She found it much easier and began to read. 'Lesbianism: A female who
enjoys only females as their sexual partner. lesbian couples practice all
forms of sexual activity with sexual fulfilment achieved through
masturbation, cunnilingus, the dildo or a combination of all. A lesbian couple can maintain a lifelong relationship with each other or short- term
liaisons with many partners. Surveys reveal the most common practice
between lesbians is cunnilingus in the sixty-nine position.'

'There were a lot of words you have never heard before I suspect,
darling,' Milla said.

'Yes. I don't know what sixty-nine means.'

'Do you want to explain, Rob dear?' Milla asked slyly.

'I'm sure you can do it better, my dear.'

'Alright, but you've got to help me, Gemma. Now remember how you laid
on the moss with me this morning?'

'Yes, I think so,' she said shyly.

'I want you to lay in that position again. Good, now open your knees,
remember.' When she hesitated, Milla added, 'Don't worry about Rob seeing
up your nightdress. He's looked up mine enough, knows exactly what we
women look like, don't you dear?'

'Sure do.'

'Now, remember how I knelt in front of you like this?' She knelt between
Gemma's legs, and leaned down as though she were going to perform the same
service on the young girl as she had earlier. 'Oh, dear,' she said,
apparently shocked as she looked between the widely spread legs. She sat
back on her heels and thought for a moment. 'Oh well. I suppose that can
be sorted out later.

Gemma began to sit up unsure of what Milla had seen to upset her. 'No,
stay there, dear, we can continue. So, instead of me kneeling between your
legs, I can do the same things to you by laying over your body. See?'

She turned around and straddled Gemma's face with her knees, leaning
along her body and pressed her face into the girl's panty clad crotch.
'Now while I'm making you feel very nice, you can do the same things to me
and we become happy together.'

Milla pressed her pussy into Gemma's face and was pleased to feel a
mouth close over her open lips and a tentative tongue began licking her
soft flesh. Milla laid her face against her niece's pubis and allowed the
girl to pleasure her for several minutes, looking up at her husband as
though to say, 'We're getting there, darling. She'll be yours before very
long.' Rob smiled back, understanding the unspoken words.

She didn't want to move but eventually lifted herself off and sat up.
'Now if you can picture how we were laying and lay a figure six on top of a
figure nine, you have the sixty-nine position. Both people can bury their
heads in the other's pussies. Do you understand, darling?'

All at once, understanding dawned and her face lit up. 'Oh yes, of
course. Six and nine, sixty-nine, now I understand. Oh, thank you,

'Before we do anything else,' Milla said, 'I want you to kiss Rob deeply
on the lips, just like we did today. Let him taste the secret juices that
are on your face.'

'What a good idea,' Rob said and opened his arms to receive the young girl.

'Hmmm,' he hummed. 'My wife tastes very nice doesn't she, little one?'

In her usual shy manner she could only whisper her answer, 'Yes.'

'Well, you've learned a lot today, Gemma, and I'm so pleased with the
way you've joined in our various activities. Still a little hesitant
though, aren't we?'

'It's so hard for me to be able to do those things, Milla, really it is.
I hope you can be patient with me. I never thought we would be doing
anything like the things we did today.'

'Especially when we arrived back at the cabin, hey?'

She couldn't help but blush deeply remembering the first time she had
exposed her breasts to a man. 'Yes, especially that,' she agreed, taking a
quick look at Rob. He just leaned up on his elbow, smiling his usual wide

'Well I can tell you it was something to see,' he teased.

Milla continued. 'There's something we've still got to put right
though, Gemma.'


'You were told last night that no panties were to be worn to dinner or
any time afterwards and yet when I went to kiss your little pussy just now
I find you have covered yourself. Now that's quite naughty, young lady,'
she goaded her with a firm voice. 'What do you have to say?'

'But Milla, the panties come with the set. If I didn't wear them I
would be quite bare down there, the nightie is so short.'

'You were told specifically no panties unless we agreed for some special
reason. Remember, no secrets? I've seen every bit of your pussy and you
weren't too upset about that. With all the noise you made, I thought you
rather enjoyed what I was doing to you.'

'Please Milla, I did. Truly,' she pleaded.

'And if we have no secrets, why should you want to exclude Rob? After
all, he's the one who provides all of this for our enjoyment.' She waved
her hand around the cabin to impress the point.

'But he would have seen my... my secret place. I didn't think...' She
stopped, realising she had no answer, even though she had put the Panama
set on in all innocence.

She bowed her head and softly said, 'I'm sorry, Milla.'

'And Rob too, I trust.'

'I'm sorry, Rob.'

'At least you've apologised but to be sure you remember what you've been
told in the future, you deserve to be punished, young lady,' Milla decreed.

'Punished?' The girl gasped as her head jerked up to look at her aunt.
'You can't. What are you going to do? I don't want you to hurt me,
Milla,' she pleaded.

'Stop whimpering like a little child,' Milla admonished her, offering no
comfort at all. 'A good spanking will help you to remember in future.
Isn't that so, Rob dear?'

Rob had to break his reverie as he watched the young girl in her

'What? Oh, yes. Definitely.'

'Shall we say five?' She asked her husband, raising an eyebrow.

'Yes, that sounds about right for the first time. Each, that is,' he

'Of course.'

'Five what?' Gemma asked with tears in her eyes.

'I'm going to give you five smacks on your bottom, dear,' she replied,
adding, 'and then Rob will administer the same.'

'Spank me? On the bottom?' She shrieked in a pitiful whining voice.
'Not Rob. He can't spank me,' she stated with assumed authority.

'By all means he can, and if you don't remain still while you're being
punished, you will be given double.'

'It's not fair, Aunt Milla,' she pouted, near to tears again. 'I didn't
know I was doing anything wrong.'

'I'm sure you'll remember next time though, don't you think? Now I hope
you take your spanking like an adult. I hate seeing grown girls in tears
especially when they could have avoided their punishment altogether if they
had only thought a little more. You never know, you may even enjoy the
thrill of a warmed bottom. Many a young lady has, you know.'

'I won't,' she stated adamantly.

Milla had moved to sit in one of the armchairs near the fire and Rob was
on the floor at his wife's feet.

'Come and stand in front of me, young lady.'

'Please, Aunt Milla. I won't do it again,' Gemma cried.

Milla didn't take any notice but reached under the short nightie and
slipped the little panties down the young girl's legs. 'These have to come
off first.' She held the warm garment to her cheek. "A little damp,' she
stated matter of factly. 'Now fluff your curls up, dear. The panties have
crushed them against your mound. They look much nicer when they're all

Gemma looked down but all she could see was Rob's face looking directly
up into her secret of secrets. She snapped her knees tightly shut as she
brushed a hand over the dark curly hair.

'That's better, just as you should have been all night. All you've
shown off is a few little hairs, what's so bad about that?'

'But Rob might have seen...'

'Well he's seen everything else anyway. Remember how you walked up to
him with your bare breasts pushed proudly out and a smile on your face,
only today. And remember, no secrets.'

'Yes, Milla.'

Milla sat on the edge of the chair. 'Are you going to lay over my knee
yourself, or do I have to force you?'

'Please, Aunt Milla...'

'Stop snivelling. Now over you come.' She gave Gemma's hand a light tug
and saw her capitulate, laying her stomach over the centre of Milla's

'Good. Now slide along and put your hands on the floor. I want your
bottom right over my knees. That's right.'

Gemma felt the hem of her nightie, short though it was, pulled right up
her back, leaving all of her bottom and lower back exposed. She knew Rob
was directly behind her and could see her bottom cheeks fully exposed. But
the worst was to come as she felt Milla pushing her legs apart, spreading
her thighs widely so Rob could see directly between them. Could see
everything. He was looking right into her pussy.

She raised a hand to cover the parted vee but Milla slapped it down.
'Spread them wider, young lady. How can I spank you when half of your
bottom is pressed together? Wider, that's better'.

Shame at what she was displaying to a man for the first time in her
life, and under duress at that, caused her to begin sobbing deeply. Tears
flowed profusely over her forehead and into her hair and onto the floor.

'Please, Aunt Milla,' she pleaded. 'I won't do it again. I promise.'

'I hope not and this is to make sure you remember that. Now if you
don't stop squirming, I'll double it.'

She finally managed to calm herself down and laid still, hands pushing
against the floor to steady herself.

Milla held her down with her left forearm on the girl's back and ran her
right hand over the upturned bottom. Gemma flinched involuntarily at the
almost tickling sensation this produced, and then jumped as Milla poked a
finger deep into the girl's bottom cheek.

'She has beautifully firm buns,' she told her husband. 'Very nice
little bottom you have, dear. It will look so beautiful all rosy red.'

'Oh,' Gemma exclaimed at the intimacy.

Milla used her long fingernails to lightly rake over the tender bottom
flesh, stirring all sorts of sensations in the young girl's mind.

'Do you like that?'

'A little.'

Milla kept up the action for some time and felt her niece relax under
the pleasant sensations. Then she stopped and told the girl, 'Do not move

Before she understood what her aunt meant, a loud crack filled the room
as the punishment began. Gemma's whole body jerked upwards, bending where
her aunt held her down with her forearm.

'Ouch,' she cried out loudly, trying to bring a hand up to protect
herself. 'Oh, that hurts, Aunt Milla. Please, no more.'

But before she had even finished her sentence, the second loud smack
landed on the other bottom cheek. Rob saw each hand print clearly now,
first white, quickly turning a deep pink.

Gemma had little control, jerking herself up and down trying desperately
to cool the burning in her nether region.

'Please no more. Please. It hurts too much,' she cried out.

The third and forth landed almost simultaneously causing the stricken
girl to squeal at the top of her voice. The burning was intense, as though
she was sitting on a lighted stove. Her aunt needed all her strength to
force the wounded girl down. 'Be still you naughty girl. There's still
one to go.'

Even before Gemma had settled, Milla used all her force to land the
final blow on the youngster's hot backside. Her own hand burned too but
obviously nothing like that of the receiver, for immediately the loud crack
sounded, Gemma cried out in the loudest and most pitiful voice, shrieking
at the pain she was unable to ease.

Milla kept pressure on the girl's back so she would not rise
prematurely, wanting time to run her hand over the tenderised backside
before she had to hand over to her husband.

'Maybe we should make it ten smacks each, Rob. She has done an awful
lot of bucking,' Milla suggested cruelly.'

'No please, Aunt Milla no more. It hurt me so much. I've never been
spanked like that before. I can't take any more, really I can't. I will

'There's a lot more yet,' she reminded the stricken girl. 'It depends
how well you behave over Rob's knee, as to whether we give you another ten
or not. The way you've acted so far, I'm sure there'll be more in store.'

'You can't, Aunt Milla. It's so cruel.'

Milla began to run her hand lightly over the battered flesh, feeling the
raised edges where her hand had landed. Her touching became more intimate
as a finger ran down the crease and gently fingered the little puckered
anus. She came back to that little ring several times and noticed that the
girl became considerably calmer at those moments. She gave her niece's
backside the lightest of pats as she helped her up, making her stand
directly in front of her. 'Now let's see my handiwork,' Milla said.

She turned the girl around and lifted the short nightie up, high enough
so that the front was lifted too, well above her belly button. Rob looked
closely at the dark patch of curls displayed to him but was disappointed he
couldn't see any hint of pink. He made no attempt to wipe away any of the
tears that stained the poor girl's face, knowing that there would be plenty

Milla was proud of her effort, for the girl's bottom was already bright
pink and obviously still burning the child fiercely. She passed her palms
over each pink globe several times, making Gemma suck in breath through her
teeth, so tender was her skin there.

'And now it's Rob's turn, young lady.'

She looked at him, frightened and embarrassed at the same time. Never
had she been spanked by any man, not her teachers nor her father had even
threatened to do so, and what lay in store now, was the most humiliating
event in her life. At least that's what she thought as she looked to her
uncle for compassion.

'Please don't hurt me, Uncle Rob,' she pleaded. 'I'm so sore now. I
just couldn't take any more.'

'But you must,' he smiled back, feeling the blood surge into his cock at
the thought of what he was about to do. Except for some practice he had on
Milla's bottom over the years, he had never spanked another person in his
life. The thought of putting this lovely young body over his knees and
making her bottom bounce under his hand was the sexiest thing he could

Milla stood up and allowed Rob to take her place on the chair.

She knew he was highly aroused already, having had a birds eye view of
the child's widely spread sex, and feasting himself on her antics each time
Milla's hand landed. She saw his erection almost popping through the fly
of his thin pyjamas, and imagined what Gemma would feel when she was pulled
over his lap. She wondered whether he would ejaculate before it was over
and gave him an even chance of doing so.

'Stand in front of me, naughty young lady.'

She was a picture of misery, tears streaking her face, her body shaking
with sobs that came from deep within, head bowed towards the floor and
shoulders bent over in abject sorrow.

'You still have half of your punishment to go and I want you to take it
like an adult, not some snivelling little child,' he said harshly. 'When I
meet out punishment I expect the receiver, that's you, to do exactly what I
say, without hesitation. Do you understand?'


'Yes what?'

'Yes, Rob.' Further shaking of her shoulders and weeping shook the young girl.

'When you address me during punishment, you call me "Sir", is that

'Yes... Sir,' she said almost in a whisper, not daring to look up.

'Right, now straighten yourself up. Better still, go to the bathroom
and wipe your face clean. I can't stand a face that looks as bad as yours,
it's disgusting. Go on and hurry back.'

She ran.

'You're being a bit harsh, Rob,' Milla suggested. 'It is only her
second day here.'

'But we do have her under control. She'll be alright.'

'Well, perhaps you can go easy on her backside this time. It could make
it easier for next time.'

'We'll see.'

She ran back and stood in front of him. Her face and eyes red from
crying but at least they were dry.

'Remember all I told you? Instant obedience?'

'Yes, Sir.'

'Then if I told you to remove your night dress, you would do so

His question took a moment to sink in and then she looked at Milla
aghast. 'Milla...?' 'You'll have to answer,' was all the encouragement she

'Please, Sir. Do I have to? I don't want to do that.'

'That wasn't what I asked. Now answer my question.'

'If you told me to, Sir, I would have to I suppose.'

'And so you would do as I told you?'

'Yes, Sir.' The horror of having to do it shook her body with shame.

'Good girl, I was hoping that would be your answer. I don't want you to
become naked bit I did want to know whether or not you would obey. I think
this young lady has earned some relief from her punishment, Milla.'

'I agree.'

'Oh, thank you, Sir.' Gemma almost smiled as she spoke.

'Instead of five, you will now receive only four. Now to prepare you,
come and stand between my legs.' He opened his thighs and pulled her toward
him, holding both her hands.

'When I am about to spank a young lady, Gemma, I become highly aroused.
Do you know what that means?'

'Oh.' She looked at Milla for support. 'I'm not sure, Sir.'

'Then take a guess,' he teased, smiling knowingly.

'Is it because you want to have se...' She baulked at finishing the
sentence, her head bowed so she didn't have to look into his eyes.

'That I want to have sex? Is that what you meant? Fucking?'

'Yes, I think so, Sir,' she agreed nervously.

'I think you know more than you make out, young lady. You are quite
right.' He put his hands around her naked buttocks and pulled her closer.
'Can you feel my manhood? Pressing against you?'

She jerked back and Milla shook her head towards him. It was too early
to broach this subject and she would feel his cock when she lay over his
knees anyway.

Rob realised he was progressing too quickly too and decided to get on
with his pleasures.

'Well, perhaps we'll talk about this another day. Right now, it's four
of the best for you. Come on, over my knees.'

She was swung off balance and her stomach landed heavily, winding her
momentarily. Before she knew it, he had pushed her into place over his
spread knees, holding both of her hands in one of his, and forcing them a
little up her back. 'I don't want you to move, do you hear. You can
scream out all you want but if you move I will strip you naked in front of
me and we'll begin all over again. Do you understand?'

'Yes, Rob, I promise. I mean, Sir.' She had little time to feel sorry
for herself or even become too scared, for his hand landed a quick searing
blow, far harder than any Milla had given her.

Her scream was long, loud and high pitched, almost deafening in the
confines of the room. Milla lifted her hands to cover her ears in delayed

The smack hurt her sorely, but far worse was the feel of his cock
pushing against her stomach, a naked stomach for most of the small nightie
was crumpled around her chest. The thrill of spanking this delectable
bottom caused his cock to jump and as it touched her flesh he felt the
indescribable urge to shoot off. Only sheer willpower stopped him at the
last moment.

'Phew,' he said, catching Milla's eye as he relaxed. 'Close, eh baby?'
Milla echoed his thoughts.

Before the next hand fell, he closed his knees tightly making sure the
tip of his penis was well trapped. He also decided to ease the power of
his last three, and in fact they fell more like pats than a good spanking.

Gemma cried out as each one fell more from anticipation than pain, but
her wriggling had stopped. When the last had fallen, she tried to rise but
Rob held her hands firmly.

'Just hold still, Miss. young ladies, who have had their bottom spanked
because they've been naughty, need to relax to ease their discomfort. Now
I'm going to release your hands but you are not to move. Understand?'

'Yes, Sir,' she whispered.

Rob had settled her over his knees with her legs well spread and he was
pleased to see they had remained that way. She had moved her hands from
her back and they were now touching the floor so he had her whole back and
bottom naked in front of him. One hand gently stroked the contours of her
spine while the other lightly caressed the fiery bottom. She wriggled when
he touched the area of greatest heat but made no move to try and get up.

He enjoyed his task if he could call it that. A finger traced the
crease, moving lightly and slowly downwards and he pressed her thighs to
open herself wider when the finger neared her anus. He could not reach the
crinkled hole without pushing but he wanted to smooth his finger over her
tight little hole.

She jerked at his insistent hand pushing her legs wider and gasped
shamefully when his finger stopped at this most intimate and dreadful part.
He pushed down gently and felt the resistance flow through her body as
muscles tightened at the intrusion.

'This is supposed to relax you, not make you uptight. Now relax. Let
every muscle in your body take a rest and enjoy the feelings you receive
instead of trying to fight then. There is nothing more beautiful than
someone giving another pleasure. It is not dirty or repulsive simply
pleasure. Remember it as that, little one. Don't be afraid.'

But to Gemma it was that shameful feeling that someone was touching her
where they shouldn't be, especially a man doing such intimate things to
her. Yet it felt nice, arousing even, she told herself so she tried to
relax and concentrate on the pleasure her uncle talked about.

'That's better,' he urged as he felt her relax, allowing his finger to
ever so slightly, press into the little puckered hole of her anus. Not
even to fingernail depth but to Gemma it felt as though his whole arm was
about to intrude. He wriggled the digit around producing a strange feeling
within the young girl, lust almost. A need to want more, despite the
burning of her bottom flesh.

He kept her waiting no longer and she felt his hand moving further down
the crease to where her widely stretched vagina waited. What he was doing
sent bolts of electricity through her, even though his finger had touched
the merest portion of her soft pussy flesh. Far more intense than even
when Milla had masturbated and sucked her to orgasm earlier in the day.
For this time a man was handling her most secret part. His finger had
reached her opening and she was doing nothing to stop him. She felt like a
slave girl, doing exactly as she was told while he took the greatest of
liberties with her most private area. She gasped as his whole finger was
placed along the full length of her slit, clamping down firmly over the
softness of her inner lips, covering the secret completely with cool

'I see our young lady is aroused,' he spoke to Milla. 'I do think she
liked being spanked she is so wet. See my finger? Her juice is dripping
and I haven't even put it inside.' Gemma gasped as he replaced his finger
and vibrated it faintly against her sensitive flesh.

At that moment with the first onset of orgasm beginning to build all she
wanted was for him to continue. Shame meant nothing now. He had already
shamed her and now as he said, he was pleasuring her. She wanted more
pleasure. She wanted to be made to come again, like Milla had done to her.
A feeling so intense and beautiful that she could live forever being given
climax after climax. Her legs lifted upwards and opened as widely as she
could to give him easier access.

'Yes, indeed, I do think she wants more. Isn't that so, my lovely,' he
asked carefully.

'Yes please, Sir,' she prattled, wriggling her bottom slightly in

'Then I'm sorry but you still have a lot to learn before we go further.
Stand up and I will show you the evidence of your arousal, then you are
released from your punishment.'

'Oh. Please, Sir.' She looked around pleadingly but he was already
helping her up.

Milla took her hand and pulled her to her side. "There is plenty of
time darling. Let yourself grow slowly."

She held Rob's wet finger up for Gemma to see the wetness spread along
the whole length. "The spanking, I mean? See what your pussy has been
doing? Lick it off, dear, put out your tongue and lick your essence from
Rob's finger.'

In dreamlike slowness, Gemma did as she was told, running her tongue up
and down the length of his finger several times, tasting her own muskiness,
far stronger than she had ever noticed from her soiled panties when she
removed them each night.

'All of that comes from your sex, darling. As you become aroused, as
the nice feelings grow, so too do your juices flow and become woman scent.'

Milla hugged the girl to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. 'Now
off you go and shower. It will make you feel better. Just put the little
nightie on when you come back.' She pulled the girl's ear to her lips and
whispered, 'You've made Rob so aroused, I'm sure he's going to fuck me
while you're away.' Their eyes met conspiratorially.

'Oh,' was all the youngster could say. She rushed off, glancing back
quickly as she went.

Chapter Eleven

'Just suck me, Milla. I need to shoot so badly.'

He watched her nakedness through the diaphanous nightdress as she knelt
between his legs. 'I want your pyjamas off,' she directed and waited while
he stood and slid them down his legs. A large area over his penis was dark
and wet where juices had oozed while he was carrying out the illicit tasks
with his niece but Milla's eyes were glued only to the mighty erection that
stood out as he sat down.

'Lay back and enjoy,' she told him. Her lips enclosed the dark purple
plum and then she knelt up to give herself room to lower her mouth over the
full length of his erection. His cock was as hard as she had ever seen it,
like the first time he had fucked her, the cock of a young bull. Her
practiced mouth easily engulfed his length for she had long ago learned to
swallow him whole, allowing the glans to push down her throat until he was
fully lodged.

In the early days she had gagged every time he tried to do this. It was
only from years of practicing whenever they had sex, which was every day in
the early years and not much less now, and with an artificial rubber penis,
that she could achieve this. She wondered at times whether her expertise
in this area was any better than other women but is was one thing she had
never spoken of to any of her friends. It was a little private act that
just she and Rob kept to themselves.

When he was fully implanted she could not breathe so she had to withdraw
from him fairly quickly. The added touch though was that every time she
pulled herself back from this position, she swallowed which constricted her
throat and massaged his cockhead tightly as he slid out.

Her mouth raised a lather around the edges as she moved back and forth
and with his pelvis now jerking she knew he was about to explode inside
her. She touched his testicles lightly, holding her hand under the pouch
and gently stroked the sensitive skin. He had never been able to hold back
at that stage and she felt the first real jerk of climax, his guttural cry
as the first jet of sperm raced down his cock and into her mouth.

Her tongue came into action now, circling the taut head, slipping into
the little hole to feel the jets of semen spurt out, caressing his slippery
skin, never slowing. Once the ejaculations started she could not swallow him fully. The only time she did this, sperm shot down her windpipe,
nearly choking her and they both accepted the fact that just the head
stayed in her mouth while he discharged.

Milla loved the taste of sperm. Well at least, the taste of Rob's
sperm, for she had tasted no other. To her, it was just man-smell, or
man-taste. It wasn't really the taste but the feel of the liquid he
deposited that in truth was what she liked about sucking him to orgasm.
The power that pumped it inside her mouth, the slipperiness, and the
texture of both globular sperm and smooth semen as her tongue caressed the
fluid and the fact that this was his pleasure alone. She regularly gave
him head, tightening his cock for the eventual penetration of her cunt for
she knew they both loved fucking as their greatest pleasure.

But just occasionally, he wanted to take the pleasure on his own; to
receive the ultimate bliss and then lay back to doze without having to do
anything more. He usually sought this relief after they had watched an
erotic film or read a pornographic book or magazine together. During those
times she would usually gently masturbate him, not bringing him to orgasm
but simply to maintain his arousal throughout. She realised that those
were the times that he gained gratification without the use of her body and
the result was that often he sought her mouth for relief rather than
providing pleasure for her. She didn't mind that. men were men. She
liked to provide what he sought and knew that if she hadn't been pleasured
this time, at least it wouldn't be long before her turn came.

Only on rare occasions would he masturbate or suck her to orgasm without
then penetrating her pussy for his own pleasure. So her sucking him
through to climax was a one way pleasure, but the thrill of feeling his
pump hard at work shooting the emissions into her was thrilling in it's own
way. She was happy.

'God, you're good, baby,' he groaned with pleasure when his shuddering
had ceased. She swallowed it all and was licking the foam from the edges
of her lips.

'Just remember that, sweetheart. I am very good,' she whispered,
kissing him lovingly on the nose. 'You shot a lot tonight. Did she really
arouse you that much?'

'Christ, I've never done anything like that before except to you. And
she's so innocent. That's what does it. I think I'll end up raping her if
I'm not careful. That sweet little fanny when I touched it, well it
literally quivered in my hand she was so sensitive.'

'Yes, I can imagine. I've already tasted her, remember?'

'Lucky you. I look forward to the day.'

'It won't be long. Imagine the thrill when she finally puts her arms
around your neck and coyly asks you to fuck her. You'll shoot off in your
pants.' Milla giggled at the thought.

'That's what I'm scared of,' he smiled dreamily.

He had almost drifted off to sleep, pyjamas still around his ankles when
Gemma walked timidly back into the room. Milla patted his knee and he
pulled his pants up in a rush.

'Well, dear. Do you feel better now?'

'Yes, Miss,' she agreed.

'Oh, come here and give me a nice kiss. Punishment's over. We're just
Rob and Milla again. O.K?'

'O.K. Thank you Milla.'

'There's just one more thing. No two,' she corrected. 'First, turn
around and show your bottom. We want to see our handiwork.'

She didn't object, turning her back to them.

'Lift your nightie, darling. Show us properly.'

The humiliation continued, but without a word she lifted the hem up to
the small of her back.

Both cheeks were crimson pink as though she had been badly sunburned.
Some finger marks were still showing around the edges where a hand had
pounded the tender flesh but mostly all the smacks had blended into one
solid pattern. Milla reached out and touched the redness lightly. Gemma
flinched, saying a whispered, 'Ouch,' at the first contact but as Milla's
soft hand moved on, she made no further struggle. 'It is very hot,
darling,' her aunt informed. 'Is it still sore?'

'It's still burning. A bit sore.'

Rob touched as well but his hand was not as gentle, causing the young girl to rise onto her toes and draw a swift breath through her teeth.

'You're going to have trouble laying down tonight, little one. I'd say
sleeping on your tummy is what's needed here,' he said encouragingly.

Milla stood up. 'Just stay as you are and I'll get something to ease
the pain.'

She returned with a small jar and told her niece to stand still. The
coolness of the ointment was wonderful to the wounded girl, for the moment
it touched the red cheeks she felt relief. Milla smoothed it on liberally
and then rubbed it in for several minutes. oHer hands were gentle and
tender, the cream was cool and soothing and Gemma sighed as she felt the
burning disappear. A light slap told Gemma it was done.

She turned around with a happy smile. 'Thank you, Milla, that feels a
lot better. It doesn't hurt any more.'

'Until next time,' Rob chipped in.

'Oh,' she responded, his words bringing her back to earth.

'Don't take any notice, he's only teasing. If you're good from now on,
you won't receive any more spankings at all, will you?' The girl smiled at
the thought.

'We've got some surprises for you tomorrow so it's about your bedtime.
There's just one more thing to do. You must thank Rob and me for your
punishment. After all, it was because you disobeyed, wasn't it?'

'Yes, Milla.' She began to say thanks you when Milla cut her off.

'Now, I want you to kneel in front of us. Good. Now sit back on your
heels. The pain's gone so it won't hurt. Back straight, head bowed. Good
girl.' She let the girl remain in that pose for some time, displaying the
dark curly hair of her pussy to Rob once more.

'Now, darling, without any hesitation, please slip the straps of your
nightie down your arms. Don't raise your eyes. Just do what I ask.'

For a moment she knelt unmoving then one hand tentatively moved and
slowly pulled the thin strap over her shoulder until it lay against her
arm. She did the same to the other side, her elbows holding the garment
tightly against her sides to stop it from slipping down.

'You look very beautiful, darling. So demure and appealing. Now lower
your hands to your sides, Gemma, and raise your arms just slightly. You
know what I want you to do, don't you?'

'Yes,' she whispered, shamed to her very depths at what she knew she
would be displaying.

They waited for the final unveiling, the purposeful displaying of her
young breasts to her uncle's gaze. She knew he was staring, waiting for
her to move her arms so the brief nightwear would slide down her body
exposing her top. It wasn't anything like earlier today when she arrived
back at the house with Milla, both topless. This was different. She was
being made to show her female form almost against her will. But it wasn't
really like that. Deep down, the thrill of her body was building again,
the first signs of arousal streaming through her very being. It was as
though she had two minds in her head at once, one side telling her it was
shameful, the other saying it was exciting and illicit so go ahead.

With head still bowed she opened her arms and immediately the garment
fell around her waist, covering the pubic mound that was previously exposed
but most definitely offering her breasts for the onlookers pleasure. Milla
said nothing, gazing at the beauty before her, wanton beauty. dark hair outlining the sweetest face, now bowed in supplication, the creamy white
flesh of her body topped with twin mounds each tipped with deep pink
nipples, pointed and taut from the thoughts running through her head.

At sixteen, Milla thought her breasts would be fully developed, but
seeing her now, she saw herself at the age of thirteen. Just small mounds,
less than a handful, she thought, with more growth still to come. She is a
true beauty and I'll bet Rob has a hardon already. Each one remained
silent in their own thoughts until finally Milla spoke.

'Thank each one of us for punishing you, Gemma, and teaching you to do
as instructed in the future.'

She couldn't raise her head; it was just too painful to look into her
persecutors eyes and with soft voice responded.

'Thank you, Miss and Sir, for spanking me because I was so naughty,' her
young voice said. 'I promise to do as I'm told in future and won't be bad

'Good girl. I'm sure you have learned your lesson. Come now, stand

Gemma held the garment to her hips as she did so, thinking her ordeal
for the evening was finished but realised she should have known better.

'Let it go, darling,' her aunt told her.

'Um. Milla, I'll be nak...'

'Naked? Of course, you will. Well we've both seen every bit of you
already, so what's so wrong? Besides you are the most beautiful young girl either of us has seen. Show yourself, darling. Don't make us angry

She knew she had no hope of changing their minds even before she started
to protest. Now she was to present everything to their gaze all at once.
Well, Milla had seen it all before, but not Rob. Then again, did she want
to incur their wrath again? No certainly not that. And so she

'Alright, Milla,' she agreed in supplication. Her hands let the small
garment slide down her legs and she stood completely nude in their

'Open your legs just a little, my dear,' Rob ordered. He wanted at
least to see the line of her slit through the dark forest of hair. This
time Gemma didn't hesitate and opened up much more that Rob had hoped. Her
pussy was in full view, inner lips and the hood of her clitoris, all for
him especially.

'Hm. My, you are a beauty, little one,' he agreed, lapping up her form
with his eyes.

Milla took her face between her hands and kissed her. 'Goodnight,
darling, you really have been good. Remember, surprises again tomorrow.
Leave your nightie here. I think you'd better lay on your tummy tonight.
The other side still looks pretty tender. When Rob's finished with me,
I'll come in and rub some more cream in. It should help you to sleep.
Give Rob a kiss goodnight too.'

'Goodnight, Milla,' she smiled. 'Good night, Uncle Rob. Despite
everything I think I liked today. Thank you,' she kissed him shyly.'

'Good night little one.'

As she walked to her room she heard Rob say, 'Hand's and knees,
sweetheart. You know which hole I want tonight.' She dared not look around
but as she pulled the bedclothes over her soreness, she wondered what he
had meant. She simply had no idea what being on her hands and knees could
have to do with fucking.

Milla arrived some time later to find the child fast asleep and decided
not to disturb her. 'I think she'll sleep well tonight. And I must say
you're a dirty old man, perving on such an innocent young body. It is
exciting though, isn't it?'

When they got to bed he was worn out and just clasped her breast for a
time before falling asleep himself.

Chapter Twelve

Gemma woke to loud noise and yahoos. In her half-awake state she
couldn't work out what it was and she screamed when her blankets were
stripped off her bed, letting the cold air send goose bumps over her back
and still very tender bottom. Half raising herself, her eyes still bleary,
she felt a strong arm come around her waist and lift her cleanly off the
bed and over someone's shoulder.

'Stop it. Uncle Rob, help me,' she screamed out. Her fists beat down
on the back of whoever had burst in and all she could think of was she was
being abducted.

Her attackers, for there was at least two, were laughing, shrieking with
mirth, as they ran from the room. Gemma tried to look around and finally
saw her aunt running beside the person carrying her. And she was naked and
laughing. Gemma slumped against the back of her carrier only to realise
they were naked too for white bottoms were pumping backward and forwards as
they ran. The hair said it was definitely a man and then she finally
realised what he was shouting.

'Come on, sleepy head. It's six o'clock, the sun's up and it's time for
a swim.' Her abductor was none other than Uncle Rob.

They were outside now and bare bums raced for the jetty. She could see
where he was running, now right along the narrow and not too long wharf,
but there was no way he could stop as the end came up quickly.

She squealed, seeing herself falling headlong into the lake and that's
exactly what happened. Rob never stopped, had no intention of doing so,
and with her still over his shoulder, roared, 'Geronimo,' as his feet left
the deck.

The air was cold, almost frosty but she was pleasantly surprised to feel
the water almost warm. At least initially, that is. The water was warmer
that the outside temperature but very soon the coldness began to seep
beneath her skin and she soon found her teeth chattering and her body
shivering from the cold.

As she began to swim for the ladder, Rob pulled her foot and she went
under again.

When she surfaced, Milla was splashing Rob furiously.

'I'll get you, you sadist. Leave the sisters alone. Up the
sisterhood.' Rob was splashing back and gradually closing in on his wife,
finally reaching out to push her head under. Gemma joined in and clung to
her uncle's back, using one hand to hold his head, the other to splash the
cold water right into his face.

'Leave the sisterhood alone. We are supreme. The Sisterhood rules the
world. Yaaa!' She was now enjoying herself, and while she expected to be
ducked under again, the two women felt the bond between them and made life
in the water difficult for one the stronger male.

They were shrieking with laughter, and the two women roared with victory
when Rob capitulated and decided it was too cold to stay in any longer.
Arm in arm, Milla in the centre, they walked back to the cabin, still on a
high from the sheer joy of their frolicking.

The fireplace glowed with warmth as they all stood in front of it to dry
off. Gemma couldn't help but peek at Rob several times as they towelled
themselves and blushed when Milla brought his attention to the fact.

'You'd never think such a funny little thing as that could cause we
women so much consternation, would you, Gem?' She flicked her towel at his
shrivelled manhood, still cold from their swim.

Gemma as usual blushed deeply, unable to answer but Rob took up the

'Have you been spying on my beautiful body, young lady? How dare you.'

'I'm sorry, R...,' she hesitated and then decided to fight back. 'Well
you looked at me enough in the last day or so. It's only fair.'

'And did it excite you?'

'Well not as much as I'd thought,' she said bravely. 'Somehow I
imagined you'd be quite a bit bigger there.'

Milla burst out in laughter. 'Good for you, darling. That puts him in
his place, doesn't it, Rob my love?' She added with a knowing look on her

'Well, it was cold out there.'

'Maybe you can demonstrate a bit better later, dear,' she consoled him.
'What I think we should do is give each other a big hug together before we
have breakfast.'

She pulled a blanket around her shoulders and held out each side to the
others. As they all came together, the blanket closed around them as well
and three naked bodies, skin still cool, clung together, smiles and
happiness coming from all. Each one kissed the other two but no sexual
touching went on beneath the covering.

'Dressing gowns on,' Milla declared. 'Let's eat. I'm starving.' Then
she added, 'I love you both, very much.'

They all agreed it was mutual.

The morning was spent relaxing, and neither adult made any advances to
the young girl at all. Gemma enjoyed the quiet, and after a short walk
along the edge of the lake returned to the jetty and went for her second
swim of the morning. She felt no hint of embarrassment by disrobing in the
open and loved the feel of the chilled water on her nakedness as she dived
in. She climbed out, shivering from the cold and walked back to the cabin
holding her dressing gown against her front, her back and bottom quite
uncovered. Milla noticed how the girl had returned, pleased that she
seemed to have overcome her shyness at nudity so quickly. 'Take a shower,
darling. It's almost lunchtime.'

Even when Rob walked past the shower, Gemma made no move to cover
herself at all.

'Don't dress, darling,' Milla called out. 'Just put your dressing gown
on. Surprises for you after lunch.'

Gemma knew it wouldn't have been long before she was to face some new
form of humiliation but she was pleased with herself that she hadn't been
upset this morning at her nakedness, even when Rob saw her front on in the
shower just before.

Oh, well, she thought. I did come here to learn. I wonder what's next.

She didn't have long to wait for as soon as lunch was over Milla spoke.
'It's time to go to school again, darling. Take your arms out of your robe
but keep it on over your shoulders, then go and lay down on the rug. We'll
be there in a moment.'

Rob came and sat immediately in front of where she was stretched out,
sitting down in the armchair with a knowing smile. Her feet almost touched

Milla leaned over her. 'I'm very pleased at the way you have acted
today, dear, especially about your shyness. You've almost completely
overcome your embarrassment at being naked in front of us and that's a
healthy sign. You really have a beautiful body, you know. Absolutely
nothing to be ashamed of, is there, Rob?'

'No, certainly not, you have a delightful body. I enjoy looking at it
very much.'

While Gemma didn't blush this time, her heart was racing at thoughts
that ran through her mind. She already knew Rob took great delight at
looking at the unclothed parts of her body but his comment just now was the
first time he had actually come out and said it in such a way.

Milla put a cushion under Gemma's head so she could now look straight up
at Rob without difficulty. Milla indicated to lift her bottom and a large
cushion was placed beneath her, pushing her crotch high up.

Gemma watched as Milla stepped over her, legs straddling her thighs, as
she looked down at the young girl. Her back was turned toward Rob. Gemma
heard her aunt say, 'You're going to help me arouse my dear Rob, darling.
Between us we are going to make him so excited that he will want to make
beautiful love to me, right in front of you.'

She couldn't stop the gasp that rose from deep inside when she heard her
aunt speak. Still looking down on the young girl, Milla undid the cord of
her dressing gown and threw the garment aside, standing naked before her
niece and her husband. She bent at the waist, giving her husband full view
of her open vagina and puckered anus, and undid the belt of Gemma's gown,
opening it to reveal the nude girl lying on the floor.

'Fluff up your pretty hairs down there, darling; he likes to see it all
loose and nice.'

Knowing full well that Rob could see her nudity between Milla's spread
legs, she reached down and tickled her pubic hair, seeing it rise into a
fluffy ball as her fingers moved it about. But worse was to come for Milla
then pulled her knees up until her heels were pressed tight against her
bottom and then spread the knees wide, almost flat on the floor.

Rob was certainly interested now. He had seen up her slit before, but
never to this extent. The inner lips stood up like knife-edges, sharp and
pink, glistening with wetness, and quivering with emotion. Even her
clitoris was poking out from under the little hood and Gemma felt the cool
air in the room wafting over her dampness.

'Close your eyes, darling, and try to relax. I am going to show Rob
just what I did to you yesterday, in the mossy glen. Remember?' How could
she ever forget the girl asked herself but despite the disappointment of
having this private moment made public, she wanted to feel the touch of her
aunt's tongue and fingers more than anything else. Her eyelids closed

Milla's lips kissed the girl's forehead, eyes, nose, lips, ears, neck
and finally her breasts as she slowly and purposely moved her lips
downwards. All the time her hands lightly moved over the teenager's
sensitive skin, sending ripples of sensation through her nervous system.
Occasionally Gemma felt the wetness of a tongue trailing saliva to the most
ticklish points, especiall her nipples, which were licked and nipped
between lips and teeth, making her cry out with pleasure. Milla moved on,
now kneeling between Gemma's widely parted knees until lips and tongue
reached the holy of holies. As tongue plunged inside vagina, Gemma bucked,
she couldn't help herself. Her groin was on fire even before Milla touched
it and the heat was becoming unbearable. Her limbs began shuddering beyond
control as the older woman clamped her mouth over the gaping sex and
licked, probed and nibbled, pushing hard against the tight little clitoris,
then softly along the sharp knife-edged pussy lips, firm with arousal.

From time to time, Milla scraped her teeth over the hard clitoris,
causing the girl to jump and gasp at the rasping, only to return to
ultimate pleasure as lips or tongue then eased the burning sensation. Her
tongue moved to the sex hole and her finger began to manipulate the girl's
most sensitive nub, bringing her ever closer to the climax she so
desperately sought. That Rob saw all was of little consequence now. All
that mattered was the need to achieve orgasm, to reach beyond pleasure and
pain, to the highest level of human emotion and feeling. Her own Nirvana.
The most precious feeling she had ever experienced.

Her voice was high pitched and loud, that alone sufficient to raise
Rob's penis to it's firmest state without, as yet, being touched by either
she or Milla. A cloth of some sort was laid across Gemma's face. The girl took little notice but realised she could not see through it at all.

'Put your hand where mine is, darling,' Milla whispered her. 'Now you
play with it yourself. Make yourself come while Rob make's love to me.
You mustn't look but you can listen to everything we do. Make sure you
keep tickling yourself though. If you come, just keep on pleasuring
yourself as long as we are still fucking.'

Gemma felt let down for as soon as she tried to do what Milla had done
with her clitoris, the feeling quickly subsided. She cried out in
frustration and then felt Milla's hand over hers. 'Press harder, darling
and keep moving your finger. Soon you'll get the hang of it and you can
keep yourself just below the level of your climax for as long as you want.
You can come at the same time I do if you want.'

It didn't take long then before the feelings returned, the shivers
running up and down her spine, her heels and jaw shuddering with built up
emotions. Yet, if she slowed down just a little, or pressed more lightly,
the tingling remained but didn't keep building up. She had learned in this
short while that you could make yourself happy sexually and there were ways
you could control your pleasure.

So she slowed her pleasure down just slightly and tried to concentrate
more on what her aunt and uncle were doing. All she could hear were
slurping noises and the deeper man's voice groaning. She was sure it was
from pleasure but thought the sounds could just as easily have been caused
by pain. Gemma had never pictured the act of fellating a man and thought
Rob may have been licking Milla's pussy. But Milla didn't seem to be
making any noise at all.

She kept the sensations of her loins in check, every now and then
bringing herself near to orgasm to make sure she could achieve this when
she really wanted to, mutually with Milla. Milla's suggestion of both
women coming at the same time sounded exciting and she didn't want to fail.
During the moments that she allowed her own sensations to lessen, she
listened for what the couple were doing together.

Then Milla's whispers could be heard. 'Oh, yes, my little man has grown
so big. Oh, I do love him so. He makes me so happy. I think you're ready
to please me now aren't you, darling? Come and make love to me. Fuck me,
my lover.' Gemma heard some movement and then a contented sigh from her

'Oh, that's so good. Keep going, my love. Push hard. Fuck me the way
I like it. Hard and slow. God, I love it when you go so deep. You slide
inside me so easily, your cock is so good to me.' Her breathing had
increased and Gemma heard the gasps from time to time, with Rob still
groaning quietly.

'Watch the little one, Rob. Look at her frigging her sweet little cunt.
Doesn't that make you hard? Don't shoot inside of me before I come. Oh
god, it feels so wonderful.' More moans from both adults and the friction
of body on body becoming louder. Gemma wished she could see, could watch
them in the throes of lovemaking. They were so close, she thought she
could feel the air stirred up by their bodies but the cloth that covered
her face was well placed and she dare not try to peek. She had to be
content just to listen.

Rob's voice became louder, more like guttural growling, Gemma thought.
'Oh, it feels great, Milla. Lift your arse; push your pussy at me. God,
your cunt's a good fuck.'

'Don't stop,' Milla cried out. 'Soon. I'm coming soon.'

Gemma fingered her clitoris hard to bring herself near to the point of
explosion, waiting for Milla to tell her to come.

'Oh, my God. Look at that little slut fingering herself,' she heard Rob
cry out as though in agony. 'One day I want to fuck her cunt too. She's
so hot.'

'Now, Rob darling, come in me now. I'm coming,' Milla cried loudly.
Gemma was sweating, not from exhaustion but from the emotions that had
built up inside. She pressed her finger hard against her clitoris, rubbing
violently, making herself cry out with the build up of feelings and then
she went red in the face. Her squeals of pleasure reverberated around the
room, mixed with those of Milla and Rob who came almost at the same time as

Gemma was aware of the sexual sounds coming from her own lips as her
orgasm peaked and then slowly took her body through raptures of pleasure.
She could imagine Milla and Rob as they began to relax from their own
lovemaking and the knowledge that all three had climaxed together, gave her
a special feeling of satisfaction. A unity with her tutors. The fact that
she remained naked and open to their gaze, mattered little now.

'Go and wash, darling,' Gemma heard Milla tell Rob. He groaned with
satisfaction and she heard his footsteps leaving the room.

'You can take the blindfold off, darling,' Milla said. 'Will you help
me to clean up the mess?'

Gemma was wide-eyed as she sat up, looking on the nakedness of her aunt
who was still lying on her back, legs wide apart.

'Get some tissues, dear. You'll have to wipe up Rob's juice. It's
starting to leak out.'

Gemma found the box and brought it to Milla's side. 'What do you want
me to do?'

'Take a bunch of tissues and soak up his sperm. Between my legs. My
pussy, dear,' she added when the young girl hesitated.

Gemma then leaned over her aunt's waist and saw for the first time, the
male seed, white juices slowly seeping from her vagina, down her bottom
cheeks and onto the rug. Tentatively at first, she wiped the wetness
upwards, and then faster as more of the gluggy white liquid began to flow

'You might need a lot,' Milla said, still laying down, allowing her
niece to do all the work while she relaxed in her own pleasures. 'Don't
worry about using them up. Just keep soaking the goo up. It will soon
stop but Rob pumped so much inside me today. It must have been because he
was watching you. Did you enjoy yourself?'

Gemma kept wiping and agreed she had felt nice. She was still amazed at
the liquid she was cleaning up, never realising that man's sperm was so
white and sticky. Some had touched her hand as she worked and the tissues
stuck to the wet, drying quickly.

'Mind the paper doesn't stick to me. It's a real bugger to get it off
later,' Milla said matter of factly. She looked up at her niece then.


'Would you lick me clean, darling? I would like that.'

'But it's so messy,' Gemma almost recoiled. 'It'll taste horrible.'

'Believe me it doesn't, and you'll like it. Truly. It's also easier
that way.'

Milla pressed her hand over the youngster's head and gently pushed her
towards her vagina, still seeping wet but with only faint specks of white

'Kiss my pussy, darling and lick me clean. Put your tongue inside and
suck out all that's left.'

If Milla hadn't pushed her face, Gemma could never have placed her lips
over the wet vulva. But when her tongue touched the wetness she was
surprised that the taste wasn't unpleasant. In fact, the warmth and the
slipperiness combined to make the task soothing, and she needed no further

'Thank you, darling. Thank you for doing such a private thing for me.
You are wonderful. I feel as though I could come again but if I did there
would be no more white goo. That comes from Rob's cock.'

Gemma flicked her tongue around the pink lips and occasionally against
the woman's love nub. Her inexperience was more than made up by the
enthusiasm she displayed. Soon Milla was gasping again, sucking great
streams of air into her lungs, hissing the used air out between her
clenched teeth as Gemma continued to pleasure her. 'Oh, Gemma, my darling
girl, you've made me come again. It's wonderful. Thank you.'

Milla reached up and took the girl's face between her hands, crushing
her down on her chest and kissing her gently in sexual love. 'You are
wonderful, darling.'

Gemma laid her face against Milla's breast, hearing the heartbeat,
feeling the woman's warmth on her cheek.

They laid in silence and contentment for some time until Gemma asked,

'What is it, darling?'

'When will I see Rob's cock? When can I watch when you, uhm... fuck?'

Milla stroked the girl's face as she lay still against her breast.
'Soon, darling, we have some things for you to experience and then it will
be time. You've only been here three days, you know. Think of all the
things you've learned so far. There's lot's of time. Be patient.'

'Will he fuck me?'

'Only when you're ready.'

'When will that be?'

'When you take his face between your hands, kiss him lovingly on the
lips and offer your virginity to him. I promise you he will not touch you
until you ask him to.'

'Will it hurt?'

'Maybe a little but he's so gentle. Any pain will vanish in a moment.'

'It scares me. I don't even know what he'll do.'

'And that's what you'll learn first. We will both show you.'

'I think I want him to do it, Milla. But I'm scared.'

'Just remember how timid you were only a couple of days ago and yet now
you spread your legs so wide in front of him he can almost see your

'Oh, Milla,' she smiled. 'You're laughing at me.'

'Not at you, dear. With you.'

They laid together, in peace and relaxed until well after Rob returned
and sat in his armchair. The sight of these two females asleep on each
other, both completely nude, was erotic in the extreme. He masturbated
himself to another climax, catching his emissions in his hand. He silently
flushed the small pool of semen down the bathroom sink, returning to
contemplate the nakedness before him.

Chapter Thirteen

Even Rob had dozed off after coming twice and the women slept clasped
together until nearly dark. Milla stirred first, feeling the young girl's
sweaty body laying on top of her. She saw Rob too, asleep in his chair,
naked but far from erect. She rocked herself and Gemma woke.

'Hi, sweetheart. Have a nice sleep?'

'I think so,' she almost whispered then looked around as she rolled off
her aunt.

'Rob's little man is very little. Between us we've exhausted the poor
chap,' Milla said softly, giggling. Gemma smiled too.

'Foiled again,' the youngster said, clicking her thumb and finger
together in mock irritation.

'In time, dear. It will all be made clear in time.'

'Thank you for teaching me how to pleasure myself, Milla; it was very

'That's alright but you're not to do it without our consent. Remember

'Ohhh,' she complained.

Sleepily they rose leaving the naked man to sleep as they prepared
dinner. It took Rob sometime to realise both women sat at the dinner table
as naked as he was when they called him.

'I thought I was still dreaming,' he smiled, sitting himself down still

'Great tits, Gemma,' he smiled at her.

'Thanks, Rob,' she giggled self-consciously.

'What about mine?' Milla pouted.

'They're better than great, sweetie-pie. They're fantastic.'

'Now you're making Gemma feel inferior.'

'Oh, god, a man can't win when it comes to female logic.'

'One day we'll let you suck us together, then you'll be better qualified
to decide,' Milla suggested.'

'I can't wait.' He looked purposely at the youngster. 'All I need is
your say so,' he suggested. Gemma couldn't stop herself blushing deeply.

After dinner the naked trio retired to their usual place in front of the
log fire.

'If you don't do something Gemma's going to see your little man in all
his splendour, Rob.'

'Hm, I'd better cover up because whatever goes on here tonight, I'm sure
I'll get a hard- on again.' He rose and returned wearing his dressing gown.

'Now, Gemma dear, I guess it's lesson time again,' Milla said. Have you
been studying your encyclopaedia?

She knew she couldn't hide the blush and just gave up, allowing the
redness to cover her face and neck.

'I've been reading it, Aunt Milla.'

'Then tell us about fellatio, darling.'

'Oh. I haven't got to the F's yet. I have never heard that word.'

'Then you'd better read it out aloud so we can talk about it.'

Gemma ran into her bedroom and returned with the book.

'By the way, what letter are you up to?' Rob asked.

'I've just finished the C's, Uncle Rob.'

'Then you know what a cunt is.'

'Oh, I knew that anyway,' she blurted out, shocked when she realised
what she had said.

'I'm sure you did,' he laughed lightly.

'Go on, darling. Find it and read it out.'

She fumbled around for the word for some time, neither of her teachers
helping and finally said, 'Ah, here it is. Fall... Fellat... Fellatio,
is that right?' She struggled with its pronunciation but began to read the

'Fellatio is the act of sucking a man's penis. This can be in the form
of foreplay to arouse an erection in the man as a preliminary to coitus or
simply as a loving act between partners. Or it can be used by his partner
as a form of masturbation allowing the man to achieve his climax inside the
partner's mouth. The act is carried out universally in both heterosexual
and homosexual unions as an alternative to sexual intercourse and gives
extreme pleasure to the man receiving. Research shows that about half of
the partners giving this pleasure, swallow the seminal discharge as an act
of servitude or love to the man. The half who chose not to swallow,
release the sperm into a bowl or the like as soon as the orgasm is
complete. More men than women swallow their partners semen and more wives
than girlfriends choose not to swallow their partner's discharge.'

She looked up at her teachers, her face pale at the thought of what she
had just read out.

'Well?' Milla asked.

'Does that mean he puts his... his co... his cock inside your mouth?'
Her face showed the shock of this thought.

'Not only that, darling, but when it's inside you lick and suck it to
give your partner lovely feelings,' Milla face beamed at her. She added,
'It also makes him very hard so he can fuck you quickly if you need it.'

'Inside your mouth?' She was aghast at the thought.

'Right inside,' Rob added smugly. 'All the way and then I can either
fuck your mouth like your pussy until I come or you can move your lips up
and down my cock to make me shoot off inside. It's a wonderful feeling.
Almost as good as a proper fuck really.'

'Oh, Rob don't be so crude. Darling, don't feel shocked. As usual he's
trying to make it sound much worse than it is. Really it's a wonderful
feeling, just as much for the woman who's doing it as for the man. It's
the same as someone putting their lips over my pussy and licking and
sucking me. I'm sure it feels just as nice for Rob as it does for you or

'And you let him squirt his white stuff into your mouth?' Her eyes were
still big and round.

'I'm one of those wives who love to feel it splashing over my tongue and
swallow it down every time.'

'She did it to me this afternoon, Gemma,' Rob said. 'Didn't you hear
the slurping noises when we were making love?'

'I think so but I didn't realise...'

'But he didn't come that time. It was just to make him big and hard so
he could fuck my pussy and you saw the results of that. In fact you even
sucked the last of his discharge out of my pussy anyway. You swallowed
some of his sperm yourself and you certainly didn't pull a face then.'

'No, it wasn't nasty,' Gemma admitted. 'It's just the thought of his
big hard co... cock pushing inside and squirting his juice.'

'Once you've done it the first time you'll love it, believe me,
darling,' Milla encouraged. 'In fact, I think it's about time our student
got to see your cock in all it's rampant glory, Rob dear. Perhaps tonight
for supper?'

'You mean he's going to stick his thing inside my mouth tonight?' Her
voice was almost at screaming pitch.

'Not you, me, silly girl,' Milla reassured her. 'I'm going to suck this
beautiful man's cock tonight, to carry out the act of fellatio on him, and
you are going to watch.'

'Oh,' she almost sighed. 'Oh, that's alright, I'd like that.'

'So will I,' Rob added.

'Will you let him shoot off?'

'Most definitely but he's already come once today...'

'Twice actually,' Rob corrected her, imitating masturbation with his
hand. 'While you two were asleep in each other's arms. But I'll be

'He probably won't even raise a hard-on,' Milla sighed at her niece in

'Want to bet?'

'Well, if you don't come, and it won't be for the lack of trying on my
part,' Milla agreed, 'you'll let Gemma give you the mother of spankings
tomorrow morning. Agreed?'

'And what if I do perform? Then Gemma gets to give your little tooshie
the walloping it deserves, O.K.?'

'Hm, I let myself in for that one didn't I? O.K., it's a deal.' They
kissed long and wetly in front of the young girl to seal their wager.

'There's still plenty of time,' Rob said. Let's talk about another
word. Gemma, you've got into the B's. Tell us about "Buggery".'

'Oh, I remember reading it, the word I mean. It's a swear word 'cos the
boy's use it sometimes but I didn't read what it means.'

'Then look it up.'

She found this more quickly.

'Buggery. Anal intercourse. It is the act of a male inserting his
penis into the anal canal of his partner, either male or female. The most
prevalent form of sexual congress between homosexuals, much less used
between a male and female as the act causes severe pain unless both
partners co-operate fully and correctly. Few females find this form of sex
pleasant and those that agree usually do so to placate their partner's
aroused urges rather than achieving any sexual satisfaction. Liberal use
of lubricant is necessary and the least pain is felt when the receiver of
the organ, at the moment the penis begins to press into the anus, pushes
their sphincter muscle firmly open. While the partner gains little
arousal, the man does have his hands free to arouse his partner's clitoris
and breasts, or penis in a homosexual relationship. The discharge of sperm
inside the rectum causes no irritation and is simply released when the
partner next visits the toilet.'

'And that's what hand and knees means,' Rob told the stunned girl. 'I
saw the look on your face yesterday when I told Milla what position I
wanted her to take.'

'You did that. Buggery? To Milla yesterday?'

'He did darling, but again it's not as bad as it sounds. I even get all
sexy when it happens. Not that it happens all that often, does it
darling?' She looked at Rob with a questioning eye.

'Well we can make it more often if you wish,' he suggested.

'No, I think you get enough of that titillation already, thank you.'

Chapter Fourteen

They lolled over each other, arms and legs entangled, enjoying the
other's body heat and touching. Milla smacked Rob's hand when it strayed
over the younger girl's breast but Gemma just giggled. Her concern for
privacy was fast diminishing and each time she displayed herself, she
received deeper and deeper sexual feelings.

'It's time,' Milla declared sitting up. 'Rob, on your back with a
cushion under your bum, please. Gemma dear, if you come down here near my
face you'll get a better view.'

When the young girl had scurried to her side and laid down on her
stomach, Milla looked at her, smiled and then opened his dressing gown.
His flaccid penis nestled on the dark crinkly hair and both women looked at
it for some time. 'He certainly needs something to stimulate him, doesn't

Gemma didn't answer, just gazed at the strangeness of the limp manhood.
Milla knelt between his spread knees and bent down lifting the cock between
her fingers. 'One thing they all love is stroking these hairy balls. They
must be sensitive down there because I made him come once by just doing
that. Had him screaming out for release for ages and then he just shot
off. So it's one thing I often do for him when we have sex. It gets him
stiff very quickly but you must stroke him very lightly, just running your
fingers over the hairs, not the skin. God, they're funny looking things,
aren't they?'

'Yes. I've never seen them before.'

'You hold his cock up while I play with him, dear. You'll probably feel
him getting hard if we're lucky.'

She needed no further bidding and was amazed to feel how soft the floppy
instrument was. She lifted it upwards, her thumb holding it in the palm of
her hand and watched carefully as Milla began to stroke. The two women
smiled secretly at each other from time to time as Milla worked tenderly

'Is he growing yet?'

'I'm not sure,' Gemma said. Then pressing her thumb against his flesh,
she agreed there was some movement. 'It feels a lot firmer now, Milla.
Yes it's definitely growing thicker.'

'Good. It'll soon be time to go into action.' Still stroking lightly
with the tip of her fingers, her other hand took his manhood from Gemma and
brushed her tongue over the small slit, removing the drop of clear fluid
that had surfaced there. 'That's not urine,' she confided. 'They release
this smooth substance to let them slide more easily inside our pussies,'
Milla explained. 'It's a strange taste, different to sperm. Quite nice

Her lips kissed the tip of his cock and from time to time she covered
the bulb with saliva. Then slowly she lowered the now swollen manhood
inside her mouth, brushing her hair aside so Gemma could see everything she
was doing. Rob groaned or grunted, swivelling his hips as sensations began
make him feel good. Her actions became faster as she moved up and down
over his sex. Gemma saw her aunt's cheeks move in and out as she sucked and then withdrew, occasionally releasing the weapon altogether so she
could run her tongue along the length of his swollen appendage.

'I think I've just talked myself into a spanking,' she told her niece at
one stage, using her hand to maintain the rhythm while she spoke. 'There's
little doubt he's going to come now. See how big his cock has grown? I
think it's because you're here watching him. He's so proud of this, you
know.' Then to Rob she instructed, 'Tell me when you're about to come
darling. I want to let Gemma see it shooting into my mouth.'

She returned her mouth to pleasuring him which in turn caused his torso
to buck more violently and louder more insistent noises hissed from his
lips. 'Soon,' he moaned.

At the first spurt Milla laid her face against his stomach, holding her
mouth open for Gemma to see clearly the white sperm being pumped inside.
Milla licked the tip from time to time and finally closed her mouth fully
over the head of his cock, still masturbating him with her tongue. His
body shuddered for several minutes, occasionally jerking as his pleasure

At last all was still and Milla opened her eyes to find Gemma's face
only inches from her own. She let the soft manhood slip from her mouth and
caught the young girl's head in her hand. Before she could react, Gemma
found her lips directly over her aunt's mouth, a slippery tongue forcing
it's way into the younger girl. Gemma relaxed as she tasted her uncle's
sperm once again but just as intimately as when she sucked the remains from
Milla's pussy only this afternoon. Milla pulled away and opened her mouth,
showing the whitish pool to her pupil and then swallowed it down. 'All
gone now,' she smiled and kissed her lightly.

Gemma half smiled, emotionally weary from what she had witnessed. 'One
day soon, if you choose, you can do that to him yourself. But it's your
decision, darling. Only when you want to.'

Milla reached over and wiped the small amount of discharge from the tip
of his cock. Then patting his soft penis, suggested they all go to bed.

'Remember, Gemma,' Rod whispered in her ear as the two adults tucked her
in, 'tomorrow morning you're going to paddle the butt of this woman until
she screams for mercy. I'll call you.'

'I should get my sentence quashed, Rob. After all, you enjoyed every
moment of it.'

'Alas, my dear, a bet's a bet and you lost. Sorry.'

Chapter Fifteen

Gemma slept fitfully that night, the prospect of beating her beautiful
aunt's bottom returning throughout the night to haunt her.

It was from this uneasy sleep that she woke early the next morning,
feeling someone shaking her shoulder.

'Gemma, come on, wake up. It's time.' The voice was insistent and when
she turned her face on the pillow, saw Rob whispering in her ear.


'It's morning. Come on get up. You've got a chore to attend.'

'What is it, Uncle Rob,' she muttered still half asleep.

'Milla gets her spanking this morning. Remember?'

'Oh. I don't think I want to do it to her, Uncle Rob. I don't want to
hurt her, I love her too much.' She was sitting up now, not at all
enthusiastic about the prospect of spanking her beloved Milla.

'You've got no choice. She made the rules herself remember? Now if you
don't, then I'll do it but she'll get double and so will you. Now wake
yourself up. The first spank has to land while she's still asleep. What
better way to wake a lady up?' He laughed softly at the thought.

'I've got to wash up first,' she said making for the bathroom. 'I'm all

'No, you can be cleaned up later. Here, take this hairbrush. It will
sting her better than your hand and it won't hurt you so much.'

'Hit her with this? No, it will hurt too much,' the youngster objected.

'Just do what you're told,' he drawled exasperated. 'Now listen
carefully. She is laying on her stomach now. I'll lift the covers slowly
and as soon as her bottom is clear, lay the first one on as hard as you
can. I want her woken up with a shock. Understand?'

'Yes, Rob. But I won't like it.'

'You'd better look as though you do because it's your backside next if
you don't do the job properly. I can tell you it wasn't easy to shoot for
that third time in one day and so she's going to pay for it.'

Milla was still asleep as Rob had described. He gently began to lift
the blankets and the chilled morning air made her shuffle but she never
woke. Her nightdress covered her down to well past her bottom and Rob
nodded to the young girl to do her deed.

Holding the brush high over her head, the flat hairless side ready to
land, she brought it down as hard as she could on Milla's protruding

The reaction was instantaneous. A loud 'aargh' followed by a rising
backside and a shrieking woman bounding out of bed even before she had
woken enough to realise what had happened.

'For god's sake,' she screamed. 'What was that? Who did it?' Her eyes
now open and soon focused on Rob then Gemma who had jumped nearly as high
as her aunt. The hairbrush now clutched to her chest, Gemma gasped as
Milla thrust her hand at the girl, grabbing for the hairbrush and trying to
wrest it from her.

'You, Gemma; what do you think you're doing? That bloody well hurt you
little bitch.' Milla by now was breathing evil intent through her nostrils
and looking daggers at the frightened girl.

'I'm sorry, Milla. He made me do it. I didn't want to hurt you. I
lo...,' she began but was cut off by Rob who came to her rescue.

'It's not her fault, my little pigeon,' he said with a smug smile.
''Tis but the first stage of paying off your debt and I must say we got
more for our money than we bargained for though. Quite an act you put on
then, my darling,' he told her, smiling smugly.

'It bloody hurt, Rob. It's not funny,' she screamed at him indignantly.

'Well maybe, but at least it woke you up. Now for stage two. Gemma,
lift your nightdress and sit on the bed.'

'What? Take it off? Why?'

'No, silly. Just lift it above your waist so your thighs are bare; well
I suppose your pussy will be then too, but we've all seen it so it's not a
problem, is it?'

'Alright,' she conceded, sitting on the bed on her bare bottom.

'Spread your legs a little. She has to balance herself over your

'You are going ahead with this, aren't you, you bastard?' Milla berated

'A bet's a bet, sweetheart,' he reminded her. 'Now remove your
nightdress please.'

'Bastard,' she reiterated as the silky garment rose over her head,
leaving the beautiful woman naked before them.

'You really are a picture, Milla,' he said appreciatively.

'And you're still a bastard,' she shot back looking fiercely at him.

'Milla, I didn't want to do this. Really,' Gemma pleaded.

'I know he's making you, darling. He's probably threatened to do
something terrible if you don't. Is that right?'

She looked at Rob not knowing whether she should agree or not. He gave
her no encouragement so she simply nodded her head, tears rising.

'Let's get on with it shall we,' he urged. 'I've never seen you get a
walloping from anyone else. It should be fun to watch.'

'Might even give you a hard on,' Milla retorted sarcastically.

'I've got one already,' he smiled back, placing his hand over his
genitals and rubbing in attempted masturbation.

'Alright, have it your way. But you'll pay, I promise.' She leaned over
and carefully laid her hips and chest over the seated girl.

'Milla, I'm sorry,' Gemma almost cried.

'Just do whatever he says, darling,' Milla reassured her. 'He won't let
up until he's finished so don't worry about it.'

Rob stood in his pyjamas, directly in front of Gemma. He withdrew his
swollen penis and began to slowly massage the tip with his hands. 'Now
firstly,' he said, 'you can run your hands over her big bum. Feel it all
over, Gemma then run your fingers down her crease. That's it. Lovely,' he
agreed watching intently. 'All the way around, until you find her pussy hairs. Did you feel her bottom hole?'

'Yes, I did.' Her voice was sorrowful.

'Good. Now when you come to her pussy, push a finger inside. Is it


'Fuck her with your finger, little girl,' he instructed.

He saw from her movements that she was doing exactly as she was told.
Milla made no sound or movement.

'Now take it out and lick it clean. Nice?' He asked as the finger
entered her mouth. She only nodded. Everything about Milla was nice as
far as Gemma was concerned.

'Now use your other hand and squeeze her tits. Feel them first and then
squeeze them as hard as you can.'

Gemma saw his hand moving slowly over his extended cock and ran her
small hands over her aunt's magnificent breasts as they pointed towards the
floor, laying along the side of her own thigh. She squeezed a little and
Milla gave no indication that she was being hurt.

'I said to squeeze hard. Do it.'

'Oh,' was all that left the older woman's lips as Gemma squeezed harder.
She released the breast immediately.

'Well, not as hard as I would have done,' he complained. 'But it'll do
for now. O.K. Five on each cheek with your hand, then five on each with
the hairbrush, and these better be as hard as you gave her the first time.'

'Please, Rob. Don't make me do it,' Gemma pleaded. "I'll do anything
you want, but spare Milla. Please.'

'You're going to do whatever I want anyway,' he reminded her. 'The
sooner you get it over with, the sooner her hurt will stop.'

Gemma smacked her hand down lightly and Milla made no movement.

'Two more for going easy on her.'

'Oh, no, please.' The fact that Rob was masturbating himself directly in
front of her was of little concern now. All that mattered was that Milla
was to receive further punishment because she had tried to go easy. Tears
streamed down her cheeks as she began to spank her aunt's bare bottom with
more vigour.

Milla grunted a couple of times but made no move stop her niece.
Indeed, the smacking hurt, stinging, but it was still bearable. She did
not know her husband was stimulating himself in front of the young girl.

Gemma alternated the bottom cheeks with each smack and after ten,
stopped, looking up to Rob for assurance that it was done. He was more
intent on his own pleasures now but managed to instruct her further.

'That's ten. You can stop there if you want and give her six on each
cheek with the hairbrush. Or make it six on each with your hand. Please
yourself but the hairbrush will hurt more,' he suggested.

Without thinking more, Gemma quickly placed one more smack on each cheek
in quick succession. She began to massage the reddened skin trying to ease
Milla's hurt.

'Get on with it girl,' Rob hissed.

She watched his hand moving fast along the length of his cock,
fascinated for some moments and then felt around for the hairbrush that was
on the bed behind her.

The first time it landed, Milla jumped with shock at the hurt and cried
out in pain but lay over the knees of her tormentor, making no attempt to
escape her punishment.

By the time three strokes of the hairbrush had been laid on her head was
waving from side to side in agony at what was being done to her. Every new
stroke brought a scream of pain and she was continually crying, louder
after each whack.

Gemma couldn't stop her own emotional agony welling within her and
although she maintained a steady beat of the brush, was crying silently,
lifting her head with each stroke she landed, imploring the masturbating
man in front of her to let her stop but he gave no comfort whatever.

'God, no more,' Milla pleaded between her cries as the forth landed on
the second cheek. She had not counted, could not have in any case, and had
no idea of how many were to come but knew she could bear no more. 'Please,
Rob. No more. I can't take it.' Her hands were limply resting on the
floor and all resistance had gone. All that mattered was the dreadful pain
that rose higher with each smack of the weapon in Gemma's hand.

Gemma's wails rose in pitch but Rob had no intention of giving in.
'Keep going,' he hissed at the girl as he continued to stroke his stiffly
erect manhood, glistening from the secretions spread by his fingers.

Gemma raised the brush and brought it down on the right cheek for the
last time. As Milla's bottom jumped with the searing pain the brush landed
for the last time in quick succession on the left cheek and Gemma threw it
down in disgust.

'There. It's finished. I suppose you're proud of yourself, strutting
your cock like that. Well it's a long time before you get to use it on me,
I can tell you. If you ever do,' she added. Then in almost doting tones
she touched the crimson skin of her aunt's buttocks and whispered gently,
'It's over, darling Milla. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.' Tears were
still streaming down her face, landing on the redness, being softly rubbed
into the burning and bruised flesh.

Rob had stopped rubbing himself but his penis still pointed straight at
Gemma. 'It's not over yet,' he said.

'No more,' Gemma demanded. 'She can't take any more and anyway she's
received what you said. I won't hurt her any more.'

'No but you will receive her thanks for what you have done,' he
explained sardonically. 'Get up, Milla. You've got a lot of thanking

'Oh, god. I can't move,' she wailed, unable to push herself upright.

'You bloody well will. Gemma help her.'

Between the two women, Milla managed to slide down Gemma's thighs to
kneel on the floor. 'That's better,' Rob said. 'Now, Gemma, lay back on
the bed and open your legs wide. Milla is going to thank you for teaching
her not to accuse her husband of being impotent. All the way, my darling,'
he instructed his wife. 'Suck and lick her until she comes, no matter how
long it takes.'

'Come, darling. Let's get it over with. I can do that. I would love
to do that,' she assured the young girl. 'Just remember it's not to say
thank you for spanking me, it's to say I love you, nothing more.'

'Oh, Milla, so do I,' the youngster cried, moving herself so her legs
rested over Milla's shoulders as she knelt at the edge of the bed.

Milla spread the pink petalled lips as wide as she could, holding them
firmly apart with fingers as her mouth clamped over the smooth tender skin.
Her tongue pressed hard against the girl's nub, and rasped backwards and
forwards until Gemma's whole body began to tremble. What she had gone
through already had brought her to an intense emotional peak and the
attention her aunt was giving to her secret place now brought her to
arousal very soon.

The sensations never dwindled even when her partner's finger or tongue
had wandered off the most sensitive of points. Milla worried her clitoris
so much that Rob was given a demonstration of sudden orgasm as the young girl's body began to shudder and jerk under Milla's encouragement. Her
sexual cries of pleasure dominated the room and Rob found his hand stroking
his cock without realising.

'I'm coming already, Milla. It's wond... wonderful,' she gasped
between chattering lips as the greatest of sensations overtook her body and
she writhed in erotic bliss for those moments before the delights slowly

'That was wonderful, Milla,' she finally whispered, closing her eyes to
enjoy the fruits of female orgasm as the sensations lingered.

'Sure was, baby. You make women come quicker than you can with even me.
Impressive. Now it's my turn to get fucked but you'll give me your cunt.
Say you're sorry for doubting me, Milla baby. Fuck me and make me come
quickly. Right now; I don't care about your orgasm. I just want to shoot
up inside your cunt. Now get on top and make me come,' he said harshly,
lying on the bed beside Gemma.

Milla gave no indication of how she felt, just crawled up on the bed,
stretched her knee over his body and guided his cock into her vagina. 'At
least you're wet down there,' he laughed cruelly. 'Hurry up. I need it.'

Gemma had raised herself onto an elbow to watch. It was the first time
she had physically seen her aunt and uncle having sex but the harshness of
Rob's speech made her feel sickened and sorry for Milla as she saw the
woman trying to protect her hurting bottom.

Milla reached around to open Rob's legs wider so that when she came down
on each stroke, her bottom would fall between his legs and it eased the
hurt she was feeling. Her actions were indeed athletic, her knees pushing
her whole body up and down on his erection, the slapping noise quite
audible and the slopping of foam at the connection of their sexes almost
mesmerising to Gemma. She looked from Milla's face to the erect penis as
it penetrated her pussy with each downward thrust. Milla never slowed,
perspiration forming on her brow and making the ends of her hair quite

Rob gasped and grunted with every stroke and Milla could see him nearing
what she expected would be his explosion point. It was near she told
herself. Soon she would be spared.

Without warning, Rob let out a loud deep groan as though her were being
tortured himself and began bucking his pelvis into Milla's crotch.

'Yes. Yes. That's it. I'm shooting it up inside your cunt, you sweet
bitch. God that's good.'

Milla showed no sign of pleasure or relief but she stopped moving,
letting him make any friction he wanted to maintain his orgasm. As soon as
she felt the spurting subside, she raised herself and let his cock flop
onto his belly, weak spurts still jerking him upwards, white semen plopping
onto his stomach.

She held herself over his torso for some moments until a large glob of
sperm plopped from her open vagina onto the base of his cock. Strings of
the fluid clung to her opening as she lifted her knee over him.

'Now get out,' she said matter of factly. 'You can clean yourself up in
the bathroom then get out of the house. Don't come back inside the door
again until I say so. And don't you dare say another word to me now or
you'll never touch my cunt again.'

Sheepishly he left and Milla fell forward onto the sheet beside Gemma.

'God, that wore me out, darling. He's never done anything like that
before and it dam well still hurts like hell.'

'I'm sorry, Milla. I hated doing it. I'll get the cream and sooth

'No, not just yet. Just lay down beside me and put your arm over my
shoulders. Kiss me, darling. I know you didn't have any choice and I
rather liked the stinging when you used your hand. But that hairbrush was
just too much.'

Gemma's tearstained face came close to hers and they kissed simply and
tenderly. 'Did you like your orgasm?'

'Yes, it was nice but it came too fast and when it was over it stopped
quickly. Not like when you made me come last night. I was still feeling
sexy when I went to bed then.'

'I know. I had to get you off quickly. I was so worn out.' She was
quiet for some moments and then said, 'I think I've made a wet spot where
his stuff has oozed out,' she said quietly. 'Would you like to clean me up

'You bet. Then can I put some cream on you?'

Chapter Sixteen

The women slept together on the double bed until lunchtime. Rob never
came near them and they never notice that they had not eaten since last
night. Milla slept in her stomach for obvious reasons and Gemma remained
close, a comforting arm over the older woman's back. As lunchtime neared,
hunger woke Gemma first and she shifted onto her back, still touching her
aunt. Milla raised herself and said, 'Take your nightie off darling. Let
me see you.'

She needed no further encouragement, laying back again with her tiny
breasts flattened on her chest. Milla stroked a hand over each small mound
and then sucked a nipple between her teeth, licking then nipping it.

'You're like a little girl,' she said tenderly, 'far younger than
sixteen, more like twelve or thirteen. What would you say if I removed
your pussy hair and the hair from under your arms. Then you would look
totally young.'

'But I want to grow up, not stay a child.'

'You would have a child's body with a woman's mind. For one thing, it'd
drive Rob wild. I'm sure he's had a secret desire to fuck a little girl. I
found several pictures he had cut from magazines showing children, girls I
might add, without bra tops. You know, naked chests but no breasts. Yours
are bigger than that but they still look very young.'

'I don't think I want Rob to fuck me after what he did to you.'

'I can understand that, darling. He got carried away today and it was
probably all because of you. It's driving him crazy waiting for you to ask
him to take your virginity and it'll do him good to wait a while longer.
In fact I intend to make him wait for a whole week before he even gets back
under the blankets again, let alone poke his thing inside me.'

'Doesn't it hurt?'

'Just the opposite; when he takes his time, it's so wonderful you don't
want him to stop, ever.'

'But it's so big and fat.'

'The bigger the better, well that's what I think anyway. No other man has ever fucked me so I don't really know. But Rob is a very good lover
and I know you'll enjoy what he does to you.'

'When should I tell him?'

'Not until you feel ready. Why not wait until the week is up? He will
be so randy by then he'll probably come in his pants in anticipation.'

'But I'll have my period then.'

'So you will. And as soon as you finish, mine will start. He's got a
lean time ahead of him.'

'How will I take the hair off my um, my vagina, Milla?'

'I'll do it for you. With some special cream; you won't feel a thing
and the hair will be gone for weeks. Let's do it this afternoon, then I
can have it all to myself for a whole week. We won't tell Rob.'

'I love you, Milla,' she said simply. 'Can I rub some more cream onto
your bottom?'

After finally getting up, they made a light lunch and Milla took some
bread and butter out to Rob who was sitting on the veranda.


'Don't say a word, Rob. You're banned from my bed for at least a week.
Gemma will sleep with me and you'll sleep in her bed. I hope you enjoyed
yourself this morning because it's going to cost you a week of nookie. For
me it was just plain torture so you've only got yourself to blame. And
another thing; don't you dare let me catch you jerking off or just playing
with your cock during the next seven days. Every time you do means another
week of celibacy. As for now, I don't want you in the house until supper;
I hope I'll have cooled down a little by then.' Then she added, 'Sweet talk
won't work this time.'

She turned and left him, smiling to herself when she heard not a sound
from his lips.

The depilatory cream worked so well that Gemma's soft fluffy curls
vanished within seconds and floated down the bath plughole.

'All gone,' Milla declared, not letting the young one look at the
results. She then did Gemma's hair into two pony tails, finished off with
pink ribbons and made her close her eyes as they went into the bedroom.

'Oops,' Milla said. 'I see the wet patch is still there but I'm sure
that won't stop us.'

'Stop us from what?' Gemma still had her eyes closed.

'From making love together,' Milla whispered conspiratorially.

'Oh.' And then she added, 'Nothing will do that, darling Milla.'

Milla kissed her ear. 'Now you can open your eyes.'

Gemma saw the image in the mirror immediately in front of them. Two
naked women stood looking at themselves. Rather one woman and one very
young girl for Gemma never saw that it as herself, the image was just too
young. Her pussy was bare of pubic hair, the small mound flowing down to
the crease of a juvenile pubis. Her breasts were unchanged but with the
nakedness of her vagina, the twin mounds looked much more like those of a
pre-pubescent child. The pony tails only helped to make her younger than
ever, the innocence of the small round face pronounced her naivety.

'It doesn't look like me, Milla. I look like a little girl again.'

'You look adorable, sweetheart. Will you still be my lover for this
week? Just you and me?'

'Oh, yes please. I would love that.'

The two naked bodies clasped themselves together, cheek-to-cheek and
then in a long passionate and sensual kiss.

Milla led her to the bed, lifting her up and laying down beside her. It
wasn't long before Milla's lips were fastened to the young girl's naked
vagina, sending multiple sighs of pleasure throughout the room. They spent
the whole afternoon pleasing each other, like first day honeymooners,
teasing and tasting each other with a love that grew deeper by the minute.

'I love you so much, Milla. I hope it never ends.'

'We're doing naughty things, little one. They're always nice. I love
you too, but we've only got a week together and then Rob rejoins us. Then
I think it's time to offer yourself to him. You will, darling, won't you?'

'Yes, I suppose I will. I was going to do it tonight but after what he
made me do to you I think a weeks delay and then a few days until my period
goes away, will do him good.'

'It will, no doubt about that. I look forward to seeing his face when
you offer yourself and then tell him he'll have to still wait.'

They laughed together.

'Kiss me again, darling. No not there. Lower.'

Incestuous lesbianism worried them not at all for the rest of that week.
Rob saw nothing of their nakedness but heard their lovemaking every night
through the curtain between their bedrooms. He was not allowed inside
during the day and was sent to his room immediately after supper each night
so could only imagine what they were doing together.

The week went quickly for the two lovers but so slowly for the sex
starved man in their lives. At lunch on the seventh day Milla announced
that Rob was welcome back into the fold that evening after supper. They
were to have a celebration around the fire.

'Thank god for that,' he sighed. 'I've been going out of my mind,
trying to stop myself from jerking off. It's been hell.'

'Well, you had plenty of practice a week ago,' Gemma smirked. 'I
thought that would have satisfied you for a week at least.'

'What do you mean?' Milla asked surprised.

'Well, um,' she hesitated. 'While I was beating your poor bottom,'
Gemma went on, 'this monster was matur... masturbating right in front of
me. I saw more of his thing then than ever before.'

'Tattle tale,' Rob accused.

'I wish I'd known then. It should have been a fortnight's abstinence
instead of just a week.'

'Well it's over now,' he argued. 'Isn't it, Milla?' He asked his face
full of hope.

She thought for a moment. 'I suppose so. At least my poor bottom has
returned to normal. If it wasn't for Gemma's soft hands I don't know how
I'd have coped. Anyway,' she added. 'Tonight, you're back in the fold but
I must say I'm sorry to be losing Gemma for a bedmate. She really is an
exciting young lady.'

'You made me that way,' Gemma laughed back.

'Can we make love now, Milla?' Rob asked hopefully.

'Not 'til after supper and then only when we're ready.'

They were of the same accord all three, and finished eating quickly.
The log fire was inviting and warm and they settled themselves around the
many cushions.

'Come to me, Rob,' Milla directed.

'Yes, Ma'am,' he smiled moving quickly.

'So you never touched yourself even once?'

'I swear it, sweetheart. All I could think of was not missing out on
your sweet little pussy for any longer than necessary.'

'And you'd like to fuck me now?'

'Yes please,' he said, almost salivating.

'Remove your clothes. We want to see how urgent your need is. Don't
we, Gemma?'

'You bet. Especially me.'

He wasted no time and stood with a commendable erection in front of both

'Hmm. I'm not sure it's all that urgent,' Milla said.

'But look at all the stuff oozing from his cock,' Gemma said. 'He's
leaking pretty bad.'

'Yes, there's that. But I've seen him a lot bigger than that.'

'Only after you've been working on me, Milla,' he whined.

'And you want me to do that now?'

'It would be nice.'

She reached out a hand and rubbed the droplets around the head of his
cock, then began to massage the hard manhood with the slippery liquid.

'I think I deserve a full apology for what you did to me, Rob. It was
the most dreadful thing you've ever done and I was in agony. Tell me why I
should do anything to make you feel good now. I've asked myself that
question many times over the last week. I'm not even sure I need a man any
more after having had Gemma love me as she does. She excites me like no
one ever has.' Milla knew the words were cruel but took great delight in
teasing him like this.

'Please don't say that, Milla darling. I couldn't live without you.
Please let me make love to you. I promise I will never treat you like that
again. It was stupid, please forgive me,' he ended pleadingly.

'Well if that's your promise, I suppose I could open my legs for you
however I expect nothing but the best sex you've ever given me, Robert
Deleany. Anyway with Gemma looking on you will have to us your best
performance. She still hasn't decided whether or not to let you pleasure
her and I'm sure she won't be interested if you can't even make me happy.'

He looked at the girl smiling cheekily at him. 'I do want to make love
to you just as I do with Milla, Gemma darling and I hope you'll finally say
yes. But right now all I have in mind is my darling Milla's delightful
pussy. I need to shoot right up her now, very urgently.'

'Don't you dare come before I do,' Milla warned. 'Now come and kiss me

Gemma watched their performance intently, from the first tentative
kisses with him telling her over and over again that he was sorry. Milla
kept her hands well away from his rampant cock, knowing full well that the
least stimulation would probably push him over the top before he had even
inserted himself inside her. His arousal left many wet spots over her
nightdress as he clung to her kissing every crevice and opening of her face
and neck.

'God, I love you, Milla. I missed your body so much and I want to make
you happy.'

'Touch my pussy, darling. Bring me close to coming because I'm sure you
won't last very long once you start poking me.'

His hands moved beneath the long silken nightdress and Gemma clearly saw
him stroking the vee of her genitals.

'No, darling. Take it off. Let Gemma see everything. Play with my
pussy so she can see what you're doing.'

He lifted the garment over her head and she smiled at Gemma as her body
became naked. His fingers parted the dark hair and Gemma saw her aunt's
pink pussy again, as she had done many times in the last week. She even
felt a pang of jealousy as she watched a competitor making love to one she
loved so dearly.

Rob spent much time massaging the opening with his fingers, tongue and
lips until his wife was writhing on the cushions in ecstasy.

'Yes, darling. It's wonderful. More. Please give me more. Make me
come, Rob. Make me come with your tongue. Oh, that's mar... marvel...
marvellous,' she cried out as the most wonderful of orgasms overtook her.
Shuddering and writhing uncontrollably, Rob maintained his touching,
pushing the woman through her ecstasy for as long as she could hold it.
Gemma saw her finally relax as a long loud sigh emitted from her lips, a
sigh of total fulfilment. But the ever eager Rob never let her rest for
his fingers and tongue kept up their steady movements, Rob encouraging her
to feel the new thrills he was now working upon her.

'Gemma, he's bringing me up there again and so soon. Come and lay your
face by mine, dear. Can you feel me shuddering already?'

'Yes I can,'

'Men do things so different to women, darling. You make me feel
marvellous when you made me climax all those times last week, but men make
our orgasms feel so different. It's unbelievable. You'll find out when he
does it to you,' she whispered to the young girl.

'Oh,' she gasped her whole body jumping as his tongue left her clitoris
and sank deeply into her vaginal entrance. 'Oh, Rob dear. It's nearly
here again. Lay on me, darling and fuck me. Gemma, sit up so you can

Rob brought his knees up until they pushed into his wife's buttocks. He
then lowered his stiff cock until it neared the entrance.

'Quickly, Gemma,' he said. 'Point my cock so it goes straight inside
her cunt. Quickly. I can't hold out much longer.'

There was no doubt that he could have done all that himself but by
bringing the young onlooker into the action he figured she would feel more
involved and want him to do the same to her when the time came for her to
make up her mind finally.

Her hand was warm as she helped him centre his manhood. He knew just
the right moment and while she was still holding the organ, he plunged
downwards, inserting himself deeply inside his wife and capturing Gemma's
hand between their two sex organs. Gemma made no move to pull away but as
Rob lifted his cock upwards she released the hard manhood. Reluctantly, he
thought to himself as he began to pump his hardness back down again.

Milla was squealing out her pleasures with obscene words as the second
climax rose within her. The sounds were sufficient to bring Rob to his own
peak and as she shuddered and jerked her torso against him, thick globs of
semen were being pumped into her vagina. Male grunting and female screams
merged to awaken the night. Gemma held one of Milla's hands as the two
lovers took their fill of pleasure and delight from the orgasms.

Gemma knew that very soon she would know the pleasure of man and decided
then to offer herself to this man to turn her into true womanhood. She
laid her face against Milla's and lay still for many minutes while husband
and wife calmed down from their fulfilling exertions. Rob too, laid
himself full length along Milla's body, worn out from the thrill of
ejaculation. He must have been heavy but Milla showed no sign of

Nearly an hour had passed before they began to untangle themselves,
sweat forming rivulets down each body where they were pressed together.

'I've got quite a bit to clean up,' Milla said, cupping her vaginal
opening as she stood and headed for the bathroom. 'I think some has
dribbled into the rug but there seems an awful lot still inside,' she

'I'll come too,' Gemma said, racing after her aunt.

'You could stay and keep Rob company.'

'No, I need to talk,' she said quietly arriving at the bathroom the same
time as Milla.

'Well, what did you think?' Her aunt asked interestedly.

'I want him to do it to me too, Milla. I want to ask him to fuck me,'
she said shyly.

'That's good,' she said happily as she sat on the toilet. Gemma heard a
plopping sound and guessed more of Rob's sperm had fallen from her aunt.

'Come here.'

Gemma stood between her aunt's spread knees as she sat on the toilet.
'That's wonderful news, darling,' Milla said, putting her arms around the
girl's waist and pulling her closer. She laid her cheek against Gemma's
chest and reassured her. 'Men make love quite differently, darling. What
you did to me and what I did to you when we made love last week, feels
quite different to the way Rob makes love. Both were beautiful and
breathtaking, but each give me quite different feelings. You'll love every
moment of it, believe me.'

'I do, Milla. How will I tell Rob? You know, that I want him to make
love to me.'

'I would suggest that you be you own quiet and demure self. Just ask
him quietly and the right words will come out. Will you do it when I'm
there too, ask him I mean?'

'Do you want to hear it?'

'Yes. Oh, yes, darling. I want to be there.'

'Will I do it now, or when we go to bed?'

'Don't be too quick. Let him linger a little longer at least.'

'He won't do it tonight, will he?'

'Well, your period's due any day, isn't it?'

'Oh, it came this afternoon.'

'That's good. Then straight after, mine we'll start because I'd like to
be clear of it when you are taken. I'd like us all to be naked together.
The family that strips together sleeps together, you know.'

'So if yours comes before mine finishes, we'll have another week to
wait? At least that'll give me more time to think about it.'

'Yes but the sooner you do it, the sooner you can play with him whenever
you like.'

'Milla, won't you be jealous? Even a little bit? I'd be taking your
husband from you when we make love?'

'I'd be jealous of anyone else, but not you darling. Besides, we've
made love together lots of times in this last week, and I haven't seen Rob
even a little bit jealous about that.'

She pulled a long piece of toilet paper and began to clean her leaking
pussy. 'I think that should do it until I have a shower. Come on. We'll
join the horny man and tease him a little bit more.'

Chapter Seventeen

Rob was laying on his back, apparently asleep, one hand holding his half
erect cock upwards.

'I think he want's someone to lick him a little, Gemma. Would you like
to do it?'

'Will he stay asleep?' Their voices were clear to the pretending

'Probably for a while but he'll wake up before he comes, I think.'

'If I licked him, would he come, Milla?'

'Probably. Men's cocks are strange animals.'

'I'll say. All floppy and creased one minute and stiff as a board, the
next. Well, I suppose I could at least try and clean up all the stuff
that's oozed out,' she said very purposefully.

'Have a hanky in your hand. If he wakes up you can say you're just
trying to clean up the leftovers.'

'Good idea.'

They kneeled down on either side and Milla put her lips over her
husband's manhood, Gemma desperately trying to hold back the fits of
laughter that were welling up inside.

His mind pictured the young girl masturbating him with her lips and
almost instantly his cock grew longer and harder. Milla stroked her
fingers over his scrotum and his hips jerked. A few more licks and she
could feel the eruption growing inside his body. She stroked his balls
again and then sat back just as the first jet of sperm left his penis.
Standing up quickly, Milla motioned to Gemma to lean over him so that when
he opened his eyes all he saw was the young girl.

'Was that you, Gemma?' He was still drowsy from the thrill of orgasm.

'You sucked me off?'

'Well I'm here, sir,' she replied meekly.

'I'm shocked.'

'Me too. I didn't think it'd spit at me.'

'When it's aroused like you made me, it spits at everything. Oh, hello,
Milla. Gemma's just done something disgusting. She sucked me off.'

'Not so disgusting, I think, as the way you let her do it.'

'But I didn't know.'

'I'll bet you did. Anyway, did you enjoy it?

'I think so.'

'Well that's nice,' Gemma objected. 'I give you a climax with my
innocent lips and you only "think so". I'll never do it again.'

'No, Gemma. I'm sorry. It was beautiful. Truly.'

The two women looked at each other and blurted out into laughter.

'What?' He asked incredulously. 'What's so funny?'

'Milla did it, Rob.'

'She didn't.'

'I did.'

'Oh shit. And I thought... Well it was nice anyway.' Then looking
straight at Gemma he said, 'So you haven't given me a blow job yet. Well
now's a good a time as any.'

He made a grab for her and she jumped back squealing with laughter.
'No, let me go,' she called out.

He stopped for an instant. 'Well. Well. What have we got here?
You're not allowed any panties on after supper, young lady. What have you
got to say for yourself?' He asked self-righteously. 'That deserv... '

'I've got my period,' Gemma cut him off. 'Ha. Ha. You thought you
were going to spank me again. Well I've got the best excuse this time.'

His face showed the disappointment for a moment. 'How do I know you're
telling the truth. Show me.'

'What? Show you my period? No.'

'If you don't, there's no evidence and you'll still get your cheeky
little bum spanked.'

She looked horrified at the thought. 'Milla, tell him,' she appealed.

'I think he'll at least have to see your pad, dear.'

'But, Milla.'

'I insist on seeing it, yes. Lower your panties and let me see pussy's
pyjamas. Then I'll believe you.'

'Milla...,' she pleaded.

'It's best if you do it, darling. Just take your panties down, not the

'But it's embarrassing.'

'If you don't, I'll do it myself including the pad,' Rob challenged her.

'Oh, alright.' She lowered the shiny silk panties to her knees, leaving
the white textured sanitary pad tucked in between her legs. Rob reached
out to touch the pad but the girl backed away. 'No, you mustn't,' she

'One day I will,' he reminded her.

She pulled her knickers back in place. 'Uncle Rob,' she said
indignantly. 'That was very personal. It embarrassed me.'

'That's why you're here, darling girl,' he smiled back proudly. 'You're
here to rid yourself of these kinds of embarrassment. Milla, perhaps the
young lady should show us her full condition. She'll have to do it one
day. Why not now?'

'No, Milla. Please not that.'

'Perhaps another evening, Rob,' Milla smiled back and then reminded her
niece, 'Remember what you promised, darling. No secrets whatever. If you
hide your pussy from us during your period, then you have a secret. Isn't
that true?'

'But it's so private and... and yucky.'

'Rob doesn't think so. He makes love to me when I'm in that condition.
It's when I feel the most sexy. I get the strongest orgasms then. You
will too.'

'See, little one. I told you, no embarrassments. You have promised to
do whatever you're asked to do. Remember saying that?'

'Yes, Uncle Rob,' she acknowledged, her head bowed in subjugation.

Milla took control of the situation. 'Come here, darling.'

The red-faced girl knelt beside her protector.

'Come on, lay back and let me kiss you. I would kiss your pussy but
that would just embarrass you all the more wouldn't it?'

'I think so,' she agreed quietly.

'Then your beautiful lips it is.' Milla held her in a warm embrace, lips
massaging lips and Gemma felt the tip of a tongue outlining her own lips.
It took her breath away, making her feel light headed.

Although she tried to sit up, Milla restrained her, continuing the kiss
that had not been broken yet. It was delicious, the scent from the older woman, her hands as they massaged the small mounds over her nightdress, her
inquisitive tongue as it roamed around inside her mouth.

Milla held the girl's face at arms length and looking seriously into her
eyes, said, 'Go to Rob. He wants to kiss you too.'

Gemma sat up and realised her uncle was still naked. She looked back at
her aunt and then resignedly moved into Rob's outstretched arms.

'We haven't kissed like that before, little one,' he said. 'Don't worry
about my nudity. You've still got your clothes on so Mr. Willy can't slip
into any forbidden crevice. Besides, what you've got between your legs
would stop a tank right now.'

'Oh, you're so silly, Rob,' the girl said snuggling firmly into his
protective arm.

Their lips joined, he sucking hers between his own, nibbling, biting
gently. His hands roamed over her chest, the first time he had been able
to feel her breasts so intimately. She didn't pull away when he first
touched her there and he was pleased that instead, she pushed herself
harder into his palm. He half sat up so she was now almost on her back,
her neck and head lying in the crook of his arm.

'We are nearly in the lovemaking position. You feel so delectable,
darling. I dream of the day when you say yes,' he encouraged. 'Do you
mind me touching your breasts?'

'No,' she whispered emotionally.

He kissed her again, passionately, as his hand returned to her small,
flattened mounds. 'I am going to take some photographs of you, Gemma. As
you take your clothes off. You are going to do a striptease for me and I
am going to record it all. Every detail and when you get naked I will take
close-ups of these lovely breasts. And your pussy and even your bottom.'

She was looking at his very seriously.


'So when you are not with us, we will have a reminder of the beautiful
girl we taught.'

'What if someone finds them. Or sends then to Mum and Dad?'

'They won't. Well, not unless we decide to send them to one of the
girlie magazines.'

'You wouldn't,' she cried out and sat up in alarm.

'Not while you're a good girl, anyway.'

'I think he's teasing you, Gemma,' Milla suggested.

'Oh, you're awful, Rob. I never know when you're being serious or just
kidding. It's not fair.'

But after the initial shock she smiled and then laughed with them.

'Gemma,' Milla said. 'Remember what we talked about earlier? In the

'In the...? Oh, yes. Should I say it now?'

'I think this is as good a time as any.'

'Well, then, Uncle Rob, would you stand up please.' Realising he was
still naked, she added, 'Could you please put your robe on.'

'What is this?' He asked unaware of what it was all about.

She stood up with him and in a low voice said, 'I have something to ask
you, Sir.'

She lowered her knees to the carpet and with a straight back, bowed her
head, looking at his feet, hands clasped behind her back..

'I have thought deeply about what has been asked of me during my stay
with you, Sir, and I know that what I am about to ask is right. Sir, I
want to ask you to become my lover, to do the things a man does to a girl to make her a woman. I would take it as a privilege if you would consent
to take my maidenhead and enfold me together with Milla, as one of your
lovers. I promise I will never refuse anything you ask of me. I will deny
you nothing. Please accept me in this way.'

She remained quite still, her body shaking slightly with emotion,
waiting in trepidation for fear he might reject her childish offer.

He was struck dumb for several moments, looking into Milla's eyes for
direction. Milla mouthed something he couldn't understand but her manner
was one of excitement and obvious acceptance.

He reached out a hand. 'No, continue to look down.'

'What you have offered is indeed a privilege and I can see has already
been endorsed by my wife. But for you it is a commitment that may be
beyond your ability to carry out.'

'I promise I...'

'No, don't speak. Hear me out. What you offer, unconditional surrender
to me in every way, agreement to whatever whim I may have, to whatever I
might require you to do, is beyond any normal marriage vow. Think
carefully, Gemma. You have offered yourself, your emotions, your heart,
your mind and your body to me to be used in any way I want for as long as
we live. It means encouragement and humiliation, pleasure and pain, luxury
and abject poverty, acceptance and outright rejection. Review your
statement, Gemma, and if it also includes Milla, that is, if you give
yourself to Milla on the same terms, then I will accept.'

'Oh, thank you, Sir.'

'I haven't accepted yet, think about what you are offering first.'

'Yes, I have, for almost as long as I've been here. Yes, Sir. That is
what I offer to you and Milla, for the rest of my life.'

'Then, my beautiful young virgin, I accept your offer. As of this
moment you are the property, mind, heart and body of myself and Milla.
Remain kneeling.'

He placed both hands on her head and Milla followed suit.

'We, Robert and...'


'...take this untouched female as our property to treat and do with as
we wish for the rest of our lives. Pity help the child.'

'And may our pleasures be doubled,' Milla added.

'Agreed,' he said.

'Stand up, child,' Milla told her, taking her into her arms. 'You have
taken a big step, my darling. I will try to love you when you are most
dejected, when you have been bruised and feel lost. But sometimes I will
be the one who does those things to you. You will understand in time.'

'What will I do when we go home. I will have to go back to Mum and

'But that's only until you turn eighteen. How far is that away? Just
over a year, isn't it?'


'We'll work it out. Don't worry.'

'Well, what do we do now?' Rob was a little nonplussed at the fast turn
of events.

'I promised her there would be no defloration until her period had ended
and I want mine to be finish too. It won't be any fun for me if I have the
curse when you get to break the membrane. So the wedding will probably be
in about ten days.'

'Oh, that long; God, Milla, how can I hold off that long?'

'She's got two good hands and a mouth, darling and those are both
virginal too. And you have me.'

'Anyway, I want us all to sleep together tonight,' he decided. 'At
least I'll get a feel or two in.'

'I'm sure you will.'

'Now, Gemma, darling, now you are about to become a fully fledged woman,
there's another ritual you have to begin,' Milla told her.

'Another ritual? What do you mean?'

'We don't want you to get a swollen tummy, do we?'

'A swollen head. Oh, I don't think I'll become vain, Milla.'

'I said tummy, darling. We don't want Rob getting you pregnant so from
now on you have to take The Pill every night before you go to bed."

'The Pill? You mean birth control…'

'That's what it's for.'

'I never thought of that. Oh, I'd hate it if I did. What would Mum and
Dad say?"

'You mean after their heart attacks? They'd probably be dead so you
wouldn't have to worry.'

'It doesn't taste awful, does it?'

'Oh, how I love your innocence." She retrieved a packet from her bedroom
and handed it to Gemma, explaining which pill she had to commence on.
'Then you must never miss even one night of taking them, baby. If you do,
you could very easily get your tummy fuller than you expect.'

She looked at the packet for some time, then asked, 'Do I just swallow it?' So Sixteen year old, innocent yet learning the ways of adults, Gemma
took the first step to her marriage to her Uncle and Aunt.

Gemma was overwhelmed and walked to the bedroom half dazed.

Chapter Eighteen

She woke up to the sound of birds singing near their window but soon the
memories of last night returned. Then the bodies of her aunt and uncle
reminded her that she had shared their bed for the first time. By the time
she had drifted into a deep sleep last night neither of her bedmates had
touched her sexually although they had curled themselves around her. Rob's
body even now was curled around her back and she was sure she could feel
his manhood pressing into her bottom crease. Milla was still asleep, her
face near Gemma's and a hand clutching the girl's arm.

Gemma felt warm and cosy but expected that as soon as they woke they
would start to touch her intimately. At least she thought, Milla's here to
protect me and I don't think Rob will try to use his thing with me just
yet. What will he do, she wondered. Probably squeeze my bosom first. Will
he try to touch my Modess? He tried last night and it will be a lot worse
now. She decided that as soon as they stirred she would go to the bathroom
and change it. At least then her period odour, although very light, would
not be noticed at all. How could she get up without them stopping her?
All she could do was try.

She lay very still, remembering all that had taken place last night,
wondering what the future held for her now she had literally given them
ownership of her very being. Had she been rash? Will they abuse her?
They could even sell her into slavery, that's really the conditions she
agreed to, anything they want to do.

She gasped at the thought and then knew she was being silly. They will
be her protectors and her guides throughout life. Living with Milla and
Rob will be more than she could ever have expected. They are exciting and
very sexy, she smiled to herself and she had come to enjoy the things she
did with them even if at times she was still embarrassed at having to do
them. But my blushing has been better she remembered. I don't blush much
at all now. I'm learning.

Rob's hand did just as she expected, laid over her side and clasping her
top breast he began to stroke and massage the mound. He hadn't moved or
said anything but she was sure he was awake because his actions were very
definite. Soon he reached further around to her other breast and she felt
his pelvis begin to move gently against her bottom.

His movement was very slow but she was under no illusion that he was
using her bottom crease to masturbate upon. His cock was hard and
demanding and soon she found herself pushing back against him, remaining
perfectly still but providing his hardness with the pressure it needed to
fulfil his climax.

He made no sound although his hand clutched her lower breast firmly but
otherwise was quite still. He was just squeezing and pulling her body
firmly against him as his penis stroked along the crease of her backside.

'Don't come yet, Rob,' Milla spoke softly. 'Use her mouth.' Gemma
looked straight at Milla, trying to understand what she had meant but Milla
gave no indication. She looked at her niece without showing any emotion,
neither pleasure or interest.

'Turn around and suck him,' was all she said.

The sticky goo flowed soon after her lips closed around the head of his
cock, jets of semen spurting over her tongue. She had to swallow several
times before he finished. No one spoke and his low grunts at the time of
ejaculation had subsided. Both adults rolled over away from the girl and
apparently went to sleep.

She couldn't help feeling lonely, almost as though they had used and
then rejected her. Had she agreed to their terms too willingly? Had she
disappointed them? Should she have refused to take his erection in her
mouth? Doubts drained all sense from her brain and she needed to cry but
who was to hear? She laid back in the little cocoon between their backs,
feeling tears run down her cheeks but trying desperately not to let them
know she was silently crying out for their attention. She couldn't sleep
and she daren't get up. Gemma laid still, drowning in her own pity.

'Milla,' she whispered between silent sobs. 'Milla, are you awake?'

The woman rolled over and faced her without smiling. 'What?'

'What have I done? Don't you love me anymore?' The pitiful sound turned
into tears immediately.'

And then she saw her aunt smile and felt Rob roll towards her too.

'Come on, darling. Stop crying. We love you still. Just wanted to
show you what it would be like without us. Did it hurt you?'

'I felt terrible. I thought... Oh, I don't know what I thought but I
felt so lonely. It was horrible.'

'Then we'll have to make you feel better,' Rob said, kissing her warmly
on the lips. 'Lift yourself up.' As she rose he slipped the nightie over
her head.

'I want to kiss those delightful little buds of yours. And by the way,
your lips worked wonders for you know what.'

'Ha. Ha,' she giggled happily still unsure of why they had turned away
from her earlier.

'We wanted you to know what it would be like if you didn't keep your
promises to us, darling,' Milla said. 'Obey and we'll always be here for
you. It was horrible, wasn't it?' She kissed the happier girl.

They loved her until she had achieved two deep orgasms, fingers reaching
beneath her pad to achieve them.

'See what I mean about orgasms while you have your period?'

'They were... they were luscious, Milla. Thank you both.'

After breakfast she was sent to shower and Rob handed her a fleecy track
suit when she wandered out holding the towel to her chest.

'You'll put this on, little one. There's some exercise to be done.' He
made for the door and then looked back at her. 'Oh yes,' he said. 'Take
these and drink at least two full glasses of water with them.'

He handed her two small tablets.

'What are they for?'

'Just do it,' he said in an exasperated voice but then thought better of
it. 'They'll help you get through the morning's exercises.'

She swallowed them without further objection.

'Come on then,' he called out as he ran down the steps. 'Keep up.
That's an order.'

She ran fast to catch him and then for ten minutes or so ran silently
beside him, slowly feeling herself becoming tired as he maintained a fast
pace along the road.

'Rob, please slow down a little. I can't keep up.'

Perspiration was forming on her forehead and began to drip down her
face. She knew her body was sweating profusely under the thick woollen
tracksuit and she was sticky everywhere.

He gave no indication of her discomfort, maintaining a pace she could
not keep up and slowly he drew away. Looking back over his shoulder he
shouted, 'I told you to keep up with me and I meant it. Now run faster.'

She did and finally caught up but her lungs were gasping for air.

'Uncle Rob,' she pleaded. 'Please slow down. I really can't run any
further. And I've got to pee.'

He swung off the road into one of the narrow walking paths around the
edge of the lake. She was again some way behind when he stopped and turned
to face her. She was grateful he had finally stopped but his voice showed
no compassion for the puffing girl.

'You've got to do better that this, young lady. Quite out of condition
aren't you? Well a few more days of this and you'll keep up or your
backside will feel the worse for it,' he growled.

'I'm sorry, Rob. I've never been any good at running, especially as
fast as you do,' she tried to explain. 'I've got to go to the toilet.
It's urgent,' she added as she began to walk around the side of a large
tree and away from his gaze.

She was quite unaware that the tablets she had been given were the cause
of her predicament and had driven her to a state where she could hold out
no longer.

'Come back here, miss.' His voice rasped out and he sounded very angry.

'I have...'

'If you have to, then you can wet yourself because I forbid you to
remove the pants,' he said raising his voice. 'Maybe when you are a little
more fit, you'll have time to complete your run before you need to relieve
yourself. Now lay on your back.'

When she had done so he told her to lift her hips and legs into the air.
'Pretend you're riding a bicycle.' When she hesitated he shouted, 'Come on,
pedal. Fast.'

There was simply no way she could do as she was told and retain the
liquid in her ready-to-overflow bladder so as she pedalled, hot urine wet
her stomach and chest and too, ran down between her bottom cheeks and over
her back.

'Oh, I'm sorry, Rob. I couldn't hold it back any more.'

The wetness saturated her tracksuit and he looked at the whimpering girl with a strange gleam spread across his face.

'So, you've pissed your pants. You're disgusting, you know that?'

She nodded and let her legs fall to the ground. The urine had reached
as far as her breasts and the wetness continued to spread around her body.

'Stand up,' he commanded.

Her head was bowed in humiliation as he walked around her. 'I suppose
you like being a baby?' The statement was said in the form of a question.

'No, Uncle Rob, I couldn't help it. I just had to go.'

'Well, there's only one thing for this. If you like the feel of piss all over you I can help you out too. Kneel down.'

Her head was still bowed and an occasional sob sounded as she waited for
him to instruct her further.

'Lift your head, baby.'

She saw him lower his own running pants and take hold of his penis.
'Open your mouth and don't move.' She felt his other hand hold the top of
her head steady and then a stream of yellow liquid burst from his cock into
her mouth. The liquid streamed out, splashing her face and ran down her
neck and chest, totally wetting the rest of her clothing. She kept her
mouth open willing herself to remain still, feeling the hot liquid shooting
inside and then running out and over her body and clothes. She managed to
breathe through her nose and made sure she didn't swallow for the bitter
taste told her that was something she just couldn't do.

Her eyes remained open throughout and she saw his fingers clamp over the
end of his soft manhood cutting off the yellow stream. 'Put it in your
mouth bitch. You are going to taste the remainder of what I have to give
you. Now swallow.'

He pulled her face against his crotch and she closed her lips around the
penis as it again poured hot liquid inside. The thought of swallowing what
was now filling her mouth was unbearable and she thought she was going to
vomit. But finally when she had to, her throat opened and she took several
large swallows. The bitter taste remained but she got through what he had
told her to do. He finished urinating and pushed her head backwards,
raising her face to look up at him.

'As toilets go, you're pretty good. I don't think you spilled a drop.
That's not bad for the first time. Soon I'll have you swallowing every
drop and then you won't get wet at all.' He laughed softly as he stepped

'How do you feel?'


'You should feel exhilarated. You are the first person to be allowed to
taste my apple juice. You did like it, didn't you?'

'I think I was nearly sick.'

'So you didn't like it?'

'No. It was terrible.'

'I'm sorry you feel that way. It means we've got a lot more training to
do. Remember what you promised? Anything we want you to do, remember?'

'Yes. But Rob...'


'Yes, Sir.' She had capitulated.

'Until we say so, until you learn a little better, young lady, you are
to be our toilet, for me and Milla. You will swallow all of our discharges
when we are in need of peeing. You will do it until you grow to enjoy the
task so much that it becomes a pleasure to kneel in front of us and accept
what we have to offer.'

'But I couldn't, Rob. I just couldn't.' She was whimpering, unable to
control herself at the thought.

'You had better learn quickly then,' he said matter of factly, adding,
'because unless you do, you'll be required to accept what we discharge from
another opening just nearby as well...'

'No. Please, Uncle Rob. Don't make me do that.' Her face showed the
horror of what he had suggested.

'Then you will do what I've told you?'

After a moment's hesitation, she whispered softly, 'Yes.'

'Good, then it's settled.' He looked down towards his crotch and her
eyes followed his. 'Oh, my goodness I do believe Mr. Peter is saying he
wants to be pleasured. He thinks what you just did was very sexy. Suck
him, Gemma. Suck his until he shoots a different kind of discharge.'

At least this was much more pleasurable to her too and she kneeled up
and took his now firmer manhood between her lips, licking and sucking it to
hardness. His pants were around his thighs and she cupped his balls with
one hand, the other holding the base of his penis as her lips slid over the
hard muscle. Her saliva made the cock shiny and smooth and his breath came
harder and more forceful. She thought for a moment that she was becoming
very good at the art of sucking and reminded herself to read her sex book
for more ideas on how to thrill a man in this way.

Rob was nearing the ultimate, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth
as though he was inserted firmly inside her still virgin cunt. She used
her hand to stop the thick weapon thrusting too far into her throat for
that still made her gag but his actions showed she had brought him to the
brink of orgasm.

She was not prepared for what he did next though. As the first surge of
semen shot over her tongue he withdrew and forced her to receive the rest
of his ejaculations over her face and hair. She felt the sticky trails
slowly dribble downwards covering her face with semen only to drip and fall
from her chin and neck down onto the already wet track suit. She remained
still until the last of his guttural groans and his spurtings ceased and
then raised her hand to wipe the stickiness away from her eyes and mouth.

'Don't,' he said firmly. 'Leave it all. Don't wipe any of my sperm
away. Milla will want to see it first.'

'It feels awful, Uncle Rob. I can feel it running down and when it gets
in my eyes it stings.'

'Then keep your eyes closed.'

'But then I can't see where to walk.'

'Then you'll have to hold my hand.' He led her back along the path they
had come

Some twenty minutes had passed since she had peed her pants and the
tablets were working again.

'Oh, no Rob, I've got to pee again.'

'Then do it.' He held her hand firmly, almost pulling her along.

'I've got to stop, Uncle Rob. I need to do wee.'

'I told you to do it then.'

'You mean wet myself again?'

'Well I'm not stopping just to let you piss on the ground. Of course I
mean you to piss your pants. It'll match the rest of your clothes,' he
added somewhat cruelly.

And so she had little choice. The warm liquid stung her chaffed thighs
and she felt the warm stream run through her sodden sanitary pad, down each
leg and into her runners that squelched with every step.

A simple 'Oh,' was all she said, knowing full well he wasn't going to
show any sympathy at all. At least the ache in her stomach from an
over-full bladder quickly went away but by the time they neared the cabin
she had no choice but to relieve herself again. She said nothing simply
letting the warm stream escape down her legs. The splashing soon made Rob
aware of what she had done.

'For goodness sake, girl can't you stop pissing yourself?'

'I don't know why. I never need to go this often,' she whimpered.

As they walked up the steps Rob made her remain on the veranda. 'You
can't come inside like that. You'll stink the place out.'

Then Milla came out. 'So, you're back,' she said happily and then
looked shocked as she saw the sperm covered face of the stricken girl.
'Gemma what on earth have you done to yourself?'

Gemma looked at Rob seeking his explanation but nothing came. With a
quivering voice she said plaintively, 'I've been doing as I was told,

'And I suppose that includes making my husband happy, hmm?'

'I had to suck his... he came over my face, Milla.'

'You smell like a sewer rat too. Couldn't you wait until you got back
to go to the toilet?'

'I wasn't allowed to take my pants down, Milla. I just couldn't hold

Milla looked quizzically at her husband. 'And I suppose you enjoyed
every minute of it, you sadist.'

'Well, as a matter of fact I did,' he answered with a shrewd smile.
'You've no idea what it's like to wield power over someone like that,
Milla. It gave be a real boner and she just happened to finish it off for
me. At my request of course.'

'I'm sure. You gave her some water pills, didn't you?'

'Yes, two and they sure worked.'

'What do you mean, water pills?' Gemma asked still not realising.

'He gave you pills that made you want to pee quickly and often. How
many times did you wet yourself?'

'Three. Was that what the pills were for when we left?' She looked at
Rob for an answer.

'I'm afraid it was, baby.'

'Oh, and I've got to go again. It's terrible. When will they stop?'

'Soon,' Rob told her.

As Gemma made towards the door seeking relief in the toilet, Milla
stopped her. 'You can't go inside like this you'll dribble pee everywhere.
Take your clothes off and do it out here.'

'In front of you?' Her eyes looked aghast.

'Well you've done it that way three times already, once more won't hurt you,' Rob reminded her.

It was certainly a relief to step out of the wet clinging tracksuit
leaving her in just bra and panties, sodden as they were. 'Take them all
off,' Milla said.

Rob saw the naked breasts in the open for the first time and felt his
cock rise again but said nothing. She put her fingers inside the elastic
of her panties and suddenly realised she still had her period and was
wearing a very sodden Modess, sodden from urine and probably her period as

She straightened up red faced, not knowing what to do.

'Take them off, dear,' Milla told her. 'And the pad. After all, this
is just a foretaste of what's to come. Rob will see your used sanitary
pads whenever he wishes in future. Remember your promise last night?'

It was the humiliation of it all and the fact this was the first time he
would see her this way. And so the panties were pushed down her legs and
with them came the pad, only slightly stained for she had changed it just
before they had left, an hour or so ago but the stain had spread all the
way through to her panties because of the excess of urine.

Milla took her hand and led the embarrassed and naked girl back down the
steps onto the grass below the veranda. 'Now you can pee away to your
heart's content. But turn and let Rob see you. Don't spoil his fun.'

She opened her legs just slightly and relieved herself on the grass in
front of the adults. 'Don't put another pad on just yet, darling,' Milla
said in a voice that said, "do as your told. Your in such a mess that it
would have to be changed as soon as you washed up. I think Rob has just
one thing to do before you can do that, don't you dear?'

'And what would that be?'

'Come here.'

When he stood beside Milla, she took both of his hands and scraped the
remaining sperm from the girl's face and then cupped them over her small
breasts. 'They say sperm is good for one's complexion so I'm sure this'll
make these pretty little rose-buds all the more beautiful.'

Rob took to his chore with gusto, feeling the naked mounds for the first
time. 'Yes, ma'am,' he agreed cheerfully, massaging his semen into the
soft skin until it became a creamy covering that took quite some time to
dissipate. Gemma had been given permission to take a swim when Rob had
finished his task, but it took so long that a thin trail of red had begun
to run down her inner thigh before she jumped into the coldness of the

The warm shower afterwards was sheer bliss as Milla joined her, the two
women soaping each other intimately until the hot water ran out.

When they were dry, Gemma was allowed to replace her Modess and panties but apart from that the two women remained naked for the rest of the
morning, sitting on the veranda lapping up the warmth of the sun.

'Sight for sore eyes,' Rob muttered, walking around them, quite naked
himself as he went to the jetty for a swim.

Milla encouraged Gemma to talk of her ordeal and was pleased to hear the
young girl was not that upset at her experience. 'Men certainly want to do
strange things with girls, don't they, Milla? Why is that?'

'It's because their sex drive is very different to ours, darling. We
get all soft and emotional and lovey-dovey but they have to rant and rave
like an old bull. It gives then great satisfaction to force their women
into subjugation, to have power over them. As long as the woman is happy
to give that satisfaction, all is well. It's when the woman starts
objecting that trouble starts. We can get stroppy sometimes too, and that
usually brings them into line. Hold back pussy for a while, just like last
week and they soon cave in. But if the man refuses to accept his partner's
objections, it's likely he'll begin to batter the woman he once loved.
That's the time a woman should move out. No second chances. Remember
that. It won't be Rob, but whoever you eventually marry. If he can't be
fair, then you've got to make the decision quickly to dissolve the
relationship, not take beating after beating simply because it makes him
feel good and strong.

'That won't be a problem for me, Milla. I'll be married to Rob and you
forever. I don't want anyone else.'

Milla kissed her on the lips. 'We'll see, darling.'

'Anyway,' Gemma continued. 'I love having sex with you. You're my
lover and once Rob takes my maidenhead, he'll be my lover too. I love sex,
Milla. It makes me feel... oh, I don't know. Just fulfilled, I think. I
never realised what it would be like and to think we've been here only a
few days and you've taught me so much. Oh I love you so much. Let me
thank you.'

She kneeled between Milla's thighs and placed her mouth over the pink
glistening vagina, sucking, licking and delving her tongue as deeply as she
could into the smooth hole. She never slowed until she felt her lover's
thighs shudder in ecstasy. They laid in each other's arms long after Rob
returned, luxuriating in their love of the other.

Chapter Nineteen

After lunch on the appointed day much was to be done.

Rob had been banned from any form of sex from the time Milla's period
arrived and no form of cajoling made the women help him out in any way to
achieve satisfaction.

'And I tell you this, Robert,' Milla emphasised strongly at the time.
'If we catch you touching yourself in even the slightest way to gain a
little pleasure, we will defer your wedding to Gemma for another week.
Each time you're caught means another week later. In fact I think the only
way you could prove you've been faithful in that way would be if you had a
wet dream sometime before your marriage. At least then we'll know whether
or not you've been storing up your seed for this young lady.'

'It's not fair but you've got the pussy, honey,' he had said in

Rob was banned from the house from the time they cleared up the lunch
dishes. His preparation was simply to shave, shower and simmer until Gemma
was made ready. Milla had already prepared their clothes and Rob found his
covering was simply a black silk cape, one that he and Milla often used in
their fantasy games.

Gemma and Milla shared a long hot shower together, the young girl being
soaped and intimately washed by the older woman's loving hands.

'Tomorrow you'll receive an enema, darling, to clean the way for him to
take your last maidenhead. But he'll only be interested in one hole tonight, believe me.'

'You're naughty, Milla. I think you're getting as much pleasure from
all of this as Rob will.'

'Of course, that's why I'm happy to let you fuck my husband. It makes
him all the more sexy.' They were in a state of high excitement.

After drying off the young body, Milla made her lay on a towel on the
bed and copious amounts of baby oil were massaged into the tender flesh,
both front and back until the greasiness had vanished but the smoothness
was more pronounced.

'He's not good enough for you, darling. You are the most beautiful
creature. We'll make the most wonderful love together, you and I. Rob's
little dick will only intrude when we have had our fill of each other.
But,' she reflected, 'tonight, my darling, your body is for his pleasure
only. We will but touch each other tonight. Just remember that in the
morning we will have each other to love in every way you can imagine.'

'I want that so much, Milla darling. I love you so much.' She rolled
over onto her back and pulled the older woman down in a deep embrace.

'Don't get too carried away, sweetheart. Tonight you're Rob's.'

Gemma giggled. 'Do you think sometime we could cut off his thing down
there. Then he'd have nothing to poke into us and we'd have each other to

'Don't even think that. Wait until you feel what his cock does to you.
Then you might want to get rid of me and keep him for yourself.'

'Never,' She said adamantly.

Her hair was set and make-up applied although little was necessary.
Milla applied a little rouge to the tender nipples and even the lips of the
young girl's pussy. 'It'll make you look all the more sexy,' Milla

'Milla, I feel so strange. I'm frightened that it will hurt dreadfully.
I've read books where girls cry out with the pain when he does it first.
Does it hurt that much?'

'If you let your man do it because you love him and want to give this
man the privilege of being the one to take your virginity, then any pain
will soon go away.'

'I know, but does it really hurt? I mean enough for me to cry out?'

Milla pinched her arm, hard.

'Ouch. What did you do that for? That hurt.'

'That's also about as much as it will when you are deflowered. Has the
pain gone away yet?'

'Yes, of course it has.'

'Then that's all you need concern yourself about. Almost as soon as he
breaks through, pain turns to pleasure and you can then have that pleasure
as many times as you wish. Don't worry, darling. I'll be there to help
you through... and to share the pleasure with you,' she added.

'I still feel funny though. Like butterflies in my stomach. Am I a
scaredy cat?'

'Probably, but it's more likely that you're as excited as I am. I'm
really gaining a wife you know. Soon, I'll be a wife to Rob and a wife to
you too, as you will be to me. Think of that. The three of us will be
married together.'

'Yes,' the young girl mused. 'Yes, that's true isn't it? And if we're
married, we can share each other's sex whenever we want, can't we?'

'And we might even share our bodies with Rob occasionally too,' Milla

'As long as he's nice to us; I don't think I would want to be in his
shoes once we are married. He will have two wives to contend with.'

'You're right there,' Milla conceded. She slapped the girl's upturned
bottom. 'There, all done. Now it's time to dress. Just wait until I get
Rob into the other bedroom. We don't want him to see his bride before the
ceremony, do we?'

'Most definitely not.'

Rob was called in on threat of banishment if he looked into the girl's
bedroom. He had already been instructed where to stand and at what time.
Until then he was directed to remain in the spare room and not make a

From then on the girls dressed in silence, putting hands to mouth from
time to time to stifle their excitement as they watched each other dress.
Gemma had giggling fits that Milla found difficult to quieten down but at
four o'clock, the appointed time, they watched Rob walk from his room and
stand in front of what appeared to be an altar in front of the fireplace.
He stood straight and steady, waiting for the next cue.

Milla flicked a switch and a trumpet voluntary sounded through their
stereo. The two girls walked very slowly towards Rob and as the music
changed to soft sounds, Rob turned to see his two brides for the first

His eyes opened wide in surprise and the gasp from his lips was quite
audible as he realised the beauty of the two women approaching him.

Milla wore white stockings, suspenders and small white panties. The
extraordinarily high-heeled shoes made her stand as tall as her husband.
Apart from the smile on her face she wore nothing else.

Gemma was attired identically with the addition of a completely see
through, floor length gown that left nothing to his imagination. She wore
a veil of the same fabric that fell over, but in no way covered, the wide
smile showing on her face. Her small breasts stood up proudly. Neither
bride carried a bouquet but Gemma held a square of white silk in one hand.

As they neared him, Gemma raised her hand and he took it, looking
straight into her beaming eyes.

'You are indeed beautiful,' he whispered with total sincerity.

'And Milla?' Gemma asked.

'Milla is too. You are the two most beautiful women in the world.'

'Thank you, kind sir,' Milla acknowledged. She then picked up a folder
that was placed on the altar and moved to stand in front of the happy

'I think we are ready,' she smiled and then continued. 'We three are
gathered to take unto us two partners; for the male, two devoted wives and
for the two females, each a husband and a wife. I now ask each of us to
individually confirm their lifelong pledge to each other that this ceremony
will remain a strict secret between us, regardless of the outcome of our
lives in the future. Under no circumstances will any of us divulge the
commitment we are making to each other today. Do you so pledge'

'I do pledge my secrecy,' Rob said solemnly.

'And so do I,' Gemma stated seriously.

'I too, pledge my total secrecy,' Milla said.

Then with a smile to both, she proceeded.

'In as much as I have the authority of all participants, I will now ask
you to repeat you vows. Firstly, Gemma, will you please repeat after me:'

'I, Gemma, give myself to you Rob and to you Milla, as your wife, lover,
slave and sexual partner for the rest of my life, to obey instantly all
directions you give me, no matter what they be, to punish me when you wish
to do so, to use me and my body for your personal pleasure in whatever way
you see fit. I promise to love you always regardless of your treatment of
me and to expect your love and affection of me only when you wish to give
it. I guarantee that I am a virgin in every sense of the word and offer
this as my gift to you both. I make these vows in perpetuity, promising
never to withdraw from them until I die.'

She spoke softly, repeating the words without faltering, happy at what
she was saying and seeming to understand everything she said.

'Thank you, Gemma darling, that was beautiful,' Milla said with tears in
her eyes.

'Do you, Rob, take Gemma on these terms?'

'I do.'

'Do you also take, me, Milla, as your wife and lifelong partner of equal
standing to yourself, to share the joys of ownership of this young virginal

'I do.'

'And I take you, Rob, as my husband, in equal partnership in love, sex
and life on those terms. I too, take you, Gemma, as my wife, lover, slave
and sexual partner on the same terms you have offered to your husband. Are
you in full agreement and understand the terms on which you have offered

'Yes, Milla darling, of course I am.'

'Then I direct you to kneel before your husband and pay homage to his
proof of manhood.'

'What?' Gemma looked at her aunt, not sure what was required of her.
'What do you want me to do, Milla?'

'Kneel and kiss your husband's most precious staff.'

She knelt and looked up at Rob hoping he would give some indication.
'You must kiss my cock, little lady,' he smiled gaily.

'Oh, that; I'm sorry I didn't understand.' With deliberate slowness she
parted his robe and saw the erection before her eyes, a droplet of clear
liquid at its tip.

One hand held the base and his scrotum, the other encircling his thigh
as her lips reached toward the taut penis. Her lips opened slightly to
suck away the droplet that had almost fallen, and then with gentleness and
serenity, she spoke softly, 'I do pay homage to your staff, my husband.
May my body give it much pleasure.' She kissed the tip once more and
straightened herself then stood up.

'You will now present the evidence of virginity to your husband. Remove
your panties, Gemma.'

The youngster responded immediately by hooking her thumbs inside the
elastic band and lowering the garment. 'Will I remove them completely?'
She asked Milla innocently.

'Of course.'

It was soon done and Rob saw that her pubic hair had been removed once
again as she was directed to lay herself out on the altar. Milla helped
her to push her heels tightly into her bottom cheeks and then spread her
knees widely apart. By now Rob was standing directly in front and saw the
deep pink slit glistening in the firelight.

'Hold your pussy lips open, darling,' Milla said. 'Let your husband
feel the barrier. Let him push his finger against your maidenhead as proof
of virginity.'

Gemma felt the intrusion soon enough, realising this was the first time
anyone had penetrated this far into her most private place. 'Oh,' she
whimpered as his finger reached the barrier and pressed gently. It didn't
hurt but the sensation of pressure was new and even exciting to her.

'She is indeed cherry,' he declared with awe. 'I'm not even sure you
were that cherry when I dunked you, Milla. It feels like leather.'

'And very soon you are to invade her to the very core, my love,' Milla
reminded him. 'Excited?'

'That's an understatement,' he declared.

'You may rise, Gemma. Proof has been accepted.'

As they all came together again, Milla asked them to hold hands and in
an unbroken circle, she spoke with reverence, 'By the powers given to me by
the trio, I declare each of us married to all others here present. The
polygamous relationship may now begin. You may kiss each of your

Rob lifted the filmy veil over Gemma's head and took her face in his
hands. 'My darling,' he said, kissing her lovingly.

Shrieks of happy laughter filled the room as they began to kiss each
other, far more passionately than a new husband at any orthodox wedding.
Rob evidently decided that four naked breasts were just what he needed and
began to massage, squeeze, nibble, suck and lick each mound as quickly as
he could. Meanwhile, Milla removed his cape leaving him totally nude, his
hard cock pushing against the girl's thighs and leaving little shiny

'Can I do it now?' He almost pleaded to Milla.

'Of course... not,' she added cruelly. 'We've got to eat first. After
all it's everyone's wedding and I'm in no hurry to consummate the process
yet, are you, Gemma?'

'Oh, no, not yet Milla. Eating sounds great.'

'Oh, shit,' he cried in anguish.

'Kiss us properly, Rob, gently as a new husband should. Make us happy.
You never know, we might decide to progress more quickly if we're in a good

'Oh, shit. It's the romance thing, isn't it? Well, alright then.
Let's do it.'

They were still standing, arms around each other, as Rob took Milla in
his arms and kissed her with passion.

'I love you, my darling. More than you could ever know.' Then turning
to Gemma while Milla stroked his back he whispered, 'My newest wife, I love
you too and always will.' Their lips came together and she felt no tongue
intruding into her mouth. It was simply a deep passionate kiss, as though
she was dreaming; her emotions overflowed and tears of gratitude and love

'Oh, Rob darling. My husband. I do love you so. You and Milla, my
wonderful lovers, I can't tell you how happy I feel. Thank you. Thank
you.' She clutched her arms around their necks, pulling them tightly
against her body.

Milla finally broke the circle. 'Rob, keep kissing this little beauty.
I'll get the food set up.'

The spread was more than they could have expected and it was obvious
Milla had planned well for it before they came. Even to the lobster and
crab and all the other trimmings but each partner's thoughts were with
other matters and they soon lost interest in the food.

Chapter Twenty

'I think it's time. Gemma darling,' Milla said, standing up and taking
the young girl's hand. 'Come, dear. It's time to become a woman. Do you
have your napkin?'

'What? Oh, this. I thought it was a hanky.'

'Well, something akin, I suppose. It will soak up a spillage in any
case.' Gemma looked unknowingly at her aunt but further explanation was not
forthcoming. Rob joined them in front of the fire, for it was a chilly
evening, and watched patiently as Milla lifted the thin gown over the young girl's head. She then removed her own panties, and stepped out of her high

'Take your shoes off too, darling. Then we're like twins. Rob won't
know which one still has her cherry intact.'

'Don't believe that,' he laughed.

'Lay back on the altar, darling. Lay back and await your husband.
Delight with him as he takes your virginity. Offer yourself, darling.
That's right, legs wide apart. Here, lift your bottom while I put your
napkin underneath. There, now you can accept him.'

Milla laid herself along the altar, putting an arm under the young girl's head so that she could see Rob more clearly.

'Please be gentle, Rob,' Gemma whimpered. 'Don't let it hurt.'

'Shush up, little one,' he whispered gently as his body settled between
her knees. 'Be brave and soon you will know the joy every woman seeks.'

She felt his knees push against her inner thighs and his elbows settled
on either side of her chest. He reached forward and kissed her lovingly.
'It'll be alright, darling. Be brave.'

'Do you need any help?' Milla asked sarcastically. 'Need me to show you
the way?'

'Don't be cheeky or you'll get your backside tanned.'

'Promises, promises,' she retorted.

Gemma jumped when his penis touched her entrance. 'Oh,' she gasped.

'Stay still. It won't hurt you.'

She felt her pussy lips stretch as the intrusion began. 'I never in my
wildest dreams ever imagined having a sixteen year old virgin to deflower.
You do me a great honour, Gemma.'

'Please hurry, Rob,' Gemma urged. 'I just want to get it over with.'

She realised it would be soon as he pushed himself inside her sheath, a
sensation she had dreamed about but never quite imagined and now it was
happening. 'Oh, Milla, please hold me tightly.'

'I will, darling. Try to relax. Take it all in so you can remember
this night forever. It is very precious.'

Rob reached the barrier and Gemma felt the pressure deep within her.
'Ouch. It feels strange.'

Rather than try and crash through, Rob gently pushed, feeling no give in
the membrane. He pressed harder and Gemma cried out, more from the unknown
than from any pain she was experiencing. He put his hands under her
shoulders and with all his strength pulled with his arms and pushed his
cock forward.

'No. No, please stop. You're hurting. Oh, I can't stand it. No stop,
I don't want to,' she wailed.

Milla held her tightly. 'Don't panic, darling. He has to do it, you
know that.'

'But it... ouch. Oh. No, stop,' she screamed as loudly as she could,
Milla holding her down as she tried to sit up. But in that movement, the
thin flesh tore apart and Rob felt himself sink all the way in. He had
taken cherry.

He rested momentarily, catching his own breath but more importantly to
give the child beneath him time to overcome her fright and her pain. She
was crying uncontrollably, bemoaning her pain, pleading to be let up, but
Milla held her firm.

'You have to let him make love to you now and spend inside you.
Otherwise his task is only half finished. Put your arms around his neck
and kiss him. Show him your love, darling. Don't turn him away. From now
on it will be nothing but pleasure. I promise.'

'It's burning. I know he's torn me apart. Oh, it's still hurting,

'No he hasn't done you any damage, he's just making love to you. Relax
and feel what his cock is doing to you now.'

Rob began to move, slowly, just a fraction of an inch each way at first
and then deeper and deeper until his rhythm began to send sensations to
both his own and the girl's brains. He tried to press his pubic bone
against her clitoris to give whatever stimulation he could. She noticed it
as a little bitey at first but slowly the burning soothed until her own
body began to move with his and their lovemaking began.

'I told you so, didn't I?' Milla whispered in her ear.

'Yeeesss,' she hissed back with pleasure building closer to her maiden
vaginal orgasm. 'Oh yes, Milla. It does feel nice. It feels very nice,

'For me too, little one,' he gasped. 'Very nice indeed.'

Milla felt the girl's orgasm overflow even before she herself realised
it. Her limbs jerked and shuddered uncontrollably, pushing Milla upwards.

'Oh. Oh, I'm having my climax. Oh, you've made me come, Rob. I'm
coming,' she cried out in shrill voice. 'It feels so good. Don't stop.
Keep moving. Harder.' Her body lifted both Rob and Milla upwards as she
pressed herself into her lover, forcing Rob to push harder just to retain
his balance. That was enough to complete his own pleasure. He was so
overwhelmed his teeth clamped against the girl's shoulder and bit hard but
Gemma felt little pain. She heard Rob's grunting as he spurted into her
depths but could feel only the pleasure of her own orgasm.

She relaxed back onto the altar and tried to brush something that was
annoying her shoulder, but it didn't really matter. Rob slumped over her
body in exhaustion, as much from nervous release as from sexual fulfilment.

'Oh, baby, that was something. You're a real sexpot, do you know that?'

'Thank you, my husband,' she said simply. 'You were right. As soon as
you made love to me, the pain stopped.'

He pushed himself up, kneeling back on his heels and for the first time
Gemma realised she was bleeding as his cock slipped from her vagina.

'I'm bleeding. Oh Milla, I am bleeding,' she shrieked, a shocked
expression seeking answers. 'Is it alright? I should see a doctor.'

'Nonsense, it's just the proof of your virginity. The napkin will catch
the flow and you'll have proof that you were pure. Congratulations
darling.' She kissed the girl happily, taking the red stained cloth from
beneath her bottom.

'Let me clean you up.'

First, Milla cleaned Rob's crimson stained cock with another white
handkerchief. 'Proud of yourself, aren't you?'

'Too right, and worn out too.'

'Why don't you lay down on the cushions while I clean up our little wife here?'

'Good idea.' He came to Gemma's side, stroked her face and kissed her
gently 'Thank you, darling. You made me very proud,' he said with

'Thank you too, Rob. I loved it, even the pain,' she smiled back at

'Hmm. It didn't sound like it at the time.'

'Silly,' she giggled.

Meanwhile, Milla wrapped the bloodstained hanky over the bloodied vagina and wiped the last crimson traces away. Then she took a warm face washer
from beneath the altar and bathed the wounded womanhood clean. She applied
a sanitary napkin and told Gemma to hold it in place while she pulled the
girl's panties back up her legs.

'We'll see how it is in the morning, dear. It should have stopped
bleeding by then. Tomorrow night you can make love for as long as you
want. Or at least for as long as Rob can do it, more likely. I can see
he's going to be worn out before our holiday's even half over.'

'Then you'll have to make love to me,' Gemma beamed.

'Well I intended to do that anyway,' Milla responded.

Milla stood by her side and leaned over to kiss her as a lover would.
'Was it as good as you told Rob?' She looked seriously at the youngster.

'Yes,' Gemma answered. 'You were right. It feels different with a man,
very nice and powerful. But I still like what you do to me, Milla. I
still want you to make love to me like you have.'

'Don't worry about that, my little wife. We're married so we can make
all the love we want. Incestuous, lesbian love that only we girls know the
wonder we can share to the sisterhood.'

'That makes me so happy.'

'Come on, we'd better keep him company. I think he wants sex again,'
Milla said, seeing a giant erection pointing upwards and an evil smirk on
his face from the dream he was having.

They laid down either side of the sleeping man, kissing his cheeks and
lips gently, not wanting to wake him. Milla took his erection in her hand
and lightly stroked him, her eyes though on her new wife. They smiled at
each other but Gemma was enthralled with Milla's stroking.

'Did he put all that up inside me?' Gemma was still coming to terms with
the fact that she was no longer a virgin but found it incredible that
something so long would fit inside her.

'Of course he did. If it was much shorter he mightn't have been able to
make you a complete woman.'

'But that thing must have reached up to my navel,' she said, surprised.

'Yes about there. Of course, when he uses your other hole... ' Milla
left the sentence unfinished.

'My other... Oh my bottom. I don't think it would fit. He would rip
me open back there. It's so large and I'm so tight there.'

'Oh, no, quite to contrary, darling. Think of what comes out of there,
how thick it is when it lands in the water. Is this little thing bigger
than that?' She held the still erect penis up straight.

'No, perhaps not; maybe it's longer though,' Gemma added.

'Aha. Longer to give more feeling but not thicker to tear you apart.'

'Oh, yes, you're right. Does it hurt when he does that to you?'

'Well I don't give him the chance that often. He wants to all the time
but once in a while is all that's needed to keep him interested. It
doesn't hurt at all but I make sure he uses plenty of lubricant and when he
pushes inside, I push just as though I were going to the toilet. It opens
up quite easily then. He gets the thrill of sodomising his wife and I
don't feel any pain.'

'Do you like him doing it, Milla?'

'Not much. I mean, it doesn't give me any sexual feelings when he fucks
me that way. I guess I let him because he likes it, that's all.'

'I suppose he is a mess when it finished. Yuck.'

'No, silly, it always comes out clean but I usually have an enema first
anyway, just to make sure. Besides it tastes better then.'

'Tastes better? What do you mean?' Her voice raised in apprehension.

'I don't know about other men, but Rob always insists I suck him clean
when he pulls out of that hole. I think it's his evil sense of power but I
do it because he likes me to.'

'Oh how could you? I couldn't. It must taste awful.'

'Nonsense. A little bitter perhaps but that soon goes away and it
almost always gives him another erection so I get to have an orgasm as

'I don't know,' she said dubiously. 'I'm not sure I could do that.'

'Well you will learn to, darling. For tomorrow, I'm sure he'll want to
deflower your last virgin hole.'

'Tomorrow? So soon? I'll still be sore all over, front and back.'

'But it's only one hole that's going to be invaded, darling,' she told
the young girl. 'You can't deny your husband his rights, you know.'

'Will you be there to help me, Milla?'

'I wouldn't miss it.'

'Then I think I can do it. As long as you're there to encourage me.
Then I'll be alright. Won't I?'

'Weren't you alright this evening? A little pain at first but that soon

'Yes, that's true. And what he did then felt wonderful.'

'Of course. That's what's so good about sex. It's just wonderful.'

They turned their attention to the protrudence Milla was still stroking.
'Do you think he will come in his sleep, Milla?'

'He might but he's had his fun for tonight. I'm the only one who hasn't

'Well I might be persuaded, especially as we've just been married to
each other,' the young girl said slyly.

'Do you want to take my panties off, darling.'

'Oh, yes please. I love your pussy, especially without any hair on it.
It makes you look younger, Milla.' 'Just as it does you, sweetheart,' Milla
cooed back.

Milla stood still as Gemma lowered her silky panties, stepping out of
them when they reached her ankles.

'Do you think I've stopped bleeding?'

'Maybe. Do you want to make your pussy naked too?'

'Yes. I'll take them off and see if I have to wear the Modess still.'

There was a little staining of the pad but no evidence that her ruptured
hymen was still bleeding. 'Oh, good,' she said happily, laying the used
pad on the altar.

'Would you like to take a walk in the moonlight?' Milla asked

'Like this? It's cold out.'

'Yes, imagine what it'll do to our nipples.'

'Make them pointed, I expect. Won't we get cold?'

'Well let's see.'

They left a note for the sleeping Rob: We've gone for a walk and we're
naked. Thinking of you, Love from your Wives.

Arm in arm the two woman walked down the steps into a cool and moonlit
night. 'Look, Milla. A full moon tonight and not a cloud in the sky.' And
then she called out loudly, 'Hey, everyone. We're naked and available.
All the eligible men form a queue.'

'I love you, Gemma,' Milla said. 'Just as much as I do Rob. Touch my
breasts, darling and by the time we get back I'll be ready for your loving.
Oh what a beautiful night.'

Gemma's hand covered the nearest breast, fingertips stroking the hard

Chapter Twenty One

When they returned Rob had woken but was still laying in a state of
bliss in front of the fire.

They kissed him together and Milla patted his now deflated manhood. 'I
see you've calmed down darling. Did you have nice dreams?'

'You wouldn't believe what I dreamed,' he smiled. 'I dreamed I had this
luscious young girl in my power and she did anything I wanted. I even got
to take her virginity, blood and all.'

'Amazing how real dreams can be,' Milla smiled back. Then she added,
'Gemma and I are going to bed to make love. You can come and watch if you
want but you mustn't come again tonight. Remember what's in store
tomorrow? It's better that you keep yourself prepared for that. I mean
we'd both love to feel your hands on us, wouldn't we, Gemma?'

'You bet.'

'Yes, but tonight is girl's night so no real involvement and no jerking
off. O.K?'

'At least I'll get a free show,' he agreed grudgingly, then added, 'By
the way, Gemma. Take these before you go to bed tonight.'

'Oh, not again, Rob. I want to be Milla's lover tonight, not keep
running to the toilet.'

'Well you might have to go, but only once at the most. It won't make
you pee like last time.'

'Then what's it...?'

'Just a light laxative, dear,' Milla broke in. 'It will help you

'Oh. Yes I suppose.' She took the pills from Rob.

'Now, my dears, you can go and make beautiful love. Don't worry about
me, I'll just make myself invisible, you won't even know I'm there,

Gemma smirked at her new wife and hand in hand they scurried for their
bed, closely followed by the invisible man.

Milla finally achieved orgasm on her wedding night.

The next morning Rob took Gemma for another run but no sexual contact
was made. She still puffed but Rob reminded her that it was an ideal way
to become relaxed.

'You will need to be very relaxed this afternoon,' he reminded her. The
thought of being able to take the young girl's final maidenhead, to
sodomise such beauty was overpowering and he had to control his mind
throughout the morning as the vision kept returning. The last thing he
wanted this day was to come in his pants before the event.

'You won't hurt me will you, Rob?' She looked at him with a worried

'I promise to be gentle, little one,' he agreed, stroking her hair. 'Of
course there will be times when I want my way with you in that manner when
I will be quite rough, hurt you and your pride quite a lot, but not today.'

'Oh, I'm such a coward. At least the first time will not be so bad

'Certainly not for me,' he said causing doubts to linger in her mind.

When they returned, Milla gave her a half hours rest and then sent her
off to shower. 'Don't bother to dress, just dry yourself off.'

The naked girl returned, coyly covering her pussy with one hand.

'That's not the hole he's interested in today, dear,' Milla smiled,
taking her hand away to inspect the recently deflowered vagina. 'Anyway
your pussy is very pretty, I can't imagine why you would want to hide it
from us.'

'I'm sorry Milla,' she replied. 'I'm just nervous.'

'Of course you are. I mean what young lady wouldn't be when she knows
she's going to have a large fat dick shoved up her bum hole as far as it
can go before he starts to masturbate himself inside her until he shoots
his load of goo. It's enough to give anyone a nervous breakdown I'd say. I
was petrified before it happened to me the first time.'

'Did he do it to you too, Milla. The first time I mean or was it
someone else?'

'No, it was Rob. He took all my cherries just like you. The only thing
I'd done with boys before Rob came along was let them touch my tits a
little and I made one boy come in his pants. Nothing else. I'd never even
seen a penis until Rob made me take his out of his trousers one night.'

'Did he put it in your bottom before you were married or afterwards?'

'Oh, afterwards. I think if he'd tried to do it before, I would have
screamed and left him.'

'Ha. Ha. I can imagine that. The thought still scares me too.'

'We're going to do some things that will make it easier for you though,
darling, and the first thing is to get rid of all the gunk inside you.
It'll make you feel a lot emptier when he does it and take most of the
taste away for you afterwards.'

Gemma pulled a face but before she could object, Milla went on.

'I told you he'd want you to clean his cock when he's finished and
frankly, so do I. It's like making you prove your love for everything
about him. Besides it's not something to dread, you'll see. Now, did
those pills you took last night work?'

'I've been to the toilet already, yes.'

'Good, but there's plenty more to remove, I'm sure. Come into your
room. It's all set up there.'

Gemma entered to see what looked like a hot water bottle hanging from a
hook on a stand by the bed. A coil of plastic tubing was tied to the stand
and attached to the rubber water bottle.

'On the bed, tummy down and your legs spread as widely as you can,'
Milla ordered.

Gemma felt her aunt's cool hands spread her bottom cheeks and the scrape
of tubing against her skin.

'Just a little lubricant and the nozzle will slip in easily,' Milla
said. 'There, can you feel that?'

'I can feel something but it doesn't hurt, Milla.'

'Good. Now I want you to stay completely still. It's warm soapy water
and you shouldn't feel anything because it's just body temperature. It'll
take about half an hour to drain so be patient. Go to sleep if you want
but for goodness sake, hold it all in. Don't push against it even when it
feels like you're going to overflow. Your sphincter will be tight enough
even if you relax but if you push against it, it could make quite a mess.'

'What do I do when it's finished then?'

'You'll wander over and release it all down the toilet but not until I
say so. And then we'll do it all again just to make sure you're completely


To Gemma, it was just like going to the doctor to be examined. You did
what he told you to and left everything in his hands, soothing and
relaxing. She closed her eyes and drifted into a light sleep, waking when
Milla stroked her face.

'Wakie, wakie,' she heard. 'Time to go potty.'

She then felt the sensations that the enema had produced. A feeling of
overeating, fullness, a need to definitely discharge from that part of her
body that no one talked about. It didn't hurt but certainly felt strange.
Milla helped her sit up and she cautiously stood, leaning on her aunt's
arm, scared she would disgrace herself on the floor. But thankfully she
didn't and found herself carefully sitting on the toilet seat.'

'You can let it all out now, dear. Try to do it slowly though, it will
work better that way.'

Gemma's face reddened as she saw Milla was not going to leave the
bathroom and she had no choice but to expel the liquid that had bloated her
stomach. She had little choice in trying to go slow for the lot seemed to
shoot out instantly she opened her bowels. The relief was wonderful and
when she thought it had finished, the naked girl looked up at her aunt for

'Just sit there for a while and try to get it all out dear. There's no

'I think it's all gone, Milla,' she told her aunt.

'Then have another shower, darling. You've been very brave. Not a
whimper, good girl. Dry yourself off but stay undressed still. I've got a
surprise for you when you come back to the bedroom.'

She left the girl to shower, returning to the bedroom where the enema
was given. After she had refilled the equipment, she stripped and got
under the blankets, which was how Gemma found her a short while later.

'You've been so good, you deserve some loving,' Milla said, holding the
blankets back invitingly.

'Oh, good,' she cried, snuggling into the older woman. 'My darling
Milla, my wife,' Gemma crooned as she felt soft hands begin to caress her.
She shut her eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

'Time for the next one, sweetheart,' Milla said disturbing her nap.

Without being told, Gemma rolled onto her tummy, spreading her legs
widely and raising her bottom slightly. She felt the tube being inserted
again and relaxed back on the bed, knowing she had at least a half an hour
of nothing to do. 'I think I'm going to do this to you sometime,' she told
her aunt, feeling happy.

This time she felt herself slowly filling up, a tinge of cramp biting
her stomach as the bag above her, neared its end. She rolled slightly onto
her side to find Milla standing nearby, keeping watch. Soon Milla reached
over and withdrew the tube.

'There, all done. No, don't get up. I want you to turn over onto your
back and just rest. Hold the water in, of course.'

'How long, Milla? Before I go to the toilet? I think I'll need to go
soon, I'm bursting.'

'Not just yet. We need to make sure it's doing a thorough job, don't
we? Remember why?'

'How could I forget?'

'Anyway, now you know how it's done, you can get yourself ready in

'I suppose so,' she agreed. 'But I expect he won't do it very often,
will he? It must be awful for him.'

'Don't you believe it, darling. He loves it and because it's so
naughty, he tries to get me to do it nearly every time we start playing
with each other. I think too, it's because our bottom hole is so much
tighter than pussy. Probably gives him a better climax too.'

'I don't think I want him to love me that way all the time, Milla.
Didn't you say it gives you almost no feeling of pleasure?'

'Well, only little tingles. But I suppose he'll use your hole more
because at least I get to say no. At this stage, you get no privileges.'

'Oh, my poor bottom,' she whimpered and then immediately rose and walked
to the bathroom. 'I really can't hold back any longer, Milla.'

The sounds this time, were just as though she were urinating, and she
gave a loud sigh when the stream stopped.

'Another shower, darling and you can sleep right through until
lunchtime. Put a nightie on this time. We don't want to arouse the man before his time.'

After lunch, Rob was sent to shower and then Milla followed him into the
main bedroom where they stayed for some time. Then Gemma was required to
shower again.

'But I'm clean, Milla. I've already had three showers today.'

'And now you need another. Go.'

When she returned to the smaller bedroom, Milla was waiting with a
bottle of baby oil. She poured a liberal amount into her hands and began
to oil the girl's body. Soon she stood and looked at herself in the
mirror, seeing herself completely slicked down, shiny from head to toe.'

'Remind me to do this to you when we make love sometime, darling. You
look very sexy indeed. Now let's make sure there is plenty inside and
around your bottie. The easier he slides in the less you'll hurt.'

Fingers intruded, pushing the smooth oil inside the opening. 'There, I
think you're ready to take on the world. At least, one fat cock,' she

'Oh, Milla, will it hurt so much?'

'I can't tell you, darling. You'll just have to wait and see.'

She led Gemma to the centre of the room. 'Stand still and wait for me
to bring your husband, darling.'

Gemma looked down at her oiled breasts, glistening in the pale light
that came through the window. Rather than relax, she was tense in the
extreme and her nipples stood up firm and hard because of this. She found
herself knotted up, muscles tight and hands clenched in fists. She
shivered and forced herself to relax as best she could.

From the corner of her eye she saw the movement and looked up,
physically sucking for breath when she saw the man standing in front of
her. Recently, she had seen Rob nude quite often, the taking of her
virginity only last night especially. But until he stood in front of her
as oiled as she was, she never realised the muscular physique he had.
Under the film of oil, his body rippled with vitality, shining just as she
was, his eyes looking straight into hers, a knowing smile on his lips.

Gemma's mouth opened in excitement and shock, sensations shooting
through her mind, thoughts of pain and violence fighting with her growing
love for this man in front of her. She tried to smile back, tried to say
with her eyes that she was ready but she knew the look of fright must have
been conveyed instead.

'Do you know what I am going to do to you?' He spoke purposefully and
very slowly. His hand reached out and she flinched as a finger circled
first one and then the other hard nipple, leaving a finger painting tracing
on her skin.

'Yes,' she answered in no more than a whisper.


'Deflower my bottom.'


'By sodamating... sodomising me.'

'Look at my cock.' She jumped without realising as her eyes looked
downwards. 'Is it large?'


'And it will be forced all the way up your bum hole. I have read of
some females being ripped apart you know, when their ass is raped.'


The low couch that acted as the altar last night was still in place and
the girl felt herself being eased towards it by Milla. She knelt on one
end and then placed her hands further along, finally resting on her elbows
and knees, her back arched downwards and bottom sticking high above the
rest of her.

Milla was kneeling on the floor, her face close to Gemma's and she
whispered encouragement to the now frightened girl. 'Remember to push hard
like you really needed to go to the toilet as soon as you feel his cock
pressing against your bottom, darling.'

'Be quiet. No noise,' Rob hissed as he held Gemma's hips. On tip toe
he was just able to align his cock to the entrance he sought and touched
the tip of his manhood against the tight hole.'

'Agh,' Gemma whimpered in fright rather that pain for he had placed no
pressure at all against her opening. Very gently he pressed further and
Gemma did as Milla had said. She imagined she was sitting on the toilet and pushed her sphincter muscle open as hard as she could.

Rob was amazed to find more than the bulbous head of his cock had
slipped in without any real pressure from him at all. He held her hips
steady and pushed again, slipping further in until his pubic hair was
flattened against her bottom cheeks.

'Oh, my god,' he said aloud to himself. 'I've got there and she didn't
feel a thing. I've taken her third maidenhead without so much as a
whimper.' And then to his sex partner, 'Do you realise my cock is up you as
far as it will go? I've deflowered you without any pain at all.'

'Oh, you've done it already?' She asked not believing him.

'Now move with me, bitch. I'm going to fuck your arsehole.'

Milla's hand moved and parted Gemma's pussy lips, a finger settling
firmly on her swollen clitoris and she began to masturbate the girl in
rhythm with their sexual movements. Gemma certainly felt some pleasure
from Rob's thrusting but Milla's finger was the cause of her heavy
breathing, which grew steadily louder. Rob never realised his wife was
manipulating the girl and began to feel proud of the pleasure he was
apparently giving.

'That's it, bitch, come. Shoot off whenever you like. Your little ass
might be soft and pliable but it's tight as hell. You're a real ass freak,
you know that?' No one answered but Gemma's time was fast approaching. Rob
had slid his hands along her torso and was holding her lower ribs, their
bodies sliding together, well lubricated with the oil Milla had rubbed over

'Oh shit, here it comes, bitch. Arrrgh. That's good. Feel it, bitch.
I'm filling you with cream,' he growled deeply, his body jerking beyond
control with the first spurts of semen producing some of the best sexual
feelings he could remember.

Gemma was near too, breath hissing between her teeth, squealing with
every thrust of Milla's finger until she too reached her climax. 'Oh, oh,
oh,' she cried, as the sensations ravaged her brain.

'Don't stop, Rob,' Milla encouraged. 'Keep fucking until she's

Rob was still shooting his load and had no intention of stopping at
least until his pleasure waned but maintained his thrusting while Gemma
still cried out her own pleasures.

Finally, Gemma flopped forward, unable to hold herself upright and Rob
fell with her, his softening cock popping out.

They laid there for some moments, recovering breath and taking in the
pleasures that were still flowing through their beings. Finally Rob kissed
the side of Gemma's face and rolled onto the floor.

'Come down here, girl,' he said throatily and as she did he added, 'I
need cleaning.'

She performed her task without any fanfare, simply sucking the limp
flesh into her mouth, licking it clean and then laying down beside him.
There was no nasty taste, she remembered thinking as she laid her face
against his chest and dozed off in peace.

Chapter Twenty Two

His movements stirred her much later after it had turned dark. She
looked at him lovingly and reached up to kiss his lips.

'Thank you, my husband, for not hurting me.'

'It was pretty easy wasn't it?' He smiled and added, 'All the oil I
expect. But, young lady, you didn't bother to thank me for the orgasm you
achieved. The best one I've seen you have.'

'Oh, that. That wasn't you, Rob. Milla did it with her fingers.
Didn't you know?'

'Oh shit,' he muttered, remembering how proud he was when she came so
well. 'I thought I did it. Was sure I was on a good thing here, lady who
came when she got it in the arse.'

'Sorry, Rob,' she replied. 'I'm afraid it was Milla. No I didn't get
much pleasure at all from your thing but I'm happy you did. It just felt
full like I needed to go to the toilet in a hurry.'

'That bitch,' he hissed. 'Where is she? Milla,' he called out.

'I'm here, dear,' she responded lifting herself up on an elbow.

'Go and bring a switch, Milla. A nice whippy one.'

'What for? What's she done now, so soon after she let you do what you

'It's not for Gemma, it's you that needs a little taste of discipline.'

'Me? What have I done?'

'Why didn't you tell me you frigged the girl to her climax. I thought I
did it.'

'But she was so frightened and I knew she wouldn't get any pleasure from
what you did. In fact I thought you would hurt her so I decided to make it
at least a little pleasurable. You can't cane me for that.'

'Get the switch, Milla. Now.' He spoke slow and harshly.

'Yes.' She rose quickly and left.

He laid her on the couch, on her back, legs high in the air and widely
spread. 'I might even thrash that cunt of yours before I've finished, he
added sardonically.

'Rob,...' Gemma began but was cut off by his hardness.

'Don't you make a sound,' he warned.

Gemma watched silently as he laid the cane into the tender flesh of
Milla's bottom cheeks and upper thighs. She cried out from the first
stroke, her voice rising louder with each cut.

When ten stripes had appeared Gemma could not hold out any longer.
'Rob, stop. She only did it for me. Don't you know that since we got
married yesterday, she has not been loved even once? You've fucked me but
not touched Milla once and she's made both you and me very happy. It's not

'Oh, god, that's true. Darling, I'm sorry. Gemma's right.'

He put his arms around her shoulders and under her knees and lifted her
effortlessly. 'Gemma bring some creme to sooth her. I have a lady to make
love to.'

For several days their lives were one continual bout of lovemaking, and
no one was left unsatisfied. Gemma had the greatest appetite, hardly
ceasing in her lust to give and receive sexual favours from her two
spouses. She never hesitated in any activity and Rob had taken her from
behind several times. She always followed this by having Milla masturbate her to a climax immediately afterwards.

A week after their marriage, the two girls were sitting on the veranda,
talking about bodily pleasures when Rob joined them.

'I've got to talk to you both,' he said, obviously agitated.

They waited for him to continue.

'It's a bit embarrassing really. Never thought I'd have to say this but
I do. You two women have worn me out. I can't raise an erection any more.
Even this morning when I always have a hardon when I wake up, nothing.'

'You mean to say the great macho man is impotent?' Milla couldn't help
spluttering a giggle.

'It's serious, Milla,' he said looking hurt.

'You've fucked us so much and spent all your sperm so there's no more
for us? You were alright with just one wife, but a second one is too much.
That's what it is, Rob. You're not impotent. Just overworked.'

'Oh, dear,' Gemma moaned. 'Does that mean I can't stay your wife?'

'No, silly,' Milla reassured her. 'He's just sunk his sausage to many
times too quickly. That's all isn't it, Rob dear?'

'I hope that's all,' he replied, dubiously.

'So we'll just have to get by with more lesbian incest and less cock and
cunt.' She stopped in thought for a moment. 'What about the toys, Rob. We
haven't used then at all since we got here.'

'What toys?' The little innocent asked.

'Ah yes, the toys,' Rob agreed with a sparkle. 'That will help.'

'Milla, what toys?'

'Just wait until we bring them out. Let it be a surprise.'

'And the videos,' Rob added. 'They should do something for Mr. Peter.'

'I've got to tell you, Rob dear,' Milla said. 'Rubber will be no
substitute for you, but at least it will act as a fill in for us.'

'I'm glad to hear that,' he replied.

'At least Gemma has become a very accomplished lesbian lover and I think
I can make her happy that way.'

'You mean us women having sex together?' Gemma asked.

'That's right, baby. We're going to have more sex together to give
lover boy here a rest.'

'Oh, that's nice,' Gemma agreed, her eyes lighting up.

'What do you think darling? A full weeks rest and then try us out say
every third day, that's about once a week for each of us.'

'It's not much,' he agreed but I think we'll have to start from there
and make it more if I can.'

'You've got to promise not to wank though, even when you get excited.
That'll be hard, especially when you watch us at it and the toys and
videos. You can watch all you want for the next week and work yourself up
into a frenzy but you mustn't let yourself get out of control. How's your

'Not that good when it comes to bodies like my two wives. Yes, it'll be
hard and you'll have to be harsh with me at times, I'm sure.'

'Does that mean a little discipline sometimes?'

'That's for you to say. I guess in the end it's your pleasure that's
being protected.'

'That's right and of course you have a tongue, lips and fingers to make
us happy too, you know.'

'But that doesn't relieve me, just makes it harder.'

'Yes, but we'll want you to help us out sometimes even if it gives you a
throbbing hardon.'

'I can do that,' he agreed.

'Milla, tell me about the videos,' Gemma butted in. 'What's so special
about them?'

'You'll have to wait and see, like I told you. But they're about a lot
of people doing naughty things they shouldn't do. Be patient.'

'Oh.' She turned red, realising the subject was obviously sexual.

'Now, seeing as how we've got a man here who doesn't think his pride and
joy will ever rise again, I think we should ease his mind,' Milla spoke to
her niece. 'Come and stand in front of me, darling. Closer, between my

Milla pressed her hands against the girl's bottom, pulling her tighter
into her own crotch. She laid her face against Gemma's stomach.

'I love you, darling.'

'I do too,' Gemma responded, realising Milla's hands were now under her

'What am I doing?' Milla asked, quietly.

'Tickling my bottom.'

'And now?'

'Touching my bottom hole. Oh.'

`Tell me now.'

'You're pushing a finger inside.'

'How far?'

'All the way I think.'

'What else am I doing"

'Stroking my pussy lips.'

'Is it nice?'


'What's happening now?'

'You've pushed a finger into my pussy. Rubbing me.'

'How many fingers?'

'Two. No, three I think.'

'What now?'

'Your thumb is pressing against my clit.'

'Does it feel nice? Sexy or soothing?'

'Soothing. No, sexy. Oh, both of course.'

'So you don't want me to stop?'

'Please don't.'

'I won't. What do you feel now?'

'You're rubbing your thumb over my clit. Oh,' she gasped.

Her body began a relaxed swaying movement as she leaned over Milla's
head to steady herself.

'What are you feeling?'

'Like I'm going to have a climax soon.'

'Tell me when it starts.'

The young girl began the familiar moaning and high pitched cries of
passion. 'Oh. Oh, that feels so good.'

'Are you coming?'

'Soon, I think.'

'Remember to tell me the minute it starts.'

'I'll try.'


'Yes, Milla. Now. I'm starting to come. Arrgh. Oh I'm exploding.

The explosion jerked her body intensely, shuddering uncontrollably as
she took in the pleasures of orgasm. The slow but inevitable build up of
tensions followed by the relaxed peace of the after shock. So relaxing
that her legs gave way and she crumpled to her knees, her armpits resting
on Milla's thighs.

'It was so nice, Milla. So lovely. It's hard to explain. You know
don't you?' She sighed, feeling the warmth within.

'I know, sweetheart.' She stroked the girl's hair as she looked at Rob.
'I see we've solved your little problem already,' she said to him, looking
at the bulge under his trousers.

'Temporarily, I think but it did work. Maybe there's hope yet.' He
smiled wanly.

'I'm sure. Now carry her into the bedroom. When she wakes up she's got
a wife to pleasure.'

Chapter Twenty Three

At dinner the next night Gemma was quiet as though in thought. When
Milla commented, the younger girl looked up and nervously spoke.

'There's nothing wrong, Milla. It's just... Well I was thinking... I
mean I was wondering...'

'We could go on all night like this, sweetheart,' Rob smiled
encouragement to her. 'Come on, out with it. What are you really trying
to say?'

'Well, my dear husband,' she looked at him seriously. 'I want you both
to do something for me tonight. It's just that I didn't know how to ask.'

'Well ask away,' he reassured her.

'It's something that you've really got to do step by step, I think.
It's hard to explain otherwise. Can we do it when dinner is finished?'

'I'm sure we can. Milla?' He asked her with a sparkle in his eye.'

'Oh, yes, darling. I'm agreeable. Also a little curious. Well let's
not waste time. The sooner we're finished with the chores, the sooner
we'll know what it's all about.'

When the dinner dishes were cleared up, Gemma self-consciously undressed
herself in front of them, almost teasing them with a little peek at
forbidden parts of her body.

'You'll both need to remove your clothing too,' she informed them, happy
to see there was no hesitation on their part.

She then laid herself on the rug, a cushion under her bottom and two
under her head, lifting her head and shoulders up quite high.

'Now, Milla darling, would you kneel over me on your hands and knees.
No, the other way around. I want your pussy over my face.'

'I'm beginning to like this,' Milla grinned as she corrected herself,
kissing the younger girl's pussy lips when she was in place.

'Me too,' Rob agreed.

'Are you hard, Rob?' Gemma asked self-consciously.

'It's you that's caused it, little one,' he acknowledged.

'I'm glad. Now will you please kneel behind Milla and begin to poke
her, please.'

'Oh, yes please,' Milla agreed, pressing her lips against her niece's
pussy, licking and sucking hard.

Rob knelt down, his knees on either side of Gemma's face, and he patted
her nose with his cock as he settled himself in place.

'You can put it in now, Rob. Fuck her please.'

'My pleasure.'

Gemma watched fascinated to see the hard shaft sink into the woman's
soft flesh until his pubic hair pressed against the pussy lips.

'Just do it slowly please, Rob,' Gemma instructed as she put one hand
under her aunt to finger the older woman's clitoris. She slipped her other
hand backwards to cup the balls that hung down from Rob's crotch, brushing
her forehead as he moved back and forth inside his wife's pussy.

'Now that's real nice,' Rob agreed as her soft hands tickled the hairs
and sensitive skin of his scrotum. 'Very nice indeed.'

'So's what your doing to me,' Milla said, feeling far more sensation
from the small fingers that rubbed against her love nub. 'Keep going,
darling. It's very nice.'

Gemma watched the thick pole pushing in and out of Milla's pussy,
intrigued at how the woman's sex stretched and then contracted as the cock
withdrew, building up a frothy ring around the edges from the lubrication
each partner was producing.

'Rob,' Gemma said.

'Yesss,' he hissed.

'You can't come until Milla does.'

'Well she'd better hurry.'

'No, Rob. Listen to me. Are you listening?' Gemma's voice was now
firmer, almost harsh as she tried to make him understand. 'You must not
come yet. Go slower.' She took her hand off his balls and he instantly
lost some of his excitement.

'Don't stop now,' he whined.

'Then promise you won't come until Milla does.'

'Oh, god. Yes, I'll try,' he groaned.

'That's not all. When you do come, make sure you don't pull out of her
until I tell you to. Do you understand? Rob?'

'Yes, not to pull out after I shoot. O.K.'

Gemma was satisfied and replaced her warm hand over his hanging ball
sac. She heard his sigh of pleasure and began to rub Milla's clit all the
harder, urging her new wife on towards her climax.

Milla was gasping with each breath now, great grunts of woman pleasure
as the young girl masturbated her while the man penetrated to her innermost
depths. Gemma knew both adults were close to coming from the noises they
made, deep and guttural from Rob, higher pitched squealing with every
breath from Milla.

Gemma pressed her finger against Milla's clitoris, jiggling as fast as
she could, urging the older woman on with a soft sexy voice, telling her to
take every nerve rending moment for her pleasure.

'Come on, darling Milla. Use my finger. Feel what it is doing to you
inside as Rob fucks you. Come, Milla. Enjoy it all. Take your pleasure.'

'That's it,' Milla gasped. 'Yes you beautiful girl. Yes, you've made
me come. Oh, it feels so good.' Her body jerked in rhythm to Rob's thrusts
as her orgasm reached its peak.

Rob came almost at the same time, Gemma's hand stroking the skin of his
scrotum as though she were brushing fuzz of a peach, draining the last drop
of cream from his body.

Both adults were shaking from the throes of their individual passions,
tired and yet doing what Gemma had asked. Their sex organs had not
separated, Rob holding his wife's hips tightly, pushing his now deflating
cock inside her pussy.

'Be careful, Rob and you can take your thing out now,' Gemma told him.
'But do it slowly.'

He felt Gemma's warm breath on his wet and sticky manhood as it slowly
slipped from it's sheath, He wasn't sure but thought he felt her tongue
running along the underside of his cock as he withdrew. The moment he was
free, a large glob of sperm flowed out of Milla's vagina and fell onto the
young one's tongue.

But quickly, Gemma clamped her mouth over Milla's pussy hole and took
all that flowed from the overworked vagina, swallowing when she needed,
soaking up all of Rob's white discharge. As the flow eased, Gemma began to
lick and suck the female sex producing sensations within her aunt that
meant only one thing. Milla knew she was about to receive her second
orgasm in the space of as many minutes, due entirely to her incestuous
lesbian niece who was doing things to her that few nieces ever would have
even known about.

Gemma's tongue was snaking inside as deeply as she could, slurping the
last drops of semen, at the same time masturbating the sensitive skin and
clitoris of the older woman.

Milla had no strength of will to pleasure her niece, her body drained
from the double orgasm she received from Rob and Gemma only moments ago.
There was no way she could have plunged her mouth down on Gemma's pussy now
as she approached this most delicious second climax so soon.

'Urrgh. Yeeesss. Yeess, it's here, Gem... Oh, I'm coming again.
Thank y...'

Her nervous tensions overcame all resistance and she slumped down over
Gemma's body, completely satiated with sexual fulfilment.

Gemma never moved despite the weight of her aunt's body. She simply
laid still, eyes closed, delighted that her own actions had produced so
much pleasure for her aunt and uncle, or her husband and wife, she giggled
silently to herself.

Finally Milla woke, rolling gently onto her side and then sat up. She
surveyed her husband asleep and Gemma's calm face looking at her with a
Mona Lisa like smile of contentment.

Milla slid down and laid along Gemma's side, one arm under the young girl's head, the other stroking her hair and cheek.

'That was the most beautiful thing, darling,' she said, kissing Gemma
softly on the lips. 'You've given so much pleasure to me and to Rob, and
received nothing for yourself.'

'Yes I have,' Gemma corrected her. 'When I knew how much pleasure you
received, it made everything worth the effort. I'm glad it felt so good
for you.'

Milla brushed her hand over Gemma's upthrust breasts, urging the nipples
to hardness, kissing each one in turn. Then her fingers trailed downwards
to tickle the naked pussy lips, still devoid of hair, and pouting open and

Two fingers insinuated inside and Gemma flinched when they touched the
tender walls where just two days ago the membrane had been torn apart.
Milla withdrew and allowed her efforts to centre on the tight love nub that
stood up atop her pussy slit. Rob too had stirred and was laying along her
body as well, opposite Milla. He concentrated his attentions to her lips
and breasts, kissing her gently, nipping her lips with his teeth, stroking
and tweaking breasts and nipples. Never hurting, just producing tingling
sensations that carried her higher and higher towards her own orgasm.

'You were wonderful, sweetheart,' he whispered in her ear. 'I'm not
sure how we could live without you now. You are the most loving and gentle
wife we could have. Thank you.'

By now her climax reached it's peak. She tried to let the orgasm spill
over without showing any reaction but a jerking knee in Milla's stomach and
an elbow in Rob's ribs proved that it was not possible to hide such
sensations. Neither adult objected and they continued to lightly stroke
every inch of her skin well after her peaks had faded.

She laid there in bliss, both her husband and wife holding her, their
faces half resting on her breasts, fingertips still roving over sensitive
skin. Rob moved first.

'I'm sorry, but I've got to go and pee,' he said.

Gemma caught his wrist. 'I'm here, Rob. Remember? Please let me be
your toilet.'

'What?' He looked first at Gemma and then caught Milla's eyes.

'That's what she said, darling,' Milla nodded.

'Do you mean it?'

'Of course. There's no need to leave us. Just slide up a bit and roll
onto your side,' Gemma told him simply.

She took his soft cock between her lips and closed her eyes, waiting.

At first it was just a dribble as he tried to hold back, but after his
orgasm, he always had to pee soon afterwards and a strong spray of hotness
was being delivered. Milla could see the girl swallowing fast and was sure
she wouldn't keep up, but not a droplet was spilled. Gemma held him firm
and retained the soft gristle between her lips for many minutes after he
had finished as though mesmerised by what she had just achieved.

'I'd better let you go,' she finally said, smiling at her husband's
still surprised face. 'If I hold you there any longer you'll want me to
swallow something else and we know that would be a waste. After all my
pussy deserves Mr. Peter next.

'Ha. Ha. It certainly does,' Milla patted her bottom. 'Your pussy deserves nothing but the best, my darling.'

'I agree, thank you, Gemma dear. No man deserves such wonderful wives.'

Chapter Twenty Four

For over two weeks after that evening of sexual enjoyment, the three ran
their love nest as a nudist colony. Regardless of how cold it was, and
that was rare for most days were warm and windless, no one wore clothing of
any sort. They indulged in any act that they could think of, Rob never
failing to raise an erection when needed, and he shared his cock equally,
achieving an orgasm on average every second day. The girls helped with
this of course and played out many kinky lesbian scenes for him to rise to
the occasion.

They decided between themselves that the greatest turn on for Rob, the
act that seemed to bring on a stiffened cock the quickest was when he
spanked one of them very hard, producing burning crimson bottom cheeks
which he was then allowed to sodomise. They made a deal with him that they
would both agree to this indulgence readily as long as he didn't orgasm.
The discharge had to be in either mouth or pussy every time, to give his
wives the pleasure they so sought.

He was agreeable of course and there were few days that passed where one
of the women was not sporting a raw behind that she found difficult to sit

When the girls made love to each other, Rob watched but was not allowed
to participate. But these sessions always produced a hard erection, which
they used when they chose.

Because his lovemaking had returned almost to normal, they forgot all
about the sex toys Milla had packed, and not one sexy video was played.

Gemma sat at the dinner table one evening, her face lowered as she did
when something was on her mind.

'Well?' Milla asked inquisitively.

The girl looked up, trouble written all over her face.

'My period hasn't come, Milla.'

'What?' Both Milla and Rob asked together, shocked at the thought.

'My period. It hasn't come yet.'

'When was it due?'

'You've been taking your pill, haven't you?'

'Yes, but... I missed a few times and forgot to tell you.'

'Gemma, when was it due?'

'About ten days ago.'

'Oh, god, what are we going to do, Milla?' Rob's voice raised to a

'Are you sure? Gemma are you sure it was due ten days ago?'

'Well, my diary showed the last one was nearly six weeks ago.'

'She pregnant, Milla, and I've done it,' Rob said, aghast at the

'Bring your diary here, darling. Let me see,' Milla told her.

When she returned, she opened the diary and showed Milla where she
marked the "P". 'See, that's last month on the fifth and now it's the
thirteenth. That makes ten days overdue, Milla. Oh, gosh. What will Mum
and Dad say. They'll call the police.'

'Stay calm, dear. Let me think. Have you been late before?'

'No, never. It's always twenty-eight days.'

'Perhaps we'll wait a couple more days. It might just be because you've
lost your virginity this time.'

'Wait a minute,' Rob said. 'Today's not the thirteenth. It couldn't
be. We were going home on the nineteenth and that's two weeks away.'

'Let me see, Gemma.' Milla grabbed at the diary.

'Gotcha,' the young girl looked at them both, the cheekiest and happiest
smile spreading across her face.

'What?' Milla asked, still trying to work out dates in the diary. Until
it finally dawned. 'Why you little demon. Do you realise you nearly gave
us both a heart attack? I'm going to punish you for that, you little

'Ha, ha, ha,' Gemma shrieked loudly, tears streaming down her face.
'You should have seen your faces, especially Rob's. You would have

'It doesn't matter what you thought, you little sadist,' Rob growled.
'I don't care how funny you thought it was. You're in for it, young lady.
You've played the sadist, now we're going to turn you into the world's
greatest masochist, believe me.'

'But it was a joke, Rob.'

'Bullshit. Not to me it wasn't. Now take your knickers down.'

'You can't,' she whined, backing away. 'Besides I haven't got any on,
can't you see?'

Like them all, she was quite naked.

'Don't be so smart,' he said. 'Milla, I don't believe this little
she-devil has had her tits striped yet, has she?'

'No, she hasn't. It's fitting, I agree. At least for starters.'

Rob grabbed her wrist. 'Milla, go and fetch my belt.'

'No, Rob, please don't. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. It was
just a joke. Please don't do this.'

'You can lay down on the altar and take ten from each of us, or we'll
tie you down and gag you. Then you'll get fifty between us. What's it to
be?' Whether he was pretending or not, Rob's fury was unabated, his eyes

'Milla, please don't let him,' the frightened girl pleaded.

'I'm going to help him, you Judas,' Milla said giving no comfort
whatsoever. In fact it was something they had wanted to do for some time
but were waiting for the right opportunity.

'Well?' Rob wouldn't let up.

'I'll do it, Rob. But please don't hurt me too much please. I'll suck
you if you want or you can fuck my bum, Rob. Anything you want, I'll do.
Please don't hurt me.'

'Stop whining and lay down on your back. Arms down over the sides. Now
spread your legs. I might even beat your prissy little cunt to a pulp
before I've finished.'

'Oh, please help me, Milla dear.'

'The last thing you should be doing is plead to me for sympathy.'

'Remember that,' Rob added. 'Now we are going to hurt you but if you
dare move off the altar, I swear I'll nail your hide to it with super

Gemma was crying even before Rob picked up his belt.

'Shut your eyes,' he told her.

'Will you belt her first, or me?' He asked Milla.

'You do it. You're better at it. You can wield it harder than me. Do
it as hard as you can, Rob. I want to hear her scream for mercy. I hope
you make her tits so red you won't tell which is tit and which is nipple.'

'I look forward to this,' he said. 'Well young lady, here comes the

She screamed loudly before she even felt anything land. Then silence
reined. She waited, but no blow came. They're torturing me, she told
herself. Any moment he'll lay the belt on my nipple. Oh, why did I do it?

Moments went by until finally she couldn't wait any longer and peeked
through one eyelid.

'Gotcha,' they said together, their faces very near to hers.

'Oh, you're both rotten. I was so scared.'

'Well I'm glad to hear that, aren't you, Rob?'

'Most definitely. Don't do that to us ever again. It sends shivers up
my spine still, thinking about it. You haven't missed a pill have you?'

'No, Rob. I promise I haven't missed one.'

'Good, because I don't know how we could have explained it to your
parents either. A sixteen year old with only me anywhere near her the
whole time she was away. It makes me shudder.'

'There's something that has been bothering me,' Gemma said as they all
sat on the veranda soaking up the last of the sun's rays one evening.

'I suppose you're pregnant,' Rob said.

'No, silly. But what about when we get home. I'll have to go back to
Mum and Dad's. I can't think of anything worse.'

'That's easy,' Milla said. 'You're going to blackmail them.'

'What?' Gemma looked at her aunt with wide eyes. 'How?'

'Seduce your father and threaten him with the police unless he agrees to
let you stay with us,' Rob said casually.

'Seduce my... I couldn't think of anything more gross,' Gemma reacted.

'Rob, shut up. No, darling it's simple. You are going to tell them
that you've won your place at College, which you have of course, and you
need to stay with us because you can't possibly travel so far each morning
and night from your parents home.'

'They won't agree,' Gemma said with conviction.

'Of course they won't. I know my sister too well. So what you then
say, and this will take some courage, is that if they insist, then you will
do as they say but as soon as you turn seventeen, which is only two months
away, you intend to move out and they won't see you again. At seventeen,
you can choose what you want to do and they couldn't stop you.'

'Goodness, Milla. They'll freak out. I don't know how I could do it.'

'You have to, darling. We couldn't live without you now, besides you're
our wife, you must live with us. As far as they're concerned you'll be
staying with your Aunt and Uncle to be near College. Remind them what
happens to young girls when they travel on public transport late at night.
One word about rape and they'll go to water.'

'That's true. But it'll still mean I have to live with them during
vacations. That takes up almost four months of the year. I couldn't live
for that long away from you, Milla.'

'Well it would give Rob's cock a rest, you know.'

'But four months of nothingness. I'd go insane. Besides, why should
you get free reign to his you know what for that long.'

'Don't worry about that. There are always reasons you can find not to
go home. Summer studies, friends asking you to stay, holidays at the lake.
Once you've lived away from them for a time, they'll get used to it and
you'll become more of an intrusion than a welcome visitor.'

'After sharing myself between two beautiful ladies, there's no way I
want to keep just one of you happy, you know. If that happens, we'll have
to find a third wife to join in.' Rob looked wistfully at the sunset.

'Down rover. We're all you're getting, I promise,' Milla reminded him
as she stroked his thickening manhood. 'And stop dreaming,' she added.

Milla continued to encourage her niece. 'I think you'll find a week at
home will be enough for both you and your parents. It will be easy to
convince them in that time.'

'Hmm, you might be right, Milla,' Gemma agreed. 'I'll have to rehearse
what I'll say to them though. Will you help me practice?'

'We'll be the spitting image of your mom and dad,' Milla said, leaning
over to kiss her on the lips.

'And once you're installed in our house, imagine the profits we'll make,
inviting all those college boys around to watch you and Milla being
naughty,' Rob said smugly.

'When the moon turns blue, Rob, and pink elephants do somersaults on our
front lawn,' Milla agreed.

'Just a thought, dearest.'

'And once I'm there, Rob,' Gemma said. 'Will it be alright if you use
the proper toilet from then on?'

'Hm. Maybe that can be arranged. Providing you're a very good little
girl of course and do what Uncle Rob says.'

'He really is a dirty old man,' Milla said.

'I know.'

'I think a swim is called for and then we can all go inside and make
love until we're warmed up,' Rob said, standing up.

'I'll be in that,' Milla agreed.

'Me too.'

Making love was what they did with great regularity, in every form they
could imagine, at any time and in any place. They loved fiercely, with
passion and vigour, caring deeply for the feelings of their partners.

They were truly in love, just as any young honeymoon couple, so too this
trio of honeymooners loved, physically, romantically and passionately.

As their departure from the lake drew near, instead of dreading it, the
excitement grew as they looked forward to settling in to home comforts

'I hope Mum and Dad don't make it too difficult,' Gemma said as they
were packing up.

'They don't have a choice, Gemma darling,' Milla reassured her.

'Milla, what if we start fighting once we leave the lake? Do you think
it will be as good when we get to your place?'

'No, I think a couple of weeks will see it all blow over. Then you can
go your way and we'll go ours.'

'That soon? Oh, that's terrible.'

'Don't be such a silly Billy. It might be different because we can't go
running around in the nude all the time, but if each of us works at it, I
don't think we'll ever be separated,' Milla said. 'Just as long as we can
keep our little secret,' she added deliberately.

'That's for sure.'

On their last night before leaving, they debauched themselves,
lesbianism reigning freely as each woman gave the other several climaxes.
Rob had his way with both anal openings but fucked each pussy to memorable
orgasms before he begged helplessness. The two girls found no difficulty
in continuing to please each other's bodies well into the early morning

'I love you, Milla,' the tired girl murmured as she laid her face
against her aunt's breast. Milla stroked her face and they fell asleep.

Chapter Twenty Five

Gemma was happy to find her parents more responsive than she could have
believed and she didn't need to stoop to blackmail at all. Milla's phone
call had helped, for it was she that suggested the perils of late night
train travel to her sister and graphically portrayed the beastly
characteristics of male travellers once the sun goes down. By the time
Gemma spoke to them, her mother had already packed most of her clothes
ready for her to move to Rob and Milla's home. 'It will be much better
there, dear,' her mother assured her. 'I'm sure being nearer the college will help you study better.' No mention was made of the possible nightly
rapes her daughter may have endured otherwise.

'Thanks a lot, Mom.' She pecked her mother's cheek and Rob drove he back

'Can you drive and be pleasured at the same time?' Gemma asked

'I could try.'

She opened his fly in the darkened car and extracted his hardness.
'I'll stroke you gently, Rob darling. Otherwise your stuff will wet your

'Not if you use your mouth.'

'Oh, I can do that.'

She laid her head in his lap and continued to lick his deflated penis
after she had swallowed its contents, until they reached home.

'Don't tell Milla. She'll get jealous.'

'Oh, Rob, no secrets, remember? I don't think she would mind.'

'What do you think about this, Milla?' Rob handed her a sheet of paper
which showed a floor plan of their house. 'Now if we put in a door between
these two rooms here,' he pointed out, 'we could all sleep together,
Gemma's clothes and all that in the bedroom beside us, but us with a king
size bed could easily accommodate all three of us. Then when we had
guests, or should her parents arrive, no one would suspect anything was

'Yes I like it, Rob. The only trouble could be the tradesman. What
would he think of us having a bedroom accessible to our own? We couldn't
afford rumours, not even little ones.'

'But if we decided to have separate bedrooms ourselves...? Anyway, we
could employ out-of-towners to do the job. No one would know then.'

'It would be nice, darling. I didn't like the thought of Gemma sleeping
away from us, but this would give us the access we need. Could we have the
door disguised? What would her parents think if they saw a door into our

'I'm sure they could make something that no one would suspect as a door.
The same story to the tradesman. We want separate rooms but with access
that no one could see so visitors didn't know we were using separate

'You can have me any way you want tonight, darling. It's brilliant.'

'We'll buy the larger bed once the alterations have been finished.
Incidentally, I think tonight might be a good time to show Gemma some of
your toys. I'd like to watch you fuck the darling girl until she comes.'

'I'd like that too. Gemma and I will go on a spending spree this
afternoon. Some delicate lingerie is needed, I think.'

'Good. Surprise me.'

After dinner, Milla informed her wife. 'Gemma, darling, off and shower,
as hot as you can take it please. You are to receive very special
attention tonight. Wear what's on your bed, darling.'

'Oh, goody,' the young girl agreed happily. 'You or Rob?'

'Wait and be surprised.'

She returned some time later, smiling happily. 'It's beautiful, Milla.
It makes me feel... sensuous.' She ran her hands over the nightdress and
negligee, cupping her breasts over the soft silk that showed every young curve and mound she possessed.

'It makes me randy,' Rod added.

'Everything makes you that way,' Milla accused him. 'But truly,
darling. You look luscious. Come and kiss me.'

The girl moved across the room shyly, and they fell into each other's
arms, embracing and kissing each other lovingly. 'Thank you, my darling
wife,' she whispered.

'Rob paid for it.'

'I'll thank him later,' she smiled, looking towards him.

'And the panties? Do you have them on?'

'Of course.'

'Good. I will be taking them off soon enough.' Her hands wandered over
the young girl's body lightly touching every private place. 'Look, your
nipples are poking through,' Milla laughed as she stroked the pointed
breasts through the soft material.

'It's you're hands.'

'Let's lay down. I'm sure Rob wants to watch.'

'And why shouldn't I? You are my wives.'

'Tonight I've got something special for you,' Milla whispered near her

'What is it?'

'You'll find out soon. Lay back and let me stroke you.'

Gemma laid back on the rug, her arms above her head, legs slightly apart
and the silken fabric falling between the vee. Her eyes closed as though
in slumber.

'You are the most beautiful creature,' Milla spoke with a caressing
voice. 'So beautiful.' She leaned down and lightly kissed the half open
lips causing Gemma to snuggle into the lush rug pile.

'Rob, take your clothes off. You can play with your big friend poking
up there as long as you don't come.'

Gemma heard the rustle of his clothing as Milla's hands continued to
stroke every sensitive part of her body.

'How many times has Rob fucked you, darling?'

She had to think for a time before answering. 'I don't know, Milla.
Lots of times though.'

'And sodomy? How many times inside your bottom hole?'

'Oh, several times. At least ten I suppose.'

'And you have used your mouth to fellate him. What? Fifteen or twenty
times in your short sexual life?'

'Oh, yes. I'm sure it was at least that many. He likes me to do that
to him.' She smiled as she thought about it.

'So many times. You must be getting sick of the same old cock.'

Gemma just smiled slightly.

'Keep your eyes closed now. They are not to open until I tell you.

'Yes, Milla.'

'Lift your bottom, darling. Let me slide your panties off. Ah, there.
That feels nice, I'm sure.'

'Yes.' Milla let the silky feeling slide over the girl's face as she
laid the panties over one of her hands.

'Remember what I suggested when we were deciding how you would convince
your parents to let you stay with us?'

She thought for a moment and then replied, 'Um, about saying I'd leave
when I'm seventeen?'

'No, dear. About seducing your father.'

'Oh, yes. There was never a chance...'

'I spoke to him this morning.'

She began to sit up, but Milla pressed her back onto the floor, covering
her eyes at the same time. 'Lay still and keep your eyes closed.'

'What did you tell...?'

'Well at first I berated him for not explaining any of the facts of life
to you.'

'What?' Gemma rose upwards so quickly, Milla slapped her face, gently,
to remind her of the promise to stay still.

'You heard, and then I said that you had told me you dreamed of having
sex with him.'

'Milla, that's not true,' the stricken girl cried out.

'Of course not, but he believed me. I said the only way for you to stop
dreaming such nightmares was for him to secretly make love to you.'

'What did he say?' Her voice was quivering with fright.

'He's coming here tonight.'

'Milla, you can't let him. My own father in front of you as well. He
wouldn't. I know he wouldn't.'

'I'm sure he will, my dear. He's coming on his own; your mother won't
be here.'

'But he wouldn't. I know he wouldn't.'

'You never know about men, darling. He might be a secret sexual
pervert, keep lots of girlie books in his bottom drawer and all that.
You'd be surprised what some of them dream about, believe me. He might
have fantasized about your body all his life.'

'It's not true, is it Milla? You're tricking me.'

'He's coming, and soon. Rob, you'd better lose yourself. He wouldn't
do anything with you around.'

'Damn,' Gemma heard him curse.

'Milla, please let me up. I don't want him to see me like this.'

'You look lovely, darling and he won't see anything, I'll make sure of
that. I'll even have your pussy covered so he has to slip it under your
nightdress. All you'll feel is him entering you. I'll make sure he
doesn't come inside you. You'll be asleep as far as he's concerned and
I've told him all he has to do is push himself into you a few times and
then whisper some apologies in your ear so that your self-conscious will
stop dreaming these assaults.'

'Oh, Milla, I can't do it. My own father's cock fucking me. It's

'Of course it's not. Just imagine it's Rob, or one of your sexy film

'Please, Mill...,' she began but her pleading was interrupted by the
door bell.

'Please don't, Milla.'

'It's too late. You must pretend you're asleep. Now do it.'

'Oh,' she whimpered as Milla laid the panties over her face.

Unseen by the stricken girl, Milla walked to the door and opened, then
closed it. She removed all her clothing as Rob handed her a large rubber
dildo, which she strapped to her crotch. Both she and Rob walked back into
the room, seeing Gemma supposedly asleep.

Milla spoke softly. 'She's asleep, Geoff. I gave her a light sedative.
Don't speak or she may wake up and that would be disastrous. I think it
best if you remove your trousers and underwear. Do you need any help to
get hard? Oh, no I see you don't. Remember this is serious. It is not
the sex act, but a cure for your daughter's terrible nightmares she's been
having lately. Are you ready? Right, then I'll just spread her legs a
little more. Don't look at her vagina Geoff, it wouldn't be right. Now
kneel down and I'll guide you in.'

Gemma felt knees between her legs and flinched.

'Careful, Geoff. Don't waken her. Move forward a little. Good, now
lower yourself. Yes, just there. Can you push yourself forward? You're
nearly in.'

Milla was centring the large lifelike rubber penis at the girl's
opening, lifting the nightdress slightly so she could see the entrance.

'Push inside her now, Geoff.'

Gemma grunted as she felt her father impale his cock deeply inside her

'Just a few thrusts, Geoff. You mustn't come. That would be incest.'

But Milla's advice was not taken as Gemma felt her father thrusting time
and time again, breathing thickly now from exertion. Push after push
entered her and sexual arousal began to build inside, jerking her loins
with each thrust he made. She didn't want this; she didn't want to be
fucked like this, raped. It can't be happening, she thought. I'm
dreaming. Oh, no, it's true. He's using my pussy for sex. My own father.
She opened her eyes in horror to find the panties covering her face and
quickly snatched them away. Desperately she tried to move out of his reach
when Milla smiled straight into her face and said, 'Gotcha. Twice.'

She planted a large wet kiss on the distraught girl's mouth and kept
thrusting the imitation penis deeply into the cavern.

'Oh, Milla,' Gemma sighed as her whole body went limp and slumped back
on the rug. 'I really thought it was him. Truly,' she sighed. Then,
after realising what had taken place tried to sit up while the older woman
still thrust in and our, she cried loudly, 'Oh, I hate you Milla.'

'I know. Do you like the feel?' She asked with a smile.

She raised her head to look down at where their two crotches joined.
'Yes, I do. At first I thought he was going to make me come. It was so
real. I hate you,' she said vehemently, again.

'Of course you don't. I'm your wife. You love me.' Milla was still
moving herself, pushing the dildo in deeply but more slowly now. 'Lay back
and enjoy it.'

'I didn't know you were growing one,' Gemma giggled.

'I didn't. I cut Rob's off.'

'Oh, good. Now I won't have to suck him off any more.'

'Yes you will, you little bitch,' he warned her.

'Hm, pity.'

'I'm coming soon, darling,' Milla warned her. 'Are you close?'


'Good.' She pushed harder and deeper, causing the friction of the rubber
to bite against Gemma's clitoris, finally driving her over the edge into

'Uh, Uh, yesss. That's it, Milla darling. Oh, yesss,' she whispered as
orgasmic nerve ends spread through her body, draining all energy away.
'Thank you, my dear wife,' Gemma whispered as Milla laid along on top of
the girl.'

'What about me?' Rob wailed, stroking his erection.

'You can't come. Let it go, Rob. You must wait.'

'That's not fair, Milla.'

'It's fairer than the consequences if you shoot off, I promise.'

'Damn,' he growled, letting the hard rod slip from his fingers.

She rolled off Gemma and the rubber dick remained hard and erect. 'It's
certainly a lot easier with this,' Milla declared. 'Never goes down and
never wears out. Do you think we need Rob at all, Gemma darling?'

'Well he's the only one that can shoot off inside our pussies, Milla.'

'Yes, I suppose,' she agreed casually. 'But of course that makes quite
a mess doesn't it? When we use this little baby, plenty joy, no mess, no

'That's right. We could even stop taking the pill.'

Milla unhooked the straps around her waist and to Gemma's surprise,
withdrew another rubber cock that had been embedded in her own pussy.

'I say, that looks delicious. A double headed cock, no less. Can I
wear it next time?'

'Whenever you like. Of course we could fuck Rob now,' Milla suggested.

'Not with that,' he called out from the next room. 'It's obscene.'

'Hm. It would be, stuck up your you know what.'

'Ha, ha,' Gemma giggled. 'I wonder if his butt would jiggle like ours
when he has one right up inside.'

'Talking about right up, young lady,' Rob said when he returned to the
room. 'I have something for you. Now bend over.'

Gemma looked at Milla, burst into laughter as then turned her back to
him and bent over. She felt the nightdress lifted up over her back and a
cold hard object penetrated her anus. Something that stretched her tight
opening and then became narrow again.

'It's just a little one this time. It stays where it is for one whole
week and only I can remove it. Remember that, Gemma. Only me.'

'But what happens when I need to... you know, go?'

'You mean pooh poohs?'


'Then you come and ask me first. I'll decide whether it should be
removed or not.'

'But you'll be at work.'

'Then you'd better go in the mornings or you'll have to hold on until I
get home.'

'That could be agony. I couldn't hold on sometimes.' She reached behind
her and felt a hard narrow strip of rubberised substance clinging to the
crease of her bottom, each side of her anal opening.

'It's just a small butt-plug,' he told her. 'Use it to tighten your
muscles down there. Squeeze and release whenever you think of it. Next
week we'll put a thicker one in and the week after, a bigger one again. By
then you should be able to take a whole salami up your arse and still hold
it firm. It's to give me easier access and still get all the thrills of a
tight little arse.'

'What about Milla?' The young girl asked.

'She's already been treated, haven't you, dear?'

'Afraid so, darling,' Milla confessed. 'It wasn't so bad. Sounds worse
than it really is.'

'Well I can feel it but it doesn't annoy me so far,' Gemma sighed,
standing up.

'I have a surprise for you too, darling,' Milla smiled as she handed
over a gift wrapped parcel.

'Oh, this is exciting.' She removed the paper and opened the box to
discover a medium sized penis, skin toned and firm but soft. 'Oh, my.
Look what I've got,' she smiled and found she was blushing. 'Oh dear I
haven't done this in weeks,' she gushed, putting a hand to her red cheek.

'It's called Mother's Best Friend,' Milla explained. 'Because mother can use it whenever she wants to.'

'I'm sure I can use it, Milla. Gosh, we are putting Rob out of a job.
Sort of redundant maybe.'

'Not totally,' Rob suggested.

Milla then went on to show the younger girl how the vibrator worked and
how to fill the ball pouch so she could ejaculate into herself when she was
ready to come.

'They even give you a recipe for making sperm, see darling.'

'If we can make it in vanilla and strawberry, there'll be absolutely no
need to keep Rob any more,' Gemma giggled.

'Keep MBF on your bedside table, darling,' Milla suggested. 'It comes
in handy in the middle of the night when you can't sleep.'

'I can imagine. Thanks, Milla. I look forward to using it on your
sweet little slot too.'

They all sat back on the sofa, arms around each other's shoulders,
relaxed and happy. Milla and Rob were naked, Gemma still in her long
flowing nightdress. Some time later, Gemma spoke softly, 'Rob, can I fuck
your bottom please?'

'Of course, dear,' Milla agreed without hesitation. 'But do it on the
bed, it's much cosier there.' She handed Gemma the double headed dildo and
said, 'Wash it in warm soapy water first and then plenty of baby oil.
It'll slide in easily. Off you go, Rob dear. I'll make some supper and
bring it up.'

Some three or four weeks later, Milla answered the telephone.

'Milla dear, it's me.'

'Oh hi, Rob darling. How's it going?'

'Fine. Listen could you go into town and do a little shopping for me

'I think so. What do you want?'

'I want you to buy Gemma a smock. No sleeves and just little strings
over the shoulders. It's got to be very loose on her, and a low neckline.
You know when she leans over, plenty of tit. No bodice or waist band at
all and fairly short but flared out and very loose around the hem. Can you
imagine what I mean.'

'Only too well, my dirty old man, but I'm not sure if I could ever find
something like that in a shop. I'll pop into Margaret's and get her to run
something up. I'm sure she can. Any colour or do you want it see-through

'White, I think. Something that looks as though she's wearing nothing
underneath. Oh, yes. Get a pair of white cotton knickers too. Small and

'Anything else? A lollipop, maybe?'

'No that's it. Do you think you can find something?'

'Probably, darling but it would have been nice to give me a few days

'Sorry, couldn't.'

'What have you got in store for her? I'll bet you've got a hardon.'

'Just a little surprise. Oh, by the way we'll have a guest for dinner.
Nothing special, but near the end of the meal, accuse Gemma of being
naughty and disobedient. Don't tell her before hand though. And yes, it
is hard.'

'Who's coming?'

'Wait and see but it's male.'

'Are you going to show off our wife's charms, Rob?'

'Wait and see.'

'I'm wet between the legs already.'

'Put MBF to good use then.'

'I'm winding it up already. I've got to rush, darling there's no time
to lose.'

'Gemma, dear,' Milla called.

'Yes, Milla?'

'We have a guest for dinner, darling. Go and shower now would you.
I've laid out your clothes on the bed. Don't wear anything else please,

Gemma knew she was to be the centre of tonight's entertainment. It
always went that way. If she had to wear anything that Milla chose, she
knew sex was involved and she would finish the evening not wearing
anything. And yet a guest? She had never been made to display herself to
anyone but Milla and Rob. They're probably playing tricks on me again.

'O.K., Milla. I won't be long. Will I wear perfume?'

'Of course. Something subtle. A gentleman's coming.'


She ran upstairs and saw the clothing laid out. It was new and very
brief, she realised. Oh, I am on show for the gentleman, she told herself.


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