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Archived Sex Stories

The Learning of Gemma Book 2


FROM THE AUTHOR: Firstly the important… WARNING This novel covers a wide
range of explicit sexual practices, many of which may be illegal in the
reader's country of residence. If this is so OR if you are offended in any
way by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent
were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the
whole file. If you are aged under 18, you have no right to read any further
and MUST delete the file NOW! The author cannot state the case more clear
than that, surely? LEGAL STUFF This story is Copyright by the author who
retains all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It must not be
published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit without the
author's written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups but must
not be changed in any way, must be posted in its entirety and must contain
this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full. GENERAL All names are fictitious and
do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. Neither
the author nor any acquaintance of the author, has ever indulged in
situations described in this story; they are solely based on fantasy of the
mind. Most stories written by the author are of book-length size and the
first chapter or two are usually taken up "setting the scene" so to speak.
If they are not read or given just cursory glance, the atmosphere that is
intended for the story may well be lost on the reader. Anticipation of
what is to come can give as much joy as "getting there". There are many
more stories in progress but because of the size, completion and
publication is naturally slow. I would appreciate constructive comments on
any aspect of this or any of my other novels - flamers should NOT have
passed beyond this preamble as they have been warned about content, so
their comments are a waste of time and will be dealt with in a fitting
manner. I shall endeavour to respond to all constructive suggestions and
may be contacted at


Sexual Fantasy Fiction by Writer's Cramp (MF, MFf, Ff, Rom, forced,
coerced, nc, 1st.time, spk, menst, ws, bdsm, etc)

Synopsis: After moving to her aunt and uncle's home where she lives in a
loving ménage-a-tois with them, sixteen-year-old Gemma begins her college course. She soon learns that her tutor and the college Dean has other
ideas for this young beauty and she endures many episodes of molestation at
their hands while at home she is used to display her charms to visitors.

The Characters: Gemma Thurlow, Our heroine, age 16. Eunice & Geoff
Thurlow, her parents. Rob & Milla Deleany, Aunt & Uncle of Gemma. Eric,
Nephew of Rob, aged 18 Laura Chandra, college friend of Gemma, aged 16
Greta Birchmore, Gemma & Laura's college tutor James, Dean of the College.

PREAMBLE Précis of Book One: young girl living sheltered life seeks
Aunt's assistance to help her understand about sex and relationships. Over
a six-week period both Uncle and Aunt convince her to perform many sexual
acts and they eventually form a close life-long ménage-a-tois.

Final scenario from Book One:

Some three or four weeks later, Milla answered the telephone.

'Milla dear, it's me.'

'Oh hi, Rob darling. How's it going?'

'Fine. Listen could you go into town and do a little shopping for me

'I think so. What do you want?'

'I want you to buy Gemma a smock. No sleeves and just little strings
over the shoulders. It's got to be very loose on her, and a low neckline.
You know when she leans over, plenty of tit. No bodice or waist band at
all and fairly short but flared out and very loose around the hem. Can you
imagine what I mean.'

'Only too well, my dirty old man, but I'm not sure if I could ever find
something like that in a shop. I'll pop into Margaret's and get her to run
something up. I'm sure she can. Any colour or do you want it see-through

'White, I think. Something that looks as though she's wearing nothing
underneath. Oh, yes. Get a pair of white cotton knickers too. Small and

'Anything else? A lollipop, maybe?'

'No that's it. Do you think you can find something?'

'Probably, darling but it would have been nice to give me a few days

'Sorry, couldn't.'

'What have you got in store for her? I'll bet you've got a hardon.'

'Just a little surprise. Oh, by the way we'll have a guest for dinner.
Nothing special, but near the end of the meal, accuse Gemma of being
naughty and disobedient. Don't tell her before hand though. And yes, it
is hard.'

'Who's coming?'

'Wait and see but it's male.'

'Are you going to show off our wife's charms, Rob?'

'Wait and see.'

'I'm wet between the legs already.'

'Put MBF to good use then.'

'I'm winding it up already. I've got to rush, darling there's no time
to lose.'

'Gemma, dear,' Milla called.

'Yes, Milla?'

'We have a guest for dinner, darling. Go and shower now would you.
I've laid out your clothes on the bed. Don't wear anything else please,

Gemma knew she was to be the centre of tonight's entertainment. It
always went that way. If she had to wear anything that Milla chose she
knew sex was involved and she would finish the evening not wearing
anything. And yet a guest? She had never been made to display herself to
anyone but Milla and Rob. They're probably playing tricks on me again.

'O.K., Milla. I won't be long. Will I wear perfume?'

'Of course. Something subtle. A gentleman's coming.'


She ran upstairs and saw the clothing laid out. It was new and very
brief, she realised. Oh, I am on show for the gentleman, she told herself.

BOOK TWO Chapter One

The doorbell rang and all three went to the door, Gemma wondering who
this gentleman caller could be that required her Aunt to dress her in such
brief clothes.

"Gemma, this is Eric," Rob introduced a young man to Gemma. He's only a
boy really thought Gemma as she smiled at the visitor.


"Hello, Gemma. We're cousins, you know," the boy told her, holding out
his hand, almost intensely.

"Hello, Eric," Milla said as she came in. "What a surprise to see you.
Gosh you've grown. How old are you now? Sixteen?"

"No, Aunt Milla. I turned eighteen a few weeks ago."

"He's a young eighteen, don't you think, Milla?" Rob added.

"You certainly look younger. Are you on holidays?"

"No, I've been moved here with my new job. They've put me up in an
apartment and all, but I didn't have time to call and tell you. Actually
I'm only a few blocks away so I suppose I'll be able to see you often."

"That's nice," Milla said but Gemma noticed she didn't mean it very

"Actually, Gemma," Rob explained. "Eric's my nephew, on my sister's
side and you're Milla's niece on her sister's side so you're quite a way
apart in family terms. But I thought it would be good for you to meet Eric
now he's here in town."

Gemma saw her newly found cousin staring at her and realised the dress
she wore had definitely caught his eye. She knew it fell over her body
very loosely and the neckline was so low he had a good view of swelling
cleavage. When she leaned forward in front of the mirror, she had seen
almost all of both tits and she must remember not to bend over in front of
him. Of course, Milla made sure she wasn't wearing a bra. The hem barely
covered her panties and they were so small and tight that little was
covered down there. Yes, they were really going to make her display her
charms somehow tonight. It made her nervous and yet highly excited too.
Someone new was going to see more of her than that someone expected.

"You look lovely, Gemma," Rob said kissing her cheek. "Very pretty
indeed. Doesn't she, Eric?"

"Oh, yes, very pretty. Ha, ha," he laughed uneasily to cover his
nervousness, and they all saw he was quite shy in front of his female

"Well, dinner's ready so you can show Eric in, Rob," Milla said and as
she walked past her husband added in a low voice, "It gets better and

They talked about family for most of the meal, family Gemma had never
heard of. They learned that Eric had arrived only a few days ago and his
job was little more than a lowly paid clerk.

"The opportunities are very good though," he added trying to add a
little prestige to his position.

"I'm sure they are. Work hard and it will all fall into place, no
doubt," Rob agreed. "Now, Milla. How's your day been?"

"Oh, alright, I suppose," she replied vaguely.

"You sound as though there were some troubles?"

"Well some. But we don't want to worry Eric about it."

"No, tell me," Rob pressed. "Eric won't mind, will you?"

"Certainly not," he agreed almost pompously.

"I didn't want to worry you, Rob dear, but..."

"But what?"

"Well, it's Gemma..."

"What?" Gemma exclaimed in surprise.

"She's been so naughty today. She..."

"Milla I hav... "

"Be quiet, Gemma," Rob said firmly. "Go on dear, what's happened?"

"I've been so busy with Eric coming and all, and she's been disobedient
and wouldn't help at all. I was so disappointed with her. You'll have to
have a word with her."

All eyes were now on the disgraced girl. So this is how they're going
to do it, she told herself, smart enough not to continue objecting. If Rob
intends to display her charms there's nothing much I can do but play along.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Milla. I really didn't mean to be so nasty. I was
tired, I guess."

"You guess? I'm amazed you can sit here and try to excuse yourself
after all your aunt's done for you. Go up to your room and take the strap
with you."

"Oh, Uncle, not that please. It hurts so much." If I was in films, she
thought, I'd win an Oscar.

"On second thoughts, I'll punish you in the living room right after

"But Eric's here..."

"It's not him I'm punishing young lady. What I've said is final. Now
clear up the dishes and when you've washed up, present yourself and the
strap to me. Understood?"

"Yes, Uncle Rob." She sniffed as though she were holding back tears.

"Come on, Eric. We'll retire to more comfortable surroundings and await
the naughty girl."

Eric looked back at Gemma as he left, anticipation spread all over his

Gemma hated washing dishes at the best of times but to know she was then
to receive a beating and in front of some pimple faced boy she'd never met
before left her stricken. Well, she consoled herself; I usually get to
have an orgasm when Rob gets in one of these moods. It's all for that
boy's benefit anyway, she told herself. She felt the stirrings in her
loins already. At least I'm wearing panties.

She coughed as she stood in the doorway, a large black strap in hand.

"So the naughty girl's arrived for her punishment. You took your time,
young lady. I should double the strokes for slowness."

"Please don't, Uncle. It hurts so much when you give me the strap."

"I'm really sorry about this, Eric," Rob said apologetically. "But when
one is due to be strapped, it must take place straight away, otherwise the
impact is lost."

"I understand perfectly," the boy said wide-eyed, looking at Gemma as
though she were already naked.

"Good. Well come on, you naughty girl. Give me the strap." He took it
without even looking at Gemma. "How many does she deserve, Milla?"

"We...ll, she was quite terrible I must say and all day too. I think
ten would be appropriate."

"Ten it is. Now, miss, stand in front of Milla and apologise and you'd
better mean every word you say. I assume you're wearing panties under that
dress. It's very short."

"Yes, Uncle. I am."

"Lucky for you," he said then added to Eric, "Girls these days don't
seem to wear anything under their skirts most times from what I hear." Eric
just shook his head obediently. He was sitting opposite Rob and Milla who
were on the sofa.

"I'm truly sorry, Aunt Milla. I was beastly and deserve my punishment.
Please forgive me."

"Now kiss her?" Gemma had to lean over to do so and knew she was giving
Milla an eyeful of breasts while Eric would see she was definitely wearing
knickers. She winked at her aunt and wife with a smile that said she was
enjoying it all, really.

"In front of me, please," Rob, demanded. "Slip your panties down
please, Gemma."

"Oh no, not in front of Eric. Please, Uncle Rob," she pleaded but Eric
couldn't see the mischievous smile on her face.

"Don't dilly dally, girl. He's family after all. I'm sorry about this
Eric," he said magnanimously. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Oh, no, Uncle, not a bit" he said shifting self-consciously in his

"Lower them, Gemma."

She looked around to see his eyes quickly move from her behind to
somewhere across the room. His face flushed with excitement.

Gemma bent forward slightly and lifted the back of the smock to hook her
thumbs in the elastic band. Then slowly, very slowly she slipped the white
cotton over her bottom cheeks and down her thighs to her knees.

"Right off please," she was told. She sighed again in capitulation,
letting the knickers fall to the floor. As she stepped out of them, Rob
picked them up, and threw them further into the centre of the room, much
nearer to the wide-eyed Eric.

"Now, Gemma. Kiss the strap please. Kiss it with your open lips for
the discipline it will teach you." Gemma looked at her uncle and then down
to the strap where it was laying across his knee. He had no intention of
lifting it up.

She thought at first that she would bend her knees and kneel down to do
the deed but thought better of it and leaned completely over, her back
parallel to the floor and held her lips against the leather strip for
several long seconds.

Long enough for Eric to see almost all she had to offer. At least she
was not made to open her legs and she kept them tightly clamped together.
But she was in little doubt that the boy sitting opposite, saw all the way
up her bottom crease and probably her anus as well.

Gemma purposefully looked around at Eric but this time he made no move
to avert his eyes, which were glued to her forbidden fruit.

He was breathing fast and heavily. He's seen it all, oh well, she
sighed to herself.

Rob sat sideways so his knees were facing Milla beside him and touched
the edge of the sofa.

"Over my knees, young lady," he glared at her fiercely.

This is it then, she told herself. Over his knees this way means my
legs will be pointing straight back at Eric. And then, no doubt, good ol'
Uncle Rob will make me spread my legs and guess what Eric gets to see.

She was not wrong. Once she laid over him, her vulva being pressed by
an already stiff member, she was made to place her hands over her head,
which automatically pulled the short smock above her bottom cheeks. She
then felt his hand slip between her knees and by the time he had finished,
her feet were at least two feet apart and the vee opened directly towards
Eric's chair.

But Rob wasn't finished yet. With his right hand clutching one of her
bottom cheeks tightly, he pulled her smock as far up her back as he could
until the bunched up material caught tightly against her breasts and
wouldn't move further.

Practically naked, Gemma laid her face on the sofa, her eyes on Milla
for comfort and waited for the first blow.

Milla was captivated by Eric as she watched him intensely. He in turn
had no eyes except for the young girl's exposed posterior. He had never
seen a naked female buttock let alone all that came with it. A hairless
slit opened its lips directly at him and the crinkly bottom hole was
clearly visibly nestled in the centre of her bottom crease. He watched as
Uncle Rob's hand stroked the backs of each thigh, fingers slipping lightly
into the vee as they reached the crease and then up and over each bottom
cheek. Eric wished he was in Uncle Rob's place. He wanted to feel his
hand there instead. It was very exciting.

His eyes showed his excitement but the bulge and particularly the large
wet spot that was growing over the front of his trousers told Milla all she
needed to know. In fact his reaction was quite understandable and
expected, she told herself. She looked down then and her eyes never left
Gemma's face until all strokes had landed.

No word was spoken as Rob lifted the strap and brought it down the first
time. Gemma's behind jumped with shock as it landed right across both
cheeks. It was hard and it stung terribly. She cried out with the second
and louder when the third landed near her bottom hole.

Rob wasn't lifting his hand high because he had little room to swing and
then bring the leather strip down on the tender flesh which was tucked
tightly into his lap. But he brought each one down as hard as he could and
enjoyed the feelings her grinding pubis gave to his engorged cock below.

At four she cried out for mercy, that it was killing her and she
couldn't stand it any more. The fifth brought a shriek of pain as the tip
bit deeply into her labia and she moved a hand down to protect herself, at
the same time, clenching her legs and bottom together.

Rob wasn't fazed at all. He coolly said, "Halfway there. If you don't
resume your stance immediately, we'll start all over again."

She reacted instantly, spreading her legs far wider than they were
before and replaced her hand on her head. It's degrading, she told
herself, and bloody well hurts.

The sixth cracked firmly against burning flesh and she began to cry
aloud, genuine tears caressing her cheeks as Milla laid a hand on her elbow
in comfort. Her wailing continued through seven, eight and nine, her
bottom clenching tighter with each cut, now scarlet red from the battering.

Rob waited before lifting his arm for the last time and then pulled the
girl's arms down her back.

"For the last one, miss, I want you to hold your bottom wide open, as
wide as you can. Come on now."

"I can't make it any wider, Uncle Rob," she said plaintively. "It hurts
so much."

Eric's mouth fell open, his eyes wider than before.

"Just hold still." He changed hands, raised the strap and landed it
along the open crease, biting cruelly into her anus and vagina.

"Iiieeeee," the poor girl squealed at the top of her voice as she pulled
herself upwards, vainly trying to make the hurt go away. She stood up, her
hands massaging the burning tenderness, turning around on the spot,
uncaring that she was displaying her nakedness to the drooling boy.

"Oh it hurts so much. Why did you have to strap me so hard, Uncle Rob?
Oh, I can't stand it any more." She slumped down onto the carpet, rubbing
her vagina with the palm of her hand. Loud sobs of pain slowly subsided.
"Milla, please help me. I've got to go to bed," she pleaded.

"Not yet, miss," her tormentor declared. "That was Milla's punishment.
You still have mine to come."

"Please, Uncle Rob," she whimpered from genuine pain. "I couldn't take
any more. Let me go, please."

"I'll give you a few moments to compose yourself," he said. "And then I
think an enema is called for."

"Oh please, Uncle Rob, not that. I've endured enough already. I
promise I'll be good in future."

"Yes, an enema and I think BP number three. That's the big one."

She capitulated. "Yes sir. Whatever you say."

"That's better. We'll make a good girl out of you yet. Come on,
upstairs. We'll be gone for a while," Rob said to Eric and Milla. "I'm
sure that's given you plenty to talk about."

He pushed Gemma in front of him and as they reached the stairs they
heard him say, "Remove your dress, you won't need it." Gemma lifted it over
her head without objection and Eric watched her red behind bounce up the

Chapter Two

They sat there for what Milla would describe as a pregnant pause, she
waiting to see if Eric would say something. He avoided her eyes and tried
to cover the wet patch on his trousers.

"We won't go up," Milla explained. "It's rather personal what Rob is
doing to Gemma, you know."

"Oh, yes?" It was more of a question.

"You do know what an enema is, Eric?"

"Um. Well... I mean I think... ." He shuffled uncomfortably in his

"I can explain if you like."

"Um, yes I think... ."

"It's nothing really. He's just giving her something to clean her
bowels out. Gemma will lay on the bed with her knees up and Rob will put a
tube into her anus. Her bottom hole, you know?"

"Oh, yes, I understand." His face was bright red but he still listened.

"Good. She will then lay still while soapy water runs into her bottom,
right inside you know, as much as she can take. Then she sits on the
toilet and everything inside her just gushes out. That's why Rob removed
her dress, so she doesn't soil it. He gives me one sometimes, makes me
feel marvellous afterwards." Then she added, "Actually, I think Rob likes
to see his niece like that. Without her dress on, I mean. She is very
pretty to look at like that."

"Oh," he wriggled.

"She'll be back soon. It takes about twenty minutes."

"Oh," he repeated, unable to think of anything to say.

"If you're embarrassed, I'm sure she'll put her dress back on before she
returns, so don't worry about that."

Milla saw the disappointment spread across his face.

"I watched you while she was being punished, Eric. It aroused you,
didn't it?"

"I've... I've never seen anything like that before," he stammered.

"I'm not surprised. I hope you couldn't see too much where you were
sitting. You couldn't see between her legs, could you? That's a very
private place for such a young girl."

"Oh, no, Aunt Milla," he gushed. "I couldn't...," He was unable to
speak but the redness foretold the untruth.

"I think maybe you did, Eric. Don't be untruthful. I can see how red you face has gone. Did you see right between her legs, Eric? It's not
your fault if you did, I just want to know."

"Well, yes I could actually," he acknowledged, nodding his head and
trying desperately not to catch her eyes.

"Oh, dear. Everything? I suppose it's when Rob made her spread her
bottom at the end."

"Yes, that's it. Then I did." He was decidedly uncomfortable.

"I don't suppose you've seen a girl's vagina before?"

"No, Aunt Milla."

"That was what excited you then? I mean I saw the bulge in your
trousers and that large wet spot tells me you were very aroused. Has the
swelling gone down yet?"

Her questions were so matter of fact that he found it hard not to reply
and yet inside he was as embarrassed as he could ever remember.

Milla went on. "You shouldn't be embarrassed, Eric. I mean I'm not
that much older than you are and I know how excited Rob used to get when we
were your age. The least little thing we did and his manhood rose and
started leaking. It's a natural thing for young men. I can imagine what
you are going to do when you get home tonight as well. Rob told me every
time he wanked himself off while we were engaged and it was nearly always
after we had been necking heavily. I was quite happy for him to do that
because it helped to relieve the frustration of not having sex until we
were married. After that though, we just fuck..." She stopped and
pretended embarrassment. "Well we won't go into that just now."

She saw that her talking had returned his erection to almost full
strength and in the absence of any response from him, she asked, "You do
wank off, don't you, Eric."

His face rose to the brightest crimson and all he could do was nod his
agreement, both hands clenched to the arms of his chair, knuckles white.

"Yes, I was sure you did. All young men do," she said matter of factly,
standing to pick up the white panties from the floor. "They're pretty
skimpy but you can have them if you like," she said handing them to him.
"Rob used to tell me how wonderful my panties felt when he took them home
and masturbated into them." You can bring them back when you come over next
time. I'll wash them so you won't have to hang them on a line yourself."

"Than... thank you, Aunt Milla." He stuffed the garment into his pocket
with obvious embarrassment.

"Did you get spanked when you were younger, Eric?"

"Sometimes," he said.

"By your dad?"

"Mostly Mum."

"On your bare bottom? Over her knee?"

"A few times, I think," he muttered and then with more conviction,
"Mostly Mum used a ruler on my legs."

"I'll bet that hurt."

"Yes, a lot more than my bottom."

"Did you get excited when she spanked your bottom?"

"Excited? Oh, you mean um, like this? I think so."

"How long ago was that then?"

He thought for a moment. "I think I was about twelve."

"Ah, yes. A long time ago," she agreed, then reminisced. "Rob was
never spanked like that but my Daddy punished me that way all the time.
Not the same as Rob did to Gemma but he made me lift my dress up and
usually spanked me over my panties. It never really hurt, just my pride."

"Um," Eric stammered, and then with more courage went on. "So you never
had to bare your bottom?"

"Oh, Eric," she grinned slyly at him causing all the false courage to
dissolve at once.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, Aunt Milla."

"Of course you did, don't be silly. I don't mind talking to you about
something like that. Remember what Rob said? You're family. It's O.K.
to talk about private things to family, you know. Yes, well there were a
few times, usually after I'd been very naughty, that Daddy slipped my
panties off. But he never touched me as intimately as Rob touches Gemma."

"Did it hurt more?"

"No, I think Daddy was an old softie at heart. It was usually just a
few pats on the behind."

She watched him for a moment and he squirmed in his seat.



"When you looked at Gemma's vagina. What did you think?"

"Oh, I don't know," he said. "It was such a surprise, I never expected
to see anything like that." He was quiet for a moment then added very
seriously, "I think it was very pretty, Aunt Milla."

"Yes it is, isn't it? I don't suppose you've seen a girl's breasts uncovered either?"

"Um, only at the beach. But I didn't know them. The girls, I mean," he
added quickly.

"It's different when you know the girl, I'm sure," Milla agreed
seriously. "Well I think they should be down soon. Gemma's bottom will be
very sore."

"Yes. Uncle Rob sure spanked her."

Milla was right and Eric saw them walking back down the stairs soon
afterwards, Gemma with her smock back on, a simple smile on her face.

"How do you feel now, darling?" Milla met her with a big hug.

"A lot better, thank you Aunt Milla," she replied, as the two women

"Come and let me see." She took Gemma by the hand and sat down on the

"Hm, it certainly is red, darling. Rob did you bring the cold creme

"I knew you'd ask," he laughed, throwing a tube of ointment in her lap.

"Bend over, dear, and I'll stop the burning in no time."

Gemma wasted no time, putting her hands on her knees and pushing her
bottom towards Milla's hand.

That action, of course, dropped the front of her smock down and gave
Eric the first glimpse of his cousin's pointed breasts. Milla knew because
from the back she could see right through the garment, the bottom falling
right away and Gemma's breasts pointing straight to the ground. Everyone
knew. Eric saw Milla's face through the opening in the garment and their
eyes met in understanding. Rob knew for he too could see her tits through
the neck of her dress and Gemma certainly knew but the way Milla was
soothing her soreness was so good she had no intention of changing her

Eric couldn't see what Milla was doing nor knew that she was massaging
the creme into the pouting vaginal and anal openings. But his cock jumped
when he saw Milla's hands move up and cup each breast under the smock, and
then realised Milla was looking straight into his eyes. His mouth opened
in shock and then an incredible feeling started to erupt inside his
trousers. He had jerked himself off many times but this made him more
sensitive than any orgasm he had achieved for himself.

"I've got to go to the toilet," he gasped, running out with hand clasped
to his crotch.

The others giggled softly amongst themselves at his predicament, Gemma
beginning to gurgle with pleasure as her climax approached. Milla held her
firmly until the shuddering subsided. "You deserved that, at least," she
said, taking the girl in her arms. Gemma sat on the edge of her bottom,
curled up on the sofa, fully contented.

"I see you put the large butt-plug in," Milla said to Rob.

"Yes, well she'll be ready for me tomorrow now."

"Did you fuck?"

"No, but I need to now."

"Not until Eric leaves though."

"I can wait that long even if my nephew can't. It was funny wasn't it?"
The three of them developed fits of silent laughter, tears streaming down
Rob's face.

"Gemma darling, your bottom's showing you know," Milla said, softly
patting a reddened cheek.

"He's seen everything I've got," she said. "Another peek won't hurt me,
I suppose."

"But it might, him."

"His lucky night," the relaxed teenager said. "He might get to shoot
his load a second time."

"I doubt it, darling. Not with what he's gone through tonight. Still
one more sight won't do any harm. Might bring him back like a bear to the
honey pot."

"And I've got the honey pot," Gemma said smiling into Milla's eyes.
"Oops. Can he see the butt-plug?"

"Indeed you have, darling and no, I don't think he can."

Eric finally returned, his coat over his arm trying to cover up the
large wet stain.

" I think I should be getting along, Uncle Rob. Thank you for a lovely
meal, Aunt Milla," he said seriously, shaking her hand.

"And the after dinner entertainment, Eric? Shouldn't you thank Gemma
for that?" Milla suggested mischievously.

"Oh, yes. That? Of course. Gemma it... was... nice... to...
see... your... bottom," he said slowly as though in a trance as he saw her
bottom poking from beneath her smock. Then realising what he had said and
the fact he was staring downwards, added, "I mean, it was nice to meet you.
Well, bye."

He turned to go. "Oh, Eric. We'd like you to come back soon," Milla
said. "What about this coming weekend? You could come on Friday night and
go straight off to work the following Monday. I'm sure we'd love to have
you back, wouldn't we?" She looked to the other two for support.

"Oh, yes, do come, Eric," Gemma smiled at him.

"Yes do, Eric," Rob confirmed.

"Oh gosh, thanks. What time on Friday?"

"As early as you can, dear," Milla said. "Gemma will be here to keep
you company."

"Oh, right. Thank you, Aunt Milla. I'll see you all on Friday then.

"Goodbye, Eric dear," Milla pecked his cheek.

"Now can we fuck? I'm desperate," Rob whined as he closed the door.

They walked upstairs, arm in arm. "You've got to be careful," Gemma
said. "My botty's still very sore."

"I'll kiss it better, darling," Rob promised.

"By the way, darling," Milla said. "Eric thinks your pussy is very

"Is that what he said? I could think of better words than that," the
teenager smiled.

"So could I."

The next evening, all three were sitting in the living room. Rob and
Milla were reading but Gemma had laid her book down and had half turned so
her cheek was laying against the back of the sofa in contemplation.




"Hmm? What is it darling?"

"Have you ever been raped?"

"My goodness. What brought that on?"

"I've just read about rape in my book. You know, "Sexual Joys". They
say it is the worst thing that a woman can endure. Why is that?"

"Now that's some question," she declared putting the book down. "You
want to talk, don't you?"

"That would be nice, Milla. I've been thinking about so many things,
and you know all the answers."

"Ha, ha, alright then. No, I've never been raped. Not unless you call
what Rob does to us sometimes, as rape. Then we've both definitely been
raped. Many times. No, when someone comes and forces himself upon you,
penetrates your most inner soul, shoots his unwanted sperm inside you and
probably beats you unmercifully into submission first so he can have his
way more easily, then that's rape. It makes me sick to the stomach to
think what turmoil raped women go through. It sends many mad. Quite mad."

"It must be awful."

"Yes it is. Something I hope never happens to either of us."

"I'd want to cut his cock off," Gemma decided.

"I'm sure many of the women think that. I agree."

"Hmm." Gemma stared into space for some time.

"Milla. Were you a virgin, you know like I was, when you met Rob? Did
he deflower you?"

"Now that's a question I'd like answered," Rob said, putting down his

"We are getting into intimate secrets tonight, aren't we?"

"I was just wondering," Gemma smiled slyly at her wife.

"Well, darling. You are my dearest wife so there's no secrets I'd ever
keep from you."

"Then did he?"

"Take my virginity? He thinks so, but he didn't."

"What?" The injured husband bellowed, jumping from his chair and
standing over his wife. "What did you say? I did. You bled like a pig and came like a rabbit in heat. How can you say it was someone else."

"Come here," Milla smiled up at him, catching his collar and pulling his
face down to hers. "Gotcha," she said kissing his lips hard.

"You are a bitch, you know that?" He smiled back at her and then nipped
the tip of her nose with his teeth.


"You deserved worse." Satisfied he had not been wronged, he returned to
his book.

"Was it on your honeymoon, or before, Milla?" The young one continued
her questions.

"He never had the chance before he stood up and said "I do"."

"So you were a virgin when you were married?"

"Just like you," Milla smiled back.

"Yes," Gemma smiled. "That's nice isn't it?"

"I'm glad you're pleased."

"Did he touch you though, before? You know, under your dress?"

"Oh, we did lots of petting, even before we were engaged. I called him
'Groper' because his hands were all over me whenever we were alone. Well,
at first it was just to the underwear line. Stroking my panties or my bra.
You know. He did that for a long time before his fingers ventured

"Was it nice? Doing naughty things?"

"Oh yes. I would get home sometimes almost unable to breath because I
was so aroused. Very sexy it was." Milla was smiling at the memories that
were returning to mind.

"Did you touch his cock too?"

"Not for a long time. I just stroked his face and sometimes put my hand
inside his shirt. He liked it I know but I was too shy. It doesn't sound
possible now, does it?"

"No," Gemma laughed. "But then, you touched me under my skirt lots of
times before I did it to you."

"That's true. But you like it now, don't you?"

"You bet. Sex it beautiful, you taught me that, Milla. And Rob, too."

"Do you remember when he touched your bare tits the first time, Milla?
And when he touched your pussy?"

"I'll never forget. It happened on the same day." Milla answered.
"We'd found this lovely little stream right up in the mountains. No one
else anywhere around and a little grassy bank where we had a picnic. It
was a warm sunny day and we were both quite happy after drinking a couple
of glasses of wine. We were really in love by that time and somehow we'd
got to sitting in each other's lap and close together. You know, he was
sitting down with his legs wide apart and I was sitting between them,
facing him with my legs around each side of him."

"I won't forget that day either, Milla," Rob added as he listened.

"So what happened?" Gemma was enthralled.

"Well we had our arms around each other and were getting pretty
passionate. He was pushing his cock into my crotch..."

"Gosh, were you undressed?" Gemma asked in anticipation.

"Goodness, no. We were both fully clothed, but out kissing was
definitely naked. We hardly came up for air, and he pushed his tongue
inside my mouth for the first time. I nearly swooned."

"She nearly had an orgasm," Rob corrected.

"That too," she agreed glancing at her husband with a smirk. "Anyway,
it wasn't long before Rob began to undo the buttons on my blouse, right
down the front and then pulled it out of my skirt. I wanted him to do it
so much, Gemma. It was so sexy, that first time."

"Go on, Milla. What next."

"You can guess the next bit. He had my top uncovered for the very first
time and just a bra in his way of paradise. After kissing and slobbering
over all the skin he could touch, would you believe, when he put his hands
around my back he had no idea how to unclasp my bra. You would've laughed.
He was fiddling around for ages and obviously getting very frustrated and I
had to push him back and do it myself. I held it to my chest with one hand
and used the other to undo it, then slid each arm out of the straps and
just held it to my chest, looking at him with such innocent eyes. I can
picture it now."

"Yes, and I had to force your fingers open to get it away from you," Rob

"Well, I was shy. Nobody had ever seen my breasts like that," Milla
defended herself.

"They were some tits though. I remember nearly coming in my pants when
I saw them."

"I wanted him to touch me so badly but all he did was stare at them,
almost drooling but doing nothing but stare. I finally had to whisper to
him to kiss them," Milla reminisced.

"And he did, I'll bet."

"He nearly bit my nipples off," she replied. "Once he got the first
touch he just went mad. I thought he wanted to eat them."

"Ha, ha. What did he do then, Milla?"

"He poked them, mauled them, squeezed them, pinched them, stroked them,
stared at them, licked them, sucked them, kissed them and slobbered over
them. Honestly, they were covered in his spit but it all felt very nice.
It was the first time he had them in the open, so to speak. Of course,
later on, not that day but afterwards, he even made love to them. Lot's of
times I must say."

"What does that mean, Milla?"

"What? Make love to them? Well he sort of put his cock between them
while I held them tight together and... you know." Milla seemed almost
embarrassed at the disclosure.

"You mean he... he masturbated himself on your tits?" She looked at her
aunt incredulously. "Did he come doing that?"

"Every time, I tell no lies. After he did it once, my hand wasn't as
much fun as stroking his big thing between my breasts. Messy though. You
never knew where the sperm was going to shoot. Sometimes between them but
mostly the end was poking through and it shot over my neck and lots of
times into my face."

"That must have been awful at the time," Gemma agreed. "But it makes me
feel naughty when he does it on my face. Did you let him keep doing it
like that."

"It was his biggest pleasure, but we had to be in places where no one
could possibly see us so the times were a bit limited, I suppose. Anyway,
back to my story on the river bank. Here I was, sitting between his
thighs, his big hard cock pushing at my pussy through his jeans, me naked
from the waist up, my breasts shining with saliva, and he started to unzip
my skirt. I had never had my clothes off in front of him before and he was
pleading to let him see me naked. Imagine it. I was younger than you,
then, just turned sixteen, alone in the wilds of the mountains and him
wanting me to strip buck naked."

"I think I would have done it," Gemma giggled.

"Secretly I wanted to as well. Anyway, I looked seriously at him and
told him I would let him but only if he promised not to undo any of his
clothes. Should have heard him whining, it was pathetic. But I remained
firm and he finally agreed."

"Oh, you are naughty, Milla."

"I know. Still am. So little miss innocent stood up and dropped her
skirt on the grass and then let him pull her panties down. All he could
see was my curly hair because I kept my legs closed. I remember squeezing
them real tight so all he could do was look. It didn't take me long to get
cold feet and I grabbed my clothes and ran behind the car and got dressed."

"Spoiled sport."

"That's what I thought when I went back but he was still sitting there,
he hadn't moved. I asked him if he was pleased and he told me I was the
most beautiful sight he had ever seen. It was so wonderful, Gemma. My
boyfriend thought I was beautiful."

"Still do," Rob said.

"I loved him so much that for the first time ever, I knelt down, took
his cock out of his jeans and sucked him until he came." She was smiling at
Rob as she remembered. "Didn't take him long to come at all, if I remember

"Did you swallow it, Milla?" The cheeky girl asked.

"Good heavens, no. I didn't have the courage to do that until Rob made
me, after we were married."

"Men are beasts," Gemma agreed, nodding her head.

"Just occasionally, young lady," Rob cautioned her.

"Milla, was Rob a virgin when you got married?"

"Rob?" Milla looked at him to answer.

He coughed and turned his head away. "Well, miss nosy britches," he
finally said. "I had dabbled a couple of times before I met Milla," he
said. "But I did tell her about them."

"And he fucked one even after he started going out with me too," Milla

"Yes, well I did tell you. Later at least. It's just that you were
such a prude when we first went out and this opportunity turned up. I was
bursting, you know."

"He didn't tell me until after we were married. I think he got a fit of
the guilts. But he could fuck so well, still does, darling, that I
couldn't be mad. Besides, he told me just as I was coming one time. What
could I do? So I made him do me again."

"Ha, ha, nice one, Milla."

"Have I answered all your questions?"

"Yes, I think so. Thanks for being so open, Milla. I love hearing sexy
stories." She laid her face back on the sofa and became quiet again, her
thoughts a long way away.

Milla picked up her book and had just begun to read when she heard the
questioning voice again.


"What, Gemma? What?" Milla put the book down with exasperation.

"Do you think my Dad would want to fuck me?"

"I'm sure that's the only reason your mother got pregnant. He was
thinking about your sexy body and just climaxed into her by accident."

"Really?" She asked, shocked. "Wait a minute, I wasn't born then."

"Silly. How would I know? Anyway, I don't think your father ever got a
hardon. Your mother must have been artificially inseminated."

"Do you? Gosh. Then he mightn't be my father?"

"Gotcha, three times," she whispered, pecking the young girls lips.

"Oh, Milla, you're awful."

"No I'm not. Come on up to bed and I'll show you how Rob fucks my

"Oh, yes please," she agreed happily. Rob raced them up the stairs.

Chapter Three

It was just three o'clock on Friday afternoon when the doorbell rang.
Milla got there first with Gemma close behind.

"Hello, Eric. I'm glad you're so early. It gives us lots of time to
talk... and things," she added shrewdly, looking directly into his eyes.

"Hello, Aunt Milla. Gemma." He stepped in the door and held out his

"Is that the way to greet your aunt or your cousin. Come on here and
give me a big hug and a kiss." She pulled him into her arms and squeezed
tightly before planting an open mouthed kiss directly onto his lips.
"That's more like it. Now give the same to Gemma. She's been looking
forward to having here you all week."

Gemma moved just as quickly but her arm went around his neck, the other
pressing against his chest as she gave him the sexiest kiss she could. It
lasted longer than it should have, taking the boy's breath away.

"Have you looked forward to seeing me again, Eric dear?" She asked

"Phew. Yes. Oh, yes I have Gemma," he said trying to remain calm.

"Well come on into the living room and sit down. You must be tired
after a hard week at work."

"Oh, I'm all right, Aunt Milla."

"Now let's drop the aunt and uncle bit, Eric dear," Milla said sternly.
"It makes us sound old and distant and we certainly don't want to feel
distant now do we?"

"No I suppose not." He already felt ill at ease and didn't know why.
She was an overpowering lady and yet very attractive. Sexy even if she is
my aunt, he thought.

"Well you must call us Milla and Rob. And Gemma of course, but you
already call her that don't you? And you already know her pretty well
too," she added. "We all know how much you saw of her last time you were
here, don't we?"

"Yes. Well." He was speechless.

"Remember what I said? Don't be embarrassed we're all family. Now

"So what have you been doing with yourself, Eric?" Gemma asked.

"Oh, just the usual, I suppose, Gemma. Nothing special."

"That's too bad. Well I hope we can do some special things while you're
here this time. Special things are always exciting, aren't they?"

"Yes, I suppose they are," he agreed.

"Did you bring Gemma's underwear back, Eric?" He found Milla looking
directly at him with a knowing smile on her face.

"What underwear, Milla," Gemma asked innocently.

"I loaned him your panties that you discarded the last time he was here.
When you took them off, remember."

"Oh, those ones. What did you want them for, Eric?"

"Um. Well I took them because Milla gave them..."

"You know what boys do with girls panties, Gemma." She stroked her
crotch purposefully.

"Oh, that. Is that what you did, Eric? In my panties?"

"Aun... Um, Milla, could we talk privately please," he almost pleaded
and tried to stand up.

"Don't be silly, Eric. Gemma is just teasing. She knew I gave them to
you and what for. Did they feel nice?"

Eric was overcome with nerves. His face was so flushed it was burning
hot, his eyes couldn't focus on anything and his tongue seemed so thick he
couldn't get a word out.

"You just calm yourself, dear. I'll get them. Are they in your bag?"
Before he could even indicate, she had the small case open and found the
crumpled garment right on top.

"Ah. Here it is, and well used to, I think. There's more than one time
here isn't there, Eric?" She tried to straighten them out by stretching the
elastic waistband between her two hands but parts of the garment were
cemented firmly together. "They must have given you a wonderful time.
Good boy."

"Then... thank you, Milla," he stumbled, in such a dilemma he couldn't
think straight.

"Gemma, dear. Take Eric up to his room and show him around. Dinner
won't be until seven so you've got plenty of time. He might like to take a
shower, he's just got home from work."

"Sure, Milla. Come on, Eric," she smiled sweetly, walking ahead. On
the stairs her bottom was level with his face as they walked up and he
enjoyed the way each side jiggled with each step. She was wearing very
tight white shorts and a little top that left her middle bare. The ripples
in her spine enthralled him. He already had an erection just looking and
she was far more clothed than the last time he had been here.

"This is your room, Eric. Mine's that one straight across from yours
and the bathroom's next door to your room. Nice and convenient when you
have to get up in the middle of the night to pee," she giggled.

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Rob and Milla's is next to mine. I'll take you in there in a minute.
Will I unpack your case while you shower? I don't mind."

"No, it's alright. Thanks though."

"Well you can hang your clothes in the robe there and put your socks
and... and your underwear in these drawers." She sat down on the edge of
his bed. "Nice and comfy, these beds. Mine's like this too. You can come
and try it later. Oh, dear what would Milla say? Eric in my bed? No,
she'd just giggle I expect. She's very naughty, you know. Does things
that just makes you tingle all over."

"Does she?" He tried to sound casual and didn't want to go on with the

"Sure does. I'm sure you'll find out before long. I love her, I really

"Yes, she nice."

They paused for a moment and Gemma looked at him. "Well, are you going
to have a shower? You should you know. It's better to be very clean,
especially when Milla's around, but you'll learn about all that, I know."

"Then I suppose I should shower."

"Yes and wear clean underpants. You never know when..."

"When what?"

"Oh, it doesn't matter. Maybe I'll explain later. If you haven't
already learned by then yourself, that is."

"It's all so strange here, Gemma. I feel different when I'm here, don't

"It certainly is different," she agreed. "But it's the most exciting
place I've ever lived. They're very loving people, Milla and Rob and
everything is out in the open here. No secrets at all."

"That could be it. Milla doesn't mind talking about anything, does she?
Even the private things she comes out with. She's very different to what I

"That's what makes her exciting."

"Does Rob spank you like that often?"

"No, I think Milla got him to do it because you were here. Sort of
shock treatment." She laughed at the thought. "It shocked my bottom, I can
tell you."

For the first time since arriving Eric smiled. "Yes, I felt sorry for

"Not sorry enough when I was on show though, I'll bet," Gemma accused

"I was surprised," he said. "I've never seen a girl..."

"Naked? Well that was me. About as naked as you can be. I saw how it
thrilled you. You've no idea how much I giggled when you came in your
pants and rushed out." She giggled again at the thought.

"How did you...? Did Milla and Rob know?" His face was aghast at the

"Of course, silly. It was so obvious."

"Oh, no. What did they say?"

"They went into fits like me. Sex doesn't embarrass them, Eric. To
them it's just natural."

"Not like my parents, then."

"Nor mine," she agreed. "They'd have a fit."

"I know what you mean."

"Well, are you going to take a shower?"

"Yes, well..." He looked around. "Towels are in the bathroom. You can
undress here. You've brought a robe, haven't you?"

"Um, no I didn't think of it."

"Well it doesn't matter. Just make a dash."

"I think I'll go into the bathroom to change."

"Oh, alright," she said looking disappointed. "When you've finished,
I'll be in my room. You can come in, it's not out of bounds."

She walked out, smiling happily at him again.

Eric, my love, she thought. You haven't got a chance.

Her door was half open but he still knocked tentatively and waited.

"Come on in, Eric," she called. "Really, Eric. You don't have to
knock. Milla told you, you're family."

"But I thought you might be getting dressed."

"Or undressed. That would be your lucky day then, wouldn't it?"

"You're laughing at me, Gemma," he complained, blushing.

"No I'm not, Eric dear. It would be your lucky day if you walked in and
found me in the nuddy. I'd probably squeal and cover up quickly but you'd
sure get an eyeful first, I'll bet."

"Milla wouldn't like me doing that. Walking in without knocking, I

"She's very open minded, Eric. That's why no one shuts their bedroom or
bathroom doors, ever. It's one of Milla's house rules. She wants me to be
quite unconcerned about anyone looking at me no matter what I'm wearing.
Or not wearing for that matter. That's something I forgot to tell you.
You have to leave your door at least half open always. The same with the
bathroom or the toilet."

"I didn't know," he said apologetically. "I closed them when I took a

"Did she come up?"

"I don't think so."

"She would have walked inside to see why the door was closed if she had
been here so it looks as though you got away with it."

"Why does she do it, Gemma? Keeping our doors open, I mean. We don't
have any privacy at all."

"Well they never close their door either. They make love almost every
night and they never close it, even when Milla is crying out in ecstasy."

"Do you hear them doing it?" He was wide eyed at the thought.

"And see them if I want. It's easy to peek in when they're at it, they
never notice. You wouldn't believe some of the things they do."

"Oh, gosh," the red-faced boy was speechless again.

"Anyway if you wanted to be a peeping tom, Eric, you'd see all you want
if you sneaked up to my door. I never wear anything to bed and if it's a
hot night, I usually sleep on top of the covers."

"You do?"

"Sure. Rob sneaks in quite often and just looks for a while and then
goes and bonks Milla."

"Hits her? He doesn't, does he?"

"Not hits, stupid," she laughed. "You don't know much, do you? Bonking
is having sex. Fucking."

"Oh, I see. I hadn't heard that name before."

"I'm sure Milla will teach you a lot more before you leave. Doesn't it
excite you? All the things she talks about and does? Do you think she's

"I suppose so, but it sort of scares me too. I've never seen anyone
doing the things she does and I get so embarrassed I don't know where to
look next."

"Same with me when I first came to stay. But it didn't take me long to
love Rob and Milla with all my heart and I'd do anything for them now.
Anything they wanted me to do."

"Gosh, would you?" His face showed surprise.

"Maybe I shouldn't say this, Eric dear," she said seriously. "But I'm
sure Milla's only just started on you yet. Before long she'll have you
doing things you've never even thought about, and you'll find yourself
wanting more and more because she makes you feel so sexy. A few spankings
and you'll be hooked. Please don't tell her I told you. She'd beat my
butt blue if she knew."

"I won't. But she won't spank me," he stated unconvincingly. "She
wouldn't, would she?"

"I'll bet she does and I'll bet you get a hardon every time. Come
sometimes too, for sure.

"I'd die with embarrassment."

"I'll also bet that it won't be long before she has me parading myself
in front of you with absolutely nothing on, just to get you all hot and

"She wouldn't."

"Well I have to do it in front of Rob lots of times," she began
stretching her imagination, sure that his penis had risen firmly at the
thoughts she was conveying.

"What sort of...?" He gulped as his mind ticked over with naughty

"Oh, like taking my clothes off while he watches. You'd like to see
that wouldn't you?"

"I think so," he gulped. "But doesn't it upset you?"

"Not now. I like to do it. Makes me sort of powerful over him, almost.
Anyway, that's just one thing Milla makes me do sometimes."

"Gosh. What else does she make you do?"

"I thought it would get you excited. Well another thing I've done a few
times, well it's usually after Rob has fucked Milla a lot and can't get his
thing hard again. I have to lay on their bed with nothing on and play with
myself. You know touch myself between my legs. Rob gets really worked up
about that, especially if I make myself come. He starts to fuck her again
even before I've finished sometimes."

"Oh god, I think I'm going to come," he cried out. "Agh... Oh, that
was close," he said sheepishly.

"Maybe we'd better go for a walk and I'll show you upstairs. By the
way, don't have a climax without Milla agreeing, Eric. She'd eat you
alive. She'll be teaching you how to hold off coming but gets very angry if
you waste your orgasm without anyone else benefiting."

"Once it starts, I can't stop. Oh, I never thought I'd talk to anyone
about stuff like this."

"You'll get used to it, I promise. I suppose you're a virgin, Eric,
dear?" She always smiled at him when calling him "dear".

"I... I've never done it... um, with a girl, so I suppose I am."

"With a boy then?"

"God, no. Yuck, that's sick."

"Well I've done it with a boy and a girl."

"You have? Wasn't it awful? With the girl, I mean."

"The only boy that's done it hurt me dreadfully," she lied. "He took my
virginity and I haven't seen him since. The girl was soft and gentle and
I'll never forget her. It only lasted about ten minutes but it was

"We'll have to stop this. I'm so worked up." He was trying to hold his
trousers away from his throbbing penis. "Sorry," he said ridiculously and
Gemma bit her lip to stop herself laughing.

"Then let me show you my room. Not much, I suppose. Plenty of wardrobe
space and drawers for my things. Just like your room, really. I have to
use the same bathroom and toilet that you do."

"How will we know if the other one is using them?"

"By going in and looking. It probably won't be long before Milla has us
showering together anyway, if I know anything about her."

"Together? Oh, you're kidding, right?" A slight smile changed the line
of his mouth."

"Does that interest you, Eric dearest?"

"Yes, but I'd be embarrassed. At you seeing me, I mean."

"I got used to it," she consoled him.

She was about to move out when she saw him looking at her bedside table.

"Oh, I meant to cover that. It's my MBF if you must know."

"What's that?"

"Mother's Best Friend. A pretend cock that... you know."

He looked at her blankly.

"Oh, for goodness sake. I masturbate myself with it. Put it up my
pussy. Milla gave it to me."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise," he said vacantly, watching her place
a cloth over it.

"Keeps the dust off, not to stop you looking," she said. "You'll
probably catch me at it sometime, I guess."

His face was redly flushed again.

As she left the room she took his hand. "Now I'll show you their room.
I think they fuck in there more than they sleep."

It was twice as large as his room with a huge bed in the middle.
Mirrored walls around three sides and all the roof was one large mirror
too. "You can see everything you do in full colour," she smiled.
"Especially when you look at the roof."

She sat on the bed and laid back. "Come here and lay back," she urged
him. "Don't be shy. Now look up."

He saw themselves looking back down onto the bed, and blushed when Gemma
lifted her tank top to expose a breast and then quickly cover it again.
"See what I mean?" She looked at him and smiled.

"Yes." He smiled back. He was becoming very fond of this cheeky cousin.

"Look here, Eric." She walked into the ensuite, rather a larger bathroom
than the one they used. He saw the sunken bath and spa and the bar beside
it. Nothing seemed to be left out. The largest shower he had seen ran
across one end wall and had two shower nozzles and clear glass screens.

"Imagine what they do in here," she said. "They never close this door
either. Once when I had to perform for them in the shower, they were
fucking away in the spa bath while they watched me. Never hid themselves
from me at all and I wasn't allowed out until they'd finished. They're
really incredible, you know."

"I'll say."

"In here is their dressing room, just a big wardrobe really and behind
this door? Well I'm not allowed to tell you. I'm sure Milla will
introduce it to you sometime."

"What's in there?"

"I can't tell, Eric. I'm not allowed."

"Oh, alright. I'm sorry."

She went to the window behind the bed head. "Look down, Eric."

He saw a small walled garden, well maintained with immaculate lawn,
creepers all around with table and chairs and pool lounges spread around.
"They call it their secret garden. You can only get to it through Rob's
study and there's a locked gate up that end for the garden equipment. They
play a lot of their sexy games down there, but it's a good place to
sunbathe in your birthday suit. No one can see you except Rob and I don't
mind him looking at me like that. Not now, anyway."

"It looks lovely," he said. "Peaceful."

"Not if I'm getting a spanking," she said.

"I suppose not." He looked at her with growing interest.

"You can't have any part of me unless Milla tells you, Eric dear," she
said seeing the look in his eyes. "If you tried, Milla would probably send
you away, never to return. Would you want that?"

"Oh, no. Not that Gemma. I think I will like it here. I don't want to
go away."

"Then stop looking at me as though you can do whatever your dirty little
mind conjures up," she told him bluntly. "I'm not your plaything. Not yet
at least."

"Gemma, I'm sorry. Please, Gemma, I'm truly sorry," he pleaded.

"We'll go back downstairs now," she said without feeling, walking
quickly ahead of him.

Chapter Four

"You two were away a long time, Gemma. Is everything alright?" Milla
asked sounding uncertain.

"Oh, yes. All OK, Milla. He had a shower and changed his frillies and
then I showed him around upstairs."

"You told him about the house rules up there?"

"Yes, he knows."

"Good. We'll be eating alone this evening, I'm afraid, Eric. Rob is
delayed at work and won't be home until late. But that will give us more
time to get to know you, dear," she smiled innocently at him. "Goodness
knows, whenever Rob comes home, half of my time is taken up in the bedroom
and that wouldn't be fair on you, not this first weekend anyway. Well,
let's eat now and then we'll have some fun after dinner. I'm sure you'll
enjoy that, Eric."

"That will be nice." Eric looked at Gemma and she shrugged her

Milla was a good cook and fussed around the two young ones making sure
everything was just right for them. She finally removed all the dishes and
with a sigh, said, "Well that's that. I'll take a shower and change and
then we can have some fun. I won't be long."

When she'd disappeared, Eric asked, "What does she call fun, Gemma?"

"Life's full of surprises, Eric, darling.. I might have to entertain
you with..." She looked at him knowingly and winked.

"Oh, god," he groaned. "I don't know how I'll stop myself from making
another mess."

She smiled but said nothing and they waited with their private thoughts
until Milla returned.

"That feels better," she said. She was wearing a floor length nightgown
that hugged her body and made her look even slimmer than she was. The
bodice was comprised of lace and tied at the neck with a ribbon and three
buttons that ran down between her breasts.

"You look as though you're going to have a heart attack, Eric. Are you

"He's just stunned at your nightgown, Milla. I think his tongue's
hanging out," Gemma explained.

"What? Am I showing something?" She looked down at her bosom. "You
can't see through the lace, can you, Eric? Oh, you naughty boy." She
smiled as she chastised.

"No, Milla. I promise I can't. It's just that you look so... nice."

"That's a lovely compliment, dear," Milla said, reaching across to kiss
his cheek. "Now what will we do? We could play a game, or tell stories or
I have some wonderful videos. What would you like, Eric?"

The dumbfounded boy had no idea. He was expecting his aunt to begin on
him straight away or to make Gemma display herself or something like that.
But games or talks or videos tricked him completely. He was hoping on
something naughty, he told himself, even if it meant he would become
confused and embarrassed.

"Anything, Aun... Milla," he mumbled.

"Hm. Well for starters, you look out of uniform for a family evening.
You too, Gemma. Why don't you both race upstairs and change into your

"Oh, good," Gemma said, jumping up. "Which ones, Milla?"

"One of your nice ones, darling. Be pretty and use some perfume.
You've brought pajamas, haven't you Eric?"

"Oh yes, Milla."

"Then off you go." Gemma raced him upstairs to squeals of laughter, all
from her. Eric was back first in regulation cotton pajamas. At least it's
a plain colour, Milla told herself. I don't mind dark green. Gemma ran
down the stairs, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. "I like this one,
Milla." She stood directly in front of Eric and did a pirouette that any
ballet dancer would have been proud of. "What do you think, Eric?"

He saw a knee length nightgown, of soft peach colour that held her
breasts firmly in place but flared out from beneath her bustline so that if
she had spun any faster, the whole hem might have risen well above her
waist. "Milla says it is very accessible... for certain things," she
added softly. He could see the bust was tightened with a small zipper in
the back.

"It's very pretty, Gemma. I like it."

"That's nice to say, Eric," Milla smiled. "She had taken a lot of time
to make herself look beautiful for you, I'm sure."

She smiled at her uncomfortable nephew for some moments and then went
on. "One of the first things you'll have to learn in this houseful of
women, is how to show you love them properly. Perhaps we'll work on that
for a time and then watch a video to relax us all. Does that sound alright
by you?"

"Oh yes, Milla. Of course."

"Good. Well sit down beside me, darling, and we'll start."

The two younger ones sat either side of Milla on the sofa.

"It's all very cosy, isn't it? Have you kissed a girl, Eric? I mean
really kissed?"

"I kissed you and Gemma when I arrived," he said hopefully.

"But that was just a little peck," she said. "I mean kiss her like you
are about to take her to your bed and make passionate love to her. In this
house, that's the way to treat every lady, every time you see them, every
time you want to say thank you."

"No." He had to clear his throat. "No, I've never kissed anyone like

"Then that's what you'll learn tonight and you'd better never forget
from then on. We'll all expect to be treated properly in future.

"Yes, Milla," he agreed nodding his head and desperately not wanting to
meet her eyes.

"Well then, first I'll kiss you and will keep doing so until you respond
in the same way. Then you can keep kissing me for as long as I say."

She laid her shoulder into the back of the sofa and held her arms out to
him so that he had to move to her. She held him at arms length and looked
straight into his face. "My darling boy, thank you for coming to us this
evening. I have so looked forward to being with you."

With that she slowly brought his lips to hers, her mouth half open,
slightly smiling, and began kissing him. Her lips never stopped moving,
crushing, opening, sucking top then bottom lips, encircling the whole of
his mouth between her open red lips, tongue tickling his lips then forcing
itself inside, fighting to force his own tongue backwards, hands holding
his head firmly, fingers running through his hair, breathing heavy as the
thrill of the kiss began it's own arousal, both in her and him as well.
"Thank you, my darling," she kept whispering, waiting for his strength to
begin taking over, feeling reaction in him as his arms crushed her to his
chest, his breathing strong and demanding now, his teeth, nibbling, lips
forcing her lips apart, his tongue overwhelming her own, his body shivering
with nervous emotion.

"I love you, Milla," he whispered back.

Finally she had to break away, her own resolve beaten by this young amateur, her sexual being rising upwards until she felt the desperate need
to be forced. The need to climax, and yet the sensations still far away.

"Phew, Eric," Gemma smiled. "That was great. You didn't kiss me like
that when you arrived, that's for sure."

"I agree, Eric darling," Milla said between breaths. "You learn
quickly. I hope you don't forget as fast."

"I didn't know I could," he said smiling like a winner.

"Oh, I'll need more time to catch my breath," Milla said. "Show Gemma
how good you are darling, then I want another one."

"Oh boy," Gemma cried, changing places with her aunt. "I'm all yours,
darling," she purred.

He took her in his arms, firm arms that pulled her tightly to his chest,
his lips pushing her head backwards, fighting for total access to her ruby
red lips. The kiss lingered for what seemed a lifetime to Gemma and when
he pulled back, her head remained almost lifeless against his arm that was
around her shoulder. "Oh, Eric," she sighed, not wanting to leave his

"Give me another, Eric. Kiss me, Eric darling," Milla pleaded.

Eric was overwhelmed at his success, not realising that just a few
moments ago he had no idea of how to kiss a woman passionately, let alone
to bring responses out in them as they were showing now. He kissed Milla
again, and while she didn't respond quite as she had the first time, he was
pleased with his performance.

"You know how to take a girl's breath away, Eric," Milla confided.
"Wait until Rob sees you at work. He'll be impressed too."

"You'll tell Rob?" He was taken aback, frightened at the reaction her
husband might take.

"But of course. He knows everything we do. Don't worry, he won't punch
you in the nose."

"No but more likely stick a BP up his..."

"Gemma," Milla's voice snapped. "That's enough."

"Yes, Milla," she bowed her head.

"I think we all need a little relaxation after what you've learned,
Eric. Especially with that wet patch in your lap. Who caused that, me or

"Um, I think both of you, Milla. I'm still tingling inside."

"You must remember this, young man," she said looking him steadily in
the eye. "In this house as far as you two children are concerned, for that
is what you both are, when sexual prowess is involved, I and only I, will
decide when you are to have the privilege of orgasm. If you spill your
seed or Gemma masturbates herself to satisfaction without my approval, the
penalties will be severe. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Milla. Gemma told me so when we were upstairs."

"And then he was so close to sloshing off in his pants he nearly
fainted," she laughed. "All because of a little story I told him."

"You will learn to control your urges, Eric. I promise you that but
until you do, anything you see or do might be more than your feeble little
mind can hold back and you won't be able to stop it. The punishment will
be tenfold worse than the momentary pleasure you might feel. Think of me
as your cock teacher, Eric darling, for that is what I will be until you
pass the many tests I set you. They may take years of learning and
practice but your eventual graduation grants full access to the bodies of
Gemma and myself. But every failure sets you back to the very beginning

"Oh my g...," he looked at his aunt in astonishment. "Access to Gemma
and you, Milla?"

"The rewards are great, are they not?"

"Yes, but..."

"But not until many tests are passed with honours. It will not be easy.
By the look of your swollen cock already, not easy at all."

"I'm sorry, Milla," he apologised, red faced.

"So you understand all? Do and agree with anything I require and

"Yes, Milla. Thank you."

"Right, then let's relax. I've chosen a video that has something for
all of us. I think it's called a compilation, bits from several movies.
Gemma darling, you snuggle into me on this side, and Eric can keep me warm
on the other."

Both youngsters quickly fell into Milla's outstretched arms and made
themselves comfortable. Milla pressed the play button.

Two young girls knelt on a bed, facing each other, their knees touching,
holding hands. The cassette said the models were all over eighteen years
old but these two looked no more than fifteen or sixteen.

"They're twins, Milla," Gemma said. "Are they sisters?"

"I think so."

They watched as the girls leaned forward and commenced a heavy sexual
kiss, one hand touching breasts, the other curled around each other's neck.
They raised themselves upwards until both breasts were pressing against the
other's, still kissing, moans of pleasure being emitted. Soon, one rolled
onto her back, the other on top, the kiss unbroken.

Little words of love, of devotion to the other were heard between their
heated moans, pelvis pressed to pelvis. The sister on top quickly reversed
her position, her knees now straddling her sister's head while her own
mouth pressed into her sister's quim. Close-ups of tongues licking willing
and open vaginas, fingers circling clitoris, delving inside, withdrawing,
cries of pleasure.

The onlookers were enthralled, Gemma snuggling closer against her aunt,
Eric, his back pushing against his aunt's side, stared wide-eyed at a movie he could not have imagined. Milla opened a button on Eric's pajama jacket
and slid her hand inside to stroke his hairless chest, and half cupped one
of her niece's small breasts.

"Oh, it's beautiful, Milla. So beautiful." Gemma raised her lips and
Milla kissed them softly.

Eric remained silent but the tent above his crotch told the tale of his
arousal. The wet patch growing larger.

"If you feel something coming on, Eric, close your eyes for a moment to
let your cock take a rest," she whispered near his ear.

Finally the two sisters shuddered and screeched their way to perfect
mutual orgasms, eyes closed in rapture as the screen blackened.

"I'd like to do that, Milla. It was very sexy." Gemma said.

A head of hair filled the screen and as the camera moved back, the hair
moved backwards and forwards, until a girl with her back to the camera came
into view, kneeling in front of a well-dressed young man. The camera moved
side on to show his fully erect penis being sucked by what appeared to be a
maidservant. She was evidently enjoying herself because from time to time
she would remove the organ from her mouth and stroke it's length with her
fingers, masturbating him, licking it's length or kissing the tip before
returning it to it's rightful place. The man was leaning against a wall,
his hands on the back of chair each side of him. His face moved from
contortion to contortion, either from pain or pleasure and all knew that
pain played no part.

"Gosh," Gemma gasped. "Look how far it goes inside. I'd choke. But
I'd like to know what it felt like, doing that, I mean."

"You're a sex fiend," Milla said, stroking her soft cheek.

Eric just stared, the tent still well pitched but the roof now wetter
than ever.

"Can you picture yourself in his place, Eric?" Milla whispered to him.

His head nodded.

The girl looked into the man's face frequently now, waiting for a sign
or maybe a word. She continued to smile up at him whenever she removed his
plug from her mouth. The camera caught the moment when her eyes opened
widely and she pulled her head back, holding the cock just out of her
mouth, her tongue tickling it's underside. With a deep gurgling grunt his
hips shuddered and a long spurt of white semen shot out and over her face,
her tongue catching the last drop. spurt after spurt followed and she
never flinched, allowing the white slimy liquid to fall over her. Eyes,
nose, mouth were all spattered and trails began to run down, dripping from
her chin and cheeks onto her neck and black blouse of her uniform. When
his ejaculations ceased, she placed the deflating organ back between her
lips and sucked all the remaining drops clean. She looked up into his eyes
with satisfaction and possibly love, but he simply zippered up his fly and
walked away without a word. She turned to the camera for one last shot of
her sperm stained face before blackout.

"Milla, I'm feeling very horny," Gemma's plaintive voice declared. "I
think I need to be fucked."

"Good. And what about you, Eric?"

"I don't think I can hold back much longer, Milla."

"Have you been closing your eyes like I told you?"

"No, Milla. I couldn't."

"Then you're very naughty. You are not to watch the next film at all,
and I'm not going to stroke your chest. Now shut your eyes."

She withdrew her hand from his pajamas and switched the sound off.

"We can see it all, Gemma. I'm sure you can imagine what sounds these
next lot are making."

"I think so," she giggled.

A man was fucking a girl on the bed, her legs wide apart, his penis
pounding in and out, close-ups being shown from time to time, her hand
rubbing her clitoris regularly. Each time she did this, her face smiled
with pleasure and it was obvious that finger was mightier than cock for
this young lady. Her breasts jiggled with every thrust he made and she
stroked them from time to time, pulling and squeezing a nipple and seeming
to cry out with pleasure.

The man's brow was covered in sweat and little wonder for his prowess
was nothing more than miraculous. He thumped into her pussy for at least
fifteen minutes unabated before he decided to roll her onto hands and knees
to achieve rear entry and continued his humping doggie fashion.

Heavy breasts hung down towards the bed covers and moved about like bell
clangers. She began to masturbate her clitoris continually now and seemed
to be nearing her climax when he pulled his cock out and held the spurting
rod over her back. A few weak globs of watery liquid fell on her back,
whic he wiped across her bottom cheeks with his now soft cock. She slumped
onto the bed apparently unfulfilled, no sign of love between them as the
picture faded.

"Rob fucks you better than that, Milla," Gemma stated. "I'm glad he's
not my husband, he's hopeless."

"I agree, sweetheart," she said, rubbing the girl's arm for comfort.

She looked down at Eric and was pleased to see his erection had faded

"The next picture is very naughty, Eric. Perhaps you'd better not watch
it either. Better safe than sorry, you know."

"Oh, please, Milla. I'll be right now, I promise."

"Well alright, but just remember..."

Another very young girl with small breasts had just finished her shower
and was drying herself. She was very pretty, long dark hair and a round
smiling face. Her pussy was covered with a thick matt of the same black
hair, crinkly, this time, and she was humming a happy tune to herself. The
bathroom door opened and a considerably older man, probably fifty-five or
sixty, stood in the doorway looking at her. He spoke in German so no one
understood but his gestures said everything. She was being chastised for
some unknown misdemeanour, his finger shaking in her face, his other hand
pointing outside and his face red with anger. She was crying and shaking
her head in denial but when he took her wrist and shook it vigorously, she
finally nodded and stepped back into the small bath, kneeling down and
holding the edge for support. She was still crying for the tears seemed
genuine, rolling down her cheeks and the camera was focused on her face
while the man, just out of focus, began to undress." "What's he going to
do?" Gemma whimpered as though it was she kneeling in the bath.

"Be patient and watch. Eric are you safe there?"

"I think so, Milla." He never took his eyes off the screen.

After the man stepped out of his white baggy underpants, he stepped to
the edge of the bath, holding one of her wrists high up, while his other
hand held his flaccid penis near her face.

"He's going to make her suck him off," Gemma decided.

But that wasn't his plan for soon a stream of deep golden urine splashed
over her face, and ran down her body. He violently shook the hand he was
holding and she opened her mouth to receive most of the stream, which she
endeavoured to swallow but as much flowed out again she obviously didn't
succeed too well. Her face was covered in the golden droplets as was her
hair, wet strands clinging to most parts of her face. She cried throughout
but never tried to shy away from the stream that splashed over her. The
camera swung down to show a rivulet of gold flowing through her pubic hair
and into the bath.

Finally it was over but not his intentions for he then grasped her other
wrist and held them so high she had to stretch her body upwards.

Further words in German to which she shook her head violently but
eventually capitulated, taking his penis inside her mouth and began
fellating him. He was not content with this and from time to time thrust
his pelvis viciously at her face, forcing the hard cock much further inside
than she was able to cope with, leaving the viewer to believe her throat
was being deeply invaded. Her ordeal seemed finally over when his hips
shuddered violently and he groaned, depositing his discharge inside her
mouth. When he pulled away and let her arms go, sperm drained from her
open lips down her breasts and body. Fade out.

Eric's cock had grown so big it was standing upright, poking through his
pajama fly and glistening from his pre-seminal flow which had ran down all
sides of the stiff member.

"Careful, Eric darling," Milla warned but he was well aware. At least
the pajamas were not causing any friction to the sensitive head, which
eased the predicament.

"Milla, does Rob do that to you? pee on you, I mean," Little Miss
Innocent asked.

"What do you think?" She asked, not really wanting to divulge the truth
in front of Eric at this time.

"Well, he probably does. All men are beasts. Look at Eric raising his
flagpole, he has no shame."

"On the contrary, darling," Milla came to his defence. "He is probably
seething with the shame of exposing himself to two women. But he had the
good sense to leave it there and not cover it where it would become more
sensitive touching his pajamas. Am I right, Eric dear?"

He certainly looked shamefaced, and was now covering himself up having
reduced the hardness somewhat. "Yes, Milla. I'm sorry."

"That's alright, dear," she said. "Anyway it won't be long before
you're exposing yourself more regularly. You'll become used to displaying,
I can assure you."

He just turned a brighter red, unable to speak.

"Actually you've been a good boy tonight. No accidental spills of sperm
even when you've been faced with very arousing scenes. Well done, Eric
darling." She patted his thigh, high up just missing to touch his genitals
, which were still highly stimulated.

"Gemma, I think Eric deserves a bedtime snack. What do you think?"

"Yes, for a boy, he has been better than I expected," she agreed. "Will
I be the tasty bit?" Her face had a wicked and consenting smile.

"That would be nice, dear. Just let me get him ready, then we'll

Very soon, Eric found himself laying along one half of the settee, his
head and back propped up on the arm, his legs touching the floor further
along. Milla had placed both arms behind his back so they were held fast
by the weight of his body, and she had opened the fly of his pajamas
widely, his limp penis laying along one side.

She then seated herself at the other end of the sofa and Gemma sat
beside her, half turned to face Eric as she snuggled her back into Milla's
arms. Milla made her spread her knees widely apart but her nightgown
covered anything Eric was hoping to see.

"Now, Eric. No moving whatsoever and you must not make a sound. Watch,
learn and above all, control your sex juices. Watch Eric, as Gemma shows
you how a girl enjoys her orgasm. Gemma is going to come for you."

His cock had already grown stiff at the words he heard. His lips were
dry and he continually moistened them with his tongue, swallowing often.

"Watch, Eric," Milla said soothingly.

She carefully unzipped the back of Gemma's nightgown, allowing the
neckline and bust to loosen, space for her hand which she slipped inside
and cupped the young girl's breast. Gemma's eyes closed as her aunt's hand
massaged her breast, first one then the other. Eric saw no breast but
clearly saw the movements under the material as her hand stroked and
squeezed each mound. Gemma began to moan softly, moans of bliss, of
pleasure as her aunt continued.

"Oh, Aunt Milla," she whispered passionately. "I love it. It feels
beautiful. Sexy. Please kiss me."

Their lips met and Eric saw tongues and saliva mingle as they kissed
each other deeply. "I love the way you kiss me, Aunt Milla," Gemma said
with a gentle smile as they parted.

Eric's cock had grown considerably larger and was throbbing with emotion
as the boy looked upon something he had never imagined even in his wildest

"See how she moans with pleasure, Eric? But the path to pleasure is
long. There is more." Milla looked directly at him as she spoke so

He than watched as Milla moved her free hand on to Gemma's knee and then
slid it upwards, under the girl's nightgown where he could not see. He saw
Gemma straining to receive more and as the hand drew closer to it's goal,
her knees widened automatically.

"Oh, Aunt Milla. Yes. Yes."

Milla was looking directly at Eric's face the whole while she was
fondling the young girl's body under her nightdress, pointedly raising her
hand from time to time to let Eric see it was touching her exactly where
her thighs joined.

"Gemma, dear. Draw the hem of your nightdress up your legs. Slowly,
darling, and not all the way. He is not to see what I am doing to your
pussy tonight, just to imagine.

More and more white thigh came into view as the young girl drew the hem
towards her, the wideness of her legs openly displayed, the understanding
that Milla was indeed touching the secret place between Gemma's legs became
clearer and clearer.

Eric's genitals pleaded for release, the tingling feeling centred
between his thighs growing to near uncontrollable and he closed his eyes,
willing the danger to recede.

"Watch her, Eric. See the girl enjoy her orgasm."

Milla's hand was moving rapidly beneath the nightgown, masturbating the
hard pea sized clitoris, stroking wet pussy lips to gain moisture to ease
the chaffed clitoris, urging the young one towards her ultimate pleasure.

Gemma's body was wracked with jerking shudders as she neared her climax,
her face contorted with passion, willing herself to come quickly.

"Oh, I need this, Aunt Milla. Keep going. Hard please. Ooooh, yesss,"
she hissed. "No, higher. Yes, there. Yesss. It's near, oh, I'm coming.
I'm co..." Eric witnessed female orgasm for the first time, seeing her legs
push straight out and stiffen as orgasmic shudders wracked her body.
High-pitched cries of passion filled the room as she went over the edge of
bliss and won sexual fulfilment

Milla continued to stroke her niece's pussy lips for many minutes as the
girl rested in the delights of post orgasm, her head laying back on Milla's
shoulder, one hand firmly holding Milla's hand still pressed to her breast.
When Milla stopped moving her hand on Gemma's pussy, the young girl opened
her eyes and kissed her aunt chastely on the lips.

"It was the best one, Aunt Milla. You've no idea how good that felt.
Thank you."

"I'm glad, darling. Look at your cousin, your performance certainly
moved him."

Eric remained as he was, but his cock now glistened from the clear fluid
that had run down the stiff organ. A circle of wet surrounded his cock
where it poked out from his pajamas but both women saw that he had not

"Well done, Eric. My task of training you might not be as difficult as
I first thought. Take this as your reward."

With that she leaned towards him and placed the finger she had used on
Gemma's pussy, into his mouth. He flinched in shock then sucked as he
realised what she had done. Gemma saw a large drop of clear fluid rise
from the tip of his cock and run down the side.

Milla and Gemma simply sat and held hands for a time until Eric had
gained control of his feelings again. Once his manhood had begun to
soften, Milla gently stowed it back inside his pajamas and he was allowed
to sit up.

"Don't say anything, darling. Just relax for a moment. Get your
breath. You can tell me tomorrow how you felt." She looked at him with
happy eyes. "You have earned permission to masturbate yourself, Eric.
Gemma is going to take you up to her room," she said and saw the look of
appreciation in his face. "Pick whichever panties you would like to use to
shoot your sperm into. But just once, no more. Put the soiled pants on
your bedside table and I will be in to collect them shortly. I would like
you to be finished before I arrive so don't waste time please."

Gemma stood up, but turned back when Milla spoke again.

"Darling, when you go up the stairs, lift the back of your nightdress
right up. For being a good boy he is permitted watch you as he follows you
up. Eric do not touch her and do not speak one word to her, even when she
displays her panties to you. Just take the one you like and go to your
room to complete the task."

Gemma smiled as she left. A born exhibitionist if ever there was one,
Milla thought as she watched the bare bottom ascending the staircase.

Chapter Five

When Gemma reached the top of the stairs, instead of dropping the back
of her nightdress, she bunched the front up around her waist and walked
along the passageway, naked but still only her white bottom on view to
Eric. His penis poked straight out through his pajama pants, firm and
bursting. She turned her head and poked her tongue at him with a smile
before dropping the whole skirt back in place as she reached her door.

"Welcome to my boudoir, kind sir. Pray be gentle with me," she
curtsied. He was red faced as he followed her in.

"It's good you're not allowed to talk. I like a silent man, that's the
way they should all be. And look at that," she said in exaggerated tones,
pointing to his erection. "Did I do that?" Her voice showed mock surprise.

Eric felt elated inside that she was talking this way. It made him feel
all the more sexy and he was happy for her to ramble on. He held his head
in almost subjugation, looking up to nod when necessary.

"I'd like to watch you doing what you've been told to do. Haven't seen
a boy wank himself before. But I'd better not peek, Milla might find out.
I'll get to see you before long, I'll bet," she said with a snigger, then
went on. "Now let me see," she mused. "You have to choose one pair of my
panties so that you can squirt your sticky stuff into them. Why my
panties? Do they excite you, Eric my darling? From the look of what's
under your pants I think you're about to come anyway. It's almost big
enough to make a girl happy. Can I touch it?"

He backed away as she reached out. "No, on second thoughts, You'd
probably just make my hand sticky right now. Better choose," she said
sliding a drawer open. Before him laid in several rows, were knickers in
all colours and materials. "Do you like looking at panties, Eric? Or just
wearing them? Look these are sexy red, but they're a bit stiff. No, they
might chafe your whatsit. Look at these, all silky and white. No, you'd
never see your spunk. Or what about these. Look you can see right through
them. Very sexy, you know. No, perhaps not. Your gunk might leak through
and drip on the bed. Oh these, Eric darling. These are the ones. Look,
French knickers and all pink and silky. Feel them." She ran them across
his face, a laughing smile looking up at him. "Nice?"

Eric could only nod and reached out to take them.

"Not so quickly, young man. You've got to beg. Get on you're knees and
bow your face to the floor."

In humiliation he did so and on standing up, saw the garment stuffed
into the bust of her nightdress.

"You'd better pull it slowly or one of my tits might pop out. Then
you'd be in strife." She looked him straight in the eye, hands on hips. He
reached up and her body swayed back, making him miss the grasp. Twice more
he missed but finally caught a corner and ran from the room, not waiting to
see whether he had exposed a breast or not. He heard her laughter all the
way to his room.

He remembered Milla was coming in soon and he had to have his task
completed by then, so slipped under the covers and immediately wrapped the
soft panties around the stem of his cock and began to pump. Four times up
and down and a stream of semen shot out, inundating the silky material. He
groaned as the ecstasy overwhelmed him, laying back on his pillow, ready to
doze off immediately. As soon as he regained some equilibrium, he removed
the wet panties from his cock and saw several small streams of sperm ready
to drip away. In panic he folded and refolded the wettest areas towards
the inside and laid the sticky garment on his bedside table. He rubbed his
hands together to get rid of the overflow that still stuck to him.

The bliss was sheer delight, having been able to weather the evenings
temptations, of unheard of things that he had witnessed, of scenes that had
brought his boyish balls to the brink of explosion several times before he
had finally been given permission to gain his own relief, left him ready to
sleep soundly. His eyes closed and the next thing he remembered was
someone shaking his shoulder.

"Wake up, Eric. Wake up, it's me, Milla."

"Oh, Milla. I'm sorry, I've been asleep."

"Yes, I know. It couldn't have been for long though. Gemma walked you
up the stairs only a few minutes ago. I see you have completed your task."


"Show me."

"Um, what, Milla."

"The soiled panties, of course."

She held out her hand and he passed the wet garment to her. She opened
it out and much of his semen was still clotted on the surface. She first
sniffed and then looking straight at him, lowered the tip of her tongue
into a small pool of white. He watched, wide-eyed.

"I'm impressed. So much with a fine bouquet and quite a manly taste. I
enjoy the taste of men's semen, Eric dear. Rob's is very strong and so is
yours. That's good."

She stood up. "Stay still," she instructed, folding the two blankets
down over the foot of the bed, leaving him covered by just a sheet.
"Remove your pajamas, Eric, please. No leave the sheet.

It wasn't easy to unbutton the shirt and then take it off while still
laying down. The pants he slipped down more easily then laid back on the
bed. Milla then leaned over and folded the sheet down the bed so his penis
and pubic hair was just covered.

"I'd like you to deposit some more, darling."

"What, Milla?" He had not understood.

"Masturbate yourself again, please. I want you to deposit another load
inside Gemma's panties."

She handed them to him and sat on the edge of his bed."


"Of course."

"You want me to do it while you sit there?"

"Yes. Is that a problem?" She showed no awareness of his unease.

"Um, no I don't..." His face had reddened again, he knew, for it burned
hotly, and he felt his brow sweating.

"I don't have all night, Eric. Rob's home and he's waiting to fuck me.
Don't keep me too long."

He couldn't believe the cool way she discussed such private things,
which she spoke of as though it were an everyday occurrence.

He placed the wet material on his penis, which had grown stiff again
from the thoughts her conversation had fostered. Closing his hand around
the pole he began to pump again but Milla placed her hand over his.

"I'd like to talk while you enjoy yourself. Keep going." He began to
pump again, the back of his hand stroking hers as it remained on the sheet.
Before long the actions pushed the sheet downwards and the whole of his
crotch was exposed. She watched him casually.

"How many times did you come in her panties that you brought back,

"Um. Um, three I think... no four times."

"All on the night you got home?"

"No, once each night."

"Oh, I see. How often do you usually frig yourself, Eric?"

"Oh? Often."

"How often? Exactly?"

"Usually once a night."

"What about on Saturdays when you don't go to work?"

"Oh, then? Sometimes, twice, maybe three times."

"What's the most you've ever done in one day, Eric. The truth, now."

"I remember," he said, gasping from the sensations he was producing for
himself. "It was only a couple of weeks ago, just after I moved here. I
did it four times."

"Wow, four. Did it make you tired?"

"I slept so late the next morning, I was late for work," he smiled,
thinking about it.

"Could you have done more, Eric."

"Not then," he said. "I was worn out. Down there, I mean."

"I see. Well, I have your next challenge, Eric. You've passed your
first one with flying colours, that's why you got to watch Gemma receiving
her orgasm this evening and having her bottom bared as you followed her up
the stairs. Was it nice?"

"Uh," he groaned as the sensations were nearing an explosion.

"Wait. Slow down," Milla said, closing her hand over his pumping.
"There plenty of time. Just go slow while I talk. If you can hold out, I
may even help you finish off tonight's task."

"You? Do this?" His hand stopped moving.

"This is your next challenge, Eric dear. Tomorrow or the next day, you
can choose which one. From the time you wake until midnight, that's a long
while, you have to give yourself six orgasms in the one day. That's half
as many again as you've done on your best day so far. It's a big
challenge. I'm not sure you will ever achieve it, but that is the next step
on the ladder to your eventual bliss. Each orgasm will be into one of
Gemma's panties and it will need to be in front of one of three of us. We
will not touch you in any way on the day you choose, but there may be some
entertainment that could arouse you, probably considerably, so that's more
than you had in your own room. Do you wish to take up the challenge, Eric"

"Yes, but I don't know how I could ever..."

"You just have to try. Fail and you go back to first base and begin
with lots of teasing but no eruptions, like this evening. Pass and you
will receive new visions of Gemma and maybe even your dear aunt, that you
have not seen before."

"Oh." His throat choked up as he thought of the privileges as well as
the penalties.

"Now what day do you choose? Carefully now because it is important that
you pass the first time. I'm sure you understand why."

"Yes, I do, Milla. I'd like to do it tomorrow but I've already done it
twice tonight so Sunday would be the best day."

"Sunday it is then. You won't see Gemma tomorrow."

He looked at her, surprised and disappointed.

"We can't give you everything, Eric. If you had Gemma to ogle all day,
you're balls would build up more sperm. So all you'll get tomorrow is Rob
and me. By the way there's a couple of girlie magazines in your drawer
there. young ladies who show you everything with a smile on their faces."

His penis jumped at Milla's words.

"You young innocent boys are unbelievable," she laughed good-naturedly.

"When you come down on Sunday morning, six pairs of Gemma's panties will
be waiting on the living room table. If I receive six pairs soaked with
your sperm by midnight, you will have passed. As far as the entertainment,
I'm sure Gemma will happily arouse you from time to time and you may get a
peek at certain bits of me if you're lucky. Rob too," she added and smiled
at the shocked look on his face. "Not his cock, silly. Just the naughty
little things he might do to Gemma and me in front of you. He's a very
naughty man sometimes." Milla saw his cock rise again.

"Do you have any questions?"

"No, Milla."

"Alright, then let me see you shoot off." Her hand came down on top of
his and squeezed, pumping his cock inside his hand. He came very quickly,
spewing more seed onto the already wet fabric.

Milla unwrapped it from his quickly softening penis, wiping the residues

"Remember, you've got three times this many on Sunday."

His eyes were closed before she reached the door.

Milla walked into her niece's bedroom. "Gemma, put these on."

"What?" She asked trying to see in the dark.

Milla slid the wetness up her legs and the girl automatically lifted her
bottom when it reached that height.

"Oh, it's Eric's spunk, isn't it?" She groaned as she felt the coldness
cling to her warm skin.

"Yes. Wear it all day tomorrow. You're confined to your bedroom and
the Secret Garden tomorrow. Eric is in training for Sunday."

"Oh, that's good, but boring. How many times has he got to wank?"

"You've really got a way with words. Six."

"Six? He'll fail."

"Are you hoping he will?"

"No. I want him to get through quickly. Two men fucking me are better
than one."

"Whatever will your husband say?"

"Probably get on his knees and plead with us." She joined Milla's

"I've got to go, Rob's waiting."

"Does he want to bonk you? Again?"

"Of course. Come and watch. You can help me come."

"You bet." She jumped out of bed, naked except for her soaked panties.
"They'll dry soon," she said to herself as they walked hand in hand.

Chapter Six

The fact that he was on a good thing here was slowly sinking in to the
confused boy's mind. He found it difficult to sleep last night, waking
fitfully several times and tossing for most of the night, thinking always
of his aunt's hand as it guided his own hand to his second ejaculation of
the evening. Despite the incredible surge of arousal he had felt the last
time he was here and witnessed Gemma's spanking, when she unwittingly
showed him all her female charms, he still didn't realise he was going to
be the centre of their attention when he arrived this afternoon.

And then he remembered the times Aunt Milla had teased him with her
voice, full of innuendo and at times detailed sexual talk. It was she, he
realised, who had engineered the first night and again last night. And she
had promised such unbelievable rewards if he did what she desired. What he
had been through tonight, even with two orgasms to his credit, left him
hungering for more. Why she was doing this hadn't even crossed his mind
but as long as he was compliant he had learned, more and more sexually
thrilling prizes would be heaped upon him. What had she promised at the
end? Sex with both Gemma and her? Is that what she meant?

He would comply. He knew that now.

The night had been tiring and his instructions were to rest and get
himself ready for tomorrow when he had to jerk himself off six times. Six?
He never thought it possible, never even thought of doing it that many
times in one day. By the time he had shot three times in a day he was worn
out, no matter how he had fantasised about the girls at work. The only
once when he had a fourth come was the time he had seen a late night
foreign movie on television about a girl getting raped. He'd seen only her
tits and behind but it was her screaming that got him hard again and he
just couldn't help himself.

Milla had said to rest and get ready for tomorrow. How should he do
that? All he could think of was having to jerk off in front of one of
them. He would feel so stupid, especially if Rob saw him. Milla said they
would help him if he needed it. How would they do that with Uncle Rob
around? He tried to think of some kind of plan but every time, Uncle Rob's
face surfaced clearly in his mind. He thought it best not to think too
much about it because he might get hard and want to touch himself. Then a
game plan slipped into his mind. He would think about Gemma's spanking,
and about what Milla did to her in front of him and the video and her naked
bottom going up the stairs.

Before he knew it, his cock was rock hard and the temptation to clamp
his hand around it and rub the wet tip was overpowering. He touched and
then remembered. "Leave the working up until tomorrow. That's when you
need it, boy," he said aloud.

Then, Milla's words returned again. "... girlie magazines in the
drawer." He'd seen one at school once, girls with huge tits but between her
legs was always covered up. He'd pulled himself off mercilessly for weeks
after that. It might have been the reason he touched himself that way for
the first time. He couldn't remember exactly.

He rolled over and opened the drawer and lifted the magazines out.
Three, all with smiling girls, beautiful girls and showing everything. The
magazines were thick and as he quickly flipped through them, realised the
girls were showing and doing much more to themselves than just smiling.
"Oh, god," he groaned as his rod jumped with sensitivity. He dropped them
and rolled onto his back, taking quick deep breaths to ease what nearly had
happened. These are definitely not for today he told himself, making sure
he didn't look in their direction again. The temptation was great, though.

So he made another decision. Get up now, away from the temptations of
being in bed and go downstairs. Hopefully they wouldn't tease him today.

When he arrived at the breakfast table only Milla and Rob were there and
they greeted him as their nephew, happy and smiling to see him as though
nothing had happened last night. While Milla scurried around getting his
breakfast, Rob talked simply, no strange looks or questions about tomorrow.
Just like when he was at home. "Gemma wouldn't be around today," he said.
"She's got some assignments to complete before she starts college next
week." That eased his mind no end. Milla asked him what he planned and
suggested a swim in the pool. "No-one will be there today. It's a bit too
cool for Rob and me but you should enjoy it."

A long cold swim was just what he needed.

"Lay out in the sun for as long as you like, Eric," Rob added. "It's
very nice down there. Restful."

"Yes, thanks. Unc... Rob," he corrected himself. "I think I'll do

The rest of the day went that way as well and he found himself going
upstairs quite early, no bare bottoms walking in front of him. Even his
sleep that night was peaceful.

But his awakening wasn't. He thought the screams were a dream when he
first heard them but lifting his head, he realised it was daylight and
someone was screaming out in pain. At least it sounded like that. They
were loud and high-pitched, definitely a girl's he thought as he sneaked to
his door and looked around. As he did he found Gemma looking at him from
her doorway, her finger to her lips to silence him.

"They're having sex," she whispered to him."

"What?" His mind hadn't sorted itself out yet.

"They're having a fuck. Come and watch."

She was wearing a dressing gown, which flowed behind her as she tiptoed
across the hallway and grabbed his hand.

"Remember what I said. It's great watching," she grinned.

"We shouldn't," he whispered back, trying to disentangle his hand from

"They'll never know. Listen to them, they're nearly finished, I can
tell. Quickly."

As they half ran on their toes they heard Milla cry out, "Yes, it's
here." Then a whole series of grunting from Rob, joined with moans, squeals
and sighs from Milla. As they reached the door, Milla said, "That was
good, my darling. Thank you."

"Oh, shit. You were too slow," Gemma whispered. "They've finished.
Come on, let's get back or they'll hear us now."

Gemma came with him to his room. He looked at her and then saw the
knowing smile on her face. "At least that helped you a bit, didn't it?"

"What do you mean," he asked, looking surprised.

"To wank off. Milla told me all about it. I've even brought a pair of
panties for you. Do you want to do it now?"

"No," he said too quickly, almost jumping away from her.

"Aren't you hard?"

He looked down and realised he was indeed. "Yes, but..."

"Quick. Get up on the bed and do it. Then there's only five left."

She handed him the knickers and sat on the edge of the bed.

He looked at her with total embarrassment. "For goodness sake, Eric.
You know you want to do it. All boys do, Rob told me." She quickly lifted
his hand and let it drop over his groin.

And so, very quickly he produced his first orgasm of the day. He shut
his eyes in shame as the first surge left his cock and laid still for some
minutes enjoying the feelings but hoping Gemma would go.

Finally he heard her say, "You'd better not try another one just yet.
Rob says it will be best if you space them out over the whole day and try
not to lose too much um, gunk each time."

He opened his eyes and saw she hadn't moved from where she was before.
"I'm sorry," he said almost childishly.

"What for? You're doing what is needed. I hope you succeed. Really,"
she added when he looked at her in surprise. "I know Milla's got a lot in
store for you but when you finally pass the last test, then you get to make
me happy without having to wait for Milla to say you can."

He couldn't believe his ears.

"Women like sex too, you know," she informed him. "Give me the panties.
I'll take them downstairs. I think Milla's going to hang each wet pair on
the mantelpiece. I'll see you for breakfast. Don't forget to shower. You
have to after every come," she added as she left the room. "Oh, yes," she
said popping her head back around the door. "Milla said to make sure you
bring those sex magazines with you. You'll probably need them."

There was little doubt in his mind that she knew everything about today
and probably a lot more about sex that he did. It seemed just an every day
topic with her and yet every time she spoke, he heard the excitement in her
voice. How would he ever be allowed to have sex with Gemma? He couldn't
believe it would happen.

By the time he walked downstairs, wearing just his pajamas, he felt
hungry and excited and scared. Rob was eating and motioned him to sit as
well. He didn't know what to do with the sexy magazines he held but as
both sides of each one was covered in naked females he had little choice
but to lay them on the table beside him.

"Have you looked through them?" Rob seemed quite interested.

"Just glanced at them last night, Rob."


"Um, very um, nice, I think."

"Nice? I thought they were downright mind blowing. Especially the
one's with all the cum over their faces."

"Um. I don't think I saw those." He shuffled uncomfortably.

"It's alright, young fella. I'm just trying to get your thinking in the
right frame of mind. Any help is worthwhile on a day like this, don't you

"Yes, it is," Eric agreed. "Thanks."

"Now listen, Eric. It's not going to be easy, believe me. I see you've
given one load already but it will be the fourth, fifth and sixth that will
be the difficult ones. When you shoot, try and relax immediately so you
retain as much sperm as you can. Don't keep rubbing yourself once you've
started spurting. You need to retain as much sperm as you can for the last
ones. The moment you start, shut your mind to sex until the next one

"I'll try."

"I know Gemma wants your cock as soon as she can get Milla's

"Gemma? Really?"

`Of course, you young idiot. So does Milla but until you can prove you
are worthy of them you won't get to first base. Get over today and don't
think about the next step. Just this one."

"But Milla? You aren't annoyed about me..."

"Not if you're worthy. She's a delightful woman and I'd never stand in
her way of little extra pleasures. I know I'll always be her man and
that's what counts."

Eric thought about that for some time and was finally disturbed by Gemma
and Milla coming in.

He gasped as he saw Gemma dressed in a skimpy bra and panty set, even
her nipples were making points through the thin bra. Milla wore a blouse
that was completely see through and even though she wore a bra, she looked
totally sexy to the young boy.

"Congratulations, dear," Milla said, kissing his cheek as she passed.
"I see you've already filled one pair of panties."

"Um, Milla. I think I'm ready again. Where will I go?"

"Why, right here, darling. I'll be your witness this time."

"I... I haven't got any panties."

"Quickly, Gemma, on the table in the living-room."

Gemma was handing a pair to him before he realised she had returned. He
wrapped the softness around his cock and began to pump vigorously. At
first he thought he was going to fail because the tickle that he usually
felt wasn't there. But as his mind returned to last night and the memory
of Milla's hand under Gemma's nightdress became clear, his cock resumed
it's hardness and he felt the first spurt erupt. It was hard to stop
masturbating but Rob's advice was still firmly in his mind and he let his
cock go, laying back in the chair and trying to relax as sperm soaked the
thin panties. Because he let go, sperm escaped and fell onto the kitchen
floor although he didn't realise it had happened.

He looked at Milla, his face red with embarrassment.

"Bravo, Eric." Milla clapped her hands. "A lot too. But you've spilled
some. Don't do that again, darling. It's too precious to waste." She
knelt down close to his slackening penis and wiped the spill up with the
wet panties. She opened them to inspect his effort then handed the soaked
garment to Gemma. "Hang them with the first one darling."

Milla sat on Rob's knee. "Would you like to bring on another one, Eric?
You can watch Rob feeling me up if that will help." She smiled sexily at
him and pulled one of Rob's hands over her breast and squeezed.

"I don't think I could right now, Milla."

"O.K." She said. "Whenever you're ready."

In fact the third explosion didn't come until after lunch that day. He
was sitting on the sofa trying to recreate what he had seen last night with
Milla and Gemma when Gemma came and sat beside opposite him, just two or
three feet away.

"Is it difficult to get an erection?"

"Yes. I think... Oh, it's so embarrassing even when I know you all
want me to do it and even I want to do it too. But I've never done it in
front of anyone before.

"That's because you're a shy person," Gemma consoled him. "I can
understand that because I was shy once too. You're trying to think of sexy
things but get sidetracked when so many are around. If you were married and had just a wife you could do anything you wanted with her and no one
else would know. I could be your pretend wife, Eric."

"But I can't touch you."

"No but you could watch me. Have you got some panties?"

"Yes." He placed them on the sofa.

She smiled and then became very serious. "Here I am, my dearest
husband. We're alone and you can do anything you want to me. Anything at
all. Am I pretty, Eric?"

"Yes, very."

"Do you like my breasts, Eric?" She cupped them, running her hands over
the small mounds, squirming as though in passion. "Remember how you like
to suck them into your mouth and lick them all over. You make them feel
very sexy, just like now." She was watching him closely

"Yes, they're very pretty."

"Imagine running your hands underneath, like this darling." Both hands
slipped under the bra cups and squeezed the soft flesh. "Oh, Eric, you
make me feel so sexy."

His hand was massaging the stiffening organ as Gemma continued. She
laid back along the seat and spread her knees widely. "Oh, Eric darling. I
love it when you tickle me here." Her hand cupped the taught panty-clad
vagina and then fingers stroked the line of her sex slit, lightly touching,
sucking in air between her teeth from time to time. "Oh, it feels so good.
I know you're going to make me come, Eric. It feels so sensitive here."

Eric now sported a fully erect member and he placed the panty around it
and began to stroke it's full length.

"Yes, darling, that's what I need. Your big cock stroking me right
here. Do it please, darling."

His hand was thumping up and down now and became faster as he saw Gemma
slip her fingers under the elastic and as it seemed to him, slipped them
inside her hole. She bucked as she did it and it was all too much for the
boy to take.

He gasped and she saw the panty grow wetter with each shudder of his

"That's number three, Eric. Just relax," she told him. "I'll be back
soon and we'll look at your girlie magazines. I'll bet when we describe
them together you'll come again."

"Not just yet, Gemma. I'm stuffed."

"Don't give in darling," she said as she unwound the sodden underwear
from his cock. "You're half way there."

In fact, Gemma left him alone for over three hours and he slept for most
of that time. He woke when he felt a kiss on his forehead. "Come up to
Milla's bedroom, darling," she whispered, taking his hand.

"What for?"

"What do you think?"

When they arrived, Gemma said, "Lay on the bed, darling. We have a
surprise. You've got to pretend you're not here."

He saw Rob and Milla walk in as Gemma left.

"I need you, Milla," he said as he sat on one of the large chairs.

"What for? What do you need?" Milla replied.

"I'll give you one guess."

"My body? My hands? My mouth?"

"That's three. Come here." He opened his legs and she stood between
them. He put his hands on her behind and pulled her close. Eric could see
three different scenes as he watched from all the mirrors around the room.

He watched as Rob began to undo the buttons on her see-through blouse.
"Oh, what great tits you've got, baby."

He removed the blouse and she stood in her bra. With her back to him,
Eric couldn't see her from front on because her own body was in the way.
Sideways were obscured by other furniture. Rob then unzipped his wife's
dress and let if fall to the floor. She wore panties, suspender belt and
stockings and provided him with a magnificent silhouette of her shape
against the shine of the mirrors. Rob pulled her tighter to him and then
unclipped her bra, which fell to the floor. "What tits, baby doll. Let me
taste." She leaned forward and his hands obviously held each side of one
breast but Eric couldn't see. Then his hands held her hips and he said,
"Move, baby. Move that pussy against my cock. Rub me with your pussy."

Eric saw Milla hold her husband's face to her breasts as she swayed her
hips and rubbed the front of her crotch hard into Rob's, sideways and then
forwards and backwards. "Oh, shit. Yes, that's good baby. Make me come.
Keep it up. Make me come in my pants and then you can lick me clean."

Eric hardly touched himself and had to grab the panties from beside him
quickly to catch the rushing torrent of sperm just as it left his cock
hole. "Oh no, I've missed," he groaned but was relieved to see he hadn't.

At the sound of ejaculation, Milla reached down, collected her clothes
and holding them to her chest, left quickly. Rob sauntered over and looked
down at him.

"Well you've equalled your best," he said. "Just two to go. How are
you feeling?"

"Washed out. I think I'll need every little bit of help, Rob."

Rob saw the haggard expression and understood. "I'm sure the girls will
do everything they can within the rules," he said.

Chapter Seven At dinner that night, Milla had redressed. "I'm glad our
little show worked," she told the worn out boy. "After dinner, Gemma's
going to take you up to her room and she'll have those magazines."

"Oh," he acknowledged, not at all enthused.

"Just make sure there's no touching, Gemma, from either of you. And
he's not allowed to look at your own saucy bits."

"Of course not, Milla dear," she agreed sweetly. "I know the rules."

Gemma excitedly dragged him upstairs and laid him down in the middle of
her bed. "Take your thing out, Eric."

"Am I allowed?"

"It's only me that's is allowed," she said. Then laying down beside him
she held up one of the magazines. "I think I like this one the best. It's
got girls with the biggest tits. I wish mine were that big. What do you

"About theirs or yours?"

"Oh, Eric. You can talk about mine if you like."

"They're nice and I'd like to kiss them, sometime."

"If you pass, it might be allowed sooner than you think. What would you
do with them?" She was now running her hands over the mounds.

"Oh, anything you'd let me."

"I wouldn't mind what you did. But let's look at these."

She opened the pages, slowly, holding each page for him to see. All the
girls had the largest tits he had ever seen but more importantly, they all
had gaping pussies as well. Gemma did most of the talking, from time to
time suggesting what he could do with them, either their tits or pussy.

"Now look at her nipples. I'll bet even Rob couldn't get that inside
his mouth. They're huge aren't they? See how long it sticks up? It's
almost as big as you're prick."

She raised the magazine and looked down. "Oh, sorry, no it's not.
You're much bigger. But her cunt's bigger than mine so I suppose I'd hold
a cock tighter than her. Yes I'd definitely give a man more pleasure than
she could."

"Look," she laughed. " Someone's already shot his load over this one's
tits. Look, you can see it's running down. Oh yes, and on her face too.

She pointed out the obvious.

"I'll bet you'd like to do that. Most girls get it done to them
regularly, so the girls at school say."

"Do they? Have you?" He looked at her curiously.

"Not yet," she lied. "I've only had one boy once and I've never seen
him since. But I'd like to watch it shooting out and splashing all over

"Could I...?"

"Sure, once you've passed."

She turned the page again and he saw just the torso of a girl and a man.
He had obviously just shot his sperm over her pussy hairs and the tip of
her finger was lying on a pool of white.

"Does that turn you on, Eric?"

"Yes." He was already stroking himself.

"Imagine it's us there with your big fat cock and you've just come all
over my pussy. That's my finger there, Eric. I think I want to put it in
my mouth and taste you."

"Oh, god, thank you, Gemma," he groaned as his hand left his cock.
Several spurts had shot up his body but most of the residue pooled amongst
his hairs or dribbled down his cock.

She went to her drawer and brought another pair of panties. "Sorry,
dear," she said. "I forgot to bring the others. No matter, we can wipe it
all up." He let her do the job, feeling the silky material tickle across
his chafed cock and sensitive balls. It felt so nice he was sure he had
begun to rise again but on looking, he was all wrinkled up and about the
size of a cherry.

"You can stay here for as long as you want, darling," she told him.
"You've only got one more to go but Rob says it'll be the hardest. Milla's
going to help you though."


"It's a surprise. Lay here but you'd better come down by eleven. That
gives you an hour still to pass the test."

He closed his eyes and was asleep before she had got to the door.

"Ah, Eric darling," Milla smiled as she got up to kiss him. "We're all
alone and you've got plenty of time to complete number six."

"I know but I'm so sore."


"My balls are aching like never before," he winced. And the tip of
my... my dick is chafed red raw."

"Oh dear. That could be serious. Sit down, I'll be back soon." A few
minutes later she returned. "This will help," she said holding out a jar
of ointment. "I'd like to rub it in myself but the rules say no-one can
touch your penis so you'll have to do it. Slip your pants off."

He looked sheepishly at her.

"For goodness sake, young man. I've seen it so much today it's nothing

He stood up and lowered his pajama pants. His manhood lay crinkled and

"Hm, it is worse for the wear, isn't it? Well use plenty and you can
rub it in while I talk. I want you to watch me, Eric. Never take your
eyes off me. Promise?"

"Yes, Milla," he flinched when he smoothed the cold ointment over his
burning cock.

She had changed her clothes and was now wearing the same nightdress she
had worn last night.

"I am going to show you something." Her hands slowly undid the bow and
three buttons that held her bodice up. "Do you like them?" She was leaning
over him, the cleavage deep as her breasts were almost uncovered and hung
down. "Well?"

"Yes please, Milla. They are the most beautiful..."

"Most beautiful what?"

"Breasts, Milla. They are the most beautiful breasts."


"Because. Because... because they're so big."

"Do you know what I'll let you do with them if you pass your test

"No, Milla."


"Um, touch them? Could I kiss them?" The thought stirred his loins as
he continued to massage the smooth slippery creme into his tortured penis.

"Yes, all that and more, Eric. Much more," she almost purred as she
suggested it. "Would you like me to tell you?"

"Yes please, Milla."

"If you come tonight, Eric, just once more," she urged him. "Then when
you return next weekend, you can make love to my breasts. Do you know how
to do that?"


"I'll take your hand and we'll walk up the stairs together to Milla's
bedroom, with all the mirrors. Keep rubbing the creme in, darling. Take
some more," she interrupted her steamy story just to upset him. "Will I go

"Yes please, Milla. Yes."

"You'll watch as I undo my blouse and remove it, Eric. I'll do it very
slowly and right in front of you. Nothing will hide what I'll be doing."


"Will I go on?"

He could only nod.

"And then I'll turn around and ask you to unclip my bra, Eric. Have you
ever done that for a girl before?"

"Ne.. Never."

"You'll watch me in the mirror as I let the bra fall to the floor and
your eyes can feast on my breasts. My naked breasts, Eric. All for you."

He tried to speak and gasp at the same time and choked.

"When I turn around you can reach out and touch them. Stroke them,
Eric, and kiss them. Whatever you want to do. Would you like that,
darling?" Her voice sounded like velvet, he thought.

All he could do was nod. His hand massaged the now very stiff cock but
he wasn't even aware he was touching it.

"Yes, I knew you would. Will I continue?"

He nodded.

"While you are playing with these," she said, stroking the tips that
were very close to popping out, I'll undress you. Completely. I'll have
you naked, Eric and your cock will be so hard, don't you think?"

He nodded again.

"And then I'll lay down on the bed. On my back, Eric. Then you will
come to my side and sit on..."

Eric looked at the smiling face and the large cleavage that was so near
his face and gurgled. His body stiffened then convulsed, jerking
frantically as his sixth ejaculation of the day erupted over the sofa and
floor. Milla grabbed for the panties that lay beside him and caught most
of the stream.

"Don't worry about that, darling. It doesn't leave much of a stain.
Well, done, you're a real man," she congratulated him and he realised that
both Rob and Gemma had come into the room too.

"Good work, Eric," Rob said, scuffing his hair. "I wondered whether you
would succeed but you did with flying colours."

Eric sat there startled at the commotion but more so from exhaustion.
He looked all in.

Gemma sat beside him and caressed his neck as she held his face on her
shoulder. "I knew you could," she whispered.

He had to respond. "Thank you," he said to them in general. "It's worn
me out but it was like nothing I'd ever dreamed of. Thank you. Especially
for your little plays. I couldn't have done it without them, I'm sure," he
said, looking around to each one with a tired smile. "Mind you, I don't
think I could do it again."

"You'll be surprised what you can do when you have to," Milla said, with
a little warning in her voice, Eric thought.

"Milla, what you did with Eric, just then. It was very sexy," Gemma

"You heard?" Eric's face looked shocked.

"We saw, too."

"And darling," Milla said, stroking his face. "What I promised is true.
About next weekend."

"Oh, I wondered. I thought you were just working me up."

"No, it's a promise, but the ending's a secret until it happens."

"Oh," he looked disappointed.

"It will be better than you're even dreamed," Milla reassured him.

Rob spoke then. "But I think that's all the thrills you'll get tonight,
Eric young man. You're a wreck. A good night's sleep and then straight to
work tomorrow morning. You won't see the girls, but I'll drive you."

"Oh, thanks, Rob."

"And Eric?" Milla gained his attention. "Absolutely no masturbation or
anything to do with sex at all this week. Absolutely nothing.

"That's a relief," he sighed.

"Make sure you're early next Friday," Gemma giggled.

They all walked upstairs to bed. Silence reigned over the household
that night.

Chapter Eight

The next evening they talked long into the night about the happenings of
the weekend. Mostly Milla and Rob but they asked Gemma's opinion on
various matters quite regularly.

"Your nephew is still very naive, Rob. He's had little to do with women
and what he received from us is probably all the sexual attention he's ever
received, I'm sure."

"Except for his own masturbating," Rob corrected.

"Yes but doesn't every young boy do that anyway?"

"Of course, no doubt just like any young girl," he smiled looking
directly at Gemma.

She blushed almost as though ashamed at his knowing.

"But playing with one's own privates doesn't a lover make," Milla
continued. "I can think of a dozen things he has to be taught and every
one could take months, even years to perfect. I don't want to be still
teaching him when he turns fifty."

"Yes, I agree," Rob, said. "We'll need to set some priorities. Like
holding an erection and not cheating his women by prematurely ejaculating.
All he did yesterday was shoot as soon as he felt like it. Yes, I think
that should be your next lesson."

"Followed by him learning how to please a lady," Gemma added. "When he
gets to the stage where he's allowed to touch this precious little body of
mine I want to be aroused properly before he even thinks of his own piddly
little pleasures."

"Right. Me too," Milla agreed and then added another dimension. "I
wonder how long it would take to train him to switch his erection off and
on at our bidding? You know, let him touch or be touched without getting
hard and then raising the flagpole when told to, without any stimulation at

"You haven't even taught me that little trick," Rob said. "I don't like
your chances."

"Anyway, I think we've got some goals for the dear boy's future
education. Let's plan the coming weekend." Milla looked at them both. "He
gets to masturbate in my breasts because he earned that. I promised," she
added, looking at Rob for confirmation.

"Yes, I agree. You have to give him that privilege. First up would be
best, I think. It's a pity I won't be there to watch but I'm sure it won't
be the last time. Maybe a few suggestions about holding himself back then,
could be the start of his challenge for the rest of the weekend."

"I want to watch too," Gemma stated. "I'll bet he shoots off before
he's even in place. You'll probably get a face full, Milla."

"We may be surprised, but then again... Anyway, you won't be there to
see, or at least not in the room. You can watch through the mirror glass
though. From your room."

"Why?" Gemma was quite disappointed.

"Because this weekend you are going to be Miss Prim and Proper. You
will object to letting him see anything of you, intimately that is, and you
will object to any form of sexual behaviour that you are asked to perform.
We know you can bring on genuine tears when you want and you will act shyly
and demurely all weekend. Only after threats of punishment will you begin
to do what you are told. I think it will create more interest from the
boy. A good test of will-power."

"I think I'll like this weekend," Gemma stated. "I'll get the chance to
win an Oscar."

"Not an Oscar, sweetheart, a Rob. That's the name of top prize in this
household," Rob informed her. "By the way, speaking of shy and demure, you
go to college next week, don't you, darling?"

"Yes, we start on Wednesday."

"Good. I want you to keep a lookout for some young lady you could
describe as shy and demure. Someone with few friends that you could

"Why, Uncle Rob?" Gemma asked coyly.

"It's a long shot I know but if you found one we could spend a lot of
time working out how to win her confidence and then bring her into the fold
so to speak."

"Robert?" Milla asked. "Are you looking for a replacement wife?"

"Not to replace you two," he said, trying to appease them. "But shy and
demure ladies make the best subjects when they are cajoled to do things
they don't want to. Look at how we enjoyed teaching Gemma the joys of

"He is a dirty old man, Milla," Gemma stated with pretended fury.
"Sure, Rob. I'll keep watch. Don't like your chances though."

Chapter Nine

Milla opened the door even before the bell had stopped chiming.

"Welcome back, Eric darling," she beamed with open arms.

"Hello, Milla," the boy responded as he walked into her arms and
clutched her fiercely, kissing her open mouth as he had been taught. Milla
made sure the kiss lasted long after it should have.

"My," she breathed heavily, patting her chest as though out of breath.
"You remembered well, didn't he, Gemma?"

"Yes, I think so," she agreed quietly.

"Well, kiss your cousin, darling," she prompted the reserved girl.

Eric wasted no time and grabbed her, hugging tightly. His attempted
kiss was thwarted though, as Gemma turned her cheek to his thrusting lips.

"Hello, Eric," she said quietly, not showing any of the enthusiasm Milla

Eric looked at Milla, surprised at Gemma's response.

"Don't concern yourself, Eric dear. Gemma has decided that she was too
forward last weekend while you were with us and has become the Gemma of
old. I'm afraid she may not allow you the same latitude she did for your
last stay."

"Oh," he looked highly disappointed. "Was it my fault?"

"Well let's go inside and talk. She might thaw a little now you're

As they walked, Eric noticed the difference in the young girl. No
longer the bright, never a care, sexy young girl but overly reserved. She
was dressed in white, a long sleeved blouse that buttoned up to her neck
and showed little of her pointed breasts he had seen last time. Her skirt,
while well fitted, was sedate and covered her knees as she walked.
Stockings, for sure, he told himself. A little darker than flesh colour
and not unattractive but probably tights he thought. Her shoes were white
with a small pointed heel.

On the other hand, Milla wore a blouse that fitted her tightly, the
neckline scalloped quite low to display her ample cleavage. The full
flowing skirt swished around her thighs as she walked and showed off her
black stockinged legs to advantage. Milla wore high spiked heels, making
her legs look slim and inviting.

Without asking, Milla poured three gin and tonics as they sat, and had
to almost force Gemma to take one with a severe command.

"I don't know what's come over the girl, Eric. Perhaps last week's
performances took their toll. Now, drink it down, Gemma. You need to
relax a little more."

"Please, Milla," the girl said shyly. "I shouldn't..."

"You will, and now." Milla gave no ground. "Come on, unless you

"Only because you make me then," she agreed self-consciously and began
to sip the clear drink.

"And how has your week been, Eric?'

"Oh, about the same."

"And your nights?"

"Um, nights?"

"Yes. You know, no touching your whatsit?"

"Oh, that. Well, I didn't."

"That's a good boy and lucky too. If you had there would be no, um,
...promise kept." She eyed him slyly.

"No, I promise I did everything you told me, Milla."

"And are you excited now?"

"Yes. Very, Milla."

"We have some time before dinner then."

"Do we?" He had no idea how to proceed further.

"Unless you'd prefer to wait?"

"Um, no. Now would be good if that's alright with you." His face was
bright red.

"You're being modest, you naughty boy," Milla slapped his hand,
laughing. "You want to do it now don't you?"

"Only if you do, Milla."

"Well, ask me."

He felt himself blushing yet again, his throat contracting making him
swallow and he was sure his forehead was sweating.

"Um, can we do what you... what you promised?"

"And what was that, Eric?"

"Um. Go up... go up to your bedroom."

"Oh, Eric." Milla looked shocked. "I do believe you have evil desires
on my body. That's where I go when Rob wants to... well you know what
husbands do in bedrooms, don't you?"

"Yes, but..." He was lost for words and thought all his dreams of the
past week were quickly fading to nothingness. "I thought that we were..."

"I think you've been thinking naughty thoughts, Eric,' Milla chastised
him. "Were they about me?"

"Yes, Milla. I'm sorry." He was beyond embarrassment. The devastated
and the crest-fallen look on his face said everything he was thinking.

"I think the first thing we were going to do was walk upstairs, hand in
hand. Isn't that what I said?'

His head jerked up quickly to look into her face. Milla was smiling and
holding out her hand to him. "Well let's do that, shall we?"

He took her hand and felt her squeeze him firmly. "Come on, Gemma. You
can watch."

"Please not that, Milla. It's not right," the shy girl pleaded for

"Nonsense. I'm sure Eric would enjoy you watching. Wouldn't you, Eric

"Well," he shuffled. "Not if she doesn't want to," he replied none too
sure of what he should say but hoping he would be alone with Milla.

"Hm," Milla murmured. "I think you're not so sure of your abilities
after all," she said as though put out. "Alright, Gemma. But I want you
in your room anyway. I may need you later."

"Oh, thank you, Milla,' she smiled with apparent relief.

When they reached Milla's room, Gemma walked further along without
saying a word but unknown to Eric seated herself in front of the large
mirror between their rooms. A look of anticipation on her face as her hand
slid under her skirt.

"She's very embarrassed," Milla told Eric. "Even though she's had
several personal encounters like this with Rob and myself,' she explained
leaving much unsaid for the boy to think about, 'She's still more shy than
she makes out. We thought she had come out of her shell last weekend when
you were here but it must have just been the pills Rob gave her.'


"Yes, well Rob is a pharmacist. They were just to help her lose any
inhibitions she had."

"Oh, that's why. I was surprised at some of the things she did

"Yes, I can understand. It was just to break the ice with you. Rob
doesn't want to use them often. It looks as though we'll have to threaten
her to perform in future. But then, she's used to that."

"Oh," he responded as Milla took him into her bedroom. He noticed the
door had been left wide open.

"Um, Milla the door is open."

"No one will be calling, Eric," she chided him. "Are you getting cold

"No, it's not that," he answered quickly. "I just mentioned it."

"Now Eric, you're in a ladies bedroom. You know what happens in here,
don't you?" She intended to tease him mercilessly.

"Um..." He couldn't bring himself to say anything.

"Sometimes when I don't have any clothes on at all and my husband is
here too?"

"Um. I can't say, Milla."

"But you do know, don't you?"

"I think so."

"Then you must tell me what you know."

"You have to let him f... um, have sex?" His face was as red as ever.

"It's called fucking, Eric. Say it. It won't hurt you."

"He fucks you, Milla." As he spoke his eyes opened wider as less than
arms length away, Milla was unbuttoning her blouse.

"Have you ever fucked a lady before, Eric?"


"Would you like to fuck me, Eric?" She asked meaningfully, looking
directly into his eyes.

He couldn't focus; everything was spinning, his mind whirling. He fell
back on the bed, sitting down and watching everything she was doing.

"Well?" The last button had fallen away and she began to pull the blouse
out of her skirt.

"Yes." He couldn't hear himself speak.

"They say it's a sin to fuck your aunt, Eric. It's not a sin to fuck my
husband so why is it if my nephew fucks me? You are both family. Do you
know why it's such a sin, then?"

"No, Milla,' he responded unaware of his words.

"One day we might sin together, Eric,' she told him. "Really sin, but
not today. Today you will be rewarded for your good efforts last weekend,
just the way I promised. Stand up, darling."

As he did she took one of his hands and ran it across the twin mounds of
flesh that pushed up above her bra.

"Do you like them?"

"Yes," he whispered, enthralled at what she was doing, watching as she
pressed the hand hard against her cleavage.

"You can stroke me there, Eric. Or kiss them or lick the valley between
them. Go ahead, don't be shy."

Without touching her with his hands he did all three quickly at first,
slower on the second rerun. As his tongue pressed into the deep valley she
moaned loudly, throwing her head backwards and thrusting her pelvis firmly
against his crotch.

"You are excited, I can feel you," she sighed. "Come, follow me."

When she stood in front of one of the ceiling high mirrors her hands
came behind her, catching his hips and pulling him into her bottom. "Push
yourself into me, Eric. Let me feel your hardness."

She looked into the mirror and saw his face above one of her shoulders.
"Unclip my bra, Eric darling."

It was done in a moment, Eric watching as the straps fell down each arm.
She wasted no time and let the silky garment fall away. Her breasts stared
back at him.

They watched each other. She, his face and he, her pointed, dusky pink
nippled breasts. Milla was still young and in peak physical fitness. Her
breasts showed no sag at all, no markings other than pinkish white skin and
dark protruding nipples. She lifted both of his hands from her waist and
cupped them over her twin mounds.

"They are yours, darling. Do what you want to them."

She closed her eyes as his hands stroked and caressed her, squeezing but
never hard, pinching the nipples but never hurting, stroking with his
fingertips sending shivers of delight up and down her backbone. Eric never
stopped looking at these majestic domes, beyond the beauty of anything he
had seen in the magazines she had given him last week. Little could he
have known how they would feel until now, firm and resilient, so smooth and
yet nipples that were as hard as the rest of her breast was soft.

"Do you like?"

"Oh yes, Milla. I do," he replied.

"Will I turn around?"

"Yes please."

Without receiving permission he leaned down and took one nipple into his
mouth, sucking like a little baby, his hands still caressing each mound and
roaming further afield over her stomach, sides and back. He was breathing
heavily with sexual fervour rising fast.

"Slow down, Eric. They won't go away. They're yours until dinner
time." He had several hours but the urgency did not diminish.

"I really think you should take it a little easy, darling," she cajoled
but instead of relaxing his urgency became ever greater as she began to
undress him.

"Stay still a moment, Eric," she half laughed, having difficulty to get
at his clothes while he pawed her breasts. Finally, with everything
undone, his trousers slipped to the floor and Milla leaned over to push his
jockey shorts down as well.

"You'll have to get out of them yourself," she encouraged him but he
showed no inclination to leave her breasts alone.

"Let me lay down then,' she decided. "Get out of your clothes and lay
beside me. I'm still all yours, my titties at least."

He took little time to become totally naked and laid down against her
hip, wet penis standing tall.

"Keep kissing them if you like," she encouraged. "It feels nice for me
too," she declared.

He was becoming over-excited, pressing his erection into her stomach as
he half lay upon her. Milla realised he wasn't in control and gave his
thigh a hard smack which cracked like a horsewhip.

The sting made him sit up in surprise but when he saw she was smiling he
began to nuzzle his favourite breasts again.

"I think it's time, Eric."

"Oh, no not yet, Milla,' he whined, thinking his visiting rights had

"You're getting too excited," she told him. "I think it's time to do
your duty and make love to my breasts. I want you to fuck my beautiful
titties, Eric."

"Oh, that. I thought you wanted me to stop."

"Kneel over me, over my tummy, Eric."

"My, your cock is large," she complimented him. "Now, see my tits, how
they fall apart when I lay down?"


"Lick the valley, Eric. I want you to make it very wet. Very wet

He needed no second telling, his tongue leaving heavy streaks of saliva
right along the length of the valley.

"Up the sides of my titties too, Eric. No, silly the insides." She wet
her own fingers and added to his saliva.

"Now lay your big cock down between my titties, Eric. Ah, that's nice,"
she sighed. She clenched her breasts together, encasing his swollen

"Now all you've got to do is pretend your big manly cock is deep inside
my pussy. Fuck me, Eric darling. Fuck my breasts. Imagine it's my pussy.
Fuck me, dear, it's your reward."

With no previous practice, Eric fucked well, Pushing and withdrawing in
ever-faster rhythm until his thighs were slapping into her breasts, making
it difficult to keep his cock enclosed.

"Slow down. Slower, Eric. Yes, that's better. Take your time; don't
finish so quickly. Slow down and you'll enjoy it longer. That's what I'd
require if you were really inside my pussy, darling. You'd have to fuck me
slowly so I could enjoy it too."

"Sorry, Milla. I didn't realise," he puffed.

"That's better. Go slow and catch your breath. When your tummy rubs
along my nipples it feels nice but not as sensitive for me as real
lovemaking. You've a lot to learn before you can fly solo in a lady's
pussy, I can see that."

"Yes, Milla. I'll try to get better." His climax was approaching and he
knew he couldn't do a thing to stop it. Instead, he began to pound himself
between the soft tits, grunting like an animal, reaching for the coming

"Gaaahhh," he cried out as the first foam surged along his cock and
erupted between her breasts and over her neck. He maintained his pumping
as each spurt brought ever- higher feelings of bliss, and ever-greater mess
over the woman's upper body.

Milla let him have his way, trying to hold his manhood firmly between
the folds of her tits, happy that she had kept her promise and happy that
the boy on top of her was enjoying the thrills that she knew he was
feeling. At last he was finished, pumped dry and exhausted. He rolled over
on his back, gasping for breath and calm, not even considering the mess he
had left which was now running down her neck onto the bedclothes.

"So you've finished then?" She had not moved, still pressing her breasts together to stem the flow down her neck.

"I think so, he puffed."

"And what about me?"

"What?" He hadn't taken any notice of the tone in her voice, the
accusing tone.

"So you take your pleasure and then leave the lady to clean up your
mess, long after it's escaped all over her bed, I might add."

"Oh, Milla, I'm sorry. Here, I'll do something." But the flustered boy had no idea where to start.

"Tell Gemma to come," she demanded, none too happily.

"Yes." He rushed out.

"Gemma, Milla wants you. Please come. Hurry."

"What for?" She was laying on her bed, in an apparently unhappy

"She wants you to... she needs you."

"Why? To act up in front of you again? Lift my skirt so you can look
up it? No I won't."

"It's not that. She needs your help."

"Then she can come and ask me herself."

"Gemma, quickly. She can't move."

"Why?" A look of concern showing on her face.

"Because she's in a mess. You know."

"That you made I suppose? Then you help her."

"She won't let me. She's asking for you. Please come."

"Is that what you've just done? Come?"

His eyes looked down and he answered, "Yes."

"Men are filthy animals," she spat at him as she walked into Milla's

"Get the tissues, darling," Milla said. "It's a mess."

"I just said they're animals and it's true," she responded seeing the
trails of sperm leaking down her aunt's neck and chest. "Did he give you
any pleasure at all?"

"None," Milla replied, opening her breasts as Gemma began to wipe the
sticky goo away.

"Where do they get it all from?" Gemma said with a disgusted look at
Eric. "Well, get something to put these in," she berated him, holding up a
handful of soggy tissues.'

When he left, Gemma smiled and said, "He shot a load and a half, didn't

"Yes, and I was right. All he thought of was his own pleasure. Didn't
even thank me or offer a kiss when it was over."

"That's a punishable offence," Gemma stated happily.

"That's true, and probably appropriate. We'll let Rob set the scene
after dinner."

Chapter Ten

They were all sitting around the living room, chatting happily when
Milla patted the sofa beside her.

"Gemma dear. Come and sit beside me."

The girl did so, smiling at her aunt as she snuggled into her side.

"Now fold your skirt right up to your waist, dear."

"Oh, I can't do that, Aunt Milla, not with Eric here, watching me." She
looked aghast at the suggestion.

"Do as I say, dear. Don't let's have any tantrums please. You may need
to lift your bottom to get it right up."

"But Milla..."

"If you don't, I'll ask Rob to disrobe you completely. Now do as you're
told. Eric's seen that far up anyway, it's nothing he hasn't seen before."

'Milla, please don't..." Before she could finish, Milla's hand flashed
out and smacked her leg very hard, bringing genuine tears to her eyes. The
reaction was to see her slowly exposing her knees and thighs as the skirt
was drawn up her legs. She had to lift her bottom to keep the garment held

Eric watched closely, licking his lips in anticipation. Yes he had seen
that far up but not with panties on or stockings. The panties were white
and shiny and covered her crotch tightly. The stockings were held up with
what seemed to him to be elastic tops for the seam seemed to bite into the
tops of her thighs.

"Eric, dear. Please come and stand in front of Gemma."

"Oh, Milla," Gemma whined. "You're not going to let him..."

"Hush up, Gemma."

"She is pretty isn't she, Eric?"

"Oh yes, Milla. Very pretty indeed," he said beaming a wide smile and
thinking he was to be given some unknown access to his cousin.

"I agree," Milla said condescendingly. "But pretty girls sometimes
become upset and need to punish the wrongdoer."

"Yes, Milla?" Was he going to get the opportunity to spank his young cousin? He hoped so.

"So the time has come for her to do that and you are the one."

"Me, Milla? Am I to spank her bottom?" His desire was overwhelming and
both Milla and her niece saw the bulge growing under his trousers again.

"You've misunderstood, Eric. No, Milla is going to spank your bottom.
And very hard at that."

"Me?" He almost jumped with fright. "You want her to spank me? Why? I
don't want that."

"Maybe not but she will do it and tell you why as she does so, won't
you, dear?"

"Of course. One should know why one is being punished," Gemma said with
a gleam of anticipation in her eyes.

"No. I won't agree."

"That's your choice, Eric," Rob broke into the conversation. "If you
don't agree with Milla's request, you may leave of course. No-one's
forcing you to stay, but you must realise you won't be welcome back here

"I can't come back?" He looked at each of the three who returned his
gaze with serious eyes.

"That's our arrangement, Eric," Milla retorted. "Agree and belong or
refuse and lose the family. We need to know now."

"I might add, Eric," Rob said, "that should you think of telling anyone
what you have witnessed here over the last two weeks, it is your word
against three of us, including two women whose word any policeman would
accept. Think of that very seriously."

"I wouldn't tell anyone, Rob. I promise. But I didn't expect to
receive a spanking. I'm eighteen years old."

"So's Gemma, or almost, and Milla's just ten years older. After their
first spanking they began to enjoy the thrill of it all. You might too,"
he added.

'There's something else you'd better consider, Eric,' Milla said. "If
you stay and think that a spanking is all the punishment you'll receive,
you're very much mistaken. Isn't he, Gemma darling?"

"Yes, ha, ha. If only that was all the punishment I received..." She
left the sentence unfinished.

"What else?" He was very unsure of himself again.

"We'll decide at the time, it's not your concern at the moment."

"I need your answer now, Eric," Rob said firmly. "Right now."

"I want to stay, honestly I do. It's so exciting here," he said
wringing his hands.

I'll bet it is, Gemma said to herself, knowing a little of what he would
see and do to her over the next few weeks.


"Yes, I agree," he said, all colour draining from his face.

"Good." Rob said. "I take it that is your final word. We don't want to
go through this every time you're faced with something unpleasant."

"No, Rob. Truly I want to stay."

"Then remove your clothes, Eric," Milla instructed.

"All of them?" He looked shattered.

"Every stitch, and now."

Red-faced again, he did so and stood directly in front of Gemma, his
cock half erect but failing quickly due to fright and embarrassment.

"Open your legs a little, Gemma," Milla said. "Now Eric, lay over her
knees, with that fat thing between her legs please. I can tell you this is
the closest you'll get to her pussy for a long time yet."

He leaned over and felt Gemma's legs close tightly as soon as he was in
position. "Now, Gemma darling. Whenever you're ready. Ten of the best
and you can explain between each stroke, why he's earned this little
chastisement. c "You bet, Milla. As hard as I can, you said?"

"That's right. Lay it on."

"No, don't," Eric wailed. "Not hard, Gemma, please."

Crack. The first landed between his two cheeks, making him buck with

"Firstly, Eric. You have to learn that the most important person when
you have sex is your partner. You never thought of Milla's pleasure at


"Secondly, before you think of coming you must make sure your partner
climaxes at least once and preferably seceral times.

Crack. He howled.

"Thirdly, because your partner takes longer than you to climax, you must
pace yourself."

Crack. He howled louder.

"Fourthly, you must learn what your partner likes best."

Crack. His behind was burning with pain and tears flooded his eyes.

"Fifthly, You must learn how to stimulate your partner's breasts."

Crack. "Please stop, Gemma. It's too sore."

"Speak once more and she'll start again," Milla hissed at him.

Crack. He almost slipped off as his body jerked upwards but in doing so
felt the bubbling sensations within his groin as her stocking-clad thighs
held his penis tightly.

"Sixthly, you will learn where all the most sensitive areas of your
partner's body are and how to stimulate them.

Crack. When he jumped he felt the growing desire to orgasm.

"Seventhly, once you have access to your partner's pussy you will learn
in the most minute detail, where her points of greatest pleasure are."

Crack. Oh, god. She's going to make me come, he thought desperately.

"Eighthly, having learned where those points are, you will learn how to
best stimulate them to prolong her climax to the fullest."

Crack. "Oh,' he groaned, trying not to move a muscle.

"Ninthly, you will learn to pace yourself so there is no possible chance
of coming before your partner receives her full satisfaction."

Crack. If she moves at all, he groaned inwardly to himself, I will
spurt, there's no doubt.

"Tenthly, you will teach yourself to hold back your orgasm until your
partner invites you to come."

The spanking stopped but not his rising arousal made all the worse when
her hand trailed down and worked it's way between his legs. He had to open
them for any pressure on his part to stop her would surely make him
ejaculate all over her thighs.

Then her hand cupped his balls that nestled between her thighs and his
groin. The eruption seemed to start from somewhere near his teeth for he
felt as though they were going to fall out. He felt the surge rise and
charge along his penis in slow notion, blocking off all sound in his ears,
the room seemed like a vacuum. Then the most incredible feeling hit him as
the first glob of sperm left the tip of his penis and thundered between her
tightly clamped thighs. Shot after shot jerked him across her knees, his
body shuddering in ecstasy, a hissing moan frothing through his teeth and
growing ever louder as the tips of her fingers continued to stroke his
tight balls.

"I'm sor... I'm... Sorry. Please forg... forgive me," he literally
cried out. All he could think of was the mess he had sprayed between
Gemma's legs and probably all over the floor. Once the ejaculations had
ceased he laid still, his whole body shaking by the sobbing he could not
stop. The humiliation was the worst and he couldn't raise himself, he just
laid there, balancing over his own mess.

"You didn't seem to learn much then, did you, young man," Milla said
harshly, close to his ear. "I do believe you've spunked yourself all over
Gemma's stockings. Is that correct?"

He nodded. "Yes, Milla. I couldn't help it. Truly."

"The least you can do is clean it up. Stand up."

He managed to do that, seeing the strings of sperm clinging to his cock
tip and reaching down to Gemma's thighs where a pool of sperm was slowly
dribbling down the little valley her thighs made.

"Get on your knees and lick it up, Eric." Milla sounded furious.

"Lick..." He looked at her stunned.


He kneeled and lowered his mouth to the ugly mess, hesitant when it came
to actually touching the wetness with his lips. Milla quickly remedied
that by pushing his face down with her hand and saying, "Now suck all of it

He had no choice, feeling the slipperiness of sperm for the first time
as he sucked and licked. It all seemed unreal to him but Milla's hand
remained firm and he found the task was completed fairly quickly. Soon
only the wetness of saliva remained in the crease where her thighs were
still clamped tightly together.

"Now lay underneath her legs and clean the rest," Milla demanded,
rolling him over onto his back as he lay down. Gemma opened her legs and a
large glob of his own effusions splattered onto his face and trailed down.
He had to use his hand to wipe it back up into his mouth. He saw drops
almost ready to fall from the side of her legs and quickly sucked these up
too, completing his task by cleaning both sides of her thighs completely.

"Filthy boy," Gemma smirked as he sat up, looking totally crest-fallen.

"I'm sorr..."

"For pity's sake, stop gibbering," Milla growled. "You haven't finished
yet. Get upstairs and bring a warm clean face-washer and towel down to
clean this young lady's legs properly. I'm sure she won't want to spend
the rest of the evening with your sticky goo all over her."

As he was lost from view upstairs, Milla congratulated Gemma's handling
of the situation. "I couldn't have done it better myself," she said. "And
I like your ten commandments of women's rights. Rob, darling, you'll have
to learn them too," she told him sweetly.

"I've never heard you complain yet," he grizzled.

"Ha. Ha. True," she conceded. Then to Gemma she went on, "I have one
more little chore for you tonight, darling. Just play along, please."

"I suppose I'm going to expose some more of my beautiful bod," she
smiled, quite happy at the thought.

Rob added, "I'm not sure our boy will be able to raise another hardon,
no matter what you do in front of him tonight. He's already thrown two
massive climaxes."

"Before this weekend's out his balls will be so sore he'll beg to be let
home early," Milla said with a look of knowing in her eyes.

Eric returned quickly and no one said a word until he towelled her
thighs dry. He became very aware that his cousin's legs were spread widely
apart in front of him.

"Now your own filthy thing," Milla said.

"What do you mean, Milla?" He almost whined.

"Clean it, in front of us please. Make sure all the gunk has been
squeezed out. I don't want it dribbling over my floor all evening. We
haven't finished yet."

His eyes showed the groan without a sound leaving his lips.

Red-faced, he wiped and squeezed his softness in front of them, until he
was sure no more would drain out, washing and then drying himself on the

"Will I put my clothes on, Milla?" He looked at her hopefully.

"Of course not. Stay as you are. Sit by me, here on the other side,"
she indicated.

"Now, Gemma dear. Would you stand in front of us, please?"

Resuming her demureness she did so, looking completely shy and reserved,
still fully dressed in the white blouse and skirt.

"Yes, Aunt Milla?' She looked charming two all three watchers.

"Firstly, I believe Eric wishes to thank you for his punishment and the
wise rules you gave him."

Milla looked at Eric who looked dumbfounded. "Well, Eric?"

"Oh, all right," he mumbled. "Gemma I thank you for what you did for me
tonight. I'm sure it made me learn a lot."

"Is that it?" Milla looked at him surprised.

"Yes, well I couldn't think of anything else to say."

"I see. We'll find out what you did learn because straight after
breakfast tomorrow you will present me with a written list of the Ten
Commandments she gave you tonight."

"I couldn't remember all that," the stricken boy whined.

"Then you'll be up all night remembering. If you think what she gave
you was punishment, you've got some big surprises coming, and I can assure
you. Don't forget, straight after breakfast."

"Yes, Milla," he agreed, crest-fallen but not objecting further.

"This weekend's challenge, Eric, starts now. Remember what Gemma said?
Commandment Nine?"

"Oh, yes," he said not remembering at all.

"Well, that is your challenge. From this moment, until you wake on
Monday morning, you will not have an erection unless one of the three of us
says you can first. You will not ask, we will tell you. Raise a hardon,
Eric, and you will be beaten. Understood?'

He just looked straight ahead, realising the predicament he was facing.
Doubtless he would not succeed for they would tease him mercilessly with
their bodies and their sexy talk. He was lost.


"Yes, Milla. But I don't..."

"But you will, and that's all there is about it." Milla was adamant.

"Yes, Milla."

"Good, I'm glad that's understood." She then turned to the subdued Gemma
who still stood quietly in front of them.

"Gemma dear. Please undress. Everything if you please and do it

Gemma's face turned bright red and tears formed immediately. Milla
still couldn't understand how she could do that at will.

"I can't Milla, not in front of him. It's not fair. With Rob it's
alright because he's..." She left the sentence unfinished for Eric's sake.
Dream on, she thought and smiled to herself. "But not in front of him,
please, Milla."

"Nonsense." She dismissed the objections with a flick of her hand.
"Start now," she said. "And very slowly please." Then looking harshly at
Eric she said, "No erection, young man. Or pay the penalty."

With tears still running down her face, the young shy girl took hold of
the top button on her blouse.

Button by button the blouse slowly opened to display the pristine
whiteness of her underwear. When she had undone them all and then the two
at her wrists, the supposedly shy girl looked straight at Eric and very
slowly lifted the garment off her shoulders and withdrew her arms. She
wore what Eric took to be a petticoat of glistening white silk that exposed
little more than the blouse did except for her naked shoulders.

"Fold each piece and lay it out in front of us please, darling," Milla

Gemma did more, doing up every button including those at the wrists and
then laid the blouse out flat on the floor.

"If you feel your dick getting hard, Eric," Milla said to the boy, "I'd
suggest closing your eyes and think of something not so sexy as this poor
girl in front of you."

"Yes, Milla."

Gemma turned her back to the voyeur's so they could watch as she undid
her skirt. The small hook was undone and the zipper slowly pulled
downwards until the dress began to slip to the floor. Gemma bent down
without taking her hands from it, allowing herself to step out of the
circle of cloth, her bottom pointing directly at Eric.

She straightened and made much of re-zippering and folding the skirt,
which she laid out, on the floor next to the blouse. It could be seen now
that she wore a short half-slip and a separate chemise, which covered her
chest. Both were made of white shiny silk that clung to her body's curves
and soft lace around all the edges.

Both hands grasped the bottom of the chemise, which soon lay on the
floor, well laid out for all to see. Her bra pushed out a substantial
cleavage even with her small breasts, pulling them together. Much of each
mound was seen through soft lace, the underneath section providing the firm
base that drew the breasts together.

"You'd better do something, Eric," Milla warned.

"Can I go outside please?"

"No longer than a minute. Get yourself under control."

"Yes. Milla."

As soon as he left Gemma moved to Rob's side. "Touch me, Rob darling,"
Gemma pleaded. "I need to feel you."

"No. Not underneath, Rob," Milla objected. "But she can sit on your
knee while you stroke her. Let the boy see you doing it when he comes

The first thing Eric saw when he returned was Rob's hands moulding his
cousins breasts over her bra while they kissed passionately.

Without asking, he rushed from the room again.

When he returned, blushing with confusion, he bungled any apology he had
meant to make.

"You don't have to apologise about sex, Eric," Milla told him. "Gemma
just needed some affection because she is embarrassed at having to perform
her strip-tease in front of you, that's all."

"Yes, but..."

"Her uncle was simply comforting her."

Eric gave up and sat down, his erection firm but not hard.

"You may proceed, Gemma dear."

She removed the half-slip to reveal small white panties with lace across
the whole of the front panel and a small suspender belt that held her
stockings in place. Eric was relieved that he couldn't see any evidence of
his spillage over her stockings earlier in the evening. He watched as she
placed her shoes together in the line of garments then undid each suspender
clip with agonising slowness, her eyes on his the whole time.

Eric had seen pictures at school of women in bras and suspenders but
never in the flesh and the feeling of arousal became overwhelming once
again. He closed his eyes but Gemma began to hum a slow rhythmical soft
sound that made him reopen them.

Without looking down he knew his cock was sex hard, and while he didn't
think he would come he had what Milla would surely call a full erection.
He tried to turn his thoughts to snowfields and cold showers, closing his
eyes again, trying to silence her sensuous humming. He desperately wanted
to ease the arousal and told himself that denying some pleasure now would
pay off tenfold in the coming days and weeks. Slowly the straining in his
groin eased and his eyes opened when he heard Gemma speak.

"Looks like a giant condom," she said holding up a rolled up stocking that she had obviously rolled down her leg, leaving just the toe end
sticking out. "Almost big enough for you Rob," the young girl giggled.

She took hold of the toe and unrolled the gossamer stocking, laying it
alongside the shoes. Then Eric watched as she unclipped the other leg and
rolled the stocking down. He found it highly stimulating, making naked a
leg that he could already see through the thin nylon. For some reason
knowing that she was denuding her leg in front of him was so arousing.
Immediately his cock grew hard and firm again.

Milla looked down and he bowed his head, expecting further admonishment.
"Isn't she beautiful, Eric? Look at her. Don't you think so?"

"Yes, I do, Milla." He agreed trying to cover his erect member.

"She's doing this all for you, you know. There's not much more to
remove before she's..." She didn't have to finish because he knew exactly.

He kept his head bowed, trying not to think about what Gemma was doing.

"You may watch the rest without fear, Eric dear," Milla said. "You can
have an erection, but you mustn't come."

He looked first at Milla then at Rob. Neither seemed to be mad at him
so he began to watch with fervour.

Gemma removed not her underwear next but her jewellery. First two small
ear studs were laid beside the stockings and then a gold chain from around
her neck. She began to remove the ring Rob had placed on her finger at
their marriage but Milla told her to leave that on. Gemma smiled at Rob on
hearing that.

Her eyes were once again focused firmly on Eric's face as she undid the
two hooks on her suspender belt which she laid on the floor, the clips and
hooks all done up, neatly pointing towards Eric.

"Milla...?" Gemma queried whether she could finish her stripping,
knowing full well she would be required t.

Milla simply nodded and Gemma reached behind her back, the ends of her
bra falling to her sides as she held it against her chest. Very slowly she
extricated her arms from the straps and then holding each cup in a hand,
drew it from her and held it at arms length but in direct line with Eric's
eyes so he still couldn't see what he most wanted to. Finally, and quickly
she put both hands behind her back, exposing the dark pink tipped breasts to him for the first time.

Eric's mouth stayed open in wonderment as he stared.

"Imagine how they would feel if your lips could touch them, Eric. Suck
them inside and lick and kiss them. Do you like them?"

"Yes," he whispered. "I do."

He watched in awe as she leaned over to put the garment beside her
suspenders, the cups making a three dimensional picture on the floor but
his eyes never left the protruding mounds. He felt weak and breathless.

"And you'd like to kiss them, Eric?" Milla's voice asked soothingly.

"Oh, yes please. Could I, Milla? Please?"

"You won't earn that privilege for some time, young man. Just look and
think about the prize that awaits you," she said. "As long as you pass, of
course," she added teasingly.

"Now the last, Gemma dear," Milla instructed.

"Oh, very well,' she said petulantly as she turned her back to them.
Eric watched dumbfounded as she slowly drew the tight panties over her
bottom and down her legs. She stood up and smoothed out the silky garment
against her chest and began to turn back to them.

The disappointment in Eric's eyes when he realised the panties were held
over her crotch caused Gemma to smile as she stood there not moving. After
the longest minute, instead of removing them, she bent forward and laid
them on the floor before he could focus on the one spot he was cherishing
so much and then with an acrobatic swirl, had risen and was standing with
her back to them again.

"That wasn't nice, Gemma darling," Milla scolded. "You've worked this
boy up so much he's dribbling all down his cock. I think it's time."

Gemma turned, her hands at first covering her secrets but quickly moved
behind her back to display herself quite naked to her cousin for the first

"Well, Eric?"

"She's beautiful."

"All you can do is imagine, Eric. You are not allowed to touch you

"Yes, Milla."

"Nor can you come. Make sure of that."


"But you are allowed to watch," Milla concluded and then said to Gemma,
"Touch yourself, darling. Let him see how young ladies pleasure

Eric saw her hands cup breasts, stroke them, squeeze them, and flick the
nipples with her fingertips. She sighed from time to time as she dipped
her fingers into her mouth and returned to wet the nipples before stroking
her fingertips around the raised hardness.

"Lower, darling."

Immediately, Eric's gaze fell on the girl's crotch and suddenly realised
that her pussy was hairless. While one hand continued pleasuring her
breasts, she began stroking the crease of her sex with the other. Looking
directly at Eric with an innocent yet knowing smile, she made sure her
fingers never covered the spreading petals of her pussy, stroking a finger
along the parted lips now becoming wet with her own arousal.

She moaned softly, her hips jerking occasionally as her pleasure built

"Spread your legs apart, darling," Milla coaxed. "I like to watch it
all. Rub your clit too, dear. You need to make yourself feel nice."

Milla glanced at the boy sitting beside her. "I see you like watching
her do these intimate things too, Eric. What do you think her pussy looks

"Like a partly opened rose-bud," he answered instantly, his mouth half
opened, tantalised at the sight in front of him.

"Imagine what it would be like if you could touch her like that, Eric.
Imagine putting your finger inside her pussy like she is doing to herself.
Be good and don't come and one day you might have that pleasure yourself,"
Milla whispered, putting an arm around the naked boy's shoulders and
squeezing him to her.

His cock was harder than he had ever known and his brain was telling him
to let go and shoot off. He wanted to so desperately and yet something
else was saying to go steady. Hold out now and much more will await him.

"Milla... I can't hold it back. I think it's going to come without
even touching myself,' he wailed, still unable to take his eyes off the
naked girl and what she was doing to herself.

Milla pinched his naked shoulder very hard and he cried out at the shock
of the pain. But it helped ease his predicament.

He continued to watch, the girl opening her sex widely between thumb and
forefinger while her other hand rubbed her clit hard and fast. She was
approaching her own climax, pushing a finger deep inside her pussy, using
the lubrication to wet her clit that she was punishing so much. Her body
was rolling from side to side, loud moans filled the room as she approached
and finally she looked at her aunt and breathed one word, a question.


"Come, darling. Come and enjoy yourself. Let the boy watch as you
explode, darling. Go all the way, Gemma dear."

And she did, with a sigh and then grinding teeth as she reached the
razors edge of pleasure and then slipped into her own mind shattering
orgasm. Eric couldn't believe what he saw as she ground her hand into her
clitoris and then with reddened face and grimaced mouth she groaned shrilly
as the vibrations drove her to a frantic shuddering pleasurable end. Eric
saw the droplets of sweat form on her forehead as her face dissolved from
tenseness to the peace of satisfaction and then her body finally crumpled
to the floor.

They watched in silence until finally Rob rose and took the collapsed
girl in his arms and carried her upstairs.

"Gemma will sleep in our room tonight," Milla said and then looked at
the silent boy beside her.

"I'm impressed, Eric. I thought a show like that would have triggered
your own climax but you held off. I know I helped a little but you
succeeded. Well done." She leaned over and pecked him on the cheek.
"We'll see how you cope tomorrow anyway."

"Tomorrow?" He asked in expectation and somewhat dread.

"Yes because your test continues then. You are to go to bed now but
under no circumstances are you to touch yourself or come without my
permission. You can't lie to me, Eric. I'll know if you do and that will
be all the worse for you. So after all the teasing you've received tonight
I hope you enjoyed what Gemma did for you," she added.

"Oh, yes. I did," he agreed. "It was exciting."

"Good. Well we'll see tomorrow whether you can withstand more
excitement. And don't forget to make a list of your ten commandments," she
added, reminding him of her expectations.

"I don't think I can remember them all, Milla. I was getting beaten and
it hurt me so much, I didn't think to remember them."

"It will be all the worse for you, fatal almost, if you don't complete
the ten. It could mean total banishment forever from all the things you've
been doing in this house," she warned.

"I'll try," he said without conviction.

"I'm sure you will. Now stand in front of me.'

His penis still stood up firm and straight and Milla took it between her
fingers. Leaning down she pressed her lips against his hardness and kissed
the tip. "Goodnight, Eric. Off you go," she smiled up at him.

He almost ran upstairs with shock.

Chapter Eleven

Eric slept little that night, spending much of the time trying to
outline Ten Commandments that he thought would satisfy his aunt. He
remembered several of Gemma's commandments, at least the theme of them but
began to realise that many of them were similar in meaning that he decided
to simply embellish the ones he had already written out so that at least he
could present ten separate rules the next morning.

He had heard some lovemaking coming from Milla and Rob's bedroom but he
tried to keep his mind away from anything that made his cock rise and
concentrate on his task. Late into the night he finally fell asleep and
woke much later than he had wanted to. After showering he dressed and went
down to breakfast.

"About time, Eric," Gemma giggled.

But his greater shock came when Milla raised her voice and growled, "How
can I see whether you are meeting your test or not with clothes on. Gemma,
undress the naughty boy."

"I can do it, Milla," he said apologetically, beginning to undo buttons.

"I said for Gemma to do it and I meant it, Eric. Now stand still and do
only what she tells you to."

More embarrassment. Couldn't he do anything right, he wondered as his
cousin stood in front of him, a superior smirk all over her face.

"Well, Eric dearest," she half whispered. "Let mummy undress the little
boy then."

His cock was all right until he heard her voice but the innuendo was
strong and she made sure her fingers pressed against him as she worked
surely towards his nakedness.

It was humiliating but he did what he was told, raising an arm here,
lifting a leg as she slipped his trousers down.

"My, Eric. A wet patch there already," she accused him as his
underpants were pulled down leaving him starkers in front of her. She
continued to kneel, her face just inches from his protuberance.

"He's stiff already, Milla," she told on him. "Is that allowed?"

"Definitely not." Milla's voice was firm and harsh and backed up by a
stinging smack on his posterior.

The shock deflated him somewhat and he desperately tried to get himself
soft. Snowfields seemed the best thoughts to achieve that and he
concentrated, keeping his eyes closed and his mind off the young female in
front of him.

"Gosh, he's doing it. Milla, he's getting soft."

"I should hope so."

What wasn't helping him was both Milla's and Gemma's attire. Both wore
skimpy underwear, panties and bra only and Milla's large breasts pushed the
thin fabric to the limit of tolerance. Worse was that fact that Rob
stroked both women every time he was within reach and neither objected in
the least. In fact he was sure both ladies enjoyed every moment that his
hands were on them. It was impossible to remain soft. Impossible.

Nothing was said about his list while he was eating and even after the
breakfast things were cleared away, the subject was not raised. He
followed them into the living room and it was Rob who spoke first.

"Did you listen to the noise these two ladies made in our bedroom last
night, Eric?"

"Um. I think I heard something, Rob. But it was muffled and I was
trying to concentrate on... on other things."

"Oh yes, the list. We'll talk about that in a moment. No, I just
wondered whether you might have slipped over to watch them?"

"Oh, I wouldn't do that, Rob."

"Hmm. You missed something. They made love together, you know."

Eric's head jerked up, looking at the smiling women. "They... made

"Yes. You know, had sex together while I watched. It's something
you'll never forget, seeing two beautiful young women in a lesbian experience. Milla, you'll have to invite Eric next time you do it."

"Maybe. If he passes his test today and by the look of that thing
sticking up in front of him, I think he's going to fail miserably."

The moment she had finished, Gemma's hand landed hard and loud against
his backside, making his jump with fright.

"Goodness, Eric," Gemma berated him. "Can't you even talk about sex
without getting all stiff and horny?"

"I'm sorry, Gemma. It's hard."

"Well look at Rob. He hasn't raised a hardon and he's been remembering
what he saw Milla and I do to each other last night."

"Perhaps we'll give him a rest and see how well he's remembered his
lesson from last night. Read out what you've written, Eric," Milla

"Um, yes, Milla. I think I have remembered them all."

He began reading the list he had made up. No one interjected while he
spoke. Neither did they show any emotion throughout, sitting silently,
watching him. He couldn't tell how his list was being accepted.

When he finished Milla asked simply, "Is that it?"

"Yes, Milla."

"On a score of one to ten, you get two. Two, Eric. That's pathetic.
Gemma, bring the cane."

"Oh, goody," she sniggered as she left the room.

"Milla, please don't hit me again. I couldn't help not remembering."

Milla said nothing, just moved a high backed dining chair into the
middle of the room.

"Milla?" The stricken boy pleaded.

"Kneel up on it, Eric and hold your arms over the back. We're going to
do it all over again but this time I'm sure Gemma's words will sink in a
little more forcefully."

Gemma ran back into the room, gleefully clutching a thin white came,
which she handed to Milla.

Rob sat so he looked directly up to the kneeling Eric, and Milla
directed Gemma to stand in front of Rob, her back to Eric.

"Now young man, I'm going to show you that I can remember Gemma's words
and if I can there's no excuse from you. If you move off the chair or let
go with your hands we'll have to start all over again. Understand?"

"Yes, Milla," the stricken boy nodded, tears already flowing from the
anticipation of punishment.

"Rob, dear. You can have the pleasant duty of helping Gemma to spend.
Do it slowly though. I don't want her to come until after Eric has
repeated his commandments."

"Thank you, Milla," Gemma turned around and smiled at her aunt.

Eric heard the swish and the burning cut long before his reaction to it
reached his brain. He couldn't help but buck his bottom upwards.

"Firstly..." Milla spoke clearly and almost word for word of what Gemma
had directed him last night.

As she spoke, Eric had to contend with the agony of the cane and the
sight of Rob running his hands all over the young girl's body in front of
him. He firstly unclipped her bra, which dropped to the floor and then
slid her panties down and off her legs.

While Milla was speaking, Gemma was purring and moving her body against
her uncle's hands. Eric had no chance of remembering even one word that
Milla spoke.

"Now repeat the first commandment, Eric."

"Wha... I'm sorry, Milla. I didn't hear." He tried to turn his head in
supplication but without letting go, he couldn't see Milla at all.

Thwack, the cane landed a second time with the same results

"Firstly..." He heard Milla's voice this time and tried to concentrate.
The fact that Rob was obviously clutching Gemma's breasts and stroking
them, even though he couldn't actually see, was a worse distraction that
the biting cane.


"Firstly, I must... I'm sorry." His mind was like a sieve.


"Oh, god. Don't, Milla, please it hurts so much."

"Then repeat the words after me if that's what it takes."

"Firstly, I must remember that when having sex, the most important
person is my partner."

"Firstly..." He repeated what she had spoken, still watching Rob as his
hands moved over Gemma's breasts and back.

Thwack. "Ouch."

"Secondly..." Milla went on, Eric repeating the words after her.

Rob's hands had moved to the girl's bottom, his fingers tracing the
crease, stroking the mounds, pulling the cheeks apart. Gemma was moaning
softly with pleasure.

Eric's backside was slowly becoming striped as each cut of the cane
matured leaving a red-raw welt over his white skin.

"Seventhly," Milla continued. She could see the pain of her punishments
beginning to take effect as he cried out louder after each stroke landed,
his head seeming to fall lower each time. His voice was pained as he
repeated her words and she was sure he still hadn't taken in the meaning of
each commandment.

By the time she had finished, he was squealing like a tortured pig with
every stroke, his voice in falsetto as he repeated her sentences. But his
eyes remained glued to the girl in front of him and to what Rob was doing
to her.

Eric hadn't noticed that Milla had stopped his punishment for the scene
he was watching neared its climax. Gemma was crying out with passion, her
pelvis pushing at her uncle's hands as they manipulated her rising
pleasures. Rob was obviously using his fingers inside her pussy because
Eric could see the movements of his elbows, now thrusting like a piston,
causing Gemma to call on him to finish her off.

"Oh, yes, Rob darling. Harder. Push harder, right inside. I'm coming
soon. Soo... Yesss, now. Oh, it's wonderful. I love you, darling Rob."

Eric saw his cousin climax, heard the cries of pleasure and shuddering
of legs and body as she came, saw as Rob held her tightly to him and her
body collapsed against him.

Gemma lifted herself up and kissed him. "Thank you. It was the most
wonderful feeling. Thank you."

"My pleasure, darling," he replied, kissing her back and then looking
straight at Eric.

Then Eric noticed Milla's hand had crept between his legs and cupped his
cock and balls.

"Well, I am pleased with you, Eric. No hardon at all. You've passed."

"Wha...? Passed? I have?" He looked around at Milla as she continued
to caress him.

"Yes, you have. Congratulations."

The naked Gemma was smiling at him and Rob simply nodded his approval.

"This afternoon, you deserve a reward," Milla promised.

"I do?" He looked at her in anticipation.

"Not now, later. Just be patient, young man," he was told.

Chapter Twelve

After lunch, Milla suggested they meet by the pool. "Rob won't be able
to join us," she said. "So we'll have to make our own fun. I'm sure we
can do that, don't you, Gemma?"

"Sure. Anyway we're both naked," she pointed out the obvious for
neither cousin had been allowed to dress after their morning's exertions.
"So we're quite ready for a swim."

"Indeed," Milla agreed. "It's good to see Eric still without an
erection. I hope you're not becoming impotent?"

"I'm just trying to do what you want, Milla."

"Well you'll need an erection for what's in store so you can get hard
when you're ready."

"I can?" His face lit up in expectation, a huge smile as he looked at

"Tell me, Eric. What did you think when you saw your uncle masturbating

"I wondered if I could... well, if I would be allowed to do the same."

"You wanted Rob to give you an orgasm?" Milla looked shocked.

"No," he replied quickly. "I thought I might be allowed to do the same
to Gemma. To touch her."

"What?" The look of indignation on the girl's face told him everything.

"I'm sorry," he concluded.

"Well not today at least," Milla replied for the girl. "I have other
things in mind. Come on, let's go out to the pool."

It was a beautiful area, fully landscaped with cabanas, lounges and a
bar. There was even a large shaded lawn to lie on if they wanted to.
Gemma arranged drinks and Eric found himself with a large whisky and soda,
far stronger than he was used to drinking. He dared not complain.

"Both of you go for a dip to cool off then we'll entertain Eric with his

They both raced to the edge, Gemma diving in cleanly, Eric jumping. The
cool water against uncovered skin was a wonderful feeling, and they swam
and frolicked for several minutes. Gemma left the pool first but Eric
followed quickly, drying himself off as he became aware of a rising penis
that he was willing himself to achieve.

"Lay down on your back, Gemma darling, knees wide apart so we can see
you clearly. Here," she said handing the girl a small parcel wrapped in
cloth. "I've brought Mother's Best Friend. Use it, dear. Make yourself
come, as quickly as you can please."

"Oh, good. I've never done it outside in the open," she said excitedly,
unwrapping the flesh coloured rubber penis. Eric was enthralled as he saw
her turn the vibrator on and slowly trailed the tip along the pouting lips
of her pussy. She was not embarrassed at all that Eric was so close and
able to see every intimate detail of what she was doing. She put the
purring instrument to her mouth and inundated it's length with saliva,
returning to the seat of her pleasure, pushing the head straight inside her
opening. Her eyes closed and she gasped as her ravenous vagina swallowed
up almost the full length, a sigh rising in the stillness as the first
withdrawal and re-entry took place. Eric saw the small appendage on the
upper side of the dildo and watched as Gemma ground the knob against the
top of her vagina, holding it firmly in place over what he was later to
learn was her clitoris.

Gemma gulped air into her lungs from time to time and especially while
the knob was pressed against her own love nub, her free hand rubbing her
clitoris as soon as the rubber manhood began it's withdrawal. When she had
drawn the staff almost out of her sex she again pushed the length against
her clit, groaning with short jerky breaths as her efforts slowly drew her
nearer to her goal of ecstasy.

Her back arched with every re-entry and remained that way until she
could relax with each withdrawal.

She made no effort to curb her noise, moaning loudly, shouting out the
raptures of approaching orgasm, talking filthy to herself as though no one
was in hearing distance.

Finally the lookers saw the young girl press the instrument even deeper
than before, the little knob grinding into her sensitive flesh, legs
forming a full bridge for her body as she finally accepted the rush of
pleasure and bliss of female climax.

Eric's penis was hard and upstanding at the sight before him. He had
seen her masturbate last night and again this morning although he couldn't
see what Rob was actually doing to her. But now he witnessed everything,
even the sweating, the coarse language he had never heard Gemma speak
before, the final thrill of seeing her orgasm so close to him. He was
ready for whatever Milla wanted to do.

"Was that nice, Eric? Did you like watching Gemma playing with her
little dolly?" Milla was sitting close beside him.


"She gave herself an orgasm, just for you. She let you see everything,
didn't she?"

"Yes, Milla."

"Don't you think you should thank her then?"

"Yes, Milla."

"Then go and kiss her, very lovingly. Kiss your little cousin. She's
waiting for you." As he moved to the naked girl's side, unsure of exactly
how he should undertake this task, Milla directed him.

"Kneel over her, Eric. Put your knees each side of her tummy, but don't
touch any part of her. You'll have to spread your legs very wide to do
that. Good. Now, hands behind your back and lean down then kiss the naked
girl. Gently now."

He was very unsteady, unable to use his hands for balance and still
trying not to touch any part of her. He leaned over only to find his
erection was dangerously near to laying along her stomach. He
re-positioned himself and found he could just reach her lips with his.
Milla was kneeling beside the two young ones now.

"Kiss her gently, Eric. Whisper sweet things to her as you do."

He couldn't think of anything appropriate. His mind simply wasn't
working. But just as he began to stumble over saying thank you, hands
reached up and began stroking his penis, his sensitive, ready to explode,
hard as a rock, cock.

Gemma opened her eyes and looked directly at him.

"Does this feel nice, Eric?" As she spoke, her other hand cupped his
balls and lightly tickled the hairs.

"Ugh. Ye... yes."

"You can come all over me, Eric dear," she crooned softly. "Whenever
you like. Come, big cousin," she invited.

It was all too much and before he realised, the sensations of
ejaculation took over and he felt the surge of sexual drive eating through
his insides, the tip of his cock burning with desire as the first large
spurt of semen erupted and shot right across her face and hair. He noticed
Gemma never flinched and continued to stroke the length of his cock and
balls as the jets of white discharge began to form trails across her
breasts, neck and chin. The urgency was so great he wondered if he would
ever stop. Certainly he couldn't help the grunts that came from his lips,
groans of pleasure with every pump of his balls. He felt weak from the
exertion but knew he must remain in the position for the girl beneath him
obviously wanted to milk him as dry as she could, her hand continuing to
pump as fast as she could.

When it was over Milla helped him off and he was distraught to see the
mess his discharge had made of her soft body. She was covered with white
streaks of semen that crisscrossed her chest and finished over her face and

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I..."

"Don't be sorry, Eric. You should feel proud of such a display. Very
few boys could produce that much sperm in one discharge," she reassured
him. "There's something about the force of a man as he shoots his load of
sperm over a girl's body. It makes a girl feel satisfied, even aroused,
without even the need for sexual stimulation. Isn't that so, Gemma dear?"

"I loved it, Eric. Every spurt made me feel sexier and sexier. Thank
you," she smiled up at him as she lay on the grass.

"There's some cleaning up to do now, young man," Milla reminded him.

"Will I get a towel, Milla?"

"Your mouth is much better. Lick her hands clean first. Mind you do a
good job now."

"Lick it?" He looked surprised.

"Of course, just like last night."

Gemma raised one hand towards him, still covered in white froth, the
result of pumping his penis so fast. Eric took the hands and began to
carefully lick away all of his juices. First the palm and then each
finger, making sure to clean between each one as he worked his way along.
Gemma purred softly at the feeling and eventually lifted her other hand to
him. This wasn't as wet, obviously the one that stroked his balls but he
gave it just as much attention.

"Now her hair, darling," Milla said. "Try not to swallow too much.
Just hold it in your mouth."

This wasn't easy for all the trails of semen had begun to sink deeper
into her hair and he had to almost burrow down in the dark brown hair,
sucking and licking the dampness as best he could. He could feel and taste
the slippery emissions but kept working until he thought he was finished.
He then leaned over her face to commence his clean up there but felt Milla
lift his shoulders.

"Not yet, darling," she said softly. "Kiss me first. Give me what you
are holding inside."

He looked shocked at the suggestion but she put her open mouth over his
and forced her tongue inside. The sperm had become well diluted with his
saliva but Milla accepted all she could suck from him. Her kiss lingered
and he was sure he could feel her swallowing as she moved her lips against
his, sending sexual sparks to his brain once again.

"I love sperm," she said simply. "Now you can commence on her face.
Suck up the largest lots first but don't swallow any please. It's so

There were large globs all over her, pools growing in her eyelids as the
mess slid to the lowest points. Much had begun to run down her face and
over her ear lobes and cheeks. Several jets had landed on her forehead and
he began with these first, sucking as though he were eating spaghetti,
running his lips along the wet trails and sucking the liquid into his
mouth. The pools of sperm in her eyes were easy but where it had run down
the sides of her face were more difficult and he had to move to several
positions to get at all the areas.

As he rose, his mouth awash with his own emissions, Milla forced his
head back.

"Kiss your lady, Eric. Give her what you have discharged over her

Gemma's eyes were open as he closed the gap between their mouths. He
saw the most accepting and loving smile any girl had ever given him. Their
lips touched and he felt her mouth open widely as if on cue. He opened his
in a returned kiss and felt the large dollop of sperm drain into her mouth.
He sat up to see her swallow what he would have expected her to spit out.
Instead she delighted in what she had just done.

"They say it is high in protein," she giggled at him. "Men's sperm,
silly," she laughed when his face remained blank.

"Now clean the rest of her face, Eric," Milla urged him on.

He did so and sat back up, a small amount held in his mouth.

"You swallow that, darling. We can all share," Milla said, and then
went on. "Lay back, dear."

She pushed him back and he felt lips close over his semi-erect cock for
the first time. Milla was cleaning up the final dribblings with her own
mouth. It was such an arousing sensation that he was hard before she had
finished her first withdrawal.

"My, we are a big boy again," she smiled. "Maybe I'll let you come
there later. You were leaking so much I thought it best to tidy you up
down there."

When she rose she looked slyly at him. "It was nice, was it?"

"Yes," he blushed.

"It always is. Wait until you see Rob getting sucked off. He's a demon
for it, isn't he, Gemma? Especially when we both..."

"You've confused Eric, Milla. He doesn't know what to think."

"You'll learn soon enough, dear. Now there's still a lot of spunk left
all over our pretty girl. I think a good body massage should do the trick.
Eric, dear, would you like to rub your spunk into this young lady's body,

"You want me to rub my hands over her... her breasts, Milla?"

"And everywhere else. Unless you want me to do it?"

"No. I can..." He moved to his task immediately, the chance to touch
these two mounds of flesh driving his mind into urgent action.

His hands cupped each breast as Gemma laid still her eyes closed in
anticipation, but before he made the final touch to her flesh he looked at
Milla one more time for confirmation.

"Grab them, silly. It may be your one and only chance," she scoffed at
him. "But make sure you spread the goo as well. It's not just to feel her
up. Her skin needs the moisturising qualities of your spunk."

He touched his palms to some of the sperm and then gently clamped them
over the prizes before him. He'd never really thought what breasts would
feel like but the firmness as he first touched sent shivers through him and
raised his penis once again to full mast.

Then with ever more confidence he began to work the effluent over the
rest of her stomach and legs, reaching close to her secret of secrets but
never venturing to the slit itself. He noticed that every time he came
back to her breasts she would arch her back and moan softly, purring like a
kitten who was being stroked by it's master.

The other thing he discovered was that sperm didn't dissolve into her
skin as he expected. Rather, the sticky mess became creamier the more he
rubbed, creamy and smooth as his hands glided over the naked skin, over her
breasts which she obviously liked, her tummy and inside her belly button,
her thighs and between her legs right to the edges of her sex crease.

She liked what he was doing which gave him no end of satisfaction and he
returned to her breasts frequently as he worked on her. Then as his hands
slid along the inside of each thigh she raised her knees and opened them
widely, giving access to her plump bottom and his eyes access to the wide
open vagina that pouted at him.

"She's telling you to massage her pussy too, Eric. You're very
privileged indeed. Just make sure your fingers don't penetrate." Milla
urged him on.

Her vagina was waiting. He scooped up a goodly amount of the cream that
still covered most of her breasts and stomach and ran his hands right over
the open pussy, feeling her softness as his fingers traced her hole,
feeling his cock tremble as he did so.

"Yes, Eric. There. Keep rubbing right there," she called to him, her
eyes still closed and yet they smiled at him at the same time.

What did she mean? Where? Right over the hole, or around the edges?
He wasn't allowed inside.

"Here?" He asked politely.

"My clit, you fool," she cried back almost begging.

"Here, baby," Milla, said lifting his finger onto her clitoris, now hard
and flaming with desire. "Now rub it hard and then soft and return to it
often. And once she nears her climax, you don't leave it alone until she
comes, never. Understand?"

"Yes, Milla," he said, watching Gemma's face as he began to caress to
her feminine penis.

"Is this right, Gemma?" He asked hopefully.

"Yes, just there. Oh, it's so good." She was gasping now. He had found
her secret, the spot to arouse her and he wasn't going to let it go, no
matter what.

"Harder, Eric. Press harder as you rub me."

He was happy to oblige, excited at his new found abilities, excited
because he felt himself near his own orgasm, the second in just a few

"Milla, I think I'm..." He pleaded for direction from his aunt.

"No. Not until I say so," she snapped back.

He closed his eyes as he kept masturbating this naked girl in front of
him but found it impossible not to think of her near orgasm, shrill cries
rising around him. Snow, he told himself. Cold, cold snow. I'm in a
snowfield and I'm freezing, he told himself over and over.

His hands never stopped but thankfully his mind centred on other things
and the urgency eased, if only a little. She shuddered under him and cried
out unashamedly as his fingers triggered her pleasure.

"Yes. More. Don't stop. Oh, yes. I'm coming. Yes. Yes. Yes."

His eyes remained tightly closed, his mind half on the coldness of snow,
the other half on the feelings that her body, her nakedness, was producing
as she slowly vibrated to silence.

He still didn't stop even when she laid quite still. No one told him to
stop so he didn't.

Gemma bucked as her clitoris gave several after shocks.

"Enough, Eric. You can stop now," she moaned.

His mind thought of snow and he maintained the masturbation.

"You've made her come, Eric," Milla said softly in his ear as she lifted
his hands away. He opened his eyes to see a sleeping Gemma, or that was as
it seemed, her legs still wide apart, the creamed sperm still visible over
much of her front.

"You've learned well, my boy," Milla kissed his cheek. "I seem to
remember you needed to come again. Come here, kneel in front of me."

His cock was still hard and stuck straight out even when he sat back on
his heels. He watched silently as Milla unbuttoned her blouse and took it
off, leaving her large breasts unfettered for she wore no bra. "Remember
these?" She stroked the twin mounds, looking straight into his eyes.


"There's still something you haven't seen, isn't there?"

"I think so."


"Und... under your dress, I think."

"What's under there?"

"Your... your vag..." He struggled to complete the sentence.


"Vagina. Your vagina, Milla." red covered him again.

"Give me your hands."

She held them, his palms facing downwards and placed them on each thigh
above her knees. "You may proceed. It's dressed just as my titties were."

Her knees widened as his hands moved onwards, wider and wider, complete
access. His eyes were on hers to make sure he wasn't stepping over the
mark but all he saw was an accepting smile. Nearer and nearer he reached
until both lots of fingertips found the softness of her vulva.

"Feel around," she told him. "What do you feel?"

"Um," he mumbled not sure of what when it dawned. She too was hairless.
"You don't have any hair on your vag..."

"My cunt, Eric. You can say that if you want. And you're right. I'm
hairless too. Undo my skirt and you can look."

He looked at her, unsure of what he heard.

"I'd like you to undress me, Eric. It's your prize for learning so
quickly." She stood up and turned around so the zipper was facing him. "Be

The skirt wafted to the lawn and her bottom faced him.

"You're blushing again," she laughed as she turned to face him. "And
your cock's leaking again."

He didn't know what to do and simply looked at the ground, a wry smile
on his face.

Milla took hold of his hand and said, "Help me to sit down, then you can
get a better look."

In fact as soon as she sat, she then laid out near Gemma, taking the
girl's hand and squeezing it.

"Come on down," she beckoned. "Now open my legs." When he hesitated she
added, "You're allowed."

His fingers tentatively pushed her knees apart and he felt no
resistance, continuing until her pussy lips were widely spread, and an open
invitation to the naive young man kneeling between her legs.

"And Eric," she said in a surprised voice. "You can even touch it."

He was allowed and he did, running his fingers along the sharp lips,
feeling the softness, marvelling at the nakedness of her shaved pussy, so
different to all the girlie books he had ever seen. So different to
pussies with hair.

"Feel me up, Eric," she suggested. "Put your finger right inside and
feel how wet you make me."

Oh god, he thought. I'm going to do it.

His finger slipped in so smoothly he was amazed and he could feel her
muscles inside trying to grasp him as he moved.

"Do you still need to come again, darling?" Her question was so open he
never hesitated.

"I think it's urgent, Milla."

"Then you have my permission to fuck me properly."

"Do it to you?" He couldn't believe his ears.

"If you don't you might miss out forever," Gemma laughed at him.


"Help him to find his way, Gemma darling. Then you'd better stay
around. I don't think he'll last long enough to give me any real
satisfaction. I think I'm going to need your tongue, dear one."

"Any time, my love," Gemma responded.

Milla pulled the unsure boy along her body and Gemma pushed his behind
down and pointed his cock into the right opening.

"Now push," she told him. It took a few pushes to get him accustomed to
his task and then he plunged inside and began to thump away, pushing and
pulling his cock in and out with sustained vigor.

Gemma's hand reached around and began to rub Milla's clit as hard and
fast as she could but her efforts were to no avail for very soon, the
inexperience of his first fuck pushed him into his own orgasm.

"Just let it all shoot inside, dear," Milla encouraged him. "It's
alright. You'll learn soon enough."

He couldn't believe the thrill of ejaculating into a real vagina, far
better than handkerchiefs or panties, considerably better than his hand.
It was the greatest feeling of power he had known, jetting each spurt into
the depths of the woman beneath him.

"When you've completely finished, Eric," Gemma said pointedly.

"Yes? What, Gemma?"

"I need to get at her pussy now. We have to give her as much happiness
as she's just given you."

He pulled out and moved to Milla's side, a long thin spidery web of
semen dripping from the tip of his cock.

"Well, looks as though I've got a wet one here," Gemma murmured, more
for Milla's sake than his.

"It's only boy spunk," Milla giggled, anticipating what her niece was
about to do.

"I want you to know I'm doing this for you, Milla darling. Not so he
can just watch."

"I know darling," Milla responded. "Please do it quickly."

Gemma's mouth covered the whole slit of her aunt's pussy and the tip of
her tongue began to tickle the little hard love nub. Meanwhile sperm
drained into her mouth but she thought little of that, carrying on her
quest to please her new wife.

"That's nice, darling," Milla sighed. "More please." She went into
giggling mode, thinking of what Gemma was doing and what must be running
into her mouth at the same time. Soon she was feeling what the actions
were doing to her own body as the first hint of sexual arousal began to
make itself felt.

"You're too good to me, darling," Milla said gasping for breath between

Eric watched his aunt climax, grinding her pussy against Gemma's mouth
as she shouted obscenities to the sky.

"I love your mouth, darling," Milla sighed after she had recovered.

"I love your cunt," Gemma responded.

Some time afterwards, when they began to stir, Milla spoke.

"A dip in the pool will clean us all up. Come and rub us down, Eric."
His cock rose to full strength again.

"Oh god. He wants to do it again," Gemma moaned.

"Then let him."

Chapter Thirteen

They had all slept on the lawn after their dip, and as the sun was
sinking and the air began to cool, Milla looked over at Gemma.

"I don't suppose you've seen anyone yet? In college, I mean."

"Oh, I meant to tell you. I might have."

"Oh, this sounds interesting."

"I'm not sure yet. She's very quiet, hardly talks to anyone. Doesn't
seem to have any close friends at all. I even suggested that I might go to
her place after college to study together and she almost jumped with
fright. It was more than just shyness. There seemed to be some reason she
didn't want me to see her house. It might just be that she's ashamed of
where she lives or her parents or something. I'm not sure but her reaction
was surprising."

"Why don't you invite her over for a study evening?"

"Yes, I could do that. I may just be dreaming but I think there's
something more to it. It'll probably take some time to find out though. I
don't think I will win her confidence easily."

"You underestimate yourself sometimes, darling," Milla rebuked her with
a laugh. "What's her name?"

"Laura. Laura Chandra, I think."

"Good. Well ask her as soon as you can."

"I might be quite wrong, you know."

"Of course, but you've got to start somewhere. What does she look

"Hm. Not ugly but not vivacious either. Not real plain and I did see a
nice smile once when we were talking. And she has long black hair, a lot
longer and darker than mine. Her complexion's quite dark. She has no
accent, not foreign at least but there might just be some Indian background
there. Indian Indian, I mean, not as in Red."

"And her figure? Not too fat, I hope?"

"Oh, no, quite slim. In fact, on the skinny side if anything."

"And these?" She cupped her breasts.

"Oh, her tits?" Gemma asked sarcastically. "I guess a bit bigger than
these," she said bouncing her own up and down, "but nothing like these big
milk jugs." With that she bounded on top of Milla and began sucking the
older woman's nipples.

They wrestled for a few moments, giggling together. Eric smiled but
dared not join in.

"Well, do your best, darling. I know you will," Milla puffed when they

"Who is she, Milla?" Eric asked, not understanding what the conversation
was about.

"Just one of Gemma's friends at college, dear. Nothing to worry
yourself about. Now let's go inside and get ready for supper."

They were just sitting around after supper, happily talking over what
they had done to each other during the afternoon, filling in Rob who had

"So, Eric. You've finally fucked a lady," he commented. "And my wife at that."

"I... I hope you don't mind, Uncle Rob," he said, unsure of his uncle's

"It's Rob, remember? As for minding, I don't as long as you gave her
some pleasure. Did she reach her orgasm?"

The boy looked at Milla and them Gemma, bowed his head and said, "Yes,
she did."

"But not from your cock," Gemma corrected him.

"Well, I couldn't help it. Gemma had to help, Rob," he finally

"Yes, I knew that. You only get the privilege of fucking these ladies
if it's to pleasure them. Take your own pleasure and then leave them
frustrated means you won't get a second chance. Remember that when you
play adult games with them again."

"Yes, Sir," he agreed, feeling lucky no more chastisement came his way.

"Has he seen you two fooling around yet?" Rob asked the two women.

"Not yet. Well, not what you'd call fooling around, anyway."

"Then it's about time he did. Do you feel up to it, Milla?"

"With Gemma? Always. Come to me, darling. Let's make love."

Eric watched with wide-open eyes as the women embraced and kissed each
other hungrily, their hands wandering over each other's bodies, feeling and
stroking. Squeezing breasts and wandering under skirts, licking each
other's faces with abandon.

"They are a sight, aren't they, Eric?" Rob was watching him closely.

"Um... yes. Yes, they are," he smiled back nervously.

"You know what lesbians do to each other then, Eric?"

The boy was more interested in watching what the women were doing than
in answering Rob's questions but he knew he had to respond.

"I've never seen girls doing this, Rob."

"But you've read about lesbianism?"

"Not much. I never really thought about it."

Milla had stripped Gemma completely naked and laid her down on the
carpet. She began to slowly undress herself, looking seductively at her
niece. No one else mattered to Milla at this moment.

"They're both bloody attractive women, don't you think? Look at the
boobs on young Gemma. Great sucking, let me tell you. Have you been let
loose on her tits yet?"

"Not yet. I've only been allowed to stroke them. I'd like to suck them

"No doubt. Anyway, you've been given open season on Milla's big jugs.
Now they're a mouthful, eh?"

"They feel beautiful," Eric agreed.

"How would you like to take them both to bed with you, on your own?"

"You mean both Milla and Gemma? All night? Together?"

"Yes, that's right."

"I'd like to do that."

"I think that's in store for you in the next week or so," he told the
boy. "Providing you improve your performance, of course. I think they're
pretty worried you won't meet their needs, you know."

"I want to, Rob. Truly, I want nothing better than to make them both
very happy. It's just that every time they let me play with them, you
know, touch them somewhere, I can't stop myself um,... shooting off," he
almost whined about his troubles.

"That's what you've got to conquer. If you can fuck them long and hard
until they come, you've got it made. Most young boys like you never get
the chance to practice like that until they get married then spend the rest
of their lives, masturbating inside their wives pussies without ever being
told the women needs the use of their cock even more than they do
themselves. Work on that, young fella, and you'll have so many women
chasing after you, you'll die a young man but very happy."

"Ha, ha," Eric laughed. "That'll be the day."

"Believe me, it's true. Just listen to what Milla teaches you and
you'll soon learn."

"I want to," he agreed.

Milla had just placed her knees either side of Gemma's face and slowly
lowered her genitals over the younger girl's mouth, rubbing her wetness
over the waiting lips. At the same time, she pressed her own lips to
Gemma's pussy and Eric saw her begin to lick the wet pussy lips with loving

One of Gemma's hands was stroking her aunt's breast, the other over the
woman's posterior, stroking the plump buttocks, tracing a finger down the
crease and finally insinuating a finger into the tightly pinched sphincter.

"God," Eric murmured. "She's poking..."

"Butt-fucking, you mean."

"Yes. She pushing it right inside."

"It's a good place to put your own dong, let me tell you. Tighter than
any pussy I know and you can leave all the mess inside her. No spillages
at all."

"You mean with, you're cock, Rob?" He looked at his uncle,

"Sure. Sodomy. Haven't you heard of that?"

Both women were panting, more from arousal than exertion and were trying
to outdo each other. They were racing to make the other come first.
Tongues and fingers, even knees pressed against bodies were in action,
trying to give that little extra pleasure.

"Sexy, isn't it?" Rob remarked.

"I'll say. It's incredible."

Milla finally sat up, and swung around so they were facing each other,
pussies now clamped together, the vees of their legs fitting together like
a well-made piece of joinery. They began in slow motion to rub themselves
against each other, pussy against pussy, stimulating clitoris and pussy lips at the same time. Both were obviously well along the journey to
orgasm, their heads rolling to draw out every sensation they could feel,
gentle moans, an occasional flinch or jerk as a particularly sensitive spot
was touched.

"It's the nearest thing they can get to fucking, you know," Rob mused,
interested himself in what was going on before them.

The moans became louder as did the vibrations rushing through their
bodies, bringing each other closer to their desired fulfilment.

"Harder, Milla. Please push harder." Gemma gasped her plea.

"Damn sexy, isn't it, young fella?"

"Yes," he agreed unable to take his eyes off the gyrating naked women.

"Are you nearly there, darling," Gemma asked.

"Yes, very close. And you?"

"I'm ready right now."

"Me too. Push against me, sweetheart," Milla said.

Gemma's legs straightened and her cries overshadowed those of Milla who
also couldn't control her voice as she was swept up in the emotions of
orgasm. As their senses eased, the women clung to each other, kissing and
cuddling, eventually laying down together, stroking each other, caressing
cheeks and backs.

Rob gave the girls little time to rest as he reminded them of their own
needs. "What about us? We've got aching balls, ladies. There are two
cocks that need sucking, please," he reminded them as he dropped his
trousers to the floor. He looked at Eric, nodding for him to do the same.

Two smiling and sexy women crawled in front of the men, Milla taking
Rob's hardness into her mouth without further prompting, Gemma licking the
young boy's hardness before she did the same.

"Lay back, big boy, and enjoy it," she said pushing Eric back on the

Thinking back on the event later, Eric was sure that getting sucked off
and ejaculating his sperm inside Gemma's mouth was even better than when he
came inside Milla's soft cunt. He couldn't wait for the next time and
began to masturbate himself.

Chapter Fourteen

Eric couldn't understand what had happened overnight. When he came
downstairs for breakfast, neither woman spoke to him, Milla simply grunted
when he said good morning. He tried to talk with them but found only
severity or in fact no reply at all and certainly no smiles came his way.

When Rob joined them, Eric tried to find out what was wrong.

"They won't talk to me, Rob. What have I done wrong?"

"You'll have to ask them. They're the ones who are upset."

"But why? I haven't done anything to them. Have I?"

"Ask them, then."

By now he was totally confused and deflated. The first time he tried to
broach the subject, Gemma almost spat at him when she replied, "Just be
quiet, you beast."

"But why, Gemma dear? What have I done to des...?"

"If you don't know you'll never learn," Gemma cut him off.

"But if I don't know, how will I...?"

"You'll listen more carefully in future, little boy," Milla answered.
"That's how."

"Please, Milla, tell me," he pleaded, almost crying from frustration.

"It's time you left," she told him ungraciously.

"It's only Sunday morning. I've got a whole day before I have to leave
for work."

"You are leaving now," she said adamantly. "If you want, you can turn
up here next Friday at three o'clock, but by then we may have decided we
don't need you here again."

"Oh, no. Please don't do that, Milla, dearest. I don't want to lose

"What you really mean is you don't want to lose a couple of pussies."

"No, I..."

He had no chance to object further as Milla pushed him towards the door.
With drooping head and heavy heart, the boy closed the door as he left.

"Do you think he'll come back, Milla?" Gemma asked.

"With cunts and tits like ours, what do you think?"

"He'll be cringing on the doorstep, I expect, waiting for his ears to
get rubbed just like the puppy dog he is."

"And we're going to make him feel far worse, I can tell you.'

During lunch break Gemma came and sat beside Laura, looking at the
downcast eyes of her attractive friend.

"You are unhappy, Laura. Is there anything I can do?"

"It's nothing."

"But you look so unhappy."

"What do you care? I mean, really care?" The girl retorted, with a sob
finishing off the question.

"I like you. We could become friends. I do care."

Gemma had talked at length with Milla about how she would go about
winning the girl's trust. They decided it may take a long time to do that,
maybe even the whole year but because she was obviously a loner, someone
who found it hard to make or keep friends, she was an ideal target for what
they really had in mind.

"No one else does."

"You seem lonely."

"How do you know that? Can you read minds?" The now tearful girl responded suspiciously.

"Laura, if you want to be alone, then I'll go. But that's not the way
to solve anything," Gemma said with a caring voice. "If it'll help, we'll
just change the subject."

Laura looked up at Gemma. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound
ungrateful. No please stay. I'd like your company. Thanks."

"You're welcome," Gemma smiled back at her. "Do you want to talk about

"Maybe later, sometime. Can we just walk?"

"Sure. I'd like that."

They walked around the various pathways for the whole lunch break,
talking of anything but personal things. Gemma liked her, a simple girl with a bright mind who liked reading and movies. She thought Laura let
down some of her defences towards the end when she mentioned her parents,
but said nothing more. Gemma didn't press.

Their courses were almost identical and so they shared many of their
lectures together and soon began to look for each other so they could sit

Several days later, Gemma again suggested they spend some time at home

Tears welled up in Laura's eyes as they had the first time Gemma asked

"I'm sorry, Gemma. I can't."

"Well, alright. Of course, you could come to my place. It's not that
far away from your's."

"Oh, could I? Would your parents mind?"

"No, silly," she laughed light heartedly. "Besides they're my Aunt and
Uncle. My parents live quite a way from here."

"Oh, I see. Maybe we could do that then. I'll ask my father."

"Good. I hope you can."

The next day, Laura almost skipped up to Gemma as she walked to class.

"I can, Gemma. My father said it would be alright."

"I'm glad," Gemma smiled back at her happiness. "When will we study,

"Tonight? Would that be alright?"

"Sure, that's great. Come over about half past seven. We can get a few
hours in then. Could you come on a weekend? The whole day would be

"I think so. My father didn't seem upset at all when I asked."

The two girls were fast becoming inseparable and Gemma was sure she had
gained Laura's confidence. She had the urge to take hold of her hand but
thought it better for any small act of intimacy to happen when they were
alone. She rang Milla to forewarn her of Laura's coming.

"Congratulations, darling," Milla said. "This deserves something
special, I do believe."

"Like what?"

"Make sure you're pussy's well lubricated when you get home."

"Yes, ma'am."

Gemma had taken a long hot bath after her sex with Milla. They had made
each other come several times and by the time they went down for dinner,
both felt that warm inner glow of sexual contentment. They were alone for
Rob was still at the pharmacy, and sitting close together they smiled
knowingly at each other frequently, as though they had a chaperone sitting
with them. "I love your sex, Milla," Gemma said simply. "The way you do
things to me. It's very nice."

"What you do to me is nice too, darling," Milla smiled back. "Very nice
indeed. We do make good lovers, don't we?"

"Yes, we do. The way you make me come, with your fingers and tongue;
it's so different to what Rob makes me feel and yet I like it both ways.
Is it the same with you too?"

"Of course. That's why we are true bisexuals. We like sex with both
men and women."

"Yes, that's true," the young girl mused. "I wonder if there are many
girls my age who are that way?"

"We'll probably never know. I suppose most girls rarely have the chance
to find out, don't you think?"

"That's what I've been wondering. If you and Rob never took me to the
lake, I'd never have realised it either."

"But you took the initiative, remember? You rang me because you knew
there was something missing in your life."

"I wonder if Laura is the same. She might be a sex maniac for all we
know." Gemma giggled at the thought. "On the other hand, I rather think
she's more like me before I went to the lake and got corrupted."

"And enjoyed every minute of it."

"You bet. What do you think I should do when she gets here? I
shouldn't rush her, I suppose."

"Most definitely not. One wrong move and you'll never get her back. I
think you should stick to study tonight and even the next time. Ask a few
innocent questions about her family but don't get into the personal stuff
at all. I'm sure you'll know when the right moment comes."

They talked at length about what to do and Gemma felt happy at her task

"Make me come one more time before she arrives, please Milla," she
pleaded finally. Milla kneeled in front of her niece, still dressed in her
college uniform, and began to slide her hands beneath the young girl's
skirt when the doorbell rang.

"Damn," Gemma moaned, making Milla laugh softly.

"Let Rob fix you up when Laura leaves, darling."

Milla was more then pleased when Gemma introduced Laura to her. She was
indeed more than Gemma had described, the darkness of her skin almost
shimmering in the evening light. She was certainly shy and self-conscious,
but each time she lifted her face to one of Milla's questions, she smiled
as she answered.

The two girls decided to study in the living room and Milla left them
alone. Having decided what to study they both worked hard and by
nine-thirty, each had completed far more that they normally would in one

"It's been good, studying with you, Gemma. I've got so much done and
you helped me with lots of things I couldn't have done without a lot more
reading," Laura said. "Did you get enough done?"

"Lots more than usual too. I think we could be a great team. Would you
like to come again?"

"If you would. Would you?" Laura asked hopefully.

"Of course I would. Every night if you want. We've both got to study
anyway and we seem to help each other so much. Do you think your parents would mind if we alternate between your place and mine?"

"No," Laura said abruptly, and realising how sharply she had replied,
added, "I mean I think it would be better if we just studied here. Our
house is so noisy with all the children, we'd never have any peace."

"Oh, I didn't know you had a lot of brothers and sisters. Yes, I can
understand that. Milla won't mind. Will you have to ask your father?
Milla could drive you home each night."

"Thanks for understanding. I'll tell you tomorrow at school."

"Ask your dad about a weekend here too. There's a great swimming pool."

"I will."

They parted happily, Gemma more so because she could feel the beginnings
of her seduction arriving much earlier than she had expected if they were
alone together every night.

"You know, Milla," she began to explain. "When we get around to
studying Social and Human Relationships, there will be plenty of things I
could ask quite innocently, that could open up the topic of sex. Don't you

"Sounds just right."

"We should get around to that in a couple of days. You won't mind
driving her home each night, will you? I committed you to it but it's only
a few of blocks."

"If that protects her virginity until you unprotect it, of course not."

"Good," Gemma smiled, musing about what was to come.

"Rob's waiting upstairs for you."

"Oh, I forgot. Come up with me. He can do it to both of us. After
what you did to me this afternoon, I need another good fuck right now."

They stripped naked and tiptoed upstairs.

"Surprise, surprise," Gemma said slyly as they walked towards the
rampant man on the bed.

Without another word, Gemma straddled his body and sank his erection
inside her in one movement. She began to pump herself up and down feeling
the pleasure of sex stirring deep inside as soon as she began to move.
This was for her pleasure not Rob's, and as she moved she stretched herself
backwards, her face lifted to the mirrored ceiling in approaching ecstasy.
Her movements never slowed but the noise from her throat grew louder in
intensity as she approached her goal.

"Come, Gemma," she said, almost crooning. "Use his cock and make
yourself come. Yes, you're near, very near. Push harder, Gemma girl, rape
his cock for yourself. Fuck, it's here. Fuck your cunt on his cock, Gemma
girl," Gemma cried aloud, as her body sweated. "Yes, I'm coming," she
moaned as orgasm sent shock waves through her body. "Oh, yes that's good."

Without stopping, Gemma lifted herself off the still hard erection and
lay down beside him, the throes of her climax still producing shudders of
bliss. "Who needs sperm to make sex good?" She murmured as her eyes closed
in apparent sleep.

"Looks as though I need to make you come, darling," Milla said to her
husband. "She was very worked up. Laura came to study and she's been
thinking of nothing but seducing the girl all day." She took his stiffness
into her mouth and gently sucked until he came.

"That's the first time any female has raped me," Rob bemoaned,
embarrassed at the thought.

"But you liked it," Milla smiled back to him after cleaning his final
discharge from her lips.

"Yes, but she came before I did. I've always been ready first and then
had to hold off until you women were satisfied."

"Makes it easier this way," Milla tried to ease his anguish.

"Yes but it's ruined my reputation."

"Not at all, darling," she laughed as she kissed him. "You're the one
with the real live prick," she reminded him as she fondled the half stiff
penis. "Want to come again?"


"Good. Then fuck me."

Chapter Fifteen

The two girls studied together every night in that first week and Milla
noticed that Laura had developed a strong bond of friendship with Gemma.
On the Thursday night as Laura was ready to leave, Gemma reminded Milla
that Laura was going to stay overnight on Saturday so they could study
together the whole weekend. They had decided not to study on the Friday
night, much to Laura's disappointment.

"It's going to be nice to have you for the weekend, Laura. Come over
early on Saturday, won't you. Gemma, have you told Laura that Eric will be
with us?"

"Oh, I forgot all about him. He's my cousin, Laura. A bit of a dill
really, but he stays here most weekends. Anyway, my bed's so big so it
won't worry us. We can study in my room, or around the pool. Wherever
Eric's not."

"In your bed? You mean we'll sleep in the one bed?" The look of shock
surprised both Gemma and Milla.

"It's alright, really it is, Laura. Look, come up and see. There's
plenty of room, it's so big." Gemma was concerned she was losing before she
even had the chance to begin.

She took Laura into her room for the first time. "See what I mean.
I'll sleep on this side and you on the other."

"But, Gemma. We'll be in the same bed. It sounds so... so... so

"There's nothing wrong in that. We're just friends. Nothing more than
that, is there?"

"No, but..." The girl was biting her lip in doubt.

"I like your company, Laura but I wouldn't touch you. You know... like
sex or anything."

"You promise?"

"Of course. And if it's a problem, you don't have to tell your

"But my father..."

"It wouldn't be a lie if you didn't tell him, now would it?"

"No, but if he found out..."

"I promise he won't, and we'd have the whole weekend to ourselves."

"Yes, you're right. I'm being stupid."

"No you're not. I think you're just a cautious person and maybe haven't
had many friends, like we are."

"You're right. I do like you, Gemma. I haven't had anyone like you."

"Good. Well, Milla will drive you home and you can come early on
Saturday. Have you got a swim-suit?"

"No. My father doesn't let me swim."

"Then you can wear one of mine. It's a great pool."

"I don't know..." She became hesitant again.

Gemma kissed her on the cheek and turned her down the stairs before she
could object any further. "See you at school tomorrow. Bye."

"Goodnight, Gemma," she smiled back.

Gemma swung the door open even before the chimes had finished.

"Well? What do you want?" She demanded harshly, not stepping aside to
let the confused Eric inside.

"It's Friday, Gemma. I've come for the weekend," he reminded her.

"That's if we decide we want you here at all," she spat back at him.

"Please let me stay, Gemma. I will try to be better, I promise."

"Have you learned how to listen?"

"Yes. Truly I have," he pleaded.

"And will do whatever you're told?"

"Of course, Gemma."

"Then go upstairs and straight to the bathroom. Do not go to your room.

"Yes, Gemma," his face brightened.

"When you've shaved and showered go straight to your room, naked. Are
you listening?"

"Yes, leave my clothes in the bathroom."

"You will find the clothes you are to wear laid out on the bed. Put
everything that's there, on and read your instructions. You are expected
to be dressed and waiting at the foot of the stairs at exactly six o'clock.
Do you think your little brain can remember all that?"

"Yes, I promise, Gemma dear."

"If you think being nice to me will get you inside my panties you are
mistaken. Only obedience will impress me now, young man," she snapped at
him. "Now get a move on."

The eighteen year old scampered upstairs like a scolded youngster.

At exactly six o'clock Gemma and Milla walked towards the staircase to
find Eric halfway down, walking towards them.

"I see our young lady is on time at least," Milla remarked.

"Lucky for her," Gemma added.

Milla walked to the first step and held out her hand. Eric reached out
and laid his hand on hers.

"What did you say your name is, dear?" Milla asked seriously.

"It's Erica, ma'am," he replied.

"Erica. That's nice, isn't it Gemma?"

"Yes, I like the name."

"And you're uniform. What school is that?"

"Midland Ladies College, Ma'am," he replied, turning red with

Eric stood before them dressed in a very exclusive girl's school
uniform, including straw hat, white blouse and tie, the blouse taut at the
bust from what appeared to be well- developed breasts that stretched the
buttons to the limit. A grey pleated skirt pinched in at the waist, sheer
grey stockings and semi-high heeled shoes.

"I'll bet the boys all fight over you, dear," Milla said slyly. "You
must have a terrible time fighting off their dirty little hands. How old are you dear?"

"I'm nearly sixteen, Ma'am," he replied, remembering the instructions
that were left on the bed with his clothes.

"Fifteen? Well I never," Milla quipped. "And still a virgin, dear?
Haven't been doing naughty things with those dirty boys behind the shelter
shed, I hope?"

"No, Ma'am. I'm a virgin."

"Good for you," Milla smiled back, and then looked at Gemma. "There
seems to be something missing," she suggested.

"I promise I put everything on," Erica was quick to point out she had
done what she was told to.

"Oh, I'm sure you have, dear," Milla agreed. "By the way did you find
any of the clothes difficult to put on?"

"Just the b... bra," he said. "And the stockings."

"It'll get easier each time, you'll see."

"Each time? Will I have to wear them again, Mill... uhm, Ma'am?"

"Oh, all the time, dear. We'd much rather have you stay with us than
that uncouth Eric, wouldn't we, Gemma?"

"Oh, yes. And now that we're all girls together, we won't have to
shield our personal things from you like we have to do with Eric. You
know, our pussies when we have our periods. Things like that."

"By the way, Erica. When is your period due next?"

"My period? What... oh, you mean... oh, I'm not quite sure," the
stunned boy replied.

"It'll come when it's ready. Gemma's is due in the next day or so,
isn't it, darling?"

"Yes, Monday if it's on time. That's as long as I haven't got pregnant.
That awful Eric kept sticking his thing up my pussy and shooting off. I
hope I'm not pregnant."

"No I didn'...," he began and realised his mistake.

"No, not you, Erica dear," Gemma corrected her. "I mean Eric. He's the
one who kept raping me. You're a virgin so you obviously haven't been
raped. It's very degrading."

"Yes," he replied tentatively. "I'm sure it is."

Milla then interrupted their discussion. "Come into the living room,
Erica. There are just a few final touches needed before we go shopping."

"Shopping?" The look on his face brought the two women close to

"Yes, we're all going shopping. Gemma needs some new underwear and
we're all going to help her. I'm sure you're a good judge of frillies
aren't you? Oh, yes, and she needs some more sanitary pads. For her
period," she added seeing the blank look on his face.

"Just sit down, dear," Milla instructed as she opened her make-up case.
"It's amazing how a little make-up makes a girl feel a million dollars."

He pulled away as she reached towards his face to begin.

"Don't pull away, Erica. You don't want to be punished, do you?"

"No, Ma'am. I'm sorry."

Make-up soon covered the crimson blush on his face, followed by a light
cheek blush, the lightest of eye shadow and an almost natural shade of
lipstick. Milla lifted his hat off and Eric found himself the recipient of
a blond wig, which fitted him tightly. His school hat was replaced.

"That looks much better. Now no one would suspect our girl's deep dark
secret. Well, off we go."

"Goody," Gemma cried out happily, slipping her arm into Erica's. "I
hope you've got plenty of money, Milla. Oh, and some change for the loo."

"Plenty of everything. And I've got Rob's plastic card as well."

"Mill... Ma'am, I need to go now."

"Nonsense. Wait until we get to the department store. It'll only be a
half hour or so."

"Yes, Ma'am," he agreed bowing his head in defeat.

As they walked from department to department, Gemma kept whispering
embarrassments in his ear.

"What if the wind blows your skirt up? Will they see you erect, Erica?
I'll bet lots of these women would like to take you home to their little
love nest. Look at some of them staring at your tits. I thought only men did that, but there's definitely some who have very naughty things racing
through their minds. When you see a girl you'd really like to fuck,
squeeze my arm. I'd like to know what type you have fantasies about."

She felt the squeeze soon after as two attractive girls approached.
"Which one?"

"On the left."

As the two girls neared, Gemma walked to the one on the left. "Excuse
me. Could you tell me the time?"

"Sure. Seven thirty."

"Thank you."

To Eric she sneered. "She's got pimples and she's got her period. I
could smell it. You'd think girls that old would know how to cover it up.
Imagine rooting around in that mess. Really, Erica."

"I'm sorry, Miss." His instructions were to call Milla, Ma'am and Gemma
was always to be called Miss."

They reached the third floor lingerie store.

"Ma'am, I really need to go, please."

"Oh, all right," she said a little miffed. "I suppose we'd better." She
made straight for the door marked 'Ladies' and went in.

"Come on, silly. You can't go to the men's room dressed like this,"
Gemma urged.

Eric followed Milla and found the surroundings quite different to the
men's. Here were armchairs and stools at each hand basin. A queue of
several women stood waiting for free toilet stalls and the perfume was much
more agreeable than the urinal odours he was used to.

While he waited, a woman was standing in front of a mirror putting the
finishing touches to new lipstick. That finalised, she lifted her skirt
and readjusted the crotch of her panties then her suspenders, finally
smoothing her skirt over her hips.

"See what you've missed out on all these years, Erica. Lots of pussy here, eh?" Gemma whispered, smiling evilly at the embarrassed boy.

Milla leaned close to his ear. "When you get to the toilet remember to
sit down to pee. Someone standing up is a dead giveaway, and don't pee straight into the water. We women tend to do it more gently."

"And put the lid down when you leave," Gemma added.

"Yes, Miss," he agreed.

All went well until he had finished in the toilet. As he left the
cubicle, Gemma called him to the mirror.

"Wash your hands and then touch up your lipstick," she told him.

"Me? How?" He whispered his questions.

"How do you think? Wipe the end over your lips but don't make a mess of

He felt every eye watching him but after looking back into the room
through the mirror, in fact no one was taking the least notice of him. He
found that he could see two women sitting on toilets from under the doors,
one with her knickers around her ankles. He was most disappointed to find
she was elderly with a walking stick when she left.

"Come on, darlings," Milla said, putting an arm around each of their
shoulders. "Let's get into some knickers."

Eric found himself walking among the sexiest range of underwear he could
have imagined. Milla made him feel lots of garments and held many up
against him. All colours and lots with incredible see through material
that would show everything he possessed to anyone that saw them on him.

Finally, Milla made the decision and chose a French knickers and bra
set, identical for each of them except for the size. We'll try them on
before we buy, of course."

"How, Milla?"

"What?" Milla said abruptly.

"I'm sorry. Ma'am, I mean." He bowed his head in subjugation.

"That's better. By taking off your clothes and trying them on for size.
How else?"

"But people will see." He looked shocked.

"You'll be in a changing room, stupid," Gemma groaned.

He did as he was told and soon waited until Milla opened the curtain and
looked in. "Turn around," she said. "Hm. Pretty. You'd better watch
that erection though. I can see everything through your knickers. And
you're all wet. How are you going to take them to the cashier like that?"
"I don't know," he almost whimpered.

"Oh, goodness. You're such a dummy," she told him. "Look, give them to
me. Yes, take them off. I'll go and exchange them for the same size. Now
get dressed. By the way, nice tits, Erica," she smiled cruelly.

As they were leaving Gemma whispered to Eric. "Look at that shop
assistant over there, the man behind the counter. He's been staring at you
for ages. You've got an admirer. Come with me."

She took his elbow and made Eric walk with her towards the man. He was
in his early twenties and still stared as they came closer. "No, Gemma.
Don't go over."

He spoke too late and she soon approached the young man.

"My friend saw you looking at her. Does she interest you?"

The man turned bright red and looked around to see if any other staffer
had heard. Shuffling with embarrassment he replied, "I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to stare, but your friend is very pretty."

"Well that's too bad for you. You see, like me she's lesbian and she's
my lover. You have no chance. I just thought you should know." Gemma
turned Eric on his heels and walked away.

"Oh, god," Eric moaned. "Why did you have to do that?"

"To embarrass you mostly. Were you?"

"No, just frightened. What if he saw I was a man?"

"Well, you're not are you? A boy at the very best."

Milla walked up behind them. "What did you say to him? You left him
with his jaw wide open and quite speechless."

"He was stripping Erica with his eyes so I just reminded him that we
were lesbian lovers and he had no chance."

"Very funny. Well, Erica dear, are you ready for home? I'm sure Rob
will want to rape you when he sees you in your sexy new underwear. If he
does, you will let him, understood?"

"He wouldn't, would he?" His eyes were bulging with fright.

"If he tells you to kneel down in front of him, there is only one thing
to do and that's to keep him happy. Isn't that so, Gemma?"

"I've never..."

"Never been a homosexual? You come to our home to learn, young man.
You never know, you might like to feel a hard cock being shoved up your
bottom. Haven't you ever pushed a finger up there when you take a bath to
see what it feels like?"

"Yes, but..."

"I knew it. All boys do it. Just like wanking. Did you wank off this

"No, I never did. I promise."

"Do you think he's lying, Gemma?"

"Yes. He couldn't go a single day without stroking himself. It doesn't
take long to learn how filthy boys are."

"No, I didn't. Please believe me."

"We could give you a truth test. It would prove whether you lied or

"I promise I didn't touch myself, Ma'am."

"Hm. I wonder. Do you want to have sex now?"

"With Uncle Rob, you mean?"

"No, stupid boy. With me or Gemma."

"Oh. Yes, I would, please."

"Well you're going to but you won't get the satisfaction you might need.
When you get home I want you changed into your new sexy wear and come back
down to us. You are going to pleasure us both until we're quite worn out.
But your cock won't feel the touch of our bodies in any way. You won't
dare come or you will not see the inside of our home again. Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I understand. I will try to please you."

He found his two tormentors in the living room, wearing their new
underwear as well. Their nipples and sex slits were very evident through
the sheer material. He too displayed himself, a huge erection pushing the
French knickers up in a tent, but despite the large domes that filled the
bra on his chest, no nipple showed, just foam rubber falsies that clung to
the skin of his chest.

"You will kiss us, lick us, suck our tits and cunts and make us come
many times but heaven help you if your cock touches one of us even for a
moment." Milla's threat was ominous.

"Yes, Ma'am."

He knelt and began to stroke each woman's thigh, his hand reaching
upwards towards the apex of their legs, the centre of his thoughts. His
tongue followed and soon began to lap at Milla's sex through the thin
material. Saliva and sex juices mingled and soon his fingers stretched the
wide leg of her French knickers giving him direct access to her smooth and
very wet vagina.

"Harder," Milla demanded, pushing his face hard against her labia.
"Start stroking Gemma with your fingers. She's in need too, you know."

They never let him stop, even when Rob arrived home their demands were
unending. Rob watched for a few minutes and then went upstairs.

"Just make sure they are completely satisfied before you stop, young lady," he told the tired boy. "By the way, love your underwear. It's
lucky Eric isn't here this weekend, but the girls are happy. Women seem to
know far better about making other women sexually aroused. You're doing a
good job."

Gemma had come twice and he was sure Milla was nearing her second orgasm
as his fingers vibrated over her clitoris. She half raised herself up and
clamped her hands over his head, pressing him so tightly to her vagina that
he could barely breathe. Soon her pleasure peak arrived and shuddering
took control but she never once eased his discomfort, forcing his face into
her wet vaginal opening while she enjoyed the privilege of climaxing again.

"That is so good," she moaned to no one in particular as she slumped
back onto the sofa.

"I know," Gemma agreed. "Women get the best breaks because they can
manipulate men so easily, don't you think, Milla darling?"

"Of course. We're strong and they're so weak."

"I think Rob's coming back. I'll bet he wants to fuck us both."

"That'll be something new for Erica here. She hasn't seen you going all
the way yet. Unless he wants Erica, of course."

"Oh, I'm sure he will, but I hope he does me first," Gemma said.

"Please, Ma'am. Don't make me do that. With Rob, I mean."

"Be quiet, cretin, and keep stroking your Mistress. Is it nice dear?"

"Yes, it's O.K. I'll come again soon."

Even with Rob returning to the room, Eric found himself unable to lose
the hardon he had developed while servicing the two women. It embarrassed
him that his uncle could see the strength of his arousal but he could do
nothing about it.

"Your new lady friend has rather a large clitoris," Rob commented. "I
think she's quite aroused."

"Then you'd better ease her frustration," Milla suggested.

"Yes, Rob," Gemma, giggled. "Why don't you help her to come?"

"Hm," he mused. "No I think I'll leave that to the two of you. I
wouldn't want to intrude on your fun."

"Chicken," Milla complained and then ordered Eric to stand up straight.

"Let's see what Rob's talking about. Why is your clit so big, Erica?"

"I'm sorry, Milla. I can't help it," he whined.

Milla stroked his erection beneath the French knickers he was wearing.
"My, it is large. You feel it Gemma. I'll bet your clit isn't that huge."

"Gosh, no," the young girl said in exaggerated surprise. "Not even when
Rob strokes it."

"Well, I had better do something about it. It looks so much in need of

She clasped her hand firmly around his erection over the silky underwear
and began to masturbate him. His head soon shot upwards and he began to
suck in his breath as the pleasures of nearing orgasm quickly neared.

"If you don't come soon, Erica, I'll stop," Milla warned but it was not
needed because all control left him as sperm raced along the tube of his
penis and splashed inside the French knickers. Milla continued to
titillate the tip of his cock while the spasms continued, draining as much
of the sticky mess as she could from him. It soon began to run down his
thighs, the thin garment soaking little of the discharge.

"Gee, that's wetter than I get when I come," Gemma commented cattily.

"Yes," Milla agreed. "At least this way our Erica hasn't soiled us as
much as she could have. Now go upstairs and shower. When we come up, we
expect to find you clean and dried and laying on your bed. Be quick now."

"Yes, Ma'am." He raced away, trying to catch the trails of sperm that
were running down his thighs.

"Fuck us both," Milla demanded of her husband as she lay on her back,
legs widely spread.

"Oh, yes please," Gemma, added, moving into the same position, quite
unashamed at her nakedness.

"As you wish, ladies," Rob agreed, quickly disrobing.

Some time later, they found Eric just as Milla had instructed.

"Was it nice?" Milla asked.

"Yes, thank you, Milla."

"You shot a lot. I take it you didn't play with yourself the whole

"I promise I didn't touch myself once."

"Good. Then I'm glad we made you happy. The rest of the week won't be
so comfortable though."

As he began to sit up to ask why, Milla produced a roll of thick tape
and sealed his mouth shut. His ankles were taped together and then a long
strip was wound around the whole bed so his feet couldn't move. She then
taped each hand to either side of the bed before she sat down beside him.

You will remain like this for the rest of the weekend," she said. "We
may decide to feed you but a little fasting might do you the world of good.
Make sure you don't soil yourself or the bed. Do you understand what I

He nodded.

"We will come from time to time and release you to go to the potty, it's
under your bed at present, and you will have to hold on until we come. Be
very clear about that, Eric."

Another nod.

"If I find you with an erection any time I come into your room you will
be punished severely. Now hold still. I'm going to tape your ears and
your eyes. You will be completely in our power and I can assure the time
will go very slowly."

He mumbled plaintively, his eyes pleading with her.

"Are you asking why? Because it pleases us."

They were to be the last words he would hear for another forty-eight

"What are you doing it for, Milla?" Gemma asked after the boy had been
completely trussed up.

"Because I'm cruel," she replied with a smile. "Besides, we don't want
him around when Laura is here, do we?"

"No, I'd forgotten about that. Gosh, she'll be here in the morning."

"Yes and you've got to work on her. This could be your one big chance.
If she gets spooked she may never return."

Chapter Sixteen

Gemma answered the doorbell and a smiling Laura walked inside. "I
decided to walk because it wasn't far," she said.

"Hi, Laura. I've been looking forward to our time together. Bring your
bag upstairs and you can get unpacked."

As they came back downstairs, Milla met them and welcomed Laura.

"I hope you two have a good time together," she smiled. "Just remember
it's a study weekend but I'm sure there'll be time for some fun as well."

"Oh, thank you, Mrs. Deleany. I've been looking forward to staying
over with Gemma," Laura beamed self-consciously. "But we will work hard,
won't we Gemma?"

"For a while at least," Gemma giggled.

"Do you stay over at many friends places, Laura?" Milla asked.

"Oh, this is the first time I've been away at all."

"Then I hope you enjoy it. You are welcome anytime, you know." Milla
oozed with charm.

"Thank you."

"Lunch will be served soon. There's no need to change."

After dinner, Milla suggested they go back to their bedroom and study
for a while.

"That will give you some spare time tomorrow for a swim," she added.

"Yes, Mrs. Deleany," Laura agreed. "Oh, I don't have a bathing

"I'm sure Gemma has a spare one."

"Sure do, and it should fit you well."

When they got upstairs, Gemma flopped onto the king-size bed and sighed.
"I don't feel like studying," she sighed.

"But your aunt..."

"She wouldn't know, would she?"

"But she expects us to study. We mustn't disobey her, Gemma," the dark
skinned girl said, aghast at the thought.

"You don't do everything you're told, now do you?" Gemma said more as a
statement than a question.

"Oh, always."

"What if you disobeyed? How would your parents know?"

"They just would."

"You mean you're not a good liar."

"Oh, I couldn't lie, Gemma."

"I suppose they'd sacrifice you to the fire god or something."

"You're laughing at me because I'm Indian," Laura retorted, a tear
forming at the corner of each eye.

"Oh, I sorry, Laura. I didn't mean it like that. Truly." Gemma held
out her hand in apology. "I'm really sorry."

"It's O.K.," Laura sniffed. "It's just that I always obey. That's what
girls must do in India, you know."

"Are your parents strict?"

"Very. I'm a girl."

"That's sexist and you're not in India now. What would they do if you
disobeyed them then?"

"Oh, I shouldn't be talking about family matters. My father forbade me
before I came tonight."

"I thought we were friends," Gemma said, a look of hurt on her face.

"We are. Please don't send me away, Gemma."

"Don't be silly, of course not. It's just that I don't know how it is
in your family. I take it you're father's very strict. Is your mother too?"

"Oh, not Mom. She comes from here, that's why my skin is so much
lighter. But over the years she's become just like other Indian women and
is dominated by my father."

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"I think I really want to, Gemma. You're the closest friend I've ever
had and you seem to understand more. You see, in Indian culture women are
treated almost like slaves, in comparison to women from this country
anyway. We do what we are told. It's my brother that earns all my father's
respect not me."

"Does he beat you then?"

"Only occasionally. It's not as bad as it sounds but there is a quite
different attitude to women than to the men. My father thinks my brother can do no wrong while I get no praise or encouragement from him for
anything I achieve."

"It must be hard to accept."

"Especially when I see how some of the girls at college are so confident
because of the way their parents think of them. Just like your Aunt and
Uncle. I can see they love and respect all that you do."

"Doesn't it make you hate men then?"

"No, I don't hate my father. It's just something I must accept."

"What about your brother? Does he like you?"

Laura lowered her hear and finally whispered, "I can't talk about him."

Gemma knew immediately that something was amiss.

"He's older than you, is he?"

"Yes he's twenty four and he's only my half-brother. He was born to my
father's first wife when they were in India. father came out here after
she died and he married mom a couple of years later."

"He's mean to you, isn't he?" Gemma looked straight into Laura's eyes
and saw the beginnings of another tear.

"He's... Can we talk about something else, Gemma?"

"Sure. You don't want to study tonight either, do you?"

"No, but shouldn't we tell your aunt."

"She won't mind. Believe me."

"Perhaps we should get some books out in case she comes in."

"Don't be silly. She won't mind, believe me, I said."

"Well, if you think it's alright."

"Of course it is. You'll find out she's wonderful once you get to know
her. I love her. Now," Gemma continued. "Do you trust me, Laura?"

"Trust you? Of course. Why?"

"Because I want to ask you something but only if you really trust me.
If you do you'll tell me no matter what it is."

Laura hesitated. "What is it about, Gemma?"

"I won't tell you until you promise to answer truthfully and that means
that you trust me completely. Now do you?"

"I think so," she answered, doubt spread across her face.

"That's not good enough. I trust you completely. Anything you ask me,
I will answer honestly and I trust you so much that I know you wouldn't
tell anyone what we talk about. I hoped you'd trust me the same way?"

"I do, Gemma. I really do trust you like that."

"Good then I want you to tell me what's really bothering you. I know
there's something and Aunt Milla said the same thing to me last week when
you left. She has an amazing ability to know when something's worrying
anyone or when you tell a little white lie even. She just knows. I don't
know how but she does. And I felt the same about you. There is something
troubling you isn't there?"

"Oh," she gasped and covered her face with her hands, her shoulders
sobbing with emotion.

"Talk to me, Laura. Let's be true friends."

"I know I promised but it's... I'm sorry, Gemma. I do trust you, it's
just something so personal, and no one could help. Please understand." She
began to sob uncontrollably

Gemma moved to her friend's side and put an arm around her shoulder,
nuzzling her face against the tear stained hand.

"You know, Aunt Milla is a very wise person. She has the knack of
knowing how to solve even the worst situations. She did so much for me
only a few months ago. You wouldn't have known me before that. I was so
lonely and depressed but she helped me overcome all that. It's true.
Would you like to talk to her? I guarantee you could trust her with
anything. She wouldn't let you down, I know."

"You don't understand," Laura sobbed. "It's just not solvable, I know
it isn't."

"Is it because you're a female in an Indian household?"

"That's some of it?"

"And you're being treated badly, worse than girls should be treated?"

"Oh, yes, I suppose so."

"You're being humiliated and can't do anything about it?"

"I have no choice, Gemma. That's just how it is."

"Laura, tell me truthfully. When you said you get beaten, is that when
you're humiliated?"

"Yes, then and..."

"Something else?"


"Is it something to do with sex?"

"Oh, Gemma. How did you know?" Laura looked up at her friend, shocked
at having divulged her secret.

"It had to be something dreadful so I just asked. Is it when your
father beats you, Laura? Does he touch you then? You know, under your

"No it's not my... He doesn't do that to me; touch me I mean. He
humiliates me and makes me do things I don't want to when he punishes me
but he doesn't put his hand on my... you know." She found it impossible to
look at her friend after detailing such intimate secrets.

"Is it anyone at school then? One of the lecturers? A boy at school?"

"Oh, I can't talk about it. Really, you've got to understand that." She
looked up at Gemma and smiled sheepishly, a thank you for her caring.

"I think you're going to have to tell me yourself. I'm right out of
guesses," Gemma said, her arm still holding the trembling girl tightly.

"It's so embarrassing, Gemma. I can't even tell you. It's just too
awful." Her body was wracked with another bout of uncontrollable sobbing.
As she gained control, she said, "I don't think your aunt could do
anything. It's just something I have to accept."

"Nonsense. You don't have to simply put up with something you don't
want to happen and I know Aunt Milla can help. No matter how bad it is.
She'll find a way."

"I don't think so."

"You've got to decide yourself to talk with her but I promise you it
will be in the strictest confidence. Tell me this first, Laura dear. Has
this situation that is so difficult for you, involved the loss of your
virginity?" Gemma quickly added, "Don't answer if you don't want to."

Gemma saw the shock on Laura's face and the almost pitiful look of
desperation. "How did...? Oh, how can I tell you something like that?
It's so personal."

"Don't say any more if you don't want to," Gemma told her again. "But
sometimes it is easier when you have someone else to talk to. We are the
same age you know, so we've all gone through the growing up stages of being
women. Or talk to Milla." She smiled encouragement at the tearful girl.

"You promise not to tell...?"

"I told you, didn't I?"

"Yes but ... I think I could talk to your aunt, Gemma, but I'd like you
to be there too. Would you sit beside me while I tell her? I'm not sure
she can help, but you seem so sure she can? If she can't help, she won't
go and tell my parents or anything, will she?"

"I know she will use the utmost discretion and she won't do anything
that you don't want her to. Come on, let's do it now. The sooner you
start talking to someone, the sooner you'll be free of the burden."

Milla looked up from her book as the two girls walked into the room,
Gemma still comforting Laura with an arm around her shoulder.

"Milla can we talk to you?" Gemma asked with a knowing look towards her

"Yes, of course. Goodness, Laura, you look upset, dear. What's the

"She's been crying for an hour or more," Gemma explained. "I tried to
help but I think she needs you to help her."

"My goodness, darling. Whatever is it?" Milla took the young girl's
hands in hers and then pressed them to her breasts, pressing her forehead
to Laura's.

"Gemma, dear," Milla said. "Bring one of the big chairs here so Laura
can sit in front of me. I can see we have a lot to talk about."

Soon Laura was sitting knee to knee with Milla, Gemma sitting by Milla's
side. Laura was still overcome with her troubles and unable to stop the
silent crying that had continued ever since coming downstairs. Milla took
the girl's hands again, cupping them in her own.

"Now tell me what's wrong, dear," Milla, said encouragingly.

"Oh, Mrs. Delaney, I don't know whether I can. It's just that we were
talking and Gemma asked me something that made me really think about...
you know, how I live. It's so personal, I don't think I should go on."

"It would be much better if you talked about your worries, dear.
Believe me, it really is."

"But what if my father found out. I don't know what he would do to me."

"Have you tried to talk to him before?"

"I couldn't. Anyway, he wouldn't do anything. You see, women in his
country have no rights and are treated poorly. He still lives the same way
in his new country, so if it comes to taking sides, he would never support
me against my..."

"He punishes her, Milla," Gemma prompted. "And humiliates her, doesn't
he, Laura?"

"Does your mother know, Laura?" Milla asked.

"Yes. But he does the same to her and she can't do anything about it

"Can you talk to your mother?"

"Oh, no. Never. She would only go and tell him straight away."

"Laura dear, you don't have to answer this but does he molest you?"

The young girl wiped the tears from her eyes. "No, not really. Not

"Then what does he do that's so bad?"

"I can't..." She closed her eyes and began to sob deeply again.

"Has Gemma talked to you about trust, Laura?"


"You have to trust someone, I can see that. In this house our
relationships are built on trust. Rob or I could ask Gemma to do anything.
Really, anything, and she would because she trusts us completely. Isn't
that so, dear?"

"Of course," Gemma smiled back.

"Anything that happens here stays completely confidential and you can
trust all of us never to divulge anything that is spoken in confidence."

"Yes, Gemma told me that," Laura agreed, becoming a little calmer.

"Of course, that means we must trust you as well as you trusting us. As
adults my husband, Rob and I expect you to honour us with the same trust as
Gemma does. Sometimes that becomes humiliating in itself but as a family we love each other deeply and anything we do ask is to make your life
richer, not worse. Do you understand what I mean by that?"

"Yes, I think so," Laura answered, looking closely at Milla.

"Sometimes we may ask you to do something quite embarrassing but it
would be for your own benefit in the long run."

"Do you think you could trust us that much, Laura?"

"I think so."

"That's a good start. Well then, before we begin to solve your worries,
I think you must be put to the test. Just to see if you really do trust

"Oh." She looked at Milla with doubting eyes.

"I want you to go upstairs and take a hot, hot shower, and put your
nightdress on. You have brought a nightie haven't you?"

"Oh, yes."

"Good. Put that on and come back down here. Gemma, you can change into
your nightgown too but no undies. O.K.?"

"O.K. Milla. Come on, Laura."

Both girls came back together, Laura wearing a floral cotton nightdress
and Gemma, a low cut silky nightgown that almost reached the floor.

"You look lovely, darling," Milla kissed the obviously nervous girl on
the cheek.

"Do you really trust me, Laura?"

The shy girl simply nodded her assent.

"Good, I'm pleased. So what you are really saying is that if I asked
you to do anything, even, maybe, to remove your nightdress, you would?"
Milla asked slowly as she looked the shy girl in the eyes.

After a long hesitation she said, "I... I think so."

"Then there's no need to do so. Now give me your hands and you can tell
me everything."

"Can I put my robe on?"

"No leave it off. I want you to learn that being vulnerable should not
be an embarrassment in this house."

"I feel strange."

"But there's only we girls here and besides, you will get used to it, I
know," Milla smiled as she replied. "Now you can begin."

"I'm not sure how to start."

"With your father, perhaps. He's mean to you, you were saying."

Laura looked up into Milla's eyes and suddenly looked shocked. "No.
No, I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything. I must go home. Gemma I'm
really sorry but it's been too much. I hope we can still be friends.
Goodbye. I'm sorry,' she whispered apologetically as she rushed upstairs.

Within minutes she came downstairs carrying he bag.

"I will drive you home, dear," Milla said.

"Thank you and I'm sorry again."

As they drove the few blocks Milla suggested she tell her parents that
Gemma had fallen ill and Laura nodded her agreement. "Just remember we are
always there for you, Laura dear. Always."

"Thank you Mrs. Delaney. I'm sorry I have been so silly."

"It's nothing. I know what it is to have something so bad clinging to
you. Maybe one day you'll want to talk. I'll be there for you. Goodbye
for now, dear Laura."

"Goodbye and thank you."

When Milla returned home the two women confided at length and decided
that unless Laura made the next move, they would not pursue her further.
If it got back to the parents that they were pressing her for family secrets, it could get out of hand and the last thing they wanted was for
their own secrets to become known to anyone.

"So, that leaves us without any new pussy on the horizon at all," Gemma
said, resigned to the failure.

"We'll just have to keep looking," Milla encouraged.

"There's always Miss Birchmore, but she's a witch."

"Tell me more."

"She's the class tutor. Very pretty in a domineering way, I suppose. A
little younger than you maybe and quite slim. Great tits unless she pads
them but as mean as they come. Always belittling us, especially as
individuals and takes great delight in demeaning you in front of others.
She's picked on me a couple of times and Laura a few times too. I think
she takes some sadistic pleasure from attacking the quieter ones. Most of
us are scared of her and she does have the final say on whether we pass or

"Hmm. Do you think she needs a lesson on personal relationships?"

"She probably does, but she'd never admit it. Anyway, even the severest
of people need some form of sexual release. I think she'd look very sexy
without the bun, glasses and her mannish suits. There could be a sexpot
just waiting to be released."

"Has she made any inference that you may not pass?"

"No, I don't think that's a problem. I'm up near the top as far as
results go."

"It would be nice to be right at the top though?" Milla asked this as a
question rather than a statement.

"You mean compromise her? I could try to seduce her I suppose."

"No, not that. Here's what we'll do for starters."

Milla and Gemma spent several hours working out their strategy, the
details of which were to begin on the following Monday.

After Gemma felt confident of what she was to do, they decided to pay
Eric a visit.

He obviously had no idea they had entered and both women were
disappointed to see he did not have an erection. Milla leaned over and
took his small floppy cock between her lips and Gemma bit hard on one of
his nipples at the same time. Gemma's treatment made him flinch and more
so when she took a wispy cane and began to beat both nipples quite hard, in
no time Milla found herself fellating a rock-hard cock. She continued her
steady stroking and the moment the first surge of sperm shot into her
mouth, Gemma ceased her beating, letting the boy enjoy the pleasures of his

Milla released him from the restraints and leaned over to kiss him full
in the mouth, releasing at the same time her mouthful of sperm.

Wiping her lips on the back of her hand, she said, "Swallow your gunk,
Eric. You can taste what we women have to go through to satisfy their men.
Was it nice?" Eric couldn't help but notice the sarcasm in her question.

"Yes, Milla. It felt very nice."

"I meant your own sticky goo."

"Oh, that. I swallowed it quickly so I wouldn't have to taste it."

"Yes, just like a man," she murmured to herself and then gave him
instructions. "You can do what you like for the rest of the weekend but
you have to stay naked. Don't get excited about that though. Our bodies
are off limits until you leave."

"Yes, Milla. Thank you," he acknowledged with bowed head.

Chapter Seventeen

Gemma had thought a lot about what she would do on the following Monday.
Sitting in class now, she waited for any opportunity to put into motion
what she and Milla had conspired. It came quicker than she had expected
for as soon as Miss Birchmore entered the room and began to hand out the
results of their last assignment, she made a loud and cryptic remark to
Laura about her efforts.

"You would have done better worshipping an Egyptian Sun God than you did
with this work young lady. It was a pathetic effort."

Despite her dark colouring, Laura blushed deeply and in her
embarrassment, attempted to explain how much effort she had put into her

"I worked hard..."

"Then I ask myself what are you doing here?" Miss Birchmore continued
her assault. "You have completely missed the point of the lecture."

Laura bowed her head and tears began to flow. "I'm sorry."

Gemma knew this was the time to act. "You've got no right to speak that
way to anyone," she rebuked her tutor in front of the whole class. "No-one
deserves that kind of abuse, no matter what you think of her paper."

Miss Birchmore froze and then turned to face her critic.

"How dare you challenge my decisions," the stern faced woman rebuked but
Gemma stood her ground.

"You were unfair and had no right to speak as you did. I know Laura

"Get out of my class," the angry woman demanded. "Wait outside. I will
deal with you later. Go," she almost screamed, pointing the way with her
finger. Gemma looked defiant as she left the room, hearing Miss Birchmore
daring anyone else to question her decisions.

Gemma now felt the first doubts about what she had begun. What if she
takes me to the Dean and has me thrown out? I'd never get into any other
college. God, what have I done? Oh, what didn't we think this out a lot
more? I could get expelled. Me? Expelled? The quietest girl in the

The doubts lingered and got worse as she waited for her furious tutor to
appear. The bell went and the class emerged, several making snide remarks
suggesting she was for the big drop, one even holding his hand to his
throat as though she had hanged herself. A few girls sniggered as they
passed and no one gave her any confidence. Miss Birchmore had still not
appeared fifteen minutes after the class and Gemma hesitantly peered around
the door thinking she had left without taking the matter further.

"I told you to get out of my classroom and I meant it," the tutor
growled loudly from where she was sitting at her desk, still writing.

Ten minutes later she swept out of the room and growled, "Come," without
even looking in the young girl's direction. Gemma followed to the Tutors
private office but made no move to sit when Miss Birchmore sat behind her

"What do you think you were doing you stupid girl?" The woman demanded.

"I'm sorr..."

"Never has anyone spoken to me like that in front of the class and I
will not stand for it, do you hear? I've a good mind to take you to the
Dean with a recommendation of expulsion. It deserves just that."

"No, not that, please Miss," Gemma choked. "Please, Miss Birchmore, I'm

She had not expected such a reaction and now feared the worst.

"There are only two things that may stop me from doing just that, young lady. The first is a full apology in front of the whole class tomorrow
morning. The second is an audience with your parents tonight. There is
only one deterrent to such disgraceful behaviour and that is some solid
punishment, something to remind you that behaviour like this will never be
tolerated in my classes."

"Punishment?" Gemma gasped in animated horror and realised Milla's plans
may still be achieved.

"I see that surprises you. Good, but you should have thought of that
before you tried to take over my class."

"What kind of punishment? I can't be punished, I'm nearly seventeen
years old."

"Punishment or expulsion. It makes no difference to me. I expect you
to give this note to your parents as soon as you arrive home and I expect a
call from them tonight, agreeing to a meeting."

"They're not my parents, they're my Aunt and Uncle. I live with them
while I'm at college."

"Then there may be no need to stay with them for much longer, may

"They'll probably punish me themselves if they find out," Gemma pleaded
so innocently.

"As they should. But my meeting with them is to gain their consent to
corporal punishment. I..."

"Corporal Punishment?" Gemma looked at her tutor aghast. "You mean you
want to hit me?"

"I mean exactly that. If they approve, which I sincerely hope they will
for your own benefit, and provided you agree to my terms, when I've deemed
your punishment over, nothing further will be said. If either you or your
guardians do not agree, then I guarantee you will remain no longer at this

"Yes, Miss," Gemma lowered her head in shame, thinking to herself, I'm
really a good actor.

"If I do nor receive their phone call at home this evening, you will be
expelled tomorrow morning. Is that clear?"

Miss Birchmore's eyes bored into Gemma's face with a severity that left
the young girl doubting the wisdom of agreeing to this woman's punishment.

"What will you do to me," Gemma asked plaintively.

"Exactly what you deserve; pain and humiliation and anything else that
will teach you not to dispute my authority. It should be a lesson to
remember for the rest of your life."

"I'm sorr...," she began to sob but was cut off abruptly.

"Is that clear? A phone call from your guardians tonight or expulsion.
This letter explains it all."

"Yes, Miss Birchmore." Gemma took the letter and seeing she had
wordlessly been dismissed, left the room. Walking along the corridor
elated at this turn of events, which could now turn right in their favour,
she decided to skip the rest of her classes and hurried home to give Milla
the news.

"Well, this was sooner than I expected," Milla smiled after Gemma had
told her the whole story. "It sounds to me that this dragon-lady intends
doing naughty things to your beautiful body," she declared. "Pain and
humiliation, you say?"

"That's what she said. I'm not so sure I look forward to it though.
She could do anything."

"Yes but no worse than Rob or I give you from time to time. I've seen
you cry for mercy sometimes and yet you always come back for more."

"That's true," Gemma agreed. "But I always knew you would make me come
after you bruised my backside."

"Maybe she will too."

"Hmm," the young girl sniggered. "I'd be surprised. Not old iron

"Don't be too surprised. She's got a lot of innocents under her care
and with threats like expulsion, I'm sure she could easily force many of
them to surrender their charms to save that kind of public denouncement."

"I'll ring her at college now instead of waiting until tonight," Milla
said picking up the phone. After some moments she was put through to
Gemma's tormentor.

"Miss Birchmore, this is Milla Delaney, Gemma's aunt." Pause. "Yes, she
brought the note home. She was too upset to remain for classes today...
Yes, I understand your position. Her actions were quite intolerable. It's
not like her to say such dreadful things; she's usually such a quiet and
compliant girl. Yes, she told me of your ultimatum and I am in full
agreement. In fact when my husband comes home tonight I'm sure he will
take some action himself... Probably restrict her to her room for the
week. He might even withdraw her allowance. girls react to that, you
know... I'm not sure about corporal punishment though. She's seventeen,
you know, well almost... Of course we don't want her expelled, that is out
of the question.... Yes, in that case I am agreeable to you administering
corporal punishment. It will be very degrading for her I'm sure, but...
Yes, of course I understand your position. Students have no right to
question their tutor on how to maintain control... "

Milla winked at Gemma and put her hand over the phone while she
controlled her desire to snigger.

"Of course I speak for my husband. Gemma has no choice but to face up
to her wrongdoing and I'm sure you will teach her the error of her ways...
When will she receive? Oh, over several days... And the weekend, too...
Well, I have no objection to her staying with you over the weekend... Of
course I trust you. There is no reason why I shouldn't, Miss Birchmore...
Well, we've never caned her and I'm sure her parents haven't either but if
you think it best, then you have my full support... Milla pulled a face at
Gemma who was decidedly nervous at what was to happen.

"Tomorrow...? Yes... Report to your office first thing in the
morning... Wear her uniform and bring a full set of street clothes and a
change of underwear... Yes, I understand, her best clothes and nightdress.
So she will stay with you tomorrow night and then for the whole weekend
afterwards...? Yes, of course, I agree... Miss Birchmore," Milla
interrupted. "You won't be too hard on her, will you...? I understand
that, Miss Birchmore. It's just that... I understand. Yes, I leave
everything to you... You are perfectly right, Miss Birchmore. She does
deserve your wrath... That early? Yes, she'll be there. I'll make sure
of it. Miss Birchmore, her grades won't be penalised too harshly will
they...? Depends on how she co-operates during the next week... I'll
explain it all. Thank you, Miss Birchmore and I'm sorry she acted so
stupidly... Yea, goodbye."

Milla placed the phone down and stared into space for a few moments.
"You're right, darling," she told Gemma, hugging her. "She is a
fire-eater, isn't she? I'm not too sure what she's got in store but I
think you'll have to be brave."

"What did she say?"

"You have to be standing at her office door at seven o'clock in the
morning, dressed in full school uniform and as she says, without a hair out
of place. You will be staying at her house over night and then again for
the full weekend."

"Stay with her? She's going to kill me, Milla."

"More likely seduce you between bouts of sadistic punishment if I'm any
judge, or maybe she'll just rape you instead. You'll have to be brave,
darling. Oh, how I'm going to miss you even for these short times." Milla
took the bewildered girl in her arms.

Pecking her on the tip of her nose, Milla added, "You will really have
to act well enough to earn an Oscar this time, let me tell you. But
remember the end result. If all goes well, you end up at top of your class
and we may just have another female to train in our ways. When we do, you
get first shot at revenge."

"How could we do that, Milla? She's so sure of herself."

"Blackmail is very effective, believe me. Especially when it comes to
sexual abuse and I'm sure that's what she is planning."

"But how...?"

"That's what we'll talk about right now."

Chapter Eighteen

When Gemma arrived at college just before seven, no one was around. The
buildings were open and she quickly made her way to Miss Birchmore's
office. As Milla had told her, she stood to attention, holding her small
case of overnight clothes and waited. After half an hour she began to
wonder of Milla had understood the instructions. Was she supposed to be
inside the office? Was the tutor expecting her elsewhere? The Dean's
office maybe? And this case was becoming so heavy but she dared not move a
muscle. Miss Birchmore may be spying on her even as she stood.

A few students were wandering about now. One came to the door where she
was standing and asked if the tutor was in but Gemma's instructions were to
speak to no one. The girl beside her repeated the question and when she
got no reply, swore at the tense girl and walked away.

At eight thirty with every muscle in her body crying out for relief,
Gemma thought she would collapse when at last the tutor arrived at her
door. "Remain silent," she was told as the woman opened her office.


As Gemma went to put her case down, she was ordered, "Stand still." Miss
Birchmore didn't even glance her way but Gemma knew she was under constant

After some minutes straightening her desk, which certainly didn't need
doing at all, she addressed the aching girl.

"From this moment you are under notice of dismissal from the college."

Gemma looked at her tutor, aghast at what she heard.

"Be quiet," the woman snapped. "Dismissal has been suspended
temporarily and instead you are under my official discipline until I tell
you otherwise. Permanent suspension of your dismissal depends on your
actions during this disciplinary period. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss Birchmore."

She moved directly in front of Gemma. "Are you wearing the college's
full uniform?"

"Yes Miss Birchmore."

"I hope so. Stand still." Gemma was still holding her case, which by
now seemed to weigh a ton. She flinched as her tutor began to unbutton her

"Be still I said," she said sternly, as she opened the blouse widely.
"At least you're wearing the correct bra. Lift your skirt."

"M... My skirt, Miss?"

"Do it."

"Oh," she whimpered on cue as she raised the dress above her knees.

"Right up. I want to see your panties. Be quick."

Her hand slid over Gemma's hip, and Miss Birchmore stood up looking

Gemma couldn't do up her blouse as she still held the case in one hand.
She accepted that her tutor wasn't going to help and stood with her cotton
bra on display.

"The first thing you will do today is stand in front of your class and
apologise to me for the hurtful words you spoke yesterday. I will decide
whether they are sufficient or whether you will do a better job of it the
following morning. I hope you've been practising?"

"Yes, Miss Birchmore."

"As soon as you have apologised you will return to this office and
remain standing until I return. Understood?"

"Yes, Miss Birchmore," Gemma said, hoping she had put enough sincerity
into her acknowledgment.

"And another thing. Until the period of discipline is over you will
address me as 'Miss', nothing else."

"Yes, Miss B... Miss."

"Well, do yourself up and come with me." Gemma struggled to keep up with
the demanding woman and found she had to run a few paces every now and then
just to stay with her.

Her tutor simply told the class Gemma had something to say to them all
and Gemma felt the eyes of the whole student body on her.

Afterwards, while waiting for Miss Birchmore in her office, Gemma
couldn't recall what she had said for the whole apology seemed to be
blurred in her mind. She remembered that she was to remain standing until
her tutor returned, whenever that would be and she also remembered to
position her case just as Milla had instructed her.

She had not sat down since she arrived at the office door at seven this
morning and now it was well after ten. The urge to relieve her aching legs
was uppermost in her mind until she realised that she would soon need to
visit the toilet. That too was becoming urgent and she had no idea how
long before her tutor returned. The class broke up at ten thirty and she
hoped that would mean Miss Birchmore's arrival. What had she said in
apology? Was it enough to placate the stern woman and what would the
class, her friends, think of the apology she made? The questions continued
to run through her mind, taking away some of the pressures of her body.

If only she could lean against the desk for a moment. Yes, that would
help and she could spin around before the tutor had opened the door.

It eased her discomfort but her reflexes were not fast enough for the
moment the door was opened, her movements were noticed by her

"How dare you disobey my instructions," the woman growled fiercely.

"I'm sorry, Miss. Truly. My legs were so stiff... "

"They were meant to be. It's called punishment of which you are fully
aware. Isn't that so?" She almost hissed. "I can see a lot more than a
week of punishment is needed to teach you about obeying instructions. No
doubt about that. How do you account for your disobedience?" Miss
Birchmore had her by the ear and was lifting her upwards.

"Ouch. Oh it hurts. I'm sorry, Miss," Gemma, whined.

"I was going to leave the cane until later but you're actions deserve a
taste right now," she stated, moving to a cupboard and removing a thin

"Please, Miss. I need to go to the toilet."

"Be quiet and lean over the desk you so conveniently leaned on before.
Now," she added when Gemma was slow to respond. "And heaven help you if
you pee on my carpet. Be warned."

At least I'm getting it over my skirt, Gemma said to herself as she
tentatively leaned over and felt the first stroke slap over her skirt. It
hurt but not badly. After six strokes, Gemma was gasping for all six fell
on exactly the same spot and the pain grew with each one.

"Just a taste of what's to come, young lady. Now turn around."

"I really do need to go, Miss," Gemma pleaded as she faced her tutor.

"In here," she was told and followed Miss Birchmore into an adjoining
room comprising a shower cubicle, wash basin and toilet. "Now go," Miss
Birchmore said but made no move to leave.

When Gemma hesitated, waiting for her privacy, she was told abruptly,
"If you can't do it then we'll return to my office and you'll answer for
lying to me, young lady. Now do your business and remember I have not
given you permission to sit."

"But I need to, Miss," she said with little confidence.

"You do not get the luxury of easing your legs just by going to the
toilet. Now get on with it."

Gemma was surprised to find herself blushing as she slid her panties down and manoeuvred herself to half squat over the bowl. At least she took
pleasure in making sure her skirt hid and showing of her hairless vulva.
Soon the tinkling was evident and she was happy that nothing sprayed onto
the seat or over the edge.

"Right, now wash yourself and come back."

When she returned, Miss Birchmore was sitting behind her desk, a
satisfied smile on her face.

"I suppose you're going to complain that your legs are tired?"

"No, Miss. But they are aching. I've been standing for nearly four

"Then you've only got another five or so to go."

"Wha...? I don't think I could, Miss."

"You will, believe me. What you need is some exercise to ease the
aches. Let's start with running on the spot. Quickly now."

"Miss?" She queried.

"Start running on the spot. Now," her tutor hissed.

With a look of apprehension and embarrassment, Gemma began to run
slowly, aware of her bouncing boobs and how ridiculous she must look.
"Faster and raise those knees. Exercise, young lady, is what you're meant
to be doing not taking a Sunday stroll."

Gemma was sweating now and nearing what she thought was total

"Lift your skirt. Right up. I want to see those knees working," her
tutor demanded.

She found herself on show, admittedly with her modesty still covered by
cotton knickers, but still highly vulnerable. She lifted her knees higher
and faster but knew she could not last much longer. She was being
physically tortured, making the choice of this rather than expulsion.

As she was reaching a point of collapse, she was given the signal to

"Stand up straight, girl. I have some things to say."

Gemma gasped for breath as she straightened and felt beads of
perspiration running down her whole body. Trails ran down her face and
neck, between her breasts and even though she still had her tight school
knickers on, she was sure she could feel the cool droplets meandering down
her hairless pussy and into the slit itself.

Miss Birchmore stood closely in front of her, looking squarely into her
eyes. "You will be told to do many things while you under my discipline
and I expect you to obey every one instantly, no matter what it is. I do
not want to see any hesitation at all. None, do you understand?"

Gemma could only nod, her lungs still gasping for breath.

"Answer me."

"Yes, Miss."

"You will definitely feel pain. Lots of it and you will experience
total humiliation and unbelievable embarrassment as you carry out my
orders. Don't dare hesitate because for every hesitation, one full day will
be added to your punishment. Understand that clearly."

"Yes, Miss. I understand," she said, still gasped.

"I hope you do. At lunchtime we will be visiting the Dean so you can
explain your cowardly attack on me and I'm sure he will want to impart his
own form of punishment, believe me."

"Oh," was all she could respond.

"I'm sure too that he doesn't expect a sweaty smelly thing like you are
now. Remove your clothes then go and take a shower now."

A look of shock passed over her face but with the tutor's threat still
clearly in her mind, she began to walk to the bathroom.

"I said to remove them first, girl."

"In front of y..."

"One extra day, girl," Miss Birchmore said jubilantly.

red faced again, Gemma began to undress, folding each garment as she
proceeded, trying not to catch the eye of the woman looking on. As her
panties were slid down, she was sure she heard a light intake of breath as
Miss Birchmore saw that she bore no pubic hair, but the woman said nothing.

Completely nude, Gemma stood still for a moment waiting for further
instructions but when none came, she walked towards the bathroom.

"Wash your hair too. You'll have time to dry it before you present
yourself. There's a dryer in there."

"Yes, Miss," Gemma, said without turning around. She hesitated at the
door and decided not to close it when she entered the bathroom.

Standing in front of the mirror, having just finished with the hair
dryer, Gemma was quite proud of how she had handled herself so far and
while fearing what she may still have to endure, was satisfied she could
continue to play the innocent and frightened schoolgirl.

She walked back into the room and stood in front of her tutor.

With hardly a glance at the naked girl, Miss Birchmore said, "You can't
wear your underwear, it's soaked in sweat. Leave off your bra and you
won't wear stockings or shoes. Do you have a spare pair of panties?"

"Yes, Miss, in my case. Oh," she added hesitantly. "They're not school
knickers, Miss."

"And the colour?"

"Pink, Miss, and silky."

"They'll have to do. Put them on and get dressed."

She watched Gemma's every movement once she returned from extracting the
clean panties, causing Gemma to blush deeply.

"Tighten your blouse. It's loose in front. Tuck it further into your

As Gemma did so, she felt her breasts pushing hard against the fabric
and knew anyone looking at her would know she was braless. At least the
blouse was not see- through, she told herself.

"I suppose your legs are still aching?"

"Yes, Miss. They do hurt."

"Good. It will go away soon enough. You will soon experience other
pains that should make you quite forget about your legs." Then out of the
blue, "Are you a virgin?"


"Two days. Are you a virgin?"

"Oh. No, Miss," she answered more smartly, feeling the blush spreading
over her face at this disclosure.

"Hmm," Miss Birchmore mused thoughtfully.

"When is your period due?"

Gemma looked towards the ceiling, calculating the day. "In about two
weeks, Miss," she answered.


"Um, next Wednesday week. The 20th, Miss."

"Is it regular? Every four weeks?"

"Always, Miss."

"Good. Then you can mark each starting date in my diary. Just write

"G.P.S? Miss?"

"It stands for 'Gemma's period starts'."

"Oh," Gemma exclaimed as she reached for the diary on the desk. Under
the date of the 20th. she recorded the initials and began to close the

"Record each date for the rest of the year," she was told. Gemma
couldn't help but exclaim another, "Oh."

As she flicked the pages she noticed other regular notations. M.P.S.
and L.P.S. were recorded every four weeks as well. She was not the only
girl caught up in this predicament.

"I assume you take the Pill seeing you are so promiscuous?"

"The Pill? Oh, yes, Miss, but I'm not promiscuous," she added in a
whisper of humiliation.

"I'll make the judgement on that, girl. Now stand up straight. We are
going to the Dean's office. No, you won't need shoes or stockings. girls under discipline need very little in fact. Perhaps you'd better be naked."

"Oh, no. Please Miss, not that."

"Ha, ha. Follow me, girl."

Chapter Nineteen

She stood in the centre of the office, facing the Dean behind his desk.
Miss Birchmore stood at his side.

"So? What have you to say? Be quick about it."

If anything, he was more intimidating than even Miss Birchmore; a stern
face, demanding, a look of disdain as his eyes bored through the nervous

"I'm sorry, Sir. It just happened. I didn't mean to say those things."

"That's what you say now but the fact remains that you did usurp Miss
Birchmore's authority and in front of her whole class. I know you are
under ten days of punishment from her," he began only to be interrupted by
the woman beside him.

"It's twelve days now, Dean. She is still being difficult."

"So soon? You have much to learn, I can see. Well, let the punishment
begin. Madam, will you bring the equipment please?"

Miss Birchmore went to a cupboard behind the Dean and deposited onto his
desk a wide strapped tawse and a slender cane, about three feet long.

The sight of these made Gemma pale visibly and her gasp was not lost on
the two tormentors.

"It scares you, I see?"

"Please don't hurt me. I'm frightened."

"As well you should be, for these will both hurt considerably. You have
a choice. Ten strokes of the tawse, which will redden your posterior
considerably, or five with the cane. I can tell you the cane will be ten
times more painful but it will be over much quicker. Which is it to be?"

"I can't, Sir. Really, I would die."

"You were given a choice and you've hesitated. That surely means
another day, doesn't it Miss Birchmore?"

"Of course. That makes three extra days, Dean."

"You can have another choice, young lady. It's either one of these
instruments or a spanking over my knee. Before you answer though, I must
say that any spanking is on the bare bottom."

"Oh, I couldn't do..."

"Four," Miss Birchmore said with satisfaction.

"The tawse, Sir," Gemma cried out.

"Well at last we've decided. I take it she has her full uniform on?" He
looked at his staffer.

"She was properly clothed this morning, Dean. But there are some
changes. She has different panties on and no bra. Of course she isn't
wearing stockings or shoes but that is to be expected."

"Odd panties and no bra? Interesting," he mused smiling at the stricken
girl with a more than knowing look. "Anything else?"

"She's not a virgin. She has given away what should be her most
cherished possession."

"Disgraceful. What else?" He had changed his smile to a glare of

"She shaves her pubic hair too, Dean."

"My, my. It seems like a complete lack of moral fibre. Why do you
shave that beautiful little triangle of curls?"

"It's not shaved, Sir. I use removal cream," Gemma informed him, now
genuinely ashamed.

"And why?"

"My aunt says it is more hygienic. There's less change of germs getting
inside my..."

"Inside your what?"

"Oh. My... my vag... my vulva, Sir."

"Interesting. I have never in all my days as a Master, had any girl tell me that. I'm beginning to wonder about your morals as well as your
discretion, girl. We will explore those at another time. Get her ready,

"Bend down and grasp your ankles, girl," Miss Birchmore instructed.
"Now shuffle forward until your back rests against the desk. It will help
to keep your balance. Now spread your legs. Wider. Now hold still.
Don't move for any reason."

The Dean had moved around and stood behind Gemma. Her skirt hid him
from her sight but she knew he was standing near to her, looking at her
thrusting buttocks. The back of her skirt must be up around the backs of
her knees so at least her modesty was intact. Nothing like what Rob would
be requiring of her in this same predicament.

But she was wrong because Miss Birchmore was in the process of lifting
her skirt right over her bottom, leaving her whole bottom at his mercy
except for a pair of small silky panties.

"Pink I see. That's a change. It is usually standard white cotton.
Make them tight, Madam."

Gemma felt hands pull the band tightly upwards, forcing the small gusset
to bite harshly into her vulva. One hand came between her spread thighs
and pulled the front even tighter, causing her to grunt. He could surely
see the outline of her pussy lips with her legs spread so widely.

"Ten it is then. Dare not move, girl," he directed gruffly.

From the first, every stroke hurt unbearably, as though a burning fire
was laid against her skin each time. The whole area of her behind seemed
to be hit even when she knew the strap was only two inches or so wide. The
cut down the centre seemed to enhance the hurt a hundred fold. What would
the cane have felt like? This was brutal but something ten times as awful?
She couldn't imagine.

At last it was over and her cries, once rising in volume, soon
deteriorated into snivelling gasps of agony. The blood running to her head
from bending down so severely made her dizzy and she became disorientated.
Dizziness, excruciating pain, legs that were so overworked they were ready
to give way.

"Stand up," she heard a man's voice tell her but she couldn't move.
Miss Birchmore had to assist and when she had straightened herself as well
as she could, realised her face an forehead were covered with tears and her
nose had run so much that the wetness began to run back down her cheeks and

"Clean her up a bit, Madam," the Dean instructed, taking a hand towel
from one of his drawers. "For goodness sake, be quiet, girl. It's over,"
he said, adding, "for the moment at least."

When her face had been patted dry, the Dean carried on with his tirade.
"That's just a small beginning, girl. I will see you in this office every
day of your punishment. There'll be more of the same..."

"I couldn't stand it, Sir," she begged, reverting to her heavy sobbing.
"Please no more like that."

"Maybe she's learning that disobedience is not worth the effort, Madam."
"I doubt it, Dean."

"Yes, you're probably right," he agreed. Then looking back to the
squirming girl he told her. "Now kneel down and beg the Madam's
forgiveness for your disobedience."

At least she would gain some relief from her aching legs. It wasn't
easy but she managed and in a soft voice literally begged as she was told.

"Kiss her feet, girl."

Gemma placed her lips to the toe of each shoe and kissed. She remained
there until she heard the order to rise and again her tutor had to assist.

"We will see each other again," the Dean said as she was being
dismissed. "Soon," he added pointedly.

Gemma took a deep breath as she turned to leave but looked back when he

"Leave me with something," he said.

"Something, Sir?"

"Remove your panties and hand them to the Dean," Miss Birchmore

"Take them off?" She looked from one to the other uncomprehending.


Gemma found herself slipping the soft panties down her legs and holding
them over his desk. He took them and smiling widely, placed them to his

Miss Birchmore ushered her out the door without another word being

When they reached Miss Birchmore's office, she said, "Take off your
skirt then clear my desk and lay on it."

Gemma was learning fast and immediately did as she was told, lying on
her stomach, as much to ease her burning behind as to protect her modesty.

"That was good to see. No hesitation whatsoever. I thought you were
going to build up so many punishment days that it would become the
never-ending story. Now spread your legs as widely as you can. I'll rub
some cream into your backside to ease the pain."

It was sheer heaven and just as nice as Milla when she did that. So
nice she almost dozed off as Miss Birchmore's hands smoothed the cream over
her skin, sliding the full length of her bottom crease from time to time,
pressing hard and then as lightly as a feather. Starting from the very
edge of her vagina and pressing against her anus as fingers passed but
never quite intruded. Without realising, she moaned occasionally at the
sheer pleasure of feeling, something not missed by her tutor.

Finally her reverie was broken when she was told to stand up.

"Now remove your blouse."

Gemma had begun to react instantly and the last garment dropped to the
floor very quickly.

"The Dean would die to see you like this. Would you be agreeable?"

"Oh, I couldn't, Miss."

"But you've let other men see you. Isn't that how you gave away your

"He was just a boy, Miss," she said quietly, embarrassed at the

"But you let him look at you naked?"

"Yes, Miss, but..."

"So what's the difference?"

"It was something that just happened, Miss. I didn't plan it to."

"But you enjoyed it?"

"Yes. No, I didn't, Miss. It hurt."

"The first time usually does, so I'm told. How many times have you
spread your legs, girl?"

"Oh, just that one time, Miss."

"And you like doing it with him now? Letting him fuck you?"

"He only did it once, Miss. I wouldn't let him do it again."


"Because he hurt me so much."

"How long ago did all this take place then?"

"About two months ago, Miss."

"Do you still see him?"

"Oh, yes, Miss. Every weekend when he comes home... when he comes

"What? Is he your brother then? Are you guilty of incest, girl?" She
asked disapprovingly.

"No, I'm an only child?"


"My cousin, Miss. It was my cousin." She decided she had better keep it
as simple as possible in case she had to repeat it again sometime.

"You're aunt knows, of course?"

"Oh no, Miss. She would disown me."

"As she should. Perhaps I should give her the bad news."

"You wouldn't do that, would you Miss? You made me tell, I had no
choice," she began to whine out her excuse. "I didn't mean to, truly."

"Well next time we see the Dean, perhaps you can tell him all the
details, just like you have told me, only more. Standing naked before
someone, especially one of the opposite sex makes one feel vulnerable,
don't you think?"

"I don't have to do that, do I, Miss? In front of the Dean like this?"

"If the Dean tells you to. Or if I do. Of course you'll have to.
You're on discipline so you have no choice of your own, have you?"

"No, Miss."

"Then you'd be ready to display yourself without any further objection?"

"I suppose I have to," she whimpered.

"Then there's no time like the present. Off you go."

"Now? Like this? I'll be seen, Miss. I couldn't be seen like this."

"But you just said you would display yourself naked before the Dean.
You're no different than any of the thousand other girls here at the

"But if anybody saw me without any clothes, the whole college will know
by tomorrow."

"I don't like your disobedience, girl. I should make it six days right
here and now but seeing it's your first day, perhaps I'll make an
exception." Then Miss Birchmore continued.

"Did he discharge inside you?"

"What? Who?" Gemma asked, not realising they had returned to the
earlier conversation.

"Your cousin. Did he ejaculate inside your pussy?"

"Oh, that. Yes, Miss. It was messy."

"It's always messy. What did you do?"

"I ran to the toilet. I was bleeding and his stuff was running out."

"I can imagine. Men's needs are so gross. You will find women are so
much more understanding."

Aha, Gemma thought. At last it's coming. She is a rampant lesbian after all.

"Yes, Miss."

"Do you know what I mean?"

"Not really, Miss. Is it because we are softer, our skin, I mean?"

"It's our heart, darling. We feel for each other with our heart and we
don't have that awful white stuff shooting everywhere when we get aroused.
I will show you what I mean very soon."

"I'm cold, Miss," she said, shivering in her nudity.

"Then go and take another shower and dress. No underwear, just skirt
and blouse. When we leave here we'll be walking among people who won't
know you are naked beneath what they see, but you and I definitely will.
If anyone sees your tits jiggling they might just guess, but that's all
it'll be, just a guess."

Chapter Twenty

Gemma carried her case and they headed for the station.

"When you sit down, make sure your bare bottom touches the seat. That's
an order."

"Yes, Miss. What will I do if someone sees?"

"Make sure they don't."

Thankfully they had missed the rush hour and found two single seats
opposite each other. Gemma lifted the back of her skirt as she sat and
looking around was sure no one saw her predicament.

"Pull your skirt above your knees and spread them wide," she was told
and did so without hesitation.

Her tutor saw a good stretch of inner thigh although not up to her
secret of secrets. Gemma remained in that position even when a man sat on
the other side of the carriage and became instantly attracted to the widely
parted knees. Gemma saw his interest and closed her legs slightly but his
interest remained. She leaned over and whispered the fact to her tutor.

Without looking around Miss Birchmore whispered an instruction back.
Gemma paled and looked shocked, glancing at the man quickly. Very
hesitantly she stood up, making sure her bared bottom wasn't seen and
walked across to the man.

As he looked up she leaned over and in a soft voice said, "My legs are
spread for my lover's pleasure not yours. Would you kindly stop peeping."?

He turned beet red and quickly left his seat as Gemma sat back. She was
elated and the two women bore wide smiles for the rest of the trip.

Gemma was impressed with her tutor's apartment. Not large with just two
bedrooms, living area and small kitchen but most tastefully furnished. The
carpets, drapes and lights were expensive and there was an air of cosiness
that seemed unique.

"Put your case in my room, girl, then come back down." Miss Birchmore
had forgotten the secret they had shared on the train and her manner
returned to severe matriarch Gemma had known from College.

When Gemma returned to the living room, her tutor was sitting on the

"Remove your skirt and lay over my knees. I am going to spank you."

"Yes, Miss," she answered and immediately unzipped her dress.

Miss Birchmore positioned the girl's bottom and eased her legs widely

"Can't you open them wider? How am I supposed to spank your pussy unless you co- operate?"

Spank my pussy? Oh, not that Gemma told herself. Not even Rob did such
beastly things to her, even when he was highly aroused.

"Sorry, Miss. I'll try." She wriggled her body to the edge of her
tutor's knees and spread her legs considerably wider.

It wasn't her pussy that received the first blows though for they fell
hard on her already tender bottom. Blow after blow was spread over the
whole surface until she couldn't stop herself crying out. The moment she
did, a stinging smack landed squarely between her legs, cracking her vagina loudly.

"I like cruelty," Miss Birchmore said matter of factly. "I become more
cruel the longer you under my care. Remember that. You will suffer your
spanking in silence, girl. Make a sound and your cunt gets twice as many
each time. I can guarantee it hurts a lot more after two."

She returned to her task and Gemma gritted her teeth, determined to
withstand the onslaught, guessing that the punishment of her behind might
get fiercer to bring another cry.

No sound other than the smacking of hand against soft skin arose and the
woman eventually gave up, her own hand almost as sore as Gemma's behind.

After she was stood up, Gemma was made to display her red bottom to her
tutor who ran her hands softly over the reddened skin.

"I'm impressed, girl. No one has been able to remain silent from such a
spanking. You have earned a reprieve from the cane tonight."

"Thank you, Miss."

"Does it worry you to stand in front of me like that?"

"Yes, Miss. I feel embarrassed. I've never been spanked before, or had
the strap like the Dean gave me."

"Haven't you, indeed? Have you ever paraded naked like this before?"

"No, Miss. Only in front of the mirror."

"We all do that, I'm sure. Take your blouse off again. I want to see
how strong your willpower really is. Now lay over my knees again, but on
your back this time."

Gemma found the manoeuvrer quite difficult but eventually managed to get
somewhat comfortable, her legs keeping her balance.

"Legs wide apart. I want to inspect this naked vulva."

One hand rested on Gemma's stomach while the other probed intimately
along the sex crease.

"Is it more sensitive when you masturbate?"

"I'm not sure, Miss," she answered in an embarrassed whisper.

Cupping the widely spread lips, she said, "It is certainly smooth. How
often do you apply the hair remover?"

"Every fortnight, Miss. Usually on a weekend."

"Ah, so it's just new. Can you feel whiskers before you do it the next

"No, it's always smooth like this. I think it lasts for about four

"Does this feel nice?"

Her tutor continued to stroke the pussy lips, occasionally pushing a
finger harder against an already aroused clitoris.

"Yes, Miss. It is nice. Makes my tummy bubble."

"Do you know what it's called? What I'm doing?"

"Masturbation, Miss."

"Lesbian masturbation. Has another girl ever done this to you?"

"Oh, never, Miss."

"Will I continue?"

"It's naughty, Miss, isn't it?"

"Only to some people. If it feels nice, why shouldn't you do it?"

"But the police, Miss..."

"For goodness sake, what about the police?"

"They'd put me in jail."

"I'm not going to tell, are you?"

"No, Miss."

"By the way," she said as she continued to arouse the apparently
innocent girl. "We're going to receive a guest tonight. A man, and you're
going to entertain him."

"Entertain him? How, Miss."

"Now how does a young girl usually entertain a man?"

"You mean sex, Miss? Is he going to...?"

"If he wants to do whatever you were going to say, then yes, he will do
it. Whatever he asks of you, you will agree. Anything at all. Is that

"I won't have to undress, will I? I wouldn't like to do that, Miss. Or
let him have... have... um, his way with me."

"I rather think men like to have their way with young ladies, as you put
it. I'd use better words to say what I really mean. Like, have sex with
you or simply fuck you. Doesn't that come under the heading of

"Yes, but..."

"I'll give you the benefit of this moment and not increase your
punishment days this time. Now let me make this quite clear. If he wants
sex, you give him sex. If he wants you naked, you give him naked. If he
wants you to walk naked to the drug store to buy condoms, you walk naked to
the drugstore and bring back condoms. Can I be more specific?"

"No, Miss, I understand, but sex? I've only done it once with someone I

"Just think of this. You don't need to know who it is so we'll leave
that as a little surprise. But you may know him and he may not want sex.
If I were he, I most certainly would put that at the top of my wish list,
but he might want something quite different. It could be anything."

"How long will he be staying?"

"All night. He will leave in the morning."

"Oh," Gemma whispered, crest-fallen. Actually she was looking forward
to this assignation. Sex with someone else could be quite acceptable but I
can't let them know it. And if he's staying for the night with two women
in the house, sex most certainly is on the agenda.

"I won't know what to do, Miss," she whimpered, half crying.

All the time they were talking, Miss Birchmore's hand was stroking the
girl and her arousal was quite noticeable. The other hand lightly slid
over the girl's breasts as well lifting her ever higher toward orgasmic

"They're nice mounds, girl. Not too small and good sized nipples. Are
they sensitive?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Good. Well, we'll continue this sometime later. I've got to prepare
dinner and you need to change into street clothes. No underwear though,
and come down in bare feet. Your visitor prefers it that way."

So it's the Dean, Gemma told she. That dirty old man is getting his
rocks off by blackmailing his students. Fuck me or get expelled. Not a
bad line for vulnerable girls.

She returned wearing a tight fitting blouse which showed a goodly slice
of cleavage and a waist clinching skirt that flared out from her hips,
falling just short of her knees. She added just a touch of make-up and a
light lipstick, which accentuated whole face when she smiled.

"My, if he didn't want sex before, he will now," Miss Birchmore smiled
slyly. "You look good enough to eat. I think I'd like to taste too."

"Oh. Should I change, Miss? Would it help if I didn't look so… if I
didn't display so much…, uhm..."

"You most definitely will not change, unless you want to be nude when he

"No, Miss."

"Lift your skirt and show me."

Her whiteness against the black of the skirt brought out the clear
detail of her hidden charms.

"He's going to cream in his pants, I just know it," Miss Birchmore

"You mean...?"

"That's right. It's about a fifty-fifty bet, I'd say. I know him too
well. Just wait and see."

"I'm frightened, Miss."

"That's what you deserve. Good. Now come and eat."

Chapter Twenty One

The doorbell didn't ring for he let himself in with his own key.

"Ah, James, at last. We thought you weren't going to make it." Miss
Birchmore walked to him and circled her arms around his neck, kissing
passionately in full view of Gemma. The tutor looked around at Gemma.

"I think you know our guest, girl?"

"Yes. Good evening, Dean."

"No. No. No. In this house you must call him Master and you are his
own little slave. Isn't that right, James?"

"Indeed it is. My very own slave," he gloated daring her to contradict
him. "I assume you know what slaves must do when they meet their master?"
He asked looking straight at the girl.

She didn't know quite what to say and simply bowed her head.

"Well, that's a start. Humbleness? Not bad. I rather like obedience
more. Instant obedience," he taunted.

"Yes, Master," she agreed.

"I do like the sound of that name. What do you think, Greta?"

Gemma had never heard Miss Birchmore called by her first name. Greta?
Yes that sounded just right for her temperament.

"It gives you the ring of authority, doesn't it, darling?" She smiled
contentedly at him.

"And what have you told her?"

Greta replied, "That she is here to entertain you and will do anything
you want of her. We talked about what 'anything' meant."

"And she understands?"

"She understands but the question is, will she when the time comes?"

He sat down on the sofa and pulled his girlfriend down beside him.
Gemma was standing in front of them.

"So you are here to entertain, slave?"

"Y.. y... yes, Si.. um, Master."

"You sound a little unsure."

"Please, Master. I don't wan... I don't want to have se... sex," she
whimpered, cringing as much as she could while still standing. She had
become teary eyed and looked quite a mess to the two onlookers. "I don't
want to be raped," She began to cry uncontrollably.

"Raped?" James asked. "Little slave girl, I'm not going to rape you.
What do you think rape is?"

"It's when you force yourself on me."


"Oh," she sighed uncomfortably. "You know. Use your strength to put
your... uhm, thing inside me."

"What thing?" He was definitely enjoying her discomfort.

"Your... your sex."

"I don't know what you're trying to say. Pull yourself together and
tell me what you mean."

"Oh, how can I say it?" She moaned knowing the predicament she had got
herself into. "Your... your pen... penis. When you force your penis
inside me. Inside my, uhm, my pussy," she added knowing that was exactly
what he wanted to hear.

"Oh, that. You silly slave, that wouldn't be rape. young girls like
you always have tight little pussies. Of course I'd have to force my way
inside it. It's so tight. But you'd be agreeable, wouldn't you? That's
why you're here. You agreed to come here, didn't you?"

Before she could respond he continued his onslaught.

"Of course you can leave any time you wish. Just walk out the door.
But if you do, you know I'll have to expel you for gross insubordination
towards Miss Birchmore in front of her whole class. There's simply no
going back and once expelled, you won't get into any other college and that
means no graduation. Now that's why you're here isn't it, little slave
girl? As punishment for your wrong doing?"

"Yes, Master," she agreed in the quietest of voices, her opposition

Greta was overjoyed at the capitulation and hugged her lover in
excitement. "You owe your master an apology," she gloated at the
embarrassed girl. "He hasn't done anything to make you think he wants to
rape you. You've just assumed it. Isn't that so, slave?"

"Yes, Miss."

"You will apologise to him by kneeling and kissing his feet. Take his
shoes off and kiss each and every toe, slave. Lick every toe clean, even
between each one, with your tongue and then I'll decide whether I make you
present your body to him just as you did to me?"

"Yes, Miss," she agreed, happy to move from the humiliating experience.

"One more thing before you begin, slave," James said. "From now on, you
will address Miss Birchmore as Mistress when you're alone with either of
us. At college, Miss will be sufficient. She is after all, already
mistress of this house and of me."

"Why, thank you kind sir," Greta beamed at her lover. "I think Miss
Pussy-pet is your real mistress though. I've notice whenever she says jump
you ask how high."

"I admit that pretty little pink lady does have a hold over me," he
agreed. Greta nudged Gemma with her toe. "Get on with it girl."

sucking toes that have just come out of shoes is not a tasty experience
as Gemma soon found. The rancid smell and taste of being encased in
leather for a full working day before she had the honour of bathing them
with her saliva was overpowering and she felt the urge to dry retch. She
knew they had worse in store for there was little remorse for the things
they had already done to her and so she forced her mind blank as her hands
parted each toe to let her lips and tongue do their work.

After licking each knotty little club, she drew tight lips along the
digit to leave it semi dry. The rancid taste was returned to her with each
new toe, quickly dissipating as her tongue removed the build-up of the
day's perspiration.

Having finished one foot, she moved along the line of shiny damp toes,
kissing each one individually loud enough for her tormentors to hear.

"God, that feels good," he moaned with pleasure. "Much more of this and
I'll shoot a wad."

"Ha, ha. I told her you'd cream your pants," Greta said gaily, cuddling
against him. "I'll make her do it to me one day, probably some lunchtime.
I'm sure it'll ease the stress."

"It eases the stress but arouses the urges, I can tell you," he sighed

Gemma was nearly through the second foot and as she ran her lips along
the line of toes for her final kiss, instead of finishing, she lifted the
foot higher and ran her wet tongue along the length of his sole. Several
times she did so to cover the whole surface and then again to remove most
of the moisture. His moaned aloud with pleasure as she pressed her face
into the instep and gave the foot a final long kiss.

Without being told she did the same to the other and then pressing her
forehead to the carpet, said in a small voice, "I hope the Master is
pleased with his worthless slave."

"Stay where you are, slave," Greta said and then to her lover, "Is the
Master pleased?"

"Is he ever? You've no idea how good that felt. You've got a winner

"And you will be rewarding me I hope?"

"You bet, baby. Whenever you want."

"There's plenty of time," she replied casually, stroking her hand over
the mound his erection made in his trousers. "Stand up slave."

Gemma stood to attention but with her face bowed to the floor.

"When you stand before us, your legs must be spread widely, at least two
feet apart and your hands clasped at the centre of your back. Understood?"

"Yes, Miss. Mistress."

"That's better. Your Master is pleased and so am I. We give you back
one extra punishment day. It is now four."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"But you still deny your Master his right to have sex with you?"

"Oh no, Mistress. It's just that I don't want to do it."

"I don't understand why, slave. Don't you know it is very pleasurable?
It is when he does it with me. Maybe you can watch when he does it, some
day. You might change your mind."

"But it hurt me so much, Mistress. And I will have to take my clothes

"It only hurts the first time and I can assure you that sometime soon
you will be displaying everything to him anyhow. So that kills both
arguments so far."

"But it's not right, Mistress. He's not my husband."

"Neither was the boy. Your cousin."

"Oh," was her only response.

"What boy? What cousin?" James' curiosity among other things was fully

"Just some of the little personal secrets she's divulged, darling.
Exciting, really. Why don't you play twenty questions? Like you did with
me when we first went out."

"Now that's a good idea. Brilliant. Tell her the rules."

"You will be asked questions, slave, and you must answer with at least
one sentence. You cannot just say yes or no. We will know when you're
lying and that would be very bad for you. For every answer we believe is a
lie you get one stroke of the cane and one special demerit. You haven't
earned one of those yet but when you accrue ten, you will have no choice
but to offer your vagina to the Master's penis. It will not be him
demanding but you simply giving. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," she murmured.

"Good, then off you go, James. By the way do you like her lbd?"

"What's that?" He asked surprised.

"Her little black dress."

"Oh, yes. It is very uhm, arousing," he beamed. "Just a little flick
and all would be displayed."

"What's underneath might be more arousing."

"Oh, yes?"

"But you can make that one of your questions."

"I most certainly will. Now my little slave, I understand you have
given your virginity away. Is that correct?"

Despite placing herself deliberately in the position she was in, Gemma
still couldn't stop the deep red blush that covered her face and neck.

"Yes, Master. I am not a virgin any more."

"You said it hurt. Why was that?"

"Because when he broke my... my maidenhead, it hurt dreadfully. He was
rough, I think."

"Didn't you realise the first time always hurts?"

"I never knew it would hurt that much, Master."

"So you didn't know about sex then?"

"Only what the girls sniggered about at school. Nothing real."

"So you laid on your back and spread your legs without knowing why?"

"The boy helped me, Master."

"A boy, was it? When did this bad memory take place then?"

"Just before I started college, Master."

"Who was the boy?"

"My cousin, Master. His name is Eric."


"In my bedroom."

"Describe how it happened, little slave." He looked intently into her
downcast eyes.

"It was a Saturday and my aunt and uncle had gone out. We were watching
a movie on tv when two people began having uhm, began having sex."

"And that aroused you did it?"

"Oh, no. I was embarrassed. But Eric seemed to change."


"He started giggling and making crude comments. Then he came over and
sat beside me."

"He started to grope you, I suppose?"

"Not then but he started clapping and telling the man in the picture to... to fuck her. He said he wished he was the actor because he could do
it better, things like that."

"Why didn't you leave?"

She hesitated for their benefit. "Because... because I wanted to
watch. I'd never seen anything like what they were doing."

"Could you see what they were really doing? In detail?"

"Oh, no. Mostly they were covered in a sheet but her uhm, her breasts were showing."

"So what happened then?"

"He kept telling me how great it was and didn't I like it? He was
ogling me most of the time, looking at my bust and moaning like the

"Keep going."

"Well, once the scene had finished he couldn't care less about the
movie. He just kept prodding me with suggestions and asking things. I told
him not to be filthy but he wouldn't stop. Then he told me we should do
it. I shouted at him to be quiet but he just laughed and took one of my
hands and pressed it into his, you know, his lap."

"You mean against his cock," James prompted.

"Yes, Master. I was scared at first because no-one had ever done that
before and it was so big."

"And hard, I'll bet."

"Yes. He kept holding it there and saying things like everyone does it
so we should. He said he'd f... fucked lots of girls and all the girls had done it before they went to college. Did I want to be the only girl who hadn't? I didn't know what to do."


"Well he said it would make me feel good and I would become a real woman
and think like adults do afterwards. I tried to stop him walking me to the
bedroom but he just kept moving steadily because he was stronger than me.
He had my hand still pushing against him and the other was around my waist.
I don't even remember going inside the door. I remember sitting beside him
on the edge of the bed and then he pulled me back and we were lying down.
He told me to rub him and moved my hand up and down over his thing."

"His cock."

"Yes. He was whispering things that I couldn't understand and his other
hand tried to push down the front of my frock. I don't know why I didn't
run away. I just didn't. Some of his fingers were stroking between my
bos... my breasts and he asked me if it felt nice. I think I told him

"And did it feel nice, my little slave?"

"I don't really remember but I don't think it felt much at all. I was
in a daze or something. We just laid there, his hand still trying to get
further down the neck of my dress but he couldn't because it was too tight.
After a while he took his hand out and undid his trousers. I don't
remember doing it but the next thing I knew, I had his... his Th... his
cock in my hand."

"You really expect us to believe you didn't know what you were doing?"

"I knew what it was, Mistress. I just don't remember starting to do
some of the things."

"Well, don't hold us in suspense. Keep going."

"All he said was to let him do it and it would be nice. I just laid
still while he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down a bit. It was
like a dream. I promise I just don't remember him even laying on top of me
until I was screaming that he was hurting me. He wouldn't stop, just kept
pushing in and out and all I felt was like red-hot coals being pushed
inside me. I even tried to hit him because it hurt so much but he held my
hands and I was almost delirious. Then he grunted and shook and laid
still. When I looked down blood was everywhere and I pushed him off and ran
into the bathroom. I wiped myself with toilet paper and that's when I saw
all this white stuff too. I thought my stomach had burst open and I
screamed that much he came in."

"Wanted to do it again, did he?"

"He was as scared as I was, I think. But when I calmed down a bit he
told me the white stuff had come from him. I hit his face and made him get
out then I sat on the toilet for a long time. I didn't know what I should
do about the bleeding but eventually decided to use one of my... uhm, my
napkins. It had stopped by morning."

"That was a quick period," James smirked.

"Oh, it wasn't my period, Master. It was..."

"I know what it was, slave," he sniggered.

"Oh,' she said feeling foolish.

"How often have you let him do it, since then, little sex pot?"

"Oh, never. I haven't done it with anyone since then."

"Didn't he pester you? I'll bet he did."

"He wanted me to let him but I said I would tell our aunt if he even
talked about such filthy things again. He has left me alone since then."

"So you've never seen a naked man, then? Never in your life?"

"No, Master. Only the thing hanging out of his trousers."

"Well I'll be damned," James exclaimed. "Talk about the innocence of

"Makes her a very interesting subject doesn't it, darling?"

"I'll say," he agreed and then continued with his questioning.

"You're a healthy young woman, what seventeen?"

"Yes, Master. Nearly seventeen."

"So if you don't have sex with anyone, what to you do when you feel
aroused? You do get sexually aroused sometimes, don't you?"

Gemma could talk comfortably like this to Milla and Rob for hours but
here, in front of these two she felt totally vulnerable. Just as she had
been before Milla had enlightened her at the lake. She was blushing
furiously again.

"Please, Master. I must go to the toilet."

"What for?"

"I need to wee, Master."

"Good. I'll come and watch."

"Master?" Greta had obviously told him how uncomfortable she was when
she had to pee in front of her.

"I want to see my slave pissing."

"But you'll see my..."

"Perhaps she should go alone, darling. There's plenty of time to catch
up on that. She'll be doing it so close to your nose before long that
you'll get a warm feeling all over your face."

"Oh, that close?" He exclaimed knowingly. "In that case, slave, you can
go. Leave the door open. You don't get the privilege of privacy in this
house, ever."

As Gemma walked from the room, Greta called to her. "Make sure you wash
yourself properly. And use powder."

"Yes, Mistress."

Chapter Twenty Two

"Feel better?"

"Yes, Master."

"Now where were we? You were going to tell us about getting aroused."

"Yes, Master."

"So what makes you aroused?"

"I'm not sure, Master. I just begin to feel strange, in my tummy, low
down, sometimes. It happens mostly after my bath."

"What does it feel like?"

"Like... like soda pop bubbles, I think. As though they were bursting
inside my... you know, down there."

"No. Tell us."

"Inside my vagina, Master. As though a whole bottle of soda pop had
burst and the bubbles were running from my vagina up into my tummy."

"So what do you do?"

"I uhm. I touch myself." Blushing again, she told herself.


"Oh, It's so embarrassing."

"It's called punishment," her mistress said.

"Where, slave?"

"Oh. My pussy, Master. I rub it."


"And it soothes me."

"Do you know what it's called?"

"My pussy, Master."

"No, stupid slave. What you do to your pussy. What's that called?"

"Oh, that? I read it was masturbation."

"Very good. And exactly how do you masturbate, slave?"

"It's so embarrassing, Master. I've never talked to anyone about it.
It's so private."

"But not private to us, slave. Nothing's private to us, is it?"

"No. Master. Nothing is. I know I must tell you. I just lie under my
blankets and part my knees. I'm always wet down there. My pussy," she
added in innocent explanation. "I just begin to rub my fingers along my
pussy and it gets stronger and stronger. It makes me shudder and I feel an
incredible release from being aroused. It makes me moan with pleasure."

"Do you put your fingers inside?"

"Oh, yes. That feels nice."

"Just like having a cock inside you, is it?"

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that. I suppose so."

"Is that why you have removed your pubic hair? To let you masturbate more freely?

"Oh, no. I did that because my aunt thinks it is more hygienic."

"Have you ever used a dildo?"

"A dil...?"

"Dildo. An artificial cock that you women use when you don't have a man to service your needs."

"Oh, I never knew. It goes inside?"

"All the way, my little innocent. You'll get used to using one in front
of me."

"I think it would kill me, Master. Having to do that."

"More likely drive you mad with pleasure, don't you think, Greta baby?"

"It sure is nice when I don't have you, big man."

"And how often do you masturbate, slave girl?"

"Most nights, Master. I'm ashamed."

"So you should be. It should be every night, shouldn't it, baby?"

"Of, course, at least twice."

They both sniggered.

"What else do you do to yourself, slave. What dirty little things do
you do? Read naughty books about fucking?"

"I've read some books that were very uhm, detailed, Master."

"Where did you get them from?"

He has a shelf of books and magazines of..."

"Of what?"

"Naked girls doing things, Master?"

"Do you like looking at those?"

"I think it's because they're so naughty."

"What? Looking at them or because of what they're doing in the

"What they're doing, Master."

"And what might that be?"

"They're having sex with men and doing things to men's, oh, how can I
say it, to men's things." She was highly nervous and it showed.

"To their cocks? Is that what they're doing? What exactly?"

"Oh, touching and things."

"What things?"

"It's awful, Master."

"Tell me."

"The girls, with their mouths. Kissing and licking."

"Kissing and licking and?"

"Some pictures show girls with a man's uhm, cock inside their mouth and
sometimes white stuff like Eric put in my pussy, is all over their face."

"How do you think that got there?"

"The men must have put it there to make the girl clean it off his...
his cock, Master."

"God, this girl is so innocent, Greta. We'll have to teach her so
much," he said looking gleeful.

"And we've got plenty of time to do it too, lover boy."

James pressed the point to Gemma. "So why would a man spray this white
stuff and then have the girl clean him up with her mouth?"

"I don't know, Master."

"I'm not sure you're as innocent as you make out," Greta remarked. "You
honestly want us to believe you don't know what cock sucking is all about?"

"No, Mistress," she said looking her most innocent.

"I think she's telling the truth," James said. "Are you?"

"Of course, Master. I haven't lied."

"Hmm. I'm convinced for the moment," Greta said. "Did you bring her
clothing back?"

"Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that." He reached into his jacket coat and
produced Gemma's pink panties that she had to give him after the session in
his office.

"After you left, slave. I sucked your panties dry of all your scents.
The gusset where your little pussy rested was an exquisite taste. It was
long lasting like an all day sucker, almost. Sweet and musky. Delightful,

The heat of another blush burst all over her face. "Oh."

"And did you use it for you know what?"

"To jerk off? No, not this time. I thought I would need to keep all I
have in reserve for tonight."

"Lucky you did. Well, it's getting late and there's still plenty to do.
Put her panties back on and she can go and shower."

James leaned over and instructed Gemma to step into the panties, which
he was stretching out for her. "Come on, step in."

As she did so he pulled them up her legs and under her skirt but made no
attempt to look at her secrets underneath. He smoothed them over her
bottom but made sure he never touched her.

"Now be quick about it, slave," Greta said. "A shower and then come
back here in your nightdress. No underwear of course."

"But, Mistress..."

"What?" Her voice was severe.

"I didn't know anyone would see me. There is lace on the top. My

"By the end of the evening we will be demanding you show James your
breasts so let's not have any theatrics. O.K.?"

"Yes, Mistress," she agreed softly, leaving to do what she was told.

"See through nighties? That sounds exciting," James mused.

"By the end of the night it will be see through girl so do as you're
told and you will remember this night forever."

"Yes, Ma'am," he agreed with anticipation.

When Gemma returned she found James had disappeared.

"He's in his room, changing. Stand in front of the window and don't
under any circumstances let him see your bosom before I return."

"But people will see me, Mistress."

"Only if they've got binoculars. You're six floors up."

"Oh, yes."

She moved to the window immediately not knowing when he might return.
She gave a start when he spoke.

"Hmm. Very nice from the back view, I must say," he said. "I can't
wait to see you front on. I'll be looking elsewhere than at your face


"Are you afraid?"

"Not afraid, Master, but very embarrassed."

"That's good. I hope by the end of the night you can say you feel very
humiliated as well. That's what you deserve. By the way, you make my cock
hard. I suppose it's for the best though. It will slip inside your tight
pussy all the easier."

"You're not going to make me do it tonight, are you?" Her voice sounded

"I'd make you lay down and spread your legs right now if I thought I
could get away with it. But no, probably not tonight because I think my
lovely Greta has other things to surprise you with tonight."


"Now are you scared?"

"A little, Master. It's just that I have no choice but to agree to all
the things I am made to do. It's a terrible feeling."

"Yes, great isn't it? It makes me very horny. That's why I'd like to
fuck you silly, right here and now. Can we do it quickly before Greta
comes back?"

"Only if you make me, Master."

"Little devil. You know who's in charge, don't you?"

"Why, of course you are, Master."

"I see you're on speaking terms. That's nice," Greta said as she
returned. "My lover, you do look rather sexy. And what's this great big

"As if you didn't know."

"Just is patient. Relief is not far away."

"Now, slave. You can present yourself."

Gemma found herself going beet red again as she moved to stand in front
of them, legs wide apart and hands behind her back.

James was wearing black silk pajamas with a deep claret red robe tied at
the waist. Greta wore a peach coloured negligee set that clung to every
curve she possessed. Her nipples pointed prominently towards Gemma.

"Well, James?"

"Wow, what great tits. Yes I can see every little curve and look at
those nipples, pointed and dark pink. For a slave, she's the pick of the

"Even better than the others?"

"I think so. Bigger tits anyway."

"So you like what you see?"

"You bet, baby. You too, of course."

"Thank you for that. I was beginning to think the slave was outshining
the Mistress."

"Never. You are beautiful; the most beautiful."

"But you still like looking at her?"

"Why not? She's nearly naked and she's got a great shape."

"Tell me what you see."

"Well, let's see. She's wearing a long silky nightdress, a sort of
ceramic gold I'd say. It's clinging in all the right places and I can even
make out her belly button and the Mount of Venus is very prominent. Her
tits are on show through the see through top, which seems to cup each
breast like an invisible bra. She's tall and slim, a pretty face and dark
hair that falls around her shoulders. She's remarkably compliant and I'd
like to fuck her right now. If only you told her to lay down and spread
herself," he added quickly

"Very poetic, James. Well, no fuckee just yet, little boy, but you can
stand behind her and cup her breasts. Remain very still, slave."

"Oh, must I, Mistress? I don't want to," Gemma whined.

"Just stay still."

He stood very close for she could feel his heat through the thin
nightwear. He whispered so softly that Greta probably never realised he
was speaking. "You've no idea how I've wanted to do this you little bitch.
Oh, how good they feel."

Gemma felt his large hands moulding her breasts, gently massaging and
squeezing, fingers rubbing over her nipples. His breath hot on her ear as
his hardness pushed against her behind.

"Oh, this is nice you bitch, real nice. Just wait until I get you alone
in my office tomorrow. I'll be touching bare skin then, believe me."

"You can run your hands all over her, darling. Just leave her pussy alone for the moment."

Now his hands wandered everywhere, especially over her bottom cheeks,
which he took in great handfuls and squeezed hard, making her face, twist
in pain. But as instructed she never moved a muscle.

She felt his hands run from her armpits right down to below her calves
and slowly up again. He moved in front of her and pressed his erection
hard against her stomach for he was several inches taller than she. His
teeth were clenched in some form of personal power, lips curling back as
his hands squeezed and prodded her tender breasts. He began to rub his
penis against her stomach as his arousal grew.

"I think that's enough for now, James. I don't want you coming just

"She's a great feel, Greta," James confirmed as he sat down and smirked
up into Gemma's face. "She's going to be a great fuck, believe me."

"I'm sure she is. But right now, I'd like our little slave to come and
kiss us in thanks for correcting her erring ways. Come, slave, spread your
legs and push your pussy against mine. Kiss me with a passion, as though I
were your lover."

Gemma sat on her Mistresses knees and then laid full length along the
woman's body, breast to breast. Her arms were still held together behind
her so she had to shuffle up her body to reach Greta's mouth.

Lips met and Greta's opened to claim the girl. Gemma felt her own mouth
invaded as Greta forced her tongue inside, breathing hard between wet
kisses. Greta clasped her arms around the girl, holding Gemma's face
between her hands as she sucked heavily, compressing the younger girl's
lips against her own.

Finally lack of breath made them part.

"I don't think you are as innocent as you make out, slave girl."

"I've never kissed a girl like that, Mistress. Truly. I've only
practiced in the mirror pretending I was kissing a boy, but I never have
like that. I'm sorry if I disappointed you."

Gemma was still lying along Greta's body and the woman was casually
stroking her slave's bottom cheeks.

"Is this still sore?" She asked, patting the round orbs.

"Just tender. Your hands are soft, Mistress."

"You'll be spanked before bed tonight but I may be lenient. We'll see
how you react when you are asked to display yourself later on."

"You mean undress, Mistress?" She asked with a trembling voice.

"It's about time James saw some of your little secrets, don't you

"I don't want him to, Mistress. It's humiliating."

"Good. Just what you need."

Gemma bemoaned her predicament but never opposed what was to come.

"Now you can kiss your master. The same way please."

"Right on," James chirped. "Come and lay your lovely bod right along
mine, little darling."

Gemma straddled his knees and had to raise her nightdress as her legs
spread widely. She felt his hands pressing against her bottom as he ground
his crotch upwards and into her own pussy as though he were trying to
achieve penetration.

"Feel a real man, slave. Can you feel my big hard cock pressing into
your little pussy? Do you like it, slave girl?"

Indeed she could feel the hardness as her body pressed against him with
their genitals acting as the pivot. He was hard and she knew he would take
her right then if only his lover allowed it. Gemma grunted with the strain
of having to bend backwards but managed to press her lips to his as she was

His hips were bucking as he tried to rub himself against her Mount of
Venus, and his lips clung hungrily to hers, saliva spilling from the sides
of his mouth as his breath hissed between them.

"Oh, what a fuck you're going to be. Baby, let me have her now. I want
to stick it up her so badly. She wants it, I know she does."

"No. Please don't make me do it, Mistress," Gemma cried out in
pretended fright as she began to pull away.

"No you don't you little vixen," James growled, holding her back with
both arms. "You can't get away from me now. Feel my cock; don't you want
it inside you? It's so hard, you'll scream with delight."

"Calm yourself, James," Greta told him. "There's plenty of time and she
will capitulate, believe me. You will get your share of what she has but
you must be patient."

"I don't want to, Miss," Gemma wailed when she heard.

A loud crack registered before the burning that came with it as Greta
laid a heavy smack on Gemma's thinly clad posterior.

"You will call me Mistress and don't forget it," she was told in a
severe voice. "I've a good mind to make you spread your legs right now.
What is my name?"

"Mistress. It's Mistress. I won't forget. Please don't, Mistress."

"Stand up."

Gemma was happy to push herself away from the groping hands and pushy
penis of the man beneath her. She stood in front of him just as she was
told to. Legs apart, hands clasped in the middle of her back. She bowed
her head but tears could not be disguised.

Greta stood behind her and then turned her around so her back was
towards James. Then she lifted the nightdress over Gemma's head.

"Stay where you are, James. Be patient and only do what I let you.

"Damn. Yes."

"At least you can see some of your handiwork. See how red her butt
still is. Your tawse is much to blame for that. Pretty pink, don't you

"Pretty little bum all over," he agreed now sitting on the edge of the

"You can touch her bottom, nothing else. Stroke or pinch it. Don't
smack. I'll be doing that in a moment."

"Oh," Gemma moaned.

"Great," James said as he began to handle the smooth globes of her
bottom. He began to explore the crease, fingers finding her anus and
probing although no insertion took place. The probing continued and Greta
warned him to leave her pussy alone.

"Kiss her bottom, James. A nice kiss on each cheek."

His touch almost tickled and kissing sounds were heard.

"Now sit back and listen," she told him. "I have her breasts in my
hands. They might have looked nice through the lace of her gown but
believe me, they are immaculate. A good handful each and the hardest and
longest tipped tits I have ever seen. I'm very envious, slave. Why should
a slave be made like this? Why shouldn't my tits be as arousing as your's

"I don't know, Mistress."

Greta took one nipple between her lips, sucking and licking. Her
fingers continued to stroke the wetness when she changed to the other
breast. "Yes, divine. You will give me free reign to them when we go to
bed, little slave."

"Yes, Mistress."

"James, come and feel. No, stand behind her. You mustn't touch her
pussy just yet."

James wrapped his arms around her and clamped his large hands over
Gemma's breasts, at the same time, pressing his penis into the crease of
her bottom. "Oh, I want you, you little bitch," he moaned as he took his
pleasure feeling the pliable breasts. Greta allowed him free reign and he
squeezed the young girl mercilessly for many minutes.

"Make sure you don't shoot in your PJ's," Greta warned him. "With all
the rubbing your cock is doing you must be close. Be careful."

"One day, bitch," he whispered as he moved back and sat down.

Greta stood back and looked the girl over.

"Beautiful. No doubt the best of all the girl's who have faced
punishment, don't you think, James?"

"I'm sure of it."

"There are other girls?" Gemma asked surprised.

"Of course. Do you think you're the first? There's been many over the
years. No one wants to fail their course and face expulsion so when
they've been bad for whatever reason, they accept this form of punishment
rather than face the wrath of their parents and friends. There is already
another that's in the middle of her punishment right now. I don't know how
she's ever going to finish because she's always having extra days added for
not doing what is required.

"Oh," Gemma murmured in a surprised voice. "Is she from the college too?"

"Of course, where else? You may even know her but don't even think of
asking her name. Neither will we tell anyone of yours."

Greta watched for Gemma's reaction and when none came she folded Gemma's
nightdress in two and handed it back.

"Hold this against your pussy, slave. James is not to see that bit of
you for the moment. Now turn around and show yourself to him."

What could she do? To refuse now, would seem out of character and she
still hadn't secured the one thing Milla wanted her to. So she had no
choice but to continue the acceptance of her punishment and act out her
humiliation. Despite that fact, she really did feel humiliated, having to
allow this Dean of her college grope and probe her body so grossly. Oh, if
he were only Rob. She would love Rob doing all these things but this
sleazebag was altogether different. He felt like slime every time he
touched. However she remained her compliant self.

Gemma kept her head low so the man could not see her shame. She held
the nightgown over her hands, now clasped in front of her, to shield her
vagina from his view but he saw everything else. Her breasts pouted
cheekily at him, red from the caresses Greta's tongue had just given. The
curve of her waist and flare of hips were on show. The whole of her body
bare except a small strip, below her belly button to just above her knees.

"Oh shit, Greta baby, this is too much, let me have her now. I can't
hold back much longer."

"You must control yourself, James," she spoke as a teacher would to a
five year old.

Greta sat on the sofa beside James and patted her lap. "Come on, slave.
Your next spanking is overdue."

"I've been good, Mistress. Please don't hurt me again. I'll do

"Even let James make love to you?"

"Oh," she moaned. "I didn't mean that. I don't want him to do that,

"Then get over my knees. I want to spank you. I take pleasure in
giving pain, so you will be pleasuring me. Now move."

At least her head was near James, not her feet so he won't get to look
right up into the vee when she was made to spread, Gemma told herself.
It'll make him all the more frustrated.

Sure enough, when James tried to change places he was firmly told to
stay still.

"You'll get to see her pussy soon enough."

"Shit," he grizzled.

Ten smacks on an already red and sore behind made her jump all over her
mistress' knees and she had a difficult time maintaining balance. Greta
never cautioned her about her antics but when it was over she looked
sternly at Gemma.

"Remind me to take a switch to college in the morning, slave. If you
can't stay still while you get punished, I'll have to tenderise your
breasts. Then you'll know real pain."

"My breasts, Mistress? You're going to use the switch on my breasts?
I'll die. They're too tender, Mistress, they'll be cut dreadfully."

"I agree and once cut, they'll bleed like a stuck pig, believe me. I
don't often beat girl's tits but you lack control, slave. A good tittie
tease will remind you that spanking means taking it with self-control. You
won't buck around like that again, I assure you."

"I didn't know, Mistress. It just hurt me so much?"

"Then wait until you get your titties whipped. Then you'll know pain.
Now, into the bedroom with you. When we come in I want you lying across
the bed, bottom just on the edge and your feet on the floor. Make sure
your nightdress is covering your sex but nothing else. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. I just have something to do for James and then we'll be in. It
won't take long."

As soon as Gemma had left, Greta looked at James and told him what was
required of him when they moved into the bedroom.

"Just make sure you do everything I've said, James. If you disobey me,
neither girl will be yours tonight, I promise."

"I'll do it, Greta. I know when I'm on a good thing."

"I'm sure you do. Now lay back. We can't let you at our sacrificial
lamb in your state. You want to come badly, don't you?"

"I'm desperate. Let me fuck you."

"Hardly. I want my pussy squeaky clean when I take that lovely girl to
bed tonight."

"Oh, shit. You're not going to let me have her are you?"

"Of course I am, darling, but not to night. Now, I want to get you off
quickly. What do you want? My hands or my lips?"

"Give me head, baby," he sighed and laid back, his eyes already closed.

She reached into his PJ's and withdrew his erection. "Quite impressive,
big boy." She licked the droplet from the tip of his cock and let her lips
slide down over the length. Her head bobbed up and down as she fellated
him, groans of pleasure issuing from his lips as he enjoyed the feelings.
Her hand tickled his balls and as Greta had predicted, he soon began to
jerk as the eruption came very quickly.

She sucked in every drop but when it was over she did not swallow.

Chapter Twenty Three

Both master and mistress moved into Greta's bedroom, standing in the
doorway entranced at the sight of Gemma laying nude on her bed as she had
been instructed. Her eyes were closed and she looked at peace with

"Your mistress is going to kiss you, slave. Be ready but keep your eyes
closed," she heard James explain.

Greta crawled across the bed and leaned down, placing her lips against
the young one's half open mouth. Immediately Gemma felt a mass of liquid
spill into her own mouth. She began to sit up but Greta's hand gently
pushed her back.

"Stay still and listen. Do not swallow. Understood?"

Gemma nodded.

"You have the privilege of holding your Master's precious sperm. You
can taste its richness. It's an elixir you will know many times in the
next few days and you must become used to holding it for many hours without
swallowing which, of course, means no talking either. Under pain of
mutilation, never let it escape from your lips. I guarantee we will slice
the tip off your nipple if you do, and I mean it. Make sure you remember."

As Gemma nodded her understanding, Greta placed a kiss on her forehead.
"I am about to present you completely naked to your Master. Do not let me
see or feel any resistance during what is about to happen. Your eyes must
never open. Nod your agreement."

Gemma nodded again, feeling arousal building in her loins and hoping it
was not evident to the pair watching her.

"Now, James, you may remove the garment covering her treasure trove."

Gemma felt the coolness where the nightgown had been covering her loins.

Oh, my...," James whispered in awe. "You were not joking. She's
hairless. I can see her slit, right into the sharp little pussy lips. And
look she's wet already. Let me touch, Greta?"

"No," her voice shot out. "Just do what I say. Stroke her stomach but
don't touch her entrance. As your hands come down, ease her legs further
apart. That's enough. See? Her lips are just parted and you're right,
she has been lubricating. I think she really wants it up her right now,

"Can I?"

"No." Greta's voice was most forceful.

"You can play with her body but not the slit."

Gemma felt the lightest touch of fingers as they wandered over her
thighs, hips and stomach. Circling belly button, skimming the edges of her
vulva but never venturing to the crease, brushing near the crevice and
meandering along the slightly parted thighs. It was a wonderful feeling
but Gemma forced herself from squirming or making any sound.

"Are you hard again, darling?" Greta asked.

"As a rock."

"Then it's time."

Although she wanted it badly, Gemma tried to sit up in protest but was
pushed back. "I told you to stay still," Greta said sternly. Then she
added, "Lift your legs straight up and hold them there. Good. Now part
them widely."

"That's the sexiest sight I've even seen," James gasped. "Let me at
her, Greta. I need to fuck her."

"One more loss of control and you get nothing. Be quiet."

Gemma heard him groan in frustration.

"You can strip if you like, James."

The sound of clothes rustling was clear to Gemma's hearing. She knew he
was naked without having to look.

"This time, James dear, you'd better do exactly as I say, or else."

Gemma flinched when she felt something very cold touch the skin above
her pussy. "Hold still," Greta warned as she smoothed the coldness over
the vee between her legs and over the area above her pussy slit. It was
very slippery. "Just to stop the chaffing," Greta said.

Gemma strained to sit up again and despite the mouthful of sperm, she
moaned her opposition to what she was expecting. Actually she was quite
looking forward to feeling another man inside her. Would he be as good as
Rob? No, not this one, she decided.

Greta slapped her breast. "Be still, I say," she was told fiercely.

"Stand in close, James. You might need to kneel a little but I want
your cock lying on top of her pussy. Don't even think of shoving it inside
her. I'll cut it off if you do."

Gemma felt his cock touch her skin but she remained still, giving the
slightest of moans in opposition.

"Now, my little slave. I want you to clamp your legs tightly together.
Hold his cock between your thighs. James, you'll need to hold her legs to
keep your balance. That's right; wrap your arms around them. Hold her
firmly. Let me get the video then you can start."

Not another video freak, Gemma thought. They'll probably get off on
this video for years to come.

"Away you go, James dear. Just imagine it's her cunt you're pushing
into. Try and last as long as you like but I'll bet you can't. You're as
close to her little pussy as you can be without getting right inside. Pump
away," she encouraged.

"It's great baby, just like a cunt. Ahhh. Yes I feel it already."

He was humping her thighs and causing friction to titillate the girl at
the same time. Gemma was a long way from coming but from the jerky motions
that were happening over her body she was sure the Dean was nearing his
climax. He's a PE she told herself. Premature Ejaculator in capital
letters. She wished she could laugh but a sperm filled mouth stopped any
thought of that.

"Shit it's great, baby. You'll have to let me do it to you like that
when you've got the curse. Smooth as silk. Ugh. Soo... soon now. Will
I shoot?"

"Whenever you're ready."

"Aghh. Aghhh," he grunted and shuddered his way to a second ejaculation in a matter of minutes. Gemma felt the slightest of splashes as the body
heat of his sperm touched her stomach. He pushed himself as deeply between
her thighs as he could, straining to hold the sensations.

"Oh, baby that was great," he gasped as he pulled his limp penis from
the sheath of her thighs. "When did you think that one up?"

"I thought it was one way of getting close to her secret charms without
actually doing it. She's still opposed to going all the way without my
making a firm demand of her. I'd rather have her agree without any
blackmail, wouldn't you?" She then spoke to Gemma.

"Now you can't complain at that, slave. He didn't fuck you at all, did

Gemma could only shake her head, her eyes still closed.

She listened as Greta cleaned up her man's cock for the sound of tissues
being torn from a box was easily identified. Then Greta sent James away
telling him to remain in his own bedroom. Greta demanded that the two
women be left in peace for the rest of the night.

Shortly afterwards she felt a warn washer begin to clean the mess that
had been left on her stomach and between her thighs. She was happy to open
herself wide for Greta's hands were soothing. Finally powder was sprinkled
over the whole area and a kiss placed directly over her wide-open slit.

"There, little one. You're a clean woman again."

Greta crawled on the bed and placed her lips to Gemma's ear.

"You can go and spit out the gunk you've been saving. Just don't tell
James. If he asks, tell him I made you swallow it."

Gemma smiled at her tutor as she hurried to the bathroom.

Chapter Twenty Four

When she returned still nude, she saw Greta had removed her negligee,
and wore just the peach nightgown. She was leaning on one elbow and patted
the bed for Gemma to join her.

"Did you brush your teeth?"

"Yes, Mistress, twice."

"Good. Their sperm is so sticky and clinging. They think we can't do
without it, you know. They're so egotistical but we know better don't we?"

"I don't understand, Mistress."

"We really don't need men at all," she reasoned. "Have you ever been
touched by a woman, Gemma?"

It was the first time she had been called by her name since the period
of discipline began this morning. Greta saw Gemma's questioning eyes.

"When we're together like this, when there's intimacy between us, I am
not your Mistress, just Greta, your friend. A special friend I hope?"

"Oh," Gemma looked at her questioning. "Then I'm not under discipline?"

"Not when we are like this. You will tell the difference, believe me."

"Can I call you Greta then?"

"Yes, or dearest or darling or my love. Anything that sounds intimate
and loving."

"I like that much nicer than Mistress, Greta."

"But it's only when we're together. James wouldn't understand and it is
only when we're here, not at college. You'll always be under my discipline

"Yes, I understand that, Greta. Darling," she added.

"Have you ever been touched by a woman, Gemma? Intimately?"

"You've touched my breasts."

"But I was punishing you then. It wasn't done in love but in cruelty."

"Yes, I know. It hurt."

"I'll still be cruel, you must understand. I will still spank and cane
you and make you do things you despise, that humiliate you. But there will
be times when we can love each other without punishment. Have you been
touched by a woman who loves you? A woman whom you love also? Sexually?"

"Oh, as lesbians do? No. Never. I always thought it was naughty.
Something bad people did."

"I am a lesbian, Gemma, or rather a bisexual. I can love men or women
but I love women the most. Does that frighten you?"

"I... I'm not sure. I've never thought about it. I've never had sex
with anyone, a man or a woman. Except when Eric hurt me."

"I can show you how to love another woman, Gemma, and I do so much
desire that you would love me too."

"Oh. I... wouldn't know what to do," she answered, appearing unsure of
what to say.

"You are so innocent, my darling. Just lay still. I'm going to touch

Gemma lay down on the bed, not even thinking about being stark naked.
Greta stroked her face and quickly moved down so her hand was lightly
touching the surface of her breasts. Fingers circled each nipple causing
them to grow hard which in turn began to send ticklish sensations directly
to her groin.

She found herself becoming very limp as Greta's experienced fingers
stroked and nipped at her sensitive skin, developing sensations that she,
Gemma, loved so dearly.

For Greta's benefit and her own too she thought, she began to breathe
deeper and faster as she felt her own desires rising.

Greta lay down beside her and one arm sneaked beneath her neck, fingers
stroking her shoulder and neck. The other hand continued to stroke the
girl's breasts in ever widening circles, so that her belly button and the
edge of her vulva received attention as well.

"Is it nice, little one?"


"Can I continue?"

"Yes, please, Greta darling," Gemma moaned, wanting more.

"Open your legs, dear. Just a little and raise your knees too."

Fingers slid over the slit of her vulva sending naughty tingles
throughout her body.

"Oh, Greta," she moaned in bliss.

Greta kissed her face gently.

The hand became more insistent, prying sex lips apart, tracing the
sharpness of her labia down each side of her opening, the merest touch
against the clitoral hood sent fiery pulses to the depths of Gemma's being.

"May I do more, darling?"

"Yes, anything. You can do anything you like, Greta."

A finger slipped inside the girl's vagina and remained still for long
moments. It did not probe deeply although Gemma wished it would, but every
few moments Greta vibrated her finger against the upper portion of the
girl's sex. A thumb gently moved the hood back and forth over a growing
clitoris, which made Gemma quiver every time it was manipulated.

She pushed her vulva against Greta's hand in ever growing intensity and
there was no need to play act for Greta was producing feelings she thought
only Milla could make her feel. Greta did it differently to Milla and even
her feelings were different but it was just as good. She could never tell
Milla this and certainly not Greta for that would blow away the myth of her
innocence. Both women aroused her with entirely different feelings but she
knew the end result was going to be the same because her body was being
taken over by the violent shuddering of orgasm.

"Greta, som... something's happening. Wh... What is it? I feel so
strange. I think you should stop."

"Do you want me to?"

"N... No. It is nice but I'm sc... Scared."

Climax arrived and Gemma arched her back and quivered her way through an
intense orgasm, moaning and squealing that she could not control. She was
sweating. She could feel it on her forehead and between her breasts.
Greta had made love to her and brought her to a genuine mystical orgasm and
Gemma loved every moment of it.

The older woman left her hand on the shivering vulva but ceased her
manipulations. She held Gemma's face to her own and kissed her many times
with little kisses, love kisses, Gemma thought.

Neither spoke for many minutes, Greta allowing the girl to calm herself
almost to sleeping before she spoke again.

"Do you know what happened, Gemma dear?" She whispered in Gemma's ear.

"I've never felt like that before, Greta. What happened? Did I have a

"You had an orgasm. You haven't felt like that before? Never?"

d"No, not ever. But it was wonderful."

"It's the way a man feels when he has sex but without the mess. Are you
sure you've never felt that way, ever? Even when you masturbated under the

"No. I've never had anything like that before. Truly. When I touched
myself it was nice but you did something else. I don't know what but it
was... well you took my breath away. Does that make us lovers, Greta?"

"Not until you do the same to me."

"Touch your... pussy?"

"Of course. I like it too, you know."

"Yes but..."

"But what?"

"You're my tutor."

"Well so I am," she said with exaggerated surprise. "Maybe I shouldn't
have touched you at all."

"No… No, I never meant that, Greta. Oh, I don't know what I meant."

"Will you make love to me too, Gemma darling?" She kissed the girl on
the lips.

"Yes," she agreed softly. "But I'm not sure how to. Will you tell me
if I'm not doing it right?"

"I think I can manage that," she said sitting up. "Help me off with my

Chapter Twenty Five

Early the next morning Greta shook her awake. "Wake up, sleepyhead.
You've got work to do."

"Wha... what is it" She asked, bleary eyed.

"You have to finally give in to your Master. It's time to be fucked by
a man, little one."

"You mean...?"

"Yes, I do. I want you to go into his room and slip between his sheets.
Whatever he wants to do, you will accommodate. You are back in punishment,
do you understand?"


"No more stalling. You know you have no choice. Get it over and done
with. Sex with a man is really very good. He is a good lover. You should
achieve another orgasm."

"Like last night? With you?"

"Exactly like that."

"Will he give me a baby?"

"Not if you're still taking your pill. Are you?"

"Yes, of course."

"Then go and offer yourself."

"Greta, I..."

"It's Mistress, remember. Now don't delay again."

The girl whimpered as she left her lover's bed but it was because she
was thinking of having sex at last. I'll bet my left tit he's nowhere as
good as Rob.

James was sound asleep as she lifted the covers and slid in beside him.
He wriggled and finally realised he had company.


"No, Master. It's your slave." She began to sob as she pleaded for his

"You must think I'm crazy," he ridiculed. "I've earned this and you're
going to deliver. You'll soon know that a real man can send you wild."

He was pawing her body, squeezing breast, pinching nipples. Fingers
mashed against her pussy lips and his cock was making wet patches against
her skin.

"Do you want to be on top?"

"Of what, Master?" She looked at him so innocently.

"Do you want to get on top of me and fuck or do you want me on top of

"Oh. I don't know."

"Quick. Make up your mind. I'm feeling urgent."

"You do what you want, but please don't hurt me, Master."

He threw all the bedclothes off and knelt up. "Holy hell, what a body.
What a fucking body." He was hurting her breasts again and slobbering all
over her as he tried to kiss her most ungraciously.

"Get your legs apart. Hurry or I'll squirt it all over you before I
even get inside," he hissed.

She spread herself and he was between her legs so quickly, she became
scared. Without further ado, he guided his stiff cock over her widely
stretched vagina and plunged. She held back the scream of fright because
he entered her so easily.

"Oh, shit," he moaned as his body jerked and Gemma realised he had
ejaculated just as he began to push inside. She had been well lubricated
for the entrance. Thank you god, she thought.

He allowed the spasms to finish and rolled off her.

"Some fuck you are," he said with anger. "Why did you start bucking so

"I didn't mean..."

"Yes you did, you little bitch," he hissed. "You did it on purpose to
make me come. I know what you sluts are like. Jerk him off quickly and
it's all over. Fuck," he said with venom in his voice.

"I'm sorry master. I didn't mean to do anything wrong. Can I wash
myself? I don't want a baby."

"Shit. Oh, bloody shit. Yes, flush yourself out and get out of my
sight. I'll deal with you at lunchtime."

Her left hand passed an invisible coin to her right hand. I won, she
whispered to herself as she walked into Greta's bedroom.

"What? Finished already? You did let him I hope?"

Gemma opened her legs to show the trails of sperm running down her

"Yes, Mistress, but he did this straight away."

"What a lousy lover he is. Yes, I've seen it all before. Don't think
it's your fault but he's going to take another shot at you at lunchtime, I
can almost guarantee it. He's got to show himself that he can fuck a girl properly. I'm afraid you're going to be fucked again," Greta said. "Did
he hurt you?"

"No, Mistress."

"I glad of that. A bit scary, I suppose?" She asked when Gemma came
back from the bathroom. "Did you wash it all out properly?"

"I think so, Mistress."

"Come here and let me cuddle you," the woman smiled. Gemma was grateful
for that little bit of love.

"Now listen, you little bitch," James snapped as he left for school.
"Nothing at all under the uniform and make sure you waste no time in
getting to my office at lunchtime. I want a proper fuck this time. No
funny business."

"Yes, Master," she answered.

When James had gone, Greta comforted her again.

"He's trying to blame you for all his faults. Don't take it to heart.
If he gets in a dozen thrusts he'll think he's the world's greatest lover
again. Make a few moaning noises and try and fake an orgasm. It'll make
him feel good and he'll give you a rest for a while. men are such selfish
bastards when it comes to sex, Gemma dear," she encouraged.

I already know that, Gemma thought.

"Strip. I want you naked, bitch," he hissed the moment Gemma had closed
and locked his door. Oh, god, she thought, at least he wasn't the one to
take my virginity, she consoled herself.

"Nice piece of meat, no doubt about that," he mused as he unzipped his
fly. "On the floor and spread yourself wide. You're going to get the fuck
of your young life. This is what a real man can do," he sneered as he
stroked his erection, watching as she showed her most secret place to him.

She had to close her eyes or she might have burst out laughing. Rob did
this sort of thing when they were playing out a fantasy sometimes and she
used those memories to pretend her beloved Rob was about to thrust himself
inside her.

"Now just stay still or I'll have to punish you, bitch," he hissed.
Gemma felt his knees spread her legs wider and then his hardness push
against her pussy. She began rubbing herself against him, quickly moaning
and hoping against hope that he would shoot his load before he got inside.

"Oh, Master, it does feel good," she whispered even before he was half
way inside and she began thrusting herself against him. At least he had
used some form of lubricant because he slipped in without hurting and she
now clung tightly to him, thrusting herself furiously.

"Oh, it's so good. Come quickly please, Master. I need you now," she
moaned even though she had felt no arousal whatsoever. Let's get it over
just as Greta had suggested.

"Stop it. Quick," he gasped but too late and he had reached the
precipice far too soon for his own liking. "Oh, you little bitch, you've
made me come."

"So did you," Gemma whispered. "Made me come I mean. It was very nice,
Master. Thank you."

"What? You came too?" He thought for a moment and with a supercilious
smirk added, "Well that's why I did it. To teach you how good sex with a
real man really is."

"Thank you, Master. Will you do it again?"

"What? Now?"


"Uhm, I don't think that's a good idea. Don't want to wear your cunt out in one day, you know."

"Yes, Master," Gemma acknowledged, smiling inwardly at her ability to
convince him of his manliness while knowing that this molester fell far
short in this department.

While she was still naked and wiping up his discharge, he went and
opened the door when the faintest of knocks was heard.

"No wait," she called out in dread but calmed herself when Greta walked
in and locked the door again.

"Well, did she behave?"

"Of course. At least she knows how a real man can make her feel now,"
he said with a satisfied grin.

"So he made you come, girl?"

"Oh, I moaned so much," Gemma, replied, looking her mistress straight in
the eyes.

"Hmm. I'm sure he did," Greta mused with a wry smile at the naked girl.
"Well have you finished with her now?"

"Oh, for today I have."

"Good. Get your clothes back on and go to class. I don't want you worn
out for tonight."

"Tonight?" Gemma blanched, thinking she would be going to her own home
and the caresses of Rob and Milla. "Oh, I told my aunt I would be home

"Well I've changed that. Instead of staying over for the weekend at my
place you are sleeping there tonight instead. I've already told your aunt
and she's agreeable. I have arranged something special for you."

"Oh. I really wanted to go home, Mistress."

"Well you can, but not until tomorrow. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Your master will drive you home and you will allow him to bathe you as
soon as you get there. I want you completely clean for our activities
tonight. Wear the clothes laid out on your bed."

"Yes, Mistress," Gemma conceded, glancing at the Dean.

"You mean it, Greta?" The Dean was ecstatic.

"Yes, but understand there's to be no sex, a thorough cleaning but no
dallying. And, slave, you are not to touch him in any way, no matter how
much he tries to make you, understood?

"Yes, Mistress, I understand."

Gemma felt very sexy going in to class knowing she had no underwear at
all beneath her skirt and blouse. She watched her classmates wondering
whether they had guessed but they gave no sign of knowing her predicament.

Chapter Twenty Six

"Hurry and strip off, slave," the Dean demanded, almost drooling as he
stood and watched her. She only had two garments to remove and she
remained calm but with downcast eyes once she was exposed to his leering

"A sight for sore eyes," he sniggered. "Right, in you get."

Gemma was thankful that he hadn't made the water too hot as she sat in
the bath. Her master knelt besides her, lathering his hands with soap and
then began wash her. She was expecting him to use a face washer but Greta
hadn't specified that so she had to put up with his hands as they wandered
over all her girl places.

It was actually soothing and she found herself enjoying what she thought
could have been an ordeal until now. He never spoke and while he
concentrated his hands on her breasts, pussy and bottom, he diligently
cleansed her whole body. Her eyes closed and she could easily have gone to
sleep but felt it was not wise to do that, especially when Greta had not
arrived home yet.

Finally he commanded her to step out and towelled her dry, a task he
particularly enjoyed, and much to Gemma's chagrin for he grinned constantly
while he completed the task. Even before he told her to, she suddenly
rushed into what had become her room, to find nothing on her bed but a
small robe. Worse still, if was completely see through, fell only level
with her vulva and was held together by just one button just beneath her
breasts. She was more on show than if she wasn't wearing anything.

She stood in front of the mirror and thought this was something to make
Rob as horny as hell. And no doubt it would do the same for the Dean, her

The front door opened and almost immediately, Greta was standing in her

"My, you are inviting, my little slave. Stand still and close your

Gemma heard Greta walk to her side and felt something slip over her
head. "You will wear this until I take it off," she said and Gemma realised
she had been masked. She couldn't see even the smallest amount of light.
"And the same goes for this too," she instructed, tying Gemma's wrists
together behind her back with something soft but firm.

"Lay on the bed for I want to tell you about this evening. We are
having a guest to visit you."

"A guest? Oh, no, not that please Gre..., Mistress. Please don't let
anyone see me like this."

"You don't have a choice and besides you haven't heard what I'm going to
say. From the time I bring you out, you mustn't speak at all, even if you
are spoken to. You must remain silent. Our guest has been given the same
instructions. The guest may be dressed differently but is masked and tied
just like you. You will be given instructions and will do exactly what you
are told. You will be addressed as Slave One, or simply One. Don't fear
the night, slave, and you may just get to enjoy yourself. After all, it is
for your Master and Mistress's enjoyment that you are both here, remember
that always."

"Yes, Mistress," she agreed but told herself silently that these two
were just as devious as her aunt and uncle. And she certainly enjoyed all
that they did to her. Most definitely.

Some time later, Gemma was led from her room and told to remain
standing. She heard the Dean give the other visitor a similar instruction.
Then someone stood directly behind her and Gemma heard Greta say, "Number
Two, reach out and stroke my breasts."

But it was Gemma's breasts that were reached for and found. Someone was
stroking her breasts thinking they belonged to Greta. "Kiss and suck them,
Number Two."

And kissed and sucked were Gemma's tits. Gemma was now convinced the
other visitor was a female too for the touch was soft and tender, not the
hardness of a man's hands and lips, but warm and wonderful, just as Milla
would have done to her in their loving moments.

"Move closer, Two. Stroke me and keep kissing, you are making me feel
very nice," Greta instructed.

And nice it was. Gemma didn't know whether the other person realised
she was touching Greta or someone else, but she rather suspected the other
person thought she was touching Greta. It was almost as though the hands
and lips were working with a fervent wish to please Greta herself.

Then Gemma felt her hands released. "Now Number One, you can do the
same to our guest while she continues to touch me," Greta said.

The other person hesitated then returned to her task. Gemma reached out
and felt the naked skin of the guest very near to her. She ran her
fingertips up one side and soon found the swelling of female breasts, so
she had been right. These bosoms were not large at all, rather flat almost
like an immature woman. Surely she was not being stroked by a youngster.
Surely Greta would not be doing that, not a girl of eleven or twelve, for
that's how young the other body felt. But as she stroked the other girl,
she felt the nipples rise and harden, and she was more comfortable that
this was in fact a girl who had unusually small breasts rather than just an
immature child.

Gemma felt a hand pressing into her back and suddenly both she and the
other girl found them pressed together.

"Now hug each other as though you were lovers," Greta's voice came from
the side and the other girl stiffened and gasped, trying to break away from
the embrace.

"Number Two, do as you're told." This was the Dean's voice, harsh and
defying disobedience.

With a whimper from the other, Gemma felt herself clasped firmly and she
too, responded.

"I want to see you kiss each other very passionately. Use your tongues
and press your pussies together as you doso."

Gemma was beginning to feel very sexy and aroused for the girl she was
embracing was soft and smelt delicious. Who could it be? It must be
someone from College, probably someone she knew quite well. I hope Greta
doesn't let her see me, she thought but was pretty sure that by the end of
the night both their identities would be revealed. What would she do then?
And how could she ever get herself out of the clutches of the Dean and

She pressed her tongue against the girl who finally allowed her mouth to
open and accept the other's tongue. Gemma pressed one hand against the
girl's bottom and ground her own vulva against her partner's.

"Greta, I don't think I can wait," the Dean whined. "Make them do it
now. Please."

"It's too soon."

"Please," he pleaded.

"Well, if you have it now, you won't get a second helping later. That's
for me."

"I know that. I need it now, baby."

"Alright. Go and lay on the bed." When he had gone, Greta told the two
performers what was required of them. "Your master needs to shot his load
desperately. It's not every day he gets to see such a scene as you've just
shown him and his will power leaves a lot to be desired. I'm going to take
you into the bedroom and you are both going to suck and lick his cock until
he shoots off. One of you must have it inside your mouth at all times but
you will take turns at that every few seconds. I'm sure you'll both know
when he shoots; men are so demonstrative when they are about to come. I
want you both to collect some of his spurtings so you'll have to work as a
team. Don't let any escape and don't swallow. Hold it in your mouths
until I tell you what to do."

She looked at the two masked girls and laughed.

"Ha, ha, I see you don't find your task very pleasant. Just remember
this, disobey and you are expelled. It's as simple as that. Now take my
arms and walk carefully."

Greta made the girls lay on each side of the Dean and moved them closer
so their hands and lips were touching his cock, now hard and pointing up
his body.

"Now you can commence. Hold off as long as you can," she added,
speaking to the Dean.

Gemma had no difficulty in taking the hardness between her lips but
Greta had to prompt the other girl on how to move it into her own mouth.
Soon they worked smoothly, slipping just the head of his cock into one
mouth, licking the underside with her tongue two or three times before the
other girl whisked it between her lips.

The girls could hear Greta encouraging James to delay his climax,
suggesting he think about brick walls and algebra books and anything else
to take his mind off what was happening to his genitals. But it was all
too much for him.

Gemma had control of his cock-head when his body gave it's first jerk of
pre-orgasmic warning. The other girl slipped the head into her mouth as
the first spurt flowed and then they shared the discharge together. Gemma
felt sperm splash against her cheek at one time when the Dean had bucked
more violently but other than that, she was confident they had caught all
of his flow.

The Dean growled and moaned all through his climax and with a final gasp
his body relaxed. The girls continued to exchange his cock until Greta
told them to stop. She led them out of the room, reminding them not to

"Kneel in front of me," she said. When they had done so, she said, "Now
lay your heads right back on your shoulders and open your mouths. Make
sure nothing flows out."

Gemma felt rather stupid but did as she was told and she soon heard
Greta's voice from directly above her face.

"You've shared very well. It looks as though you've taken very close to
half each. I want to watch you swallow it all down. Keep your mouths open
while you do it."

Now that wasn't as easy as it sounded and Gemma heard the other girl gag
at one time, but she herself, managed it relatively easily.

"Number two, lay on the floor and open your legs widely. That's right;
show me all of your pussy. Now Number one, I want you to feel your way and
kneel on top of her so that you can press your lips to her pussy and lower
your pussy against her lips."

As the girls were getting into position she continued, "It's beautiful,
the sixty-nine position. I'm sure you've heard of that before. lesbians love it. I want you to be lesbians for me, slaves. Make love to each
other with your lips while I watch. I'm going to masturbate myself so the
more passionate you become, the more aroused I'll be. The more aroused I
become, the more pleasure I'll receive and the more pleasure I feel, the
more kindly I'll feel towards you. Make sure you make me feel very
satisfied, slaves."

Gemma used her fingers to spread the girl's pubic hair away from her
pussy lips and gently lowered her lips over the warm and wet vagina. At
the same time she felt her own pussy invaded by a tongue that plunged deep
inside and began wiggling. As Gemma slid her tongue inside, so her partner
followed in time with her own actions. When she ran her tongue over the
hard little sex nub, the girl returned the same favour to her. If she
nibbled, so the girl did it to her. Gemma bit sharply into one of her
labia making the girl flinch and then immediately reciprocate.

"Good little slaves," Greta sang in a falsetto voice. "Keep it up."

Gemma remained perfectly still for a moment and the girl took the cue by
beginning the moves first. She burrowed as deeply as she could into
Gemma's sex hole, pushing her chin against the girl's clitoris. The girl then sucked Gemma's hard little clitoris between her lips and massaged it
with the tip of her tongue. Gemma returned the favour for it felt very
nice. So nice that she was glad the girl kept doing just that. The girl's
warm lips and tongue were masturbating Gemma and she returned the favour

It wasn't long before Gemma could feel the girl beneath her, shivering,
not from the cold for the room was quite warm, but simply from sexual
arousal. Both girls were beginning to reach their peak of pleasure at
about the same time. Gemma could hear moaning sounds from Greta and it
seemed all the women were going to succeed in their tasks together. That
was their common goal now, each to achieve their own orgasms and very
likely, simultaneously.

"Don't stop, my lovely slaves," Greta moaned.

Gemma was very near and moved her face feverishly against the wide
spread lips of her partner and the girl followed suit. The girl began
first and just moments afterwards, Gemma and Greta began to moan loudly at
the same time. All three climaxed together, relishing their own pleasure
but glad that they had a hand in each of the other's satisfaction as well.

Greta remained silent and Gemma relaxed her whole body on top of her sex
partner, whomever she was.

"Slave One, come to me," Greta finally said and as Gemma felt her way
towards the voice, Greta took hold of her hand. "Sit beside me and kiss my
breast. No, the one nearest you, silly," she directed as Gemma leaned over
too far.

"Slave Two, do the same."

When both girls were cradled in her arms, each sucking and kissing
swollen nipples, Greta said, "I want you both to close your eyes tightly.

When they nodded, Greta slipped the masks over their heads.

"Now open them."

It took both girls seconds to realise who they were looking at.

"Gem...," the girl shrieked.

"Laura? How...? Oh, I didn't...," Gemma began to cry.

"So you do know each other? That's good. Kiss each other with your
tongues. I want to watch," Greta dictated.

"I can't, Mistress," Laura cringed away but jumped as Greta pinched her
bare skin.

"You've just sucked her to an orgasm and you can't even thank her? You
surprise me, slave. Now do it."

"I'm sorry, Gemma," Laura pleaded as she leaned across Greta.

"I'm not, Laura. I'm so pleased it was you," Gemma said with tears
welling up. She kissed her friend with passion, making sure Greta saw
their tongues invade each other's open lips.

"I can see we've got a lot of loving to do tonight," Greta smiled as she
cradled both girls' shoulders. "Shall we go to bed? Together?"

"Yes," Laura whispered with an embarrassed smile.

"Oh, yes, let's," echoed Gemma.

Chapter Twenty Seven

Greta made lesbian love to both girls into the early hours and gave them
the rest of the week from College. It seemed the Dean had left the house
before the women had invaded the bedroom and he wasn't part of their orgy,
which made them all happy. Neither Miss Birchmore nor the Dean had touched
either girl since that night, more than a week ago, but Gemma and Laura
became inseparable friends. They talked over all that had taken place
between each of them and the two college lecturers. Laura had been under
the rule of the two for nearly twelve months and was the obvious reason for
Laura's unhappiness. All this had of course been passed on to Milla who
listened intently.

The next evening Milla informed Gemma that they were having guests for
dinner on the Saturday night and she and Laura were invited.

"Laura too? Who's coming?"

"A surprise. Now ring and invite your lover."

"You and Rob are my lover's, Milla. Laura's just a..."

"A what?"

"Oh, I suppose she's a secondary lover. It's nice to do things together
but I don't love her the way I do you and Rob. NO-one will take that
place, Milla darling."

Milla kissed her on the lips. "We feel the same way too, dear. Now go
and ring Laura. Get her to sleep over."


The guests were obviously special because Milla had employed caterers to
look after the dinner, complete with a full waiter service.

"Good heavens, Milla, who is coming. The President?"

"In a way. Come and I'll have a sherry with you both before they
arrive." Laura followed obediently.

When the doorbell rang, Milla told the two girls to remain as she and
Rob went to the door.

Laura's dark skin physically blanched when she saw the Dean & Miss
Birchmore enter the room.

"Why, Gemma?" Miss Birchmore gulped in surprise. "And Laura too."

"Oh, you know both girls, of course," Milla said easily. "Laura and
Gemma have become close friends over the last week or so and as you know
each other, I thought it nice for Gemma to have someone her own age to
accompany her."

"Of course," the Dean smiled and held his hand out to each of the girls.
"Nice to see you again, Gemma. Laura."

"Hello Dean. Miss Birchmore," Gemma acknowledged.

Milla and Rob kept the conversation flowing and it wasn't long before
the two guests felt more at ease. Little was said about college life or
the girl's courses and several glasses of wine or scotch which the two men preferred, eased any trepidation the so- called master and mistress may
have had when they saw their two slaves were to share the evening's

The dinner couldn't have been more perfect and all were in a jolly mood
by the time the caterers had finished. Milla led the guests into the
library and spent some time showing them around the shelves of
leather-bound first editions and the like that Rob had collected over the

"It's a most impressive collection, Rob," the Dean agreed. "There's
enough information in this room to pass any university degree one wanted."

"That's really why we asked you here, Dean," Milla picked up on the

"How do you mean, Milla?"

"We want to talk to you and Miss Birchmore about just that. Passing."


"Yes, about Gemma passing her course. Laura too, of course."

"How do you mean?" He glanced quickly at Greta and found his mouth quite

"We want them to pass."

"I'm sure we all do, Milla. Results will be out in about a week's time"

"But we want to be quite sure they'll pass and pass well."

"Yes?" He asked the question but knew full well what was coming next.

"In fact, we want Gemma to pass with the top marks of the class and
Laura with just one less mark. We want you to make sure of that, Dean."

"You want...? You are asking...? I don't see how you can expect me to
say they will do that well, Milla."

"I'm sure you do understand, Dean. And we need your guarantee tonight."

"I can't..."

Greta interrupted his stumbling words.

"Let me understand, Milla. Are you suggesting the Dean would change the
marks these two girls are due to give them the top two places in the

"Exactly," Milla smiled.

"That's cheating. How do you think you can force him to do that?"

"Because if he doesn't, I will report him for rape and blackmail and
cite you as the main offender."

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"You know very well, Greta dear," Milla said calmly "Why make it any
harder for you both."

"What have they been saying?" Greta demanded fiercely. "Whatever it is,
it's all lies. Lies," she shrieked.

"Rob," Milla prompted and he immediately pressed a button on their
entertainment centre.

They listened as Greta's voice came clearly over the system.

'Take off your skirt then clear my desk and lay on it.' There was
further discussion then Greta said, 'Now remove your blouse. The Dean
would die to see you like this. Would you be agreeable? Oh, I couldn't,
Miss.' Milla let the tape roll on, watching Greta and the Dean intently.

"Have you heard enough?"

"It's a forgery. No one will; ever believe it's not. Come on, James,
we're leaving."

"Before you do," Milla stood up, stopping their retreat. "Perhaps you
should see this."

Rob pushed a cassette into the VCR and the television flickered into
life. It was only black and white but the participants were unmistakable.

Gemma was standing naked in Greta's living room, her arms on her head as
she answered questions put to her by the Dean and Greta. At Greta's
behest, The Dean stood behind her, massaging her bare breasts while he
rubbed his erection against the young girl's behind.

"Oh, my God. How did you...?"

"Gemma did it. From the second time you called her to your office, Miss
Birchmore. The whole of your antics are either on video or audiotape. We
have them fully transcribed and held by our solicitors including the
original tapes. These of course are copies. Now shall we discuss our

"Yes," Greta agreed as she sagged onto her chair.

"I must say I'm surprised that you thought you could get away with it.
If you'd only agreed in the first place without all this nastiness, it
would have been so much easier."

"What do you mean?" The Dean looked up sharply. "If I agree now, and
give your girls top marks isn't that what you wanted?"

"Well, it would have been, Dean. But you refused, didn't you. Even
when you heard the tapes you still thought you could get away with all you
had done to these two innocent girls. I can't believe two educated adults
like yourselves could stoop so low as to blackmail innocent girls into
agreeing to all manner of abuse or you would expel them. They weren't to
know you have no power to do that but you preyed on them. I wonder how
many young girls have fallen into your web of deceit. Many more I

"There's only been one more," Greta said.

"Oh, only one more. That's three too many. And you deprived Laura of
her virginity. And the other girl too?"

"Yes," the Dean whispered.

"You'll get ten year's jail, both of you and you'll never work in
education again."

"No, not that. We'll do it, won't we, James."

"Yes, of course we will. I'll change them tomorrow."



"You'll go to the college and change them right now. Then you'll return
here to confirm it."

"And then you'll give me the tapes?" Greta questioned.

"You'll never get the tapes back. For the rest of your lives they'll
remain in our care. There'll never be any chance of reversing the changes,
let me tell you."

"We'll go and do it straight away," Greta promised.

"Not you. The Dean will go but you will stay here as an insurance. I
don't want you hatching any little schemes behind our backs. Make sure you
bring the printouts back with you Dean. Don't hurry; just do what you have
to very carefully, for your own sake. Oh, and on your way back, I want you
to collect every last tape you've videod of all the girls. Every last one,
Dean, I mean it. From your home and Miss Bikrchmore's."

The two glanced towards each other and Greta nodded to the Dean.

"Yes, I promise. It won't take long. One hour, I think, maybe two."

When Rob returned from letting the Dean out, Milla spoke to Greta.

"You have some apologising to do, madam."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Firstly to Rob and myself for daring to question our accusations. It
would really have been much easier if you'd just agreed you know."

"How could we?"

"It would have been called honesty. Instead, you are going to apologise
to Rob and myself and then very specially to your two victims."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that from this moment you will obey me, Miss Greta Birchmore, in
every way. Do you object to that?"

"No," the woman agreed.

"Very well. Stand up. Now take off your skirt."

"What," Greta gasped unbelievingly.

"It's what you made the girls do. I'm sure they'll take some
satisfaction to see the shoe on the other foot as it were."

"But your husband...?"

"He will remain," Milla said firmly, adding, "And watch."

"Oh, my god," she half sobbed but stood up and with trembling hands
reached behind her to unzip her skirt. It fell to the floor, revealing
black lace panties and suspender belt that held her stockings in place.

"My, my," Milla said. "We are dressed up, aren't we? I suppose this
was meant for James pleasure when you got home?"

"We were going to his place."

"Now your blouse. I believe that's what Gemma was made to do. No,
don't turn your back."

The bra matched the panties and was very skimpy, showing off much
cleavage. Greta didn't know where to put her hands and finally let her
arms fall to her sides.

"We've already seen plenty of footage of those enormous tits so you
might as well remove the bra. It'll be no surprise to any of us, will it

"No, but at least this will be in living colour."

Greta didn't hesitate and slipped the brief garment down her arms. Rob
whistled in appreciation but said nothing.

"Now the rest, Miss Birchmore."

"You can't," the now whimpering woman groaned.

"Everything. Do you want Rob to help?"


Very soon she was buff naked, her firm body being admired by all the

"A body like that deserves fucking," Milla mused. "And I'm sure Rob
wouldn't object."

"No, you can't do that," Greta gasped.

"Just like you can't do it to innocent young girls?"

"No. Oh, it's not right."

"I want you to walk up to my husband, take his hands in yours and stroke
your breasts with them. Don't stop until I say so."

The woman knew she had no option and her head sagged in acceptance but
when the girls began to giggle uncontrollably, she almost fainted with
embarrassment. Regardless, what she was told, she did, flinching each time
Rob squeezed a breast or tweaked a nipple as she stroked his hands over
each breast finally cupping each of his hands over her breasts with her own
hands and holding him firmly against her. She was unable to look him in
the eyes but still knew he was smiling widely at her unease.

"And now our two victims have something for you, Miss Birchmore." Greta
looked wide-eyed as Milla handed Gemma a long wide strap. "On your knees,

"What? What are you going to do."?

"You tanned Gemma twelve times, wasn't it? And I'm sure Laura received
many more. So they are simply paying you back. Look on it as repayment of
a loan. If you move the count starts again. Understand?"

"Yes," the naked woman said.

"Gemma you go first. Twelve of the best and make them as hard as you
like. You can scream all you like, Miss Birchmore. The house is triple
glazed. No-one will hear."

The first stroke cracked loudly around the room but from number five
onwards, a continuing agonised scream drowned out all sound of the strap
meeting bare flesh.

When Gemma finished, Greta was slobbering, begging for mercy but neither
girl felt sorry.

Laura lifted up the stricken woman's face and said viciously, "I hope
you remember this night for the rest of your life, you rapist. You took
away the only precious thing I ever had to offer. You took my virginity
for your own selfish desires. I hate you."

Even when the woman had collapsed onto the floor, Laura continued her
punishment, slashing down on the red raw globes until her twelve were
completed. Milla had to hold her arm after the twelve strokes had been
delivered or she would never have stopped.

No one in the room felt any compassion for the stricken woman who laid
full length out on the floor, whimpering and moaning from her ordeal. She
was still there when the Dean returned.

Milla and Rob met him at the door.


"It's done. Here are the results." He handed over two envelopes, which
Milla read carefully.

"Yes, that's what we wanted. Just remember we have the originals well
secured and I won't hesitate to accuse you publicly if there is ever any
doubt made about the validity of these documents. Understand, Dean?"

"Yes, the results won't change."

"Good. Now Miss Birchmore is waiting for you."

She had regained some composure when she heard his voice in the hall.

"Oh, while you were away, the girls just repaid Miss Birchmore in some
small way for what you and she had done to them."

"What happened? Greta, are you all right? Oh, god, she's naked. What
did you do to her? You raped her, didn't you?" He screamed at Rob.

"It was she who touched me," Rob said. "Isn't that so, Miss Birchmore?"

"Yes, of course it is. Just let's get out of here, James."

"Oh, you're not leaving yet," Milla, told her.

"What?" She almost collapsed again.

"Oh, no. Not until we see you lose your pseudo-virginity. You took
Laura's and Gemma's too for that matter, for her cousin's attack really
wasn't anything. No, it's now time for the girls to see you make your
final offering. On your knees."

"Oh, please. Not again. I couldn't take another beating."

"Then I trust James here will be tender with you. Remove your clothes,
James. Everything and take the woman's rear passage."

"You've got to be joking."

"I assure you I'm not. Sodomise her, James and make it snappy. We
could still catch the morning papers, you know."

"I can't. Really I'm too..."

"Then you'd better suck him stiff again, Greta. You've both got five
minutes or I'll make one phone call which will put the first tape in the
hands of the press."

Greta never hesitated, clutching at his clothes as she tore his pants
down and began to masturbate him without reserve.

"Come on, James baby, you can do it. You can fuck Mommy's little arse.
Just think how good it will be. You can push yourself right inside and
shoot off. Yes, that's my baby. Get hard, that's my boy."

She smothered his erection in saliva and knelt on the carpet again,
pulling him down behind her. She cried out as he pushed inside then began
to thrust herself back against him with abandon, urging him on. James
lasted but a short time before he displayed the normal male traits of
orgasm, shuddering and groaning as he spurted his load inside her rectum.

The moment he had finished, Greta pulled herself off him and without a
thought for her nakedness, rushed from the room. James pulled his trousers
on and followed, not even stopping to do them up.

The four onlookers burst into raptures of laughter as the heard the car
roar along their street.

"I'll never see anything like that again," Rob stated.

"I'm sure you won't. Well, it's all over now. Isn't revenge sweet?"

"The sweetest," Gemma agreed.

"Thank you, Milla," Laura said as she hugged her tightly. "I don't know
how I would have got away from them without your help."

"Why don't you two go up to bed. I'm sure you have a lot to talk about
and I suggest a long cuddle would do wonders for you both. From what I've
seen you both want to but are too shy to make the first move. There's
nothing wrong in kissing your best friend or any thing else for that
matter. We're going to bed too and from the looks Rob is giving me I'll bet
he wants to make love. I hope we're not too loud for you."

"Can we come in to bed with you in the morning?" Gemma asked.

"Of course you can," she smiled at each one as she kissed them.
"Goodnight, darlings."



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