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Archived Sex Stories

The Little Schemer


Firstly the important…
This novel covers a wide range of explicit sexual practices, many of which may be
illegal in the reader's country of residence. If this is so OR if you are offended
in any way by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent
were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the whole file.
If you are aged under 18, you have no right to read any further and MUST delete the
file NOW! The author cannot state the case more clear than that, surely?
This story is Copyright by the author who retains all rights whatsoever over
publication in any form. It must not be published on any pay-site or used in any
publication for profit without the author's written approval. The file may be reposted
to Newsgroups but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in its entirety and
must contain this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full.
All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living
or dead. Neither the author nor any acquaintance of the author, has ever indulged in
situations described in this story; they are solely based on fantasy of the mind.
Most stories written by the author are of book-length size and the first chapter or
two are usually taken up "setting the scene" so to speak. If they are not read or
given just cursory glance, the atmosphere that is intended for the story may well be
lost on the reader. Anticipation of what is to come can give as much joy as "getting
There are many more stories in progress but because of the size, completion and
publication is naturally slow.
I would appreciate constructive comments on any aspect of this or any of my other
novels - flamers should NOT have passed beyond this preamble as they have been warned
about content, so their comments are a waste of time and will be dealt with in a
fitting manner. I shall endeavour to respond to all constructive suggestions and may
be contacted at - NOTE: remove the "REMOVE"


Sexual Fantasy Fiction
Writer's Cramp
(Fffff, Mf, ff, Rom, forced, coerced, nc, 1st.time, teen, spk, menst, ws, bdsm, etc)

Fifteen-year-old orphan teenager living with her widowed uncle learns about sex
from her group of school friends then seduces her uncle and in devious ways
finally marries him and "lives happily ever after".

The Players:
Myself, as narrator at age fifteen.
Daddy, really my uncle, Ben Falconer.
Evelyn Kimpton, a senior at my school.
Kimberley Hayes, my school friend, the shy one.
Susie Morrow, my school friend, the doubting one.
Jonie Sullivan, my school friend, the sexy one.
Chapter One
Even before my first menstrual period, which arrived near my twelfth birthday
when the hair around my puss was no more than fluff, I felt sex was going to play
a significant part in my life. But I had no idea just how significant it would be
until several years later.

Not that my mother had anything to do with those feelings for she never spoke
about that 'dirty subject' as she described it, when my period came and I went
into hysterics. She simply handed me my first pad and told me to change it
when I needed to until it stopped bleeding. I remember her response when I
looked at her not knowing what to do with this thick piece of tissue paper. "Put it
inside your underwear," she had said and turned away quickly.

No, I learned nothing from her about sex or life in general but to give her some
credit, she was only with us for another two years before she and Dad were killed
in a boating accident. I never knew what being an orphan was until that tragic
day. The whole world seemed to explode in my face as I realised there was no
one to care for me any more. That's when Dad's brother, Uncle Ben, came into
my life. He took me home and I lived with he and Aunt Patricia from then on.

I often wondered if I was a jinx or something because not a year later, Aunt
Patricia went to hospital and never came home. Uncle Ben said it was
women's disease, whatever that meant. I had never got on with Aunt Patricia
anyway for she seemed strange somehow, and she never allowed me to feel part
of her family. There was never a smile or a good word spoken by her not even
to Uncle Ben. While I grieved for Mum and Dad dreadfully, I never felt any real
sorrow when Aunt Patricia neither died, nor did Uncle Ben, I thought.

Uncle Ben was quite different and taught me how to get over the loss of my
parents. We had fun and I thought he became happier after his wife died. Of
course there were lots of times I saw him weeping just afterwards, but he
seemed to get over his loss much quicker than I did, over my parents deaths.

He was no more help than my mother in my understanding of sex though and
openly admitted that it always embarrassed him when I asked any question even
verging on the subject. The good thing however, was that he loved me dearly
and we had become best friends in the three years I'd lived with him.

I'm now fifteen and my sex education came from my school friends. There were
four of us including me and we did virtually everything together. No, we didn't
practice sex together but we did talk about it constantly, snigger and giggle when
we asked outrageous questions or made a suggestive remark about the boys or
one of the teachers.

I guess it was Evelyn Kimpton who taught us more about sex and men than
anyone else. She was a year higher than us and seemed a bit of a loner. We
knew her but had little contact until one day she surprised us by sneaking up
when we were in one of our huddles giggling at some risqué joke one of the girls
was telling.

"I could get you expelled for talking like that, Kimberley Hayes," she said to
my friend which made us all jump back in shock at being caught out.

"I'm sorry, Eve..."

"Cut the crap. I'm not going to tell tales,' Evelyn said. "But I want to hear the
end of the story."

I remember how Kimberley turned as red as beetroot.

"I couldn't," she stammered.

"Well, of course if you won't let me join in, I might have to tell someone. You'd
be expelled, I expect," she said to Kimberley with a smile. "As for the rest of
you, your parents would at least be told. Now what was that you were saying,
Kimberley? I heard the bit about Mr. Leason looking at your tits and making
you stay behind for detention. What then?"

"It was just a story, Evelyn. It wasn't true," the now white-faced girl explained.

"So tell me the ending. I'll know if you're lying."

"I was going to say... Oh, I can't. Please don't tell anyone, Evelyn," she
pleaded, now in tears.

"So what happened during detention?" She pressed the stricken girl for details.

"I was going to say he took me into the book-room and made me take off my
clothes but it isn't true, Evelyn. I just made it up. We were telling each other
naughty stories."

"So it was just make-believe?"

"Of course it was," I said. "Whoever would believe Mr. Leason would do that."

"I would, if he was given half a chance," Evelyn said seriously. "He's a man and
all they want is to get their filthy hands inside our little panties."

"He wouldn't," Susie retorted with a shocked look.

"You're all little innocents, aren't you? I'll bet not one of you has been out with
a boy. You're probably all virgins too. Am I right?" She looked at us intensely
demanding an answer.

One by one we all nodded. Jonie Sullivan whispered a "Yes," as though it was a
sin to be still intact.

"I thought so," Evelyn said in a superior tone. "And I'll bet some of you haven't
even got your periods yet?"

Even I blushed at that. Who could ever think of discussing such a private and
ghastly topic?

"Well?" Evelyn demanded.

"It's not fair, Evelyn. That's personal."

"Sure it is but I still want to know. Now tell me or I just might send an
anonymous note to Mr. Leason."

Her threat jolted each of us as we realised what would happen if Mr. Leason
heard about Kimberley's story. Very quickly each of us told Evelyn about our
periods and we all confirmed we had reached that stage of womanhood.

"At least you've grown up that much. So why were you telling such a frivolous
story, Hayes?" Evelyn always addressed us by our last name.

"I... I don't know, Evelyn."

"Is it because all four of you don't know anything about sex so you have to make
up stories?"

"I know about sex," Susie stated and then blushed.

"Oh you do, do you? And just what do you know?"

"That it gives you babies."

"Is that all?"

"Uhm," she swallowed nervously. "Parents have sex to get babies," she tried to

"And just how do they do that?"

"I... I don't know, Evelyn."

"Do any of you know?" The older girl asked, challengingly.

We all had to admit that was about the extent of our knowledge.

"You mean to tell me none of you know what people do when they fuck?" She
looked incredulous at each one in turn and I was shocked at her use of that
word. I'd only ever heard boys use it when they swore.

"You've never seen your parents doing it? Ever?"

"I might have," Jonie admitted. "Once I went into their bedroom and Dad was
laying on top of Mum and they were both undressed. But I couldn't see what
they were doing because Dad shouted at me to get out."

"Haven't you read any books. Hasn't your mothers talked to you?

"I don't have one," I said.

"Yes, I know that. But what about the rest of you?"

"No, Evelyn. Mine hasn't said anything."

"My Mum said that sex was bad and I mustn't do it under any circumstances
but she never told me exactly what she was talking about," Susie gushed turning
very red when she realised what she had said.

"Hm, typical I suppose," Evelyn stated. "So you four little darlings know almost
nothing about what will be the most important thing in your lives in the next few

"Why is it so important?" Jonie asked innocently.

"Because you'll be doing it whether you want to or not. Either the boys will
tempt you or you will get the urge yourself to experiment. You might just go
out with the wrong boy and get yourself raped. It happens all the time, believe
me. I guess you need someone to help you, don't you?"

We all looked blankly at her.

"If you want, I'll teach you everything you need to know about sex, my little
munchkins. Do you want to become my students?"

"I do," I said without hesitation, for I knew absolutely nothing except what
we four had joked about and never once understood. I don't know what it was,
but something was ticking away in my head, almost telling me to listen to this
older girl.

"Wha... What will we have to do?" Jonie asked, as yet unsure of what she was
letting herself in for.

"It will be just like school and I'll be the tutor. It's good experience for me because
I want to be a teacher anyway. You'll have to attend my classes every lunchtime
and sometimes after school. I'll make you sit for tests regularly and give you
grades. There's just one thing, it's got to be kept a secret forever. Do you
understand? If anyone talks, I'll hear about it and I guarantee I'll tell Mr. Leason
about the malicious stories you've been telling about him?"

"It was just for fun, Evelyn," Kimberley whined.

"What if some of us want to stop coming?" Jonie butted in.

"You can if you want as long as you don't talk to anyone about the class."

"Then I'll come," Jonie agreed.

"Yes, I will too," Kimberley said.

"I'm scared but I'll join too," Susie said.

"Anyway, Evelyn, how come you know so much? You're not much older than
us." I asked because she sounded so superior.

"I'm nearly nineteen and I've had plenty of boyfriends. I know what the dirty
little bastards want, don't I?"

"I suppose so," I had to agree.

"Good then we'll meet here tomorrow five minutes after the lunchtime bell goes.
Make sure you're not late."

We all agreed we would be on time.

"Your assignment for tonight is this: when you go to bed tonight I want you all to
put your finger on your pussy and stroke it for at least fifteen minutes. You'll
need to wet it with some spit or you could chafe the tender skin. I want to hear
what you felt when we meet tomorrow."

"I can't, Evelyn. My sister will see me," Susie half whispered.

"Then do it under the covers, silly."

"I'm going to feel stupid," I said.

"No, you're going to feel pussy," Evelyn corrected and the other girls laughed.

"Where will we meet after school?"

"At my place," Evelyn said. "My parents never get home before six-thirty. All
right? Class dismissed. Happy stroking."

Chapter Two
I couldn't think of anything else but the assignment Evelyn had given me. I
wasn't even thinking about the other girls as they went home and I certainly
wasn't thinking about the rest of my homework, which had to be done tonight.

I usually had finished my homework before my uncle arrived home from work
and I would have dinner cooking for him. But tonight, try as I might, English
literature and maths took twice as long.

As usual, uncle walked straight over to me and kissed my cheek. "How's my girl
tonight?" He stood beside me waiting. Uncle always made time for me and never
asked questions and then walked away without waiting for an answer. He looked
down at me with a smile on his face.

"Hello, Uncle I'm fine but I'm struggling with my homework tonight. I'm not
finished yet."

"Then you keep going. I'll set the table," he said cheerfully and I thanked him.
He was a wonderful person more like a father than an uncle.

We talked over dinner and I blurted out, "I'm taking after school lessons from now
on, Uncle. One of the older girls who wants to be a teacher is going to tutor us a
few nights a week."

"That sounds good, dear. What subjects?"

I hadn't thought of that and instantly became flustered. "Oh. Oh, er, in most
subjects. English Lit. & Maths. Anything we want help with from time to time, I

He seemed not to notice my nervousness. We did all the usual chores and then
took turns to shower. Unless we had visitors, and that was a rarity for uncle had
no other living relatives and just a few casual friends, we changed into our

So most nights after changing into our nightclothes we'd both return to the sofa to
watch TV, play a board game or just talk together. This was the time I enjoyed
most because we were there for each other's company more than anything else.
It was usually television and he would put his arm around me and I would
snuggle into him. Sometimes I laid my head in his lap and the next thing I would
know he'd be carrying me into my bedroom and kissing me goodnight. I often
sat right on his knee, my arm around his neck, our faces together and one of his
hands around my bottom, the other resting on my leg or thigh.

I liked this the most because we were so close together and we genuinely loved
each other as much as any uncle and niece could. Not once did he ever attempt to
touch me in a sexual way, my breasts of bottom or the like. I think he liked the
closeness just as much as I did but there were times when he moved me off and I
began to understand why.

It was not quite true that I knew nothing about sex. I did know that men put the
thing between their legs inside their wives to have sex. But the real significance
of that was simply lost on my innocent mind up to now.

But if a show was playing on tv that became a little risqué, when a man and
woman became more than affectionate, or when women with naked breasts
were shown, something hard began to poke into my bottom. It didn't take me
long to realise that these kinds of scenes started a reaction between his legs. If
they began to talk about sexy things or become passionate or began doing things
that I couldn't understand but no doubt Uncle clearly understood, or especially if a
girl with naked breasts walked onto the picture, then this hard thing always
pushed into my buttock. At that stage he would ease me off with the excuse that
I was sending his leg to sleep but I silently thought it was because something was
waking up.

I still had no idea what it looked like, the thing between his legs and pictured
what one of the other girls had said once. "It looks like a banana," she had said.

So what I had conjured up in my mind was something quite unbelievable but even
I didn't think a large yellow protuberance waved around between all men's legs.
Just occasionally at the swimming pool I'd see a bulge between a man's legs a bit
like a breast in a single bra.

I put my satin nightie on and remembering Evelyn's instructions left off my
knickers. I always wore panties under nighties or pajamas and quite often, my bra
too. It wasn't that my breasts were big. In fact I am disappointed at their
small size and envied the other girls, especially Susie and Evelyn. Evelyn's boobs
were enormous and she wasn't fat at all. No, I wore panties and a bra to bed
because it just seemed right. My mother never told me any differently and Uncle
certainly never raised the subject.

"My you look cool this evening, darling," he said as I sat on his knee. "Really
you're growing into a beauty, you know."

"Thanks, Uncle. It's so warm; I haven't got anything on underneath. It feels

"Oh. Hm. Yes, I see," he said quite flustered.

I put one arm around his neck and brushed his hair back. "You look tired, Uncle."

"No, I'm fine," he said patting my bottom and resting his other hand on my thigh.

I looked into his face and wanted to kiss him right on his lips. Some unknown
force seemed to be drawing me towards him.

"Really, sweetheart, I'm O.K. Truly," he added with that same loving smile that
endeared me so closely to him. His words broke the force field I had seemed to be
in and I laid my cheek against his.

We watched the program until it ended and I was conscious of our closeness for
the first time. It was like a little voice was telling me he needed my love more
desperately than ever.

I kissed his ear and whispered, 'I do love you, Uncle."

He smiled without looking at me but patted my bottom and held me tighter for
some time.

Then, as the next show began a warning of the censorship ratings flashed onto the
screen. "This program is rated for mature adults. It contains strong sex scenes
and nudity"

Uncle said nothing for a moment and then stirred. "I think you'd better sit on the
sofa, dear. My legs are going to sleep."

I hadn't even felt the lump that usually accompanied this request but knew what
he meant even if he didn't think I did. I sat beside him and pulled his arm around
my shoulder so I could snuggle against him.

"I can watch it can't I, Daddy?" I had called him that several times lately and he
never asked once, why I did it.

"Well are you a mature adult?"

"Of course I am," I declared.

"That's O.K. then." He gave no indication of embarrassment but as usual
never commented on the reason to the adult rating.

The nudity began immediately because a very attractive woman was
taking a shower and the camera focused on every part of her body, running up
and back, stopping for longer times on her breasts and the edge of her pubic hair.

I watched for a while and then realised Uncle was breathing much faster than he
usually did, drawing large gulps of air in and quickly breathing out again. He
sucked his air in and quickly breathed out again. He lifted his body off the
seat to get at more of his dressing gown, which he folded cautiously over his
lap. It seemed to me he was getting quite worked up as the movie continued and
he was holding me hard against his side with the arm that was around me.

I looked up at his face but he was entranced with the pictures and never noticed
I had moved. I was still unsure of why he was acting like this but knew
instinctively that it had something to do with the way men acted when they
looked at naked women.

I wonder how he would react if he saw me in the shower. Of course, he had
never done so but the thought returned to me often during the movie. Except for
seeing a man lying on top of the woman and both of them groaning, I had
no idea of what they were really doing. The size and shape of the woman's
breasts and bottom were of more interest to me, and particularly of the size of
her pubic hair. It was jet black and covered a much larger area than mine did.

His deep breathing returned from time to time and it always coincided with the
woman undressing or when she and the man were touching each other. We
never got to see what they were really touching, it was left to our imagination. I
suspect Uncle had a much better idea that I did.

One day I will ask him what they are doing. That should shock him a little. It
was difficult to stop the fits of laughter that were bubbling deep inside me.

As soon as the picture was over, Uncle stood up and kissed me goodnight. "It's
bedtime, young lady," he said, kissing me on the forehead as he struggled to
stand up, a hand pressed against his front as though he was covering something
up. He headed straight for the bathroom.

It's strange thinking about the assignment I was shortly to begin. Except for
washing myself each day and wiping the residues from going to the toilet, I had
never once touched myself between my legs. There was never an urge to do it,

What should I do? Keep my legs closed and force fingers between them or
open them widely? Do I wet my pussy or my fingers to stop the chafing? Will I
take off my nightdress or just pull it up? Is it going to hurt?

In the end I decided to strip off completely because it was so warm and laid with
my legs just slightly spread. I could feel the opening of my puss as Mum used to
call it when I was younger, and thought that should be enough. I turned the light
out but my bedside clock showed me the time. I waited for over five minutes
for the time to reach the quarter hour and tried to think of why Evelyn wanted
us to do this. If Mum had been alive she would have called it dirty I'm sure,
but it didn't concern me all that much.

The thing I thought about most was what I would tell Evelyn tomorrow. What on
earth could I say about stroking my skin for fifteen minutes? Surely nothing
would happen out of the ordinary to talk about.

My finger, wet with spit was poised over my puss and at exactly quarter past the
hour I touched myself. I think most of the wetness rubbed off onto my hairs
but I soon found what I took to be my pussy lips as Evelyn called them. They
were sharp and firm, like a plasticine knife, firm yet very smooth.

I ran my finger up and down for some time and realised it felt quite
soothing. I needed to wet my finger several times and then found that by
touching my finger right at the bottom of the opening, slippery liquid was
abundant. Then the feelings became more distinct. My tummy was bubbling
with millions of little bubbles, or so it felt, and a tickle that I had never
experienced before began to grow deep inside my loins.

The clock told me I had more than half completed the task but every time my
finger moved now, deeper sensations were growing inside me. They
certainly were not unpleasant and my hand kept stroking as though it were a
machine. My nipples had turned hard as steel and the slightest movement
against the sheet made me want to touch them more and more. I found my
breathing harder to control and suddenly realised it was in some ways like
Uncle breathed during the movie. I was stimulating myself just as he must have
been stimulated from watching a naked woman. My fingers pressed harder
against the firm pussy lips and my other hand began to stroke my nipples
making these new found feelings rise ever higher. I couldn't explain what was
happening, just that I needed to keep doing it. It was the most incredible thing
I had ever felt and I was doing it to myself.

My body was moving in rhythm to the stroking of my fingers and I couldn't stop
the moans that passed my lips. They were but whispers I told myself as my body
jerked as though out of control.

Just as the fifteenth minute had clicked over on my clock, Uncle rushed into the
room without knocking.

"What's the matter, dear?" He asked with a look of concern.

"What? Oh, I don't know," I said, unable to think of any plausible answer.

The light was on and my bed was in a shambles. I quickly pulled the sheet
right up and was sure he hadn't seen me naked.

He sat on the bed and stroked my forehead. "You're covered in perspiration,
darling. Were you having a bad dream? I could hear you moaning from my

"I... must have been, Uncle," I said trying to get my mind working again.

"It is a hot night," he said holding up my discarded nightdress. "Perhaps that set
you off."

"It might have. I was so hot when I got into bed, that's why I took off my
nightie," I lied. "But I can't remember dreaming."

"You must have been really tossing yourself around," he said, straightening the
bedclothes up around my neck. "Would you like a cool drink?"

"Yes please, Uncle. I think I would."

When he returned I was sitting up in bed, my nightdress back on but the
nipples pointing through. I know he saw them but he made no comment.

"Thank you, Uncle. I feel fine now," I assured him as I took the glass. "Hmm,
that's good."

"You're sure you're alright now?"

"Yes thank you, Uncle," I smiled at him. He leaned down to kiss my forehead
and without thinking I took one of his hands in mine and clasped it to me, just
below my chin. Looking up into his face I said, "Uncle, I do love you," I said
with feeling.

"I know," he whispered and kissed my hand as he pulled away. It was all so
innocent and yet I'm sure forces that I didn't understand were already
working inside of me. "I love you very much too, baby," he said as he closed the

It took a long time to go to sleep. The feelings I had experienced were beyond
anything I had expected and I had no answers as to why but was sure it had
everything to do with sex. It was Evelyn's way of teaching us that sex was
special. If my fingers could do that to me, how much more could a man do?
Would it be as nice or better or would it be worse? I knew what I had felt but
how could I explain it to Evelyn? And I think my feelings towards Uncle have
changed somehow. They seem to have grown much deeper. When he
breathed hard during the movie, was he feeling as good as I felt when I
touched myself? But he hadn't touched himself at all, not between his legs at

I finally drifted off to sleep, so many questions left unanswered.

Chapter Three
They were walking towards me with smirks all over their faces as I neared the
school gates.

"Well, did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"You know," Susie accused me.


"Did you play with yourself last night?" Susie asked, exaggerating every word.

"Oh, that. Of course. Didn't you?"

"We all did."

"That was our assignment," I reminded them, giving nothing away.

"Well?" Kimberley asked excitedly.

"Well what?"

"Oh, you are so exasperating," she said, grinding her teeth. "What was it like?"

"Uhm, it's really hard to recall," I said matter of factly. "I don't think you did it
at all," I accused the snooping girl.

"I did," Kimberley stated with a satisfied smile. "It was like magic."

"So did I," Jonie added.

"I couldn't because my little sister kept asking me what was wrong. I couldn't
stop making a noise," Susie said. "But the bit I did was, wow." Her face was

"So that was the first time for you all, was it?" I asked, trying to look surprised.

"You mean you've done it before?"

"I might have," I said giving nothing away. "You'll have to wait until Evelyn
asks us to describe our feelings.

"Spoiled sport," Jonie pouted.

"You felt good though, didn't you," Kimberley asked.

"I slept well," I said.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Kimberley accused me.

"Then just be patient."

None of us learned much from school that morning. All we could think of was
getting to our extracurricular class at lunch.

"I glad to see you're all so prompt," Evelyn said. "Make sure it stays that way. I
don't want to discipline you."

"You wouldn't do that," I stated as a question.

"Don't tempt me, Miss," she warned. "I assume you all completed your

Some nodded, and others responded with a whispered, "Yes."

"Evelyn, I couldn't do it for that long," Susie said self-consciously. "My sister
kept asking me what was wrong because I kept making noises."

"Hmm. Then perhaps you'd better repeat the assignment this evening at my
place. Then we can all see why you make so much noise."

"What? In front of you? I couldn't. It's not right," the frightened girl

"Well, you'd better tell us what you felt even if you didn't do what you were told."

"You mean in front of everyone. Couldn't we just talk together, Evelyn?"

"No, we all want to hear. You'll hear what we say as well," Jonie reminded her.

"Oh. I suppose so. Well, I share a bedroom with my little sister and there's not
much room between us you see. I tried to stay up later and pretended to be
doing homework but Mum made me go to bed at the usual time. I didn't know
how to start at first."

"Neither did I," Jonie interrupted.

It was good to hear the others found that too.

"Just let her continue," Evelyn said.

"Well I just pulled my pajama pants down a bit and when I touched my... My
uhm, my front..."

"Your vagina," Evelyn corrected.

"Yes, that."

"Then say it."

"When I touched my... My vagina, I found it was all wet and sticky. Slippery, I
suppose. It seemed such a stupid thing to do. Anyway, almost as soon as I
started I felt tingling right up my backbone and my teeth began to tickle. It was
weird. I don't know why I felt so strange but it soon felt like I wanted to press
my whole hand inside my stomach because it was so good. I mean even when
my finger moved the smallest bit, I began to cry out. Moaning like. I tried to
stop myself by stuffing the sheet between my teeth and biting but I couldn't stop.
My stupid sister kept calling my name and asking if I wanted her to get Mum."

"So that's when you stopped?"

"Yes, Evelyn. I'm sorry but I couldn't keep going even though I wanted to. I
tried it in the shower this morning but it didn't feel anything like last night."

"That's because you need to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy sex properly,"
Evelyn told her. "I want you to complete the assignment, Morrow, so it looks
like it's to be at my place tonight."

"Not in front of everyone. Please, Evelyn."

"We'll see. Now, Sullivan. Describe your feelings."

"Me? Oh. I think I did the same but went for the whole time. I have my own
room. Evelyn, it was the most wonderful feeling. It just kept getting stronger
and stronger and I'm sure that I couldn't have stopped rubbing myself..."

"Where?" Evelyn interrupted.

"My pussy lips, of course," Jonie said blushing, and looking around at each of us.
"It was like I was addicted to it, my whole body began to move without me even
trying and I felt like I was rising up a great steep cliff, the sensations were
unbelievable. My pussy was steaming, I think and the ache deep inside my...
My vagina, was so strong and wonderful I just couldn't stop. In the end I began
using both hands and pressed harder and harder. I don't think I would have
stopped even if Mum had walked in and caught me."

"I'll bet you would have," I said.

"Anyway that wasn't all. There seemed to be this cliff, see, and I imagined my
body was simply drifting up towards the top. It was like a dream and yet I was
wide awake and moaning with pleasure, let me tell you. Then something
happened that I couldn't explain. It was like I exploded, right there on the bed. I
don't know what my parents thought but they must have heard. Our house is
not so big. All of a sudden the feelings became intense and I couldn't breath.
My body stiffened and then began jerking all over the bed. It was
unbelievable, the feeling that is. I have never felt anything like it and it lasted
for so long. It seemed like my vagina was feet wide and feathers were tickling
me all the way inside.. up my pussy hole. I know kept moaning, I couldn't stop
and by then my hands were pulling against the bedclothes, I wasn't even
touching myself. You've no idea how good it was, Evelyn. Thank you for
making us do it."

"So what happened then," I asked, astonished at what she had said for I thought
she was exaggerating.

"I just laid there covered in perspiration and it slowly went away but it took
another fifteen minutes before I felt anything like normal again. Afterwards, I
wanted a drink so much that I went downstairs and got a glass of milk. That
was when Mum called me into the family room. She wanted to know if I was
alright because she heard some noises, was what she said. I told her I was fine
and just thirsty. She looked at me very strangely but let me go back to bed."

"Gosh, Jonie. I would have died. What if she had known?"

"I think she did," Evelyn said. "You experienced an orgasm as every woman
does from time to time. It's the reason we want sex. The pleasure we women
get for letting dirty little boys maul us for their own pleasures. The real secret
is being able to achieve it every time and that's not so easy. Most men just
want to Bon, quirt their stuff and go to sleep. Only a few think of our

"I don't understand, Evelyn," I said.

"You will in time. Tomorrow we'll talk about the anatomy of men, their cocks
in other words and what they do with them."

"Gosh," Kimberley said in wonder.

"But there's still two little innocents who haven't shared yet," Evelyn said. "Did
either of you experience an orgasm?"

"I don't think I did," I said. "It was very nice. Very nice indeed and I found my
body swaying from side to side as these feelings became stronger. It was a
most incredible feeling so I can't imagine it being any better."

"It is, believe me," Evelyn said.

"The problem I had," I continued, "was that right in the fifteen minute mark, my
Uncle came into the room to see what was wrong. I didn't even know I was
crying out."

"Gosh, what did he say?" Kimberley asked with a shocked look.

"The worst part was that he saw my nightie on the floor beside the bed so he
knew I was naked under the bedclothes."

"How embarrassing," Susie laughed.

"Yes and I was still getting those strange feelings inside my puss when he sat
on the bed. It was hard to concentrate but I finally told him I had a bad
dream. When he held up my nightie with a questioning look I told him I had felt
too hot and took it off and that was probably why I had nightmares."

"Did he believe you?"

"I think so. He brought me a drink and then left me to sleep."

"What about how you felt while you were stroking yourself," Evelyn

"Yes, that was great. Just like Jonie, I suppose but I never exploded as she did. I
only used one hand and wet my fingers with spit a few times before all my puss
lips became real slippery. When my uncle left, it took a long while for the
feelings to go away but I slept well after that."

"Sex is a strong pacifier," Evelyn said. "You'll find out just how wonderful it
is when I allocate boys to fuck each of you."


"No, I won't let you."

"You can't make me, Evelyn."


The shock horror written on every face as four voices objected together.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. You should see yourselves. God, what a sight," Evelyn was
bending over with laughter. "No, I a sight," Evelyn was bending over with
laughter. "No, I won't allocate anyone. I just wanted to see the reactions."

"Beast," Susie who was the timid one among us hissed.

"But let me tell you this in total confidence. You promise?"

We all agreed.

"Sex with men is the most wonderful feeling, believe me. I've made love with
women, which was about the same as touching myself, like you did last night.
But when a man begins to woo you and finally connects, the bliss is beyond
anything you could imagine."

"Gosh," Kimberley said. "You've had sex with a woman?"

"Maybe you should all try it," Evelyn told them. "At least you'll find out whether
you have lesbian tendencies or not. Another woman knows what you need much
more than any man, and they can be so tender, believe me."

"Yuk," Jonie said. "Wasn't it awful really?"

"No, it wasn't, Sullivan. I told you it was something like touching yourself but
with a little more excitement because it was so naughty."

"Who was it?" I asked.

"That will always remain my secret," she said softly.

"How old were you?"

"About your age. If you like you can experiment with each other at my place
tonight." We all saw the gleam in her eye and one of us said she was just saying it
to scare us again.

"Maybe I am but the offer stands."

None of us responded, absolutely shy to the thought.

"It's your turn, Hayes. Did you enjoy yourself?"

Kimberley blushed. "Yes, I did. It was very nice indeed, Evelyn. I don't know
why I hadn't thought of doing it to myself before you told us. I did it for the
whole fifteen minutes and loved every minute but I don't think I got as worked up
as the other three. I never made any noise and I'm sure I didn't have what Jonie

"My orgasm," Jonie prompted.

"Yes. I mean no I didn't have an orgasm. Gosh it sounds so crude, orgasm, don't
you think? But it was so soothing I fell asleep as soon as I saw the fifteen minutes
were up and didn't stir until Mum woke me up this morning."

"Well, little children, you've had but your first taste of sex and I've got much more
to teach you. The next thing you'll have to learn is how to train yourself to come
quickly and also how to hold off your orgasm for as long as you want. Three of
you have still to experience your first one so I suggest you practice after school at
my place."

Loud objections rose from all of us.

"You can have separate rooms if you're that shy in front of each other. The silly
thing is that you all know what the others will be doing and you've talked about it
in front of all of each other. So what's so wrong with lying on the carpet in the
same room and making yourself feel good? You'd probably all have your eyes
closed anyway. I'll even drop my knickers and do it with you so no one is left out.
Think about it and we'll decide democratically when we're all together. Don't talk
about it meanwhile."

The bell for next class rang just as she had finished.

"Four o'clock at my place. Don't be late. We'll finish by six if you need to phone
your parents."

Schoolwork wasn't on my mind at all during the afternoon and I could see the
others didn't have their heart in the lessons either. Evelyn's house was almost in
the centre of a circle around our four homes so it was very convenient. I had
already told Uncle Ben that I would be home later so didn't need to phone him.

We decided to walk together for no one wanted to arrive there first on their own.
Evelyn opened the door, wearing a bathrobe and ushered us into the living room.

Chapter Four
"All on time again. Congratulations. You'll find the time goes very fast when
you're enjoying something so we'll get straight down to it. I'm going to show you
something before you start your pleasures."

We were all hesitant and scared by what was to come, touching ourselves in front
of the others that is, and Evelyn was conscious of it.

She took off her robe and stood, wearing a petticoat. I was sure she didn't have a
bra on because her large tits wobbled a lot.

"Now firstly, there is nothing wrong with looking at another girl while she's
undressed. We all know what is under every girl's clothes, don't we?"

We shuffled self-consciously.

"You have all looked at your nakedness in the mirror, I'm sure. And we're
basically all the same. Maybe some are fatter, or thinner, bigger tits or almost
none at all, lousy legs or great ones. It makes no difference. We all have tits,
bums and pussies. Agreed?"

"Yes," we mumbled.

"Right. Now I'm going to describe in detail the functions of a woman's pussy."
She sat on the carpet and told us to kneel close behind her. It felt a bit spooky to
me and I began to perspire when she openly hitched up her petticoat around her
waist and spread her legs wide apart. "I'm doing it this way because this will be
your own assignments tonight." She then positioned a mirror in front of her pussy
and angled it so she, and of course, we too, could see clearly into the deep pink
slit of her sex.

"This is my pussy, ladies. This is what every boy and man in this world wants to
plug with his cock, hand or anything else he can think of."

Susie gasped from embarrassment.

"Keep watching, Morrow, or you'll fail tomorrow's test. See my pubic hair. Lots
more than yours I'll bet, but give yourself a little longer and yours will be the
same." One hand held the puss lips apart. "The outer lips," she said, sliding
fingers around the rim of the puffy edges. "And here, the inner lips or labia.
These are the lips you would have stroked so lovingly last night. See how much
pinker they are? It's because millions of little blood vessels are close to the
surface to feed the nervous system and that's why they are so sensitive. Here is
the little hole we pee through." She rubbed a finger over the wet little hole. I was
surprised at how tiny it looked.

"It might be small but stretches when a stream is forced through it. Now you've
still got something I haven't," she went on, her fingers moving downwards.

"What do you think it could be?"

"My cherry," Jonie answered immediately.

"Very good. Yes, you're still virgins and there's a barrier called your hymen just
inside your pussy lips. You can poke your finger inside, very carefully I might
add, and feel it. The first time you have sex, it is broken forever. See how my
whole finger slides inside my pussy. You can't do this until you let a man in

We all watched in silence as her index finger slid the full length in and out of her
pussy. "This is also the channel from which your monthly periods flow. I take it
you are all free of the curse at present." We all nodded.

She finally withdrew her finger and wiped the wetness on her other hand.

"It's nice doing that but a cock feels much better, believe me. Now there's just
one more spot. The most important, as you'll soon realise. This little cover," she
said, pushing back some skin at the top of her slit, "This is where the most
pleasure comes for a woman. Do you know what it is?"

Silence reigned.

"This ladies is your clitoris. It is most like a man's cock for it swells when you're
aroused and gives the most incredible feelings. When you masturbate, this..."

"What does that mean, Evelyn?" Kimberley asked. "Masterate?"

"It's masturbate, Hayes. That's what you did to yourselves last night. You
masturbated. Most women do it from time to time but boys and men do it
probably more often than having sex with a woman. Especially if the man has no
wife or lover. But what they do is quite different to us. You'll learn about their
nasty ways tomorrow. Now back to what I was saying, "This will become the
focal point of your sexual life. This little nub of flesh is what you will want your
partner to stroke or poke or suck or nibble or lick or kiss or rub or nuzzle more
than anything else."

We all listened in silence. I'm sure the others were coming to terms with all the
things men did to our clitoris. I was too but more so, I thought deeply about
what she said about men without a wife. They masturbated. Oh, gosh, Uncle
Ben masturbates, just like I did last night. I couldn't believe it.

"I see I've finally got your full attention at last. Well believe me, they'll all want
to do it and it will be very nice. The best. Better than when they push their
cock right up inside your pussy...""I think I'm going to be sick," Susie gasped.

"Nonsense," Evelyn looked around. "Just believe me, it gives you the best
feelings. But there's one important thing. You must learn to know what feels best
for you so that when your lover finally gets you alone and the heavy breathing
starts, you can guide him to the ways that make you feel the best. If you don't it's
slam, bam, thank you ma'am and he's finished and falling asleep before you begin
to feel sexy let alone satisfied. Do you all understand?"

We all said yes in one way or another but I was sure there was a lot more to it
than being that simple. Hopefully if we kept up this so-called class, we might
eventually understand a lot more. What she showed us today though was a
total education about my puss that I had never even thought about before.
And Uncle Ben, masturbating? I wonder how often he does it? And how?

"Now I want to say something about what men want to do when a couple first
become amorous. They love to watch you undress, a strip tease as it were and
they love to help you do it. In fact many men want you to remain totally still
while they undo every button, zipper and catch right down to the suspenders and
bra. I think they fantasize about it so much that when the occasional chance
comes their way, they want to do everything. So you'll have to get used to
undressing without being embarrassed. Be shy by all means for they love that. It's
the power of the male and all that stuff. But if he wants to watch you or do it
himself, let him. Be little Miss Innocent and blush for all your worth but never be
nervous. It'll take some practice because baring your all isn't easy. So we're
going to start right now."

"Evelyn," Susie wailed. "I don't want to take my clothes off in front of

"Me either," I said nervously.

"I didn't say you were going to, but it will be a test for you. Remember, no
nervousness and you can blush as much as you want. Now line up in front of the
settee," she directed as she sat down on it.

Without saying more she leaned over and ran her hands up under my skirt and
began to slide my panties down. I couldn't believe it and jumped backwards,
slipping over onto the carpet.

"Stand up and be still," was all Evelyn said.

I looked at the others and they looked as shocked as I felt.

"Remember, no embarrassment. If I were your boyfriend, you'd be a disaster."

I stood up and she continued until the pink undies were around my ankles. She
made me lift one foot and then the other then picked them up and laid them neatly
out at one end of the settee. I knew I was blushing like never before and realised
I had let this happen without saying one word.

Jonie was next and she made no objection at all. In fact she was smiling to
herself as black lace slid downwards. Evelyn laid them out beside mine.

Kimberley jumped as Evelyn moved in front of her and gasped a questioning
"Uhm," while her face was the picture of devastation but she too didn't object.
Her pink cotton panties were laid beside the others.

"No," Susie said, backing away slightly. She didn't want to do it but she didn't
want to be the only one to object. Evelyn just indicated with her hand that she
wanted Susie to step up and finally she gave in.

"I really don't want to do this," she whimpered. "Please don't tell anyone, Evelyn."
Tears flowed down her face but she allowed Evelyn's hands to roam under her
face but she allowed Evelyn's hands to roam under her skirt and stepped out of
her bright red panties as they fell around her ankles.

"Well now, we're all the same. Naked pussies. Can't you feel the freedom?"

I agreed I could and it felt rather naughty.

"Alright. We're going to have two votes," Evelyn said as she handed us each two
pieces of blank paper and a pen. "You will write either yes or no to the following
questions. The first is: Do you want to masturbate together in this room? Now
remember this, you all know everyone has done it and you are going to do it
again. It'll be a lot easier for me to supervise. Write your answer."

I had thought a lot about it and intended to say no, that I wanted to be in a
separate room but something made me change my mind. I think there's an evil
gnome mixing up my brain at present. Anyway I wrote yes and laid it face down
on the table just as the others did. It wasn't a secret ballot because Evelyn then
turned up our answers and left them in front of each voter. I thought they were
going to think me sick because I said yes but surprise, surprise. Everyone agreed.

"That saves me a lot of time," Evelyn said and then continued. "The second vote
is for sometime later once you've begun to understand your sexual needs better.
Write yes or no to this: Do you want to explore the body of other girls and allow
them to do the same to you?"

"Oh," Susie gasped. "I didn't think... Oh, what must I..."

"Just mark your answer as you want, Morrow. Leave out the hysterics."

I had never once felt the desire to do so until Evelyn put the idea into our heads.
At least we were all friends and had seen each other in various states of undress
many times in the change rooms. But to touch and be touched was more than
naughty, and it made me feel very sexy. I wrote yes again.

Evelyn read out the results as she turned each vote over. "Yes, yes, no, yes. I
guess that leaves you as the only dissenter, Morrow."

"I'm sorry, really," she looked around at each of us trying to make us understand

"It's alright, Morrow. It's simply your choice and you won't be forced. I'm sure
the others understand your reluctance."

"It's not that I don't like you. You're my friends," she whined at us. "I didn't think
you would want to."

"Morrow, let's not have any dramatics. It won't happen for a week or so and you
might just change your mind. Well, we've got just over half an hour to give
yourselves an orgasm with no parental constraints. To make it a little easier on
the more reluctant ones, I think you can lay down on the rug with your heads in
the centre and your feet pointing to each corner. At least then, you'll keep your
pussies from the other's gazes. Everyone on their backs, knees wide apart and
heels tucked into your bottom. Remember your clitoris, that's the spot but don't
forget how nice it felt when you stroked your labia last night. Start now and I
will tell you when fifteen minutes are up. You'll need just as long to calm down

I tried to relax but realising all four of us were doing such an illicit thing and in
front of this older girl who apparently was going to make sure we were doing it
right, well, it made me more and more tense. I wet my finger and began to slowly
stroke my lips, finding that the whole of my puss was sodden with the sticky
substance I found last night. It made my fingertips slide easily and soon the
sensations were building just like last night. Jonie who was on one side of me
was already moaning from her pleasures, just a few grunts coming from the

"Try your finger here," Evelyn said as I felt her lift my hand off the tender puss
lips and press against my newfound clitoris. My eyes were closed but it didn't
take a genius to realise she was kneeling directly in front and looking at
everything I owned. Wide open puss lips, clitoris and probably even my bottom

Oh, goodness, what have I got myself into, I thought but when she took my
fingertip between her fingers and began to vibrate it across my clitoris, modesty
left me completely. She let go and I moved my finger all the faster, realising that
the harder I pressed, the narrower the knife-edge I seemed to be walking along,
got. It was good, very good, much more sensitive than last night. Much deeper
sensations that seemed to cover my whole crotch and my nipples that were still
covered thank heavens.

I knew I was moaning and crying out with the best of them and the other girl's
noises meant nothing. All I wanted was to make my body respond more and
more. I was trembling with sensations that simply took control and it seemed the
knife-edge was so narrow I could only fall off. Sure enough, my whole nervous
system exploded as shuddering sensations wracked my legs and torso. I was out
of control as lightening tore through me, causing my head to bob up and down,
face quivering with emotion, moaning cries rising to the ceiling. My orgasm had
shown itself to me for the first time. Oh, what a wondrous feeling it was. I
knew I was calming down because eventually my leg muscles stopped doing their
own thing and my whole body subsided into a period of blissful relaxation.

I did this. I made my body show me pleasures I had never dreamed of. Others
around me were still finding their pleasures because the loudness still
reverberated but I didn't care. I was feeling just fine. I could sleep for a whole
week without any trouble. I laid and enjoyed.

"Keep going," I heard a voice say. "Come on, do it again. As many as you can
give yourself in fifteen minutes."

A hand pressed my fingers against a still quivering clitoris and rotated them over
the surface. I was weak with expended energy but I could feel the sensations
rising again almost instantly. I wriggled and pressed the four fingers over my
puss and mainly against the most wondrous clitoris and soon felt my legs
vibrating again. It was all happening so quickly this time I couldn't believe it. I
was crying freely, half squealing as a second orgasm rose swiftly inside my puss.
It was much faster this time, like the froth in a washing machine as it began to
overflow. I couldn't stop my fingers from as it began to overflow. I couldn't
stop my fingers from their task. They had taken over this time and as the
explosion erupted, all breath was driven from my lungs and I struggled to breathe
for what seemed a lifetime. And then it laid me down softly as the sensations
slowly subsided. I was in heaven, I thought. I made myself come twice and lie
still feeling the pleasures dwindling and yet cling to me. How long would they
take to go away? Surely, it couldn't be any better than this? How could it?

The others were sighing or half sobbing and I knew we had all succeeded. We
were all jubilant and half asleep. We were learning what being a woman was all

Evelyn left us in peace for a long time until finally her soft voice told us it was
time to go.

"You've learned much, ladies," she said as we began to sit up, pulling our skirts
down in automatic modesty. "You all achieved orgasms, three of you twice. Well
done. Tonight in the privacy of your rooms I want each of you to draw your pussy
by looking in a mirror just as I did for you. Fill in all the details and have a ruler
handy. I want each drawing to be exactly life-size. No names in case it should
fall into wrong hands. And after that you can practice again if you want. Just
remember the noise though. parents know more than you give them credit for."

Chapter Seven
Lunchtime the next day, we all arrived together to the meeting place; a seat
furthest from the school and Evelyn was already waiting.

"My, my. We're all smiles today," she joked. "What's caused this then?

"You," Jonie said as she handed over her drawing. I took mine from a book I had
been clutching all morning. As Susie handed hers over, we heard her whisper,
"Evelyn, I want the girls to touch me too. Can I change my mind please?"

"Sure, Morrow. I thought you would. Hey good drawing too."

I was proud of my effort, which had taken over two hours to complete. I'd shaded
it and made sure the length of my puss lips were exact as well as the width of my
clitoris. I even tried to draw in the legs and squiggled in a lot of curly hair
surrounding my puss. The little pee-hole was the easiest. I handed it to Evelyn.

"That's very good too." She looked at Kimberley's and congratulated her too. "I
really didn't expect this high standard of work. Well done. I've marked them one
to four in alphabetical order so I'll know who is who but no one else will. They'll
remain with me always."

"What will you do with them, Evelyn?" Kimberley asked.

"Probably look at them and start touching herself," Jonie said with a giggle.

"I just might. But once you've left school, they'll be framed and hung in my
bedroom. Four juicy pussies that had been poked in my face one special night."
It sent us into fits of laughter.

"Well I was going to show you what a man hides between his legs. Do you want
to see or not?"

The answer was obvious. This was what it was really all about.

She looked around and then brought a book from her bag. She opened it at a
marked page held it up to show us a black and white photo of a crinkly little
finger of flesh hanging down between a mans legs. It seemed to be nestled
against a bag with two rounded lumps. "This, ladies, is man's pride and joy. His
cock. His penis to be more accurate."

"It looks so insignificant," Kimberley said. "What makes them so proud of that?"

"It doesn't always look like that," Evelyn said. "I guess you could say this is in a
state of sleep. See the tip here. You can just see a crease. That's where he pees
from and these things behind his cock are his testicles."

"His balls," Jonie added.

"They do mostly call them that, Sullivan. The two testicles actually manufacture
their sperm inside the scrotum, that's the pouch of skin here, but the sperm is
stored in a sac somewhere near their bladder. I'm sure you've all heard the term,
'Kick him in the balls'?

I had and so had the other girls. "That's if someone tries to rape me," Susie said.


"Because it's the most tender part of his whole body. If you grabbed his pouch, his
balls, and squeezed, it brings on the most intense sickening pain and usually
flattens them. They can't even stand up for minutes afterwards. I guess kicking
them there would be all the worse. But if instead, you ran your fingers lightly
over the surface it brings on the most erotic feelings a man can experience. His
sexual drive stems solely from what's between his legs. We get sexy feelings
from lots of areas but he can only think of his cock and balls. That's all he ever
wants stroked and when you do it this is what happens."

I gasped when she brought out a magazine that showed a close-up photograph of
this huge curved thing that was pointing towards the sky.

"It does look like a banana but not yellow," I gasped which set Evelyn into wild

"I couldn't imagine it ever being yellow," she laughed. "Unless he caught some
dreaded disease. At least it has the same shape."

"Someone once told me their father's looked like a banana and all I pictured was
this yellow thing. I didn't know."

"That's not what they do it with though, is it, Evelyn?" Kimberley asked.

"If you mean to fuck you, it surely is."

"But it wouldn't fit. It's too big," she said, her eyes bulging.

"What makes it change shape?" I now realised why Uncle Ben was so self-
conscious about me sitting on his lap sometimes.

"The moment a man thinks or sees or hears or starts to do something that is
remotely sexy something triggers his brain and blood rushes into this little bit of
gristle," Evelyn explained, pointing back to the first photo. "In seconds he looks
like this or something in between. Sometimes he grows just a little at first and
when his partner begins to stimulate him, either by kissing him or stroking his
cock, he hardens up instantly."

"How does he masturbate then?" I asked. "The pee-hole is so small."

"He does it quite differently. He takes his erection in his hand and runs it back
and forth along the whole length. Most men come much more quickly than we do
and that's why we have to learn to keep them from exploding until we have our
orgasm. Otherwise, once he ejaculates, all he wants to do is roll over and go to

"Does ejaculate mean something like shoot?" Susie asked shyly. I had never
heard the word either.

"That's an apt description, Morrow. That's exactly what they do. When they
achieve orgasm, sperm shoots out of the tip of their cock in very strong spurts.
It's all white and gooey and is meant to be lodged as deep inside our vagina as
possible to give the sperm the best chance fertilizing the egg that might be ready
in our womb."

"So that's what happens. I've seen television pictures of fish fertilizing their
eggs but I never knew how people did it. Does it hurt?" Susie again.

"Not at all. I guess I've felt the spurts a few times because they were so strong
but as we both have the same body temperatures, you hardly notice it."

"Doesn't it simply run out when he stops?" Susie again, I thought to myself.

"Sure but the strongest little sperms, they're microscopic you know, are already
swimming up our vulva towards their only goal, to be the first to attach itself to
our waiting egg. The moment that happens, boom and you're pregnant."

"Gosh, I don't want to do it at all then," Susie said again.

"I do," Jonie stated matter of factly.

"It means you must protect yourself all the time," Evelyn said. "Here, I've
brought these for you. Two condoms each. Keep them in your purse and if the
time ever comes when you give in to a boy who hasn't got one, at least there a
good chance you won't get pregnant and you won't catch any diseases. Of course,
the Pill is the easiest but I'm sure your mothers won't be too happy about letting
you use that right now, and the Pill will not stop you catching Aids or some other
nasty if you pick the wrong guy to dally with."

"I wouldn't be game to ask Mum anyway," Kimberley said.

"Me either," Susie added.

"I've already got a packet," Jonie said. "But I don't use them."

"How did you get them?" I asked, enviously.

"My sister. She takes them all the time, I mean one every morning. Mum
knows. I think she does it with her boyfriend but she won't say."

"If you've got a boyfriend, you can bet you'll get up to naughty things before long,
and when you've done it once you'll want to do it again and again," Evelyn told
her. "You're probably right."

"Evelyn, wouldn't he make a mess of himself if the sperm shoots out so fast?
He'd get it all over himself,"

I asked. "Do they do other things too?"

"You're right," she said. "One of my boyfriends told me he always wore a rubber
and when his pleasure was over he just threw the condom full of sperm down the
toilet. One of my boyfriends went berserk every time he saw me taking my
panties down and he took them home with him. When he gave them back they
were always crunched up into a little ball and hard as anything. He rubbed his
cock with my panties and shot the stuff into them then screwed them up and put
them away so his mother wouldn't find them."

"Did you have to throw them away?"

"No, it washes out, silly. But I must say, letting him watch me take my undies off
always made him so randy. He was a good lover."

"Why did you stop doing it with him then?" This came from me before I even

"It was sad," she said with a far off look in her eyes. "His parents moved away
and I've never seen him since."

"Did you really take all your clothes off in front of him, Evelyn?" Kimberley

"Only when we were inside, when our parents were out. Otherwise we did it in his
car or in a forest or somewhere secluded. Then he just unzipped his fly and I
lowered my panties a little. If anybody had ever caught us, we would have been
at least decent."

"And you never got pregnant?" Jonie asked. "I took the pill and always made them
use a condom, every boy I did it with. It's important to make sure the damn thing
doesn't slip off his cock until it's well away from your pussy too. I've heard of
little accidents like that."

"Gosh, it sounds so complicated," Susie wailed. "I'd be too scared to do any of
this with a boy."

"I want to do it, it seems so exciting." Jonie said and I could see she was very
worked up.

"I'm sure you're going to be a little raver, Sullivan. You're a very sexy girl,"
Evelyn said with a smile. I was very envious.

"There's no class tonight, girls," Evelyn said as she put the pictures away and all
of us moaned with disappointment. "And I'll be away on a trip tomorrow over
lunch. We'll meet at my place after school and I want twenty dollars from each of

I was so surprised because Evelyn had never mentioned anything about charging
for her class.

"Twenty dollars? What for, Evelyn?" Kimberley asked with surprise.

"It's not for me," she said. "I'm hiring a special video for you. You'll finally get to
see people having real sex with all the details. Even sperm. In fact it'll cover two
videos but the second one will be for later on. It will show some of the more
beastly things men do to us. You need to see it so you won't be surprised when
someone first tries."

"Gosh," Susie blushed.

"Can everyone bring that much?"

"You bet," Jonie said and we all responded likewise.

Chapter Five
As I walked home that night I wondered what Uncle Ben would say if he knew I
was going to see something like that tomorrow. He'd probably turn white and
forbid me but I had no intention of telling him. I was finally keeping a secret
from my Uncle. I knew I would feel bad about it so decided I would be extra nice
to him tonight.

Meanwhile I had an assignment to do for Evelyn as well as the usual homework.
But Evelyn's was the most exciting. We all had to draw our left breast while the
nipple was hard and raised and then carefully write dimensions just like an
architect does on a house plan. Evelyn had shown us on a slip of paper so I knew
what to do.

Stripping my blouse and bra off I looked at the swelling for some time in the
mirror and realised how lovely they looked. I had touched my breasts quite
frequently and seen the nipple rise up so it took just a few seconds of fondling to
achieve the result. I positioned a mirror at the side of the breast so I could get a
side on reflection in the big mirror on my dressing table. With my ruler I wrote
down all the sizes; thickness and length of the extended nipple, width of the
aureole, distance between both nipples, width and height of my breast. Luckily it
was still very firm; well it should be, I thought. I am still only seventeen. I was a
fair artist and quite pleased with my work. I coloured in the nipple and made sure
the crinkly taut skin where the nipple rose from my aureole was clearly outlined.
I stroked my breast again to tighten the nipple and when I held it up against the
mirror image, found the likeness was very real.

I was just finishing when the front door slammed.

"I'm home darling," Uncle Ben called out.

In a frantic rush I grabbed my blouse and put it on, doing up the buttons as I
scurried downstairs. What if he had caught me?, I thought. It would be so
embarrassing. Then I remembered the drawing was still laying on my dressing
table. Uncle Ben rarely came into my room but if he did, he would see it without
fail. I turned to run back as he called me. "Can you take this dear? I've got to run
to the toilet." He left me with his bag, coat and parcel of groceries. "Put them
away," he called out.

If I ran upstairs now he would hear me because the floor squeaked and I had to
pass the toilet. I had to hope he wouldn't look in. Please let him come straight
down I prayed to myself.

I was sure he hadn't but when he arrived back, I saw him look straight at my
breasts. I turned deep red but he said nothing. We made dinner and several times
I caught him glancing at my chest as he sat opposite. He knows, I thought and I
bit my lip to stop a watershed of tears. I was near telling him I was sorry for
drawing it when he leaned over and said, "Darling, there's two buttons undone on
your blouse. It's gaping wide open."

I gasped and looked down all at once and found my bosoms were almost poking
out for I hadn't even put my bra back on. He could see the valley between my
mounds but with all the worrying about being caught out for drawing a tit, I never
realised I was so undressed. In my rush to redress when he came home, I had
missed them.

My face was bright red as I closed the gaping hole and decided to brazen it out.

"Why, Uncle Ben you naughty man, you've been looking all this time. Why didn't
you tell me right away?"

It was his turn to squirm and I'm sure his face was redder than mine had been.

"I'm sorry, darling. I didn't want to embarrass you. I didn't see your... I couldn't...
It didn't worry me, truly," he stammered, returning to the food in front of him.

I moved around the table to his side. "I know you wouldn't have looked. I was
just teasing. Anyway, your almost as good as my father so I suppose you have
every right to look at my... at these, if you want to." I was thinking how smart it
would have been to say but couldn't believe I had blurted it out. I kissed the side
of his cheek and quickly sat down again. It was my turn to concentrate on my

"You are a wonderful girl," he said and I saw his wide smile as I looked up.

"I didn't mean to say that, Uncle."

"It's alright, darling. It's wonderful that you can talk that way to me. You're so
open, it makes me feel proud."

"I do love you, Daddy," I smiled back at him and we both realised together what I
had called him.

"You called me, Daddy," he said, a little flustered.

"It just slipped out," I said. "But it's true you are more like my Daddy than my
real Daddy was."

"Time has changed your memory," he smiled back at me.

"No, I mean it. You love me more than Dad ever did and I love you more too." I
looked at him for a moment and then added, "Uncle Ben, would you mind if I
called you Daddy all the time instead of Uncle Ben?"

"Well," he sat back in his chair, trying to think of an answer. "I don't see why
not. Yes, I'd like that, dear. I'd be proud to have you call me Daddy."

I walked to his side and kissed him for longer than I had meant to. "Thank you,
Daddy. I'm glad we talked about this."

We were becoming a mutual admiration society, I thought but I wanted something
more. I wanted intimacy with him. More than girls usually had with their parents
and I was sure it could be made to happen. It might just take a little time.

"I've got a bit of homework to finish," I said. "Would you mind if I didn't help you
clean up tonight? I'll be down for the movie."

Of course he didn't mind.

I placed my drawing inside one of my books and finished the rest of my work in
time to shower, pull on my nightdress, nothing underneath again, and join Daddy
on the sofa as the movie began.

"What's it about?" I knew because I'd read the guide last night. He'd chosen some
tear-jerker that sounded lousy.

"There's a better one on channel six," I said reaching for the guide. "See, this

I held it up for him to read. It was classified mature adult because of adult
themes, nudity and sex scenes.

"It's alright. I know you like watching those," I whispered near his ear. "I don't
mind, besides I might learn something," I giggled.

"You really shouldn't be seeing movies like this," he squirmed but flicked the
channel over anyway. "Would you mind sitting beside me, dear? My legs..."

"I do know why you want me off your knee, Daddy, but it's alright. I know that
men get erections," I whispered, my lips near his ear again, our cheeks together.
"Please let me stay here," I pleaded. "It doesn't worry me."


"Just hold me, Daddy. Hold me tightly, like your little girl."

Both my arms were around his neck and shoulders and he couldn't have prised me
off if he wanted to. I snuggled my face against his, he looking at the television,
me looking over the back of the sofa.

"You can't see, dear," he complained.

"It doesn't matter. I'll know when the good bits happen."

"What do you mean?"

"That's when this hard thing presses into me and your breathing gets faster," I

"That's naughty," he gasped.

"I know."

"Maybe we shouldn't do this, sweetheart. Would you like to play a game


His arms tightened around me and I felt his face press into mine. It was very
comforting and I felt secure in his arms.

"I love you, Daddy," I whispered, not listening to the film.

"You're being very naughty," he whispered back, but his hand stroked my bottom
in acceptance. "You deserve a spanking."

"One day I might let you," I replied and immediately I felt his hardness rise
against me.

"Is she undressed?" I asked.


"So what made it hard?"

"You did, and it must stop."

"Yes, Daddy. I'll be your good little girl."

I had no idea why I said these things. They just seemed sexy and I blurted them

After that, we were silent, Daddy breathing faster and his whatsit pushing into my
bottom cheek from time to time. He wriggled but couldn't stop the hardness from
making it's presence felt. I took no interest in the sound and in fact drifted off to
sleep, waking when he tried to move from under me.

"It's over," he said.

"Was it good?"

"Oh, OK I suppose."

"Plenty of uhm, bare breasts, I suppose?"

"Don't be crude. But yes, there were a few."

"I know. I felt them," I said giggling into his shoulder.

"Now stop it, darling. It's embarrassing."

I lifted my head and looked straight into his eyes. With a voice so serious it even
surprised me, I said, "Daddy we're a team. There shouldn't be any secrets
between us and living together should be fun. You shouldn't be embarrassed
about sex in front of me. I know men like to see naked women. They all do, it's
natural. Why are there so many girlie magazines on the news-stands and why is
pornography so popular? Because it excites men. Why should you be any
different? I don't mind if you look at their boobs on tv or even if you brought
home some of those books to read. It wouldn't upset me in the least. In fact I'd
like to read them too. I've never seen inside one and it intrigues me. When I'm
with you I'm not embarrassed about anything and I don't want to keep any secrets
from you. Nothing. It's because I love my Daddy and trust him with everything.
Can you understand that, Daddy?"

His eyes never left mine for a moment and when I'd finished he swallowed hard.
Our faces were close together and I felt him holding me by my rib cage, very

After a long pause, with tears making his eyes sparkle he said, "What did I do to
deserve a daughter like this? So mature in her understanding. So beautiful and
so wonderful. Definitely beautiful. You're right, we are a team and there's no
reason in this world why there should be any secrets between us at all. I love you,

He kissed me right on the lips. Nothing bordering on sensual as they do in the
movies, just a loving kiss of deep friendship.

"You've never kissed me on the lips before, Daddy. It was nice. I'm glad we had
this talk and I'm glad we'll have no secrets. But it's only between us, right? You
wouldn't tell anyone about any of our secrets? I'd simply die if anyone found out I
sat on your knee so I could feel your erection."

"Well perhaps that's getting a little too personal but you're right, I do get an
erection when I see naked women."

"It must be difficult for you now that Aunt Patricia's gone. For sex, I mean. I
read that men need to do it regularly."

"It's true." He was uncomfortable, I could see but I kept on. "You don't have any
friends, any ladies, though, Daddy."

"I have you," he smiled, the tears welling again but he was in control.

"That's not what I meant."

"I know. No, I haven't had any lady friends since your mother died."

"There's girls you could pay."

"I couldn't do that, it's not right," he replied but he didn't sound convincing.

"Lot's of men do."

"You're right but it's not for me," he blushed deeply.

"Then how...?"

"Please let's not talk about that now, darling," he said as his voice almost broke.
"Maybe another time. I'm still getting used to this thing called no secrets."

"So you've got a secret you're not telling me about?"

"I guess so. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough."

"You're a brave man to me right now, darling Daddy," I whispered and touched
his nose with mine. "I've got a secret to show you," I said looking slyly. "But
you'll have to carry me upstairs."

"Why upstairs?"

"Because that's where it is. In my bedroom."

"You're not going to get...?"


"Undress in front of me or something?" He struggled to say the words.

"Would you like me to, Daddy?" I looked seriously at him.

"That's not the point. What we talked about tonight, about me looking at naked
women. You're not intending to do that because of what I said?"

"Carry me upstairs and see, you silly thing," I giggled and kissed his lips.

"Oh, what have I let myself in for?" He wailed as he lifted me effortlessly into his

"This is nice, Daddy. I want you to lay me on my bed..."

"Please don't do something we'll later regret, dear," he pleaded, not wanting to
break the spell we'd cast over ourselves.

"Lay me in my bed and tuck me in, I meant. Oh, you are a silly thing," I giggled.
"It will be just like when I was little. Then I'll show you my secret."

"Thank goodness that's all," he breathed a sigh of relief.

I pulled the covers back while he still held me and then he lowered me gently
onto the bed, pulling the blankets up around my chin.

"You look beautiful, you know."

"You've already told me."

"You remind me so much of..."

"Of what?"

"I'll tell you some other time."

"More secrets, Daddy?" I accused him. "Now, can you pass me that book. Yes,
the one near my bra."

As I took it I held it to my chest and patted the bed for him to sit beside me.

"You look as timid as a bridegroom on his wedding night," I giggled.

"I'm fearing what you're going to do," he smiled back.

"You remember how I was showing off my bust to you this evening?"

"How could I forget that?"

"Well it was unintentional, believe me. When you came home tonight, I was
doing something up here that until now I would have not told you about for
anything. So I quickly grabbed my blouse, forgot about not wearing a bra and
raced downstairs not realising I had left the two most strategic buttons undone.
This was what I was doing, drawing for anatomy class. It's an all girl one."

He took the drawing and studied it at length, glancing from time to time towards
me, taking it all in.

"And this is your...?"

"It is a life size drawing of my left one, here," I patted my left tittie, "With all the

"It is a beautiful breast," he murmured, as his fingertips ran over the page. "One
day I will photograph you just like this. Would you mind?"


"You're the image of your Aunt. Did you realise that?"

"I never thought about it. Did you photograph her like this, Daddy?"


"Can I see it?"

"Yes, one day."

"Daddy, will you lay on my pillow and hold my hand until I go to sleep?"

"If you like."

He lay down, taking my free hand between both of his. We looked at each other
and as he said, "Good night, darling," our lips touched and remained together. I
closed my eyes.

I never felt him leave but woke the next morning on my own.

Chapter Six
After the first twenty minutes, Evelyn's video got a bit boring. At first our eyes
were glued to the television screen as we watched a man with a definite sneer on
his face walk into a bedroom. A woman came into view from and began to
undress him, moaning and gasping as she did so. I couldn't work out why but she
never stopped making those noises. When his pants slipped to the floor to reveal
he had no underwear on, we all wolf-whistled him. She took the limp penis in her
hands and began to rub him but it was a long time before he grew to any size at

"I guarantee any boy you do that to will be hard as a rock in seconds," Evelyn
said. "These guys have probably fucked half a dozen other girls before this one
and after the first one they begin to lose their stamina. After six it is just plain
torture to get it up at all. I've read all about the pornographic film industry."

"Shush," Jonie said because the woman had just kneeled down and sucked his
limpness into her mouth.

"Oh, yuk," Susie groaned. "I couldn't do that."

"You would for someone you loved," Evelyn said. "They all love it."

Once he was hard, he stripped her clothes off in seconds and for the first time I
watched a man and woman fucking, for want of a better term. It was certainly not
love making, there was no loving shown from either one. Just a series of
unconvincing groans and grunts and it looked like neither was enjoying any of
what they were doing. Every now and then he'd grab her breasts and squeeze and
maul them, sliding his lips over them so hard that it must have hurt.

Then he turned her over so she was kneeling on the bed as he began poking away
at her from behind. That made her drooping boobs bounce so much he couldn't
catch them for a moment. We all laughed at the stupidity of it. Finally, on her
back again, he pulled a face like he was in desperate agony, grunted a few times
and pulled his cock out as it splashed milky stuff onto her stomach.

Evelyn paused the video. "Well?" She asked.

"If that's it, I don't want to do it," Jonie said. "It was disgusting." We all agreed.

"I agree entirely, but that's pornography. In these films you never see loving
couples together and they always pull out just as he reaches his orgasm to show
the sperm shooting. men go for that sort of thing. We'll watch the next bit which
might open your eyes some more."

It was a new scene, the actors were younger and the girl even looked as though
she was enjoying her task of sucking the man's penis. He was standing up, she

"Typical male chauvinist," Susie muttered. "Why should the girl be the one to
kneel at his feet?"

"Because if he kneeled at hers, she'd never reach his cock," Jonie sniggered.

It seemed to go on forever. In and out of her mouth, time and time again. She
stroked his ball sac and he moaned almost on cue as the camera focused on his
face, which was always screwed up in what looked like agony. At last he grunted
louder and she released his cock but pointed it right at her still open mouth. I
couldn't believe what happened next. His sperm squirted out right into her
mouth, spurt after spurt, missing sometimes and landing over her face and hair. A
bit on her chin started to drip onto her breast but she remained quite still until he
had finished. Then unbelievably she sucked the soft thing back into her mouth as
though she was washing it or something. The last scene was a close-up of her
face with sperm trails all over it.

No-one spoke. It was deadly silence.

"Women do strange things to please their men," Evelyn said quietly, knowing we
were stunned at what we had seen. "Does anybody want to say something."

"If touching a girl feels nice enough, I'm never going to let a man near my body,"
Susie said with a disgusted voice.

"Have you ever done that, Evelyn," Kimberley asked quietly.

"I would think ninety five per cent of all women have at sometime in their life.
Yes I have and it's not as bad as it looks there. You don't have to let it splash all
over you. Anyway I'm sure they like it better when the girl keeps his cock in her
mouth until he finishes. She can then swallow it or release it down the sink."

"I couldn't do that," Kimberley said, her face quite pale. "Could you?" She asked

"I'm not sure. If I was in love with him I suppose everything about him is nice. It
might be quite different if it's someone you respect."

"I couldn't respect anyone who wanted to do that to me," Susie said making her
feelings quite clear.

"At least it's something you could do while you've got your periods," Jonie said.
"I'd probably let him do it then."

"You could use your hand then," Susie suggested.

"It's something each of you have got to come to terms with and you needed to
know what some men want to do. We can't meet again this week, but next
Monday you might be can't meet again this week, but next Monday you might
be put off more than ever with what's in the next video. It is more bizarre and
will probably shock you but you should see it. Knowledge is power, remember

"I do want to see it," Susie said. "But only to know what I have to stop them
doing to me."

"Just remember these videos are made for male viewing and many men don't
make such demands. You will work your sex lives out as you see fit, believe me,"
Evelyn said kindly.

"Well, you can watch the rest of this one but it's all similar. Or I can show you a
short one that's very special. You won't see all the detail but you will see a
normal couple making love. Which is it to be?"

We all cried out together, "The second one."

"There's just one condition and I want each of you individually to promise you
will never mention this to anyone. Repeat, not to anyone."

"I promise, Evelyn," Jonie said.

"So do I," I agreed.

"I won't tell anyone," Susie said.

"It will be my secret too," Kimberley said.

"I will kill you if I ever find out one of you did," Evelyn said seriously.

"Gosh," Susie said.

"Well, it's a very special video of two people and I borrowed it without them
knowing. It would devastate them if they knew."

She changed the tapes over and from the moment the screen lit up I knew it was
an amateur video using a home video camera.

It was set up in a bedroom, a double bed with covers folded back and no actors.
They arrived shortly, dressed in street clothes, hand in hand, the woman looking a
little nervous. I thought they were about Daddy's age, in their late thirties.

"I've waited all day for this, darling," the man said.

"That thing makes me nervous," she said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine. We can look back on this for years to come and when
we're seventy we'll laugh together."

He knelt in front of her, holding her thighs and asked for a kiss. She held his face
with obvious love as she leaned forward and they held each other's lips in a long

He reached up and began to undo her jacket and the blouse underneath. She
stood as he removed these, leaving her bra on. She turned her back for him to
unzip her skirt and then her bra but when she turned around again, she held that
garment in place.

"Time to display, darling," he cajoled and slowly moved her hands away to reveal
a pair of firm upturned breasts. He took his time kissing each nipple and
complimenting her attributes. Then he kneeled at her side and looked straight
into the camera. With a "Da, da," he slowly eased the black panties down her legs
and stroked his hand over the black mat of pubic hair.

Standing behind her, he encouraged her to look at the camera and smile as his
hands cupped her tits, stroking and gently squeezing. "Has my baby got a set of
jugs or what?" He asked the camera, bouncing her breasts with his fingertips.

His face was nuzzling her neck while he still tarried with her breasts and
eventually she turned and began undressing him. We weren't impressed with his
not so muscled chest or portly tummy but when she dropped his underpants a hard
firm cock sprang up and poked her hip.

"You're wet," she complained.

"Guess who's fault that is?"

"It's always mine, isn't it?" She was smiling proudly and continued to do so as she
looked directly at the camera and commented on his manhood. "The moment I
touch this it springs up. Quite impressive really, over eight inches long and three
inches thick and he knows how to use it. Oh," she finished and we could see the
blotchy blushes right down to her breasts. She laid him along the bed and began
to stroke his body, kissing every inch she had touched, running her tongue around
his nipples and belly button. She played with his upstanding cock and balls for
several minutes, putting the very tip of his cock between her lips as she kissed it
from time to time.

"Wait," he called out and she withdrew her hands, watching his crotch intently for
a few moments.

"Was it close?"


"Then you'd better do me for a while." She lay down beside him and raised her

He kneeled between her spread knees and kissed her passionately on the lips, a
smile of anticipation on each of their faces. Then slowly his lips moved down her
body, kissing eyes, nose, ears, neck and finally the tip of each breast, which stood
up firmly.

I glanced around and all eyes were glued to the screen, even Evelyn's. She was
smiling gently as she took it all in.

The man stayed attached to the breasts for a long time, kissing, licking, sucking
the nipples into his mouth and blowing then out again. He put his face between
the mounds and pressed them against his cheeks before shaking his head from
side to side and blowing hard. The sounds were very clear.

When he took a nipple between his teeth and stretched it upwards, making the
breast a pointed cone, Susie uttered an, 'ouch,' in sympathy but no one lost their
concentration. Finally he complimented her attributes, moving up to kiss her
quickly on the lips and then moved down again. He wasted little time on her
belly button once he had licked his tongue around the indentation and then he
moved to her widely presented puss.

We couldn't see any of the pinkness, just the thick hair surrounding her private
place. His fingers moved to where her slit was and obviously parted the lips
wider then immediately kissed them. Several of us gasped and I felt the stirrings
of arousal in my own loins as he continued.

"The most beautiful tulip in the world," he said aloud, looking up at her face with
a smile.

She was stroking her own breasts now and was in obvious bliss for her head
gently swayed from side to side on the pillow.

His face delved between her thighs again and I saw his tongue protruding just as
he joined with her.

"Oh, my god," Jonie whispered. "I think I'm going to come." No one seemed to

His face never rose from her puss after that. He moved his head from to side and
up and down rapidly, but whatever he was doing never ceased. She was
obviously aroused for her head was jerking up and sideways more often, she gave
out little moans, which became louder. Her hands were pushing his face harder
against her sex hole.

"He's licking and sucking her clitoris." Evelyn said quietly. "It drives you wild."

Jonie was shivering which made me glance towards her. She had her hand under
her skirt and moving it vigorously. I don't think Susie even realised one of her
hands was cupping her own breast. The man's hand was moving along his wife's
thighs and over her stomach, occasionally touching the edge of her breasts.

"Oh, Jim, now. I'm ready. Now, please. Quickly." She was shaking so much I
thought her orgasm had begun.

He moved quickly and I saw his penis slide easily inside her. Her legs wound
around his bottom and she locked then together with her feet. Her arms clung
tightly around his neck.

"Love me darling," she whispered and I saw his bottom begin to move up and
down. It was so different from the two scenes we saw on the last video. That
showed everything, the man's cock and her vagina, close-ups of her bosoms and
their bottom holes. All that.

This film left the viewer to imagine what was happening between them. We all
knew that between their pressed bodies a penis was being stroked in and out of
the woman's puss and it was happening because they loved each other. We didn't
have to see the detail, we just knew.

They were both moaning in varying degrees, her voice much louder, higher
pitched and synchronized to the thrusts he made into her. His thrusting increased
with more urgency and then she tightened her arms around his neck and shoulders
as her voice rose to a continuous squeal, her legs shuddering and raised above his
body. She had gained her orgasm and as she began to calm, so did he. His body
jumped so hard it seemed he had been electrocuted or something. A deep
groaning cry and his hips thrust at her like a piston and then quickly quietened

His whole body relaxed on top of her. She showed no discomfort at his weight,
her hands combing through his hair, as she kissed the side of his cheek. There was
silence for some seconds then he pushed his upper body up and looked down into
her face.

"That was wonderful, baby. It was so good," he said as he pecked at her lips.

"For me too. I love you so much, Jim darling. Oh, you have no idea how that
makes me feel."

She reached out and took a hand towel from her bedside drawers. "I'd better get
rid of it before it makes a mess," she said softly.

"I'll do it." He took the towel and pushed it between his legs. Then he quickly
lifted himself over her, his penis much softer but I thought, still big. It was shiny
and wet. His hands went between her legs again. "Sit up for a moment, darling,"
he said. "That's enough. Gosh, look how much."

We couldn't see anything for he folded the towel as he lifted it away from her and
dropped it on the floor. "Now for a rest," he said and moved back between her
legs and clamped his mouth to her opening once again.

"Oh, I can't stand it any longer," someone said and I suddenly realised Jonie was
having an orgasm right beside me. She was shuddering and moaning in quick

I looked back to see the man rising to lay beside his wife, a hand cupping one of
her breasts. "I think there's still a lot in there," he said. "It doesn't matter." They
kissed each other and entwined their arms as they snuggled together.

"Are you alright, Jonie?" Evelyn asked.

She was red faced but just nodded. Her hand had withdrawn from where it had
been. "I came," she said simply. "That's how I want to be fucked."

"I know what you mean. It was beautiful, wasn't it?"

We were all so overcome with emotion that no one wanted to talk. All I could
think of was picturing Daddy and me doing exactly the same things. I was nearly
ready to come myself, I thought, and yet I hadn't touched my puss at all. Strange
feelings were still bubbling inside and I suspected the others felt the same, even

"I think you should all go home, girls. You've seen how beautiful loving sex can
be. That's what you should always aim for."

She looked at Jonie. "Do you need to clean up a bit?"

"No, I'm OK. Just a bit damp, that's all."

Chapter Eight
I couldn't wait to get home and took a shower straight away. It was Friday and I
had the whole weekend with Daddy to myself. I didn't want to wait 'til after
dinner before we could begin to talk, to tease each other. The last week or so had
been a turning point in my life and I knew that I someday, soon I hoped, Daddy
would become more than my father and friend. Someday he would be my lover,
teacher, disciplinarian, and my husband.

I was sure he knew more was going on between us than was normally acceptable
between father and daughter, but he had made no move to stop it, although I had
been the one who took all the initiatives. I hoped that he accepted the closer,
intimate relationship that had developed in the last week as something he wanted
to happen too, not just going along with what I was doing for want of
embarrassing me and then possibly losing my trust, my closeness with him.
Surely he felt the sexual tension and liked it as well. Not that we had touched
each other sexually at all, it was innuendo and teasing but to me it was exciting
and I wanted more.

If we moved to the next stage, perhaps letting him see me undressed or touching
each other, would he continue to participate in my games or would he be
frightened off? Did he think of me in a sexual way? I think he did because of the
erections he had but then, most of those were from watching adult tv shows. He
certainly enjoyed looking at naked tits on the screen.

What would he do if I put his hand under my nightdress? Probably come, I
smiled to myself. And how does he cope with not having a wife to fuck? If he
knew I was willing to let him do it to me, would he do it or run a mile?

It was then that I decided each step of my seduction, for that was what it would
be, would progress very slowly. I had to be sure he was happy to move up the
scale of sexual sin or I might lose him completely. I was quite sure he would
make none of the first moves in any stage of our sexual growing together. But up
to now, once I had done or said something, like acknowledging his erections, he
never showed he wanted to stop. Perhaps I should stroke it one time, which
might be a good test. And what about his reaction when we talked about
spanking me? I saw his eyes light up at the thought. I hope he doesn't do it too

I met him as he opened the door, dressed in nothing more than a new nightdress
that fell to just above my knees. It was soft, pink, covering right up to my neck
but a panel in the bodice showed off my cleavage for what that was worth. A
size 10B bra means there is not a lot of mound to poke out the front but I thought
they still looked beautiful. The arms had short puffed sleeves and little flowers
were embroidered around the neckline. Three buttons at the back held the
garment together.

"Well, what's this?" He smiled and swept me into his arms, our cheeks touching. I
felt wonderful. "I like this kind of welcoming committee," he added. "Are you
tired, dear. Going to bed early?"

"Noooo," I said coyly. "I just wanted to look nice for my Daddy. Do you like it?"

"You look just beautiful." He hugged me again and ran his hand down my back,
just stopping short of my bottom crease.

"I've not nothing else on again," I smiled at him.

"I thought as much. Perhaps we should go to a nudist colony, then you could take
this off too."

"Oh, you're naughty," I smiled and pecked him on the lips. "Daddy I loved last
night so much that I wanted to begin earlier. Can we get home delivery for
dinner? Then we can snuggle up straight away. You could shower now."

"Sure, that would be nice. You order what you want and I'll go upstairs."

We'd been smiling at each other from time to time as we ate the pizza and fries.
There were almost electric signals passing between us and I was sure Daddy felt
them just as much as I. When we'd finished eating, I knelt on the sofa beside him.

"Do you know we've got tonight and two whole days that we can be together with
no-one else around?"

"Yes, we have. I hope no one interrupts us."

"The answering machine's on and I put a note on the front door to say we'll be
back late on Sunday night."

"Thought of everything, haven't you? Almost as though you've got something
planned. Have you?" He looked very serious as he looked into my eyes.

I put one hand against his cheek and pulled his face towards me, then whispered
in his ear. "Daddy, I've loved talking with you these last few nights. It's brought
us closer, don't you think?" He nodded. "And I've loved calling you Daddy. To
me you are my true real father, and yet I see you as more than that."

"Oh? How do you mean, dear?"

"Well, maybe it's just me but I think we've grown closer together than most
fathers and daughters. Do you feel that too?"

"Yes, I do," he smiled back, touching my hand.

"There's nothing wrong with talking about personal things, is there, Daddy? I
mean it seemed so natural for me to talk about you having an erection last night
and you didn't seem to mind. And we promised to have no secrets at all?"

"Yes, I remember."

"So if I asked you something very personal, you'd tell me the truth, whatever it

"That's what it means. I suspect you already know what you're going to ask."

"I'm just a young girl and I've got to ask to learn things," I complained with a pout.

"I think you know far more that I do," he smiled.

"How could I?" I looked at him with innocent eyes. "You're the one that's made
love to a woman. A man who's had sex. I am still a virgin, Daddy. I haven't even
seen a man without clothes on yet."

"Oh, so you want to do that, do you?"


"Look at a naked man."

"Yes," I said self righteously. "A girl can be curious, can't she?"

He laughed loudly. "Come here," he said, pulling me to him. I was still kneeling
on the sofa and had to raise one knee over him to balance me. Then holding me
close to his chest, our faces almost touching, he asked, "And why are you curious
about naked men?"

I remained silent for a moment and then with downcast eyes and a quiet voice,
said, "Because I..."


"Because I want to see what's between their legs." I put my forehead against the
bridge of his nose so I didn't have to look into his eyes.

"And what do you think is there?"

"That's why I want to look," I said, exasperated.

"But what's it called?"

"His sex, I suppose."

"Do you know it's proper name?"

"His... penis," I whispered, trying I looked embarrassed.

"Well I might be able to help your curiosity," he said.

"What? You?"

"Yes, but not now. Perhaps later."

"You're going to show me what your... uhm, penis looks like?" I looked wide-eyed
at him.

"Don't you want me to?"

"Oh. I never thought..."

"Well just be a little patient. It might surprise you."

"Oh you're just teasing," I said, smiling at him now. I sat back on his lap, my legs
on either side of him and the lump that pressed upwards into my crotch was
hard indeed.

"Oh, Daddy. I can feel your... your thing and it's poking right at my..."

"Please move off, darling," he said seriously, and stayed very still while I did so.
He breathed deeply once I had moved.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No. It's not that. I nearly..."

"I know," I said rather too enthusiastically. "You nearly had an orgasm."

"Well... Er, yes." He was flustered so I pressed home my advantage.

"Was it because I was sitting..."

"Yes probably."

"Hmm," I mused. "I know watching some things on tv makes you like that but
we haven't even switched it on.

"Why was it hard then?"

"My young daughter who wasn't wearing anything under her nightdress was
pressing herself against me. That's why."

"Me? You were thinking of me and you got hard? You were thinking naughty
things about me?"

"I suppose I was. men do things like that."

I leaned my head down and kissed him fully on the lips. "I feel so grown up," I
said with a smile.

He didn't go further so I put on my Little Miss Innocence look again and asked,

As he asked what, I snuggled into his side and felt an arm cup my elbow.

"When you got married, was she a virgin?"

He remained quite still and never answered.


"She was when we met," he said slowly.

"But not when you got married?"

"No, darling, not by then."

"So that means you..."

"Yes, we made love together before we got married."

"Gosh," I whispered loud enough for him to hear.

"Were you?"


"A virgin?"

"When I met her? Yes I'd never touched another woman before Patricia."

"That's sweet," I said looking up at him.

"She was a wonderful woman, in those days."

"I know. I can remember her, Daddy. But she changed didn't she? She didn't
seem happy in the last few years. What made her do that?"

"She had her change of life early. She was only thirty three. That's why you don't
have any brothers or sisters now. It changed her whole outlook on life. Nothing
was fun anymore. She simply stopped living. That was what happened. Once
her menopause came she lost interest in everything."

"It wasn't her fault?"

"No, just something that happened but she couldn't handle the changes that took
place in her body."

"Did she still love you? And me?"

"She stopped loving everything. You mightn't have noticed but nothing interested
her any more."

"Did she still love you? Did you still make love?"

"Not for the last four or five years."

I sat up looking shocked. "Oh, you poor thing, Daddy. That must have been

"It was. I was still young and I needed..."

"I know, Daddy. You needed to have sex, didn't you? It must have been so hard.?
Did you... you know?"

"Did I what? What do you mean, darling?" I saw his face flush when he asked.

"You know, uhm... uhm, touch yourself?"

"You know about it, don't you?"

"I know boys do it."


"Oh. Oh. I've been terrible to you," I said and sat up to hold myself against him.

"No you haven't, dear," he comforted me. "Why do you say that?"

"I haven't been honest with you?"

"What? Oh, of course you have. I don't mind you wanting to know."

"No, Daddy. Please listen to me. I've even lied to you and I'm so sorry because I
love you so much."

"I don't understand. What's it all about, sweetheart?"

"You remember I told you about the tutoring after school?"


"Well it wasn't exactly a school subject. And I didn't draw my breast for an
anatomy class, although it was only for girls to see. You see, me and my three
friends, Susie, Jonie and Kimberley, you remember me talking about them?"

"Yes, I remember their names."

"Well, this year especially, we'd been getting into huddles and talking about boys
and things. You know, sex."

"Yes? That sounds normal."

"But then one of the senior girls overheard us and said she would teach us about
sex in, like a class. Just the four of us and her as a teacher."

"Oh, I see. And you told me it was for school. Yes you did lie, didn't you? Well,
what else haven't you told me?"

"We've met at her place after school twice now and she's shown us things?"

"Shown you things? Like what?"

"Well, first of all, she told us how to touch ourselves and have an orgasm?" I felt
myself blushing when I told him that. What would he really think now?

"Hmm. This is serious, isn't it? What else."

"We all did it at home a few nights ago and then had to tell her how it felt and
bring her a drawing of our puss. That was when you heard me making noises"

"Oh, I understand now," he said with a smile. " By the way, I think most girls call
it their pussy."

"I know, but Mummy always called it puss and I do it automatically. Anyway, I
like to be different."

"What did this girl do with your drawings? I take it you gave her the one of your
bosom too?"

"Yes, she says she's going to frame them and hang them in her bedroom. A sort
of payment for teaching us."

"Has she ever tried to touch you, sexually, darling?"

"Oh, no. I think she's honestly trying to help us learn. She says it's practice for
when she becomes a teacher."

"I'm sure you've more to tell me but let me say this first. The two pictures you
drew, your pussy and breast. I want the originals. When you see her next, tell her
you want them back. That I know about them and demand them back. That
might frighten her enough to agree."

"But we all made pledges that we wouldn't tell anyone about the class, and I do
kind of like it, Daddy. I've learned an awful lot. That's how I know about men

"I want those drawings in my room, sweetheart. Your own drawings of your two
most intimate parts. And you did the breast so well."

"I'll try," I agreed doubtfully. Then he went on.

"So we know you lied to me. That's serious enough. But it was after you
promised me faithfully, no secrets. That's even worse. Why?"

"Because I was too shy to tell my Daddy about such intimate things. Besides, I
thought you would stop me from going again. But I'm not as shy now. That's
why I told you now."

"I see. Well, I think you deserve some kind of punishment. It really hurt me, you
know, learning you hadn't told the truth."

"I'm so sorry, Daddy. Yes, punish me. I deserve it. I'm truly repentant," I said
innocently. "I didn't want to hurt you, ever. I love you so much," I said, wrapping
my arms around his neck and kissing the side of her mouth.

"I'm pleased you're sorry and you show the remorse it deserves. Punishment?
Yes, you deserve it and it has to hurt. To make you remember. I'll think about it
over the weekend. You'll have to be extra good, from now on." He patted my
bottom, for the first time with evil intent, I thought to myself.

"There's more, Daddy. I want to tell you everything."

"Oh, yes? Go on."

"When only one of us described an orgasm she told us about our clitoris. You
know, on top on my puss? My pussy? We all had to touch ourselves until we all

"And she never touched you herself?"

"No she just moved around and saw we were doing the right things. Then after
school tonight she showed us some pornography. Of men and women having
sex. It was boring and a bit sickening, I thought," I said.

"It usually is," Daddy agreed.

"But the second video was different. She had a video of two people, a married
couple I think and they were making love on their bed. It was beautiful, Daddy.
They were in love and everything they did was to make the other happy. We
didn't even see her uhm, her vagina or his thing going in and out because they
were laying so tightly on each other. But we saw they both had orgasms and they
did it with love. It left me breathless. I think I nearly came in my pants without
even touching anything."

"Who were the couple?"

"She didn't say and was very nervous about us telling."

"A video they made of themselves that she found tucked away in one of their
drawers. Yes, it was probably her own parents. I suppose the mother's breasts
were worth seeing," he smiled slyly.

"You would have loved them. Oh, her parents? Oh, my gosh," I exclaimed when I
realised what he meant.

"Well perhaps you can find out her parents names. If they match what they were
calling each other, then you'll know for sure for what it's worth. Anyhow, see
how you go at getting your original drawings back first. Get the other girls to
back you up. They want them for themselves, not for others to look at and sneer.
If she won't agree, we might have to take more desperate measures."

"Gosh, what?"

"Let's worry about that if she refuses."

"Alright, I'll try," I said, pecking his lips with mine again. "Daddy will you cuddle
me, please?"

I laid across his knees on my back and he held me in his arms, looking into my
face and smiling.

"Close your eyes," he said."

I felt his lips brush my forehead and my eyelids. It felt so comfortable and
secure. If he had lifted my nightdress and touched me I wouldn't have stopped
him because I was his entirely. I am his love and he is mine. Oh, I hope it will
work out that way

"You mean... no, I didn't," he said with a shocked look and then added, "but I
could see a little way down your nightdress. They are beautiful, young lady."

"One day you can see everything," I whispered.

"When I photograph you?"

"It might not even need to be that," I suggested.

"Our relationship does seem to be going that way doesn't it?"

"I hope so," I said softly but with definite purpose.

"I'm glad," he said, then added quickly, "Would you like a drink?"

"Yes, please."

He brought me a glass of red wine. I had never been allowed wine before.

"Drink it slowly, it's potent," he warned.

"Are you trying to get me tipsy so you can have your wicked way with me, sir?" I
accused him.

"Whatever works," he responded.

"Do you know there's a naughty film on tv tonight. Lots of boobs, I imagine."

"So you want to watch?"

"I want to watch your reactions."

"You're a born tease, you little monkey," he said, putting his arm around my
waist and letting it fall to my bottom. He massaged what was available, the bit I
wasn't sitting on.

"You still haven't answered my question," I said after a while.

"Which one?"

"The one that goes something like, do you masturbate to get relief?"

"Don't you know?"

"Answer the question."

"I masturbate."

"How often?"

"When I need to."

"Answer the question."

"A few times a week."

"And you always come?"

"Of course. men do it easier."

"And quicker, I'm told."

"I suppose so."


"How do we do it quicker?"

"How do you do it, full stop?"

"With my hand."

"It would make a mess."

"I use a condom to catch it mostly."

"What about other times?"

"It just goes down the toilet."

"Do you usually do it in the toilet?"


"What about in bed?"

"No, never."

"Why not?"

"It's more private in the toilet."

"So Aunt Patricia couldn't catch you?"


"But what about since then?"

"I never thought to change."

"Have you been doing it in the toilet even in the last few days?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so."

"You must be real quick. I've never seen you stay in there for long."

"It usually is pretty quick."

"You should enjoy it longer. It's better if you make it last, Daddy."

"I don't think I could."

"Have you done it more since I began teasing you?"

"Of course."

"How often."

"Twice a day."


"Morning and night."

"Gosh, have I had that much effect?"

"More than you could know. I feel like a boy in love."

"Oh, Daddy, that's the most beautiful thing you've ever said. Do you really mean

"It's true. I'm sorry, darling, I know I shouldn't feel that way."

"I'm glad you do, Daddy," I smiled at him with all the feeling I could muster.
"You make me feel the same way."

I laid my head back against the sofa.

"Daddy, will you kiss me like you used to kiss my aunt when you were dating."

He laid back himself and moved towards me. "I shouldn't even be sitting
here like this," he said.

"But you are, my dearest, and I'm waiting." I let my lips open slightly, a distant
look in my eye, I hoped.

His lips met mine so softly it was like a feather touching them. He cupped one
hand around the back of my neck and pulled me closer, his lips moving over
mine, the tip of his tongue wetting me. I was breathing harder, feeling giddy
with the thrill of what was happening. I clung to him and pressed harder
against him. I didn't care if it hurt, I just wanted him to devour me. I lightly
touched his lips with the tip of my tongue and immediately he forced his, deep
inside my mouth. He was forcing me to open wider, our lips crushed
together, saliva forming at the corners of my mouth. His breath was harsh,
forceful, as though his mouth was raping me. I loved him. I wanted him to
rip my nightdress off and mount me. Anything. My arms clung tightly around
him, urging him not to stop.

"Oh, what am I doing," he cried out, breaking from our embrace. "I'm sorry,
darling. I shouldn't..."

"Stop it, Daddy. Don't apologize. It was wonderful, simply wonderful. You
made me feel as though you were making real love with me. I had shivers of
lust running up and down my spine. You were wonderful." I kept kissing his lips
and face as I spoke and slowly eased my movements.

He laid his head back, his eyes closed, breathing deeply as though exhausted.

"I could go to jail for this."

"No, never," I smiled at him. "I wanted so desperately for you to kiss me
like that. I have for weeks but lacked the courage to tell you."

"Oh, where will it end?"

"When one of us dies," I breathed softly, laying back beside him.

We both remained still for what seemed like hours and slowly our breathing
returned to normal. Finally I turned my head to look at him and he opened one

"I want you to promise me something," I whispered.


"That you won't masturbate in the toilet any more. It is something to be
enjoyed, not rushed in such an uncomfortable place. And you've got to stop
doing it so often. It will wear you out and you'll be no good when I need you the
most. I know what happens to most men, slam, bam, thank you ma'am, that's
what Evelyn says. That sounds exactly what you've been doing all along.
Would I be too harsh on you, Daddy, if I said you have to ask my permission
before you touch yourself from now on?"

"I'd feel so stupid."

"But it would be only me who knows. If you space out the times, you'll look
forward to them and they'll feel much stronger, I'm sure."

"Having to ask my own daughter for permission to ejaculate? Whatever would
you think of me?"

"I love you and want you to feel good," I said. "Can you remember making love
when you got married?"

"Yes, they were good days," he sighed.

"You've had a lot of years that weren't though and you deserve better. Tell me
about your sex life then, Daddy."

"She was both beautiful and insatiable when it came to sex," he said with a far-
off look on his face. "I never knew much at all. She was my first girlfriend
and I'd never experienced sex before I met her."

"Go on."

"I'd thought of it of course. Fantasised about what I would do with women if I
ever had the chance but when I met her we were attracted to each other
immediately. She invited me into her bed on our third date, you know. We had
gone out to dinner and were heading for the cinema when she stopped, looked
at me and said, 'Make love to me please.' I'll always remember her smile as she
looked up and asked me. I'd never seen a naked woman let alone made love to
one but she helped me over all the nervousness and gave me her virginity. And I
gave her mine, I suppose," he added.

"That is beautiful, Daddy. I hope my first time will be as gentle that. But then
I'm sure it will be. My lover will be considerate and kind, I know."

"I hope so, dear," he smiled.

"Tell me about the things you did to each other."

"I wouldn't know where to start. Just picture any sexual activity and I'm sure
we did it ten times over in those first few years. She had such an appetite for
orgasms that she wore me out time and again. I was very virile in those days,
hard as a rock, if you'll excuse the crudity, and ready to please but she could
satisfy herself and make me come several times a night, so much that many times
I had nothing left to ejaculate inside her. After one of those nights, I was
weak as a kitten for the whole of next day."

"Tell me about your honeymoon."

"On the tenth day of our honeymoon we moved to a private island retreat for
ten days. It was magic because hardly anybody was there and we had the run of
the island. There was a little beach on one side of the island that we discovered
and decided to spend the next day there on our own. It was so out of the way
and we only found it by accident. She had wanted to pee and pushed herself
through some undergrowth and there it was."

"It sounds wonderful. So what happened?"

"We packed lots of food and made off. We skinny dipped all day and made
love on the sand between each swim. There wasn't a chance of being caught
and your aunt, as usual, became sex hungry. I'm sure my poor thing was red
raw by the time we got back. It was the only time your aunt ever had a
multiple orgasm. She came three or four times in the space of five minutes
while I was still..."

"Still what?"

"Still pushing into her. I hadn't come at all and she had done so at least three
times. She was shrieking at the top of her voice with ecstasy."

"Lucky thing. I hope that happens to me."

"When it was over, she laid on her back, pulled me to her and said, 'If that's a
sample of what's to come, lover boy, I want it all.'"

"Oh, if only I could feel like that," I dreamed.

"You will, I'm sure."

"I hope so. I love sexy things, like we've been talking about."

"Would you like to see her photo's?"

"Oh, yes."

He came back with a large portfolio case and carefully opened it, making
sure I couldn't see inside.

"You've got to understand we were engaged to be married when most of
these were taken and we had been making love together for at least six
months, so by disrobing for me, she was not doing anything more than we had
been doing before. She was just seventeen when these first ones were shot."

She was the most beautiful girl I had seen. Daddy passed me each photo, which
were quite large, about a foot square and very professionally photographed.
They were all in black and white. She was naked in every pose and positioned
her so her sex slit was covered in very subtle ways. A finger or hand just in
the right place, a daffodil in one rested on her pubic hair, her legs closed in the
others but always her breasts outlined against lighter or darker backgrounds,
her nipples long and pointed. A warm smile always faced the camera and in
every one, invitation and innuendo somehow told the viewer that she was
available for numerous delights. The effect Daddy had achieved was incredible.

"Daddy, they are so beautiful. It looks as though she was offering herself to you
in every photo."

"Indeed she was. It was her way of keeping her nipples pointed, I always
thought. Talk sexy and her nipples always swelled like that. It worked every

"Gosh, I can't do that."

"Maybe you'll learn. Perhaps you need some stimulation there for it to begin."

"Are you offering?"

"No, just awaiting the invitation."

"Hmm," I mused.

"Have you noticed something?" He asked, looking at me for reaction.

"Her breasts, you mean? They are magnificent. You'd be disappointed with mine
after those."

"They are impressive aren't they? Remember you have every chance to catch up
yet. But it wasn't that, there's something else."

"I'm not quite sure what you mean."

"Come here," he said, taking my elbow and walking me to the mirror on one
wall. He held one of the photo's up beside my face and I looked at both images
in front of me.

Myself and my aunt. As though we were identical twins. It was incredible
how alike we were. She was the same age as I am now. I tried to smile the same
smile and we were mirror images of each other.

"I look exactly like her," I said slowly. "Daddy you're still living with your

"It is amazing, isn't it? You are exactly as I remember her when we were
married. Your mother and she were sisters, you know."

I'd never thought about that because we hardly ever visited Aunt Patricia and yet
it didn't surprise me. So that's why you took me in so willingly when Mum and
Dad died? Two brothers married two sisters."

"Yes. I wasn't sure your mother ever told you and we weren't as close as we
should have been so you saw very little of us when you were small."

"Gosh, and just imagine. If I look so much like your wife, it's almost as though
you have her back again."

"I hadn't thought of it that way. I guess the last four or five years of her
tempers and lack of love made me forget that. No, baby, you're you, and no-one

"I'm glad about that."

"I have more, do you want to see?"

"Yes, of course," I said. "Every one you have."

The next photograph was decidedly different in content. She was bending
over, her legs wide apart with the sea and sand in the background. The camera
was behind her and her face and breasts were shown between her widely stretched
legs. Her puss and bottom hole were clearly visible and yet her smile was
unchanged, cheeky and loving, a woman full of life.

"Look closely," Daddy said. He handed me a magnifying glass and I
studied her photo, especially her puss closely. It took a while to realise what
he had meant and then I gasped.

"Is that..."

"Yes, my sperm running down her leg. I took the photo just after I had
ejaculated into her."

"Oh, it's so incredible. She's just been..."


"... fucked and is standing up for your camera. She was a woman with a

He handed me the next one, showing her still smiling but decidedly larger.
Aunt Patricia had indeed put on weight at some time in her life. Her breasts
were much larger and I hadn't realised how big her nipples were.

"Your cousin's in that picture," he said. "It was taken about four months after the
last one."

"She is pregnant? No wonder she's bigger."

The next one showed her laying on a bed still very nude, but much larger. She
was bulging. Her legs were spread and pulled up and one finger was touching
her clitoris. I was looking into her birth canal.

"Just one week before our baby son was born."

"You had a baby? What happened to him?" I asked with an almost trembling
voice for I didn't realise Aunt Patricia had been a mother.

He handed me the next picture showing her and baby wrapped in a blanket and
most likely still in hospital.

"He was one day old," he said with a sob he couldn't disguise. "He died a week
later with heart problems."

"I didn't know." I said putting my arm around his shoulder.

"I often wonder whether that was the cause of her becoming so morbid in her
last years."

He handed me the last photograph face down, and I saw his hand shaking. I
looked questioningly at him but he remained still. When I looked I saw a
young superbly built young man, quite naked, sitting on the edge of a bed, with
the largest erect cock I had seen. It was much larger than the husband in
Evelyn's video, and he had one of his hands around the base of the shaft.
There was undeniable pride in his face as he looked into the camera.

"It is the only photograph your aunt ever took. She has a miniature of that
picture in a locket around her neck even now. I said I would show my
manhood to you tonight."

"You're as big a tease as I am," I accused him. "But it is a beautiful photograph.
Is it still that large?" I looked straight into his eyes, smiling questioningly.

"You've felt it. What do you think?"

"I'll have to take another feel," I laughed. "In a little while."

"I'll be waiting."

I handed the photos back to him, holding the one where she was bending over
and kissed her puss for a long moment.

"I wish I had been able to kiss it in person," I whispered.

I looked into his eyes again and asked seriously, "Are you hard, Daddy?"

"Of course not," and then with some hesitation added, "Oh, you mean...? Yes,
fairly. Why?"

"Because I want to feel it."

I stood in front of him and opened his robe. "Take it off," I said.

"What are you doing? I can't...," he gasped but did as he was told.

His cock was making a large lump inside his pajamas and I was almost tempted
to wrap my hand around it, I wanted to so much. Instead I knelt on the sofa
and straddled him as I had done earlier. I was kneeling up so my head was
higher than his face just above my breasts and I held him to me pressing a
breast against his face, saying nothing for several minutes as I let him enjoy what
he had never touched before. I stroked his face gently and as he nuzzled my
softness with his nose, I could feel the urgency in his body.

Finally I lifted my nightdress from where it had been caught between us and sat
myself down in his lap, my vagina now just the thickness of his pajamas
away from making the fatal connection.

"Oh, shit," he said. "I can't bear this."

"You must. It's you're destiny."

"Be careful, darling," he whined, hissing between his teeth as I ground my puss
against his hardness but I noticed he made no move to stop me. The lump had
parted my puss lips and I was feeling the purest joy as both my labia and clitoris
were urged to react against the thin cotton of his pajamas.

Except for my groin, which ground away in his lap, my body hardly moved and I
gazed steadily into his face. It was squeezed up as in agony and I don't think he
saw me looking at him at all.

"Is it good?"

"Not so fast, darling," he pleaded. "You will make me come any moment.
Stop." The last warning was genuine and I immediately pulled away. It took
him some minutes to relax.

"Would you like to lift my nightdress off, Daddy?" I asked him seriously.

"Can I? Yes, darling, very much."

"I thought so. But not tonight. It would spoil what I have planned for the
weekend. For you too, if you had came in your pajamas tonight. You must
promise that you won't, Daddy. Promise?"

"I'll do my best."

"No, you've got to promise you definitely won't let yourself do it. Now say it."

"Oh. I promise I won't come. But you've got to stop teasing me," he countered.

"I don't promise that at all," I said sulkily. "The difference between men and
women, Daddy, is that I can let myself come a hundred times and still be ready
for you to make love to me again straight away. Well, I might have exaggerated
a little, but you know what I mean. Now if you came only once, you might not
be able to please me again for at least a whole day. men are so selfish.
You've got no right to stop me from enjoying pleasure I can sustain. Am I

"I suppose so but it's not fair that you have the right to tease me beyond what
any man could endure, just for your own pleasure and yet still demand my
own abstinence."

"Hmm. You may be right at that. I won't press as hard then." I began to stroke
myself against his erection again and found the intensity rose more quickly inside
of me. There is no doubt women like a little tenderness, I thought with a smile.

I opened his pajama top and slid my hands around his rib cage.

"Open your eyes, Daddy. I want to talk to you."

"Wha... Oh, please stop for a moment," he pleaded, looking up at me. I eased
off until I was almost still.

"Are you rich, Daddy"

"I suppose so."

"Rich, very rich or stinking rich?"

"Hmm," he mused for a moment, still flinching from time to time from the
feelings my puss was annoying him with.

"I guess very rich, bordering on the stinking side."

"Millions or tens of millions?"

"Perhaps one ten million." He smiled at the thought.

"And plenty of that is money? Cash? Lolly?"

"A fair bit of it."

"And how long would it take to sell everything you own and turn it into cash?"

"What is this? Are you planning on a killing? Get rich a little quicker than
expected, perhaps?"

"Oh, no, Daddy. If I did, this lovely protrusion would stay soft for ever
more and it's so priceless I could never think of doing it an injury. Well?
How long?"

"Why?" He demanded, doubtful of my motives. "Perhaps thinking of taking your
dear daddy to court for child molestation, then?"

"You know I'd never do that. After all, I'd lose my most precious plaything. No, I
just need to understand everything about you so I can work on the plan I have for
us both."

"I'll tell you but, darling, there is no way I would or could sell the business. It's
not the right time, I'm probably the only one who could continue it's momentum
and it brings in far more profits than just the cash would. Far more."

"Then there's no need to sell? That's good. What about the house and cars?"

"Why would you want to sell them?"

"Just tell me," I said exasperated. "You will make any decisions anyway. I'm
not going to sell them from under you. I couldn't, of course. But if I'm going
to organise what I have been thinking about, I've got to know everything about
our finances. Income, expenses, assets and liabilities."

"Want me to complete a balance sheet just for you. Yes, I'll get them to do that,
but never let the IRS see it. It's got to be destroyed when all this is over. Anyway,
what's this about 'OUR' finances?"

"It needs to be plural for my ideas to work, I think so at least. And the Balance
Sheet is just what I needed," I said with a secretive smile. "Thank you."

I leaned against him and opened my mouth as we kissed.

"Who could run the business while you're away?"

"Will this ever stop?" He threw his hands in the air in mock frustration.

"Sure, when you tell me."

"How long?"


"How long do you want me to be away?"

"Oh, I never thought. Say six months."

"Impossible. Two months at the most, No more."


"Three," he countered.

"Done. Who?"

"My General Manager would do the job adequately as long as I am in touch at
least weekly. And the three months would have to start on a certain date.
It's absolutely essential that I attend the quarterly Board Meetings. I don't want
to be deposed in my absence."

"That's all fair enough. Good then I'll work on three months. By the way,
we're going shopping tomorrow morning. I need five hundred dollars," I said
coyly. "Now that I know how rich you are."

"Gold digger," he accused. "What are we going... Oh, stop. Quickly," he said
urgently and I instantly pulled away from his cock. "That was close," he
sighed. "Can you let me rest for a while?"

"What about me? I feel frustrated," I whined.

"I can't stand it any more if I'm going to do what you say. I can please you with
my hand if you wish."

"I'm not that sort of girl, Daddy," I said with a frown.

"Oh, yes you are."

"I know but my puss is off limits still, I'm afraid." He looked sad.

"I'll tell you what you're going to do tomorrow."

"Yes, what?"

"You're going to drive me to town because I've got some special shopping to
do. Then you are going to go into as many sexy book shops as you can find and
buy lots of picture books. You know the ones I mean?"

I felt his cock jerk beneath me.

"Girlie magazines?"

"Yes those, and ones with gentlemen doing things to ladies that they should
only be doing in private. The ones that show everything. You've seen them, I'm

"Oh, one or two."

"I want lots more that one or two, Daddy. All sorts. Are there places that sell
very naughty ones?" I accentuated the word, very.

"You mean illicit ones. Outside the law?"


"Like what?"

"Oh, perhaps young girls doing things and letting men do things to them, very
young girls with no clothes on," I stressed.

"I could go to jail."

"You won't get caught, you're too smart."

"Anyway why do you want those?"

"To increase your vigor when it fails."

"So there will be a activities that will cause me to lose my stamina?"

"Oh, most definitely. Well, your wife achieved it, why not little ol'... but that
may be some time off yet."

"I think you're a bigger tease than she ever was."

"Thank you, kind sir. I accept your compliment."

"Anything else?"

"Of course. Books about spanking, especially wayward girls. Evelyn said men
like to spank young girls bottoms so I know you'd like those. In fact from the
reaction of the lump under me, I'm sure of it. Are they available?"

"Oh, yes, they aren't forbidden. What else?"

"Whatever takes your fancy. Some videos, maybe. But not the boring ones
like I saw today. Something up-market."

"I'll see what I can find. How many?"

"Lots and lots of books. A few videos They can last us for a while. Now while
you're at it, some things for me. Six sets of sexy panties, a large packet of ultra
thins sanitary pads and lots of condoms."

"I couldn't buy those things, especially the lingerie. I couldn't." He had
turned pale at the thought. "And I wouldn't know what would fit you."

"If you can buy books about people fucking, I don't see why you can't buy me
some knickers, Daddy. You'll get to put them on me, you know. And take them
off again. I take size ten, it's so simple."

"But going to pay for them..."

"Just be brave, little boy. And use cash, not your credit cards."

"Ah, I see. And did I hear correctly? The naughty girl says her Daddy gets to
dress her in them. Does that go for the Kotex too?" He asked with a devilish smile

I looked at him with what I called a dismayed look. "Don't press your luck too
far, you dirty old man. Just do as I tell you and nothing more." Then I smiled and
said, "Meet me at midday and you can take me somewhere nice and expensive for
lunch. You can court me, Daddy."

"That sounds nice," he said. "Yes I'd like that."

"Good. Now be strong. I really need to come before the movie. I think I'll sleep
through it."

I began moving against him again and the feelings soon returned. I slipped
my hand between us and began wriggling my finger over a very sensitive clitoris.

"Is this incest, Daddy?" I was breathing fast and perspiring.

"Very nearly," he whispered.

"Good." The climax hit me without warning and I jerked violently against
him, then pulled away quickly. He could feel the vibrations as my knees clung
to his thighs and my loud moaning probably aroused him near to disaster.

I was kneeling up now and laid my whole weight against his chest and face,
my boobs crushing into him.

"Oh, it's so gooood," I heard myself cry, thrusting my groin into his chest while
my shuddering continued. My hissing subsided slowly and I rested against
him. He pulled my face to his and kissed gently. Nothing bold or demanding,
just soft and soothing.

"That was good for you, wasn't it?" He asked as our cheeks came together.

"Yes. I needed to do it. Have you ever seen a fifteen year old girl frig herself on
your lap before, Daddy?" I knew I was being very cheeky but I loved teasing the
man I loved. As far as I was concerned, I was a grown woman and nothing we did
together was sinful.

"Not even in my wildest imagination," he smiled wryly. "But I do enjoy our
adventures together, sweetheart. In the last couple of weeks you have given me
new life."

"That's what I have been trying to do, Daddy, to give an old man new vigor in his
big stick. One day we might decide to but you've got to keep your promise. It
will be all the better for you if you do," I said looking at him seriously again.

"I've got my very own daughter organising my sex life. Who would believe me if
I told them my daughter forbade me to masturbate in my own bed?

"No-one because you're not going to tell anyone, are you?" I drummed my finger
into his chest several times.

"That's right."

"Good. Now you can stroke my bottom while you watch your naked women, but
only over my nightdress." I said as I laid along the sofa on my stomach and laid
my head in his lap.

"You're a bloody little tease but I suppose it's a start," he sighed. I felt his hand
come to rest on my bottom cheek and felt his fingers begin to move lightly.

Chapter Nine
He shook me awake some time later. "Come on, off to bed. The movie's over."
We walked to our own rooms together and I kissed him when we reached my

I gave him enough time to settle into bed and rang his intercom.

"Yes? Is everything alright?"

"I want to talk with you," I said.

"Oh. What is it, darling?" His voice inquisitive and yet in the same loving tone
that Daddy always talked to me in.

"Have you got your hands off your thing?"

"I promised I would."

"And you're keeping it?"


"Good. I want to know some things about Aunt Patricia. Would it hurt too
much to talk about her?"

"No, darling. Not to you."

"And would it hurt you if I called her Mummy?"

"No, I don't think so."

"I'm glad. Now tell me; when you made love, what did she like the most? What
gave her the most pleasure?"

"We are getting into the deep stuff here, aren't we?"

"It will help me, Daddy. When the time comes, I'll know what is best for you."

"Oh, my... I'm glad this conversation can't be taped."

"I am taping it, dearest," I said. "But just for me, No-one else."

"I hope that if you ever let me... uhm, if we ever reach the stage I think you've
just talked about, you will be as adventuresome as your mother was when we first
began making love."

"It sounds exciting, I'm tingling inside. What was her favourite, Daddy?"

"You want me to go into detail?"

"Of course."

"She liked to perform for me first. It might have been a strip-tease, or dress up
and act out some sort of fantasy. You know, a schoolgirl who would act
innocent but make double meaning conversation, displaying what's between her
legs but pretending she didn't realise she was doing it. Or be a nurse and order
me to expose myself so she could examine me. Lots of things that way."

"And when she'd done that...?"

"Then her favourite next move was to be the dominant one. To sit on top of me,
push her pussy onto my erection and do all the moving herself. I think she got
more pleasure because she could move as quickly as she wished, as her arousal

"She fucked you? Did she always have an orgasm?"

"Every time that way."

"Gosh, every time?"

"When I was on top, she always showed her pleasure but there were many
times that only I received the ultimate pleasure."

"What did you like the best, daddy?"

"That's easy. Oral sex was the best."

"What does that mean?"

"Oral sex? Oral, you know, your mouth. Do you understand?"

"I don't think so," I said having a fair idea but wanting his description.

"I found it wonderful when your mother took my cock into her mouth and
licked and sucked me until I orgasmed inside her."

"You mean your white stuff shot into her mouth?" I wanted him to believe I was

"Exactly that, darling. Does it offend you?"

"No, I'm not offended because if you like it, I want to do it for you too, but it
scares me a little. If you like that, I know you will want me..."

"If we reach that stage, yes I would ask you to do that for me," said and then
went silent for a moment. "I think I've scared you off. I hope you can

"I understand it's sexy for you. What happens when it's inside her mouth? I
suppose she had to rush to the bathroom?"

"She could but she usually simply swallowed it, confessed she loved me
doing it that way and kissed me while her lips were still slippery."

"Didn't you like doing it the normal way? You know,

"Of course and we did that the most but you asked about my favourite thing."

"Oh, yes I did. What about when she stroked your...

"Masturbation? Of course I like that. Haven't I tried to get you to do it? To
me, I mean?"

"I don't remember," I said, honestly.

"When you rubbed yourself against me tonight, darling. I desperately
wanted you to finish me off."

"Oh, that? I know but it's not the right time yet. I'll know when it's right and
you've got to be patient. You're not rubbing yourself now, are you?"


"Can you tell me about some of the really naughty things you did together?
You know, really dirty sex things." I was almost drooling as I asked, hoping to
hear the most illicit of activities.

"We swapped clothes once then went to dinner and a show. On the way home
we stopped in some forest, stripped naked and made love on the warm car bonnet.
We drove home naked and your mother stained the car seat with all the sperm
that drained out of her. I made her lick it up. Is that dirty enough?"

"Not bad. Well, really not bad enough."

"I thought it wouldn't be. I sodomised her quite regularly and she never
hesitated at letting me have my way."

"I don't understand," I said but felt myself getting very damp.

"I fucked her bottom hole, darling. She bent over and after plenty of lubricant
had been applied, I pushed my cock right up her bottom hole. All the way in."

"She wouldn't have let you do that," I gasped, unable to comprehend her pain.

"She even offered it sometimes, especially when her period had arrived. It didn't
hurt her at all. Just like going to the toilet, she always told me. But I was the
one who had all the nice feelings. It didn't arouse her at all as a matter of but
offered it because she knew I enjoyed doing it. Her bottom was so much tighter
than her pussy."

"Daddy, did you ever kiss her puss?"

"Every time we made love. She adored it and often came that way. It made
her really aroused and helped her to reach a climax once we began to fuck

"Did you like doing that to her?"

"Of course. As I said it gave her pleasure and I liked to give that to her."

"When you sodo... whatever it was, didn't you get uhm, her bottom stuff all
over you?"

"Shit? No, never. There are ways, little one. You'll learn."

"Do you want to do it to me, Daddy?"

"Of course. It would be expected, especially when your periods arrive."

"But I could use my mouth then." At least that's what I thought up to now.

"And your bottom when I want it."

"Oh, I see." I gave in too easily, I told myself. It would tear my bottom to pieces,
his huge cock.

"Did she ever have sex with someone else?"

"Not that I... Of course not, you little imp."

"Gotcha, Daddy," I laughed. "Sleep well. Goodnight."

I hung up before he could respond. After a few moments I buzzed him again.

"Thank you, my future lover," I whispered. "Please dream about me."

"Good night, dear," he said.
Chapter Ten
"Wake up, Daddy," I said as I laid a tray with breakfast on his bedside table.

"Wha...? What is it?" His eyes hadn't focused properly.

"It's time to get up. We have a lot to do today. You've been good, I hope.
No naughty overflows or anything?"

"I didn't jerk off if that's what you mean" he said, sitting up.

"I'm glad to hear it. Take off your pajama pants and let me see there's no stains or
hard crinkly bits. That's a sure sign, I'm told."

He didn't object, just smiled and wriggled around for a while but eventually
handed me the warm bottoms. I smelt them and held them against my cheek.

"I just wanted to feel them against my face," I giggled, throwing them into his
face as he lunged at me.

As I ran from the room I reminded him to hurry for we had a lot to do this

He handed me the money as I left the car. "I'll get you a credit card next
week," he promised. "Happy shopping," he smiled as he drove off.

You don't know the half of it, I said to myself.

I had five hundred dollars and not a lot to buy but I wanted it to be the best
available. I headed for the most exclusive lingerie salon I knew. It was
daunting. Here was I, a fifteen year old asking for some very sexy underwear
that a fifteen year old shouldn't need.

"Yes, madam," the young woman asked me. "How may I

"I want..." Damn, I had to swallow. "Sorry. I want a lingerie set," I said
blushing. I'm sure she noticed.

"Do you have anything in mind, madam?"

"Uhm, no. Maybe I should just look around."

"It's to please a young gentleman?"

"Yes," I nodded self-consciously.

"You've never done this before, have you?"

"No. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. We all have to start somewhere. Do you have a favourite colour?"

"I was thinking about a deep claret. Do you have anything like that?"

"Oh, I'm sure we do. Do you want see through?"

"Yes, at least some of them."

"A full set? Bra, panties and suspender?"

"And a chemise and camisole if you have them." I knew I was blushing
deeply and I couldn't control my nervousness. I was doing something illicit. I
was buying lingerie to arouse my dear father and all I could think was that this
girl knew everything.

"There's no need to be nervous, dear," the girl smiled. "It's not an offence to
purchase sexy underwear to please your man. Just be yourself and I'm sure I can
help make your purchase just right."

"Oh," I laughed self-consciously. "It's just that he asked me to buy something to
please him," I said, hoping she would believe why I was so nervous. "He even
gave me the money."

"Men are so silly, aren't they. You no sooner put it on and they want to take it
off." We both chuckled together and I felt much better.

"I want something that hugs my... curves and is smooth to touch," I said.
"And another set that is very see through. Gosh, he gave me all these

"I know exactly what you mean. Are you a size 10. 10B for the bra?"

"That's right," I looked at her in amazement.

"Well you go into the change rooms and remove your top and underwear. I'll
bring some things in."

I felt stupid standing in the middle of the small cubicle wearing nothing above
my waist, having divested myself of blouse, bra and panties. She didn't even
knock, just walked in and took me all in.

"Just beautiful," she said nonchalantly. "I think these will interest him." I took
a set of deep claret flimsies and a white pair that I could see right through even
doubled over. "Try them on. I'll be back in a moment."

I tried the dark set first and found they fitted perfectly, especially the panties,
which stretched firmly over my puss and bottom. I felt so sexy when I ran my
hand over my crotch and along my bottom crease. The fabric was so smooth.
I was about to take them off when she walked in again.

"Very nice," she said encouragingly. "He won't need any urging when he sees

"Yes they are nice," I said. "I'll take these."

"Wise choice. What about the others?"

"I'll have to make sure they fit." I began to lower my panties but hesitated when
she didn't leave. She saw me stop and look up at her.

"Oh, you want some privacy?"

"I think so."

"I'll be back," she said and left.

The white pair left nothing to the imagination. Surely the manufacturer had
never meant these to be used for underwear for they left everything on show.
There was no gusset and my pubic hair was on view. Even with the chemise
over my bra, I could still see my nipples. In the mirror, my bottom crease was
totally on view. I began to remove them, not wanting her to see me this way but
she popped back.

"Oh, yes. Very sexy. I'd like to take you home myself," she almost
whispered. When I looked into her eyes, she blushed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said that. I'll be outside when you're through."

"No, miss," I said quickly. "Don't go." I could see the hope in her eyes but it
quickly disappeared when I added, "I need a nightdress in these materials too.
A long one with the claret and a much shorter one, just below my hips in the

She moaned softly as she left and I knew I had won a lover if I had wanted one.
She returned soon with exactly what I had ordered and both fitted perfectly.
She had even brought stockings, white for the see through and black for the
claret. "I think black is so sexy with that colour," she advised.

"Thank you. I'll be out shortly."

She was hovering near the door.

"You have decided to take them all, madam? Excellent," she smiled when I

"I'll need a pair of baby blue full briefs as well in size 16," I said. "And a white
cotton pair. Oh, and a pair of cotton panties size 10 in white."

The thought made her blush but she said nothing when she held them for
inspection. I told her they were right and she began to wrap them.

"That comes to three hundred and seventy five dollars, Madam," she said,
and I was sure she doubted I had enough to pay her.

"Do you have a card, Miss?' I asked, looking directly into her eyes and she
handed one to me, her hand shaking nervously. I knew she watched me as I
left the shop. Live in hope, darling, I thought to myself.

Next stop was a body shop where I purchased an assortment of body and
massage oils. The drug store supplied condoms and lubricant. I knew Daddy
was buying condoms but I wanted him to see I could acquire them as well. Last
stop was for perfume and other toiletries.

I was amazed that time had gone so quickly for I was late for our luncheon date
and hurried to the restaurant.

"Sorry, Daddy," I said. "Time flies when you're spending someone else's

He saw the armful of parcels. "I take it you don't have much left. "Are they
presents for me?" His face showed a wry smile.

"Maybe. Eventually. Are you curious?"

"Oh, yes," he said matter of factly.

"Well I hope they make you happy but I'm not telling you what's in them. It's a

"Everything about you is a surprise, my darling girl."

"Did you get everything?"

"Yes, but you might be disappointed about one of the items."

"No I won't," I replied. "I will never be disappointed with anything you do."

"I hope I don't disappoint with my lovemaking," he whispered very softly,
leaning towards my ear so no-one could possibly overhear.

"I missed being with you, Daddy. I don't want to be separated again if we can
help it."

"You send shivers up my spine," he said, taking hold of my hand. "I'm in love
with you as deeply as I was with your uhm, mother. At least until before she
changed," he added.

"I love incest, Daddy. I yearn for the day you take my virginity," I whispered, not
taking my eyes from him.

"So do I. Will it be soon?"

"Please be patient, darling," I smiled back. "We have lot's of time and the
waiting is so delicious. Don't you think?"

"Yes but it is so frustrating for me. Do you understand?"

"Of course and one day all that will go. One day you will own every cell of my

"Will it be soon?" He looked at me hopefully. Our eyes never left each other.

"I hope so."

"What would you like to eat?"

"Your cock," I answered and immediately realised what I had said. "Oh, I

"I'm glad you meant it," he almost laughed as he cut off my embarrassment.
"Your choice of the menu gives my heart new fire."

"You're silly," I smiled back, squeezing his hand.

I can't remember what I had eaten or even that we had eaten at all, when Daddy
stood up and suggested it was time to leave.

He carried the parcels for me and put his arm around my waist as we left the
restaurant. I snuggled into him, and we giggled knowingly together.

As we were driving home I turned and asked, "Did doing all those things give
you an erection?"

"Of course, silly. What do you take me for? When a man gets inside one of
those bookshops he can't help it. It's so hard to disguise, too."

"I'd like to see inside one someday."

"You're going to as soon as we get home. I bought out the whole damn shop,"
he said gleefully.

"So they are sexy, the books?"

"I think so."

"Good. But before anything, when we get home I want you to go straight up
and take a long hot shower, then come back to the living room, totally naked."

"You mean it, darling?"

"Yes, I do. You'll find that I will have made a bed for you to lay on. Lay on
your tummy, Daddy, with one pillow for your face and the other for your lovely

"Oh, yes and what's going to happen then?"

"I'm going to massage your poor tired body. Make you feel nice."

"Oh," he sighed with anticipation.

"Yes. You must keep your arms above your head and never open your eyes,
even once. It may be quite some time before I come down to begin."

"How long?"

"Long enough to pretty myself up. I'm sure you'll notice my perfume before you
feel my hands."

"Hm. I guess I can be a little patient," he agreed.

"Anything else you see there is not to be touched."

"Alright. I think I can carry out those orders."

I took considerable trouble in preparing myself. A long very hot bath where I
relaxed and worked out the final details of what I would do. I even washed my
hair and knew that would take another half an hour to dry. I carefully put on the
claret red underwear, black stockings and chemise. I thought I looked the
sexiest woman born and hoped Daddy would think so too. It was one of my
important strategies because I had decided to finally give my body over to his
gaze and touch. Not for sexual union, which I liked to think would be our first
true lovemaking, but everything else was going to be granted to him this
afternoon and evening.

Finally, my full length nightgown covered my underwear. It was so
smooth, I spent some time just aroused too.

He must have been waiting for around two hours by the time I walked into the
room. I wondered if he was asleep for he looked so peaceful. I kissed him
gently on the cheek and he smiled slightly and sighed. I think he noticed my
perfume, which was very expensive.

"Don't make a sound, darling," I whispered. "And you mustn't open your eyes
until I say so. You will spoil everything if you do."

He never moved at all.

"I am going to give you a massage, Daddy. A very long and very uhm,
intimate massage. It is one of my gifts to you and it is with all my love." I
kissed his soft lips for a long moment.

I stood back a little and looked carefully at him. He was quite nude, the first
time I had seen him this way and realised he was more muscle toned that I had
expected. Just a hint of a spare tire around his waist, which pleasantly surprised.
The more I looked the greater my love for this man, my future ravisher.

He was laying on two coffee tables pushed end to end and covered with a narrow
foam rubber mattress that I had seen in the garage. His face laying on a pillow
was turned to my side and looked so peaceful. The pillow under his hips,
into which his man's cock was buried, lifted the roundness of his bottom. I
wanted to spank his globes but resisted for the time being.

He had to have seen what was laying on a small table nearby. A condom
still in it's packet, a tube of lubricant and the pair of baby blue panties I
had purchased this morning which were now laying over his bottom cheeks.
I wonder what he thought about those things.

"Enjoy it all, my darling," I whispered close to his ear.

I stroked his face, lightly circled his eyes with my fingertips and gently massaged
the bridge of his nose and forehead, then turned his face over and repeated
what I had done.

Then opening a bottle of musk body oil I rubbed some onto my hands and began
to massage the tension away from his shoulders and neck. I wondered how
long I could maintain a steady rhythm for there was still a lot of body to go. As
my fingertips manipulated his tense muscles, I saw his face snuggle deeper into
the pillow. Did that mean he was enjoying? Yes, I decided. My fingers pressed
deeply into the flesh along one side of his spine, right down to the beginning of
his bottom crease, and then back again. I turned my hands around and took large
pinches of his flesh between thumb and the fingers of each hand, and worked my
way down his side, over all his ribs, his waist and his hips. Then I played drums
on the same area with the sides of my hand, giving mini karate chops as I had
seen on television. I walked around the table and repeated the same process.

He wriggled and moaned very slightly and I knew it was enjoyable. I pushed
my thumbs deeply into the flesh on either side of his spine and worked them
downwards, manipulating every vertebrae as I went. Sometimes I would slap him
with short sharp, very quick slaps that sounded louder than I am sure they felt.

Then I pushed and poked the flesh on his thighs calves and ankles, nudging
his feet apart so I could just reach a fingertip into the crease below his bottom.
When I did this he flinched for I was dangerously near his testicles, and I had
learned how sensitive they were to the touch of a female's fingers, especially an
incestuous daughter's fingers.

Then it was his bottom that gained my attention. I ran cupped hands under the
panties and over each moon, drawing the tip of a finger down the full length of
his crease until it contacted the shriveled skin of his scrotum. That was his
most sensitive point to this stage but I knew a much more erotic area was to
come later when I began to...

I stopped thinking ahead and returned my thoughts to pleasuring this beautiful
pale smooth bottom. One hand stretched his crease apart and I used just one
finger to diddle his bottom hole, such a tight little brown dot and obviously very
sensitive for him. He moaned loudly and tried to open his legs wider but I eased
them closed.

Lots of cheek squeezes, returning to simple stroking as my hands glided over the
twin globes. I imagined his cock stiff and pulsating beneath this very same spot.

I kissed the lines that separated the backs of his thighs from his bottom cheeks,
a distinct curved line and ran the tip of my tongue along it as well. Then as a
final gesture gave him a short sharp slap on each cheek which made him jump.

And now the time of exposure had arrived.

"Turn over please, darling," I said. "Your big moment has arrived."

After so long in the one position he struggled to do so but finally managed.
There before my eyes, proudly erect, hard as marble, glistening from the
wetness he had discharged, rose his cock.

Oh, for goodness sake, I wailed silently. It's twice as big as the photo. It will
never fit inside me. It will rip me apart. What am I going to do? I had never
felt more panic than this moment and then suddenly realised that this same
weapon had already done to my aunt what it would eventually do to me. We are
both the same size so it must fit. There was so much I still had to learn.

"Do you want me to be naughty, darling?" I whispered in his ear and held my
face against his. He nodded slightly and I saw a strange look of anticipation
on his face.

"Remember, you still have to keep your eyes closed and not say a word," I
reminded him. "Just remember, you're not allowed to shoot your stuff out until I
say you can."

I kissed his lips, his eyes and licked the tip of my tongue into each ear. "My,
how big it is, darling. It's got a little eye right in the front. I suppose that's how
it's going to spit at me."

I changed from massage to light titillation of his skin, my fingers trailing over
his chest, his arms and down each side but not making contact with the
hardness that he so desperately wanted. Down his legs and around toes which
twitched with tension then back up along the inside, slowing as I came nearer
to the source of all pleasures, as far as he was concerned. His cock flicked up
and down and I assumed he had no control over this movement. He widened
his knees allowing me easier access to where he really wanted my fingers.

"Do you want me to touch you, darling," I whispered suggestively. He simply
whimpered, screwing his eyelids tighter.

My fingers touched the edge of his pubic forest and circled the circumference,
rising over his scrotum but not touching, much to his chagrin. He whined in

I placed the panties over his erection and drew it slowly off, making him gasp
with pleasure. At least I assumed that was what it was. His cock was taut
and shiny, not from wetness but from the tightly stretched skin. I opened the
panties and slipped the waist band down over his erection then cupped my hand
around it.

His buttocks rose and finally relaxed again. He groaned from need for relief.
I intended to masturbate him until he came inside the panties, just like Evelyn
had told us about but he was so tense I imagined he would shoot off as soon as I
began to move my hand.

Instead, I tickled my fingertips as lightly as I could along it's length, and over
his balls, strange things that they were, several times, making him continually
jerk and gasp. He probably wouldn't last much longer so I decided even a quick
masturbation would be more acceptable to him than allowing him to shoot off
without the help of my hand at all. Don't know how I knew all this stuff. It just
seemed so natural to me, goodness knows how.

And quick it was. I leaned near his face and simply said, "Enjoy it, darling,"
then began pumping. Five movements and his body jerked, his bottom rose
off the pillow as he bridged his back and he began a deep growling hiss as sperm
splashed inside the blue silk. I maintained only the slightest movements until I
was sure he had completely finished

I let go of his penis but left the panties where they were. Instead, my hands
circled his face and I kissed him full on the lips, a long lingering kiss, loving.

"It's so strong, darling. It's something so wonderful to watch and know I
was able to give you pleasure. It was wonderful, wasn't it? Tell me, darling.
You can talk."

"Oh, baby girl. I never knew how wonderful. It has. been so long, I had
forgotten what a woman's touch is like. Yes, it was the most wonderful feeling
I have ever known." He returned my kiss and I wanted it to last forever.

"Lay still, darling," I told him. "Rest. I know it is draining. Ha, Ha. In more
ways than one, of course."

I took the panties and wiped him as dry as I could. The amount of spunk that
had not been soaked up by the panties was amazing and I had to hold it in two
hands to stop it running everywhere. Eventually I folded the panties into a
ball and left it on the table beside the condom.

Then I laid down and cradled his face against my breast. With three layers
of silk between breast and face, he still smiled happily as he lay still.

Nearly an hour passed before he stirred.

"Thank you. It was truly breathtaking." He was still half asleep.

"Do you want to get up? I have some more surprises."

"I feel so weak."

"So you'd better get some exercise," I encouraged and reached for the mass of wet
panties. "Step into these. I want you to wear them."

Without even looking he lifted one foot and then the other. They were almost in
place when he realised they carried his emissions. I refused to let him take
them off.

"They're going to dry on you," I demanded and he gave in.

"I can't sit down," he complained. "I'll wet anything I sit on."

"Yes that's why there's a towel on the settee."

I had to giggle at the way he walked, trying to keep his legs apart as if that would

"I feel stupid," he complained.

"Yes, I can imagine," I laughed. Then he took notice of my new nightdress for
the first time.

"Baby, that's beautiful."

"You're going to take it off me later."

"You mean it?"

"Yes. Excited?"

"I can't believe it. Will you let me fu...?" He never got the chance to finish the

"You mustn't fuck your virginal daughter yet, Daddy. But I promise you, it will
be you who takes my virginity. No-one else will have that privilege."

"I can't believe it. My own daughter jerks me off and now offers me her
virginity. Tell me I'm not dreaming."

I took his hand and held it over one of my breasts.

"You are not dreaming, Daddy. You are simply in incest heaven."

"Oh that I know and I'm as guilty as sin."

"It's not a sin, Daddy. It's pure love. I love it and you love it. We both love
each other. We are in love. Nothing is wrong with that."

"I know, darling. I know that."

We laid our heads together on the sofa and both fell asleep, his hand still over my
I woke when his hand became somewhat insistent as he squeezed me hard.

"Why, Daddy? What are you doing?" I tried to look shocked.

"Just surveying," he smiled at me, not the least bit embarrassed.

"Can I take this thing off. It's so hard it's prickling me." He was trying to
push the blue knickers down but I could see they were well molded to his body,
set in glue, or goo as I remembered the large rush of sperm he had left.

"If you take it off, you'll wet me with your magic wand. It seems to be wet all
the time."

"It's all your fault," he blamed me. "I've really got to get it off. My... my thing
is growing and it's hurting."

"Well you could wear a condom. Would you do that?"

"Yes, OK."

"Come here." I prised the hard panties away from his skin, an inch or so at a
time. He oohed and ahhed and pulled faces as it was pulled from him.

"I don't want to do that again, young lady," he grimaced.

"But you would if I asked nicely, wouldn't you, Daddy?"

"I'll do anything you ask."

"Now that's real love," I hugged his nakedness to me.

"Would you go and bring in all the things you bought?"

"Sure. I'll put a robe on."

"No. Just as you are."

"What?" His voice lifted a pitch or two. "I've got to go outside?."

"It's dark. No-one will see."

"But what if..."

"Daddy?" I looked hurt.

"Oh, shit. Yes, I'll do it but it'll probably get me arrested."

"I'll bail you out."

He returned with an armful of brown paper wrapped parcels, some quite large.
"Wow, you did buy the shop out," I said.

"Shops," he corrected me. "I bought something from every one I went into."

"Well, let's start opening them."

"There's more," he said and went outside again.

I had to giggle at his cock as it bobbed up and down. I couldn't imagine what it
would be like with one of those hanging between my legs.

He brought another load just as big as the first.

"It's a smorgasbord of sex," he laughed. "You've no idea the range I could buy. I
hope I picked the sexiest ones but you never know until you get them opened.
Often the cover's a lot better than what's inside."

We were like two kids in a toy shop, we couldn't decide what to look at next.
There were girls with big, big tits and wide open pusses, cocks of every size
and shape, which amazed me, and lots of spunk splashed all over the place,
especially over smiling faces and fat boobs.

"These interest me," Daddy said, holding up a book titled, 'Spanking Naughty

"Oh, yes," I said with doubt in my mind. "I suppose you got plenty of those."

"Yes, look. Strict Discipline, Spanking Stories, Naughty Girls, Teacher's
Cane, but I think these are the best." It was called Blushes and I dared not think
why. The covers showed girls in various states of undress but they were all
young, demure and faces full of embarrassment. Underwear was in
disarray, panties around their ankles, braless or boobs peeking out from under a
tight shirt or open blouse. girls bent over a chair or table offering themselves
up to discipline by men standing over them, mostly much older men.

It certainly affected Daddy for his cock was pointing up stiffly.

"Would you like to do that to me, Daddy?"

"Oh, yes I would, darling," he replied almost with a groan.

"You can. I won't object but you mustn't take my panties down. Not yet.
Would you like to do it now?"

"Yes," he whispered, watching me to see I wasn't offended.

"Well, first you'll have to put a rubber on. I don't want you shooting your stuff all
over me."

I opened a packet of condoms and tore the foil off. It was sticky with lubricant
just like the ones Evelyn had given me. I began to roll it along his erection as I
looked smugly into his eyes.

"Pinch the tip, darling. So it won't explode when I..."

I hadn't learned that trick before but found it easy to expel all the air.

"Now I'm all yours, Daddy. Be gentle with me," I said in a little girl's voice.

"You've been a naughty, naughty girl and deserve to be punished," he said
threateningly as he grasped my arm and pulled me close. "Ten of the best,
young lady and when I've finished, you will thank me in a very special way."

"Yes, Daddy," I whimpered.

"Now stand up straight and remove everything you are wearing," he said as I
looked up at him in shock. "Everything except your panties," he added with a
wicked smile.

"You'll have to do it," I said lifting my arms up high. He lifted the nightdress
over my head and then my chemise leaving me in bra and panties.

Daddy was going to get a look at my tits before I had planned. It will probably
make him all the more aroused, demanding that of me rather than waiting until I
did it.

"Yes, Daddy," I said with a look of contrition when he told me how naughty I'd
been again. I tried to look as young as I could, hopefully ten or eleven
because I suspected that was what Daddy fantasised about.

He watched closely as I slowly unclipped my bra and let it fall to the floor,
putting my hands behind my back.

His sharp intake of breath told me he was indeed aroused. My tits were small
enough to be ten or eleven, or that was what I thought. But when he reached
out and cupped them I felt much more mature. I felt sexy and I wanted him to

"Oh, Daddy, that's so nice," I purred, pushing my chest firmer into his hands.

"It's supposed to be punishment. Humiliation." He growled. "Don't you feel

"It feels so good though. How could I?" I asked. "Oh, keep stroking them. I
love it."

And he did. Stroking and squeezing, pinching and twisting, all the while his
rubber covered cock jumped involuntarily. His breathing was fast and his eyes
kind of glazed over. I could imagine him drooling, a trickle of spittle falling
from the edge of his mouth but of course that didn't happen.

"Hug me and kiss me, Daddy. Like a real woman."

"You are a real woman," he said as I fell into his arms and let him do all the
work. His arms held me tightly as his hands roamed over my back and shoulders.

"One day, young lady," he warned. "One day I'll wipe the smile off that pretty
little face. One day..."

He daydreamed, I was sure so I said slyly, "I suppose I would stop smiling if I had
an orgasm."

"The only orgasm tonight will be mine," he groaned and pulled me across his
widely spread knees. I could feel the hardness of his erection pushing up into
my tummy.

"Now, ten of the best," but instead of a spanking, all I felt was his hands
roaming over my panty-clad bottom and in between my legs as he cupped my

I never even realised he had lifted his hand until the sting of it landing with a
loud thump, my panties taking away the sharpness of the sound.

"Ouch," I cried out in genuine distress because it bloody well hurt. "It's too
hard. Please don't hurt me so much, Daddy," I wailed.

But he took no notice and soon I was howling out at the top of my lungs, but try
as I might, he was too strong and I could not move away from his torturous intent.

I was sure my behind had split open for it burned so much but he never eased
up until I heard him hiss, "Nine... Ten. There, young lady. Ten of the best.
Now kneel between my knees and suck my cock. I want to shoot inside your

I had never heard him speak like this. It was like he was another person,
demanding and cruel.

"Come on. Hurry it up. Suck, you little slut."

His penis was pulsing as I kneeled between his knees, the thin rubber condom
showing the deep purple of his cock head.

I took the hardness in my hand and lifted it upwards to my mouth and allowed it
to slide inside, so big it forced my lips wide apart.

I sucked and licked the rubber covering as my lips slid up and down his hard
shaft. He laid deeper into his chair, moaning with the pleasures my tongue was
producing. I had no idea how long this would take, the first time this thing, this
baby maker had been where it was now, but I knew it was giving him intense
pleasure. Twice he called out for me to stop, which I did immediately, giving
him a few seconds for his arousal to subside. The third time though, I kept
sucking and suddenly his whole body shuddered and I felt the rush of his stuff as
it passed my lips and shot inside the condom. It seemed to go on forever and
I maintained my pleasuring, never missing a stroke, working in time with each
of his spurts. I was so glad he had worn the rubber. There was little doubt I
would be receiving his sperm directly into my mouth in time and swallowing it
too, for that was what men seemed to like the best, so Evelyn had said and so had
he. But this first time was hard enough without having to contend with the sticky
white stuff as well.

His cock quickly softened but I left it up to him to decide what he wanted to do
next so I laid my face against his thigh, the limp penis still inside my mouth. I
wasn't sure whether his sperm would start leaking out but if it did it would be
into the thick mat of his pubic hair.

I didn't have long to wait for he gently extracted himself from my mouth,
taking the condom between two fingers and holding it up.

"There will be more next time," he said. "I've already come twice today.
Wait until you see the first shootings."

Then he sat up slightly and told me to turn around.

As soon as I did he pulled my head backwards between his legs so the back of
my head rested on his crotch.

"Open your mouth," he told me and I saw the thick bulb of sperm being
lowered. Lowered right inside my mouth.

"Now bite."

I tried to look up into his face but from the angle I was laying I couldn't see him.
I almost panicked at the thought but his hand held me firmly.

The slippery substance played against my tongue and as he jerked my forehead I
did as he commanded. My teeth came together near the teat of the condom and
soon I felt the trickle of liquid.

"Suck, slut."

I sucked the whole of his orgasm into my mouth, then swallowed and laid still,
not moving a muscle and neither did he.

"I'm sorry, darling," he whispered after a long silence. "I shouldn't have made
you do that."

"But it excited you, didn't it, Daddy?"

"Yes, it did. Very much."

"Then I'm glad. If it makes you feel good then I don't mind what you want me
to do."

He looked into my eyes, searching to see if I was being honest.

"I mean it, Daddy," I said and kissed him lightly. I'm sure he realised my
smiling eyes were telling him the truth.

"Yes, I know you mean it. But that leaves you open to anything. Just imagine
what the word anything really means."

"I would only say that to you. No-one else."

"I could think of a million things you simply wouldn't do," he said with

"But you wouldn't ask me to do some of them, I'm sure. You see, darling, I
trust you completely. I told you, if it makes you feel good, then I will do
whatever you want. It won't make me feel abused or anything like that, it's just
that it gives me immense pleasure to know what you want to do with my body
makes you feel aroused and that makes you feel good. Daddy, I promise you, if
you raped me right now and took my virginity away, I'd cling to you with all my
heart because It will have made you feel good, Can you understand how much I
love you now?"

"No I can't, baby. I just know that the last couple of weeks once we began to play
mothers and fathers together, you've made me feel like a new man, so happy and
so excited. I love you, my little baby. So much." With that he took my face
between his hands and kissed me lovingly on the lips. It made me feel all gooey
inside. I guess that made me double gooey inside because that's where his sperm
was resting right at this very minute.

We went to sleep in each other's arms and never moved until the sun woke us the
next morning.

Chapter Eleven
When I stirred it woke Daddy too. We were both sticky from laying in each
other's arms all night but I knew my stickiness was more than just perspiration.

"Hello, darling," my wonderful Daddy smiled at me. "I slept like a log."

"Me too," I smiled back. "Sexy things make me sleep so well. You'll have to
keep doing things to me, Daddy."

"Yes ma'am," he agreed.



"There's two things I want to talk about."

"Darling, I'm really sorry for what I did last night," he said contritely.

"No, it's not about last night. Actually, last night was wonderful. No, something


"Touch my pussy with your fingers, Daddy."

He didn't need a second invitation and began to stroke my panty covered slit
when I opened my knees.

"Notice anything?"

"You're very wet," he said. Are you still feeling sexy?"

"No. Look closer."

"Oh, shit, you're bleeding. What's the matter? Did I cut you or something?" He
asked, upset.

"It's my period, Daddy."

"What do you...? Oh, you mean your curse?" He looked quite shocked and pulled
his hand away.

"Silly how men get shocked at that," I said. "We find it quite natural. It
happens every month, you know."

"Yes, but..."

"Would you bring me a sanitary pad, Daddy. They're in my top draw."

He blushed and stood up, looking embarrassed then shocked. When he
returned, I looked him straight in the eye and asked, "Would you like to put it
on for me, Daddy?"

"Uh. Uhm, I suppose so." He didn't move.

"You'll need a warm washer and some new panties."

"Oh, yes. Uhm, where will I find them?"

"The ones you bought yesterday? Wouldn't they do?" I smiled at him

They were still in the heap with all his sexy books but he eventually held up a
pair of red silky knickers.

"They'll do. red seems quite appropriate," I giggled.

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Now the washer?"

He returned quickly and just stood there looking down at me.

"I think you'll need to take my panties off first, Daddy."

He slid the stained underwear down my legs and I saw the dark red stain all over
the crotch. He stared at my thatch of dark brown hair, red stained near the
opening and then began to wipe me clean without being told.

He was very gentle and took much time over the task. His fingertips sent tingles
right up my spine as he gently opened my puss lips to wipe away all the
discharge. I was so nice I never objected.

"Your first look, Daddy."

"What? Oh, yes, it is. I suppose I should be feeling aroused but I don't for
some reason."

"There'll be plenty of time for that. I think it's clean enough. You can kiss it if
you like before you put the napkin on. Do you know how to?"

He brushed his lips over the sharp edges of my puss and said, "I've never even
seen one before, let alone put it on a lady. Your aunt might have been sexy but
this wasn't something she shared with me."

"Just spread the wings at the side. See the sticky bits? Pull the paper off and put
the pad against my... you know, my secret place. Good. Now you can put my
new panties on."

When he had finished, I held out my arms and he fell into them, so that we kissed
each other passionately.

"They say a woman feels the sexiest when she is in the middle of her period.
But I feel very sexy right now. Did you ever do it to Mummy when she had her

"You mean have sex? Good heavens no. Never."

"You can with me but not until..."

"Until when?" His eyes had lit up.

"That's the other thing I want to talk about. Do you think you should go and rinse
the washer out first? Throw the panties in the laundry trough to soak as well.

He returned quickly and I suspected he had not rinsed very well. asked slyly. I
was sure he thought his first opportunity

"Now what do you want to talk about, young lady?" He asked slyly. I was sure he
thought his first opportunity of getting me out of my panties was arriving.

"Make love to me, Daddy. Rub your penis against my lovely soft panties while I
talk to you."

"Oh, you mean like this?"

He laid between my legs and I clamped my legs around his hips like I saw
Evelyn's parents do in the video. Then he began to move slowly backwards and
forwards and I could feel his hardness grow.

"If you don't start talking soon, I'll be squirting stuff all over your tummy, my
little turtle dove," he mimicked.

"Daddy, will you marry me?"

"What?" He almost shouted, pushing himself up off me. "What do you mean?
Like pretending?"

"No, I mean will you really marry me, in front of a parson with a real marriage
certificate and all."

"You know we can't do that, little one," he said with a pained look on his face.
"The authorities take a dim view of uncles marrying their own nieces, especially
when I'm your guardian as well and your fifteen years old. They'd throw me in

"But if I wasn't your niece?"

"But you are."

"I can prove I'm not."

"Darling, that's just wishful thinking. You are my niece, of course you are."

"I've been doing some homework and I can prove to any authority you like that
I'm someone else."

"It's impossible. Your mother and my brother made you."

"I know that, Daddy, but I can show the authorities all the proof they need. I
know they won't take much convincing. Push a bit of official paper in front of
them and they rubber stamp it. There's just too many people asking for a
marriage licence to check into any of them. Give them the right proof and they'll

"And what will our friends say?"

"We don't have any close friends. Not since Aunt Patricia died. You've got
your work people but they've never seen me as far as I know. By the way,
you've gone soft. Don't you like having sex with me?" I pouted.

"I think you'd better show me what you mean. My cock can wait a little longer."

"Alright," I said pushing him off so he landed on his bottom with a heavy bump.

He was still rubbing his behind when I came back with a sheath of papers in a

"Read this first," I said, handing him a photocopy of an interstate newspaper.

"Family dies in tragedy," he read the headlines aloud. "Who are they? What
have they got to do with us?"

"Who are they?"

"I have no idea except they were killed in a road accident three years ago. See
the girl's name? It's the same as mine."

"Yes but her surname isn't."

"All the better."

"I don't understand what you are trying to say," he sighed.

"Then think about this. A girl, an only child aged twenty five dies in a car
accident three years ago. She has my first name but of course her parents family

"Yes I understand that but what are you getting at?"

"So, then I apply for her death certificate and it gives me the details of where
and when she was born. Incidentally it's in another state altogether, neither this
one or the one where she was killed. She has no close relatives still living."

"So?" He still couldn't understand what I was trying to explain.

"So then I write to that state and obtain her birth certificate."

"But she's dead as well."

"No-one in this state knows that."

"Yes but...?"

"So with this birth certificate, I take on her identity, and we apply for a
marriage licence. When we're married I will assume my own name again so
there won't be any slip-ups with names when we're talking to anyone. That's
why I asked if you could live away from here. We move away where no-one
knows us and you come back here for your business meetings. Meanwhile you're
bonking me silly and one day you'll make a baby inside me."

"And how do you account for the fact that she would be ten years older than you
right now?"

"The right clothes and make-up will cover that, believe me. Everyone will be
so jealous of you marrying a baby ten years your junior. You'll be a cradle
snatcher and all the men will be livid with jealousy. Imagine your business
people knowing you've just got married to a chick so young. And all the time
you'll be fucking a fifteen year old. Oh, you naughty, naughty man."

"Yes and they'll all want to meet you and invite us to dinner. There's no way we
would get away with it for long at all."

"You're just making up excuses. You know it'll work. We could fly to Vegas
and do it in one of those little white marriage chapels that are littered around
the town. It's all so legal."

"I've got to think this through," he said with a lot of hesitation. "If we get

"We won't but just in case we did we could tell the police we're writing a book
on illicit marriage associated with Las Vegas and were proving a point. Of
course we couldn't get married, your my uncle, we'd tell anyone who ever worked
it out. Who wouldn't believe that? Besides we're not famous so who would
ever think of tracing either yours or my backgrounds?"


"But only you and I would know the truth."

"I'd still like to think it through."

"We'll go over it step by step a dozen times, Daddy. Talk over all the possibilities
and work everything out in our minds before we go ahead."

"When do you want to do it then?"

"When do you want to start fucking me properly?"

"Hmm. I see."

"Of course, I'll expect a proper courtship, flowers and long phone calls and
once we're engaged, no hanky panky until after I say I do."

"What? You'd stop me from ...?"

"Well, I suppose most couples nosh about a bit but definitely not all the way. I
could give you something to relieve your tensions from time to time, I suppose."

"That's very generous."

"And I'll want to move back into my own room again."

"Why?" He looked genuinely crest-fallen.

"Because I'll be engaged to be married. No self-respecting fiancée would
allow herself to be compromised before her wedding day, Daddy."

"It didn't worry your mother."

"Daddy!" I looked at him with a shocked expression.

"Well it's true. She had more sexual appetite while she was engaged than any
other time."

"You mean she let you go all the way? No restrictions?"

"That's right."

"Well, I'm not that kind of girl. Besides, think of what the wedding night will
be like. No sex and then suddenly anything your little heart desires."

"You're a teasing sadist," he almost snarled.

"Maybe I can arrange for something to relieve the tensions," I admitted as a
thought began to run through my mind.

"Like what?"

"Never mind. Now do you want to finish what you started?" I laid on my back
and opened my knees inviting him on top. "It might be the last time for a
while," I suggested.

He never said a word as be kneeled in front of me and lowered himself. He
came very quickly and after his explosion, relaxed his whole body on top of
me making it difficult to even breathe but I didn't object. When he finally
stirred he returned with a warm washer and bathed the sticky sperm off me, still
not a word from his lips.

"I'll think your proposition through and decide quickly, darling," he whispered
as he laid down beside me again, stroking my breasts soothingly.

"I'll expect a proper proposal from you, you know. Flowers, gifts, dinner and of
course a big diamond," I reminded him.

"All that and no nookie?"

"That's right. We who own the pussy get to make the rules. I'm surprised you
haven't realised that yet."

"I'll take revenge, you know."

"I wouldn't expect anything different from a man?" I said with more authority
than I knew I possessed.

"We who own the penis, eventually will conquer," he smiled back at me.


He leaned over and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, sending untold
thrills through my body. Then his hands began to roam over me and his cock
rose up once again.

"Isn't it amazing what my beautiful body can do to you?"

"I want to marry you, my darling. So very much. Never has a man been so
lucky as I am. But I think you'll get sick of me and look for some young virile
buck to share your life with before long. That's something else I'll have to

"We only look for young bucks if our old bull doesn't perform any longer, Isn't
that the law of the Jungle? Hmm? I promise you, my darling husband to be, there's
only one man in my life and it will always be you. It's something so deep in my
inner being that it could never change. I love you so much and you have no
idea how I long for the day when you make me a whole woman."

His fingers were under the elastic of my panties now and he was probing deeper.

"They'll turn red," I warned. "And then they'll probably drop off."

"Just pray that my cock doesn't shrivel up and fall off. That's far more likely.
You're going to wear the old fellow out, I just know it," he replied.

"But he'll shrivel up a happy chappie."

"He's already happy. Look at the smile on his lips."

Daddy's cock was dripping with pre-seminal discharge.

"He's literally drooling," I commented.

I stroked his hardness and it didn't take long to learn he gained far more
stimulation from the lightest touch over the underside of his cock-head and
over his hairy balls than when I ran my fingers along the top of his shaft. These
little lessons were lodged clearly in my mind.

Chapter Twelve
The phone rang for what seemed an eternity then at last a voice answered.

"Hello, Jonie?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Your best friend. How are you darling?"

"Well, well, what a surprise. You've never rang me up before," Jonie said in
surprise. "Is everything alright?"

"Sure. Just fine."

Our conversation went on for some time with small talk until finally, I began to
bring the subject around to what I really wanted.

"Jonie, we all hear the way you talk but are you really in love with sex?"

She stopped short for just a moment and then asked suspiciously, "Now why
would you ask me that?"

"I have something I want to ask you and it's very personal."

"It sounds intriguing," she said.

"So. Answer my question."


"Boys or girls?"

"Whatever. boys I suppose but after what Evelyn taught us, girls are nice too.
Why? Do you need...?"

"Not me," I cut her off. "But I have a favour to ask and it's something I would
only ask someone I trusted completely. I always thought of you that way, Jonie.
Can I really trust you?"

"Yes, you can trust me, sweet buns. Whatever it is, it will be strictly between
you and me," she reassured me and I was convinced. Also I could hear the
anticipation in her voice.

We talked for a long time until I was sure she knew exactly what I was asking
of her. Finally she made the decision.

"I think it's sweet what you are doing," Jonie said. "Sure, I'll help and your secret
will never leave my lips. It's something I've never done and it sounds exciting.
When do you want to do it?"

"What about Saturday night?" This was just three days away.

"Fine with me. I don't have a date. Invite me to dinner."

"You're invited. Come early, about six. We'll eat at eight."

We talked over details for more than an hour before we hung up.

"I've invited one of my school friends over for dinner on Saturday night,
Daddy. Jonie, you'll like her."

"That's nice, darling. She doesn't know, does she?"

"Of course not, silly," I laughed and pecked him on the lips reassuringly. "She's
just a good friend."

"Welcome to our home, Jonie," Daddy smiled as he opened the door. "My
daughter's in the living room. Come on in and make yourself at home. What
would you like to drink? Wine? A Baccardi and Coke?"

"Oh, anything. Wine would be nice please."

We hugged each other and kissed directly on the lips. Daddy didn't miss that, I
was sure. He was quiet for some time until I suggested that he show Jonie over
the house while I got things ready for dinner.

"Take your time. Dinner won't be ready for an hour or so yet."

"Would you like to see over our home, Jonie?"

"Of course. Love to." She stood up and took his arm as he walked up the stairs.

They came back just on an hour later. Jonie was smiling and winked at me
but Daddy looked most uncomfortable.

"It took you long enough," I said matter of factly.

"You've got a lovely home, darling. There was so much to see," Jonie said and
added slyly, "And do."

"Oh, was there? Yes, I suppose so," I mused as I rushed about the table. "I
hope Uncle Ben was the perfect host."

"He most certainly was," Jonie said as she smiled up at him. He looked distinctly
uncomfortable, embarrassed, almost.

It wasn't until the next day that I was able to talk with Jonie and learned exactly
what had happened upstairs.
We ate well and spent the time talking about school and laughing a lot.
Daddy smiled sometimes but remained noticeably quiet.

"Are you feeling alright, Uncle Ben? You look flushed and you've been very
quiet," I remarked.

"Oh yes, I'm fine," he replied quietly.

"It was probably all the exertion upstairs," Jonie quipped. "The stairs and all, I
mean," she quickly added as Daddy squirmed in his chair.

I looked at each of them and agreed unconvincingly. I could become an actress
without any trouble, I thought to myself as Jonie and I returned to our

Jonie was quite happy to agree that we leave the dishes and go into the
living room to continue our reverie. "No, Uncle Ben, you come too, you're
part of the family and you're not excluded."

He came with us but with noticeable discomfort.

"You sit there, Uncle Ben," I pointed to an armchair opposite the sofa. "I
want to sit near Jonie. You can pour the drinks if you like."

He carried out his duties and returned to his seat, sipping a whisky and soda.

"You're still the most beautiful girl in our group, Jonie," I complimented her.

"I don't think so but if I am, you're a close second," she replied and we
shifted closer to each other.

"Do you remember what we nearly did at Evelyn's?"

"You mean between each other. Yes, how could anyone forget."

"I wish we had," I said looking into her eyes.

"Well, I have, you know," she said. "But not with one of our group. Another

Daddy was listening intently now.

"Was it as nice as Evelyn said it would be?"

"More than you could imagine. Oh, yes it was marvelous."

"And you...?"


"Uhm," I hesitated. "Did you uhm, explode?"

"It was so easy."

We were both becoming excited and holding back giggles as we realised
what we were talking about in front of Daddy. I glanced at him and saw the
bulge in his trousers. He knew what we were talking about.

"I'm envious," I said. "How often have you...?"

"Just once but I hope it happens again."

"Oh," I sighed. "I wish I..."

"You've imagined doing it, haven't you?"

"Yes, often."


"I haven't had the chance."

"We could."

"We could? You and me?"

"Why not? Wouldn't you like to try?"


"Then why not take the plunge?"

"Jonie, I'm still a vir..." I looked directly at Daddy. "I'm still intact."

"That's one of the beauties of it. There's no need to break through any barriers
this way."

"No, that's true. When could we?"

Jonie glanced at Daddy then with a smile said, "Tonight if you want to. We could
go upstairs."

"It's warmer down here," I reminded her. "And the fire's so nice."

"But your...?" She looked up at Daddy and he quickly averted his eyes.

"Oh, don't mind Uncle Ben. He can become quite invisible. He'll do
whatever I tell him. It's sort of a special understanding we have. Isn't it, Uncle

"What?" He looked at us so innocently. "What was that, dear?"

"If I asked you to become invisible you could be quiet as a little church
mouse, couldn't you? Just as though you weren't here at all?"

"Do you want me to leave?"

"Oh, it's so cold outside. No, just sit still and take a nap. Jonie and I want to
be friends together, that's all."

"Alright, I'll take a snooze."

Jonie looked suspiciously at me and then smiled knowingly. "You've set this
up, haven't you?"

"Yes but Daddy had no idea. He just goes along with anything I say. Believe

"Daddy? I thought he was your uncle?"

"He is really, but I call him Daddy some of the time because he's really like a
father to me. I have no other, you know."

"Oh, I see. So you sort of boss him around, or so it looks and now you want us to
be lesbians in front of him?"

"Bingo. Give him another hard on and you can relieve him again but this time in
front of me," I whispered with a little giggle.

"You're evil."

"I'm curious."

"About your uncle's cock or about lesbians?"

"Both but especially making love to you."

She nodded with a suggestive smirk.

"Alright then," she said aloud. "Now we're on our own, who goes first?"

"What do you mean?"

"Who makes the first move?"

"Oh, you I guess," I stammered. "What do we do?"

"Be yourself. O.K., I'll start," she said as she put a hand around my neck and
pulled me to her. Our lips met in a long, lingering kiss.

"My," I gasped as we parted.

"Stay still my little bird," Jonie said softly as she began to undo the buttons on
my blouse. She put her lips to my ear and asked, "Has your dad seen you naked

"Oh, lots of times. We don't have any inhibitions about that but for some
reason I never see him fully undressed."

"Does he touch you?"

"You mean like in sex? No, not at all. But he does stare sometimes."

"I'm sure he does." Then in a louder voice she said, "Well, off with the blouse.
Stand up while I get the skirt."

Soon I was standing in front of her in my bra and panties. "Nice figure,
darling," Jonie said appreciatively as her hands roamed over all my contours.

My back was to Daddy so he saw very little until Jonie turned me around,
saying, "Now for the bra. Doesn't it feel nice when you discard this monstrosity?"

My bra fell to the floor and Daddy got an eyeful. He was definitely not sleeping
now and made no pretence of doing so. His cock was forming a tent in his
trousers and already a wet spot was showing.

"It's a good thing you're dad's not still here," Jonie said purposefully. "After
what we did upstairs, another session watching what we're about to do might
finish him off."

"What was that?" I asked her with an innocent look.

"Maybe I'll tell you sometime. What's important now is just you and me. We're
going to make love until we're both worn out."

"Oh, yes please, Jonie darling," I agreed bending down to press my lips against

She stood up while our lips still clung together. "Undress me," she urged me

I turned her so she was facing Daddy just a few feet away and began to undo the
buttons at the back of her frock. Then standing behind her, I eased her arms out
and let the whole garment waft down her body and fall onto the floor.

"Why, Jonie Sullivan, I do believe you have no panties on, you naughty girl."

"Sorry. I left then under your dad's pillow. Sort of a surprise."

"I bet it will be," I said with a giggle as I unclipped her bra and let that fall
away. "He'll probably jerk off in them, you know." Jonie just smiled. My arms
came around her body and I cupped her breasts and nuzzled her neck. "They
feel beautiful, Jonie. So firm." I looked Daddy straight in the eye and winked.
His cock looked at bursting point and he was definitely blushing.

"Let's sit down on the sofa," Jonie suggested. "No wait, let me take your panties
off. You haven't got the curse have you?"

"No, silly."

We sat closely together and Jonie laid her leg over mine, pushing my other one
widely apart. Then we stroked each other's bosoms and kissed passionately
until Jonie trailed her fingertips down to my pussy, which had been smiling at
Daddy for some time.

"Take care, Jonie. I'm still a virgin, remember."

"I will. Now do the same to me, but you can go inside as well."

As my hand came in contact with her mat of curly hair she spread her legs wide
and we began to stimulate each other. Daddy's cock was forcing his pants so
high I thought he would come at any moment.

We were watching his crotch intently just as he was, ours.

I came first in a roar of noise that I never even heard but Jonie never stopped
pleasuring me. Even after I had calmed down she maintained the same rhythm,
even when she too exploded in a body-shuddering roar of pleasures. So all I
could do was to maintain my own attentions to her pussy, which finished, in
almost simultaneous orgasms the second time around.

We rested only for a short time when Jonie whispered in my ear, "I think your
dad needs to be relieved or he'll burst. Will I?"

"Yes," I whispered back. "But make sure I can see it all."

She crawled towards him and said gently, "Be still, Uncle Ben," as she pushed
his knees apart. Then undoing his fly she swallowed his hardness between her
lips. He began groaning immediately and shuddered his way to relief soon

Without further word, Jonie rose, pecked me on the nose, collected her clothes
and left the room. We heard the front door close a few minutes later, obviously
after she had dressed.

My legs remained wide apart just as Daddy left his now deflated penis laying
over his pants. We looked into each other's eyes for what seemed forever and
the next thing I knew, he was shaking me awake.

Chapter Thirteen
"Come on, sleepy head. It's morning."

It seemed as though I hadn't moved at all for my pussy was still on show. For
that matter, Daddy's little penis was still hanging from his trousers so he
obviously had slept soundly too.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Good morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well?"

"Oh, yes indeed I did, my little devil."

"Do you know what?"


"That was your buck's night. Last night."

"Is that so?" He smiled at me happily. "I knew you set it up, that was obvious
but I thought it was my final fling before the shutters go up. Around your
pussy, I mean."

"Oh, that goes without saying," I agreed. "But I still haven't been wooed."

He tucked himself in and dropped my panties over my pouting pussy. "That
starts right now. Run upstairs and pack a bag for one week. We're off."

"Where? What do you mean?"

"Don't ask questions. You're intended fiancée demands your company for a
whole week in which he hopes to win your hand in wedlock."

"Oh, Daddy," I squealed, leaping up and kissing him silly. Then I ran upstairs to

An hour later we were on the way to the airport and I was to find out, to Hawaii.

While we were waiting for our baggage he looked at me very seriously. "You
realise that if I am banned from any sort of hanky panky until we tie the knot, so
are you."

"Yes, of course."

"Not even a wayward finger in the seclusion of your bed. Nothing."

"I promise as long as you do too."

"Then I promise as well," he said. "When we get to the hotel don't be surprised
when we are given separate rooms. That's what I've ordered."

"You are being good. I'd wondered about that."

"And we've got to get you into some clothes that will say I'm not dating a
teenager. It's a bit off-putting, you know. You look more like fifteen than
even your eighteen years you've dressed yourself as."

"Wait until I dress up like a twelve year old," I teased. "But not until after
we're married. I bet you've dreamed of breaking the cherry of a little twelve year
old with the smallest tits and no pussy hair at all, haven't you?"

"You deserve every spanking you're going to get. That's a promise."

"Oh, yes please, kind sir," I curtsied.

Needless to say the hotel was five-star and I walked into a full suite. He was
sparing no expense but that wasn't surprising. The next week was spent visiting
every dress shop in the city, or so it seemed and I would need several suit cases
to return home. We wined and dined every night and took long walks along
the beach in the moonlight. Or we danced the night away. Never once did he
try to touch me sexually, nor did he bring anything crude into our
conversations. Never once did he even try to come into my suite, nor I his.

We cuddled often and kissed intimately, whispering sweet nothings and
dreaming our dreams out loud, loud enough for just the two of us, that is.

A fresh sheath of flowers reached my room every morning always with a
little verse of love in his own writing.

We were two lovers enjoying nothing but the presence of each other. How I
loved him so.

His penis stiffened regularly. He couldn't hide the fact, especially when we were
embracing or laying on the sand in our swim-suits, but neither I nor he mentioned
the fact. This lover of mine was the perfect suitor. Definitely Mr. Right as
far as I was concerned.

On our final night he had arranged to call for me and when I opened to his knock,
a bouquet of white orchids was thrust in my direction.

"For my own true orchid," he smiled.

"Thank you, sweetheart. They're beautiful. Will you fix them on me, please?"

A large black limousine awaited us at the entrance and then glided away and
into the hills around the city.

We were ushered into the solitude of what seemed like our own dining-room for
we were on a balcony overlooking the city lights, with walls of plants separating
us from anyone else. The waiters were unseen but always there when we
needed them.

He ordered everything from the caviar and champagne starters, to the lobster
and smoked salmon entrees then the very French sounding main courses. Wines
flowed but we drank little. I was so happy about that for I wanted to savor every

We held hands and kissed throughout the evening. He kissed my hand so
often it made me dizzy with anticipation. It would have been so easy to offer
myself to him there and then for I wanted him so deeply. I was aroused and it
was I this time, who could not have said no if he had made the suggestion.

When the waiter poured Dom Perignon into the frosted glasses and quickly left
us, my shining knight knelt beside me, pressed my hand to his lips and said,
"My most beautiful darling, how could I ever have dreamed of this moment but
for you. I love you as no other man could ever love the woman of his dreams
and I want you so desperately. Whatever may befall us, I know that the love I
share with you now could never be usurped. Will you do me the great honour of
becoming my wife?"

My delight was beyond words. All I could do was to cup my free hand against
his cheek, press his fingertips to my bosom and kiss him gently on his lips.

"Oh yes, my dearest. Yes, yes, yes I will."

It was then that I saw the small box he produced from his pocket. He took the
ring and slipped it onto my wedding finger. Oh, how large it sparkled in as
the light caught it. It was large and seemed to weigh a ton.

We stood together and without a word toasted each other in champagne. I
realised only later that I had swallowed the whole glassful without taking a
breath. We moved to a large couch that looked right over the bay and lights. I lay
back in his arms and when his hand cupped my breast, I just sighed and
snuggled closer to him. I was fulfilled and dreamed of the coming days.

Sometime later a waiter coughed softly and reminded us it was after two in the
morning. We looked into each other's eyes and giggled. Had we been
mesmerised or something? How could time go by so quickly? Dreamily we
walked from the restaurant arm in arm and stepped into our limousine.

"Do you think you could drive around for a while, driver?" Daddy asked.

"Yes, sir. Anywhere special?"

"Oh, somewhere where we can watch the sunrise," he replied dreamily.

"Yes, sir," he agreed understandingly, a wide smile on his face. No doubt Daddy
would be rewarding him well.

It was like dreamland. I can't remember seeing anything outside. Just my
future husband's warm, smiling face as we looked into each other's eyes. His
fingers searched every angle of my face and arms many times over like a
sculptor modeling one of the world's masterpieces. A hand rested on my breast
from time to time but I made no effort to thwart him. For all intents and
purposes, I was his. If his hand had slipped inside my blouse or under my skirt I
could not have stopped him. He could have broken my maidenhead with his
finger and I would not have had the power to object in any way. But my man
never once invaded that privacy.

My hands constantly wandered over his face and occasionally inside his shirt
but never any further. Once when I was so overcome with passion, I whispered
in his ear, "I'm very wet."

"I wondered," was his reply. "That's good."

But he never gave in to the passions that must have been soaring through his

"There's the sunrise now, sir," a voice came through the speaker system as the
vehicle slowed to a stop. Daddy wound his window down and we watched
together, our faces together, my breast being cupped so lightly.

I lifted my left hand up and kissed the large stone that now adorned it, and then
kissed my future husband.

"It was a wonderful engagement, my darling," I whispered.

It was quite light when we reached our hotel.

"Come and have breakfast with me, darling," I invited.

He hesitated. "No perhaps I shouldn't."

"I want you to. Same conditions though," I reminded him with a wry smile.

"In that case..." We hurried for my room and I handed him the key.

"Dance with me," he said, turning on the radio on to something soft and
sensuous. I moved into his arms and we kissed as he floated around the room.

"You can dance," I said with surprise in my voice.

"Among other things," he replied and held me tight.

It worried me that coming home might have been a let-down but straight
away we went into wedding mode. Neither of us wanted to wait any longer. I
was desperate for the feel of his sex and no doubt, he needed me more than
anything. There was little doubt about that for whatever he wore seemed to
always have a wet spot near his groin. So it was decided we would fly to Las
Vegas the next day after we had a decent sleep after missing out on any the
previous evening.

"Do you realise you were touching my innocent titties all of last night," I accused

"But I notice you made no move to stop me."

"But it was naughty. You broke your promise. I should punish you."

"Now she promises. Well, little lady, just remember, I've got bigger hands."

"And I can't wait to feel them on my..."

"Your what?"

"My everything," I laughed. "Now let me get some sleep. A girl needs to be
her best on her wedding day."

"So does the man," he agreed, kissing me with a quick peck. "Sleep well." And
so we went to our separate beds for the last time.

It would be useless to describe the flight to Las Vegas or the hype that went
with us entering the door of 'The Little White Chapel of Love' as it was called.
Suffice to say they made no enquiry as to my identity and our wedding took
exactly seventy five seconds to complete. All I remember was the smile of
love on my husband's face as I said, "I do." Nothing else mattered.

He took me in his arms and kissed me so deeply and so long I had to fight him
for the very breath of life.

"Phew," I said. "That was some kiss."

"I love you, baby," he whispered as he kept hugging me.

A round of clapping from the various couples who were waiting their turn and my
husband whisked me off.

"Where are we going?"

"Where do you think?"

"I don't want to gamble, Daddy."

"It's not gambling when you're on a sure thing, darling. Besides, it's Ben
now. Remember? We're married."

"Now isn't that the truth," I agreed in a southern drawl. "So where's my husband
taking me?"

"To the largest bedroom in town."

"Oh, Ben. I do love you so," I melted against him as we sat in the cab. We didn't
say another word until after the bellboy closed the door to our room on his way

"Do I still look eighteen, Ben dear?"

"No, I'd say more like almost nineteen. Did you see the look on the Manager's
face. I thought he was going to accuse me of being a pedophile."

"Incestuous but definitely not a pedophile," I smiled.

"Are you sorry it's gone this far, darling?" He asked me seriously.

"Yes, I am," I replied just as seriously and giggled when I saw the look on his
face. "By now I thought you'd at least have me naked," I added.

"Little tease," he smiled taking hold of me again and patting my backside a little
harder than he should have.


"That's just the start. Now I get to have my evil way with your pure young
body. Oh, the things I'm going to make you do," he said rubbing his hands with

"Not so fast, buster. My husband gets first go," I warned him.

"Lucky bastard," Daddy replied. Strange, isn't it? I still think of him as Daddy
and it thrills me every time.

"Ben, can I ask you something serious before my pure young body works you into
a lather?"

"Sure, baby. What?"

"Would you mind if I called you Ben only when we were with other people? I'd
much rather call you Daddy still.

"But what if you did it when the people we were with knew you as my wife? It
would be much safer if we acted out the part right from the beginning. Less
chance of making mistakes."

"Yes but if we did say something wrong I could always make out I called you that
like some bimbo would call her sugar daddy, Daddy. It just makes me tingle all
over when I call you Daddy."

"Does it now? In that case let's do it. To hell with the risk."

"Thanks, Daddy dear," I said smooching up to him with a pout that he couldn't
resist to kiss.

When we broke, I told him I wanted to make myself pretty for him and rushed
into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I reopened the door and smiled,
"Just so you don't peek. Put on some nice music, chill the champers and
give me half an hour. And don't touch yourself," I added cheekily.

"Half an h...," I heard him whine as the door closed on him again.

A quick shower, some good perfume, very little make-up but definitely
lipstick to entrance him. The trip to Hawaii enabled me to stock up on some sexy
lingerie and I dressed myself for my new husband. My very own Daddy.

I opened the door wide and saw he had lowered the lights and two glasses of
sparkling gold were waiting on the coffee table. Daddy had changed too into
what looked like silk pajamas and I saw he had washed in the bar sink for his
toiletries were laying all around it.

Poor, Daddy, but then I'm sure my being in the bathroom and he out here would
have been better than the reverse.

"Happy honeymoon, sweetheart," he smiled with so much love than it made my
insides melt. I took the offered glass and we sipped our toasts together.

"Make love to me, Daddy," I encouraged him as his strong arms surrounded

"You look beautiful. No-one could be so lucky," he complimented me. "Let me
look," he said holding me at arms length.

I was dressed in virginal white, a full length nightgown that clung to every
curve I possessed. Beneath that and as yet unseen by him I wore a lace bra and
panty set with a matching suspender belt and of course, white stockings. I had
dispensed with shoes.

His hands ran down my sides, stroking the sides of my breasts, cupping my
waist which, without being too immodest, was very narrow, and then
smoothing the material of my gown over my hips. By now he knew there was
more than just the gown and it made him all the more interested.

He pulled me to him and ran his hands over my back, stroking my bra strap and
the elastic edge of my panties until they came to rest on my bottom cheeks. It
was all his. Everything about me was now his and I knew that in a short time he
would take possession.

"Let me undress you, darling," I whispered and stood back to survey him. Just
simple pajamas. Our eyes never strayed from each other's as I slowly, and I
hoped sensuously, undid each button on his jacket, slipping the garment off his
shoulders. He reached for me but I pushed his arms behind his back, shaking my
head to say don't touch.

I let my fingers trail down his sides and nibbled his nipples with my lips and
tongue until I reached his pajama pants. Then my hands moved along the top of
his pants until I reached the draw string in the middle, almost directly below
his navel.

Looking up, I invited his kiss as I slowly pulled both ends and let the pants
drop to the floor while our lips were still pressed together. I put a hand on each
hip and was surprised to find more clothing which made me jolt backwards
somewhat because I didn't expect this. I wanted nakedness but he was playing
my games and had something more to remove.

When I saw the bright red silky boxer shorts with bare boobs printed all over
it, I burst into laughter and he had to support me from falling over.

"Well lookee here. More tits than you can poke a stick at," I giggled. "At least
there's one stick poking out anyway."

It was a manly erection and I couldn't resist kneeling and placing my face
against the fierce protuberance.

"Is that all for me?" I asked as I stood up again.

"Only you, my baby," he agreed.

"Well I want to save it for later. Come and sit on the bed. I have something for
you." Dutifully he backed towards the bed and sat when he felt the backs of
his knees touch.

I took a further sip of champers, looked knowingly at him and said, "This is for
you, my darling."

Using the gentle sounds from the music that was barely audible I began to
sway my hips and torso, never taking my eyes from him for a moment. My
hands roamed over my body, caressing, cupping, jiggling, lifting, lightly
patting. I was just arms length from him but he made no attempt to reach out.
I hoped my look was seductive for I felt that way as I poked my bottom at him,
leaned forward to offer just the hint of cleavage, jerked my loins at him in pseudo
copulation motions, gyrated my hips, ran my tongue across my lips and looked
steamily at him.

Then, turning my back to him and while still gyrating my hips I leaned down and
very slowly began to raise the nightdress. He moaned when the suspenders
came into view and louder as he saw the briefness of my panties. Once the
garment was around my waist I spun around and continued to lift.

His arms were behind him, supporting his sitting position and his erection
had found the flies of his shorts and was pointing straight upwards. I smiled
wryly and wondered if he could avoid ejaculating before I finished my show,
let alone before he plunged himself into my honey pot. So the nightdress came
off quickly.

Here I was, his child wife, still winding my hips wildly around, trying to
inflame his urges in my bra, panties and suspenders. What to take off
next? Definitely the stockings.

One foot on the edge of the bed directly beneath his testicles as I first undid each
suspender clasp and slowly rolled the stocking down my leg. I thought it
immensely sexy and so did he from the lurid looks he gave me. Daddy may be
reaching bursting point for all I knew. These kinds of things I still had to
learn but meanwhile I continued, hoping he could hold on.

Taking the very tip of the toe in my fingers I pulled the roll of stocking off and
flicked it to open it out again. Then I dropped the feather light whiteness over
his stiffness. He flinched and groaned.

The second stocking went the same way and he made no move to remove them
from where they lay. I began to lean very close to his bulging eyes now, the
swell of my encapsulated bosoms jiggling as I wiggled from side to side. At the
same time, I released the suspender belt and laid it over one of his shoulders.

When I leaned towards him again and rested my hands on his shoulders he
couldn't decide where to look first. Into my eyes which I'm sure he thought he
should, or at my jiggling baby titties which were well within reach.

"These are yours, Daddy," I said sulkily as I unclipped my bra and released
the twin mounds in front of him. He gulped but as he reached out to claim
ownership I backed away saying, "Oh, ah, not yet." All he got was the bra over
his other shoulder.

"You like?"

"Yes," he croaked not knowing what to do next.

My hips were still gyrating and I moved close to him again.

"Take them off," I said, "but don't touch me."

His hands reached out gingerly and he managed to get his fingers inside the waist
band but my gyrations made it exceedingly difficult to get the panties down
over my bottom cheeks. After a while I had to slow my movements down
allowing him finally to denude his new wife of her last vestige of modesty.

"I'm very wet, darling. I need you in me right now."

"I'll come straight away," he replied a little ashamed of his lack of control.

"That might make your intrusion all the easier."

"My god, you are beautiful," he told me, almost in awe of what he was looking

"I'm glad you think so." Then I kneeled beside him, kissed him passionately and
laid backwards across the bed.

"Take me, my darling. It's time. Take what's yours."

He never even thought of the shorts he was wearing but moved between my
wide spread legs and touched his penis against my pussy lips.

"I'll try to be gentle," he said softly and I felt his hardness press into me.

It slipped easily inside and for a moment I thought it was going to be a breeze.
Then he met the barrier.

"Don't stop, darling," I whispered. I wanted it over with. "Don't worry about the
pain. I'm giving it all to you. I want you to hurt me. Please, darling. Do it
quickly." My arms were around his neck and I held my lips to his as tightly as I

He gave two short thrusts that didn't hurt other than some pressure. Then with a
fearful lunge he thrust his penis hard against the resistance. I screamed from
the pain, I just couldn't help it. Oh, hell, it hurt.

"I'm sorry. Oh, baby I don't want to hurt you."

"Do it, Daddy. Please take my maidenhood. Don't stop."

I was trying to push myself against him but his weight stopped most of the
movement. Then he took a deep breath and rather than thrust, just pushed hard.
Harder and harder until it became unbearable. He told me later I was screaming
so loud he thought we'd have security banging at the door. But good effort
finally paid off and with a stab of pain he broke through and sank his whole
length inside my tortured channel. At that moment all control left him and his
shuddering rocked the whole bed as he poured his sperm against the neck of my
womb. It still hurt but it was wonderful and I rocked beneath him, sobbing
violently from the sheer joy of knowing my husband, my beautiful Daddy
had taken my virginity. I held him so tightly he couldn't move and despite the
fact that I could hardly breathe, I wanted him to stay this way for ever.

"You're wonderful, my husband," I laughed and cried at the same time, holding
his face between my hands and kissing him in a myriad of pecks.

"I hurt you, didn't I, baby? I'm so sorry," he cried in my ear, almost a whine of

"It's over and I love you," I encouraged him. "I gave it to you and you've
taken my virginity. Thank you, sweetheart."

He leaned up and looked into my eyes. "You're not disappointed? But I hurt
you so much."

"I'm a coward but it made me feel so wonderful the moment it was over. Oh,
I'm so happy."

"Then it's not over. This is just the beginning."

"Yes it is, isn't it?" I agreed and we both burst into fits of raptured laughter.

He lifted himself off me and I saw for the first time the crimson virginal blood on
his soft penis.

"We forgot to put anything under you," he said. "We've made quite a mess,
you know."

I sat up and saw the mixture of red and white still flowing from my pussy. There
was a pool of crimson on the sheet at least a foot across and for a moment I

"I'm alright, aren't I," I asked.

"It happens to every girl just once, you know. Yes it was just like this with your
aunt too."

At least that gave me comfort.

"What should I do?"

"Wear a sanitary napkin, I guess. But first I'm going to clean up my wife." He
picked me up in his arms and whisked me into the bathroom as though I were
light as a feather. It didn't take long to run a bath and I sat down while he rinsed
the stains away. Kissing me quickly he said, "Stay still. I'll be back in a

And he was, with a sanitary pad already opened and ready to apply. I stood up
and he pressed some tissues against my pussy. "Hold them there while I dry the
rest of you."

When that was done, he replaced the tissues with the pad. Hurrying back into the
bedroom, he returned with my virginal white panties I had so recently
discarded, and helped me step into them.

"I'd much rather be taking them off than putting them back on," he said with a
gleam in his eye.

"So would I," I laughed.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Yes a bit but it's alright. Would you like to make love again?"

"None of that for a couple of days at least," he stated. "Got to get the rupture
healed first."

"Oh, Daddy, that's not fair. On you or on me."

"Well on you, maybe but you have plenty to offer me without having to use
that beautiful pussy of yours. Think about it a moment. Anyway, you don't
want to wear an old man out too soon."

"I know you're a bull, Daddy, so don't come the old man stuff with me."

"And you're my little fox," he laughed as he carried me back into the bedroom.

"Gosh, it is a mess," I said. "What will we do?"

"Take the sheet with us, for one thing. It's my one proof of a virginal wife and
I'm not giving up that evidence. No way."

He spoke on the phone and just minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

Daddy quickly pulled the sheet off the bed to display the waterproof covering on
the mattress. "Here, this and you, into the bathroom." I needed no second

Chapter Fourteen
When he came to get me the bed was remade and the covers turned back.

"What did you say?"

"That you lost your virginity and we wanted to keep the evidence."

"You didn't?" I quaked in astonishment.

"I did and she just smiled and said they would put the sheet on the bill."

"I suppose they see everything here," I conceded.

Then I realised his own weapon still needed washing.



"Come in here," I called from the bathroom.

"What is it?"

"Stand still." I lowered his boobs-covered boxer shorts and took a warm
washer to his still soft penis. "It must be the virginal type," I said. "Normal
blood comes off easily." But with plenty of soap he was soon as fresh as a
daisy. "Now we can talk about what else I have to offer you," I suggested,
walking to the bed arm in arm.

"Indeed we can," he smiled back.

He was naked and so were my boobs. Now just what did he have in mind? I was
sure my poor bottom was safe from his ravages for a time at least so that leaves
just my hands and mouth, I thought to myself.

"I'm your wife now, darling," I assured him. "I'm in your hands, Whatever you
want me to do, I'll do willingly. You only have to ask."

"I'm so happy," he smiled back at me pecking me on the nose. "I'll never make
you do anything that you don't want to."

"But that's just what I said. Anything at all and you can ask me. Anything,
darling. Ask me now. Your most sexy fantasies. Ask and I will agree."

"Alright then, I want you laying on the bed. On your back." When I was in place,
smiling at him with all the love I had for my husband, he added, "Now all I want
to do is look at you."

He laid down beside me, put his elbow in the pillow and rested his face on his
hand. Then he just looked. And looked and looked and looked.

"Who would ever have dreamed we would do this? I still can't believe it's
true. I'll open my eyes and you'll disappear in a puff of dreaming."

I reached out for his hand and drew it to my breast "Is this a dream, Daddy? Let
me make love to you. You'll have to show me how, you know."

"Just touch me, sweetheart. Touch me all over with your fingers, and your lips.
Send me off to dreamland but make sure you're here when I wake up."

With that, he rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. I knelt beside my lover
and kissed every nook and cranny of his face, gently humming some tune or

Stroking his strength, his chest and arms, letting my breasts rub across his nose
and mouth and along his chest. As my fingers brushed his sides he wriggled and
I made a note to remember that was one of Daddy's ticklish spots. Then moving
down, my lips and tip of my tongue left little wet trails along his legs until I
sucked his toes between my lips and bathed them. He loved the feel of this, it
was obvious. But the underside of each foot was very ticklish and he couldn't
stop his feet from wriggling.

Gently I pressed his legs wider and of course he acquiesced, at the same time so
did his manhood, which was beyond half-mast by now and growing by the
second. My hair brushed against his legs as my lips followed the inner thigh
pathway upwards, which caused greatness to occur in that most precious of
male appendages. Even before I had reached his knees his penis was stiff and
shining, a little droplet of clear liquid already falling onto the sheet. But he
wasn't to feel my touch there just yet.

I pressed my tongue hard against his inner thigh as I moved upwards but just
before I reached the point where my face would rub against his taut little sack of
testicles, I returned to his foot on the other leg and began my journey upwards
once more. He didn't feel the pleasure of my lips against his genitals though, as
much as he was demanding it through the whimpering moans that left him. My
face circled his pubic hair, so dark and crinkly, and I journeyed upwards to his
nipples which I sucked and licked for some moments. When I found his lips, he
was hungry for me, pressing his open mouth up against mine, sexually aroused
lips that I denied him for the time being.

"Roll over," I whispered, and he did with some effort, tucking his cock
beneath himself for comfort.

I simply let my fingertips explore every crevice and muscle, humming softly as
I became engrossed in the tautness of his hard body. Daddy was indeed in fine
shape and I took notice of his beautiful toosh for the first time. I had touched it
once before but never realised how cute it was. His skin shone as though he had
been covered in baby oil, so firm were these two beautiful globes, and I gently
kissed the apex of each, bring another round of pleasurable moaning from his
lips. I felt pretty proud of myself until I realised that this was the first woman to
really make love to Daddy since my mother withdrew his sexual privileges
several years ago.

If he reacted the same way as this in say a year's time, then I might be able to
call myself a good lover. But I had confidence in my abilities, lacking in
experience though they might be. While my fingers wandered, I reminded
myself to ask Daddy about his session with Jonie on his buck's night. I know
what she told me but was intrigued to hear what he would say himself.

Now I had reached his beautiful bottom and again pressed his legs apart.
There was definitely no resistance from his part for they were quickly spread.
I stroked the hillocks for a long while , many minutes, and he murmured his
pleasure which rose in crescendo when my finger traced the line of his crease all
the way down to his balls. He was ready at anytime, I knew but wasn't about
to finish just yet.

Facing towards his feet now, I parted his bottom crease with both hands and
wet the furrow with my tongue. For the first time I tasted the bitterness of my
husband's anus when I deliberately stopped at that spot and tickled the little
pucker with the tip of my tongue. It wasn't unpleasant at all and gave me
confidence for my lovemaking in that area in the future. Then I moved on until
the merest touch of his balls sent shudders through him. I thought he might
come before I was ready if I didn't get on with it right now.

"Roll over again, my husband," I whispered as I patted his bottom. "My, my.
You haven't come have you?"

He shook his head and I added, "There's such a wet spot underneath you, I
wasn't sure."

His cock was as hard as rock, a ramrod waiting to be used. I could see it was

Leaning along his body, I whispered in his ear, "I want you to come in my
mouth, darling," then quickly moved back to the area under attack.

My hand lifted the head of his shaft and I wiped away his dribblings with my lips
then swallowed the head deep inside my mouth. I trailed fingers along the
remaining shaft and stroked his balls which got the greatest reaction. He was
so sensitive there.

Then I moved my lips along his cock and swathed it in saliva with my tongue
which brought surprising results. His body took over almost instantly, great
shivers of His body took over almost instantly, great shivers of emotion, or
was it nerves, shook him and he began mouthing the deepest cries of pleasure
I had ever heard in my limited experience. That he was about to come was
inevitable and I fought to keep his hardness between my lips. When the first
jerking and shuddering of orgasm began all I could do was push him deeper into
my mouth and I had to control the urge to gag for his cock was pressing the back
of my throat just as though I was using my fingers to make myself sick.

Thankfully my will-power won out and the first surge of sperm quite noticeably
rushed past my lips and into my willing mouth. I moved my tongue over the
head of his cock in light touches and was proud to feel the power of his
spurtings was maintained for what I thought was a long time.

I could taste his emissions which coated every surface and finally had to
swallow to avoid any escaping. He calmed down eventually and placed a hand
over his face while his heavy breathing subsided to something like normal.
My face laid against his tummy now as his cock softened and eventually
became so small I couldn't even clasp the tip with my lips. I swallowed the last
remnants of his discharge, licked the shine from his little tip and moved myself
into his arms, one of my arms resting on his chest.

"Nice, ah?"

"Much better than that. The most beautiful experience I have ever had.
Thank you." He held me tightly and kissed me so passionately I almost
swooned with dizziness.

"I loved the feel when you came," I said. "You can do it that way whenever you

"But it gave you no pleasure at all," he objected.

"Oh contraire, mon ami," I disagreed. "It gave me more pleasure than I could
ever describe. I felt so wonderful knowing that it made you feel so good. It
did, I know it did."

"True. But I also want to give you the kind of arousal that I just received."

"But when I have my period...? This would be good then."

"Oh yes, among other things."

"You're a dirty old man," I giggled and kissed him

"And you'll learn just how dirty as time goes by.".

"Such promises. A girl could just die with anticipation. Tell me, Daddy.
Why did you say it was the best you'd ever had? Tell me about sex with Patricia."

"I will, sometime. Not now, sweetheart." He held me tight and kissed my

"Then tell me about sex with Jonie."

Chapter Fifteen
"You know? Did she tell you? Darling, I'm sorry. Please don't let that make
you upset. It's just that..."

"I arranged it, remember?" I said cutting his protests off. "Everything that
happened that night was arranged by me for you. To relieve you of the sexual
tensions I knew were building up between us. What happened upstairs?"

"I hope her tale matches mine," he said with trepidation. "As soon as we
were out of your sight her arm went around my waist and I thought something
was up. But I thought she was just playing up to me because I was your father."

"A teenager's crush?"

"Yes, just that but it soon changed when I showed her your room. She straight
away went to your bedside and opened the draw. Then she held up your packet
of pills and pointed out that you were using them and did I know. I mumbled
something and she asked whether you used condoms too. I've got to say I was
thunder struck. I had no idea what to do or say until I finally came to your rescue
and told her you were a virgin still. All she did was cast doubts. Something like,
'well that's what she tells her father but is she really?' Or something like that.
Then she stands straight in front of me and tells me she's not a virgin and hasn't
been for some years."

"Poor Daddy. She got you flustered."

"Worse was to come. She flopped onto your bed and laid full out with her legs
well apart. At least her dress covered her but her intentions were obvious. And
then she said, 'Do you know, Ben, I hardly ever wear underwear."

"I'll bet that got you going?"

"I nearly fainted. She was teasing and I couldn't do a thing about it. I thought of
leaving but imagined the taunting giggles I would hear and decided to put up with
her games. Then she asked if I ever peeked in at you. No matter how much I
denied she kept sniggering that she was sure I liked to watch you get undressed."

"And did you?"

"Well... yes, I did."

"Daddy, I'm shocked. Since when?"

"Oh, about when your aunt started to go funny."

"I was only ten then. You peeked at me in the nude when I was ten years old?" I
looked shocked but my heart was laughing and he saw through me.

"And you knew as well, don't deny it."

"That's beside the point," I laughed back at him. "Anyway what happened next?"

"I decided to change scenes and walked out calling to her to come on. She just
browsed around the spare rooms and asked to see my bedroom. I knew she wasn't
going to let up on me because as soon as she entered she sat on the edge of the
bed and sighed something like 'So this is where it all happens?' Like a fool I asked
what she meant. Sex, she said. This is where I bring my girlfriends. Then she
laid in the middle and told me she'd like to be one of my girlfriends."

"I'll bet you thought all your Christmases had come at once."

"No, all I thought about was you downstairs. You were my one love, not this little


She simply lifted her skirt, smiled sweetly and said, 'I lied, didn't I?' because she
was wearing underwear. But not for long. She just slipped them down her legs
and offered herself to me."

"And you forgot all about little me downstairs."

"No. Well, I suppose so. What was a man to do? Some eighteen year old with
her legs wide apart and rubbing herself, telling me to help myself. I'm only
human, aren't I?"

"And you jumped on top and went to town?"

"That's a fair description. Yes."

"So what took you so long?"

"We did it twice."

"You dirty..."

"I know I was. I'm sorry, little one. There's no way on earth I could have said

"And what about when she comes back to visit?"

"You know I wouldn't."

"She liked what you did to her. She came both times, she told me and I promise
you, she wouldn't stop you if you had tried again. My, oh my, Daddy. You're a
regular sex maniac."

"And I promise you, I'm all yours."

"You'd better be. Let's forget that little tramp for now. If you have the
opportunity to carry out your greatest sexual fantasy, what would you do? You've
got to be honest."

"Ah, ha. But what if you objected? What if it was so bad you'd hate me forever

"You know I wouldn't."

"I couldn't take that chance."

"If it was within my power to assist, you know I'd help you carry it out."

"Think carefully, sweetheart before you ask me again."

"If I show any disgust, any objection at all, I'll give you my bottom hole this very
night to do with, what you will."

"Alright, I'll tell you, not because of that offer but just to shut you up." He leaned
over me on his elbow, cuddling me with his other arm. I was told to close my
eyes and listen.

"Imagine this, little one. I'm a wealthy man who carries much power in that
wealth. A woman comes to my door one evening, very pregnant and in distress.
When shown to my study she falls onto her knees and begs for my help. Her
husband has been convicted of theft from his work and faces several years in
prison. The court case has cost them everything, even their home and she is
unable to even pay for the forthcoming birth. If I could repay the amount of his
theft, the judge would be lenient and he would be granted immediate parole and
so could support the penniless family once again. She offers to do anything I ask
in return. I remind her that anything may be more than she could imagine but
she is adamant she would agree to whatever my terms were if I would help."

He hesitated for a moment and looked down at me. "So what do you think I did?"

"Probably made her strip and you fucked her. Do you have a penchant for
pregnant women?"

"No, just an interest. Close your eyes again." He continued.

"I tell her this. I will give you the money you need without a requirement to

"Oh, you want to be a philanthropist."

"Be quiet." "

"She does not have to repay but the price of my offer is one that means a fifty per
cent chance of no cost and fifty percent chance of a cost far greater than she could
ever envisage. She doesn't even think but agrees instantly."
"The fool."

"I then give her one more chance to change her mind and tell her of my
vengeance if she does not abide by her promise if the fifty per cent chance goes
against her. If she reneges on her promise, she, her husband and their child
would be killed within twenty four hours of her payment falling due."

"Are you a gangster?"

"I will be if you don't shut up."

"She again agrees immediately and then I tell her that if she agrees once more, the
offer will be binding on her and I would then tell her of the cost she may have to

"This is intriguing. You're getting me all wet in my puss."

"As I suspect, she agrees again and I tell her to sit down while I detail my
requirement. If the baby is a boy she has no further payment to make and may
live her life in any way she pleases."

"Oh, so you want to sacrifice a girl baby to the gods?"

"Let me finish."

"She looks rather happy until she realises what I demand if the baby is a girl. In
that case, she must nurture the girl in isolation, teaching her absolute obedience to
their every wish, chastising and punishing for the slightest infringement even
while giving her a full portion of love. But they must make sure she has no
contact with other children who may influence here in worldly ways and her
learning process must always be focused in the ways of a true young English lady
of the nineteenth century. She would have a governess provided to complete
those requirements while the parent's role would be to provide influence in the
ways of sex. Sex was to be taught sex a natural occurrence that they would not
hide from the girl in any way. Then on the day she gains the age of thirteen years,
she is to be brought to the Priest of this castle, whom incidentally is myself,
whose role would be to change her into a complete woman. She was to be taught
that her role in life was to become the Priest's acolyte until such time as the Priest
discharged her. On the given day the woman would accompany her daughter to
my house and remain to take part in the girl's initiation in any way I require."

"Now I'm very wet, Daddy. I can imagine what you have in store."

"Of course she realises the utter predicament she faces and frantically tries to
change my mind but I remind her of her three promises. She leaves a broken
woman. When the money is paid over the next day however she writes a note to
thank me and concedes that her promise would be honoured. Of course if the
baby turns out to be a girl then there is a thirteen-year wait before she is
committed to my care. No doubt the woman has taken all that into calculation,
possibly hoping the contract would be forgotten by that time. Unbeknown to her
however, the nurses provided for the birth are in my employ and I learn one week
later that the baby is indeed a girl. The woman can't believe her misfortune when
a Nanny comes on to the scene to assist her in the baby's first year. Then another
replaces her for the next five years. I receive weekly reports and the woman is
left in no doubt that I am aware of their entire movements."

"I think I need you to make love to me, Daddy. For some reason I need to come,
please. Can you finish your story later?"

"Well I might," he hesitated. "I suppose this is our wedding night."

"You suppose?" I shrieked at him in pretended anger.

"Come here, you precocious young imp." He nuzzled my breasts and blew his
lips against them making rude noises. Then stroked, licked and kissed my
nipples until they became so hard they ached. He pecked me all over with tiny
kisses until my body shivered with desire. Slapping a breast quite hard, he told
me to turn over and with that began to do the same things I did to him. But
somehow he knew every erogenous zone in my body. I suppose being married
for twenty years helped him with that.

He sucked my shoulder blades and kissed the small of my back. His thumbs
pressed hard into the backs of my thighs and dug deeply into my legs as he
moved down each leg making the muscles jump from the tension. He kissed the
crease where my bottom cheeks met my thighs and insinuated his fingers
under my panties and diddled my bottom hole. I thought he might try and push
inside but not this time.

"Daddy?" I whispered.

"What is it, sweetheart?"

"Am I precocious?"

"You are indeed."

"Then I should be spanked. It's naughty. Spank me please, Daddy. hurt me and
make me a good little girl."

"Don't tempt me."

"I really mean it. I want you to hurt me."

"I've already done that today."

"Please, Daddy," I pleaded and genuinely wanted him to be forceful.

"In that case, young lady, stand up," he demanded.

I held my head down and waited for him to direct me.

Soon I found myself over his knees and my legs being spread widely, his hand
cupping and rubbing my padded puss. He folded the top of my panties down
until they wouldn't move further and I knew he had a good expanse of my bottom
cheeks to tenderise.

Without waiting further he brought his hand down hard. Very hard and it
hurt. "This is to teach...," and the second one landed on the other cheek, "that
you cannot...," the third right across the crease so hard that my body jerked with
paid and I cried out, "treat your husband...," he held my waist firmly as the
forth landed harder still and I tried to wriggle away, cries of pain shooting from
my mouth, "with disdain or contempt without...," The fifth just as hard and
my bottom burned with fire, "feeling the fires of discipline over your...," and the
sixth taking my breath away and stopped the scream of pain for a moment,
"tender little bottom. Let this be a lesson to you."

"Oh it hurts so much," I cried genuine tears from the burning pain. "But I liked it.
Can you feel me?"

"Indeed I can. You're hard again."

"Thank you, baby girl," he said, nuzzling my neck and lips as he sat me up.

"Will I continue?"

"Yes please."

"Then I need you to lay on your back again."

"It hurts still."

"You asked for it."

"Sadist," I hissed as I rolled back onto the bed, lifting my legs to take pressure
off my tortured bottom cheeks.

"Stay like that," he told me, looking appreciatively as my legs were held straight
up and well parted. Then he slipped my panties up my legs and off.

"I'll be still bleeding, won't I?"

"Maybe. Let's see." He gently eased the pad away from my puss and held it up
for me to see. It was pink but definitely no crimson blotches like on the sheet.

"Stay still," he reminded me and laid his face near mine then pushed his lips
against the stained pad. "It's your virginal blood, darling," he said then opened
his lips and deeply sucked at the discolouration. "Definitely not menstrual," he
told me as his lips moved to mine. Then he moved down and pressed his face into
my puss.

His lips and tongue worshipped me like I have never been worshipped before.
His arms circled my raised legs and parted the hairs to give him clear way to the
centre of my being. Oh, how wonderful it felt. The hurt within me had all but
gone and was now replaced with a growing awareness or arousal as his lips
nipped my clit and his tongue traced the leaves of my puss. Harder and
harder he diddled my clitoris until I began my pre-come murmurings.

"You're so good, Daddy. It's wonderful. Please don't stop." And he didn't. At
least not before a million explosions erupted at the same moment and sent
shudders of relief through my brain, and nervous system. Yes indeed, sex with
my husband was so good.

We held each other in the tenderest of embraces for what seemed like forever.
Both completely naked and pressing our bodies together with a love I could
never have imagined. We slept then and woke late, still clinging to each

Chapter Sixteen
I stirred first and stroked his soft penis until it firmed then whispered in his ear,
"Fuck me, Daddy."

The little knife edges of pain as his cock pushed past the ruptured hymen soon
dissolved in the pleasure of his lovemaking and we both came together. Daddy
controlled his discharge very well, I thought. Oh, yes sex was better than I could
have imagined. It left me with such wonderful feelings towards my love and I
know he felt just the same way. We cuddle very well together.

He made me wear nothing but a frock when we went walking.

"I'll bounce," I complained.

"So what. All tits bounce but yours are so small nobody will notice. Anyway,
even if they do jiggle a bit, I want all to see the woman I'm married to, knowing
they don't know you aren't wearing anything underneath."

It really didn't worry me because it was warm and the frock wasn't what you could
call transparent, but anybody taking a closer look could see my nipples, which
were always dark. Of course the pubic thatch was visible when the breeze
pressed my skirt between my legs. So who cares, I thought.

"I need to take a pee," I told him after a while and looked around for toilets.

"No," he said sternly.

"What? Then let's go back."


"I can't hold off much longer. I need to go," I pleaded.

We were walking past a small park in front of one of the casinos and he marched
me on to the grass and sat down.

"Do it here."

"Here? Everybody'll see."

"Lift your dress from under you and do wee wees on the grass."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that?"


He watched my face while I innocently looked around at the passing crowd while
I watered their grass. No-one seemed to notice anything strange.

"It's tickling my puss lips," I complained which made him laugh. Then the
realisation. "How do I wipe myself dry?"

"Let it dry in the wind. Come on, let's go," he said, getting up. I followed and felt
a small dribble running down my inner thigh.

After lunch, we made passionate love again and he made me come at least twice
before he shot off inside my puss. I was getting the hang of catching the leaks by
now because when I didn't, he made me lay on the wet spot until it dried. So by
now, as soon as he slide out of me, I would clamp my hand over the lot and make
a rush for the bathroom. Next time, I decided, he was going to clean me out with
his mouth and tongue. Why should it always be me who has to disturb their
reverie every time?



"Other than Auntie, me and Jonie, have you fucked anyone else?"



"My first girlfriend. She wasn't a virgin, goodness knows, I think most of the guys
in final year had at least one go with her. But in those days she was a goddess.
Blonde, big tits and a pussy that could swallow you."

"She was your first?"

"No, the second. Your aunt and I were already married before I got the chance to
get into the blonde's pants. But I remained faithful to Patricia after that one

"So you cheated on her then? Tell me about your wedding night with Patricia."

"It wasn't as glamorous as our first time, believe me. We weren't rich and took a
cheap motel for the wedding night. There was drunks screaming out right
through the night but it didn't deter our ardor. While I was showering she had put
on some sort of nightie and switched the light out so when I came back I couldn't
even find the bed."

"But you did eventually?"

"She called my name and in heading towards the voice I fell on top of her. God,
it was funny."

"Were you hard?"

"As I remember it, a crowbar was softer. I didn't know much then and tried to act
the macho guy. Patricia didn't know much more and I think was scared as hell. I
remember getting tangled in her nightie when I tried to get it off and finally gave
up once I had her pussy clear. I guess you could say I was rough. All I wanted
was to get my rocks off at that age, especially because we hadn't had many sexual
encounters since we began going together. Just a few brief touches of breast and
bottom, I guess. Anyway, I just dived between her legs and pushed inside her
like a rutting bull. When she screamed out from the pain it made me go all the
harder. I shot my stuff and we didn't even talk about sex again for a week."

"Gosh, that must have been hard."

"Believe me. But I knew it was wisest not to push her any quicker and I finally
won my husband's rights by seduction."

"I can just see Mr. Smoothie at work," I giggled.

We couldn't leave each other's bodies alone and stroked and touched continually.
I especially liked his hands on my breasts because he made them tingle. I think
his favourite place was his balls. Every time my fingertips trailed over that funny
sack of testicles he laid back and moaned appreciatively. As far as proper sex
was concerned, when his cock was deep inside my puss I felt complete. It must
have been the fullness or something but I was just as content to have him lay
completely still, filling my sheath with his fat cock without any friction at all.

I'm sure that was his favourite too but my mouth came a close second. When I
knelt over him and sucked his cock between my lips his whole being seemed to
reach new heights. He sure came quickly that way and the sensations must have
been high because he never objected to wasting his discharges when he deposited
them that way. I liked the feel of his splatterings inside my mouth as well. In
fact swallowing afterwards wasn't offensive at all, rather something very personal
between us.

Chapter Seventeen
There was one thing we hadn't yet experienced that kept returning to me time and
time again.

"Daddy, you know you can use my bottom whenever you want to."

"I've thought of it."

"And?" I asked with a wry smile.

"I wasn't sure whether our honeymoon..."

"Any time is right for me," I encouraged him and saw his penis rise instantly. "Ah
ha, you do want it don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

"What should I do?"

"Use the toilet then shower. A hot one."

When I returned he was holding a tube of something.

"I'm ready, Daddy."

"No you're not. Kneel in the middle of the bed. Head down and bottom up."

"It's just to smooth the way," he explained and I felt the nozzle pressed against my
anus and more cold squeezed inside.

"I'll do it slowly. Tell me If I hurt because we might need to move a little."

"I'm ready," I said again, wondering deep inside how much pain this was going to
give me.

He knelt between my legs and his hands cupped my breasts. It was very
comfortable. Then he eased himself against my bottom and I felt his hand guide
his cock to my bottom hole. Just a little push and it felt as though I wanted to go
to the toilet again. But I then realised his hard cock was taking the place of the
stuff that usually came from there.

"Is it alright?" He asked with concern.

"Of course. It hasn't hurt at all."

Even when he pressed deeper it didn't hurt and I suddenly realised his crotch was
pushing hard against my bottom.

"I think you're right inside," I said incredulously.

"You're right. Up to the hilt. Are you sure I'm not hurting, baby?"

"No, it just feels funny. Like I want to go to the loo again."

"Because you're full of me and your body wants to flush it away."

"Yes, I thought it was that. Does it feel nice for you?"

"You're very tight. I've wondered what this would be like with you. Now I know
it's going to be very nice."

"A feast for both of us. What happens now?"

"I fuck you're ass, baby. Press your bottom closed, can you?"

Now that made it sting a little but when he began to pull out and then back again
the little prickles stopped.

He was squeezing my tits so hard that they were hurting rather than my bum.

"Sodomise me, husband. You have my full permission. Take your pleasure."

And that he did, moaning and groaning, resting from time to time then ramming
himself home again and again. His balls slapped loudly against my pussy every
time he thrust himself in but he never seemed to notice.

"Yes. Yeeesss, it's great," he hissed with a passion. I'm glad it was good for
him and my period would obviously be the time for this hole but it gave me little
feeling and no arousal. But with him enjoying me so much who could complain?

He jerked just once and shot his sperm deep inside my bottom. That in turn made
him grab my tender breasts all the harder and I decided to ask him to go easier
next time. A little clitoral stimulation wouldn't go astray either. But for this time,
he heard no complaints from me. I wondered if it would seep out like from my
puss, but decided it wouldn't.

He simply went limp as soon as his gushes finished and I flopped onto the bed
with him still firmly in place.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?"

"I want it that way again," he half giggled. "You've got a very tight little bum,

"We'll keep it ready for period time," I suggested.

"And you. Was it nice?"

"Not sexually. Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Could you touch my clit while you're doing it? And the way you held my titties,
well it hurt a bit."

"I didn't mean to. I'm sorry, darling. You should have told me," he apologised
and pulled himself out then turned me over.

I was surprised at how clean his soft cock looked. No stains at all. He leaned over
and kissed my tits sorry a dozen times.

"You didn't feel anything?"

"Well at least it didn't hurt at all," I consoled him then lifted his floppy cock up in
one hand.

"I should clean him," I said.

"No, I'll go and wash."

"No," I said firmly and leaned over his manhood. With my eyes on his for as long
as I could, I sucked him into my mouth and bathed the secretions away. Very
bitterish at first but soon that vanished and I had my little friend as good as new

"I'm sorry but I couldn't do it again just yet," he said shame faced.

"Is it any wonder? You must have come at least eight times in less that twenty-
four hours. That might be a record, I think. Pity we can't enter it into

"I think I'm stuffed," he said laying his face against my breast.

"I'm the one who's that. It's still inside you know."

And so sleep overtook us again.

Chapter Eighteen
"You still haven't finished your fantasy. Now just what do we have in store for
our thirteen year old sacrificial lamb?"

"Ah, my fantasy. Well let's see; she'd just reached her birthday, isn't that so?"

"That's right and you're about to have your wicked way with her, you fiend."

"Mother and daughter arrive exactly as arranged and I am pleased to see she is
wearing the clothes provided. But what amazes me more is her action when she is
shown into my study."

"She whipped them off and stood naked, right?"


"In fact she shows the respect her Priest expects. She takes one step ahead of her
mother, kneels on one knee, bows her head and says, 'Master." I leave her in this
position and say to her mother, 'You seem to have trained her well, woman. If she
behaves this way for the rest of her stay with me you will have completed your
task in full.' 'Thank you, sir,' she curtsies. I ask the woman if she herself is in her
period and she says she is not."

"You have a thing about female bleeding, don't you, beloved?"

"A man is always curious. Now do you want me to continue or do you just want
to prattle on?"

"What I'd really like is to have you make love to me but I'll be a martyr and
endure the waiting. You go ahead and finish, darling. I'm waiting for the juicy
bits to get you hard again anyway."

"I move to a large leather armchair and call the girl to stand in front of me. She
is remarkably beautiful, long blonde hair falling to her shoulders in wavy curls,
large deep blue eyes, alabaster white complexion and a wide happy innocent
smile. She is slim but not skinny, a little shorter than her mother but probably
average height for her age. She is wearing a dress that has neither waist nor belt
and falls to just below her-hip line, very short and very soft. It seems to float
about her body as a feather in the wind rather than a garment of apparel."

"Is she wearing knickers?"

"Be quiet."

"'What is your name, child?' I ask and she replies, 'Cecile, Master.' She turns a full
circle when I tell her to and I see white panties as the smock swirls upwards. Her
legs are those of a dancer, slim and well proportioned, like those of a girl several
years older. Her breasts are but small swellings on her chest and the urge to reach
out and touch them is strong."

"I'll bet it is."

He continued his story without comment.

'And you are a virgin, Cecile?' 'I don't understand, Master,' she said looking
flustered. 'You have not allowed a man to violate you're woman's secret place?'
'Oh, never, Master. My body is pure.' 'You know what men and girls do to engage
in sex, Cecile?' 'I have watched father and mother coupling, Master.' I look at the
mother and she nods her confirmation. 'Do you think men and girls like to
couple, Cecile?' and she nods her confirmation. 'Oh, I'm sure they do, Master,'
she smiles and looks around at her mother. 'How do you know?' 'My parents do it
so often and they say it is enjoyable.' 'So you've seen them do it more than once?'
'Oh, yes master,' she tells me innocently. 'Nearly every day.'"

"This is getting juicy," I said. "Lay up against the bed-head and cuddle me.
Stroke my breasts while you talk, Daddy." I laid myself half over his chest and my
left hand magically slipped inside his pajama pants.

"I like this," he sighed and then continued with his fantasy.

"I look at the woman for confirmation and she says that their unit is only small
and has just one bedroom. The three of them share that, the daughter in her own
bed, which was right beside the parents. 'So you know what to do to have sex
with a man?' 'Of course, Master.' she says surprised that I should ask. 'You have
seen your parents without clothes, Cecile?' 'Oh, yes. They undress in front of me
each night before they have sex.' 'And you do the same?' 'I don't have sex,
Master.' But you undress in front of them when you retire?' 'I only take my clothes
off in front of Mother, Master. father hasn't seen me that way.' 'Never? Are
you sure?' 'Of course, Master. mother has always taught me that I must never
show myself undressed to a man.' I look at the woman and ask if this is true, that
the girl has never been seen naked by any man and she says it is true."

"I'll bet he peeks, just like you did," I giggled but Daddy disregarded the

"I ask the girl if she thinks I am a man and she replies, 'Oh no, Master. You're
much more than that. mother taught me so.' 'I see. So, little Cecile, if I am more
than a man, I could look upon your unclothed body?' 'Of course. mother says you
will do all that is necessary to make me a woman.' 'And what is required to
achieve that?' I ask her. 'Why, whatever is necessary, Master. I have been taught
that you will show me all that is required to become a woman and I am to obey
your every command.'"

"I can feel your cock getting big again, Daddy. Your evil mind is at work," I said
gently squeezing the end of his monster.

"I look at her carefully and see the innocence in her face. 'In that case I will test
you, Cecile. Come' I place my hand behind her neck and pull her face close to
mine. There is no sign of resistance as I kiss her gently on the lips. She smiles at
me. 'Lift your mother's dress and describe what she is wearing underneath,
Cecile.' She does so immediately not looking at her mother for consent and
returns to stand between my knees again. 'She has white panties and a suspender
belt, Master. And white stockings.' 'Remove all these things, Cecile and bring
them to me.' 'Yes, Master.' She does not hurry, nor does she ask permission of her
mother at all. Her hands simply slide up the woman's skirt and slip the panties
down. Then she removes her mother's shoes and detaches the stockings. Finally,
her arms go around her mother and she holds the suspender belt. All are placed in
my lap. I look at the woman and say, 'It is wise not to object.' The woman says
nothing but she is blushing. 'What colour is the hair between your mother's legs,
Cecile?' 'Oh,' she says and blushes for the first time. 'It's...' She looks towards her
mother but I speak before she receives any direction from the woman. 'Woman
stand closer. Now, Cecile, lift your mother's dress again and show me.' The girl
follows my orders and both are blushing violently which makes my cock jump in

"I'll say it does," I said. "Your cock I mean, Daddy. It jerked just as you said the
words. Do you want to come again?"

He sucked breath between his teeth and said, "If you keep doing that, I will. Go
easy, baby. I'll lose interest if I come now."

"Yes, Master," I mimicked. "You can keep stroking my titties though. It's very

"I look for a long moment and then into both women's eyes. If anything, their
faces are redder. 'What do you call the place between your mother's legs, Cecile?'
'Her pussy, Master.' 'And have you ever touched her pussy, Cecile?' I look directly
at her and she tries to look away but finally doesn't. 'Yes,' she whispers. 'How
often?' 'Oh, quite often, Master.' She is definitely embarrassed and so is the
mother. 'Why?' 'Oh, must I say?' 'Yes, immediately. I thought that's what you
were taught.' She falls to one knee and bows her head in shame. 'I'm sorry,
Master. Please forgive me.' 'Now answer,' I say bringing her back to the point.
'Oh, I must tell. It's because she likes me to do it, Master.' I ask the woman if this
is the truth and she nods her head, now heavily bowed with eyes closed. 'Did your
mother teach you how to touch her, Cecile?' 'Yes, I think so,' the girl answers. 'So
it has been happening for a long time?' 'As long as I can remember, Master.' 'Does
she touch you in the same way?' 'Oh no, Master, never. I have been taught that no
one is allowed to touch me there… On my pussy," she added, blushing just as
strongly again.'"

"So the mother is a lesbian. This is getting intriguing. You could make this into a
book," I said and then asked, "Daddy, you feel so big now. Can I do something
to you? You can finish the story another time."

"You want to make love again?" He asked incredulously.

"Yes I do, but what I'd really like is to watch your sperm as it shoots out of your
cock. It's always been inside my puss or my mouth up to now."

"So just what do you want to do?"

"This," I said, sliding down his body. First I made him naked again and then
resting my arms on his thighs and with my face close to his hard cock, I licked
him, closed my hand around the shaft and began to masturbate him.

Between the story he was thinking up and what my fingers had been doing inside
his pajama pants he was very near to ejaculating and I kept urging him on with
naughty words.

It's funny but every time he has shot off since we were married, his pelvis has
always given me forewarning of his orgasm. A moment before the first spurt
erupts, his pelvis violently jack-knifes. It is a real giveaway and something I'm
very pleased about that because it means surprise should never catch me.

Right on cue, there was the deep jerk of body and I pointed the tip of his cock up
along his body. The first splatter hit his chin, so strong was my husband's climax
and the next few splashed along his chest. It might have been because my other
hand was tickling his balls which are always sensitive, but I imagined the millions
of poor little sperms being shot into my cervix at a thousand miles an hour. My
husband won't have any trouble getting me pregnant, I told myself with
satisfaction. Not once we decide to make babies anyway.

The last of his orgasm was deposited a little puddle of white goo just above his
pubic hair and it began to run through the crinkly black forest.

By now, his eyes were closed and I was sure he had fallen asleep. I raced into the
bathroom and brought a warm face washer back to clean the mess away then
powdered him with my talc. He smelt beautiful when I laid my face against his
most beautiful soft cock. That's when he crushed me to his hairy chest and kissed
me hard and long.

"I love you, little wife," he told me happily. "You're more sexy than any woman
I've ever known."

That made me so proud. He definitely put me above the lovemaking by my Aunt

"Thank you, Daddy," I purred and let him sleep.

"Do you know what?"

"What, darling?" He asked with a wry smile. I think my innocent questions made
him happy.

"Now that I'm your wife, it makes me my own Auntie."

"Yes but don't tell anyone," he replied conspiratorially, with his finger to his lips
to silence me.

"Not as long as you don't either," I giggled back.

He began to kiss me all over and finally found his way to my throbbing puss. I
willingly opened my legs and watched him clamp his lips to my pleasure zone.
Oh, he was so good. I was bathed in perspiration by the time he finished.

"You came three times," he smiled. "You're like a sexy bitch in heat."

"I know, and every time is better than the last," I sighed, the ecstasy still filtering
through me. "Anyway, I'm only fifteen so I'm allowed to be. Growing genes and
all that."

"Again?" He asked.

"No more," I pleaded. "I'll have a heart attack."

Chapter Nineteen
He was in the shower when I became desperate to pee. The door was open and as
I tiptoed in, I whispered, "Sorry but I'm bursting for a pee."

Before I reached the seat, he had grabbed my arm and pulled me into the shower
with him.

"Daddy, I've really got to go."

Still holding me he pushed the shower nozzle to the side and knelt in front of me.
"You can go now," he said and pressed his face between my legs.

I was standing bow-legged and looked down at his head in surprise. "You want
me to...?"

"Hmm," he agreed and clamped his mouth over my sex. He was nodding,
obviously for me to go. I had never even imagined this as a sex act but he was
sure wanting me to. And so I did. I peed into his mouth and had no doubt he was
swallowing most of it. Then he pulled his face back and let the golden stream
splash all over it, his mouth still wide open. He stayed that way until I had
finished and then pulled the shower nozzle back to wash us both.

But he wasn't finished yet. He lifted me up and I felt his cock, hard as a rock
again, poking at my puss lips. I was going to be fucked again. God, how many
times in just two days? married life was bliss.

I clamped my legs around him, heels digging into his buttocks and clung to his
neck with my arms.

"Go to town, Daddy," I whispered. "Oh, you're so good."

He rammed me silly and while I didn't come, he certainly did. So what if his
sperm ran down the insides of my thighs when he lifted me off his flaccid cock.
We just showered it away again and he pointed the nozzle, which was on a long
hose, right up inside my puss. It felt strange but I suspected that the needle like
jets of water would have given me a climax is he'd kept on. It wasn't to be
however, for he got me out, toweled me down and patted my backside. "Go and
get your old man a drink, baby. You've worn him out again."

"Did you like drinking my..., you know?"

"Piss? It was yours. Of course I did. Very sexy actually."

"I never realised men did that as a sex thing."

"I'm sure many would like to but they rarely get the chance."

"Why not?"

"Because women don't think it's the done thing."

"Oh. What about Auntie Pat?"

"I didn't even try. Sexy she might have been but that? No chance in hell."

"So you've been dreaming about doing this for years?"

"Ever since I found out how girls peed, I suppose." He laughed at his thoughts.
"Anyway it got me hard again."

"Sure did. I'll have to remember it. I suppose the spur of the moment thing is
important too?"

"You mean, those kinds of things are better not planned? Yes, that's true."

"Would you do it to me?"

"Pee in your face? If I could. The trouble is that as soon as I try, I'd get an
erection and you can't piss with a hard-on."

"I can."

"But not men I mean, you little tease. Besides, you don't get hard-ons."

"Do you want to spank me again, Daddy?" I asked him coyly.

"Many times, but you're off the hook for now."

"That's not fair," I pouted and kissed his nose.

Chapter Twenty
Except for the half an hour when he made me do wee wees on the lawn, we hadn't
been out of our suite for three days. We seemed to be making love or at east
titillating each other most of the time. I wasn't silly and knew it wouldn't last like
that for long but by golly it was nice while it did last.

We were laying side by side on the bed, naked as usual, when the doorbell rang.
"Stay there. I'll get it," he said bounding off the bed.

I didn't take much notice until I heard him say, "Just over there will be right."
When I looked around, a bell-hop was wheeling a table of food in. He got a good
look at me and in that instant I had no idea what to do. There wasn't a sheet or a
robe to grab and if there was, he would have seen everything I had when I reached
for it anyway. I gave up and pressed my face into the pillow. At least all he saw
was a pair of naked buttocks.

"Daddy, you're a beast," I screamed at him when the guy left. I was so furious I
stood up and began to slap his chest.

He was in hysterics and it made me all the madder.

"Oh, I hate you," I shouted. Then he grabbed me in his strong arms, crushing me
to his chest and kissed me furiously. "When I want to show off my beautiful
wife's tooshie I'll do it any way I like. Besides, he got a hard-on. God, you looked
beautiful with your head buried in that pillow."

"I hate you," I repeated and when he finished kissing me hard again, I told him, "I
love you, too."

The food was cold before we started dinner, but it was the best of seafood and hot
or cold, it is always nice. We sucked lobster legs and he put a scallop in my puss
and licked it out. Sex is so good it sends shivers all through me.

"Am I ever going to hear the end of your fantasy?" I asked after we'd showered

"Come here and I'll continue," he said, holding me in his arms so he could tweak
my breasts at the same time. "I think we'd just found out that daughter has been
taught to diddle mother but not vice versa."

"That's right."

"I ask the girl, 'What happens when you touch her?' 'She cries out, Master.' 'In
agony?' 'Oh no. I think she likes what I do.' 'Why do you think that?' 'Because I
have to do it for so long and she hums tunes until she's finished.' I see the woman
is weeping but give her no comfort. 'How do you know she's finished, Cecile?'
'It's when she stops shivering, Master.' 'Hmm, I see. Remove her skirt, Cecile.
Let her pussy be seen.' 'Yes, Master,' she agrees instantly and unbuttons the skirt,
which drops to the floor. She has an abundant thatch of dark brown curls that
reaches up to her navel. 'Do you undress your mother each time you touch her,
Cecile?' 'Oh, no, she's always undressed then, Master. It's always after she does
sex with Father.' The girl is quite calm as she speaks about the family intimacies.
I then press the girl for more details. 'So you watch your parents have sex and
then you go to their bed and touch your mother's pussy?' 'Not exactly, Master.
You see, when father is finished having sex, he rolls over and starts snoring.
Then mother gets into my bed and tells me to do it.' 'As soon as they've finished
their lovemaking?' 'Yes.' 'After she comes back from the bathroom, you mean?'
'No, she doesn't do that. She just gets out of bed and I lift the covers for her to lay
in my bed.'" "I think I know what you're going to ask her next, Daddy?"

"What, smartie?" He squeezed my tit very hard.

"Ouch, that hurt," I complained. "You'll ask about the sperm."

"Very funny. I'll continue."

"I look at the girl and her face says she is not lying. 'Does she tell you to touch
her then?' 'No, I just know that's what she wants.' 'When you put your fingers on
her pussy what do you find?' 'Oh there's lots of Father's cream. Sometimes it runs
right down her legs.' 'Cream?' 'Yes, that's what father put in her pussy when they
have sex.' 'Cream from a jug?' 'No, Master,' he tells me with exasperation. 'Cream
that comes from his sex stick.' 'Oh, the sex stick between his legs?' 'Of course.'
'So after she's finished shivering, she goes to the bathroom then?' 'No, she just gets
into her own bed, Master.' 'She doesn't wipe the cream away?' 'I don't think so,'
she replies with uncertainty. I look at the woman and she is beyond herself with
distress. 'Your mother seems upset, Cecile. I think she needs you to touch her
right now. Go and remove the rest of her clothes first.' The girl quickly undoes
the blouse and bra leaving the woman naked in front of me. Her breasts are firm
with just the hint of drooping. Her nipples are extremely large."

"As opposed to mine, I suppose?"

"You're nipples are just right, my pet. Don't ever think otherwise," he said and
tweaked each nipple in turn.

"I tell Cecile to lay on the floor and pretend she is in her bed. Then I command
the naked woman to lay beside her daughter exactly as she does in the bedroom.
The woman is on her back, her knees raised, her slit is facing me and glistening
pink. 'Show me how you touch your mother, Cecile.' 'Like this, Master.' The girl
is on her back and slides down until her hand on the other side can reach her
mother's slit. One finger dips into the hole and returns straight to the woman's
clitoris. The girl begins to rub her fingertip over the bud, sometimes changing to
two fingers, sometimes moving sideways then up and down. From time to time
she dips her finger back into the slot obviously to rewet the finger with the sperm
her father would normally have deposited. The woman has stopped her sobbing
and begins to hum a tune."

"That's what I do when I start feeling nice down there," I broke in.

"And that's nearly all the time."

"Well, I like sex."

"So do I, especially with you."

"Only with me," I stressed.

"Alright. So what do I do when Jonie comes visiting again?"

"You could think of that on our honeymoon? Daddy!" I cried out incredulously
and turned my head away.

"I'm just a man after all's said and done."

"And every man's a bastard."

"Of course," he agreed smugly. "Shall I keep going?"

"Yes, damn you."

"The girl shows no sign of tiring even though her arm and wrist must be very sore.
She doesn't smile or show any happiness in her task, just maintains a steady
rhythm over the woman's clit. Suddenly the woman begins to hiss between her
teeth and to shudder in the paroxysm of orgasm. She makes no noise other than a
deep groan from between clenched teeth. As soon as the woman calms down, the
girl takes her hand away, wipes her fingers on her dress and turns her back on her
mother. The mother stands up looking the picture of misery. 'Thank you, Cecile.
I now understand what you mean. It happens exactly like that every time?' 'Yes,
Master.' 'Do you wonder what it feels like? The feelings your mother has?' 'I do
sometimes, Master.' 'Yet you have never asked her to do it to you?' 'Oh, I did once
but she gave me a spanking.' 'I see. But you have done it to yourself, haven't
you?' This shocked her. 'How did yo...?' 'How do I know? I know many things
and I need your answer.' 'Oh, I can't...'"

"Beast," I accused him.

"'You know you have to tell me the truth. It is better not to hesitate. This is
the third time and you will suffer if it happens again,' I say in a menacing voice."

"Mean villainous beast. I'm on her side. It's a girl's private secret."

"'I have, Master. But I don't react the same way mother does.' 'Why not?' 'I don't
know. It makes me tingle there and I get frightened so I stop.' I look at the
woman now standing beside her daughter. 'Has she ever had an orgasm?' 'Not
that I've seen or heard, Sir. I don't think she has.' 'Good,' I say and bring the girl
between my knees again."

"This is where you fuck her, right?" Daddy simply raises an eyebrow and

"'You can't become a woman until you feel the sensations your mother
experiences,' I tell the girl. She looks wide-eyed and smiles. 'I wondered if you
would do it to me, Master,' she confides. 'I may sometime but until then your
mother will be the one. In my presence of course.' She looks shocked and turns
away. 'Is something wrong?' I ask unmoved. 'My mother, Master. She is shamed
at being naked. And of being made to do things. Can she go home?' 'And you
are not shamed? She is the one who exposes herself and your father has sex with
her in front of you. How can she be ashamed now?' The girl struggles to answer.
'It's true I am not ashamed in your presence, Master. I have been taught that I was
born to be your pupil and servant in any way you demand. But my mother. She
has not told my father any of what she is doing here. Only that she is taking me to
boarding school where I will remain for several years. She has never undressed
for anyone else and has remained faithful to my father.' 'But she makes you touch
her.' 'Because he can't satisfy her, Master. She has told me that.'"

"Typical bloody male," I quipped sarcastically. "You'd better not revert to that

He looked at me with shrewd eyes. "Have I not satisfied you, kitten?"

"Just make sure you always do. I've always got Jonie, you know."

"And if I ever catch you two at it without my permission I'll cut your tits off, hers

"Yes, Daddy," I replied in a little girl's voice

"I show no compassion and tell the girl her mother will remain until I send her
away and that I expect her mother to obey me just as she does. 'Do you know why
she isn't satisfied, Cecile?' 'It's something I haven't asked, Master but it's strange
because they are always happy together.' 'Yes, you've said that they make love
nearly every night.' 'Yes, that's why I don't understand.' 'You will one day soon.
Now come closer. Push yourself against me. Harder.' Her groin was pressed
against my cock and she could feel my hardness but never flinched. 'I am going to
tell you things, Cecile and you must remember them all.' 'I will try, Master.'
'Good. The first thing you must remember is that from now on you will call your
pussy your honey pot or your cunt. Nothing else. It's a proper name because
once you become a woman, your honey pot will attract men like bears to a bee
hive.' She laughs at my description. 'I like that, Master. Yes, my honey pot is
just right. I have heard father talk about Mother's cunt but I wasn't sure what it

"You can call mine that too, Daddy. When ever you dip into it I'll imagine you're
tasting honey."

"No, to me it will always be a lovely tulip. When you spread your legs and open
your pussy lips it looks the most lovely glistening tulip flower." He looked at me
strangely and then said, 'Talking of that, get dressed. Street clothes, bra panties
and suspenders and stockings."

"We're going out? Oh, goody."

"You're going out but not for long." He then spent some time giving me

Chapter Twenty One
I walked back into our suite and saw Daddy pointing his video camera at me but
as he had instructed me, I took no notice of him or the camera. I certainly did see
his long hard cock sticking up in the air because my dear husband was still naked.

"Honey, I'm home," I called out but got no reply. "Darling I hurried home.
Remember what you promised? As soon as I came in the door you were going to
make passionate love to me."

I walked into each room looking more disappointed each moment that he wasn't
there. "Oh, darn," I said stamping my foot. "He promised and I was so looking
forward to him sticking his big fat sausage into me. I really do need to be
screwed, I feel so sexy," I whined to myself, pressing my hand against my mound.

Daddy followed me as I went into the bedroom and stood in front of the mirror.
"If only you were here with me, my husband," I sighed while my hands stroked
my breasts. "Well I'll just have to do with out you, you naughty man. I should
make you wait for a whole week before you even get a sniff, really I should."

I watched myself in the mirror as I undid my blouse and then the skirt. I wore a
silky bra that smoothed my mounds wonderfully but with the way I was already
aroused, knowing what I was about to do, my nipples made their mark clearly. I
wore French knickers with wide loose legs that made my puss look positively
naked, even though you couldn't see anything that you shouldn't. A suspender belt
and matching stockings made me look elegant and downright sexy. I turned
looked towards the camera, running my hands over the prominent parts of my
beautiful body. Well, I did look beautiful, I told myself. It only needed a flick to
release the bra and I let it fall down my arms, Daddy catching all the action. I
cupped my breasts and felt the tingling in my nipples as they were stroked. I
closed my eyes in bliss at the sensations that were building within my loins

Still cupping my breasts and with my head lifted high I walked to the bed and
flopped down, fluffing the pillows so I was half sitting up. Daddy had moved
closer and was focusing on my puss, waiting patiently for me to display that
secret place now hidden behind a film of silk. I pressed my heels back against
my bottom cheeks and spread my knees wide.

Daddy was almost close enough to lick my secrets now, waiting for my fingers to
pull aside the looseness of my knickers. Slowly I slid my fingers beneath the leg
bands and teased threads of puss hair into view. It was very clear, the dark curly
hairs against my creamy skin. I played with the strands for a moment then
brushed the gusset to one side and the wet pink lips were on view. I hoped Daddy
and I were the only ones who would see this video tape. It would sell for
millions if it ever fell into the wrong hands. Or at least that's what I thought it
was worth.

For the pleasure of the viewer, who of course would be just Daddy and me I
hoped, I gave intermittent moans of pleasure as my fingertips traced the outline of
my puss and then one finger slipped deep inside my vagina. My crotch jumped
and I moaned with pleasure. Daddy was moving backwards and forwards
between my widespread puss lips and my face, which was showing the pleasures I
was enjoying, but mostly he was zooming in on what my fingers were doing.

Once wet, I withdrew the finger and traced the sharp edges of my labia before
centering on my now very sensitive clitoris. "Oh, yes," I moaned with genuine
pleasure. One hand pulled the hood that covered this wonderful little nub, up and
away, leaving my other hand with the finger glistening from my own puss juices,
to stroke and diddle myself. I flicked the little pink lump with my finger nail then
pressed the flat of my finger over it and rubbed until the friction made it actually
hot. Returning again and again from dipping into the pool of secretions that had
built up inside my sex hole, I never gave my clitoris any rest whatsoever.

I knew I was reaching my peak when my body began jumping about of it's own
accord, and with each jump, I cried out. Harder, that's what I must do, my mind
said and my finger answered by rippling my fingertip hard and fiercely across the
sensitive surface of that little love nub.

"Agh," I cried out, louder and louder, until that pleasure of pleasures burst deep
inside my puss and traveled to the ends of my body. How can one describe the
most beautiful sensation on Earth? A woman's orgasm cannot be described any
other way. Even the camera can't show just how good it makes a woman feel.
Fire and thunder roar through my head and my whole body shudders for what
seems an eternity, finally dying off slowly to an inner glow that seems to last for
hours. When my husband brings me off I have him to cling to for however long
and I never lose the feeling of deep inner peace until we part. When I practice on
my own, the explosion may be greater but the inner glow fades more quickly.

For the camera's benefit, rather, Daddy's benefit, I now slide my knickers off
altogether and allow him to explore every glowing crevice of my sex, even lifting
my legs high and wide as a finger presses against the tight little ring of my anus.
Just half a knuckle inside is more demonstrative than a whole finger inserted
there, I think. So Daddy has to be content with that.

I lay back against the pillows, one finger resting on my clit, the other hand
cupping a breast. And so my first acting role is complete and I fall asleep,
contented and fulfilled.

Chapter Twenty Two
Daddy continued telling his favourite fantasy.

"I pull the girl tightly to my groin and explain that her cunt is another name for
her honey pot, one to use in the height of passion. Then I ask her, 'Do you feel
something, Cecile?' She looks into my eyes and smiles seriously, 'Yes, Master.
Your man's thing.' 'And you don't mind?' 'Of course not,' she smiles back happily.
My hands drift below the hem of her short smock and cup the backs of her thighs.
She makes no move to back away as I stroke her and slowly move my hands
upwards until I cup her panty clad bottom cheeks. 'What do you feel now,
Cecile?' I look straight into her eyes. "Your touching my bottom, Master.' 'And
you don't mind?' 'Of course not,' she says surprised that I should ask. I draw her
tightly against my groin once again and stroke my hardness against her several
times. 'What am I doing now, Cecile?' She hesitates for a moment and then
replies, 'I think you're trying to have sex with me, Master.' 'I could only do that if
you removed your panties, don't you think?' 'Yes, I suppose so. And you would
have to undress too.' 'Shall we do that then?' 'Take our clothes off?' She looked at
me with wide surprised eyes. 'Yes.' 'Oh, I don't...' I begin to massage her bottom
and move my hands around her waist and then over her hips as I stand her side on
to me, pressing her hip against me. One of my hands then cups her virginal love
mound. 'Has anyone done that to you before, Cecile?' 'Never, Master. No one
has ever done that to me.' I begin to trace my fingers along her sex slit, the other
hand massaging her bottom again. 'Is it nice?' 'Yes,' she whispers. My hand on
her bottom moves upwards over her back, naked skin for her smock lifts easily,
being so loose. She is ticklish and gives a few self-conscious giggles. 'I'm
pleased to feel you have no bra, Cecile. Does it feel strange without one?' 'It
feels... sort of nice. Free.'

"I know where you're hand's going next," I pipe in.

"If you're wrong, will you pay a forfeit?"


"I'll only tell you if you lose."

"Hmm. You'll probably say something so out of the ordinary that I couldn't
possibly win."

"I mightn't. Take a chance," he dared me.

"Alright. I'll pay up if I'm wrong."

"And you'll tell the truth?"

"Of course, Daddy."

"I turn her back towards me and both hands begin to rise. I watch her face for
sign of losing her nerve but while she has doubts, she doesn't stop me. Both
hands reach her baby bosoms together and I cup them gently."

"I win."

"I thought you might," he laughed then continued.

"'Well?' I ask the girl. 'You're touching my titties.' 'I am indeed,' I say feeling her
little nipples begin to harden. 'You like it don't you, even though it's very
naughty?' 'It feels so nice, Master.' Just then the mother returns, wearing a thin
robe that has no ties or buttons. The girl gasps in surprise that her mother sees
what I am doing and looks around to see her reaction. I tell the woman to stand
close to my side and then say to Cecile, 'Tell your mother what I am doing.' She
makes and involuntary cry of shock, hesitates then says, 'The Master is stroking
my titties, Mother.' 'Good girl. Now there is more thing I am going to tell that you
must remember always. Once you become a woman, all sorts of people, mostly
men but often other women will come to you wanting to taste your honey pot. Do
you understand?' 'Do you mean they will want to have sex like father does with
mother?' She showed no sign of embarrassment. 'Exactly that. Good girl. If they
want to feast of your honey, Cecile, you must never refuse them.' The mother
gives a cry of shock and fell to her knees. 'No, sir, please not that.' I disregard her
devastation and continue talking to the girl. 'Of course you have to be careful
that your permission is only given when you are alone so that no-one overhears
your consent, nor the actual act, but I command you now that throughout your
whole life, you must never refuse anyone who wants to sip of your honey.' Yes,
Master, I hear you.' 'And you will do as I say, always?' 'Yes, Master. I must.' The
woman cries out unintelligibly again."

"Imagine what Patricia would have done in the woman's place."

"I couldn't even begin to know," Daddy said.

"I tell the woman to stand and listen carefully to my next decree. 'Cecile, you
have just agreed never to refuse anyone of your charms.' 'Yes, Master.' 'I am
obliged to make it very clear that your parents are especially included as well.
More so because I expect you to make it very clear to your father that you are
available to his needs whenever he wishes, and your mother also.' 'Oh, Master,'
she blanched. 'I have to let my father do it to me too?' 'Yes, my dear. When you
return home next, you will simply tell him you would like him to do the same
things to you as he does to your mother. Remove your clothes and offer yourself;
he will take up your offer, believe me.' For the first time the girl looks horrified
and I make her more shocked when I tell her that before her mother leaves, they
will be making love together every day and enjoying every moment. The woman
faints and Cecile begins to cry for the first time, but I think it is at the sight of her
mother slumped on the floor rather than what she must do with her father and
mother. I have made an adequate impression, I believe."

"You're every mother's nightmare," I said to Daddy and reached up to kiss him
very wetly. It makes him randy and I get a quick fuck, the first time I haven't
come since he began sipping from my honey pot, but it wasn't the time to

"The woman soon revives when smelling salts are waved past her nose and I carry
her to a bedroom where I leave her with strong tea to revive. Cecile follows me
to the next room and I leave her saying I will return shortly. She does not realise
that the large mirror looks directly into the bedroom where her mother is laying. I
return to the mother who does not bother to cover her near nudity. 'My words
seem to have upset you." I say. 'I did not know you would take the power you
have over my little girl to such extremes. You can't mean her to have relations
with her father. Or me for that matter,' she began sobbing again. I reach a hand to
her breast and stroke the nipple. 'My dear woman, I meant every word of it. You
will make sure that your husband does not find it offensive and that he regularly
makes use of her body.' 'I can't, sir. It's not right.' 'But you will do it, woman,' I
demand, looking darkly at her. 'She will be keeping a diary of every sexual
experience she has and I will read it frequently. I suggest you touch the girl in his
presence and then invite him to join. It will be arouse him, I'm sure.' She wails
loudly, distraught. 'You seem to forget woman, that you are under my
instructions until I am finished with the girl and at this time she is bonded to me
indefinitely. Withdraw from your pledge and you will all quickly suffer the fate I
outlined.' 'She is so young, sir,' she pleads but finds I do not relent. I tell her,
'Once she returns home, that is not the end. I will require her to entertain various
people from time to time and she must gain much experience in sexual matters.
You and your husband will be her teachers.' 'We are doomed,' she wails again.
'Only if you if you allow your oath to be broken. Now spread yourself. I want to
use you.' She stares aghast but then gives in, laying on her back, knees up and
spread widely. Half way through our fuck, just as she reaches her peak I tell her
of the two-way mirror. My weight and my fierce thrusting stop her from escaping
until I ejaculate inside her. She tells me later that it is the first true orgasm she
has experienced since marrying her husband."

Chapter Twenty Three
"A true blue fucker, aren't you," I tease him, remembering our last fuck, which
left me unfulfilled for the first time.

"You ought to know, little kitten," he said with a supercilious grin. "You know
I've been thinking. We need a pet at home."

"Am I not pet enough?" I pouted.

"Oh, sure you are, but I'm thinking of you, not me."

"Why? I've never had pets."

"I was thinking of a dog. A large one, a male."

"You've got an ulterior motive, I can hear it in your voice. What are you getting

"I've read about it but never thought I'd see it, you know. But now I will."

"What?" I looked at him, exasperated.

"You fucking a beautiful animal. Letting him get his rocks off."

"You're joking, aren't you? It's disgusting. It makes me sick thinking of it."

"It makes me horny. Look." Indeed, his cock had risen again.

"No, Definitely not, Daddy. Not that."

"You said anything. You'd do anything I wanted. Well I want to see it."

"But..." My voice faltered. "I know I said..." I couldn't think what to say to
discourage him. "Let's think about it, Daddy."

"I am," he said seriously, "and I want you to do it."

"Oh, god. I never thought..."

"It would be easy, their cock's not nearly as big, you know."

"It's not that. It's..."

"They say some women do it with horses and donkeys or goats. Now that would
stretch them to the limit, not a nice friendly..."

"Wait until we get home, then we can talk about it," I suggested hoping this
nightmare would simply vanish from his mind. I can see what a dirty mind he has
deep down but I do like most of what he thinks about.

"Yes, of course. We couldn't buy the animal here anyway."

"I didn't..."

He stood up and grabbed my arm fiercely, forcing me up too. "Now listen here,"
he said brusquely. "Gotcha!"

It wasn't until he began to laugh that I realised he really had got me. sucked me
in like never before.

"Bastard," I swore at him. "I thought you were serious. You didn't mean any of it
at all, did you?' He was still laughing fit to kill himself, but I noticed he never
answered my question.

He made love to me then and I came several times. Daddy didn't ejaculate but his
hard-on never softened all afternoon. God, I love that man.

"Of course, we could think of Jonie as our personal pet," he said just before we
dropped off to sleep. I smiled at the thought but slept soundly. After all, I had
been well fucked.

"Daddy?" I asked as I woke up next morning. "Can you try and pee on me?"


"I'd like to feel what it's like."

"Well, I certainly need to go and for once I'm not hard. Come on. Let's try. If you
don't like it, just stand up in the shower and the rest can drain away."

"Oh, goodie," I bounced out of bed. We were both naked and I turned the shower
on full force to warm up the cubicle. I knelt in the floor, and getting the full force
until Daddy bent the shower hose to the side. He felt warm as I put my hands on
his hips to steady myself. Thankfully, his cock was very soft and I thought he
might be able to do it without getting randy. He pointed the head at my chest and
almost straight away I felt the hot urine hit me.

Then he raised the stream directly onto my face and it splashed all over the
cubicle. The strong odor was everywhere and I kept my eyes tightly closed but
opened my mouth. The stream burst inside and almost choked me when it hit the
back of my throat. The bitter taste was unpleasant but I swallowed several small
mouthfuls to show him I wasn't shocked. Then I took the tip from him and began
spraying my whole body with it, right down to my pussy. The stream began to
fade and I clamped my lips over the soft head to catch the remainder of his

He was looking very proud of himself when I stood up smiling.

"Well, how was it?" He cackled. I pulled his mouth to mine and quickly squirted
the last bit I had collected, back into his mouth. He spluttered, coughed and spat
it onto the floor.

"Oh, shit," he gasped.

"No, piss," I corrected him and laughed at his shock.

"I think we'd better wash each other off, don't you?"

"Well, what did you think of it?" He asked, looking at me as he leaned his chin
on his hand.

"As a pisser, your good. As for the piss, I'd rather leave it than take, but you can
do it to me whenever you have the notion to," I told him, as honestly as I could.
"It was something to be experienced, I'll say that for it."

"Not an every day desire though?"

"Not even a once a year one if I had the choice."

"What about the reverse?"

"You mean when you knelt between my legs?" I asked thinking that was what he


"Oh, I'll do that whenever you'd like. It made me feel sort of... well sort of
dominating, I suppose."

"I can understand that. It's a powerful feeling isn't it? Probably would be for the
man if the woman was forced into it rather than complying."

"Then it would be absolutely devastating, I'm sure. For the woman that is."

"Indeed. There's probably lots who've gone through that ordeal."

"Women have been downtrodden since the Garden of Eden," I stated pompously.

"But with what's between their legs, if they're smart they can control any man

"I damn well hope so," I agreed.

"I'd do anything to avoid losing my rights to your charms, my dear," my new
husband assured me.

"I have you in my power," I said with a sinister voice.

"You certainly do."

We were fucking again. Golly, that marble jar was getting filled quickly. For the
first time I was on top, dictating the speed of our lovemaking and I felt powerful.
I could sit straight over his cock and arch my back so he couldn't reach my titties,
which he loved to stroke and tickle as I slid up and down, pivoting on his
erection. It made him moan with needs for I moved much slower than when he
thrust into me. This way I could feel my own arousal slowly building and if I
went slow enough he shouldn't come, not in a million years. Or so I had

There was little doubt that daddy dear, wanted much more friction than I was
allowing him, hence his moans of frustration. Sitting on him like this I could
manipulate my clitoris against his cock and pubic bone too giving me more
pleasures then straight fucking.

"I like it this way, darling," I purred, straightening my back and pushing my head
backwards as I ran my hands through my hair.

"Could you go a bit faster?" He pleaded.

"No, it's better like this, don't you think?"

"For you maybe. Faster would be better for me," he suggested in hope.

"After I've come, darling," I leaned over and kissed while I ground my puss hard
against his pubic hairs. He grasped my titties and squeezed. "Then I'll go as fast
as you want."

"You're driving me mad," he groaned.

"Good. That's what we're trying to do for each other, isn't it?"

"Except my madness is from frustration."

"Poor dear," I crooned. "Be patient." But I never speeded up my movements at

"Why don't you finish the story while you're just laying there?"

"You'll probably make me come in the middle of the best bit, but O.K. Where
was I?"

"You'd just finished fucking the mother while Cecile, bless her little heart,
watched through the two way mirror."

"Oh, yes," he remembered and began his story once again. He could have made a
book out of this one fantasy, it was so long.

"I got off the bed and walk straight into Cecile's room. My cock has softened but
it IS still wet from my discharge. Cecile is standing in front of the mirror, still
watching her mother. 'You saw me fuck your mother, Cecile?' 'Yes, Master.'
'Were you shocked?' 'I think so. It was strange. I'd only seen my father do it to
her before but she never jumped around like just now. It looked like she was
crying out but I couldn't hear.' 'Indeed she was. Screaming out with pleasure,
believe me.' 'She never did with my father. It was more like when she made me
touch her. Then I felt her shiver sometimes.' 'It's you're turn next,' I tell her and
she turns to look at me. 'I know it will hurt. mother bit me on the thigh a few
times, really hard and it made me cry out. She said sex hurt like that but only the
first time.' 'She's a wise woman,' I agreed. 'Hmm. Sometimes,' she says without
explaining what she means."

"Come, on, Daddy, get it over with," I pleaded. "It's distracting you. You're
getting soft."

"Sorry. I'll try..." He began to grow almost immediately.

"I make her stand in front of me. 'Remove your dress, Cecile.' She doesn't hesitate
and lifts it over her head. I see that her budding little breasts are larger than I
expected but soft and puffy in their undeveloped state. I reach out and stroke
them. 'And now it's your turn to feel what it is like to be touched between your
legs. Do you look forward to knowing how it feels, Cecile?' She blushed
beautifully, all the way down to her breastlets. 'Ye… Yes, I think so, Master.'
'Your mother will show you, but it will be in my presence,' I tell her. Her mother
gasps and cries out, "Oh," but objects no further. Cecile, blushes and looks
downward. 'And then it will be your turn to feel a man's sex spike as you call it,
deep inside your little honey pot. As your mother says, the hurt soon goes away.'
'Yes, Master,' she says, her face a little paler now. 'But first you must shower for
dinner and then you will receive the rite of deflowerment. Wear what is in the top
drawer to dinner, my dear.'"

"It all tak... takes time. Phew, you're making me feel good now. Just a couple of
quick pumps and I'll shoot," he pleaded. I didn't agree.

Seeing that I wasn't going to let him come quickly, he continued his story.

"Cecile walks to the dining table dressed in a long sleeved white gown, tied
around her waist with a gold cord. It was not truly see-through but each curve
and feature of her body could be made out. 'You look beautiful,' I compliment
her and she glows with satisfaction. Her mother wears the same gown but
without the cord, leaving her breasts and pubic mound visible as she walks. She
too looks very attractive and smiles when I compliment her. We eat a beautifully
prepared meal, served with a selection of fine wines. Both women chat with me
and are comfortable despite knowing what is to come. After dinner, they follow
me into another room and see a low leather couch, without a back or arms, more
like a narrow bed. An ottoman more precisely and in the centre is a small flat
cushion of white silk. Cecile lays on the bed, the cold of the leather making her
shiver. The woman stands on one side and rearranges Cecile's hair and gown
while I watch from the other side. Cecile's eyes are closed and she looks at
peace with herself, despite knowing what is to come. Her arms rest by her

"I just want you to know I have to stop for a moment, Daddy. If I don't, I'm going
to come."

"Don't stop. Please."

"I'll just go a little bit slower," I teased and gave an up and down thrust then sat
still on top of him. My movements were almost slow motion from then on.

"I undress completely and nod to the woman. She removes her gown and is also
naked. She unties the cord around her daughter's waist and lets the two sides fall
over the edges of the bed. She places the white cushion under her daughter's
bottom. 'She is ready, sir.' My cock is rock hard and I lean down and kiss her lips,
breasts and her sex mound. 'It is time,' I say so that both can hear and the mother
parts her daughter's legs. Access is for the taking and I kneel on the couch
between her outstretched thighs. Without waiting, my cock finds the opening and
I slide in until Cecile makes a moaning sound and I feel the blockage I am about
to destroy forever. The mother is holding her daughter's shoulders and begins
whispering soothing words. I place my hands on her shoulders myself and
gradually increase the pressure of my loins against her hymen. She writhes with
discomfort and I realise the membrane will not break easily."

"I know what you mean. It bloody well wasn't made to break easily, you silly
goose." I was feeling for this imaginary girl as she was about to receive the shock
of her life.

"Her face is screwed up with pain now and I decide to pull back and thrust with
all my might."

"That's what you did to me, Daddy. Are we still in fantasy mode or are you
recounting my loss of virginity?"

He continues.

"She knows instinctively what I am about to do and arches her back in some sort
of protection. But I am stronger of course and this one bruising thrust destroys
Cecile's maidenhead for all time as my aching cock travels the full length of her
sheath and I settle myself on top of her. The conqueror."

"Rapist is more appropriate," I suggested but he doesn't hear.

"She lies beneath me, gasping for breath from the shock of her ruptured hymen. I
am stiff as a crowbar and begin to move in and out, something that obviously
hurts for she clenches her teeth but makes no objection. The mother is kissing her
daughter, not sexually but to calm her. I hold the plump baby breasts and squeeze
giving her little peace, wanting to shoot my sperm deep inside the girl's cavity. I
am thrusting hard and fast, believing it better to finish the task quickly for the
girl's sake when I see a change in her demeanor. She lifts her head and looks at
me, a strange look changing her whole appearance. 'I... I feel something, Ma...
Master. It's strange. You're making me feel different. Oh, don't stop now, please,
do it more. Oh, oh, oh, I can't stand it, it feels so good.' Her thighs are shuddering
and then her whole body jerks her about, despite my weight on top of her. I get
so excited knowing I have given the girl her first orgasm that I can hold no longer.
With an ear piercing growl my own body jerks and then I spend, a glorious spend
deep within her, depositing what my body wants to use to make babies. 'Arrghhh,'
I gasp and clutch her to me. We are one. And that's when I wake up."

"Ha, ha, very funny, Daddy. You just happen to have ejaculated inside me at the
same time you were telling that part of the story. Got worked up, didn't you?"

"Bloody hell," he gasped. "Did I really come. I never knew. Phew, that story
really did seem real. I'm sorry, love. That's the second time I've let you down."

"So you did know about the first one?" I was quite impressed. "Anyway, I
came this time, while you were still in your ejaculation heaven. By the way, I
want to fuck this way every time. I like it the best of all the ways we've come."

"Do you now? It just so happens, I like it this way too. You get to do all the
work while I lay and enjoy. I don't mind you taking over, but give me a
change occasionally. Even this could get boring if we never experimented."

"Oh, I like the experimenting bit, Daddy. You can do that too, whenever you feel
like it."

"Well, we'd better get ourselves ready," he said trying to dislodge me from his
penis. This was the worst of being on top. It's hard for a girl not to spill his
stuff everywhere when she has to lift herself off him, so it seems I'll need plenty
of practice.

"Why, are we going out?"

"It's our last night. I've got a surprise for you."

"I like surprises," I cried with pleasure and planted a wet kiss on his lips as I ran
to the bathroom, cupping my puss full of sperm.

Chapter Twenty Four
Daddy, with his arm around my waist, walked my up to the black door and
knocked. There was nothing to say what the place was, not even a street number.

"What is this place?" I asked curiously.

"Be patient and all will be revealed, he said with a smile.

"If it was still prohibition, I'd say you were taking me to a speak-easy."

"You're right about one thing," he said but didn't elaborate, even when he saw me
looking at him questioningly he simply returned the smile. "I want you to enjoy
the evening, darling. It will be different but just remember, I'm with you and
you're with me. No-one else matters and everyone here tonight has been well

"Now what does that all mean? You're giving me double talk, aren't you?"

"Trust you husband and don't object."

"Yes, master," I bowed as the door opened and Daddy wheeled me through. I
had trouble seeing anything, it was so dark but while we waited in what I took
to be the foyer, I gradually became aware that we were in some sort of night club.

There was a gentle hum of voices and I could make out people sitting around
small tables where waiters hovered, ever eager to serve. There was not even
room for a dance floor so I assumed we were here for dinner.

Daddy slipped the maitre'd a large note and our service improved immediately.
We were shown to a table for two on the far side of the room and I was a little
disappointed that we wouldn't be in the centre somewhere amongst the hubbub of
it all. Daddy didn't seem to mind that we were placed to one side as it were so I
didn't complain.

Drinks were served and re-served and I was feeling hungry when the first course
was served over an hour later. We were both feeling happy in each other's
presence and his eyes never left mine. I thought we looked like the proverbial
lovebirds that couldn't leave each other alone. One thing about the small table,
we were almost side by side and I jumped when I felt a hand on my thigh. But
Daddy just smiled and slid his hand under my skirt and slowly upwards. I looked
around but it was so dark, no one could have seen. In fact everyone could have
been feeling up their partners and no-one would have known.

"I feel very naughty," I whispered in his ear as I opened my legs to let him feel

"I feel a pussy," he giggled like a teenager as he slipped several fingers under the
leg of my panties and felt my wetness. "A very wet pussy," he added.

"Well. I can't help it. You're making me that way."

"Take them off."

"What, my panties?"


I moved to go to the bathroom but he grabbed my arm and made me sit back. "Do
it here."

"Take them off in front of everyone? You're joking. Aren't you?"

"No. Do it here. Doesn't it make you feel wicked?"

"Yes," I smiled and kissed his cheek. "And sexy." I removed the black panties as
surreptitiously as I could but needn't have worried. No-one seemed to take any
notice, not even when I handed them to him and he deeply sniffed in my puss
odours. He laid them on the table and stopped me when I made a grab for them.

"Just leave them. It makes me feel, well powerful."

"It makes me feel undressed," I stated a little uncomfortably. More so when a
short time later, for no apparent reason a woman dressed in black, oldish with a
stern face came to Daddy's side and whispered something. Daddy nodded and she
took my panties and left.

"Was she mad at them being there?" I asked when Daddy made no objection.

"No. She must have thought I had left some rubbish or something."

"Rubbish? Don't you know they cost you over a hundred dollars? They're pure

"I'll buy you two pairs tomorrow. Don't concern yourself about them. It's

He was feeling between my legs again and I cautiously slid my hand over his
thigh and stroked him, very near his erection, for his pants seemed to be bursting.

"You'll make me come. Leave it until we're back in our suite, baby," he
whispered and lifted my hand away. Needless to say, he never stopped touching
my puss and I was feeling very sexy indeed.

"Don't make me go all the way, Daddy. I'll never be able to keep quiet."

He just smiled knowingly and kept stroking my now swollen clit.

"Do you realise we've been here over four hours," I said surprised, "and I've not
seen anyone leave. It was a wonderful dinner, but I'm sort of feeling frisky,
Daddy dear. If you get my meaning."

"You want to get fucked. I know I can feel the lubrication. You're flowing like a

Suddenly what little light there was, was blacked out. We were in pitch darkness.
And then, right beside us, a spotlight lit up a stage. We had a front row seat for
a night club show.

"Oh, Daddy, this marvelous." I noticed his hand had left me because the glow
from the spot lights made it impossible to continue touching me without being

"That stopped you, didn't it, darling," I sniggered.

"You just wait," was all he said.

A large wooden chair with a high back and arms was in the spotlight, nothing
else. Then we could hear cries from the wings and two black clad men were
dragging a protesting woman onto the stage. In fact a naked woman except for
a mask that covered her whole face, and she was fighting against them for all she
was worth.

"Be quiet, bitch," one of the men growled and gave her backside a hard slap
which echoed through the room. She calmed a little and the men tied her to the
chair, kneeling backwards, her armpits resting over the back. Her arms were
tied to the base of the chair and each leg was made fast to each of the arms. She
had no choice but to lay against the back of the chair with her behind pushed
prominently outwards.

One of the men left the stage and the other picked up a strap from the floor, as if
by coincidence.

"You are here to be punished and punished you will be," she was told matter of
Her pleadings were of no use and he drew his arm back and landed a fierce blow
to her naked behind. The scream was deafening and she bucked, almost upsetting
the chair.

"Hell," I whispered in astonishment. "Did you know this was going to happen?"
"Be quiet and watch," he replied, one arm around me, gently rubbing my back.
His eyes were glued to the tortured female.

She was given ten of the hardest strokes I could have imagined and her backside
was crimson red. I could only imagine how badly it was hurting. We were
sitting so close that I could see the individual beads of perspiration forming on
her forehead, and hear her almost silent whimpering. I couldn't believe what
began happening next though. The man removed his pants to reveal his black
body and a huge cock sticking in the air.

"I never thought a cock could be that big," I whispered, more to myself than
Daddy, and he didn't reply.

Just as he penetrated her amid squeals of protest and violent threats from the
woman, the woman in black had returned to our table.

"Would you come with me, Madam."

I looked at Daddy but he was glued to the scene on stage and gave no indication
he was aware of me half standing.

"Please, Madam," the woman insisted. I thought it was about the panties. Was
she going to reprimand me or something. Daddy never looked my way at all and
the woman put her hand on my back to urge me to obey. She looked so severe,
almost daring me not to object. I followed her from the room.

As we walked to what I thought was the back of the building, she spoke. "Do
you want to please your husband?"

"Yes. Of course I do," I replied truthfully.

"Then you will do exactly what I tell you," she said as she walked into a small
side room. "Remove all your clothes and put these back on." She handed me
back my panties.


"Just do as I say," she said firmly and watched as I made myself naked. She
made no move to touch me and as soon as my panties were in place, she
produced a full face mask and fastened it firmly.

"Oh, my god. You're going..."

"You are doing this for your husband. Remember that, and that only."

"I'm not going to go on show," I objected.

"Come with me," she said, lot listening to anything I said.

I was walked onto the stage where the single chair still stood I felt relieved to
see the curtain had fallen. The woman told me to sit and began to strap my arms
to the arms of the chair. She reminded me that no-one except my husband knew
who I was and that this was for his pleasure only. "No-one can see beneath
the mask. You are completely anonymous."

I tried to keep my legs closed but she forced them apart as she tied my knees
and then ankles to the sides. I was widely spread but at least I still wore my

"Are you sure he agreed to this?" I asked in a small unconvincing voice but she
made no answer. I was finally left alone in the dark but only after moving the
chair closer to the front and more straight on so anyone could look right into the
vee of my legs.

Suddenly it seemed that all the lighting was switched on at once and I blinked
from the brightness. Then realised the curtain was opening.

Straight in front of me was my husband, not two metres away and almost
leering at what he saw. There were many more eyes watching too, seeing my
helplessness and probably drooling at my naked breasts. I could see a few in the
blackness of the crowd but my eyes were for my husband only. What was he
thinking? How could he have let the woman put me in this predicament? What
was going to happen to me? Both right now and later when I returned to his side?
How could I face him then?

My reverie was soon broken when a loud voice spoke from behind me.

"So, white girl. I have you at last," it said in an evil tone. "I have waited so
long and now I'm going to take my just reward." There were hoots and whistles
from the audience but I still couldn't see who was speaking. And when he did
come into sight, I'd wished I hadn't seen him at all.

He was big and black and totally naked. With the hugest erection I have ever
seen. Not even those magazines Daddy bought showed anything of the size
this man displayed as he pranced around the stage. More than that, as he
pranced around while he masturbated himself, using both hands. One held the
erection straight out in front of him while the other slid back and forth over the
huge head and stem. His large hands were just able to close around the
monstrosity, it was so big.

I cried out in fright and it was genuine but the crowd seemed to love it because
they shouted out encouragements to him. How could I have let myself into this?
It was beyond anything I had ever imagined. And on my honeymoon?

Daddy seemed to be entranced at the spectacle, not joining with the shouting
audience but certainly not showing any sort of discomfort at how his new
wife was being treated.

The black man came close to the chair and started teasing. "What do you think of
this, baby? Do you want it? Want to feel it, Whitey?" The crowd loved it
especially when he began to rub his erection against my nipple. "Would you look
at that," he shouted with glee. "Look what my cock does to the white bitch's
nipples. They're hard as telegraph poles." He flicked each nipple with his fingers
and I could almost hear them go twang.

Despite my hating the position I was in, I knew I was getting hot. Sexually hot
and I felt the wetness between my legs. Thank goodness the woman left my
panties on. At least this will stay my own secret. It was not to be.

As he jiggles his cock, he kept prancing around the stage, urging the crowd to
react, to want more.

"What's this, honey babe?" He shrieked when he stood straight in front of me,
almost between my widely spread legs. "Who told you to wear these?" Then to
the crowd he screamed, "We don't want these frillies hiding our view, do we?"

The reaction was obvious and the hardest thing for me to accept was that my own
husband was the first to jump up and shout, "Take them off."

"Take them off? Is that what you want?" The black man asked the crowd with a

The noise was deafening and certainly in the affirmative.

"We don't want her to take them off," he stated. "She might get away and I've
waited so long for what she's got to offer. There's a better way."

As with the last girl, the man knelt beside my chair but this time picked up a large
fearsome knife. Pointed and very sharp I imagined. He was playing to the crowd
now and wiped the blade against my breasts and across my neck. I squealed with
fright but that only brought derision. In the back of my mind I was telling myself
it was only sexual, they wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. But who were
they? And what if they wanted exactly that? There was no way I could stop
them in the predicament I was in.

Then he lowered the knife and I felt the cold steel stroke my stomach and then,
very quickly, he ran the blade under the elastic waistband and slashed upwards.
One side of my panties gave way as though they were made of tissue paper. The
scream of fright came from my own lips, I realised. Another slash and the
other side was torn apart, leaving my crotch covered with a bit of torn silk that
just rested over my puss.

They were screaming for my nakedness, almost out of control, I thought. "I can
do the rest," the man told them and began to pull what was left of my hundred
dollar knickers up between my legs. He was strong for the cloth slid under my
bottom, between my legs and past my puss as easy as taking a handkerchief from
one's pocket.

A roar began the moment my vagina, in all it's pink glistening glory, was exposed.
The black man turned to his audience, masturbated all the faster and shouted,
"Now that's what I call a cunt. And it's wet and ready. I knew the little lady
wanted me."

He came closer as though he was going to stick himself straight up me, a feat
I thought impossible as my bottom was sitting back from the edge of the
chair. Instead he made the motions of starting to fuck but whispered so that
only I could hear. "Squeal again, loud, as if you're getting raped."

I did so and the crowd went berserk. Even Daddy was shouting something that I
couldn't understand but it was certainly approval rather than concern for my
chastity. I began to wonder if this was the end of our so called marriage, so
much was he enjoying my degradation.

The man pulled himself back as though withdrawing from my puss and cried
his pleasure to the masses. "This baby wants my spunk. She wants me to shoot
everything I've got, doesn't she?"

They all agreed and he began prancing again, still stroking himself with those
huge hands. "And I'm going to give it to her. Yes, man, she's gonna get it real
soon." He was rubbing himself with abandon now, pointing his tool straight at me
all the time he was moving around me.

Then his body stiffened and he shouted, "Take it all, white bitch," and began to
ejaculate, straight at me. Splash after splash landed all over me from the mask,
my breasts, down my stomach and even onto my puss and thighs. It was a literal
drenching and he never missed showering me with even one of his spurtings.
A well practiced sexual athlete, I thought to myself some days later as I
recounted the most frightening time of my life.

As his last splashes landed the whole room turned black and I heard the curtain

Immediately the woman was at my side releasing me and wiping me down with
warm wet towels. She washed me several times while I stood still on that
stage, only she and me together. I never saw what happened to the black man.
Finally she dried me off with something soft and patted my front with a large
powder puff that smelled beautiful. Neither of us spoke until she took my hand
and told me to come with her. In a small room nearby, she helped me dress,
everything but panties which were still on the floor of the stage for all I knew.

"My husband..." I stammered. "I want to go to him."

"Just follow me," she said and hurried deeper back into the building.

"No," I cried. "He's inside." But she half forced me to come with her and I wasn't
in a fighting mood by now. She opened a door and pushed me through, closing it
immediately before I could turn back. It was an alley, filthy and black.

Before I could even find my bearings, a hand grabbed my arm and man's voice
whispered harshly, "Don't speak, come." He dragged me along and straight into a

The driver looked around when he heard me gasp an objection but the man
growled the name of a hotel and the driver took off. In the brighter lights of
the main street I looked at my abductor and then slumped against him.
"Daddy," I gasped with surprise and instantly knew I was safe. "Daddy I..."

"Don't say anything. And for goodness sake, sit still," he whispered sharply. I
did all that, and then realised his hand was still holding me so tightly it hurt. His
breathing was fast and loud like a wild animal anticipating a kill.

He rushed me into the lobby and up to our floor, stopping me when I tried to
explain once more. His hand was shaking when he tried to open the door and I
finally put my hand over his to steady him. As soon as we were inside and the
door was closed he demanded that I strip and I was so surprised at the agitation
he was showing. Had my display upset him so much? And yet it was because of
him that I ended up as the centre stage attraction.

Before I realised what was happening, he sat on the corner of the bed and
dragged me across his knees, my bottom in the appropriate place to be
spanked. Without another word he began to pound my bottom with all the
force he could, his breath coming fast and raspy.

"I'm sorry, darling. I..."

"Be quiet," he almost screamed in a fierce whisper, beating his hand down hard
and causing me intense pain. All I could do was blubber, sobbing hopelessly for
making him hate me so, while I felt I was the innocent victim. In more ways
than one. Why couldn't he understand that it was him, not me that caused me to
display my secrets to that hooting crowd?

Then as suddenly as it started, my spanking stopped but I found myself upended
onto the bed and sprawled on my hands and knees. His cock was inside me in an
instant and he began the most horrific lovemaking I had ever felt from him. He
was ramming himself home ferociously, thumping his groin against my behind
so hard I could hardly remain kneeling, and he kept the rhythm up for so long
that I eventually began to feel a sexual arousal growing deep inside.

It was nothing like our usual climaxes that sort of crept up on me and lingered
around my puss for several minutes before I felt the real urge to explode
inside. This one grew from nothing and within seconds, it seemed, I felt the
shaking deep inside that told me I was about to climax. Just seconds after the
feelings began.

Daddy was growling obscenities at me, telling me to come, reminding me of the
black man. Wasn't he as good as my raper? He could shoot a lot better than him.

His hands were squeezing my breasts with such force that I knew I would have
bruises there for several days. Why was he treating me like this?

I came with a cry of anguish because I didn't want to make love like this. My
orgasm came and vanished so quickly I wondered if it wasn't all in my mind,
but my shuddering seemed to go on for much longer. As soon as he felt me
climaxing, he did so too, holding me fast while he shot wad after wad of semen
into my vagina.

As soon as he had expelled the last surge of his sperm, he fell with his full
weight on top of me which made me collapse as well. He laid there for some
minutes and then began laughing, quietly at first, growing louder until finally, his
belly laughs rocked the whole bed, me underneath him taking the full force of his

He then calmed down and his hands were gentle again, stroking my face and hair,
kissing my neck.

I remained perfectly still not knowing what was going through his mind. Was he
mad? Would he do me harm? No, not Daddy, he loved me. Didn't he?

"I'm sorry, darling," he whispered as he rolled off and laid beside me in his
back. "I never felt like that in my entire life."

"Daddy, I'm sorry..."

"Don't apologise, baby. It's not you but me who will."

"I don't understand," I told him, still numb from the shock of his lovemaking.

"It's something I've dreamed about ever since I visited that place after your
aunt died. I never thought I would ever have someone I could offer up like I did
with you."

"You knew about that place all along?" I must have looked shocked for he
became very serious.

"Darling, I'm so sorry but I couldn't tell you beforehand. That would have
taken away the thrill of giving you up. You would have gone because you
knew I wanted you to. This way, you had no idea that you were set up from the
start and your cries when you were on stage were nothing short of magic for
me. To the others who looked on you were just another female made to do
things that aroused them. To me, you were doing it only for me."

"That's how I felt too," I told him. "When I saw you looking at me I knew only
you and I knew who I was. To everyone else I was simply an anonymous pair
of tits and puss."

"Did you think that? It's amazing."

"But why did you rape me just now?"

"It wasn't rape, sweetheart. I was so worked up I could have come a dozen
times after I grabbed you in the alley. If you had started to speak, I couldn't
have stopped myself from coming. That's why I was so agitated. I wanted your
body so much that I was bursting."

"You could have had good sex with me but you beat me."

"To make it all the worse for me. You were jumping around on my cock so
much the temptation to shoot was increased tenfold. When I finally entered you
I still had to make you come first. Once that was done, I could come."

"And you did."

"Yes. A lot of sperm from the wet patch on the sheet," he observed. He was
right. It was the most sperm he had produced at one time in all the sex we had
done so far.

"And how do you feel now?" I asked matter of factly.

"It was great while it lasted, darling," he said.

"But I'm sorry I got so carried away after you left that place. I'm really sorry,
darling. Please forgive me."

"At first, when I found myself the centre attraction, I thought they had tricked me
themselves but when I saw the look on your face when my puss was exposed, I
thought you might have been trying to get rid of me. The last meanness of a
relationship or something. Then when you treated me so roughly, I was sure
of it. It felt terrible. Even my climax was a let down. I knew I hadn't done
anything wrong and yet I seemed the victim."

"It wasn't fair, I know that," he agreed. "But if you could only have felt how
much I was aroused from the time those curtains opened, you would have
agreed to see the act through to it's conclusion. I felt king of the world."

"And now?"

"I feel a dope."

"Humble and sorry?"

"Yes, definitely that, and remorseful."

"Good, then I accept your apology. Now you can make love to me again but this
time you get to lay on the wet spot."

I pushed him down and straddled his thighs, sperm still dripping from my

"At least you'll slip in easily," I smiled as my vulva was opened by his still
hard cock. "Don't you dare come until I do."

"I hope not. Thump away, my good woman," he called out with happiness.

By the time I had orgasmed again and then he took his pleasure, it was nearly two
in the morning. We were both in love again and I never let him slip out of my
puss until most of his second emission had drained between his thighs and over
the already wet, wet spot. He never even noticed.

Chapter Twenty Five
Some days later, after we returned home I broached the subject of moving away.

"It won't take some people long to work out we're being more than uncle and
niece," I said. "And what about my school friends? I see them regularly and
especially Jonie who I know wants to visit you again."

"Does she now? Well shouldn't you invite her?"

"Daddy!" I screamed at him in frustration. "You haven't heard a word I've said."

"Yes I have, dearest. And you're right. The moment someone thinks there's more
to our relationship than we are making out it will spread. It wouldn't do for my
employees to hear of that kind of whisper. I'd hate to think how George Murfitt
would use that kind of information."

"Who's he?"

"One of my board members and the second biggest stock holder after me. He's
been jealous of me for some twenty years, ever since I began to climb the ladder
faster than him and ended up acquiring the previous chairman's share holding on
very favourable terms. He's always trying to play the one-upmanship game but
usually ends up with egg on his face. If he could gain the holding of even one of
the other larger shareholders he could be in a position to challenge me for the
chairmanship. That means I would lose control the company and my position
eventually could be manipulated."

"You'd go broke? Gosh."

"Well, not so much broke, but I could lose the right to guide the Company in the
way I want it to go. If he ever got the chairmanship, and he could by
manipulating some of the smaller holders, he could do anything and I have no
faith at all in his management skills."

"So we'd better start doing something then?"

"Yes. I'll get someone on to it tomorrow."

"Oh, I'm so glad. I wouldn't want anything to come between us now, Daddy. I'm
so happy."

"Me too, sweet one," he said, kissing me with urgency. "Make love to me."

"My period's come, Daddy."

"So...," I looked at him questioningly. "So, my puss is bleeding. I have a sanitary
pad on."

"Take it off and make love to me, darling."

"Do you mean it? You want me to sit on top of you like this?"

"The longer you take, the more I need it."

"Then let's wait for a few days. Then you'll be desperate and you'll make me
come better still."

"Don't mess around with a man who needs to fuck. Fuck me, wife." He looked at
me with an expression that said 'or else'.

"I suppose you want to watch?"

"Why not?"

I slipped out of bed and removed my nightie along with the white cotton panties I
always wore during menstruation. The pad remained in place and I slowly pealed
it away letting him see the dark red stain. "I'm going to shower. I'll be back

"No. I want you now."

"No you don't," I responded and bolted for the bathroom. A little wait while I
washed the stains and odor away would make our sex a lot better I told myself, no
matter what the mess was like in the end.

When I returned he was starkers and holding his erection so that it pointed
straight up to the ceiling.

"Ride 'em cowgirl," he called out with a he-ha to finish.

I had put some gel on my puss so he slipped in easily and I began to move up and
down on his cock very slowly. My arousal was always high during the first few
days of my period and I began to feel the tingling almost immediately.

"Oh it's good, Daddy. I love making love to you." I arched my back to press my
clitoris tighter against him and continued my slow movements. It seemed to be
that this made him all the more sensitive too and before long, well before I was
ready even though I was quite aroused already, he shot his load of sperm up into
my vagina.

It was like riding a wild bronco for those few seconds that he ejaculated, his body
jumping all over the place and I had to lay along his body so I wouldn't fall off
him. When he quietened down, I reminded him that I still hadn't climaxed and
expected him to keep his erection hard.

"I'll try. Just do it fast, alright?"

So with sperm literally splashing out as I thumped myself up and down on his
cock, I eventually achieved my own pleasure. I laid along him again until the
deep soothing effects of his lovemaking began to fade away. Then I pulled
myself along his body, imagining the pink trail I must be leaving behind me as my
puss slid over his stomach and chest.

"Are you ready to kiss me properly, Daddy?" I said sitting up on his chest and
looking straight down into his eyes, with my puss almost pressing into his chin.
He looked up at me, wondering what I was going to do.

"You're not...?"


"Going to put your...?"

"What?" I smiled down at him.

"You're going to put your pussy over my mouth, aren't you?"

"Is that what you'd like?"

"I'm not sure."

"Then make up your mind."

"Couldn't you just roll over and let me nibble your clit?"

"Yes, but there are other options."

"I know."


"Alright, stamp me," he agreed. I had to laugh, it was so funny. Almost like
getting an elephant stamp for good behavior.

"That's very good, Daddy. Here's you're stamp for good behavior."

I lifted my knees and lowered my puss onto his mouth. I knew my shower and his
lovemaking would have stopped most of the flow but of course he wouldn't know
that. He didn't even try to use is tongue on my vagina but concentrated on
worrying my clitoris with his lips. It was so good and I soon had to rest my arms
on the pillow as another orgasm began to rage inside me. I know he was pleased I
came so quickly and as soon as he could, he rolled me off.

There was almost no pink in the sperm that had trailed along his stomach, or in
the pool of froth on his pubic hair.

"You little devil, you don't have your period at all, do you?" He was about to slap
my butt when I reminded him of the pad I had taken off. "Oh yes, that's right. So
how come...?"

"I washed myself clean before you got the chance, darling," I said snuggling up in
his arms. "But it won't take long to come back again."

"Then you'd better replace it," he said, sitting up and almost dumping me.

"Anything for a bit of peace," I agreed begrudgingly and put fresh pad and panties
on. "But you've got to cuddle me now, until we go to sleep," I demanded.

"You've got it, baby," he readily agreed, holding his arms out for me.

We moved away three months later. To another city, accessible by a quick forty-
five-minute flight for Ben to return to his office whenever the need arose. The
house we chose was nestled between forests of trees and a huge brick wall that
only the best of burglars, or the stupidest, I guess, would think of tackling. If they
ever tried, the security systems would pick them up before they got anywhere near
the house and it made me feel very safe.

I was happy to be away from everyone and I wrote to my closest friends telling
them I would have them here once we had settled in properly. Ben had taken care
of everything and on the very first night of moving in, instead of having to unpack
dozens of boxes of household stuff, it had all been completed by the movers and
we spent our first evening naked in bed and satiated from lovemaking.

"I think you like my head jobs the best," I suggested after he had climaxed for the
third time.

"It's the ease with which you do it, baby. I don't have to do a thing but enjoy it."

"Well I'm only paying you back for all the wonderful feelings you've given me. I
love your tongue on my puss too, darling," I smiled at him. We were both in a
state of semi delirium after a series of orgasms each.

Chapter Twenty Six
He called me from his office and I felt the note of trouble immediately.

"Can you catch a flight up here as soon as you can, dear. I... I have some trouble."

"What is it, darling? Are you alright?" I was frantic, not knowing what he might
have suffered.

"No, it's not my health. But I need to talk with you before this evening. Can you

"Yes, of course. I'll leave for the airport right away." He told me he loved me and
not to worry.

A car and driver was waiting for me holding a sign with my name on it. He led
me to the car and Daddy was sitting in the back seat. As soon as we took off, he
gave the driver instructions and then turned the intercom off.

"Remember I told you about George Murfitt, baby?"

"No, I don't think so. Who is he?"

"The man who could make life the most difficult for me, one of the directors."

"Oh, him? Yes, of course I remember. Has he started something?"

"Yes and no. He's started making overtures to some of the smaller shareholders
and no he hasn't started any takeover yet. But by asking the smaller holders for
their votes, he has caused some of my colleagues to band together to protect my
position. That he doesn't know yet and I want to keep him from knowing."

"Well, that's good isn't it?"

"Yes, except if he learns of my intentions before I have it all wrapped up he will
increase his bid and some of my so called friends could very well change sides."

"How long will it take?"

"I should be finished by Monday at the latest."

"It's Thursday now. That means another four days. Can't you do it secretively?"

"I hope to but if he gets the faintest sniff of what I'm doing he'll make his move

"Can you send him on a wild goose chase or something? You know, a special
sales pitch or something?"

"If only. No, what's needed is for him to get sidetracked with something that'll
take his interest away from the Company for a while. But what and how?"

"Good questions. What are his interests?"

"I really don't know. The only thing I've noticed apart from his wish to take
control of my company is his womanising."

"Why don't you invite him to dinner tonight?"

"Call the enemy and placate him?"

"No, and trick him."


I thought for a long moment and then looked Daddy squarely in the eyes. "Now
please listen until I've finished. Promise?"


"The most important thing in our lives is our love for each other. Right?"

"Of course."

"But if you lose the company, you might lose the ability to live as we want to, isn't
that true? I mean there won't be the same kind of money any more."

"Yes, that's probably true."

"Then I want both of us to make a sacrifice to ensure you gain full control. If we
could distract him until Monday with my body..." I looked intensely into his

"What?" He exploded. "No. Never."

"For just one weekend, then you'll never have to worry again. He'll be finished.
I could keep him occupied and with a little luck, keep him out of my panties as

"I can't let you do that. Anything but that."

"Anything but that could mean you losing control," I prodded, adding, "forever."

"But how...?"

"Invite him to dinner to discuss business. While you're out of the room, I'll tell
him I know about his challenge and tell him I'll do anything to help you retain
control. If he's the sleazebag you think he is, it'll probably be the first time
anyone's made an offer like that. He'll take it hook, line and sinker."

"Not him. He's too smart. He'll smell a rat."

"Not the way I plan to catch him. I'll be little miss innocent who would do
anything to help my new husband. He'll demand lots and I'll give little as long as
he's kept busy until Monday."

"He might turn nasty."

"Not if I play him right."

"You're too young for this kind of intrigue, sweetheart," he kissed me. "Lets just
forget it and hope he doesn't find out." But I could see he was still thinking about
my suggestion.

"It would work, Daddy. I know it would."

"I'd kill myself if anything happened to you."

"And after it's all over you will have maneuvered him out of his challenge. Or at
least we both will have," I smiled slyly, nodding my head in acceptance.

He picked up the phone and Mr. George Murfitt accepted on the spot. "He thinks
he's got me on the run,"

Daddy said with a smile.
"Well, well, I heard you'd taken a new wife, Falconer but I never knew what a
pretty little thing she was," he oozed forth as he took my hand at the door. "And
so young. You're a lucky bastard."

"Ha. Ha. Looks can be deceiving, Mr. Murfitt," I smiled back.

"You're a lucky man, Falconer. You'll need to watch his heart, my dear. young
women can cause problems with older men's tickers." We all took in his double

"If you're concerned at my husband's fitness, Mr. Murfitt, have no concern on that
score. He is a very fit and virile man."

"I'm sure he is, my dear," he said, still holding my hand as Daddy led the way into
the living room.

I wore a simple blouse and skirt and made sure he would see plenty of what little
cleavage I possessed. The greasy slug couldn't take his eyes off my titties and I'm
sure he liked to see me squirm under his gaze. He made no apology as he looked
directly into my neckline and found myself blushing which caused him to smile to

Daddy acted as if nothing was happening and we chatted for some time over wine
until the dinner bell was rung. "Ah, there's dinner. Accompany our guest, my
dear, while I speak to the caterer."

"You look divine, Mrs. Falconer. I'm very envious of your husband. So young
and such a figure; it gives me goose bumps just thinking about you and him in..."

"My husband is a very good man, Mr. Murfitt," I cut in before he had time to
make his insinuations more detailed. "Have you worked with him for long?"

"Worked? Oh, that. Yes, a few years. I inherited my shares from his original
partner, my uncle."

Daddy returned and we were seated around a small round table in the corner of
the dining room overlooking our garden.

"Very intimate, I must say," the slug said suggestively.

"It's a delightful spot," Daddy agreed. "We sit here often."

"I'll bet you do," the slug replied his eyes still on the valley between my breasts.
"When you're not in bed, that is."

"Oh, no. We can't see down here from the bedroom," Daddy replied, being the
original cuckold.

"I suppose there is other scenery to look at then," the slug continued.

"Oh, only towards..."

"Darling, you must have business to discuss," I interrupted. "Go ahead, don't
mind me."

"Oh, yes, you're right as usual." he agreed with a smile. "Well, George, it was
good of you to come at such short notice. I really wanted to discuss this
shareholding thing with you. A darn bore really, don't you think?"

"It's simply a matter of who has the strength. That's what business is all about,"
the slug stated in a dominating arrogance. "You may have the power at present
but don't be surprised if some of your fellow directors don't begin to see it my way
in the next month or so."

"But I am the chairman," Daddy blustered, as though he had never thought of the
slug's claim on his leadership.

"It's a minority holding even so," the slug countered. "And you are not a young
man anymore."

"Why, sir. My husband hasn't yet turned fifty. That's not old." I objected.

"Business is a young man's world these days, Mrs. Falconer."

Daddy looked so pale, I could have sworn he was feeling quite ill. "You'll have
to excuse me," he explained, standing up. "Call of nature you know."

When he had left, silence reigned for some moments until I cautiously looked up
at the slug. He eyes were still boring into my chest. "I understand what you are
saying, Mr. Murfitt. I don't know why you're doing this but it would kill my
husband if he were to lose control of the company. He has built it up from
nothing, you know."

"I appreciate your concern, my dear young girl, but in business there comes a time
when the old bull must give in to the young buck, so to speak. I'm sorry but I too
have dreams of leadership."

"Oh," I gave a small gasp. "Then what my husband has told me is true. You want
to run his company?"

"Indeed I do, although I don't think he truly understands that yet."

I looked up at him demurely. "Mr. Murfitt, I would do anything to help my
husband remain Chairman."

His face began to glow with pompous rapture. "Anything? Mrs. Falconer, do I
understand you correctly?" He was looking into my eyes at last. "Is that what you
are saying?"

"That's what I said, Mr. Murfitt. I would give you anything I could if it means you
would stop this beastly takeover."

"I wonder whether you would?"

"I am an honorable woman, Mr. Murfitt."

"You indeed have a lot to offer, I can see that," he said, his eyes returning to my
bosom again. I could almost see the drool forming at the corners of his mouth as
he contemplated what I might mean.

"Please don't hurt him, Mr. Murfitt."

"What you ask is against everything I have been working towards," he said. "But
your offer is also very tempting. Anything? At all?"

"I said as much."

"Then I must put you to the test. Do you agree?"

"Yes," I whispered dreading the worst.

"When he comes back, excuse yourself and when you are in your room, remove
all your underwear. When I leave tonight, make me a gift of it to me. If you are
prepared to do that, ring me on this number at exactly midnight. I will discuss
my requirements then. Does this come under the heading of 'anything'?"

"It's not exactly what I had in mind but I did say anything," I said, my face
lowered. "I thought you might require something very personal but I'd hoped it
would not be so. Money maybe,"

"Oh, this is just the beginning, my dear. But money? Well we all have money,
don't we, my dear? It's the things money can't buy that are much more
interesting, don't you think?"

"Oh," I almost whispered as I looked at him with obvious embarrassment then
turned and left to remove my underwear as part one of his filthy scheme.

When I returned, I left him in little doubt of my actions for when I returned he
could see my nipples clearly through the white blouse.

"Are you alright, dear?" Daddy asked innocently. "You look quite flushed."

"Just the blush of innocence," the slug suggested.

"I'm fine, Ben. Really," I said, sitting down and glancing quickly at the slug. His
eyes were staring at only one place. My titties.

"That's good then. It's just..."

"No, I feel fine, dear," I said, patting his cheek.

He smiled back at me and then looked at the slug. "I suppose I can't change your
mind, then Murfitt? You intend to proceed with a challenge to my chairmanship
in a month's time?"

"It's nothing personal, Falconer. Anyway, who knows? I might change my mind
after all. Especially after meeting your beautiful new wife. How could I ever
make her unhappy?"

"Yes indeed. I'm a lucky man."

"We all have luck from time to time, Falconer," the slug put in. "Well I must be
going. Thank you, my dear, for making the night such a memorable one," he
smiled as his lips kissed my hand and left wet marks on my fingers. I had to fight
myself from pulling my hand away.

On the way to seeing him out, I took a parcel I had left near the door and handed
it to him. "Something to remember your visit, Mr. Murfitt," I smiled and blushed
as he took it. Our eyes met for a moment knowing the illicit intent we had begun.

Chapter Twenty Seven
"You know he has no intention of stopping his takeover, no matter how much you
give in to him," Daddy said after I told him of Murfitt's suggestion.

"I'm sure he wouldn't. But once the next four days are over, it doesn't matter

"The problem is that to keep him otherwise occupied for those four days, you will
have to give him your body to do with as he pleases. I know what that bastard is
likely to want. It would be worse than rape."

"It will mean nothing, I promise, my darling," I told him, smiling to assure him.
But both he and I knew it could be worse than that. How would Daddy react
knowing such a slug had been molesting my body in every filthy way he could
think of? How would it effect me? What if I got pregnant? God forbid.

I looked at Daddy with seriousness. "Can you think of another way, darling?" I
asked. "It is only a few days and I'm sure I can preoccupied for a good while
before I finally have to succumb."

"He won't let you hold out for too long you know and when it's over he still won't
leave you alone. He'll try anything to keep getting into your pants, threats,
blackmail and probably even violence. It's just the way he works. He's a taker, a
raper of people's minds."

"You hate him, don't you? Not because he wants your position but for what you
know him to be?"

"That's exactly right. He's more than a mean bastard, believe me; he'll go to any
lengths to have his way and especially takes delight in manipulating people."

"Well, Daddy dear, that's exactly what I did with you, isn't it? I'm pretty good at
manipulating as well, don't you think?"

"But you're just a child."

"So you did marry me for my waif-like looks?"

"Especially your flat chest," he commented with a smile as he laid his head back
on the pillow with his arm over his eyes in resignation. "Alright, ring him then.
But when it's all over you must promise tell me everything he did to you. We'll
have a lot of soul searching to come to terms with. I just don't want to lose you,
baby. Please don't let that bastard win by breaking up with me after all this dirty
work is over. Promise me that."

"I will never leave you, I promise. And anything that slug does won't mean
anything other than a means to beat him at his own game."

He seemed more at peace after I'd said that and it made me feel much more
Daddy was laying by my side in bed when I rang the slug exactly at midnight.

"Right on time, Mrs. Falconer," he answered before I had even identified myself.
"You wear very sexy underwear."

"Please give it back, Mr. Murfitt," I whined as though in desperation.

"Oh, no. These shall remain mine forever. Now let's talk real business. Is the
offer still open? Anything goes?"

"As long as you agree not to challenge. Yes."

"What are you wearing now?"

"Now? You want me to..."

"Yes. Describe it to me."

"My nightdress. It's white and made of lace."

"Nothing else?"


"Take it off."

"You mean...?"

"I do."

"Alright, I have," I said after a moment to make him think I had done so.

"You're completely naked?"

"Yes, Mr. Murfitt. That's what you wanted, isn't it?"

"What I want is to see you like you are right now."

"And if I let you, you will stop your challenge?"

"Not so fast now. This is what I propose. Come to my house for one week and
agree to do everything I ask you to."

"Oh, I couldn't."

"I'm disappointed. You said anything."

"But a whole week? Ben would know."

"Don't tell him."

"I'm his new wife, Mr. Murfitt, of course he'd know."

"Tell him you're visiting you're folks."

"He knows I don't have any. Oh please, not for so long. Just a weekend."


"Tomorrow until Sunday night."

"Tomorrow at noon until Monday at noon."

"Oh, if you insist. You won't hurt me?"

"Depends on what you mean by hurt."

"You mustn't bruise me or break my skin. I couldn't let Ben see anything like

"And you'll do anything I ask?"

"As long as you promise..."

"It's a deal. A taxi will collect you tomorrow. Don't keep me waiting."

"What will I bring?"

"The nightdress you've just taken off. Plenty of sexy underwear and the clothes
you wore to dinner tonight. You haven't got the curse have you?"

"The curse?"

"Your monthlies."

"Oh, no." I could hear him breathe a sigh of relief.

"I look forward to your company Mrs. Falconer."

I hung up the phone. "Make love to me, darling," I pleaded, snuggling into
Daddy's arms. Soon, his cock was sliding smoothly inside and I couldn't stop the
tears as his love flowed deep inside my puss. "You're so wonderful," he
whispered as he kissed the tears away.
"I didn't think you'd come, Mrs. Falconer."

"We have a bargain, Mr. Murfitt. I trust you will keep your side of it."

"You look dazzling, my dear," he kissed me straight on the lips as his hands
roamed over my back and bottom cheeks. "How often does old Falconer get it up
these days? Pretty often I guess?"

"He makes me happy, Mr. Murfitt."

"I asked a question."

"Nearly every day."

"And you enjoy having sex with an old man?"

"I love him. He's good to me."

"Do you come?"

"Oh, I never realised you'd be so..."

"So crude? You haven't seen anything yet. So let's get down to it. I want to feel
you up."

"You aren't wasting time are you, Mr. Murfitt? Couldn't you be a little less

"Not unless you want me to be less eager about not opposing your old man. Now
come and stand in front of me. I'm glad you wore the same outfit. It shows off
your tits so well. Undo the buttons and let me see them."

"My blouse?"

"Shit, woman. Stop delaying. Of course your tits."

He was sitting on a large armchair and I was standing almost between his legs. I
began to slowly undo the buttons and his tongue began to hang out as more flesh
became evident. His hands began to pull the blouse from my skirt even before I
had finished and he swore when he saw the bra.

"Take it off."

"Yes, sir," I said demurely and released the bra which fell to the floor.

Half sitting on the edge of the chair his mouth grabbed each nipple and sucked
hard, hurting.

"Christ, what tits. You look like a teenager. How old are you anyway?"

"Twenty three."

"Shit, that's less than half his age. Lucky bastard. Lift your skirt and show
yourself to me."

So it's come to this so soon. I at least expected a bit of teasing but not for the

"Just like that?" I asked. "Why don't you savor the moment and anticipate what
might be to come" I suggested hopefully.

"Do it, bitch?"

"Front or back?"

"The lot baby-cheeks."

I was only wearing panties and small ones at that so decided to remove the skirt
altogether. I looked him straight in the eyes, licking my lips seductively and
rolling my hips. Was this how the ladies of the night teased the men who paid?
For that's exactly what I was doing. I was giving myself for a fee. Daddy would
never see it like that nor understand if I spoke in those terms but here I was,
prostituting myself to gain him some precious days. Not money but time, that
was my payment and the slug had his tongue hanging out.

"Yeah, baby. Take it off."

I reached behind but looked straight at him and said. "No, I think you would
enjoy this weekend of debauchery much better if you took it all a little slower,
Mr. Murfitt. Why don't we just talk this evening and then tomorrow, if you feel
so inclined, enjoy the fruits of my body little by little. You've got to last the
whole four days, remember," I reminded him almost challengingly. "Besides, I
can guarantee there'll never be a second time round. Never."

He hesitated for just a moment. Then, "Stop delaying. You know what I want."

But I continued, hoping to dissuade him from the ultimate degradation of having
to let him fuck me. Perhaps Daddy would gain his support from the other board
members faster than he thought.

"I know what you want, Mr. Murfitt," I said slyly. "But why not be content with a
little teasing tonight. The anticipation of what is to come, as it were."

"Oh, shit, that lucky old man. What a wife. Wait until I tell him everything you
did for me. Fancy his wife offering herself like a whore, now what would he
think of that?"

"You mustn't," I cringed and wailed. "He mustn't know I'm doing this."

"That wasn't part of our agreement. Besides, if I don't tell, you might come back
and give me some more, mightn't you?"


"We'll see," he smiled cruelly "Now strip me naked. At least you can play with
my cock tonight."

If I was going to be made to perform sex on him I decided the most comfortable
place would be the bed.

"Why don't you take me to bed then?"

"That's an offer I can't refuse. Christ, you're sexy."

I knew that but I wasn't admitting it to him.
"If you keep going like this, Mr. Murfitt, you'll be worn out before the first night
is over. Why don't you woo me a little? Pretend I'm a girlfriend who needs to be
encouraged to give of her charms, not simply made to. Don't you think that would
be more exciting than taking for the takings sake?"

"You're just trying to wriggle out of it, aren't you?" He looked callously at me

"Not at all. If this is the only way to convince you not to challenge him then I'll
do it because I made a promise and I do keep my promises. But I thought you
liked a challenge, Mr. Murfitt."

"Forget the Mister crap. It's George. And you can stop the delaying tactics too,

"My, we are in a bad mood aren't we? So you want to fuck me, George. Stick
your cock into my young pussy, is that it?"

"You bet, bitch. Strip them knickers off now."

"But you haven't convinced me that you will honour your side of the bargain yet,
George. How can I be so sure you will keep your promise not to challenge my
husband if I agree to your terms? You might do whatever you have in mind with
me and then challenge him anyway."

"I said I wouldn't challenge if you agreed to my terms."

"But how can I be sure? After you left I asked my husband whether he trusted
your word or not and he said he most definitely didn't. So what can you do to
convince me, Mr. Murfitt?"

I was keeling up on the bed, swaying my almost naked body and looking him
straight in the eyes with a sly and challenging look, which seemed to make him

"What do you mean? How can I do that?"

"How can you convince me? I don't know but you'd better think of something
pretty quick because I'm not going to stay here and do what you want if I'm not
going to get something in return. That would be rape, Mr. Murfitt."

"How could it be rape. You've agreed to do anything. That's what you said."

"And I've already began to undress for you, Mr. Murfitt. Wasn't it nice? I'm sure
you liked it. Do you want more?"

"Of course I do, you silly bi..." His body language told me he was far more
nervous than the bombastic slug made out to be. He was facing objections that
he wasn't used to.

"Uh ha, Mr. Murfitt. That's no way to talk to a lady now, is it? No, it's time for
you to come up with a convincing reason for me to stay, don't you think?"

I began to pick up my discarded clothes and said matter of factly, "I'll be sleeping
in another room tonight, Mr. Murfitt. I suggest that by morning, you come up
with something that will convince me to remain here. I'm not doing this for your
pleasure, you know. It's only for my husband, you do realise that, don't you?"

"You bitch. You come back here..." His voice seemed almost frantic as I walked
out of the door and more so when I didn't return after he called me back.

The room next door was another bedroom with even a key in the lock. I locked it
and pushed the back of a chair under the doorknob making me feel much safer.
At least I saved myself from the first night of his gropings. I was on a mission and
that's all that mattered. As I turned the light out, I hoped Daddy would see it in
the same way when I returned to him. Please, Daddy, move fast and get those
votes tied up I pleaded to the night then closed my eyes and slept.

Chapter Twenty Eight
I walked down the stairs the next morning dressed in the white silk nightdress that
clung to every curve I possessed. He didn't hear me walk into the kitchen and so I
stood in the doorway leaning against the frame. When he finally realised I was
there he whistled.

"Whew, now that's a sight for sore eyes. I see you've decided to accommodate me
after all," he said with a sneering grin.

"Have you decided how to convince me of your integrity, George?"

He looked surprised and looked fiercely at me.

"That's all bullshit. Strip and let me see everything."

"I told you what was required last night. It's a pity you didn't take any notice," I
replied challengingly.

"What can I do?" He whined.

"Do you want my suggestion?"


"What are your shares worth, George?"

"Oh,' he began as he quickly thought through my question. "Around a grand

"Oh, come on, George, I'm not that silly. That would make the company worth a
hundred million."

"Maybe five hundred then."

"More like two fifty," I corrected him.

"Bullshit. A lot more than that."

"Then give me a true figure."

"I had it valued two months ago at twenty eight million all up," he conceded.
"Why, anyway?"

"So that would make your holding worth seven million then?"

"Yeah, I suppose so."

"That's a lot of money, George. Is the company paying a good return on your

"It could be better, I suppose. Why? What are you getting at?"

"All in good time, George," I said sidling closer to him so that my hip rested
against his arm.

"In fact your annual return is less than five percent, isn't it?"

"That's right. How did you know?"

"Because I take a close interest in my husband's affairs, George. I know all
about the company. If you cashed the shares in, you could get twice that much
without any effort. Three quarters of a million a year would make life pretty
good, don't you think?"

"I ain't selling, you smart bitch," he said menacingly.

"I wasn't going to suggest that, George. Not for the present anyway. But what if I
could tell you how to make double that again?"

"You're mad. What are you trying to say?"

"What if there was someone who was willing to buy your shares for a one
hundred per cent premium? That's fourteen million in your pocket. To do what
you like with."

"And who would be so stupid as that?"

"Maybe I would, George."

"Ar, shit. You're trying to fool with me."

"No I'm not. It's possible."

"And how would a little bimbo like you know how to do that? If you were so
smart, why haven't you convinced your husband to do the same thing?"

"My, you do insult a lady's intelligence, George," I chided. "It's not very nice,
George. Perhaps I should just leave you to do your dirty work and fight my

"Now don't get all snooty. Tell me what you were thinking. I'll hold my tongue."

I knew I had his attention and hoped I could keep it that way for the time being.

"Thank you, George," I said a little sarcastically and sat down across the table
from him. "It's no secret that my husband wants to control the company and we
have access to facilities that would pay out your holding, even at your inflated

"But I want the company myself, that's why I'm not selling," he stated with a

"Are you forgetting what you could do with fourteen million, George?" I
reminded him. "With no effort and no Board of Directors to harass you. You
could do anything you'd like. Imagine how many pretty young things would be
chasing after you them, George?"

"Yes... Well...,' He stammered, indeed thinking about doubling his money.

"We both know you don't want to run the company, George. In fact I doubt you
have the ability to do so anyway. Imagine seeing your stake lose value instead of
doubling, George. Not a nice thought."

He looked blackly at me but didn't object to my taunt. Hopefully, George was
beginning to see what selling out at double the price could do for him. Of course,
my little scenario was pure fiction and I was trying to build up the story as I went,
anything to delay the slug from getting his hands on either the company or me.

So I continued. "We could write up an agreement today, George, that would
promise to purchase your shares at twice today's value conditional on you not
challenging for the Chairmanship."

"And when would I get my money, little lady," he asked shrewdly.

"I think we could agree to settle in six months, George. In six months you would
get a certified cheque for Fourteen million dollars."

"Just long enough for him to tighten the reins over the chairman's position," he
sneered. "I'm not that stupid."

"I know that," I stated, with all the sincerity I could muster. "That's why I propose
to give you a non-withdrawable offer to purchase, George. It's an absolute

"But you don't have the power to do that," he was quick to point out.

"Oh, indeed I do, George. My husband has given me a Power of Attorney to do
anything on his behalf that he has the authority to do. It's all quite legal, I assure
you." Of course there was no such document in existence.

"Well what will this agreement say then?"

"Anything you want. You can write it out yourself."

"You'll have to do that. I can't use these damned computers."

"Then let's get to work," I said standing up and making for his study.

"Hold on. What about what you have to offer, little lady. I want that too."

"I haven't forgotten, George," I replied sweetly. "If it will make you any happier,
we'll add that into your agreement."

"Shit, you can't put that into a document that might go to the courts. Just let's
have sex now, then we'll do the other." I could see the bulge in his trousers. The
slug's slug began to rise.

"First things first, George. You've got to reassure me of your integrity first,

"Shit," he grumbled as he followed me. I felt a hand sweep over my behind just
as I sat at his desk but thankfully he never went further.

I typed for nearly an hour, changing words and sentences as he suggested or
sometimes to seem convincing, that I demanded. Then I turned to him and read
each clause out slowly. I guess slugs take a little longer to comprehend, I thought
to myself as I read aloud. George was getting quite excited but this time more
about the prospect of being filthy rich than the anticipation of getting his hands
onto my young body. I was almost miffed, but not quite.

A lot more changes took place and several hours later I printed off a three page
document, laying three copies out on the desk.

"It all sounds fine," he conceded. "But if I sign that, prove to me you will stay
here and obey me for the next three days," he demanded.

"Do you want me to sign another document, George? I will if you do."

"Good. Make one up."

It was getting ridiculous. Here was a lengthy document that had no legal
standing whatever, but George didn't know that, and he wanted another to give
him access to little me. Well, why not? It would keep him at bay for another
couple of hours at least.

By the time it was all completed, I was feeling hungry and realised we had
worked on these useless documents nearly all day without even stopping for
lunch. But the diversion was worth it all.

"I don't know about you George," but I'm tired and hungry. I intend to take a rest
now while you prepare supper, then we'll sign the documents."

"You're full of delays, little lady but I'll agree with you. Just remember, as soon
as these are signed, I want you stripped naked as the day you were born. My time
is coming."

In my room, I locked the door then immediately telephoned Daddy on my

"Daddy, how's it going? Are you nearly finished?" I asked hopefully.

"How are you, darling? Has he hurt you? What has happened? I thought you'd
call me sooner, I've been frantic."

I could tell he had been from his voice and should have remembered to contact
him earlier.

"Everything's fine, Daddy. He hasn't done anything yet. I've managed to hold him
off so far."

"Truly? You're not just saying that are you? He hasn't touched you at all?"

"Not once but he's getting jumpy. I don't think I can keep him away much longer.
How are you doing with the shareholders?"

He lowered his voice and in an almost whisper said, "I'm with the two important
ones now and it won't be long before I have their signatures. An hour or two, no
more. That's all we need to beat Murfitt. I'm working as fast as I can without
making them feel uneasy. I love you, darling," he added.

"I want you so much, Daddy," I replied. "Please hurry. I think I can hold out a
while yet. Ring me as soon as you are done. Then let's go away for the

"But your promise...?"

"What, to this slug? As soon as you have their signatures secured, he won't see
me ever again."

"Yes," he said breathing a sigh of relief. "Of course. Let me keep at it. I will ring
as soon as it's signed here. I love you so much."

"Me too," I assured him as we both disconnected.

I laid on the bed, stalling for as long as I could but sometime later, Murfitt
knocked on the door, demanding I come to supper. I called out I would have to
shower first and heard a loud explosion of disbelief from him but there was no
further sound. This gained me nearly an hour more before I finally entered the

"I don't know what you women do," he grizzled. "It's taken you nearly an hour to
wash yourself."

"You wouldn't want me all sweaty, would you, George? Not for what you have in
store for me, I'm sure."

He moved towards me but I held up my hand and reminded him that nothing
would take place until we'd eaten and signed all the documents.

"That's why we spent so much time on them, George," I said. "We've all got to
keep our promises."

"Shit," he mumbled to himself but went out and served up what looked like a
commendable meal. We talked little and I ate slowly, turning any suggestive
remarks onto other subjects. It was amazing how this animal could imagine a
young girl giving herself to him as he was expecting me to do. My skin crawled
at the thought that Daddy wouldn't be successful and I may still have to endure
some sort of mauling at this creeps hands.

I was making plans of how to hold him off for another night if Daddy's phone
call didn't come through. Perhaps I could invent an unusually early period? Or a
collapse? No, that wouldn't stop him; he'd just as likely poke me while I was
unconscious. Or simply a roaring argument and go storming up to my room?
There were indeed several possibilities. How close was I running before I had to
give myself over to this brute, to save Daddy's company? And yet I felt calm
because there were ways to keep him at bay as long as he thought I would
eventually spread my legs for him. I would just take each moment at a time.

"I want to look at your tits while we eat," he demanded as we sat down at the
dinner table.

"I'll give you one," I agreed demurely, slipping one strap of the nightdress off my
shoulder so that the smallest showing of a nipple was evident. I didn't even look
at him after that until dinner was over.

He spoke almost incessantly throughout, mostly filth about what he was going to
do with me but I kept Daddy's promise firmly in mind, that he was doing
everything he could to hasten the completion of his task. Please ring, I willed the
telephone every second of the time I sat using up time.

"I'll wash the dishes," I said as soon as I'd finished and left the room before he had
the chance to object. He followed me of course and I felt his greasy hand begin to
slide up my chest. He was making straight for the exposed boob but I twisted

"I told you, George, not until we sign all the paperwork. Remember. Now go
back inside and leave me alone until I've finished."

"No, you little teasing bitch. You forget about washing up and you come and
sign the papers now." His face was red with anticipation.

I sat down opposite him and covered my exposed breast to which he didn't object,
probably because he thought he would have everything within a few minutes.

"I want to read this once more, George," I said, picking the copy up.

"Sign it now or our deal's over," he steamed forcefully. "Sign it right now and
then we fuck. Now," he demanded in a loud voice.

"You're not being very gallant, George," I complained as he watched me sign the
three copies. "No, you sign too," I reminded him when he tried to grab me
immediately after I'd signed.

I held all three copies and the two copies of my agreement to give him access to
me as he pushed me upstairs.

"On the bed, bitch and pull that nightie up if you don't want me to rip it off you,"
he demanded as he began to strip his clothes off. His cock was bright red and
standing up hard with anticipation. I almost giggled at the dribble that was
oozing from the tip but realised just how close I was to being raped.
Then he was kneeling between my legs and pushing the nightie up my thighs
himself, readying himself for the final thrust.

"At fuckin' last, you beautiful young bitch. Now you will learn what a real man
feels like up that silky twat of yours. No more delays, you get fucked right now,"
he growled as his pelvis poked his cock towards me.

I twisted and squirmed but realised the time I dreaded had finally arrived when
the phone on the bedside table rang shrilly. Murfitt stopped in his tracks for that
split second then plunged downwards just as I twisted again and slipped from
beneath his bulk.

"I'll have to answer this, George. You never know what it could be," I said
picking up the receiver.


The sweetest voice on earth said simply, "It is signed, my darling. We've won.
Now get the hell out of there right now."

"Who is it?" George growled and grabbed the handset out of my hands. "Yes, who
the hell is this?"

For a split second, I watched his face as it turned from the red of sexual tension to
the dark of hate and antagonism to the white of anger then despair. Before he had
time to react, I grabbed the sheath of papers and raced down the stairs barefooted,
and out the door, still dressed in just my silk nightie. Two doors away I saw lights
on in the front room and banged my hands frantically against the door. A light
went on in the hallway and the door was thrust open.

"What...? Who is it? What do you want?" A man's gruff voice demanded.

"Please help me. I've been attacked. Please let me in," I pleaded.

It took just seconds for the man to realise what I was saying and he ushered me
inside and closed the door, calling out a woman's name as he did so.

Chapter Twenty Nine
As I laid in Daddy's arms, feeling the smoothness of his sperm draining from
between my legs, I told him the whole story of what happened in George Murfitt's
house. I was sure he didn't believe I had stopped Murfitt from raping me and I
had to tell him over and over again, all the vile man had succeeded in was seeing
me almost naked on the first night and had just a peek of one naked breast the
second night.

"Of course," I said, looking very seriously into his eyes, "if you had not rung when
you did, I would have found out what a young man's cock up my puss feels like,
Daddy. Do you think I should go back and ask him to show me? For experience
sake, of course."

"You sweet innocent child, it would feel like sand paper. Only I know how to
make it feel like silk. And, my dearest girl, I do believe you. Oh, I don't know
what I would have done if you had to let him do anything to you. As it is, all he's
got to remember if the sight of a couple of tits and the underwear you left

"It wasn't even mine. It was Joanie's. She left it here the night she fucked you.
It's not even my size. Should we tell him? The slug, I mean."

"No damn way," he said, laughing loudly. "He's probably jerking off in them
right now."

"I don't think so. When I rushed out, he looked as though he was going to have a
heart attack. Hope he did."

"Me too," Daddy agreed.

"Please fuck me again, my dearest husband. You make me feel so good."

We stayed in bed until dinnertime the next day. The bed was so wet with leaking
sperm we had to move into the next room for a night. Oh, how wonderful my
lover is. Such a good fucker.

As I laid in his arms, tired from all our sexual gymnastics yet elated from the
glow of several orgasms, I asked, "Now when do you think we should invite Jonie

"I thought you'd never ask," he smiled. Then he looked into my eyes and with a
devilish smile, said, "You are a little schemer, you know."


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