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Archived Sex Stories

The Lost World


The Lost World by BP

In high school I developed a strong interest in history. The lost
civilizations of Central and South America were particularly interesting to
me. When a friend of my father asked if I would be interested in going on
and expedition. I jumped at the chance, despite my parents misgivings.

A week after the end of my sophomore year of college I was getting off a
plane deep in the wilds of Colombia. The people I was supposed to meet
missed their connecting flight and were two days late. Once we got
together, the man who was supposed to be our guide couldn't be found.
Hurriedly we hunted around for another. After interviewing several people
who claimed to be guides we settled on Pablo. He appeared to know what he
was talking about and was helpful in getting us outfitted.

For days we traveled on horse back up into the mountains over ever
smaller trails. At night we talked about vague myths of a lost
civilization and how great it would be if we could find where they went. I
won't bore you with the details of the first couple weeks as all we did was
visit ruins that had been well picked over.

After leaving the last disappointing ruins the trail disappeared. Pablo
said he felt there might be something of interest ahead. For three days we
travel where it look like no man had ever been before. Over and around
mountains then down thru lush valleys. The scenery was breathtaking in its

Descending into one valley, we came upon a and over grown path that
appeared to be paved with flat stones. No one said much but you could feel
the excitement in the air. Several times we had to dismount and hack thru
the brush but the path became clearer. Everyone was talking in hushed
tones, eyes darting everywhere. Then there appeared large stone figures
barely visible thru the vines and dead leaves flanking the path. Here
there appeared to be more order to the trees and we could see glimpses of
what looked like mounds of vegetation ahead. Our excitement was boiling as
we forged ahead. Hacking thru brush we came upon what looked like a temple
built into the side of a hill. Armed with a machete and a big flashlight I
wandered into a beckoning opening as the others explored elsewhere.

I was sure I was in a temple because the walls had vague traces of
paintings on them along with carved figures. Upon closer inspection one of
the figures was a female with over sized nipples and pubic area. Moving
along a wall, I found the same theme recurring. The male figures were
smaller and not as finally detailed. Moving deeper into the temple I
noticed that the female figures looked fatter then it hit me that I was
seeing various stages of pregnancy. There was no light except for my
flashlight and I was glad that the litter and vines had thinned out. I
came to a hall that went off at an angle and began following it. Suddenly
something I stepped on gave way and I was sliding down a steep passage. To
say I was scared would have been a gross understatement, I was terrified.
My slide ended with me tumbling out into a small room with a passageway
over to one side. Picking myself up and knocking the dust off I began to
see if I could find a way out. The way I had entered was out of the
question as it was too steep and the walls too smooth. My only option was
the passageway.

Carefully I made my way, checking for any more slides. The walls here
had paintings on them but these were almost pornographic in their depiction
of sex acts. All the females had the out sized nipples and pubic details.
I almost stumbled when I came to some steps that went down and the passage
turned. It was spooky as hell down here and hard for me to keep my
composure as I felt my way along. Another turn and I was in a small room.
How in hell did people cut all this rock? What is this place? Where am I?
Those thoughts raced thru my brain as I tried to remain scientific. There
were two passages off this room both had steps going up. I picked the one
to my right and began climbing step after step. Stopping to catch my
breath I felt a cool draft in my face. That spurred me on. I must be
getting close to the outside I told myself.

The steps I had been climbing suddenly ended and I stepped into a room
with a strange platform in the middle. The platform was carved out to
accept the back side of a person but the platform was cut away where the
crotch was.

All of this was a bit strange to me. I had been so engrossed in school
I hadn't paid much attention to boys and sex, now I was in some sex temple.
My desire to get back to the others took over and again I was forced to
make a choice of which passage to take. This time I took the one to the
left. More steps and turns then a dim light ahead. Forgetting caution, I
raced ahead. Breathlessly I stumbled into a dimly lit room into someone's
arms. I screamed out but all that came out was a squeak. Then everything
when black.

Was I dreaming or did I see someone leaning over me? The fog would no
sooner start to clear when I would feel some thing prick me and the lights
would go out. Again the fog was clearing except this time I kept my eyes
closed and tried to listen without letting on that I was awake. I could
hear people talking but it was a language I had never heard before.
Cracking one eye lid I couldn't see any light. My eyes flashed open, was I
dead? What was going on? Trying to move my arm I found it held down by a
strap as were my legs. I could lift my head but the room was too dark to
make out anything. Something was attached to my nipples and they felt
strange but not half as strange as my pussy.

Oh shit I had been captured by sex maniacs!

That thought bounced around my brain like a ping pong ball. I tried to
cheer myself by telling myself that at least I was alive. Off to my right
a voice spoke softly, even though I couldn't understand the words the tone
was soothing as a dim light came on. A nude woman appeared at me side. As
she came closer, I saw that her nipples looked like those on the figures,
huge. They had to be as big as my thumb. Leaning over slightly she
dangled her nipple on my lips and said something. Her hand touched my head
gently as her nipple lay on my closed mouth. Opening my mouth to try to
say something her nipple popped in my mouth and a drop of milk landed on my
tongue. Suddenly I realized I was hungry and started sucking. Her milk
was so sweet I gave in to the needs of my empty stomach. First on nipple
then the other until I had drained both of them. Now that my tummy was
full, I slipped back to sleep. This time when I awoke it was daylight. I
had to see where I was. Opening my eyes I could see that I was in a simple
room with a window, a couple chairs, a rug on the floor and a bed on the
other side of the room. Laying on the bed was a woman who sat up and
looked at me. Her blanket slid off her boobs exposing huge nipples. When
she spoke, I recognized her from last night. She was good looking, dark
skinned but not black. Her boobs were maybe a C cup but her nipples were
mammoth. Nipples, last night there had been something on my nipples.
Looking at my nipples, I was shocked to see some sort of tubes still
sucking on them. I had gotten so used to them I had forgotten about them.
Looking down over my belly I saw several cylinders with tubing coming out
of them on my pussy.

Why did I call it that never before had I thought of my vagina as my
pussy? I had also never thought of my breasts as boobs. This was strange
as hell. Why the sudden change? My nurse interrupted my thoughts by
untying my arms. When I moved my hand toward my boob, she grabbed it and
shook her head no. She untied my legs and helped me stand then pulled a
chamber pot from under my bed and motioned for me to relieve myself. As
bad as I had to go I quickly gave up trying to ask for privacy. Blushing
profusely, I squatted and let my pee gush out. Oh the humiliation when I
farted and felt my ass open. The embarrassment of having someone watch me
crap was total but I couldn't hold it. My nurse handed me some paper to
wipe myself then motioned for me to lay back down. For a spilt second I
thought about ripping those things from my body and running but thought
better of it when I remembered I had no idea where I was.

Sitting down on the bed I glanced out the window but couldn't see
anything that gave me a clue of where I was or who these people were. My
nurse took the chamber pot and set it outside the door. As she returned, I
noticed that her pubic mound was very prominent and her labia hung down
several inches. She smiled at me and said something as she cupped her milk
filled boobs. Standing beside me, she offered me a nipple to nurse on.
The rumbling of my stomach convinced me to accept her offer. I felt a bit
strange, a grown woman twenty one years old, nursing like a baby. But then
everything else was strange. By the time I drained the first nipple I had
to admit that I kind of liked the feel of her nipple in my mouth and was
looking forward to draining the sweet milk from the other. My nurse spoke
softly and stroked my hair like a mother does to a nursing baby. I
couldn't understand her words but her actions and tone were clearly
friendly. Then for a second my mind panicked at the thought I was going
lez. I pushed that thought from my mind as I reminded myself of my dreams
about some of the guys I had seen on campus.

While my mind had been wandering, I had been sucking on an empty nipple.
I let the nipple slid free and said "I'm sorry I was day dreaming." My
nurse looked puzzled by the sound of my words but then I remembered that if
her words sounded strange to me mine must sound strange to her. She then
smiled and hugged my face to her boobs briefly before motioning for me to
lay down. As I laid down, she said something like a command. I sat back
up as I watched her and tried to repeat what she had said then laid down
she grinned and nodded yes. I tried to tell her I was not sleepy and
didn't want to lay down but she firmly insisted. She said something else
and held up some leather straps and indicated she would tie me to the bed
if I didn't do as she wanted. I was quickly getting the feel that if I
didn't what I was told I would be made to do it. A well-built man stuck
his head in and spoke briefly with my nurse then handed her a metal box
before closing the door. My nurse returned to me with her gentle smile and
the metal box. She opened the box and took out a syringe. It looked like
one I had seen from the early 1900's but it was still a syringe and it
didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it was for me. I
protested saying I felt fine and didn't need a shot of anything but my
nurse motioned to the leather straps and made a tying motion with her
hands. Glumly my head sank back on the pillow in submission.

My mind raced but I could think of no way out of my situation. I was
their captive and had nowhere to run. Other then the sucker tubes on my
nipples and pussy I was unharmed, I had been fed and looked after. If they
were going to kill me, I didn't think they would be doing all that. My
nurse got up and did something that I couldn't see and the sucker tubes
stopped their gentle suction. She then came back and took the tubes off
me. Carefully she inspected my swollen nipples and then my pussy. She
hummed a tune softly as she worked then spoke a single word as she motioned
for me to open my legs. She then went to the door and repeated the word as
she opened the door. Several people out side looked in. She spoke to them
and closed the door. Again she said the word and opened her mouth. OK now
I knew what open was in their language. I repeated it and spread my legs.
My nurse grinned and patted my leg. Looking things over my nurse got up
and motioned for me to move down on the bed and place my feet on the floor.
Remembering her threat to tie my up and the people outside I did as she
asked. My nurse sat on the floor between my legs and wiped my bald, BALD!
Pussy with something that tingled. Yesterday my pussy was covered with
lite brown hair. My nurse spoke in soothing tones as she picked up the
syringe and stuck it in my outer lip. At first I only felt the slight
prick then a building pressure as that lip grew. She repeated the
procedure on the other lip, making them almost double their original size.
For a minute she admired her handy work and I thought she was finished. I
quickly found out that there was more to come as she examined my inner
labia. Her touch was that of a doctor not of one trying to arouse me.

I felt like I was watching this happen to someone else as she stuck the
needle in my right labia. The fluid felt warm as it began to stretch and
fill my labia. Finished she got up and handed me a mirror. My pussy looked like a paler less swollen version of hers. To emphasize the point
she stood close to my face and spread her legs as she thrust her pussy out
for my inspection. On each of her dangling lips was a gold half sphere
fastened to a gold disk like pierced earnings. The disks had some
engraving on them. It was plain that my nurse was proud of her labia
jewelry. I was surprised to see that there was no sign of pubic hair and
as my eyes explored I noticed the tip of what looked like a little boys penis where her clit should be. Sensing where I was looking my nurse took
her fingers and pushed the flesh back from around that protuberance
revealing a three- inch long clit. She moved her fingers to stroke it and
to my amazement it grew longer and thicker until it truly looked like a
baby's penis. I stared in surprise as my fingers touch my tiny clit buried
in my pussy folds. They were going to make me like them. Then thoughts of
me at the beach coming out of the water with my wet suit clinging to my
protruding pussy flashed thru my brain. I could imagine the guys staring
at it lustfully or like I was a freak.

My nurse motioned for me to stand up as she spoke a command I repeated
it as I stood then I said sit as I sat back down she looked a bit puzzled
then as I did it again she repeated sit and we giggled. It was frustrating
not to be able to converse easily. I wondered if she would understand
Spanish. When I spoke a few words in Spanish, her eyes grew cold.
Grabbing me by my arm she hurried me outside and down a paved road. I was
urged by her firm grip and almost pushed up steps then into a big building.
People stepped back to let us thru, their chatter stopped as they stared at
me. I felt embarrassed being nude but then none of them wore anything
except necklaces. After a knock on a closed door we were shown into a
large room ornately decorated. Predominate in the decor of the room was
figures like I had seen in the temple and passageways. An old man came out
of a side door and greeted my nurse. After a brief but hard toned
conversation the old man spoke to me in broken Spanish. It was a form of
very old Spanish, almost Latin. He introduced himself as the leader of his
people and ushered us into a smaller more comfortable room where he asked
me to sit. My nurse spoke to him and he replied firmly. He then spoke in
his Spanish and told me that Many generations ago they had fled the
Spaniards as they took over their land and that while he and some of the
elders still remembered how to speak their words their people didn't want
anything to do with Spanish speaking people.

The three of us talked as best we could for hours until a woman spoke
harshly to the leader. He smiled and told me his wife scolded him for not
coming to lunch and offering you some. As we walked thru several
well-appointed rooms, I noticed that there were female figures everywhere.
At the table I introduced myself, Ann, and they introduced themselves. My
nurse was Tia. The leaders full name I couldn't pronounce. After several
attempts to say it he said to call him The Chief. His wife's name was just
as hard to pronounce so we settled on Queen. As we talked The Chief
explained the laws of his people then he dropped a bomb on me. He informed
me that in order for me to return to my people I would have to consent to
have a baby by one of his people. Then he added that the baby would remain
with him and it would be killed if I brought people back with me. I voiced
my unhappiness with his rules but he patiently told me that such drastic
measures were necessary to insure that their community was left alone by
outsiders. When I asked about the injections, the Queen spoke up. She
asked if Tia had hurt me. I smiled and said that Tia had been very good
about taking care me. The Queen smiled and said that was good as Tia was
going to be with me for a while and she was going to help me with my

During our lunch I couldn't help notice the Queen's boobs. Her nipples
weren't much thicker then Tia's but they were over two inches long. She
saw me looking at them and flipped her sagging boobs up so they were laying
on the table. With a smile she told me that they no longer make milk but
the men of the community still come by to suck on them for good lick. She
asked me to come with her as she stood. As we walked, she asked about my
treatment since my arrival. I tried to recall everything and in the
process, I inquired about the people I came with. She cast me a quick
glance and told me that they were not as fortunate as me. They had tried
to remove items from the temple and were crushed. I gasped hearing about
their brutal demise but the Queen reminded me that the survival of their
people depended on outsiders not knowing their presence. I was stunned
when the Queen told me she came here the same way I did many years ago and
has lived here happily ever since.

Now that I didn't fear for my life I began to notice more of my
surroundings. The halls we walked thru were all well lit but no where had
I seen the torches or even the torch holders I had seen in the underground
passageway. The windows had glass in them but yet I felt a comfortable
movement of air wherever we were in this building. I asked the Queen about
this and she grinned and told me that they were highly civilized people and
had some contact with the outside world and its technology. She mentioned
the lighting and proudly told me that they were far more advanced then what
I was used to. Our conversation halted as we came to the end of a broad
hallway. There before us was two huge wooden doors with carved female
forms in all positions on them. The Queen put her hands on a pair of
breasts and the doors swung open. Her hand gently pushed on my butt as she
urged me froward. I hadn't taken but a few steps and the doors closed by
themselves. Before me was a strange altar. It looked a bit like one I had
seen in the underground passages but this was made of wood and covered in
places with fabric. I was urged to go to the altar then get up on it.
This made me nervous but I did as I was told. Damn it was like a OB/GYN
doctors exam table just fancier. I wondered what was coming next but was
afraid to ask.

The Queen asked me several questions about the injections Tia had given
me and how I felt about them. I told her I honestly didn't care about
them. The injections didn't hurt but they also didn't make me feel any
different. The Queen smiled and told me I should have seen myself the day
before I woke up. I was puzzled, I thought I had only been out for one
night. The Queen informed my that I was drugged for three days. She said
that during that time they had learned all about me and put my body thru
some tests to see if I was going to be kept there or drugged and returned
to the road to the Temple. The Queen saw my puzzlement and told me that
over the years they had other visitors and had learned that some of them
weren't healthy or had other problems so now they are all checked out.
Some got greedy and were killed others were never believed when they told
of finding the Temple. As spoke she moved around busily doing something.
Stepping between my legs she grinned and said "You are going to experience
Heaven and Hell. I'm going to strap you down for your protection. Do not
fear this will not harm you as I have experience it many times."

I wanted to run like hell but The Queen had already strapped me to the
altar. She grinned as she moved between my legs. In her hands was a
phallic object, unscrewing a shaft from the base of the fake cock she
explained that she was going to fill it with a strong sexual stimulant. I
watched with fear and excitement. Other then occasionally diddling myself
and being felt up on a few dates I didn't know much about sex.

The Queen eased the tip of the fake cock into the entrance of my virgin
pussy. When it was deep in my pussy, she pulled it half way out and
attached it to an arm that had appeared between my legs. Satisfied she
stepped back and told me that I was going to learn why the women here have
such big pussy mounds. She picked up a jar and scooped out a gob of light
green cream. With a practiced hand she coated my pussy with cream. She
took extra care to make sure my little clit was throughly coated then she
rubbed more cream on my nipples. The Queen did something and the fake cock
began pumping in and out of my pussy. She watched for a minute then kissed
me before placing her nipple on my lips. Knowing I was expected to suck it
I wrapped my lips around her huge hot nipple. I found that I was growing
to like sucking on females nipples and was getting over the fear of going
gay. My pussy was starting to tingle as the Queen pulled back. With a pat
on my arm she told me Tia would be in to feed me soon. My pussy was doing
things it had never done before. My pussy lips felt bigger then they had
when Tia injected me but I wasn't sure because of all the cream on them.
My nipples joined in with the tingling and bolts of energy were shooting
between my pussy and my nipples.

I don't know how long I laid on that alter with that fake cock pumping
my pussy or now many times I climaxed but I was exhausted when Tia came in.
She turned off the cock in my pussy and unstrapped me. Before letting me
up she coated my nipples and pussy with the cream. Then to my surprise she
put cream on herself. Smiling she escorted me outside. As she showed me
around, I noticed many females with the same cream on them. It didn't make
any difference how old they were. I watched as a mother was sitting on her
porch watching her little girl play. The mother called her daughter over
and they hugged then the mother opened a jar and scooped out a gob of
cream. Her daughter spread her legs and thrust her hips at her mother as he
mother rubbed the cream on her. Tia noticed where I was looking and
pointed to another girl down the street. She was older, I guess early
teens her prominent nipples looked like they had been freshly coated. As
Tia and I got close to her, Tia spoke to the girl. Smiling the girl spread
her legs as something was said to me. She was proudly showing off her
labia jewelry and long labia. Tia hugged her and we walked on. I still
felt too embarrassed to look at the men directly. The penises of the men were all sizes and shapes and all uncircumcised. From what little I knew
about penises they all appeared normal but their balls looked bigger then
what I thought they should be. I saw a pregnant woman with cream coating
her pubic area. Tia stopped and talked to her saying something about me.
The pregnant woman grinned and patted me on my arm before going on her way.
We also stopped as she spoke to several young men. One of them pointed at
my nipples as something was said that made them giggle. Tia tried to
explain what they were saying but didn't have much luck.

On our tour of the village Tia taught me more of her words as I taught
her mine. The whole time I had been trying to ignore the demanding itch
between my legs and on my nipples. We stopped at one house and were
greeted by a pregnant woman who acted like she knew Tia well. During their
conversation I heard several mentions of the Chief and the Queen. I knew
they were talking about me and my treatments but could only pick out a few
words. After a bit the woman left the room to return a few minutes later.
In her hand was a penis-shaped thing with a plunger sticking out of the
base of it. A shiver went thru me as I was sure it was meant for me. Sure
enough, Tia told me lay back and spread my legs. Tia then rubbed some of
the cream on my pussy lips around, making sure I was well coated. Then
other woman kneels before me and gently worked that fake penis into my
already hot pussy. Once she had it bumping into my cervix she gave the
plunger a tap and the plunger started moving in of its own accord. As the
plunger moved the woman made short little strokes that I was sure were
pumping whatever was in that penis deep into my womb and throughly coating
my cervix.

Content that the contents of the fake penis were properly placed within
me the woman pulled it out and gave my tummy a gentle pat. She and Tia
exchanged smiles and a few words before she escorted us to the door. As I
started to go out the woman hugged me to her baby-filled belly and reached
between my legs to touch my pussy. I opened my mouth in surprise only to
have her place her lips over mine. Before I could close my mouth, she
pushed something in mine with her tongue. Then as we separated she put her
hand over my mouth and indicated I should swallow.

Why was I letting do these things to me? Never in my life had I let
anyone so totally control me. Now I was following Tia around letting her
show off my nude body and put who knows what into my body. The
embarrassment and humiliation were no longer making me upset, I was hot as
hell. I kept telling myself that it was the drugs they were giving me but
a little voice was telling me that I loved it and wanted them to do more to
me. My belly felt like there were a million ants running around in there,
tickling the hell out of me. My pussy was drooling pussy juices down my
legs. We hadn't gone a block before I had to grab hold of Tia as a massive
climax wracked my body. Gradually it passed and Tia guided me on our way.
I don't think we went three blocks before a stronger climax brought me to
my knees. When I recovered Tia again helped me to my feet. My body felt
tingly and warm. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't want what was
happened to happen. That little voice in the back of my head was yelling
for Tia to do more to me make me a sex toy, control, me make wild with
lust. The third time a climax hit me it knocked me to my knees. Vaguely I
thought I heard Tia tell me that they will get stronger. The fourth climax
hit just as we returned to my room. Tia helped me to the bed then as I
started to calm down she put a nipple in my mouth and told me to drink.
For hours and hours I had delicious climax after delicious climax. Finally
I passed out from exhaustion.

The sun in my face woke me but I was unsure of where I was or what
happened to me. When I touched my throbbing swollen nipples, my body
quaked with a small climax. Gradually it came back to me. As my mind
replayed the past days events I couldn't believe that I was day dreaming
about what they might do to me today.

Having to go to the bathroom I sat up and looked around to see where it
might be. The chamber pot was gone and I didn't want to make a mess. Just
then Tia came in seeing my need she quickly escorted me thru other rooms
and into a bathroom. After relieving myself I looked around for the toilet paper and saw none, not even a place to hold a roll. Tia came to my
rescue. She guided me to something that looked vaguely like a European
bidet. It felt strange to squat over that thing as water shot up washing
my whole crotch. From there she led me to a shower and began washing me.
She then handed me the soap and indicated that I was to wash her. I felt
strange touching another woman so intimately but Tia spread her legs and
bent over then lifted her arms as I washed her. Pushing my lesbian fears
aside I had to admit that it felt nice to have someone wash you and wash
her. She insisted I wash her privates and when I did I couldn't help feel
her long inner labia. I was truly embarrassed when I brushed her clit and
made Tia quiver. She grabbed my hand and directed me to frig her clit.
That had to be the most obscene thing I had ever done. It was hard for me
to realize only a week before I hardly know my pussy existed now it was the
center of my being. The intense orgasms of the night before had faded to a
fond memory to be replaced by soft tingling of this new sexual awareness.

As I dried Tia, she showed off her predominate pubic area proudly. Her
outer lips weren't blood engorged so the skin looked normal but the size of
them would have been more normal if they had been. Strangely I found
myself kissing those huge puffy lips. Tai moaned softly and gently cupped
my head to her. Something thrust out between my lips and without thinking
my lips opened and in went her clit. Without being told I was sucking on
her clit. Tia was telling me something that I didn't need a interpurator
for. I was getting a thrill from pleasuring her. Tia finished her climax
and guided me to my feet. From there we went to breakfast. I was famished
and ate like two people to the delight of the rest of Tia's family. Oh yes
I forgot to tell you I had been staying in Tia's house but it wasn't until
that morning that I got to meet her husband and her children.

After breakfast Tia told me, the Queen had asked for me to visit her
again. As we got up to go to the Queen I felt damp between my legs and
discovered that my period had started. I was deeply embarrassed again.
Tia laughed lightly as she sent me to the bathroom while she cleaned up
where I had been sitting. Now what do I do, all of my stuff was with the
others and they were dead. In answer to my question Tia came in, she
handed me her equivalent of a tampon. With that taken care of we went to
visit the Queen.

The Chief greeted us warmly and grinned broadly when Tia told him that
my period had started. We talked as we waited for the Queen to return. He
had a lot of questions about the outside world and technology. As we
talked, I wondered if my treatments would stop now that my period had come.
The Queen came in quietly and motioned for us to remain seated as she
joined us. Their probing questions had nothing to do with sex as they
picked my brain. When it came time for lunch Tia asked to be excused so
she could feed her family. Smiling the Queen told her that was fine and
she would send me back later. Although I was not locked up, I was gently
reminded that was there captive.

We talked for several hours before the Queen rose and led me to the same
room I had visited the day before. Without being told I climbed up on the
altar. That pleased the Queen. She told me that some had resisted and
made it harder on themselves. Softly she told me that she could make a
girls training quite painful. Judging from what I had experienced there
was no doubt she was right, my drug assisted climaxes had bordered on pain.
The Queen wheeled a cart over that had an enema bag hanging from a pole.
Grinning she told me I would like this. Having said that she placed a
basin under my crotch then greased up the nozzle and pulled out my tampon.
The water in the bag was pleasantly warm and soothing as it flowed into my
pussy. The excess water flowed out, flushing my pussy. At first I thought
that is all it was but then I felt a tingle. When I looked a the Queen
with a questioning look, she grinned back at me. During the several
minutes the it took for the bag to empty, my whole lower belly started to
tingle. The Queen pulled the nozzle out of my pussy and put a suction tube
on my clit, then on my nipples. These suction tubes felt different that
those Tai had put on me, these tubes pulsed like a milking machine. For
next two hours my body was a roller coaster of climaxes. Some of the time
I sucked on the Queen's nipples as she encouraged me to enjoy it. When I
asked why she was doing all that to me, she told me that they were making
sure I was addicted to sex in a why that could only be satisfied by them.
It really shook me when she calmly stated that after that day it would take
months for my body to get free of the effect of the drugs they had given
me. My thoughts were interrupted by another strong climax.

As I regained my senses, I thought over the Queen's words. My pussy was
in control as I told her she didn't have to worry about me running away. I
added that I loved what they had done to me and wanted more. She asked if
I was ready to be bred by one of their young men. I took her hand in mine
and told her I was under her control.


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