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The Lottery Part 1


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual
property of the author. Any reposting or reproduction
is strictly prohibited without the express written
permission of the author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any
similarity to persons alive or dead is purely

This story contains descriptions of sex, including
sex between family members. It is intended for adults
only. If you are offended by material of this nature,
are under the legal age in your location to read this
material, or it is illegal for you to possess this
material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

"The Lottery" - Part 1 (ff, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
With thanks to Alex.

Jack and his dad Don were finishing the packing for
the family vacation. It was going to be the first
time the whole family could go together. As they
loaded the new Suburban with the suitcases and the new
boat with fishing equipment, Jack talked non-stop
about what he and his cousin Tom were going to be
doing for the next four weeks.

"Dad" Jack said, "Do you think the fish will be

"I don't know Jack, we will just have to wait and
see. Just keep packing, your mother and sister will
be back from the mall soon, and I want to be done."
Don said, pushing a large suitcase into the back of
the truck.

While Jack and his dad continued their task, his wife Marge, and they're soon to be fifteen-year-old
daughter were at the mall picking up a few things.

"Mom" Kim called, "What do you think of this one?"
Kim held up a very small two-piece bathing suit.

"There is no way you are going to go around in
something like that. Pick one that will cover you."
Kim shot a look back at her mother and hung the
garment on the rack.

Kim looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She
was five foot two inches tall with shoulder length
blonde hair. At 105 pounds, she was fit and trim.
Her breasts had expanded in the last several months
and were stretching the limit of her 32b bra. Her
waist narrower to 20 inches, her hips were about 31.
She was very cute with sparkling blue eyes.

Kim selected another suit, this one a bit more
conservative. It was dark blue with black stripes and
came with a cover up. Kim held it up for her mother,
who nodded in approval.

Kim went over to her mother and said she had
everything she needed. Her mother handed her some
cash and told Kim to pay for the items while she
finished shopping. The young girl took an arm full of
things to the checkout, her mother had not seen the
new bras and panties she had hidden under the other
things, she would explain them later when her mom found them in the wash. Marge paid for her items,
also hiding some items from Kim and the two women left
for home.

Marge was five inches taller than Kim, standing five
seven. She was trim at the waist with nice hips, but
her best asset was her breasts, at 38d they were still
firm with very little sag. Marge had green eyes and
light brown hair that she wore short.

Marge drove the short distance home, pulling into the
long drive and parking in the garage. She got out of
the car and kissed her husband.

"Are you about done?" she asked.

"Yes" Don replied, "As soon as you two get your suit
cases packed we will be ready."

Marge told Don that she and Kim would put the rest
into the car in the morning, because they would need
some of their things to get ready for the trip. Kim
and her mother went into the house, Don and Jack
locked the car and followed.

Their house was very large and situated on a two-acre
lot. In the back yard there was a swimming pool, pool
house and a large hot tub that would seat six. A tall
wooden fence surrounded the yard. The property was
located at the end of the road with the closest
neighbor a couple hundred yards away. Inside the main
floor had a huge living room, a formal dining room, a
very large kitchen, a den and a family room with a
fireplace. The second floor consisted of five
bedrooms and three full baths. The master suit had
its own bath while the other four bedrooms shared the
two remaining bathrooms. Over the three-car garage
was a recreation room, compete with a pool table and a
large screen TV.

Things had not always been this way. Up until a year
ago, Don had a fair job in a factory as a foreman and
Marge worked as a waitress. The family lived in an
older three-bedroom house in town. They managed to
pay their bills and do a few things but it seemed that
Don and Marge never had the money or the time off work
together to go on a real vacation. Then one Saturday,
their lives changed forever, Don had won the lottery.
After taxes, the state presented him with a check for
32 million dollars. Don hired a well-known money
manager and the family set out to acquire the things
they had only been able to dream of. It is just
amazing how 32 million dollars can change your life.

After finishing the final things to prepare for the
trip, the four family members settled into the family room to go over the last details.

Jack stretched his six-foot frame out on the floor.
Jack had curly blonde hair and blue eyes just like his
dad and sister. He was thin for his height weighing
150 pounds. He had been working out in the basement
on the equipment that made up their mini-gym.

Don was six four and 190 pounds, he too spent time
getting into shape. Because it was no longer
necessary to work, everyone had time to get fit. Don
sat in his recliner, the two women sat on the couch
and he started to lay out the ground rules for the
trip. He told the children that they were to behave
and do what they were told.

Don's sister Anne, her husband Marc, Marge's brother,
and their two children, were joining them on the trip.

Don and Marc were best friends in high school, they
both played football for the school team, and Marge
and Anne were cheerleaders and also good friends. In
their junior and senior years the four of them were
always together. Don took Marge to the prom and Marc
took Anne. After the prom they went out in the
country, parked and drank a few beers. As the night
got later the four teens got drunker, and one thing
lead to another. Before the end of the night, all
four had lost their virginity. Right after graduation
they were married and by fall the girls delivered
boys, a day apart.

Don, Marge, Marc and Anne moved to another city to
find work and raise their children. Don and Marc
found jobs in a small factory and the six of them
shared a house until they could save enough money to
get places of their own. Things were starting to look
up when Anne announced she was pregnant. Two months
later Marge was in the same condition. Soon the small
house was busting at the seams. Don, Marge, Jack and
Kim found a house a few blocks over and moved. Marc,
Anne, Thomas and Sally stayed in the house they had
first rented.

As the years pasted, both families remained close.
The kids went to the same schools, Marge and Anne
found jobs at a restaurant and the two men continued
to work at the factory. The four children were also
close, more like brothers and sisters than cousins.

When Don found out he had won such a large sum of
money he was more than willing to share his good
fortune. The two families still lived close, but now
it was in million dollar homes. No one had to work,
the money manager had made some investments that paid
all the bills for the two households and provided
enough spending money for them to do what ever they
wanted to.

The family stayed up talking for a couple of hours
then all went to bed.

The next morning everyone was up early. They
finished packing and Jack was loading the last bag
into the car when his aunt, uncle and two cousins
pulled into the drive at 7am. After the hellos they
all got into the cars and started on the trip. Don,
Marc, Jack and Tom rode in the Suburban and the women
in the Town Car.

Don and Marc talked about the golf courses they were
going to play while the two boys chattered about
fishing and swimming. They wondered if there would be
any girls close by. In the car, Marge and Anne talked
about shopping and sight seeing, Kim and her cousin
Sally talked about boys and getting tans.

The trip took about 5 hours. Don turned the Suburban
and boat trailer into a long winding drive followed by
the girls. Marc had found the rental house on the
Internet and made the arrangements. Everyone piled
out of the cars and stated to explore the area.

The large Victorian styled home was on a hill over
looking Lake Michigan. The hill sloped down to the
water and provided a large beach with a long pier for
the boat. The large front porch had an assortment of
chairs and gliders to sit and watch the sunset. A
large redwood hot tub was located on the deck off the

The owner pulled up, introduced himself, and took the
adults into the home for a tour.

The four teens ran down the path to the lake and out
onto the pier. Jack and Tom stared into the blue
water and talked about the fish they were going to
catch. Kim and Sally took of their shoes and walked
along the waters edge.

Finally alone, the two teen girls talked about their
plans for the next four weeks. Kim told Sally about
the shopping trip and the lame suit her mother made
her buy. Sally said, "No kidding, my mom made me pick
out one that covers way too much too!" The girls laughed and decided to see if they could get into town
to pick up something a little sexier.

The owner took the parents through house, explaining
how everything worked and where things were kept. On
the main floor there were two bedrooms each with its
own bath, a great room with a fireplace in the middle
and a wall of windows for a view of the lake, a
kitchen, an eating area and a den with a TV. Up
stairs there were two more bedrooms and bathrooms.
The bedrooms each had a view of the lake and French
doors that lead to a balcony. All of the bedrooms had
queen size beds except for one of the upper rooms, it
had two full size beds. It was decided that the kids
would sleep upstairs, the boys getting the room with
two beds.
Don thanked the owner and he left. Marc went outside
and called the kids to come help unload and put things
away. The four teens ran back to the house and the
boys started to unload the cars, carrying the bags in
and placing them into the rooms they were directed to.
Soon everything was in the house and the suitcases
were unpacked and stored. Anne and Marge took the
food from the cooler and made a lunch for everyone.

After lunch, Jack and Tom asked Jack's dad if they
could go into town and check out the bait store and
find out where they might catch some fish.

Don said, "I think we need to get your boat unloaded
and down to the pier before we do that. The owner
told me where the boat launch is and how to get
there." The two men and their sons got into the
Suburban and maneuvered the boat out of the drive.

The ramp was only a few miles south in a small port
town. Don pulled the rig into the parking lot and
Jack and Tom started to get it ready to launch.

The boat Don had purchased was a 27-foot sport
fisherman, completely rigged for Salmon and Walleye
fishing. It had four down riggers and an assortment
of rod holders. The electronics included a GPS,
radar, fish finder and autopilot. The deck in the
rear was wide open with a hardtop covering the helm.
Forward and below was a cabin with a large V-bunk and
a head.

Don backed the boat down the ramp while Marc, Jack
and Tom handled the lines. The boat rolled off the
trailer and into the water. Jack secured it to the
pier and jumped on board. He turned on the blower and
waited a few moments to be sure there are no fumes in
the bilge. He lowered the out-drive and started the
engine. Don dropped off the trailer while the engine
warmed up. Marc took the Suburban back to the house
while Jack, Don and Tom took the boat. Jack eased the
boat back, made a turn and headed down the river to
the lake.

"Mark your waypoint after you get past the pier-
heads." Don told Jack. Jack punched the buttons on
the GPS and labeled the waypoint.

Once out into the lake Jack pushed the throttle
forward and the 27-foot boat lunged forward, quickly
coming on plane. Jack piloted the craft along the
shoreline looking for the house.

Tom yelled, "There it is Jack."

Jack turned the boat toward the pier in front of the
house and eased it into the slip. Mark was standing
there waiting to help tie it up.

"Very good Jack," Don said, "the practice has paid

"Thanks dad, the boating classes helped too." Jack
replied. Once the boat was secured in the slip, the
four of them went up the hill to the house.

The girls were sitting on the porch, their mothers
were still in the house. Jack and Tom asked if they
could go and check out the tackle shop now and their
dads agreed.

"Can we go with you guys?" Kim asked, "We want to
look around town for a while."

"Sure, lets go," Jack said.

The four teens took the Suburban and headed to town.
Jack found the tackle shop and parked the truck in the

"You two be back in a hour," he told the girls. The
girls nodded and headed for the shops on Main Street.
Jack and Tom went into the shop to ask about fishing.

Kim and Sally walked down the street looking into the
windows of the various shops when Sally spotted a
swimwear shop.

"Lets go and look around in there." She said. Kim
and Sally went into the small store and looked at the
large assortment of swimsuits available. Sally found
a very small bikini and held it up to show Kim.

"My mom and dad would kill me if they saw me in it."
Kim said.

"I know," Sally agreed, "but I still am going to try
it on."

Kim grabbed an identical suit and made her way back
to the dressing room with Sally. Once inside, Sally
pulled her tank top over her head, then she unhooked
the front clip of her white lacy bra. Her breasts were exposed to Kim who stood and watched as Sally

Sally stood five four, two inches taller than Kim,
her 34c breasts were topped with dark brown areolas
and nipples that were a little larger than pencil
erasers and just as pink. She had a slender waist and
nice hips, her ass firm and round. Kim looked at her
cousin's thighs as she removed her shorts. Sally was
dressed in only a pair of panties that matched her
bra. Sally put the top of the suit on, the two small
triangles of thin white cloth barley covered her
breasts. Her nipples were getting hard and shown
clearly through the material. Sally then pulled the
bottoms on over her panties. The suit was designed so
that the material could be slid along the thin string
that circled her waist, and cover as much, or as
little as she wanted it to. Sally pulled the cloth so
that it covered he ass as well as her pubic area.
Even at its widest, it did not cover much.

Kim smiled and said, "You look so hot in that Sally."
Kim reached over and bunched the back of the suit to
form a thong. "That's even hotter."

Sally turned and looked at her backside in the
mirror. "You are right Kim, it does look hot. Why
don't you try yours on?"

Kim pulled her top off and removed her print bra.
The garment had small white flowers on a light blue
background. Sally reached out and ran her thumbs over
the two small nipples that stood out from the teen's
firm breasts, causing them to harden even more than
they already were. Kim smiled. "You are so bad
Sally." She removed the short denim skirt she was
wearing, revealing her bikini panties that matched her
bra. Kim tried on the suit and the two girls looked
each other over.

"Lets buy them." Kim said.

The girls removed the new items and while each was
only in their panties, they hugged, pressing their
breasts together. Kim's hand slid down Sally's back
and came to rest on her ass. She pulled her cousin
tight to her and massaged her firm buns. The girl's
lips met and they kissed each other for a moment,
their tongues meeting and probing each other's mouth.
They quickly broke the embrace and dressed.

After purchasing the matching swimsuits, two beach
bags, and two towels with the town's name on them,
they left the store in search of their brothers.

Jack and Tom were still at the tackle shop talking
with a couple of the local charter captains about
fishing. The girls stood and waited, they were
becoming bored with the conversation, and made hints
that they wanted to go. The boys picked up two bags
filled with the popular lures, and said thank you to
the fishermen for the information they received.

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